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Archives: May 19, 2018

WOW! Trump is going to make California AND America GREAT Again! TWO SCOOPS! #MAGA #MCGA

Cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's bloc wins Iraq election

Trump: "250 years worth of beautiful clean coal. We have ended the war on coal"

3 charged with luring Mexican farmworkers to U.S. with illegal visas

Why anti-marijuana group wants Michigan to legalize weed

The Truth. GOP Does Not Care Because No One Important To Them Has Been Lost To Gun Violence.

How Vicente Fox became a s**t-talking YouTube folk hero

SDNY Cohen Case Filing Friday Roundup

Polls show how disliked Trump is. STRONGLY DISAPPROVE much higher than STRONGLY APPROVE

Indigenous Peoples Recover Native Languages in Mexico

Free Parking May 16 2018 -- Republicon cruelty

Additional Friday Cartoons

Playboy Playmate took young son on fatal leap from NYC building

I don't know whether to laff or cry or just scream over this:


A journey with my son

Great timing, Kellyanne. You stay classy.

China Construction Bank sells Donald Trump dinner tickets for US$150,000

They were speaking Spanish in the restaurant, and some guy overheard them...

BREAKING: Son of randysf elected to Student Council

The way I am reading things here.

ICYMI - Racist Lawyer performs the "Schlossberg Shuffle" ON CAMERA !!

FLIPPABLE: Eleni Kavros Degraw for CT-AD17

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Pulling Out!

THIS IS TODAY'S SHOOTER!--looks like his facebook page...

For the Attention of @realDonaldTrump:

NYT: Informant was American academic who teaches in Britain.

KARMA! men who posted mugshots online & charged to have them removed - Arrested

Homeless man jailed for three months after trying to pay Burger King with $10 bill files suit


Today, about an hour north of Columbine...

Chicago school fire in 1950s led to safer schools

wow this racist lawyer dude was constantly popping off - Phillies game -female cop!

Rachel's history lesson on Nixon's enemy list is really good

The Perfect Definition of the Modern Republican Party

Scientists have trained a spider to jump on command!

Could the Democratic Primary winner of CO-6 cd(Crow-D or Tillemann-D) run for the US Senate in 2020?

As a Republican enters church ---


Please do not let anyone frame the gun argument in terms of school shootings.

F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims.

Who needs Mueller when we have Rachel?


So-How much dirt would it take to raise the sea level?

I saw the movie RBG today,

Secret FBI source for Russia investigation met with THREE Trump advisers during campaign

Tim Wise on Facebook re most recent school shooting

Richard Spencer Make white privilege great again

Where are the vaunted Ivanka & Melonia when Daddy-Poo cuts millions of women from healthcare?!1

2017: Number of US Nuclear Plants that Produced More Energy than All the Wind Turbines In Denmark.

If there was a hint of sanity ....Total BAN on School shooting footage

It's full of stars! NASA's planet-hunting TESS probe sends back its first test image

Cohen lawyers seek to block Stormy Daniels' attorney from case

Best flash mob ever.

Updated--Breaking: Multiple people shot at Mt. Zion High School, police say

Guiliani Sounds Like Daffy Duck

Sen. Dean Heller paid son at least $52,500 in campaign cash for social media consulting

Teenagers should never own guns based on brain development

Mexican library recognised as one of the best in the world

Luckiest Guy in the World

WATCH: TRUMPANZEE shows up at Texas high school Shooting Scene Wearing a GUN and Waving a Giant Flag

Waiting For Miller

Heads out of sand, please

My wife thinks Evan McMullin is cute.

Laurel vs Yanny

Utah voters will get a chance to curtail partisan gerrymandering at the ballot box in November

Royal Wedding music preview

Footage shows US troops trying to escape Niger ambush - video

Holy shit. Was Flynn compromised and blackmailed?

PSA: Hannity Officially Switched To The "Collusion Is Not A Crime" Line Last Night.

