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Archives: January 29, 2018

Carrie Fisher Wins 2018 Grammy for Best Spoken Word!

Look out for the White Roses at the Grammys tonight - #TimesUp & MeToo!

"I'd rather d***** with a hedgehog than listen to another second of this circle-wank"

Elizabeth Warren rallies the faithful at a Malden town hall

Im coming out of the closet!!!!!!!

Nicole Eggert claims Scott Baio molested her as a child

I admit it

The island that switches countries every six months

Struggling to Fill Jobs, U.S. Employers Look to Storm-Battered Puerto Rico

Blaze Bernstein murderer is a neo-nazi

Politico - Trump cuts to CDC worry health experts in NY - Smallest Budget in 20 Years

David Frum was once 'Trump-curious' but now says his presidency is like America's gum disease

A question regarding stolen cars

Blue Wave: Roger Dean Huffstetler running for office in Virginia

The constant GOP mantra that there is no evidence in the Russian conspiracy or Obstruction

FL-18: Holy crap

Paul Ryans latest political gambit is appalling, even for Paul Ryan

BTRTN SaturData Review: Shutdowns, Showdowns and Flashpoints

BTRTN SaturData Review: Shutdowns, Showdowns and Flashpoints

Maureen Dowd Silent on NYT Decision to Shield Serial Sexual Harasser

Need a little clarification on DACA

The Profound Hypocrisy of the Republicans Depicted by Paul Krugman in Five Brief Tweets

Mike Pence's Tone Deaf Holocaust Remembrance Day Greeting Sparks Jewish Outrage

Could Repubs short circuit the impeachment process

John Kerry jokes about Trump (and himself) at alfalfa club dinner

Lupe Valdez, Andrew White, Jeffrey Payne make pitches for governor at North Dallas Democratic forum

This hurts my heart

Am award shows freak,but my least fav ("fav"?!1 "FAVE"?) is Grammys - PSA here for whoever likes it.

Lori Swanson Running for Re-election as Attorney General

Why $1,000 One Time Bonuses are Part of the Tax Scam

Perjury Panic at the White House

Democrats looking to beat GOP Rep. Pete Sessions headline far north Dallas forum

John Wayne explaining why Manafort is such a scumbag.

To all the "moderate" Retrumplicans trying to play "good cop"

I have to tell this story somewhere.

OMFG Omarosa will be on Celebrity Big Brother ROFL


Far-right conservatives want to unseat longtime swing vote on Texas education board

Apros pos of nothing less than enormous admiration of a great man

2018 Quilting Projects

I guess him just old fashioned?

Here are President John KERRY's quips at the Alfalfa Club dinner

Omarosa has a new job...

Today I attended the 100 year anniversary

THE ATLANTIC: The Plot Against America

OH-01: Democrats land top recruit to challenge Steve Chabot

Who will be watching Omarosa on Celebrity Big Brother?

Fort Worth pays homeless to help clean up city's streets

Mort Walker, "Beetle Bailey" creator, dies at 94

Got to see Trevor Noah live last night

Pfizer fires 300 Scientists, stops research into Parkinson's and Alzheimer's and sets up stock

Russian billionaire tangled in Mueller probe throws lavish bash in Davos

Grammy score! Auditions for Fire and Fury spoken word album!

Dear Eric Church, Maren Morris, & Brothers Osborne

I wish people would hold down their expectations Re: Russia Probe

Johnny, did you wash your hands after playing outside?

Grammys 2018: U2 Shout Out Shithole Countries in Political Performance....

Hillary was on the Grammy's

Do you think Trump will declassify Nunes' memo?

Nikki Haley is asking for it. Re: Hillary/Grammys

California Murder Suspect Said to Have Trained With Extremist Hate Group

The Special Counsel's job description INCLUDES investigating attempts to fire him.

More evidence that DJT, Jr., is mentally and morally deficient: another dipshit tweet

44 years ago,

If You're Afraid Of Your Food Being Poisoned....

