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26 Years Later, Justice for Men Imprisoned for a Bogus Rape

The Crooked Groper Don the Con

Open thread: What can we do for coal miners when it all goes dark?

If Indiana Congressman elect Greg Pence wants to help his brother become POTUS,

Bernie Sanders Has A Plan To Revive Labor Unions

Another big FLIPPABLE RED TO BLUE special election in Pennsylvania next week,

Has anyone openly challenged Trump on whats so bad about the Iran deal?

Giuliani Says Trump Was 'Unaware' of Cohen's Consulting Income

These Teachers Went On Strike. Now They're Running For Elected Office.

South Korea wants to build a $35 billion high-speed railway to connect North Korea with the world

I think we can all agree on this:

VR standalone headset questions

Damn I love David Cay Johnston

Arizona-grown Romaine lettuce outbreak now at 149 people sick in 29 states

Random medical question....

Judge OKs use of woman's name in Greitens trial

Good tweet:

The time I voted for the lesser of two evils

'$500 and He's a Ghost': White Man Wanted a Hit Man to Kill His Black Neighbor, Feds Allege

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Pulling Out!

House Republicans, Defying Leaders, Move to Force Immigration Votes

My grandson turned 9 today

Bye Bye, Love

Sultans of Swing

Remember Cheeto needs 2/3 of Senate for a NK treaty

Unbelieveable results in Malaysia. Talk about Strange bedfellows

Israel and Iran are bombing each other right now!!

Shipping Up To Boston / Enter Sandman

Alert ! Avenatti up next on Rachel.

McCain urges Senate to reject Haspel's nomination

Avenatti alert! Coming up next on Rachel. :)

MSNBC gives 'verbal warning' to host Hugh Hewitt over Pruitt meeting

"Anon". Unusual but well worth watching.

Federal forecast: Water shortage risks growing for the CAP

Mixed feelings about Novartis

Is yuiyoshida still amongst us?

Mormon Church ending ties with Boy Scouts

So I missed this 20K story,

Dyer: Trump's irrational action with Iran may hasten war

Most excellent! 'Bill & Ted' reuniting after 27 years

Has anyone been to the new Weird Al tour?

Trump Considering Pulling U.S. Out of Constitution

Visiting Rachael Ray

Dear AT&T: If You Wanted To Bribe Somebody For "An Understanding of the Inner Workings of Trump"

Clever tweet!

McCain: Senate Should Reject Gina Haspel Over Torture Involvement

I just heard the song "When I Taste Tequila" by Dan + Shea.

the white woman who called the police on a napping black girl at yale has been doxxed

I don't know who, But I really believe Avenatti is in league with persons high on our side

Mesa Community College now home to state's first accredited arboretum

Nashville's version of "comic-con", Heroes and Villans is this weekend

Skittles? Just noticed she is missing and saw she was flagged.

Health Insurers Say Higher Obamacare Premiums Are Coming, and It's Republicans' Fault

Legal pundits on MSNBC "not 100% sure that payments to Cohen were pay to play". Lets ask M Mulvaney

I'm sure that silly font in the "Be Best" logo is the most searched thing on Google...

Is Avenatti causing more damage than good?

Michael Avenatti has another career...

Governor hopefuls weigh in on Medicaid, homelessness at forum hosted by faith-based groups

If you are so inclined and able..donations to Avenatti lawsuit/efforts

Sarah Jessica Parker appears at the Tribeca Film Festival with a Beto O'Rourke button.


ATT was contacted by Mueller's office regarding Cohen.

Senate Democrats' move to reinstate net neutrality could pressure Heller

Gina Haspel is no Hugh Thompson.

How Did These Firms (AT&T, Novartis, KAI) Know To Contact Cohen?.....

Why isn't the media reporting on this? It is a HUGE deal.

Las Vegas sees new victories, new setbacks in quest to help its thousands of homeless residents

Michael Cohen's night deposit boxes

What are the odds?

Israel retaliates after Iran 'fires 20 rockets' at army in occupied Golan Heights

White House won't rule out banning press for 'negative' coverage

Has Cohen laid off any staff recently?