A Salad Primed for the Grill

Melania Trump's extended hospital stay is perplexing outside medical experts: report

Alleged shooter who left 1 dead, 1 injured outside graduation remains on the run, police say-Georgia

Alleged shooter who left 1 dead, 1 injured outside graduation remains on the run, police say

Friday night rock

UPS Guy Delivering The Blues at The Airport

J.J. Watt has offered to pay for the funerals of all the victims of the Santa Fe High School shootin

Seth Meyers - Russia Probe's One-Year Anniversary, IKEA's Credit Card - Monologue - 5/17/18

Trump and Pence Grieve for Santa Fe Victims 2 Weeks After Speaking at a Texas NRA Rally

The Daily Show: "Pawfficer Donut" Becomes Michigan's First Police Cat

Friday Night Wine Buzz. Feeling no pain.

Staggering statistic.....

Waiting in Seatac cell phone lot

Mark Hamill wisdom....

Scumbag should have been in prison a long time ago...

So, why didn't Trump rant about the shooting at his playpen!

Lawyer tried to make farmer look dumb in court

Avenatti on The Last Word destroys Michael Cohen and his attorney.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/18/18

Today's great diversion

Good luck today, Justify! 🏇 2018 Preakness

Expect GOP Double Down On Doing Nothing & NRA Digging In As Massacres Roll On.

Question about alerts.

Mueller probes Ukrainian who pitched peace plan to White House


Was Reading Niki Jabbour's Veggie Garden Remix Today

Lyft driver in Indianapolis orders gay couple out of his car after they kiss

Purcell: "The Virtuous Wife"/Onegin: "St. Petersburg Polonaise"

Who paid for Colts tickets to game Pence abruptly left? Disclosure report spills the beans

Senate race 2018: Democratic group attacks Braun days after GOP group goes after Donnelly

Bill Maher Redeems Himself

Revolt on immigration sinks House farm bill

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/18/18

Pub to fine customers mentioning royal wedding this weekend

Corby Hall, one of oldest buildings at Notre Dame, to be demolished and replaced

Buttigieg veto survives South Bend council

Adams athletic director accuses South Bend schools of racial discrimination

Lake County prosecutor's initiative to review glut of untested rape kits leads to charges

Trump Voters Can't Be Won Over; They Have To Be Outvoted

Ex-Muncie couple draw prison terms in $1.2 million Amazon fraud

Corporate tax collections continue to drop

🐦 June 2 at 10 AM - Bernie Sanders will meet Disney workers in Anaheim, ahead of ballot measure ...

Meghan & Harry: *New Duke and Duchess of Sussex*

For some, the Kentucky Derby is an unforgettable experience. For Joe Scarnati(r Pa.), not so much.

With his death-penalty ploy, Rauner uses an old trick he learned from his enemy: Mike Madigan

Hawaii volcano vents live stream

VPR: Sanders Says He's Working To Make The Democratic Party More Progressive

VPR: Sanders Says He's Working To Make The Democratic Party More Progressive

June 2 at 10 AM - Bernie Sanders will meet Disney workers in Anaheim, ahead of ballot measure ...

The Nation-State: Is it Dead?

Dem lawmaker spars with own party over prison reform

East Side residents enraged by manganese pollution tear into city and federal officials

Joy fans....she's got her fascinator on and is digging on Serena's gown...

Is there a channel not showing the wedding?

Disrupter for governor

Remember when republicans tried to end the Mueller probe over 'unmasking'?

My morning and royal wedding

Refugees Ditch America for Canada The Daily Show

Presiding Bishop of the US Episcopal Church giving a beautiful speech

I completely agree with Bill Maher last night.

Rockford casino proposal takes on urgency as Beloit plans move ahead

Minister royal wedding

That preacher at the wedding is too long winded. eom

Trump reportedly wants to punish Amazon by trying to double Postal Service rates

There are more people of color at the wedding than in any group pic of the SHITLER regime!1

I love this wedding.

Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Webcam (new baby chicks)

I apologize for royal wedding post Scotland is represented on our couch

About the "royal wedding", put me down for "Don't give a damn and resent the 100%

Irish Abortion Referendum : six days to go, and as dirty as I predicted.

Trump's inauguration was watched by 30.6 million viewers.

Illinois Senate votes to raise teacher salaries

According to Andrew Sullivan, Trump erased Obama's legacy.

My internet went out.

Theresa May is sitting in the garden listening to the #RoyalWedding while drinking rose' muttering

Hey "Firefly" freaks -Gina Torres was invited

beautiful wedding - but I feel a tinge of guilt for secretly hoping for something more like this

This smiling royal page boy pretty much sums up how we're all feeling about the #RoyalWedding!

Donald Trump Toys With Abuse Of Office In Beef Against Washington Post Rachel Maddow MSNBC

The Houston Chief of Police, just posted this on his FB page.

Has anyone ever been in a crowd at one of these massive royal events?

BBC: just saying _(ツ)_/

Katy Tur and Stephanie Ruhle's coverage of the wedding

Weekend TOONs 1 - Lower the flag and update the sign

Weekend TOONs 2 - The Rest

New Rule: Trump Is Above the Law Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

The returned hostage photo has been removed from Trump's Twitter cover, replaced by...THIS. USA!

So when do the mice and teapots and stuff start dancing? Is this a royal wedding or not?

This is pretty funny

David Frum: "It's the guns."

I study biracial identity in America. Here's why Meghan Markle is a big deal.

Fake Facebook accounts and online lies multiply in hours after Santa Fe school shooting

Graffiti in Central London about 20 minutes ago. Could not say it better myself.

Wealth Gap Has Exploded Over the Last Decade

Why would anyone inform for the FBI or CIA when Congress could out you and get you killed

Trumps inaugural vs The royal wedding crowd......

Damnit! Wife is up. Bout to get kicked off my PlayStation....

"Mrs. Trump's close aides were also seen wearing blue scrubs. Hong said it was unclear why they..."

Kellyanne Conway Slams Democrats for Politicizing Santa Fe Shooting: 'Predictable and Pathetic'

Bishop Michael Curry AMAZING Sermon at Prince Harry and Meghan Royal Wedding

Buried in the NYT piece about the Texas school shooting - incredibly relevant and sadly unsurprising

Democrats clash over party's direction in key Texas race

Trump pressed to put hacking on North Korean summit agenda

Cotton jolts prison reform negotiations

Former Playboy centerfold falls to death with son after checking into New York hotel

Command post meeting at the pub surrounded by trump Mensa personnel

No, Mr. President, I am not obstructing justice - By Libby Schaaf the mayor of Oakland, Calif.

Royal Wedding: 'Stand By Me' - The Kingdom Choir

Europe reassures Iran of commitment to nuclear deal without U.S.

BBC trolls Trump's low turnout inauguration with royal wedding crowd pictures

Wedding coverage finished, AM Joy on now!

Avenatti trashes Cohen on MSNBC

Trump Voters? In A Focus Group, They're Mean

"They sit there with their hands in their pockets, pockets full of gun money, and they do nothing"

Thank god it's raining!

The FOX Box

Two Princes - Spin Doctors

If I were to run a democratic political campaign, my commericals would be kick ass

Even Giuliani Can't Justify Trump's Paranoid Theories

Sean Hannity: School Shootings 'Not a Gun Issue': Authorities Need to Police 'Every Kid's Social...

Help at DI

Britian, Today showed America how people of mixed ethnicity should live!!!!

Hello 911, it's me, Susan.. I'm at Windsor Castle

BBC trolls Trump's low turnout inauguration with royal wedding crowd pictures

What reforms is Ryan referring to? Did I miss something?

There is a solution

Is there a limit to the number of people one can have on Ignore?

What if God had a wife?

