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Archives: January 27, 2018

Gov. Murphy races to sanctuary church after ICE detains 2 in N.J. (VIDEO)

Gov Murphy signs 6 executive orders

White House plan would reduce environmental requirements for infrastructure projects

This has NOTHING to do with protecting newborns and EVERYTHING to do with controlling women.

I gotta repost this for everyone we know who says, "both parties are the same"

Putin rival 'Russian Paris Hilton' invited to Trump breakfast

DU - Who do we side with?

Melania spokeswoman blasts 'salacious' reports as 'fake news'

Gov. Phil Murphy: New Jersey Will Sue Over Trump Tax Law

Maxine Waters Is Giving A National Address On BET After Trump's State Of The Union

Trump EPA revives Obama proposal to block controversial Alaska mine

Arizona sovereign citizen destroys innocent motorist's car, blames police for it

Here's the violent car crash that Hannity used as a diversion to avoid discussing Trump.

Fox won't book Steve Wynn for 'Wise Guys' after sexual misconduct accusations

California will put 5 million electric cars on the road by 2030, Gov. Jerry Brown says

Country music aint just got to dig deeper than the mainstream

Will any repub tell trump that "it's time to go"?

Trump sides with murderers

trump's lawyers trying to avoid letting him talk to Mueller

Feast your eyes.

Report: Trump Lawyers Looking to Limit Mueller Interview, Citing 1997 Court Ruling

A bad role model

What happens when a republican is caught doing anything at all?

Tonight's vinyl selection

Fox 'News' is an Enemy of the State...

And to those writing off country music (Colbert Waffle House)

IMF chief warns Trump's tax cuts could destabilise global economy

John Fugelsang nails the hypocrisy of the Repugs over Steve Wynn

Adult actress Alana Evans thinks Melania should "Stand by (her) man"

Twitter Says Russian Bots Retweeted Trump 470,000 Times

Rep. Devin Nunes, Trumps stooge, attacks FBI

Longest time to concede an election? (For the WH)

Famed civil rights leader Dolores Huerta visits Southwestern

Why is Trump flying back home, a long trip for a short speech.

Steve Wynn, RNC finance chair, wore extremely short shorts so when he sat down......................

MA4cd US Rep Joe Kennedy the 3rd is giving the Democratic SOTU response on Tuesday.

Who is Bobby Sykes?

Happy Birthday. Ellen turns 60

Grassley, Graham seek info on Trump dossier author's work for Dems

One more for the country music fans

Give Michele Bachmann A Sign From God

Welcome to Class! In Focus: How to Ignite Social Change. Robert Reich

Sessions Blasts 'Political Bias' and 'Favoritism' Inside Justice Department

Trump Will Try to Fire Mueller. Again.

Finally an evangelical with whom one can actually identify.....a Graham, no less!

Report that Trump tried to fire Mueller sends Fox News into a tailspin

Meet Bobby, The Real Courtland Sykes.

Creator at work.

Trump Allied Televangelist Who Says Only Non-Believers Get PTSD Invited To Speak To Military

Police recover guns, machetes in room of teen who allegedly plotted school shooting

Harvard law professor says what Mueller knows about Trump is 'incredibly important'

So the NYTimes' Maggie Haberman had another "but-Hillary's-not-perfect" story ready to pop out there

Ex-RNC spokesman: 'Steve Wynn has got to go'

trump/FOX symbiotic relationship

Here's what Trump has done to impede and control the Russia investigation

Post-WW2 Joy (too good not to share)

Real Time with Bill Maher guests tonight:

Name a song that doesn't exist. I'll start.

Twitter Video: Bernie Sanders on why it's time to make college tuition free.

Name any TV show, that when viewed upside down, looks like a kitten.

RNC finance chair paid $7.5 million to keep rape allegations secret: report


Klamath Falls city councilor to contest $29,000 tax lien from state

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Mo Mueller!

Anyone have good advice for caring for feline pancreatitis?

Okay, so Ryan and McConnell

Name a great generic line from the movies...

