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More departures on horizon for struggling White House staff (40 year high)

The greatest mystery in Washington: Why is anyone still loyal to Trump?

The emperor has no clothes.

Trump Wages War on HIV and AIDS Communities

This is how nuclear war with North Korea would unfold

I may never get back the abs I had when I was 26.


Pic of Der Twitler in school. He *did* go to a school for the gifted!

Tell Twitter to crack down on DT.

My post has a link to an extremely scary and well-written article about tRump.

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff Audiobook #1

Alan Young...the *real* stable genius.

To those complaining about Wolff's book mention that Trump did not expect to win...

Under Mueller, the FBI in 2006 conducted the first raid of a US Representative's office in history.

Antiviral Phenolic Compounds From Bamboo and Other Woody Sources.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions' War on Pot May Become a War on Small Business

Christian Radio Host: We Must Re-Horrify People About the Sin of Homosexuality

ARHG DAMNIT same shit different year. proof refs beat the CHIEFS

White Supremacist Charged With Terrorism After Alleged Attempt To Derail Train

Intrigue: Murdoch newspaper Times of London publishes Fire&Fury excerpt

Kyle Griffin on Richard's Haass' assessment of Trump's judgment and discipline.

Flu season blamed for packed emergency rooms, ambulance backlogs in California

So much genius. Bigly genius

Seth Abramson seems to think the book Fire and Fury is a diversion from the Russia Investigation

Americas health care system is an international disgrace, and its only getting worse

More than $100K raised for Moore accuser whose home was destroyed in suspicious fire

Alex Jones is hawking pro-Trump childrens book that indoctrinates them to white nationalism

Scariest moment of my life: Cruise ship rides through fierce winter storm

another Year of Futility for the hapless Kansas City Chiefs........


Sexuality, race, and gender: Attitudes in America's 100 largest churches.

North Korea 'likely' to attend Olympics in South, says official

DU Boaters All Aboard!


Notices a lot of subdivisions with a lot of mega-church's today


Take a shower, Steve: Fire and Fury claims Trump taunted Steve Bannon by saying he looked homeless

So if T and company didn't want to win as Wolff's book says, why collude with Russia?

*2001: A Space Odyssey on TCM now. David and Lisa NEXT!


Mental health a matter of public interest

France Says America, Israel and Saudi Arabia Want Iran War


Neil deGrasse Tyson was on Colbert last night and said: "The universe is vaster than anything...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 9: June Havoc

One of the things they have been up to at Camp David


TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 10: World Leader Biographies


Republicans control Washington. Progressives are trying to reclaim the rest of America.

Good Luck, Senator Gillibrand in objecting to the new U.S. attorney

If crime is down, I wonder how it lines up with states that are selling marijuana.

Is tRump a fan of James Joyce?

We were wrong. Session WAS at the meeting. Here's proof.

An unsettling start to 2018

Union-backed group sues Dennis Richardson over election rule change

Tampa's Confederate symbol at rest in cemetery

Upcoming bill would tax tech industry


2017 proved one thing for sure,,,,

Rep. Earl Blumenauer Refuses to Attend President Trump's State of the Union Address

Trump Is Phoning It In At This Point

Clinton Foundation investigation: wannabe dictator going after his political opponents

offer Eric Rump a happy birthday

The Night They Drove Forrest Down

Kingsman: head exploding sequence to Pomp and Circumstance!

How and why the Catholic Church became a major Internet provider in Uganda.

Former first lady Hayes faces $100,000-plus in fines for ethics violations

Trump and his Genius Kids (2 minutes)

Philippe Reines, long time adviser to Hillary Clinton. This is well worth watching.

A song about Trump's "Genius" mind

After watching Rachel last night...

Long ago I worked in the ER

Watching the CNN program about North Korea.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler defends decision to invest in pricey affordable housing complex

Chuck E. Cheese Dedicates Time to Special Needs Kids


look ma- i made a best of 2017 list

Republicans cant generate buzz for Ros-Lehtinens seat, and some say its unwinnable

God is closed tomorrow. Mother Nature said so.

