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Archives: March 20, 2018

Everyone should deactivate their Facebook accounteven if not permanently

So, would you be surprised to learn about Facebook's Russia ties??

If Trump defenders don't believe that he's a liar and a crook, they're morons...

Pro-Bernie Sanders group cancels Hillary Clinton protest

Witch hunt tweet : tit for tat... :-)))

How do DUers think this ends for the Con?

Michael Cohen: Stormy Daniels payment was not about the campaign

Looks like Nor'easter #4 might be in store for March.

Hannity not only sounds crazy but looks crazed!!

UT System regents vote unanimously to raise cost of tuition, fees

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Oregon man follows Black Muslim couple 20 blocks yelling racial slurs,in tears after hate crime chrg

Urgent care rant.

Illinois rep fires aide after alleged encounter with teenager

How to get Facebook to stop using your data (if you have a FB account)

James Corden - Wasn't Me- I don't know if this is a dupe...

Feds, unsettled by bombers skill, apparently random targets, seek dialogue (Austin)

Ana Navarro strikes gold again with her tweet on Stormy vis-a-vis the Trump clan

North Carolina voters were among the first to be targeted by Cambridge Analytica

Authorities: Brother of shooting suspect arrested at school

As a former manager and director in public and private corporations

Theresa Greenfield comes up short of signatures on nominating petitions in Ia-03

Who would have thought that Trey Gowdy, of all people, would be the voice of reason?

Maryland House approves stronger sexual harassment policies

Mississippi's only abortion clinic sues over nation's most restrictive abortion

Senate GOP: Legislation to protect Mueller not needed

Congress quietly preserves ability to pay sexual harassment settlements with taxpayer money

Her school vowed no penalty for the school walkout. Her teacher gave her an 'F' anyway

How I Finally Kicked My O.C.D.

Steve Wynn settled with second woman over sex allegations

Tweet re guardian in uk about Mercer and Cambridge Analytica in brexit

Senate tees up Yemen vote for Tuesday

Amid the battles in D.C., who do you trust more to tell you the truth? msn poll, 583k votes

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Port in the Storm!

DOI Emails on Bears Ears Prove Trump Ignored Natives

Community support surges after theft from Radisson teen's rock museum

Turns out the best ways to defeat Nazis is to punch them:

He's tweeting again...

Costco among retailers asking Trump not to implement sweeping tariffs

Trump Impeachment Town Hall Series Coming to Arlington Tomorrow

Doctors hope for blindness cure after restoring patients' sight

New rule: no more fan theories!

'Affluenza teen' Ethan Couch may be getting out of jail soon

Two Steven Seagal accusers detail allegations of rape, sexual assault by actor

How to delete Facebook Account..FOREVER....(2min, 10 seconds)

Large Hadron Collider starting back up.

Mississippi abortion clinic sues to stop new 15-week abortion ban

Trump Impeachment Town Hall Series Coming to PG County Tomorrow

15 Years Ago Today: Shock and Awe; The Beginning of the Iraq War

Facebook security chief denies reports he's leaving company

The Best Presidential Speech of My Lifetime, Half a Century Later

Bannon may finally have inserted his mammary into the Maytag with the news that he founded

For $15,000, GrayKey promises to crack iPhone passcodes for police

Who's the smartest baby ? Tweet some more for daddy...

Slate "Trump Pushing the Firing of Andrew McCabe Was a Direct Challenge to Our Democracy"

Russian trolls at DU question if I may

March for Our Lives Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon

The political fallout from the Fujimori pardon

MAGA : fashion shoes

Guatemala arrests owner, executives of palm oil firm for bribery, fraud

Utah boy with Down Syndrome and the Boy Scouts

Christians twice as likely to blame poverty on lack of effort

Mississippi 9-year-old allegedly shoots teen sister to death over video game controller

Amnesty International denounces Macri administration for cyberattacks against opponents

Illegal cattle ranching deforests Mexicos massive Lacandon Jungle

Is it possible or likely that Melania Trump is subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's)?

I live in a liberal bubble.

A hilarous photo that's perfect metaphor for the next year or two: Evacuation route & trolls tRump

Facebook may face "trillions of dollars in fines" after violating their 2011 FTC consent decree. Yes

Mont Saint Michel Reveals New Secrets

Shouldn't the congressional repubs at least watch Valkari to see

Tonnes of garbage cleaned up from Galapagos coast

McDonald's agrees settlement in franchisees' U.S. labor case

Rachel's show was awesome. Surprised not to see any posts yet.

MARCH FOR OUR LIVES Sat the 24th 817+ cities

California treasurer thwarted in push for CalPERS gun divestment

U.S. SEC awards Merrill Lynch whistleblowers a record $83 million

IL DUers: will Lipinski survive tomorrow night?

Talks being held for funding of NY rail tunnel under U.S. bill: sources

BREAKING NEWS (NYT): Two Sources Tell New York Times That Trump Ordered His Attorney John Dowd to Pu

U.S. judge dismisses Tennessee refugee resettlement lawsuit

Louise Mensch on the links of Cambridge Analytica to the Russian-Trump collusion

Dog decides that trip to the vet is over.

