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Archives: May 1, 2018

Omarosa confirms Trump's 's--thole countries' comment

Journalists Push Back On Correspondents' Association's Response To Michelle Wolf

Ms. Wolf was just using 'locker room talk'

White House Delays Tariffs on E.U., Canada and Mexico for 30 Days.

They gave him back his phone

EU says it is ready to wage trade war with US

WV-SEN: Blankenship Slams 'Cocaine Mitch'

Michelle Wolf says she 'wouldn't change a single word' of her correspondents' dinner routine

Trump: White House running smoothly despite phony Witch Hunts. Fake News is going "bonkers!"

Trump: Threats to end Iran deal won't affect North Korea talks

Ashley Judd files lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein

Blankenship releases ad calling McConnell 'cocaine Mitch'

First-ever Congressional Freethought Caucus established

N.R.A. Gun Ban During Pence's Speech Leaves Him Vulnerable to Bear Attack, DeVos Warns

Today's quiz: Who said: "I alone can fix it"

Roy Moore files Complaint Claiming He Was Targeted By Political Conspiracy

Former Boehner aide picked to lead oil and gas lobby

Wasn't It You, Republicans?

Tomorrow is Election Day in Sioux Falls, SD

"It's why America hates the out of touch leftist media elite"

Impeachment looms large in White House midterm plans


Trump tried to say 'You're hired' to Bill Gates

Prominent Republican says it's 'wrong' for journalists to call out Trump's lies

What you need to know about Captain Marvel, who will be in the next 'Avengers' movie (SPOILERS)

Should the comedy portion of the WH Correspondents' Dinner be postponed until trump is gone?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Classic Friday! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

This NYT piece "What Mueller Wants to Ask Trump" is comedy GOLD! He won't answer ANY of these.

My insurance just went up by 25%.

you know who didn't collude with russia?

Judge OKs appeal of case around Trump's campaign statements

Re: Mueller - Lawyers never ask a question they don't already know the answer to.

An amusing coincidence:

Mueller Has Dozens of Inquiries for Trump in Broad Quest on Russia Ties and Obstruction

Donald Trump, answer these questions

White House's John Kelly says report he called Trump an "idiot" is "total BS"

And once again Rachel has to toss out her planned show.

Two of the Mueller questions are about specific Trump tweets

Kiteh having an existential crisis

Wolfs routine was only as obscene as the Presidency itself.

Rachel, 49 questions, and. . .

Seeing speculation on Twitter that Team Trump, maybe Giuliani, leaked the Mueller questions

The music from the phone commercials

While Journalists Were Mad at Michelle Wolf, the Justice Department Was Found Quietly Deleting Refer

Create a restaurant name. Mine would be Jump My Bones!

The beauty of Mueller's list of questions is ... he already knows the answer to them

John Dean: 'It Could Be an Act of Obstruction' if Team Trump Leaked Mueller's Questions (VIDEO)

my sister is running anyway.


Now we know why Mueller has not questioned Sessions or Pence yet,

Pence's physician alerted White House about Ronny Jackson last fall

Mike Luckovich: Kool-aid time!

And that's the truth...

Trump faces Guantnamo Bay decision that could undermine fight against Isis

You Know Who Mueller Has NOT Sent 49 Criminal Investigatory Questions to?

The Canadian Mounted

Life on Mars? Scientists close to solving mystery of the red planet

Thwaites Glacier: Biggest ever Antarctic field campaign

Governor signs budget bill

Space agencies aim to deliver rocks from Mars to Earth

Started a list of 49 questions for Michelle Wolf.

"Its not Mueller's investigation, its the idiot he's investigating."

Tell Giuliani to gas up the White Ford Bronco and check the tire pressure

New bill could have huge impact on large-school athletics

U.S. service member killed in Afghanistan: U.S. military

Did anyone see the Facebook ad on CBS tonight?

He Just So Freaking Draining

Oklahoma child abuse prevention programs worry about funding

Is it safe to come out?

Oklahoma Senate kills bill that would have ended wind industry incentive early

President Temer Cancels Trip to Asia as Investigations Advance

Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn slams state leaders, says he'll 'work as hard as I can' to overturn fund

Question #50 From Mueller Just Released...

