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Archives: January 3, 2018

Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment

'Bomb cyclone' to blast East Coast before polar vortex uncorks tremendous cold late this week

Guy Fieri charges $800 for New Years Eve bash and closes Times Square eatery the next day

Jewish lawyer touted by Roy Moore's wife is a passionate supporter of Doug Jones.

TN Justice Center Rally January 9, Capitol Hill (Nashville)

As always, I begin the New Year thankful for clean water.

'Christmas Eve eagle' rescued after found sick along a snowy Nebraska road

Brain surgeon claims to have experienced life after death

he Kindest Cut of All: A Pork Rib With Slow-Cooked Comforts

Sock it to me

Trump threatens to cut US aid to Palestinians to force peace talks

Arkansas Mosque Pays Fines For Man Who Helped Vandalize Its Building

25th Amendment for dummies

It's a pity my invite to the Mar-a-Lago party got lost. I have the PERFECT outfit!

Did anyone else get sick over the holidays?

Trump begged Orrin Hatch to run again. The senator retired anyway.

It might snow in north FLORIDA...again!

Trump tweeted that he has a nuclear button too.

If Scaramuci returns, does that mean that Sarah Hustlebee will

A new tweet from the MadMan....

All of a sudden the accusations against powerful men sexually abusing

OMG. Dotard's still at it. He's totally nuts.

Possible news from Palmer, Mensch, Taylor, Dworkin about Utah Senate seat.

Whoa! Nuns are huge Eagles fans:

Anyone know why one would suddenly lost the ability

Trump just tweeted that he'll announce "dishonest & corrupt media" awards next Monday

Care for all Veterans is not what you think.

Joy Reid Subbing For Chris Hayes

So Trump is now playing "my nuclear button is bigger than your nuclear button" games?

About the latest "Big Button" tweet . . . . and quite a few others . . . . .

GOP Blocking Merrick Garland May Be Tied to Trump/Russia Scandal

How an overweight shelter dog saved Eric O'Grey's life

When will this madness stop!

Let it be known to all ,,,,,,,,,,

You know Romney could be a huge problem....

Gee, I wonder why no cabinet members or congress people are...

If The "Pig" Lady Can Win In Iowa Bachman Can Win In Minnesota.

Trumpy tells his fans to watch his boyfriend tonight.

The East Coast Is About To Get Hit by a Bomb Cyclone

Thermosat check

Sam Stein: Seriously wondering if John Kelly should construct a Truman Show-like world around Trump

How Citizens United Changed Politics and Shaped the Tax Bill

Who will replace Orrin Hatch in the Presidential Line of Succession?

Trump set up the FBI

OK, I'm saying "uncle." Let him play golf 24/7.

Millions Willing to Work for Mueller for Free If That Would Speed Things Up

Psychiatrist contributor to "Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" thinks today's tweets "truly ominous"

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! From Russia, with Loathing!

Now that he's back, I had forgotten just how small Isaiah Thomas was.

Those of you who think calling for Franken's resignation ...

Trump: I have a 'much bigger' button than Kim Jong Un

Drumpt just tweeted his nuclear button is bigger.

Yay!!! Rachael is back! Normal news!

PREDICTION: "... Not Guilty by reason of insanity ... "

The Republicans Fake Investigations

The Republicans Fake Investigations (got this from Rachel just now)

Fusion GPS founders in NYT op-ed: The Republicans' Fake Investigations - MUST-READ

Bachmann eyeing Frankens seat.

Rachel talking Fusion GPS NYT article. NYT Washington investigations editor on now.

Just for comparison. Weather report for Barrow, AK.

Papadopoulos is so smart that he told the truth to the Australians and lied to the FBI

In the US, there have been no US carrier commercial airline deaths SINCE 2009.

GOP Rep. Shuster won't seek reelection

3 events that led to Trump's win

Slate "The Detested President - Donald Trumps historic unpopularity will define his presidency."

