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Schumer On Trump Meeting

I wonder what Melania thought of the news that Trump was running around on while she was carrying

Blocked from Obama group

Trump connections to Italian and Russian mob, according to new transcript

Military Shifts Focus to Threats by Russia and China, Not Terrorism

Credit or blame?

Secrets Of War, Espionage 09 Roosevelt's Spymasters

Trumps Cognitive Decline

Results of Monday's DU Trump nickname poll. 49 votes! And the winner is:

Kentucky man charged with attacking Senator Rand Paul last year

Tom Cotton

Schumer should frame this as "stoping the government war on DACA children" rather than a shutdown.

I have a serious Flashback Friday photo to share - Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren, circa 1985ish

Democrats are out in the fucking desert. STOP with the primarying red state Dems bullshit

U.S. charges Honduran congressman with drug trafficking conspiracy

I see dead people.

Sotomayor Doing Fine After Treatment by Paramedics, Court Says

A democratic politician in CA is vastly different than a democratic politician in WV

Top PA negotiator urged Abbas to reject US peace deal as details emerged

'Buy a flat, meet Trump Jr' offer criticised as 'ethics atrocity'

Ex-Honduran minister gets nearly two-and-a-half years prison in U.S. drug case

If this is part of the "Russian" plan, then it is working to perfection.

We Should Expect Unity

Just watched the 1st episode of Bill Nye Saves the World...

Instead of well vetted, educated youth who live here. He wants profit based immigration to any w $$$

Blogger MuslimGirl wont accept Revlon award while Gal Gadot is spokeswoman

Tom Petty Died From Accidental Drug Overdose Involving Opioids, Coroner Says

Tom Petty's cause of death: accidental pain medication overdose

My opinion is no, they *can't* govern.

Tom Brady has cut on thumb, questionable for Patriots

David Cay Johnston on Trumps First Year in Office

McConnell announces 10 p.m. vote in last-ditch effort to avert government shutdown ahead of midnight

School District Makes Plan After Oil & Gas Well Placed Near Campus

NASA removes US astronaut from ISS mission

Is there anyone that could have been worse as POTUS?

Those that support voting for this CR

Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs.

If the Trump Supporters Really Wants a Wall it's Easy

Can we close the government for at least the weekend, pleease?

Whatever happens tonight, I will be on the streets tomorrow

China's Quantum-Key Network, the Largest Ever, Is Officially Online

Can Hobbits Swim? 'Mordor Under the Sea' Found Off Australia

Are you going with me?

I wish these "pro lifers"

Trump lawyer threatened to sue 'In Touch' if it published interview with porn star: report

Texas judge recuses self after pushing jurors for acquittal

Trump budget chief predicts shutdown deal within 24 hours

Bill Maher "Real Time" returns tonight HBO.

Democrats should bring her to the SOTU:

Families of Japanese kidnapped by North Korea to petition The Hague

On religious vs. political divides

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Donald Trump, Superstar

The 13 kids were starved, and the 2 dogs were well fed. CNN:

Discovery Channel responds to reports that Trump wants sharks to die

Are the democrats about to fold ?

After a year, top Trump staffers still working without certified financial disclosures


McDonald's 'joint employment' trial delayed amid settlement talks

Nunes' FBI memo becomes conservative rallying cry

Analysis: Emboldened Democrats take page from the hard right

Spotted on a telephone pole in D.C.

Charles Pierce: Trump Administration Nominates New Director of NOAA Fisheries.

May be time to shut off the Christmas lights tomorrow

Can't you just feel the love they have for each other?

strib, again.

The Kettering Incident on Amazon Prime - indescribably, and pretty damn fun and addictive!

Trump Fears Next Election Will Be Decided by Americans

So someone please tell me:

Finally, the Women's March is getting TV air time on Rachel.

The New (Fake) Forbes Cover

Jared Kushner has a BIG problem

New Trump tweet: "Not looking good... Dems want a shutdown"

Joy Reid: GOP source tells me Trump is furious about shutdown for "messing up his anniversary"

Public is going to like Democrats standing firm

Judge orders sweeping changes to Texas foster care system

Want to Try Our Insanely Spicy Pizza with Hate Sausage? First, Sign the Waiver

Pope: Corruption is 'social virus' infecting Latin America

Pope to indigenous: Amazon is 'heart of the church'

No Deal. Senate will vote on House bill.

