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14th Century: The shattered wall, the broken tower have a story to tell -

Did Trump paying hush money to Stormy Daniels just before the election break

Please help Freya get a kitten

Kentuckys New Idea for Medicaid Access: Pass Health Literacy Course

Nunes has 4-page memo that he will not release to FBI.

Supporters of $80M dam beat back funding cut

Anyone ever consider megachurches, big ministries as money laundering entities?

My favorite sign of the protests

McConnell's List

gops are already saying there wont be a daca vote.

What a lyin sack of shit....

Help. How do you sit down in the bath tub? I hurt my knee and have

WashPo: Papadopoulos fiancee says "There's a lot to come from him on Trump-Russia ties"

*Chris VanHollen was on PBS NewsHour.

Did Mike Pence realize when he blasted Democrats over DACA in a foreign country,

Budgeters push permanent merger of health, family services

Trump's allies weaponizing revelations about ousted Mueller investigator

What Even Matters Anymore

Released in July 1970, the album was, by Joel's estimation, a colossal failure...

Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson and Dr. Neil Riordan in a podcast discussing stem cells

Support the's how...

Recent Events Are So Depressing. We Cannot Survive Unless We End The GOP.

How big a topic was the shutdown in your circle?

Longtime ABC weathercaster and Weather Channel Founder John Coleman Dies

The GOP-trump reality show

To all: read the book The Making of Donald Trump

It's Even Worse Than You Think-Democracy Now

Does anybody remember the Goldie Hawn movie "Swing Shift"?

Ten things that just happened (aside from the government reopening)

WTF -Australian Open 2018: Tennys Sandgren says he is not a far-right sympathiser

Here is one reason I think there will be protection for Dreamers

Scoop: FBI director threatened to resign amid Trump, Sessions pressure

FBI director threatens to resign to get the attorney general and the president's lawyer to stop pres

Axios: FBI director threatened to resign amid pressure from Trump, Sessions.

Why are caucuses so early this year?

Justin Fairfax hands over gavel rather than preside over tribute to Stonewall Jackson

Wyoming counties owed $42 million in unpaid mineral taxes

Lindsey Graham, White House Aides Trade Barbs on DACA, Immigration

Should Dems demand the release of the Republicans' "Trump Cover" memo?

Google CEO: I don't regret firing author of diversity memo


The turtle looks a bit kerfluffled.

Ethics panel opens probe into GOP lawmaker accused of sexual harassment

Trump waives dozens of environmental rules to speed up construction of border wall

CNN: How Democrats lost the shutdown

Watchdog group files complaint against Trump campaign over reported payout to Stormy Daniels

Trump Broke Law By Not Reporting Porn Star Stormy Daniels Payment, Groups Claim

It's Miller Time !!!

NYTimes: Is this the Collusion we were waiting for?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Donald Trump, Superstar

"Yes. Look around! He Sent The Women"

Question: Is John Kennedy (R-LA) A Real Person, Or Is He A Caricature From A John Ford Movie?

There has to be something better on TV.

At 100, the Cleveland Orchestra May (Quietly) Be Americas Best

Why is the media mostly ignoring the Womens March?

Neil Diamond diagnosed with Parkinsons doses

Slate - "The Democrats Are Losers. Democrats in Congress fail, again, to deliver for an active,

MS. Senator caught on hot Mic

Look at this tweet from Breitbart:

538: "The Shutdown Didn't Change Anything, But It Did Teach Us Some Stuff"

Kushner looking at same version of PDB as dump even though he doesnt have a

Feel Free To Use This

Deep in the heart of Texas

WaPo:*Why the Democrats lost their nerve in the shutdown battle*

New book from Howard Kurtz could be more damaging than Fire and Fury

Where we're headed: 12 beloved figures J-Edgar hated & tried to destroy

Something good came out of today whether you accept it or not

The GOP is fundamentally immoral.

Jon Tester (D-MT) as the 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee.

This is what our Dem politicians have to deal with in red states

Republicans pour another $1.5 million into PA special election

Blast From The Past: Wendy Deng Murdoch Takes Out A 'Pie Assassin' Like A Trained Ninja Spy.

HuffPo: The Case For The Democratic 'Cave' - it's not a cave if you're just continuing the fight

Man arrested, accused of threatening to kill CNN employees

Another college student crosses the line and uses that word on social media


At Least Chip Got Funded/Takes It Off The Hostage List. Next Fight Will Be Over Immigration.