Please reach DEEP into your wallet to help Don Blankenship get the GOP nomination for WV-SEN...

Holy Shitte....

Reputedly Legendary Coal Lobbyist/Asshole Luke Popovich Retiring From NMA; Leaves Legacy Of Bullshit

Arrest Warrants Surpass Prison Vacancies in 18 of Brazil's States

Teachers walkout fallout: Impeachment effort underway against OEA leaders

Feeling shaky? It's not you. Earthquakes are on the rise again in Kansas

5-Yr US/UK Antarctic Expedition Launches In October To Study "Doomsday" Thwaites Glacier

Adam Schiff on the Mueller Questions

McSweeny's: The Jokes for the 2019 WHCD

Jim Sciutto (CNN): Emails, texts from Russians undermine Trump campaign claims

Kobach's office: Stopping him from paying contempt fine with state money 'illegal'

"The Mitigation For This Permit Is A Joke" - 23-Mile Pipeline Swath Being Cut Through Atchafalaya

Maybe Instead of Preening "Correspondents," We Should Have Some Fucking JOURNALISTS (Ferret/SC!)

South Texas judge charge with bribery resigns

Comedy Gold From The Times-Picayune: LA Needs Republicans To Be Pro-Environment


Louise Mensch: Questions on RICO not included cause indicted already in NY

Major Warming Event Projected For Arctic Over Next Five Days; Regionally, 10-20C Above Normal Temps

Kansas House adopts budget bill, rejects trigger tied to school finance ruling

FLIPPABLE: Matt Sain for MO-HD14

Name one book that helped to change your life.

People don't trust the media because it ignores the stories that really matter...

Secret Service Leak: Trump Is In Bed Punching His Pillow, And Melania Is Downstairs Warming His Milk

FLIPPABLE: Keri Ingle for MO-HD35

What You Don't Hear Deplorables Saying

You LOVED the smash hit Michael Cohen video, "Says Who." Can't wait his latest, "What Do You Think."

Dave Chappelle pretty much wrote the script for Trump's Presidency as a comedy act 15 years ago

What I don't get about the WHCD

Tremont's Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ becomes third Northeast Ohio sanctuary chur

Tremont's Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ becomes third Northeast Ohio sanctuary chur

Just watched Michelle Wolf on HBO Xfinity

This bank was under investigation til Trump got elected, now involved in multiple Kushner deals

FLIPPABLE: Sydney Batch for NC-AD37

FL: Joe Biden endorses Javier Fernandez in special House District 114 election

May is upon us...Primaries galore

How many of Cohen's cell phones to you think Trump called before he finally realized that ...

Swiss-Guatemalan ex-police chief jailed for 15 years

Truth Is Planet Earth Would Have Done Just Fine Without Us.

Seth Meyers - Trump's Michigan Rally Goes Off the Rails: A Closer Look

Seth Meyers Supports Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents' Dinner Stand-Up

Other Life Existed For Millions Even Billions Of Years. Dinosaurs Roamed For 120 Million Years -

Switzerland's secret Cold War army: missing files have disappeared

Nearly 2,500 Candidates Jockey For House And Senate Seats

The Daily Show: Michelle Wolf's "Disgraceful" Performance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

House Republicans buried this new email from Flynn in their report on Russian election interference

Poll: Is it time to end the White House Correspondents' Dinner?

Wouldn't it be fun

Ex your quit date. 5-2-2005.

FLIPPABLE: Steven Buccini for NC-AD59

GOP Wants Term Limits All Right - For Democrats.

The reason Michelle Wolf's critics have a problem with her is not because of what she said

For Virtually Everyone 2+2 Equal 4. For Trump Supporters & Republicans It Is Negotiable.

don't think for one minute that this administration hasn't accomplished quite a lot.

Former Trump adviser Omarosa Manigault confirms president called African nations 's***hole countries

State Sen. Lynne Walz chosen as Democrat Bob Krist's running mate in gubernatorial race

FLIPPABLE: Andrew Gounardes for NY-SD22

FLIPPABLE: Christine Fischer for OH-AD27

The Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson appreciation thread!