Bill Maher should be interesting.. in 8 minutes.

Friday Talking Points (468) -- Shutdown Showdown!

Honduran congressman indicted in US for drug trafficking

Honduran congressman indicted in US for drug trafficking

On MSNBC now: Dems will stay unified. They will not stop republicans from shutting down the govern

Senate Dems not backing down per MSNBC

We could all use a little laugh right about now.

Tweet of the Day

"Spanky" has a nice ring to it. Henceforth I shall call him Spanky.

LOL! RW Washington Examiner leaves out fact Trump is Republican to spin poll #s on shutdown

Why this fight tonight matters

Friday night is Pizza Night at my house

When you see R's complaining that Congress shouldn't get paychecks if they shut down,

vote now happening live.nt.

2 sentenced for laundering billions in South American gold

2 sentenced for laundering billions in South American gold

I keep seeing posts about those spinless Democrats.

Vile Reich Wing use CHIP kids as human shields.

Will dump go to mar a lago for his party tomorrow? Poll

House GOP DACA bill criminalizes legalized Dreamers if they fail to maintain income above poverty

Tourism booming in Cuba despite tougher new Trump policy

Tourism booming in Cuba despite tougher new Trump policy

WOW, Lindsey Graham just voted against, an hour ago

4 Republicans voted NO: Flake, Graham, Paul, Lee

Republicans did not get 60 votes for cloture on the spending bill


which four Democrats voted for the bill?

By the way, background stories all week have been saying Dotard has zero plans for the shutdown

"First shutdown since Carter's admin while one party controlled the House, Senate & White House?"

Michael Wolff just told Bill Maher that Trump is

Why are they still keeping this open - it's over

Trump blames himself for government shut down

I hate Andrew Sullivan

Alaska Native group slams planned shamanism event

what exactly was in the bill that just failed?

Poll: Dems . . . . .

Twitler hasn't figured out what to tweet yet.

Two Timer Don Having The Worst 1 Year Anniversary EVER!!!!

So, they will try Sen. Menendez again.

Good New Rules. About degrees of assault/harassment/groping.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox On Why Prohibition Is A Failure

From the Capitol Lounge

Does DT have an illegitimate child somewhere?

FBI opened inquiry into Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

Exeter war hero pigeon Mary to get blue plaque

Drug traffickers are pushing deadly violence to record levels in a tranquil corner of Latin America

Right wing media and Trump's money laundering

11 Printable Signs to Power Your Women's March Protest

Trumps False Claim About Mexicos Violence

Trumps False Claim About Mexicos Violence

If you believe Republicans would move forward in good faith .....

What's that old saying about people who love sausage

So is Dotard's 1st anniversary

Rachel said the 2018 March wont be as big as last years

The lights have been turned off at the White House. Reportedly Trump has gone to bed.

Desperate Cubans seek U.S. visas in Colombia after Havana embassy cutbacks

Is Anyone Going to Sunday's Event at Sam Boyd Stadium?

Dear People: If you see skinny children out at night, digging for food in their trash cans,

Wonder how that socalled State of the Union address will go now?

Injured pigeons 'ambulance service' takes off in Aberdeen

Does someone know which 4 Republicans voted NO. ?

Trending #1 --- #TrumpShutdown

Nobel Womens Initiative Calls for Guatemalan Activist Release

Sanders Blames Democrats For Looming Government Shutdown

Twitter to tell 677,775 people they interacted with Kremlin-linked trolls

Chris Matthews tweet:

interesting dynamics on the floor of the senate

Can trump reverse his reversal of Obamas

Corker says Senate leaders on verge of deal

Musta been a typo.

A year or two ago, we were in love with Ted Cruz.

ok someone please caption this skirt

Perez: Majority Of Americans Support DACA

Another president said, "The Buck Stops Here", Harry Truman

Watch the Senate floor live - Washington Post

"the nightmare on the border"

No Tornado-Related Deaths Have Occurred in the U.S. For a Record 240+ Days

Trumps Having an Affair Now, Michael Wolff Tells Bill Maher

Elections in Latin America in 2018: Four Cases Previewed

The Daily Show: Little Donny's First Year

if they do pass something they better

N.J. beverage company fined $550G for violating New York's bottle deposit law

Brazil releases draft bill for Eletrobras privatization

Joy Reid:Dems did something really important tonight: they finally stood up to McConnell's bullying

Someone commented that the turtle complained that he did not know where Whiney Donny

Sarah Sanders statement: Senate Democrats own the shutdown....... Calls

Seth Meyers - Trump's Cognitive Test Score, Mike Pence's Passport Photo - Monologue - 1/18/18

Brazilian Prosecutor Say He 'Sees No Reason' to Detain Lula as Former President Pledges to Clear His


Shower Cap's Shithole Shutdown Shpectacular! (And Shark Show!) (Also, Ferret)

Still no motive in Las Vegas mass shooting as 'several hundred images' of child porn found on gunman

'The Art of the Deal" ????

