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Archives: May 16, 2018

Nikki Haley walks out of U.N. Security Council meeting as Palestinian envoy begins to speak

He won the lottery, then dumped $200,000 worth of $h!t on his boss's lawn!!!!!

Trumps Patience or Impatience has not a Damn Thing to Do with Mueller's Investigation

I've got it narrowed down. I've done too much LSD, I've lost my mind,

GOP Candidate Says Euthanize The Poor & Disabled Who Can't Work. Raw Story.

Researchers uncover genomic info linking extinct giant ground sloth to modern species

Has smoky-eyed Sarah had enough?

Researchers uncover genomic info linking extinct giant ground sloth to modern species

Ain't this the damned truth?

Maybe why repukes won't fall away for any reason?

Some Did Choose to Return to Slavery Because They Chose Family Over Everything

Thanks, alfredo, for motivating me

Have any of DU's travelers had experience with Eatwith?

Sen. Bernie Sanders says this one issue keeps progressive policies from advancing

Financial disclosure deadline traps Trump in a dilemma of his own making

So much happy

I am among those who sometimes feel emotionally depleted by the 24/7 "breaking news"

2018 Iowa Congressional Candidate Questionnaires

Anybody else getting a ton of Willie Horton type ads this election cycle

CA assisted death law was overturned in court.

I am imagining a modern-day monkish sort,

Hamas' catastrophe: Terrorists are chiefly to blame for the tragic loss of life in Gaza

Are journals gone?? cannot locate mine anymore...DUH just found it..nevermind :)

The Great Unraveling. This is a great read.

Trump Is A Rock Star To The People Of Israel

What's next for Nikki Haley?

CAP Ideas Conference: Sen. Sanders remarks at about 5:55:00 mark

NoVa Storm is a Whopper!

I get the impression that Trump isn't a poker player at all.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Pulling Out!

The woman in CA who called the cops on the guys grilling? She is employed by Stanford University

Saw my 1st election ad

How many Trump State Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2018 is vulnerable to defeat?

Trump officials faulted climate panel for having only 'one member from industry'

I saw my 1st Beijing Belly Bikini....

So the Trump crime family has gotten near 1 billion so far.

The cure for trumpism and RW conspiracy trash

Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning --- important read going into summertime

Muslim holy month Ramadan began tonight at sunset

Trump, 2016: "Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you!" 2018: Meet Gary Bauer.

Tale from my day working for Dems in SC PA today, and even my GOP "buds" there, makes me hopeful...

"24 Frames"...Jason Isbell

I Survived 2010 WC9

Why is Ron Reagan not a pundit on tv more?

Is there a primary-returns site anyone knows about?

You are invited to make the world a better place

Massive, life-threatening flood waters in Brunswick, Md.

"Cynthia Nixon ignites outrage for saying marijuana could be 'form of reparations' in black

CNN: Qatari investor confirms he attended Trump Tower meetings in 2016

Was There A Post Here The Other Day About Trump's Modeling Agencies....

Anybody having a problem with AcornTV?

Gleeful folly in the Mid East

Welcome Mat

Breaking news on North Korean summit.

The Sad Story of Citizen trump

Welp, there goes that summit. Per Lawrence

We will never know what Trump gave Kim to get those prisoners released.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen 'asked Qatari investor for millions of dollars' which he said he would 'pas

Drumming up entries for "Places to Eat" continued

Isn't it logical to assume that Ford wasn't the only auto company Cohen approached

Noble Prize...Noble Prize

Informal DU survey on internet habits

Congrats Summer Lee! & Sara Innamorato!! #SheRuns #BlueWave

That Russia-Trump Thing..Shugerblog, Masterful Timeline w/links

2018 PA US House Election- incoming female US House Members.

Opening Title song from Fiddler on the Roof

X-ray laser boils water into strange plasma state hotter than Earth's core

Scanlon beats Lazar in PA05, Wild leading in PA07

There's a Reason For Holes on The Tops of Pen Caps, And It's Surprisingly Awesome

Astronomers Have Found a Monstrous Black Hole That's Eating Stars Shockingly Fast

L ..O'D Breaking

Dinosaur parenting: How the 'chickens from hell' nested

Legitimate theology

More Cruelty, Racism, Inhumanity... Real or...?