NYT: Facebook executive leaving amid Disinformation backlash

Creeps of corruption....

Trump Considers Reshuffling Legal Team as He Takes On Mueller More Aggressively

North Carolina GOP previously hired Cambridge Analytica

Congress struggles to meet deadline for government funding bill....Repukes Cannot Govern

Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities

Ever notice how that loudmouth, "macho", Dirty Harry/Ray Donovan wannabe stud-ducky Michael Cohen

Trump runs his legal team like the dysfunctional West Wing and his lawyers double as 'therapists

Ivanka Trump's New Book Sure To Be A Best Seller...

The secret of Trump's success is cheating (NYT)

So, Was Facebook Responsible for the Arab Spring After All?

Dem lawmaker warns Trump: There will be "widespread civil unrest" if you fire Mueller

President Trump bans deals in Venezuela's crypto-currency

President Trump bans deals in Venezuela's crypto-currency

Scandal-hit Weinstein Co. files for bankruptcy protection

It Feels Like The USA Is About To Spin Out Of Control. Trump Is Getting Crazier/More Unpredictable.

Soldier in Bloody Niger Mission Had Warned of Gaps, Defense Officials Say

District attorney who didn't prosecute Weinstein will be investigated

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Platt stage powerful duet for March for Our Lives

House GOP threatens to subpoena Justice Dept for FBI records on Clinton email probe

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks Mueller and McCabe; Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytica: A Closer Look

Trump doesn't even drink

The death penalty for drug dealers. AKA let's harm POC more and ignore the problem...

17th-Century Houseguests Slaughtered Hosts, and Archaeologists Are Investigating

New discovery of ancient tools throws timeline of human advancement out the window

Florida Man Tries to Blow Up Neighbor's Chickens With Home-Made Whiskey Bomb

Facebook lost about $36 billion dollars in market value amid fallout from Cambridge Analytic scandal

Kogan/Spectre study at Cambridge Uni captured 57 *billion* Facebook friendships

Jeff Sessions may have just been caught committing perjury for the second time

Utrechts history goes back 11,000 years, archaeologists say

We're all watching the Donald Trump show, writes @mckaycoppins and that's just how he likes it:

Eric Trump says shooting kept him away from drugs

A suggestion for those in the media who have the opportunity to question Republicans about Trump's

A Constitutional crisis is on Republican leadership...

The local radio wingnut host retweeted a Calvin/Hobbes. Wonder why he's never answered my question.

Billionaire heiress Rebekah Mercer is standing by embattled data firm Cambridge Analytica at least

Before you decide you can't be manipulated

my sister is running- tomorrow (ok, it's now today) is the day. wish us luck.

Trump shakes up team of lawyers as legal threats mount

GOP Rep. Martha McSally Caught Posting Fake Compliments to Her Own Facebook Account

Franklin Graham: Trump Stopped Sinning When He Became President

Boy, did I screw up!!! Got a computer with Google Chrome OS

The Daily Show: Tucker Carlson's Bad Take on Teen Activists & Trump's White House Purge

EFF - How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out of Platform API Sharing

The Daily Show: Trump Sacks Andrew McCabe, Takes Aim at Robert Mueller

Privacy International: Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg.

The case for automation, loss of jobs and UBI...

Cambridge Analytica -- The crux of the conspiracy?

Politico: Angry Democrats pose rising risk for Facebook

*Australias Privacy Commissioner has just joined in the pile on of CA*

Graffiti artists take revenge on Uptown H&M over ad campaign

Finding your new Congressional District

Cambridge Analytica on Psychograph

Good sense...

Interesting psychologic marketing interview

Entertaining ad for Chicago area water reclamation board.

Please write in for Cam Davis for Water Reclamation Board

NRA: Our members are the real victims of the Parkland shooting

Hospitals failed to pass along millions in credits to Medicare

No wonder Hillary Clinton lost. Donald Trump is a corrupt crook!

Complicit GOP caught abandoning plan to protect Mueller from Trump

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty registers with campaign board, moves closer to run

Dayton spending plan aims for tax relief for many Minnesotans

Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company

Omg this is crazy.

Video: psychops

Parkland shooting survivors say the NRA is "basically threatening" them

If it's not one thing ...

Rainier Morning

D.C. lawmaker who said Rothschilds control the climate also said they control the federal government

Republicans say Congress doesn't need to pass law protecting Mueller

Melania Trump reacts to D.Trump Jr.'s divorce

Trevor Noah: "If kids are old enough..."

What Should You Do if a Flight Attendant Tells You to Put Your Dog in an Overhead Bin?

USAF ✊ Secret Society Member #VetsResistSquadron: "For all you alt rt cowards..."

Supporters of convicted fraudster who promised new Hmong homeland seek their money from government

Advocating for gun control, students briefly shut down Minnesota Capitol hearing

I love dinner time!


Nancy Pelosi to headline Polk County Democrats dinner in Des Moines

A Democratic friend posted this today on FB

Hoo boy. These made me cry hard..

