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Stormy Daniels says she and Donald had unprotected sex

Wow--internet Trump trolls are working hard tonight.

How Do You Remove 200,000 Pounds of Trash from Everest? Recruit Yaks.

Stormy Daniels just gave Trump a new nickname.

Maybe a lawyer can clear this up for me. If you commit a criminal act such as violating the FEC

The Koch Brothers Are About To Make Their Move To Privatize The VA

*** Official Stormy Daniels Interview Thread with Anderson Cooper (Expect Spoilers)***


So they only fucked once, and she is THAT dangerous to him....I don't get it...

Post an image of something that doesn't really exist

The Problem GOP Will Do Nothing About All The Lawlessness. They Will Obstruct As Well.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 26 March 2018

"Longmire" is getting weird (I'm streaming it)

Betty Bowers: only part Trump will remember tomorrow - Stormy wasn't attracted to him

Stormy Daniels says threats kept her quiet about alleged Trump affair until now

Trumps legal team remains in disarray as new lawyer will no longer represent him in Russia probe

Did she really call the President "SPANKY"?

This, more than anything, is going to hit trump right in his ego.

I think the substantial interview with Stormy Daniels today shows her team knows PR well.

"For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry": Eighteenth century cat poem by Christopher Smart.

Is this really where we're at? Just two days after a Playboy model appeared on TV to

So why did DT/Cohen fight back so hard against Stormy, when her story

CLOUD Act gives U.S, foreign law enforcement more access to Americans' emails

I think we are missing something from the 60 Minutes segment

Schiff wants to release entire body of witness transcripts from Intel committee.

While America pays close attention to the Stormy-Trump "affair"

Nic Cage stepping out.

But... But... Stormy's attorney is a DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE

Anderson Cooper is an awful, awful interviewer.


Quick Reminder: Drump Said to Stormy Daniels and Karen Mcdougal....

New bill introduced to ban all abortions in Ohio; no exceptions for rape, incest

If youre feeling sorry for Nelania tonight

This is what is particularly disturbing about Trump and women

Stormy Daniels says she was threatened to keep quiet about Trump

Stormy 60 Minutes CBS interview

Stormy says Drumpt dropped his pants

Tropical bird blown off course survives winter, thanks to Nova Scotia couple

Archbishop Oscar Romero was gunned down inside his own church 38 years ago.

Source: Trump indicates to his associates he is preparing to oust VA secretary Shulkin CNN

Hope & Fury MLK, The Movement and the Media

The real victim here is Barron - that poor young man

It all made sense when we found out we were autistic

Minnesota lawmakers urge Congress to withdraw security funding from Honduras

Forget about Trump'ѕ sleaziness and immorality for a moment

60 Minutes Troll's Trump with Giannis' big hands

Cambridge Analytica Sent Foreigners for U.S. Campaigns

Can't wait to start seeing the term "President Spanky"

Remember, stormy's goal is not to bring down Donnie

In 2014 Cambridge Analytica sent 41 workers to U.S. with FALSE info on their travel documents.

Yet another note to my congressman

Record number of black women are candidates in Alabama

Violence and impunity in Brazil

The NBA gets it. The NFL?

First the women, now the children. Look out old white men😁

The NBA gets it. The NFL?

Indigenous women call on Ecuador not to drill for oil

Can we make a DU rule?

I honestly believe this will harm 45's ability to bring friends on board to work the wh.

Trump "Spank me..."

Anderson Cooper: We left out "many, many tawdry details." Biggest news was the physical threat.

LOL, Red Bottom Don..

China launches crude oil futures trading (Oil priced in yuan, not dollars!)

Hope & Fury: MLK, The Movement and The Media

"ASS CLOWN" - Monday's front page NY Daily News

Question for the men out there

Trump Fundraiser Offered to Help Lift Sanctions on Russian Firms

Cambridge Analytica Associate Severs Mexico Ties After Scandal

Lets not hail Stormy as a hero

Chile denies being 'villain' in sea battle with Bolivia

Who among us?

