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Had to laugh at this

Has the GOP adopted a new National Anthem?

House Republicans break with intelligence community on Russia

If you have a Republican House member and/or senators....

Another reason to say NO to arming teachers....

CA is RESISTING the moron's visit to LA and San Diego.

Nancy Pelosi rules!

So, are teachers going to get a MAJOR pay increase for having to protect students with guns?

I'm glad we avoided the drama ...

Born on this day in 1922, Jack Kerouac.

Sarah Huksterby even scarier when she laughs: Her sneer is actually easier to tolerate.

What the actual F**k?

I Am Very Disappointed In House Investigation Into Russia

Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Slips on Banana Peel

Make America Sane Again

Tweet of the day!

US sets new record for censoring, withholding gov't files

Kelly, Javanka, now Tillerson....on the short timer list...

FLIPPABLE: Helen Tai for PA-HD178 (Special Election - May 15)

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Losing Hope! Best of Malloy

Filipino Food Finds a Place in the American Mainstream.

Austin packages exploding on brown people. How long until Trump responds?

Turn on Rachel!

Trump screaming in ALL CAPS that House Intel Committee found NO COLLUSION

Sessions calls on U.S. attorneys to aggressively prosecute gun buyers who lie on background checks

CNN's Phil Mudd on House report "I wouldn't wipe my ass with it!"

Texas investigating notary over failure to sign Stormy Daniels nondisclosure agreement

Betsy DeVos Calls 60 Minutes a Waste of a Half Hour

What Has Two Tiny Thumbs, And Is Scared Shitless of The NRA?

More trouble for Trump's candidate in Pennsylvania special election

Time - if one becomes permanent would you want daylight or standard time? Poll

Schiff: Republicans 'would rather not know if Russians have leverage over POTUS' (statement)

"I wouldn't wipe my ass with it": Ex-CIA analyst rips House GOP intel "no collusion" report

137 House Democrats sign letter urging Trump's action against Russia

Going to the polls at 7AM to vote for Conor Lamb!!

House Republicans say Japan did not meddle in Pearl Harbor

Florida fundraiser, new account point to Pawlenty run for governor

Obama AG rips House Intel Republicans for ending probe: 'Politics beat a desire for the truth'

BTRTN: Pennsylvania's 18th Special Election: More Than a Moral Victory This Time?

BTRTN: Pennsylvania's 18th Special Election: More Than a Moral Victory This Time?

BTRTN: Pennsylvania's 18th Special Election: More Than a Moral Victory This Time?

I have a feeling Trump is about to get far worse than he's been thus far.

Russian criminals links to Trump could compromise him

Dem leads by 6 points in Pa. special election: poll

"I wouldn't wipe my ass with it": Ex-CIA analyst rips House GOP "intel" "no collusion" report


Adam Schiff: "This was not the finding of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. President..."

WaPo - At Yale, we conducted an experiment to turn conservatives into liberals.

*Rule* - 3 complaining threads about Tweety equals a REPRISE of the Tweety profile:

Kamala Harris urges activists in Nevada to 'go in fighting'

Evangelicals, the death of their morality and decency & path to degeneracy

I doubt the Trump-Kim meeting will ever happen

As well as Trump, Devin Nunes and Paul Ryan need to be prosecuted!

The GOP have lost their souls.

From new book Russian Roulette: Trump, Sessions encouraged Papadopoulos to arrange meeting

This is an important read (x posted) by our friend lostnfound

Vipin Narang, MIT associate professor/political science, ponders Putins use of Novichock in attack:

Seth Abramson: Biden and Trump reactions (verbatim) to intelligence briefing on Trump-Russia

Great song by a really cheesy b-rated hair band....

More WTF? Madness: Secretaries of state slam provision to allow Secret Service at polling places

House intel Republican slams own committee: We 'lost all credibility'

Trump Intelligence Comm: "He Didn't Do Nothin", The End!!!

I keep thinking of something Rove supposedly said...

For Beatles fans!

George Papadopoulos Claimed Trump Encouraged His Efforts to Establish a Russian Back Channel

US scientists rescued in Antarctica by Argentina icebreaker


US scientists rescued in Antarctica by Argentina icebreaker

"Bullet Head"

Artificial intelligence can destroy talk radio giants iHeart and Cumulus. Before the elections?

Tillerson: Ex-spy's poisoning 'clearly came from Russia'

Combat Mission: Redux

Tonight I needed this Venus v Serena match

Josh Marshall - 60 minutes gets salacious... Trump gets submissive?

Betsy DeVos' Media Tour: Is Our Education Secretary Learning? (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Seth Meyers - Trump's Unhinged Rally, Betsy DeVos' Train Wreck Interview: A Closer Look

Russia declaration of war v. UK?

FLIPPABLE: James Talarico for TX-HD52

Great tweet:

You have no idea, kid. You have no idea.

What are your thoughts about Dwight David Eisenhower?

FLIPPABLE: Maria Collett for PA-SD12

National Geographic acknowledges past racist coverage

I love those photo things where you can change a photo into a portrait painting

Someone needs help being a good boy again...