Joy Reid tweet sums up the dilemna the RePugs face with Steve Wynn

In Davos Speech, Trump Mixes Facts, Falsehoods and Claims That Need Context

GOP governor candidate cosigns Christian gun cult leader who thinks schools are turning kids gay

What could Trump do that would constitute "obstruction of justice" ??

Burger King explains net neutrality

USVI to conduct feasibility study for processing and packaging plant

Distinguished constitutional scholar/professor nails the significance of tRump's order to

Anybody heard of rapper Chamillionaire? As progressives, we all should. See link below.

As Republicans Attack The DOJ And FBI, Sessions Vows To Stand Up To 'Unfair' Criticism

Wouldn't it make more sense to put the Justice Department under the Judicial Branch...?

The Border Patrol chooses a new target: A volunteer helping migrants

Cuomo the coward, once again

Just cuz Im annoyed that Melanonia is whining about salaciousness

So Who Will Have The Guts To Shout Out YOU LIE At The SOTU On Tuesday Night?

The Moody Blues should have been in the R&R HOF a gazillion

Trump comes home from DAVOSand Melania be gone!

Friday Talking Points (469) -- A Crazed Definition Of Modern Womanhood

Mapp On Salary Increase For Teachers: 'I Can't Say What Month And What Year Well Be Able To Do That

U.S. Border Patrol Checks on Buses Increasing Across Maine

Gotta love Ted Lieu!

Seventh Circuit Rules Against Expanding Voting Rights To USVI, PR And Other U.S. Territories


Ohio Republicans apologize for crude remarks at going-away party

U.S. Border Patrol Checks on Buses Increasing Across Maine

Great new site via Weather Underground "United States of Climate Change"

Former Employees Who Leaked Explicit Images Of VI Del. to Congress And Her Husband Plead Guilty

Best album title ever

Times the White House changed position on DACA

"Its Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban"

So, What Do You Think?...

Beef and Onions, Made Better With Beer

The high price of letting unions die.

Thank you, DU, and the beat goes on.

The Daily Show: Between the Scenes - The Larry Nassar Verdict

What is the average age group of posters on this forum?

Can't find thread: about, Does inciting mentally impaired to violence count against (SHITLER)?

Should Chubby Checker be in the RnR HOF? Connie Francis?

The Geeopian-led Republic Party...

Anybody heard of rapper Chamillionaire? As progressives, we should find out who he is. See link belo

Seth Meyers - Trump in Davos, Deer Basketball - Monologue - 1/25/18

Trump turns Russia frustration to Rosenstein


Ron Johnson vs the Secret Society of Voices in His Head

For those not around for Watergate, Trump crimes are mirroring exactly what it was like back then.

Dutch agencies provide crucial intel about Russia's interference in US-elections

Hometown paper heaps praise on Nunes in editorial: Rep. Devin Nunes, Trumps stooge, attacks FBI

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Kimmels Dishonest and Corrupt President Awards:

Congressman Adam Schiff on Stephanie Miller's Show:

The Last Word: Lawrence O'Donnell 01/26/18

Trump Broke Up with the World, and the World Is Moving On

Hillary Unplugged: Message "to all the activist bitches supporting bitches" by the inimitable

Push back on the trump Wall funding

Mueller now investigating whether Trumps FBI smear campaign constituted obstruction

Mendelssohn: "Violin Sonata in F Major, Op. 4"

Nancy Pelosi's Great Tweet on GOP Tax Scam Bill

Rachel Maddow Show: Stories 01/26/18

Winter beards, personal protests and a question

Branka Parlic plays: Philip Glass "Glassworks" and Wim Mertens "Circular Breathing"

Bullet Proof... I wish I was

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 1/26/18

Trump's first year of GDP growth is very, very average, historically speaking

Conspiracy Theorist Loses it on CNN

Human Rights Organizations Nationwide Request Help for Puerto Rico

Trump assigns career civil servants to desk jobs just to spite President Obama

Why I love Reddit. It's threads like this one.

