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LOL Mueller

'Bi-sexual' beetles don't swing both ways...they're just inept at mating, study shows

Beach kitty:

Nurse Charged In Death Of Ex-Trump Adviser H.R. McMaster's Father

Don't bother telling me that is naive,unrealistic, childish, etc. I just really wish Rosenstein

Woman reports she was raped by officer. Detective drives her to home of accused cop...

Everything That's Happened Since Trump Killed the Iran Deal

GOP senators to McConnell: Cancel the August recess

Trump is not uber-rich. He always needs money. I'd bet Trump got a cut from deals Cohen made

NC-09: Democrats Scored a Big, Unexpected Win in the May 8 Primaries

A Mass Decimation of Forests Is Happening Across The US, And No One's Paying Attention

John McCain is poking Trump where it hurts this week

Man Allegedly Used Change Of Address Form To Move UPS Headquarters To His (Chicago) Apartment

Paul Ryan backs Nunes in latest dispute with DOJ

I think that the Black Women in our country will save us.

Another treaty Trump wants to break

I think it's time we define what it means to be a deplorable.

"Pence sprinted toward Trump and laid a massive bear hug on him. And he's never let go."

Sunset before the thunderstorm

Trump to Drop Call for Medicare to Negotiate Lower Drug Prices.

A Nader primer on how he helped and kept bush in office...

New evidence shows that our anti-poverty programs, especially Social Security, work well

Ok, ladies... Ari Melber is filling in for Rachel tonight...

Louisiana Nursing Home Crisis

DOL director resigns after statewide protests over her cooperation with ICE

My first computer...

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 13 - Mother's Day

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Pulling Out!

RUDY and the BEAST - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

TCM Schedule for Monday May 14 - Fairy Tale Theater


Check out UPS's new electric trucks

We didn't say Nobel Prize...

Risk of explosive eruption from Hawaii volcano rising, scientists warn

Rome: Scott Pruitt dines at 5-star restaurant with Cardinal under investigation for child sex abuse.

White House official mocked 'dying' McCain at internal meeting

Jon Meachem says....

Atheist Eve

It's really simple. If you love this country, you hate the Russian interference.

Self Delete

'I do not yield. Not one second to you. Not one second.' -- Rep. Maxine Waters will never stop...

I love Maxine Waters!

Charge! is having a spaghetti western film festival tonight.

GOP candidate boasts he would 'round up criminal illegals' himself in new ad

NRA President Oliver North Says Parkland Gun Control Activists Are Criminal Civil Terrorists

Attn Chicagoans - I'm visiting your fine city next week

Bobby Kennedy for President

White House cancels NASA program on greenhouse gas --report

Trump lies to his Deplorables once again, will NOT negotiate Medicare drug prices:

I just had my first fajita in 20 years. I'm in love. Why did I ever stop

AT&T Insiders Amusingly Attempt To Explain Cohen Payments

How Dare You Make A Call To Displace A Person

2 Questions. 1. "How many family, friends and associates are willing to go to jail for Trump"?

Venezuela suddenly conciliatory now that Conoco is now seizing PdVSA assets

The synonyms and antonyms of the word cruelty define the parties

Another billboard

Question came to me at work

SK defense company that paid Trump lawyer Cohen $150K is poised to win part of a $16B Pentagon deal

Korea Aerospace (Cohen's other "client") gets big Pentagon contract.

Dipshit Diplomacy: Donnie Dotard's Dumbfuck Doctrine (Ferret/ShowerCap)

What is it with the stiff headshots

May primary gives Democrats the most choices for governor since 1998

The real reason AT&T was paying Cohen....

World's largest gold miner puts $38 million bet on new Idaho project

Brian Williams: Rudy left his firm to work full time for Trump

Idaho approves first grizzly bear hunting season in more than 40 years

Conan O Brien........

Netanyahu wanted Trump to exit Iran deal.

When Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook all got temporarily rerouted thru RUSSIA.

I'd love to see the DU Hate Mail Bag right about now.