So, Im ghost writing (I) DJTs memoirs and thought Du might like to chime in.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something....

History is.....historic

Trump: Brits react to Trump claim that he is very popular in UK and they want him to visit...

After Trek -- hilarious Trump reference

O'Rourke outraises Cruz in fourth quarter of 2017

"When asked by Britains ITV about ... some perceptions that he was insane..."

28 CFR 600.4: Obstruction only requires intent to obstruct not that the obstruction succeed.

U2 at Grammys: "Blessed are the shithole countries..."

David Gergen on CNN said today "for the first time, wind is now at Trump's back"

Most entertaining front man / woman in a rock band?

Girl Scouts are ruthless.

Aasimovs Foundation

Who said this?

Manmade quakes force Dutch to face future without gas

Houston fundraiser with New York Democrat Chuck Schumer rankles some Texans

U.S. says planned Russian pipeline would threaten European energy security

Maybe Someone Will Invite Hillary To The SOTU.

Wow, Patti LuPone singing Don't Cry for me Argentina - what a VOICE. Goosebumps everywhere

Capitalism kills everything

Anybody else wonder why there seemed to be an obvious edit during Logic's Grammy speech?

Does anybody here know where to livestream Beto O'Rourke's Austin events

Does business group's use of "dark money" for its political action committee follow state ethics ...

Trump's Threat To Pull Out Of NAFTA Hangs Over Montreal Negotiations

***Joe Kennedy will deliver his speech from a Vocational Technical High School in Fall River, MA***

Its time for Ex Presidents

Got Netfilx? Watch Dirty Money - Episode 6 Titled "The Confidence Man"....

Lucky Bastard Gets To Be In Coma

93K pounds of Mardi Gras beads found in New Orleans storm drains

German scientists involved in toxic diesel fume tests on humans

(Germany) Grand coalition talks adjourned over key refugee issue

Squirrel carrying Danish robbed by another squirrel

KPMG to be investigated over Carillion auditing

Your first concert... Artist and Venue...

Piers Morgan interview with trump

Gus Kenworthy Agrees That Mike Pence Has No Business Leading the Olympic Delegation

Ralph Vaughan Williams:"In the Fen Country"/2 from Steve Reich: "The Four Sections, III"

Phil to be killed off on Modern Family?

Cape Town, South Africa to become first city in the developed world to run out of water

The State of the Union is F***ed.

"Whoa! You killed Hitler?"

The Sheethole President

Japan raps Coincheck, orders broader checks after $530 million cryptocurrency theft

Dennis Rodman Charged with Misdemeanor Drunken Driving. Again

Americans want government to "do more"

Majorities think he's reckless, profane and sexist

Afghanistans bloody week shows how U.S. policy there is failing

Afghanistan conflict: Deadly attack on Kabul military base

Im liking this new union shift I fell in the outhouse and am smelling like a rose

Prediction: The Nunes memo comes out. Trump and co. say it shows Rosenstein must be fired

Tustin Podiatrist Accused of Insurance Fraud

Bernie Sanders endorses Pete D'Alessandro in Iowa's 3rd District race

Nothing about the Russia investigation will be resolved until Democrats are in power.

India police arrest 112 as religious clashes kill teenager

Bono and U2 went there last night

Donald O.J. Trump

Election day is only 281 days away.

Oakland Officials Call for Probes of Sewage Leaks

Schumers New Mood

San Leandro City Council places city manager on paid administrative leave

Trump: Polar ice caps are 'at a record level'

well, this should be great.

Unsustainable: Trump Is Exhausting the Opposition In Order to Get His Way

I read that Mueller is supposed to talk to Bannon before the month ends

Here is my timeline...

If Rosenstein is fired, would it be obstruction of justice?

What Trump Doesn't Understand About MS-13

Should Legislature's employees be unionized?

