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Archives: January 6, 2018

Roh roh....Trump left Jeff Sessions off invite list to Camp David

Won't the Steele dossier become public if DOJ goes after him?

Anyone seen those Scott Wagner ads on the local stations?


Out goes Sessions - in comes Pruitt.....

Race car driver Scott Tucker gets more than 16 years for payday lending scheme

LePage again calls for stricter voter ID law in Maine

Ex-Obama staffer starts GoFundMe for Moore accuser whose house burned down

Anybody see Rohrabacher go cracked on CNN today?

Author of Trump book contradicts president, says aides see him as a 'child'

Senate's Trump-Russia probe not close to ending: top Democrat

Pilot Takes To The Skies With Bird Flocks

Phone games put Colombia's indigenous cultures in palm of children's hands

Billionaire Tom Steyer has bought 535 copies of Wolff's book & will hand deliver

OK, it was 18 out there but I had to get something from the car...

Since all the investigations in both chambers are

Jeopardy Regulars

Penis-Whitening Laser Procedure Goes Viral in Thailand

Did Lindsey Graham forget that his friend John McCain gave the dossier to Comey?

This might be the truest sentence in the whole book.

When Kitten is Frozen to Boat Dock For 11 Hours, Sheriff Knows Exactly What to Do

Liberals hatch plan to stop Trumpism: fix income inequality

Republican senators target Christopher Steele, reason obvious

Jim Jordan is dumb as dirt! Katy Tur got him good!

Trumps war on California

FBI ruled McCabe had no conflict of interest in Clinton probe: docs

New Yorker cartoon: Incoming

The Hoarse Whisperer has a plausible theory about Grassley's criminal referral of Chris Steele

Faith in the existence of dark matter.

What Are They???

Trump Demands $18 Billion for wall.

Trump World frustrated, angry over new book

My legal team is sending a CEASE & DESIST notice to @RealDonaldTrump for him to STOP...

repost of old Trump dossier analysis by Scott Dworkin

Who is Michael Wolff?

Matt Taibbi: Why Michael Wolff's Book Is Good News

'World's most expensive vodka' found on Danish building site

Wants $18 billion for border wall

A reckless and undignified spectacle (Guardian Editorial)

Mental Illness in song

Why people are discussing mental health

World's longest glass bridge opens in Hebei, China

She Quit Working For Trump. Now Gina Ortiz Jones Running For Congress To Fight Him

Click over to Amazon & check out the customer reviews on Fire anf Fury!

Alex Jones Melts Down: CNN's Stelter a 'Literal Demon Spawn,' Gets 'Drunk On Our Children's Blood'

WORLD RECORD! 500 yard par 5 in 1 min. 50.6 seconds. He parred it.

Howziss for a panel?

Snatched by eagle, dog amazingly survives, like something from Wizard of Oz

Joy's guest (All in with Chris Hayes MSNBC) is DRUNK on air!

You have an obligation to step forward: Shep Smith on Trump aides who think hes mentally unfit

Is Steve Bannon Cooperating with Robert Mueller?

Trump cools to idea of taking on welfare programs, seeing little chance of success in Congress

if all the trump staffers are as unhinged as sam nunberg

CNN Breaking News - Source: Two other high-ranking officials also pressured Sessions

Katy Tur..decimated R. Jim Jordan earlier.

Iran protests: Russia berates US for UN talks on 'internal affair'

when Mueller is ready

Trump Laments Lack Of His 'Roy Cohn'

In a just world they all end up in prison

Non-verbal thinking is common

Mark Kelly: This year has been an unequivocal disaster for the future of the planet

A Sense of Accomplishment

Shields and Brooks on Russia revelations, Trump-Bannon rift

Why has Lindsay Graham flipped? What do they have on him?

Ah, what the hell is CNN, Anderson Cooper trying to smear wolffs book for???

U.S. Senate declares it illegal to expose republican criminal activity. Issues charges against

We need to stop acting like Obama did not have his scandals also.......

Flyer wipes faeces on the walls, forcing plane to land

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Ba-Ba-Ba-BANNON!

Hey folks! I think we are in huge trouble?

Yikes. Head's up, people!

What Will Force The GOP To Put Trump On Notice

Right Wing Pundit Tries to Discredit Author of Trump Bombshell Book by Saying He Might Be Gay, Has a

Can you say, Et Tu, Brute?

Obama Announced as First Guest on New Netflix David Letterman Talk Show

Friday Talking Points (466) -- The Wolff Who Cried "Boy!"

Grover Norquist in 2012 CPAC speech..."all we need is someone who can hold a pen and sign"

Florida Attorney Who Calls Same-Sex Marriage 'An Abomination' Could Be Named Family Court Judge by

Went to get my copy of F&F and was told the store had a line around the block at opening-for the boo

Rachel: Bad News

Trump Judicial Nominee Howard Nielson: Gay Judges Shouldn't Hear LGBT Cases

Any fans, out there, of the movie 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'?

