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I found my doppelganger!!!

New Cooperstown Baseball HoF inductees announced

1. Trump tells reporters he wants to talk to Mueller BUT has to listen to his lawyers.

Naomi Parker Fraley real-life Rosie the Riveter was an American icon before inspiring 'We Can Do

Gigantic British Moon at Trump on his State visit Feb 26 - 27 (NWS)

Naomi Parker Fraley real-life Rosie the Riveter was an American icon before inspiring 'We Can Do

Watch the Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Forum tonight. Streaming now

If we Don't Regulate Capitalism It Will Dismantle Democracy!

When our country was attacked on 9/11, who did our leaders look to, to protect our nation?

12,500 texts a month averaging 417 texts per day

"I was sitting one day and God spoke to me and said (of Trump), 'Thats my man.'"

Another Luckovich masterpiece - Devil In The Details

Seminole County Tax collector asks for a courtesy pass on a speeding ticket.

MAGA up my kazoo...

Color me skeptical.

So, who thinks the Dotard will bring Mueller

Trump says DACA people will be allowed citizenship after 10 to 12 years

Elton John Announces Retirement But Will Perform A Long, Long Goodbye Tour. Its the circle of life

Litterbugs beware! Legislation aims to increase enforcement for tossing trash in S.C.

Hal English gets a challenger in HD-30

So Trump is going to testify under oath. I think things are coming to a

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon- The True Story of Don and Stormy

Can South Carolina fix its state flag? What color blue? What design of tree?

Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Most Miserable Person in the World ?

Raises for South Carolina employees unlikely, but judges want a 20% pay hike

Orange Shitgibbon will have only 2 possible responses to Mueller's questions.

Oh, this will not go over well, but here it goes...

Dave Daubenmire Warns That The Conservative Movement Is Being Infiltrated By Jews And Single Mothers

Rocket Lab secretly launched a disco ball satellite on its latest test flight

The Point:The Pope has a message on 'fake news' for Trump

South Carolina having hard time keeping caseworkers as abuse, neglect caseloads grow

Updated: Dems agree to take DACA out, Trump signals he agrees to path to citizenship.

What's your favorite Elton John song?

Tweety just deliverd a lovely tribute to Masekela

He says he was left out. So, here is what this Democratic governor candidate is doing

really really looking forward to the day i read on here

LePage imposes moratorium on new wind energy permits

Trump's War on Protesters and the Press Rages On

"I'm a doctor. I want you to live and thrive. So I want semi-automatic guns banned."

We Have a Problem In This Country

Pray for me.

Scientists had seen a glacier collapse this big and fast only once before. Then it happened again.

Schiff on Chris Hayes; discussing Nunes and his spin memo

Twitter users launch #OneWhoDoes after WH says nobody cares about Trump question to FBI official

Vote Dem-Vote Them Out Of Congress !!!

Davos attendees are quietly planning to walk out of Trump's speech

Does anyone know if the

Don't Take the Bait Democrats

Scientists Sue EPA Over Attempt To Delegitimize Science

Big Mother

Ty Cobb walks back what Trump said about talking to Mueller: Trump speaking hurriedly, didn't intend

Mueller gives Trump's attorneys possible topics for interview - CNN

Trump's Tax on Solar Power: Here's What You Need to Know

I know why trump is so upset with Mueller.............

DOJ tells Nunes it'd be 'reckless' to release memo without review

Mnuchin at Davos endorses the dollars decline as a benefit to the American economy

RIP Mark E Smith of The Fall

St. Peters Company Sells Holocaust-Style Yellow Star for 'Gun Owners'

when they meet i wonder if tRump will ask Mueller

Is it me, or does Barbara Boxer look 20 years younger?

Gay couple sues State Dept for denying surrogate childs citizenship

Trump HUD official apologizes for tweet mocking journalist

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mo Mueller!

Defense manufacturers cashing in on Trump's global arms push

Why would anyone believe what Trump say's on dreamers

This Kids Letter To His Teacher For Lying About Christopher Columbus Needs To Be Framed

GOP fuels secret society talk with FBI text messages

My dentist was arrested yesterday for criminal sexual abuse, criminal...

Maybe Trump heard it as he has to do it under oaf...

Europe Is Back. And Rejecting Trumpism

DOJ says Rep. Nunes has not seen the classified materials on which his "FISA abuses" memo is based

Trump lashes out at mayors boycotting White House event

The boil is about to pop!

A Plea from a Progressive!