So, Snuffleupagus told Stephen Miller...

Grand jury to state police: Give up trooper shooting probes


Can anyone recommend a great brand of immersion blender? I'm going

Holy Crap! Rachel just read part of an Opinion column in the NYT by Fusion GPS

NFL lands 37 of top 50 rated television shows of 2017, proves demise has been greatly exaggerated

Democratic AGs sue Trump at record pace

Challengers call out Nunes for getting money from someone who funded Trump dossier

Rachel is on fire tonight about fake comments under assumed names, Russian comments on net

New U.S. tax law could impact paychecks by February

At Least 35 LGBTQ People Running In Texas

The Republicans Fake Investigations - NYT Op Ed by Fusion GPS

VoteVets: Report Trump's tweet to Twitter as violent threat, & tell Congress to step in.

Trump: I have a 'much bigger' button than Kim Jong Un

CA taxes...WOW! Just got my RX

Inside Silicon Valleys Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side

Painter: DT's nuclear button tweet alone is grounds for removal from office under the 25th Amendment

Quebec has a labour shortage. Haitian refugees who crossed from the US

Ted Lieu will be on CNN tonight at 11 pm ET

Advice for Nice Guys

Stephen Miller

If Russia releases the "pee pee videos" will it affect Trump?

Lawrence O'Donnell! Shave that beard!!!! Nope! Nope! Nope!!!!!

Trump on Xmas: "then tomorrow its back to work.." then Trump went golfing SEVEN days in a row!

Religion and Science Are Compatible, According to Researchers Paid to Say That

US Senator Mitt Romney(R-UT) can be helpful to US Senator Cory Gardner's(R-CO) 2020 re-election bid.

Why do people say "born and bred in XXXXX" ?

How to keep the cat off the kitchen counter.

Ill post it again. Richard Engel from Election Night, 2016.

Three Republicans turn and run in one day

Signorile: Not far-fetched to believe that if DT's going down he's taking the entire planet with him

In powerful rebuke, Dems poised to challenge every single GOP seat in North Carolina

2018 UT US Senate Race-Democrats can win the UT US Senate Race if Romney loses in the R primary to

Nice tower ya got here. Be a shame if anything was to happen to it.

John Dean: Trump has regressed from a foolish juvenile to a dangerous infantile.

She's back???????

Greg Sargent: How bad is the Republican cover-up on tRump and Russia? We may soon find out.

James Clapper on CNN NOW

2018 US Senate Special Elections in AZ,AR,and MS. Democrats chances of winning those states.

I think I might have gotten some spikes in my car tires meant for a neighbor

U.S. blocks MoneyGram sale to China's Ant Financial

I found the perfect person who can run for the senate seat that Al Franken will resign from.

That Rep. Jim Jordan... I don't like him. He's a Trump-kiss-butt

Sheriff David Clarke temporarily blocked on Twitter after violating terms of service

Holy cr@p... this guy has deep connections!

About that NYT Opinion piece by Fusion GPS

Ex-hostage Boyle charged with sexual assault, confinement

***Roger Stone just registered as a foreign lobbyist for a SOMALIA-related investment firm ***

What unconstitutional means will the Repugs use to win the 2018 elections?

Can someone please inform the car companies that the holidays are over?

Tweet of the Day

Trump is promising/threating to announce THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR

15 finalists for 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame class

Democratic leaders have to learn the Shirley Sherrod/Al Franken lesson

Meet Roy Moores Jewish attorney. He campaigned for his friend, Doug Jones.

With all the effect of a fart in a hurricane: John Kelly, Chief of Staff.

Trump is now tweeting in Crazytown

People are reporting Trump for violating Twitters terms of service by threatening nuclear war

On Reddit someone joked that Trump would take credit for airline safety

The Daily Show: Iranians Take to the Streets & Kim Jong-un Makes Nice with South Korea

Trumps nuke tweet most likely in response to a Fox News chyron he saw

Hillary - July 28, 2016

Who's President?