Lead Pollution Found In Greenland Ice Core Shows Lead Emissions From Ancient Greeks And Romans

Women Score Major Victories in House Primary Races in Pennsylvania

The 7 Viking Ring Forts - Trelleborg

Susan Wild wins Democratic primary in PA 7th Congressional district.

How our ancestors with autistic traits led a revolution in Ice Age art


NYT: DOJ and FBI are investigating Cambridge Analytica

Seth Meyers - Jared Kushner's Speech, KFC's New Colonel - Monologue - 5/14/18

Seth Meyers - Late Night White House Press Briefing: Is Trump Through with Porn Stars?

Trump's pick to run Labor's pension agency: Mitch McConnell's (UNEMPLOYED) brother-in-law

H.A. Goodman, BernieBro Poster Child, Finally Admits He's a Trump Supporter

I am going to ask Europeans to help us in the US to educate our people.

The Daily Show: Police Called on Sleeping Black Student & Trump Meets Hostages from North Korea

Another scandal story related to FCC and Cohen.

Kristen Stewart flouts the "Women must wear heels rule" at Cannes

The Daily Show: The Trump Administration Is Plagued by Professional Leakers

Trump's new pick for head of CDC will make you sick

I don't think the economy is doing well

Wow! Looks like another progressive wins in PA!!!!

White people, stop calling Cops on people of color

Walter Schaub: bribery laws still apply to the President, and ordering a Cabinet member

John Fetterman, York County native, wins Democratic primary for lieutenant governor

Interesting Result in NE-2 Tonight

PA Primary results

Early primary report from Idaho, no links

Alexander Nix at the Trump Tower meeting as well?

At SMU, a big fight erupts over its little newspaper as Daily Campus alumni fear censorship

IMHO, Kim Jong Un just played Trump like the fool he always was

Disgraced ex-congressman Blake Farenthold won't repay taxpayer money used in sexual harassment suit

Former Trump campaign official thought he saw an email about Russian dirt on HRC in 2016

Lupe Valdez raises more money than rival Andrew White for first time

As Baptists swirl in controversy, this Texas pastor says preaching justice is 'evil'

Washington Post: The Democrats' most salient, combustive and unifying idea

Feds: 10 schemed to load drugs, weapons and explosives on aircraft at DFW Airport

The DU Underground WON tonight in PA!!!!

Did White Settlement honor Bandidos? This councilman says so, and now he has resigned.

Another Bernie thread...

Saccone is upset - again - in congressional contest, this time by Reschenthaler

Scandal-plagued lieutenant governor toppled by tattooed mayor for Dem nomination [in PA]

Eastman rides a progressive wave to the Democratic nomination in the 2nd District [of NE]

U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta captures GOP nomination for U.S. Senate [in PA]

Native candidate takes governor's primary in Idaho

[ID Gov. candidate] Paulette Jordan claims Democratic victory: 'We won this race by everyone.'

Braddock Mayor Fetterman pulls off upset victory in lt. governor race (Pa.)

Michelle Obama on 2016 election: 'What is going on in our heads where we let that happen?'

PEIA task force panel must find $50M per year of cost savings/new revenue

We did good tonight

Tweet of the Night

I can't enter the May Contest, but: Sometimes we like to eat at...

Spike Lee Blasts Dotard at Cannes

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/15/18

MSM should use Cambridge Analytica/Emerdata to expose CA's re-branding effort. I haven't heard

I for one, am glad ZTE and Investigation pushing McCain to back burner....

Hundreds In Israel And Beyond Protest Killings Of Palestinians On Gaza Border

Rally at West Virginia Capitol critiques Carson, defends food stamps

Words to live by in these trying times....we have to believe, we have no choice.

Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices for Prime members in new grocery showdown

We need to know more about this! GOP Leaders accepted Russian Money!

"Next Year in Jerusalem"

What do you hear?

