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Hillary Clinton tweet on Women's March 2018

When did you learn God had joined the Republican party?

The Funniest, Most Poignant Signs From the 2018 Womens March

Best Women's March Sign ***warning, language might be offensive***

Oregon hospitals: Please vote YES for Measure 101 this Tuesday

From Mar-A-Lago Womens March 2018

Chuck Schumer for Majority Leader in 2018 and President in 2020.

#2 Senate Republican (John Cornyn) informed he follwed/retweeted/liked Russian tweets

My opinion of why Trump supporters are unnaturally loyal to him.

Well Trump Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine Today - The Trifecta......

Pictures of the Women's March 2018


Is Tweety half in the bag tonight???

House sexual harassment overhaul sidelines ethics watchdog

Seth Abramson: Why do Flynn and Kushner still have security clearances?

2018 US Senate Election- if there is a special election in AZ(McCain-R) and MS(Cochran-R).

Impeachment March at Mar-A-Lago...

Laughable tweet and photo from Sarah Slanders just now, about Trump "hard at work"

Ex-EPA chief: Agency will need '20 to 30' years to recover from Pruitt

Tammy Duckworth--Boom!:

Claude Taylor: Felix Sater is cooperating with the Mueller probe

MC Turttle wants a vote 1am Monday to open government up til Feb 8 with no concessions

Linked In: WE have been and are at Cyber war

The Real Shithole

Trump admin has 14 (!) people receiving top-secret PDB (President's Daily Brief) b/c it's "cool"

Viola Davis at the Women's March

Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia town of 65 did a Womens March...

US will back two-state solution if both sides agree - Mike Pence

The thing which is pissing me off the most?

tRump's reckless ad backfires, accidentally implicates him in thousands of deaths

Massive nationwide Women's March turnout shames tRump on inauguration anniversary

US Congress asks if Russian money funded Trump golf courses

2018 US House Election- The list of US House Districts Democrats will pick up.

Dem slams Trump: I won't be lectured on military needs by a five-deferment draft dodger

Quick Question

GOP strategist: Shutdown is on Trump and GOP

Commentary: Why this is the "tRump shutdown" - CBS News

Austin TX broke the record for the largest gathering in Texas history!!!!

'Serial stowaway' got past TSA, spent night at O'Hare before flight to London: Prosecutors

Empty Desk. The Hat. The Phone. Shutdown, you are about to get effed by the Art of the Deal.

GOP: Let's just blame Obama for all the country's ills.

WaPo: FBI Was Alarmed By Presence Of Key Russian Elites At tRump Inauguration

Ok, this is good

People are more determined than ever to build a nation based on love and compassion, not hatred ...

202-456-1111. The WH Comment Lines message:

List of Democratic Governors after 2018.

Two 6 yr. old girls with a Trump poem:

Hollywood Squares funny responses

As parties battle over shutdown, tRump collects blame on Twitter

Marching with the San Francisco Democrats

Shutdown: A familiar partisan ritual takes on new meaning in the Trump era

Van Hollen: Trump's incompetence has resulted in a gov't shutdown and he doesn't even seem to care

I just received a robocall.

Trump's economic score: After tax cuts, not too much

So....did Twitler leave for that tacky place in FL? If so, was it on Delta? Better not be on AF1

It was slightly breezy at Dusseldorf's airport on Thursday

Vox - This is the first real government shutdown under one-party government, ever

Why Streep, Hanks, and Spielberg Rushed to Get The Post to Press: "This couldn't wait."

All women's colleges, good or bad for women?

You know what government is not shut down? The Mueller investigation. N/T

Did the White House Change Outgoing Message on Comment Line to Blame Democrats?

Best way to end shutdown might be to get #PresidentKelly meme to blow up till Trump fires him

What if Mueller knows....

So, would we be better off with Kelly or Trump in control?

I'm so in awe of the Women's Marchers!

Stormy Daniels' "Making America Horny Again Tour" in Greenville, SC Tonight

ABC News: #TrumpShutdown beats #SchumerShutdown in hashtag battle to assign blame

Tammy Duckworth on Senate floor: I Won't Be Lectured By A Five-Deferment Draft Dodger


White House budget director: 'Kind of cool' to be in charge of government shutdown

Donald Trump, the Ig Nobel Prize, and the Dunning - Kruger Effect.