US Issues Apology After Canadian Minister Told To Take Off Turban At Airport

Idaho AG to investigate 'newspaper' mailed to voters

Good question: If you were conspiring with Russia to hack the election wouldn't you make sure

Crapo campaign used D.C. condo 81 times at no cost

Oh god - these two responding to each other is perfect....Twitter post 2016

I say again: The turnabout by N Korea smells bigly to me.

Fuck You Trump, Obama Dealt With Far More Negative Press...

City of New Orleans

Found a kitteh live cam in a search:

Seth Meyers - Mac and Cheese Bagels, California Marijuana Sales - Monologue - 5/9/18

This week marked the 20th anniversary of the first iMac release.

OMG....THEY'VD cracked the comedy

Seth Meyers - Trump Supporters Think He Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize: A Closer Look

Melania and Ivanka hosted military moms today. Update and correction.

Prosecutor: Top Baltimore police official didn't pay taxes

The Daily Show: Rudy Giuliani's Catastrophic Media Blitz

The Daily Show: Michael Cohen's Secret Side Hustle

Parkland Shooters Brother Zachary Cruz Seeking New Life in Virginia

Republican NJ mayor who shared Parkland conspiracy theory voted out of office

7 found dead with gunshot wounds on west Australia property

What's that smell? Flower town's shift to pot creates stink

Ex-student sues Washington State University over 2015 incident at frat house

The First Native American Congresswoman in US History Could be Elected This Year

Total Energy Production, Capacity Utilization of Danish Wind Turbines Over 30 Years Old.

Lois Cunningham - "How Great Thou Art"

If We Don't Believe EPA on Climate Change, Why Do We Believe DOL on Unemployment Rate?


My Little Pony Letter of the Day is "M"....

"Fever" - Peggy Lee

Couple of Avenatti tweets

Parents attack prom king for wearing dress; peers think he's fabulous

2 dipshits talking is better than one ...

Credit to Trump?

Border Patrol is opening up an office in Spokane to be staffed by around 30 agents

Student says she was ordered to cover up her gay pride shirt

WSU athletics in hot water after internal audit discovers accountability and management issues

Worst mass shooting in 22 years in Australia, 7 dead, here's a question -- no googling/research:

You ignorant f.......say that again and choke on that raspberry....

Disagree with Rick on this one....these wise guys are two peas in the same pod...

Han and Leia cosplay

Seattle Mayor Durkan Proposes Smaller Head Tax, Setting Up City Hall Showdown

Just heartwarming....

They should bury this creepy corrupt f...

Bond markets

Primal Scream - Rocks

Sheryl Crow - Steve McQueen

Rumour: Captain Marvel will be a bigger game-changer than Avengers: Infinity War

Remind the Simpleton that he signed Melanias executive order this week...

U2 - Angel Of Harlem

Open Thread: Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Palin: Hearing that McCain regrets picking me for VP is a 'perpetual gut-punch'

Holder/Obama group spent $50,000 on successful Ohio redistricting ballot measure.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/10/18

Scott Pruitt dined with Cardinal accused of sexual abuse

A Strike Is Likely as Negotiations Stall Between UW and Student Employees

Oregon lawmakers told to plan on a weeklong special session

Farmworkers entitled to minimum wage for some tasks, high court says

Jake Tapper Rips Retired Gen. Tom McInerney For Insulting John McCain

Seattle sugary drinks tax generates $4M in first 3 months

Jake Tapper Rips Retired Gen. Tom McInerney For Insulting John McCain

Federal Employees Face Cuts To Retirement Benefits And Pay Freezes

Who thinks the Con allowed Cohen to keep the money from those

Labor-backed group asks WA state AG Bob Ferguson to charge Amazon with felony over head-tax threat

Strong Winds To Hit North Bay, May 11-12: Advisory

My mother of blessed memory

Why no defense of McCains character by the Turtle

Porch tomatoes- looking for advice and tips

Hawley blames higher ed for leftist ideology

The Last Slave Ship Survivor - Interviewed in the 1930's

Iowa man says his dog shot him while they were playing

McCaskill struggling to woo black voters crucial to her re-election

Found A Lost Puppy Yesterday

Friday TOONs: Back in Business Edition

Friday Morning

America on the Couch

Black Friday

Friday Foster

Friday on my mind

5000 turn out for Hillary in Melbourne

School 'forces LGBT+ students to read the bible' as punishment

Democrat mounts campaign for GOP write-in votes!!

