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Archives: May 17, 2018

My question is, who gets the Tooth Fairy money?

High pitch: Laurel

Bangor Maine cops are effing hilarious - series - The Duck of Justice

Chris Hayes now is reporting the Ronan Farrow story about the Cohen record leaker.

The shit has hit the fan - Maxine Waters on Chris Hayes

Question: can US States apply for sponsorship for Green Cards

Cambridge Analytica ran voter suppression campaigns, whistleblower claims

Trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants: 'These aren't people. These are animals.'

Borowitz: Trump Orders Replica Nobel Peace Prize to Display on His Desk (Satire)

From @DepressionNotes twitter feed today.

Good news: Indian women breaking down barriers to religious leadership

So where is Judicial Watch now that they can have open and shut cases against politicos?

"These aren't people. These are animals." For once, I agree with Trump

Why Muslims are the world's fastest-growing religious group

FLIPPABLE: Joe Ciresi for PA-HD146

A thought-provoking idea

We Made a Tool to Help You Hear Both Laurel and Yanny

FLIPPABLE: Joe Webster for PA-HD150

Amy Siskind & Kyle Griffin - GMTA on what a crazy news day this has been

FLIPPABLE: Daryl Boling for PA-HD152

Florida teacher on leave after he is accused of drowning raccoons in class

Do European countries, or the EU, or Korea have a FCPA equivalent?

Matthew Dowd asks DT & evangelical supporters which gospel "animals" comment is derived from

My school had a "lock down" drill today

FLIPPABLE: Danielle Friel Otten for PA-HD155

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Pulling Out!

SNL cast member: Trump faked a phone call about book sales

When was the $150K hush money paid to the Playboy Bunny? Was it reported in the right year?

Ok, who would back me to just have an hour show with stars, athletes, and politicians....

Dotard Scorecard

Kent State graduate celebrates by strolling campus with her AR-10

FLIPPABLE: Mike Doyle for PA-HD170

"Yeah, son. Unless we win that class action lawsuit by the prey, we'll need to Grubhub it."

Jumpin' Jack Flash, It's A Gas, Gas, Gas?

FLIPPABLE: Adam Rodriguez for PA-HD189

Jeebus effing Christ! Another Donnie Short Fingers focus group

The *Blacklist* Final tonight...(*Spoiler Warning!*)

We all need to speak up: NO ONE is holding Trump accountable in any way

Ok, I've been drinking.......but what the hell.....THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT RUSSIA

Melania Trump feels 'great,' going home 'soon' from hospital

"Crossfire Hurricane"

Is anyone else totally creeped out by the Trivago guy?

Hannity: Mueller focused only on "so-called thought crimes" of prez. "Not a crime to have thoughts"

Really...this has been known for a very very long time....cut there Taxes

It seems someone is producing a banned ozone-depleting chemical again

FLIPPABLE: Emily Skopov for PA-HD28

So Trump for Nobel Peace Prize right?

Every time I visit a news site that allows comments and there is a story about Trump ...

Why didn't Rachel ask the obvious question?

An early look at Thursday's NYDN front...Como se dice racist?

Are new 7000 series Metro cars causing homes along the Metro lines to shake?

FLIPPABLE: Steve Malagari for PA-HD53

Vicente Fox to DT: Get your shit together. Your golden head & f'ing wall won't stop migrants' dreams

FLIPPABLE: Steve Santarsiero for PA-SD10

Tweet from Professor quoting Joseph Goebbels Diary echoing Cheeto

Christopher Wylie: Bannon wanted "weapons" to fight a "culture war" at Cambridge Analytica

Trump confusing his base

FLIPPABLE: Mark Pinsley for PA-SD16

Seth Abramson's 200+ tweet thread today analyzing Trump Jr's testimony

The mainstream media (including MSNBC)...

Anyone else feeling both terribly excited and depressed?

Am sure it's only ME (as usual) but Adirondack chairs are a pain in the bejeesus neck

Siskind, re all the news on Trump & his regime today: Maybe Guantanamo can be repurposed

I've been thinking about Trump and the Nobel.

FLIPPABLE: Tim Kearney for PA-SD26

The Flower!

How many cookie jars will they allow Trump to reach into with consequences?

Repub senator begs tRump to not shut the govt down before midterms...

FLIPPABLE: Lindsey Williams for PA-SD38

Russian break dancing

Cambridge Analytica shared data with Russian FSB

Dotard-in-Chief - vs - FBI Director Wray...who will emerge victorious?

