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Archives: January 28, 2018

Former 'Charles In Charge' Co-Star Nicole Eggert Accuses Scott Baio of Impropriety

Post your doggie pics!

Seriously though, how many Tide Pods can you fit in your mouth?

Trump: I'm not a feminist

Nicole Eggert speaks out about Scott Baio

SINGER 2018 - Jessie J Competes in China's Singing Contest Episode 2 & 3

White House Open To Gas Tax Hike To Pay For Infrastructure Upgrades

Watching Rachel Maddow show w/ Joy Reid filling in...

Piers Morgan ruthlessly mocked after 'breaking' news that Trump is not a feminist

Laser water pipe with rotating bowl

Looking for the best *free* image hosting Photobucket its walking papers

Anyone else checking out the Van Jones Show on CNN?

Name your credit card number and its expiration date. n/t

SpaceX aiming for first Falcon Heavy launch on Feb. 6

Watched an NBA game the other night and they showed a scene of people

Trump sought release of classified Russia memo, putting him at odds with DOJ

Name your IRA custodian, account number, and your mother's maiden name.

My sweet Hank is in the vet hospital this weekend. They believe

The Easiest Way To Learn Hiragana

Name a song that you only sing when you are out of town.

No More Rallies Inside Mississippi Capitol, Leaders Say

On the year anniversary of the Muslim ban, protestors take to the White House

Mississippi Sues Over Mail-Order Shipments of Wine, Liquor

Question for people who have made sexual harassment complaints:

How many of us are guilty of

Been wrangling my bricked android tablet all day. OS corrupt.

My love for this guy, just keeps getting better and better.....Mark Ruffalo...

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Richard Nolle's 2018 predictions.

Booming city economies push middle class out

Trump's high-risk reversal of 70 years of trade progress

Senate passes bill banning bump stocks

Trumps flirtation with firing Mueller inspires demands from Democrats to protect special counsel

2018 US Senate Election-Democrats could end up with 54 seats if the following happens.

Schwab: If shutdown blame isnt clear, it will be if DACA ends

Analysis: Gridlock Deepens Under Trump. Is Our Democracy at Risk?

So Sean Hannity is going to bring down the FBI on Monday

RNC Silent So Far About Contributions From Steve Wynn After Allegations He Forced Women Into Sex

Trump gets chance to sell nation on rebuilding plan

After N.C. Court ruling

I'm Surprised Peckerhead Sean Hannity Didn't Throw His Back Out On World's Fastest Aboutface.

Re-entry Reform Hits Wall, But Kids No Longer Face Death Penalty

Top Dems demand answers from State Department after employees cite career concerns

Ginsburg will not attend Trump's first State of the Union

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 30: NYC Landmarks

Koch network charts ambitious course for 2018

What's the difference between Hillary Clinton and the "Salem Witch Trials" defendants.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 31: Governors Awards

WTH.......2 new refrigerators on Air Force One costs HOW MUCH???

Local Democrats Face Cash Crunch

Wow, $24 million dollars to have the refrigerators replaced on Air Force One!

We're going through a wave sequence here...

BREAKING: Place Christopher Cross taken away to by sailing not actually where he heard it could be

Paddington (the first movie, from 2015)

"I Am Not Your Negro" - James Baldwin, a recommendation.

The cop in Bridesmaids

Kamala Harris tweet on DACA.

Trump tweet minutes ago: "I have offered DACA a wonderful deal..."

Where is Rudy Giuliani as his party trashes the FBI?

trump and Repubs will 'Inherit the Wind'

Ween live on TV "Happy Colored Marbles"

The Awesomeness of Penzeys

'Anti-Gang' Bill Heads to Full House to Expand Policing Powers

2020 US Senate Election-most vulnerable Democratic held seat-AL and Republican held seat-CO


Along Old River Road

Disgusting language and shit flying through the air.

Influential Koch network plans to invest nearly $400M to help protect GOP majorities

Here's Why Hillary Lives Rent Free In Trumps Head...She Knew.

Can someone slip Dotard some Ambien?

Lawyer: Hotel valet gave his $300,000 Ferrari to wrong man

Laurence Tribe just tweeted about this "very helpful" article about DT and RICO laws.

History Buffs: Dances with Wolves

The Republican party unleashed an extraordinary attack on law enforcement.

When Trump is FINALLY gone, what percentage of his voters will be ashamed?

Normally I don't like Will Ferrell...