Border agents can't search your phone without good reason, US court rules

Avanatti News On Cohen Dominates tRumps Photo Op With 3 Released Detainees...

EU rushes to arrange crisis meeting with Iran over nuclear deal

For those who like visual guides, here is a chart of the mobsters

It's sure starting to look like Trump/Putin/GOP are taking the Cheney/Bush approach to starting war.

Seth Meyers - Trump Pulls Out of the Iran Deal, the Met Gala - Monologue - 5/8/18


If only Obama had thought of totally letting Kim Jong Un's regime off the hook for their

Seth Meyers - Trump's Fixer, Michael Cohen, Had a Secret Slush Fund: A Closer Look

If the headline reads "tRump: or tRump says or WH says," I'm moving on.

The Daily Show: Don Blankenship Takes on "Cocaine Mitch" McConnell

Whoa! Russian Oligarch-Linked Firm That Paid Michael Cohen Was Also Represented by Trump Lawyer

A no till, 103 square foot, raised bed, Hugelkultur garden with worm towers.

DailyBeast: Mueller's team has questioned Erik Prince.

Trump Is No Longer The Worst Person In Government.

Queston for anyone who has ever been on a federal grand jury or who knows the answere,

Sound familiar? Lawyer: " I have a special practice. I handle one client"

WSJ: Cohen helped recruit corporate client with ties to Kushner

Chile's National History Museum director fired for including Pinochet in 'Sons of Liberty' exhibit

So what is the meaning of "the DOJ will not be extorted"?

My electric Co.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 10, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Marlene Dietrich

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 11, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Starring Lesley-Anne Down

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 12, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Insurance Scams

How much rope is Mueller going to give tRump?

Been drinking tonight....(discliamer)

Nevada members of culinary and bartenders unions considering strike

Sanctuary cities measure debated in Nevada Supreme Court

There's just a lot of shadiness around Avenatti

Asking for kind thoughts from fellow DUers

J. Strauss, II.:"Myrtle Blossom Waltz" & "Voces de Primavera"/Tchaikovsky: "Vals de las Flores"

Michael Avenatti: Michael Cohen Only Really Has One Employer Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Don Jr. is hooking up with a Fox News employee

When Trump calls the released North Korean captives "heros," we should recall this:

Woo Hoo! Another Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Trump is so desperate for the photo op with the released prisoners he's at the airport at 2:30am

Watch Friday night's debate (Valdez and White) on KXAN.COM

Off-duty officer fatally shoots man near Brentwood Recreation Center in Northeast DC

Starving out resistance: Anne Applebaum on Stalin's deliberate famine in Ukraine

I'm 2/3 of the way through the audio of Gina Haspel's public hearing...

Now I know why Trump likes Kim Jong Un

Developer has plans for 777-room casino hotel in downtown Las Vegas

Former CIA Analyst Turned Activist Ray McGovern Escorted Out Of Gina Haspel CIA Confirmation Hearing

Rick Perry suggests using 'national security' to override opposition to pipelines

I had to blast the bullshit out of my brain tonight and other musings.

Elevator, boiler inspections not being done, Nevada auditor says

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/9/18

Renewable Energy Jobs Top 10 Million Globally

Former Vice President Joe Biden endorses U.S. Senate hopeful Jacky Rosen

Seth Meyers: Guest Michelle Wolf Talks About the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Cynthia Nixon switches up 1977 anti-gay slogan in attack on Cuomo's 'history of cutthroat campaigns'

In RE: clip of Cohen entering cab

How A Military Forward Air Controller Built One Of America's Best Companies

Hedge fund founder charged with mismarking securities

Trudeau To Apologize For Canada Turning Away Jewish Refugees On MS St. Louis In 1939

Does Anybody Know if Sally Yates is Interested in Running for Office as a Democrat?