What happens to Bannonism after Bannon?

Oregon suing agrochemical giant over PCB pollution


7 Maine Coon Kittens a-bopping in agreement

Photo of the Day

DU Poll - making a bed with printed sheets

Sessions wasn't at Camp David, but the CIA Director was.

Tired of people saying and regurgitating that Wolff's book is untrue and that he said so

I am so tired of being afraid of what those crazy people and Don will do.

A Very Telling Thing About the Book Fire and Fury:

Has North Korean atheletes won any gold medals in any Olympics?

"Will Rap 4 Weed" and Other Independent Candidates for Governor You Probably Won't Hear About Again

Museum of the Bible - Trump "seated and mantled with the power of God"

McConnell suddenly discovers that he has hands. Doesn't know where to put them. Goes into shock.

"Trump's an Asshole, but He's Our Asshole": GOP Congressman

Good friend of mine bought some collections of Hollywood shorts...

I Keep Hearing About These Furious Bouts Trump Has...

The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment...

Seen on a church sign today

The Funniest Memes Reacting to Trump's 'Very Stable Genius' Boast

He Tweets Like a Child

Ben Bradlee and the Post (the movie)

US Figure Skating Championship Results: Pairs, Women and Men

WaPo - Trump Foundation admits to violating ban on self-dealing, new filing to IRS shows


WaPo - Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems

Parks Service official who ignored environmental rules picked for senior agency post

ABC - New York AG's office investigating Eric Trump's charity

"Drugs"...this idiot is high on junk food

Companies that announced big bonuses after GOP tax cut are now laying off their workers

Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett

USA Today - Photo shows $20K portrait Trump bought with foundation money

If Julian Castro Is Running for President, He Should Stop Running Away From Dallas

hey there all you stable geniuses!

Sympahthy for the Devil

Stable genius:

Joy Reid asks...

The CDC wants the public to be prepared for nuclear war

Idaho Group pursues Medicaid expansion

'We're Resilient People': Port Aransas Mayor Says City Is Recovering Despite Receiving Little Help

The 30 Funniest anti-trump Protest Signs of 2017

Hard hitting News Org. leads to

45 and magical thinking.

Cats in the bag...

I just realized what "a stable genius" is-

Best science pics of 2017

Can a Convicted Felon Run for Office in Texas? Lewis Conway Jr. Intends to Find Out.

Simon on an Afghan...

Trump needs to be quiet about the "libel laws"

EU will protect its citizens and investments in Cuba against US anti-Cuba policy

Kennedy Contends Rahm behind Plan to push Blacks out of city.

Senator Positive Nelson Will Run For Virgin Islands Governor In 2018.

Half of Puerto Rico Still without Power

Stephen Colbert on Trump: I love my country more than I love a good joke

Medical Research? Congress Cheers. Medical Care? Congress Brawls.

Puerto Rico House Speaker Calls for Census on Islanders Who Fled to Florida

Many Shuttered Puerto Rican Restaurants Won't Reopen, Industry Leader Says

Mobile County declines support for Baptist event, cites state law

Stable Genius

$570 million Powerball jackpot-winning ticket sold in New Hampshire

Trump is set to have his first physical examination..but does not include mental health evaluation..

Moore's Campaign Manager Running for Congress

Now that Florida is officially within the Arctic circle...

Companies that announced big bonuses after GOP tax cut are now laying off their workers

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) No Such Luck Edition

With optimism high, Democrats running for governor report end-of-year cash on hand

Sunday's Doonesbury - Convincing the Donald

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - The New Normal

Who will leave first; Mueller, Sessions or DT45?

