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Trump routinely humiliates whomever he pleases. But the day is coming when the tables will turn

Another great sign, very cute :-)

Kids these days...

Thots and players to Spanky Trump in advance of tomorrow's 60 Minutes airing. Silent thread.

Alan Dershowitz

The sleeping giant is roaring

What should put FEAR in the hearts of gunners was today's DIVERSITY

Health & Human Services civil rights director Severino applies his religion to policy

#MarchForOurLives hashtag is up to 3.34 million tweets

Pic - Gardenia Court retirement community today, Naples, Florida:

Lesbian and bisexual resources are quietly dropped from HHS website

Eric Holder: Today we march. Then we vote. This must be a movement. Not a moment.

LOYOLA Chicago !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morristown NJ March for Our Lives

Fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe unleashes on Trump

New details emerge about Steve Bannon's ties to Cambridge Analytica

Bill Maher: New Rule: Washington D-List

Signs from the protest - huffington post

I grew up in Europe

Watching 39 days on CBS. Great documentary about what the kids are doing.

Really Something-Fox News Website

Loyola University in Chicago...Final Four.??

Belly laugh of the day! RussiaToday: VZ Petro scam will be convertible to Russian rubles!

Indianapolis: After crediting tax cuts for new investment, FedEx cancels plan for Greenwood hub

RIP GOP and NRA. Millions are fed up with you and your sickening deathly ways. n/t

Tomorrow night, at this time, will we feel enlightened, shocked or disappointed

Rob Reiner: If you're not moved by what these kids are doing, you're dead inside.

I hate to say this, but...

Loved this sign today

I also hate to say this.

Trump tariff backlash, Keg company 30% layoff

Tomi Lahren's masterful and intelligent response to today's march

Dear journalists: You can say millions march across the country. Millions. Not "thousands"

It would be great if Avenatti

Watching Postcards from the edge,

John Fucking Lewis...

Just now watching Real Time. NO Mayor is awesome.

Student editors at Parkland high school's Eagle Eye newspaper write gun-reform manifesto

Dear Boston, we can see it in your eyes.

Here's what the NRA had to say today about the March for Our Lives

I found out something very alarming today at my county Dem Assembly.

Another downside of VZ new currency depreciation? The price of gas to increase over 800%

...Im so God damned yoouung (in honor of the kids today)

From the Million Mom March to this -- a Feminist perspective

Marco Rubio tells March for Our Lives crowd many oppose gun bans

So, who benefits from a US-China Trade War? Russia!!

As Trump targets immigrants, elderly and others brace to lose caregivers

Ted Cruz was punked!!

NRA Statement on today's March

This kid's sign

This is where we ask college students to take up the mantle

As well as stopping the gun madness,

It would be interesting if we could get an

When did Feminism become History?

Four million people are turing 18 before November in the USA

Aikman: I'm worth more than Peyton Manning

Former VP Joe Biden surprises Delaware March for Our Lives rally

Another AMAZING Sign From A Kid

Faux news is hiring

I like John Lewis

Sorry if already posted, but just found this pic of some MSD students Ive not seen before:

DeBlasio: 175K marchers in NYC:

Went to the NRA's fb page so you don't have to.

The Moron said he wishes he never ran for office

*THIS* is the best sign from today's march:

Did anyone see Killer Mike's interview with NRATV?

Commentary: John Bolton Will Not End Well

Be nice and dont retweet this...

It is still not hip to be With Her.

Man wearing body armor with loaded gun arrested in Chicago

A six-year-old just handed this to me .....

March for Our lives might have been the biggest single-day D.C. protest in history,

Iowa gov fires finance group director over harassment claim

Product placement...How much is Trump charging taxpayers to drink his own water?..

From 28 Years ago - Kool Thing

Why shouldn't the gun industry be liable for damage done by its products? Calling All Progressives!

Dallas-area pastor gets 99 years in boy's starvation death

MLK's grand daughter spoke at the DC rally today... ""I have a dream that enough is enough."

Tomorrow's NY Daily News has a rare double front page showing the march

Michigan 58-Florida State 54 nt


Parents convicted of manslaughter in pneumonia death of girl

Wow Rosa DeLaurio goes after DeVos

Stand by me.