Yet another video about that dickbag Trumpanzee in NYC starting shit with

White Supremacists show their stupidity once again.....

What the fuck happened today?

It would appear that Alec Baldwin will be giving up his SNL cameos.....

Read The Complaint: Avenatti Sued By Ex-Law Partner For Breach Of Contract

Taking the children away-Schindler's List

Tempting? Restaurant Entrance in Belgrade. Please enter your own photo in the contest

Shelly is trying Gushy food for the tinykittens kittens right now!

Nikki Haley defends Israel after Gaza violence, walks out of meeting

Stinking pile of shitte....

Tenacious Topper Shutt is tracking some flooding right now

Mike Luckovich: Wanna ride?

There has to be a different JD policy if the Pres

Returning item while black at Hobby Lobby

Lordy Please, Please Make it So....

Is there something going on that I should know about?

To honor the 50 fallen in Palestine - a silent thread

Brazilians with less education more likely to report being in poor health, study finds

Quantum Physics Will Get a Trump Supporter off Your Back

Brazil lashes out at European backing for Lula candidacy

I'm grinning an evil grin tonight! A small, but enjoyable victory for our side!

So beautiful, so sad.

Activists come out in solidarity with Palestinians throughout Latin America

So which is a more heinous crime: Treason or murder?

Schizophrenia as whole-body disorder - the 100-year-old idea only now being proven

FBI investigation payment from S Korean company to Cohen

The crime scene investigators solving dolphin deaths

Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical

'Feel good' factor not CO2 boosts global forest expansion

A New Yellowstone Park Discovery Points Back to The Origins of Life

FLIPPABLE: Rhetta Andrews Bowers for TX-HD113

Researchers turn low-level nuclear waste into glass

The White House is discussing replacements for homeland security chief Kirstjen Nielsen

Making Development Anthropology More Public: A Study of Displacement and Resettlement by the World B

FLIPPABLE: Jon Rosenthal for TX-HD135

Argentina's Peso Crisis, Capital Flows and Financial Fragility in Emerging Markets

Screech Owl Camera, Owlberta is hanging out.

Arizona's mysterious clock of ancient times

FLIPPABLE: Meghan Scoggins for TX-HD28

Drilling boom threatens web of ancient roads in Southwest

Just saw this - Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes by David Horowirz!!! Sure isn't subtle!

What the absolute fucking fuck is wrong with people????

I just saw my first Facebook ad on CNN.

FLIPPABLE: Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin for TX-HD97

FLIPPABLE: Sharon Hirsch for TX-HD66

Prominent Chief Wahoo protester pleads guilty to stealing federal money meant for Native Americans

Duke Univ aftermath - the coffee shop closes, rapper Young Dolph gives Baristas 20K

Seth Meyers - Trump's Buns, Tinder's New Feature - Monologue - 5/15/18

Surgical abortions to resume at Toledo clinic following health department licensure

links to May 2018 Oregon election results

April showers

Seth Meyers: Guest Ronan Farrow on Interviewing Rex Tillerson

Seth Meyers - North Korea Threatens to Pull Out of Trump Summit: A Closer Look

The Daily Show: Fraudulent For-Profit Schools Make a Comeback Under Betsy DeVos

New Zealand 'people's' budget sees Ardern put billions more into health and education

Joe Biden endorses Richard Cordray in Ohio governor's race

Feds say Findlay Market vendor bilked the government out of $3.45 million

New York trying to ban "pet leasing"...

Two reasons to doubt the analysts who speculate Mueller might have "hidden" the Cohen SARS reports

Microsoft launches Xbox Adaptive Controller for people with disabilities

Hillary should have won. The N.Y. Times downplayed Trump's Espionage Investigation.

Hacker Breaches Securus, the Company That Helps Cops Track Phones Across the US

Trump caught in lies. Will he be held accountable for his actions?

Horner: "Pas de Deux" (Parts 1 & 2) Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra-Samuelsen, viola/

Harvey: "Concerto Antica" (I., II., III., IV., V)

Is MSNBC off the air on the mainland?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/16/18

Happy Anniv Bashful Bob Mueller....our hero

DR Congo Ebola outbreak spreads to Mbandaka city

Has it sunk in yet DUers?