ALEA, Department of Corrections request more funding for staff

"A Change Is Gonna Come" - Sam Cooke - (Official Lyric Video)

ADPH requests funding of CHIP, could freeze enrollment

David Frum: Donald Trump Goes Full Fredo

Stable Genius

Companies that announced big bonuses after GOP tax cut are now laying off their workers Nice "trick

-17 here in my little corner of upstate NY.

David Remnick: The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump

Trump is Wile E Coyote, Super Genius

We are being defeated in a digital war but there is still time to fight back

Medical Research? Congress Cheers. Medical Care? Congress Brawls. NYT, Jan. 5, 18

Alabama site off EPA Superfund list 52 years after chemical spill

Beware the illiberal alliance of Poland and Hungary, a grave threat to the EU

How Actual Smart People Talk About Themselves

Trump washes his hands of insurgency against GOP incumbents

Hate group Liberty Counsel is now a church!

Trump may deny the UK a Brexit trade deal if he's snubbed from Prince Harry's wedding

We should not negotiate with Trump and the Deplorables on DACA

Those that have read Fire and Fury, weird question

Chump said Steve Bannon cried when he fired him. *

Clay Bennett: 'Thank goodness the president doesn't read'

'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'

List of striking quotes from new book on trump: WaPo front page: 2 min.


Michael Moore Just Announced Plans To Start Fracking Off The Coast Of Mar-a-Lago (TWEETS)

Did the Supreme Court already rule on the gerrymandering case?

Today's 3 WAPO frontpage headlines about 45's mental health:

NY POST: "Don't Worry, America!"

Black People Dont Have Freedom of Emotion (Anger) in America. Why?

Empire 2 Ways

Patriots. True patriots.

Special relationship in doubt if Trump doesnt get royal wedding invite, says Wolff

Some of the negative reviews on Amazon are a riot!

Older than dirt and just plain whiny

May: Trump will visit the UK

Please help me in saying hi and good morning to Joy Reid. Joy or her people read DU (I think)

From GQ via Joy Reid on Twitter: why Wolff is having such an impact

Former Guardian editor Peter Preston dies

Michael Moore: Trump's dementia is so bad, he gave Bannon the same nickname he gave me

Chavismo (Venezuela) takes a page from the Mugabe Zunu-PF playbook! Legal looting!

Nazi Stephen Miller on CNN right now

Stephen Miller on SOTU, I hope Jake tears him apart.


If yer such a genius trump, why did ya let Michael Wolff wander around the White House for

For those stunned by the impropriety of openly questioning a presidents mental health...

re: a "very stable genius", I understand; I don't agree but I understand

JOY: Wolffe did access journalism in the most karmic and Trumpian fashion: he ingratiated himself to

Paul Ryan And Devin Nunes Facing Obstruction Indictment...

Jake, you lost that round, move on.

Tanker and ship collision near Shanghai leaves 32 missing

CIA director pushes back on claim in Wolff book: Trump reads

Trump Engineered Saudi Soft Coup, attack on Qatar, to Save Self

Why It Doesn't Matter If Trump Is Mentally Ill

What do we do when they come back?

Another cool morning in Havana Cuba: 51F

On a scale of 0-10 how trustworthy are Donald Trump's defenders ?

Sydney swelters on hottest day since 1939 as mercury hits 47.3C

Tapper just abruptly cut off Steve Miller on CNN

Face it trump, you got trumped by the big bad Wolff you, yourself, let into your house of straw.

Video: Portion of Tapper/Miller CNN interview EDIT: Added more vids

Iran Guards say quell unrest fomented by foreign enemies

Chavistas resorting to Capitalism to survive Chavismo? It's tetas time!

Does anyone here use any natural tick repellents?

Very old tree in a very old wall

A blessed Orthodox Christmas!

Wow, there is a literal Putin propagandist defending Trump on CNN

Official who improperly helped Redskins owner cut down trees picked as National Park Service deputy

3 million job losses... in a country of 30 million. In 2 years.

Sunday breakfast

What did Brian Stelter do/say that has Alex Jones in such a snit?