Caitlyn Jenner Claims Trump Has Set Transgender Community "Back 20 Years" In Parliamentary Address

Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad on course to be world's oldest elected leader

update on Hawaii. experts warn of rocks projectiles, volcanic smog and acid rain

Who 'runs the world'? Jews, according to Azealia Banks

(Jewish Group) Could Swing Key Congress Races -- And Help Democrats Take Back Congress

Superman at 80: The Jewish origins of the Man of Steel and the 'curse' that haunts the actors who pl

14 Students Accused of Vandalism, Spray-Painting Swastika, Anti-Gay Slurs on High School

2018...What the well dressed man is wearing....

Monterey Sheriff Candidate Scott Davis Comes Out, Wants to Be California's First Gay Sheriff

Rip, Mr. Kamenetz

The Worst Person In Government?

At least 21 dead after flower-farm dam bursts in Kenya

1968: Revolution reaches the heart of Europe

University of California labor strike expands with show of support from more unions

Police Brutalize 78-Year-Old CIA Whistleblower Protesting at Torturer Gina Haspel's Senate Hearing

Jim Carrey- new painting has hidden code

American hostages released from North Korea during the Obama administration

Photo: Toys R Us workers meeting with @BernieSanders

Acknowledging sea level rise, Connecticut legislature passes sweeping climate change bill

Mothers Day TV spots for Kay Jewelers

So the price of oil increasing could easily wipe out any tax cut advantages

My new name for Trump is The Black Hand (Godfather II). Trump is an extortionist, Period.

WOW! Just wow. That's all I can say.

We Are All Russians Now.US Now Officially Under Control Of Russian Oligarchs W/US Oligarchs Involved

Terrified of events in the middle east...

Pence on Mueller investigation: 'It's time to wrap it up'

Pence on Mueller investigation: 'It's time to wrap it up'

UN Climate Talks Bog Down About (You'll Never Guess!) Money; Another Week Added To Sep Talks

Cohen wasn't getting income for consulting work*.

Leaving Paris Agreement Requires US Follow-Up; Shitstain, Of Course, Has Provided Nothing

Ok Republicans: Courageous or Complicit?

So Cute! Kinder Morgan Shareholders Vote For Non-Binding Climate Reporting Resolutions

Maduro to unilaterally suspend all education in advance of elections

As Arctic Warming Spikes, New Species, Warmer Currents From Atlantic & Pacific Head North

There's No Plan B on Iran

McCain Blasts CIA Nominee Gina Haspel: Her Refusal To Acknowledge The Immorality Of Torture Is...

Warming "Immediate And Escalating Threat" In California; Last 4 Years Warmest 4 On Record

Don't bully.....unless...

I don't get it. Why is Trump praising Kim Jung Un for hostage taking?

Solar powered naps.

A QVC reality TV game show prisoner release.

White supremacist Richard Spencer's card was declined for a $4.75 bar tab

I have a plan.

How Michael Cohen, Denied Job in White House, Was Seen as Its Gatekeeper

Bad things about Avenatti...

McCain: Obama Thanked Me For My Vote To Save Obamacare

The New York Times offers up yet another flattering profile of the crackpot right, because of course

WI-Sen: Leah Vukmir (R) Says Tammy Baldwin (D) Is On "Team Terrorist" For Opposing Trump's CIA Pick

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump: This Will End Badly. And Probably Soon. - by Rick Wilson

Annnnnd Net Neutrality is dead

"People Get Subpoenas, Shit Gets Real"...

David Goodall ends his life at 104 with a final powerful statement on euthanasia

Has Trump turned America into a rogue state? If so, what should other nations do about it?

Georgina Chapman, Estranged Wife of Harvey Weinstein, Breaks Silence

5/8/18 Drought Monitor; Level 3 Drought Now Reaches From Yuma, AZ To Topeka, KS

Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County executive & Democratic candidate for governor dies of heart attack

Ariel Castro "really was excellent" to the three women he kept locked in his house for a decade.

At the hearings for the Chief Spook! . . . Please come CAPTION Gina Haspel!!!

Computer scientists have strong evidence election was rigged against Clinton in 3 key states

The Predator trailer arrives

Cohen Could Be Trump's Biggest Problem

How do Deplorables reconcile Cohen selling access to Trump and draining the swamp ?