Senator Bernie Sanders Set to Appear at June Rally for Disney Resort Workers

JK Rowling has found the perfect way to troll Trump and his huge signature

John Kelly: Undocumented Immigrants 'Don't Integrate Well; They Don't Have Skills'

When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn't leave her alone, she was freaked out...

Gavin McInnes: 'Wearing A MAGA Hat Is Like Being Openly Gay In 1950'

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot runs, jumps

Interesting email from my brother-in-law (and Trump fan) on the subject of "lying"

The origin of Superheroes: Harvey Birdman

The Rundown: May 10, 2018

Art of the Week: Week of 5/9/18

I figured out part of Catastrophuck's infrastructure plan this morning.

If Ollie North is the head of the NRA, it's time to welcome Pete Rose to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Should Donald Trump Be Impeached?

Trump plan for drug prices seen largely sparing industry

Liberals & Conservatives agree on Citizens United

What racism is

The Problem With Faith: 11 Ways Religion Is Destroying Humanity

Two freed hostages, the shadow of a third, bookended by Don & Melania. Best ratings EVAH.

Every Democrat Should Support Bernie Sanders's New Labor Bill

U.S. Hits Iran With New Sanctions

Faith is (probably) the problem; Doubt is (possibly) the solution

WH Dumps NSC Global Health Security Officer Same Week Ebola Outbreak Confirmed In DRC

Iran nuclear deal: France condemns US move to re-impose sanctions

More than 3,500 Russian Facebook ads released by Congress

Kenneth Starr Was a Witch Hunter. Robert Mueller Is a Prosecutor.

Morality: The Problems With Faith

White people have always

How Jay Sekulow Keeps Surviving Trump's Legal Team Purges

Iran is re-starting their nuclear program

In 18 Years, Fire Has Utterly Changed NM Forests; Pine Forests Replaced, May Never Return

Michael Avenatti Fires Back at Tucker Carlson And His 'Mop Hair': 'What Are You, 6 Yrs Old?'

Shitstain Elminates NASA GHG Monitoring Program, Because $10 Million Too Much, 'MURCA, FUCK EARTH!!!

Lawmakers weigh Plan B to protect Mueller's work

Fox News Bans Guest Analyst Who Said Torture 'Worked' on John McCain

Kelly: "Vast majority of immigrants don't have skills and don't speak English".

Since Pruitt's Arrival, More Than 700 Have Quit EPA; Security, Superfund, Comms Directors Since 4/18

Michael Avenatti: 'We have 'more e-mails, texts, other financial info' to share'

Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance

Thousands in Iran protest Trump's decision to withdraw from nuclear deal

If Saudi Arabia decides to increase oil production it could kill OPEC

Trump frees some jailed Americans overseas -- but endangers others

Looking for a better term than "calculated desensitization" to describe a certain behavior

Parnate and Lithium Carbonate, my upcoming combo

I bet Trump was super disappointed that the Americans freed from North Korea weren't white

hey @BarackObama, imagine the gun-control legislation Trump would immediately pass if you joined NRA

Trump reassures anxious hawks that he's willing to walk away from North Korea talks

CNN panel: Trump just doesn't know how to be president

Trump: "Peace on Earth"

Donny Deutsch: no doubt Trump pocketed Cohen's pay-to-play cash: 'This is a guy who sold steaks'

guardian has

Florida Insiders Give Advantage to Scott In Senate Race

GOP has few takers for 2020 convention

I got my ER visit bill today

Trump's Kim Jong Un Strategy: Gratuitous Blandishments

Harley-Davidson shuts news media out of its annual shareholder meeting Milwaukee Wisconsin

Lawmakers weigh Plan B to protect Mueller's work

Trump: I'm hoping for new Iran deal that is 'better for them'

My case against Gina Haspel

How The Saudi Royals Turned Trump Into Their Tool

She rented an apartment owned by @SeanHannity. Then came the bedbugs, late rent and eviction.

Swamp Thing

Guess what story RT and Sputnik News are not reporting on.

