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Archives: March 14, 2018

So now Trump is touting a "Space Force" to fight wars in space

Oklahoma LGBT Group Launches Campaign Against Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Scientists discover 15 new planets orbiting red dwarf stars

Tell me something I don't know.

Video released of Oklahoma bond agent fatally shooting man

Luckovich - Say Yer Prayers Varmints

NY POST COVER: "Worst Rex He Ever Had"

A few minutes ago on CNN. Take it any way you like.

Tim Kaine has a question about Ten Rounds

If I worked in the Trump white house right now

The moron can't spell Marine Corps:

Nation Marvels at Trump's Ability to Turn ExxonMobil Multimillionaire Into Sympathetic Figure

Trump floats the idea of creating a 'Space Force' to fight wars in space

Immigrant detainee who alleged abuse to receive therapy

Immigrant detainee who alleged abuse to receive therapy

Richard Painter: Trump must go. NY AG or Mueller can arrange the accommodations.

Given Drumpt's hatred of exercise is it possible, when the occasion arises,

Indiana man in police standoff slipped away, went shopping

2018 PA-18 US House Election winner.

Berlin police accuse far right of trying to exploit killing

PLEASE note the comments about this Youtube Posting.. Its scary ...

For those of you who had parents who served in World War II.

El Salvador court commutes 2nd woman's abortion sentence

El Salvador court commutes 2nd woman's abortion sentence

Trump wants to create a Space Force

Tribe: "Torturer-in-Chief" Haspel's background "should make all Americans vomit"

Conor Lamb 52.40% 240 : Rep Rick Saccone 46.94% 215

Samantha Power: How Mike Pompeo Could Save the State Department.

Samantha Power: How Mike Pompeo Could Save the State Department.

Seismic center: Caribbean undersea volcano may soon erupt

Seismic center: Caribbean undersea volcano may soon erupt

We are back online after a couple of days with no phone, internet or TV...

Togo West Jr., 75, Dies; Army Secretary in Time of Transition

8:39 P.M. EST I'm calling it for Lamb

Today's Trump Tally

If I am this stressed out about a special election for a 9-month seat 2,000 miles away from me...

2017 The Tales of Wukong 2017 Eng Sub

Anyone being convinced by their righty Republican Christian friends to go see I Can Only Imagine?

Spy poisoning: Novichok inventor says hundreds could be at risk for years

Any veterans out there?

Top Russia probe Republican: It's 'clear' Putin tried to hurt Hillary

Cenk of the young Turks predicted Tillerson was out last week

A big tweet from the NYT's Nate Cohn

@POTUS played a big Trump card with steel tariffs tailor-made to influence the PA-18 race in steel c

Okay. Here is the thing.

Drinking a lot of wine while waiting for PA 18 results.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Port in the Storm!

Pennsylvania Special Election Results: 18th Congressional District NYT

Trump unrestrained: Recent moves show president listening to his gut more than advisers

29% in

CNN is crushing MSNBC tonight

CNN...Paul Begala

When I saw these 2, I predicted it would end in divorce:

I'm watching the needle

A giant inflatable Trump holding a KKK sheet welcomes president in Beverly Hills.

Be sure to scroll down at the NYTIMES election site.

Joy Reid Has A Sad For The GOP

Lamb Ahead 56-42

The GOP is trying to steal PA-18.

I am, as a citizen, calling on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to step forward...

What is the purpose of the pro trump commercial

If Dumps goal was to divert attention away from PA. election it's working on MSNBC

Probably nothing to see here, right?

Why did they throw the guy out of the White House without his jacket??

PA-18: All of Greene County is in

Washington county stuck at 33% reporting for a long time

I just got a pit of the stomach bad feeling about PA-18

Here is my Connor Lamb vote totals estimate.

PA-18 Special Election results- 83 percent of the votes have been counted-

The random cruelty of the human condition. Or why we need UBI... a rant.

How many lines will Kornacki have to do to get through the PA-18 special election?

76% 2 points ahead!

CNN a few days ago

What is still outstanding on in the PA 18?

Isn't it amazing how the Dem candidates always start out strong, but...

Why does it have to be so close?????

Another Dem Senator Comes Out Against Haspel for CIA

We need somebody like Tom Styer to offer a whistleblower bounty to keep elections honest

Election results looking good


PA-18 results- 95 percent of the votes have been counted- Lamb is leading by a .5 percent margin.

Whatever happens in PA 18 - ENJOY THIS PIC!!!

with what votes are out there left to be counted, I believe Lamb

Harry Enten: 17% average swing to the Dems in special elections.

Washington County?

With 96% in, lamb needs only about 43% of the remaining votes to win

Paul Manafort faces 305 years

Since he just fired the Secretary of State, how long before he fires Mike Pence?

Westmoreland now reported at 99%. It will be hard for Saccone to win.

Video Released of Trump Firing Tillerson...

DEMOCRATIC House Intel Committee Report (from Adam Schiff)

Why is it always the red counties whose votes come in last?

3700 out of 6200 Abstentee Ballots Are in Alleghany County

absentee ballots

Josh Marshall TPM "This Is Annoyingly Close Live Blog!"

No matter what happens tonight - some good news according to Ron Klain

An illustrated slide show of drumpf's hair.

Green Party candidate was on state Republican payroll

Based on numbers and percentages from MSNBC

You have to hand it to Steve Kornacki.

Live Vote Counts: Pennsylvania Special Election Results: 18th Congressional District

look at the shift in margin by precinct (scroll to the middle of the page). Even the reddest precint

I'm calling it for Lamb

Did you guys see this amazing video of David Hogg and sister Lauren on Anderson Cooper?

