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Archives: January 22, 2018

BBC: White House voicemail changed to blame Democrats. Outrageous.

Sanders: Gov't shutdown part of long-term, anti-government ideology paid for by the Koch brothers

Winning is what it's all about?

The resistance will also include Baptist ministers from Florida

WATCH: SNL's Robert Mueller

The Paper with a Record: Why the NYT has been so soft on Trump

Scoop: Trump turns on his Interior Secretary

Why does McConnell pick 1 am. to vote?

Once again, trump must be

Cute Kid

Graham: Stephen Miller makes immigration deal impossible

Dan Rather launching weekly show with progressive outlet The Young Turks Network

FBI: Devin Nunes Wont Show Us Memo Alleging Surveillance Abuses

Question about travel in Spain.

Sociological(?) poll? How do you cross your legs?

Name this car.

Just curious: if that stormy woman was paid to keep quiet, how come she is

Does anyone here remember Conversation Cafe's?

I feel like puking.

Democrats Are Doing the Right Thing

Just viewed this documentary on Netflix

Weather Channel Co-Founder Who Slammed Climate Change Dies

Switzerland in summer--any suggestions for lowering the costs of a trip?

Bernie Sanders: The government shutdown is related to our disastrous campaign finance system

Bernie Sanders: The shutdown is part of long-term, anti-government ideology paid for by the Kochs

Bernie Sanders: The government shutdown is related to our disastrous campaign finance system

Desperate Montana Men

These Pukes are a disease

Meanwhile at the OZ Open - SPOILER

How long will it take Republicans to persuade 11 Democrats to vote with their budget?

Shutdown! Things'll Be Great When You're Shutdown! (ShowerCap/Ferret)

One woiuld think that after 10 years,,,

Finally! McConnell saw the light!

Team Trump Bypassed DHS Analysts to Produce Bogus Terror Report

20 lesson for sleeping with a porn star

I just finished reading Fire And Fury. I can understand why Trump and his shills are furious

So mar a lago guest were upset

Are there any old school Microsoft XP style freecell programs for Windows 10?

Build a Wall...

Flake doesn't want Trump involved *

I deleted my previous post because I got some good feedback from the Travel Group.

McConnell to speak on the floor at 9PM ET - UPDATE: Maybe not

The N.R.A. "Now Russia Affiliated"

Melania tweets about her first year as FLOTUS.

One sock apiece seems fair

Russia-linked Twitter accounts are working overtime to help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks

Is it anything?!1 - the SAG awards - I'm an awards shows freak

Deportation Fears Have Legal Immigrants Avoiding Health Care

Where does KCDC find these idiots to be on her show??????????


Didn't Jeff Flake already have a promise for a DACA vote in Jan. from Mitch

I don't trust the GOP!

Senate Adjourned Until 10 AM Monday

Mitch McConnell "I got nothing."... N/T

If the GOP go nuclear like Trump wants will that mean democrats can

Thomas Marino (R)- 10th district of Pennsylvania....I watched 60 minutes tonight

If the Senate votes for the CR....

The Democrats Should Offer An Extension Until January 29

Call to Action:Call all reps Monday to Support Dreamers!

Planned Parenthood president tells white women to 'do better' in fight for equality

trump thanks his ministry of propaganda for grading his first year an 'A'

WH Doc's Update On Trump's Health Shameful

CNN: No Vote Tonight

Senate adjourns without deal to end government shutdown; vote postponed until noon Monday

#Resistance: Sister District getting organized for 2018

Any advice for getting my older dog to use a puppy pad?

I'm gonna trust Schumer on this one.

#Resistance: Flippable zeroing in on Pennsylvania for 2018

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Says Group Could Boycott Or "Hold Up Fists" During Trump's SOU

#Resistance: Do you live in a deep blue state? You can Adopt-a-Red-State for 2018

#Resitance: Run-for-Something endorses 61 more local candidates for 2018

This Bowie song has been playing in my head lately.

Whats the latest on the #Shithole Shutdown?

Trump's sister is worried about him. . .

TO: Mitch "The Turtle" McConnell (R - Asshole)

Is Melania packing yet?

Eagles Dominate Vikings to Reach Super Bowl LII

Stable genius wants to ban "babies being born in the 9th month"

With WSJ report, Delaware again linked to alleged scandal

After a year of historic natural disasters, what would happen to FEMA if the government shuts down?