Soldiers Guarantee Referendum Security in Ecuador

" I'm A Deal Maker, I Make The Best Deals".....

All That's Needed Now Is A Record Turnout For The Women's March....

Love and Mercy

Trumps statement: Its the fault of the democrats theyre losers

Where was Mr. Art of the Deal?

DACA is a crisis fully created by Trump

Term "obstructionist losers" says all you need to know about infantile White House occupants

Baltimore mayor fires police commissioner, claims city needs to reduce violence 'faster'

Where Oh Where is Carnival Cruz?

Question about applying for passports for my husband and myself

Trump might actually have to do work over the weekend.

Wow the Optics

As I am watching Cotton on the Senate floor . . . . .

Fuck off Yertle McConnell

Authorities Look To Mitigate Impact Of Whale Shark Swimming In Mexico

STFU Mitch. This is the second shutdown on your watch. n/t

The dems stood their ground....

I absolutely despise these republicans.

As for Mitch ---

Sometimes, when I do jury duty, I want a button for "The thread is a trainwreck - lock it"

What did Schumer say in response to turtle?

Trump rescinded DACA . If it ain't broken don't try to fix it

Mitch? This is for you.

McConnell has repeated claim there is nothing in the bill Democrats do not support. Is that true?


If you missed VICE News Tonight you did yourself a disservice

Trump has a turd in his punchbowl and it has his own face on it

Midnight deadline passes without deal to prevent U.S. government shutdown

Not capable of governing...

The Republicans couldn't even get all of their own Senators to vote for their own bill!

'The trump shutdown.'

The trump shutdown

Art of the Deal? Hell No! Art of the Fail

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino pleads guilty to tax fraud

2020 US Presidential Election- Democratic Ticket-Kamala Harris/Cory Booker???

I want Schumer would use the words hypocrisy and McConnell in the same sentence.

New date will be proposed by turtle: Feb. 8.

So, McTurtle votes NO on the CR, then blames Ds for voting No on the CR

FBI opened inquiry into Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

Bill Maher is back......and Overtime.

NYT tonight: "Trump told aides that he knows he is going to get blamed for the shutdown"

If it's an illegitimate government, the body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.

Trump Whines: Shutdown Fight Could Make Me Miss My Party

Trouble ahead? What 4 recession indicators say about the economy

Poor Mitch says he doesn't understand...

Pelosi's statement on the Trump shutdown

Group of Senate Democrats introduce bill to withhold congressional pay during government shutdown

Retrial of Senator Menendez Adds Twist to Midterm Elections

What Will Happen if the Government Remains Shut Down

Complete trash tweet from the official White House twitter account - a total embarrassment.

words of wisdom...

Infomercial For Trump Border Wall

Rescinding DACA By Trump Started This Mess In The First Place. Should Have Let It Continue.

Trumps having an inaugural anniversary " bawl " tonight.

'Fire and Fury' Will Make More Money in Two Weeks Than Trump's 'The Art of The Deal' Did in 30 Years

House GOPers Say A Secret Memo Could End The Trump-Russia Probe. Their Staff Wrote It.

Publisher of Ivanka's Book Lost Money

The US Senate just adjourned until noon today.

Sen. McCaskill proposed a measure to pay military families during the shutdown. McConnell objected. son's paycheck just stopped.

New York Set to Acquire the Next Generation of Subway Cars

My community is blaming the Dems for the shutdown...quick...what can I say?

HAPPY MARCHING EVERYONE! Our efforts are working

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 1/19/18

Why Trump lacks Obama's solid Senate majority from 2009-10

How can the Democratic Congressmembers trust Trump.