Feds join lawsuits claiming Insys used strip club visits, super-doses and more to boost Subsys sales

Feds join lawsuits claiming Insys used strip club visits, super-doses and more to boost Subsys sales

No lou barrletta is not a senator a lesson in civics

Krokus - Screaming In The Night

Summit may be back on - but Jr. will attend

Recidivist Defendant Pleads Guilty To Defrauding A Native American Tribe ($60+M Tribal Bonds)

GOP legislates white privilege/minority persecution, in plain sight: WAPO

New Jersey Health Care CEO Charged in $200 Million Fraud

Pathetic excuses used by apologists

Owner Of New York Investment Fund Charged With $21 Million Scheme To Defraud Investors

Good morning.

Thursday TOONs - Playing the Fool Edition

Senator Sanders Addresses J Street's 2018 National Conference - April 16

Scientists detect oxygen legacy of first stars

Sherrod Brown says he has no interest in 2020 presidential bid

'A demented social club': Poachers slaughtered hundreds of animals in Pacific Northwest for 'the thr

How's about some Stephen Stills this morning?

How's about some Stephen Stills this morning? 2

Ohio Senate approves bill limiting suspensions of young students

How's about some Stephen Stills this morning? 3

Best part about the "Lawyer calling ICE on two employees speaking Spanish" story...

We gotta break down this "Invisible Fence"...BNL

Shocking! Asia Pulp & Paper/Sinar Mas Deforestation Leads Greenpeace To Break Ties W. Firm

GOP builds massive shadow army in fight for the House

Aetna whistleblower, who says CVS gouged Medicare and Medicaid customers, is put on leave

Chinese-Backed Cambodian Dam Would "Literally Kill" Mekong, Tonle Sap Fishery; Report Suppressed

The Twit tweets: Congratulations America, we are now into the second year of the greatest Witch Hunt

Rudy demands "The Hillary Clinton Treatment" from Mueller. Rudy has not done his homework.

Hilarious: A Moderate Democrat Confesses His Sins (Seth Meyers)

Elon Musk to detail Boring Company plans to link Hyperloop, rockets The SpaceX, Tesla and Boring Com

I've seen a few of these bumper stickers lately

Brent crude oil hits $80 per barrel as Total threatens to quit Iran -Guardian

Those poor cats never stood a chance.

WSJ Op-Ed: Seas Rising But Not Because Of Warming; Michael Mann Deploys Thermonuclear Tweet

'Diplotainment at its pinnacle': Critics fear Trump's style eclipses substance on North Korea

"If you are not keeping track of the witch-hunt Trump is ranting about..."

Sherrod Brown wants feds to go after Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow (ECOT)

White Fragility Digest #5: 17 May 2018

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/16/2018 (

Venezuela political prison seized by inmates ahead of presidential election

Massive shadow army in the fight for the House

Just saw this from 2011--Mueller about organized crime

In all fairness, the Russia-investigation is one of the greatest witch-hunts ever.

South Korea offers to mediate to clear doubts over North Korea-U.S. summit

Rudy: "Even if it comes from a Russian or a German or an American, doesn't matter"

FBI agents said to be probing Michael Cohen's deal with Korean firm

US birth rates drop to lowest since 1987

Jim Acosta on Being Hated by the White House

Did you receive "sleazy voter shaming letter"? Many Dems did.

Highest Suicide Rate by Profession - Farmers

Princess Snowflake (video tweet):

Giuliani 'Shocked' By Alleged FBI 'Spy' on Trump Campaign: We Could 'Challenge the Legitimacy...

House Republican divisions deepen, can't get 50 votes for new speaker

Palestinian official: Nikki Haley not 'the schoolmarm of the world'

Cartoon: John Kelly's American tales of immigration

Trump Accuses FBI of Spying on His Campaign: 'If So, This is Bigger Than Watergate!'

Lawrence O'Donnell: Donald Trump Jr's Hard-To-Believe Memory Lapses

Former FBI Assistant Director: Giuliani Harms Trump 'Virtually Every Time He's Gone on Air'

Independent Voters Like Bredesen More

I don't think Trump's people care one wit about politics.

Santorum: Trump was only referring to MS-13 gang members as "animals," it's not important

US forces accused of complicity in Somalia raid that left five civilians dead

Steve Mnuchin and Peter Navarro Got Into a Profanity-Laced 'Screaming Match' on the China Trip

Top Trump trade officials still at odds after profane shouting match in Beijing

Trump's North Korea Nobel buzz could die with John Bolton

Via David Corn: Avenatti "vetting two other women who claim they signed NDAs and got hush money"

Two Lucys?