Who will play Mueller in the movie? Who could possibly be a believable Trump?

Alcatraz inmates survived infamous 1962 escape, letter suggests

Did Trumpco recruit Nunes to carry their water because

So I dug out a few of my old vinyl record albums

Tyler Hilinski suicide: Details emerge from Washington State QB's death

Gun industry converges near Las Vegas mass shooting site

Trump Jr. transcript from his Senate Intel. Testimony is explosive

Ontario election: Conservative leader Patrick Brown to give a 9:45 press conference

Trump's Justice Department Warns House Republicans Not To Release Disputed FISA Memo

Kentucky shooter, Have they named him yet?

RIP Civil Rts giant Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker

Georgia lawmaker's bill bans interference of free speech by colleges

Trump brings up Hillary during a meeting with reporters: I was one of the greatest candidates"

New PPP poll of Texas shows both Trump and Cruz underwater there

Florida quietly worked out deal to cap fees in water wars

Trump says I dont think I did ask McCabe who he voted for. BUT WH confirms he DID....

Don Blankenship convicted criminal in coal miner deaths

Do you think Schumer reminds Trump that there is a good chance

Interesting. The NRA is now the National Russian Association. Wonder how

The Trump Nightmare (comedy)

Watching Lawrence O on MSNBC

Trump! Shut the Fuck Up Already!

Trey "BENGHAZI!!!!!!!" Gowdy tells DOJ's Stephen Boyd to "lower the rhetoric" after warning to Nunes

Criminal Alex Azar confirmed as HHS Sec. with Democratic complicity

Neil Diamond Fans Donate Refunded Concert Money to Parkinson's Research

Bailey Holt. 15. Say her name NRA.

Is there any reason to prevent Mexico from closing the border???

Malcolm Nance..

Tomorrow the railroad tracks glisten in the moonlight...n/t

Trumps 24-year-old drug policy appointee to step down by months end

White House lawyer Ty Cobb walks back Trump's pledge to speak with Mueller under oath

What's your favorite Mongolian Throat Singers song?

On Lawrence O'

Here is the final post by Prue who left DU her first day after being flamed and accused.

Trump's obsession with Hillary Clinton is a dead giveaway that he is not a legitimate president

What if these Texts were indeed purposefully hidden because they ARE the Trump Investigators?

Interesting analysis from the New Yorker

Please, please, PLEASE put this man under oath.

HE'S A GODDAMN FUCKING FOOL. He will lie his ass off from the first second

Former Prez Of Mexico Vicente Fox Talks Donald Trump, Spirituality In Politics, Oprah + More

Prof at seminary connected to Baylor pleas for Evangelical leaders to condemn shithole comments

Female journalist asked to remove bra while covering Pence in Israel.

from the BBC - the making of elton john (a history)

"Can I eat it?"

BTW, McCabe Didn't Vote for Trump in the General Election

Manafort Lawyers Accidentally Included Apparent Internal Memo About the Press in Latest Court Filing

Budget breakthrough in reach, as Senate Dems drop Dreamer demand

Da Horrah.

Bill Moyers interview with Ursula K. LeGuin

Watching Atticus v the Architect (Amazon Prime)

Watching Atticus v the Architect (Amazon Prime)

Slow Down And Wait For Mueller

Posted without comment.

FL: New HD 72 polling puts James Buchanan, Margaret Good in virtual tie

Trump seeks $25 billion for border wall, offers 'Dreamer' citizenship

Bill Richardson quits Myanmar's 'whitewash' Rohingya crisis panel

Future Tweet from Shithole Trump

GOP Tries To Save Trump, Attacks FBI, IC

Canadian politician denies misconduct allegations, staff resigns

Trump administration backs bills to toughen foreign investment rules

Trump administration backs bills to toughen foreign investment rules

White House statement does not accurately reflect Erdogan's phone call with Trump - Turkish source

Guatemala says Odebrecht agrees to pay $17.9 million over bribes

Puerto Rico sees no debt payment ability until 2022

Puerto Rico sees no debt payment ability until 2022

OMG. Anyone see tonight's X Files? *spoilers*

Four U.S. citizens killed in Jan. 20 attack on Kabul hotel

Albino Sunburned Girl

Kushners drop much-criticized effort to raise Chinese cash

The Daily Show: Gerrymandering: Because America Can Hack Its Own Elections

Julian Assange's health in 'dangerous' condition, say doctors

Seth Meyers - The Government Reopens, the Trumps' 13th Wedding Anniversary - Monologue - 1/23/18

