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Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Schiff have sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg and @jack urging them to inves

Sen. Sanders Facebook Link LIVE Now - Medicare Town Hall

Donald J. Trump vs. Three FBI Directors...

This Vice video on Eric Greitens only has 1,000+ views. I think it should have more.

LIVE Now: Bernie Sanders - Medicare for All National Town Hall - January 23rd, 2018

Republican senator meets with Justice Neil Gorsuch to discuss unspecified important issues

Climate coalition tallied all of Trumps censorship of science. Its staggering.

Ex-Congress staffers plead guilty to distributing delegates nude photos

IMHO the women's march was timed well to give political cover to Mueller: Pressure potus

Republicans Are Headed for the Hills

Outcry after Florida Border Patrol conducts checks, detains woman on Greyhound bus

It's time for better capitalism

Fire and Fury book really makes this past year oh so clear.

45 mocks India PM Modi's accent



Women reporting on Mike Pence's Israel trip forced into second-class status behind a fence

Medicare for ALL - 1/23/18 at 7pm ET: Sen. Bernie Sanders Town Hall - streaming now

So Apple's answer to Amazon's echo, the homemade, will set you back 350 dollars

New chemical attacks reported in Syria, and Trump administration blames Russia

Rest in Peace Rosie

Rest in Peace Rosie


Mueller theme song....

Sure wish The Circus show hadn't been cancelled by HBO.

Rest in Peace Rosie

The Internet Is Enabling a New Kind of Poorly Paid Hell

Trump asked the acting FBI director whom he voted for during Oval Office meeting

Trump asked the acting FBI director whom he voted for during Oval Office meeting

Trump asked Andrew McCabe, acting FBI director, whom he voted for during Oval Office meeting

News that matters: 12 Sexy Camels Kicked Out of Beauty Contest for Using Botox

Per ABC News: Mr. Mueller requests a sit down with 45:

I dont think this is a coincidence about Nunes

"Pearls Before Swine" cartoon

DuckDuckGo's New Extension Gives Websites A Privacy Grade (FireFox, Safari & Chrome, etc.)

Chris Hayes called Fox Trump TV

Why are Republican Presidents hated by other countries?This does not seem to happen with Democratic

Poll: Majority think Trump should testify in Russia probe if asked

Trump to invite France's Macron for administration's first official state visit

Indiana Church Targeted By Vandals After Hosting Resistance Event

Melania could have a $1,000,000,000 book IF

Explosive GOP "memo" leaked!!!

How Donald Trump's Schizoid Administration Upended the GOP

Randy Bryce is live.....kickin' Ryan's lame ass!

Pope Francis Apologizes To Sexual Abuse Victims, But Still Backs Bishop

Along the Chesapeake Bay, High Tides and a Precarious Future

Paradise Papers firm worked for bank linked to terrorist financing and organised crime

GOP senator claims to have informant alleging secret anti-Trump meetings

White House: Graham-Durbin immigration bill 'dead on arrival'

Emboldened conservatives press Ryan to bring hard-right immigration bill to floor

School Shootings are out of control

Take My Guns Away?

Protestant, Muslim, Atheist, Jew: 4 leftist perspectives a year into Trumps presidency

Trump nominates wife of ex-Louisiana senator to be federal judge

Good news: Catholic bishops side with labor unions in Supreme Court case

If Trump's State of Union had human sacrifice feeding the heart to Putin GOP would give a standing O

Money laundering and campaign finance violations

U.S. attorney general Sessions orders probe of FBI agents' text messages

Highly vulnerable Democratic and Republican US Senate seats in 2018,2020,and 2022.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mo Mueller!

Trump asked the acting FBI director whom he voted for during Oval Office meeting: WaPo

*Rachel will interview Schumer NEXT!

Trump administration expands access to opioid medication

Senator Schumer On Rachel

So is the Gang of Four getting any more love here lately?

It's Been 2,448 Years Since Donald Trump Took Office (Trump-induced time dilation)

Alabama state House votes to end special elections

🐦 January 31, 7:30 p.m. - Bernie Sanders and Bill McKibben - Live Streamed Event

Guatemala leader Jimmy Morales dismisses expenses furore

Kimberly-Clark: 5,500 People Just Lost Their Jobs Because Of The Trump Tax Cuts

Tom Waits - The Black Rider Demos - 1990-92 - Unofficial Release

Chief Inspector Murphy asks DS Mom what's for dinner

'Don't retweet Donald Trump and don't use his language

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 25, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Charles Boyer

What else can Sessions, or even Kushner,

Tourism to U.S. under Trump is down, costing $4.6B and 40,000 jobs

'Don't ever preach to me again!': Ex-GOP chair tells evangelicals who still support Trump to 'shut t

Trump was angry that McCabe's wife was a dem, asked who McCabe voted for.