It's frigid, it's snowy, but hardy Americans will not be deterred...

Report: Trump aides drunken night kicked off Russia investigation

Husband loved a fighter pilot game, so for Christmas I bought him

Coal mining deaths doubled in 2017. Thanks a lot, DT!

It's only Wednesday...

2018 WOMEN'S MARCH JAN. 20 & 21, 2018

Witness in Trump-Russia probe claims Mueller grand jury looks like a Black Lives Matter rally

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/2/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest Anderson Cooper Walked Out Of The New 'Star Wars' Movie

Scenes from 2017 Women's Marches, 2018 Women's Marches are planned for

Miko keeping warm...

Are you attending the 2018 Women's March?

People want Trump banned from Twitter after he threatened nuclear war

Cold snap hampers late-season shipping on Great Lakes

Senate Transforms With Arrival Of 2 New Democrats

North Dakota legislator Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R, Fargo) criticized for libtard tweet

The Rude Pundit: What Did That Dumb Orange Motherfucker Say Now (and Are We Gonna Get Nukey)?

Austin apartment complex plan hits speed bump with new tax law

Julian Castro launches new PAC supporting Democratic Party, has already backed one Dallas candidate

NOT SATIRE: Trump ended DACA and thinks Hispanics will flock to GOP if he brings it back.

They knew before they voted for him and they did not care. So now the world has this......

Trump supporters are heavy consumers of fake news

US to hold reception for countries that didn't vote to approve UN Jerusalem resolution

In letter Trumps ICE pick issues chilling warning to California

Warren positions herself for potential 2020 run

Alex Wagner joins The Circus, replacing Halperin

'It Is Time To Stop Chasing Rabbits': Fusion GPS Founders Accuse GOP Of Protecting Trump

Wednesday Toon Roundup

Anyone watch the Gray State on Netflix? I watched about

If Mitt Romney runs and wins the Utah senatorial seat,

Video: Sen. Sanders: Nominating Vermonters For U.S. Service Academies

The racist attack on the federal grand jury in D.C.

Video: Sen. Sanders: Sharing the Holidays with Vermont Seniors

It's snowing in FL!

This photo of Russia's ambassador to the U.S. is the perfect example of Trump's emoluments problem

Anyone watching Wormwood?

Calm Down, Theres No Impending Winter Hurricane

I know this is incredibly shallow

January 3, 2018: Welcome to our new Democratic Senators

Environmentalists Try a New Argument in Court: Its Legal to Break the Law to Save the Planet


Protest at Twitter headquarters, SF Today (Wed) - ban Trump for inciting violence

Just because it's photo shopped doesn't mean it isn't true

The most hilarious tweet from a Trump so far this year

See? I told you it was following me.

FOX News has reported on less than 10% of the "Russia investigation" stories?

Ex-Arizona Wildcats coach Rich Rodriguez accused by former employee of sexual harassment

Exciting News As The Coming Democratic Wave Could Be As Big As 25-40 House Seats

Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon says in explosive book

I need a list of the LEAST compromised Republican House Members..

The sexual harassment vote the GOP would like to forget

FEMA broadens churches' access to disaster funds

Ron Perlman: Bares repeating... (a wee NSFW)

Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon says in explosive book

Democrats Outline Demands as Threat of Shutdown Looms

Vermonts Only Nuclear Button Measurer Finally Gets the Call

North and South Korea reopen cross-border hotline, paving the way for formal talks

Does anyone doubt that some prominent Republicans are being blackmailed.

Trump: Iranian protesters will get 'great support' from US 'at the appropriate time'

If Mitt is Senator, the truth will be his actions, not words

Trump and Kim Jong Un comparing who has the bigger button

At what point does the Senate recognize that Donald Trump is dangerously unstable?