Alabama senator Jones to address Mississippi Democrats

Lawmakers want to undo PSC corruption reform

NY AG investigating group that sells fake Twitter followers

IMO we're beyond penalties for MSU athletics

We made big mistake: we should have taken down big players in 08-09 Recession

Yesterday in 1945, January 27th, Auschwitz was liberated

Yesterday in 1945, January 27th, Auschwitz was liberated

UK heading for 'dilution of Brexit', says former minister

a question about kind & generous republicans

Pesky pooch: This dog pinches things from all over the house!

Trump gets a thumbs down for Davos speech

Dog's skateboarding skills unleashed!

Lego model of Cambridge classicist Prof Mary Beard created

SNL Cold Opening with George W Bush:

The Daily Show: The Fox News Guide to Interviewing Trump

SNL - Weekend Update on End of Government Shutdown

"Advice to Water Protectors"

Trump, addressing Nevada supporters in February 2016, praised Wynn as a great friend of mine.

Looks like Melania may bring down Trump?

Cats are getting antsy...

Cash registers believed to be zapping away state revenue

PA-18: Unemployed Trump voter hands $25 check to Democrat Connor Lamb

Tennis is on! Tennis is on!

Democrats Doubling Up in Primary Races

Activist who helped legalize medical pot in California, dies

Tanker disaster in East China Sea could be worlds worst oil spill in 35 years

A kangaroo named Paul is now the oldest tree kangaroo in US

What was your favorite cereal as a kid ?

Education top issue in gubernatorial race, SCORE poll finds

Why is the establishment allowing Trump to destroy the country

Phil Bredesen names campaign team for U.S. Senate run

Marco Rubio fires chief of staff for improper conduct with subordinates

Lax oversight allowed ex-regulators to jump to firms they oversaw

The Follower Factory

The Answer to Whether Trump Obstructed Justice Now Seems Clear

GOP consultant: Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro should have gone to prison for tax fraud

University of Tennessee Chancellor Beverly Davenport condemns hate speech on the Rock

Media Madness: book shows Trump White House obsessed with press

10 Women Running for Office to Watch in 2018

Colombia motorbike ban: Bogot mayor forbids pillion riders in bid to curb crime

Baby rhino jumps for joy as hes given first ever shower

Lenoir City chiropractor pays $1.45 million for operating pill mills

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Rapunzel, Rapunzel Edition

'Devastating' cut could mean some retired Kentucky teachers pay thousands more in insurance

I do not understand-- if 86% of the population wants to deal with Dreamers, why can't...

ZEMBLA - The dubious friends of Donald Trump

Our sons math teacher is awesome

Navalny offices raided on day of protests

Good news and bad news about this November...

Update on shooting at Marshall County High School

Australian Open Mens Final

OZ Open - Spoiler

The People Who Want to be Americans

Bill regulating naming of state property advances

Judge dismisses right-to-work lawsuit; labor groups will appeal

Ingvar Kamprad, Who Founded Ikea and Created a Global Empire, Dies at 91

Some Kentucky schools could fail under Gov. Matt Bevin's proposed budget

How much do these two women want to sit together tuesday night?

America's reluctant septuagenarian workforce

SNL pretty lame last nite...

What is your opinion of John Pilger?

Bevin to coal country -- no help for you

2020 Democratic Ticket that energizes and unites the Democratic Party- Kamala Harris/Tim Ryan.

What SPECIFICS will Mueller say about Trump.

The crying over fairly small things...part of the Venlafaxine withdrawal

Has the world gone mad? Nicole Finn gets 3 life sentences for starving 3 of her adopted children

Rocketfire 69 strat pickups ramblings of a 51 year old tone nerd

Two years ago under Obama....

Louisville Youth Detention Center Fails on Basic Services, Report Says

Bevin's War on Public Education

20-week abortion ban vote coming in the Senate. Physician schools Mitch McConnell on fetal pain...

Indiana man leaves behind Miracle Whip, Hamburger Helper and a rollicking obituary

Health advocates and state officials want to raise Kentucky's cigarette tax by at least $1

Looking at all the game videos...what would a woman's game video look like?

We must feed DACA! We must feed DACA gravel!

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny arrested in Moscow on day of protests

Kentucky House GOP chief of staff who signed secret sex harassment settlement resigns

Melania has moved out of the White House according to Palmer..

Where do you suppose the world got this idea about us?