"Because it's my show and I don't want to do that..."

I'm like a smart person.

Would democracy work better if voting was compulsory?

"Words, words, words, words." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Jake Tapper Cuts Off WH Adviser Stephen Miller in Tense Interview

Trump refuses to release documents to Maine secretary of state despite judges order

'You've wasted enough time': Jake Tapper cuts off Stephen Miller after he goes berserk over tell-all

Haley: 'No one questions the stability of the president'

Shouldn't you be doing something else now.

My colonoscopy prep begins this evening.

What Will Trump Have To Do To Be Removed From The Presidency. We Know GOP Won't Save US.

Why Europes wars of religion put 40,000 witches to a terrible death

Trump Continues to Rage Against Wolff's 'Fake Book': 'Reagan Had the Same Problem'

Democratic lawmaker: Trump claiming to be a 'stable genius' is like Nixon saying he's 'not a crook'

trump tweet says miller destroyed tapper🤡

if (When) Dems get control of congress could they pass a bill

Pierce: You're Not NeverTrump Unless You're NeverRyan and NeverMcConnell

Trump: choose Bannon or me

Trump refuses to release documents to Maine secretary of state despite judges order

"What set off the crazies?"

Devastating forecast: Venezuelan inflation could reach 30,000 percent, economists say

If You Think The Christian War Against Pagans Has Ended - Read This:

Being Around Trump Probably Like Being Around Henry VIII. Off With The Head.

Top Dem: 'We have a seriously flawed human being in the Oval Office'

The complacency regarding the renewed war on cannabis is alarming

Diabetes Shouldn't Bankrupt You

Nailed it.

Trump's ill-advised claim that the media are covering his mental fitness like Reagan's

A STABLE GENIUS PRESIDENT (With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

Trump campaign digital director throws Jared Kushner, Eric Trump under the bus

GOP Following Trump Like Good Little Nazi's Followed Hitler. What Happened?

I didn't think they could televise fellatio---

Trump Attacks Tapper After Contentious Interview With White House Aide

Told their treehouse must go, owners appeal to Supreme Court

ok what would be the VERY WORSE charge Mueller could

Just so people know what we all lose today & lost past couple yrs when we look back 10 yrs from now.

The 'stable genius' isn't even functioning as president - By Jennifer Rubin

Michael Wolff's new book "Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House" can't print copies fast enough

Rubik's Cube x 2

Be you Christian, Muslim or Jew, the Big Boys Dictate the Terms

"I demand that you cease and desist."

Wolff: The 25th Amendment Is 'Alive Every Day' In Trump's Administration

Just great. The head of RT (at least officially,) is on "60 Minutes" tonight.

Trump/GOP Plan - Throw US Under The Bus/ Run Over It Multiple Times. That's All Folks.

Trump: Countries That Are "Harsh" On Drugs Have Success

Greg Sargent: Trump just confirmed Tapper's point that Miller cared only about one viewer

If you're considering buying a Kindle device right now,

10 Democratic Primaries To Watch In 2018

Matthew Dowd: Trump attacking Fire and Fury's honesty like Al Capone calling jaywalker criminal

Fox host enrages CIA chief: What would CIA say about a leader who calls himself 'stable genius'

Youth dance grp blessed after liturgy

Watch this and scream

Officials Worry Trump Has ADHD Or Dementia: Wolff

Wow "The Eagles" are doing 40-50 concerts in 2018

Lindsey Graham

think some of tRumps people(SUBHUMAN) read posts from this site and

It's so cold...

Does this 2017 list of best and worst banks have any validity ?

Comparing himself to Reagan, Trump unintentionally suggests he is also concealing mental decline.

Bannon praises Trump, Trump JR and disses Hillary in his "apology" statement about his comments....

Will there be "red carpet" coverage of Trump's award ceremony on Monday?