Real Time with Bill Maher


I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain


Harvard's Endowment Is Profiting From Puerto Rico's Debt as the Island's Schools Face Crippling Cuts

Shouldn't the Orange Pustule be "lashing out" about today's news by now?

Roy Orbison - Crying - Live 1988

HIV is Spreading Among Clueless Young Adults Who Aren't Getting Tested

Jerry Lee Lewis-Breathless

Rice-cooker tapioca

Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen

The Cars - Magic

He bagged a record-setting 278-point buck in North Texas. It'll cost him $53,000

The Cars - Candy-O 1979 - live

The Cars - Dangerous Type

Sheesh. Someone told me I had the maturity of an 8 year old.

The Cars - Let's Go (Midnight Special)

The Cars - My Best Friends Girl

Is Microdosing The Future of Marijuana?

The Cars - Just What I Needed

Can anything be read into Sean hannity Twitter account be deleted?? was it deleted

Gary Numan - Cars

Driller at center of Oklahoma well blast has history of deadly accidents

Gay candidate barred from running for sheriff by Alabama GOP

Joe Kennedy demolishes the GOP tax bill

Senate moves to cut back unemployment benefits


Mace Plays Vinyl - Cars - The Cars - Full Album

Is the humble sandwich a climate change culprit?

Couldn't get enough of this one tonight--Debussy:"Six Epigraphes Antiques" Orchestra & Quartet

Foreigner-Head Games [Full Album] 1979

If Fox News were around during Watergate

Have you met a Movie Star?

Yummy no-knead bread. Makes great bread bowls for soup.

Fracking companies wont have to disclose chemicals thanks to Trump administration rollback

Roy Moore collects funds for legal defense

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/26/18

House Democrats push for better education, healthcare and ethics in Legislative agenda

Geeks needed....was this YouTube video created by the DU hacker?

What will Trump decide about proposed super merger of Bayer and Monsanto?

Cats in boxes...

France will close all its coal power stations by 2021

Tennessee Couple and Utah Pharmacy Indicted for $65 Million Tricare Fraud

US trade court rules against Boeing in Bombardier dispute

Governor candidate Walt Maddox says he'll expand Medicaid, pass lottery

Kabul bomb attack kills 17 and injures 79 in Afghan capital

The Energy Requirement of Metal Processing and the Nuclear Option.

Government class instruction comparing Obama to Hitler draws public ire in Baldwin County

Joy Ann Reid's guests: Chelsea Handler and Lawrence O'Donnell

NASA's $55 million GOLD satellite, feared lost, successfully reaches orbit

Court rules that Kushner firm must disclose partners names

OZ Open - Spoiler

Bill to end marriage licenses in Alabama advances

Church Elder Allegedly Killed His Wife Because His Religion Wont Allow Divorce

Uncomfortably Numb

White House Bible study comes under fire

White House Bible study comes under fire

Pelosi: Equally stunning is the GOP Congress complicity in the WH's interference in investigations

'Anti-Vegetarianism Is Sexism in Disguise'

Immigrant who volunteered to rebuild N.J. homes after Superstorm Sandy seeks sanctuary from deportat

disappears from Twitter after embarrassing U-turn over Trump's 'attempt to fire' Mueller

Could we start putting some type of warning in our post titles if the main post is going to

The Clinton Reckoning Is One of the Most Essential #MeToo Revelations Yet

How did I get to be so old? 🎂

Saatchi chairman and his wife defend crowdfunding for Instagram-star dog

Suspect's apparent inability to drive a vehicle with a standard transmission led to his arrest.

Mike Luckovich draws Trump's "Top advisers".

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Obstruction case "growing stronger by the day".

I tend to agree ...

"I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese). Ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole and you can eat it."

How Congress Could Actually Impeach Donald Trump

Trumpus Interruptus

Trumps presidency was inevitable

"I know, I know..."

Hillary responds to the NYT article

What happened to 6% GDP growth ?

New #Trump @EPA Administrator, Cathy Stepp, always carries a fake nose around. ....

The (sometimes) dreaded earworm

Wow, this young Democrat is only 27 years old!