How some states are rebelling against the new GOP tax code

So happy im rooting for a South Korean instead of the raciest American pig

No wonder Trump won: The "Tide Pod Challenge" is now a thing

With all this testimony going on, are any of witness's allowed to discuss anything

Favorite Neil Diamond song?

How does today's Du compare to 2003?

Bacardi buys tequila maker Patron in $5.1bn deal

Did Rachel set a record tonight? 24 minute opening.

I just scored a dozen Meyer lemons.

Rampant Lawlessness, Conspiracy, Collusion, Obstruction Of Justice Etc Etc Etc.

Give Trump the money for the wall.

"Enemy of my enemy is my friend"

We Need To Shut Down The GOP Congress And Not The Government.

AL teacher admits telling students to turn the n*gger tunes off after they played Tupac in class

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 26, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight - Survival Movies

Joy Reid speaks for me

Pippin crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight...

RIP Hugh Masekela

Who are the 5 or so GOP Senators that Schumer said we should

I don't want to declare war on Russia.

Classmate: Girl tortured with siblings was bullied, frail

Watching Rachel interview Schumer. He says that part of McConnell's promise was that we will

Let's stop insulting each other's intelligence by pretending the term Evangelical is something other

State unveils license plate for team that left 20 years ago

Conservative evangelical leader: Trump gets a 'mulligan' on his behavior

Former Kentucky police official allegedly sent racist messages to recruit

Mueller Investigating Three Or Four Kinds Of Crimes

Can we please stop the circular firing squad here?

NBC/Survey Monkey poll shows 56% blame Trump & GOP lawmakers for shutdown, 39% blame Dems

Just saw interview with Rachel and Chuck Schumer...There were protesters at his house. Why?Why?

Yall, Dont Do This: Put a Pussyhat on Harriet Tubman

Some decent speculation on why Baker was reassigned

CNN: Gates may be negotiating with Mueller

TPM - Marshall "Today's Mueller Revelations Were The Biggest in Months"

20 years ago, there was no such thing as a "perjury trap"...

Why He Should Not Get The Wall

Investigation: For some who lived in it, Keillor's world wasn't funny

Maduro eyes re-election as Venezuela fires starting gun for presidential vote

Porous Rhodium Copper Nanospheres.

Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance

Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 27, 2018 -- The Essentials: Edmund O'Brien

Hobby Lobby Owner Loses Income Tax Deduction

Ursula K. Le Guin, Acclaimed for Her Fantasy Fiction, Is Dead at 88

All of you might like to see this..

WatchESPN customer care. Rant.

Too bad that he's one carrot short there...

The crap we're in for in the near future

Peter Strzok is a Grade A moron

CNN: Gates may be negotiating with Mueller

Exclusive: New signs Gates may be negotiating with Mueller's team

PA HD 35 Special Election Result: Austin (D) +47.6% 2016 Clinton +19%

Heads up! Don Lemon will be talking about Trump inspiring threats against the press.

LOL! My Wife just referred to Paul Ryan as: El Ojete con Ojitos

Puerto Rico - Are there restrictions to donate to schools over there?

Trump just tweeted an attack on "Cryin' Chuck Schumer"

Mueller got Gates to roll by going after his wife

Democrat Austin Davis wins state House special election in Mon Valley

Tourism to U.S. is down since Trump took office, costing $4.6 billion and 40,000 jobs

SF supervisors name Mark Farrell interim mayor

Hey Donnie, Maybe Bob Mueller is YOUR Soulmate!

Have you ever seen a great picture of you?

Seth Meyers - The Women's March, Amazon's Convenience Store - Monologue - 1/22/18

Prescient Words From the Late Ursula K. Le Guin

Oregon voters overwhelmingly pass health care taxes

Guatemala lawmaker arrested in sale of phantom Congress jobs

CALLOUT: Mueller 2020!

Death From Below.

Mexico's Teotihuacan ruins may have been "Teohuacan"

I figured out another way to identify Russian bots on Twitter

Serena's two word tweet for Tennys Sandgren

The Daily Show: Who Can America Blame for the Government Shutdown?

Let's decipher what Trump said

Shark charities flooded with donations after Trump says he hopes sharks die

Lol, evangelicals.

Three-quarters of Mexico murders linked to organized crime: NGO

Ursula K. LeGuin's EarthSea Trilogy

Is Jeffrey Toobin a Trump supporter?

Intelligence unit to fight fake news and cyber attacks in Colombias elections

Best Picture: What film do you think will win?

Beware - the latest Windows 10 "update" screwed up my computer.