Trump Sets 1st Year Record for Most Golfing, Lowest Approval, Fewest Bills Signed

It's 2018: Time to Focus on Midterm Elections

Raw Story: "Bannon predicts Mueller will crack Don Jr. like an egg over treasonous russia meeting."

What to expect in Texas' voting rights court fights in 2018

Some White House officials fear accidental war

GOP Will Continue To Suppott Trump No Matter What.

All right, New Englanders, it's time to sing the song of our people

What does a blonde rat do when backed into a corner?

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Societys Team in Training

6 stories about truly incompetent cops

Dem lawmaker on Trump button tweet: Any first grader knows aggressive bragging is a sign of weakness

Booted from the Alamo, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas kept treasured library

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Societys Team in Training

Trump is the grandmaster of all trolls. I cede. I yield. I give up.

Bannon: January is make-or-break for Trump's "America First" agenda

Marching on January 20?

Yes, we should!

Federal Government Orders $1 Billion Button Measuring Tool for White House

Subtle as an jalapeno high colonic. . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Bannon!!!


Best moves since 'moonwalking?'

Anyone making the move to trades over individual comics?

It wasn't the actual commission of treason that bothered Bannon -It was that they didn't do it right

Pierce: Please, Baby Jesus, Let This Happen

Is it OK to call it treason now?

Year-End Arctic Chill Persists; Ice and Snow Loom from Florida to Maine- Henson and Masters

could environmental regulations cause power outages in new england and more polution?

The Meathead (aka Rob Reiner) nails it.

17 Tweets yesterday !

Mars is flat. Spheres are for squares. And, Trump is innocent.

Nor'easter set to explode

Could we get a sticky countdown clock to the midterms?

Nor'easter set to explode

Doubt Trump will have the same respect when Americans try to take back our corrupt government

Hallelujah it is snowing AGAIN in north Florida

I have been listening to Jim Jordon Repug on cnn last 10 minutes. He keeps

Florida must restore voting rights for its citizens.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for allowing me to drive to work safely

NSA's top talent is leaving because of low pay, slumping morale and unpopular reorganization

NOTHING eases tensions over Trump's Big Nuke Button like the soothing voice of Ms. Kellyanne Conway

I was watching Trump this morning. His eyes are dead and he looks like hell.

The frontline of resistance: ACLU ready for further fights with Trump

Catalytic converters code light in my 2007 Camry.

I'm coming up empty today for topics

Putin Orders Work on CryptoRuble to Escape Western Sanctions

See you!' Ryanair passenger leaves plane via emergency exit video

Rick Hall, legendary Muscle Shoals record producer, dies aged 85

The scary reality behind Trumps long Tuesday of weird tweets

Tribute to Rick Hall.....................Muscle Shoals Producer

Trump's Weakness Was Exposed by Kim Jong Un in Massively Ironic Gameplay

Comey shames Republican silence on Trumps attacks against Justice Dept and FBI

The brain drain from Venezuela is Chiles gain

David Young wants your input.

Flight attendants sue Delta Air Lines for anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli attitude

Snowstorms in the South: An Historical Perspective

Doug Jones names only African American chief of staff

Thomas S. Monson, president of Mormon church, dies at 90

How deeply entwined is Nunes with Russia?

Dozens arrested at a house party over less than an ounce of marijuana, police say

Dissent in the Venezuelan "Bolivarian" Armed Forces

Former Federal Prosecutor Purchases California's First Legal Cannabis

A quote about "justice"...

Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday 2002 (Alex Gold Remix)

Bay County tree service gets second cease-business order from state in 2017

Pic Of The Moment: Steve Bannon On The Record: Trump-Russia Campaign Meeting Was Treasonous

(Acting) ICE director calls for arrest of "sanctuary" city and state officials

Trump live tweeted Fox on 8 of his 11 days of Florida trip

How Does Bannon Get By Calling Treason When He Was Part And Parcel To The Trump Administration?.....