Michigan State University president resigns over gymnasts abuse case

Seth Meyers: Guests Michael Che and Colin Jost Talk About Being Co-Head Writers of SNL

Trump HUD official apologizes to journalist April Ryan after attacking her

Seth Meyers - Trump's Stormy Daniels Payment Might Have Been Illegal: A Closer Look

Candice Bergen to return to CBS in 'Murphy Brown' revival

David Copperfield accused of drugging, assaulting model when she was 17

Mike Freeman convening grand jury in Justine Damond shooting death by Minneapolis officer

How Trump's 'fake news' gave authoritarian leaders a new weapon

WaPo Editorial Board: Is Ryan Zinke cynical or incompetent?

Court Clears Man Who Waited 7 Years for Trial on Pot Charges

'The fish rots from the head down': Former consumer protection bureau chief fires back at Trump succ

Right-Wing anti-abortion man called my show and it went mostly well (VIDEO)

Trump administration wants to end NASA funding for the International Space Station by 2025

"All of Creation"-Glagolev/Orthodox Chant of Psalm 102 (103) Mt. Athos/

My cat Angel is enthralled...

Patrick Brown resigns as PC leader amid sexual misconduct allegations

Tractor Beam Levitates Large Orbs with Sound

Baltimore officer charged with faking video of drug find David Mcfadden, Associated Press Updated 5:

Name a song with look in the title...

Chinese mom pays price for husband's probe of Ivanka Trump

Undeterred by failed appeal, Brazil's da Silva vows to run

The Latest: Trump wants to tell Davos elite how great US is

any way to recover files from a failing WD Passport external HD

anyway to recover files from failing WD Passport external HD

"50/50 hiring quotas are sexist towards men"

Evidence suppression topic of hearing in Fort Gordon bid-rigging, bribery case

300 dead sharks found by Mexico roadside, 150 miles from sea

300 dead sharks found by Mexico roadside, 150 miles from sea

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/24/18

Journalists covering Mexico indigenous candidate robbed

Honduras activists allege campaign of violent intimidation by security forces

Chile president-elect reveals hardline cabinet with ties to Pinochet

On the Amazons lawless frontier, murder mystery divides the locals and loggers

More than 100 candidates with criminal record in Colombias congressional election

AutoZone worker: Customer unleashed racist tirade and I got fired

Trump says he's open to pathway to citizenship 'incentive' on DACA

State audit finds questionable spending at Atlanta Regional Commission

'Disco ball' put into space from NZ

Governor forces dentist off state regulatory board after company bilks Medicaid

Feeling hopeless about climate change? Theres a class for that (at UW Bothell)

(UK) Plastic bottles: Free water refill points rolled out to cut waste

Former Executive Of New York Hotel Company Admits Stealing Over $13 Million From Employer


Anyone who says there's no collusion so many times knows

Former Contractor at Military Sealift Command Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Bribery, and Honest Servi

Notorious Georgia lynching case closes after years of anguish, no justice

Pictures found from the secret society within the FBI

Chinese Company Sinovel Wind Group Convicted of Theft of Trade Secrets

Chicago Futures Trader Pleads Guilty to Causing More Than $13 M in Losses from Fraudulent Trading

EU top court dismisses class action suit against Facebook

Seth Abramson refutes The Hill article Trump "fighting back" actually a crime.

Advanced Translation Guide: American vs. British:

Thursday's front page of the Detroit Free Press:

Measure that could add to Georgia's used-car tax gets another look

Inside the Dysfunctional Relationship of Donald Trump and Theresa May

Mike Luckovich: Word in edgewise

Dog nearly dies from severe burns caused by human hair dye

Name a song with White in the title...

Florida bill would mandate HPV vaccination for all public school students

Florida lawmakers consider requiring public schools to display 'In God We Trust' motto

Indian Protesters Burn Tires, Attack Shops as Controversial Film is Released

(Funda)mental illness

Imagine if Mueller starts flattering Trump with compliments during the interview.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund sues over Trumps decision to rescind protected status for Haitians

Democrats Want Trump Jr. Transcript Sent to Mueller

Yes - There Is A Group From The FBI Working To Potentially Take Down Trump....