'Future Ready Iowa' workforce bill heads to Gov. Reynolds' desk, but some skeptical about funding

The Death of Stalin - trailer

Hawley targets McCaskill's support of Clinton in campaign ad

Hawley becomes latest target for an ethics complaint

Thursday, 29 March - MLB Opening Day - EVERY team will play on Opening Day!

States fight Trump drill plan with local bans

Meet the women of the Mormon resistance against Trump

Worlds last male northern white rhino, Sudan, age 45, has died.

"Pan Flute-Pan & the Birds"/"Rondo Amoroso"/Komitas: "Six Dances for Piano" (2/3), Sokolov/

Lawmakers want Mark Zuckerberg to testify about the Facebook data breach

No wonder facebook's stock tanked today.

St. Louis Landlord Who Sexually Harassed 15 Tenants Must Pay Them $600K

Cambridger Analytica US Clients

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/19/18

Maria Chappelle-Nadal Accuses 3 Lawmakers of Sex Harassment in New Video

The simple reason why the Russians love Putin.


French ex-president Sarkozy in custody over campaign funding

Ex-worker testifies against Trump

Shepard Smith announces 'previously planned' vacation amid Hannity, Ingraham spat

It's not your imagination. Trump is getting worse.

Package believed to be bound for Austin explodes at Texas FedEx facility, police say

Package believed to be bound for Austin explodes at Texas FedEx facility, police say

Bernie Sanders' Economic Inequality Town Hall Draws 1.7 Million Live Viewers

Bernie Sanders' Economic Inequality Town Hall Draws 1.7 Million Live Viewers

Photo: Bernie @SenWarren @MMFlint say hi to the overflow room before our townhall

Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody over campaign funding

Was Cambridge Analytica in the US really located in the News Corp

August 22nd 2016- Will Donald Trumps Data-Analytics Company Allow Russia to Access Research on U.S

Fran Leibowitz on the night Trump got elected

Rabbit eating his banana-- (sometimes it's the simple things that say the most)

Exclusive: Trump to boost exports of lethal drones to more U.S. allies

Nancy Pelosi Is Good at Her Job and She Should Keep It.

Jim.Carrey Portrait Of Sara "Huckleberry" Sanders Right On Target. Should Stand By It.

The Cambridge Analytica Files: 'I made Steve Bannons psychological warfare tool': meet the data war

Reuters - HSBC Study Ranks India As Most Vulnerable To Warming (Drought, Crop Failure, Poverty)

Russian bots at work

Winter Had Almost No Moisture; Now New Mexico Bracing For "The Big One" After Record Post-2000 Fires

''They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths''*

Living is easy with eyes closed

Last male northern white rhino 'Sudan' dies on Kenya reserve

Wow! They'll say anything to protect Trump!

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg need to come clean about 2016. Now.

TX Fields Around 200 Complaints/Year Of Cropdusters Hitting People, Pets, Gardens W. Pesticides

Trump fumes Mueller probe is 'going to choke the life out of' his presidency

Oz Heatwave Set Off Marine Carbon Bomb; 9 Million Tons Of Carbon From Dead Seagrass

Report: Deadly U.S. Niger Operation Was Not Approved by Senior Officials

Sea Ice Extent hit maximum of 14.504 million km2 on 14 March

EXCLUSIVE Rebekah Mercer Standing By Cambridge Analytica After Blackmail Scandal

Yes, This Is Going to Be Worse Than Watergate

Cambridge Analytica Deletes, Reposts Tweet Claiming They Didn't Use Facebook Data For Trump Campaign

Is The Deep State Really Putin, Russia & .....

Beto O'Rourke Doesn't Want to Be Democrats' Next National Cause

GOP fears another potential electoral disaster

Oh look, Ivanka is a scientist!:

Republicans tell Trump: Lay off Mueller - but they don't act

People are in a rush to delete their Facebook page!

Kamala Harris Has Been Shopping a Book and Fueling 2020 Talk

Trump attorney: 'I have never threatened' Stormy Daniels

Military exercises with South Korea to start April 1

Koch groups urge Trump to accept Democrats immigration deal

Morning Joe panel horrified by growing belief in 'deep state' conspiracy

Have you Deleted your Facebook page

GOP close to issuing subpoena for Justice records linked to Clinton probe, lawmaker says

Are you safer with a gun in your home?

Shooting Investigation Underway at St. Mary's Co. High School

Rick Santorum shreds Trump's attacks on Mueller probe: 'Looking like he's got something to hide'

Reports of a shooting at high school in St. Marys County, MD

Facebook demands to inspect Cambridge Analytica whistleblower's phone and computer: report

Trump Just Hired a Lawyer Who Says the FBI and DOJ Conspired to Frame Trump

Don't ever click on the little blue "f"

Judge says no decision for at least a month in Kansas voter ID case

****BREAKING**** Shooting at Maryland High Schoool

In light of these developments should MSNBC trade Steve Kornacki for Shepard Smith ?

GOP leaders back second special counsel

Shock and Awe, y'all.

Preview of Ch 4 News expose of Cambridge Analytica airing this PM

Sarah Posner tweet on Cambridge and Bannon

Stalking racist breaks down in tears after being charged with hate-crime.