According to our reporter covering Washington County in PA-18, they will not be counting absentee ba

How Trump soured on Tillerson as his top diplomat

How does Peters Precincts vote?

Lawrence just announced about 1400 absentee ballots to be counted...hope they have

Family of slain DNC staffer sues Fox News over retracted story (Seth Rich)

98% reporting. Lamb increases lead to .4%

From TPM re absentee ballots - could be 6-7K, tend to run Dem - see below

This will come down to Absentee Ballots. Allegheny County has more than half of them

Just wondering about the PA election

Love this - freeper says : "November is going to be devastating"

US appeals court upholds Texas' ban on 'sanctuary cities'

Allegheny 100% :(

This PA election shows that we need left and center

Russian Roulette is #1 on Amazon!

House Intelligence Dems Release 21-Page 'Status Report' on Russia Investigation


Teacher accidently fired gun in high school classroom

OMG 95 Votes!

Boy that Last 7% in Washington county Turned Out to Be Sarconne +660

99% in. 591 of 593 precincts. Lamb by 95 votes. Edited - Lamb now by 847!!!

Russian state TV host on Trump firing Tillerson: "Trump is ours!"

per CNN, 100% in in Wash County

Westmoreland count only remaining 😡

Here we go

Question about PA-18

So Alabama is better than Pennsylvania.

95 vote difference for Lamb. 99% of the vote counted. Any minute

tin foil - westmoreland wont report by precincts

What Firing Rex Tillerson Could Mean For Trump And The World


Lamb up by 847 with almost all Election Day votes in


ah! 847 votes ahead and absentees still not counted.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss. +847

Recount. ...with absentee ballots still out..

One thing I learned tonight as a PA voter is that...

What will Trump be tweeting? Insults about Saccone? Bottom line... he can no longer deny that

3000 absentee in red counties left no blue counties absentees left

We won't know till morning. But...

Three far-right activists and YouTubers denied entry to the UK

Three red PA 18 counties have until tomorrow to "make sure" Republicans win on absentee ballots

Josh Marshall's latest, including clarity on absentee ballots...edited to add his recent paragraph

How come the media isn't tracking down the rednecks in Westmoreland?

Ya know, we can celebrate! No matter what happens, we won! Trump lost! nt

BIG winner tonight? Steve Kornacki

What the hell is up with those 2 Westmoreland precincts?

They are going to count the absentee ballots from Washington county TONIGHT

It seems now both sides claim a closely lost election is rigged.

Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman calls it for Lamb

"Having a Torturer Lead the CIA," New York Times Editorial: (Warning, discussion of violence)

Protest over infrastructure turns violent in Panama's Colon

About a recount...

Always some suspicious shenanigans with these Repubs.

Robert Reich: Some call it a blue wave. I call it a sane wave.

Why cant they count the absentees tonight?

Teacher accidentally fires gun at school

Saccone just gave last call on his party like he was paying for the open bar.

Iowa House passes Medicaid cleanup bill in effort to address managed care woes

Faux news calls it too close but Lamb has the lead.

Washington County will county absentees tonight,

Religion brings peace to many of us.

Wow - DCCC claiming victory.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 15, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Elizabeth Taylor

Thoughts on PA-18 and Conor Lamb

Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away.

Seth Meyers - Trump and Kim Jong-un, the Official Sport of the NRA - Monologue - 3/12/18

Steven Hawking died

Steven Hawkings has died?

Stephen Hawking, modern cosmology's brightest star, dies aged 76

Can You Settle For A Candidate Like Conor Lamb -- IF THAT WHAT IT TAKES - To Regain The U.S. House.

Most Australian Indigenous languages came from just one place, research claims

Thoughts on the departure in 10 minutes of Rex Tillerson from State.

Seth Meyers - Trump Fires Rex Tillerson: Couple Things

last two redneck counties in, Conner up +579

579 is Lamb lead after some votesfrom Westmoreland counted. CNN

Bless his heart...Split screen of Kornacke

This thought will keep me warm tonight

Charlottesville witness sues Alex Jones for defamation

Lets hear it for the libertarian who got 1%

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, child care expert and pediatrician, dies at 99

GOP wasted $11M+ on PA-18

Jimmy Fallon: Guest Alec Baldwin on His Epic Twitter Feud with President Trump

Super Bowl? NCAA???

Something STINKS in PA-18! On TV, first one county election supervisor said absentee

In the 2006 Democratic Blue Wave, the #PA18 went Republican 59-41.

WAPO 12:12am: Lamb ahead by 600+ votes, with thousands of absentees and provisionals to count

Help me identify a classical movie

Court filings imply that Donald Trump got Stormy Daniels pregnant and she had an abortion

Stephen Hawking on Star Trek: TNG

I hope that all the talk about the Blue Wave

Thinking about Franken today. Were it not for him, there would be no Mueller

The Daily Show: Trump Cans Rex Tillerson Over Twitter

dKos congratulates winner conor lamb because...

Only Slightly Exaggerated Travel Oregon

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 16, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Elizabeth Taylor

Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling and Regime Change, From Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba

Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling and Regime Change, From Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba

Have been binging on Murdoch Mysteries.........anyone else like this show??

Ancient cave paintings in Chile 'irreparably' damaged by graffiti

Lamb is declaring victory.

Ancient cave paintings in Chile 'irreparably' damaged by graffiti

One final lesson tonight: Nothing is more important than GOTV

At this moment, I'm watching Conor Lamb claim VICTORY!