Pennsylvania GOP Hits Panic Button Over Barletta

Trump draws rebuke for 'animal' remark at immigration talk

Trump is the shiny object.

Republicans In an Immigration Nightmare

More brainstorming about the SARs. Like who is this "whistleblower" ?

Trump: "This is bigger than Watergate!"

Justice Department appeals order to disclose Clinton grand jury records

Michael Avenatti: I'm Working With More Women Who Say They Were Silenced Over Trump Affairs

Ecuador's former president defends spy operation to protect Julian Assange

North Carolina city councilwoman's tweet comparing police to terrorists sparks outrage

Ecuador's former president defends spy operation to protect Julian Assange

"BREAKING NEWS" ????? How about BROKEN News.

Please use the word "imbedded" in a sentence. I'll start.

'Bunch of idiots': MSNBC's Mika shreds Trump team's bungled response to continuous bombshells

Sen. Richard M. Burr: "no reason to dispute" assessment by American intelligence agencies on Russia

David Corn to Trump: "You're right: this is indeed bigger than Watergate..."

"What do they call people who can speak two langauges?"

Avenatti says 2 more women were paid hush money by Trump's attorney - for much more than Stormy

CNN's United Shades of America airs an episode on Gullah Geechee culture

My 10,000th Post (40,885th if you count my Amerigo Vespucci days)

Rudy Giuliani: Trump Didn't Collude With Russia Because Campaign Never Used Dirt on Clinton

Lunatic Fox Host: Trump Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy with Jerusalem Embassy

If You're Rich, Luck Matters A LOT

"Do I look like the kind of guy who has to pay for sex?"

Breaking With Trump's GOP, Koch Brothers Praise Democrats On Immigration

Drought Monitor 5/17; D4 Now In Contiguous Area From S-Central KS To N-Central AZ

"All of them" - Katie. Fox hosts suggests Hillary, DNC and Russians set up Trump Tower meeting

NY Times Top Republican on senate intell committee, Russia did it. A must read.

In Trump era, LAPD strengthens bonds with immigrants here illegally

Apologetics goes around and around the circle.

The noose is now tight around Trumps fat neck. The O J defense theory will not work this time.

Republicans In an Immigration Nightmare

Trump's company earned $40M from Washington hotel in 2017, disclosure shows

Brian Killmeade has a sad when Napolitano tells him public pressure from Trump won't stop Mueller

North Korea says won't hold talks with 'incompetent' South unless differences settled

Trump makes Manchin top target for midterms

Is Michael Cohen connected to the Russian Mafia?

¿Question for those watching "Lost in Space"on Netflix *NO SPOILERS*

'Why did you call us thugs?' Teachers seek answers from NC lawmaker.

In North Carolina, 20,000 skip school as teachers strike movement swells

'Ballistic blocks' shoot from Hawaii volcano, may mark start of violent eruptions

David Coverdale - Love Is Blind

'The gorilla in the room': Inside Trump's failed efforts to meet Putin in 2013

Ex-Temple University frat president charged with attempted rape

New documents detail aftermath, gunman interactions in Vegas shooting

I dedicate this Richard Hell song to Trumpy, all of the Trumpkins, & the whole stinking GOP scummery

Mueller investigation enters Year Two: What comes next -- and how it could end

FOX News and Right-Wing talk radio hosts are in deep, deep denial.

Florida man arrested for threatening to bomb mosque

Lynching memorial may be game-changer for Montgomery tourism

West Virginia man sentenced for Gardner Museum fraud

Kellyanne Conway Tells Fox & Friends Some White House Leakers Are Senior Officials

Easy Breakfast Jar recipe.

A Federal judge did not simply rule against ICE. He accused the agency of lying to a court of law.

Democrats aren't as obsessed with Trump as you think - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Cambridge Analytica ran voter suppression campaigns, whistleblower claims


Putin made a show of crossing the new Crimea bridge. But he was upstaged by a cat

The revolution is real, but it's unclear whether Sanders will lead it

A movement to stop fox news

Oh, honey, this IS bigger than Watergate

I felt Bern today

woman killed by Daschunds

A GoFundMe For the Lawyer Whose Meltdown Went Viral Hires a Mariachi Band to Play Outside His Office

Pic Of The Moment: Because Sometimes You Can't Not Make Nazi Comparisons

Kent State grad who posed with rifle whines she's the victim of 'blatant' racism...