Skulls show women moved across medieval Europe, not just men

The Daily Show: Trump Improvises His Way Through a Rally and Agrees to Meet Kim Jong-un

'Cook' for Mexico-based drug cartel gets US prison sentence

If true this is real bad

I forgot Joe Lieberman sat behind Devos at her confirmation hearings

Rosenstein defends Mueller: No reason to end special counsel

I'm gonna get me a gun (1967)

Some heroes don't wear capes...

UFO sightings ignored by Pentagon, former insider says

Haha! Go, Preet!

EXCLUSIVE: Stormy Daniels Pal on Trump: He Would Call All the Time

NYTimes Headline Has it Right: Republicans in House Say No Collusion, but Muellers Case Grows

Jane Kim surging in SF mayors race while Mark Leno fades, new poll shows

PA-18: GOP Pa. candidate: 'The other side' has 'hatred' for Trump, country and God

Article removed from Forbes: Why white evangelicalism is so cruel

'Boaty McBoatface' sub survives ice mission

In case anyone was wondering:

"We've gone completely off the rails" Republican Tom Rooney - House Intel Cmte has no credibility

"House Intelligence is now officially an oxymoron."

This CEO makes 900 times more than company's typical employee

US posts biggest budget deficit since 2012 as tax income falls

PA-18 Prediction for Tomorrow Night: I have no clue.

Plants faring worse than monkeys in increasingly patchy forests of Costa Rica

Plants faring worse than monkeys in increasingly patchy forests of Costa Rica

Anthropologists show how migrant communities physically grow taller when they leave hardship behind

Anthropologists show how migrant communities physically grow taller when they leave hardship behind


Executive Privlege

Sno-Cat resembling Dukes of Hazzard car stolen in Colorado

If you think education is expensive...

ICE spokesman quit over descriptions of 800 people evading arrest: report

140 House Dems urge Trump to impose Russia sanctions

San Antonio Man Who Pushed Trans Woman into River Won't Be Tried for Her Death

After 11 years in prison, Kentucky man wrongly convicted of murder awarded $7.5M

Judge rules $560M Powerball winner can remain anonymous

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/12/18

A normal White House would have rushed to its allys [Britain] defense by now.

For Pi Day tomorrow: What's your favorite "Pie"?

Tulare Police shoot and kill suspect during violent confrontation

Cell Phone Video Shows Tulare Officer Involved Shooting

Philip Mudd's "I Wouldn't Stoop To Wipe My Ass With It" Quote Needs To Go Viral!

Betsy DeVos' phone before the 60 minutes interview

Former Vice President Joe Biden energizes Democrats at sold-out event in Helena

Gobsmacked by an old republican friend.

We all expected a controversial blonde woman to embarrass the Trump administration ...

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Employee Sentenced for Involvement in Over $30 Million Health Care Fraud

Las Vegas Resident Sentenced In Multimillion Dollar Prize Promotion Scams Targeting Elderly Victims

Clovis Man Pleads Guilty to Running $24M Ponzi Scheme

At least, Trump earns several Guinness World Records...

Rapper Craig Mack has died

The GOP plan on Russia great as an Wile E. Coyote plan...

So, they want to arm teachers?

Before everyone gets giddy about PA-18

This Trump & GOP Is As Terrifying Every Horror Movie Ever Made. Is Thee One That Describes It All?

House Intelligence

Trump is soooo insecure about Conor Lamb...

Happy Detroit Day, Y'all!

Any Unexplained Change In You Body Needs To Be Looked Into.

Interiors Zinke: No friend of the animals

Trump Revels In House Intels Report Finding No Collusion With All Caps Tweet

The Trouble Is Russian Partnership Is Part Of The GOP Strategy For November.

Russia plays innocent after russian nerve-gas used for murder in UK.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Coward

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Two tubby little liars

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - Trump gang

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Roger Stone claimed contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2016, according to two associat

If you have to brag about how smart you're not very smart at all

It is their purpose....

Acting NASA Administrator Retiring 4/30; No Deputy Admin Nomination, No Chief Of Staff

NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot To Retire, White House Appointee Not Yet Confirmed


Wow, I was threatened by a seller on ebay

GOP seeks to stave off big Dem upset

2K Square Miles Of LA Will Vanish In 50 Years; 35 Place Names Retired In 2011 - They No Longer Exist

Yes... no... yes

Another perspective on the 'Border Wall'

Reflections on stained glass on a renaissance canvas

West Virginia Gov. Fires Art. Dept Head for Asking to Save Agency

Everybody does understand Trump has won? No matter what Mueller finds out, it will

Intensifying Drought Growing Across Southern Plains, California Snowpack Still Low

LUCKOVICH: Trump finally criticizes Putin...

My take on the GOP intel committee report

"Time to feed my idiots"

Clinton: I won places moving forward, Trump won places moving backward

A mandatory evacuation in the Santa Barbara Monticeto Carpinteria burn areas. The alert went out

not a word about how in Austin Texas

Russia demands access to nerve agent in ex-spy case standoff

ROGER STONE told 2 friends he knew of a trove of hacked emails that would damage Democrats in 2016

Trump ousts Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, will replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo

*Breaking news from MSNBC*

13 russians indicted - Putin threatens the world in speech - russians poison spy in U.K.