Schwarzenegger to Trump: 'Don't touch California. If you want to drill, do it off Mar-a-Lago'

Guess Who This Little Girl Is...

I hope you watched Lawrence O'Donnell tonight. He taught a master class

Lawmakers propose switching Georgia from digital to paper ballots!

WE MARCHED...NOW WE RUN in the Midterms!

hmmm: George Papadopoulos is the 'John Dean' of the Russia-Trump probe.

2018 Golden Gloves

dumb question...........

Trump Impeachment Could Happen

Mueller on SNL

Trump Still Has To Reckon With DREAMers

Mr. dixie and I are having a difference of opinion, so I said...DU can help figure it out.

Melania Trump will no longer join the President in Davos

Their blood is going to be on YOUR TINY HANDS you orange turd biscuit!!!!#!@@

Be different!

Now That I Have Been Diagnosed W/A Medical Situation That Leaves Future In Some Doubt ----

Naomi Parker Fraley, the Real Rosie the Riveter, Dies at 96

Lawrence O just presented a very reassuring...

It Is A Wonder That Melania Does Not Cold Cock That Prick In The Private Residence.

Trump STILL hasn't tweeted anything about the shutdown ending (UPDATE - he just did)

Seth Meyers: Women's March and Government Shutdown

The Fucking Moron might fire Kelly now.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids How Trump is Doing

Rule or Ruin...

Trump's going after FBI now. Dude don't quit!

For some reason I never noticed till tonight that Stephen Miller looks like

OMG! The sound made by a myriad of cats wanting food!!!!

West Lafayette, Indiana U/U Church targeted with racist slurs, death threats after anti-Trump event

The Curious History of Chain Migration

Federal jury clears ex-Milwaukee sheriff in civil case over social media posts


Let's just say it...Stephen Miller runs the White House

When I Was A Kid

Melania is not going to Davos with P.I.N.O. as scheduled.

LOL! Steve Schmidt on MSNBC, commenting on Trump's absence

Keep Yout Lightlamps Trimmed and Burining....

Saying Trump's First Year Was Great Is a Right-Wing Alternative Fact

Melania cancels her trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum

The Daily Show: The Government Shuts Down the Government Shutdown

Neil Diamond says he has Parkinsons disease, will retire from touring

Man arrested , accused of threatening to kill CNN employees

This does not give me confidence in the Eagles if this is representative of their fans

Women's Marches Underscore Rising Discontent

CU Historian: After One Year, Donald Trump Already Worst U.S. President Ever

I can't believe just how STUPID the Freepers are.

Since Melanoma won't be going to Davos, will she be looking for a divorce lawyer?

The "memo" released

Please spread this video all over social media: Claire McCaskill standing up for military families,

Outdoor Retailer Show Puts Anti-Environmental Pols on Notice

Immigration hawk: Trump backs 'limited amnesty' for illegal immigrants

Dave Daubenmire Believes There Are Millions Dying To Hear What I Have To Say

I can't find the answer. Who can be the FIRST to dig up information on the citizenship status

Shithead Rs will tear our country and the rule of law apart to protect Shithead tRump

Nursing Home Recreates Communist East Germany For Dementia Patients

Longmont-based man charged by feds in Bitcoin Ponzi scheme

If 10's of millions of people in the streets doesn't wake you Politicans up,,,,,

Women's Marches Encourage Women To Vote, Run

I'm watching Cuomo Prime Time with Kellyanne Coneay and she's just talking and talking...

Colorado Supreme Court backs dismissal of abortion lawsuit

Papadopoulos' fiancee says he's the "John Dean" of the Russia probe

on Lawrence O'Donnell they are Talking about FBI Director Possibly Resigning

Lightning, rain, snow in the same day in the Midwest...

Five missing after Houston firm's rig explodes in Oklahoma

George Butterworth: "Two English Idylls"/Eric Whitacre: "October", N. Texas Wind Symphony

Ohio Supreme Court Hears Challenge of Death Penalty Law

The Truth Is The Trump Base Supports Government Shut Down Enthusiastically.

Trump Slaps 30% Tariffs on Solar Panels in Major Blow to Renewable Energy

Looks like Accuweather got hacked

Embattled Missouri governor proposes more cuts to colleges

Prosecutor: Allentown mayor 'sold his office' to donors

National Review Article: "President Kelly." Bound To Get Trump's Goat.