RiViNi / Resistance Music Video

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 27: Ben Johnson

I believe I can say with a high degree of confidence Stormy didn't help David Dennison

Pence secretly drafted Trumps latest transgender military ban

UK High Court perma-bans efforts to extradite Lauri Love for US hacking trial

The most honest three minutes in TV history

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 28: World War II Biopics

Yeah but Obama sneaked a cigarette, wore a brown suit, and his wife wore a sleeveless dress.

2/18/09 another Trump associate received threat almost identical to Stormy Daniels

Who among us ?

Melania's communications director wants to remind people there's a minor child whose name should be

Tweet from Melania's Communications Director.

Tweet of the Night

Gun, violence rallies trigger emotions in Montana

Former Cambridge Analytica workers say firm sent foreigners to advise U.S. campaigns

Bob Hugin is running against Bob Menendez for Senate.

What the Stormy Daniels Interview Demands of Congress

Grassroots in Alabama: An emerging women's movement

ACTUAL footage of Trump after viewing 60 Minutes (yeah, OK, it's click bait. But worth it)!

Wtf? Cuomo goes to Black church, says Jews can't dance.

4 Texas Tech football players arrested, jailed in Lubbock

Just In Case You're Curious...This Is How Faux News Covered John Bolton's Appointment Last Week.

Steve King (douche-IA) mocks Emma Gonzalez on Facebook.

Cohen's lawyer reacts to Stormy Daniels interview.

Anyone think that the "Pence authored trans ban" story...

When she came out the bathroom, DJT was perched...

VOX: Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview raises two critical questions she cant answer

Remington, Centuries-Old Gun Maker, Files for Bankruptcy as Sales Slow.

By May 1, 2019, nobody at McGill University will be allowed to buy single

Are we living through a fucking nightmare, or what?

The FCC Joins a Growing, Proof-Optional Blacklist of Huawei

The right is dumbfounded by March For Our Lives

Scary stories about 2 of Stormy's political consultants in 2009. They knew about the Trump affair.

Even Megyn Kelly is calling out Michael Cohen

Self-described 'Confederate' running for Parkway School Board says she's no racist

Public memorial service for Zell Miller, who died last week

NRA & It's RW Allies Are A Cunning & Dangerous Foe. We Need To Remember That Fact.

Gun maker files for bankruptcy protection: report

Spanky nominates Spanky TRUMP on the Little Rascals (VIDEO)

I watched the Stormy Daniels interveiw. Wasn't it sort of a

We Need To Put The NRA Under Constant Siege. Attack Them From All Angles. Make Them Anathema.

ACLU: No 'lawyer trick' needed to spurn Kobach claims of voter fraud

Mueller needs to give Cohen two choices

Report refutes Brownback claim that 'rural recession' caused budget woes

Trump is running out of options for lawyers so....

Testimony begins Monday in Kansas bomb plot case

HI-GOV: Hanabusa leads incumbent Inge by wide margin for the Democratic nomination.

Twitter People: Copy Link to Tweet or do a reply???

NU's free speech controversy won't die; 2 groups express concern about new policy

What's Faux News discussing tonight?

Missed it!

Something up with Snopes?

Nebraska budget bill stalls again as stalemate over abortion continues

Obama wants to 'create a million young Barack Obamas'

Former Gov. Bob Kerrey throws his support behind gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist


Senators endorse speed limit hike in Nebraska, but not on interstate

Legislature Uses Ranked Choice Voting to Gauge Interest in Interim Study Topics

Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton the GOP says

Payday loans gone, but need for quick cash remains

*** Winter Photography Contest by the Photography Group, finalists ***

** Winter contest finalists posted to GD **

US pilot shortage reaching 'crisis,' meaning fewer flights, destinations for airports like in Fargo

North Dakota continues to pursue legal action for DAPL protest costs

So his response is... a review of a book by a radio host who mocks rape, Muslims ???

With new nickname, GOP plays familiar game against Heitkamp

Bald eagle nest update: Intruding female takes over nest and male

Ryan Will Not seek

North Dakota officials applaud legislation to hold 'online brothel' websites accountable

Questions that theists can provide no good answer for:

Dan Auerbach

Trump's next goal: making it legal to remove the label off a mattress.