Congress boosted spending on science and the environment, even as Trump administration tried to cut

FLIPPABLE: Cassimir Svigelj for OH-AD16

FLIPPABLE: Taylor Sappington for OH-AD94

FLIPPABLE: Lauren Friedman for OH-SD29

Cardinal George Pell to stand trial on historical sex assault charges

SPLC Says TenHaken-Endorsing Family Heritage Alliance Stokes Anti-Muslim Hate

Five takeaways from Democrats' McGovern Day Dinner

South Dakota a 'standout' in limiting voters' ability to bring issues to the ballot

ADL Gets Lesser Role In Starbucks Diversity Training After Controversy

Flint water protesters block all lanes of WB I-69 in Flint during rush hour

The DNC Launched a Website to Help People Run for Office

Republican lawmakers want to prohibit Colorado teachers from striking, with potential fines and jail

Putin must REALLY be focusing on this Wolf tidbit...

BBC reporter and famed photographer among 31 killed in Afghanistan

Jumping for joy: Little doubt anymore. Tonight confirms Mueller has the goods!

Seven people treated at Mahnomen hospital after cash used at store burns clerk

Heitkamp's mother dies after battle with Parkinson's disease

Girls Reportedly Bleeding Through Pants Due To Charter School Bathroom Policy

2 from Cowell: "Air & Scherzo for Saxophone & String Orchestra" and

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/30/18

3 from John Jenkins: "Pavan for 2 Bass Viols", "Air Sets No. 1 in D Minor" and

North Dakota refineries become part of Marathon Petroleum under merger

North Dakota's only castle under construction but open for tours

Clapton & Carrack, Live in Switzerland: "How Long"/The Dukes of September:

57 white supremacist gang members charged in North Texas drug trafficking, kidnapping conspiracy

May 5 - Bernie Sanders Rally in Lancaster for Jess King #PA11

May 5 - Bernie Sanders Rally in Lancaster for Jess King #PA11

May 4 - Philadelphia Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders & John Fetterman for Lt. Governor

May 4 - Philadelphia Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders & John Fetterman for Lt. Governor

Kanye is 'a clown' and 'human car wreck,' Dallas Democrat says after West's pro-Trump tweets

Armenia crisis: Opposition leader Pashinyan faces PM vote

Lupe Valdez apologizes for not answering immigration question at forum, tries to explain her record

The resistance army is strong

They are pushing the Gallop Poll this morning which shows a 42% approval rating for trump, up from

Is it me, or does Netanyahu's accusations against Iran remind you Iraq buying Yellow Cake uranium

University of North Texas, Frisco to announce big plans for a new university campus

Dallas firm's 162-mile pipeline through nation's largest river swamp gets its day in court

Dallas firm's 162-mile pipeline through nation's largest river swamp gets its day in court

Dallas Democrat asks Ken Paxton to weigh in on removing Confederate plaque outside his office

I'm smiling my little doves are spreading their wings

Toon - Preparing for the Wave


NRA Bans Guns During Convention Speech By President, Vice President

What fugging money are these morons on Morning Joe Scum talking about

Agree With Bill Press. House Does NOT Need A Chaplain. Separation of Church & State.

Second Green Party candidate turns out to secretly be a Republican

This Trump tweet about the "leaked" Mueller questions might be proof that Trump was the "leaker."

Struggling To Hold His Seat, Devin Nunes Blames 'Radical Leftists'

David Corn begins this fine Tuesday by leaving spank marks all across Trump's orange ass

Excellent take on WHCD

Exclusive: Pence's doctor alerted WH aides about Ronny Jackson concerns last fall

With North and South Korea starting peace negotiations, I wonder . . .

Response to Al Franken Vs. Response to Michelle Wolf

Trump, the Capitalist

Some news from Mueller today?:

Michael Cohen Claimed He Talked With Trump the Day of the Stormy Daniels Deal

May 17 will mark the one-year anniversary of the Mueller investigation

Listen DUers and you will hear

What the world really needs to ban: a gun designed to look like a phone

Sixteen Tons

Workers, activists mark May Day with defiant rallies

If Carl Perkins and David Bowie had a knife fight in 1985, who do you think would win?

