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Archives: January 5, 2018

So you think you can play guitar?

Dumb Criminals: (Guess Which State) Man Smashes ATM After It Dispenses Too Much Cash

MSNBCs B team is a channel changer for me

Does South Korea still need the United States?

Guardian: Bannon may already be cooperating with Mueller

Roy Clark play Guitar, Banjo and Fiddle

Ahh Glen

Remember the "Get Over Yourself" award Bill Maher used to present on "Politically Incorrect"?

I have a feeling the snowball has reached the peak...

"Who's John Boehner?" Could Have Been a Sarcastic Remark

Sign up for DU's Napercize class.

.Wolff is due on NBCs Today show on Friday morning for his first on-the-record interview.

Trump is nuts...!

Sister in law sent gifts from Japan to Ottawa. It is an electric blanket.

Mike Allen at Axios: Author Wolff has dozens of hours of Trump book RECORDINGS.

Can We Resurrect Net Neutrality Using Republican Chicanery? (w/Evan Greer)

Chris Hayes yesterday...

The Republicans shot the entire country in the foot.

RT spinning Michael Wolff-book into anti-Israel talking-point

RT spinning Michael Wolff-book into anti-Israel talking-point

Just another day at the supermarket.

The harm of religion, Turkish style


Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trumps Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation

Former New Jersey governor Brendan Byrne dies

Population Connection, a non-partisan organization, allegedly pushing the Democratic agenda...

Islamic State declares war on rival Hamas with video execution

Do you think that trump's physical that was scheduled for early 2018 will happen sooner?

The little kid with chocolate on his mouth and hands and cookie crumbs in his hair . . . . .

Did Trumps Attorney Use His High Level Government Connections To Kill An FBI Investigation?

NYTimes says Trump got a WH lawyer to try and stop Sessions from

Ted Lieu on All In now...

The Death of Irony. The Demise of Shame.

Breaking - Trump ordered WH lawyer to stop Sessions from recusing himself in Russia probe

Four photos guaranteed to crack you up, or at least make you smile!


THAT'LL leave a mark.....

Sessions screws all the blue states...

Vermont House votes to legalize marijuana

Analyst: Arkansas Democrats likely to flip 16+ State House seats

The 99 Best Things that happened in 2017

New Hampshire Republicans Are Close to Passing Their Trump-Inspired Poll Tax.

Come On Up To The House

What is the button/brooch Jill Wine-Banks is wearing today?


Sessions move on cannabis is not helpful yet...

All the contraceptive methods - usage and effectiveness (ideally, and in actual practice)

Serena pulls out of the Australian Open.......

Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Reversal Brings Swift, Bipartisan Condemnation

Remember Linda Tripp and what a loyal friend she was?

1 of the 6 guests at the Bannon-Ailes dinner party Wolff reported on will be on Morning Joe tomorrow

Does It Snow In Space?

Ivanka as Madame President?

East Coast Republicans Slam Trump Administrations Offshore Drilling Plan

Danny Tarkanian: "It's time for Big Brother to back off."

Sears is closing over 100 more stores

Bette Midler: Taking sides in Trump vs Bannon is like...

GOP complicity with Trump "the political equivalent of the Weinstein board paying off" his victims

I've put my 'break up' with MSNBC on hold. Because JOY is on FIRE tonight!

Nearly 24,000 Texas state employees quit in 2017, report finds

Who remembers the old Progress Energy company and their energy cost saving program where

About DAMN TIME...

Diane Russell Statement on AG Sessions Marijuana Announcement

TCU fraternity pledges were burned, hazed before group was suspended, police report says

Mueller's Sealed Indictment Leverage

FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation

Trump boys: You can be born into wealth and privilege and not turn out to be a-holes

Southwest Airlines to pay $15 million to settle allegations that it colluded to raise fares

Who liked Trump's video deal at white house briefing?

Ivanka Trump unfollowed Steve Bannon on Twitter

I read your book, you magnificent bastard!

Sessions aide sought damaging info on Comey before his firing: report

MSM ask when will the Reich Wing turn against the Orange Shitgibbon. Never,

Democrats hope Texas voters choose politics over football game

Wolff's Bombshell Book On Trump

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Ba-Ba-Ba-BANNON!

I was daydreaming in the cereal aisle today and I started picking my nose

The Beauty of "Fire And Fury"

Fire and Fury - electronic formats

It's a miracle and a fluke that we got Mueller.

Maddow show now talking of bombshell nytimes story..

I don't trust this guy as far as I can throw him.