Why Republican presidents coming off of a Democratic president have great economic numbers

Poll: 2 percent say they've benefited from GOP tax plan with raise or bonus

A philosophical argument that disproves the existence of God.

The Plot Against America

Trump and his band of loony followers......

How did Rosenstein become the scape goat from the memo?

The Surprising Resilience of American Democracy

Mark Warner: We've Had New Information That Raises More Questions

Ken Ham: Bill Nyes Show Is Inappropriate for Kids Because It Teaches Science

How, exactly, did Trump reduce black unemployment?

Atheists Should Never Talk Like Religious Apologists

Notice posted for employees at the Wynn Las Vegas:

John Morris, Composer for Mel Brooks's Films, Dies at 91

Video: Bernie Sanders addresses that our health care system is eating the rest of the economy alive

Bernie Sanders addresses that our health care system is eating the rest of the economy alive

The Torture of Conversion Therapy Must Be Banned Across the Country

Secret Memo Hints at a New Republican Target: Rod Rosenstein

Nikki Haley doesn't like the Grammys.

How he has had an effect on little things in life.

How the Photographer of a Snake-Handling Pastor Handled the Bite That Killed Him

I just posted this on the Home Depot Facebook page.

As the US falls apart, Rotting Cabins, Closed Trails, 11 billion backlog of maintenance work

Trump Tower Russian Lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, Exposed in Swiss Corruption Case

This can't be good.......Ryan challenger, Bryce, bought twitter followers.

Hillary Clinton joins Trump-mocking skit at the Grammys, reads excerpt from 'Fire and Fury'

Bird in a nest with

On SOTU Eve, Dude Expresses Opinion of Trump

What explains the Republicans' sudden lapse into paranoia?

Here's a good article with list of all the times Trump Obstructed Justice.

Germany offers INSPIRATION for those of us RESISTING Trump.

"A Futile and Stupid Gesture." Excellent movie!

My family, Our family

Wonkette Investigates: Chanel Rion, Traditional Dinner-Making Fiance Of Courtland Sykes

Quick DU poll of house prices for DU home owners.

WI State Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald, Repug, trying to neuter the watchdogs

California man accused of killing former classmate trained with neo-Nazi group, ProPublica reports

Warner Says Investigation Has New Information

Melania took 21 flights in 3 mths on AF jets at a cost of more than $675,000 before moving into WH

For what it's worth...

Fitness tracking app Strava gives away location of secret US army bases

Ex-Bush speechwriter Frum sets low bar for Trumps SOTU:You can train a seal to behave for an hour'

White nationalists hang sanctuary city 'danger' sign over San Francisco Bay Bridge

Trump interview: 'I'm very popular in Britain. I get a lot of fan mail'

How every single poll about movie directors on DU goes:

Few U.S. adults report bonuses, raises from Republican tax law, only 2% !!!!!!

After Harvey, Houston suburb suffers a persistent problem: waves of foul air

David Frum sets low bar for Trumps SOTU: You can train a seal to behave for an hour

Under Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Interior, its a sell-off from sea to shining sea.

Home Depot does not deserve our business!

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Commode Don

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

VW faces inquiry call over diesel fumes test on monkeys

If Mueller had "earth-shaking" information, would he tell leaders of the House and Senate??

My good friend, an investment counselor at a major investment company, was sexually harassed

Leave it to Devin Nunes...

The Daily 202: Koch network donors growing nervous about losing their majorities in the midterms

Donald Trump has an unusual kind of power: He reveals weakness.

Is the concept of "heresy" still appropriate in our age and time?

Breaking: SOTU Speech Leaked, Hillary Blamed

Hung out to dry twice, Tennessee city stumped by Trump's washer tariffs

Most Millennials Disapprove of Trump and Congress: Poll

Franklin Foer - Paul Manafort - American Hustler..