Prediction time (on shut down)

Democrat Dennis Kucinich chooses Akron councilwoman as running mate in governors race

Connecticut Supreme Court Overturns Sweeping Education Ruling

"Pay For Our Wall, Or We'll Begin Killing Children" - Signed, Republican Scum

State must pay $400K for former inmate's eye injury

Baidu: Self-driving cars raise fears over weaponisation

Rensselaer County DA Abelove sues local judge

More informative Tweet on what happened tonight:

Everything Trump touches gets SHUTDOWN

GOP senators: DACA bill to get vote by Feb. 8

President Trump Is Having an Affair Right Now, Michael Wolff Tells Bill Maher

#TrumpShutdown becomes top trending hashtag worldwide

Texas judge interrupts jury, says God told him defendant is not guilty

Trump Supporter Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Gay Film Roles Have Conservatives Demanding He End Run for

Florida offshore oil drilling may be back on table

Post/name a song with Blue in the title or lyrics...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/19/18

Mike Pence Is Clearly Not Happy With Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Saying He Supports Anti-Gay Conver-

With government shutdown, Republicans reap what they sow

A bipartisan deal to avoid the shutdown is there. But McConnell refuses to let Senate vote on it.

Damaged Navy ship to arrive Friday at Mississippi shipyard

Indicted for Racketeering, Health Care Fraud and Drug Trafficking Conspiracies to Distribute Opioids

The Right to Know Might Get You Sued.

Uncle Sarah.

Tory MP Ben Bradley under fire for urging jobless to have vasectomies

U.S. Attorneys Office Hosts Roundtable On Sexual Harassment In Housing

"Hello I would like to assemble a group of ladies to eat cupcakes in a cute/girly setting, do math"

Groper Don the Con calls Dems losers

Trump's Biggest 'Accomplishment' is Taking Credit for Obama's Economy

Sen. Schumer: 'This will be called the Trump shutdown' (Click to see and hear the speech):

Does Melania Ever Field Questions From The Press?....

Trump's dealmaker image tarnished by U.S. government shutdown

Meanwhile Willie Nelson has a message for those heading to Mar-a-Lago

I just woke up. Is fuckface going to Mar A Lago today?

So what the hell IS going to be shut down?

This is the One Year Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give me a nice present

FOX and MSNBC polls show exact opposite opinion who's responsible for ShutDown

Decisions, Decisions!

Oscar winner Dorothy Malone, mom on Peyton Place, has died

McKinney middle school teachers resign after posting anti-gay and anti-Islamic tweets

Government Shuts Down As Congress Fails To Pass Funding Measure

At the Resistance Cafe last night

Appeals court temporarily halts federal judge's order that TX make big improvements in foster care

Court kicks Dallas judge off Democratic ballot as another fights to regain her spot

FBI opens inquiry into Missouri GOP governor accused of blackmailing his partner in adulterous affai

FBI opens inquiry into Missouri GOP governor accused of blackmailing his partner in adulterous affai

Sen. Schumer: I Offered Trump 'The Border Wall' And He Turned Me Down

Wow! This is exactly what Putin wanted!

Finally, a photo of Trumps White House as the rumors describe it

WATCH: Trump supporter focus group explodes after regretful voter calls them a cult

Trump: Democrats gave me anniversary 'present' of government shutdown

Trump has completely ruptured the Davos ideal of what global leadership means

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana blasted his own party as idiots

At least three Repubs didn't vote for the CR

A shutdown question

Trump has Blanche DuBois-style pity party, whines about Dems making him miss Mar-a-Lago event


Twitter: 677K+ U.S. Users Engaged With Fake Russian Accounts

Don't forget about the last shutdown people!

Sen. Bernie Sanders One-On-One with Anderson Cooper on Hours before Gov. Shutdown

Trump is planning to slash the budget of the Office of National Drug Control Policy 95% cut

Democrats Can't Compromise as Trump and the GOP Take Political Hostages - Joy-Ann Reid

Join me in complaining about Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC

Happy First Anniversary Trump!

"We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action"

Compromise and bipartisanship don't mean

So, LOL, will Trump do the State of the Union with the gov. shutdown as he brags about how great

The Simple Truth About The Shutdown:

BTRTN SaturData Review: On S---holes and Shutdowns

Congress returns to work Saturday as lawmakers press to keep shutdown short-lived

Secret Memo Was Actually Written by GOP Staffers

BTRTN SaturData Review: On S---holes and Shutdowns

B is for Bible

Deer, Fox, and Squirrel

In spending fight, Republicans embrace Trump's hard-line stand on immigration

AmJoy: GOP source tells me Trump is furious about the shutdown, which is messing up his anniversary

"Republicans and Democrats blame each other for shutdown"

Negotiate this Trump!