"The only politician Trump trusts right now is Mayor McCheese"

Where's the border security? Texas Republicans blame Trump

Woa! NYT: Mueller has substantiated Comey's testimony


Man Alive? The unrest in Iran...

Abilene Christian University encourages students not to apply at Hooters

Apparently bookstores are throwing events tonight, staying open til midnight when sales begin.

Here's the actual Justice Dept regulation that required Sessions to recuse himself.

Tweet of the year so far - Patricia Arquette - Trump/Bannon divorce

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 7 - Gloria Grahame

Jim Bakker: Washington Train Derailment Was A Warning From God

Microsoft issues emergency Windows update for processor security bugs

I think we need better advocates for gods here.

List of people who ought to be killed

Texas House candidate says pipe bomb conviction stems from blowing up tree stumps

What is Sessions thinking??

BREAKING: Yuuuge news today, biggest story of the year, ...

At Least 42 LGBTQ Texans Are Running for Office in 2018

First Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 150 Years Coming This Month

98% of US waters up for grabs for Big Oil

TCM Schedule for Monday January 8 - True Crime

We shouldn't impeach Trump or use the 25th Amendment

Trump's "brand" is STRONG - look how many books it's about to sell

David Bowie- This is not America

Trouble in Patriots land? ESPN to release article on infighting in New England

Hope Hicks' family, friends say she'll need therapy after she leaves Trump

On Religion

Montel Williams states the obvious about Beauregard's latest move

Ryan backed Nunes in spat with Justice Dept. over Russia documents, sources say

More than half of Norway's new cars electrified: data

THREAD: Today's NYT revelations aid Mueller's obstruction investigation.

It's so cold my dashboard is showing a person sitting on a toilet

Lawmakers invited psyciatrist to testify on Trump's mental nealth

Day 1 - Post-book excerpts - Trump +1.. ..Trump surrogates did a pretty damn


Here's what Democrats are doing!

I believe Trump orchestrated this Wolff book in one of his most conniving acts of all time.

Trump's denial of collusion grows very thin

Self Delete

Of all people, this is from Anthony Scaramucci..

Richard Painter has an idea for another guaranteed best-seller


Lying eyes, Lying Lips - all the same.

Conservatives in Canada go out of their way to reject racism, after months of complaints.

This would be the best selling audio book of all time

Trump just tweeted to attack Wolff & "Sloppy Steve" Bannon

Just now, Twittler Tweet.

I totally believed this was real

Lawrence will have Michael Wolff on his show Monday night

Ryan backed Nunes over Russia probe docs

What's the word again (warning, chuckle alert)

And now Trump's attacking the media again, and showing his envy of Obama

Roy Moores "Jewish" Lawyer Is A Christian

TRMS Tonight - Interesting Theory Regarding Comey Firing

Lawmakers Met With Psychiatrist About Trump

Wolff: Trump believes media should venerate/adore him b/c as prez he's most famous man in the world

Bannon believes the Trump regime is going down hard.

EU presents itself as ally of Cuba in face of US hostility

EU presents itself as ally of Cuba in face of US hostility


Judging by Trump's Twitter rant, Bannon doesn't have anymore dirt.

trump is running to Camp David Friday for 2 days with Ryan and McTurtle

Tapper mocks the Moron's threats to sue.

Now Boarding For The 2018 New Year's Trump Train...

Betsy DeVos May Make It Harder for Students to Prove Fraud by For-Profit Colleges

Colbert: "He was in bed with a cheeseburger. I'm going to hope...eating it?"

Carthage Day for Steve Bannon, and Other Madness (Ferret/ShowerCap)

STONERS!! line up! Tell us your prefered weapon of Choice

Tweet of the Day


The Daily Show - Bizarre, Unverified and Fraudulent: Michael Wolff Steps Inside the Trump Presidency

Rasmussen Reports: Trump's approval 45%

oh hai. here's a photo dump.

RACHEL: New Aspects Of Trump Obstruction Case

Seasonal snow totals (and today). All basically avg to date

Trump Ordered WH Lawyer To Stop Sessions From Recusing

Living in this unreal time

Was I the only one to hear this? Kushner FAMILY conspired to obstruct justice.

Walter Shaub, director of US Office of Government Ethics was THERE, my friends:

How to Make Weed Salad Dressing

So Trumpy didnt like the lack of celebs at his inauguration

At War Over Water, Texas And New Mexico Will Face Off Next Week At The Supreme Court

At War Over Water, Texas And New Mexico Will Face Off Next Week At The Supreme Court

Fake millionaire tycoon gets prison for online dating scam

Im making sure CNN is the first thing I see in the morning

Corpus Christi company must pay $11M settlement in wrongful death case

UC Berkeley student arrested by Border Patrol while visiting girlfriend

Paraplegic 6-year-olds Daddy faces deportation

so what's with all these people saying you cant get high from leaves? or unless its cooked?