Trump still doesn't understand why 'you're fired' can't work like it did on TV

Do they flock together?

Kabul attack: Taliban kill 95 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital

Tronc Is Building A Shadow Newsroom Full Of Scabs, L.A. Times Staffers Fear

Republicans refuse to take stand on keeping Mueller on board.

UPDATE Malcolm Nance The Plot To Hack

How did you get to be so old?

Coming U.S. List of Oligarchs Linked to Putin Alarms Russia's Rich

This ex-NSA hacker is hunting white supremacists and hate groups lurking on Twitter

Mercy Mercy

Why Does President Trump Fear the Truth? (NY Times)

Jeb Bush Reams Marco Rubio on Immigration: 'God Forbid' You Do Anything Controversial

Ew, that's nasty.

Anyone interested in a 2018...

She Said Vince McMahon Sexually Assaulted Her in a Tanning Booth. Police Found 'Probable Cause.'...

CNN simply MUST stop giving Jack Kingston air time!

"That is a red line that cannot be crossed"..meaningless in the Vulgarian's reign

Trump Likes Tweet on Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made Against 'Great Friend' Steve Wynn

Trump 'Liked" this Tweet about his friend Steve Wynn forcing employees to perform sex acts

Hannity Bashes Hillary Based on NYT Report...After Trashing NYT as 'Fake News' For Mueller Story

2/1/18 - 50 Liter/Day Water Limit For Cape Town Kicks In; 4/12 - Municipal Water System Shuts Off

Clinton says she spoke to staffer who accused top adviser of harassment

really thinking here that tRump will take the 5th?

Arguing that Religion is truth is like participating in a fencing match

The Fresno Bee -largest newspaper in Rep Nunes's (R-CA) district-RIPS GOP lawmaker: "Trump's Stooge"

The makers of Huggies and Kleenex is firing up to 5,500 workers and it's using Trump tax cuts

Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III's profile will rise with Trump critique

Cosby lawyers say prosecutors withheld, destroyed key evidence

Pence Goes Over The Waters Edge

Poll: North Korea is top issue for Republican voters in 2018 midterms

Firing Squads, Guillotine For Democrats & "Deep State". Lou Dobbs Fans. -Crooks & Liars.

Dana Milbank: Republicans redefine morality as whatever Trump does

Please, please, please, some Dem any Dem bring

Billionaire Saudi prince freed from detention

Pierce: The Two Layers of the Hillary Clinton Story

Is it too late for the republicans to stop Mueller? I think it likely that he has a fist full of

The American President clearly doesnt understand how Democracy works.

Even now, Republicans are ignoring the storm clouds - Joe Scarborough

2017 Hottest Year On Record For Earth's Oceans; Past Five Years Five Hottest Years On Record

So I am watching Joy Reid...with Malcolm and a great panel.....

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - No Rule of Law

The President and the Porn Star

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Has anyone noticed Trump never mentions this, in regards to his wall?

Appeals court sides with home care workers union...again

Is money laundering the new capitalist industry?

Booker: Trump doesnt see himself as subject to the rule of law

In Phoenix. Sunday Near Record 83 and Monday Possible Record 83. Still January.

Thank You Larry O'D On Joy Reid

Video is why drumpf came home early.

Today, January 27th, a date which will live in obscurity

'Scumbag and liar': Richard Painter hammers Trump apologist Jack Kingston for attacking Mueller

Republicans are urged to return their own scandal-engulfed major donor's money

Bill Kristol has a very selective memory

U.S. judge blocks prompt deportation of Cambodians

One of the Primary Elements of Calvinism is Predestination - Thomas Paine Wrote about It

Trump's latest interview shows he's not really the president

Turkey says U.S. has promised to stop arming YPG, warns Washington on Manbij

Where Does American Decline End?

Man convicted of manslaughter in road-rage killing of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight

Family of rancher slain during wildlife refuge standoff sues U.S., FBI

I have one question for the parents of Dr. Nasser's victims?

Politico Magazine: Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President

Why is hurricane relief a Democratic issue???