How America Is Transforming Islam

Things that dwell under the waves

What Will Al Franken Do?

Hoda Kotb Salary: 'Today' Host To Make $18M Less Than Matt Lauer

So if Russia stole RNC emails but never published them what does that mean?

From an article about Iran but sure sounds like the evangelicals

Remove him from office. Now. Today. By any legal means necessary(uses "Daisy ad from 60s")


Remember when Trump invited Mitt Romney to dinner to discuss SoS position?

The Biggest Secret - My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror

OK, I had to look. They're picking sides on Brietfart and it ain't pretty.

(toon) Trump presses the red button 12 times a day...(a giggle for your day)

Ruh roh, Bannon is certain Jr. took meeting participants to see Daddy

The times they are a changin....

Michael Wolff's new book: Over 200 interviews from within the White House !

BANNON:"The chance that Don Jr didn't walk these Jumos up to his fathers office of 26th floor is 0"

Legal Footnote: You Have to Look Hard to See the Supreme Court Correct Its Mistakes

Remember the Fusion GPS testimony?

question here can each Dem in the senate attach an amendment to any bill? one at a time.

"Notes on Spirituality"

There's a sudden, unexplained upsurge in the number of anti-vaxxers coming in to the clinic.

Doug Jones-Hires Black Chief of Staff- Only Dem. to have one

Evangelicals surprising view of science and what it may mean

Mitt Romney (Rmoney) is an asshole...

C-Span: two Senators to be sworn in today

Is Bannon a plant. I don't mean a potted one.

Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here" (SPOILERS for those who haven't read yet):

Jones and Smith were just sworn in.

Steve Bannon fesses up: Trump Tower meeting treasonous & unpatriotic

Jones Breaks Tradition, Chooses Biden As Escort For Swearing-In

How many hours or minutes before Sr. throws Jr. or Kushner or both under the bus when the

Anti-Smoking Magician Among Your HHRS News "Jersey-est" of 2017

Kevin Swanson: 2017 Wildfires Were God Punishing California For Turning Pedophiliacs And Homosexua

So I wonder if Michael Wolff has Bannon on tape.

So, what Democrats should try and run in Utah to replace Hatch?

Richard Painter: " FBI uncovering evidence of treason. There is no other word for it."

I think that at the end, it was the drip, drip, drip

So now he respects Iran?

'Bomb cyclone': US braces for explosive winter storm (Now there's a term I never heard in weather)

Steve Bannon is 100% right about Russia and the Trump campaign

Scott Dworkin:

Mural painting muralist or muralist painting mural?

Where do we stand in Virginia House of Delegates?

Fairfax Co. registrar to deny voter registrations over concerns with Va. system.

Steve Bannon has a record of lying, and his primary interest is Steve Bannon.

Making China Great Again The New Yorker 1/1/18 As Donald Trump surrenders America global comm

Remember Grassley told his constituents at his townhall that he didnt see any reason why FusionGPS

Trumps Infrastructure Plan Isnt About Building

Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why.

2018 State of the Union Address: January 30, 2018

Well, this is what happens when you surround yourself with crooks and liars

Iceland Becomes First Country to Punish Companies for Paying Women Less Than Men

Guess what RT is not reporting on...

Iceland Becomes First Country to Punish Companies for Paying Women Less Than Men

R.I.P. Peggy Cummins

Iceland Becomes First Country to Punish Companies for Paying Women Less Than Men

Et Tu, Bannon?

Matt Drudge calls Steve Bannon "schizophrenic" after "treasonous" comment

Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell hospitalized after emergency heart surgery

What Critics Are Saying About the Ken Burns Documentary on the Trump Administration

I scored 3 pr of boots for a homeless guy yesterday.

Recount court denies Democrat's request for reconsideration of disputed House race.

To handle talks with Kim Jong Un, South Korea needs a referee.