PBS series The International Animation Festival IMDB link. Lost Forever?

Like a memorial wall but for racists

Donald Trump Jr. plans big midterm role

Senate Dems (and Collins) have filed a discharge petition that will force a vote on net neutrality

One-Fifth of Americans Have No Religious Affiliation

Oh, PUH-LEEZE! Now they're saying it was different "Michael Cohens?"

Greitens Declines to Block Liberal Ballot Measures

with all due respect, did this "goodbye" post really need to be deleted?

Bribes? AT&T, Novartis, Russian Paid Trump Lawyer $1+ Million

In Mock Mueller Interview, Trump Took 4 Hours To Answer 2 Questions

Morning Joe nails similarities between Mike Pence and Nixon calling for end to investigation

Happy 149th anniversary, railroad from Omaha to Sacramento, but not the Atlantic to the Pacific

Morning Joe Laces Into Pence For His Call to End Mueller Probe: 'Playing the Role of Spiro Agnew...'

Failed West Virginia Candidate Don Blankenship Attacks Trump in Pathetic Open Letter

Trump: NK 'excellent' to detainees, Pence hints otherwise

(Fill in the blank) while black

John McCain warns that Republicans are on wrong side of immigration debate

The Rundown: May 9, 2018

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/9/2018 (

Is ANYBODY surprised that Susan Collins will be supporting Gina Haspel?


Why Our Revolution Fails to Endorse Winning Candidates

Adam Schiff Rips Pence: He's 'Brought His Sycophancy to a Whole New Level' With Call to End Probe

When Cohen is indicted he could be facing life in prison.

Reclaiming virginity

Three progressive measures going on Missouri's November ballot

This morning, more than any other morning, I am disturbed by the DUers OPs.

So what charities has Trump been donating his salary to?

Preet Bharara Speaks on Potential Run for NY Attorney General: 'I Don't Know If I Want That Job'

Grassley tries to nudge Supreme Court justices into early retirement

White House slams Iran for suspected strikes on Israel

The Trump administration wants to unwind child labor laws

Yup, John Fugelsang went there, and I am tipping my hat.

Have Other Companies Besides AT&T, Novartis & KAI Sought Influence Of Trump?.....

'When gerrymandering backfires': Democrats go after once-safe GOP seats


Florida International University demands reporters delete and stop showing pictures of bridge cracks

Matt Dillahunty on Christians who assume that good people _can't_ be atheists

Cracks where FIU bridge buckled may have signaled 'imminent failure'

Question for the artistically inclined.

May 9, 2018 - Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

The boys show the girls how brakes aren't really necessary.

Food for thought:

Holy Schiff

Do All D.C. Politicians Have Their Own Michael Cohen.....

Newly released Facebook ads show Russian trolls targeted Mexican-Americans after Trump election

Why are Hannity and Laura Ingraham scared to have Michael Avenatti on their shows ?

DOE looking 'very closely' at Cold War-era law to boost(save) coal, nuclear production

Mussolini's dream of fascism is happening

Four Experienced Department of Labor Solicitors Announce Retirement

Adelson gives $30 million to help GOP save the House

So he's bragging about the release and getting as many pics in as possible.

Reality TV President says "He was not aware of Cohen's slush funds"..

Here's a way we can all help:

The full list of Columbus Nova domain names -

Once Again Trump's Policy Benefits Russian Interests, Not Ours - Joe Conason

Gas Prices Push U.S. Consumer Comfort to Three-Month Low

Kasich Refuses To Endorse DeWine For Ohio Governor Over Medicaid Fears


Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

Connie Schultz: You, Too, Would Do This to Save the Life of Your Child

Trump says meeting with North Korean leader set for June 12 in Singapore

Trump Will, No Doubt, Come Back from Meeting Kim Jong Un with an Agreement

Pence: Michael Cohen's Huge Business Contracts Are A 'Private Matter'

Grassley to SCOTUS justices - please retire now

Rep. Ted Lieu On Cohen Business Practices: 'Pay To Play On Steroids'

Gas prices!!!