Texas 4-year-old Shoots 7-month-old Baby

Man Disguises Himself in Bull Costume as He Tries to Burn Down Former Lovers House With Pasta Sauce

Note to Florida drivers: Got drugs in car? Dont honk at cops

@GOP Gov. Walker, WI Wants to Change the Law So the GOP Can Avoid Losing a Special Election

The Help Desk

Stormy Monday

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Rick Santorum, pay attention.

What's your favourite Easter Egg ?

It's not about the 2nd Amendment - it's about the NRA.

I think Stormy's lawyer is baiting drumpf and wanting him to file

Orange snow blankets parts of Russia (pics)

"Killer Mike" goes into major CYA mode...


Lawrence O'Donnell nailed it

Don't take it literally

Could the DVD be video of Stormy being threatened in the parking lot?

A pastor starved a toddler for 25 days to exorcise demons. She got 99 years in prison.

Just a minute, here --

Puerto Rico six months after Hurricane Maria: then and now

Are there risks from secondhand marijuana smoke?

A thought about the Daniels interview.

"I love this shit, I thrive on it." -Sheriff after death of suspect

BREAKING:Trump Fundraiser illegally received millions of dollars laundered from the UAE

Why Is Donald Trump So Hard to Caricature?

Mueller Witness Took UAE Cash, Bankrolled Anti-Qatar Laws

Maybe soccer isn't her sport

Joe Scarborough honors the participants of "March for our Lives"

Ask a Republican this today:

Trump's 'Fine People' on Trial for Terror

"She was prepared to discuss intimate details... She can describe his genitalia."

@politico sold their work as part of pro-Trump advertorial packageBased on Erik's reporting, looks

US To China: Please Don't Block Our Exports Of Recycling And Garbage; China Confirms Ban w. WTO

Smog Alerts In 33 Northern Chinese Cities As Winter Air Pollution Restrictions End

Melania Trump's Spokesperson Weighs in on Stormy Daniels Interview

In November Look-Ahead: Democrat Brown Has Majority Support for Senate Re-Election

How much is Rick Gates telling Mueller about Trump?

DC Eagle cam: YAY! The First Lady laid first egg of the season at 1640 yesterday, 3/25/18.

Stormy Daniels' attorney: Trump hasn't tweeted about her because it's all true

Disturbing comparison

Mr. Santorum. CPR doesnt work if all the blood is on the ground

Can an Indicted Congressmen Vote? Mueller can (and should) go after the GOP first

Bacterial Resistance To Last Resort Antibiotic Went From 1 Pig Farm to 5 Continents In 10 Years

I totally agree

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Spanky and his gang

Monday Toon Roundup 2 - War Machine

Its About the Cover-Up

Monday Toon Roundup 3 - March

Lawyer Michael Avenatti Steals The Show In Stormy Daniels' '60 Minutes' Interview

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Was Stormy interview informative as they said it was?

Alberta "Going Green!" - Renewables, New Coal Tax, But Strangely, No Tax On Tar Sands Operations

Get our your knives; it's time for Fox & Fiends.... Please come CAPTION Steve Doocey!!!

He is watching the Stormy Daniels coverage:

Wait till Spanky gets spanked by Mueller.

US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico

CBS: Trump Had Dinner With Cohen Before Stormy Daniels Interview Aired

Now anyone can easily send items to a U.S. refugee familys home, thanks to one womans

Trump tweet: it is all fake news this AM ..... Stormy, hush money, bribes from the UAE, and so on

Trump: America doing great despite 'so much fake news'

McCaskill: Clinton should be more careful in how she describes Trump voters

Cambridge Analytica - violated election laws and used mass immigration fraud to elect Republicans.

Heartland Hack Wants To "Debate" Warming @ Science Journalism Meet; Response A Thing Of Beauty

The Right Wing Deconstructed

The creepiest, most disgusting line from the Stormy Daniels "60 Minutes" interview last night


Trump Orders Expulsion of 60 Russians Over Poison Attack in Britain

Trump's new hat...

Trump Orders Expulsion of 60 Russians Over Poison Attack in Britain

Cohen's Lawyer Sends Stormy Daniels Cease And Desist After CBS Interview

Melania may or may not hold a massive press conference today

Anubis, the Assassin

A Few Thoughts on Stormy's Show - By Josh Marshall

A paean to patience

Trumps Legal Team Is Bigger Than It Looks

In regard to Stephanie Clifford's allegation that she was threatened in a...