A new Gallup 'world' poll shows exactly how the world views Donald Trump. ........

Help DU this poll

I can't go to the march today

Don't let them take you into the weeds.

What's so extremely, uniquely wrong about Trump's presidency

1. Join a @womensmarch event this weekend. Bring #TrumpShutdown signs.

"The Art Of The Deal"

When The Cable News Shows Talk About Paychecks Going Up Soon - Why.....

The man-child in the White House reels wildly out of control

SCHUMER: I put 'the wall' on the table in my meeting with Trump, but he backed out of the deal

January Photo Contest - Finalists - Today, Sunday, is last day to vote for your favorite.

January Photo Contest - Finalists - Today, Sunday, is the last day to choose your favorite.

Arpaio files appeal to have criminal conviction removed

January Photo Contest - Finalists - Today, Sunday, is the last day to choose your favorite

House Republicans clash over secret memo

Democrats Pooped on Donnies Party... Sad

Inside the frantic 24 hours that led to a shutdown

Twitter: Besides Notifying Users if Exposed to Russian Content, Notify Others Too, with an Icon.

Franklin Graham on MSNBC now. Horrible.

Will Massachusetts become the first marijuana 'sanctuary state'?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Offers to Lie for Free During Shutdown

Thou shall not blame Trump for anything he denies!

Trump said he'll be blamed for shutdown 'no matter what': report

America the Trumped: 10 ways the administration attacked civil rights in year one

Haitians march across Brooklyn Bridge to Trump Tower protesting the President's racist comments

Trump: Democrats want 'unchecked illegal immigration'

trump thinks he's going to fix the shutdown by lying about democrats.....?

Fight back with facts: McConnell voted WITH the Democrats last night

North, South Korea Solidify Plans to March Together at Olympics

Net Neutrality repeal & now Netflix fee's go up 20%

Are todays shutdowns really just symbolic?

How is that twerp Stephen Miller able to influence...

Air Force 1 crew and Secret Service furloughed?

Porn star- "I can definitely describe his (Trump's) junk perfectly..."

Fake news is now a public health hazard as a false story about flu shots goes viral on Facebook

Did Trump seek US Gov Shutdown - so he could stay long at Mar-a-lack.

How Every Senator Voted on the Government Shutdown

Trump has little regard for truth when speaking to the pro-lifers - Fact Checking

I will call it the Shitgibbon's Shutdown. n/t

Why the "big lie" from Trump won't work this time. Trump is a known liar

The shutdown is the ultimate ego trip for trump. He is wallowing in his nihilistic narcissism

Is this 'proper?' People ballroom dancing to the music of Silent Night?

Elizabeth Warren's Native American problem goes beyond politics

This GOP DACA bill is some insidious shit

When I Woke Up This AM - I Expected To See Coverage Of Women Marching All Around This Country.....

DUI Suspect mistook bank for Taco Bell

Ousted Trump adviser Omarosa signs with Mass. speakers firm

Republicans may have another hurdle in their efforts to unseat Elizabeth Warren

Zombie roadkill on a roll. Please come CAPTION Joe Arpaio!!!

Weekend Meme and Toon Roundup 1 - tRUMP is a sick man

Weekend Meme and Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Teaching Children to Pray That God Won't Kill Them

As much as they are hoping for....

Trump touts first year accomplishments in op-ed

A novice soup experiment

Sen. Doug Jones votes for Republican-backed budget deal

Shutdown truth from Robert Reich

This is as simple as I could make it for the right wingers i chat with re/shutdown...

Shutdown: We Lack Presidential Leadership

'He's not President Perfect': Watch Evangelist Franklin Graham blow off Trump affair with adult star

Unhinged Fox Judge Jeanine Pirro tries to distract from Trumps shutdown by stalking Hillary Clinton

Turkey launches airstrikes in northern Syria to start offensive on U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters

🐦 Jan 21 - Sen. Sanders - CNN State of the Union

Maine official behind pro-white group says he expects to be out of job soon

It's not the adultery. It's not the sex with a porn star...

Senate Dems from red states

Trump voters are upset because people are calling them stupid.

I don't even remember: why did Cruz shut the government some years back?

Matzo ball soup...anyone care to share their best recipe???