"Where do I send the box of chocolates?" LOL.

Trumps much-hyped job boom is fake news: 2017 was the worst year for job creation since 2011

Black Dress Protest At Golden Globes

Breitbart is trolling Trump for failing in spectacular fashion

Krugman: Faust on the Potomac

All that 'schlager at the bar, Flakes of gold swim in my brain.

I'm so glad to see they've been doing this. I was worried that DT

Fahrenheit 45one?

2 planes collide at Toronto Pearson airport (They were both on the ground)

Toobin: There will be calls for & actual criminal investigation of 2020 Dem nominee, whoever it is

Windows Update not working (Windows 7)

Watching Rachel? Really laying it out RE GOP colllusion in suppressing Russia investigation.

Is there a place here on DU for eBay discussions?

Great Asian soup recipe

Rachel Maddow: New statement from Fusion GPS re: GOP "Political Stunt"

"Donald Trump is the Greatest Danger the World Faces" (Irish Central)

After listening to Rachel, I feel like crawling into a hole---but I damn sure won't.

Has anyone heard about what transpired at Camp David today?

He fired Comey..."because of the Russia thing"

Now, more than ever. Heed the words.....

Colbert: 1 of most surprising parts of Fire & Fury is how Trump accidentally started nat'l book club

Bannon's Survival is to Attack Trump from the Right

Escape To The Last Jedi Battleground In Bolivia And Stay In A Hotel Made Entirely Out Of Salt

O.K., Microsoft, I have an EDGE problem, this is getting intolerable

Employment need in Canada the highest in 4 decades. Who says you can't

Displaced Indigenous People Face Massacre in Mexico: NGOs

A few days ago on DU someone posted something that now makes more sense to me.

*DemocracyNOW, James Risen 'The Biggest Secret,'

*DemocracyNOW, James Risen 'The Biggest Secret,'

does the senate absolutely have to approve pRuitt if selected bytRump?

Cooties: the Hidden Menace

Jim Jordan & Mark Meadows

Mexicans Prefer Canada Over US

Babies behind bars: Children serve time with mothers in Mexicos prisons

Trickle Down Economics Illustrated

Coal Exporters File Federal Lawsuit Against Governor Inslee

Fire and Fury, page 23

Is there a compatibility problem with DU and Microsoft Edge?

Overabundance Of Massive Stars Could Explain Evolution Of The Universe

T.S.O.L at The Observatory.

Overabundance Of Massive Stars Could Explain Evolution Of The Universe

And if Trump were to go "over the edge" how would we notice?

I just bought Star Wars: Battle Front 2

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything...

All I can say is

Four Freedoms Speech: FDR Jan. 6, 1941 Address to 77th Congress

Puerto Rico expects full power in May as some turn to solar

Stephen Colbert Bites Into The Juicy New Trump Book

Anyone know if Don Lemon is out at CNN? Chris Cuomo is now on at 9:00 pm.

Man of the Year with Robin Williams

Did MSNBC get the message?

On building a wall

In the Era of Trump, Baka Gaijin (Stupid American Foreigner)

Deplorables Very Upset Libruls Are Lovin' Bannon..

Quiz: who will win Trump's most dishonest and corrupt media awards?

I wonder how British Intelligence will react to the GOP's treatment of Christopher Steele.

Twitler ramps it up a tad:

Halcali - Fuwafuwa Brand New

Off of Road 10, Colusa County, California

'Ungodly fast' pig gives Oregon police the slip -- again

I finally figured it out! Listened to 9 chapters of Fire and Fury. Kushner is....

POTUS tweet at 11:30 PM on a Friday night

Like most families, we members of the Democratic Party, might not always agree, or get along,

Airliners collide at Toronto's Pearson Airport, passengers safe

OMG - Trump Voters Give Him a Blank Check and Ignore Reality in Diner Interviews

Rohrabacher: Jeff Sessions Betrays The People Who Have Had Faith In Him

Companies in New York 'open' to new payroll tax system: state official

"Just doing things became the Bannon principle, ...

Former Milwaukee County sheriff to face trial Jan. 22 over airport incident (Clarke)

Sarah Sanders: Americans who arent celebrating Trump are mentally unfit

GOP senators send criminal referral to Justice Department for dossier author

rain returns to cali from oregon to the mexican border. 1-2 inches many areas....

Not sure what could be better

How to Raise a Billion Dollars For Schools Without Raising Sales Taxes

Is this what Trump meant when he talked about getting tired of so much winning?

Committee to Investigate Trump update...

I'm ultimately so sad

All Hail The Magnificent Democratic Underground.