Gibson Brands Reaches Restructuring Support Agreement to Reorganize Around Core Businesses

Yang 2020. Let's put humanity first. It's time for Universal Basic Income.

Kool-Aid Time

Michelle Wolf Said What Has Long Been Called For - Brava!

The Rundown: April 30, 2018

Trump: "No questions on Collusion"?

"The White House issued an official statement from press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders..."

Micro Reviews for the Week of 4/25/18

Could someone put this morning's Bloom County

Mueller says he needs to question Trump -To see if he acted with "Criminal Intent" when firing Comey

Jill Stein on CNN committing treason in the open.


Everything that you need to know...

Trump Says Mueller's Leaked Questions Don't Involve Collusion. (Actually, They Do.)

'So disgraceful': Trump lashes out at publication of special counsel questions

Iran calls Netanyahu 'infamous liar' over nuclear allegations

US delays decision on tariffs for EU, prolonging uncertainty

Kim Jong Un agrees to meet Donald Trump at DMZ, source says

It's May Day, everybody!

Dad of Parkland shooting victim files wrongful death lawsuit against school resource officer

Grassroots technology is fighting voter suppression and election hacking in North Carolina

Gates To Trump: Offered White House Position Is 'Not A Good Use Of My Time'

We all like jokes about the other people, but when it comes to jokes about ourselves, not so much!

Gibson guitars files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy

DOJ charges 11 possible caravan members with illegally entering the US

Team Trump Publicly Pissed at Jon Tester, Privately at Johnny Isakson Over Jackson's Nomination...

The US and Afghanistan: can't win the war, can't stop it, can't leave The Guardian

I just rewatched Michelle Wolf with my wife. We laughed our asses off.

Netanyahu: Don't look here where we're shooting children, look over there at Iran -by Juan Cole

Trump Reacts to Leaked Mueller Questions, Somehow Concludes 'No Questions on Collusion'

I'm off to Mickey Death's for some breakfast. Whatcha want?

Hannity Goes After NYT Over Report on Mueller Questions: My Sources Say They're 'Full of Crap'

Crimes are no longer a disqualification for Republican candidates

The Bizarre Reaction to the WHCD Reveals We're in Deeper Trouble Than We Thought

Iran follows Russia in banning popular messaging app Telegram

Ex-NATO commander explains terrifying consequences of White House typo on Iran

The "I can't believe that comedienne would say something so vulgar" starter pack.

Dave Chappelle says Michelle Wolf 'nailed it' at the WHCD

The leaker-in-chief is at it again

Grayson says he'll challenge Soto in Florida's 9th

My mother in law and the boog the chocolate lab

Let us not talk about the questions that Mueller wants to ask Donald Trump.

The Memo: Trump allies want to turn midterms into 'impeachment referendum'

Chapelle re: Wolf: "I gotta respect the gangsta"

UN nuclear agency: 'No credible indications' of any nuclear activity in Iran after 2009

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #4 in G Major, Op. 58

Arizona teachers vow to keep striking as lawmakers negotiate

Kim Jong-Un Will Give Up Nukes If US Promises Not to Invade

Irony much?

Megyn Kelly's NBC Media Implosion

Mueller's former assistant says grammatical errors prove leaked questions came from Trump

Impeachment looms large in White House midterm plans

Blankenship slams 'Cocaine Mitch' in anti-McConnell ad

If Donald Trump refuses to testify Mueller should subpoena him

Legal expert methodically dismantles Trump's claim that Mueller asked 'no questions about collusion'

Study shows tariffs on China would hurt US jobs, economy

Dump is not president of the United States. He is King of the Stupid.

To find alleged Golden State Killer, investigators first found his great-great-great-grandparents

EXCLUSIVE: EPA whistleblower says Pruitt 'lied' to Congress

Bad bad wicked cultural appropriation

NASA cancels lunar rover after Trump vow to return astronauts to the moon


Mueller: "If you're having legal problems, I feel bad for ya son. I got 49 questions but money....

Romney praises Trump's first year in office: It's similar to things 'I'd have done'

I think the Times forgot the most important question of them all.

The Daily 202: Rod Rosenstein may just be the most powerful person in Washington

Conservative Groups Rally Behind Potential Jim Jordan Speaker Bid

So, who is dancing around the May Pole today?