Senate Transforms With Arrival Of 2 New Democrats

Fresh Aire, interview today w/Evan Osnos Excellent listen

Ha, ha, Sarah Huckster Sanders said yesterday

A little spider drama on this cold day:

New Study: Facebook Most Important In Spreading Fake News

Americans have to decide

Mark Kelly's 'Deadly Serious' Tweet in Response to Trump's NK Button-Measuring Contest

GOP Like Arsonist Starting Fire Then Preventing Fire Department From Fighting It.

Excellent graphic of what that E. seaboard storm looks like in action

Bernie Sanders spent just $16 on New Years Eve dinner

Good vibes for Aristus thread

''Don't be fooled by Trump when he talks about boosts to the stock market ... ''

Ivanka Trump Had Deal With Jared Kushner That She'd Be First Woman President, New Book Claims

Campaign-aides tried to explain the Constitution to Trump. They gave up after the 4th Amendment.

Iowa Farmers complained about Obama but now Complain about Trump -they want CLEAN WATER!

Why is Clapper the only one taking on Trumps deep state rant?

Whow. I am listening to Trumps statement about Bannon right now....

Trump Blasts Ex-Aide Bannon, Says He Has Lost His Mind

wow - just ate lunch. Didn't choke on anything - thanks, trump!

Batshit crazy Groper Don the Con says

Pulled From the Past: Easy, Delicious Recipes for 2018

Does this mean Breitbart and Bannon are now Fake News to Trump?

'Swatting' suspect in deadly Kansas police shooting to appear in Los Angeles court

Trump called Sally Yates a c***.

Text from Fire and Fury

Has Fox been supportive of Bannon?

My god Rush is right

Tina Smith joins U.S. Senate

Today's White House Vaudeville Bit:

Trump's pick to run the 2020 census helped Republicans gerrymander North Carolina

He lied about his height to keep from being labeled obese.

Great! Now KFC is "button taunting" McDonald's!!!

Finally! An explanation for that pile of shit on Cheeto's head - from IVANKA

The Treasonweasel Rapture

Owner of city's famed Strand Book Store, Fred Bass, dead at 89

House Dem calls for bill to restrict Trump's ability to launch preemptive nukes

Relative to today's Hurricane TrumBannon . . . . . .

Trump's "...and my Button works!" tweet gets highest "heart" count ever--393,000 likes.

Reel Bad: Post a Pic Of a Good Guy/Gal Actor Playing a Villain from TV or a Flick

"Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winnning isn't as easy as I make it look"

Kind of looks like the perps are all getting their hip boots on and

Pic Of The Moment: Remember, Trump Only Hires The Best People!

I have more respect for Trump, than I do for the people who voted for him

Donald Trump Didn't Want to Be President (Excerpt from Michael Wolff's book)

I Always Knew Santa Was Make-Believe: A Retired Pastor on Losing Her Faith

Internet working for me today! Thanks Trump...errrrrr I mean Al Gore.

It is literally impossible to define exactly what is a Christian

Rick Wilson regarding Ivanka being President

A New Years Resolution for Atheists

Michael Moore is spot on

Book: Trump called Sally Yates 'such a c*nt'

WSJ - Radio Broadcaster Pacifica Teeters on Edge of Bankruptcy

Bannon bombshells and more: The 8 most shocking revelations from Michael Wolff's Trump book

Any bets as to how long until I get banned at Breitbart?

New US rules may prevent H1B visa extension

Virginia court rejects Democrat's bid in tied state House race: media

Trump Unloads On Steve Bannon In Blistering Statement (Full statement)

White House Insana (with apologies to Barry Manilow...)