Fox News guest sheds tears over millennials saying they'd rather date felons than Trump supporters

The GOP is quietly crafting work requirement waivers -- for white people

A comparison: Intelligent people versus Dumb people.

Fortunately, Heresy and Apostasy Are No Longer Capital Offenses

Oh the feels - First Look At Murphy Brown on CBS

One Year Into The Job, 3 Big Lessons About Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Jon Favreau latest tweet on slate's ICE article

I feel the repubs and RUMP have decided

Trump scandal overload: Don Jr. remembers nothing; Republicans finally begin to face the facts

China Buys Record Amount of Russian Soy as It Shuns U.S. Growers

Tony Perkins: Accepting Transgender People Like Allowing Man Who Thinks He's A Bird To Jump Off A B

Rare Tropical Storm in Gulf of Aden May Affect Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti

Is Donald Trump literally selling off women's human rights for personal profit?

Trump Jr. told investigators he can't recall if he discussed Russian meeting with his father

It's not illegal for a president to lie to the media or the American people

Nancy Pelosi: "This "one year is enough" argument sounds rather familiar."

Kellyanne: "If you're going to speculate and bloviate about North Korea..."

Manhattan lawyer keeps big mouth shut after racist restaurant rant goes viral

Relevant lies: Cohen didn't need to mortgage his home, nor did he need Trump to reimburse him

Rubio: If Trump Camp Colluded, 'It Would Have Been Leaked A Long Time Ago'

Giuliani: Mueller Acted Like 'Godfather' Mob Boss During Meeting

The Crumbling Iran Deal Could Make Russia Rich (Op-ed)

Symphony #7 in A Major, Op. 92 Ludwig van Beethoven

Judge Orders Cohen Team To Explain Why Avenatti Shouldn't Appear In Court

Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet crazy

I'd like to see a Democratic Congress rein this in

Trump proclaims that he has "had the most successful first 17 month Administration in U.S. history"

Cohen Texts Show Work On Trump Moscow Deal Lasted Through May 2016

Yak Yak Chatter Chatter. Won't Believe Until Trump/GOP Are Indicted & Convicted. When It Happens.

Trump touts administration as 'most successful' in history despite 'Witch Hunt'

County Executive Jan Gardner talks about the impact of heavy rains and flooding in Frederick, Maryla

In the tiny piece of coloured glass,.......

Aaron Schlossberg's law firm gets pummeled with 1-star Yelp reviews after racist rant

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Won by an ear (Eastman vs Ashford D primary)

Holocaust museum

Under what circumstances can a president be indicted ?

Election-Security Briefing for Congress Is Postponed

Anyone is totally ignoring Trump's $500m ZTE bribe.

"Endtimes" preacher goes off the deep end regarding Jews..

David Corn eviscerates Trump's "Bigger Than Watergate" rant.

Georgia 2018: Abrams nabs Bernie Sanders' endorsement

'Horrific' accident reported involving school bus and dump truck in New Jersey

Georgia 2018: Abrams nabs Bernie Sanders' endorsement

Earth just had its 400th straight warmer-than-average month thanks to global warming

Almost half of US families can't afford basics like rent and food

What Damned Disaster, Catastrophe, Calamity Caused By Trump/GOP Will Wake Up This Nation?

Dear White People: Don't assume a non-white person needs or wants your help

Giuliani Is Right Trump Could Shoot Someone In Oval Office & Not Get indicted.

I'm sorry for this lame joke.

Here's What a White Savior Is (And Why It's the Opposite of Helpful)

ICE claimed a Dreamer was "gang-affiliated" and tried to deport him. A federal judge ruled ICE LIED.

Andrea Mitchell just played a scene from the Godfather:

Voting Record Release: Majority of Congress Failed to Support Retirees Last Year

On a religion discussion forum long ago,

Just Heard Trump's Snake Poem On Hartmann. It Is Very Sick. It Is Vicious Racial Hatred At Its Worst

BREAKING: Kilauea volcano erupts

Great Commencement speech by Tim Minchin

Trump Effect: Lawyer flipped out because workers spoke Spanish at NY deli (VIDEO)

Trump's proposal for how to lower prescription drug prices fails to make things better for seniors.