If President Trump is an 'idiot,' what does that make John Kelly?

Wake Up - Before it's too late (1950s edition)

May guide to the bright planets

More Appropriate WH Correspondent's Association Dinner Jokes For 2019

New York Times metro editor steps down after internal investigation

The smell of a rat is coming from the White House!

Fact Checker. President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims so far

Good Morning. I needed a smile, so I thought I'd share this...

Why this political scientist thinks the Democrats have to fight dirty

What Kim Jong Un Wants From Trump

Michael Cohen Hit With New Taxi Taxes, Owes New York $282,000

Democrats launch net neutrality fight to energize midterm voters

May 5 - Bernie Sanders Rally in Lancaster for Jess King #PA11

1,000 drag queens will 'welcome' Trump to London when he visits

💖 #AmySherald on Instagram: "This little cutie pie came to my talk last night...

'I'm a goose' - Australian scrumhalf Nick Phibbs apologises for urinating ON bar in Sydney while

Be careful with Gabopentin

How much will Trump's tax and spend policies cost? 2.4 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICITS a year.

How Rodgers and Hammerstein Created Modern Musical Theater

Cohen responds to message sent by National Enquirer cover

CNN 8/17-US intel intercepted Russians re:"conversations w Manafort-encouraging help from Russians"

Gerson Leiber, 96, Dies; Artist Created Museum With Designer Wife.

Swedish meatball admission: They're Turkish

*MUST READ* Six questions about Trump's economy you were too embarrassed to ask

WH leaked the questions

The irreverent comic strip artist who's also a Marine

May Premieres and Returning Favorites

Funny, Kelly came out and quickly denied "idiot" but not "unhinged".

Sent Conway/Sanders in his place to take the fire, Just like someone went in his place to Vietnam

Celebrate Spring With an Upscale Smothered-Chicken Dinner.

Just a joke to relieve some tension

New York Times metro editor Wendell Jamieson steps down after 'investigation'

Watch this rare fishing cat kitten fine-tune its vision by playing with toys

"Lusty Month of May"--Camelot

OK, ladies, here's some fashion advice I think we can all live with.

The Real Villain Behind Our New Gilded Age

Franco Nero - "C'est Moi " -eye candy is ALWAYS good.

On how the powerful think [from "A Bug's Life" (1998)]

Jill Stein refuses to condemn Russian election interference in babbling CNN interview

Why is Trump getting so much praise on North Korea?

Dennis Rodman to the rescue !! BOMBSHELL !!(Kidding)

Exclusive: Border patrol violence: US paid $60m to cover claims against the agency

Gop to try to keep the HOUSE -at all costs for fear of Trump impeachment.....

The day after his company announced a merger, T-Mobile's CEO John Legere visits Trump Hotel DC.

Trump breaks 3,000 mark for false or misleading claims in his Saturday speech

Okay, then

2 men who raped Colorado Springs 13-year-old get probation despite grandfather begging to 'make them

Pic Of The Moment: Congratulations President Trump!

Alan Grayson to take on fellow Democrat Darren Soto

2 men who raped Colorado Springs 13-year-old get probation despite grandfather begging to 'make the

Gawd, the markets have been crappy lately

Trump Doctor: Trump Bodyguard and Trump lawyer raided his office and took medical files...

Mahmoud Abbas: Jews caused Holocaust with their 'social behavior'

Pence's Dr. alerted White House last year re: Ronny Jackson

This is why Trump and his admin do not deserve an apology...

Blessed Beltaine, Happy May Day

Blessed beltaine! Happy May Day

After Attacking Michelle Wolf, Reporters Return to Politely Minding President Who Called Africa a Sh

Blankenship refers to McTurtle as 'Cocaine Mitch' in ad.

Hartford Re-Entry Center To Open At City Hall This Summer

This is how privileged white people get black men killed (VIDEO)

Trump doc says Trump bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files

"And boy was she right about the invasion of Iraq!"

Some Beltaine images

Some Beltaine images

May is Neurofibromatosis

Trump telegraphed the alleged "Mueller question leak", btw

Addditional questions Mueller should add to the list:

Nigeria attacks: Mosque bomb blasts kill 24 in Mubi

Meghan McCain is upset over the fact that on The View, "sometimes the audience will applaud things"

Netanyahu more frightening than Trump.