DeVos May Make It Harder for Students to Prove They Were Defrauded

We need an "Indictment Friday"

Since we seem to be in a guitar mood tonight- Doc Watson - "Did You Hear John Hurt?"

Book: Trump privately rationalized why someone would join the KKK

Ana Navarro: Presidential phrases...

Route being finalized for $4.5B Oklahoma wind farm project

Ex-Texas basketball star Kevin Durant to donate $3 million to UT

FBI accuses white supremacist in terror attack on Amtrak train in Nebraska

"Davis in Desperate Gambler Mode"

New offshore oil drilling proposed off California coast by Trump administration

US Figure Skating Championship Results - Womens, Mens & Pairs Short Program

FEMA changes policy to allow churches to get disaster aid

East Coast Republicans Slam Trump Administrations Offshore Drilling Plan

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/4/18

Trump, Romney talk on phone amid speculation over Utah Senate bid

I Love Old Photographs...

Goliad county judge gets warning from state commission

New book claims Trump called Sally Yates the c-word

Comcast both sucks and blows...

NYTimes: Mueller learned of Trump attempt to stop Sessions recusal

Any Newfoundland dog owners?

CDC schedules briefing on preparing for nuclear detonation

Were up to 29! @SenKamalaHarris just signed on to my effort to reverse the repeal of #NetNeutrality

New book claims Trump called Sally Yates the c-word

Route being finalized for $4.5B Oklahoma wind farm project

This Dog Taking Herself Sledding Will Make Your Entire Week

Black folks get ready, the GOP is coming for your 2018 vote.

Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn

Gee, it is only 14 BELOW right now as compared to 16 below yesterday at this time

Angel comes in from the cold...

I have not watched morning joe since about christmas but he said something just now

a face only a mother could love (maybe)

What Are The Odds That Trump Will Be Out Of Office....

Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert mourns the death of partner Rayya Elias from cancer

Flashed Face Distortion Effect

Roy Moores Jewish Attorney Is Actually Christian

How Michael Wolff Wrote the Book

Report: White House Lawyer Lied to Trump to Block Comeys Firing

The Independent (UK) is posting a "live reading" as one of their staffers reads FIRE AND FURY

Trump is already tweeting, so far just bragging about the stock market

Amazon doesn't seem to have enough FIRE AND FURY for all of us? Thanks to tRump??? LOL

FDIC win against PwC could finally force auditors to look for fraud

Sean Spicer Returns to Try to Repair His Credibility. Fails.

NYT op-ed: Expecting Trump to act in country's interest like demanding that your cat do the dishes

Woman Who Says Roy Moore Sexually Abused Her as a Child Is Now Suing Him for Defamation

Scarborough just suggested Republicans give Trump 2 weeks' notice to start acting responsibly

Trump's Blowup With Bannon Means He's Now All-In With McConnell And GOP Establishment

Trickle down tax cut for us. Niagara falls flow tax cuts for corporations and billionaires.

More tidbits from the book from the Twitter account of The Hill's campaign editor

Eugene Robinson: Trump was right to hope he'd lose

Frozen iguanas falling from trees during cold snap in Florida

Magical Parking Lot

Fire and Fury review - a world first:

This tickled my funny bone

Book fury hits Trump where it hurts most -- his image: CNN

Wolff, today: Trump does not read, does not listen - he's like a pinball just shooting off the sides

Trump boasted that he and Kushner engineered a coup: We've put our man on top!

Does Sen Al Franken contact email remain at the capital for any length of time;

Call me stupid, but did Trump just give North Korea the upper hand in North-South relations?

Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn

Could The Government Be Sued For The Muslim Ban?

It's Been an Open Secret All Along

Trump did get something from Wolf's book.."total humiliation"

Those eye-catching shiny objects

Axios: More than half a dozen of the more skilled WH staff are contemplating imminent departures.

It was like a Harry Potter release as buyers lined up at book stores overnight for release of #Fi

148,000 jobs, not good . They elected a non compos mentis autocrat for this.

Wolff: Trump Is 'Proving the Point of the Book'

Michael Wolff says Donald Trump is least credible person 'who has ever walked on earth'

Elderberry Experiment: Update #4

Trump: 'Watch What Happens' to 'Sloppy Steve' Bannon and Michael Wolff

Trumps New Plan To Uncover Voter Fraud Is Just As Alarming As His Old Plan--ICE can Deport folks!