Twitter sent me this email earlier about Russia's involvement in the election

Trending #1 --- #WomensMarch2018 --- Photos --- LIVE Blog

I love pancakes

Well, so much for our parks

Understanding the White Female Trump voter.

Today is Penguin Awareness Day.


I worry this Military vs. Immigrants false dichotomy could turn very ugly.

From May 15, 2017: Trump's theory about exercise

Fuckface genius offers a brilliant quantity discount

On twitter, stats show Russian bots and trolls pushing #releasethememo.

Unfortunately, my prediction about Trump is coming true.

Trump appointed judge rules against him, for deported immigrant

Woman earns honorable discharge 60 years after Air Force kicked her out for being gay

Ex-RNC head Steele puts sole blame for government shutdown on 'no-energy AWOL' Donald Trump

GRAB 'EM IN THE MID-TERMS (reporter just now on CNN re sign he saw)

A lot of voters thought "Hey, any idiot can run the government". They were wrong.

How to counter the Shumer Shutdown talking point

US officials had concerns about Kushners handling of meetings with Chinese: report

Bill Maher New Rules 1-19-2018

True story - I was brought to Virginia when I was 7

Say what you like about those "shithole" countries

Women's March 2018: Power to the Polls ----- LIVE Stream VIDEO

Scott Gimple out as ninth season writer of Walking Dead

Sexism and misogyny are so ingrained in America that fighting it is... impossible?

The bizarre rise and dramatic fall of Louise Mensch and her Blue Detectives

Secret War Episode 07 Agent Garbo

Shithole Country's Government Shuts Down - Debts Go Unpaid

I Really Question Whether Trump Is Suseptible To Blackmail.....

notice how they didn't carry Nancy Pelosi's full speech

Chile's regulator orders permanent closure of Barrick's Pascua-Lama mine

The Art of the Deal

Anyone know how vulnerable Devin Nunes is? I am in the bay area so I have no idea if there is a

Chiles regulator orders permanent closure of Barrick's Pascua-Lama mine

Eddie Munster speaking now on MSNBC.

March -Chicago live stream

Republicans can win elections. But they can't govern. - WaPo Editorial Board

Voter Suppression May Be the Most Important Issue of 2018

When your husky talks back.

Are The Repugs Going To Give The Dems A Chance To Respond To The Whining Of Ryan And McConnell....

Shut up, McTurtle - McConnell talking now on MSNBC

McTurtle is rambling!

Adorable. Donkey expresses his love loudly for his friend.

Keep the govt. shutdown in place until they agree to DACA. Its time to make a stand. Remember

Madison music history ?

Term Limits

Who will be the first to give in?

McConnell sticks his turtle head out from under his shell

Russians Want Clinton Not Trump As Prez, As Disappointment Sweeps Moscow A Year After Inauguration



Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley Tells Fox and Friends That Trump's a 'Real-Life Superman'

Ex-RNC head Steele puts sole blame for government shutdown on no-energy AWOL Donald Trump Tom Bogg

Evidence in: Robert Reich unmasks beneficiaries of Trumps tax cut scam

01/21 Mike Luckovich: Tummy ache

Are The Majority Of The American People Even Concerned About The Sh*tdown?.....

Lovely shot of the dinner tables at Mar-A-Lago

You give them an inch? They take a foot!

He's a winner all right - added another notch to his belt

Added "Shutdown Don" to DU fake President nickname poll. Ya gotta keep laughing. And mocking.

Good crowd for the Iowa City march - bigger than anticipated I think


Virtual March Check-In Here!

Women's March Arkansas Information

Human eye blinking in slow motion-- be prepared!! It's WEIRD

3D barcodes: The Heuristics of Calculus and the Unrelated Density of Information In Cell Biology.

"It's like negotiating with jello"...

Gunmen attack Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul

With government shutdown, Republicans reap what they sow

Twitter will be a great tool for a Democratic President

A 26,000-ton pile of radioactive waste lies under the waters and silt of Lake Powell

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

Post your pics! Delaware Women's March 2018

Womens' March in NYC

OK! Call it whatever you want, Mr. GOP?

POTUS on a Platter

UPDATED: How a Government Shutdown Impacts Pay, Benefits

Primitive Technology: A-frame hut

UPDATED: How a Government Shutdown Impacts Pay, Benefits

Man Donald... We have not had a Wall for a Year.