Exclusive: Bannon says I'm sorry

Democrats must seize on Jeff Sessions misguided marijuana policy

Trump aide Miller flayed on internet after CNN host cuts off 'baby Goebbels' CNN freak out

Terrible writing - Fire and Fury

Trump, Fox news and the Republican party declared war on the main stream news media and the truth.

How does Trump manipulate and control people so effectively?

Centering a photo on my desktop?

Shields and Brooks on Russia revelations, Trump-Bannon rift

Jennifer Rubin just nailed Bannon as "Supine Steve" after his grotesque apology to Trump

Stephen Miller. He really doesn't seem like that bad of a guy, once you get to know him.

Graham: I would not serve in Trump's Cabinet

Before "Science" came "Natural Philosopy"

Does Stephen Miller actually believe what he's saying about trump*?

Video: Sen. Sanders - This Week With George Stephanopoulos 1/7/18

Britian - The Winds of Change - Abandoning coal

Mueller's investigation will show GOP Congress co-conspirators

Constitutional convention - JoyAnnReid

Bannon: "Donald Trump, Jr. is both a patriot and a good man." GOOD boy, here's a Snausage.

Joy-Ann Reid shuts down apologist journalist attempting to appease Trump (VIDEO)

Sources: Eric Schneiderman had Trumps under state surveillance?

Oldest Sky Chart found of Supernova 5,000 yrs. ago

New book on impeachment coming out advertised at Amazon (Tribe and Matz)

Bannon's Now Singing - So Sorry

Trump doesn't know what Mueller has but keeps saying

Bannon the coward, How many bad traits can one person have?

Trump is now dangerous that makes his mental health a matter of public interest Bandy Lee

Head of largest hedge fund says economic downturn could leave U.S. at each others throats

'Darkest Hour' - incredible film. No Spoilers.

Suspects conspiring on how to kill the investigation

I get to telework tomorrow because Trump is coming here for a football game

The Mooch's gift to Trump staff: A taxpayer-funded stylist

Traitor don picks another fight with the media

Moody Blues singer Ray Thomas dies at his home aged 76 after a battle with prostate cancer


When has madness ever ended well?

a Snowflake is falling onto Atlanta tomorrow

GOP talking head on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"

Wife of Pulse gunman said he told her 'this is my target,' statement says

Describe This Administration/GOP In Terms Of Worst Experience,Movie etc.

Obama's popularity is rising even as Trump is president

How about an albino sea turtle pix

Sam Nunberg: "I called Trump a fool."


The 4 Horses' Asses of the GOPocalypse

Overlooked workers are finding it easier to land jobs

Karmic adjustments

California renters will come out ahead with new tax plan while homeowners will see a higher tax bill

QOTD: Ronald Reagan had the same problem and handled it well. So will I!

What are you reading this week of January 7, 2018?

"For a group of people that claimed President Obama got nothing done,

Which is the real Southern Comfort?

Stupid Bannon - we can't unsee what is in that book.

Lawmakers can't flush as water systems freeze across South

Twitter trends comparing Trump to dimwit #FredoCorleone

Are Approaching The Time When We Will Have To Go To War W/GOP. Get Out Brass Knuckles.

Has anybody found a liver replacement donor for Bannon yet???????

Learn To Trash To GOPPERS/Trumpers. Leave Them In Miserable Rage.

I think they got Miller's positive reward wiring wrong

Pfizer reacts to tax bill: increases buybacks, lays off workers, cuts Alzheimer's research

Trump After Saudi Palace Coup: 'We've Put Our Man on Top'

can someone here explain the process of the final Virginia RECOUNT? (if she request one)

Conspirator Graham lies about Steele on MTP

A Simpler Time

Hats off to Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff for being the most vocal critics of Trump' s GOP cabal:

Sanders Slams Trump's Border Wall Demand, Says We Must Protect Dreamers and Working Families

Just heard Malcolm Nance say (on MSNBC)

Issues to watch in the 2018 legislative session

Fire and Fury author Wolff says 25th Amendment concept alive every day at White House

Israel imposes travel ban on 20 foreign NGOs over boycott movement

I feel so sorry for Robert Mueller. There's so much corruption & criminal activity to investigate,

Schiff: Trump 'badgering' spurred Clinton Foundation investigatio

We Can See How The GOP Has Listened To US. Treat Them With Same Contempt They Treat US.