'Suspended' think tank pays Iowa GOP governor candidate Ron Corbett $185K

Former Uber executive running for Kansas secretary of state

Erwin Chemerinsky and the Case Against Trump

Gun industry gathers just a few miles from mass shooting

Denver says yes to bump stocks ban less than four months after Las Vegas shooting

Tesla on Autopilot slams into parked fire truck on freeway

WordPress blog question

So the Morning Joe guy

Colorado Springs pays $2.5M to female officers to settle physical fitness test lawsuit

Peru passes law to build roads through Amazon's remotest regions

Florida Judges Are Turning Their Backs on Abused Young Immigrants

Ahed Tamimi and Her Family Aren't the Palestinian Saints You Want Them to Be

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/22/18

The one place in Colorado where Donald Trump is still not president

Rupert Murdochs Sky bid provisionally blocked by regulator

Orthodox Christian Hymns/Chants

Russia's hilarious homoerotic Satisfaction became meme of solidarity

A "pro-white" town manager wants races to separate, rails against Islam, refuses to quit

Hugh Masekela, South African jazz trumpeter, dies aged 78

Blaze Bernstein Murder Suspect Reenacted Grisly White Supremacist Attack

Gov. Phil Scott signs bill legalizing marijuana in Vermont

AKA and Delta judges team up to fight the prison pipeline

Piggie Tucker Carlson goes after our Joy Ann Reid

Holy shit! 8.0 earthquake Kodiak Alaska

Trump and his supporters remind me of

Filing: Quiros' unpaid rent may lead to rabbi layoffs

The Great Hugh Masekela, South African jazz trumpeter, dies aged 78

UPDATED: Alaska quake prompts tsunami alert

House Republicans Already Scoffing at McConnells DACA Promise to Democrats

How nuts would it be if we kept yapping about Mitt Romney from 2012-2016???

Volunteer arrested after border agents seen dumping water

Map-Tsunami travel times

UVM College of Arts and Sciences looks to eliminate non-tenured faculty positions

Responding to #MeToo, Colorado Democratic Party looks to combat sexual assault on the campaign trail

Salt Lake could host Winter Olympics for less than cost of its 2002 Games, says committee

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Shutdown's Over

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - One Year and barfing

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Utah lawmakers want to ban abortions sought by parents based on Down syndrome test

Dogs and Cats Living together?

Park Citys Joss Christensen, reigning slopestyle gold medalist, left off U.S. Olympic team

Trump Hasn't Destroyed Obama's Legacy. He's Revealed How Impressive It Was.

Senator Sanders - Email Excerpt 1/22/18

Somebody to root against in the Australian Open- RWNJ Tennys Sandgren

Large 7.9 earthquake off Alaskan coast.

Sarah Palin's priorities

NPR's David Greene made sure to tell us that Democrats are to blame for the shutdown

Tsunami Watch for BC, Washington, Oregon, and California has been cancelled.

Trump is live tweeting Fox and Friends this morning

Fugelsang takes on Megyn Kelly bashing Jane Fonda(my personal idol)....

The missing - consequences of Trump's immigration crackdown

Utah's Legislature might kill ballot initiatives to fund schools and expand Medicaid

Would someone tell what a see-through wall is?

ICE is out of control and just rounding people up. I really hate to bring this up but...

Grantsville mayor accused of fostering hostile work environment

ICE detained a Michigan doctor who left Poland in 1979, and his family wants to know why

German nurse charged With 97 more murders

Luckovich: Miller time.

Government Reopens For Business, But Immigration Fight Still Looms

Trump calls missing FBI texts 'one of the biggest stories in a long time'

Trump slams CNN's 'Crazy Jim Acosta' in shutdown victory lap tweet

Canada signs on to revised Trans-Pacific Partnership: sources

Pence in Israel: 'The time has come for changes in the Iran nuclear deal'

America is a country of immigrants. (Remember dividing Democrats is a major GOP propaganda goal)

Shutdown Split Shows the Tightrope Democrats Must Walk to Win the Senate

He Uses Broadway Show Tunes to Make a Mockery of Donald Trump, and Its Beautiful and Viral

Here's the RNC website trying to blame Dems for voting against CHIP -- don't let this work!