Why didn't Trump bring the families of the hostages to greet them?

Family claims ICE violated rights during arrest

Hope Dolt45 gets Nobel Peace Prize

AHCHOO - Pollen Bomb

Singapore, eh? Well, Good News Donald!

Trump might be hurting U.S. businesses by leaving so many ambassador posts empty

Scott Pruitt's 'red team-blue team' debate prep largely left out mainstream climate scientists

Diplomacy?!?!?! dRump bringing home the Koreans is a sign of Diplomacy? Really? Calling someone

GOP eager for Trump intervention in contested Senate primaries

Sauteed Chili shrimp appetizer recipe

If it is found that trump committed treason to win the election, why can't we demand Hillary

Facebook (Foreign) & Google/Youtube (ALL) block ads in Irish Abortion Referendum

UPDATED - Trump hits 'Cryin' Chuck Schumer' over past opposition to Iran deal

California Neo-Nazi Senate Candidate Wants Trump To 'Name The Jew'

UPDATE: Two people killed by Amtrak train while walking on tracks in Chester

As always, Russian State Television "fills in the blanks" of Trump foreign policy:

California Democratic Party 2018 State Proposition Endorsements

Science Has Journals Where Theories and Evidence Are Published and Disputed

Gov Murphy delays move that could have hurt thousands of psychiatric patients

Giving NK the world stage

When the next Holy War is called

Gasoline up 30c/gal here from 1 week ago. Thanks Donnie. That tax cut won't even cover this.

Anoother update on our friend who had spinal stenosis surgery...

Trump Jr to play bigger role in mid-term elections..

'I'm Not Salmon Shit. I'm A Salmon': Alex Jones Lashes Out At Skeptical Fans

"All politics are local"

Amtrak employee struck, killed on tracks near Bowie State

"The Art of the fool"?

Senator Bernie Sanders Set to Appear at June Rally for Disney Resort Workers

Senator Bernie Sanders Set to Appear at June Rally for Disney Resort Workers

Giuliani resigns from law firm due to 'pressing demands' of Mueller probe

"RUDY and the BEAST" - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Page Six Trump ally is running Mrs Trump Jr under the bus...

Ford announces temporary halt to production of F-150s

Morning Joe implicates vice president in Mueller probe:

Judicial Watch - Clintons and Uranium

Samantha Bee to Eric Schneiderman: 'You are trash and we do not need you'

I once read that one definition of a"conservative" is "a person who doesn't believe anything should

ECOT. Republican corruption in Ohio Education.

Truck crash spills 8 million dimes next to interstate

Coca-Cola, U.S. State Dept to use blockchain to combat forced labor

He told delivery driver he was Jesus and to bring the food inside. Then he attacked, police say Read

But, But...What about all that "Clean Coal"

That is Anthony Wall, in prom clothes, being lifted off the ground and choked by a Warsaw County...

Maryland Deplorable Radicals - Liberals Get Your Guns If Trump Impeached. Alternat.

Running into a few California bashers

Trump signs executive order to make it easier for military spouses to get jobs

Democrats, this move against students is a huge campaign issue

Levi Tillemann speaks: Progressive Steny Hoyer tried to bully from primary (VIDEO)

Seventeen deaths reported in Congo as Ebola outbreak confirmed

Russia-linked company that hired Michael Cohen registered alt-right websites during election

Trump thanks Kim for being "excellent" to American prisoners

The Most Interesting Thing About Stephen Colbert's Monologues Is The Wall Behind Him

Giuliani Forced to Resign from His Law Firm

Nuclear waste could be headed to West Texas under house bill

Military Cites Broad Failures, but Assigns No Direct Blame in Deadly Niger Ambush

Mahathir sworn in as Malaysia prime minister

John McCain on Gina Haspel for CIA Director.......NO

How the Supreme Court Grasps Religion by Linda Greenhouse

NJ mayor who shared Parkland conspiracy theory voted out of office

Open Carry Texas founder wants Olmos Park police chief fired after arresting gun rights activists

Here is some Iran irony...on steroids

Even the name "Essential Consultants" ....