Name a song that mention a car brand name or model, either in the title or in the lyrics

Florida dog nearly dies after owner attempts to color it purple

Trump Has Faced the FBI Before-but Now Its a Crime if He Lies

Morning Joe Funny Today

Trump Drug Policy Appointee to Step Down


How a 20-Something Eagle Scout Became One of Donald Trump's Top Trade Hands

....the Holy Land Experience's annual reminder to Orlando that they don't pay property taxes...

Piers Morgan to interview Trump

GOP candidate for MO US Senator answers the question "Do you favor women's rights"

Its Time to get into politics.

DAVOS: They are all laughing at you, Donald Trump. You are a disgusting Worldwide joke.

He's not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Fort Lauderdale Police Found Missing Man's Body but Never Told Family

My mother(87) is a narcissist like Trump..they think they ARE telling the truth...

So when Comey deep sixes HRC 10 days before the election, it's no wonder that

Florida Voters Can Finally Kill Racist, 150-Year-Old Felon Voting Ban

Dang it, Klement's no longer is sponsor of the sausage races at Miller Park.......

"I'm a Disruptor"

Are Wisconsin voters beating themselves up electing Ron Johnson twice to the US Senate?

Miami Principal Mocks Parent Asking About Teacher's Alleged Molestation of Student

Devin Nunes' Anti-FBI Memo Names James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe

The full 'secret society' text between FBI agents: Was it meant in jest?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! Jobs?

Pioneering ski porn filmmaker Warren Miller has died

Julian Assange's health in 'dangerous' condition, say doctors

Florida's GOP Politicians Keep Threatening to Jail Democratic Mayors

The most serious take on Sen. Ron Johnson's comments.

Cartoon: The true top-secret story of President Trump and Stormy Daniels!

Devin Nunes' secret anti-FBI memo 'centers' around former Trump aide Carter Page: report

MSNBCs Mika explains how Trump may have confessed Russian collusion to reporters

Shutdown raises staffing, safety concerns at FCI Tallahassee

STOP with the DOJ and FBI Conspiracy Theories

Happy Birthday to the "Mother of Black Hollywood!"

White House Lied About Trump Call With Erdogan: Turkey

Wake up call; CEO's have moved on from "jobs" to a "gig".

Anti-Mueller narratives that fell apart in last 24 hrs:

Mental health advocates urge lawmakers to pass slate of bills during Behavioral Health Day

Somebody should compile list of how many times he mentions HRC's name....YIKES!!

Just saw on the news, Boulder Lake campground is closed this year. (Updated)

New York Is Standing Up for Net Neutrality in a Big Way

GOP's Ron Johnson FBI "secret society" claim source was a joke in a text message

6"3", 239 pounds, my ass.

Climate Change Is Forcing the Government to Relocate This Entire Louisiana Town

WRT religion, among other topics, it's probably best

John Harwood: youre all late for secret society meeting.What's the top secret password?

It puzzled me why the Repubs are all getting behind trump when before some criticized him. Now I

WH Lawyer Scrambles To Walk Back Trump Comments

I normally hate hashtags with a passion, but can we make this one trending?

Happy one-year anniversary, the "RESIST" banner behind the White House.

Hundreds of newly created Twitter accounts pushed #ReleaseTheMemo

DoJ Warns Devin Nunes Against Political Stunts

A rising GOP star at 20, Aundre Bumgardner defects over Trump

A syphilis-ridden mummy in Switzerland is a distant ancestor of Boris Johnson

Republican: Obamacare Made Me Sexually Harass Staffer

Vermont Legalizes Marijuana, Greece to Legalize Next Month

Need a laugh? The "Last Blockbuster" tweets are HILARIOUS

The real reason DREAMers are at risk

'As president, it is only natural that I am the focus of this anger': Michigan State leader resigns

When someone begins a post with "The problem with the Democrats is..."

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy is worried about his BFF Trump speaking with "the plague" (Mueller)

Trump puts path to citizenship for some 'dreamers' on the table in immigration deal

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Shut Up Drumph

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - The Issue

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Oprah Shuts Down Presidential Rumors: 'Not Something That Interests Me'

Seminole County has a tax collector problem.

Trump Allies & Right-Wing Media Blast FBI & 'Deep State'

RWNJ Bebe and RWNJ Don giving each other blowjobs about moving the embassy

When Do We Push the Panic Button?

Basic Buttercream Icing recipe

(U of) Alabama athletics brought in $174.3 million last year

Inside the secret, sinister and very illegal cabal trying to destroy Trump

The "first meeting of the 'Secret Society' is tomorrow" was announced on a federal email server??