OK So I Was At The Ducks And Rangers Game Tonight.

Trump Starts His Trade War - WSJ Editorial

Who do you think will win the very competitive Best Supporting Actress category this year?

Make your predictions now: When SC Mueller moves, will the American Public believe him or lying Fox?

Stile Antica: "Never Weather Beaten Sail"/Thomas Tallis: "If Ye Love Me"/

Watch Reagan, Bush And Bush Demolish Trump On DACA - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Trump Asked Acting FBI Director Who He Voted For

What Did Sessions Tell Mueller?

Three weeks from now is the real fight - on immigration. Tell people: Hardworking immigrants.

You can do the thing...

A Designers Plant-Based Chili Recipe for Cold Winter Days

Record budget, trade deficits for 2017 in Argentina

Record budget, trade deficits for 2017 in Argentina

There Are Three VA GOP 2018 U.S. Senate Candidates. We Know Two (Corey Stewart, EW Jackson) Are

The Great Wall

Watch a robot made of DNA swing its arm

Based On Interview With Rachel Schumer Did The Right Thing. Continued Shut Down Would Not Work.

What does your favorite t-shirt say?

Town lends helping hand for Puerto Rican students

LG Justin Fairfax Walks Out as GOP Senator Pays Tribute to the Memory of Gen. Stonewall Jackson

Orthodox "Trisagion-Thrice Holy Hymn"/"O Virgin Pure"-Blessings On the Bayou

Fairfax County Sheriff Terminates Intergovernmental Service Agreement with ICE

Russia Succeeds At Placing Hostile Cyborgs Inside Trump White House (Satire)

Having Conquered the Internet With Ease, Cats Return to the Art World

Guilty plea, dropped charges for another KKK rally protester

Year after rule change, 1 in 6 driver's licenses suspended in Virginia

I Made This

That right there is a modern rat masterpiece

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/23/18

Stephen Colbert - Guest John Dickerson: What Happens If Trump Declines Mueller Interview

Virginia distillers push 'booze equality' legislation to loosen state rules on liquor tasting rooms

Name a song with Red in the title..

As women's wave comes to assembly, House Democrats look to undo 'Day of Tears' mourning Roe v. Wade

Virginia House panel throws penalty flag on bill to protect sports referees from spectator abuse

I'm having cataract surgery today.

Fiat Chrysler's Former VP for Employee Relations Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy- Pay Off UAW Officials

Save the Children offices in Afghanistan hit by attack

5 Former KPMG Executives And PCAOB Employees Charged For Fraudulent Scheme To Steal PCAOB Info

Former Department of Energy Subcontractor Sentenced for Conspiring to Defraud DOE and IRS

Children found in California to be split up in foster care

2 Men Charged With Conspiring to Illegally Obtain Technology and Computer Chips- Sent to China

Is this the end of civilisation? We could take a different path (George Monbiot)

Does anyone have experience using almond milk in recipes?

Mixed feelings about this Melania parody

EU antitrust regulators reportedly set to fine Qualcomm

Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All Online Town Hall Draws 1 Million Live Viewers

Amid ACLU Protest, NC Prisons Will Remove The New Jim Crow From Banned Books List

Twitter Photo: Sen. Sanders with Team #PaulaJean2018 after Medicare Town Hall

'Tis the season for false kilts it seems...

How in the HELL do they do it ?

Hiring veterans a former army medic

Name a song with "toilet" in the title.

A History of Donald Trump's Racism, Abridged

THREAD OF OBAMA SCANDALS (Twitter thread, including the tan suit scandal)

Hopeful developments in the effort to rein in gerrymandering

Name a song where the lyrics include random gibberish.

Mel Brooks' movie "It's a Mad Mad World" is....

Mississippi bill would require teachers to recite the Ten Commandments every morning

Committee on Confederate monuments begins work

ICE Agent Arrested After Sending Reporter Lewd, Sensitive Text Messages

Donald Trump's tariffs on panels will cost US solar industry thousands of jobs

Megyn Kelly Sets Up a Rogue Fox News State at NBC. First Victim: Jane Fonda

Question this morning is why, McTurtle?

The Republicans #ReleaseTheMemo ploy is the latest laughable scheme in the plot against Mueller

Explosive video: After a man threatened to kill CNN employees-Don Lemon spoke directly to Trump

Team Trumps Goal for the Next Three Weeks: Keep Him The Hell Away From Chuck Schumer

Shutdown The Shithole!

Bureaucracy for bureaucracy's sake: Why work requirements for Medicaid do not represent a reasonable

Flynn Kept FBI Interview Concealed from White House

Sean Hannity Is Now a Favorite Weapon of Russian Trolls Attacking America

Upscale golf community benefits from $830K earmark in NC budget

Will Mueller interview Pence?