The Villages, baby! Florida...very, very, tremendously conservative. And then today:

'Vote them out!' - Thousands register to vote at U.S. gun-control marches

Eiffel Tower protest: Marchers back more US gun control

Peru takes ex-president's passport amid corruption probe

Toxic gases killed American family vacationing at condo in Mexico


Toxic gases killed American family vacationing at condo in Mexico

Some photos from March For Our Lives - Washington DC

What is the most devastating evaluation of DT as President?

Check this out!....Heres Whats in the Budget Bill Nobodys Bothered to Read👍🏼

Sign from Frankfurt, Germany rally today ....

Transgender Workers Gain New Protection Under Court Ruling.

Inm guessing there will be an official 60 Minutes stormy dainels thread here on DU

Today was the best day this country has had in a very long time...

As Ties With Mexico Fray, Kushner Works Quietly to Mend Them

As Ties With Mexico Fray, Kushner Works Quietly to Mend Them

I just wrote 17 checks for $6.20...

To the naysayers, from Cameron Kasky, MSD student:

Living Blue in a Red county

Have you ever wondered what 1,000 #RegisterToVote clipboards look like?

Unarmed man with pants down fatally shot by Harris County deputy

Wayne versus Emma

Parkland students speak with Harvard students & faculty about the gun conversation. Amazing.

Has a rapper ever Rapped about Gun Control

The Ralph Wiggum take on today's marches

Small local elections in BubbaLand....surprise!

And now for some Amplified History

Is Trump really not going to buy off Stormy before tomorrow at 4 (Pacific Time)?

Parkland students rewriting playbook

Lets ban all guns right now and let the gun lovers be the ones seeking incremental changes

I'm sorry but (Daniels interview)

Dear Trump, Thank You For Shutting Your Uneducated Fucking Mouth Today...

Dr. Seuss meets Trump

Gun-related deaths and injuries cost us $229 billion a year: we should tax guns and ammo accordingly

Halestorm - Apocalyptic

Killer Mike --- Turn In Your Berner (Bernie Supporter) Card ASAP!! YOU SELL OUT....

Cool satellite pic of the DC crowd today:

I just realized - I didnt think about Paul Manafort ONE TIME yesterday, not fuckin ONCE!!!

The 25 Best Protest Signs from the March For Our Lives

The right is totally wetting their pants

Ted Leiu trolls Paul Ryan and house Republicans about the marches and elections, Boom!

im a militia

Guccifer 2.0 Was Always Sloppy....

Practical question.

Jeremy Scahill weighs in Bolton

So the slut will be on the airwaves

Betty Bowers does a slam dunk on John Bolton. Wow, Betty Bowers!

Sunday's Doonesbury - Calling Fox and Friends

Sunday's Candorville - Please Make It Stop

"The Noetic Prayer" (English Subtitles)/Choir of St.Elizabeth of Minsk Monastery/

As you watch the Wingnuts froth at the mouth over MFOL, realize ... it's about the WHITE KIDS ...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Aria 51 Edition

Admitted child molester lectures us about raising our own kids re. guns

Dirty Donny* really whimped out on America's Children


I tend to believe WaPo about the Metro ridership numbers on Saturday

Pro-gun counter-marches in DC, Utah and Montana

Marijuana helps a dying southern town

Video of Cleveland march from apt window, in fast forward, cool as all get out!

And all across America......

They raise a very valid point...

Mfol just saying

How do you add a photo to DU?

Parkland students planning more protests after March for Our lives

First-grader threatens to get a gun when asked to share swing set

First-grader threatens to get a gun when asked to share swing set

March For Our Lives crowd was bigger than that at Trump's inauguration, officials say

Alt-right pundits take a stand against Isis-linked attack in France by being overjoyed it happened

The worlds leading democracy abdicates its role and responsibilities

Trump motorcade takes longer 'scenic route'; avoid: #MarchForOurLives protestors in West Palm Beach

My daughter and I heading to the Norfolk march

Life with a golden retriever moans and groans of contentment

Investigators raid offices of Cambridge Analytica after search warrant granted

My Reich wing friends no response to my invitations

I need your help reporting a twitter account

Don't you think Gun Owners will LOVE Gun Control?

Five tweets this morning and nothing about the march. A 'president' completely out of touch.