"See? Trump keeps his word." (My Trump loving brother)

"Hiring Michael Cohen was a big mistake"

Zookeepers charged after Kodiak bear rides shotgun to Dairy Queen

Trump humiliated his own DHS secretary because he suspects she's 'a Bush family plant': report

Caracal kitten ringtone, anyone?

Two trainee priests sent back to Ireland after being found in bed together

UPDATE: AT&T CEO: Hiring Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was 'a big mistake'

First look: Mueller gains credibility among swing voters

Menendez questions Trump, his business about letter to Panama president in hotel row

Lawmakers takes step toward nullifying nuclear arms treaty with Russia

Protestants decline, more have no religion in a sharply shifting religious landscape

Trump in Indiana: "Fake News Media" would "not be happy about an extension on my presidency"

The WH hosted military spouses today.

He would have turned 100 today. Happy birthday, Richard Feynman

NPR Kelly Sadler: McCain Irrelevant, 'He's Dying Anyway,' White House Official Reportedly Says

First look: Mueller gains credibility among swing voters

Exclusive: Kirsten Gillibrand introduces a bill to crack down on immigration agents

Puerto Ricans are leaving their storm-ravaged island in search of work - & companies are recruiting

Yeah, fuck you chuck.

On Social Media's Fringes, Growing Extremism Targets Women

The Germans are way ahead of us.... WAY ahead!

BREAKING NEWS: Chief of Staff John Kelly: "Immigrants don't have skills and don't integrate well."

Welcome to the Confederate Republic of America - Part II

Brilliant move trump: Iran vows to restart nuclear program on an "industrial scale".

Political Winds, Not Science, Sway Conservative Republicans on Climate Change

America's oldest living WWII veteran turns 112, fueled by cigars, Dr Pepper and coffee

"This is who he is. This is all who he is. This is always who he is. There's no difference."

SNAP Food Stamps - Cuts to hit Rural Areas Hardest

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

Poll - Removing our troops from the Korean Peninsula

Sarah Palin: McCain's Regrets About Her Are A "Perpetual Gut-Punch," he preferred Lieberman

Sandoval County assessor accused of skipping work

Bob Quinn and AT&T CEO in Trump Tower supposedly discussing Jobs in Jan. 2017

The Trump Admin meeting with Military Spouses MYSTERY SOLVED!

Scott Hutchison: Frightened Rabbit singer's body identified

This is how the Korean "summit" is going to go down. Can Trump really sell it ?

The Sights and Smells of Sicily's Second City

Robocaller Hit With Record 120 Million Fine - CBS News:

Primetime BLACKOUT on Fox News of BOMBSHELL Michael Cohen Payments

Trump Threatens to "Take Away Media Credentials" for Negative Stories

Breaking News- Electoral Commission:Leave.Eu breached multiple counts of law referred to Met police!

Britain Apologizes for Role in Libyan Dissident's C.I.A. Nightmare

Mother's Day Brunch and Activities

Loyalty, unease in Trump's Midwest

Active shooter in California high school.

Now, so he will not be charged with violating lobby laws, Michael Cohen is a "consultant".

Philippine Supreme Court removes Duterte 'enemy' judge

Laughing at

What is wrong with these people? The warped soul of the Trump movement

Rio Grande may dry up through Albuquerque, NM

Rio Grande may dry up through Albuquerque, NM

Red shirt "colectivos" attack sick patients and journalists at protest with impunity

Southern Baptist leader apologizes for sermon example about teenage girl's physical appearance

One thing about these stupid 911 calls

Nunes Seems To Back Off Threats After DOJ Meeting

Millennials: The Next Generation

On Elliott Broidy and the RNC

Blankenship Pledges To Actively Work Against The GOP WV Senate Candidate

friendly reminder- if you still have your mom,

Big Collateral Damage at AT&T - By Josh Marshall


Sigh-- March of time - The death of elegance and style

Congressional F-bomb ad set to air Friday at noon

This is insane. In the United States of America as many as 20% of people incarcerated are behind...

Kelly Sadler Called Meghan McCain To Apologize For Joking Her Father Is 'Dying'

Dying for not affording insulin?

Woman accused of stalking, threatening Paradise Valley man

Friday A.M. Cuteness overload - Kitten brings in fresh kill to its human

Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009

Don't Mess With This Muslim From Texas--He Just Got Elected!