When is trump going to apologize to Jon Tester?

I need me one of these....

EXCLUSIVE: Video footage of Dr. Harold Bornstein being accosted by Trump's bodyguards.

Witch Hunt!!

N.R.A. Gun Ban During Pence's Speech Leaves Him Vulnerable to Bear Attack, DeVos Warns

Perhaps this is the reason Schiller resigned..

Shaun King: Black couple seated, given menus, told to move because white regular wanted that table

Bornstein said he felt raped when the Con's body guard and lawyer raided

Sorry to say this, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders deserves an apology

"Is the Two-Party System Doomed?"

You know what is really trippy? Ben Garrison cartoons without the labels.

Tom Price: Individual Mandate Repeal Will 'Harm' Insurance Exchanges

I keep posting Pokey songs, and I keep finding older obscure acoustic tunes... But

She Persisted

Small Step For Mankind? Trump Says 'We're Getting Very Big In Space'

Jeff Bezos is an asshole. "The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is...

The Professor At The Center Of The Trump-Russia Probe Was In Moscow Just Weeks Before Court...

Deplorable attacks peaceful gun control advocates.

You all probably know this

Show of hands...who knows not to throw gasoline on a bonfire?

Texas Town Organizes Underachiever Fun Run With Beer & Doughnut Stations Throughout Race

A simple theory on how Putin got Trump to run and accept his help

"Nobody Bothers Me." Jhoon Rhee, 'father of American Taekwondo' and DC legend, dies at age 86

Tax Cuts for the Top 1 Percent Cost More Than SNAP

UPDATED: Scott Pruitt's Embattled Security Chief Resigns

Water and Aspirin...PLEASE READ!

Chantilly Lace

May Day in Bavaria, how rustical (well, that is..until..wait for the end)

California, 17 other states sue Trump administration to defend Obama-era climate rules for vehicles

See Stephen Colbert Revive 'Colbert,' Defend Michelle Wolf's White House Set

The Week: The worthless Washington media

Gibson Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Tick and Mosquito Infections Spreading Rapidly, C.D.C. Finds

Same-sex marriage has support among most American religious groups, study shows

Editorial: The one about a priest, a rapper and a comedian

Let's look at the 2010 mid-term polls as a predictor for 2018

Trump's ex-doctor says Trump associates 'raided' his office

17 states sue Trump administration over rolling back vehicle emission standards

Tapper on Michelle Wolf backlash: Do Trump supporters really want to talk about decency?

I've changed my mind about Michelle Wolf's routine.

Photographic evidence of how "off" the weather is, this Spring

189 Days

Senate joins push to separate New York state exams from teacher evaluations

Mueller questions raise new hacking tangles for Trumps

Wow! Absolutely Stunning!

It's HIPAA, people. Write it down.

"A Canadian Basic Income Could Cost Much Less Than The $43-Billion Estimate. Here's How."

Mall Owners, Retailers Clash on Avalanche of Online Returns

"Catholics are Still In" campaign recommits to supporting action on climate change.

An interesting point about the Dr. Bornstein "raid."

She didn't get treated at the ER. But she got a $5,751 bill anyway.

Louisiana Sec. of State (R) resigns amid misconduct charges

Openings to begin in ex-Assembly speaker's corruption trial

Better Call Cohen: The Shady Cases of a Trump Lawyer's Personal Injury Practice

Second Green Party candidate turns out to secretly be a Republican

What would you name your boat?

Fire Causes Collapse of 24-Story Building in Sao Paulo

Judith Leiber, 97, Dies; Turned Handbags Into Objets d'Art

My guess about why DT person leaked the 48 questions.

Please caption this sarcastic, snarky asshole of a Hippo. Thank you.

Cory Bookers Federal Jobs Guarantee

White House claims 'clerical error' led to drastic change in Iran statement

U.S. protesters target Trump, immigration, midterms in May Day demonstrations

Need a favor - Sex Trafficking on Google Play

Question for our DOCTORS or physicians.