Sorry, the SF 49ers dynasty run from 1981 to 1998 is more impressive than the Patriot's

Why poor Americans are dying younger. (Orszag/Bloomberg)

Facing congressional inaction, states move to ban bump stocks (WaPo)

This is evocative of cattle cars and detention camps

State quietly settles FOIA case with former treasurer, awards Chip Flowers $22,500

Shutdown makes bad flu season worse

Aide to Former Senator Reid: Early intel suggests McConnell has 60 votes to end shutdown.

So, Google is leading with a CNN "story"...

Philadelphia tourists feel effects of shutdown

Pier 60 Clearwater Beach

Playboy sues Boing Boing over a web link--could 'end the web as we know it.'

Who won the SAG awards final category?

The #SchumerShutdown Hashtag Is Getting A Big Boost From Russian Bots

World's 42 richest people are worth the same as poorest 50% combined

Who gets blamed for the shutdown? Here's what the polls say

The most dangerous man in America...

How feeling bad changes the brain

Very good question.....

This shutdown was a lesson for Donald.

In the midst of a shutdown, this is what he's focused on.

Turning off lights and locking doors could cost billions

Pay stops, mission continues

Racist sick puppies

By Adding to the Debt, Tax Cuts Could Complicate Next Downturn

Dingell statement on shutdown

Some great picks on this link of the Women's March in Chicago

Kashmir fighting escalates between India, Pakistan (ABC)

California LGBT-discrimination law keeps rocket club from Alabama (

Gabbard: end reckless shutdown

Checking on Our Bell Weather Sock Puppet "Progressive" Troll...

This map shows the US really has 11 separate 'nations' with entirely different cultures

A Record-Smashing Sacramento Women's March 2018. Wow.

White House fires back at Graham: 'Hes been an outlier for years

Democrats, Republicans blame administration

A Prime Number Could Be the Answer to Bitcoins Power Problem (Bloomberg) {misleading title}

Trump is the guy who said I alone can fix it.

Gov. Carney: fiscal reforms still a priority

Even without nudging blood pressure up, high-salt diet hobbles the brain (LAT)

Resident donates $1 million of land to Bowley's Quarters Volunteer Fire Department

Silver lining from California's drought:Water conservation led to reduced energy use, less pollution

Old School Fan

Genetic pioneer leaves Alabama where healthcare challenge too great ( {BC/BS won't pay}

The cause of my sadness this evening

Gov. Hogan's paid sick leave veto overturned in General Assembly

A U.S. Navy ship is trapped in Montreal until spring due to icy waters

Women's march in Annapolis becomes a march on the polls

Dallas County Republicans file lawsuit to kick 128 Democrats off election ballot

My idea to end the shutdown

State lawmakers discuss plan to keep health care individual mandate

Where in the World Is the U.S. Military? Everywhere.

Mayon volcano update: Lava cascaded down Philippines volcano - eruption IMMINENT (Express)

'Dealmaker in chief' largely absent

Federal agents broke the law to implement Trumps first travel ban

Presidency has been disruptive and unique

In the world that he insults

At Baltimore's Women's March, participants look to the future

Woo-hoo! This is a wierd one-- Wi-Fi disappeared...

The most frustrating part about Trump's wall demand...

Profiting from the Presidency? Investigation into foreign payments demanded

Rich and powerful choose sides in Maryland governor's race

Maryland Senate overrides Hogan veto of bill barring college admissions from asking about arrests

Which Best Actor/Best Actress Oscar (TM) of the past fifty years was the least deserving?

X-post from GD: Dallas County Republicans file lawsuit to kick 128 Democrats off election ballot

I would to be the fly on the wall at Davos (a multilingual one)...

24 Underwater Drones The Boom in Robotics Beneath the Waves

Investor Bill Miller promises $75 million to Johns Hopkins University philosophy department

For John (and John) and everyone

Halsey reads her poem "Story Like Mine" at the 2018 NYC Women's March

World's Greatest Dealmaker

Hogan declines, for now, request to double cash for fixing heating problems in Baltimore schools

Two dead in Army helicopter crash in California

Metro has again fallen short of its goal for hiring diverse contractors

If you were the black hole at the center of our galaxy, what would you see?

Texas AFL-CIO declines to endorse O'Rourke after he misses convention

Sports Pundits Surprised As 94% of Americans Suddenly Identify As Eagles Fans

Same-sex active-duty couple stationed at Fort Bliss marries at West Point

Jimmy Fallon: Guest Trevor Noah Turns Donald Trump's Words into a Bad Reggae Song

Name a movie that created a TV Show/ Name a TV show that created a movie.

Rick Scott releases the SSC numbers of nearly 1,000 Florida voters.