Conor Lamb is a very appealing Democrat with a bright future

Why cant MN ask Frankin to run again as their senator?

Just leaving this here

Grounding Pinochet

A pro-gun Democrat could win in Trump country. Where does that leave gun control activism?

Texas Ban on Sanctuary Cities Can Begin, Appeals Court Rules

Daily Kos congratulates Conor Lamb on his victory in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District

Hillary Clinton told a truth few wanted to hear but needed to be revealed

'We did it': Democrat Conor Lamb declares victory in Pennsylvania special congressional election

Bolivian women weave devices to patch holes in hearts

Bolivian women weave devices to patch holes in hearts

The young may have pulled it off in PA-18 tonight. Tomorrow they walk out. Congress R U listening?

Trump claims "the $18 billion wall will pay for itself" by re-tweeting Fox News.

Orange Crush: Inside the GOP Struggle to Hold the Southern California Suburbs

Dear Republicans, why do some of you still support Trump?

Netflix: Anybody watching "Hitler's Circle of Evil?"

Can we get a "blue wave" emoji? A blue flag?

Bracing for a Trump twitterrhea attack in 5-4-3-2-....

Hawking left us on Pi Day.

Pennsylvania race a toss-up, but narrative a lock.

APNewsBreak: Green Party candidate was on state GOP payroll

Supreme Court Justice Barroso Bars Corruption Convictions from Temer's General Pardon

Brazil's President Should Receive Different Treatment, Says Justice Minister

Conor Lamb claims victory in PA House race

In the morning WI Gov Scott Walker is going to look like a genius in the GOP and many might start to

Ana Navarro trolls Trump on firing of Tillerson

Family of slain Democratic staffer Seth Rich sues Fox News

Any of you East Coasters up past your bedtime?

After a day like today it's hard to remember we're all on the Pale Blue Dot.

If the GOP tries to drag out a recount in PA, it could magnify their loss.

Stormy Daniels lawyer:Trump and Cohen have purposely ignored our settlement offer. Time to buckle up

Trump considers ousting his VA secretary in Cabinet shuffle

Hovhaness: "Artik", "Mystery Mountain"/"Autumn Gardens I & II"/

Kroger Cincinnati/Dayton Associates Ratify New Contract

Trump/conservatives link school shootings to policies to rein in discriminatory discipline of minori

Did you know Trump only won Ohio's 12th Congressional District by 11 pts?

More charges for priest: 'No doubt this defendant has very sadistic and deviant sexual interests'

Tipped workers in U.S. invoke #MeToo in fight to raise minimum wage

Dean Trantalis elected first LGBT mayor of Ft. Lauderdale tonight

US may want to keep Idaho nuclear waste plant running longer

Stop whining Donnie, here's your wall, built and secured...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/13/18

Pet friendly license plate proposal stalls in Idaho House

"Basic economy fare". No use of overhead bins. No guarantee of seating together. No changes

Breastfeeding bill passes Idaho Senate unanimously

And now for a completely different perspective, the top story in the German news this morning was:

Just woke up.. Why is PA 18th not called?

Hazing allegations shut down major fraternity at University of Idaho

Ex-Jerome County sheriff arraigned on theft charges

Anyone Watching Ozark on Netflix

Lamb wins Washington County absentee ballots 609 to 547

Conor Lamb declared the winner

'It's not over yet:' Nail-biter Pennsylvania special election heads into 2nd day

MSNBC declares CONOR LAMB to be "apparent winner"

NBC News is calling the PA18 race for Conor Lamb (apparent winner).

I worry that Stephen Colbert will be black bagged

First the Philadelphia Eagles and now this...

The deathnell of the tea baggers: Conor Lamb.

Fox News....but but whatabout the Atheist who lost in Tennessee?

Seattle Abortion Providers Weigh in on Reproductive Parity Act

Prediction: Trump's response to PA-18 election

Could it be that even Koch money is finite?

Trump - We are doing a tremendous amount of work in space

Outline of the upcoming Trump "Space Force"

On pi day Stephen Hawking died.

"Since the Turn of the Century"

Stephen Hawking said popularity of 'demagogue' Trump was beyond even his understanding

Rodrigo Duterte to pull Philippines out of international criminal court

That makes us something very special

April Ryan: Sources say Trump has list of at least 6 top officials he wants to put on chopping block

So Ben was not only AWARE of FurnitureGate...he LIED about his hands-on involvement. #OhNoNotBen

Stephen Hawking on The Simpsons He did His Voice For It

Lawsuit claims sexual harassment rife in Microsoft's 'boys' club atmosphere'

Frank Bruni, NYT: Conor Lamb Roared. Republicans Should Quake.

Unions Push Back on Trump Administration's Plans to Shrink Labor-Management Agency

Probable Lamb vs Rothfus in new PA-17

Charlie Dent (R-PA) was just on CNN saying Republicans better get their shit together...

Reuters ventures into wretched fanboy "journalism" while giving Trump far too much credit

So Trump has become the REPUBLICAN REAPER Muh-Ha-Ha

A win is a win!

Trump installs former Fox and Friends host as under secretary of state

Pennsylvania recount procedures

Has Twitler tweeted his congrats to Lamb yet?

Conor Lamb on MSNBC now.

Apparently the midterms can be won by the Dems

Why Lamb's win matters

Woke up this morning to NPR on the radio and caught the tail end of a piece on immigration...