Facebooks week of shame: the Cambridge Analytica fallout

Guys, We Have A Problem: How American Masculinity Creates Lonely Men

'Stormy Will Eat You Alive': How a Porn Star is Making Trump World's Lives Hell

The Simpsons: A Tale of Two Trumps

Female candidates face huge hurdle in midterms: Beating incumbents

EXCERPT. Donald Trump and David Duke Are Sinister Soul Brothers - by Mitch Landrieu

Stephanie Ruhle to Trump: Please share the names

Want to "understand" Trump supporters? That's what the Right Wing Infopedia is for!

From Janesville, WI -- Home of .@SpeakerRyan and his awesome Dem opponent: #MarchforOurLives...

"Palm Sunday"

UPDATED 'Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down': Trump boasts 'top law firms want to...

Sad news concerning my sideburns.

Keep shouting, don't become anesthetized, pope tells young people

This Liberal Sports Radio Host Thinks He Can Take Down Mitch McConnell

Trump pick John Bolton warns of 'a little shock therapy' with China tariffs

I recently read that nearly half of us could not come up with $400 to cover an emergency expense.

Stormy Sunday

Republicans Angry Not Enough in Bill for Wall

Arctic Sea Ice Barely Missed All-Time Record Low; 2017 5.57 Million SM; 2018 5.59 Million

Trump's midterms rallying cry in a campaign email: 'I need allies'

Happy 76th 🎂 Aretha!

Shitstain Admin Opens Record 77 Million Acres Offshore, Gets Oil Bids On 1% Of Acreage

Emma Gonzalez

Creator of Venezuelan youth orchestras Abreu dead at 79

Sad news regarding my rugburns.

Researchers Find Link Between Extreme Temperature Swings (A La Global Warming), More Heart Attacks

Ever wonder what it is that Bolton really wants?

Quite a collection of signs from the rallies.

Big Oil In CA Trial: We Only Found, Drilled, Refined, Sold Oil; You Used It, Warming Is YOUR Fault

NYT's subhead: "Rebuke of N.R.A. by huge crowds across U.S."

The Parkland kids keep checking their privilege

Fox News Poll: Voters think preventing gun violence is more important than protecting gun rights

Trump's Storrmy Day Tweets: "NO COLLUSION," "Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me"

Do you think David Dennison will be watching the Stormy interview tonight ?

Stephen Colbert: "Hey Trump....."

Bloody Hands

Trump Ally Chris Ruddy: POTUS Expects to Make 'One or Two Major Changes' Soon

I just can't get over the fact our president has a porn alias.

Self-taught rocket scientist finally blasts off into California sky

Thank you Emma thread. Powerful silence.

Just woke up and saw the news!

...Stormy Daniels' attorney taunts Trump with promise of more evidence

American Spring

This about sums it all up...

Trumps number one weapon, number one defense will be his downfall.

Trump claims to be suffering from Mesothelioma

Elephant caught 'smoking' on camera leaves scientists baffled

AMJoy - The kids - nowgive yourselves a hand

If Daniels has a sex tape (with Dotard), would you watch it? Should we draw straws?

I am now convinced there is a sex tape.

Tears of hope and pride sure feel better than tears of shock and sadness

Twitter Goes Off After Trump Claims 'Many Lawyers' Want to Represent Him: 'Please Share the Names'

Daniels' attorney tweet-taunts the Grabber-In-Chief: "tonight is not the end - it's the beginning"

Biden meme - Wall boy

That we must be taught by our children about morality - how shameful

Kaine questions whether Bolton can obtain full security clearance

starry nights

Weather Prediction For This Evening: Stormy


Justice Department revives push to mandate a way to unlock phones

The OTHER Side...

NRA $ recipients - Does anybody know if there is a website

Mnuchin: I don't expect tariffs to have a big impact on the economy

Trump toady Pete Hegseth on Fox & Friends doesn't want lectures from children on 2nd Amendment

Doc was sued for malpractice 13 times in Illinois. He's in 'good standing' in Missouri

With Greitens' fate uncertain, Missouri lawmakers return to Capitol with much to do

WOW! Pic from the march.....This is so powerful. Well done young man.

Christians Who Support Trump Must Also Support:

We Need To Have An Historic Voter Turnout For The Nov 2018 Election....