Scott and Walker are horrible governors; Brown is best

Temer Offers US$ 3 Billion in Construction Projects in Exchange for Approval of Pension Reform

FL: Sarasota State House spepcial election has major parties on edge

Sicker than healthy': Pope blasts Latin America's corrupt politics

Mexico Senator Leaves PAN, Joins Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Stephen Mihm: Prepare for the global banana-pocalypse, thanks to a failure to diversify

Stephen Mihm: Prepare for the global banana-pocalypse, thanks to a failure to diversify

El Paso gathers in show of unity, sisterhood during Women's March

Violent deaths of LGBT people in Brazil hits all-time high

Mexico's leftwing frontrunner laughs off Russia jibes and says: I'm no Moscow stooge

Hate for Libs/Dems

Good news. Study says social contacts, including chit chatting with

WH released fake DHS terrorism analysis that had no input from DHS and was written by Jeff Sessions.

Maxine Waters on How the Women's March Revived Her Faith in the Younger Generation (excerpt)

Which candy of the past fifty years was your favorite?

Daniel Dale: Gonna start posting Trumps daily public schedule. Here is tomorrows.

I am glad that someone is finally asking the question about

Kzoo doctor detained by ICE after 40 years in US

Morning Jerk goes there: Prezinut is being led around by the nose by WH staff

Have to say Morning JoeScum has some great video this morning - added video

How homicide charges for two skippers will shake up the entire Navy

This seems very appropriate.

Navy Federal plans to loan money if shutdown blocks paychecks of military & feds

I Don't Think the "Media" likes "Eagles vs Patriots".... in the "Superbowl"

'Please do not vote for me' says El Paso judge who is seeking to get his name off ballot

Let us have a moment of silence for the ..."Spelling Police"

India woman fights family over 'low caste' husband's murder

Nueces County clerk: Mail-in voter fraud remains a concern

Bernie Sanders puts the blame for the shutdown on Mitch McConnell

Trying to make a deal with corrupt liars is foolish. If I were Schumer

Democrats solidify their lead in midterm elections matchup . ABC News/WaPo Poll

Women and independents drive advantage for Democrats ahead of midterm elections, Post-ABC poll finds

Note to Pence- Overseas we are all Americans. Shame on you.

Chief Justice Has Shifted His Positions

Nice, Descriptive Daily News Cover

Well, you can see why Trump was so sad about missing it.

In Jerusalem, Pence optimistically declares 'new era' for peace talks even as Palestinians snub...

270 Individuals Connected to the Trump/Russia Probe

Pence Arrives in Israel After Public Scolding in Jordan

Senate adjourns without deal to end government shutdown; vote postponed until noon Monday

Justice Ginsburg Details Her Own Harassment: For So Long, Women Were Silent

Apple partners with Malala Fund to help girls receive quality education

Trumps Party Guests Traumatized After Having To Use Plastic Spoons For Caviar

For those of you watching Morning Joe, I forget how old is Stephen Miller

The picture in this tweet got me laughing this morning:

Today is the anniversary

Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing... (video tweet)

Hispanics forgo health services to avoid officials' attention, advocates say

Decline and fall of Wilbur Ross

There is picture of Stephen Miller on MSN page!

'Defiance Disorder': Another new book describes chaos in Trumps White House

@morningmika just called Stephen Miller "the tiny dic...tator."

Border patrol gets on Greyhound Bus and demands papers in Ft. Lauderdale

Win or lose on DACA, will Hispanics turn out in November for Democrats?

Smashing a record, House Democrats fundraising exceeded $100 million in 2017

Russian Elites attended Trump Inauguration..had VIP tickets..

Scarborough Mocks WH Over Immigration Talks: Trump's Staff Treat Him Like He's a 'Blubbery Old Man'

Doughnut-Eating Champ Arrested In Doughnut Shop Break-In

#ReleaseTheMemo is the next phase in the anti-Mueller campaign

MSNBC panel blisters Mike Pence for 'using troops as props' to attack Democrats on shutdown

H.L Mencken Journalist Knew Many Years Ago

Donut eating champ arrested for breaking into a donut shop

This response from a police chief is criminal

Did Citizens United Help Russians Funnel Money To NRA?

Very quietly, Justice Department charges white supremacist with domestic terrorism

Intimate interview with Frankie Valli (With Dan Rather) - for us Oldsters

Morning Joe...Stand

Toddler and two puppies

Is That Hope Hick's Voice On The WH Telephone...

Releasing this picture got a Department of Energy photographer fired. He doesnt regret it.

Trust in U.S. institutions plunges in Trump's first year

White Supremacists Killed More People in US in 2017 Than Muslims, Antifa and Kneeling NFL Players

Stephanopoulos Grills Sarah Sanders Over Shutdown: 'Do You Really Want to Question Schumer's ...