China warns of retaliation over Trump's trade tariffs

Tim Kaine: Trump 'lying' or 'delusional' on DACA CNN CNN

Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe responds to his firing in Washington Post essay

Washington Digests Trump's National Security Team Makeover

Marijuana legalization task force lead Hon. Anne McLellan

Marijuana legalization task force lead Hon. Anne McLellan

A Domestic Budget to Make Barack Obama Proud

Father of Pulse gunman was FBI informant, widow's attorneys say

Orange snow turns Sochi ski resort into a Martian landscape - Daily Mail Daily Mail Daily Mail

Man launches himself in self-made rocket to prove flat Earth theory

International campaign to bring Corky the killer whale home

Whale Tragedy 9 News Perth

This robotic fish spies on real fish CNNMoney CNNMoney

Pacific 'garbage patch' even worse than feared, new research shows

Man tells woman he was poisoned; will die unless she has sex with him

There's no plan! - By Jennifer Rubin

How is Rick Santorum still a thing?

60 Minutes was the highest rating they have had in a decade.

Our only path to.salvation is sustained political victories

Stormy Daniels Is Borrowing From Donald Trump's Playbook

Trump expelling 60 Russian diplomats in wake of UK nerve agent attack

DU's own Pacifist Patriot is running in Florida (D52) for a house seat now with an Act Blue account

For Those Who Were Disappointed in the 60 Minutes Interview

Waiter fired for being too rude says he was 'just being French'

The "death throes of democracy"

Corbyn sorry for 'pain' over Labour anti-Semitism

US and EU expel scores of Russian diplomats over Skripal attack

Israeli police question Netanyahu in telecom corruption case

Trump is being uncharacteristically quiet because

No, Emma Gonzalez did not tear up a photo of the Constitution

WOW! President Trump offers a STINGING indictment of FAKE NEWS...but mentions no SPECIFICS.

Gary Hart, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, and Al Franken

In Wisconsin, they're not done marching. Next stop: Paul Ryan's hometown

Playbook: Stormy, Anderson get good reviews

Trump DOWNGRADES economy from "BEST under ANY president EVER" to "looking really good."

White House: Trump has confidence in Shulkin 'at this point in time'

Despite porn stars and Playboy models, white evangelicals arent rejecting Trump. This is why.

"You can be a winner, too!"

Bolton's appearance in Russian gun rights video

Facebook questioned about pulling Android call, text data

New poll hints that Ige's time as governor may be coming to a close

Federal Trade Commission confirms it is investigating Facebookover Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Avenatti: "We have a litany of more evidence in this case, and its going to be disclosed"

C O R R E C T .

Memo to Gen. Kelly:

Spanky and Our Gang - Sunday Will Never Be The Same

Receipt for $1,000,000 donation to super PAC of Marco Rubio from Russian billionaire

Today's dedication goes out to "David Dennison," from "Peggy Peterson."

Responsibility Deflected, the CLOUD Act Passes

Doocy urges Trump to "declare an emergency" to use DOD funds to build "The Wall"

Trump's Legal Threats Backfire

Breaking : Federal Trade Commission confirms investigation of Facebook, company shares plunge.

So I'm sure now

Trump Jr. Pushed Blatantly Illegal Project In India

Blizzard of ethics complaints filed against Trump administration by Public Citizen

Anyone looking for this chap? From Boston but buried in Evergreen cem. Manitowoc Wisconsin

How is it that Meghan McCain hasn't yet landing a gig with NRA TV?

For the jaywalkers amongst us:

Russia probe descends on Nunes' re-election, threatens to upend midterms

EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Analytica accused of violating U.S. election laws in new legal action.

Steve Doocy urges Trump to 'declare an emergency'

With Paul Ryan not to run for office as a Congressman?

Bill Mitchell attacks David Hogg, and David + Cameron Kasky respond !

Pic Of The Moment: Confused, Miserable GOP Lawmakers Bow To Democratic Priorities In Budget

"Look at the Mercier family tree and explain the relationships ..."