Corey Lewandowski: Cambridge Analytica 'Pitched Me Three Times' and I Said No

Mofaz: Bolton wanted Israel to attack Iran

Your typical 2nd amendment absolutist....

"The whole world's a war zone!" Please come CAPTION the new N.S.A. Adviser, John Bolton!!!

Photo - massive NRA counter-protest in Houston yesterday:

Data Analytica at TED Talks 2016

Military unrest in Venezuela. Cuban trained infiltrators rat out military dissent

A different thought about L'affaire Stormy

The NRA-GOP Mammoth

ALWAYS assume the gun is loaded

Schoolhouse Glock

Anti gun demo in Washington

Trump Wont Hire 2 Lawyers Whose Appointments Were Announced Days Ago

NRA Member Sign Slogan

It was only a matter of time.

Thank you young folks and the adults who

Trump's Legacy

Just realized: yesterday was largest "pro-life" gathering ever! nt

Trump's schedule this week: M/W lunches w/Pence, W ceremony for ambassadors, Ohio trip Thursday

****BREAKING**** Trump will not add Joe DeGenerate and his wife to his legal team.

Reminder: Halliburton Made A Profit Of $39.5 Billion From The Iraq War

Warner: March for Our Lives was 'democracy in action'

What is an "assault rifle," he asked sarcastically.

Facebook Quietly Hid Webpages Bragging Of Ability To Influence Elections

Denver's March: Good turnout: about 40% younger generations/60% boomers

CNN writer: 6 reasons why big law firms have told me they won't rep Trump

The #MarchForOurLives on the covers of 154 US Newspapers.

Trump Wants War

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria...and I agree with Jeanine Pirro

Orange & Stormy Cocktail from AM Joy's guest!

The New Dawn of "Young People" - and Their Voices being Respected In Our Society

A stark reminder: Truman fired a general who wanted to use nuclear weapons.

Today's Forecast: A lot of hot air throughout the day. Stormy tonight.

They just needed to be nicer

Subscribing to Netflix in 1995 - Flashback to beginnings

"I'm not always optimistic, but I'm hopeful." Rev. William Barber

The Former Khmer Rouge Slave Who Blew the Whistle on Wells Fargo (NYT)

Italy elects parliament speakers, kicks off govt transition

Questions Christians can provide no good answer for

The brainwashing of our children has to stop. We should be appalled by it

Bob Dylan March 24, 1941

The NRA And The Repugs Are The Greatest Recruiting Tools For.....

Trump's not going to get a decent lawyer to represent his tangle of lies and deceptions

Dog at the march

For the Wonderful Young Protesters: They Give Me Hope that YES THEY WILL

CBS News Nation Tracker: Two in three say candidate must share their views on gun policy

"Black Death" Johnson - 100 yrs. to get Medal of Honor

Facebook has been collecting call history and SMS data from Android devices

Santorum: Instead of calling for gun laws, kids should take CPR classes

Repost of "The Most Interesting Dog In The World"

Russian bots were sowing discord during hunt for Austin bomber, group says

Stewie Talks With His Real Voice

Questions that atheists can provide no good answer for:

Anne Coulter just supported Ron Johnson for President...

Santorum: Instead of calling for gun laws, kids should take CPR classes

A little gay/marriage/father-son laff

To all the people who mock those kids:

Happy Greek Independence Day ?????????????????

Why Christian Theology Needs (Former) Atheists

Why the Stormy Daniels interview should scare Republicans

Scheduling reminder...

A little surprise re: Ted Cruz

Santorum says protesting teens should learn CPR

The lawyer Trump wants to represent him has been dead for 32 years


2018 US Gubernatorial Elections-Democrats guide to a majority.

Is there still a Gungeon on DU?

It's not the sex

Facebook's week of shame: the Cambridge Analytica fallout

A new gunstore held a Grand Opening in SW PA yesterday. Coincidence?

Just when you think the Trumps can't seem any tackier...

Nero is back !

If appropriate, can Mueller bring RICO charges?

The easiest case ever to prove. Trump committing obstruction of justice.

Why Does Trump Care About Allegations of Affairs?

Trump, first lady will be 1,000 miles apart when Stormy Daniels appears on 60 Minutes

How many people do you think will be indicted?

What Americas gun fanatics wont tell you.

Will Rachel be right?