Here is a map of the blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings, and winter weather advisories in eff

Israeli-Arab lawmakers removed from Pence speech after protesting

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Shutdown

Monday Toon Roundup 2 - The end is not near

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The religious activists on the rise inside Trump's health department

Key Trump aide sees 'significant progress' in immigration negotiations

Real Endgame For The President's Focus On 'Fake News' Is The Mueller Investigation

Is Trump trying to push former White House adviser into ambassador role to keep her away from Muel

Trump Clearly Not Up To Task Of President

I hope this shutdown doesn't last too long.

Trump Reportedly Authorized Bannon's War on Mitch McConnell: Main Goal to 'Bring Him Down'

The Daily 202: Government shutdown foreshadows a 2018 of inaction and gridlock

Republicans lose all the way around on this shutdown

Priebus backs Vukmir in Wisconsin GOP primary

2 IEDs Explode At Florida Mall, Police search for "Heavily built white Male" , seen running.

So,if White House phone system is Federally funded, is using the system voice mail

Presidential historian Jon Meacham on Trump: 'If he can't say no to Stephen Miller, God help us'

*ABC WAPO Poll* Democrats hold fourteen point lead among likely voters in generic ballot.

ICE detains a Polish doctor and green-card holder lived in the U.S. for nearly 40 years

Margaret Thatcher believed South Africa should be a 'whites-only state', says UK's former chief dipl

GOP sen: 'I don't think we should wait for the president' on shutdown deal

i'm VERY WORRIED about these new e-mails from FBI that congress recieved

A Pats fan despite the reputation for "loving" Trump...

Mueller's investigation is what keeps Trump and team up at night--all other issues are

Congrats to 'atman,' winner of the January Photo Contest with 'Kabbages and Kings!'

Congrats to 'atman,' winner of the January Photo Contest with 'Kabbages and Kings!'

Congrats to 'atman,' winner of the January Photo Contest with 'Kabbages and Kings!'

Trust in US institutions plunges in Trumps first year

Trump Is AWOL On Deal

The Dems will get curb stomped until November if they back down.

My primary care doctor is a Pakistani Muslim.

Did Charles Schumer Receive $500K Donation from Pro-Illegal Alien Group Just Before Vote?

Kellyanne Conway uses Super Bowl to trash Hillary: 'The Patriots are like that woman whose name I...

Would Trump's goon squads deport this guy?

My buddy Nathan is such a ladies man

Don Imus to End His Radio Show in March

White House voice mail Hatch Act violation?

Hope the High Road

GO IGGLES!!!!!!!

Its been 8 years since the Supreme Court opened the floodgates

Almost Half Think Trump Is Mentally Unstable

I do not like you in my land, I do not like your little hand (pic)...

UPDATED: McConnell promises immigration debate if government reopens

Kushner Is 'China's Trump Card'

Trump used accent to imitate India's prime minister: report

Patriots vs Jags.... Deadspin article on the officiating

Russian bots are now aiding the Republican Party government shutdown by attacking the

The top 1% sucked up 82% of all wealth created in 2017

Umm, seriously Susan Collins?! (tweet)

Trump has been missing in action in the shutdown fight

observations from a gun show in Richmond VA

Sesssions Pressured FBI Director to Purge Top Staff

Mitch McConnell blocked a Democratic measure to pay troops during the shutdown but nobody told Pence

Has the pResident shown his face since Friday? Is he sick? Gone?

How the Trump-Russia Data Machine Games Google to Fool Americans

U.S. Dramatically Unprepared for 2018 Hacking, Says Top House Democrat

Republican minority can cheat to win elections. But they can't govern?

The Womens Marches Could Have More Lasting Consequences Than the Government Shutdown

Three Days In, Trump Blames Dems' 'Far Left Base' For Ongoing Gov't Shutdown

ICE detains a Polish doctor and green-card holder who has lived in the U.S. for nearly 40 years

How to recognize satire, even when Poe's Law makes it difficult.

45 years for Roe v. Wade.....No time to celebrate......

Now I have a headache..OMG

16th Century - proverbidiom from the Netherlands vs. American Porverbidiom

Pic Of The Moment: The Art Of The Deal?

NY Governor Tells Trump To F*ck Off, Re-Opens Statue Of Liberty Despite Shutdown

Class war in the American west: the rich landowners blocking access to public lands

USAF bombers departed Andersen AFB, Guam heading NW direction. North Korea?

Bahahahaahah (protest sign, twitter image)

Cartoon: The Trump news cycle continues ---- Tom Tomorrow

'Just got a blurb from Sanders for the amazing Michael Bennett @mosesbread72 book out on April 3rd'

US approves land exchange for road through Alaska refuge

One thing to remember here...