'Your bar is so low': MSNBC's Mika sickened by GOP lawmaker's fawning praise of Trump

Tony Perkins: Trump Gets 'a Mulligan' on Life, Stormy Daniels

Uphill Media LIVE-Stream Link: Medicare for All National Town Hall - January 23rd, 2018

Lost in the shutdown show: Truly Deplorable DOJ and Court Nominees

Was This Russian General Murdered Over the Steele Dossier?

Re: Shutdown - looking ahead - what to expect?

The Worlds Ugliest American

It is OK to say Hitler now

I think I posted a thread about Joy Reid awhile ago...

So the plastic banana wife is not going with the shit hole to Davos.

Border Patrol detains woman on Greyhound bus

George W. Bush's favorable rating has pulled a complete 180

Idiot Trump misquoted Acosta in the tweet attacking him. His "Acosta quotes" are Acosta's WH sources

Congressmen peeved they had no towels in Congress gym during long and wet shutdown

Republicans have been handed a "Get out of Trump prison" free card...

Why does Trump get a pass, but not Elizabeth Warren?

"Economic Concerns" strike again...

I don't feel good.

Malcom nance on stephanie miller

Border Patrol arrests ASU instructor who gave food, water to immigrants

What are the Democrats willing to FIGHT for?

A hypothetical: If the government had stayed"shut down"....?

MSNBC: Schumer & McCaskill Outsmarted McConnell, Forced GOP to take Ownership of Shutdown

Fact Check. Did George Soros Pay Three Democrats Millions to Vote for Government Shutdown?

2018 Legislature kicks off with leaders talking about 'Big Pharma' suit, tax reform

Somebody is "woke," but it's not elected Democrats.

On my drive to work heard Steve Harvey say everyone is calling Trump "Hide and Tweet"

What does a text exchange between 2 FBI agents have to do

Sure are a lot of folks here and there looking to divide Democrats over the shutdown deal

Hostage much? Mulvaney "It depends on what we get"

Joy Reid: Democrats Bold Fold Shifts Pressure Onto Trump and GOP

"The Art of Doing Nothing"

Fox Host: Cant Blame Shutdown on Dems When Youre in Charge of Everything

Warrant Out for Former Nazi-Linked Trump Adviser's Arrest

Adam ruins everything- immigration

Having gotten a night's sleep, I regret the divisiveness that we experienced here last night. I hope

When Thinking about DACA and Immigration - One Fact to Remember

Word of the day, very fitting

A very stable genius....

If Dems accepted CR on Friday, would we and the country be talking so much about DACA today?

What does the Republican Party look like after Trump?

Huggies' owner Kimberly-Clark to slash 5,000 jobs, close 10 factories

The Friday Bill was ... NOT ... a Clean Bill On CHIP !! Trump INSISTED ON WALL FUNDING!!

Oscars 2018: Shape of Water Leads With 13 Nominations

NBC 5, Telemundo Chicago to Host First Televised 2018 Illinois Democratic debate 6pm C 1/23

Sessions Is Interviewed in Mueller's Russia Investigation

NEW: Mueller interviewed Sessions for hours last week

NYC cops angry bc their union made it a tiny bit harder to abuse their power.

Teletubbies' Tinky Winky actor Simon Shelton dies aged 52

McFire and Fury (Twitter)

Trump just dealt a major blow to solar power in the US

UPDATED: Gov.: Two students dead, 12 other people wounded in Kentucky high school shooting

Never Thought That Would See Such A Level Of Cruelty & Sadism In This Country.

The Medicare Annual Wellness Checkup Is a Great Benefit

How strong is the bi-partisan coalition in the Senate led by Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski?

Devin Nunes Wont Even Show His Infamous Memo to the Justice Department

Let's start calling Steven Miller President Miller, or co-president with John Kelly. It infuriates..

Trump Might Regret Ending The Trump Sh*tdown So Soon.....

Bonuses Aside, Tax Law's Trickle-Down Impact Not Yet Clear


Should Bill Clinton ask for email records of FBI agents that were investigating Monicagate?

Florida voters will be able to restore voting rights to over a million former felons in November

the end of 'the staff' is in sight....trump praises them 👁👃👁

Players and Owners Take the Next Step in Cooperating on Social Justice Initiatives

Sessions interviewed by Mueller's team, per NYT

Reuters - One person dead, multiple wounded in Kentucky high school shooting

Nashville's Women's March 2.0

A very important study on fart retention...