RIP Stephen Hawking - Remembering His Warning

EU council president calls out Donald Trump's 'transatlantic bickering' in face of Russia tension

Stephen Hawking: only fitting that his headstone in the U.K will include an infinite number. Pi. n/t

DCCC claiming a victory for Conor Lamb: These results should terrify Republicans.

If you want to create more Conor Lamb-type victories...

Ben Shapiro's take away from last night's election

Trump's cabinet parrots:

Is anyone challenging Rep. Blake Farenthold in

Conor Lamb's Victory Shows Other GOP Districts are Rip for the Taking

As Lisa Simpson once said, "I don't usually give advice to help Republicans"

Coal Keeps Winning! 4 West Mine (Greene County, PA) Closing - 370 Jobs

Now I'm daring to believe...

Pompeo Far Shittier On Climate Than Tillerson: "Bowing Down To Radical Environmentalists" Blahblah

I think I might leave the Conor Lamb signs up in my yard...

Climate Action, EV Expansion, Could Be Only Hope For US Utility Sector Facing Death Spiral

In view of the current thread concerning Bernie that now has 400 responses, could we just

Well now, look at our little old drops making a splash!

Why are *some* Bernie supporters crapping on Conor Lamb?

Fox & Friends struggle with the concept of Democrats who are celebrating the Lamb victory

New Evidence From NE Utah; "Beautiful, Clean Coal" Driving Force Behind Permian Extinction

Breaking : UK has expelled 23 Russian Diplomats from the UK.

Ex-GOP lawmaker: My takeaway from Pa. special election is 'Madam Speaker'

Russian spy: UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats

Would it be wrong to say that the enthusiastic support of union labor was a key

Email from former Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH), quoted with permission:

First on CNN: Emails show Ben, Candy Carson selected $31,000 dining set

PA-18 makes it very clear that one size does not fit all

The GOP is saying Lamb's a Republican.

Stephen Hawking, Cosmologist, Has Died

Has trump condemned russians for the nerve gas killings in the UK?

BREAKING Democrat Conor Lamb apparent winner in Pennsylvania upset, deals blow to Trump

I'll say it. Drew Miller (Libertarian), thank you for siphoning 1378 votes from Rick Saccone.

Media and Trumpanzee contingent busily mischaracterizing Hillary Clinton's words - AGAIN (still)

Stephen Hawking at the Pearly Gates does NOT disappoint

good read on Slate re Democracy "The Strongman Gap"

Dear Leader, Thumbs down...

A friend said that her Woodbridge, VA middle school got threats if students walked out

MTV, BET, Comedy Central to suspend programming during gun violence walkout

Charlie Dent (R-PA) senses the "2018 Blue Wave" might be a Mushroom Cloud Laying Mother

Chilling Required By Fruit Trees More Complex Than You'd Think; Warming WILL Screw It Up

"He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hawking on Trump.

PA-18 Be Flipping Like...

Probably wanted to build the wall and then blow it up

Federal Judge Demands Trump Clarify the Status of His Personal Twitter Account

The March of our School Children on month to the date of

Democrat Conor Lamb Says Attack Ads Against Him Backfired: People Were Tired By Trump Rally

Its abhorrent: Retired admiral slams Marine Corps troops for applauding Trumps attacks on a fr

Republican Admits the Truth of Russia Probe: "Weve Lost All Credibility"


Most Notorious Russian Spies Who Operated in America

Sam Nunberg on Roger Stone 'I warned him repeatedly' about Assange

There is something quite satisfying about operating a massive 12.5 hp 2-stage snowblower

Russian spy: UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats

Betsy DeVos invents new excuse for her failed interviews: video editing

Music Video: A New Day for You by Basia

Google bans crypto-currency adverts

GOP weighs legal challenges in pa18

Pruitt Spent $43K on Soundproof Phone Booth

Which GOP candidate wants Trump to campaign for them now?

"DEMS should not confuse unity with unanimity" (sp?)

U.K. Expels 23 Russian Diplomats

This is why Rex Tillerson was fired by the Russian puppet

Theresa Mays Russia response

'Chaos and anarchy': PA Republican rep. lambastes 'deplorable' Trump for firing Tillerson hours befo

Scott Pruitt's $25,000 soundproof phone booth? It actually cost more like $43,000.

These kids are GREAT!

When will the GOP claim that Russia hacked the election in favor of Conor Lamb?

The Democrats need to flip 24 seats to win back the House here's how they can get there

What's next for PA18 (soon to be 14)?

Lamb's Victory was an excellent expression of Center Left solidarity

Happy Pi day to all

Interesting Demographics: PA-18 is almost 94% WHITE

Tillerson was a horrible, ineffectual SOS that has done tremendous damage to the State Department

Trump tweets about "Worst obstruction in U.S. history!" from Dems, while silent on PA race. Sad!

Stephen Hawking on Star Trek

I see msnbc and cnn are covering student #NationalWalkoutDay gun protests but does anyone

March madness thread anyone? Who ya got for FF and Cinderella team?

I take four lessons from this morning's victory.

Candy shop owner makes 'misfit chocolates' with broken Easter candy

FLIPPABLE: Michelle Beckley for TX-HD65

Want four minutes of your time well-worth spent?

Sad about Hawking's passing but not really sure about his science?

And the Pa-18 blame game begins!

Cater to us: Tomi Lahren pitches shouting fit about Hillary hating white women after GOP loses in

When we take the House, I wonder if Rep. Pelosi will support impeachment proceedings?

GOP campaign chief: Pennsylvania results a 'wake-up call'

Was Stephen Hawkings speaking about Fox here?