Boy Scouts Rejects Autistic Teens Application For Higher Rank, Strips Merit Badges

Exclusive: U.S. advancing toward first Guantanamo repatriation under Trump

***Facebook whistleblower*** 'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting

It has to be him - The Office meets Cambridge Analytica

What a way to start a day?

Nothing makes him look more guilty

Stormy Daniels' attorney: No interview requests from Fox News

United States school shootings, 1990-present

Doesn't anyone just SING anymore?

Share of married adults varies widely across U.S. religious groups

Could A GOP Governor Lose On Tuesday? What To Watch For In Illinois' Primaries

Insiders See Democratic House Gains of 30-45 seats

Fox host calls on Bernie Sanders to give up wealth or leave US

Monday morning wakeup

Why does Trump act like he has something to hide??

Supreme Court takes up challenge by pregnancy centers

In lab photo-op gone horribly wrong, Ivanka isolates entire dignity of ALL pro-Trump evangelicals

Here's What an Innocent President Would Tweet:

More mass shooting survivors, inspired by Parkland, are joining the fight for gun reform

More mass shooting survivors, inspired by Parkland, are joining the fight for gun reform

Hannibal Buress' Mic Cut After Joking About Molestation in Catholic Church

Chinese Official To U.S.: 'Act Rationally' On Trade Of Steel, Technology

Emma Gonzales: We are Here for you, students of Great Mills 💗

Emma Gonzales: We are Here for you, students of Great Mills 💗

GOP panics as ex-con close to winning republican primary in WV

Francophonie : la vision de Macron ne plait pas tous les francophones

British lawmakers call on Zuckerberg to appear before parliament

FOX News:"Today's atheists are bullies - and they are doing their best to intimidate the rest of us"

Happy 68th 🎂 Carl!

FTC probing Facebook for use of personal data: report

MSNBC's Mike Barnicle Tells Fmr. Obama Official He Worked in a 'Virtually Scandal-Free' WH

#NeverAgain -- "I'll be voting today."

#NeverAgain -- "I'll be voting today."

World's last male northern white rhino dies

Donald Trump's New Lawyer Once Argued Presidents Can Be Indicted

Dogs waiting to enter the hospital rooms of sick children for animal therapy time.

Today is officially the first day of spring. In SC, however, it's the first day of summer.

Reminder: Cambridge Analytica selling its data to Heritage Foundation

Facebook is holding an emergency meeting with their employees this morning.

"Alex Jones is like a GOD!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's new lawyer, Joseph E. diGenova!!!

"President Trump is asking every Americans to share their story..."

Trump Accuses Fired Deputy FBI Director of Fabricating Memos

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer: Some Incidents Took Place During Trump Presidency

*** Sarkozy (ex President of France) in custody for taking Libya bribes. ***

The fact that voter education scares our current leaders is further proof that we can do better.

It's the first day of Spring

Trump bemoans how it "would be so easy to make a deal!" if it weren't for...The Democrats.

GOP wants to flood politics with dark money using hidden "policy riders"

Exercise Ball Magnus Effect from 200m

No NRA Money ( T-shirt

No NRA Money ( T-shirt

I wonder who is paying trump's lawyers fees?

"... they turned Facebook into a theater of war. They were using military-grade information weapo

***GOP fears another potential electoral disaster***

Facebook Highly Values Its Users' Privacy

Did anyone see "Homeland" on Showtime Sunday night?

Oklahoma going broke as fast as Kansas due to tinkle down economics..........

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - What do we call him?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - FBook

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Issue, every Day

Robert tilton: Gospel of greed

How Much Time Is Trump Spending On His Lawyers & Defense And....

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - Putin 'wins'

Greitens wants criminal trial moved up to April 3

Tuesday Toon Roundup 5 - The Rest

WA gov signs universal voter registration law

Beyond Good and Evil

Democrats face key test of Trump-era suburban strategy

60% of Americans have less than $400 in savings, but let's "fix" Dodd Frank.

Mike Huckabee has an issue with a "Pathetic BULLY, sexist, hater, bigot," breaks irony meter

Watching the Obamas talk about Jackie Robinson

Ted Cruz says Cambridge Analytica assured him its voter data methods were legit after Facebook leak

Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming reveals election tricks

Pic Of The Moment: Tuesday Wingnuts

There is a Deep State within our government!!

WV-SEN: Mass murderer moves to the front of the Republican field

Susan Pompeo's role as "first lady of the CIA" draws critics and defenders

I propose making it illegal to hire a fedl govt employee for the sole purpose of padding a pension

Legalized Recreational Cannabis and CA: the truths

John Cornyn offers a bold, logical reason why Mueller doesn't need to be protected from Trump

Facebook confirms Cambridge Analytica stole its data; its a plot, claims former director

'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine

Michael Moore: Russia, Stormy Daniels stories are 'shiny keys to distract us'

Nolan Ryan

Anyone ever see Syd Barrett?

Which platform did the most damage in last election, Facebook or Twitter?

It's great that Bernie talks about inequality. But...

Nashville lawyer who introduced Russian operative to the NRA has ties to Marsha Blackburn

Ryan: I've 'received assurances' Mueller won't be fired

D.C. lawmaker who said Rothschilds control the climate also said they control the federal government

Where is Trump's tweet thanking the FBI working hard to solve the Texas bombings?