Alabama Landlords Fear Renting New Home To Roy Moore Accuser Whose Home Burned In Arson Fire

LOOK At What Happened To Siegleman If You Think Nothing Will Happen To The Clintons.

So IF there are Wolff tapes...when does he release them?

Camp David news conference

The way to get under Trump's skin the most is to remind everyone he is NOT a self made billionaire

Rep. Nancy Pelosi: "Bigoted world view that Bannon pushed remains at the WH"

Trump left off list of "most genius"...

Seems there very few Republicans,,,,,,,

Ray Thomas, Moody Blues Flautist and Founding Member, Dead at 76

Wolff: Trump lied about his height to keep from having a BMI that would label him as obese.

On Opting Out of Religion

Trump I.Q. Test

Fox's Pete Hegseth urges Trump to "take credit for solving global warming" because of cold temperatu

Bernie Sanders responds to Trump calling himself "a stable genius"...

So. What're these guys saving up for, anyway? One foot in the grave.

Few things are more difficult than being civil to someone you really want to slap. Hard

Aging Congregations May Be Churches' Biggest Concern

Joseph Goebbels vs Stephen Miller

Everyone knows the RNC was hacked

Christie 'absolutely' believes he'd be president if Trump hadn't run

If Trump wants to get tough on drugs he should look to his tweeker and opioid addled supporters.

Sloppy Steve has 'regrets'?

UPDATE: I am no longer possibly moving to Arkansas

Wiki - Priest shortage in the Catholic Church

What's not in Bannon's apology

"Get in, Alice, let's go. There's no time to explain!"

If Bannon is going to supplicate himself he should promise to clean the toilets at Mara a Lago

Fox News even addressed Der Twitler response to Jake Tapper interview of Stephen Miller

Kushner's real estate company received a roughly $30 million investment just before Israel trip

Friends and Lovers...

Yep, I think that we've found the problem right here....

A guaranteed way to make Republicans support legal weed

OMG! Read a great term for Don Jr: Traitor Tot

a rant about Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida....

Getting people to say yes, and where they vote Democratic

Donald *J.* Trump

A Post-Franken World

Joy Reid Tweet to Trump regarding his comparison of his mental state vis-a-vis Reagan

Does anyone else remember what happened last time we pissed off pakistan?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 January 2018

re viewing old images

Lets see, u mmm less revenue bigger Deficit,,,,,,,,,

Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst hits Trump: 'Stop this manipulation and raise the bar'

Getting ready for knee replacement surgery - how long will I be in pain?

Taibbi: Why Michael Wolff's Book Is Good News

is there ANYTHING Mueller could be planing on personal bases to continue his investigation IF

The Hillary Card

Because of the Wolff book, virtually no coverage on the Sunday shows of:

HuffPo: Dr. Cornel West: The Biggest Crab in the Barrel

Terrible, terrible, terrible news!

Rush to defend Trump from books claims creates more debate

Do SOMETHING this week to help elect a Democratic Congress. Send someone five bucks---or $1.29---,

Trump health care nominee reportedly padded his resume then blamed it on a tornado

Fiscal Conservatives my Ass,,,,,,,,,????????

That ridiculous meme that Der Twitler fixed global warming? Guess he forgot about Australia

Can we get the Election 2018 section going?

Heads Up for the Black Out at tonight's Golden Globe Awards

Name a song with the word "kiss" in the title

Do the Republicans recognize the irony of the "Hastert Rule"?

Mar-a-Largos new signature drink is the Stable Genius!

My thoughts on the Bono interview in Rolling Stone, January 11-25 2018.