House Intel schedules business meeting as expectations for vote on secret memo grow

Scott Pruitt needs to answer for what he's done to the EPA

WSJ editor spotted at Oleg Deripaska party in Davos. I was worried about being spotted here,

UPDATED: U.S. authorities charge three banks, eight individuals in futures 'spoofing' probe

Trump Aide Carter Page May Have Been Russian Agent

anyone use yahoo for email?

Missouri Bill Would Restrict Marriage To People Of Faith

Gillibrand to bring San Juan mayor as State of the Union guest

Andrea Mitchell: Nunes has turned House Intel Committee 'into a joke'

Is the Trump Presidency Really Just a Long Con Game?

EU ready to hit back if Trump imposes anti-EU trade measures

Security flaw shows 3G, 4G LTE networks are just as prone to stingray phone tracking

Cat 'beauty contest' has a new competitor

Trump Made It Easier for Oil Companies to Get Away With Killing Migratory Birds

Now $870 million, price of Oroville Dam crisis jumps by a third

Mysterious email sent to attendees of the World Economic Conference at Davos...

FCC chair opposes nationalizing 5G network

If We Survive This Trump Era At All It Will Be W/ Catastrophic Damage.

Trump hints at fight over $1 trillion trade with Europe

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Is NOT A Feminist!

I know the current plan is to have massive flash protests if the Madman fires Mueller.

the God dam Repugs are lucky we DO NOT control either house right now

Wireless industry throws cold water on plan to nationalize 5G

Parents are making their children drink bleach to "cure" them of autism

The Madman is quiet today. Too quiet.

Trump's Family & Cabinet Are Draining The Treasury At A Record Pace

UC President Janet Napolitano considers overhauling her office amid political criticism

Many Puerto Ricans adrift in US hotels after Hurricane Maria

Dems may be doomed in California

Natalia Veselnitskaya, who organized notorious Trump Tower meeting-Exposed In Swiss Corruption Case

Melania Trump's Military Flights Before Her Move to Washington Cost More Than $675,000

"Those of us who don't work for a traitor enjoy politics mixed with music. We think freedom of

More caffeine, please: Keurig is buying Dr Pepper Snapple

Tom Cotton's office calls the cops over the word "bullshit..."

Newsom's gun control efforts win him big endorsement

Rosenstein approved surveillance extension of former Trump adviser: NYT

Erick Erickson Hits Fellow Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. For Embracing Trump Instead of God

Deputy Speaker requests minimum wage increase for American Samoa

The Plot Against America by Franklin Foer - The Atlantic, March 2018 issue

Dem lawmaker crushes Trump on CNN: Don't know if I want to 'listen to the president lie' at SOTU

The powers of the Special Counsel:

" A s**tcoin startup called Prodeum just exitscammed with millions of investor dollars and left..."

Kennedy's Response - Perfect Backdrop

Pic Of The Moment: Safe? Strong? Proud?

Indonesia: Transgender women in Aceh detained by police

OMG I saw this ad last night on the TV machine

Dems press Trump for 'Buy American' proposals in infrastructure plan

The Last Blasphemy Court Case in the United States

WSJ editor Gerry Baker spotted by @tarapalmeri at lavish Davos party thrown by Russian oligarch

Turning to beet juice and beer to address road salt danger

Paul Ryan agrees with release of Nunes memo.

Very few US adults report receiving bonuses or raises from the Republican tax law (2%)

Guam Memorial Hospital proposal leads to impassioned testimony

Why is Matt Gaetz on Velshi and Ruhle?

Charles M. Blow, NYT: "Trump Repeats Nixons Fateful Panic"

Breaking : NJ11 : US GOP Rep Rodney announces his retirement - 33rd GOP retirement this cycle

EU says it will 'react swiftly and appropriately' after Donald Trump trade war threat

House GOP chairman in competitive district announces retirement

Sorry. No Raise for You. But, Here's a Gun!