FBI Warned of Spy Links To Oligarch Who Paid Cohen

Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma

Chief Inspector Murphy catches up on his beauty sleep

Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009

Trump Envoy to Share Stage With Sanctioned Tycoon at Putin Forum

NPR: Torshin courted US conservatives including Trump since 2009.

Connected reporter says Trump enjoys almost nothing about his job -- except the Diet Coke bell

Meghan McCain Responds To White House Aid's Comment On Sen. John McCain's Cancer The View

FBI Warned Of Russian Intelligence Links To Oligarch In Cohen Payment Allegation

This Dog Spends 12 Hours Every Day Looking Towards The Station, Proves We Do Not Deserve Dogs

Police drag 65-year-old woman from car at traffic stop: Video

Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009

Facebook clickbait.

Mueller Probing Donors to Trump Inauguration

EXCLUSIVE: Special counsel probing donations with foreign connections to Trump inauguration

David Hogg tweet:

Is there a difference?

Oh Jimminy! I usually have to travel to eagle watch...

Go along with US sanctions, and you'll face jail: Russian lawmakers warn

Trump Was Told of Schneiderman Assaults Years Ago, Lawyer Says

Avenatti: " There is significantly more evidence and facts to come..."

Violin Concerto Ludwig van Beethoven

Trump and California are set to collide head-on over fuel standards

Rolls-Royce Debuts Its First SUV, the $325,000 Cullinan

What's this called?

Ok, this AI stuff is starting to get creepy (Google's Duplex)

You must read this. I can't explain but it is explosive.

The great square dance conspiracy

Police confirm death of Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison

See what our government does to black men with legal guns

Lamb Stew, Now Lighter and Brighter

Trump Was Told of Schneiderman Assaults Years Ago, Lawyer Says (THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN)

Police confirm death of Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison

Four children among seven dead in mass Western Australia shooting tragedy

Democrats Lean Into Labor Issues

Nearly 80-Foot Tall Wave, Largest Ever, Recorded In Southern Hemisphere

Rhubarb Shows Off Its Stripes

Man changed address of UPS headquarters to his own apartment

Alex Jones inciting terror. and "hired mercenaries" is redundant.........

Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance

Crime show recommendations

He would have turned 130 today. Happy birthday, Irving Berlin

Good News: Americans With No Religion Greatly Outnumber White Evangelicals

Following the donation money

Der Spiegel cover: "Goodbye, Europe!"

Code of Conduct for Members of the United States Armed Forces

A little background on Peter Gleason - the lawyer seeking to seal Cohen records on Schneiderman

Any secret rooms in your house?

'Calling the Police' Is White People's AppleCare for Black People

Maybe I missed something

When this pit bull's cat best friend died, her mom brought home foster kittens -- and it was magic 🐶

Trump is an asshole's asshole. He's the kind of asshole other assholes look at and say, "Now THERE'S

I explain to my contemporaries that politics is about math first and philosophy, second

anti-war Mothers' Day Proclamation: Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870

Anti-War Mothers' Day Proclamation: Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870

Anti-WAr Mothers' Day Proclamation: Julia Ward Howe, Boston, 1870

Trump White House is about to have a bad day....heads-up - John Schindler tweet

Scott Walker is giving Wisconsin families $100 per kid. Democrats should learn from that.

So cool... I suspect an adaptation to reduce predation by birds of prey

I'm visiting my High School in Rome...

McConnell & McCain's famous thumbs-down on the ACA repeal.

Oh my Science! (Sarah Braasch edition)

Remote control for iphone camera ???

Teenager who killed husband after he raped her is sentenced to death in Sudan (FUCK PATRIARCHY)

Teenager who killed husband after he raped her is sentenced to death in Sudan (FUCK PATRIARCHY)

Another email Avenatti somehow got: Implies coverup

The Jim Jeffries Show Takes On The Incel Movement

Teenager who killed husband after he raped her is sentenced to death in Sudan (FUCK PATRIARCHY)

Jim Jeffries Show: How The NFL Exploits Its' Cheerleaders

The hidden crisis that's fuelling the 'incel rebellion'

The very public repudiation of Daniel Ortega

The gun nuts want us to think they are all prepared to use "second amendment solutions"

It's like inside every Trump scandal that we see there are 6 other Trump scandals that we don't see.