"Everyone Knows It's Christie" Sandy And Richard Riccardi

Dems release zip files of Russian ads placed on Facebook

FEC allows candidate to use campaign funds to pay for childcare

LAST STOP ON OUR ROAD TRIP! Ghirardelli Chocolate & Ice Cream Store Day 12 Episode 31

Feinstein opposes Haspel

Poll: Majority of Republicans say FBI is framing Trump

Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump is a Distraction

Cheney calls for US to restart interrogation programs

Roseanne Barr's Risk-Taking ABC Revival Shakes Up TV Landscape

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 17, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Marlene Dietrich

'Deadpool 2' Trailer: David Beckham Gets An Apology, 'Boltneck' Doesn't

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 18, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Starring Alastair Sim

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 19, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Tracy & Hepburn in the 50s

'Rick and Morty' Scores Massive 70-Episode Renewal

The high cost of housing could be a winning issue in November

Oliver North:NRA is victim of 'civil terrorism' and 'cyberwar' from gun control activists

Newly Single Don Jr. Spotted With Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle

is the orange cheeto galled by President Obama's choice of residence???

Roll Red Roll Is One of the Most Horrifying Documentaries I've Ever Watched, and Everybody Needs to

U.S. 'net neutrality' rules will end on June 11 -FCC

Don Jr. stages "MAGA conservatism" (pro-gun, anti-media, anti-establishment) Midterm charm offensive

The phrase 'climate change' appeared in a draft Pentagon report 23 times. The final version...

The effort to conceal is indicative of something illegal or dishonest ...

Fears grow as Israel and Iran edge closer to conflict

Hubbell pulling away?

New NRA president says gun control activists are 'civil terrorists'

Team Trump: If You Vote Against CIA Torture Overseer Gina Haspel, You're a Sexist!

The Recurring Problem with Understanding Science

Trump Treasury nominee withdraws

Ryan seeks to tamp down GOP rebellion, saying immigration bill needs Trump support

... Wow ('Songbird John' McCain)

In Washington, union rips Harley-Davidson for closing Kansas City plant while opening in Thailand

Does all the money that's being paid to Michael Cohen rise to the level of bribery to Trump?

The companies who sent Cohen money are an example of how Trump operates. He is an evil motherfucker.

Trump Considers FL GOP Rep. Brian Mast For Veterans Affairs Secretary

"Top Millennial Injuries Reported at Urgent Care Facilities"

Russian Oligarch-Linked Firm That Paid Michael Cohen Was Also

D. Kos: Donald Trump gave a huge gift to Vladimir Putin, and may have saved the Russian government

Every time he opens his mouth....

Houston is being considered as site for 2020 Democratic National Convention

White Yale Student Calls Police on Black Student for Napping in Dorm

If the Democrats fail to re-take the House and Senate this year....

Barbecuing while black

Trump nominates Seattle lawyer to be U.S. attorney for Western Washington

Trump is no longer the worst person in government - By George F. Will

Braasch called cops on other black Yale student. he was making her "uncomfortable" , "didn't belong"

Gavin McInnes: 'Wearing A MAGA Hat Is Like Being Openly Gay In 1950'

As Wisconsin's and Minnesota's lawmakers took divergent paths, so did their economies

Pence passes burning bush, receives tablet containing one commandment for Mueller: "Wrap It Up"

Dems withhold support for immigration petition

NRATV host warns Trump will be impeached if GOP loses House

Rudy Giuliani Officially Done With Biglaw Career

EPA's Pruitt is an isolated, ignorant law breaker -- his EPA predecessor

Washington county files lawsuit against oil and gas industry over climate change

Iowa man shot by his own dog

King county files lawsuit against oil and gas industry over climate change

T-shirt of the day

McCain defends giving dossier to Comey: 'I would do it again'

Brian O'Neill: The house tends to win at casino Amazon

These are the 3,400 Facebook ads purchased by Russia's online trolls around the 2016 election

A little dark humor here.