Welcome to Minnesota, Super Bowl Folks

Trump says he 'deeply respects' African people in letter to leaders

Wet-Bulb Weekend Ahead For Melbourne: Expect 35C+ Temps & 20C Dew Point For 1st Time

Pilot light on water heater won't stay lit

Wangaratta, Australia: 2.7 Inches Of Rain (1 Month's Worth +) In An Hour

maybe the republiCONS won't do shit to tRump even if Mueller files charges BUT

Battle of the Glands!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Lou Dobbs and S*itforBrains Gorka!!!

What do you think about this song?

Best buddies:

Does anyone else check the internet constantly, just in case the "big one" drops?

Schmidt continues to hammer it home

What the heck is going on today? Every article I see

Paul Nehlen gets demolished by Twitter, starting with "Larry The Cable Guy!"

Sean Hannity snippet shows how to keep the Fox News viewer misinformed (VIDEO)

What happens when Trump supporters realize theyve been had?

How do I download photos from my iPhone to my computer

POTUS taking foreign money through hotels:latest Kuwait

Wendy Williams Says She's Sick of the #MeToo Movement

Landmines in the Republican War on the Middle Class: Home Equity Loan Interest No Longer Deductible.

Does anyone know if Melanias aircraft is still in West Palm?

Remember that Nixon said he could have taken his crimes to another level?

Article: "The female price of male pleasure"

DCCC vs Lancaster Stands Up

Just discovered an "African-Americans for Ted"(Cruz) Facebook page

Tax Incentive Puts More Robots on Factory Floors

#HolocaustMemorialDay Death camp survivor fears Holocaust deniers are winning.

Salon: Defeat is inevitable. Everybody knows it, even Trump

Number one fan!

Media Madness: book shows Trump White House obsessed with press

For those of you who write or call your members of Congress

Bernie Sanders gives speech at American Legion in Bennington - News Video at Link

Trump trashes Melania and pregnant women in general on Howard Stern's show

Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President

"You Lie!" shouldn't be shouted at Trump during the SOTU. Too Obvious. I'm for "Whiny Snowflake!"

Dutch alerted US intel about Russian hacking of DNC in summer, 2015.

Sanders visits the young and the old - Photos at Link

Washington State Senate Votes to Ban Conversion Therapy

She's Got The Look

Help flip a Republican Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin on February 20.

New hoops for overseas voters?

It's laughable the Reich Wing is calling for giant increases in defense spending,

Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck loses 58 billion in hacking attack

February 13 is Election Day in Oklahoma

Help turn New Mexico a little bluer on March 6.

Larry O'D On Joy Reid Why Not To Criticise Dems On REcent Shutdown

You may be boycotting Trump's SOTU, but be sure to tune into Rep Joe Kennedy's response.

Patterns of Distraction

Holocaust remembrance and education: our shared responsibility

Merkel warns of rising anti-Semitism on Holocaust remembrance day

For DU'S enjoyment: TFT's (and my) first musical Trump takedown video (guitarist deserves a Grammy)

Here's an Interesting Blog on Apologetics and Sophistry

UPDATED: RNC finance chair Steve Wynn to resign after sexual harassment allegations

Activists mobilize against Argentina's Macri for defunding HIV prevention, treatment programs

Is the idea commonly known as "A War on Christmas"...

Hillary Clinton Is Not the President

Wynn resigns as RNC finance chairman amid sexual misconduct claims:

SINGER 2018 - Jessie J Competes in China's Singing Contest Episode 1

Is Kennedy the 3rd Democratic response to Trump's SOTU address a preparation for 2020?

Stevie, we hardly knew ye . . . you gross, disgusting old pig. Politico sez yer gone.

RNC finance chair Steve Wynn to resign after sexual harassment allegations

"3 million scovilles" hot sauce made from Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, AND Ghost peppers

Remember when Steve Wynn put his elbow through a Picasso?

Cats are assholes

It looks like Trump is in worsening trouble. We should help him.