Camels banned from Saudi beauty contest over Botox

...An important revelation buried in the new NBC News report on the Mueller probe.

Pompeo interviewed in Mueller's Russia probe, Yates cooperating: report

Christians protest religion-themed assignment in Elgin-area school

Fracking site explosion in Oklahoma - five workers killed

Travel Ban

Satanic Temple challenges Missouris abortion law on religious grounds

U.K. hospital to return charity's money amid gala harassment allegations

The Fun Theory 1 .. Piano Staircase

Trump Lashes Out After Schumer Withdraws Offer On Border Wall

Elton John Set to Retire After 50 Years on the Road

About a 400 Square Mile Skating Rink Here Today

trump asked the acting director of the FBI who he voted for.....

Eight Humanitarian Activists Face Federal Charges After Leaving Water for Migrants in the Arizona De

School Shooting in Kentucky Is Nations 11th of Year. Its Jan. 23.

Jill Stein

EXCLUSIVE. Source: Twitter Pins #ReleaseTheMemo on Republicans, Not Russia

I know two people who studied theology...

Easy commute this morning in western PA

Trump to Schumer: 'If there is no wall, there is no DACA'

Schriock's legacy: Put EMILY's List out of business

Wow, Lou Dobbs!

Trump's failing war on green power

Woman says Missouris strict abortion regulations violate her religion: the Satanic Temple

EDPR's renewable production grows 13% y/y in 2017

Some officials are protecting the country from Trump. Sessions isn't one of them. - WaPo Editorial

MPR says Garrison Keillor wasnt fired for simply touching a womans bare back

Camels banned from Saudi beauty contest over Botox


I may or may not have access to an explosive secret memo which PROVES that

Toll rises to 35 dead in Benghazi car bombing: medics

I'm not concerned that the Mueller investigation seems to be taking a long time.

An Interesting News Release by Bureau of Labor Statistics

After pocketing a $5 billion tax cut from Trump, Pfizer just KILLED ALL of its Research

Syria war: US strikes on IS headquarters 'kills 150 militants'

Dead eagles were casualties of Duke Energy wind farms. Duke says it has a solution.

Flynn kept FBI interview concealed from White House, Trump

The Republican Party has turned into a Cult.

$12 million settlement for boy that was poisoned by carbon monoxide at Best Western Motel in Boone

Democratic poll: O'Rourke within single digits of Cruz

Damn Democrats

Rebuffed Flat Earth Rocketeer Says He Will Actually Launch Himself Into the Sky at 500 MPH This Time

Face of 9,000 year-old teen girl recreated

In the Oval Office yesterday...

Theresa May finds it impossible to make any headway in calls to Trump - He NEVER Stops Talking

Were ruining our children. The Fragile Generation.

Toys "R" Us to close about 180 stores across the country

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - ConDon and his enablers

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Deal or no Deal

Atten: Mike Pence

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Tump and the Evangelicals

Wreck found by reporter may be last American slave ship, archaeologists say

OOPS: Turns Out Russian Lawyer from Meeting Was at Inauguration

Trump Voter Fraud Commission Asked for Records of Texans w/ "Hispanic Names"

School Shooting in Kentucky Is Nations 11th of Year. Its Jan. 23.

...Ex-GOP chair tells evangelicals who still support Trump to 'shut the hell up!'

Happy Anniversary! Any tips on how you two keep the magic alive?

The U.S. Drops Out of the Top 10 in Innovation Ranking

Nan Hayworth (R-Crazytown) on Stephanie Ruhl now

Did you know that no companies ever made investments in America before Trump?

CIA director interviewed in special counsel's Russia probe: NBC

Wow Malcom Nance is on Stephanie Miller's show now. He was on for a long time yesterday

The surprising argument for extending food stamps to pets

Has Twitler tweeted about latest Deadly School Shooting?

Please add Radio_Lady to the in Memoriam page

Members of Houston-area board indicted for private meetings

Oregon votors overwhelmingly pass Measure 101

Do All Deities Worshiped by Humans Actually Exist?

School Shooting in Kentucky Is Nation's 11th of Year. It's Jan. 23.

This guys busted: Morning Joe says Mueller has smoking gun evidence of Trump obstruction

Russian Infiltration of 'Various Religious Groups' - 'There Has Been a Lot of That'

Alumni want to help as NCCU law school faces admission-standards questions

Parkway School Board candidate refers to Michelle Obama as a giant rat on twitter

Morning Joe says Mueller has 'smoking gun' evidence of Trump obstruction on tape

On my community's unofficial FB page:

Mexico's drug cartels, now hooked on fuel, cripple the country's refineries

Trump shocked Brits by ordering Theresa May to make people stop protesting against him: report

Trumps solar tariff backfires: It hits red states and U.S. taxpayers harder than China

The Glenn Simpson testimony.