I'm Recovering from the Flu

Combat veteran Sen Tammy Duckworth statement against Gina Haspel for CIA director:

Speaking of Thursday! 📺

ID Democrat Paulette Jordan hoping to become the first Native American governor wins primary

Pierce: Trump Just Named a Consumer Watchdog Who Will Play Dead

ID Democrat Paulette Jordan hoping to become the first Native American governor wins primary

I heard a news report the Reich Wing Judge who harshly

New fuel discovered that gets most mileage known to mankind.

Donald Trump: A man without pathos.

Be Best

ID Democrat Paulette JOrdan hoping to become the first Native American governor wins primary

Major South African city

David Frum: Trump Can't Afford to Admit His Failures With North Korea

Just in: Qatar to bailout Jared 666

Hawaiian God, Pele, Is Apparently Angry

Sen. Bernie Sanders To Announce Re-Election Plans Next Week

Sen. Bernie Sanders To Announce Re-Election Plans Next Week

Pence Is Trying to Control Republican Politics. Trump Aides Aren't Happy.

This Schlossberg guy has been asking for it for a very long time

Jill Wine Banks has a witch pin on today

Kushners Near Deal With Qatar-Linked Company for Troubled Tower

Yes, it is true, America is all but gone and maybe the entire human race will be soon, BUT

GOP's claim that FarmBill doesn't cut #SNAP is a bald-faced lie: it cuts a staggering $9.2BILLION

Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon

"I'll flip like a cheap rental in the red light district!" . . .Please come CAPTION Michael Cohen!

Big Primary Wins for Socialists and Progressives Who Ran on 'Popular Demands.....

Explosive eruption at Kilauea summit; ashfall advisory in effect


Bigger than Benedict Arnold....

Violence in Gaza: "An Ugly Witch's Brew"

New York court says Trump can't delay defamation lawsuit

Returning item while black at Hobby Lobby

Read the real news....many more indictments to come ahole

Big article by Buzzfeed: The definitive story on Trump Moscow.

Dismantling Democracy, One Word at a Time -- Down the memory hole.

Dismantling Democracy, One Word at a Time Down the memory hole.

Senate confirmed Russian effort to throw election for the Big Con

*Long* ways from "we didn't do it."

Yikes, I think SHS's eyeliner is only on one eye today.....

Mueller hands judge full memo detailing Russia probe scope

The Catonsville Nine, 50 Years Later

Pay to Play...

The Catonsville Nine, 50 Years Later

Shocking tweet by mob boss "seems" to blow open Obama conspiracy

sarah huckabee sanders is wasting america's time again today....

Trump associates refuse Senate judiciary requests...Translation...Fyou...

For Wypipo Who Have Considered Cops When Privilege Wasn't Enough

Pay Attention....

The Onion's Piercing Satire Destroys IDF Talking Points

WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism (I am going to be ill. what BS)

Mariachi Band to Take Over Office of Lawyer Who Went on Racist Rant

WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism (I am going to be ill. what BS)

Where is the list of rightwing media sites we are not allowed to use like Fox News?

WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism (I am going to be ill. what BS)

Walmart Gives Up Replacing Store Cashiers With Machines

Re: MS13. I learned in a meeting with the Mayor and Police chief

Walmart Gives Up Replacing Store Cashiers With Machines

Good to see this venerable tradition will be maintained

Impeachment or Resignation....then Indicted

Ivanka trump senior advisor in white house sat on putin's chair and spun twice

can somebody explain why an nda would have been needed for an event that never happened?

SARs Removal Stokes Fears About Mnuchin Conflict Of Interest

Trump's last press conference

Spanky is flapping his gums again, bragging about *his* leadership

A question for DUERS from Florida and other warm southern states.

June 2nd - Shaun King, Patrisse Cullors & Bernie Sanders - Justice Reform Rally

🐦 June 2 - Shaun King, Patrisse Cullors & Bernie Sanders - Justice Reform Rally

He's got a lotta damn gall

Does anyone know whether the Obamas are going to attend the royal wedding tomorrow?

Just watch.

When I hear that snake poem that trump recites, I get the feeling he's the snake

A Tour of Small-Town Sicily

BBQ Becky, another one ::updated::

Avenatti: "Two more women..."