Tribe:Trump firing Mueller would be a crime

Activists mobilize against Argentina's Macri for defunding HIV prevention, treatment programs

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Bernie Sanders gives speech at American Legion in Bennington

Its the official party!: MSNBCs Reid ridicules GOP operative after he claims RNC doesnt repres

Reminds you of what regime?

A liberal conspiracy? There's no conspiracy at all

Wealth Gap in a picture (stolen from Reddit)

I'm sure the male HRC staffer in 2008 didn't think that forehead kiss, shoulder rub,

37 children have died this flu season and #Trump is gutting the national response @CDC

"O Lord of Hosts Be With Us" (Great Compline Chant) English/Arabic and English

Oh look another one of trumps buddies accused of sexual assault

White nationalist group linked to violent street brawls descends on Florida

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut say they will sue federal government over caps on tax deduction

Just emailed my congressfolk to tell them I want to see them boycott the SOTU.

NJ has highest foreclosure rate in 2017

Anyone keep a mood diary?

Is banishment from the public square always appropriate punishment for bad sexual actors ?

Does America have a caste system?

Ex-federal prosecutor taunts Trump to fire Mueller in order to make next special counsels obstructi

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 27, 2018

Cats being jerks

Officials: Child calls 911 during murder-suicide, mom obtained protective order day before

My take on the latest Hillary "scandal".

2018 US House Election-Democrats guide to a majority.

Feral cats this afternoon.

Steve Wynn is resigning from the RNC!

cats stealing pizza

The reality of the US economic slowdown is starting to set in

Here's a link to a Trump State of the Union poll. Time to play whack-a-Dolt

Hispanic Mayors for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Garcetti-D or Castro-D.

The woman whose car was wiped out by SC Taebel will definitely live

Donald draws

Now, Americans turn to Hitler comparisons when they fight each other. FUGELSANG.

Kitty Hero

A walk down memory lane. Some things never change. 1935 Dr Seuss (I believe)

College athlete suspended, leaves school over racist social media post

Irish abortion referendum: PM Varadkar to campaign for change

Voting-machine makers are already worried about Defcon

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a shark?

Fresno Bee editorial board goes to town on Devin Nunes

Jury service quirk

Will Ferrell hosts an all-new Saturday Night Live with musical guest Chris Stapleton

can we just stop with the Hillary bashing plz? I just had a cpl folks...

Trump legal team seeking precedent to avoid Mueller interview: report

Russian gas defies U.S. sanctions to reach New England

CNN: Trump hotel in DC pricier and emptier than peers in 2017

Trump sought release of classified Russia memo, putting him at odds with Justice Department

A little girl trusts her daddy ...

Stilton cheese rolling cancelled as 'no longer seen as cool'

Anti-GMO? Pro-GMO? Food Evolution A full-length doc on the science of genetically engineered...

How do I upload a jpeg from my hard drive to a DU post?

Ex-RNC spox hits current RNC chair's 'weak-sauce' statement on Wynn resignation

Mort Walker, whose 'Beetle Bailey' was a comic-page staple for decades, dies at 94

Thousands of people in Kenya are getting free money for 12 years in an experiment that could redefin

What's your favorite Martin Scorsese movie?

"Trump...told May that he would not visit the UK unless she bans the planned protests..."

'Unbought and unbossed': Shirley Chisholm's feminist mantra is still relevant 50 years later

The Cosmological Argument.

The "secret society" got Sean Hannity

"Trump...told May that he would not visit the UK unless she bans the planned protests..."

I went into the woods to see my brother.

Dems on House Science and Tech Committee blast 45's "total ignorance"

Get out of the country!: Navajo lawmaker harassed by Arizona Trump supporters accusing him of bein

Trump broke with Justice Dept, called for release of memo: report

Wynn resigns as RNC's finance chairman

Judge to rule Feb 6 on bid to scrap Assange arrest warrant

Trump condemns Kabul bombing

Could Democrats win the 2020 TX US Senate Race if Cornyn-R decides to retire?

Three decades after the Challenger disaster, Christa McAuliffe's lessons will finally be taught

Koch network to spend $400 million during 2018 midterm election cycle

What's your favorite Woody Allen movie?