Education Dept. awards debt-collection contract to company with ties to DeVos

Up To 1F/Decade Of Winter Warming Since 1970 In NE, Great Lakes, Northern Plains States

Donald Trump hits back at Jay-Z for criticising President's 's***hole' comments

Trump ordered aides to smear potential FBI witnesses who could confirm he tried to fire Mueller

Shitstain Claims World Cooling, Warming Simultaneously, That Ice Caps Not Melting

Trump is missing a crucial item from his black and hispanic unemployment claims..

Koch network to spend $300-400 million on 2018 midterms

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio fires chief of staff

Here's How The Mercers Tossed Nearly $4 Million To Climate Liars For 2016 Campaign

Earl Blumenauer(D-OR) is boycotting Trump's State of the Union Address.

Deadline looms for Trump and Russia sanctions

The Psychological Trick Behind Trump's Misleading Terror Statistics

Kentucky's 'worst' water system might be only weeks away from collapse

Trump fires back at Jay-Z: 'Black unemployment' is at 'lowest rate ever recorded'

Norfolk City Council Unanimously Adopts Resilient Zoning Code In Face Of Sea Level Rise

Graham: Report Trump asked counsel to fire Mueller 'should be looked at'

Beetle Bailey's creator passes away at age 94

Trump says he would negotiate Brexit with 'tougher' attitude than Theresa May

Zinke Another Crude, Stupid Liar, As Shown By His Handling Of NP Board Resignation - Outside

Poll: Majorities think Trump is reckless, profane and sexist

Charles Pierce: "Do the editors of the NYT drink all day?"

Thanks, Obama! Kentucky Power Co Wants Permission To Sell 200K Tons Of Coal It Can't Use

Former National Security Council member: Trump was - and is still likely - 'a tool of the Russians'

Shitstain Can Bellow All The Lies He Wants, But Coal Is Not Coming Back

Marco Rubio fired his COS for improper conduct!

Trump's $1 trillion plan inspires 'Hunger Games' angst

If you think the sexual assaults on the campus of Mich St

My vocabulary is increasing because of Trump.

Fox News hosts ramp up 'deep state' conspiracies

Drink herbal tea instead of opiates

Hillary Clinton Let Him Stay. Women Say His Harassment Continued.

White House aide: Trump wants memo released for 'transparency'

First 'Jackpotting' Attacks Hit Diebold ATMs in U.S.

Joe Manchin Bashes Pelosi's 'Make America White Again' Remark: 'Don't Need That Type of Rhetoric'

Gowdy says he trusts Mueller, urges others to 'leave him the hell alone'

📺Must See TV: Dirty Money🏦🏭💵💴💶💷💰💳💊🚘💉

Starr: Grounds for impeachment if Trump lied about trying to fire Mueller

LEONARD PITTS JR.: Trumps definitely not the brains of the operation and thats a good thing

The racist history of tipping

Collins: Republicans should give back Wynn donations

If some deity created the universe to make a place for humans,

Dear Mr Mueller, could you please drop an indictment on a trump kid Monday?

As a veteran of the Watergate Scandal, please allow me to say

Lindsey Graham: 'Don't Need $25 Billion For a Wall...We're Not Going to Build a 1,900-Mile Wall'

Mosque arson anniversary brings questions of faith, unity

It Just Looks Like We Are Getting Deeper In To The Crapola In The US.

Flu activity increasing in New Mexico

Chris Wallace to Gowdy: Republicans hurt credibility with 'secret society' conspiracy theory

Flu activity increasing in New Mexico

The NYT Continues to Shield a Prominent Reporter Accused of Serial Harassment

After All The Damage/Misery & Death That Bush Jr. & His Family Caused Their Lives Not Effected.

CDC: This flu season worst since 2009 swine flu pandemic

A Question about Older Voters

Trump's $1 trillion plan inspires 'Hunger Games' angst

Ivanka requested chef jose andres leave DC restaurant because

Sanders brushes off talk of 2020 bid: My focus is on midterms

CREW Sues HUD over Fee Waiver Violation (they want Docs of Wife & Son working at @HUD)....

New York Attorney General to Investigate Firm That Sells Fake Followers

Texas Republican Party votes to censure House Speaker Joe Straus

Does anyone think that Drump's die hard followers live vicariously

Beto O'Rourke is doing a 24-hour Facebook feed

NEW POLL: Majorities think Trump is reckless, profane and sexist

"The Necessity Of Steven Miller"

Your favorite Senator. Out there bashing Pelosi

Will Ferrell returns to SNL as George W. Bush, with a reminder: "I was really bad"

1944 poll: Would you rather have Social Security handle health insurance?