Ground broken for $300M aluminum plant

LOL. Manafort's lawyers thought they could get a charge thrown out due to statute of limitations.

how to flip a GOP voter

Any GOP who signed the petition for the Nobel Prize for Trump

Wednesday Toons: Dear God, will no one think of the photo op?

COUNTDOWN to the RETURN of Trump's "Little Rocket Man" tweets...because you NEVER con the con.

Fox's Tucker Carlson Abruptly Ends Contentious Interview After Dem Calls Him Out

The Browns Are Talking About a New Stadium...

UPDATE: Novartis lawyer to retire over $1.2 million contract with Trump attorney Michael Cohen

The Latest: Israeli Military Sends Aid to Gaza

Former Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman Won't Get Jail Time for 26 Misdemeanors

Ohio House Republicans Are Attempting to Pass a New 'Stand Your Ground' Bill

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner blessed by rabbi who reportedly compared black people to monkeys

Wait a minute...

"He sent some tweets that said, "Fire and fury, little rocket man," and that to him is being tough"

I think this is appropriate...

Manchin Pushes EPA For Help On PCB/Cancer-Ridden Town Of Minden WV (Sure, They'll Get RIGHT On That)

...and, of course, of the North Korea summit falls apart, TRUMP IS FREE TO MEET WITH MUELLER! Sad.

Charlie and Lucy and the Art of the Deal

Visionary Leadership From Shitstain: New Global Institute To Promote "Clean Coal", More NG

More Visionary Leadership From Shitstain: Tariffs Halt $1.5 Billion In Solar Investments

BAD TIMING: Trump tweets Washington Examiner article praising how much he's winning.

Reverend William Barber Is Reviving MLK's Poor People's Campaign. He Got Arrested the First Day...

AK Moving Ahead On Climate Policy Because It's Utterly Obvious; Melting Roads, Sinking Towns

Arctic Basin Rapidly Losing Older, Thicker Ice; "I Don't Think There's Any Going Back At This Point"

The Cake Server - Joseph's Most Complex Machine Ever

Trump voters warn him not to fire Mueller: 'People would be suspicious'

Giuliani warns Mueller that Trump team has a Plan B and C if he doesn't end Russia probe.

White Fragility Digest #4: 16 May 2018

How do our allies look at Trump receiving 500M from China while asking them to sanction NK and Iran?

Democrats Flip a Pennsylvania Seat, Making 41 Since Trump's Inauguration

English-language translation of N Korea's latest statement, taking aim pretty clearly at John Bolton

North Korea Denounces Bolton, Threatens to Walk Away from Trump Summit

About NK, China and Biff

Warm Oceans, Displaced Polar Air, NOAA Outlook: E. Coast Likely Target Of Severe Storms This Month

Republicans are hiding behind the Mueller investigation.

Shaun King: Who this this bigot in Midtown Manhattan? What's his name?

Assange Hacked Ecuador Embassy Comms System, Set Up Own Internet

Bill Browder: More (beyond believable) "heart attacks" related to Magnitsky murder play

Republicans' Double Talk On Exempting Rural Whites From Medicaid Rules

The Rundown: May 16, 2018

Ivanka speaks for potus...not US

Reports: Outspoken Russian Playwright Found Dead

The Lawlessness

Reports: Outspoken Russian Playwright Found Dead

the story (OP) of the black investor

Eastman rides a progressive wave to the Democratic nomination in the 2nd District

More than 1 million students to miss school as teacher revolt sweeping nation heads to new state

Democrats Rally Behind Women

Guatemala opens embassy in Jerusalem, two days after U.S. move

Another White girl Who Called The Cops On Black People At A BBQ Has Been doxxed

Luckovich: "Wipe Feet Before Entering"

North Korea expands threat to cancel Trump-Kim summit, saying it won't be pushed to abandon its nuke

Ronan Farrow on Rex Tillerson: He Told Me He Didn't Know What He Was Doing As Secretary of State

Italy's populists aim to challenge EU on debt and migrants

Rebecca Solnit : the coup has already happened

The Lingering Mysteries of a Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Faith no more: Why young Australians are rejecting religion

NY LCV Honors Trump-Donating Billionaire, I Guess Because He Admits Warming Is Real

Article about me in today's New York Times

Women sweep to victory in House primaries

Did Democrats Just Have Their First Tea Party Moment Of The 2018 Primaries?