Nikki Haley Gets Roasted By Twitter Users After Criticism of Hillary Clinton's 'Fire And Fury' Gramm

Important clip explaining FISA extensions. Rosenstein doesn't have authority to extend surveillance

White House on Clinton's Grammy cameo: Don't take it seriously

"Russian Investigation" vs "Watergate Investigation"

GOP senator puts hold on Trump energy nominee

GOP Chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, Rodney Frelinghuysen, retiring

Where most of your small tax savings will be going

I am boycotting the SOTU message tomorrow night

Why isn't this election matter receiving more attention?

Judy Holliday - The Party's Over

I don't like to brag, but...

Elon Musk sells 2.1m of flamethrowers in a day plus extinguishers

72 percent of Republicans think Trump is 'a good role model for children'

Democrats demand answers after reports of Russian bots supporting 'releasethe memo'.

Karate Master - Hammer Style

Minnesota Local TV News: Trump to Give SOTU - But first,

#TimesUpTrump Trending on Twitter?

$75M fine a big hurdle for CNMI casino investor

Norm Eisen explains WHY they're now targeting Rosenstein

Trump admin ignoring requests to reveal documents showing how Russia tried to hack US election

Good for Joy Behar

Trump Approval Rating Has Fallen Even Further Among Millennials

Hillary's Organization: Onward Together. Anyone paying attention?

Chris Cuomo scorches Trump's spokesman, What REAL Journalism looks like (VIDEO)

Someone should show this to The Stable Genius.

How Trump may end up expanding Medicaid, whether he means to or not

Apple to slash iPhone X January-March output by half

Sen. Sanders says he wants Donald Trump to apologize to the American people in the #SOTU tomorrow

Breaking: Andrew McCabe FBI Deputy Director steps down..

NBC's Pete Williams: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepping down

Andrew McCabe has stepped down effective today as FBI deputy director

Cost of food basket (Venezuela) increased over 80% in a month

Come on Mueller, its time to fuck trump's shit up before he ruins the country

What outrages Faux News.

What's with Trump and black celebrities ?

So when does the "Tea Party" SOTU speech start?

Alex Azar sworn in as secretary of Health and Human Services

What would an undemocratic America look like?

This Photo of Barack Obama Haunts Trump's Dreams


FBI Director Views Classified Memo, Says it Inaccurate

Investigative Journalist Robert Parry dead at 68

Just curious: would I be violating the TOS if I critiicized one Democrat for

Indians removing Chief Wahoo logo from game uniforms in 2019

Too funny!!!

Trumps most desperate move yet? Here's what pushing out Rod Rosenstein would mean.

BEWARE! Rudy's FBI will be brought in to replace McCabe.

McCabe is stepping down...

Watergate historian warns Trump is going beyond what Nixon did: We are two tweets away from a Con

Trump abuses show we must turn traditions into law: Bharara and Whitman

Someone better do something soon or we will have a fascist dictatorship I'm afraid.

Trump aide Carter Page may have been Russian agent

Here we go

McCabe Steps Down - Night of the Long Knives Looming?

CNN's Toobin 'regrets' his role in pushing Clinton 'false equivalency'

Who should govern Maunakea?

Beto O'Rourke raked in half a million dollars more than Cruz last quarter

It Can't Happen Here? Time to Reread Sinclair Lewis's Novel, Perhaps.


From Annapolis to Congress? These Three Women Know Tough Missions

Breakfast in

I worked for the FEDS in the 90s..McCabe is using his accumulated leave to exit earlier than planned

RWW:Tomi Lahren Blames Liberals For The Tide Pod Challenge

DACA, Wall, negotiation

Onward Together/Color of Change

You know what sucks?


CNN's Toobin 'regrets' his role in pushing Clinton 'false equivalency'

Not depressed enough? Here's a list of dystopian literature that should REALLY scare...

Latest Randy Rainbor is out!

Sean Spicer is still good at spinning the truth!

In Foxworld McCabe was "removed".