Davos attendees are quietly planning to walk out of Trumps speech

Yesterday Trump made a comment about the "Insurance Policy"

Dem senator blisters Trump 'minions': 'There's no institution they wont attack to protect their...

Gowdy: Clinton Benghazi Secret Society Email Conspiracy is REAL

Duke Energy to use tax savings to cover hurricane tab

For those of you who remember the story of my girlfriend's deadbeat son, we DID evict him.

Donald Trump does not have a secret plan for Mid East Peace.

Is TREY GOWDY an alien?

Pic Of The Moment: The Company You Keep...

Ron 'Secret Society' Johnson Claims He Is 'Certainly Not' Trying To Discredit FBI

How the Democratic Party became the new "Pro-Life" Party??

Do not say "Make me a sandwich" to this girl...

The Doomsday Clock just moved: Its now 2 minutes to midnight, the symbolic hour of the apocalypse

Bethune-Cookman University sues former president Edison Jackson over dorm deal

Republicans launch attack after attack on the FBI

Trump's inability to understand 'obstruction of justice' may be his downfall - By Jennifer Rubin

Bill to abolish daylight saving time change advances in Florida Senate

CNN - Bernie Sanders on Trump floating citizenship for Dreamers

He said he put residents first then he scored secret cash from special interests

Nunes 4 page super secret memo LEAKED!

U.S. Civil Rights Trail (ICYMI)

CNN - Bernie Sanders on Trump floating citizenship for Dreamers

TPM Editor's Blog: "A Defense Lawyer's Worst Nightmare" - By Josh Marshall

🐦 JAN 25 at 12:30 ET - The Bernie Sanders Show with NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio

Cat Figures Out Owner Does Not Enjoy Her Live Gifts, Starts Bringing Giant Leaves Every Morning

USDA Chief to People on Food Stamps: Get a Job

Leaks from inside the Secret FBI Revolution

While Descartes considered himself a staunch Catholic,

Was Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeting out GPS location of Marine One?

Trump Disputes 'False Rumor' About Rocky Relationship with UK PM May: 'We Like Each Other a Lot'

Russia probe's most popular lawyer risks conflicts

Russian Trolls Use Fox News' Sean Hannity To Undermine Mueller's Trump Probe, Report Says

What will Trump do to embarrass America this time?

"I couldn't have cared less about Russians having to do with my campaign."

30+ Art History Memes That Prove Nothing Has Changed In 100s Of Years (New Pics)

Mr Fluffy, there's no easy way to say this, but we need to talk

Doomsday clock moved 30 seconds forward to two minutes from midnight.


Ca Parents Banned From Talking To Their 13 Kids For Three Years, Judge Rules After Torture Arrest

Democratic group will spend $5 million to elect secretaries of state, the latest front in voting wa

NYT Op-Ed: Mueller already has evidence of Trump 'conspiracy to mislead...about Russia

Saw this on a walk the other day...

Grassley gives up on questioning 'spooked' Jared Kushner about Trump Tower meeting - blames Dems

The most ALARMING chart you will see today - Trump's poll numbers for handling the economy.

Buffetts' bet: The finale

Patriots conspiracy theories cheat truth about latest Super Bowl run

Stuff like this is why I left Facebook.

Conyers's son launches campaign for his House seat: report

Lynyrd Skynyrd announce Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour

Senate panel to release interviews with Trump Jr., others involved in meeting with Russian lawyer

Davos attendees plan to walk out of Trumps speech the World Economic Forum on Friday

Seth Abramson:

20-something Eagle Scout hired for top Trump trade post

Feds Plan Investigation Into Fraudulent FCC Comments

Gore defends Trump solar tariffs decision

Live and let die.

Satanic Temple beats Missouri in showdown over abortion rights.

GOP panics as signs point to imminent Mueller blockbuster

Tech firms allowed Russian probe of software widely used by U.S. govt

Five GOP Reps To Meet With Far-Right Czech Official Today. Why?

Bernie Sanders summons team to discuss 2020

Video Emerges of Trump Lying Under Oath

DU for Move On had a $10 donation

Car accident in Davos: Trump-BMW rams police - and then continues

A court ruling could be about to legalise gay sex in eight Caribbean countries

NY Magazine: Republicans using Russian playbook against FBI

No one seems to want to run Trump's EPA in California

The gop working against the F.B.I brings to mind kids in an old grain

I have a suspicion about why Trump's base stays loyal...