The Walls Are Closing In on Trump - by Rick Wilson

The TRUE STORY about Republicans in House Intel Committee:

Palestinian Prime Minister survives assassination attempt in Gaza, PA says

Trump just tweeted that Rex is fired and Mike Pompeo is the new Sec. of State

My morning intuition is to not stress about the GOP sham report released yesterday

Trump ousts Tillerson, will replace him as secretary of state with CIA chief Pompeo

Tillerson out. Pompeo in. StinkySez: Bolton to CIA

Great comment from Mark Warner Russian trolls pushed rally in Buffalothen urged blacks not to vote

The House Intel Committeee should have been shut down months ago...

Russia Threatens Action Against the U.S. If It Strikes Syria

Democrats Have Reasons for Dumping Dianne Feinstein - but None of Them Are Good

Just a reminder about Mike Pompeo - next in line for SoS:

Tillerson, Mnuchin, and Mattis have a 'suicide pact' where if one resigns, they all do

Saccone: 'I relish being the underdog'

Slate "Good Riddance to the Craven, Dishonest, Deeply Stupid House Russia Investigation

24 hours after saying Russia did the poisoning, boom, hes out.

The song 'Rhiannon' was used in the closing credits of the HBO series "Here and Now."

Senate GOP leaders won't try to block Trump's tariffs

***BREAKING NEWS*** Another day in the porno White House :Tillerson out, Pompeo in.

Yesterday Tillerson said that Russia clearly poisoned the two spies - today, he's asked to step down

Is this why Tillerson is out?:

White House slams 'sanctuary' supporters in advance of Trump visit

Just voted in PA 18...

Tillerson Condemns Russia in Nerve Gas Attack Against UK. Trump: You're Fired!

Trump is a D.I.C.K.

Mattis in Kabul: We 'look toward a victory in Afghanistan - not a military victory'

Holder to Wisconsin to pump judge race

Republicans abandon tax cut message in Pa. special election

Trump has had issues with Tillerson in the past....

Was ENTIRE Trump North Korea Meeting an Incompetent Misunderstanding?

Trump Lawyers Want "Deal" to End Russia Investigation

Steve Bannon:

Scarborough Slams GOP House Intel 'Report Made For Talk Radio': 'Everybody Knows They're Lying'

Trump (must have) got the call from Putin on Tillerson confirming Russia terrorist attack in UK

Putin appoints Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State....fires Tillerson

Mueller Should Issue Some Indictments Today To Shove It In The Faces Of The....

Trump ruins everything

The "Trump Organization" has morphed into the United States government.

he desolves the house committee and fires rex...

Does Pompeo require confirmation?

Trumps Personal Assistant Is Fired

For the first time in years we have never seen an Administration

Tillerson, famous last words...

Reminder: New CIA Director Gina Haspel had "leading role in torture" (NYT Feb. 2017)

Presidential assistant gets perp walked. A lot of news happening this morning...

In Memory of Andy Stephenson

Trump apologist John Kasich please go away

Breaking: Tillerson is "unaware of the reason" for his removal.

Trump: If you want to keep the raging economy raging, vote for Saccone and "keep it going"

What was that again, Mr. President? Is this some more of that "great energy"?

New CIA Director Gina Haspel had leading role in torture

Happy 79th 🎂 Neil!

bombs instead of nooses

Jake Tapper tweet with stunning State Dept statement on Tillerson's firing

i can only take him for about 10-15 seconds

Group headed by Eric Holder spends $140K to back Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet

US dollar drops on Trump's ouster of Sec. Tillerson

I Hope The Majority American People Are Finally Getting It...

Trump to Pompeo...

'Russians are bad': Nunes swears he will reopen Russia probe if someone finds evidence of collusion

If Trump gets the facts straight and he agrees with them?:

Changes at the Dept. of State are ultimately less important than changes at the CIA

Do you guys know who coined the phrase "bad actor"?

The President's personal aide was fired for security reasons yesterday

OK, let's adopt some Russian policies, Mr. Trump.

Controversial LGBT event drops 'Catholic' label after bishop's statement

Don Jr. takes victory lap on Fox and wants to know how much money was spent on the witch hunt

What will be your response when the PGIC gets impeached

Twitter Asks if Trump Fired Tillerson Over Russia Comments: 'NEVER Blame Putin'

Inside the Right-Wing YouTube Empire Trying to Turn Millennials Conservative

Wanted White House Cabinet Members

The 24/7 criminal mind.

BLS releases Consumer Price Index Summary for February

Why do my post headlines turn gray while I'm typing?

State Department contradicts the White House: Tillerson has no idea why Trump decided to fire him

Boy, with Tillerson gone!

Tillerson learned he was fired by reading Trump's tweet this morning.

Updated WH Org Chart

It is a sign of the times-

ICE Spokesman Quits Over Leaders' Use Of 'Misleading Facts' To Discuss Calif. Arrests

Trump must be having a total meltdown today.

The scraping of the bottomless barrel continues

Wow - Tillerson found out he was fired...from Donald Trumps tweet.

WATCH: Trump says he will condemn Russia 'or whoever it may be' for UK nerve agent attack

Trump vows to "condemn Russia, or whoever it may be" for nerve agent attack

What Trump says to Melania when she yells about Stormy Daniels

There is no middle ground - You can support Donald Trump or you can support our country.