GIMPS Project Discovers Largest Known Prime Number: 2**77,232,917-1

He's a fucking LIAR...AGAIN

James Comey Notes Claims About Donald Trump Confirmed By Priebus Notes: NYT Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Alex Jones: God Will Destroy Demon Spawn CNN Reporter Brian Stelter

Seth Abramson: Sept. 2016 Christopher Steele briefed NYT, WA Post, CNN,

Muellar timing arrests near Women's March

E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce frustrates produce industry

15 Bills to Watch For During Arizona Legislature's 2018 Session

Democratic U.S. Representative Cummings hospitalized

"Spectre" and "Meltdown"

The Official 'Dumped Like A Dog' Horrifyingly Stupid Metaphor Thread ...

Keystone XL pipeline opponents appeal Nebraska route approval

I missed Rachel tonight (Friday)


'Dracula Clause' Protects AZ's Medical Cannabis Consumers No Matter What Sessions Does

Does It Feel Like The Government Is Melting Down?

Epshteyns praise of Trumps 'nuke tweet' will be force-fed to local news viewers across the country

Leechburg Police Chief Arrested, Charged With Underage Solicitation

The insane response to this book

CDC Plans Nuclear War Prep For Public. What The Hell?

The Trump 37% Think They Should Run The Country. Everyone Else Must Comply.

Mega Millions announces single winner for $450M jackpot

I agree, do you agree??

These people are real bastards. ***READ AND HEED WARNING TYPED INSIDE ***

Curiosity Rover Spots Weird Tube-Like Structures on Mars

Luna is in the shower...

China built 2000 meter long solar highway with transparent concrete over solar panels

"Fire & Fury" Author Likely To Get Death Threats. RW Will Go Ballistic On Him.

Yesterday we put up this roadside sign. Today, the property owner woke up to a noose on the sign.

President Trump Is Developing a Missile That Would Break a Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia

Phoenix Cleanses Roosevelt Street Site After Clearing Out Homeless Camp

This GOP Would Have Helped Japan Attack Pearl Harbor For Political Gain.

Transgender activist making run for 2nd Congressional District seat

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 1/5/18

Stephen Colbert: Guest Neil deGrasse Tyson

Another shout out to ... Helen Reddy

We haven't heard lately from the man from Mexico who mocks Drumpf and

Billionaire Discount Tire Founder, Art Collector, Pot Hater Bruce Halle Dies at 87

Ministers consider using volunteers to guard UK borders

Trump: Half the world's population (women) do not matter to international security

Band of Gold...

Hospitals Told To Cancel All Routine Operations As NHS Winter Crisis Escalates

"Scariest moment of my life": Cruise ship rides through brutal winter storm

The Flirts...

Here's a chicken on skateboard...

State Supreme Court requires warrant to track cars with GPS

Don't Cry For Me Argentina...

Fire and Fury paints strange picture of Trump family ties

Tonight's Episode:

Former CFO of Arthrocare Corporation Sentenced to Prison for Role in $750 Million Securities Fraud S

Egypt could make atheism illegal

6 Gilbert charter school teachers fired over campus incident

Scott Tucker Sentenced For Running $3.5 Billion Unlawful Internet Payday Lending Enterprise

Kobach is prosecuting this confused senior with four counts of felony voter fraud

Memphis mega-church pastor's "official statement" on "regretfully" having sex with a 17 year old

New Jersey Real Estate Broker Pleads Guilty- Foreign Bribery Scheme Involving $800 M RE Deal

Fire and Fury: Pence 'like the husband in Ozzie and Harriet'

Man told by city to stop having slumber parties in his house for homeless people

Trump gets pwnd by.. Luke Skywalker! Boom! ...........

With Hidden Unemployed, 3.2 Million Older Workers Trapped in Unemployment

Does anyone here read Mark Shea's Patheos blog?

Trump: ABC News reporter should have been fired!

Check out Trump's tweets this morning

Lawyer Requests Trump-Friendly Jury Pool For White Anti-Muslim Terrorists

Trump's latest tweet "I'm Like, Smart" reminds me of...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: You Are Mentally Unstable If Youre Not Celebrating The Glorious Leader

The #1 topic on the agenda at Camp David?

What do other DUers say

So Theres A Christian Version Of Netflix [VIDEO]

OMG, tweets from the WH playpen already this morning! Now a genius tweet!

Sen. Blumenthal predicts multiple convictions and indictments of WH staff "early in New Year"

It's surprising no one has come up with a nickname for Donald that compares with his own...

Paul Krugman (at his best): "Faust on the Potomac"

When someone says, "I am really smart", the opposite is probably true?

Magic mushroom compound might treat depression by reviving emotional responsiveness in the brain

America is sick beyond repair

Trump Administration Moves To Expand Oil And Gas Drilling Off US Coasts


That moment when Red State Trump voters read about the guy they elected for the first time.