CNN panel gobsmacked by Wolff revelations about Trump insistence on praising KKK after Charlottesvil

I read decades of Woody Allen's private notes. He's obsessed with teenage girls.

Daily Show Runs Full Page Oscar-Style "For Your Consideration" Ad In NYT Aimed At Trump

Do black dogs experience prejudice?

An early birthday present for Donald J. Trump sent from Amazon

Morning Joe says 'anyone that spent any time with Donald Trump' believes Wolff's bombshell book

DC Bookstore Sells Out Trump Tell-All In Minutes -

Jeff Sessions Kicks Off 2018 By Creating War On Legal Marijuana

In one "tweet" Trump defines himself forever. In just 2 sentences.

LMFAO. Chump said he would sue the publisher of Fire And Fury

For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, is this the beginning of the end?

Fire and Fury: New Donald Trump book claims Steve Bannon calculated the Muslim ban to enrage people

U.S. added 148,000 jobs in December, in lagging finish to year of strong growth

Jeff Sessions rolls back disability rights at work ... and guess what? Rich people benefit.

As Fire and Fury is published, Europe openly debates: Is Trump still sane?

Thai penis whitening trend raises eyebrows

A shameful statistic for Ohio

The Savannah Guthrie interview with Wolff

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Megalomaniacs

Payroll employment increases by 148,000 in December; unemployment rate unchanged at 4.1%

Wolff interview with Today shows Guthrie

Friday Toon Roundup 2 - Button-Pushing Dotard

"Moron'', "Joke", "Idiot", "Dumb Dumb"

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

I asked Trump a blunt question: Do you read? - By Joe Scarborough

Fire and Fury Kindle Orders not received yet can be cancelled and reordered

Has anyone gotten the Kindle version of

Gary Cohn said Trump was 'dumb as shit.'

Alright DUers! Time to get in shape for the weekend.

Bharara: If NYT story on Sessions is true, 'he must go now'

HE HAS TAPES - Michael Wolff just singlehandedly extended the Mueller investigation.

A Caution To Dems For 2018......

Trump administration angers vulnerable Republicans with offshore-drilling expansion and marijuana...

GOP Still All In For Trump. Supporters As Crazy As He Is. We Are Still Stuck W/Him.

Trump just tweeted 'it's all fake and Hillary colluded':

Trump says "watch what happens" to Bannon. Mercer aide: No longer paying for Bannon's security

BTRTN: Loose Bannon, Part II, The Rift That Keeps on Giving

Hillary Should Go On "I Told You So" Wolff Book Reading Tour.

BTRTN: Loose Bannon, Part II, The Rift That Keeps on Giving

Remember that time?

The Defamer-in-Chief has sued a publisher

Thanks To Ivanka We Finally Know the Secret to Donald Trumps Hair

Job growth slows to a six-year low in Trumps first year

Why isn't the media reporting that job creation under Trump is the lowest since 2011 ?

Don't rule out 'lone wolf' diversion any time now

Sears, Which Began by Undercutting Prices and Putting People out of Business,

I've Studied the Trump-Fox Feedback Loop for Months. Its Crazier Than You Think.

Has Trump commented on the East Coast extreme weather yet?

Trump's Video Appearance at Press Briefing

Freeperville (a.k.a Mensaville) Wolff Edition 2: Squeaky clean: No links or names (Notepad washed)

Michael Wolff Could Have Been a Russian Spy

Bill Maher 25 Things You Didnt Know About Me List for Melania Trump

What's your go-to breakfast during the week?

Music is my religion.

Who is the bow-tied hack on GEM$NBComcast trying to spin all this shit? n/t


Mueller is coming.


Edvard Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16

The origin of Superheroes: X-Statix

Republican Ethics Lawyer: Trump Nuclear Tweet is Grounds for Impeachment

Roy Moore's Jewish Lawyer Voted for Doug Jones

Moron Jr disses Wolff's book as "shiny object" media focuses on to ignore Trump's "winning"

GOP strategist compares Trump team to 'monkeys hurling their excrement at each other'

So Trump and Romney spoke on the phone yesterday.

Happy 72nd 🎂 Diane!

Is the end near for the Trump presidency?

Wolff's Trump book dominates Amazon charts

Trump blasts 'Fake News Media' as book about White House is released

Dog's first trip to Target

Dog's first trip to Target

Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years

Link to a podcast discussion with Joe Lamp'l and me about navigating the seed catalogs - brand new

trump is trying to hit back with tweets, but he's flailing at the wind.