US orders extra air cargo screening for flights from Mideast

Pence to Israel: US embassy will move to Jerusalem in 2019

Everything the GOP does is carefully crafted to make us depressed

US says snow-loving lynx no longer need special protection

No such thing as Bernie Bros: Bernie's approval rates are ...

Graham: 'Blaming the Democrats is not going to work'

White House posts pic of Trump working during Democratic shutdown.

Women give Dems massive lead for 2018 as they abandon GOP in record numbers

If we don't get it now, DACA is dead until 2021...



(Lake Wales, FL) FBI: 2 flares were ignited at Eagle Ridge Mall, not pipe bombs

A white guy allegedly detonated 2 IEDs at a mall and the pro-Trump media shrugged

Mount Mayon volcano alert raised after ash and lava spills out

Pope regrets word choice on abuse in Chile, but stands by contested bishop

Pope regrets word choice on abuse in Chile, but stands by contested bishop

BLINK!!!! nt

Twitter Goes Nuts Over Megyn Kelly's Nascent Feud With Jane Fonda: 'My God'

Pastor of rape-apologist Megachurch compares critics to Satan, considers himself a hero.

Davos group the World Economic Forum issues annual report on 5 global concerns

The Russian Oligarch Blacklist Cometh

Schumer speaking on the Senate floor -- LIVE

Graphic Heavy: Images of Some of the Deities Worshiped on Earth:


schumer saying they will vote to reopen the government and fold once again..

Shutdown means SpaceX can't test its Falcon Heavy rocket, creating further delays

Supreme Court rules against Trump administration on Clean Water rule

Senate Dems take deal, clearing way to end shutdown

So we've got CHIP for 6 years and if they refuse to save the DACA "kids" in 17 days...

The stalemate worked. Democrats' obstinance worked

A Designers Healthy Answer to Bacon, Egg and Cheese

Trump business ethics pledges left plenty room for profiting

For those upset that the DACA isn't brought up for a vote now, those in that group who didn't

mike pence spreads trump's hatred across the globe...

More in new poll blame congressional Republicans for shutdown than Dems

Zinke advances road through Alaska wildlife refuge

Former Trump Hotel DC's director of revenue mgmt has left the Trump Org. The position is still open.

my state rep and state senator asked me to sign this re- med mj

Why does the house follow a convicted pedophile's rule

Civil rights trial over David A. Clarke post on Facebook begins in Milwaukee

Democrats Fold, Will Vote to Reopen Govt With a Promise From Mitch McConnell

When Deities Mate with Humans

In 17 days Republicans open debate on DACA and say no.

Kelly's on the way out according to Vanity Fair

just wondering here Will a supreme court decision against DACA come? and will Mc Turtle

Children of married lesbian couple? One is US citizen, other is not, State Department says.


A timely quote from Samuel Adams (1722-1803)..

NYPD Officers "livid" that union has reduced number of "get out of jail free" cards

The "deal": Not terrific, but could be worse. Taking CHIP off the table is not nothing

In 1917, a patriotic Billings mob forced town leaders to resign, declare their loyalty, and kiss the

Senate Votes Overwhelmingly to End Government Shutdown.

Gallup Trump Job Approval (Weekly) 36% Approve 59% Disapprove

The most important part of the Senate vote was the message it sent to the White House.

Primary for Illinois governor ? Thoughts? So many candidates . Preference?

We got the best deal possible.CHIP for 6 years/ DACA Vote in a couple of weeks.

President Trump did a brilliant job of negotiating an end to the shutdown

We are getting a hybrid electric water heater

Kinks and Zombies bassist Jim Rodford dies aged 76

I remember a civil court judge somewhere saying "It's a good deal if...

Remember the "Wimpy" character from the old "Popeye" cartoons?

So Now Everybody Is Going To Take A Victory Lap.....

mark my words. The immigration deal will fail.

Knoxville womens march (and three others)

The Christie Crime Digest's Final Chapter

Amid Larry Nassar sentencing, top executives of USA Gymnastics Board of Directors resign

Where were you when you realized "elapse," "please" and "asleep" are anagrams?

"Do you trust Mitch McConnell?"

Pence defends Trump on disparaging comments about Africa

Dems playing chess , Rethugs playing checkers,,,,,,,,,

Ding, dong, the Christie's gone

Pence calls Daniels allegations "baseless," so...CASE CLOSED! #MAGA!

Sixteen Dems and two GOPers voted no

How Many Fucks Do You Give About The Super Bowl?