Steve Bannon Reacts to Rex Tillerson's Ouster as Secretary of State: 'End of the Globalists!!!'

stormy ever been to Russia?

To Tillerson and all the rest

Bill Kristol: I guess you could say Trump chose Putin over Tillerson.

Is This Firing Today A Distraction To Take The Impact Off Of A Loss In.....

Pic Of The Moment: House Intelligence Committee Republicans Release Russia Investigation Findings

Tillerson learned he was fired from Trump tweet

A tale of two different incidents and Trump's mission to blame "whoever it may be"

Charter bus carrying dozens of students plunges into Alabama ravine

Trumps Personal Assistant Is Fired, Quickly Escorted Out of the Building

From the day Tillerson called him a moron this was on the cards

Spicer finally tells the truth: "Tillerson is a true patriot that has severed our nation well..."

What's going on here?

Trump's Brain: Squirming Like a Toad

Tillerson was fired because he didn't follow the party line on Russia.

Watch a BBC Reporter Confront Putin: 'Is Russia Behind The Poisoning of Sergei Skripal?'

Trump campaign hires Katrina Pierson

UN official warns of humanitarian "catastrophe" in Venezuela

GOP House Intel Members: No evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. Robert Mueller:

For poor Venezuelans, a box of food may sway vote for Maduro

Intel Community On House Panel Russia Findings: We Stand By Our Assessment

Trump personal assistant McEntee hired by campaign right after firing at WH - buying his silence?

Ho hum, no "shock" over Rex.

Is Sessions Next? Are We About to See a Wholesale Firing Spree?

*Cannon Shot*

I wonder if John McEntee was the "leaker" in the WH. So far they had never told us who it

Des Moines Catholic school principal fired; 'I'm not willing to be silent' about 'culture of fear'

Rumble The Indians Who Rocked The World

When trump says "Only I can fix it" he means it. He's getting rid of everyone

Ex-CIA chief rips House GOP for clearing Trump in Russia probe

Is this why Tillerson was fired yesterday ?

Democrats Dont Realize Theyre the Free Trade Party

need to have more on the ground reports of polling place turnout

Birthers 2.0?

Isn't it about time for another Mueller bombing run?

Trumps New Pick For CIA Director Had Key Role In Torture Program

A running Cheetah -

At the WH this morning

The White House really needs a sign out front

CBS: Stormy Daniels '60 Minutes' Interview Needs More Work Before It Airs

The Best People!

Stormymat! Or Why Did Stormy And 2nd Trump Girlfriend Have NDAs Negotiated By The Same Lawyer?

Trump Detonates Secret Stupid-Bomb Over DC

SCHIFF re: New Minority Report : We will be presenting evidence of collusion..."

Lindsey Graham runs away when asked about Trump firing Tillerson

Reminder: Mike Pompeo repeatedly cited WikiLeaks to attack Clinton, Democrats during the campaign.

Woods Hole Mass. just recorded a 75 mph wind gust - how is everyone doing?

The CIA job

Trump asking for advice on Stormy Daniels situation

Bob Cesca: It's like Trump's daring us to nab him for being a traitor.

McEntee was fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security

Remember the Dean Scream?

Trump Is Like a Small-Town Mayor's Son

Third nor'easter in 2 weeks is pummeling New England

NEWS: McEntee was fired because he is under investigation for "serious financial crimes"

Schiff to Greg Sargent: Dems will issue minority report with previously undisclosed facts

Sometimes, like this morning, I'm glad Meghan McCain babbles so fast I can't understand her

Ousted Trump aide McEntee is under investigation for 'serious financial crimes': report

Youre a loser, Mr. Trump...

This guy just gave Conor Lamb a better campaign slogan than the DCCC

Hard to believe Pompeo was 1st in his class after Hillary made him look so stupid

Stormy Daniels Should Make a Deal with Some Publisher

I apologize for posting a GD post in the Religion Group.

Slippery Scott's at it again [Gov Walker is playing the SAVIOR after Slashing EDU & Health Care

"He'll be at a big farm upstate where there's lots of room to run around and explore."

Putins export of corruption a key part of his hybrid war against the West, Babchenko says

Rex Tillerson has been fired. Experts say he did damage that could last a generation.

The new water boarder in chief

Federal judge throws out Massachusetts challenge to Trump birth control rules

Putin is a murderer! This needs to be said out loud by the media.

Nikolai Glushkov, an close associate of Putin Critic Boris Berezovsky has been found dead in the UK

Longtime Trump aide fired over financial crime investigation

Wash Post reporting shows Tillerson might have known this was his last chance to speak as SOS.

Trump: Kudlow has 'good chance' to become top economic adviser

Alt Right Floats Theories About Austin Terrorist Attack

Maggie Haberman tweet on Trump "unglued"

The Trump Administration with all the personnel changes is like...

Betsy DeVos Argues Issue Of Guns In Schools Should Be Fully Left Up To Individual Shooters

Tillerson did not speak to Trump before firing (is unaware of the reason for his dismissal)

I know Mueller works on his own timeline however...