Russian jet flies within 5 feet of US Navy plane, Pentagon says

Federal judge orders immediate release of immigrant rights leader - "We are not that country."

Worse than Watergate? Hell, yes.


Steven Spielberg remaking West Side Story

This Footbridge in the Netherlands Transforms With Rising Waters

All Signs Point to Big Democratic Wins in 2018

Street photography: Crosswalker

Botched Illegal Gambling Case Prompts Lawsuit Against Prosecutors

Vive La France!

Women's Caucus Wants Easier Access To Abortion Services

I'd like to make this frog my prince.

IMPORTANT thread on the FISA process & why Nunes' memo is INTENTIONALLY misleading...

Long time lurker

'What the hell is going on?' Senior FBI officials stunned and furious over abrupt McCabe departure

First, assume a deity.

Trump: We won't talk with the Taliban

Will Trump be the final Republican nominee for president?

Danziger Toon - Waiting for Trump's Return

White House: We didn't have anything to do withe McCabe decision

Hillary Clinton, Cardi B & More Audition for "Fire & Fury" - 2018 GRAMMYs time T___p goes to Ohio, he leads a chant of "Keep 'Chief Wahoo!'".

Bernie Sanders to issue his own response to SOTU...

So Christopher Wray goes to Capitol Hill yesterday

What do Republicans see in Trump as a role model?

New 'Go To Church or the Devil Will Get You' sign being erected on I-65

Can We Make A Nuclear Reactor That Won't Melt Down?

'Back in My Day....' Reagan

CNN source: FBI Deputy Director McCabe's departure was not in the plans as of Friday.

so what happens if tRUMPY

5G Mobile Network Devices 4G LTE Backward & 6G Forward Compatible? Trump push for 5G???

Walmart responds to outrage over alleged race bias in product display

Trumps Black Unemployment Boast

BBC: McCabe forced out at FBI (Trump wanted him out)

A Post-Creation Divine Conversation:

Poll: Millennials say the country is on the wrong track, but they're not

Blaze Bernsteins alleged killer belonged to violent neo-Nazi group

Arkansas Resident: Cottons Office Sent Cease And Desist When I Said Bullsh*t

Publix Grocery Chain Denies PrEP Coverage to Its Employees

Bernie Sanders endorses Pete D'Alessandro in Iowa's 3rd District race

Why does MSNBC put on that Trump Puppet Jim Jordan?

Jim Jordan is a fucking asshole.

'What the hell is going on?' Senior FBI officials stunned and furious over abrupt McCabe departure

The GOP guy on Katy Tur sounded like they had him memorize four or five phrases

Suspect that Wray found something in memo

Report: Wray appointed David Bowdich to replace Andrew McCabe as Acting Deputy Director of the FBI


Sanders Backs Out of Interview After Failing to Dictate Conditions

Any theories why the 'thugs seem seem so freaking sure the "memo" will discredit Mueller?

Almost all the shows on MSNBC today

I saw The Post last night. Loved it!

North Koreans Goose-Stepping to the Bee Gees

Hostility From Trump And House GOP Looms Over Senate Immigration Talks

Trumps biggest Puerto Rican critic will be in the audience for the State of the Union

Just a guess ...

Robert Parry RIP: A Reporter outcast in his own land.

IT'S OFFICIAL: @SenSanders will deliver his own #SOTU2018 response live and on the Internet!

What position did Mark Felt hold when he was Deep Throat to Woodward and Bernstein?

Mother calls arrest of son, 7, in Miami police abuse

IT'S OFFICIAL: @SenSanders will deliver his own #SOTU2018 response live and on the Internet!

How religion turned American politics against science Kurt Andersen

"Remember G Rivera and mystery of Capone's Vaults? It's like that, but Geraldo has more integrity"

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment....