45 just had an "unscheduled" phone call with his boss Vlad Putin

3 injured in Maryland high school shooting - MAR 20, 2018

How Stormy Daniels Could Doom Trump's Presidency

best Ivanka dress up tweet, (with a little dose of the truth)

Bryant Expected to Pick Cindy Hyde-Smith for Senate

Dump adds conservative lawyer Ted Olson to team

Lets not forget the Russia connection to Cambridge Analytica. Will CA allow Russia access to data?

GOP Losing Ground In Republican-Held Districts

Paul Ryan "has been assured Trump is not considering firing Mueller," won't elaborate on assurances

Officials give update on shooting at Great Mills High School in St.. Mary's Co., Md

Most Insiders See Democrats Taking the House

Trump family-values: Donald Trump Jr. cheated on his wife.

Bill banning abortion outright introduced in Ohio House

BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose

Melania Trump Is Holding Her First Public Forum on Cyberbullying (NOT Satire)

3 injured in Maryland high school shooting - MAR 20, 2018

There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year

EPA's Scott Pruitt Explains Spending $43,000 On A Soundproof Booth

In This Corner of Maryland, Holidays Mean a Stuffed Ham.

Breaking: Moscow reports that Trump 'congratulated' Putin on re-election

In This Corner of Maryland, Holidays Mean a Stuffed Ham.

Trumps favorite pollster finds many of his own voters dont want him campaigning in their district

Video Shows Woman Stepped Suddenly in Front of Self-Driving Uber

Facebook, Russia, C. Anal, and Trump campaign/propaganda

Well, well... look what the cat dragged in on Cambridge Analytica.

Ringo Starr knighted!

Soviet-era scientist says he helped create nerve agent in spy attack row

Maryland: Another School Shooting...We need sensible gun laws in USA and ban all weapons of war

What, if any, responsibility does YouTube have in the "fake news" crisis?

So trump seeks to hire Ted Olsen, "bush v Gore" fame to his legal team. The right wing thugs are

This sign should be in every yard

America's Role in Yemen's Agony Can End on Capitol Hill

America's Role in Yemen's Agony Can End on Capitol Hill

I'm wondering If Cambridge Analytica aren't the producers of the "pee pee tapes".

Knucklehead alert

Cost of Pruitt's Italy trip rises above $84,000

Food for thought - Mueller investigation.

Just saw pictures of the tornadoes in Jacksonville Alabama!

Betsy Devos: School safety commission to consist of four Cabinet secretaries, no Democrats

White House: No apparent nexus to terrorism in Texas explosions

"When is a conservative leader too conservative...?"

Happy Primary Day for those of you voting today!

Police surround armed man inside Princeton U. Panera Bread

Question for Parents and Educators...

Libertarian Billionaires Finance Right Wing Deep State

Deviled Eggs: Hellicious 😋 or Hellacious 🤢?

Graham: It's An Impeachable Offense If Trump Fires Mueller 'Without Cause'

Do you find yourself following the news less and less?

Cadavers: Delightfully Delectable 😋 or Disgustingly Detestable 🤢 ?

Trump is the second President of the Social Media age

Just wondering

What evangelicals looked like before they entered the political fray

Wind, sea ice changes suggest climate change in western Arctic

Bird populations in French countryside 'collapsing'

New coral bleaching outbreak in Northern Territory a worrying sign of our warming oceans

Senior housing department official loses job after allegations of corruption


World's last male northern white rhino, Sudan, dies

For a Forum devoted to Democratic Party and Democratic Coalition activists

Windows Spectre Patches Are Here, But You Might Want to Wait

Decided to translate a spam e-mail

I just wrote Rep Schiff

When will the gop be hit with a conspiracy indictment?

Glacier mass loss passes the point of no return, researchers report

Student gunman dies after Maryland school shooting; two other students injured

Martin O'Malley for 2020!!!...

Trump congratulates Putin on his reelection, Kremlin says

"March for our Lives" protest on March 24 "could draw as many as 500,000 to the nation's capital"

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #1

Mr. Bowes and a team of volunteers stuffed 55 hams. The session will be featured

Firm hired by Facebook to audit also hired to audit Alfa Bank data transfer to Trump tower

Ethan Couch: 'Affluenza Teen' Who Killed Four People in Car Crash to Be Freed From Jail

Seth Abramson: No one in major media is talking about how DiGenova helped Trump win

CSPAN3: Senate Intelligence Committee bipartisan behavior sighted! Auditable paper trails

All of a sudden, Trump is getting all lawyered up...

Fox's Ainsley Earhardt was "really terrified" by Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign

Are these the world's worst burglars?

Barbara Lee (D-CA) to DeVos: "You just don't care much about civil rights of black & brown children"

Be patient...Mueller has this.

'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine

"A True Change Needed" -"You" Need To Know The Truth

Let's call Cambridge Analytica what it is

Happy First Day of Spring!

Proposed Settlement Agreements Presented in McDonalds USA, LLC, et. al.