MUST READ -- Donald Trump Didn't Want to Be President by Michael Wolff

Trump Jr. Piles On Bannon: 'Keep Up The Great Work,' Steve

Major flaw in millions of Intel chips revealed

White House Bashes New Book On Trump: It's 'Trashy Tabloid Fiction'

Store Closures Tsunami About To Hit, Eclipse Retail Carnage of 2017

His Royal Rudeness

ICE Director Calls For Arrest Of 'Sanctuary' City And State Officials

Imbedded tweets in DU threads won't open in Firefox

George Lakoff explains how Trump uses social media as a weapon to control the news cycle

Your New Avocado: An F.A.Q.

Manafort suing Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and DOJ

Autograph - Turn up the Radio

Moore's Campaign Manager Is Running Against Incumbent Rep In GOP Primary

Remember When Steve Bannon Said There Was 'Nothing' to Russia Investigation?

Trump controls the agenda because the US media allows it.

Manafort is suing DoJ, challenging appointment of Mueller.

yet again, just imagine the media sh*tstorm if obama or president hillary had said this.

Trump ex-Campaign Chair Manafort sues Mueller, Rosenstein, and Department of Justice

MSNBC: Bannon quoted as saying Hope Hicks was Trump's real daughter, Ivanka was his "real wife"

Interesting that Trump seems all concerned about Bannon's book.

Got hot doing a little shopping

Category 5 Shitstorm

Anyone care to critique this website ?

3.9 quake near Mount St. Helens 2nd strongest since 1981

Sen. Orrin Hatch: Romney will 'have my support' if he runs for Senate

Just heard breaking news on local NYC radio (880) that there was a fire at the Clinton home ...

So, I wonder. How does faux noise/trump tv cover this orange man vs two shirts open spat?

"Drawing in both deep arctic cold and deep warm tropical thermals. It's bombing and accelerating..."


Jonathan Pie's End of Year Review

Manafort Sues Special Counsel

Clinton house on fire?

A Twitter user claims to have made the swatting call that led police to kill a man

Speaking of 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷


trump ramps up on twitter when shit is about to happen

Trump's full statement on Bannon

Surprise! PdVSA Chavistas escape Helicoide torture complex... along with their case files!

At what point does one of the world's nuclear powers decide

SPLC Hatewatch: Racist cult leaders accused of ritualistic sex abuse of children in new lawsuit

White House Alarmed By Possible Romney Bid

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 3, 2018

MSNBC Nicole Wallace opens her show - WH total meltdown

White House Not Prepared for Bannon Remarks

A famous Daily Stormer Nazi may actually be Jewish according to his mother

America's Worst Graveyard Shift Is Grinding Up Workers

Moores Campaign Manager Is Running Against Incumbent Rep In GOP Primary

This bunch is every nasty thing we ever knew and assumed

USPS versus Republicans lies...

Insane Trump states that the man he chose for Chief WH strategist

Seth Abramson just read my mind. Or I read his.

sanctuary cities vs. nullification

This is strange

Why the Taliban Isn't Winning in Afghanistan

Manafort sues DOJ, Mueller over Russia probe authority

Glenn Greenwald on Bill Kristol, Sean Spicer, Chelsea Manning, the CIA & more

Ivanka and Jared had deal she'd be first woman president

Scavino may have corresponded with Russian nationals regarding Trump campaign social media efforts

Nicolle Wallace Drops A Bomb That Trump Is Suffering From Paranoid Delusions

Trump's Nuclear Tweets Get "Ho Hum" Response From MSM.

Alex Jones Claims Carrie Fisher Was Murdered By Hollywood To Increase "Last Jedi" Revenue

Starting 2018 with a bang

Charles P. Pierce: Trump's Immigration Chief Just Floated Throwing (Democratic) Politicians in Jai

Hope Hicks fled the room after Trump called her 'the best piece of tail' Lewandowski will ever have

Trump picks Giuliani law partner to replace Preet Bharara as top prosecutor in NY

Hondurans Rally to Denounce Electoral Coup

Just found this on looks like Ren & Stimpy predicted the future...