'Cash before Christ': Bishop William Barber accuses Franklin Graham of being 'bought off' ...

AM Joy panel ridicules 'scumbag' Trump for having to employ a 'lawyer goon squad' to avoid...

Stop Workplace Bullying - Call To Action!

Trump plans gala at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night, again renting a ballroom from himself

Due to shutdown, Trump missed out on a slice of this, plus having his ass kissed at $50K per head

You know what is really Fucked Up about the Shutdown?

Heard on the Stephanie Miller Show yesterday...

PA-07: Republican Patrick Meehan Harassed young staffer who did't return his affection

has anyone else seen the British film "Billy Elliot"?

Basing my post funeral plans on the John Wick movie

Fox showing "awaiting Whitehouse briefing"

As long as Cotton and Kelley are in charge, there will never be a compromise.

Republicans are singing in sync. We aren't.

Update on my bronchitis condition.

President Obama...

Live report from the nyc women's march, 65th. & central park west

I'm Calling It The "Trump Sh*tdown"....

Patrick Meehan, Congressman Combating Harassment, Settled His Own Misconduct Case

Why Do The Repugs Keep Saying 'Unlawful Or Illegal Immigrants'....K

White House briefing a minute ago:

Seen on the L train nyc

Already The Repugs Are Using Weasel Words For The Trump Sh*tdown....

Nice going, GOPee. Air Force academy calling off basketball

PA-HD35: Democrat dominates fundraising as Mon Valley special election nears

WOMENS MARCH 2018 Check In

Trump tries to co-opt the march

So here I go..

It warms my heart to see us so motivated and determined

Sen Cornyn "No harm if DACA not renewed"

Hey-I found nearly a thousand "illegals" for Republicans to deport.

Amid Trumps inaugural festivities, members of Russias elite anticipated a thaw between Moscow and

If nothing else, it's a great distraction.

Parties grapple with possible shutdown repercussions ahead of midterms

Rep. Luis Guitierrez on CNN promising the wall.

"Congratulations to Donald Trump on being rejected by more women than any other man in history"

Watch live: Women's March Rallies from around the U.S.

Trump's entire "germophobe" ruse is gone thanks to Stormy Daniels

reps dont need a single dem to avoid shutdown

From Today's Women's March (anybody wanna share other awesome signs here?)

Guardian: Russia-Trump inquiry told Farage may have given Assange data

Trump aide says Schumer needs to 'up his game' amid shutdown

It should be obvious why Trump needed a shutdown this weekend

How do we (Dems) counter Trump and his allies on his calling card the Economy

Tuesday is Election Day in PA

Helen Mirren Says Men Would Expose Themselves to Her Once a Week in Her 20s

This impasse bodes poorly for American democracy

The GOP's Biggest Charter School Experiment Just Imploded

Paul Bocuse, Celebrated French Chef, Dies at 91.

Just got back from watching "The Post."

I hate how CNN and Quinnipiac did their shutdown polls

A superion conductive material for sodium based batteries.

Since I read a disparaging post

DNC targets GOP senators over shutdown in digital ad

Michael Steele: 'This shutdown rests at the feet of the GOP'

Guardian:Another Trump ethics violation?

Shutdown fight turns ugly as both sides dig in

Awesome Sign in NYC March!

Beatnik Barbie

WV pharmacies dispensed 31M fewer painkillers and other powerful drugs last year

Right...Calling Dems Toddlers Is Such An Effective Strategy

Inauguration donations make the perfect slush fund: no disclosure requirements,

Bernie Explains the Shutdown

Who is this horrid Fox wannabe on MSNBC?

5th district NC - Womens March - Missing (in her best interest): Virginia Foxx

Collapse of U.K. construction giant rattles the government

A Story Like Mine -- poem NYC #WomensMarch2018

I just got a call from a friend of mine!

*** Republican Congressman Combating Harassment Settled His Own Misconduct Case***

Trump Mar-a-lago event will go on TONIGHT but he's staying in D. C.

The 30 Funniest Trump Shutdown Memes

Irony: Tomi Lahren's ancestor was prosecuted for forging immigration papers

Women's March - 500,000 in Los Angeles

ryan stood on the house floor this morning and lied

Some nyc march photos are misleading: too few marchers.