Telegraph: Nikolai Glushkov, close associate of Putin Critic Boris Berezovsky found dead in UK

Pierce: The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee Have Turned This into a Farce

It seems there is more movement in the government today than on a chessboard in a week

A Racketeering Enterprise - The Trump Organization

Boom! Stormy friend:

Another Kremlin enemy has been found dead in London

Remember when?: Telephone numbers had letter prefixes.

Twitter Link: Michael Moore - Next Monday night Sen. Warren & I will join Sen. Sanders ...

They appreciate Putin

You know who *did* work well with his Secretaries of State?

Quickest way to get fired by Donald Trump

I won't call it a general strike, but

No American should feel safe or comfortable with Republicans in charge of our government.

Snowden rips Trump's CIA pick over torture program

A handy guide for how to determine if your name is a by-word for scandal.


Parkland students start movement asking parents to sign contract to put children's safety...

The Daily 202: Trump supporters in Pennsylvania embrace his 'obnoxious' personality


It might be wise for Stormy Daniels and her attorney to stay out

Group places 7,000 pairs of shoes at Capitol to represent students killed since Sandy Hook

Richard Spencer Cancels Tour After MSU Epic Failure

The Republican coverup for Trump just got much worse

Palestinian Prime Minister survives assassination attempt in Gaza, PA says

Slate "Why White Evangelicals Abandoned Their Principles for Donald Trump"

Dunblane Scotland stands with #NeverAgain movement, Change Can Happen

Sebastian Gorka: Trump Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize More Than Obama

Trump Autocorrect Error Makes Lisa Kudrow Chief Financial Advisor

Inside the Right-Wing YouTube Empire Thats Quietly Turning Millennials Into Conservatives

A Stone will roll no more

Scientists link brain damage, religious fundamentalism

Rex Tillerson refused to resign after John Kelly asked - so Trump fired him in a tweet: report

I'm gonna tell you a story now.....

Breaking : WH fires top Tillerson aide who contradicted account of secretary of state's dismissal.

Trump touts Fox News report that border wall could pay for itself

Has anyone read Tanenbaum's "Without Fear or Favor?" (question about racial violence statistics)nt

Trumps New CIA Pick, Gina Haspel, Ran a Laboratory for Torture

Alex Jones Claims The BBC Is A Giant Pedophile Cult

French rock star Bertand Cantat served just 4 years for beating his mistress to death

Stormy Daniels' Friend Confirms Affair With Trump, Says He Listened To Calls

Putin's BFF is gone

Kentucky workers' compensation bill puts cap on benefits

"Listen carefully: I didn't call President Trump a moron." Please come CAPTION Rex Tillerson!!

Is Adam Schiff presidential material? Asking for a friend.

Would Tillerson talk??

Hillary Clinton taking flak for making a factual statement about 2016 election (VIDEO)

House Republicans Say Japanese Did Not Meddle in Pearl Harbor (Borowitz)

Abortion Debate Is Over for Democrats

Betsy DeVos Flunked Her '60 Minutes' Test--colbert

Is Conor Lamb how we win the house in 2018?

Gabby Giffords Targets New Ad at Paul Ryan

The Rex Tillerson Story Is Full of Holes.

Pierce: Reminder: The Body Man Sees and Hears All

Top Tillerson aide fired after contradicting White House account of firing

Any fans of ghost stories here?

"It's the only reason Trump has stayed quiet on the issue and hasn't been tweeting about it"

How do we know that Trump and Pence haven't resigned already?

BREAKING NEWS: Nation's unemployment rate rises due to the fact the Trump administration exists.

Trump is being played by Kim Jong Un

House Intelligence Committee Republicans deliberately ignored the obvious - By Max Boot

The NRA is a Cult March 7, 2018 Act 1 Full Frontal on TBS

Shining a Light on Womens Rights The Truth Has a Voice The New York Times

Giant Cement Statues from Weird California - Road Trip Day 10 Episode 28

Fucking Andrea Mitchell.."How are you feeling about how Trump is feeling?"

Anyone Who Votes GOP Or Supports Trump Cannot Be Considered A Decent Person.


M. Nance: "Trump got the call from Putin on #TerroristChemicalAttack In UK. Get rid of Tillerson.


So Mike Pompeo, Tea Partier, is 4th in line for the presidency.

WSJ: Trump's personal assisstant fired over security issue

'Is Russia to blame?' Moscow mocks Tillerson sacking

Trump "never got over being called a moron"

Montana Women's Chorus Sings Suffrage Songs

Montana Women's Chorus Sings Suffrage Songs

Doctors find air pocket where part of man's brain should be

Screw Young Meme. EVERYONE JUST EVERYONE No Matter Their Age Needs Health Care.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie: Glorious or Godawful?

*** BREAKING*** Another Russian Putin critic found dead in London home

Manafort could face 'rest of life in prison,' judge says

Mueller should talk with Tillerson

If the WH told Nunes and House Intel Comm. to shut down, what does that mean?

Hypothetical: If Russia launched a Red Don style invasion of the United States

What if God Was on Your Plane? Would You Believe Then?

Trump is incompetent。 I do not want to hear any more excuses for his leadership。

"Pompeo never called me a moron ... yet."