The Hill: Document suggests Feds had an informant inside Manafort's firm

Trump Threatens Aid to Palestine in Davos Talk With Netanyahu: 'The Money is On the Table'

Gol darn media....doing just what Trump wants them to do...

Quinnipiac Poll Trump Is No Role Model For Children, U.S. Voters Say 2-1

Whitefish Energy spent $150k lobbying Congress amid Puerto Rico scrutiny

Can Psychedelics Stop Oppression? Magic Mushroom Compound Shown To Soften Authoritarian Views

How Are Corporations Interfering With Our Criminal Justice System?

State visit to Great Britian. From today

"Others longed to pelt him with fruit as the US president strode enthusiastically into Davos..."

Fire and Fury should be retitled: Dunces with Wolff nt

Steven Mnuchin is trying to fix 'the first serious economic misstep by the Trump administration'

Nunes report released

GOP panics as signs point to imminent Mueller blockbuster

Schumer: GOP attacks on FBI 'delusional,' 'paranoid'

The Secret Society You've (Probably) Never Heard Of



Campaign to draft Joe Biden for 2020 says it's not too early

Errant court filing suggests feds had informant at Manafort firm

MEANWHILE, in Tennessee...

Does Everyone Know About Emerge America?

Name a song with a name of a song in the title.

In the Age of Trump: New Report Shows Acceptance of LGBT People Drops

"My God, they're throwing the stuff at each other now."

Twin Inflation Tales Reinforce Diverging Paths for Dollar, Euro

Bernie Sanders summons team to discuss 2020

All the WOKE Republican pundits on the TV righteous....screw them.

DOJ office says it has found missing text messages of FBI agents

Why The Sudden Flood Of Ads For Kazakhstan?

Poll: Most voters say Trump is not a good role model for children

Trump NLRB Appointee Finds a Way Around Conflict of Interest Rules

Tabasco Sauce - 150 Year Anniversary

Newly Defanged, Top Consumer Protection Agency Drops Investigation of High-Cost Lender

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 25, 2018

Trump to Host First State Dinner Since Becoming President

Can someone please explain to the Stable Genius how apostrophes work?

The first rule about a secret society

Samantha Bee: Stephen Miller, enterprising slime mold

Do Republicans really believe...

Fox hypes bogus FBI 'secret society' dozens of times - then goes silent after it's revealed a joke

Trump says he would re-enter TPP trade deal if it's made 'substantially better'

Dalio To Mnuchin: Dont Be Stupid, You Moron

The Primaries are Coming - Are You In?

Just in case anyone doesn't know the Deep State Secret Society handshake ...

Global mean surface temperatures jumped a half-degree over 3 years. 'Just remarkable'

Mueller Almost Done With Obstruction Part of Trump Probe, Sources Say

The DNC'S New Security Officer Knows All About Crisis

Does Everyone Know About Emerge America?

'Fire and Fury' book sales reach 1.7 million copies, publisher says

Trump at Davos dinner speaking: He's an idiot

Who did Steele originally give the dossier to?

What if Muellers' first ? for Trump is

Irony is dead: Nikki Haley criticizes world leaders for invoking conspiracy theories

No one told me about this secret society, and if they have a secret society handshake

"Yeah, I obstructed! So what! When I am attacked, I fight back."

How the GOP Rigs Elections ... gerrymandering, voter-ID laws, and dark money

Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger BOTH SIDES NOW

Trump Made A Career Of Not Keeping His Word

Melania goes to Holocaust museum and Mar-a-Lago

Tweet from James Comey

Employee who sent false alert in Hawaii not cooperating with FCC probe, official says

Johnson Walks It Back: 'Real Possibility' That 'Secret Society' Text Was A Joke

Is there an epidemic of insanity hittting the country?

AMERICAN VOICES: Vermont Governor Legalizes Marijuana

How many people at Davos meetings have read Fire and Fury?

Why the Page-Strzok Revelation Should Terrify Trump

You gotta believe, Baby!

Thanks to Trump, we are now a kakistocracy,

Exodus: Why Americans are Leaving Religion

FBI Secret Society dates back several decades. They even have secret 'FBI SS Handshake'.

Katy Tur needs an actual real hook to drag dumbass Mike Caputo off camera

Inside the secret, sinister and very illegal cabal trying to destroy Trump (Satire)

The absurd "Secret Society"hype of Sean Hannity confirms what I have suspected for years:

Kris Kobach's Office Leaks Last 4 Social Security Digits of Nearly Every Kansas Lawmaker

"I've Watched Trump Testify Under Oath. It Isn't Pretty."