WALK OUT - my daughter just finished theirs

'Students have just had enough:' Walkouts begin across the nation one month after Florida shooting

Reaching young 'nones' will take an authentic evangelizing voice

There is a big lesson in the PA victory but I don't know exactly what it is?

After embarrassing election in PA, Republicans wonder whether tax cuts will save them in November

King Tut - SNL

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Goodbye, Rex

'Ban Assault Weapons Now' starts Florida constitutional amendment push

The UK sanctions imposed on Russia by Theresa May

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Chaos!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Issue

The kids marching remind me of this quote by Victor Hugo:

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - Vale, Dr. Hawking

Republicans Brace for More Retirements

I know why Russia didn't respond to UK's questions:

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5 - The Rest

Republicans in Congress had a difficult time going to the bathroom this morning...

GOP/Leadership/NRA Message To Walk Outs. Fuck You Disrespectful Kids. Nothing Will Happen.

Is today the day that trump condemns the nerve gas murders on the streets of our greatest ally?

Koch Group Ups Spending to Oust Democrats in Missouri, Indiana

Hilarious Jack Posobiec (aka POS) tweet about PA-18 & even more hilarious replies

Jon Favreau on Conor Lamb, "Conservative Democrat"

During my first day of Phone Banking for Beto I learned

All 3 of my incredible kids are at the White House now

Cabinet chaos: Trump's team battles scandal, irrelevance

Theresa May has some balls!!! Meanwhile in America Putin apparently has tRumps balls swinging

National School Walkout Day: Live coverage of school walkout for gun control ABC News

GOP not conceding in Pennsylvania race, may seek recount

Republicans Brace for More Retirements

Congratulations my friends :-)))))

Mosque Terror Attack Suspect Put In Detailed Bid To Build Trump A Great Border Wall

House Russia Probe Dissolves Into a Fight Over Transcripts

Is Trump's Constant Cabinet Shake-ups His Way Of....

I am going to the high school closest to our home today

Former Equifax executive charged with insider trading before data breach made public

I think Rex Tillerson could bring Dump down. The old Boy Scout wasn't going to sell his country out

Stephen Hawking being a jerk -- on Simpsons and Futurama

Strong Performance by Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania Shakes Trump and G.O.P.

U.S. authorities charge former Equifax executive over insider trading: SEC

Just for fun I decided to see how many fake bands I thought were playing places.

Parents of slain DNC staffer sue Fox News

Do you actually realize how fundamental this change is?

google doodle for today honours 30th anniversary of Pi Day (and einstein's birthday!!)

Pi, pi, pi: is that all you kids ever think about? On this day in 1879, Albert Einstein was born.

Russia statement: Jeremy Corbyn questions why nerve agent samples haven't been sent to Moscow

YAYYYYYY--it's Decorah Eagle watching time again (one egg !)

Longtime PA Republican woman drops party because Trump 'caters to the extreme right' on guns

Dem boss: Student walkouts over guns 'profoundly inspiring'

I told you they flip votes on the ground on election day, so what does this obvious election fraud

Obama on Stephen Hawking: 'Have fun out there among the stars'

So, it sure looks like Connor Lamb will be Congressman Lamb. OUTSTANDING!

Rand Paul opposes both picks for Secretary of State and CIA Head

Lehigh Valley newspaper The Morning Call: 5 Takeaways from PA-18

The Rude Pundit's description of Mike Pompeo: "Trump taint-sniffer deluxe."

Changed color on spent links

Gun Nuts Probably Think That Commies Are Coming For Their Gunz.

Elizabeth Warren is meeting protesting students

Stephen Hawking's simulated voice. A couple of questions.

We are watching

BREAKING: First Lady Melania Trump Teams With Space Force To Prevent CyberBullying In Space

Social media this morning

VP Mike Pence coming to Savannah for St. Patricks Day

URGENT! PA election PROVES there is GOP election fraud, vote miscounting, etc. URGENT!

Exit Poll of PA-18 Shows Lamb Won Big On Health Care

joke stolen from reddit

If Argentina's mothers could peacefully end a military dictatorship

Questions to ask the new State and CIA candidates

The Mighty Mauler Kitten Vs. Mighty Big Dawg

Rand Paul to oppose Pompeo, Haspel

Teacher accidentally fires gun and injures student during safety lesson

Stephen Hawking: 'There is no heaven; it's a fairy story'

From Post-Gazette at 11:25 AM: GOP says it will challenge election results

Wing nuts are irate over these kids

Did Trump create even a little Repub bump in either Alabama or PA 18?


Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun; At Least 1 Student Injured

Meanwhile, all over the campus of Howard Unversity, Washington, DC

Pierce: Conor Lamb's Victory Matters, and Paul Ryan Should Be Scared

One Time Only! House GOPers Spin Furiously After Dems Appear To Flip Deep Red PA District

Bernie Sanders

One student walks out after NJ high school threatens to suspend any protesters

TYT: the REAL reason Tillerson is out

I Am So Proud Of These Youths Marching Today And....

Why America is finished, Case #1

The Real Reason: Tillerson recalled to Moscow.

Strong Performance by Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania Shakes Trump and G.O.P.

Cummings Calls On Gowdy To Subpoena WH For Docs On Personal Email Use

Shut up the reporters on the ground and let the kids talk...

It appears that the Republican Party has Narcolepsy

Remember when? Delinquent edition!

I Wish All The Anti-Gun And Pro Gun Reform Groups Come Together With This Student Movement....