'Me Too,' Chinese Women Say. Not So Fast, Say the Censors.

White House Declares Open Season on the Dollar at Davos

Malcom Nance On Fire On Stephanie Miller Show Lou Dobbs Calling For Fed Marshals Arrest FBI Official

Even 100 years ago people were lamenting about how everything had turned fake:

Lewisville man accused of fraudulently ordering nearly $100,000 worth of cellphones

Month After Getting $3.5 Billion Tax Break From Trump, Bank of America Hikes Fees on Poorest Custome

How quick the conversation moved back to Mueller and Russia investigation...

Student who used racial slur in video no longer enrolled at Wake Forest

Convenience store clerks are creating a new generation of shoplifters.

Family files suit in Albuquerque crash that killed 6-year-old boy

Drumpt's single most important demand for meeting with Mueller

Family files suit in Albuquerque crash that killed 6-year-old boy

So is Hope Hicks going to Europe with the president?

Sheriff David Clarke's twitter account has been banned (not sure if it's permanent)

The Congress would not know "collusion" or "obstruction of justice" if it hit them in the face...

💧BREAKING: #DayZero, the day which the 🌍's first major metropolitan runs out of water, has been re

Once again, Donald Trump has taken charge of the legislative agenda.

Winston-Salem State University Student Killed On Wake Forest Campus

Starbucks giving raises and stock grants due to tax law.

How The GOP Rigs Elections

Man found guilty of stealing police cruiser

Poll: Majority of Americans thinks Trump is biased against black people

Donald Trump is slowly destroying the United States!

Potential citizenship question in 2020 Census could shift power to rural America

trump is inciting violence in America...'fake news'

So Just How MUch Is This Jaunt To Davos Going To Cost Us?

Does anyone know where and when the next "deep state" meeting will be held?

Scarborough Rips Trump's Silence Over Kentucky Shooting: Just Can't Be a 'Decent Human Being'

So I just had my physical...

The idiots at Fox News helping Russia by attacking the FBI

Presidents Club: Leading businessmen caught 'groping' and 'exposing themselves' to female hostesses

RNC Chair Defends Trump: 'I Ask People Who They Vote For Sometimes'

Assistant fire chief accused of embezzlement, fraud involving departmental funds

Republicans' changing views fuel sharp rise in concerns about harassment, Post-ABC poll finds

There have been 11 U.S. school shootings so far in 2018

Shocking Cop Corruption Trial Kicks Off in Baltimore

Bernie Sanders talks universal Medicare, and 1.1 million people click to watch him

Anyone else find it odd that Trump has never mentioned or made fun of Rachel Maddow

Low Pay, Lack of Support Contribute to Continued Teacher Exodus in SC

"If you're going to Minneapolis for the game, Captain Obvious says to dress warmly"

Rick Perry: US not just exporting energy, were exporting freedom

BALTIA AIRLINES bites the dust.....again.

A year into his presidency, signs of price drops at Trump hotels

EPAs budget has been devastated for decades: Heres the math

South Portland, Maine, attorney suspended for sexting client

I hate it when I find myself yelling at the TV in the morning...but I was.

South Portland, Maine, attorney suspended for sexting client

No jail time? No fine?

Fox News is now a full time conspiracy peddling network

"Today's candidate for Really Awful PR Pitch involves a new service that 'combines love dolls...."

The human mind is a pale reflection of the Creator.

Comey's Law Professor Friend Who Leaked Memo Now Representing Him in Russia Probe

I will be so glad when this temporary insanity is over

Last night I had a weird dream...


Pic Of The Moment: How Trump Plans To Outwit Robert Mueller

'A Day Of Revelations In The Russia Probe'

George Lakoff: 'Don't retweet Donald Trump and don't use his language'

So I get an email this morning from the President of the college where I earned two degrees.

My brother used to annoy me all the time when we were younger...

Perhaps we need a sort of clearing house website for lewd images and texts.

Watch Polls, Ignore Post-Shutdown Chatter

Is there going to be protesting...

The Battle Before the War

Did Anti-immigrant Hate Group meet with President Miller at the WH?

Mueller Ready To Question Trump

Trudeau offers condolences after Kentucky school shooting

Savagery -

Just Remember, it is disrespectful if you laugh...

Dem poll: Cruz leads Dem challenger by single digits

Sen Ron Johnson goes after FBI

GOP/Trump Goal - Make Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny, Discrimination Politically Correct/Acceptable.