There's another bad virus going around that is not the flu

DETHLEFFS This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

Hilarious Photos Of Cat Falling In Love With A Heater During Cold Weather Will Make Your Day

Pro-ObamaCare group launches new ads ahead of State of the Union, GOP retreat

Super Bowl Recipes

Like To Get To Know You!

Nikki Haley, Donald Trump Jr. clap back at Grammys skit involving Hillary Clinton

thank you to all regulars here

A Satisfying Soup From the Italian Pantry

Koch strategists warn donors of daunting electoral landscape for GOP

POTUS, Sessions, and yet another inappropriate conversation

Sarah Palin brought Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to the Trump WH to mock Hillary's pic (GRAMMYS)

This is an actual Trump sentence (Daily KOS)

Alternative programming for Tuesday night 'SOTU' 2-hour block of time.

"Green Teeth And Spam"---with apologies to Dr. Seuss:

Now it's Mueller's move...

Guests invited to Trump's 'State of the Uniom' after ticket typo

Ex-Bush speechwriter @DavidFrum sets low bar for Trumps SOTU: You can train a seal to behave

Elon Musk's flamethrower makes $3.5 million in sales

toobin and the false claim of false equivalency

Does anyone have a good source for finding out if certain stocks (or bonds or whatever)

The State of the Uniom is Very Coveffe

SANCTIONS DEADLINE! -Don't get distracted...

Listen while I play,...

Sanders and progressives plan three responses to the State of the Union

Before Grace there was Signe!

What if the Ds just laughed at tRump tomorrow night?

Folks, remember that Deep Throat, the man who exposed Nixon's coverup in Watergate, was the retired

Marin Alsop to become first female chief conductor of ORF Vienna Radio Symphony.

Marin Alsop to become first female chief conductor of ORF Vienna Radio Symphony.

Spicer: I regret embarrassing myself, my family and my friends, As Press Secretary

m$nbc advertising ALL DAY COVERAGE of the state of the union address tomorrow...

I told her,...

How will the democrats react at SOU

Trumps gripes against McCabe included wifes politics, Comeys ride home

Republicans may have to recall all State of the Union tickets because they say "Uniom" not "Union"

NBC confirms Trump is a toddler.

What's your take on Nicole Wallace?

As of today, Jan 29th, 23 Republicans have announced retirement

On Flight to Davos, Trump Erupted Over DOJ Role in Russia Probe

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz of San Juan PR will be Gillibrand's guest at SOTU

Was Gal Gadot robbed for "Wonder Woman" by the Oscars (TM)?

Attention! Attention!: Megan Mullaly is still the sexiest woman on television. That is all...

Trump and the Republicans are using Johnny Cochran's OJ Defense Strategy

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 29, 2018

FBI Scrambling to Get More Info on Explosive Nunes Memo Ahead of Vote to Release It

It's January 29th, and in Southern California (at my house), it's 87 degrees. :O

Is the guy who shouted "you lie" to President Obama, still in Congress?

It was FBI Director Wray who pushed McCabe out

Russia Sanctions DEADLINE TODAY!

For Impeachment Referral, Mueller Would Need Rosenstein

The GOP just arrived in DC for tomorrow's State of the Union

About that secret memo.

MEANWHILE, in New Orleans...

Be quiet about the misspelling on the State of the Union address.

Threads in GD are as chaotic as Trump Presidency -

Funny version of yummy looking recipe.

The F.B.I. chief, Christopher Wray, put pressure on his deputy director to step aside...

This message was not self-deleted by its author!

Stunning performance Kendrick Lamar, Grammy's, video here

Do School Vouchers Work? Milwaukees Experiment Suggests an Answer (depends..)

I'm trying to think what would be more disruptive than Russia's help to Trump

'Dossier' firm says U.S. senator's leaks endanger its employees

A quote I've seen at DU, "Trump doesn't know what is coming" is true.

Officials from Six States File Amicus with U.S. Supreme Court in Pennsylvania Partisan Gerrymander

The Atlantic: Nunes ethics probe circumscribed.