Inside the NRA: Armed and Dangerous--An Expose Jan 1996

Trad. Worker Party chief Matthew Heimbach arrested for battery after affair with spokesman's wife

Report: New Zealand Diplomat Told Dems 'Get Your S**t Together Or We Will All Die'

Porn star: During our affair, Trump said I reminded him of Ivanka

So how far do Repubs running for Congress this year

Trump's Innaugural Committee a rat's nest of corruption

Does the new PA Congressional map go into effect

Pic Of The Moment: America Revolts Against Trump And GOP

Defender of NH primary (a Dem) gets Dem challenger after serving Trump's voter-fraud panel

Clarification on PA-18

Conor Lamb Roared. Republicans Should Quake.

"To All The Little Girls" a video based on HRC's concession speech

I'm reading "Fire and Fury." The author has an iinteresting theory.

Arlington Students Walk Out of School to Protest Gun Violence

Do you want Trump to campaign in all 435 Congressional districts ?

Trump won't force John Bolton to shave mustache as security adviser but it's a "sensitive subject"

Doing stuff that can really have an impact!!

My UW Stevens Point WI converting to trade school..erasing humanities..unbelievable

10 am observations from northern VA

Boeing's 4.4% tumble responsible for more than a third of Dow's 300 point slump in afternoon trade

Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist Jack Burkman Claims Attack at Local Hotel

Republicans sound the alarm after likely loss in Pennsylvania

Attention Military Commanders all over this Country!!!!

Students in Charlottesville and Beyond Take Part in National School Walkout

"The March of the Women"

"The March of the Women"

New York Post headlines then and now:

Go back to your district...

Young Alexandria Kids Organize Walkouts Against Gun Violence

Another young, charismatic former Marine House Candidate who's a good fit for his district:

My kid just walked out with his classmates

"Love and Justice, Women's Anthem"

"Love and Justice-Women's Anthem"

One thing REALLY bothers me about Lamb's campaign:

NRCC spokesman: GOP not conceding in PA special election

#Democrats in Congress speaking in Solidarity with #neveragain LIVE............

Scientists expect 1st direct black hole image soon (

CNN's Chris Cuomo Is Moving to Primetime

Saying a complete group of people believe something

GOP Already Working At Fixing The Election They Lost. Will We Have A Draw Again. Or ----

United Airlines Apologizes After Dog Dies in Overhead Compartment

Trump is open to short-term DACA deal, White House tells GOP leaders

Any Word On Voter Turnout Yesterday In The PA18 Election?....

Happy National Potato Chips Day! 😋

I refuse to link to it, but there's a Facebook page with nearly 200k followers....

Hearing set in Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against Trump

SEC charges Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes with elaborate fraud

I am afraid that we are going to lose the 8th District

Theranos chief executive Elizabeth Holmes charged with massive fraud

Kudlow now Chief Economic Adviser

Hearing date set for Trump showdown with Stormy Daniels

Larry Fucking Kudlow. Another reality TV personality.

This Georgia school district doesn't support the walkouts. The parents do.

Mom liked you best! 📺


Boston drag queen single-handedly frees stuck police wagon from blizzard in the middle of March

Trump Proposes a 'Space Force,' Which Is Like the Air Force, But for Space

My kids are marching in CA22 under threat of being truant.

Losers last night?

Begala: Republicans are gonna need a bigger yacht

Best Larry Kudlow quote

Students in Atlanta take a knee to protest gun violence on day of national walkout

Sometimes you just have to shake your head about some headlines:

Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun; At Least 1 Student Injured

Remember when? Under the mattress edition!😏

How A Twitter Fight Over Bernie Sanders Revealed A Network Of Fake Accounts

Capital Dems Join Student Gun Protests

NYC Elementary School Students- walk out & sing Put a Little Love In Your Heart

Pa. 18 congressional district results: Democrat Conor Lamb maintains lead with absentee votes counte

He's nothing more than a big mouth...

Twits and thugs lovingly send thoughts and prayers during student gun-control protests

Pat Holliday: Hillary Clinton Is The Head Of Witchcraft In The World

Trump mocked Tillerson's 'mannerisms and Texas drawl': report

Rex Tillerson: I Hope Trump Finds Out Hes Impeached on Twitter (Borowitz)

Harris Faulkner fox news touts kudlow hire but

John McCain tweet: "45 years ago today..."

Jeff Masters reviews The Hurricane Heist - best freaking laugh on the internet

Trump taps Larry Kudlow to be top economic adviser

Arrrrgh! Have you read reports of jail inmates dying of dehydration while in custody?

Trump ordering Sessions to fire McCabe before his retirement kicks in..

In celebration of two great holidays I give you,.......

Help with Facebook and webcast please

Sessions may fire McCabe days before his retirement takes effect.

DNC Chair: 'Republicans Are Understandably Quaking In Their Boots'

So it seems Andrew McCabe may yet be punished, cored, and lose his pension . . . .

Sources close to White House: Saccone was a "weak candidate" who decided to "run scared"

After the outcome of races in Alabama and Pennsylvania I fully endorse Trump

Sanders Lowballs Vermont Gun Deaths by an Order of Magnitude

Seth Abramson: Pappadopoulos-Sessions was a co-conspirator with Trump

Allen Clifton: Jake Tapper Hits Trump Where it Hurts the Most...

Sessions considering whether to fire McCabe

Saccone THIS Trump!...and the whole GOP can Saccone it too

Anchovies? Hell No! Or Damn Right!

Feel good website

PA-18 Message to GOP: It's Time to Dump Trump

Who made the recommendation to fire McCabe?