Tweet of the Day from BBC Three

At least 4 residents airlifted after fast-moving lava crosses Hawaii road

Is the criminal enterprise behind Donald Trump stronger than our institutions?

Detained Saudi women driving campaigners branded traitors

Venezuela buying oil on the open market and sending it to Cuba

"What the HELL was that?" Muppets outtakes 2:20

Betsy DeVos refuses to visit public schools on NYC trip - blasts bans on taxpayer funds for

J.J. Watt Does It Again

What If Trump Talked about White Terrorists Like This?

Bishop Michael Curry Invokes MLK in Rousing Sermon at the Royal Wedding: 'There's Power in Love'

Melania Trump is back in the WH....

Perfect Temp Smoked Baby Back Ribs: A Thermal Exploration

Cohen: Avenatti Shouldn't Be At Court Hearing Due To 'Inaccurate Statements'

Why have some of my posting disappeared ...

Tune In: Live Royal Wedding Night Coverage on All Channels!

Trump Admin Middle East Plan To Slash Humanitarian Funds As Tensions Rise

DU POLL: How many in the GOP congress do you think are really just like Trump?

I'm baking today

Judge Orders FBI Agent Who Conducted Manafort Search To Attend Hearing

Democrats lead in the generic ballot is shrinking

Trump has broken over 200 years of presidential precedent. New precedent must be set by Rosenstein.

Obama was there in spirit....the Wedding was wonderfully diverse...

Putin has succeeded - "The West as we once knew it no longer exists."

Love is Greater Than Hate

Trump is Nixon without a brain.

60 neglected horses found on Iowa farm; repeat offender charged

Trump did it & he's going down for a host of crimes, & some of them have nothing to do with Russia

Trump administration's abortion "gag rule" is a backdoor attack on birth control

Hua Chenyu / G.E.M. - 'Light Year Away' "Singer 2018" Episode 13

Can an Amazon shareholder sue the president ?

I would like to remind everyone what is heading Trumps way.

A comment a friend made on the royal wedding, and I agree (bigly)

An Especially Summery Take on Spaghetti and Clams

Anybody here into Curling (the sport not the place)?

Trump's corruption goes much further than conspiring with the Russians

Sorry. Wrong Forum

U.S. gun lobby takes aim at 'gun-hating' banks Citi, BofA

In consideration of all the damage to humanity that trump is doing

Adult entertainment industry group trolls Trump with letter explaining difference between HIV & HPV

Is the Sense of Wonder Restricted Only to Humans?

Did Trump really tell Bill Gates his daughter was for lack of a better word hot ? SMDH

Ben Carson is shutting down the computer assessment tool. no more data on neighborhood segregation

Action Cat In Action....

NRA's Dana Loesch says 'media' is creating mass shooters

Posts with which I agree very rarely show up in my Facebook feed.

TPM "WaPo: FBI Informant Is Ex-Professor Who Met With Three Trump Campaign Aides"

Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election.

Tweet on god and guns

Michael Avenatti continues destroying 'ultimate circus act' Giuliani in blistering MSNBC interview

Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Paris

a YES exchange student was killed at Santa Fe H.S. yesterday

ex-boyfriend of woman who died in spa explosion: 1st wife died in accident, had destructive devices

Think what you want about the Royal Wedding.

Like a true tyrant, Trump does not offer his voters grand ideas. He offers them gifts.

Saturday Bombshell: Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election

And now, for something completely different . . .

Harry and Meghan: Don't send gifts, buy sanitary pads for Indian women

Elizabeth Warren Pledges Big Money To 'Turn Up The Heat On Gerrymandering'

Well played, Guardian. Well played. (I couldn't agree more)

China Lands Nuclear Bombers on Disputed South China Sea Islands In Warning to American Rivals

Several Travis County tax assessor's office employees arrested in fraud investigation, DPS says

Post a true but little-known fact about someone famous, living or dead -- (Part 4)

So Phila Eagles QB, Carson Wentz, got married today. Big Deal.