Trump with another tweet just now:

Nice new interesting tweet from Jake Tapper - Bannon the leaker??


Trump just complimented the Mercers for dumping "the leaker known as Sloppy Steve Bannon."

Trump book author Michael Wolff contradicts president, says he interviewed him

Totally Real, 100% Valid Theory - Trump Can't Read.

Trump's Disdain for Science

Please Mr. Mueller...please hurry

Wolff Is Evidence of Exactly How Clueless The Trump Administration Is

The Gorilla Channel from the book (a JOKE)

Fire and Fury is not going to change anyone's opinion of trump. the 35% who supported trump

Without fanfare, oil companies just received a tax break on New Year's Day

Bannon worked to keep 'fallback guy' Pence away from 'wrong meetings' on Russia inside WH: Wolff

I think the Repugs in Congress are frightened of the base they created.

Now that Sessions' recusal is back in the news it should be noted that Al Franken exposed...

Finally! A journalist talks to people in Hillary Country!!!

MineralMan's Three-Thirds Theory of Society

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Acts To Clear Up Accusations In Wake Of Shocking White House Exposé

Life expectancy in America has declined for two years in a row

Comey Claims Confirmed By Priebus' Notes

Deplorable faces terror charge after train stopped

Watson and Kiko, Two Very Affectionate Dogs Who Absolutely Adore Harry Their Little Brother Cat

What's an "under the radar" retailer that would sell the book??

Fire & Fury JUST downloaded onto my kindle

Our Racism/Misogyny/Bigotry& Double Standard Will Be The Undoing Of Our Country.

Trump Slump - job creation numbers weak in Trump's first year.

I require more excerpts from Fire and Fury! Post them here!

After the vet (and anesthesia)

Trump Expected Protection From Sessions In Russia Probe

Expect A Very Very Robust Voter Suppression Season Moving Forward.

Chris Wallace says Trump flunked 'Damage Control 101' by turning Wolffs book into a best seller

Fire and Fury and the free market

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is as big a threat to America as Benedict Donald himself

Trump Whitehouse the movie

Our Post-Literate Presidency

Pew poll: 61 percent back legalization of pot

'Trump has declared war on California': state defiant as White House take aim

'Trump has declared war on California': state defiant as White House take aim

Feds actively investigating Clinton Foundation

First 42 pages here:

Carmen Cozza, legendary Yale football coach, has died.

Job growth slows to a six-year low in Trumps first year

TPM EDITOR'S BLOG. Did Trump Ever Have a Chance?

Trump's "Wizard of Oz" moment.

Audible version of "Fire and Fury" is up...

A different emphasis on yesterday's NYT obstruction news - just being a little wary,not DebbieDowner

Dana Rohrabacher is carrying water for Trump right now on CNN

Roy Moore's real Jewish lawyer is a Liberty University graduate who 'has accepted Christ'

Bharara: 'Absolutely evidence' of Trump obstruction of justice

If you can access Facebook, this is worth a look.

Red state ad placement....

Why a Muslim comic book writer just introduced a yeshiva student......

I think Meghan McCain needs to take a break from 'The View'

Sen. Sanders' State of the Union Essay Contest Deadline Jan 10

Fox explains away Trump - Like your uncle

Stay Tuned of 2018. Journalism in the Age of Trump

DC bookstore sold out of 'Fire and Fury' 20 minutes after midnight release

Comcast fires 500. So much for the 'tax cuts create jobs' trope!!!

North Korea agrees to first talks with South in two years

DeSantis makes it official, enters governor's race

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Slump: 2017 Was The Worst Year For Job Creation In Six Years

Lady in red? Trump told to see China president as woman to help pronounce name

Kushner directed Flynn to lobby foreign officials over U.N. vote: report

Will Trump go golfing this weekend?

Let's Face It If It Were Up To Trump Obama & Clintons Would Be In Jail Right Now.

On Jan. 19 and 20 the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee will consider the final report ...

Someone needs to snap a photo of a forklift loaded with "Fire and Fury" copies.

Objects viewed between legs appear smaller

"My big idea: Patriotism Treason & Treason Patriotism." . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Cartoon Carousel takes a look at the week -- 15 toons

It's going to be an exciting day. Woke up to find "Fire and Fury" on my Kindle. Early. Yippee! nt

Wow. Trump privately rationalized why someone would be a member of the K.K.K.