Link problem

Reporter covers school walkout: "The 11-year-old organizers had a press packet ready for me"

Trump On Bannon Saying Being Called Racist Is A "Badge Of Honor"

Some people just need a high-five. Who comes first to your mind ?

Great map!

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Picks Kudlow As New Economic Advisor

CBNC reporter cant believe stocks are tanking after Trump nominates "beloved" Larry Kudlow

Flynn and Patreus both commited far greater crimes both have kept full pensions

Green Party candidate was on state Republican payroll

GOP senator on Pa. special election: 'We got our ass kicked'

Space Force makes me think of Bob and Ray's Intergalactic Officer Candidate School

Trump Reportedly Considering Appointing John Bolton Because of His TV Commentary

Anyone else ever been "floxed"

Most Republicans In Denial After Special Election Loss

Facebook massively blocking accounts of Ukrainian critics of Russian aggression

Rendell Calls Paul Ryan's PA Claim Among 'The Stupidest Things I've Ever Heard'

Twitter Video: Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses #NationalWalkoutDay crowd through a megaphone

Florida judge enters not-guilty plea for suspected Parkland shooter

Sanders to Mattis: Crack Down on Pentagon Waste, Outrageous Contractor Pay

Video: Bernie Speaks on #NationalWalkoutDay

Senator Sanders Speaks on #NationalWalkoutDay

Stop calling Putin a president.

Sick: Trump Lovers Busted in Hate-Filled Minnesota Crime Spree

🐦 March 24 9AM - Sanders to Give Keynote Address at VSACs College and Career Fair

Trumps Craven Courtiers

Notice How MSM Refers To Trump As President When They Referred To Obama As Mr. Obama.

I know many dont like my election fraud allegations, and you are right I cant prove it.

Teens Cheer on Bernie Sanders During Surprise Appearance at National School Walkout Day

Randy Bryce is running against Cathy Myers. Winner will oppose Paul Ryan

Where Did Trump's Record Inauguration Spending Go? - "It's Inexplicable"

Would Trump Go To War To Game The 2018 Mid Terms. Making War Support An Issue?

Number One 🎶 March 14, 1972

Looks like US Intelligence may have been onto guys like Konstantin Rykov and Artem Klyushin


Rick Perry: It's 'Fake News' That I Would Replace David Shulkin As VA Secretary

Elderly in U.S. Are Projected to Outnumber Children for First Time

Vatican admits to committing sin

Gina Haspel as CIA director? It's a test of America's conscience.

Barack Obama...

Republicans have deep pockets.

BREAKING: Trump names Larry Kudlow his new Chief Economic Advisor, citing his "terrific IMDb star

Should Dems adopt a pro-Space Force policy?

Opinion: Pompeos promise at State: Trump gets a top diplomat who shares his policy views

Bernie Sanders' ROCKSTAR Like Appearance At D.C. Student Gun Control Rally

The Eye Roll That Upstaged Xi Jinping

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

VPR Young Writer's Project

Tillerson's firing

Trump's New Economic Adviser Lawrence Kudlow Has Been Wrong About Everything for Decades

If Saccone wants a recount, does he have to pay for it?

First Use Them, Then Destroy Them: GOP's Third Party Strategy

A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America

NEW from VF: Trump has discussed a plan to fire AG Sessions. Could replace with Scott Pruitt

Nikki Haley condemned Russia for nerve agent attack. I guess they have Trump

Governor calls student walkout, "shamefull"

OK bats from all over the country have been calling and they want their psychotic excrement back

Trump Planning to Oust Sessions and Crush Mueller Probe

Trump Jr and wife Vanessa expected to file for divorce

Will GOOPers in PA act like sore losers?

"We need you in here, John."

Vanity Fair: Trump has a plan to fire Sessions and replace with Pruitt

Did your kid walk out today?

What has "Trump" taught us of the weaknesses of our constitutional republic?

One Lucky Morning On Friday The 13th!

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Almost Seems Like Trump Got Wind of a XXVth Amendment Coup by His Cabinet

Would you like some tea?

Every govmint except USA....

Anyone else find it odd

White House opposes DACA fix in exchange for border wall funding

Why we will probably never see a "Mueller report" like the Ken Starr report to Congress.

GOP lawmaker proposes tax credit for coal plants

Chicago student handcuffed during school walkout

And Paul Ryan claims Lamb is really Republican?

Why Do Women Sleep With Donald Trump?

Mike Collier's first appearance as Lt Gov Nominee

Why does unconditional support of the D party bother some?

Don Jr Divorce...please talk!

Our school only had 12 students walk out, but the good news

White House says Dem's upset win came from embracing Trump policies

July 2016 contemporaneous Russian news article on Carter Page's visit

Do YOU want to be the "at risk" Repub to tell Don to stay the hell away?

Spread the word: More kids were protesting in DC today than were at Trumps inauguration!!!!!!!

Stephanie Ruhle...s

"A source emailed me his life's work. Then, he ended his life."

Guns are dangerous in the hands of experts.

Nikki Haley may be next on the chopping block for her stand on Russia on the

Stormy Daniels launches crowd fundraiser to pay for legal costs in suit against Trump

The Curse of the Hairnet!

Pompeo on pushing stolen emails....July 24th, 2016...

Steve Kornacki...

Tonights Vinyl Selection

Stormy Daniels hired an impressive attorney.

Trump back to relying on his instincts

Kick-start washing machine - bane or boon?

Cameron Kasky's awesome tweet thanking the parents...

Why The Senate Needs To Reject Mike Pompeo To Prevent War With Iran!