PETRO DOLLARS (Parody of) Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

Lawyer Who Went on Viral Xenophobic Rant Banned From His NYC Office

Fox News' New CEO Enabled Roger Ailes' Harassment Culture, Lawsuits Say

"We Need a Little Xanax" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks: Erosion to Blame for Rising Sea Levels

Watch the Whole Video - By Josh Marshall

Republican lawmaker: Rocks tumbling into ocean causing sea level rise

The White House 'Buckles Up' For Mueller Probe-- Stephen Colbert

OH-12: Poll shows tight race to replace Tiberi in Ohio

Man says NYC attorney who went on racist rant attacked him two years ago - and it's on video

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg? Get a load of this.

Book Club (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Trump offers 'protections' if Kim surrenders nukes

A very likely innocent man is on Death Row in California.

Trump says ZTE support followed request from Chinese president

Frontline: What Fueled The Rise Of MS-13

Buzzfeed: The crazy true story of Trump Moscow

Exclusive: Malaysia's Anwar says 'shattered' Najib called him twice on election night

The Definitive Story Of How Trump's Team Worked The Trump Moscow Deal During The Campaign

Cohen Confides In Friends: 'I Just Can't Take This Anymore'

Breaking with GOP, Koch Bros praise dems on immigration??

When faced with the a choice of continuing with corruption, Malaysia took the Mandela option.

Oh for fucking fuck's sake, Carter Page was meeting with fucking Russian intelligence in July 2016.

When faced with the a choice of continuing with corruption, Malaysia took the Mandela option.

Carter Page admitting to meeting with Rosneft meeting before dossier release.

Gina Haspel is confirmed as CIA chief

Republicans are betting it all on aging white Trump voters

CHART: How Mueller's First Year Compares To Watergate, Iran-Contra And Whitewater

There's something eerily familiar about this time of the election year

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani is involved in a accident with pedicab in midtown at 49th Street and 8th Ave

In Year Two, Mueller Is Wading Into a Bottomless Pit of Trump Sleaze

U.S. Senate confirms Haspel to be first woman CIA director

I dig this board!

Mueller's investigation isn't going to 'wrap up'--Today's LA Times, OP-ED

I finally get what Trump meant re: Cohen handled just a very small, tiny part of Trump's business..

"The Wall"

15 months before this tweet, Trump signed a letter of intent to build Trump World Tower Moscow

Trump Says He Only Called Gang-Affiliated Immigrants 'Animals.' That's Not True.

"Yacht Rock"

NYPD: Giuliani's SUV Doors NYC Pedicab, No Injuries Reported

173 days

Cracker Barrel to Racist Republican: Get Your 'Deportation Bus' Off My Lawn

Congressional Candidate Accosts Trans Woman Using Bathroom

Trump re: NK: "We cannot let that country have nukes-We just can't do it"

Covered California premiums projected to rise 11 percent in 2019

Still Peddling False Equivalence Between Trump Collusion and Steele Dossier? Let Me Make It Simple

Uh-oh we've dipped further below "Replacement Level" (babies)

Giuliani Claims Mueller Has Agreed to Limit Scope of Trump Interview Questions to Prevent 'Fishing

'Disgusted' Officials File Complaint Against Man in Anti-Immigrant Rant

Another boost for the May contest: "Where we eat."

Bar Association Distances Itself From Aaron Schlossberg After Racist Meltdown In NYC

Maduro promises a great economic revolution! (He's just waiting for the vote to start it!)

Last week I joked they should give Avenatti a show on MSNBC

My Best Friend's Girl

From the New Yorker: Yanny vs. Laurel at the White House

Tom Coleman: It's Not a Liberal Fantasy to Ask if Trump Committed Treason

The Midnight Sky Petunia - it's a stunner

''I am proud that my home state of Vermont has chosen to allow importation of drugs from Canada''

''I am proud that my home state of Vermont has chosen to allow importation of drugs from Canada. ''

State Dept. Probing Reassignment Of Career Officials To Menial Jobs

Manchin, Donnelly, Warner, Heitkamp, Nelson & Shaheen vote with Republicans to confirm Haspel

It's Not a Liberal Fantasy to Ask if Trump Committed Treason - By Former Rep Tom Coleman (R-MO)

White House says Trump's use of 'animals' to describe MS-13 wasn't strong enough

Trump Doesn't Need to Explain Which Immigrants He Thinks Are "Animals"

Manafort's former son-in-law cuts plea deal-which requires him to cooperate with government

my grandfather was called non-human. my grandfather was called an animal.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 18 May 2018

George Conway strikes again: Giuliani's assertion that Trump cannot be subpoenaed is "drivel".