Tweet from Bette Midler on the Trump/Bannon kerfuffle

I love Dave Berry - Year in Review-Did That REALLY happen?

the latest news about the Clinton Foundation, need context and facts please

I think this is "head in the sand" thinking

Schiff: Case that Trump obstructed justice is getting stronger

"Anti-Trump Country," where voters still believe in an America better than its president.

Has Mueller been forced to go political?

The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trumps mental state: this is "an emergency"

Do some religions prime us for war and violence

Schiff: Trump obstruction case just got stronger (WaPo)

I do not want people to see a U.S. Congress which worked overtime to protect billionaires ...

Why is CNN actually covering the bullshit about the Clinton Foundation??

does Mueller have contact with Sessions, Rosenstein,on daily or weekly bases?

Charles P. Pierce: 3 Important Takeaways From the Latest Mueller Investigation Bombshell

Mainstream medias reaction to Michael Wolffs book exposes them as frauds

Weekly Standard(?!): "Situation All Fouled Up, Not Normal"

Trump high-fives the Mercers, gives Bannon nickname, says Russia "proving to be a total hoax"

Chart Showing Sales of "Fire and Fury"

Moore's Jewish lawyer is a practicing Christian

Traverse City reacts to loss of Piper, airport's famous dog

The right is claiming the reporter who wrote the book about Trump is a closet case Tom Steyer's website to oust our Mussolini-wannabe-President

What to know about the "raw water" trend

Well played Sir!

The long tradition of @WSJ cat stipples continues.

Mueller is playing his cards very, very close to his vest.

China - Land of Invention and Foresight

How will Sarah Halfback Sanders handle the briefing today?

David Letterman, His Beard, and His Big-Name Guests including Obama for His Netflix Series

The new anti-Trump book is really popular

Columnist Compares Atheists to ISIS for Challenging Illegal Christian Displays

In shift, Democrats try to keep Sessions as attorney general

"One Day At A Time"

His Wife Spanked Him with a Paddle Because Jesus Died for Their Sins

The old saloons - haunted and psychedelic - in Virginia City, NV: Road Trip Day 9 Episode 22

Smaller digital booksellers

Dedicated Dad Dances


Gun Massacres Long Gone From Public Memory -Sad & Sick.

How the FBIs Trump-Russia Probe Really Began: NYT

2017 saw the lowest average monthly job growth since 2010.

FCC releases final net neutrality repeal order, three weeks after vote

It seems like years since its been here!

A Weeknight Dish for Lovers of Non-Fishy Fish

Wolff book: Trump privately floated 'Medicare for all'

"In the Room Where It Happens I give him a 10!

Internet mocks Fox News after it's forced to admit job growth was stronger under Obama than Trump

Will you protect me from getting a hide if I

Anyone else try to get a copy of Fire and Fury?

The CDC wants to gently prepare people for (an unlikely) nuclear war

*I will be the greatest jobs producer god ever created* - Trump, per Wolff book

Did I read/hear that Ryan gave Nunes the go ahead for his cockamamie investigation?

Exclusive Interview with Fire And Fury Author Michael Wolff: I Absolutely Spoke To Trump

BTW, my last hide which is still on my record was

"Sloppy Steve"

Senior Republican refers Trump dossier author for possible charges

The 'bomb cyclone' is contradicting Rick Perry's argument for coal

The fastest-growing and shrinking economies in 2018

Letterman Netflix series gets Obama as first guest: See trailer

PJM releases 2018 Load Forecast report

Correct me if I am wrong. Bill Clinton was not facing impeachment for having

"For your consideration....."

EPA chief Pruitt is said to be eyeing attorney general job

Republicans recommend Charges Against Steele - Silence the whistleblowers

I suspect there are more than just greed reasons the Republicans are not doing their jobs

Traitorous filth

Grassley & Graham say DOJ should investigate Christopher Steele for false statements to authorities

In the Era of Trump, Baka Gaijin (Stupid American Foreigner)

In honor of National Bird Day, here's one of my favorites:

Elderly woman goes outside to seek husband; both die in extreme cold in Exeter, Ont.: OPP

"You Cant Make This S--- Up": My Year Inside Trump's Insane White House

The GOP seems to be amping up the "Blame the Democrats/The Clintons" game.

It is so amusing watching all of the Republicans sticking up for Trump.

Fascinating Esquire/GQ articles: All of Trump's Problems Seem to Perpetually Come Down to Money

Speaking of religion, where does the concept of civil religion fit in?

When donjoncon twitters is that a work product of the WH and that it must be saved?