Can Congressmen be indicted and subpoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury?

I want an "emotional support" peacock!

You favorite punctuation mark?

Seth Abramson: True pundit research?

Maybe every cloud, even DT, has a silver lining.

We're Getting To A Point Of No Return....

Tickets to President Trumps first State of the Union address contain glaring spelling error

"The cavalry isn't coming to save us."

NAFTA Talks Stalled, As World Moves on Without U.S.

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: "Both Ryan and McCarthy are complicit in the counterattack on the FBI...."

If Mueller OR Rosenstein is fired --

Hmmmmmmmmmm! Russia 'will target US mid-term elections' says CIA chief

Ted Lieu on Nunes' memo:

Posting images

Travelers from Louisiana are the happiest in the country, study says

Trumps Gripe Against McCabe Included Comey Flight

Walker Refuses to Call New Special Elections

Suspects in five killings reportedly linked to macabre neo-Nazi group

Roy Moore aide Rich Hobson qualifies for Alabama congressional seat, slams Roby

Dutch Institutions Under Multi-Pronged Cyberattacks

They spelled STUNT wrong on the SOTU tix

Chapped lips, arghhh.

NBCnews: Trump's gripes against McCabe included wife's politics, Comey's ride home

New emails reveal Scott Pruitt was personally involved in erasing climate data from EPA website

Well, the CEO has the AG under his thumb, has fired the FBI Director, and has fired...

Don't know about anybody else here, but I refuse to watch the "State of the Union or Uniom" speech

Brookstone Closed in Pentagon City Mall

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Saying Your Dog Is Your "Baby" Is an Insult to Moms Everywhere (from Facebook article)

Jamaica bans anti-gay Arizona pastor from visiting country

Charles P. Pierce: I Think Mueller's Days Are Numbered

What Nikki Haley gets wrong about music and politics

Welcome to MAGA CITY!

Trump asked McCabe how his wife liked being a loser....

CNN: Asia's strongmen follow Trump's lead on 'fake news'.

Donald Trumps Presidency Is the Libertarian Moment

Republicans are attacking Womens reproductive health again

Court: Immigrant children don't have right to free lawyer

DHS plans tougher screening for refugees from 11 countries

ABC hires Donnie's hamburger boy

Schiff giving statement on Memo meeting.

US conservationist, Chile sign creation of national parks

Lower Than WHALE SHIT.

trump admin says there's no need to put sanctions on Russia.

US, Qatar reach agreement on subsidy spat with airlines

More and more House Republicans are deciding they want no part of the 2018 elections

Trump admin notified Congress sanctions not needed - NOT a joke. This is real

I usually don't just re-paste other people's tweets, but this guy pretty much nails it.

Trump has shitcanned the Russia sanctions approved by Congress

If news having to do with Trump were water, we would be living in front of . . . . .

Trump team idea to nationalize 5G network to counter China is rejected

Trump team idea to nationalize 5G network to counter China is rejected

We are now in "Constitutional Crisis" territory

FBI Scrambling to Get More Info on Explosive Nunes Memo Ahead of Vote to Release It

House GOP blocked the release of a "counter" memo by the Democrats.

'Jackpotting' hackers steal over $1 million from ATMs across U.S.: Secret Service

Shipp confirms DOJ and FBI under investigation by ,,,,

House Intelligence Committee Votes to Release FBI Memo, Dem Says

Check in here if you're feeling absolutely outraged at Trump and the Republicans.

didn't faux news say something big Monday????

Breaking News: Veselnitskaya tried to turn Swiss official

Just today:

If the economy was doing terrible

Charleston Gazette declaring bankruptcy; Ogden Newspapers is planned buyer

Andy McCabe's wife? Really?

Judge halts Texas law requiring burial or cremation of fetal tissue

Bernie Sanders Backs Out of Interview After Failing to Dictate Conditions

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