Atheist group offers to provide In God We Trust signs to Florida public schools

Remington files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Stormy Daniels's Boring Interview Was Actually Brilliant

GOP Has An Answer They Will Just Suppress The Youth Vote. Wonder If They Are Working On It.

California bills would tax gun sales to fund school security

Trump aide was $250,000 down on $4,000-a-throw roulette wheels at MD casino

FOX POLL: Planned Parenthood & labor unions both are more popular today than the NRA & Donald Trump

Heads up for a potentially interesting event

I'm currently writing a detailed analysis of Konstantin Rykov's Nov. 2016 confession.

Christian Radicals More Dangerous Than Terrorists. Determined To MAKE US A Christian Nation.

So, he was seeing Stormy and Karen all the while Melania was home after having his 5th child?

I really hate that piss ant Santorum. CNN pays him?

Exploding cars, homes and porn stars

Obama wrote letter to parents of Parkland teacher killed in shooting (Trump didn't)

Why would Putin need those 60 spies anyway?

Landmark gun law moves ahead in marathon House session (Vermont)

What We Know (and Dont Know) About How to Lose Weight

Dan Rather on santorum

Breaking: FTC Investigating Facebook over "SUBSTANTIAL" Damage to Consumer Privacy

Turns out the only thing Trump is good at was foreshadowed by The Apprentice. VA Secretary

Politico: How much is Rick Gates telling Mueller about Trump?

If orange tinted snow in russia isnt a sign of tRump collusion from nature then nothing is

How do cats know what time it is?

Parents beat Texas teen with broomstick, threw cooking oil, after she refused arranged marriage

How do we explain Trump expelling 60 Russians out of our country?

When Trump Supporters Rationalize His Behavior With "We Knew What We Were Getting", I Call BS

Anyone watch the Netflix original, Mute?

Anyone watch the Netflix original, Mute?

Trump's Russia paradox: Why he is loathe to call out Putin

AP Interview: UN food agency boss warns of migrant crisis

Ted Olson is on with Andrea.

Vermont Yankee still leaking contaminated water

Melania's spokesperson responds to the "Did she watch 60 minutes" question

Melania won't say if she watched Stormy interview

The more of your data I gather, the more I understand what it means to be human

Man misses Dr. appointment, blames Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, I shit you not!

Conservative makes her views known on NRA at DC March For Our Lives rally (VIDEO)

Authorities probing bomb threat at Spotsylvania Towne Centre

Teenagers give poignant thoughts on March For Our Lives rally expectations (VIDEO)

Food truck driver found guilty on all counts stemming from crash that killed Ashburn mother

Morning Joe: Stormy Daniels gives Mueller leverage to threaten "Manafort treatment" against Cohen

For the Washington Post, its never a bad time to slash programs for elderly

Weeklong disciplinary hearing against Joe Morrissey scheduled to begin Monday

Trump only removed Russians spies

So probably Heath Ledger did not kill himself, on purpose.

Spain breaks up cybercrime gang after $1.2 billion spree

You World War Two history buffs will love this Twitter feed, I do

Wine is 86% water! So does that mean that it was

Yes, it's true: Older people depend on Social Security

BREAKING: Russian nerve gas attack may have affected 130 in UK

Eagles of Death Metal frontman calls student anti-gun protests "pathetic and disgusting"

"Economic anxieties" or not, fuck these hypocrites... Seriously

David Dennison is back below 40% at Gallup


PART ONE: Assessing Russian propogandist Konstantin Rykov's pro-Trump "confession"


Kim Jong Un Is Making a Surprise China Visit, Sources Say

Whats Cooking in That Egg Spoon? A Bite-Size Culture War

Happy National Make Up Your Own National Food Holiday! What Is Yours?

Steve King's campaign criticizes Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez

PART TWO: Assessing Russian propogandist Konstantin Rykov's pro-Trump "confession"

The Aggregate IQ Files, Part One: How a Political Engineering Firm Exposed Their Code Base

Facebook has dropped $37 per share from February price of $193 to $156 right at the moment. 52 week

I thought youd listen to my reason!