Jim Carey's most dead on painting to date.

Avenatti versus Trump (of same age) in the wrestling ring. Who would win?

Scott Lively Received 'Spiritual Confirmation' That Trump Has Been Transformed 'Into A Man Of God'

Avenatti knows intimately how the Rich Folks inside legal game is played.

Is Trump Wearing the same suit every day?

John Kelly's Racist Comments About Immigrants Are Not His First

Trump will lower drug prices

As Republicans surge, Ralph Nader turn the screws on Democrats (VIDEO)

Trump's got the prescription expert talking now...PRIVATE SECTOR

Mueller looking into foreign linked donations to Trump's inauguration

Sen. Cotton's bipartisan knack for being disagreeable

AT&T CEO Regrets Hiring Cohen Instead Of Just Dropping A Ton Of Cash At Trump International Hotel

GOP has few takers for 2020 convention

Why do John Fugelsang, Cenk Uyger and other "progressives" go on the air

Is the United States Too Big to Govern?

WTF! "Democrats Say They Don't Regret Making It Easier To Confirm Judges" HUFFPO

Good economic vibes fail to make GOP tax law popular

Japan's single women a burden on the state, MP says

Kissing Hank's Ass

A Lynching's Long Shadow

Sorry, John Kelly, 'overwhelmingly rural people' are a big part of 'our modern society'

At last, GOP...

Symantec stock downgraded en masse as analysts fret about internal audit

Huh? WTF? Regarding Schneiderman's accusers.

A sign in Maryland tells liberals to get their guns if they try to impeach Trump

Miami man made nearly 100 million robocalls. Now he's paying a big price.

Maxine Waters is the best

why is that useful jerk kelly suddenly all over the news? desperately trying to be relevant?

Farm animal rescue:

In Congress and in Many State Legislatures, Democrats Are the Minority Party

Dan Rather takes off the gloves: "slush funds, the money passing through Trump properties" and more

Oh no...

Joe Biden slams White House over Trump aide's remark about John McCain's illness: Decency

The Rundown: May 11, 2018

May 14 at 7PM - Town Hall - Breaking the Deal, Aftermath of Trump's Iran Decision

Trump blasts drugmakers, middlemen for high U.S. drug prices

WH press briefing has started

Antonio Villaraigosa: the clear choice for California governor

update on punky the monster puppy.

WV Republican said teachers won't "have any significant effect" on elections. They voted him out.

Final donation for man whose blood helped save 2.4 million babies

Some Folks Said - 'All We Need Is More Progressive Candidates'

Sarah Palin heaps praise on Julian Assange -- and apologizes for 'being a stinker to him'

Steve Schmidt could not have said it better...

Mike Luckovich: Real progress.

The Korean Denuclearization Deal in One Day. Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

So much for the Republicans being the "law and order" party

@ 30 min mark: SHS says Cohen "pay for play" PROOF that Trump won't be swayed by special interests

Kelly Walks Back Comment That Trump Is 'Embarrassed' By Mueller Probe

EXCLUSIVE Top State Department Nuclear Expert Announces Resignation After Trump Iran Deal Exit

Video: Deer stunned at sight of monster gator walking across SC golf course

Giuliani: Trump special counsel interview decision delayed

Senate Intel to hold closed-door hearing 5-16-18 re: Putin orchestrated a campaign to help Trump win

Fox News goes all-in trying to character assassinate Michael Avenatti

Why 80% of American Muslims fast during Ramadan. (It's not about the food.)

Board Suggests Firing Officer Who Killed Terrence Sterling

Now We Might Know What Trump Meant in Cryptic 2013 Schneiderman Tweet

Another thing for tourists to worry about in France....