NJ Bill Requires GE Presidential Candidates to Release their Income Tax Returns

1,000 drag queens will 'welcome' Trump to London when he visits

Marches, Rallies Mark May Day Around the World

America's first lynching memorial results in some local residents filled with ire, resentment

(Jewish Group) Mahmoud Abbas says Jews caused Holocaust with their 'social behavior'

The Hill won't attend the WHCD without major reforms

Tubby freaks out about propecia, sends thugs to raid his own Doctor, how Soprano of him

Buzzfeed: Manafort attorneys want judge to investigate who is leaking about

*donald trump* would rather meet...

Amid political chatter, Democratic women push Hochul's re-election bid

What to do with 5 years severance package for cardiologist in Venezuela? Buy a cup of coffee!

Oooh... fashion style alert!

Sarah 3 Names just hit Adam Schiff hard !!

MSNBC host compiles list of White House officials who have reportedly insulted Trump

Cynthia Nixon hides tax returns, won't reveal extension request

Michelle Wolf Is The 4th Daily Show Comedian They've Hired

Sarah Three Names has a new face

The Impact of 4-H Rodeo in South Dakota April 29, 2018

Dave Chappelle Gives Rave Review of Michelle Wolf's WHCD Set: 'I Thought It Was Beautiful'

Spanky...I think this is for you...

The White House Correspondents' Dinner Has Always Been A Bad Idea by Parker Molloy

What's the longest war in American history? Fighting for the right to vote

LOL -- This is the RWNJ idiot who threatened Delta

Ex-CIA Official Says Torture Videotapes May Still Exist

Bragging: my kid did the end vanity card for Michelle Wolf's specials.

Claiming Muller leaked the questions is a right wing talking point.

5 free books on atheism you can read online

Wow. Rod Rosenstein just now to Laura Jarrett "I'm being threatened"

Catholic Cardinal George Pell of Australia ordered to face trial on sex abuse charges

My uncle KIA Vietnam 5/1/68 usmc

Dr. Harold Bornstein spoke to the NBC reporter *in the bathroom* a bit ago:

On Iran and North Korea, Trump prepares to screw everything up

Former federal prosecutor found dead in Niagara River

More Things You Never Hear Deplorables Say

A few things about the medical file theft don't make sense.

Need help - Now have thousands of photos on my desktop

Uh! Federal buildings.

FRONTLINE: Blackout In Puerto Rico

5Linx founder Craig Jerabeck admits to fraud; agrees to testify against other founders

Too Bad We Can't Put In An International Army So Large We Eliminate All The Taliban.

The GOP Would Be Just Fine To End Investigation & Then Scrap November Elections.

Sarah Sanders: White House 'raid' on Trump's former doctor is 'standard operating procedure'

More appropriate WHCA dinner jokes for 2019... all of them Trump-approved

Men in Kanye Picture

Pierce: Only Democrats Could F*ck This Up, Volume Infinity

Is it time for a zombie apocalypse?

Restaurant fined $10K for making black patron pay in advance

Catholic School has "modesty ponchos" ready for prom night

Rosenstein just implied Trump could be indicted.

Netanyahu went on Fox & Friends to lobby Trump on the Iran deal

*Breaking* Rod Rosenstein- "The Department Of Justice will not be extorted."

Police commissioner kept $245K job amid hooker allegations

Dad of Parkland Victim Files Lawsuit Against School Resource Officer

Report: Michael Cohen is the real-life Saul Goodman

Scaramucci to headline Michael Grimm congressional fundraiser

Has anyone talked about the fact that Trump's thugs rifled through OTHER PEOPLE'S RECORDS

You vote in America to protect your interests. You organize movements to advance your interests.

Rod Rosenstein: "The Department of Justice is not going to be extorted."

BTRTN: Donald Trump, Blind Squirrel?

BTRTN: Donald Trump, Blind Squirrel?

We're visiting NOLA till Thursday

Outrage ensues as Michigan grants Nestle permit to extract 200,000 gallons of water per day

Rosenstein On Impeachment Threat: The DOJ 'Is Not Going To Be Extorted'

The Nobel Committee should give President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize again this year

Wolf: Sanders sat at WHCD while awadeees received standing ovations

That awful feeling, when you realize you erased all of your bookmarks on the smart phone.