Question - Cochran retires on April 1

"KAKISTOCRACY"-Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Tillerson wasnt fired directly, wasn't told personally. read about it in tweet

InfoWars, Alex Jones sued for defamation over Charlottesville claims

Tillerson Better Watch His Back. Putin's Henchmen Are Around.

Number One 🎶 March 13, 1968

Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov found dead at his London home

To my DU friends : I'm crossing my fingers

I remind fox news

From new book "Russian Roulette": Greed put Trump into compromising situation with Putin

$1.59 for a pound of French-grown shallots

I do not understand Repuke long game

So, help me out here. I just heard my bagger Mother-in-law refer to TRUMP as a "handsome devil."

Roy Moore accuser running for Florida House seat with no party affiliation

Dancing, Pantsless Rex Tillerson Slides Across Floor Of Empty State Department

Has Jesus Already Returned? No? Are You Really Sure?

The scientist who leaked Russia's Novichok 'conspiracy'

Warren Haynes and John Scofield Play Surprise Version of "Crossroads" with Dixie Dregs

Have asked this before...whats the difference, if there IS a difference between a Blue Dog

"We Need a Little Xanax"--Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Saw this on Twitter and thought it was good

An artistic answer to Trump firing Tillerson LOL

Trump states he prefers 'alternative facts'

The firing of a secretary of state on social media is both humiliating and without precedent.

Mike Pompeo, a Hawk Who Pleased the President, Moves From Spying to Diplomacy.NYT

A new poll shows that ...

(Guardian) Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov found dead at his London home

I really really hate snow.

The phone rang

Spanish anti-terror law has 'chilling effect' on satire, says Amnesty International

DeVos announces Russian language will be mandatory starting in 2019.

"The 9 people Donald Trump might fire next" - CNN

Joy Behar apologizes for equating hearing jesus's voice to mental illness.

Spotted in the US Capitol: Mark Warner going for lunch with Tim Cook in the Senate dining room

Saccone says Dems have hate of President, country, and god.

ICE Spokesman Resigns, Saying He Could No Longer Spread Falsehoods for Trump Administration.

CIA director Pompeo met top Russian spies

"But, doesn't he make you laugh?" Apologetic response from a Trump supporter.

"Imagine" rewritten by Trump

Winner is the first one who can provide the source for this quote-

'Time to buckle up': Stormy prepares for ugly fight after Trump misses deadline to lift gag order

Great toon, just found on Facebook:

Ex-aide to New York Governor Cuomo found guilty of taking bribes

GOP Rep. Tom Rooney Breaks Ranks On Russia Report: 'We've Lost All Credibility'

Florida prosecutors seeking death penalty in school shooting

Another tweet that didn't age well...

"Democrats Hate America, Trump and God": Rick Saccone

Happy 85th Birthday, Mike Stoller, of Lieber and Stoller

What will Tillerson say

Tillerson No Longer Bound By Executive Privilege

In Memoriam...

Did the reduction to ignorance of our citizens begin in the 60s?

Trump humiliates Rex Tillerson for the last time - WaPo Editorial Board

The Onion Has Been So On Point Today

Rex Tillerson gave final presser after being fired by Trump for criticizing Putin

Tillerson never went out of his way to be an asshole as S.O.S.


As the Arctic warms, nor'easters may get worse

Tillerson looks like he's in shock. He's delicately holding his line in this speech.

Kobach expert witness: Carlos Murguia sounds foreign. ACLU attorney: Thats a federal judge

'Time to buckle up': Stormy Daniels prepares for ugly fight after Trump misses deadline to lift gag

Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk Are Ramping Up Their Space Race

"Orcutt's 1st Law: Before things get better, they must get much worse."

Oh what a land of opportunity Trump has created

Making Democracy Work for Americans -"The Democratic Ideals"

The optics of Tillerson's replacement are really bad

The CIA's New Nominee Director Gina Haspel Once Ran a Torture Site and Destroyed Evidence

Can the NRA Defeat Floridas Gun Law?

The entire civil service aka bureaucracy

Bad Champagne

"My Funny Vladimir"--Sandy and Richard riccardi

I found this funny meme :-))))

My DR. has ordered an endoscopy, I'm nervous AF

Well that's gratitude for ya!


"Sorry for the delay...

"Have several temporary positions available immediately or in near future. No real experience


Rick Sacone say "Dems hate Trump, Republicans and God"!

BGE reminder as ospreys return to the area.

How long.

Top Arab spy was at Seychelles meeting being probed by Mueller

Do you believe Trump consulted with Putin before firing Rex Tillerson ?

BGE reminder as ospreys return to the area.

How can anyone not see that something really sinister is going on?

reason for the rexit: tillerson got too close to having his top secret security clearance approved.

Near Noisy Oil Fields, Lovesick Birds Change Their Tunes.

five stage of White House employment...

Trump to UK prime minister: Russia must answer for chemical attack

"Don't pay any attention to this. They're hoping you stay home...."

Trump does not have the courage to fire Tillerson to his face.

Trump will defend Russia at ALL costs.

Any rumors/gossip/word about turnout in PA 18? I can't wait 5 more hours to talk about it. nt

Everybody knows the only reason Trump visits California is to re-supply his pool of porn stars.