Doing Street Art - Amazing talent

Max Boot: President Trump has already destroyed Americas reputation

Chao rebuffs Trump critics in Davos: Those who don't want to listen to him can leave

Billy the Younger

Name a song with GREEN in the title.

Zinke Claims He Exempted Florida From Drilling Plan Due To 'Coastal Currents'

Political Jobs/Volunteering

Trump/GOP Moving US Policy To Personhood And End To Contraceptive Use.

Big Pharma wants to kill us to make $$$$ "How Insulin Became Unaffordable"X-Post Diabetes group


From ‎The Tedeschi Trucks Band Fans Page On FB

White House Doctor Writes Note Saying Trump Too Sick to Talk to Mueller

Ted Lieu: Apparently the new #GOP get-to-know-you line is "Hi, did you vote for me?"

I love it how some folks complain about Dems but didn't vote in prior mid term elections

Tweet from Lincolns Bible this morning - Gravano, Trump and Mueller:

Future picture moment of the day; 44 & 45

Dr. Nasser feels sorry for HIMSELF!

Interpret my dream.

Lol. Fox News says U.S. Special Forces unable to scale Trump's wall

Interim clearance granted to individual who had been charged with felony rape of a child.

The True Top-Secret Story of Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels (Tom the Dancing Bug)

Obama officiates at staffer's wedding

Which brand of margarine tastes more buttery?

Extremists: "keep Trump away from Schumer." He might agree to something reasonable.

Utility worked with Christie staff to shield data: Emails

I wouldnt send my dogs to you

US slaps new sanctions on North Korea over weapons program

Where are my Gundam Wing fans at?

I wanted to call Trump a c*nt, but...

Ok, now what?...

Justice Department threatens to subpoena records in escalating battle with 'sanctuary' jurisdictions

Larry Nassar sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison -- live updates

No Wall, No DACA? Ok then trump, you ALSO have to fund CFPB

Why Isn't Mitch McConnell Involved in a Conflict of Interest?

ever see a SWARM of snakes? this reminds me of todays repuliCONS

Dutch police to 'undress' youths wearing clothes deemed too expensive for them

CHER takes on Dinky Donny and the Porn Lady...

Dr. Larry Nassar Sentenced to 40 to 175 Years for Sexual Abuse

Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."-Einstein

Ivanka Trump Changed Her Twitter Bio. The Internet Was Not Happy About It

CNNs Don Lemon nails Rev. Franklin Graham on Evangelicals Trump hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Most U.S. Attorneys in States With Legal Pot Don't Seem to Be Planning a Crackdown

Former GOP chair to Evangelicals: Shut the hell up Never preach to me again (VIDEO)

This story has got to be a plant.

Outraged a Democrat beat a pedophile, Alabama GOP votes to end special elections

Outraged a Democrat beat a pedophile, Alabama GOP votes to end special elections

Has anyone seen the link to all the Strozck/Page texts?

As Mueller closes in, paranoia spreads in the White House

Pervert gymnast doc gets 175 MI years on top of 40 years by feds

Move over, Dolly: Monkeys cloned; a step closer to people?

You know what the next Sharknado is going to be about

🎞Reel Cons: Post a Pic of a Prisoner from TV or a Flick📺

If all we get is obstruction, we are screwed, and it will be seen as a witch hunt.

One by one, Mueller is reaching into Trumps inner circle

Norwegian PM: "More Americans coming to Norway than Norwegians going to America."

'Evangelical mulligans and idiot winds' Good links about Evangelical craziness at bilgrimage blog

Jonathan Alter: "Do not use ever use 'chain migration.' It's a loaded right wing phrase...."

Mueller set to question Bannon on Flynn and Comey

SEC investigating GE charge; company posts $10 billion loss

What in the world?

Songs About Incarceration

Just was thinking! What would be a good reference book for Mueller? oh ofcourse it's

With the news out of KY I have to say right now I miss that man so much.

California DMV Opens Up Applications For Federally-Compliant Real ID

Massachusetts federal prosecutor says opioids top pot as priority

Toys 'R' Us Is Closing 180 U.S. Stores After Declaring Bankruptcy

TPM - Josh Marshall - "You Need to Watch This"

The Royals problem of how not to invite tRump to the wedding has been solved

Once this is all done....I'd pay to go see this movie

NBC: Flynn kept FBI interview concealed from WH, Trump

Macron calls for global compact to harness globalization

Trump expanded the list of officials authorized to receive the PDB..they wanted to be cool...

Her Too!: Judge Aquilina throws away Nassar's-Ltr To Court-About How Hard It Is To Listen To Victims

English soccer club Arsenal signs up to promote cryptocurrency

doc says I have bronchitis

There is no such thing as harmless disinformation..POPE...