The major problem is that the people who should run the shut down have not

The #Resistance tRump ignited will shape politics for a generation

With government shutdown, Republicans reap what they sow

Musical Guest Troye Sivan, Host Jessica Chastain on SNL tonight. N/T

Parkinson study?

SNL new today? Should be interesting (nt)

Thank you fellow Arkansans who marched today!

White House spokesman calls Trump a 'real-life Superman'

Congratulations, Trump!

The 45 Funniest Signs from the 2018 Women's March

The Air Force Academy has cancelled all games

To all those who marched today

GOP lawmaker removed from ethics panel after report of misconduct settlement

The Onion Sums Up the Last Year in a Slideshow: Looking Back On The Worst 365 Days Of Donald Trump's

Trump's Davos trip now in flux: White House budget director

Anybody else wonder how they film the IHOP pancake ad with the what looks like a full-sized...

Republican Party has become the Klan

cnn right now is trashing dt, I am amazed! 10:11 est.

Nerves fray as shutdown talks at impasse

Las Vegas shooting: gunman was on losing streak and possibly bipolar, police say

Sandy and Richard Riccardi - Stormy Daniels

Labor union women commit to broadening fight against sexual harassment

WH releases photos of Trump working through shutdown

Once again, women provide the perfect storm of opposition

Could they use this shutdown as cover for martial law?

Deutsche Bank Willing To Report Jared Kushners Suspicious Transactions To Robert Mueller.

LMFAO Trump now has to walk around with a hat on because ...

For those suffering from the flu-what an actual virus looks like

Austin women's march features Wendy Davis

Love This!

Senator says she will donate salary for every day government is shut down

President Carnival Barker

Saw the movie "The Post" this afternoon

Women represent in red Tulsa, OK.

DIA (Denver International Airport) may have canceled flights tomorrow.

What is the last full music album you listened to?

Trumps Hush Money To Adult Film Star Could Be Impeachable Offense

MSRNC "reporter" Garrett HAAKE said SCHUMER didn't make a *REASONABLE* outreach to SHITLER

Conversation with a Christian

Deutsche Bank's findings about its Kushner accounts are a "giant risk" to its "reputation."

so, in hospital since Tuesday-Pancreatitis again. Might get out Sunday morn

PM to stop private sector 'pension abuse'

Your preference in a murder mystery? Mine? Killer and victim both despicable

"Fly, little one, spread your wings and may they grow stronger every day"

Daniel Smith Jr., an openly gay candidate, is running against homophobic PA state Rep. Metcalfe

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman finds himself in the hot seat in campaign for Pennsylvania lt. gov.

SNL So Far Isn't Very Funny Tonight....

"We got this"

At rally, Missourians and lawmakers praise Trump, slam McCaskill

Remember the fake "alien autopsy" TV show?

Winter blues, so I went through the summer's car pix (6 photos)

"The Personality Traits Of Dictators" Sound familiar??


Rep. Patrick Meehan faces political storm after report of sex-harassment settlement

New Jersey's new first lady says she was victim of sexual violence

PennEast shale-gas pipeline gets key U.S. permit; opponents vow to fight on

These are the people who say Donald tr$&ps language is inappropriate:

Women's March on Philadelphia: Thousands protest for the second time

Some comments I posted today

A picture I took from today's march

Hundreds gather for Fresno Women's March

PUC stands by decision to punish PGW for lien practices

I have no interest in selling this, but look at the cool video

Remember The Base LOVES This Shut Down. Want It To Continue.

Cosby prosecutors ask to call 19 more accusers at retrial

Eric Trump says the shutdown is 'a good thing for us, politically

Not down here in Barbecue Country

All hat, no golf.

Saw this on F/B: Democrats are choosing 800,000 Illegal Aliens over

Radium again found in Allegheny River and tributaries

'Where was Mary when the lights went out? Down in the cellar eating sauercraut.' From Mom b 1913

...they expected 10,000. Reno Police Department estimated... 10-20,000

OK Women's Marches Jan 20, 2018

What version did you learn? 'Ladies and gentlemen, hoboes and tramps, cockeyed mosquitos and

SNL: "What Even Matters Anymore"

Have to ask yourselves it was pretty fast to turn out commercials

Former Pennsylvania AG Kane seeks to reverse perjury conviction in Superior Court

Question: Is Bob Mueller's team shut down during this fiasco?

Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears arguments in gerrymandering case

Border collie "sled dog"

Former state official accused of sexual misconduct continues in office as school board president

SNL - Trump Doctor Press Conference - Cold Open

OK so do my fellow DUers think MLB games are too long?