Trump demands aides pump up anti-China tariffs

Trump Attempts To Distract From Russia With Trip To 'The Wall' Prototypes

Witness to Charlottesville attack sues U.S. media outlets over 'false' stories

Tips for Trump for his visit to California

If Obama had...

Out in Africa? Tillerson trip leaves hosts nonplussed

Has it been verified that Tillerman learned he was fired, via Twitter????

Does anyone know anything about California's interpretation of "and/or?"

Very strange encounter at the laundromat close to where I live...

I have a confession to make.

American sentenced to 45 years prison for role in al Qaeda bomb attack

Meanwhile the Dow is down again today -144.23

Trumps VA Is Purging Civil Servants

Turkey seeks life term for U.S. pastor over failed coup: Dogan

White House Likely LYING about Tillerson firing motive - Atlantic

Gina Haspel: What I did for fun in Thailand

The perfect description of how I'm feeling right now about where my country is heading

Dem whip to GOP: Drop your spending bill demands and we'll drop ours

Im in Frankfurt Germany tonight

Iranian Women Celebrating International Women's Day

Any Illinois voters here? What's your opinion of our AG candidates?

Zinke defends hiking park fees amid travel spending flap

Trump May Make America Miss Rex Tillerson. Imagine THAT!

The Koch Brothers Get Their Very Own Secretary of State

I believe dump's honeymoon riding on Obama's economy is about to end

trump the blowhard bullshitter on teevee again....the fucking wall.

Remember when?📺

McCain: Trump's CIA pick was involved in 'one of the darkest chapters in American history'

Let's talk again about crowds :-))

In Mike Pompeo, Trump taps an Iran hawk whose views dovetail with his own

Vicente Fox Quesada trolls trump on his fucking wall

Fired Trump assist. couldn't get security clearance over problems related to online gambling & taxes

Silence. Crickets...Republicans.

Breaking per Trump - California is totally out of control!!1111

Bingo with Sessions, Ivanka ....or Sanders

trump just shit on Governor Jerry Brown....'the place is totally out of control'

What we think of the wall

Is he complaining about prop 13 property taxes in Ca

Pharmacist..Kansas Legislture...Show act of kindness..

Farewell to Rex as

Please post all the reasons why Trump collusion with Russia seems probably or can't be ruled out.

Am I being an Ugly American if I confess I like American styled waffles better than Belgian waffles?

Senate Dem: Colleagues 'actively reconsidering' support for Pompeo

Trump Administration Eliminates Animal Welfare Rules

Tillerson's dismissal and Exxon's departure from the Russian Arctic

The Trump Administration's Campaign to Weaken Civil Service Ramps Up at the VA

Rep. Joe Kennedy III .....

Facebook LIVE Now: Sanders, Murphy and Lee Demand: Stop Supporting the War in Yemen

Trump Will Not Stop Until He Has His War.....

There are 7,000 pairs of shoes in front of the Capitol today

I've lost count! How many were fired today? I think McMaster will be next. Session? I'm not

how long can this go on? We've now had 417 days when each day seems worst than the last...

Under Sec of State Steve Goldstein fired for contradicting the account of Rex Tillerson firing

Trump Tired of Hearing Advisers Tell Him No

Sorry, but I guess I'm experiencing inter-cranial flatulence:

Joy Reid: 'Girl, Interrupted' -- that's what they should call this business

So Roger Stone is a liar.....didnt we already know that.

Dog dies after attendant forces it into overhead bin (united airlines)

Some raw voter turnout numbers from my precinct in PA-18

Trump remakes America in his own image: Angry, hateful, afraid

Chanson D Amour

Archaeopteryx 'flew in bursts like a pheasant', scientists say

Ok. Lets start a new discussion.

Politico: Manafort could face 'rest of life' in prison says judge

Sorry, not very elegant nor subtle but funny :-)

School resource officer accidentally discharges sidearm at Va. school

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger...

WH is now appointing former Fox on-air personalities to actual leadership roles in State Dept

Tijuana residents laugh at border wall prototypes, call Trump 'loco'

Oops! Washington Post: Roger Stone Talked About Wikileaks Emails In 2016

Injured Nuclear Workers Finally Had Support. The Trump Administration Has Mothballed It.


Trump tells us who he is and what he stands for when, in fact, he is the opposite of what he says.

Reports Of Heavy Turnout In PA-18.

This gave me a real feeling of satisfaction!! (Helping

Christmas is coming early....

Chris Matthews on the Katy Tur Show implies that Tillerson's firing may have been to knock

It looks like you're trying to defend Trump's policies...

I'm starting to put all the donation beggars into my spam folder. in PA 18...

Whoa! Judge to Manafort:

A legal question

Just After Tillerson Learned He Was Fired

The danger of campaigning at a chocolate factory

Yesterday they said, we oppose those tariffs...

Trump's personal assistant abruptly fired, escorted out of the White House by security

Why Pasta Is the Answer to Trump

Okay, that does it.

Tillerson deal reminds me of abusive ex ignoring my birthday 1996..

A timely Bertrand Russell quote:

White House holding continuous going away party....

Trumps White House

I haven't been following the weather in western Pennsylvania for March...BUT

Best Site for Tonight's Special Election in PA's 18th

What are your favorite doo-wop songs?