Zinke touts opening up public lands at Vegas gun show

Sen. Johnson needs to apologize and admit his imaginary informant doesn't exist.

This is a TRUE story: I was invited to visit a "Secret Society".....

Per CNN - Melania made a secret surprise trip to Florida today

When Mrs Trump asked to borrow a Van Gogh for her rooms@the WH

The Trumps asked to borrow a Van Gogh for the White House. The Guggenheim offered an 18K gold toilet

Politico: Judge open to emoluments suit against Trump

Trump Cabinet Bible Study Pastor Says Its Libelous To Call Him A Christian Nationalist. Hmm.

"How saving a writer's life helped my dialysis app go global"

Paris floods: Eau no! French capital on alert as Seine bursts banks

Video: The Bernie Sanders Show: Progressive Government with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Jan 25th 2018

The Bernie Sanders Show: Progressive Government with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Jan 25th 2018

Whoa!! Footage from initial FBI Secret Society meeting!

The 'Doomsday Clock' has been reset to 2 minutes to midnight

The Real Reason Trump Is in Davos:

Jerry Brown should have done a mic drop

Modern humans left Africa much earlier

Lupita Nyong'o to Publish a Children's Book

Aww how sweet...Mika said she might take Joe's name after they get married...

Petit Moineau

With regard to our relation to other primates:

Mueller interview 'dangerous for a habitual liar" - Tweet

My favorite Phillip K. Dick quote is this:

CWA Wins Big Back-Pay Award for AT&T Customer Service Representatives

CWA Wins Big Back-Pay Award for AT&T Customer Service Representatives

CWA Wins Big Back-Pay Award for AT&T Customer Service Representatives

Missing FBI Text Messages have Been Found

Katy Tur smokes Trump loyalist who says FBI is 'our own version of the KGB'

Vince McMahon restarting XFL in 2020 - his marketing aim is pretty clear

Theresa May risks unrest by paving way for Donald Trump visit (2nd half of 2018)

Argentina's Macri: "In South America we are all descendants of Europeans"

if we get no DACA bill and some dreamers are forced to leave, is there any chance that

Any European history folks here? I have a question...

Wheeeeew,,,,,, I am so glad,,,,,,

Is Tillerson a DOTARD too? What's wrong with this guy?

Venice restaurant that hit tourists with L1,000 bill faces L17,000 fines

Paul Ryan Is the Silent Partner in Trump's War on the Rule of Law

Politico: Trump team (Mnuchin) unleashes verbal assault on dollar.

Monkey selfie photographer says he's broke: 'I'm thinking of dog walking'

U2's New CD

Got on a Hip bender at work.

WashPo: Looking more and more like a republican coordinated effort to discredit Mueller

Justice Dept. sides with conservative groups in free speech lawsuit against Berkeley

How to Make Chili

Twitter Link: Levi Sanders


US panel rejects Philip Morris claim iQOS tobacco device cuts disease risk

Happy Burns Night! Haggis: Blessing or Abomination?

EU court: Asylum seekers must not be forced to take 'gay tests'

Alabama corrupt? Well, it does add up

Federal tax bill could mean massive state tax hike for Georgians

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 26 January 2018

If He Really Did Collude - He Must Ellude.....

Casey Affleck, previously sued for sexual harassment, drops out of presenting at the Oscars

Irony is dead: Nikki Haley criticizes world leaders for invoking conspiracy theories

Sources: Romney expected to announce Senate bid next week

Amtrak engineer misread signal before fatal crash near Seattle: U.S. agency

Wow-Dutch Intell Infiltrated Russian Hacker Group- Witnessed -How Russians Attacked US Institutions

Doomsday Clock moved to just two minutes to 'apocalypse'

Here's a TX-SEN candidate you might want to steer clear of...

U.S. consumer bureau delays prepaid card rules into 2019

Has Mueller Interviewed Pence Yet?....

BREAKING: Trump will support a path to citizenship for DACA recipients

Are Militarized Police a Sign Of The Failures Of Unregulated Capitalism?

'Secret Society' FBI Text Actually Began With A 'Beefcake' Putin Calendar

U.S. to seek dismissal of 'meritless' whistleblower cases - memo

Controversy as Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newsroom confronts its publisher

Fourth USA Gymnastics board member resigns after abuse scandal

Does Louise Mensch support White Nationalist?

Time to Kick Turkey Out of NATO?