Trump Announces His Presidential Library Location

Cecile Richards Plans To Step Down As President Of Planned Parenthood, After More Than A Decade

USDA wants Congress to pass farm bill that meets Trump budget goals

Enough Trump Bashing, Democrats FRANK BRUNI, DEVAL PATRICK and JOE TRIPPI

Mueller will know.

Would you say without question

Ron Johnson Walks Back FBI 'Secret Society' Claim

U.S. senators want probe of drug trafficking tied to Venezuela government

U.S. senators want probe of drug trafficking tied to Venezuela government

Seth Abramson: (referring to the Axios story that reported Wray threatening to resign)


Broadway for Republicans

Immaculate researcher Jay McKenzie re: Pence, Manafort, Gates etc etc ETC and Gtech:

Trump's Approval Ratings Plummet in Michigan, Key State That Backed Him in 2016

Judges Uphold Lula's Graft Conviction, Scrambling Brazilian Presidential Race

The Corruption Cycle...Who Killed Consumer Protection?

When Clinton had to testify, didn't he do it on the t.v. machine? I remember seeing him

Republicans go full Illuminati

Cape Town told to cut water use or face losing supply by 12 April

Michael STEELE to evangelicals: ShutHellUP & don't preach about anything anymore

Elton John Announces Retirement From Touring

About last night's PBS newshour - Judy Woodruff's session with VA voters re dump's 1st yr

(UK) Scandal-hit club shuts amid groping claims

I'm making homemade split pea soup

Beagle plays piano and sings!

Malcolm Nance: They Special Council is the spear tip of American Justice - We must stand up for US

Not Sure Trump Will Ever Leave Regardless Of What Mueller Turns Up. GOP Protected.

Bot Created Coachella Lineup Is Better Than The Real Thing!

The GOP Wants To Destroy Democracy. They Are Doing It Right Now.

Instead of walking kids to school,

Who gets the right side of the bed?

Sarah H Sanders never stops fidgeting

Arlington teacher arrested for saying he would murder kids

Follow the law?

From Moonbeam to mainstream: Jerry Brown in winter

Question for all the male members of DU

Tax law showers cash on lobby firms

The New Nuclear Age: A Journey Into the Unknown

SpaceX performs crucial test fire of Falcon Heavy, potentially paving way for launch

GOP feud with FBI ratchets up

GOP rep facing sexual harassment claims says aide 'invited' behavior

Dems lead GOP by 13 points in generic House ballot: poll

Chuck Schumer has never been my favorite Democrat, but . . .

My question of the day?

Yesterday I saw a wonderful, uplifting movie that made me feel good.

Yearly dementia test

Elton John to launch "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" retirement tour

JANUARY 24, 2018 White House Daily Briefing

I'm seeding your brain. -- Rallying together for change proves to be effective

This is what really happened when Chelsea Manning partied with the far right

Mueller Seems to Be Flipping More and More Former Trump Allies

The question: "Who created God?" has a simple answer.

BREAKING: McConnell stalling on Brownback vote

BURGER KING explains Net Neutrality.....

Rush Limbaugh and his listeners, along with FOX news seem to be on an alternate universe

Sit back, relax, close your eyes, enjoy!

The human mind is an emergent property of chemicals, electricity, and meat.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down Republican gerrymander, orders new maps for 2018

You know, it could be that some people use religion as bait,

Burn It All Down: It's Time For Every Last Coward Who Enabled Larry Nassar To Pay For Their Sins

Cook Political Report: Meehan Scandal Moves PA-07 to Toss Up

M$NBC news twits and twets say

Billy Bush Gets Candid About tRump Scandal, Says He Suffered The Ultimate Degradation

Memory lane: dumbass working in Oval Office a year ago, surrounded by loyal amigos

9 Explosive Claims from Michael Wolff's Book That the Media Missed

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 24, 2018

Refugees, a matter of perception

One more pious killer-Trial opens for man who allegedly made wifes shooting look like suicide,

DNC begins sending innovation grants to state parties, following criticism of process

The White House is treating the lives of 800,000 DREAMers like a reality show

Disco: Blessing or Abomination? 💃🏼🕺🏼

tRump's looming scandal of fossil fuel subsidies on federal lands

First Aid Kit - "Crazy On You" (Heart)

Larry Nassar writes letter to the court blaming victims for his perversions...

Judge strikes down 4 of 13 counts against Menendez

Russia couldn't be any happier with Trump/Fox News for their attacks on FBI/CIA

Sanders: White House to unveil immigration framework next week

Trump is desperate for warm bodies to listen to him speak

Dollar drops to 3-year low after Mnuchin praises weak US currency

What's a "tantric sex guru"?