Look, this is really simple. Dems have NO control right now. None.

Raj Shah on CNN flatly says POTUS won't sign Graham-Durbin deal

ted cruz is on m$nbc blaming the 2013 shutdown on democrats....and we should trust these fuckers?

Cardinals choose Panthers DC Steve Wilks as new coach

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Demonstrates The Dynamic Negotiating Skills That Helped End Gov't Shutdown

'Heartbreaking': Vets evaluate nearly 900 animals rescued from eastern Iowa home

Mar-a-Lago: Caviar and plastic spoons.

Mr. Dotard proves he can quote the bible. Not a tweet :)

I went to see The Hall of Presidents this morning

Mounting Evidence Suggests a Remote Australian Region Was Once Part of North America

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Trump voting commission bought Texas election data flagging Hispanic voters

Oxfam report: Richest 1 percent bagged 82 percent of wealth

you think tRumps base is sticking with him because

Left says Dems caved on shutdown

CNN Poll 56% Say DACA Not Worth A Shutdown. I Guess They Are Ok With Deporting.

This mess with DACA could have all been avoided in the first place

So Did Trump Bring Back Bipartisanship To The Senate?.....

is "oh fuck this hurts" an effective yoga mantra?

If you are not Us, you are Other!

Hillary would have protected Dreamers

Pennsylvania Supreme Court throws out states congressional map, ruling that gerrymandering violates

Breaking: Trump Plans to Dismiss Entire Paid Staff

Sunday shows barely mentioned the 2018 Womens March

Anyone for Shuffleboard? Yeah this is a hipster thing now

I support Leader Schumer

Venlafaxine withdrawal (this is me very well stated)

This is the topper -- Gold medal, HOF edition of the Daily Greenwald

Blizzard pushes across Nebraska, creating whiteout conditions and causing multiple crashes

The Gang of 30

Great news! PA Supreme Court has ordered a new map for Congressional districts...for 2018! (Tweets)

Y'all need to know this man.

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Wounds Heal Without Scars

Kansas Pigs Respond To Suicidal Teen Call, Resolve Situation By Shooting Him Dead

When you are holding a bad hand, it's hard to keep raising the bet

Jill Stein Voters Condemn Democrats' Acceptance!

Scoop: Mueller's interest in a mysterious White House visitor

This Popular Household Plant Keeps Seriously Damaging People's Eardrums (ScienceAlert)

Someone please just make it stop!

White House Says Report That Kelly, Miller Running DACA Talks 'Ridiculous'

I am watching Sarah Slanders' press briefing with the sound off

Pope Francis apologizes for upsetting sex abuse survivors but stands by controversial bishop

Incredibly Rare 'Super Blue Blood Moon' Is About to Appear For The First Time in 150 Years

Burr & Warner furious about language added to CR that limits Senate Intel's ability

And when I die, and when I'm gone There'll be one child born In this world To carry on

We Now Have a Complete Map of Titan's Surface And It's Surprisingly Like Earth

Call me petty, but ruining Dotard's anniversary was worth a shutdown

Five workers missing in explosion at Oklahoma drilling site: sheriff's office

Toxic Extract Used in Poison Arrows Could Be The Future of Male Contraception (Science Alert)

Before 'Roe v. Wade,' The Women of 'Jane' Provided Abortions For The Women Of Chicago

Pakistani principal shot dead by student over blasphemy dispute

Moondai Furkids present: Cat Bathing, A Martial Art

Republicans are clueless: The pink wave is cresting - By Jennifer Rubin

EU confirms new sanctions on seven senior Venezuela officials

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Recycle Waste CO2 Back Into... Plastic

It'd be funny if it weren't true. Presenting... the American Aristocrats!

Vermont governor signs marijuana legalization bill

This New Experiment Could Finally Unite The Two Biggest Theories in Physics (ScienceAlert)

One more Pic...I couldn't resist the look of determination on her face.

Deutsche Bank denies Manager Magazin report on Kushner

Kellyanne Conway Knew Flynn Was Secretly Discussing Sanctions With Russia

Scott Walker governor looks to shore up Wisconsin ObamaCare market

Just throwing this out there. How about Jerry Brown/Coumo combination for 2020?

Ten things that just happened (aside from the government reopening)

Electrified bicycles

Mayor of Allentown, Pennsylvania to go on trial on corruption charges

CHIP is finally getting funded after 114 days without a budget

There Could Be a Scientific Reason Why Trump Can Sleep Just 4-5 Hours a Night (Science Alert)

Swedish bookseller 'snatched by Chinese agents from train'

It probably really annoyed the Republicans that the Russian hackers

Genome of Man Who Died in 1827 Has Been Reverse-Engineered Without Any Remains (ScienceAlert)

Carles Puigdemont: court rejects new bid to arrest Catalan ex-president

Over The Next Three Weeks The Dems Need To Come Up With A Less Expensive Alternative To The Wall....