Any Du'ers live near Fort Wayne? Son has a job offer in autos...what is it like?

If republicans were in charge when man lived in caves, they would still be

Trump-Worshiping Pastor Wonders If Trumps Critics Take The Bible Seriously (AUDIO)

Voting against their own self interest for generations....

A meme for the ages....

Thats some body language talking at Camp David tonight. (Press hand out photo)

A very stable genius at that! Trump wakes up early to brag about being, like, really smart

Trump calls himself "a very stable genius," slams Michael Wolff

Looks Like They Are Circling The Limousines Right Now To Protect Trump/Russians.

A headline for the history books:

Explosive "Fire and Fury" book tops best-seller lists, flies off bookstore shelves

Throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.

The thing about really smart people...

Do you believe Donald Trump is a criminal ?

It's Not Free Stuff

He is now an internationally mocked demented buffoon.

In honor of this morning's tweets.

I wish there were a few good people in politics on the right who would stand up to the tweeting Twit

Twitter statement reveals why it won't ban Trump over his controversial tweets

Picture worth a thousand words of today's Tweets from the WH, post training class!

LOL - Nat Security expert Col. Morris Davis on Trump

Trump, Entire GOP Congress Now A Russian Asset.

Jared Kushner For Secretary Of State? Trump Told Kelly His High Hopes For Son-in-Law, New Book Claim

Don "Fredo" Trump a meme is born #DonFredo

'People Regret What They Said To Me,' Michael Wolff Tells NPR About Trump Book

First phase of Trump border wall gets $18 billion price tag, in new request to lawmakers

AG took 2 years to charge NDOT workers in Las Vegas theft ring

I have never met Steve Bannon

Notorious R.B.G.

Mandalay Bay staff interacted with Las Vegas shooter more than 10 times in days before Oct. 1

Another video in "honor" of the Dotard...

O.J. Simpson threatens to sue Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Trump World frustrated, angry over new book

Say Hi to Joy Reid thread

Have Trump and Sessions "got to" the new FBI Director, Chris Wray?

Nevada judge blocks controversial anti-sanctuary city ballot measure ACLU claims victory

America's Nuremberg Trial. Here are my picks for the dock:

Trump boasts that he's 'like, really smart' and a 'very stable genius' amid questions over his...

"Its so cold!!! But at least the weather has Jennys number"

Wow! "Floods seen as warning of Bostons future" (pictures included)

Just a random thought

2018 Live One

Report: SEC Investigating Kushner Cos. Over Visa Program

Sleeping Audience Member Awakes With a Scream as Orchestra Plays a Louder Part of the Movement

President Trump has said he may need a good government shutdown to get his wall, a furious Mr. Du

Stable Genius "Need Work"?

Troy Quadruple Murder: Family Killed Over a Christmas Xbox?

US Figure Skating Championships: Tennell, Nagasu, Chen named to Olympic team

A top Democrat wants Steve Bannon to testify about claims he made in an explosive new book

GOP Attempting to Undermine #TrumpRussia?

The Guardian view on the Trump presidency: a reckless and undignified spectacle

December 2017 Atmospheric CO2 Content 406.82 ppm; December 2016 404.42 ppm; December 2015 401.85 ppm

Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6

Can Steve Bannon Bounce Back?

I hope this is in the correct place, last night I was hacked on twitter.

I believe the House Committee should question Christopher Steele but not behind closed doors...

Empty suit to empty chair: "At least you don't think I'm crazy."

About Trump, Mr Trump is too stupid to know that he is stupid.

Van Hollen Sees Even GOP-Held Seats 'In Play'

Coral Reefs Unlikely To Survive Warming; Hitting Paris Targets Means GBR Bleaching Every Other Year

If Trump plans to fire Mueller,

trump confirms below average intelligence and questionable mental stability.

John Cleese on stupidity (traitor don "i'm smart, a genius )

Trump Faces Many More Books

If you're hiking Mt. Washington tonight, be sure to pack a sweater.

EU Observatory: 2017 Second-Hottest Year On Record; 16 Of 17 Hottest Years Ever Since 2000

Former Bush ethics czar goes ballistic over Trump's 'genius' tweet

Insurers Pay Out Record $135 Billion In Natural Disaster Losses In 2017; Total Losses $330 Billion

According to the Washington Post the FBI is still investigating the Clinton Foundation

3-hour wait at DMV causes 'internal screaming.' ITD says latest problem fixed

Hey Donald, you dumbass, Reagan had dementia...

Gov. Otter to let insurers lift some Obamacare requirements

Bourdain: If a friend wrote to assure me he was a "very stable genius" it would be cause for concern

Here are the RNC's weekend talking points about Michael Wolff's book.

Republicans will swear they were only trying to save country from trump

Rob Reiner tweet this morning

I have a question regarding the "book"?