Mark E. Smith, Prolific Singer of Post-Punk Group the Fall, Dead at 60

House Intel Dems to release separate memo countering GOP claims

Great acting scenes

Bill Gates Says 'America First' Endangers U.S. Influence in Africa

Unexpected demonyms

Pentagon looking into images purporting to show US soldiers killed in Niger

Why is the US dollar falling?

Are We Proud Yet?

Where is Trump's infrastructure plan? Republicans grow tired of waiting.

Now that was funny!

Murphy Brown Revival Set At CBS With Star Candice Bergen & Creator Diane English

US Army Captains return to be married in the West Point Chapel

Just announced : Candice Bergen returns as Murphy Brown

Report: Glitch Deleted FBI Agents Trump-Russia Texts

Twitter Video: Insulin Prices Skyrocketed Under Trump's HHS Nominee

Sanders Votes Against HHS Nominee

The Davos Summit?

In this year's crop of TV pilots...

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-3: Wheel Of Corruption & The Sorcerers Stone Edition

With all due respect, Senator Johnson, but . . . . . .

What to Cook Right Now

Regarding Huckabee Sanders' Press Briefing Today...You Can't Pick and Choose Which Laws to Follow

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 25 January 2018

HuffPo: There was a domestic conspiracy against HRC (players are Erik Prince, Rudy Giuliani,

Sounds like "profiling" ?

CNN - Nunes - via Tea Pain:

Hugh Hewitt!

Let's beat the rush by making the casting list for the movie now. You know which movie,,,,

Mayor de Blasio donor pleaded guilty to attempted bribery charges

Could Burr hold Nunes in contempt for.....

There is a legitimate reason for voting to be private.

Climate Change And Civil Unrest......

More volunteers facing federal charges for leaving water in the desert for dying migrants

Senate Intelligence Committee not given access to Nunes FISA memo

OK, I'm definitely paranoid here, but I have to put this down somewhere.

The Tortured History Behind Prokofievs Romeo and Juliet

Name a song with "Rock & Roll" in the title.

Blue Lives Matter and Law & Order

Clarance Thomas's wife is a tea partier. Should we demand that he leave the court as she

North Korea sends rare announcement to all Koreans, calls for unification

13th Wedding Anniversary

About the Kentucky school shooter. Has anyone heard anything about

Now these are musicians who know how to dress to put on a show:

The Rude Pundit: Trump Defenders Have a Bugnuts Meta-Conspiracy to Explain It All

Mark Smith, lead singer of The Fall, has died, aged 60

Exodus (Syrian Refugees)- PBS. Trump should be forced to watch this.

Breaking on MSNBC: Trump says he will talk to Meuller UNDER OATH

Hipsters of the holy: How a Toronto church became a hit with young believers

Edelman Survey Shows Plummeting U.S. Trust In Institutions Velshi & Ruhle MSNBC

Tony Perkins: State Lawmakers No Longer Have To Combat Bathroom-In-Chief Obama

Dotard Dumpster Fire on 2013 Government Shutdown

Trump Says He Is Willing to Speak Under Oath to Mueller. BUT has to listen to his lawyers.edit

Descending On A Montana Town, Neo-Nazi Trolls Test Where Free Speech Ends

After his gusher of lies, can anyone trust Trump? By Jennifer Rubin

LG to Raise Prices on Washers After Trump Imposes Steep Tariffs

After Spending $20 Million to Pass #GOPTaxScam, Koch Bros to Save More Than $1 Billion This Year

Trump Allies Profiting from Multiple Outside Groups

Oregon voters approve new taxes for Medicaid costs

Gov. McMaster joins call to stop S.C. nuclear plant payments, casting doubt on utility sale

Trump Will Release Immigration Framework

Cruz Holds Single-Digit Lead In Texas

Trump Administration Faces Lawsuit Over Kentucky Medicaid Work Requirements

Does Trump understand that "under oath" means he will have tell the truth whenever to Mueller?

Two words to Trump saying he'll testify under oath to Mueller:

British female reporter goes undercover, snooty/skanky men's charitable org disbands in SHAME.

Oh My - the Con doesn't remember if he asked McCabe

Dancing in the Movies?. Scenes from the greatest, dancing, singing movies ever..

Are White Evangelicals Sacrificing The Future In Search Of The Past?

Could Democrats win statewide in TX after 2020?

He. Will. Lie.

Potential citizenship question in 2020 Census could shift power to rural America

Davos should be very flattered that he has chosen this as a forum, and so those that dont want to l

Paris on flooding alert as rising Seine causes travel disruption