Twitter Video: What is it like to live in a country with universal health care?

Shout out to Florida Dems

Trump wanted the "nuclear option" to open the government.

TPM - "Stop Whining, Move Forward" (a very good analysis, recommended read)

Pic Of The Moment: You May Be Surprised To Know That...

Virtually Nothing Seems To Hurt Republicans No Matter How Mean, Cruel, Vicious They Are.

ICE has detained or deported prominent immigration activists

What would Mueller have asked Sessions??

CNN Report......Job gains NOT in Trump Counties or Country.......

Kushner May Be Compromised By China

30 Environmental Waivers sought for border wall

30 Environmental Waivers sought for border wall

Republican Senator says US run by "idiots"

Since the RW infiltrators have been booted mostly on this topic yesterday....

FL-27: Donna Shalala Might Run for Congress

On Devin Nunes: 'It Feels Like A Cover Up'

Which GOP/Russian Conspiracy Figure will be the first to "find Jesus" while serving jail time?

If Trump was going to fire Mueller, wouldn't he have already done it??

Pence Up To His Neck In Russia Scandal

Jeff Sessions Almost Caused the New FBI Director to Resign: Report

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: It's Only Been A Year? Edition

Woman faked ailment to get ambulance ride

Name something you're not very good at but you still love doing.

Woman faked ailment to get ambulance ride

CIA rendition flights from rustic North Carolina called to account by citizens

To All the Progressives That are Pissed at Democrats for Voting for the CR...

Unprepared ----Will We Be Ready For The 9.0 Megaquake?

Here we go.....Scalise: No guarantee House GOP will consider Senate immigration bill

We got a call from the DNC

Utah lawmakers begin massive overhaul of public education statutes

'Love Is Love': media firm uses LGBT language to send anti-gay message

University Under Fire For Off-The-Grid Herpes Vaccine Experiments

Chelsea Manning says she attended far-right pro-Trump event 'to gather intel'

With Mueller getting closer and closer to trump

Japanese news: Trump lied

Russia pulls 'despicable' comedy Death of Stalin from cinemas

Egypt arrests ex-general who stood for election against Sisi

Majority distrusts Trump with nuclear authority (POLL)

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" My, how things have changed.

The GOP plan for governance by continuing crisis

Sessions Was Interviewed By Mueller

Imagine Dragons' lead confronts the LDS Church his church in Sundance doc 'Believer'

US air wars under Trump: increasingly indiscriminate, increasingly opaque

We Are Witnessing All The Horrors Of GOP Rule Hourly. We ARE IN A National Crisis.

Did Mueller scare the corrupt elf (Sessions)??

Lack of affordable housing displaces thousands of Utah families

China Has Plenty of Options to Retaliate Against U.S. Tariffs

Trump is at war with our Intelligence Community. Trump Kremlin asset

HB129: Lawmaker looks to pass Utah version of "stand your ground" law

1 killed, 7 taken to hospitals after Kentucky high school shooting

I am nauseated by the Stormy account...

New Mexico considers pension forfeiture in corruption cases

As U.S. raises tariffs, Indias Modi defends free trade

U.S. Citizens Killed In Weekend Attack On Kabul Hotel, State Department Says

FBI Director Threatened To Quit

Dems Ask FB, Twitter To Probe If Russian Bots Boosted Nunes' Memo Hashtag

Trump worked hard to end the shut down

Trump-Russia investigation: Jeff Sessions faces questions by Robert Mueller's team

Amendment To Restore Voting Rights To Floridians With Felonies Makes Ballot

If this assclown ever goes down. Will there be anybody left to stick up for him? "Trump reportedly

Feinstein & Schiff sent a letter to Zuckerberg and @jack urging investigation into #releasethememo

Opioid commission member: Our work is a 'sham'

Ballot Measure to Restore Voting Rights for Felons will be on November Ballot (FL)

Kill me for not wanting to punish Schumer

Solar tariff effects, not good.

Stormy Daniels bailout? Trump campaign transferred $130K to Trump business 1 month after election

Billionaire Keeps Pushing to Impeach Trump-Democrats are Rattled-NY Times

Best Weather News Bloopers 2017

Lara Trump to Fox: [implies] Women are too dumb to know why they march

'We won't stand by as women die' projected on Trump Hotel

Iam going to say something nice about J. Beauregard Sessions.