Warning! The Monster is loose! Trumpenstein descends on Davos.

Happy 68th birthday, The Tubes' synth player Michael Cotten.

Yemen Houthis free detained U.S. citizen, sends him to Oman: local sources

Roy Moore seeking money for fight against female accuser

Perjury trap?

Watch Live Today! Ariane 5 Rocket Launching NASA GOLD Experiment at 5:20 pm ET

White House presents immigration plan with path to citizenship for 1.8 million

OZ Open - Tennys Sandgren apology- heading home to reflect

'duh'....LG is raising washing machine prices due to new Trump tariff

Can someone explain how Shepard Smith keeps a job at Fox News?

In an Israeli Cave, Scientists Discover Jawbone of Earliest Modern Human Out of Africa

Here's A Supercut Of Trump Trying To Talk About Technology

10 Monkeys and a Beetle: Inside VWs Campaign for 'Clean Diesel'

Ok. So. A little Econ primer (and the outlook is not rosy)

Whoa! Chuck Todd just said, on the #RussiaTrump Mueller issue --

Billy Joel's "Piano Man" reworked as a Cthulu-summoning anthem...

So 3 prominent Canadian politicians resigned over sex harrassment charges; meanwhile Trump stays WTF

Arguments begin in emoluments suit against Trump

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

DCCC selects the candidates?

How did I miss this? A Dozen Camels Disqualified From Saudi Beauty Pageant Over Botox Injections

Prof. Richard Wolff Believes Extreme Poverty in America is only Going To Get Worse

Russia probe expands, 20 White House Staffers Interviewed

EXCLUSIVE. Trump's Attorney Says No Decision to Talk to Mueller

GOP Senate candidate flips out over womens rights: I want to come home to a cooked dinner every

Man shot at Oregon veterans clinic during altercation

More than 20 WH employees talked to Mueller, lawyer says

"America First" or "America Alone"?

This went right over Trumps stable genius head

Cruz Blasts Citizenship Path for Dreamers Suggested by Trump

A Middle Finger For Trump's New Immigration Proposal

Senate Set To Vote On 20-Week Abortion Ban, Part Of Decades-Long Effort To Undo Roe

Bryan Fischer Says There Is No Reason For The Religious Right To Punish America By Turning On Trum

Seen at Lunch Today. Another term for the tRump

Tony Perkins: Evangelical support for Trump 'conditional' on campaign promises

"Thanks Tucker"

ESPN puts Nate Silver's site up for sale

The colors of Trump:

Oldest known human fossil outside Africa discovered in Israel

Man accused of using makeup artist, disguise in fraud scheme

How does the US government spell "Kurd"?

Wrongfully convicted man dies 10 years after prison release

A biting story about Phillips from City Pages

Charlottesville Police Arrest 4th Person on Charges Related to DeAndre Harris Assault

Ari just teased first ever live interview with Stormy

Rights to abortion, privacy could diminish under proposed constitutional amendment

Reuters -Dutch Intel spyed on Russian Election Hack

Fussy seater: Trump will not be sitting in any seats that have built-in sides.

Trump: Mnuchin's remark on weaker dollar 'taken out of context'

Pope says fake news is satanic

Dutch intelligence agency spied on Russian hacking group: media

Atlanta officers save dog from apartment fire

He pleaded guilty to elections shenanigans. Twice. Now he's back.

Ecuador's leader laments "nuisance" Julian Assange

George Soros: 'Trump would like to establish a mafia state'

FBI sting nabs Hallandale mayor on campaign finance, money laundering charges

Ecuador Prepares to Vote on Term Limits

WH Refers to Legal Immigrants as "Migrants," Complains That U.S. "Resettles" Too Many of Them

WH asked to borrow a van Gogh, but were offered a used gold toilet instead....

Sen. Tom Cotton (Batshitcrazy - AR) is a liar. New CIA head?

The Unchallenged President and that CNBC interview.

Our FRiends' response to Trump decision to offer a path to citizenship for Dreamers...

can someone here explain the difference(if there is one) of testifying in front of Mueller vs

I thought WI was heavily gerrymandered....

Colouring Outside The Lines Mia Kang TEDxHKUST

Looks like it'll be fish for dinner. Again.

Colouring Outside The Lines Mia Kang TEDxHKUST

28 who died in 2017

when another Senator from Wisconsin came up with a fake list of members of a secret society

Trump is the center of attention in Davos!

A question about the Mueller investigation