Joy-Ann Reid shuts down apologist journalist attempting to appease Trump

This is GROWING: Democrats command the narrative

OMG! Look at this sign someone put up on the 15 Freeway between LA and Las Vegas!

Is This Show for Real? Ep #2

"Midvale School For The Really Smart & Very Stable Genius"

NBC News: Wolff claims 25th amendment "alive every day.."

Come Back Barack

"This Rusher thing with Trump and Rusher"... gawd I'm sick of hearing that

The Growth of "Renewable" Energy Has Exceeded 2007 World Energy Outlook Projections by 55%!

Translating Sloppy Steve

Ed Rendell just questioned Gina's stability

IMO, when we have a Constitution convention next yr, I'm going to push for a 6yr, 1 term, starting

Winter weather advisory: Monday evening's commute could be very icy because of wintry mix

Grand jury empaneled in Burlington College case

Possible Wolf in streets of Montreal

What Do Deplorables Think of GOP Congress Using tRump?

Found the definitive fRump nickname: IQ45.

This tweet wins the internet today

Wolff was drumpf's tape recorder

Stephen Miller is a slimy little toad.

Was just reading No Is Not Enough, by Naomi Klein

A Warning From History

So The Depraved Maniacal Vole* thinks he's a genius?!

My two greatest assets

Ex-GOP Rep explains Stephen Miller's boot-licking CNN performance: He's trying to be the new Bannon

Getting a bit worried about the imminent reshuffle

Re: Stephen Miller - where is the "sanctuary city slaughter"

Capitalism, free-market, small government and racism

The impropriety of openly questioning a President's mental health...#TheresATweetForIt

Seriously, How Dumb is Trump? by Robert Reich

Mixed signals on infrastructure plan emerge from Trump retreat

Sunday's Candorville- Arguing with a RW'er

A school sought 50 men to stand in for absent fathers at 'Breakfast with Dads', nearly 600 showed up

Iran bans the teaching of English in primary schools, official says

Trump takes new tack to weaken ObamaCare

McMaster points to Russian interference in Mexican election

Trump Administration Set for Broad Engagement with Russia in Early 2018

Starbucks wins dismissal in U.S. of underfilled latte lawsuit

Manatee Crossing

Why do we bleep out swear words? Like... "Fuck Trump"?

Trump is about to put his mark on the US nuclear arsenal

BREAKING: Putin-linked Russian oligarch Len Blavatnik was a VIP at RNC Convention

Peter Preston, former Guardian editor, dies aged 79

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 7, 2017

Ecuador: Correa starts campaign against 'traitor' Moreno

Eleven dead after gun battle erupts outside Mexican beach resort

Wise Guys debuts on FNC

The new hat is out, per George Takei.

Trump hands out the 'Fake News' awards tomorrow

Maduro says Venezuela will issue $5.9 billion in oil-backed cryptocurrency

Now the laziest president ever---Trump's day starts at 11 AM.

Trump tweet on nuclear button keeps North Korea's Kim 'on his toes': Haley

Is THIS what happened to turn Graham and Grassley?

Christ is Baptized! In the River Jordan! Orthodox Theophany Feastday Hymns

Why doesn't anyone ask Republicans like McConnell, Ryan, Graham, Grassley, Nunes, etc. this:

2018 Governors Race - who is running against Sununu?

'Falling apart?' Trump's insults not forgotten in Atlanta

CNN media critic: If another world leader acted like Trump we'd 'conclude that he is not well'

Stockholm metro explosion: Man killed after picking up suspected hand grenade

LG just announced a 65-inch OLED TV that rolls up like a piece of paper

Just heard about jollof-rice and jollof-rice wars at VSB column at the root

The Flunky Nominees Just Keep A-Coming

Most unusual encounters with a wild animal (any kind that isn't someones pet)

Feastday of the Theophany Troparia Orthodox Christian

I am looking for recommendations for a food-safe tissue paper product.