I hope Ted Olson doesn't become one of Trump's consiglieres.

Auditor Publishes Damning Report Alleging Chronic Mismanagement of D.C.'s Affordable Housing Fund

Proposed Settlement Agreements Presented in McDonalds USA, LLC, et. al.

The Latest: Judge temporarily blocks 15-week abortion ban

I am willing to serve on juries.

What does anyone here know about Spectrum Health?

Stormy's attorney says buckle up, Trump:

Proposed Settlement Agreements Presented in McDonalds USA, LLC, et. al.

Wall Street Journal publishes polygraph results backing Stormy Daniels

Trump: Feds will track down 'sick person' behind Austin bombings

Netflix: Occupied - Season 2

The Deep State Conspiracy

Experts Fear Roy Moore Style Disaster If Blankenship Campaign Moves Forward

Trump congratulates Putin on his reelection, discusses arms race

Sudan, the Last Male Northern White Rhino, Dies in Kenya

Sudan, the Last Male Northern White Rhino, Dies in Kenya

Twitter Video 59:17mins: Congress must reassert its Constitutional authority over the issue of war

Mark Zuckerberg just lost $9 billion in wealth

GOP attorney Theodore Olson won't join Trump legal team

McCain rips Trump's congratulatory call to Putin as an insult to Russian people

My Experiences in Trump-Land - Lessons learned

Twitter Video 59:17mins - Congress must reassert its Constitutional authority over the issue of war

Ex-Playboy Model Sues to Break Silence on Trump

McCain criticizes Trump for congratulating Putin on his election victory.

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Where's the Oops button?

Just a little bit lonely!

Conservatives fear being steamrolled by Dems on funding bill

I long for the days when "That's probably true" was our default attitude about statements issued by

Armed man holed up in restaurant near Princeton University

SHS Briefing

California city seeks exemption from state sanctuary law

Sarah Lying Huckabee Sanders is at it again!

Jr. was reportedly cheating on his pregnant wife with an 'Apprentice' contestant until...

YouTube's neo-Nazi music problem

Plight of Phoenix: how long can the worlds 'least sustainable' city survive?

Carl Reiner's great tweet today about Shitler

Trump Cant Dodge Lawsuit Saying He Lied About Groping, Judge Says - Bloomberg

Trump pretends not to hear question about firing Mueller that he clearly heard

Affairs, Affairs! and Affairs galore!

Your daily Greenwald, strawman edition:

aaaand now Karen McDougal is suing Nat. Enquirer to end their NDA

The Pathological Liar

Trump tries to recruit "star" GOP lawyer for Mueller probe - and gets humiliatingly rejected

Google unveils its $300M News Initiative - thoughts?

Sarah Sanders declines to say if Russian elections are 'free and fair'

"Derp...Yeah, Congratulations on your YOOOOGE 'Election' Victory, Vlad. Believe Me..."

All these trump affair stories do prove one thing,,,,

Lance Wallnau: Students Protesting For Gun Control Are As Dangerous As The Brownshirt Hitler Youth

Trump Deposition Looms as 'Apprentice' Groping Lawsuit Moves Ahead

Massachusetts AG opens up investigation of Trump:

Political appointees end program to prevent teen pregnancy. Abstinence only

Does anyone know of a live link to British TV4? n/t

I am watching a documentary about the Mob.

White House vents frustration with 'absurd' Mueller probe

8,000-Year-Old Skulls Raise New Questions on Ancient Burial Rituals

Post a false but little known non-fact about someone famous, living or dead

Smithsonian moves Michelle Obama portrait to larger space over high demand

Mpls police officer Noor turns himself in on murder, manslaughter charges in Justine Damond killing

Crates of documents removed from the same building as Cambridge Analytica's HQ.

Student suspended for telling lawmakers to 'get off their f---ing asses' and pass gun laws

March 20, 1968: 50 Years Ago Today, Drug Bust Helps Break Up Buffalo Springfield

McConnell: Mueller isn't 'going anywhere'

Today is Carl Reiner's birthday

Trump told Don Jr to "cut it out" and stop cheating on his wife while she was pregnant

President Blasts False Charges! Get On With Nations Business

Cambridge Analytica has announced today it has suspended CEO Alexander Nix with immediate effect

CH4 Analytica - Live Blog

Part 3 Channel 4 Video "Cambridge Analytica: Undercover Secrets of Trump's Data Firm"

Trump's new legal attack dog is a longtime GOP hitman and conspiracy-monger

Fake president congratulating Real dictator...

Channel 4 - Cambridge Analytica and Trumps Campaign

All three Channel 4 News Cambridge Analytica documentary videos

Family Of MD School Shooter Are Staunch 2nd Amendment Folk

$500K bond for shooting suspect's brother in school trespass

Cambridge Analytica execs boast of role in getting Trump elected

**Steele's claim that Carter Page met with Russian intel in July 2016 can be independently verified

An NRA ad

Graves of 1,000 enslaved people found near Ascension refinery; Shell, preservationists to honor them

Gun owners sue Florida over 'bump stock' ban

Cambridge Analytica suspends CEO Alexander Nix

Journalism primer in Great Britain:

Ok? I I have a serious question for the women who have had an affair with Trump?