I missed you guys...

Gun Owners Of America's Larry Pratt Suggests 'Little Twerp' David Hogg May Be Crisis Actor

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 1, 2018

Updated: Jacob Goodwin trial in progress in Charlottesville

Teen wears vintage cheongsam to prom. Elicits strong reaction. "My culture is NOT your Prom dress"

Michael Cohen owes more than $280K in state taxes, records show

Trump claims Mueller has 'no questions on collusion' despite list with 13 questions about collusion

Vaping products that look like juice boxes or candy are subject of crackdown

The idiots who listen to right wing radio and podcasts are saying "Feed me poison!

It is like Watergate. New illegal actions exposed.. all the time...

Oklahoma City police officer rescues road-crossing chicken

I was locked out of DU for weeks!

UK Magnitsky Act passes - GREAT NEWS -

I give up on Chromecast. Would you recommend Amazon Fire Stick or Roku?

Stupid question- why does Chuck Todd...

My All-Star band in college

Romney praises Trump's first year in office: It's similar to things 'I'd have done'

TMZ journalist slams Kanye West to his face for saying slavery was 'a choice'

Dear Sarah, I imagine you feel like an innocent victim in all this--I think you got off easy.

Trump appears to have robbed his doctor's office and violated New York medical law: MSNBC analyst

Black republicans and conservatives

For those who are over eyeshadowgate...

Central African Republic: At least 15 killed in Bangui church attack

Lobbyist helped broker Scott Pruitt's $100,000 trip to Morocco

An extensive Analysis of the questions Mueller wants to ask Trump

Calling all Dems in the Panhandle, Beto is coming to Amarillo May 13th!

Democrats Don't Have a Lock on Taking Back House

Why would the DT team leak the questions? Here are some educated guesses.


SPECULATION: I think Rosenstein will okay the indictment of Trump

Damning Audit of US Poverty Fuels New Poor People's Campaign

Sanders: White House tries 'never to be concerned' with Adam Schiff

Mueller's former assistant says grammatical errors prove leaked questions came from Trump

Feinstein drops opposition to legal pot, giving legal marijuana a new ally

Wow. This is different. CNN actually notices there might be an ethical problem with your Tesla.

Time for the Lounge age check...

MSNBC hosts speculate who leaked Mueller questions to NYT reporter also sitting on the panel

Breaking MSNBC: Flynn's sentencing delayed

Breaking News: Obama also raided doctor's office!

He brought the KGB into our Oval Office and turned to the media and LAUGHED at them that

Fake antifa posts reportedly tricked police into massive show of force for neo-Nazi rally

Feinstein drops opposition to legal pot, giving legal marijuana a new ally

Trump asks court to dismiss emoluments lawsuit against him

Dear Hillary: I am so sick of the way


I got's what tRump reminds me of.......

TPM: Bornstein says that DT's thugs "robbed" him and "stole" his medical records.

Dear Dianne Feinstein: I am so sick of the way

Dear Kamala Harris: I am so sick of the way

We're at Arches National Park in Utah

Oh puke.......just saw wanker's ad for re-election......

Lawsuit: Navajo coal plant must keep running till debt paid off

TPM: Will Dr. Bornstein press charges?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Please recommend this post if your favorite president didn't have his former doctor's office raided.

Dear ALL OTHER Democratic Senators: I am so sick of the way

Exclusive: Bornstein claims Trump dictated the glowing health letter

Somebody posted about "eaglecam" a while ago and right now mom is feeding her chick

Even this SCOTUS would uphold a Mueller subpoena.

The doctor's letter declaring how healthy the moron is was dictated

Exclusive: Bornstein claims Trump dictated the glowing health letter

'Harry Potter promotes evil feminist agenda, says John Hagee' (via Bruce Gerencser)

What documents did Trump's goons show Dr. Bornstein and why didn't he call the cops ?

Lobbyist helped arrange Scott Pruitt's $100,000 trip to Morocco

Florida Dems hold onto State House battleground

Kathy Griffin On Seth Meyer's Tonight....

Trump: 24 Months of Chaos. It's shaping know who some of the characters in the movie will be.