Where did "Muh Nobel" go ?

Raw Data: Religion in America

Democrats Rally Behind Women

Longtime Trump Lawyer Slams Giuliani As 'Polarizing Figure' Who Shouldn't Deal With Mueller

Why Are People Falling for Fake Intellectualism?

White House Can't Explain How China $500 Million Doesn't Violate Constitution

Senate Judiciary releases transcripts of interviews with participants in Trump Tower meeting

Warren Steals Show at 2020 Audition

Austalian GHG Emissions Up 1.5% In 2017; Third Straight Year Of Increases, Across All Sectors But 1

Trump statements get scrutiny in DACA appeal

Privilege walks.

Trump team ready to 'pressure' Mueller at probe's one-year mark

4/9 Normally CO's Peak Snowpack Day; This Year, Upper Rio Grande 46%, Gunnison 57%, Arkansas 63%

Snowflake Trump

AT&T, Novartis, and others made a deal with Michael Cohen even though they did not know....

FBI Search Of CIA Leak Suspect Turned Up Photos Of Sex Assault On Unconscious Friend

Finally! Ballot cast #968 after reinstating voter registration. Complaint #1440 ...

Huckabee Sanders: White House leakers 'should be fired'

Sanders Leads Call to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Doctor accused of fraud and misdiagnosing patients to fund 'opulent lifestyle'

Senator Sanders Leads Call to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

The Senate Judiciary Committee has just released 2500+ pages on the Trump Tower Meeting

White House stokes California Republican revolt

Here are the notes Manafort says he took on his iPhone during the Trump Tower meeting --

White Nationalist Leaders Don't Want to Return to Charlottesville for Anniversary Rally

What should US policy with respect to North Korea be at this point?

Notice: Choir Practice Has Been Moved to Thursday Evening

"Brian Eno is now 70 years old, but he possesses more energy than most people half his age."

Senate panel releases Trump Tower meeting transcripts

Religious people are less likely to get bored, which makes them less inclined to search for meaning

Anyone go to Concerts at U-Hall in Charlottesville back in the day?

I had a good chuckle, this morning, as I was getting breakfast.

Some Scoff at the Idea of a Choir of Atheists?

Trump's Brutal Policies Target the Most Vulnerable Americans

Does Anyone Else Find the Melania Kidney Thing a bit Hinky?

Gina Haspel, Trump's pick to lead CIA, wins support of Senate Intelligence Committee

Oh damn this is making me scream with laughter.


Trump Jr.'s team pressed for unified story on Trump Tower meeting

Deadly explosion in Aliso Viejo came from suspicious package, may be intentional, sources say

Why The HELL Does Donald Trump Want To Save Chinese Jobs?

President Trump snookered voters with his promise of 'populism'

Dem lawmaker says new revelations show the GOP is covering up Russia scandal

How can the U.S. broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians ...

This Is Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel (VICE on HBO, Full Segment)

Israel says Hamas curbed Gaza protests after Egyptian warning

Gas Prices Jump As U.S. Exits Iran Deal

Mackinac Island named the No. 1 summer destination in America

Don Jr appears to admit Daddy played role in drafting statement lying to America re: Trump Tower Mtg

The Democratic Party Has an 'MSNBC Problem'

President Trump Responds to Kim Jong Un's Challenge

Hamas official: 50 of the 62 Gazans killed in border violence were our members

198 million Americans hit by 'largest ever' voter records leak

"That's not what we do": Republicans balk at confronting Trump over McCain smear

Hamas could have chosen peace. Instead, it made Gaza suffer.

Trump voters warn him not to fire Mueller: "People would be suspicious"

He's campaigning for governor of Georgia on a 'deportation bus'

Senate Transcripts Show Donald Trump Jr. Has a Really Hazy Memory on All Things Russia

Tennessee to become the 1st state in the nation to make community college free for all adults

RED ALERT: The White House and conservative groups are unveiling a new health care repeal bill...