Owl totally messing with fox:


RIP. Inspiration for Rosie the Riveter dies at 96

Circular firing squad??

Trump: Nobody Knows For Sure When DACA Deal Will Come

Way to go Andrea Mitchell. She is asking Pence about his criticism of Democrats

Reports: Highly Contagious Dog Flu Spreading Across The U.S.

Schumer Withdraws Offer for Funding Border Wall

Pence is a putz!

Blank check to Trump? We ignored this?

What a difference 7/100 of a second means - Airbag wise

Yeah, I'm big enough to admit I was wrong. lots of crow to eat, yum!

Thirteen (yes, thirteen) years ago today, Johnny Carson died.

Sweet words we may soon hear: 'Mr. President, you are a target for obstruction of justice charges'

Silo collapse sends about 10,000 tons of corn onto road

Syrian regime routinely bombs civilians in Eastern Ghouta

Attention Allegheny County! House district 35 special election today!

Governor, key Democrat back Spaceport secrecy bill

could Mueller go after tRump with state charges first thru NY att General?

DuckDuckGo adds tracker blocking to help curb the wider surveillance web

Charles Barkley being Charles Barkley at the Eagles game.

After Trump Administration Says Terrorism No Longer Top Priority, U.S. Citizens Killed in Kabul

Schumer withdraws offer on Trump's wall

Furloughed feds will receive back pay

The Day Trump is Forced to Step Down.

Los Alamos National Laboratory docked $3.1M for shipping plutonium via commercial air

Donna Shalala Might Run for Congress

Shutdown Battle Is Only on Pause

Schumer withdraws offer on Trump's wall

Trump Trails Biden, Sanders and Oprah in 2020 Matchups

Russia says Ahn among top athletes barred from Olympics

Five Days On, NRA Still Mum On Report Of Russian Money Probe

Burning Man Art Park in Reno, Nevada! - Road Trip Day 9 Episode 24

GOP senator releases additional messages from FBI agent removed from Mueller probe

Also, blast from the past, happy 108th birthday, Django Reinhardt.

Explosion/fire at oil rig in Oklahoma

Melania can do the country and the world a favor.

NFL Rejected a 'Please Stand' Ad, Veterans Group Says

Jerusalem expert slams Pence for treating his city like an 'end-of-days Biblical theme park'

Biden says that when McConnell refused to join bipartisan statement condemning Russian interference

The Rude Pundit: On Immigration: The Wall That's Really Going to Be Needed

For all you DIYers, I have some very helpful advice for you.

Democrats should take a page out of the Republican playbook.

Sexual misconduct training gets mixed reviews

Olympic weightlifting medalist Didzbalis fails doping test

The Human Mind Is the Most Powerful Thing in the Universe.

Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schiff: "We are witnessing an ongoing attack by the Russian government"

Trudeau announces Pacific trade agreement without US

Democrats again push to use land grant to fund early childhood education

Looking at all the fronts of opposition that are coordinating attacks on Dems, I'm so depressed.

Bipartisan bill would reform state's troubled guardianship system

Nadler calls GOP memo criticizing FBI 'profoundly misleading'


A Republican senator just flushed his party's latest anti-FBI talking point down the drain

Manhattan DA Says Hell No Longer Accept Contributions From Lawyers With Cases Before Him

Spineless Democratic Senator Caves To Demands Of Sick Children

Oklahoma man indicted in well service fraud scheme

Stephanie Ruhle: '$130,000 for no reason? Call me, I'll take it'

TYT's Ana Kasparian Previews Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All Town Hall

Can we start a new forum for 2018 midterms? Really want one for Trump Russia investigation too, but

Man charged for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at "fake news" CNN

Kentucky school shooting: 1 dead, multiple others were wounded

Jimmy Kimmel monolog

So, Democrats who control zero reigns of power

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: The good kind of shutdown

Dallas Democrats strike back at GOP lawsuit to remove 128 candidates from primary ballot

America Slips in the Eyes of the World

An Arizona school district kept a secret blacklist for decades. A reporter found it.

Republicans did not win the shutdown and Democrats made gains.

A member of Trumps opioid commission calls its work a charade

I can't wait to get me one of those ,,,,,

I'm certainly confused.