Trump and Melania to watch Daniels 60 Minutes interview apart, she stays behind at Mar-a-Lago

The weather in Washington

2018 US Senate Election- maximum number of seats Democrats will have after 2018.

When Mueller brings forth all his evidence and charges, Republicans will be forced to act.

Historically speaking, what is the ONE reason we know about John or Jesus

Justin Trudeau

Pence secretly drafted Trumps latest transgender military ban

The Medias Obsession With Donald Trumps Sex Life & More - SOME MORE NEWS

If a person who wanted a gun had to go thru an abortion checklist--

I cant wait to watch the Storm tonite

Did Facebook read my private emails? Letters

America has become a combination of these two movies.

Top Chinese official warns against trade war: It "serves the interests of no one"

diGenova is out.

In a SHOCKING turn of events Rick Santorum proves to the world once again that he completely lacks

No TV. Where to watch Stormy Daniels?

Chris Wallace explains line-item veto to Steve Mnuchin

The most powerful signs from the March for Our Lives

Esquire (June, 2017): "The Hard Truth keeps trickling out.."

Trump Wont Hire 2 Lawyers Whose Appointments Were Announced Days Ago

PRAISING COURAGE: Former President Barack Obama paid tribute on Sunday to the "courage and effort"

Pix of Trump with two prostitutes is found

Polls show Facebook losing trust as firm uses ads to apologize

What are you reading this week of March 25, 2018?

Trump says 'much of the Stormy Daniels stuff' a 'political hoax', ally says: 'Those were his words'

Can A Climate Change Denier Weather The Storm?

European cities consider making public transport free to tackle air pollution

Look at what popped up, today!

my NEW Twitter photo for April 1st

Bharara: If you're attacking kids whose classmates and teachers were massacred, you're losing

Priceless ! Be proud dear friends, resistance is real, look at this pic.

Wouldn't it be great if Windows....

Commentary: Legislatures Democratic majority ended gridlock

Trump loses another lawyer

Comin For Your Guns

#Infographic → By 2050 - if no action is taken - there will be 143 million internal #ClimateMigrants

2018 US House Elections-Democrats guide to a majority.

Milbank: The kids are going to save us from ourselves

Teaser on the Stormy interview.

Hey Santorum - The "kids" are very adept at CPR

Navarro: Stormy interview at 7 EST. Set alarm to remember to microwave popcorn at 6:55.

Democrats in disarray in must-win House race #MN08

Ruling will help disarm domestic violence abusers

Thousands Of Pro-Gun Demonstrators Protest In Westwood, CA

Cats and dogs living together...mass hysteria!

Gun violence kills at least 14 people across U.S. on same day as March for Our Lives

This Army veteran's Twitter thread about guns went viral for good reason.

Kasky: Drawing a bigger crowd than the Trump inauguration not a particularly difficult thing to do

What a dumb ass in office

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Cyber Moon Music Video

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Cyber Moon NEW Music Video

March for Our Lives crowd tops Trump inauguration, according to organizer estimates

THREAD/ Trump effectively has no lawyers:

Revealed: the $2bn offshore trail that leads to Vladimir Putin

I will do my patriotic duty and offering my legal services to Trump

Seth Abramson thread: Trump effectively has no lawyers

DU Artists - Idea For Toon

Really, @ConawayTX11?! Is your Representative part of @realdonaldtrump's #CoverUpCaucus? Find out:

Fifi Rong - 'Awake' (Official Video)

US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico

Obama, in Japan, says NKorea's isolation means less leverage

Donald Trump Now Has a Fool for a Lawyer

Remember that time Fox News called Mr Rogers evil?

I've seen everything now,

AM Joy panel: Nobody wants to work with 'Yosemite Sam and My Cousin Vinny'

My binge drinking started when the orange fool became the leader of our nation.....

How Strange It Seems That

This is one proud teacher (Jeff Foster- MSD/AP Gov):

Common sense (not the pamphlet) what it got wrong


Breaking: President Finds New Lawyer for Russia Case

Senator Mark Warner says he's changed his position on an assault weapons ban

When someone says

Flat-Earther Blasts Himself into the Sky on Homemade Rocket (and He Survives)

DU Artists - Idea For Toon

DU Artists - Idea For Toon

Help please. I don't have a TV anymore. Is 60 minutes available somewhere live-streaming on-line?