Deadline looms for Trump and Russia sanctions

ABC crops out four Supreme Court Justices. WTF?

Graham said if the Con tried to fire Mueller

We need laws that protect the american people from themselves.

Great point on AM Joy

As an Ojibwe, I'm down with this suggestion:

I will not watch the State of the Union speech. They should call it the, Trump

Sunday's PBS toon - SOTU preview

Paris braces for peak flooding as Seine River rises

Yemen crisis: Separatists seize government buildings in Aden

This is how the media talks about fucking Susan Collins. . . .

5 dead, 1 injured in Fayette County shooting (PA)

Sunday's Doonesbury - Infrastructure

Here's something not too many people know about Robert Mueller

Home Depot Co-Founder Tells Democrats to 'Use Your Stupid Brains': 'You Don't Have Any Brains!'

Face the Nation: Senator Sanders on the White House immigration proposal

Trump's View of the World Map

Senator Sanders on the White House immigration proposal

2008 - Is Bush to Blame for the Economy? - A Future Post-Mortem for Trump

Trump, NAFTA, and TPP - Interesting analysis

It has taken my a while but I have figured out why Donald Trump thinks he is god's gift to women

NAFTA talks that were supposed to end last year might continue into 2019

Unemployment rate is actually 42%...

In Issa's GOP-leaning district, Democrats have a math problem that makes a win tougher

Well I wonder if the boog the chocolate lab

Sen. Duckworth on breaking barriers in the Senate

Top Chef.

Black unemployment is at record lows thanks to a massive declining trend started in 2010.....

Mr. Fish - Mouse Trap

The Plot Against America

I prefer this River Road version.

What are you reading this week of January 28, 2018?

Chuck Todd to Kevin McCarthy: Republicans 'are afraid of the facts being found'

Ex-Reagan official rips evangelicals who say Trump found Jesus after adult star affair

The winter scenery near Kuhmo, Finland, looks liked it was carved from porcelain.

There's a GMO documentary out now, narrated by Neil Degrasse-Tyson.

Center for American Progress: Trump and criminal conspiracy law.

Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Move 'Did a Great Service for Peace,' Israeli Prime Minister Says

DailyMail: Russian bots retweeted candidate Trump 500K times nearing election

Money Laundering: What Putin May Really Have on Trump

This is sad news.......Western Wisconsin had the most farm bankruptcies in the US.

++++ stitches on a football. Great decorating idea for "Big Game" parties

Is anyone going to primary challenge Tina Smith?

Seth Abramson:

CNN: Trump wants to fire Rosenstein

"The Liberal Voice of Reason" tweets GOP (fixed link)

"Teleprompter Trump sounds like a regular president." No, he doesn't.

I wonder if donations to Chef Jose Andres World Central Kitchen will soar now? Hmmmm...

The (Psychological) Necessity of the Wall

Like having no president at all

The Atlantic: the Plot Against America

A jumper cable walks into a bar

A Review Article On the Utilization of Carbon Dioxide.

Trump the "man" vs. Mueller the man.

"Who Created You?" A Creation Story That Is Not a Myth

Trump, Barron, and the dog

Did anyone happen to catch 48 Hours last night? Absolutely mind-boggling

Has anyone figured out a fix for viewing tweets on DU while using Firefox? n/t

Donald Trump is an opportunist waiting for the right moment to attack his enemies.

A Partial List of Companies That Could Have Afforded to Pay Employees a Good Wage before tax bill

Fifteen Years After Invasion of Iraq: Anglo-American Oil Giants Start to Flaunt the Spoils of War

You know, I used to think that comments about "inner beauty" were bullshit.

A little color from the garden

The Zapatistas describe what "our head of state" is doing, without meaning to:

If Trumps own advisers think he has obstructed justice, how could Republicans decide otherwise?

We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down,

The 'Law And Order' Party Has Unleashed An Extraordinary Attack On Law Enforcement

Tourism to U.S. under Trump is down, costing $4.6B and 40,000 jobs (Trump Slump)

An authoritative dictatorship

Russian Politician Who Reportedly Sent Millions to NRA Has Long History in Spain

Pssssssssssssst! Grounds for impeachment if Trump lied about trying to fire Mueller Ken Starr

Tobin Harshaw's interview with retired General Merrill McPeak

In State of Union, Trump to make case that America is back

Republicans hope for calm amid storm at State of the Union

Pro Bowl

Must Wear Attire for All Dems Attending SOTU

anybody think there is a chance Mueller will get nUnes on anything?