Too funny. Another pix trolling the woman who called the cops on the picnic in Oakland

Trump Bashes CNN, Washington Post Over ZTE Coverage: 'There Has Been No Folding' With China

Ya know - After 3+ decades of smoking

Democratic Small Donor Group Close to Raising a Massive $1 Billion For 2018 Midterms

The Bottom of The Ocean is Littered With Plastic

Lindsay Graham is not John McCain's friend and never was.

McConnell Calls For White House Aide To Publicly Apologize For McCain Joke

LA Times Trump went from 'America first' to saving jobs in China. This could be why

Man who set up Trump Tower meeting with Russians also offered Trump personal rendezvous with Putin

Doug Jones to oppose Haspel as CIA chief

Republican Pledge of Allegiance, to Corruption

The market value of the spare cot in Assange's room at the Ecuadorian embassy has just skyrocketed

Why the Judiciary Committee released the Trump Tower transcript today ??

Trump Picks Mitch McConnell's Brother-In-Law, Gordon Hartogensis, To Lead Pension Agency

Does anyone think Don Jr. would lie to the Senate Judiciary Committee?

The Army's First Black Nurses Were Relegated to Caring for Nazi Prisoners of War

Putin beaten by a cat as first to cross $4 billion Crimea bridge

It's all in the eye of the beholder

Woo hoo!! Paulette for the win!

Did I just hear that the EU will ditch US dollars for oil purchases from

With this administration full of filthy criminals and rampant corruption ...

Republican religious extremist who sponsored anti-gay First Amendment Defense Act loses primary

Thousands of NC teachers marching through downtown Raleigh toward legislature

The Rude Pundit: Trump's Racism Towards Immigrants Hurts Everyone (Even His Voters)

Man died after lighting cigarette while wearing oxygen mask

As hopes for NK nuclear talks disintegrate, the internet reminds Trump he was warned

YouTube removes Georgia GOP candidate's "deportation bus" video for hate speech

Who should we nominate in 2018 and 2020 primaries? Very simple.

Hamas official: 50 of the 62 Gazans killed in border violence were our members

White man freaks out after hearing Spanish spoken in NYC & threatens to call ICE - he's laughed at

A conversation with my golden retriever

Too funny. Another pix trolling the woman who called the cops on the picnic in Oakland

Steve Bannon Got Russian 'Evidence' From Rob Goldstone During Transition

You knew that it was coming... Because it's ONLY WEDNESDAY!

At 3 a.m., NC Senate GOP strips education funding from Democrats' districts

How the Enlightenment Ends (The Atlantic)

Let's do the Wednesday Dance again!

Putting 'White House' on the resume is less of a boost

Senate Judiciary Dems: Clear Evidence of Trump/Kremlin Talks

New monster in Role Playing World-Tr'ump Demon a.k.a. Demagogue Demon

St. Louis police open perjury probe into investigator in Greitens case

Dear trump supporters.

Four socialist-backed candidates win Pennsylvania legislative primaries

Senator to Pruitt: EPA meddling in health study 'unconscionable'

I can get behind this, Kamala Harris for President!

Beirut Pride cancelled after organiser detained

Novartis top lawyer quits amid Cohen payments.

Leaders warn Republicans against forcing immigration vote

Okay, as some people here insist on comparing science and religion on ethical matters...

Feinstein: " The Kremlin may have used the NRA to funnel money to the Trump campaign"

Schumer: Senate probe intended to let Trump 'peek' at potential evidence

High Noon, right? I just wanted to be clear on this.

Alfa Bank Scandal Reveals New Ties to Russia, Cambridge Analytica

Republicans Not Showing Strength In Pennsylvania

New Revelations On Qatari Investor's Trump Tower Meeting The Last Word MSNBC

WH Says NK Threatening To Withdraw From Talks Was 'Fully Expected'

UPDATE: MSU reaches settlement with Nassar survivors for $500M

Trump's Drug Pricing Scam: You continue to get robbed

Pic Of The Moment: Korea Summit: The Negotiations Continue

GOP Georgia governor candidate bringing 'Deportation Bus Tour' to state's sanctuary cities

The art of being transparently corrupt

Freddy's Back !!