SNL - Weekend Update on the Government Shutdown, Unemployment for Black Americans, Robert Mueller

University of Pittsburgh faculty members seek union

Public can comment on 60-mile pipeline for Shell cracker plant in Beaver

Donna Ferrato: What is wrong with white women?

Sunday's Doonesbury - -Golfing

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's campaign didn't need his money to raise $11M

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Satan's latest torture device

Name a song with "Dream" in the title...

Jury selected to decide government's corruption case against Allentown mayor Ed Pawlowski

I AM OVERWHELMED WITH GRATITUDE. Women from all over the world joined us today.

Over the hill and through the woods, a threat looms for Sands Bethlehem casino

HR director accused of $130K scam against Lowe's has fraud cases in Dauphin, Cumberland counties too

Kabul: Afghan forces 'end Intercontinental Hotel siege'

Jimmy Kimmel ask children how they feel about Trump. Hilarious!

New bones and it is like treasures of Sierra madre

More than 1,000 Participate in Westfield's Women's March

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Shady Dog Edition

Hey trump, want to cut a deal with congress?

New Jersey drug company fined $5M over alleged use of non-child proof packaging

Sen. Turner: Trenton must issue prompt boil water advisories or face penalties

Our 600 billion dollar military can't make payroll? Bull.

We need some powerful democratic voices to take this deluge of

Cuomo vows to keep Statue of Liberty open amid federal shutdown

"Vermont youth take lead at rally..."

Chuck Schumer offered to (partially) fund "The Wall" on Friday.

Fun Boy Three...

He'll make it eventually...

He'll get there eventually.

Don't you hate it when trust goes only one way and not the other?

Former assistant police chief sent messages urging recruit to shoot black people

They were bad. He may be worse.

You just got to have dog love

I'm also 6' 3" & 239 lbs

Hard Rock looking to hire former Trump Taj Mahal employees

'We loot or we die of hunger': food shortages fuel unrest in Venezuela

A year of Trump talking about Trump

Turkey starts ground incursion into Kurdish-controlled Afrin in Syria

Pelosi, House Dems address government shutdown

Jordan's king delivers pointed public remarks to Pence in wake of Jerusalem decision

Just Received a letter via blue star mom troop at benning

Trumper demands CNN be turned off at bar in Atlanta airport

Seriously, when you're in charge of each branch of government,

Washington Post: On Day 2 of shutdown, Trump suggests 'nuclear option' in the Senate

Eric Trump, on stand-by while waiting for his dad to feed 5000 with 5 small fish and 5 small loaves.

Alright. Question about Trump's preening.

The Womens March Never Ended. These Stats Prove It. She persisted.

For those struggling to make a difference in oppressively red communities:

EXCLUSIVE. #ReleaseTheMemo? Source Says Only A Matter Of Time

OMG: The Gorilla Channel must have been down.

For photographers: "lens compression" explained

I think Alex Witt made a mistake yesterday when Franklin Graham was on

So, I was in line at at grocery store, and this Trump supporter...

Asheville, NC #WomensMarch2018 Talk about crowd size!!! AND Other Places..Chicago 300K....

110 yrs ago today; NYC passes Sullivan Ordinance making it illegal for women to smoke in public

Poll finds public optimistic about the economy, critical of Trump, split on issues

Even if they release the memo, why should anyone believe its real?

Mitch McConnell kills effort to protect military pay as GOP pushed for shutdown

I will not be lectured

Women of Soul

I keep hearing the economy is booming?

Trumps drug policy appointee was let go at law firm after he just didnt show, lied on resume

Sunrise at the beach...and a little sparkle 4 hours later

Tammy Duckworth/Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Democratic Ticket.

We're #1!

Anyone who calls the White House gets a message of the Dems holding Gov. funding hostage.

Government shutdown takes NFL off American Forces Network

Lindsey Graham

BTRTN: On the Women's March: You May Say I'm a Dreamer, But I'm Not the Only One

Newt said in an interview that Trump is winning the debate over the shutdown!

BTRTN: On the Women's March: You May Say I'm a Dreamer, But I'm Not the Only One

Typeset... in the Future!