Has anyone started an online petition to CNN to fire Santorum???


A fake photo of Emma Gonzlez went viral on the far right, where Parkland teens are villains

A fake photo of Emma Gonzalez went viral on the far right, where Parkland teens are villains

Alternative Math

Happy 74th 🎂 Diana!

Cartoon - Santorum Tells March For Our Lives Students To Learn CPR

Stormy Daniels brings "60 Minutes" its biggest TV audience since 2008

Survey USA: If the Democratic primary for Ohio governor were today, who would you vote for?

The 'Teen Party' can change Congress like the Tea Party

My "WTF?" of the day, actor division...

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 29

2018 - March Meme Madness - Game 30

Six Months Later, Tourists Haven't Returned to Puerto Rico

Sources: Zinke tells employees diversity isn't important

"I found Bannon's tools. Federal authorities have it all now."

State attorneys general demand answers from Facebook as regulators swoop in on

IL-GOV poll: Rauner (R) losing by 18 points...

Facebook Admits Collecting Phone Calls And Texts From People's Phones, But Claims It Had Consent

Stormy. Video of the hit song

New University of Oklahoma President an oil executive with no academic experience.

Anybody think that the faked video of Emma Gonzales ripping up the Constitution was made in Russia

Trumps new legal team

Alice Cooper saved by religion

I know Facebook is taking down democratic institutions, but I need to stay connected with my family

Food Files: WTF Edition!

Russia and eastern Europe were blanketed with orange snow in a freak weather event

The rightists are scared of the MSD kids

Venzuela dictatorship assembly (ANC) refused entry into Swiss plenary. Venezuela AN seated

Adobe is pulling the plug on Muse

Venezuela a dictatorship: The Economist

Anderson Cooper's Stormy Daniels interview draws highest ratings for '60 Minutes' in 10 years

David Hogg responds to Santorum's CPR comment

No thanks! Im not big on desserts!

Do Americans really give a fuck about personal privacy anymore, or is the

Should we thank Stormy for the banning of Russian spies

WH Dep Press Sec : Trump again strongly denies having an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels

Trump's justification for not believing Daniels is "He just doesn't believe." #SpankMeWithForbes

Food protests, riots resuming in Venezuela

Leaked: Cambridge Analytica's blueprint for Trump victory (Google, Snapchat, Twitter, FB, YouTube)

Ann Coulter: The only people Trump screws repeatedly are his voters

Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview Leads To Spike In PornHub Searches For Anderson Cooper

John Bolton Warns War With North Korea Wont Be Cakewalk Like Iraq

Russia polls Twitter on which US consulate to close in response to diplomats' expulsion

White House Says Trump Doesn't Believe Stormy Daniels Was Threatened In 2011

Murder of elderly woman in Paris probed as anti-Semitic

Here's What I'd Like A List Of....

Looks like China beat the US to meeting Kim Jong-un in person

Are Evangelicals to self absorbed with Trump to turn their back on him?

Exposed: Cambridge Analytica's Project Ripon and "The Database of Truth"

MJ: Republicans Declare War on the Courts After Rulings That Threaten Their Majorities

Just for entertainment, take a look at the society the extreme right wants

Okay, could we please have a forum exclsively for satire? I enjoy the wit of the Onion as

U.S. Stock Market Rebounds On Report Of Trade Talks With China

Being Trumps stooge could come back to haunt Devin Nunes in a big way

Kerry's comments on the march this weekend

Parkland students guest edit Guardian US

Interesting-- Tom Arnold Reviews 'Roseanne' Reboot: If I Can Watch, So Can You

Kudos for all of the Marcher Protesters! It gives an old man (me) hope. What

Vox: The Summer Zervos sexual assault allegations and lawsuit against Donald Trump, explained

Just to give you an idea of the brash stupidity/dishonesty of the right regarding the MSDHS kids.

State A.G.s demand answers from Facebook as regulators swoop in on scandal-tarnished company

The Feds Confirm Theyre Investigating Facebooks Data Practices

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 26, 2018

Toys R Us Founder Charles Lazarus's DC Connection

Science says: Reading is GOOD for you

David Frum: Trump's Legal Threats Backfire

Robert Grossman, illustrator who caricatured presidents and designed Airplane! poster, dies at 78

Let me see if I have the pro-Trump argument about Stormy Daniels down right....