Rosanna Arquette says female agents told her to 'keep mouth shut' about Weinstein

The "secret memo" was written by Devin Nunes....what more do you need to know?

Head line I wish to see...

GOP goes on offense with 20-week abortion vote

Van Jones: American would be better if Trump were more like Jay-Z

Ross Douthat of NYT is impaired

Joel "Breitbart" Pollak on MSNBC just now...why are they normalizing this guy?

Fox News Highlights Ex-RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn's Contributions...To Democrats

When a president's daughter vanished (Kerrison/WaPo)

IMPORTANT: Web Blocking / RAM Usage (Malwarebytes Labs)

Kansas intern confidentiality rule: What happens in a lawmakers office stays there

Don't Be a Sucker (1947) (excerpt)

"Watch How insanely easy it is to hack US voting machines"

Former Colorado GOP chairman sentenced for voter fraud

Can someone please explain to me the ethics of *returning* tainted funds?

Marco Rubio fires his Chief of Staff for "improper conduct"

Prove them wrong before you go taking people's stuff (Archibald/

AG's office investigating lawmakers' campaign accounts (

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 29 January 2018

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 28, 2018

Urban Bird Feeders Are Changing the Course of Evolution

Julia Gillard and Hillary Clinton join forces to confront bias against female leaders

Go ahead, Alabama Senate, separate church and state (Archibald/

U.S. soldiers are revealing sensitive and dangerous information by jogging

Paid silence costs all of us too much (Whitmire/

WaPo Breaking. Fitbit reveals locations of soldiers in sensitive areas.

Fox News to run 2 hour special about the president's big scandal!

Republican leaders and The Inspector General.

Looking for recommendations on a clothes rack, er I mean stationary bike.

NASA is going back to the moon if it can figure out how to get there (Achenbach/WaPo)

History Wont Forget How Barack Obama Was Treated


What should I get my oldest granddaughter for her graduation from college?

Anne Applebaum: The America Europe needs right now is missing (WaPo) {Russian election interference}

How (the European) Trump won a second term (

Phila Orchestra, "Fly Eagles Fly"

Paul 'Bear' Bryant now has an ancient shark species named after him (

Will Melania Trump be at the SOTU on Tuesday?

"The Hell hole that is CA"

Navajo lawmaker harassed by Arizona Trump supporters accusing him of being here illegally

Nicaragua ends exports to Venezuela

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

To Congressional Dems: don't boycott SOTU!

NBC: Trumps State of the Union theme: A safe, strong and proud America (for white men?)

45 has a poll for his big speech. You know what to do.

No, Ivanka Trump didnt stop Jose Andres from getting into a party. Heres what really happened.

Latest accusation against someone famous for sexual harrassment...well, a has been...

SpaceX's First Falcon Heavy Rocket Test Launch Set for Feb. 6

Alien Life Hunt: Oxygen Isn't the Only Possible Sign of Life

Excellent - "Bill Maher Crushes Donald Trump's White House Enablers"

Here we go again - Four dead in shooting at Pennsylvania car wash linked to domestic violence

What will America settle for?

Joe Kennedy to bring transgender soldier to Trump's State of the Union

"We Need to Talk About Stephen Miller January 24, 2018 Act 1 Full Frontal on TBS"

Best Personal Bookkeeping Software?

"Law and Order" party attack on law enforcement

Data show Trump's DC hotel was pricier and emptier than peers in 2017

So. You prayed, and she died anyway.

Scoop: Trump team considers nationalizing 5G network

5 Shot 4 killed today at Penn.Car Wash.

Can you find trump in this pile of Oompa Loompas?

Chelsea Handler taking a year off showbiz and campaigning for DEMS across the USA

Mueller learned about the attempt to fire him months before we did.

Lindsey Graham: firing Mueller would be the end of the Trump presidency

How coked up will Snorty McDouchebag be on Tuesday?

Most annoying front man / woman in a rock band?

Spot the truthful statement

Update...I sent a fake twitter acct.I fell for a fake twitter account

24 things nobody does better than Trump.

I know The Post film has already been discussed here,

Woman who bought the Turpins' Texas home found feces everywhere

Pure idiocy from the Idiot in Chief, giving advice to the British on Brexit, "EU is not cracked up .

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Trump tells DACA recipients not to worry. They know better than to believe him.

The Make a Wish Foundation is a wonderful organization. But I wonder what would happen if a dying

Oprah Saves The Bees

It's tough out there for a kitty