Trump's budget chief says shutdown could last more than a week

This seems to explain the basis of GOP/Trumpanzee Belief System (it's cray)

Trump's Copying ISIS, Says London Mayor

All Smiles This Morning at the WH

Traitor don not crazy, just a terrible person, says Psychiatrist

Women's March NYC photos

Bernie Sanders: US would never recover from 'stain' of deporting 'dreamers'

Action Alert

McConnell opposes 'nuclear option' in budget debate

WH official: Democrats used filibuster on Trump more 'than the rest of history & recorded time'

1 Son, 4 Overdoses, 6 Hours

What Cult 45 missed this weekend at Mar a Lago

We all know that Trump is not the brightest bulb in the tulip patch,

The White House Is The People's House - Can Trump & The Repugs Use The Telephone Answering Service..

Dem senator compares negotiating with GOP to convincing kid to do homework

Sunday Toon Roundup 1 -The New Normal


Sunday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

I just told some punk on a snowmobile to get the F*** offa my lawn

I Like to confront Trump voters. I ask them this question.

Why the government shutdown might last longer than you think

Was The Press Presentr At Mar-A-Lago Last Night....

My rant for the day.

National Review: Trump runs a Twitter account. Pres. Kelly runs the administration. (NR approves)

The one campaign slogan that all Democrats should use

Remember the "Moral Majority?"

SNL: Jessica Chastain Hosts Trump-Era Game Show What Even Matters Anymore?'

Jordans king delivers pointed public remarks to Pence in wake of Jerusalem decision

IMO, DT45 will never ok the DACA funding until the President of Mexico puts up the money.

Amazon Go cashierless convenience store opening to the public

Signs of the times...from the Portsmouth, NH Women's March

SNL....Kate McKinnon unleashes her inner Robert Mueller

Chris Wallace kneecaps Mulvaney for shutdown hypocrisy: 'You supported holding the government...

Just got Direct TV Now and it opens up directly to Fox News

Paul Ryan Blames Shutdown On Democrats, Accuses Them of Holding Nation 'Hostage'

The great negotiator?

50 years ago today; 1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash - "Broken Arrow"

Looks like the senate is going to go Nuclear

CNNSOTU - Trump ad saying Dems complicit in murder is sad, Sanders says

Watch Bernie mock Trump's insistence the wall as part of budget deal: It made sense in the 15th C..

"Tear down this wall."

CNNSOTU - Trump ad saying Dems complicit in murder is sad, Sanders says

Special Counsel for the OPIOID Crisis

Thousands assemble for second Womens March on Williamsburg

Enuff with the dog & cats on DU - Let us admire a horse

Chelsea Manning Mingles With James OKeefe During Hard Right Gala

Melissa Etheridge & Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles - Uprising of Love - Women's March L.A. 2018

12 amazing signs from the Women's March 2018

BuzzFeed: 19 Jokes About The Picture Of Trump Working At The White House During The Shutdown

The Republican's Guide to Presidential Etiquette (NYT)

Don't know who is winning the messaging war but I find the suggestion here we're losing disturbing,

Paul Ryan: Trump ad linking Democrats to murders is 'not necessarily productive'

In the Unofficial Liturgical Calendar

Sad....Trump spent day watching videos of himself attacking Barack Obama.......

So using ReTHUG logic, is the Con complicit in the murders of anyone killed

protest pictures from around the world

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 23: Arranged Marriages

'It's a Women's Wave Coming.' The Women's March Is Turning Into a True Political Force

Message you hear today when you ring the White House comment line...

Right On - Michael Che meme:

Trump and the Big Picture in ten easy steps:

This is an easy question to answer about opioid crisis posed by journalist at Politico.

New Yorker: "Jared Kushner Is China's Trump Card"

Muellers office exempt from the shutdown. Sad! Unfair!

Global female empowerment marches enter second day

Its so frustrating when the Washington Post plagiarizes from Shakespeare...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 24: National Film Registry

I refer to this shutdown as the "Trump Tantrum"

Trump requested credit for pushing North, South Korea to talk: report

We need to replace "fake news" with a more appropriate term

Durbin: Democrats not willing to extend short-term funding past January

Joy Reid shreds Trump's 'racist, fear-mongering' ad claiming Dems will be 'complicit in murders'

Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law

At last, Trump is running the country like a business!

Republican House Bill Would Criminalize Poverty For Dreamers

Stormy Daniels, star of the latest Trump sideshow, took her act to a strip club. It was a scene.

This shutdown is owned by Trump & the GOP.

i'm sure it doesn't BUT

A Baptist, a Pentecostalist, an Evangelist and an atheist

Texans DC Mike Vrabel named Titans head coach

"Immigrants are not the danger here"

Just like his businesses...