I'm looking for some indictments for Easter

I complained to CNN about icky ricky's ridiculous bullsh&it.

My 93-year-old parents are not on Facebook.

If Amazon came to Hazelwood

Democrats Would Need Huge Wave to Win House

Geneva Motor Show Debuts 2 flying car concepts


Sources: Zinke tells employees diversity isn't important

Stormy Daniels' lawyer: Email shows Cohen tried to keep me off case

US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico

Papadopoulos's meetings with Greek Defense Minister before and after the election should worry US

Kerry's comments on the Parkland high school kids

Ted Olson: Trump turmoil 'beyond normal'

Sleeker and smarter: Japan unveils new Shinkansen 'Supreme' bullet train

Jimmy Carter calls Trump's decision to hire Bolton 'a disaster for our country'

Stormy Daniels attorney mocks Trump: '60 Minutes' ratings 'crushed' 'The Apprentice'

So, shouldnt a father be disinclined to sleep w someone who reminds him of his daughter?

The Cambridge Analytica Data Apocalypse Was Predicted in 2007

Paul Bremer, Ski Instructor

BREAKING: Stormy Daniels sues Trump's lawyer...

Brazen moped gang try to steal BBC Boat Race cameras during rush hour

Breaking News: CNN reporting that Stormy has filed suit against Cohen for defamation.

David Corn speaks to Ted Olson about being asked to join Trump's "legal team"

Everlasting Love!

How Responsible Gun Owners Defend Their Right

Woman wearing a "Texas Deserves Better Than Cruz" sign scores a photo...standing next to Cruz.

Stormy Daniels accuses Trump attorney of defamation

CNN Poll: 42% approve of Trump, highest in 11 months

I was wrong about Rep R. Williams (TX25) not holding townhalls but darn if i didn't miss it.

From Scalia's majority opinion in D.C. vs. Heller, re: gun control

Gun restrictions legislation expected to advance in Vermont

House Republicans are realizing that ending their Russia investigation so soon made them look

A page turner...

Brilliant actor who valiantly faced bouts with Pon Farr every 7 years would have turned 87 today.

More progress on the "Is it ever going to feel like Spring?" front

Elizabeth Smart wants her name removed from anti-porn bill

Judge: Less mining must be studied for No. 1 US coal region

Media Matters: Fox & Friends is nicer to your march if it includes neo-nazis.

New Jersey lawmakers advance bills to tighten gun laws

Maryland plans statewide electric-vehicle charging network

Mark Amodei (NV-2): Ryan may soon resign as Spreaker, to be replaced by Scalice

Purged from voting rolls while deployed, Ohio vet demands answers

We Cannot Let These Christian Radicals Hide Behind Religion. We Must Attack Them Back.

Trump Gets Blasted By Impeachment Lawyer That He Tried To Hire

Parents Of Teacher Killed In Parkland Shooting Received A Letter From Obama, Nothing From Trump

How A Putin Ally Met Key Trump Officials And Worried European Intelligence

Devin Nunes Could Lose His Seat Because Of The Russia Probe

Zinke fills outdoor recreation panel with industry representatives

It sounds like the Republicans need to pull their Leader into order.

CNN Poll: 42% approve of Trump, highest in 11 months.....WTF?

Texas lawmaker shares Facebook meme connecting gun control protesters to Holocaust victims

Disaster Capitalism and Vulture Charters

Trumps Publisher Pal Puts Saudi Propaganda Magazine in U.S. Supermarkets

Does coverage of salacious affairs lessen the coverage of the Russia scandal?

Facebook's Simon Milner is having a bad day at a Singapore hearing

A 2-Michelin Star Restaurant in Chicago's Trump Tower Is Closing

Woman Faces Deportation After Another Woman Rear-Ends Her Car

Beanie Weenie: Wonderful 😋 or Wretched 🤢?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Parkland Students Went on Fox News and Perfectly Explained Why the NRA Is Wrong

Indiana gov. signs law requiring doctors report to abortion complications to state

Trump Could be Worse than Our Most Paranoid Worse Case Scenarios

Nevada lawmaker: 'Rumor mill' says Ryan headed for exit

#SpankMeWithForbes The Best Hashtag I've Seen In A long Time.