"Dopey Don the Con" ... seems like a good handle for him! n/t

I'm Binge Watching 'Sarah Silverman's I Love You America' On Hulu

I see I'm not the only one setting Trump to Gilbert and Sullivan.

Houston Chronicle: Kathleen White A Bad Joke As Shitstain's Science Nominations Restart

This Can Be YOURS!

David Corn & Matthew Yglesias mock Trump with Fredo Corleone's "I'm smart!" rant

Trump lawyer calls NYT report a 'nothing burger' amid talk of obstruction

McConnell dances on Bannon's grave

3 facts we can absolutely, without a doubt, count on:

It's So Cute When SC Lawmakers Who Lick Trumps Ass Get All "Concerned" About Offshore Driling

Takei: Donnie, calling yourself a very stable genius is like me boasting I'm a very active hetero

Leaked RNC talking points on Wolff's book

The concept of American exceptionalism debunked in a single picture.

So Very Many "Concerned" Florida Republicans Dress Up As Oil Drilling Opponents - Awwww!!!

Thanx Joy! You played the clip / #DonFredo#I'msmart

Iran mocks Trump 'blunder' on supporting protesters

I'm wondering Wolfe's book will affect the tone of Omarosa's potential writing project

Lawmakers: Idaho growing pains will affect prisons, health care and education issues this session

Any other aspies here?

Fire as one plane crashes into another at Toronto Pearson airport

Trump's "smart" and "stable genius" tweets this morning started 10 minutes after Fox News story

UPDATED: Mueller calls back at least one participant in key meeting with Russians at Trump Tower

George Takei tweet response to Der Drumpenfuhrer

HAVANA CUBA temperature bottomed out this morning at 50F?! WTF.....

Man arrested for allegedly desecrating over 200 graves in South Idaho cemeteries

Clash between Idaho prison gangs injures 5 inmates

"I've made a pop-up easy reader version of Fire and Fury so Donald can see what all the fuss is...."

Does pRuitt have to go through senate before becoming AG? (IF tRUMP decides this way)

Stable Genius???

In any 5th grade school assembly, 2 or 3 will believe they can be an effective potus.

Sky News anchors laugh at Trump's tweet about Wolff and Bannon

What if?

"The WarTime President...."

After the 2018 Spokane Women's March was suddenly canceled, activists scrambled to resurrect it

Democrats will probably not be able to run on the economy this fall?

Dominion/SCANA Merger Producing Zero Talk Of Renewables, Efficiency, Lots Of Big Fossil Projects

Twitter reacts to Trump's 'stable genius' tweet

BREAKING: New CBO score on CHIP is out and news is big.

North Korea 'likely' to attend Olympics in South, says official

If you dress provocative, you brought it on yourself

Spokane County saved some residents from controversial law with new water bank

I would like to express my sympathy to Lorne Michaels and everyone else associated with SNL.

The Labor Force Participation Rate is hovering at 62.7%

Munich Re: 2017 Record-Smashing Natural Disaster Payouts "Not An Outlier" But New Normal

Warrantless phone, laptop searches at the US border hit record levels

List Of High-Level Trump Departures Grows

Trump is Killing Tourism to U.S., Industry Analysts Say

"I'm gonna ask my friends who stay at Trump hotels to replace the Gideon's Bible with Fire and Fury"

Kobach is prosecuting this confused senior with four counts of felony voter fraud

Syria war: Hospitals being targeted, aid workers say

Good Luck With That - Travel Group Seeks To Improve US Image As Foreign Visits Fall 4% 1-6/17

Conversation with a friend who appears to get along with seriously whacko Republicans.

Oldest surviving presidential and vice presidential team in American history...

Pastor blames CA wildfires on gay people in textbooks

Chelsea Clinton admits

City Agrees to Pay $85,000 to Settle Civil Rights Suit Over Black Lives Matter Activist's Arrest

Did anybody else think of this after Trump tweeted that he's a very stable genius?

Hmm. Twitter thread suggesting Bannon might've worn layers of clothing to conceal a wire

#StableGenius Trump Is Mentally Unwell and Everyone Around Him Knows It

What's Ahead for Washington's New-Look Legislature

Spokane County drops rape charges against all members of Polish death metal band Decapitated

Trump Administration To Fight Order To Give Documents To Democratic Voter Fraud Commissioner

Who is this RW hack on AM Joy - Joy is exposing her big time

I loooove the way Joy Reid corrects RW talking points instantly.

State's construction budget still tied up over water dispute

Inslee, others support package of voter access bills

Donald Trump book 'will end his presidency', says author of explosive Fire and Fury expose'

Greatest "Stable Genius"

She hung a Nazi flag in her antique shop. Now she's getting death threats.