Wow! Trump is not worried about Session questioned by Mueller!

An Arizona school district kept a secret blacklist for decades. A reporter found it

Why Do Some Folks Feel Entitled to Stuff? Read This:

Is America Great Again? Data Say No

Female journalists covering Pence in Israel forced to stand behind male colleagues

Senior Qaeda leader calls for killing Jews, Americans over Jerusalem

alex jones says THE MEMO has been been released...but

Comey interviewed in Russia probe

anybody actually think Sessions was truthful in front of Mueller ?

Super patriot driving

BREAKING: These are live Anti-Trump protests, going on in Switzerland right now

Oop-ip-ip oop-ip-ip, yeah!

Dave Reed,House R majority leader, will run for PA-9

my sister is running. here is du's chance to make small change into big change.

How 'bout a little mood music for drumpfkins?

LGBT advocates continue push for protections in Loudoun County schools

Trump Is Ready to Pull Another Fast One. The president's trip to Davos has three serious issues.

Batteries full of renewable energy could spell the end for fossil fuels. Disvest NOW.

A Chilling Timeline of Russia's Strategic Attacks on America

There Is A Need To Run Trump Out Of Country At Devos With Massive Protests.

McConnell wants to put everything into one budget bill because...

Leahy: We've Never Had A Fully Satisfactory Answer" From Sessions

IMO, Unless we take a lesson from DT45 and introduce new a idea we will change nothing. UBI has to

Leahy: We've Never Had A Fully Satisfactory Answer" From Sessions

The New Yorker: The Progressive Attacks on Senate Democrats Over the Shutdown Are Premature...

Sessions interviewed in Russia probe

Poll: Vast majority of Americans say presidents should be required to take mental health exam

J.Trudeau: Canada and the 10 other TPP countries agree to revised trade deal minus US

Trump and the art of indecision

GOP Thoughts & Prayers for Marshall County Highschool

What is your favorite song about lost love?

There's a new Frontline on PBS tonight: "Exodus: The Journey Continues".

Trump means whatever his people say he means

If I was a Dem Senator Negotiating DACA, I'd Offer Trump the Wall

Steve Brodner

Nurse Jackie. I have binged watch all of them. I'm not sure what the ending means.

Disney announces $1000 bonus and expanded tuition reimbursement.

I pledge to go to jail.

CIA Boss Gives Latest Indication Trump Is Considering Preemptive Strike on North Korea

NASA pulled this astronaut from a space station crew. Her brother blames racism

Jackman fires town manager who promotes racial segregation

GOP lawmakers raise concerns over 'secret society' in FBI agents' texts

Ex-federal prosecutor reveals why Trump's financials are key to Mueller's investigation

another funny, fun, well done Amazon series - The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father...Netflix....SPLENDID

Just a thought

"Without Love (Where Would You Be Now)"

Pat Meehan says he saw younger aide as 'a soul mate' but denies harassment

Mueller seeks to ask Trump about Flynn, Comey ousters

I'm SUPER excited today!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Jake Tapper cuts off the

What would Jesus do?

Mueller seeks to question Trump about Flynn and Comey departures

Coincidence? $130,000 Hush Money to Porn Star *** $130,000 campaign transfer

What? Trump will meet a bunch of rich people while overseas?

Several animals die in Bedford County barn fire

Video: The Chevrolet atop Castle Rock, 1964

EXCLUSIVE: Tammy Duckworth is pregnant; will be 1st senator to give birth

So much for the the Sarah's b.s. briefing?

Biden et al would destroy Trump:

Americans' wallets will take a hit under Trump's dumb trade policy - By Jennifer Rubin

Trump and co. keep attacking the FBI--Keep saying nice words about Putin though

JANUARY 23, 2018 White House Daily Briefing

Another "Trump quality" brand bites the dust

Killer, suicide mission, death wish, perjury trip - Roger Stone descriptions of Trump doing a Muller

Happy 🇺🇸 🥧 Day! 😋 Whats Your Favorite?

There has to so much corruption that ties Trump with...

Manchin Will Seek Re-Election but Sends Democrats a Stern Warning

Has anyone asked Trump if anyone is indicted in his administration, will they resign?

Manchin Will Seek Re-election but Sends Democrats a Stern Warning

Is Mueller rushing to get out parts of the investigation?