We cannot let Trump become worse than Bush.

Here's how big a rock you'd have to drop into the ocean to see the rise in sea level happening now

Manafort's former son-in-law cuts plea deal, to cooperate with government: sources

Just FYI: The Latest Wingnut Conspiracy Target Is A Professor Named Stefan Halper.

I'm emotional

Please, just stop throwing rocks into the ocean

Trump re: Royal Wedding

Rudy Giuliani has an accident with a pedicab...

Read This Before Calling the Police: For Wypipo Who Have Considered Cops When Privilege Wasn't Enoug

Pierce: Is the Human Race Too Dumb to Survive on This Planet?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 17, 2018


After a career built on lies, Rex Tillerson slams leaders like Trump who lie

ROFL!!! Schlossberg kicked out of his office space

We never learn from our past...

Is Trump's United States Creating Internment Camps For Brown Children?

What is the appropriate punishment for Aaron Schlossberg's actions?

An Avenatti, Scaramucci Show Being Pitched to TV Exes

Kaveladze told multiple family members, as well as his neighbors about plans for Trump Tower Meeting

Yearbook photos, part 2

Breaking on MSNBC: Manafort's son-in-law has been turned

It would appear that Spanky's performance today

Trump's NASA Chief: 'I Fully Believe & Know Climate Is Changing & humans are contributing to it'

Cloud is full on my iPad.......and for .99 a month I can increase my cloud space.

Bethlehem, ca. 2007

An IMHO important passage in the recent DC Manafort court opinion

EU Official On Trump: 'With Friends Like This'

A new nickname for donny two-scoops!

Candidate's 'deportation bus' breaks down at the start of the tour

Witch Hunt

538 "How Mueller's First Year Compares To Watergate, Iran-Contra And Whitewater"

They were all too happy to vote for him when they thought he was going to hurt OTHERS.

Mike Luckovich: Open carry.

**Exclusive: Manafort's former son-in-law cuts plea deal, to cooperate with government - sources**

Can he be indicted?

Well, that was a dud

Details Emerge About Russian Plane in the Seychelles

Brazilian Prosecution Office Indicts JBS' Executives and Ignores Agreement

What Will Happen To These Children? Will They Grow Up In Detention? Will They ------

Is Colombia's justice system too weak to try the powerful Uribe?

Windows 10 just upgraded. It is telling me I am low on disk space on Drive D.

Judge redicules Trump Defense: "if we were going to do this crime, we would have done it better"

China buys record amount of Russian soybeans after canceling US orders over Trump threats

Charles Blow, Lol:

Schlossberg Explained...

Donald Trump Can't Stop Discovery in 'Apprentice' Alum's Defamation Lawsuit

David Duke ordered to turn over Charlottesville messages

Police: Boy, 7, killed self with gun found in box with toy

Official Who Wrote The Special Counsel Rules Says Mueller Can Indict Trump

Senate Dem: Trump could still be indicted

Important new tweets from Walter Schaub, former Obama ethics official:

I love Jill Wine-Banks

Undermining an effective birth control funding program to promote abstinence is the height of stupid

Ground-penetrating radar in hunt for dead in racial massacre

Campaign robocall refers to Sen. Dianne Feinstein as 'traitorous' Jew

What trendy food fads are you totally over?

Key Senate Democrat demands information about Cohen's missing financial documents

Evidence suggests Las Vegas shooter was motivated by pro-gun conspiracy theories

Archaeologists find street of balconies in Italy's Pompeii

US Treasury FINCEN Issues Statement About SAR Availability

Mexican radio journalist killed; 32nd in past 5 years

New Mexico Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Directing Computer Attacks Against Websites of Do

Senate Intelligence Committee Confirms From Testimony That Donald Trump Jr. Has No Knowledge

Racist NY Attorney Schlossberg Has A Complaint Filed Against Him...By Congressman

Jeopardy Teachers' Tournament

Ari Melber just showed clips of the Fool ranting about "pay for play." (MSNBC "The Beat")

ICE detains immigrant mom, holds her 18-month-old baby in a facility 120 miles away

Why a mailer on Dreamers from a 'nonpartisan' Latino group is worrying Democrats

Somehow----some water got into the gas tank! "Accidents" will

Hiring Of Carlos Slim-linked Cyber Firm To "Shield" Mexican Presidential Election Spurs Controversy


The Democratic message boiled down to one sentence.