This dog saw his friend drowning in the pool, so he jumped in and saved his life!

Cambridge Analytica shared data with Russia: Whistleblower

Crack in the R's wall

Democrat wins Philadelphia-area state House seat for the first time in decades

Things you don't want to see at an airport

SHS: To "work and serve for" Trump is "sacred," & "one of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime"

Youth suicide rate on the rise, study says

I am glad Labrador lost in Idaho

Trump attorney fed statement to publicist for Russians about Trump Tower meeting

Parkland school cop Scot Peterson gets $8,702 a month in pension

CARTOON - Trump's China Deal Is Totally NOT A Bribe

Don Jr asked Russians "if they got anything on Hillary"

Trump attorney fed statement to publicist for Russians about Trump Tower meeting

VZ National Guard boss accuses national assembly/press of "aggressions" against troops

Democrats' anti-Trump resistance scores a big primary win in Nebraska

Hey, remember when they said Obama was making "death panels"?

Sandy and Richard Riccardi - "Witch Hunt"

EPA Administrator on 2019 Budget Request

Now Obvious Work Requirements Meant Only For Brown People.

Some burning questions about the Trump Tower meeting transcripts

Trump Discloses Payment to Cohen in Financial Report.

Trump's financial disclosure report has been released.

Is this tax avoidance? No, think of it as tax revenge. (SALT)

tRump Jr attorney coordinated to get everyone's stories straight...

Miniature railroad world in Frazier Thomas' former Wilmette basement

A Secret Mission, a Code Name and Anxiety: Inside the Early Days of the F.B.I.'s Trump Investigation

Senate intelligence leaders: Russians schemed to help Trump

What is trump trying to get ahead of with the Senate transcript releases and disclosures?

KGOP announces Choco Rations will increase from 30 grams to 25 grams !!

The problem isn't Dem messaging...tRump still sucks up all the O2

Today's birthday boys: Robert Fripp (1946), Liberace (1919), and Henry Fonda (1905)

I really can't stand to look at Idiot! He is REPULSIVE!

Income Inequality and the Persistence of Racial Economic Disparities

Mueller will get Trump. Only question is .."when"..not "if"

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #5

Why Work When You Can Procrastibake?

The Ethics Office officially notified Rosenstein that DT's 2017 financial disclosure

Yearbook photos today.

'Infuriated' Jared Kushner Lost His Cool When Russians Didn't Deliver Hillary Dirt

Overheard in the grocery store today....

Ethics Office has 'essentially' reported Trump to the Justice Department for potential criminal pros

Asking for a friend...

Documents suggest Moscow funneled money to Trump through NRA

I am Spartacus!

F.B.I. investigation into Russian election meddling dubbed "Crossfire Hurricane"

Jacque, Plumer win GOP primaries, advance to June 12 special elections

Greg Olear: Did they talk about the Rosneft sale in the Trump tower meeting?

'Things could have gone much worse': Ex-student shot by officer during gunfire exchange at Dixon Hig

Someone, somewhere, is making a banned chemical that destroys the ozone layer, scientists suspect.

AL-GOV: Ivey Denies She's Gay

Senate Net Neutrality vote, forced by D's, going on right now. Anyone know

Trumps ego won't let him understand that he's been played.

BABY IN A CORNER. 'Infuriated' Jared Kushner Lost His Cool When Russians Didn't Deliver Hillary Dirt

The important thing to remember about the Gaza violence

Screaming about "division" is a lot like Saddam Hussein and the government of Iran

Tillerson Decries 'Alternative Realities,' Leaders Who 'Conceal the Truth' in Loaded Commencement...

Senators vote to begin debate on repealing changes to net neutrality rules

RED ALERT. Another #ACA Repeal in the works. CALL YOUR SENATORS

Twitter Totally Isn't Buying Jr.'s Senate Testimony: 'Absurd Even For a Tragically Incurious Dolt'

Opinions on VA District 10 Primary (currently held by Barbara Comstock)?