New York and Massachusetts attorneys general demand Facebook hand over Cambridge Analytica info

NEW: How Cambridge Analytica created "Crooked Hillary" & cheated US election laws

Garth Brooks tearfully debuts a new song ahead of #MarchForOurLives & sends a message to @Emma4Chang

"Lyin' Ted" "Low Energy Jeb" "Crooked Hillary" "Lock Her Up" "Your Wife Is A Loser"

Heres a Photo of Cambridge Analyticas CEO With the Russian Ambassador to the UK

CNN's Mudd and Cillizza explain the Trump strategy behind hiring DeGenova

Strong turnout for todays Illinois primary

'Unqualified lesbian': Christine Quinn slams Cynthia Nixon over bid for N.Y. governor

CNN's Jake Tapper to interview James Comey

Happy First Day of Spring!

What would you have brought to the Last Supper potluck?

Massachusetts AG opens investigation of Trump and CA (Washington press)

Facebook Warns Mexicans About Fake News in Presidential Campaign

Priest publicly wishes for Pope's quick death because of his views on immigration and Islam

Facebook Warns Mexicans About Fake News in Presidential Campaign

"Taking away our guns:" please help me out here

Are these the worlds worst burgers?

Louie Gohmert files resolution to declare Cesar Chavez's B-Day "National Border Control Day"

The dotard likes pornstars

The media keeps calling this a data breach. "Data breach" isnt a tenth of the story

Women in Bill O'Reilly defamation suit want settlement agreements made public

DiGenova is a parasite, plain and simple.

Stormy passes lie detector test:

Demographic gaps between parties widen

Mississippi governor expected to appoint Hyde-Smith to Senate seat

What would happen if Trump rook a lie detector test?

Imbecile Eric Trump responds to SNL skits that portray him as an imbecile: "They detest us"

Cambridge Analytica: What do we know?

Lie detector test shows Stormy Daniels truthful about Trump affair

File this under: You Just Cant Make This S**t UP (Trump promotes Clinton Foundation initiative)

Stay-at-home dad kitty:

When I saw that today was Second Amendment Martyrs Day once again,

Russia in the raw

2nd woman sues to be released from her non-disclosure agreement

Thanks for the tips, everyone. Am trying different board tilt

Watch: Video shows alleged ballot-stuffing in Russian elections

Vote as if your life depends on it!

Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage bound together in an unholy alliance

Tweet re Assange,Farage and Cambridge Analytica tied to Brexit

New Channel 4 video is out on Trump's campaign and they interviewed Hillary!

We have a pretty good idea of how a Mueller-Trump interview would go - Tom Toles ('toon)

Former Brazilian President Lula: It's Clear Marielle Franco's Assassination Was Premeditated

Good Overview Thread On What We're Witnessing in Real Time

Trump will be at the National Building Museum tonight.

Ashamed Fox commentator quits:

DC area under a Winter Storm Warning thru 8PM 3/21

Those assholes at Cambridge Analytica thought they were sooooo smart

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 20, 2018

John Boltons Cambridge Analytica Connection

Luckovich: If Nixon were President today

Congratulations Sir Richard Starkey

Cambridge Analytica in 3 Paragraphs

Star GOP attorney Olson wont join Trump defense team

Germophobe my ass.......

"Watergate was brought down by Nixon tapes. Stupid Watergate is being brought down by Nix on tape"

Cambridge Analytica helped Republicans in Colorado win control of state Senate in 2014

equating the LGBTQ community with ISIS...guess if this is a Dem or a Republican speaker.....

Winter Storm Warning Issued for Arlington

The Suffering and Spirit of San Juan

There's a lot of shit flying around this week

Any speculation as to who Mrs Trump #4 will be...?

Go ahead... Pick it... I double dog dare ya!

ProtonMail, Cambridge Analytica and Konstantin Rykov's confession.

Well, now we know why the voter rolls were hacked.

The Occupation Of Iraq: A Radical Experiment in Libertarian Ideology

Pennsylvania Republicans have filed to impeach Democratic State Supreme Court Judges

Judge rejects Trump bid to dismiss suit from woman alleging sexual advances

Yo! Cambridge Analytica, a shell co., exists only on paper. What exactly was he suspended from?

Charles P. Pierce: Trump's New Lawyer Is Someone I Remember Well

Here's Mark Amodei's Twitter handle @MarkAmodeiNV2

Since a student was killed by a trained adult gun nuts will want teachers armed now.

Part of the problem with privacy, FB/CA, etc., is our near-endless capacity to store and index data

No really, can things just get worse every day with every revelation and no end in sight?