I'm going to help a buddy get through chemotherapy.

I'm begging you, Mr. Mueller, please indict

Stupid shit that got said as the hostages landed at Andrews early this morning.


Reminder, no matter how much you do NOT want MATH to be MATH

Trump got 3 released from NK. Obama got 11.

What are the chances that Trump is going to take any deal with North Korea

Sessions' new border policy - legalized white nationalism

Pence says Mueller investigation went on for a year and that is enough. All I can say is:

Scott Dworkin: staffer told him that Nunes and staff are "targets" of Mueller.

NRATV host: "It's time for us to protect the crown."

CNN -The terrifying step Trump better not take on North Korea

Thursday TOONs: Cobbled Together Edition

I do believe it's time to send Michael Avanatti some money.

Cohen referred client with Kushner ties to lobbying firm

Pence says [Cohen] selling access to the president [#Trump] is a 'private matter'

'Cause I've seen regulation, and this ain't it.

Five Top ISIS Officials Captured in U.S.-Iraqi Sting

The Chickens, the Chickens, the Nunes Chickens are coming home to roost!

Wouldn't it be rather simple to find out where the money went??

I Never Took a Nap in the Dorm's Common Room

Does anyone know how Avanatti and Stormy Daniels made their first contact?

Was Monica Lewinsky a victim of sexual harassment or

I Call It "Leetsplaining". And I'm Done With It.

Iran Again in the Crosshairs...

Fux Noise host apologizes for letting torture-defending guest smear McCain

Iran's supreme leader reveals private letter Trump sent to Arab allies

With all the news breaking everyday and growing evidence getting stronger that Russia interfered

When in the hell did calling the G-D Cops for every minor BS thing become the norm?

PETA calls out Donald Trump Jr. on billboard as National Guard troops arrive in Laredo

Today is Salvador Dali's birthday

THIS is who we are GOD DAMMIT

Lock her up!

WV Utility Rates Are On The Rise

Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, 'It Worked on John McCain'

Former CIA Whistleblower arrested at Gina "Torturer" Haspel Confirmation Hearing.

Bernie Sanders has a new plan to raise wages, and it's a major signal on where the Democratic Party

At Sean Hannity properties in low-income areas, an aggressive approach to rent collection

Russian oligarch-linked firm that paid Cohen was also represented by Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz

It's true, torture works. It works on those administering it. Just look at that waste of oxygen

Where are the generals, admirals, and other military men and women to condemn this malignant clown ?

Policy Advisor for Pro-Trump Group Praises Nazis in Video

Airbnb Owner Blames Her Black Guests' 'Lack of Good Nature' as Reason for Her Neighbor Calling the P

World Party - She's the One live

Russians' Biggest Facebook Ad Promoted 'Blue Lives Matter'

US says Iran nuclear inspections must continue: officials

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for parts of DC, MD, NC, VA, WV until 7 PM EDT

Fox host apologizes for letting torture-defending guest smear McCain as producer told him to end...

BREAKING: Devin Nunes, his staff and the GOP House Intel Cmte staff under investigation!!!

Steve Schmidt just described Mike Pence's behavior as

'The Hill' Scrubs Articles By Pro-Trump Group Adviser After 'Mediaite' Report on Nazi Remarks

Steve Schmidt just called Pence a "Titanic Fraud"

Fox's Gasparino to Joe Piscopo: Next Year Your Listeners Are 'Gonna Get Screwed' by Trump's Tax Cuts

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 10, 2018

Ebola Is Back. And Trump Is Trying to Kill Funding for It.

Deadpool Apologizes to David Beckham

If Mueller is forced to turn sensitive document over to Nunes

Vigil today at 5PM in Mt. Pleasant following ICE raid

Here's Why Allowing Churches To Endorse Candidates Is A Terrible Idea

Baltimore Police Chief Darryl De Sousa charged with failing to file taxes

State officials say Abdul El-Sayed is eligible to run for Michigan governor

Just read this on FB.

if an undeniable body of evidence emerges that Trump et al conspired with Russian spies in 2016...