3 Militia Groups Connected to Unite the Right Rally Settle Lawsuits

Adoption, my ass and Trump SR didn't know about the meeting, horse shit!

Trump Holds Firm Amid North Korea Threat to Bail on Summit, Says Denuclearization is Still a Must

Fuzzy math exposed: Experts debunk GOP teacher pay "facts" (infographic)

White man who threatened to call ICE on Spanish-speaking workers busted as Trump-loving NYC attorney

Idiot Lawyer in Manhattan Steps on Own Racist Dick - Goes Viral

Kitten crime fighter Pawfficer Donut sworn-in as the first member of the Troy Police Department's fe

Fox News host claims Hillary Clinton was behind Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr and Russian spy

What's up with the whack job Ca politicians with Trump

Mueller issues grand jury subpoenas to Trump adviser's social media consultant

Seems like the Steele Dossier has a lot of factual information.

I can't understand why Kim would have concerns with what John Bolton said. All he said was

Gov. Kay Ivey on gay accusations: 'It's false. It's wrong'

Leaders warn Republicans against forcing immigration vote

Astronomers have found the fastest-growing black hole ever seen, and it's got a monster appetite

Ethics chief knocks Trump over Stormy Daniels payment

I just watched Trump talk about how great conditions are and

Mueller issues grand jury subpoenas to Trump advisers social media consultant

The Untold Story of Robert Mueller's time in Vietnam

Vermont becomes first state to permit drug imports from Canada

Resolution to roll back net neutrality repeal passes Senate (updated)

I am devastated at the cancellation of Lucifer

BREAKING: With bipartisan support, the U.S. Senate just voted to save Net Neutrality!

Brazilian Prosecution Office Indicts JBS' Executives and Ignores Agreement

I'm pretty sure Seth Abramson's going to be hospitalized for exhaustion by the end of today.

Businesswoman Gets Indicted for Subjecting Her Housemaid to Slave-Like Labor Conditions

Can Gustavo Petro turn Colombia's minorities into a majority?

Rex Tillerson, unplugged

I think I need to reread The Man in The High Castle.

Venezuelans must work for 8 months (not eating!) to repair a pair of shoes

Election fraud in Colombia could have altered 20% of election results: report

Mexican presidential frontrunner spells tension for U.S.-Mexico ties

Is Stormy Daniels getting her money's worth from Michael Avenatti?

Senate Votes To Kill Repeal Of Obama-Era 'Net Neutrality' Rule

Mexico: Historic Win as Top Court Rules Abortion Access to Rape Survivors a Human Right

During the Vietnam War, some guys had bone spurs, while others

Why the Police Need to be more like James Shaw Jr.

Michael Avenatti on with Nicolle Wallace

well, we voted in the primary yesterday

Gubernatorial debate on IPTV tonight (Wednesday May 16th) at 7PM

Gov Jerry Brown: "Trump is lying on immigration, lying about crime and lying about the laws of CA"

An Israeli friend of mine directed my attention to BDS

NYT: Papadopoulos, Page Met With 'Govt Informant' Ahead Of Election

Liquor store parking lot!

I'm having a rough day so I've decided to share more flower photos

George Scott (PA-10) campaign ad: "Common Sense"

"Pennsylvania Goes to the Polls"

The online attitudes of quite a few "Progressive" white folks regarding dehumanizing language

Democratic Lawmaker Gives Scott Pruitt Brutal Reality Check During Senate Hearing Burn.

Giuliani "leaked" Stormy Daniels reimbursement before it came out in Financial Disclosure form?

Trump calls for Oakland mayor to be investigated by the DOJ for obstruction of justice

Apple is reportedly vetting North Carolina and Virginia as potential sites for its new campus

Apple is reportedly vetting North Carolina and Virginia as potential sites for its new campus

Oldest Oxygen Shows Earliest Stars Formed 250 Million Years After Big Bang

Tillerson, in wake of clashes with Trump, warns VMI graduates of crisis of integrity

An open letter to Michael Cohen:

New Documents: Trump Tower Meeting Participant Apparently Accuses Donald Trump Jr. of 'Admitting...