Painter tweet, minutes ago: "Obstruction of Justice Orange Alert. Be ready."

"Democrats elected a Harvard-educated constitutional law professor. Republicans elected a...."

Voters Used To See Moderation In Trump. Not Anymore.

How Will History Judge Trump's Week?

Salmon farm sues after state cancels its lease

A Major Democratic Donor Is Reconsidering Support For Senators Who Pushed For Al Franken's...

Trump is basically Fredo from the Godfather

"The barely literate dude that struggles through a teleprompter."

Joy Reid is eating Jen Kern's lunch. (nt)

Bernstein: GOP criminal referral for Trump dossier author a 'glowing red herring'

Trump's Genius Hat - It Proves How Smart He Really Is.

NYPD: New York City's 2017 crime rate was lowest since 1951

WATCH: Trump defender awkwardly ducks Joy Reid question whether Trump voters knew he was an 'idiot'

Ain't it the truth - Apple addiction

ACLU to storm 2018 midterms

A Pianists Big Prize: The 8 Best Classical Music Moments of the Week on YouTube

Baby, it's COLD outside!

Stunning - Giant Animals and Tiny People

Breitbart editor fires back at Trump over Bannon attack: 'Outrageous'

anybody have any thoughts on Mueller?

If Trump fall the entire Republican Party goes with him. Trump must Fall!

No mas! One CAPTIONer admits terrible defeat. . . . Please come CAPTION Alex Jones!!!

Super genius.

Michael Wolff Reflects on a Wild Week and Trump's Anger: "I Have No Side Here" (Q&A)

As Flow of Foreign Students Wanes, U.S. Universities Feel the Sting via TRUMP damn!

Meanwhile in Oregon...

Do nerves sleep?

Epiphany Celebrations Around the World

My favorite Wile E. Coyote Genius clip

Twitter says world leaders like Trump have special status

Trump may push Pakistan but it wont budge

Roy Moore accuser's home burns down in possible arson by Deplorable

Papadopoulos fiancee interviewed by Mueller, says she talked Mifsud

Trump Expected Protection From Sessions In Russia Probe

Tribe: Unless Trump is succeeded by lapdog who pardons him, his orange jumpsuit will match his hair.

Trump live on MSNBC now

I did what !?

Palestinians attack car of Greek Patriarch in protest against land deals

Blue Velvet: Jupiter's Cloud Tops Appear Azure in New Juno Image

Oops, Spicer...

The internet burns Trump to the ground for 'off-kilter' tweets about his 'genius' smarts

Lots of people stayed up very late last night reading.

The republicans in congress have decided to take a very dangerous path.

The audiobook for Fire and Fury is posted to youtube.

Who is the most unqualified person in the world to defend your sanity? Answer: You.

GRAPHIC PICS: Surgeons remove TWO STONE poo-filled bowel from constipated man

The "HUGH" difference between Trump and Fredo Corleone:

Paul Ryan is a fucking asshole.

Isn't it comforting to know...

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Fire and Fury!

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

The country is not going to look foolish while I'm here - Trump at Camp David

AM Joy: Nunes facing obstruction indictment for using his House intel position to derail Mueller

Anyone notice since Ryan's meeting and Nunes got the DOJ documents,The GOP has went OTT mental.

BTRTN SaturData Review: Trump's Approval Rate Rises But Pre-Wolff, So Well See

I note the following: Donald Trump age 71 years...

Hes crossed the line so many times and

BTRTN SaturData Review: Trump's Approval Rate Rises But Pre-Wolff, So Well See

Trump "I'm smart" is evocative of this.

What cliches, hackneyed phrases make you cringe?

"The Book" is being pushed off center stage

Trump's Vote Fraud Panel Won't Give Voter Information To Homeland Security

Seen on Facebook

Will DT45 show up to give the Congress state of the union; he doesn't have to

From now on I will refer to the Republican Party as the Reprobate Party

John Cleese on stupidity.

GOP meeting at Camp David reminds me of the Apalachin meeting

Watch Donald Trump defend his 'really, really smart' tweet in rambling presser at Camp David

Bette Midler reading Fire and Fury.

I went to the best colleges, or college. I was a very excellent student.

Wow! Is it a coincidence that a woman who called out Moore for improper acts, her house was burned..

The Mueller investigation is going to shock a lot of americans.

I'm thinking it impossible to top Mark Hamill's response to trump*'s tweet

Trump on North Korea: 'I'd like to see them getting involved in the Olympics'

trump is just jealous of Wolff's book

Trump insists his Russia actions were '100 percent proper,' pledges 'bipartisan' plans for 2018

Pop-Up Easy-Reader Version of 'Fire and Fury' for Trump

I agree with Monica Crowley on one thing

When Religion and Science come together.

Oh no! Ivanka going to jail?


At what point is this country finished?