Jill Wine-Bank's jacket pins

DT45 has already put his major disruptions to keep everyone focused to last until 2020;

Katy Tur vs Rep Jim Jordan

I feel so sorry for those poor people in Ohio that have Jim Jordan for a rep

I had to search for info about the bomb cyclone aftermath

Hillary Clinton 2020 ?

Today, I quit wondering how Trump got elected....

One of our patients had a psychotic break about an hour ago.

Reading Literary Fiction Improves Empathy

Marijuana raids are more deadly than the drug itself

Cummings hospitalized as wife suspends campaign for governor

NASA Study: First Direct Proof of Ozone Hole Recovery Due to Chemicals Ban

Details In Wolff's Book Are Accurate

United Airlines flight diverted to Alaska after passenger smears feces everywhere

How to Make Bat with Paper

Jeff Sessions Says Legal Weed... Illegal?

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel drops out of U.S. Senate race,

By Now Most of us Know R. Congressman Jim Jordan

State leaders say theyll resist any federal crackdown on pot

Wolff's claim that Trump didn't want to win seems at odds

How in the name of fuck do chodes like this specimen get elected in the

60 tourists mugged on VZ island. Mayors meet... to agree to meet again later to discuss security

How Did Wolff Gain Access To WH?

New scrutiny for Trump's mental fitness after book, tweets

Ecuador's Correa returns to fight referendum campaign

Trump and Dow 25000 - WSJ editorial

Ex-ethics chief: White House counsel is a cancer

Top GOP candidate drops out of Ohio Senate race

Graphic novel as resistance by first grader.

Why Much Of Wolff's Book 'Rings True'

Tillerson: I plan to be here the whole year

Oh, Sweet Jesus! Brad Parscale throws Jared Kushner and Eric Trump under the bus.

Scott Dworkin: (evidently will appear on AMJoy)

Chemical exposure results in injuries, pink slips at Iowa wind blade maker, lawsuits claim

Does Trump Know How Long a College Football Game Runs?

Amazon review of Fire and Fury: DEAR COMRADE BUDDY

Terms seen on DU today: Red Don, KGOP, Don the Con,"Trump's middle-class tax hike"!

Trump poised to take action on Medicaid work requirements

How do we stop the fucking traitors?

Michael Wolff shows his nuclear button is 'bigger' and 'more powerful' than Trump's

When it comes to religion, there are many definitions of

Immigrant acquitted of killing is sentenced for gun charge

I was waiting for THIS response from Tim Horton's HQ

Trump considered replacing Gorsuch with Giuliani, book says

Obama, Malala among guests for Letterman's new show, starting Jan. 12

Congressman Blumenauer, D- OR, takes hard pass on SOTU

Fire and Fury author Wolff calls Trump least credible person who has ever walked on earth

Current temperature in HAVANA, CUBA: 62F...normal high for January is 78.4F

FBI Reportedly Investigating Clinton Foundation

I wish I could photo shop..

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan 5, 2017

The cold is causing frozen iguanas to fall from trees in Florida

Got a mail that says it is from Judicial Watch Washington DC

Twitter weather reference thread

Dear Northerners: We get that this weather is no big deal for you. Now please shut up.


Ryan backed Nunes in spat with Justice Dept. over Russia documents, sources say

Democrats Should Get Higher on Weed in 2018

Dear Northerners: We get that this weather is no big deal for you. Now please shut up.

Roy Moore accuser's Gadsden home burns; arson investigation underway

uh, oh, Jeff Bo Sesspool not invited to Camp David

Robert Mueller may have a Deep Throat witness on Russia

Ok, and seriously, what the heck is going on

Roy Moore accuser's Gadsden home burns; arson investigation underway

'Romantic encounter' (Papadopoulos) set off Australia's role in triggering Trump investigation

CDC to hold briefing on preparations for nuclear war

Fusion GPS: Request for criminal probe is 'attempt to discredit government sources'

This is Grimm BS on Jake Tapper

Exclusive: Top Pence aides quietly depart in new year

Superfund work touted by Trump EPA was completed years ago

Listening to felon Michael Grimm

Sens. Graham and Grassely want to protect Trump at any cost and destroy informants??

Roy Moore accuser Tina Johnson loses everything after home burns down in suspected arson

Trump Tweets Military Ban After 10 Minutes Thought

Amazon Reviewers Heart 'Fire and Fury'

Warm front hits frozen Houston area.