Trump Shutdown Unmasks A Weak President that has Surrendered the Reins of Control..

How the moron cashes in on the presidency

White House changes public voicemail to say Democrats holding government 'hostage'

Whatever else happens Republicans will get zero traction out of me

Putin working at his desk.

At UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia Supports Right To Torture & Execute LGBT People

What do you think is the BEST photo from #WomensMarch2018?

I'm looking for suggestions for a healthy dinner

The Pope, Franklin Graham, an Orthodox Rabbi and an atheist

Trump/GOP Supporters At This Point Are Brain Damaged Or Have Rabies.

Trump believes unemployment numbers are "fake"

I Am Not Your Negro

What are you reading this week of January 21, 2018?

Scenes and video of Arkansas' Saturday March

Russia Will Get Trump Elected 2nd Term by Same Means - War on Horizon?

God told judge that woman accused of sex-trafficking underage girl is innocent.

Cat wants fed - NOW!

crowd at Trumps inauguration, members of Russias elite

This Shut Could Last Longer Than Previous One/ Trump Wants To Continue It. Wants Senate Nuke Option

Colin Kaepernick...Making America Great

Dem lawmaker: I'd consider funding for Trump's wall if that's a 'ransom' he wants

So, did Trump ever make it to his dinner?

Seoul says North Korea's Olympic participation will aid peace and ease tensions

The Dem reps and pundits say Shutdown+Women's March

Chuck Todd busts Trump official for disowning racist ad: 'Trump for President is an outside group?'

Fishing at Honeymoon Island Florida

...And this is our President

MSNBC conservative flays 'spineless' Ryan: 'He couldn't stand against racism if his life depended...

The democrats may have finally figured out how to deal with Trump.

Haines, Alaska, 2017

UPDATED: Schumer Knocks Trump's 'Inability To Clinch A Deal' Amid Shutdown

Breaking: White House Kitchen Undergoes Remodeling. Staff Quits in Protest

Doesn't Forgiveness Come After The Person You Will Be Forgiving Says They're Sorry?......

Trump's Grand Strategy

March to Mara Lago

McConnell Calls for 1 a.m. Vote

Interesting Legal Question for Lawyers

The Floppotron: Toto - Africa

The Political Mythbuster in Chief

Two replacements for 'Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo'

Another lawsuit for Dumpy and Pruitt?


Shut down? Who's fault?

Photographic Proof. Bannon Living in Van down by the River

How do I re-post a discussion piece?

Annoy a jackass - watch some pro football today!

White House Vehemently Denies Goat Rumor

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited


USAA announces they will cover military pay during shutdown

A NY Real Estate move, not the "art of the deal" - Noonan on MTP

AFN and AFN Sports back on air. Troops will be able to watch NFL

West Point marries first active-duty, same-sex couple

As a privacy-dependent ANIMAL, I find this distressing

UPDATED: Graham: Stephen Miller makes immigration deal impossible

Pence blasts Senate Democrats in overseas speech to troops

Theyre Putting Soy In Your Wires, Man

At Phoenix Woman's March Today

Guatemala businessman, wanted on graft charges, seeks U.S. asylum

Guatemala businessman, wanted on graft charges, seeks U.S. asylum

Australian raptors start fires to flush out prey

China says U.S. warship violated its South China Sea sovereignty


I Haz a Sad. Waiting 2 weeks for my new toy...

Ice hockey: Johannson, U.S. Olympic team general manager, dies at 53

Satirical 'Trump Cemetery' installed at president's property in New Jersey, art collective claims

White America needs to have the discussion Black America has everyday.

With 25,339 murders in 2017, Mexico suffers record homicide tally

Perfect descriptor....WHITE House

U.S. Army helicopter crash in California kills two soldiers: official

Remember when we had a REAL 1st lady in the White House...

Senate Moderates Bringing Compromise to Leaders: Shutdown Update

MAGA my ass...Traitors, every one of them

U.S. House would accept bill funding government to Feb. 8: Ryan

Senate committee advances NASA and NOAA nominations again

Thousands fill downtown Omaha streets for 2018 Womens March

FBI Says Evidence Missing in Congress' Probe on How Feds Handled Clinton Email Investigation, Report

Is it just me, or does Lindsey look genuinely worried and exhausted today? nt

In shutdown-negotiations, Trump's demands are constantly changing.