The Congressional Mafia met at Camp Davis this weekend. Be afraid. Be very afraid for

"He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals." - #BenjaminFranklin

from the book...

President Trump called Michael Wolff a fraud.

all-white, overwhelming old, overwhelmingly male.

Dick Cheney ... Please take Donald Trump duck hunting.

The mob is now running this country.

Engelbert Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel

Almost Afraid To Turn On Any News Right Now.

The Hill: Mueller looking at Ivanka Trump's interaction with Russian lawyer at Trump Tower

Orwell Tried To Warn Us...

Anyone else think Trump seemed more subdued than usual at Camp David presser, perhaps scared?

Who Is Joseph Mifsud?

with all the news... we're forgetting about Monday's awards

GOP/Trump Turning Our Law Enforcement Agencies Into Secret Police.

I found a pop-up version of "Fire & Fury" on Twitter:

there it is **warning a wee bit graphic

Trump/Wile E Coyote:

Trump says he stands by Sessions

Kurt Eichenwald Tweet on AT&T

Mirai Nagasu, 2018 US Championship FS

What O'Donnell Has '100% Confidence' In Bombshell Book

How to Fix Facebook Before It Fixes Us

Have already committed to assemble and protest in the event Trump fires Mueller. Is any

John Young dead: Apollo astronaut who walked on the moon dies, aged 87

Hey, Donnie, say something smart

DT thinks the more yrs between older man/younger woman, the less she'll take his cheating personally

Report: SEC Investigating Kushner Cos. Over Visa Program

INterview of NC Rep (R) by M$NBC weekend host

DRUNK Fmr. Trump Advisor Who Called Trump A F'ing Idiot Defends Remarks

The RNC Asked For Birthday Wishes For Eric Trump, And It Didn't Go As Planned

Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich & John McCain took Russian $

Dumped Like A Dog. What Does Trump Have Against Dogs?

Donald Trump is Like a Rusty Old Boiler

Awesome Tweet!

Donald Trump is more sinister than Richard Nixon, says Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

I am so effing tired of WINTER!

Does the Trump book feel a bit too tabloid-ish to anyone?


We need someone to write a book about the unfit Trump voters.

Omarosa Manigault Newman on Say Yes To The Dress right now!

Jerry Van Dyke has passed

What are the BEST BOOKS you've read in 2018?

When two or more Republicans are gathered you can be assured they aren't discussing the public good.

Kurt Eichenwald just destroyed Trump's boast about his education

Mock video of the Mueller round up

If you're tired of big dick politics, try electing people without one . . . nt

My two cents on Fire And Fury

Donald Trump Goes Full Fredo

What do you think the Camp David crisis meeting is hatching?

Anyone else think the taste of Cheetos is different??

Report: Omarsoa Is Struggling To Land A Book Deal

When a member of Congress talks to a reporter...

Trump on Sally Yates: "Such a c*nt. Yates is only famous because of me"

Fredrika Whitfield CNN ....Terrible this Morning.

Republicans head to Camp David in search of agenda

The most made up story in decades is the absolute fugging LIE

"Dumped like a dog..." Emblematic of the gestalt...and so there's an old saying:

The GOP's New Year's Resolution: Make Russia Go Away

How Actual Smart People Talk About Themselves

Wolff's Book is Karma Spreading Like Wildfire

Anyone else know anything more about this Brian Ross news (of ABC)?

For you potato chip lovers

How Michael Wolff Gained Access To The White House

Unsealed papers shed light on pharma reps activity in Everett

The 16-year-old girl making motorsport history

Meanwhile, at Camp David . . .

GOP PAC opens Spokane office to save McMorris Rodgers

Trump's misleading characterizations of his education aside...

ICE to proceed with deportation of paraplegic boy's sole provider

Papadopoulos' fiance opens up about her interview with Mueller and that mysterious London professor.

State Sen. Ericksen, Trump backer, goes to EPA

House candidate shares grass-roots ideals at Democratic forum

Sanders: Americans Want to Protect Dreamers, Not a Wall

Our duty now: Educate ourselves, open arms and vote

if you hate dark roast coffee + want a less bitter light roast bean. i found an awesome roaster.

Scientists unearth 1st direct evidence of 1st Americans

Who is this guy with the bizarre headpiece on MSNBC defending Trump?

Stop saying "Congress did this", "Congress blocked this", "Congress enables Trump". Say REPUBLICANS

Rossini's Cat Duet. (an oldie but a goodie)

If you want to know if any of your Soc. Sec. income is taxable for 2017:

Saudi princes arrested for holding anti-austerity protest

Trump,on libel laws: "You wouldn't have things where you can say whatever comes to your head"

Young Alabamian plans to unseat 22-year Republican incumbent

Trump claims Mexico will pay for wall day after seeking $18bn from Congress

If You Were To Write A Fake Book About Trump And His White House - What Would You Include?.....