'Negotiating with Jell-O': How Trump's shifting positions fueled the rush to a shutdown

shut her down til NOV. 2018 then

Twitter informs Cornyn he interacted with Russia-linked content during 2016 election

Chuck Schumer: This is the Trump shutdown

Women's March in Chicago draws thousands more than last year

Massive turnout for Women's March in Asheville, NC

Viola Davis speaks at Women's March

US government shut down 🇺🇸: Who's to blame? Inside Story

Democrats mull keeping Senate in session overnight

Michael Wolff claims Trump may be having an affair in White House

Clad in pink and vowing to vote, activists around the globe flood streets for another Women's March

Carl, youre racist: Trump appointee resigns after disparaging remarks

N.J. woman expelled from University Of Alabama after racist rant

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 20, 2018

That Republican Congresswoman who was just on MSNBC....

anyone need a cookie?

China blames US warship for violating sovereignty near Scarborough

North and South Korea to march under same flag at 2018 Games:IOC

Rep. Meehan denies harassing former aide amid settlement, loses House ethics seat

Pence says shutdown 'disappointing to every American'

texas handmaids during the austin womans march/impeach trump rally

Did you see his tweet re the women's march

A 'potentially hazardous' monster asteroid will fly close to Earth

'Super Blue Blood Moon' rises on January 31, 2018

2017 second-warmest year on record since 1880, NASA says

The Guardian said last week that Nigel Farage took a thumb drive to Assange. Interesting, because

Name a song with the word "girl" in the title

Women's March 2018, Montgomery, Alabama!

Lots of good pics of march @ #WomensMarch2018 on twitter....

The world's longest underwater cave has been found in Mexico

Activist Alexei Wood arrested at Austin anti-Trump rally

Every Democratic members of Congress should boycott every single Trump's State of the Union Address.

Ignore everything except the economy....

today these girls were here again...

Members of Russias Elite Attended Trump Inauguration

Houston women march for solidarity for second year

Bonus Quote of the Day

A Woman's Place is in the House and the Senate and a 3-yr old Presidential candidate

Shutdown means Land Sharks?

Secret Memo Was Actually Written by GOP Staffers

the best SHUTDOWN of all will be

My sister's Facebook post to "Republican Congress people Senators" about "getting behind" Trump

Trump's Tweet on Women's March

Oh noes it's growing


Trump campaign sends out an ad calling Dems "complicit in all murders by illegal immigrants"

Pink-clad multitude gathers downtown for 2nd annual Dallas Women's March

5th verse of teh national anthem. very appropriate in these days

Fort Worth Womens March 2018: We are going to vote. And we are going to win.

People in more than 60 countries are protesting Trump with the Womens March

Gotta Love CNN's Jim Acosta--best subtweet ever!

Joy Reid has a fresh program on now -Tweety hosting now

Trump's Coal Job Push Stumbles in Most States

Kudo's To The Women All Over The USA & Around The World That Marched Today....

I just donated $20 to Margaret Good for FL State Rep in honor of today's march

Heavy rain is going to affect the candle light protest in Tucson

Key cardinal rebukes pope over abuse comment in rare move

He's too illiterate to read the signs: Trump praised himself in tweet to the Womens March and

Trump to Democrats: no immigration talk until U.S. government reopened

Shouldn't Trump be in Mexico City working with their government

New Trump ad calls Democrats 'complicit' in all murders by illegal immigrants

Nancy Pelosi: "Who wants to tell him?"

Twitter found more than 50,000 Russia-linked accounts that actively shared election-related material

1st year US Stock Market returns under Obama & Trump compared. Trump lags badly.

Pierce: There Are Some Things You Can't Shut Down

A Bunch of Russian Bot Accounts Are Pushing #ReleaseTheMemo On Twitter

Running (or is it ruining?) Amerikkka like a business

Russian Networks Pushing #ReleaseTheMemo Meme

Donald Trump Talks Government Shutdown, Sep 20 2013

California Governor Denies Parole for Manson Follower Leslie Van Houten

300K in Chicago, 500K in Los Angeles, 200K in NYC. One million in just 3 of the cities! This is HUGE


McConnell mumbles, coughs, and stutters incomprehensible gobbledygook blaming party not in power

Trump blows up shutdown talks, releases unhinged ad linking Dems to murder

Tell state governors not to destroy Medicaid

Women march in all major cities except... St. Paul, MN, "indoor event," instead, with registration

Al Pacino as Joe Paterno in HBO movie teaser trailer

It is and always will be the "Trump Shutdown"

I confess - I have never been in love before