Flearoy fell 50ft from a block of flats... (but he's okay)

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-18: Left Behind: Infinity War Edition

"The Making of a Massacre" Explores the D.E.A.'s Role in a Mexican Tragedy

"The Making of a Massacre" Explores the D.E.A.'s Role in a Mexican Tragedy

Oldest Oxygen Shows Earliest Stars Formed 250 Million Years After Big Bang

Avenatti on Trump Disclosing Cohen Reimbursement: Either He Was 'Lying Then or He's Lying Now'

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 16, 2018

How stupid do you have to be?

Scoop: Peter Navarro's sharp words for Steven Mnuchin

So the question is how does someone convince people that he can make America great again

How Nebraska's 2nd District primary surprise was noted nationally

"Carry Guard" in the news

Falling for Hamas's Split-Screen Fallacy

Please dont fall for the "He gets how much of a pension?" "That is TOO much!" grumble grumble

California DA says rescued children had been waterboarded

Where are you going to get a job if you are 25, just out of college and

Federal Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Ashland County Dismissed [settlement made] #metoo

According to Giuliani, Mueller told Team Trump

Has anyone besides me noticed how much Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Trump blames Democrats for his needlessly cruel policy of splitting up immigrant families

Why is the The Dome of the Rock sacred?

Mueller Issues Subpoenas for Roger Stone Adviser

Pierce: Scott Pruitt's Budget Meeting Had No Shortage of Entertainment

A couple of random images

Lots of water heading into the Gulf of Mexico for somewhere next week

Pierce: Democrats Know the Country's Problems Didn't Begin--and Won't End--With Trump

Maggi Hambling picked to create Mary Wollstonecraft statue

An Irish Problem: Sally Rooney writes about the abortion referendum

Great reference website (voter guide) for Georgia midterm elections!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 May 2018

Robert Mueller in Combat - This is who Trump is Tangling With.

Divide and Conquer. Textbook example, cop pension.

E.U. leader lights into Trump: 'With friends like that, who needs enemies?'

Get Together

Avenatti is on Ari now - Thank you Stormy and Michael

Russia moves to make imposing US sanctions a crime

Tinseltown Talks: Veronica Cartwright remembers battling an 'Alien'

If he thinks this saves him from collusion culpability, guess again...

Vatican advises nuns not to overindulge in social media

Which Poor People Shouldn't Have to Work for Aid?

Anyone else have PBGC pension?

Bannon and Cambridge Analytica planned suppression of black voters, whistleblower tells Senate

"These aren't people. These are animals" - Trump. Said this. Today. About immigrants.

Ari Melber asked Avenatti if he was a lawyer for Stormy or a lawyer for the resistance.

Missing Files Motivated the Leak of Michael Cohen's Financial Records

05/17 Mike Luckovich: Wanna ride?

Barns Courtney "Glitter and Gold" & "Fire"

This kind of language must not be normalized

NRA....National Russia Association....

Wouldn't It Be Nice, VOL 2 - Negative Branding the Gop

White Woman Calls Security on 'Suspicious Man With a Baby' at Park in Washington, DC

Have you noticed how many older people are working?

Given similar evidence, how many months ago would ANY Democrat have been impeached?

Giuliani: Mueller's team told Trump's lawyers they can't indict a president

Emissions of banned ozone-eating chemical rise mysteriously

Expect Trump to be Named as an Unidicted Coconspirator

I was going to join the Tea Party as a "mole" but they rejected me.

Airlines must continue to accept service animals: U.S. agency

U.S. has more than 2,000 probes into potential or suspected terrorists: FBI Director

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Amazon puts profits ahead of Seattle homeless

Democrats regain control of the US House in 2018 and the US Senate in 2020.

Sanders Among Few US Lawmakers to Condemn 'Horrific' Israeli Attacks on Unarmed Gaza Protesters

Bernie Sanders' New Bill Would Wipe Out Union-Busting 'Right-to-Work' Laws

Your Daily Greenwald, "Nothing Else Happening in the World" Edition:

"but Hamas" is the same thing as "but ghetto culture".

A blast from the past..."too much heaven'" from the Beegees