Woah. Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei said today that Paul Ryan may soon resign as Speaker of the House.

Stormy's "trophy"

A quick read of the Amended Stormy Daniels Complaint

Remember Then?

From the Springdale, AR March for Our Lives:

Linda Brown, center of Brown v. Board case, dies at 76

"HELLLP!" is on the way...

Stormy was just a warm-up,Mueller won't 'spare the rod'

I'm really smart and a very stable genius...I have no doubt !

Afghanistan War Veterans Deportation Is a Shocking Betrayal, Senator Says

Anyone else feel the Stormy Daniels thing is a distraction from what really matters?...

I have an old book from 1973

The NRA is a Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Organization

The Rude Pundit: Two Women Kicked Conservatives' Ass This Weekend and It Was Glorious

What do you think?

You Were Never Really Here.

Koch Bros. dark money has given millions of $$$$ to NRA

The Atlanta March For Our Lives was spectacular...

Donald Trump cant shake his reverse Midas touch

I don't like you...

If you didn't understand...

Can I call it, or can I call it?

White House investigating $500 million in loans to Kushner's family business

Stormy Daniels said Trump made her watch a documentary about Sharks.

Posted by David Bowies widow.

Tonight's Vinyl Selection

Trump unveils new hat for 2020 campaign

Is Trump using Twitter economic announcements to manipulate the stock market and make

NXIVM co-founder Keith Raniere arrested, charged in federal complaint

USAToday: Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, brought to you by Mike Pence and the religious right

Katrina Shankland shreds the republicans from the floor.

Who Is This Person?

I challenge Ric Santorum to stare into a camera for 6:20 while keeping his mouth shut

Henceforth I shall refer to Trump as Pinocchio...the lying puppet.

TheCut: Stormy Daniels's Boring Interview Was Actually Brilliant

A 14-year-old rape victim died giving birth in Paraguay, shining a light on the countrys abortion l

Why did Pappadoupolus (and two other Trump officials) meet with Greek Defense minister?

A 14-year-old rape victim died giving birth in Paraguay, shining a light on the countrys abortion l

Wanna make some REAL baguettes? Heeeere's JULIA!

Scott Walker might be able to ignore a judge's order and stall special elections

If you got off by being spanked with a magazine, which one would it be?

Stefan Molyneux: Political Correctness Killed The Florida School Shooting Victims, Not Guns

Alberta skateboarders to take 120 prom dresses to Mexico for exploited girls

So we're freaking out over David Dennison's approval rating of 42%

Realclear has Trump at 39.3 approval.

500 million loan of Jared under scrutiny by WH lawyers

Oh, wait.....

Dino Cinel, disgraced ex-Catholic priest, found murdered in Colombia

What is Kim Jong Un doing in Beijing?

Iowa family killed by gas leak from boiler at Mexican vacation rental, state official says

Iowa family killed by gas leak from boiler at Mexican vacation rental, state official says

Dolt45 in talks to bring the Wife Beater back to the WH...

We don't just need to win back the House and Senate

Trump Talks of Bringing Back Rob Porter, Aide Accused of Spousal Abuse

Steve Bannon, Populist Carpetbagger, Takes His Solo Act to Europe

2 more lawyers have just turned down Trump.

Could we see Steve Bannon in big trouble with Cambridge A?

Cook County sues Facebook, Cambridge Analytica after alleged misuse of millions of Illinoisans' data

For DU legal eagles: If you or I tried to submit documents using pseudonyms, signing

Twitty's questioning of why Stormy is pressing claims seems like

TheAtlantic: A Grandpa's-Eye View of the March for Our Lives

I forget the rules of gardening every year

2018 MS US Senate Special Election/2019 MS Governors Election/2020 MS US Senate Election.

Sherrod Brown leads all Rethug opponents by double digits.

As a grandfather I watched my grandkids grow up with their constantly organized activities-school,


I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Believing you are saved does not entitle you

And the team with the top payroll in baseball is...

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