Pierce: Mueller Is Asking Questions. He Knows the Answers.

Preview For Tomorrow's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Dana Boente, who Sessions maybe forced out, to replace Jim Baker at FBI.

Texas Led Nation in Anti-LGBTQ Bills and LGBTQ Murders in 2017

White House: Graham-Durbin immigration bill 'dead on arrival'

Republican candidates claim LGBTQ people are 'mentally disturbed,' accuse transgender kids' parents

Ice Storm tonight - power is flickering

If you know someone that only has a green card, tell them to apply for citizenship ASAP

Oh brother! Now the GOP says that there is a hidden society in the FBI!

Happy Anniversary Donald and Melania!:

Fire and Fury: Jimmy Fallon's James Taylor Parody

Papa John!

Legal question: Can a former Pres. run for VP.?

Sad news from the music world.

Man arrested for DUI after trying to order burrito at bank drive-thru window.

Tammy Duckworth to become first senator to give birth while in office

I just made myself chuckle.

In fraud trial, lawyer for Carlos Uresti claims senator's ignorance of business partners' wrongdoing

Biden: McConnell stopped Obama from calling out Russians

Mueller wants to question Trump on Flynn, Comey firings: report

Ursula Le Guin dead at 88

'I'm not concerned at all': Trump insists he has no worries about Mueller grilling Jeff Sessions

Russian Putin Bolts are wide open,,,

"Democrats in disarray" "Democrats in retreat" "Democrat's base in open revolt"

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards impeachment. GOD.

Federal Lawsuit Claims Dallas County Bail System Illegally Leaves the Poor Languishing in Jail

WATCH: MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace perfectly explains why the Mueller probe is 'close to the end'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 January 2018

I'm getting so sick and tired of this

Ursula K. Le Guin, Acclaimed for Her Fantasy Fiction, Is Dead at 88

Ursula LeGuin dead at 88

Motel 6 guests who were deported to Mexico sue hotel chain's Carrollton owner for informing ICE

Motel 6 guests who were deported to Mexico sue hotel chain's Carrollton owner for informing ICE

Senate confirms Powell for Fed chair, handing Trump's pick enormous influence over the economy

I worry that Russia enabled by the GOP will shut our power off....literally...our electricity..

Cornyn Blames Democrats For Holding Up Harvey Relief In Senate

Gulf of Maine lobster population past its peak, study says, and a big drop is due

She fought back against illegal loggers. Now shes been found strangled on a highway in Mexico

She fought back against illegal loggers. Now shes been found strangled on a highway in Mexico

Trump denies new FBI director threatened to resign under pressure from Sessions

Noted 60's author pens long awaited sequel

My son is going to a Michael Nesmith concert tomorrow in LA....

Just saw The Post. SEE it.

Evangelical candidate now front-runner in Costa Rica presidential race

CNN Poll: Nearly 8 in 10 say Trump ought to testify for Mueller if asked

What would be worse that Walmart?

Trump should be monitored very closely for the next few days.

The Bestest Pals

Ari..."That's not what I asked you. Answer the question"

Trump will declassify Nunes' so-called 'DOJ abuses' memo - if the House approves its release

These motherfuckers have gone too far...

US judge backs extradition of ex-Panama president Martinelli

The Young Turks LIVE & Sanders Town Hall 1.23.18 at 7PM ET

US judge backs extradition of ex-Panama president Martinelli

Bharara said on CNN, "This stage of Mueller's investigation may be winding up".

What's your favorite Grateful Dead song?

BREAKING: Felix Sater subpoenaed; Newly cooperative in New York money laundering case against Trump

NYC Mayor De Blasio to visit Trump at WH tomorrow.

Quit horsing around!

The question is: What are Repubs going to do


Trump Nominates Crony Corrupt Prosecutor for DE Federal Bench

Looks like the guy who threatened CNN is a Nazi:

Trump interview with Mueller (dial up warning, pic heavy)

Lara Trump @LaraLeaTrump to Fox: Women are too dumb to know why they march

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 23, 2018

Rich men behaving badly. Very badly. From the UK Financial Times:

Vast majority of new wealth last year went to top 1%

Seriously, Dotard thinks women are this stupid.

Trump meets Mueller: will he try to "joke" with Mueller about whether or not he'd fire him?

CNN threat: When fake news gets very, very scary