"Mingo Man Invents Truck That Makes Emergency Electricity"

National security analyst: Trump colluding with Russia may not be the worst crime he committed

Charles P. Pierce: What Bannon Has Over the Trumps

One wonders if it's possible to assure Kim that Trump can't actually launch nukes on his own.

Trump eats McDonald's because he has a fearing of being poisoned

A note about leadership, and loyalty...

Scrubbing Syn Gas From Municipal Solid Waste.

To Donald Trump and Donald Jr:

Too Bad There Is Not An Infectious Disease That Only Effects GOP Legislators.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: Best Of Season 3 Roy out cruising the malls again?

What will be the Bannon excuses? He is a spy working for Obama and George Soros?

Pakistan cozies up to China on trade after Trump tweet

Sessions uses executive authority to appoint interim U.S. attorneys

This North Korea BS Is A Diversion

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 4 January 2018

🎂 Happy Birthday to Jane Sanders

Rosenstein meeting with Paul Ryan about Russia investigation

Noah's Ark Breaks Loose in Storm, Slams into Boats Docked in Urk Harbor

OMG (from Katy Tur) excerpt from Fire and Fury, here's Trump on his friends' wives--

Chuck Todd referred the MSNBC audience to the Urban Dictionary for the definition of "JUMOS"

America was Birthed in Opposition to Corporate Monopoly

Q. What do you do when your enemies are committing political suicide?

Update: It was about Nunes!! FBI Dir Wray also in mtg w/Ryan & Dep AG Rosenstein about Russia probe


Ivanka Trump Had Deal With Jared Kushner That She'd Be First Woman President, New Book Claims

Sen. Feinstein Says Trumps Social-Media Guru May Have Corresponded With Russian Nationals

Doug Jones just appointed the Senate Democrats' only African-American Chief of Staff.

Stores in my area are out of popcorn

Alaskan infant's DNA tells story of 'first Americans'

So I had a doctor's appointment today, and when I got to the part in the paperwork

"There is something called a #BombCyclone threatening the east coast...."

BREAKING NEWS: Stock Market hits record high thanks to gains from Orville Reddenbacher, Pop Secret.

U.S. Coal Mine Deaths Rise After Record-Low 2016

From the Wollf article - I made jokes about being one step from Howard Hughes territory

When will Omorosa publish her book?

Twitter Video: Iceland just became the first country in the world to make it illegal ...

Fake Signs Welcoming Felons, Illegals and Gangs to Californias Sanctuary State Removed From

U.S. jury finds Turkish banker guilty of helping Iran dodge sanctions

Who will Fox news back on Wolffs' book

Tara Shahidi does the View

California suspect accepts extradition in Kansas 'swatting' case

I scored 3 pr of boots for a homeless guy yesterday.

Omaha zoo scientist works to save the black-footed cat, one of the world's smallest felines

I'm NOT buying the Trump/Bannon Dog & Pony Show ...

Firefighters put out blaze at Clintons' property in Chappaqua, New York

Obama on January 3, 2008 vs Trump on January 3, 2018

The Republican establishment is running tighter cover for Trumps crimes than Steve Bannon.

It's so cold, ice is forming in the Chesapeake Bay.

Trump called ex-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates such a c*nt, book alleges

These fireworks are fun but...

Most over-rated actor/actress.

Indivisible update 2018 RESIST!

Alaskan infant's DNA tells story of 'first Americans'

Ivanka and Jared are house hunting in DC:

Could someone please explain why "journalists" are not collectively IGNORING the POOO'S

Interesting read: "What it actually takes to launch a nuclear strike"

Imagine how much worse it was for the rest of us, dude.

Rachel reporting Rosenstein met with Speaker Ryan today

I want the kind of winter that Game of Thrones has.

OMG per CNN just now

Will anybody join me for a Highball, if I use these glasses?

Trump dissolves voter fraud commission

Trump has dissolved his Voter Fraud Commission-citing the refusal of states to provide relevant info