Bundy lawyer a contender for top BLM National position

FBI Deputy Director Was Warned Of Potential Conflicts

Sting is performing in Jamaica for the first time tomorrow night

FBI documents: Andrew McCabe had no conflict in Hillary Clinton email probe

I hope this doesn't end up being like all those times when we thought Cheney'd be indicted-

Curiosity Rover Spots Weird Tube-Like Structures on Mars

Trump campaign digital director: 'Not one person made a decision' without Kushner and Eric Trump's '

Handmaids Resistance 100 events planned across US

Twitter statement on use by "World Leaders"

Blue-collar jobs are booming in America

Court voids Baltimore law requiring 'no abortion' disclaimers at clinics

GOP Planning To Blow Up Entire US Politically & Legally By November. Sow Chaos.

A Norweigian Airlines flight from London to JFK was diverted to Albany because of the snowstorm....

The Weakest Job Growth In 6 Years

Justice Department obeying Trump order and investigating defeated political opponents??

CA is fighting back and it is scaring the GOP!

Republicans are choosing to side with Trump/Russian agents/Shady characters and against FBI and JD


Sessions will not be able to put the genie back in the bottle

Explosive new book says Trump asked why Medicare can't just cover everyone

Rep. Chris Stewart joins other Republicans in calling for Sessions to step down

'Katy, come on!': GOP lawmaker's attempt to bluster through MSNBC interview turns into train wreck

Roy Moore Accusers Home Burns Down

It's Not Just Trump It's Billionaires Too Fascist Oligarchy Is Nothing New

Trumps Anti-Hillary Crusade Could Break the Justice Department

The wheels on the bus are coming off, day 3 - Recusal refusal

I'll tell you guys which GOPr needs to lose his seat in November...

Happy #NationalBirdDay from #BirdieSanders

The Question Every Democrat Needs to Pointedly Ask His Republican Challenger in 2018:

Michael Wolff Did What Every Other White House Reporter Is Too Cowardly to Do.

A true Biblical literalist

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shows Trump She Isn't Going Anywhere by Hiring Law Clerks for 2019 Term

The FBI has been discreetly investigating the Clinton Foundation for months

Twitter Trending: Trump Movie Sequels

Trump Is Not Ending Kobachs Racist Voter Purge Scheme, Hes Putting It On Steroids By Moving It To

The GOP is teaching us how to investigate the Koch bros foundation

Show of hands: To you, does Michael Wolff come off as credible and reliable on air?

How anti-fascists won the Battles of Berkeley

'Very fine' white supremacist who attended Charlottesville rally arrested for Amtrak terror attack

Tillerson says he "never questioned" Drumpf's mental fitness.

Meltdown and Spectre: All Macs, iPhones and iPads affected

Oh, no! Alex Trebec is recovering from surgery...subdural hematoma...

Is America Due for Another Economic Crash? (w/Guest Richard Wolff)

What would you say to Chris Christie before he leaves office?

Please for once Mr Trump, do something for someone else, resign for your families sake.

Brazil seethes as man jailed for sexual abuse of teenager joins congress

German lawmaker apologizes after racist slur on Twitter

Did you know when you call the Senate Judiciary Committee, ONLY Grassley is told your concerns?

when the DEMS take control of Congress and two years later the presidency..

Here Are the 19 Senate Democrats Still Not Committed to Defending Net Neutrality

"My only question is how soon can I get this?"

According to Book Trump Wants Banned, President Asked "Why Can't Medicare Simply Cover Everybody?"

can this great country survive being attacked from so many different directions?

Freezing Your Ass Off Is Also a Symptom of Climate Change

Goal Line Defense for Republicans Today...

I sure wish a DUer was part of the press corps during one of Sara HS press briefings!

Gallup ends daily presidential approval tracking poll

Past of 'cocaine cowboys' pilot may come back to haunt him

Major German News Outlet Prints Trump Headline That Would Never Be Printed in America.

Michael Moore tweets about "Sloppy Steve" - UPDATE

With the DOJ opening a new investigation of the Clinton foundation

Catholic HS Fires Alt-Right Teacher, Kensington MD

The statute of limitations is 5 years on most federal crimes Hillary left office 5 years ago n Feb

There is a GoFundMe page set up for Tina Johnson

Pence Looks Like A Nazi Sans The Uniform.

Is Paul Ryan interfering in the Russia probe?

After kicking HRC & Steel, what will 45 try as the next deflection?

Stocks soar, wages stay flat

Obstruction of justice case gets stronger

Americas War on Terror Targets 76 Countries

if the president commits perjury is the only recourse impeachment?

Climate scientists exiled by Donald Trump to reconvene at Columbia University and continue research

CNN - Useful info "How good the stock market under Trump really is, in one chart"

Did Graham and Grassley join the obstruction conspiracy today?

U.S. freezes $125 million funds for Palestinian refugees: report