Robert Mueller joins SNL (weekend update)

Maybe it's time to ask: if funding Trump's ridiculous wall is a "ransom" we are willing to pay,

On Twitter freyascott14 needs 25k retweets for a kitten

Debunking the Myths about Boys and Emotions

We're Giving Trump a license to spy on us???

Yesterday on SNL, Jessica Chastain, with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong (I think)

CBS News: A war of words on college campuses

Up to 1,000 more U.S. troops could be headed to Afghanistan this spring

@CustomsBorder got on a Greyhound bus yesterday and asked every passenger for their papers

@CustomsBorder got on a Greyhound bus yesterday and asked every passenger for their papers

Pelosi pans Trump's $20B wall funding: 'Oh, come on'

I think what I miss most is feeling "clean". And, I am certain there are those

Sabrina 1

For the umpteenth time I have been kicked off Facebook...

#TrumpShutdown: "Both sides", my ass! "Democrats fault" my ass! I DON'T THINK SO!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 22 January 2018


In the hospital they don't let you take your own meds-every morning they brought me an anti-anxiety

Are you better off today than one year ago??

Trump administration's immigrant-crime hotline releases victims' personal information

Muellers Probe Is Dangerously Close to a Republican Red Line

Statue of Liberty to reopen; shutdown keeps other parks, monuments closed

Iraq sentences German woman to death over IS involvement

When is the SOTU?

New Zealand debates access to dead sea life footage

Schumer: Negotiating with Trump 'like negotiating with Jell-O'

After Vowing to Fix Washington, Trump Is Mired in a Familiar Crisis

Finally got around to watching "Lion". What a great movie!

EXCLUSIVE. FBI: Devin Nunes Won't Show Us Memo Alleging Surveillance Abuses

Uber schmuck

Holding firm on DACA may help Democrats take back control of the House of Representatives in the 201

Brash ex-Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke faces civil trial

Veteran sues after scalpel found inside his body 4 years after surgery.

From a march in northern Colorado

DUMP GOP's and TRUMP !!!! #LockThemUp **** 'It's a Women's Wave

Legislation to limit opioid prescriptions under debate

How come we are getting no news reports out of Iraq and Syria??

Twitter user Dave Bing offers Trump some helpful suggestions following his call to go "nuclear."

Judge: Lawmakers emails, texts subject to public disclosure

The University of Washington to provide scholarships to DACA students

Strong, Independent and Intelligent

Democratic US Senators from states with Republican Governors being on the 2020 Democratic Ticket.

*The French Chef with Julia Child on MPT @ 6:00.

'You remind me of a man.' 'What man?' 'The man with power.' 'What power?' 'The power of whodo.' 'Who

This government shutdown is part of the long-term anti-government ideology paid for by the ...

This is a damn good game.

Strong, Independent and Intelligent

"Mr. Trump spent much of his day watching old TV clips of him berating President Barack Obama"

'That's tough.' 'What's tough?' 'Life.' 'What's life?' 'A magazine.' 'How much does it cost?' 'A

[Spoilers] Super Bowl Shaping Up With AFC Win

Mexico will pay for the wall. I don't understand why every Democrat is not repeating that

Tom Brady. Patriots Beat Jaguars, Advance to 2018 Super Bowl After Injury Scare

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world's best negotiator

Whole lot of crap....National Poo Museum

***Bookmark this link*** The 270 people connected to the Russia probes

Best Signs from the Women's March in London

How Wall Street learned to stop worrying and love Trump (by Vox)

Who was the last Republican President that was not an incompetent sociopath?

Anyone remember seeing the Red Skelton movie 'The Fuller Brush Man'?

Really? The damn Patriots? AGAIN?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 21, 2018

Hey Trump. How ya liking YOUR shutdown?

Trump and the Big Picture in ten easy steps:

Hair Hitler will not be amused....

Has spent 122 days visiting his own properties

Dont all white Americans benefit to one degree or another from white privilege?

Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi Potus

Another great #GirtherMovement tweet

Ya know, if they vote in a bipartisan agreement re DACA, Trump probably won't sign it.

Aide tries to distance White House from ad attacking Democrats

Puppy paddling paws while riding a bike

The New England Patriots: The Only Team in America to Represent 6 Blue States

McConnell objected to funding military during shutdown!

Paleocon-I learned a new ideology from Fire and Fury. Weird...

We're going to need the center right and the center left on out to defeat Trumpism.

I've always heard that if you don't like the weather in Arkansas,