"One Strange Rock," NatGeo Channel, Monday, March 26, 10-9 CT

Another great sign

Hans Zimmer's tribute to Columbine (FFWD 15:35) 2017

Who would have thunk.?

DC Cherry Blossoms Delayed: Here's The New Date

Tweets from Vets for Gun Reform

What if these kids are the answer to your thoughts and prayers ?

Infantryman says "No average citizen should own an AR-15"

The Religion Group is Now Back to Its Normal State

How I believe the gun issues should be negotiated.

Mike Flynn - 25 days, Anthony Scaramucci - 11 days, Joe diGenova - 7 days.

7 Good Stories That Just Aren't True: No, that's not where that word comes from.

"He was obviously framed!"

Parkland students call out the NRA's 'pathetic' personal attacks

Why Trump takes the Stormy Daniels case so seriously. And why it isn't going away

German police arrest ex-Catalan leader Puigdemont

It's Sirius Black! Jared's younger brother marches

How much is another human being's life worth to you, @SenatorBurr? @realDonaldTrump? @NRA?

Jared Kushners Younger Brother Had Vowed To #MarchForOurLives. And He Did.

Cambridge Analytica became a US powerhouse thanks to Mercer's laundered money and a judas goat named

A person who feels that theyve been heard will relax, let their guard down."

Fossil fuels are the problem, say fossil fuel companies being sued...what an argument!!

Is there a roof rain diverter that fans the water outward?

A Very Happy 84th 🎂 Ms. Steinem!

IL-GOV: Rauner trails by double-digits


Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Bye Ryan Costello

MFOL, Portsmouth, NH


Rick Wilson...

"The most degrading holder of this office in American bad a man as has ever governed"

About 10 years tooo late...

I Think This Site Will Have East Coast 60 Minutes Feed

The Lord's Prayer (Stormy edition)

Unsurprisingly, these are awesome in the literal sense of the word.

Maybe I am behind the times.

Regarding the Stormy Daniels interview tonight...

Adam Schiff speaks at March for Our Lives in Burbank

I'll be watching Sixty Minutes to see this

It's illegal for the VZ private employers to fire/lay off workers... but the government does it

Tuesday is Election Day in Alabama

Stormy Daniels Trump DVD preview?

More infants die of malnutrition in Venezuela

When the going gets tough, the not-so-tough sends in Newsmax's Chris "It's A Hoax" Ruddy.

A Change is Gonna Come

Whats happened that this poll, Dems winning 2018 elections, has slipped a lot??

RNC sinks nearly $300,000 into supposedly safe Arizona special election

Meat Loaf

75% think Maduro is wrong for president. 72% blame Maduro for economy.

Preach it, little one!

So, diGenova's wife is representing Mark Corallo.

I like the quiet, respectful tone of these #tuckfrump

Trump: Lawyers are dying to represent me.

Daniels lawyer: Not all evidence will be mentioned tonight

Lurking Evangelicals

Jimmy Carter: I would prefer Trump not be impeached

Giuliani on Trump: I never represented him, because he considers a legal bill the first offer

Mnuchin Touts Trumps Call For Unconstitutional Line-Item Veto

A Growing Divide In Party Affiliation

Trump's trans ban shows who he really is. military doesnt want it. only explained by bigotry

Amy Kremer (Campaigned w/ Tea Party Express) On Who Gets Abortions - "This Is None Of Our Business"

Time to revisit MelissaB's post from last May,

In case it hadn't already been posted, I couldn't resist

2,500 strong in Madison, WI...I'm still thawing out and hoarse!

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 25, 2018

From now on, we are leasing a vehicle instead of owning one...

Here's how Vladimir Putin hides the billions of dollars he's stolen from the Russian people.

Stormy Daniels Interview is going to backfire so bad

Tiffany Trump 'Liked' a March for Our Lives Poster About GOP Getting 'Massacred' in Midterms

Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo a wreck watching Parkland inspired rallies.

There really is a trump tweet for everything:

Thanks to Parkland Teens, One Number Will Now Be Associated With Marco Rubio: $1.05

Do Something!