Conservative backlash to the women's march - it gets personal

Scientists Have Created a Mini Gamma-Ray Burst in The Lab For The First Time (ScienceAlert)

Per CNN Headline: Dem Congressman: Senate Dems, "Getting Their Butts Kicked"...

I would like to ask a right wingnut

Humans Share a Relevant Gene With This Fish That Can Repair Its Spinal Cord (ScienceAlert)

TPM "It's Morally Reprehensible: Liberals Livid With Senate Dems Over Shutdown Deal"

How much does a USPS first class stamp cost?

This Wriggling Sac of Deadly Baby Spiders Has Australian Researchers Excited (ScienceAlert)

No Passport or Ticket: How a Woman Evaded Airport Security and Flew to London

So they have once again "kicked the can down the road"?

Montana Governor issues Executive Order

Endangered Owls Are Being Fatally Poisoned by Illegal US Marijuana Farms (ScienceAlert)

NC gerrymandering vs Pennsylvania can someone explain the dif (i know one is state and other fed)but

The brave Democrats and Independent who didnt buy McConnells promise

Has anyone heard of the Working Families Party?

The Aftermath of Explosive Neutron Star Merger Is More Crazy Than Scientists Thought (ScienceAlert)

Minnesota Getting Slammed by Winter Storm - Good News to the East

US Government Apparatus Being Morphed Into Theocracy. Expect Public Policy To Reflect Bible.

The possible reason the deal (sort of) works

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules state congressional map unconstitutional

The Dreamers Need 'Boarder' Security....nt

Amazon Go cashier-free convenience store opens to the public Monday in Seattle

NASA Is Testing a Mini Nuclear Reactor to Keep The Lights on When We Get to Mars (ScienceAlert)

There's a Surprise in the Government Funding Bill: More Tax Cuts (NYT)

Montana becomes first state to implement net neutrality after FCC repeal

This Mysterious Tree Appears to Kill Birds Just For The Heck of It (ScienceAlert)

Government employees are just people wanting to do their jobs

Publisher pulls former Trump appointee Carl Higbie's book from market over racist remarks

Gallup: Trump's first-year job approval 10 points lower than any predecessor

This should be Jane Fonda's comeback

The only person that benefited from this, is Trump!


This Fake "God Helmet" Can Induce Mystical Experiences in People

Leaked draft outlines Trump infrastructure plan

I just used a new term in a post replying to a OP on the shutdown vote

Loyalty, not experience, is what matters for Trump

Schumer - The cost of the shutdown was offset by DJT staying in DC

"Prophet" Mark Taylor: Former Presidents May Be Executed By Military Tribunals For Treason

WATCH: Ted Cruz gets busted by MSNBC reporter for lying about his role in 2013 government shutdown

Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain get heated over government shutdown..

This is not a false alarm; we are under attack daily

If you believe the Democrats caved and failed

Alleged payment to porn star was illegal donation to Trump campaign, watchdog says

Minnesota gained 46,000 union members last year, reversing decade-long decline

Heres how much property taxes will rise to pay for schools

Come And Get Your Love

Morgan Stanley says former congressman fired over 'corporate policy,' not sexual misconduct

Senate now taking "Vote to fund the government through February 8"

Minnesota gained 46,000 union members last year, reversing decade-long decline

''The reason I voted against today's continuing resolution is simple: ... ''

Pro-House GOP super PAC to spend $1.5M to save Pennsylvania House seat


Slate - "Why Democrats Caved... Its what you do when you've lost."

Here is something to think about?

More Tax Cuts Included in Government Funding Bill

Trump will tap billionaire who pushed for overseas private armies to lead intelligence agency

What's your favorite Rolling Stones song?

Dems Fold on This Shutdown, But the Next One Could Be Worse

At the White House, the conversation about who could replace Kelly has begun

Anybody here ever had a spouse in politics?

When negotiating for hostages, they never get them all released at the same time.

DACA recipients temporarily block Disneyland entrance as act of civil disobedience

Susan Collins had senators in bipartisan meetings use talking stick

Anybody hear a quote about Trump, something about how did such a low class person get elected?