Don't forget, if Haspel is confirmed, it's ALL THE DEM'S FAULT

Novartis CEO tells employees 'we made a mistake' in making deal with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

From the horse's mouth

Europe can't count on US protection any more: Merkel

Just released: Bernie Sanders will be in Washington!

What will we remember most about the Trump Era? The convoluted headlines:

Truth, Media and Trump

2016 Russian Facebook ads targeted Texas secessionist movement, documents show

Angela Merkel: Europe Can No Longer Rely on U.S. Protection

The cost of dying might be going up due to tariffs.

When Gerrymandering Backfires

Jefferson County Sheriff, former candidates plead not guilty to criminal charges

Number of Incarcerated Women, Girls Jumps 700 Percent

Most Republicans Say Trump Is Being Framed by FBI

Homeland Security Secretary Was Close to Resigning After Trump Berated Her.

Republicans Are the Party of No Ideas

Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Law Firm Fires Back After He Resigns

Package at Beaumont church 'broke out windows, put holes in office walls'

NJ June 5th Primary - Last Day to Register is May 15th

Homeland Security Secretary Defends Separating Families Who Cross Border Illegally

Another huge mistake not getting Russ Feingold elected.....Judgeship vacant for years

Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle takes Don Jr. off the singles market

White House official mocked 'dying' McCain at internal meeting

Ridiculous arguments about torture after 911

Trump rally in Elkhart Indiana, crowd is chanting "Lock her up"

There was a post here yesterday about someone at Fux saying horrible things about

The roof is done Thought you'd like to see

YUP, Ari reports Cohen pitched merger help to AT&T

Banner day eagle watching

Cohen's $600,000 deal with AT&T specified he would advise on Time Warner merger

WaPo Editorial Board: Gina Haspel fails the test

Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen close to resigning after Trump berated her

51 Year Ago Today: NASA's M2-F2 accident. Iconic footage that gave rise to Steve Austin

Fox News analyst says torture 'worked' on John McCain: 'That's why they call him Songbird John'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 May 2018

Iran's supreme leader reveals private letter Trump sent to Arab allies

Republican Steve Schmidt blasts Trump for boast about TV ratings for hostage release

Internal emails show top EPA official lobbied to loosen air pollution rules before joining agency

It's Open Season on Black People -Three sacked after 'dine and dash' accusation backfires

Trump administration to reconsider housing bias protections

Sarah Braasch, the white woman who called police on Black grad student defends slavery...

Mike Pence on adultery: "Is adultery no longer a big deal in America?

FTC Warns of Predatory Warranty Programs by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Hyundai, HTC, & ASUS

'Train Wreck': Lawyers For Past Presidents Gawk At Trump Legal Chaos

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I know many DUers hate him but I love Ralph Nader

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The Iran Agreement


Don Blankenship Vows to Tank GOP's Chances to Win West Virginia Senate Seat

Trump brags about high ratings with Freed prisoners from North Korea......

Avenatti on who is paying the legal fees for Stephanie Clifford

Does the media fear Avenatti?

I could cry, every damn thing the Rs have done to us in WI is being done now nationally...

Rick Moranis Joins 'SCTV' Reunion Documentary for Netflix

Avenatti's on Hardball right now.

CNN - NYT reports DHS Secretary nearly resigns after Trump berates her in front of Cabinet members.

Stormy does New Orleans (last night)

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Welcome to the Confederate Republic of America

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new graffiti at Duke University

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Fox News military analyst says torture is effective because it worked on 'Songbird' John McCain

Does Idiot look like a puffer fish to anybody else?

Islamic Golden Age-Jewish-Muslim Relations And Its Fall

When I see KGB operatives spreading their propaganda, I do this

Homeland Security Denies Report That Secretary Drafted Resignation Letter

Goddamnit, here goes $20 to the Arizona Democratic Party.

Cindy McCain responds to White House scumbag via Twitter.

WAPO: In bid to reveal secret memo, GOP congressman plans to seek federal audit of Mueller probe