The Worst Government Possible, on Purpose

Official GOP response to yesterday (last night's) election

Britain Expels 23 Russian Diplomats Over Ex-Spys Poisoning

That's a good point! n/t

House GOP frets over Pennsylvania race

My wife and daughter are on lockdown. UPDATE

You dont want a president who is on the side of Russia and NOT On the side of the British?

Fox News Sued by Seth Rich's Parents Over "Exploitation" of His Death

Pennsylvania vote shows that Trumpism has its limits even in Trump country

Why doesn't money matter more in elections?

Dear Hillary, I wish you did not say this

GOD's take on Trump's musical chairs yesterday...pretty darn funny...

ENOUGH! Nice report from the Guardian

"TRUMP IS A LOSER !" New meme. Pass it on.

Talk to your local DNC people, the students anti gun movement is our future.

Trump, to Marines: "Trust me, you don't ever want to be on the other side of a fighting Marine."

Sick: Trump Lovers Hate-Filled Minnesota Crime Spree

I unconditionally support feeding people, not starving them. I unconditionally support

Ohio Anti Abortion Law overturned . From Columbus Dispatch

On the bass, Derek Smalls. He wrote this. (Harry Shearer video from his new Spinal Tap solo album)

Trump May Soon Fire Jeff Sessions

Everyone Loves Pie.

The Lamb Lesson

My sons school didnt have a walkout today

**** BREAKING New York Times calls it for Lamb ****

"We should be able to elect a box of hammers in this district...."

Steve Bannon is a parasite abroad in search of a new host to ruin

Toys R Us to close all 800 of its U.S. stores

Do we lose our sense of taste as we age?

This is the more likely outcome of a "good guy with a gun" when faced with a real threat

The Most Toxic Working Environment on the Planet

"A year in, Betsy DeVos is exactly who we thought she was" An incompetent fool...

Bernie: Next Monday, we will be live streaming a discussion the likes of which you'd never see ...

This is a pretense that we are doing something while assuring the NRA that we aren't doing anything

Attention....confirmed that Roger Stone is a LIAR...

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 14, 2018

Pencils dont misspell words people do

ex-frumper at work: Great story!

Luckovich on the National School Walkout

Since the Right is so critical of young people attempting to lead, I thought I'd

New York Times calls Pa. House race for Dem Conor Lamb

Bill McKibben on Pompeo....and the kochtopus...

trump is simply a coward. "breaks up with people" over twitter - what a small, pathetic creature

Conor Lamb and Stoneman Douglas students

Federal judge blocks Ohio Down syndrome abortion ban

Chris McDaniel Switching Senate Races In Mississippi

Need more people like her....

The Only Way To Get Rid Of Some Male Politicians May Be If Me Too Voters Throw Them Out

Brits are 'looking at the White House' and 'deeply worrying about Trump's leadership': NBC London...

How don, jr. and vanessa trump met...

Pence is crashing St Patrick's Day party in Savannah Ga

Lamb victory provides road map on how to win '20 presidential election.

R.I.P, Stephen Hawking: Today the world is a far less intelligent, rational, and honest place

Barron Trumps school signs open letter asking his dad to act on gun violence, oppose arming teacher

Why doesn't Trump give Putin a nickname?

Why a DNA test for Liz Warren would NOT settle the question of her N.A. ancestry.

Holy crap...Ari has the R on who is leading the charge to fire Mueller

This is the passion we need, the voice of our national anger! Students vs Guns...

The perfect reply to the NRA's defiant tweet pic of an assault rifle today

How Rich Is Vladimir Putin?

Rumor mill, off twitter, rude pundit:

Senate passes rollback of Dodd-Frank banking rules put in place after 2008 financial crisis

Trump's lawyer in Mueller probe, John Dowd, cited for Trump campaign contribution above the legal..

Barron Trump's school just took a powerful stance against his father

Just Because Donald Trump Says It Doesn't Mean Its Wrong: Democrats on Trade

Sorry But Texas Legislator Trolling Hawking In Death Deserves A Punch In The Nose. How Sick.

1 big thing: "The most toxic working environment on the planet"

Team of Sycophants

The Big Con chose U.K. over Russia....WTF

White House: Russia to blame for U.K. nerve agent attack on ex-spy

New Explanation for Rick Saccone Losing

GOP gearing up to challenge District 18 results, impound all voting machines used in special electio

'Pharma bro' fraudster Martin Shkreli: I want to serve prison in a minimum-security federal camp

What Conor Lamb, the "conservative," actually campaigned for.

Ex-Roanoke social worker's account of why she was fired called into question

Marist Poll: Americans support student walkouts

Important read - Josh Marshall, TPM "Trumps Dangerous Allegiance Threatens Every One of Us"

Exclusive: Defense Dept. charged nearly $140,000 at Trump branded properties

Reporter embedded with Roger Stone details efforts to meet Assange: 'He wanted to destroy Hillary...

Today is Billy Crystal's birthday

Chocolate Wobbies

House Dem chair: GOP attacking Pelosi in campaigns is 'sexist'

The Dow ended the day at -248.91

Minnesota mosque bombing suspect submitted bid to build Trump's border wall

Of U.S. Airlines, United had the highest rate of pet deaths, in 2017, 2016, 2015

Go here to say "hi" to those who feel that Congressman Lamb is not a real Democrat

Larry Kudlow for Economic Advisor

Barney Frank on Dodd-Frank rollback.

Golden Oldie! Venus. Frankie Avalon.

Just as a reminder, Pruitt will only be AG for 150 days

I support many women. Two I support strongly are . . . . .

What is three