The Trumps: American Crime Family?.....

Sitting next to a deplorable?

FCC Killed Net Neutrality, Blue States Can Save It

When someone says the word "movie star" what name or names come to mind immediately?

Trump says he is a "stable genius" ....trending on Twitter

Duck and Cover Drills. Thanks Drumpt. I thought I was done with that horsepucky.


Has anyone read Wonkette?

My main problem (with the book) so far

Muellers Russia investigation turns its attention to Ivanka Trump

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 6, 2017

Americans Havent Been This Poor and Indebted in Decades

Texas Man Sentenced to 15 Years For Targeting Gay Men For Home Invasions Via Grindr

I had several really good laughs with this and thought I'd share

I just heard Trump say

The country that brought its elephants back from the brink

I am the very model of a very stable genius.

Trump extracts: 'Take a shower, Bannon. You've worn those pants for six days'

If 'doing some stuff', then Winning POTUS on your 'first try' proves you're a 'stable genius'

Michael Wolff: Trump is 'bouncing off the walls' with anger over book

"Trump's 'very stable genius' tweet shows he isn't" Chris Cillizza, CNN, Editor-at-large

Dumb people always TELL you how smart they are because

Trump book author says his revelations will bring down U.S. president

Could anybody use a little Fugelsang wisdom?

🐦 Sunday Jan 7 ABC 'This Week' - Sen. Bernie Sanders with George Stephanopoulos

The Browns 0-16 parade gets just as crazy as you thought it would

All of a sudden the reps and trump really, really want bipartisanship.

NOW we know why Ivanka was so persistent about being in high level & international meetings.

Explosion as two planes collide in Toronto Pearson

Securities & Exchange Commission investigating Kushner Cos.

What Lawrence O'Donnell Has '100% Confidence' In Re: Bombshell Book The Last Word MSNBC

Trying to get my Bernie or die nephew to stop trashing HRC.

Nation of Laws, not of Men (Trump and Co. seem to think it is the other way around)

Remember when the President WAS a stable genius?

Primaries Are Chance for Parties to Define Themselves

Democrats control of the Senate in 2018 is more important than control of the House

First Space Shuttle Launch - worth seeing

Trending on twitter #stablegenius

how the supermoon caused the super bomb storm........

Seth Abramson Live-Reads Fire and Fury

How many examples of trump* being a genius, stable or otherwise, can we find. Here's one.

NYTimes OP-Ed : Did Trump obstruct justice?

Justice Department lacks key leaders, and a Republican senator is threatening to keep it that way

I am confused about Sessions and the Mueller Investigation.

Arab League to lobby U.N. to recognize Palestinian state

Those No Good Democratic Bastards

In fight over Trump's wall, Democrats who once supported a border barrier now oppose it

Israel supports gradual funding cut to U.N. agency for Palestinians: official

The U.S. Tried To Get Cute on Iran But Were Promptly Rebuffed by the Russians Who Asked About Black

In todays PC World. Is it okay to laugh

Peru's Fujimori calls for unity after controversial pardon

Aides felt free to talk to Wolff because they thought Fire and Fury wouldnt come out until 2019

Why do they have to show the worst hits in football......over, and over, and over

Its all well and good that the CDC is going to prepare us for a nuclear explosion but what I

Tapes Reveal Egyptian Leaders' Tacit Acceptance of Jerusalem Move

45 says Mueller making U.S. look foolish.

McMaster: US has seen signs of Russian 'subversion and disinformation' in upcoming Mexican election

trump* sure showed he was a genius with his explanation of uranium

Deer enjoys a snack during a snowstorm

R.I.P. Jerry Van Dyke

Michael Moore says hes going to frack off coast near Mar-a-Lago

John Worboys: Victims 'terrified' by prison release

who here has read the book? ("Fire and Fury")

I am watching the third season of the Walking Dead with the Governor.

Will Michael Wolff's book Fire & Fury be

Michael Moore says he's going to frack off coast near Mar-a-Lago

Sam Nunberg drunk on 'All In With Chris Hayes' Joy subbing?

US senator says no evidence of 'sonic attacks' in Cuba

Obviously, the meeting at Camp David was not about the 2018 agenda.

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff Audiobook #1

Who ever said "you can't con a con"?

The 2020 census will be run by a Republican who has defended gerrymandering and voter suppression

Best Review of Fire And Fury

Al Franken, still being classy, on twitter:

Pete Souza just keeps on trolling Trump.

The DOJ wants to reveal an undocumented teens abortion to an uncle who threatened to beat her.

Here's a nice quote attributed to the genius Isaac Newton:

Last night Rachel talked about "Slow Burn"

"please stop calling our customer service hotline to ask if we have The Gorilla Channel"