Ivanka reportedly takes charge in firing Chief of Staff John Kelly after Trump calls him nut job

White House defends controversial Trump campaign ad

Outstanding iconic pixs of 2017

How Federal Workers Spent Their Unexpected Day Off

Naomi Parker Fraley, the Real 'Rosie the Riveter,' Dead at 96

Here is the vote by name of each Senator

'Collusion' can be mere cooperation - and there was lots of that

Pennsylvania State Supreme Court rules PA districts gerrymandering unconstitutional

Trumps voter fraud commission asked Texas for list of Latinos

Susan Collins had senators in bipartisan meetings use talking stick

Tell the House to support DACA/Dreamers. Sign petition NOW!

Poll: More Americans credit Obama than Trump for economy

Gallup: Trump first year breaks records for low support, weekly shows 3% decline in Jan.

I support anything that helps us regain power.

I donated a bit of money to progressive causes

Mitch, in a shell, McConnell keeps dancing the same dance

Very dry mouth and a vile taste in my mouth.

Django Unchained

Batshit insane... There's no other term to describe it

Trump's sham voter commission asked Texas to flag 'all Hispanic surnames' in voter records

NOTHING Will Change Over Next 17 Days

State files last-minute motion to recuse Strother from 2 Twin Peaks shootout cases

Just my gut feeling about where this congress will end up with DACA

Live stream: The News With Dan Rather - TYT Network - 01/22/18 - Ep.001

Can anyone believe this shit?!

Conor Lamb within 3 pts in PA-18 Special Election

Linus Torvalds declares Intel fix for Meltdown/Spectre COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE

A simple question: Are there enough votes to pass DACA such that Dreamers are safe?


Trump imposes tariffs on solar panels and washing machines in one of administration's most...

Milwaukee Bucks fire Jason Kidd

Trump's allies are weaponizing new revelations about ousted Mueller investigator Peter Strzok...

Texas teenager opens fire at school, injures one

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The deal struck by Dems & Republicans to end government shutdown contains $31 billion in tax cuts.

Conservative groups urge Congress to let net neutrality repeal stand

Charles P. Pierce: The Question Is Simple: Do You Trust Mitch McConnell?

I hope Schumer made Yertle take the Turtle Oath of Honor Promise.

Trump imposes 30 percent tariff on solar panel imports

Chronic wasting disease detected in Lincoln County deer

Tesco to axe 1,700 shop floor roles from UK business in bid to make cost savings

Sorry, FCC: Montana is enforcing net neutrality with new executive order

You Know Who's Doing Their All To Fight Gun Violence In America? Moms.

Catholic deacon accused of murder by air injection in Belgium

we need a democratic tea part movement

US official: Erik Prince proposed private spy network to Trump administration

All we got was Mitch McConnels word

Ahed Tamimi: The Mandela of Palestine?

Mysterious Dead Sea Scroll deciphered in Israel

Melissa Etheridge and David Crosby playing fundraiser for Dayna Steele

Ecuador leader calls Julian Assange an 'inherited problem'

The Rude one certainly does not view deal as a victory

George Papadopoulos is the John Dean of the Russia investigation, his fiancee says

Montana Public Unions Merge to Form State's Largest Group

Former LRPD Officer Faces Arrest Warrant

In 3 weeks I am in favor of Democrats trading Trump his whole border wall to save the DACA people

'How Democracies Die' Authors Say Trump Is A Symptom Of 'Deeper Problems'

Ted Lieu: Story of Link Between Kremlin And NRA Could Get Bigger

"We're Back at Square One"

Montana Requires Internet Neutrality for State Contracts

Trump Impeachment House Parties Planned Across U.S. Ahead Of Presidents Day

House votes to end government shutdown, sending legislation to Trump

GOP strategist wrecks Trump supporters who still dont believe he's racist

My daughters voter registration showed up at our house.

Trump imposes 30 percent tariff on solar panel imports

Not my job

Why the Government Shutdown Belongs to Trump and the Republicans!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 22, 2018

The House Fusion GPS testimony

Snow day? Go hunting!

So, The Pats Are In Super Bowl, And Democrats Folded Yet Again

Democrats' Bold Fold Shifts the Pressure on to Trump and His GOP Enablers - By Joy-Ann Reid

Cartoon - Science teachers

Puerto Rico moves to privatize troubled power company

Twitter Video: Bernie Rejects Republican Deal

cartoon - Science teachers

As reports of sexual harassment spike, Wyoming's Legislature looks to rewrite policy

An interesting point was made on MSNBC just now -

NASA pulled this astronaut from a space station crew. Her brother blames racism.

This sure ain't Trump !

Has Everybody Seen Pauly Shor as Stephen Miller?

Governor requests millions more for state prison and University of Wyoming employees

Puerto Rico moves to privatize troubled power company

Montana State University reaches agreement to close fraternity