Who Thinks Trump Is Unleashing His Sickness

Stable genius, high IQ Putin boot licker

Chenyu Hua - I Don't Care - "Singer 2018" Contest Ep 7

Hey Chuck, can you kick it up a notch or two

"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"

Stormy Days Ahead will Bring Out Our Best

FBI Blocked: Jailed 'sex coaches' say they've proof Russian interferences: CNN

Shulkin out, Perry in....???

Tillerson fails to thank Trump after firing

HA! HA! Nice Pic of Donald Trump Jr and Saccone

Trump looking to get rid of Veterans Affairs Secretary and replace

Tony Perkins: Liberals Are Using Trumps Porn Star Affair To Shame Evangelicals For Their Political

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Question for the historians on DU

Slate's take "Chuck Schumers Statement on the Meltdown of the Executive Branch Is So Feeble Its ..

"Where they campaign next could change after the votes are counted in Pennsylvania's 18th."

Russians are not unhappy about Tillerson's firing. CNN "yesterday Tillerson

Delta Air Lines flap in Atlanta may be a boon for D.C. in the Amazon HQ2 hunt

From a friend in Norway:

Tillerson Ousted by Trump: State Department Goes From Bad to Worse

Sam Bradford is expected to sign with the Arizona Cardinals

Trump compares illegal border-crossers to 'professional mountain climbers

Bots and wingnuts are spreading lies on Rick Saccone's twitter page about republicans being..

Trump cleared in Russia scandal....In a related story, Flying Monkeys completely exonerate Witch.

Tillerson attacks Trump without ever mentioning his name

Next out/in? Shulkin (VA) OUT, Rick Perry (current energy secretary) In? AP Source

Nunes justifies ending Russia probe with talking point that was debunked 8 months ago

Just got back from "The Wall" and the moron's CA visit...

Did Pompeo want to leave the CIA?

Russia : More Reason & Less Frenzy (w/guest Katrina vanden Heuvel)

Russia warns of reprisals if UK acts over spy attack

Do you prefer an Incompetent Seat-Warmer, or a Malevolent Go-Getter?

Tomorrow WALKOUT 10:00AM

Eugene Robinson: Whos afraid of the NRA, Trump?

ACLU: The CIA must declassify and release every aspect of Haspel's torture record...

Tim Eyman found in contempt over his financial documents

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 13, 2018

This is Insanity.

The ST is out of control!

Why I hate KOAT-TV channel 7 news

So Long, Rex....

Trump's exact words concerning the recent poison attack in Great Britain:

Looks like 1/4 to 1/3 of the R's on HPSCI committee now backpedaling conclusions

Idaho schoolteacher arrested for child pornography

A Failure Of Leadership From Trump.....

VA chief had security staffer shop with him at Home Depot, bring furniture into his home: report

CIA Report on Torture:Mother Jones Dec 9, 2014/WARNING ugly, cruel, totally descriptive, disturbing

Document: House Intelligence Committee Minority Russia Investigation Status Report

Maddow: House Minority Report--Trump negotiating business deal in Moscow during election campaign

Prosecutors Reviewing Request to Issue Arrest Warrant for Trump's New CIA Director

Jeff Apodaca is running for governor ?

"Mexicans are like professional mountain climbers."

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Rachel Maddow: Lordy

Andrew Nagorski, Author, "Hitlerland"

Singer? or Tone Deaf? ICSYV Show ep 4

Rep Schiff

Can Saccone request a recount after he lose's? (Don't want him to get recount)

Anyone using Terrarium TV care to give us a review?

On the record source confirming Roger Stone talked about Assange outreach *during* the 2016 campaig

Tillerson says U.K. spy poisoning clearly came from Russia

Puppy dies on United after flight attendant insists on him being kept in overhead bin.

3 men arrested on gun charges suspected in mosque bombing

March for Our Lives receives permits for DC gun control rally

Scientology has their own TV channel now.

Donald Trump takes dig at NASA, extols private rocketeers

John Kelly screamed at the TV watching coverage after Tillersons firing while Trump was in the room

Trump says he and Pompeo are "always on the same wavelength". Does anyone need to

For Kerbel players, Scott Manley fans & space geeks:

That makes four high ranking officials gone this week, and it's only Tuesday...

Conor Lamb Shoots Down GOP Misinformation And Urges Supporters To Go Vote

***Breaking*** International Women's Day Has Been Moved

Clicked on a link to "The Onion" for comedy about Rex Tillerson.....

so, has trump talked to Theresa May yet? it's after midnight in London...

McConnell: 'Unlikely' Congress will try to block Trump tariffs

What The Hell Tweety?

Document: House Intelligence Committee Minority Russia Investigation Status Report

tweet: you're fired

David Frum: Why Did Trump Fire Tillerson Now?

Zinke Defends Plan to Raise Park Fees Amid Flap Over Travel

holy moly chris matthews put out a potential trump-biden run and....

Arkansas becomes third state to require Medicaid recipients to work

making america g.r.e.a.t. again

Link for PA-18 election results (Allegheny County)

Replacing Tillerson With Pompeo Would Supplant a Moderate With a Hawk

What age do you think old age begins

The On-Going Struggle

"History doesn't often repeat itself, but it rhymes."

NYT: Pennsylvania Special Election Results