Due to Senate Democrats joining the GOP, the #SandersLeeYemen resolution has been TABLED

Due to Senate Democrats joining the GOP, the #SandersLeeYemen resolution has been TABLED

OK, I know this sounds over the top, but I often wonder how many Americans want Russia to rule

John Boltons Cambridge Analytica Connection

try to imagine

I can't help it, I like John Kennedy R LA

Republican candidate tweets desire to shoot anti-gun congressman

UK parliament summons Mark Zuckerberg about CA data breach

Just when you thought the forces of good had won....There's a new SCL or Cambridge Analytica clone

Albemarle County Jury Taking Up Perjury Case Against Jason Kessler

Chuck Schumer commends Mitch McConnell for strongly defending Mueller, criticizing Trump-Putin call

GOP Losing Ground In Republican-Held Districts

GOP Fears Another Candidate Problem In West Virginia

"Hidden Figures" -- true story about the black female NASA mathmeticians whose calculations

John Oliver's Satire Book Outsells Pence's Book

Ralph Peters Quits Faux News

GOP strategist warns of major Repub midterms losses due to Trump's bullying, nastiness & tweeting"

Gloria Borger said the POS "may have met his match."

Dem rep: Trump congratulating Putin is 'like congratulating the Harlem Globetrotters'

Wreckage of ship on which 5 Iowa brothers died during WWII is found

What Is Donald Trump Hiding?


Experience today at Facebook... about 1/2 hour ago....

Cambridge Analytica Suspends C.E.O. Amid Facebook Data Scandal

The Latest: San Francisco becomes largest US city to ban fur

#this guy

For The Fun? Of It Imagine Flying Cars With These Traffick Jams. Yikes.

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Rep. Martha McSally Wants to Build a Wall Between Arizona and California

Man hit girl with screwdriver, dragged her behind car

REPOSTING from last year, Osprey pair together.

Movie Star Name That Face!

Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody over Gaddafi allegations

****BREAKING**** Summer Zervos' suit against David Dennison was greenlit.

Oak Creek, WI Coal Dust Panel To Meet Wednesday Night

Karen McDougal Suing tRump To Tell Her Story As Well

With All This Info Coming Out About CA - It Is Frightening As To How Pervasive The.....

If Trump Had Proposed Death Penalty For Liberals/Progressives Base Would Have Gone Really Nuts.


Full-page, anti-Trump ad in Palm Beachs town newspaper hits home

My vote for 'Tweet of the Week', and it's only Tuesday!

With Apologies to Floyd

IPhone battery replacements

8 people indicted in white supremacist gang member's killing

Frederick County on route 77 in Catoctin.

New NRA ad attacks Parkland students and suggests teachers should be armed with AR-15s

European megabank, @nordea, puts Facebook shares in quarantine. Gulp.

Carl Levin: Congress is falling short on its oversight duties

EU Data Protection Authority eye Facebook Cambridge Analytica

Wha do you call a Russian dictator slathered in gravy.

WaPo: "Flake warns Trump of impeachment remedy if Mueller probe is halted"

Fox News analyst quits, rips network as a propaganda machine in letter to colleagues

By the way. Another school shooting today. But only one death. Maybe gunna be two.

Exposed: Undercover secrets of Trumps data firm

You Wonder What The Chances Are The US Will Become Unglued At Some Point.

Russia Secretly Helped Venezuela Launch a Cryptocurrency to Evade U.S. Sanctions

#NotRacists Be Like: The Top 10 Phrases Used by People Who Claim They Are Not Racist

Officer charged with murder in shooting death of unarmed woman in Minneapolis alley

Alexander Nix, Cambridge Analytica CEO, suspended after data scandal

Glacial beauty on a journey to Antarctica

Why aren't today's demonstrations on Capitol Hill about the conditions in Puerto Rico

Homages to Stephen Hawking in Latin America's Media Show How Mourning for the Scientist Transcends B

Guatemala removes investigators from anti-corruption panel

David Axelrod: Another day; another school shooting; another kid with a semi-automatic weapon

David Axelrod: Another day; another school shooting; another kid with a semi-automatic weapon

Tribe clashes with Zinke on need for Mexican border wall

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg called before UK committee as Cambridge Analytica suspends CEO

Pierce: Will the Republican Base Own Itself Again?

This Cambridge Analytica stuff is very frightening

NYT-Children's book about Mike Pence's gay bunny jumps to No. 1

Trumps national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin..

Fox News Analyst Quits, Calls Network a Propaganda Machine

Arizona House Democrats: In Arizona, a person is killed with a gun every 9 hours...

The Onion: "Surrendering Trump Boys Solemnly Salute Each Other Before...

Anyone with Chicago voting issues there is a great thread in reddit from Chicago Election Board

A John Oliver Report: VP Pence - Plus, An Exclusive John Oliver response goes viral!

Another lover of Trump was paid just before the election. By a friend of his.

Why are all the shows on MSNBC a half hour late?

Fox News loses a top political analyst!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Women never come forward to say good things about Trump.

Trumps national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.

Facebook is an advertising company masquerading as a social network

Bill to allow guns in cars on school grounds is unanimously rejected by Maine House

All in the Family (Luckovich)

Google launches news initiative to combat fake news

Briefing material given to President Trump just before his call to Putin told

Does anyone have a theory about how this video was obtained? (Cambridge Analytica)

CA began testing out pro-DT slogans as Russia launched its influence 2014 targeting 2016 elections

trump's NSA warned him not to congratulate putin

6th, unexploded package bomb found at Austin FedEx facility: Sources

Just wondering if drumph or anyone in government