Black Panther The U.S.s Highest Grossing Superhero Film Of All Time

Plans already underway for Trump's Presidential Library

Decline In Hunters Threatens How U.S. Pays For Conservation (NPR)

Trans soldier v illiterate fuckers

Trump to fire Shulkin

simpsons creators share new animated short mocking trump

If Trump really needs new legal talent, I am just totally mystified as to why

Is Marijuana Toxic to Cats?


60 Minutes: 3 Fake Boobs and a Striptease

This should help...

Kids are literally marching for their right to just stay alive. And people are still saying, But...

EFF: How Congress Censored the Internet

I love this woman

I believe I have a solution to those who want to own military weapons

Billy Crystal remembers friend Muhammad Ali

These posts which tell people not to watch or that the poster isn't watching so you shouldn't are

The Pro Gun Lobby is Quiet, It is not dead..


Video shows unarmed black man before he is shot dead by Texas deputy


The 60 minutes interview will concentrate on the threats

Sometimes DU is so Debbie Downer

Police operation in Rio favela leaves at least eight people dead

Police operation in Rio favela leaves at least eight people dead

David Hogg: "I think Rick Santorum might need to learn CPR for the NRA following midterms"

NRA Takes Aim At March For Our Lives' Rally, Mocks Gun Violence Survivors

P.s. happy #StormyDanielsDay, tiny hands! Will Trump fire Mueller today?

This is by far the best and most thought-provoking sign yet...imo

The kids at school shootings see their friends dead and blown apart by assault weapons.

So, Melania did not go back to Washington with a Stormy night looming tonight'

This is too little, too late Fuckerberg!

Pope Francis encourages youth to "shout" and not allow older generations to silence them

This Flat-Earther Finally Launched Himself Off Earth, And Came Back Down Again

ABC World News Tonight reporting big shake ups at the WH

Rick Santorum: Students should learn CPR, not seek gun laws

Fire in Siberian shopping mall leaves at least 37 people dead

Panicky Trump calling friends to gauge how Daniels' 60 Minutes bombshells will hurt his poll #'s

Kaine questions whether Bolton can get security clearance

Will there be a 60 minutes live feed anywhere?

I really thought Twitler was going to do something desperate and distracting today.

Michael Avenatti bio

So after the marches

Anyone doing a Stormy Daniels drinking game?

Sanders Statement on Reports that Trump plans to fire Shulkin

Duke or Kansas or just mad 60 minutes will be late?

NO Mr. Carter NO! Has Jimmy lost his mind?

Periscope Stormy?

Santorum to kids: Stop protesting and learn to treat gunshot victims

Looks like Rachel has to buy the tacos right??

It really sucks to have a great highly watched game leading into some Stormy Weather on CBS

Hey NRA, GOP, Faux, and every right wing shill

Could this be the largest audience

Stormy Daniels describes her alleged affair with Donald Trump

Duke and Kansas OT

Duke vs Kansas into Overtime!!


Strangely appropriate for recent events

Trump's blood pressure must be elevated!

Stormy Daniels transcript here

The Stormy interview could be a Seminal moment of trumps presidency

Nancy Pelosi was In Arlington VA on the eve of the March to talk with Parkland students.....

Scattershooting and Stalling While Wondering if Anybody Remembers the "Heidi Game"

If you're the impatient type, CBS posted a transcript of the Daniels interview

"Stormy Weather" (in honor of the Stormy interview today)

A Eulogy for Tommy

Earmarks Are Definitely Back

A half hour late. I'm feeling like just before Jeraldo and the vault. Will this be big bust?

Mattis isnt sure he can work with Bolton: report

so the pic of the disc on twitter


It's time to play Stormy Daniels Bingo !!!

So Trump likes to get spanked by people who reminds him of his

Just one project funded by the Ecosia search engine

Donnie Two-Scoops new nickname: "Spanky".

Here we go.....

Keller @ Large: Stormy Daniels '60 Minutes' Interview May Reveal Serious Issues

"He stormed toward the door of the White House, scowling and...

Trump actually watched the Stormy interview? Yes or No?

Looks like Mattis may leave.

Don't Play Trumps Game

I think the flop of an Interview with Stormy Dainels is a great lesson

You didnt even buy me breakfast.

Supposedly Stormy was threatened in front of her young daughter

So let me get this straight...

Senator Mark Warner says hes changed his position on an assault weapons ban