4 Men face up to 30 years each for assaulting gay couple after Miami Pride

Trump's ABC's

Response re: Avenatti tweet about Cohen's attorney

Anti-gay group promises supporters that Prop 8 will come back to life sooner than people imagine

SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 first stage just successfully recovered

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 11, 2018

'Lucifer' Canceled By Fox After 3 Seasons

Wendy's 4 for 4 Burger May Soon Need a Microscope to See It

NYT: Service Meant to Monitor Inmates' Calls Could Track You, Too

Senator Sanders Statement on Trump Drug Prices Address

Not Just Michael Cohen: AT&T Met With Other Allies For Trump Intel

Senator Sanders Statement on Trump Drug Prices Address

Who here has criticized the German people for Nazism? Either retroactively or whenever?

New filing reveals Trump had damning information on investigator overseeing Trump University case

The notion that there are "2 wings within the Democratic Party", as someone posted, is dangerous.

🐦 May 19 - Sanders Announces Veterans Town Hall and Resource Fair - Northfield, Vermont

White House: AT&T's Cohen payment shows Trump can't be bought

Why are there ENDLESS Bernie Sanders threads in GD and

Who do I complain to about ABUSING the GD forum?

Cable news just going to town on 45 for Kelly Sadler remark.

🐦 May 13 - EXCLUSIVE: @SenSanders joins @jaketapper live this Sunday on #CNNSOTU.

Woman accused of sending a man 65,000 texts after one date.

Compare and contrast.

Colombia's former president target in 'international assassination plot'

Speech crimes land activist jail time

The jogging humanoid robot video that is 'terrifying' the Internet

EU/Iran/USA/Middle East

In preparation for upcoming election

Michigan's GOP has a plan to shield some people from Medicaid work requirements. They're...white

AT&T Exec Bob Quinn had private dinner w/ Trump FCC Chair after sending Cohen $$

MLK's daughter calls for Waffle House boycott until it has 'discussion on racism'

Re: Threats of violence from the right in places like Calvert County, Maryland

Virginia has a subway-style Amtrak map

Family goes for walk in cheetah area of wildlife park and runs for car.

Whoa Shep just quoted Biden on Faux

White House refuses comment about Sadler's McCain remark

Fox News claims The NY Times ignored a story it actually broke

STRATEGERY Trump Has No Plan to Counterpunch Michael Avenatti

New Analysis Looks at How Much Free Media Michael Avenatti Has Gotten -- And It's Huge

"Fuck the NRA"

Swim Until You Can't See Land; Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit Dead at 36

Please, please, Pretty Please...

Tesla's giant battery in Australia reduced grid service cost by 90%

There's No Good Excuse For The Racist Impact Of Michigan's Trump-inspired #Medicaid Proposal

Badda bing, Badda BOOM

FBI Warned of Spy Links To Oligarch Who Paid Cohen

Pierce: This Week in Toxic Caucasity

Bernie Sanders endorses Rich Lazer for Congress

Bernie Sanders endorses Rich Lazer for Congress

Project Veritas is trying to take down Ohio's teachers unions

Should we Decriminalize Physician Assisted Suicide

I'm guilty, I profile Blacks and other minorities.

Grassley: I'll Keep Open An Election Year SCOTUS Vacancy, But Trump, McConnell Won't Agree

What is Vladimir Putin's End Game?

And worth every dollar....

U.S. might invest billions to rebuild North Korea?

But it has no chance of passing...

Have any of you cancelled your AT&T acct?

Stick A Fork In QAnon: Alex Jones And Jerome Corsi Claim That QAnon Has Been 'Completely Compromised

So who leaked Kelly Sadler's comment trashing John McCain?

Mueller Closes In On Trump Loyalists with Russia Ties Who Funneled Cash To RNC

Ari Melber just now: "Ralph Nader was breathing fire last was so hot,

Abide in Darkness: China's War on Religion Stalls Vatican Deal

Pompeo Says N.K. Could Prosper If It Makes a Nuclear Deal

Isn't this defamation..?

My Canadian Pharmacy will no

Good news: William Barber Takes on Poverty and Race in the Age of Trump

Butterworth: " The Banks of Green Willow"/Vaughan Williams: "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis"/

Just Astonishing...

Former President Geisel Supported Executions during Dictatorship, According to CIA Document

Former President Geisel Supported Executions during Dictatorship, According to CIA Document

Let Them Eat Trump Steaks - By Paul Krugman at the NY Times

GOP Mass. governor candidate received 'spiritual confirmation' that Trump is now 'a man of God'

Witness Accuses City Councilor in Murder of Marielle Franco; Politician Denies Connection

Calling Avenatti a "pimp" did not work out well for Rudy...OR Trump, because Avenatti responded.

Is anyone actually here?

So Cohen went to AT&T according to AT&T's CEO

Trump picks billionaire military contractor to lead intelligence board

Giuliani calls Stormy Daniels lawyer a 'pimp'

Sheldon Silver Is Convicted in 2nd Corruption Trial

Afraid of Booing, Brazilian Presidential Candidates Avoid Speeches on May 1

What rock did he come crawling out of....

Cornell Belcher saying many of the things

Police Officer Says He Delivered Money to the Office of President Temer's Friend Twice

Giuliani was in court today, yep he was chasing an ambulance

Real Estate and Dirty Money...

Post office blames U.S. government -- not Amazon -- for billion-dollar loss

Almost a Darwin moment

Donald and Melania Trump's Marriage Is Most 'Awkward' Presidential Union in Modern Times: Historian

2018 US Governors Election prediction- If 2018 is a strong Democratic wave

Avenatti to NBC:

The Clinton's via their foundation, the Clinton's via their service to the nation

ghouliani accuses his own client of soliciting prostitution

WSJ: Mueller asks Ford for records after it rejected Cohen's overture.

And Now, For His Grand Finale, Paul Ryan Is Trying to Kick at Least a Million People Off of Food

Thank you to Maxine Waters !!!!!!

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Mueller Asked Ford for Records After It Rejected Michael Cohen Consulting Overture

FDA nugget: "i would certainly expect the levels of glyphosate in humans to rise over time........

Just put the pieces of the puzzle together (hint: not hard)

Hitherto unreleased Trumpy inauguration photos - The Hugest Ever!

Sounds like Trump's base

Dashcam video shows off-duty deputy trying to revive unresponsive infant on side of road

Good news: Willow Creek elders apologize for casting doubt on women's allegations.....

SMDH- Michael Cohen tried to shake down Ford

Biden hits White House comment on McCain: 'Decency' has 'hit rock bottom with this administration

Kelly on immigrants: "The children will be taken care of -- put into foster care or whatever."

Darwin Award winner of the month.

Norwegian Cruise Lines and the Union Representing Broadway Actors, Actors' Equity, Reaches First-Tim

Norwegian Cruise Lines and the Union Representing Broadway Actors, Actors' Equity, Reaches First-Tim

Pls recommend this thread if your favorite president's personal attorney didn't sell access to him

Hispanic Caucus chair blasts Kelly for 'bigoted comments'

A new aircraft carrier will be named in honor of tRump.

Avenatti strikes...

Judge gives Texas 1 week to fix violation of U.S. motor-voter law

Donnie hit the trifecta!

Alex Jones compares Maxine Waters to a 'mad dog'

2 members of secretive sect charged in unemployment scheme

Red Tide Produces Gorgeous, Glowing Waves Off The California Coast

More Flowers

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats floor/ceiling.

Tweety shows a flock of penguins getting in line when

Ex-aide: Officials intentionally kept Pruitt meeting with accused Cardinal off his schedule

Can A Cocktail Of Vitamins And Steroids Cure A Major Killer In Hospitals?

150 square yards of sod just delivered.

Appeals court reinstates challenge to Seattle rideshare law

Favorite romantic comedy?

Who is Kelly Sadler? Trump assistant who allegedly mocked John McCain's cancer revealed

WH hosted Military Spouses Luncheon: Picture has Zero A.A.

Air Force looking for can of explosives lost in North Dakota

Companies propose immigration detention centers for Midwest

"Save Big Money at Menards" spokesman passes away...

Acting lessons?

I now believe Joe Biden will run for President in 2020.

Avenatti: A combiination Of F. Lee Baily and Melvin Belli?

Trump close to wiping out TPS program for immigrants

MY ENDORSEMENT: Eleni Kounalakis for California Lt. Governor

"Save Big Money at Menards" spokesman passes away...

You have been WARNED: Leak all you'd like, But Sarah will NOT validate you. one way or another.