We withdraw Vickers Cunningham recommendation in GOP runoff for Dallas County Commissioners

TX-07: Texas runoff a pivotal moment for national Democrats

Multiple people injured in explosion at chemical plant near Houston

Trump endorses Republican John Cox for California governor

Is there any member of the gop who doesn't have dirty hands from conspiring

Creme-filled doughnuts- how long can they be left at room-temperature, without spoiling?

'Affluenza' mom Tonya Couch released from jail

Did anyone else here already know that Josh Barro is a Clinton hating douchebag?

Houston police chief: It's time to ask 'God's forgiveness for our inaction' on gun violence

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow connects all the Trump staffers who have suspicious ties to Russia

Republican view of the fall of an empire that is neither real nor wanted, and isn't falling

Tweet of the Day

Democrats vying for Rep. Sam Johnson's seat in Collin County say they can turn red District 3 blue

I have no words for this...

When the Tx governor said unlike other shootings there were no warning signs

Coexistence Under the Feeder - Can We Learn from It?

Students arrested protesting gun violence outside Paul Ryan's office

Prime membership jumps 20%....

White, straight and Christian: Dallas County candidate admits rewarding his kids if they marry withi

Okay, I want it to be as complicated as fuck to get your hands on a gun.

If Trump can sell our government to the Saudis, Qataris, and Russians more power to him.

After forgery and sex scandals, ousted convicted judge wears a felony face of shame

Anybody here interested in banning bump-stocks?

Welcome to Kansas...

Oil and gas company owned by prominent Fort Worth family files for bankruptcy

'Please make sure this doesn't happen again'

22 injured in fire, explosion at Pasadena industrial plant


Secretariat at the Preakness, 1973: BAM! Last to first

Our Second Amendment, Explained Simply

He can't spell his wife's name:

As despair continues to engulf Venezuela, voters go to the polls

You can't make this s--t up.

The accused Santa Fe shooter will never get the death penalty. Here's why.

Behind Armenia's Revolt, Young Shock Troops From the Tech Sector

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller's show 5/16

BP, Conoco are said to be in talks on North Sea, Alaska assets swap

Katy woman allegedly stole $200K from youth hockey league

The ruins of a monastery in Hirsau Germany

If it is a battle between good and evil...


Understanding the Full Range of Christianity

The Big Con is not Conning his Way out This Time....

Press Conference

Video of Avenatti on Morning Joy today

Remember Valerie....?

Texas runoff between Laura Moser and Lizzie Pannill Fletcher a pivotal moment for national Democrats


NuScale's Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Passes Biggest Hurdle Yet

Remains of Spanish dictatorship's victims handed to families, 80 years on

Analysis: Millennial Texans might be louder, but they're not voting

One can view going from a citizen of a republic to the subject of a monarchy as a step down.

The Surprising Popularity of 'Far Left' Policies

NRA Blood Money...

Does anybody know who was doing the ululating when Harry and Megan emerged from the church?

Rumor has it that the crowd size at the Royal Wedding

El Salvador court to try former president for money laundering

Here's a real simple rule of thumb regarding all of the Trump scandals...

Big news for EU....

Did the royal wedding beat Trump's early morning ratings?

R.I.P. Reggie Lucas, guitarist on pivotal Miles Davis albums

A small family tree of the new royal couple for those interested in such things. (large pic)

CREW Requests Investigation into Missing Michael Cohen Documents

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates you've got a brand new pee

Willie Brown Blues

Crowd size-Royal Wedding and Trump inauguration

Movie plot - Name the film

Of course the Koch brothers were involved...

BBC 3 trolling Trump

Why Democrats can't win the 'respect' of Trump voters

Little-known state agency causes controversy as chief judge forces resignation

Powerful eruption of Colima Volcano in Mexico on December 13th, 2015 ...

The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex know how to roll - a Jaguar converted to electric power

UN warns of 'deteriorating climate' for human rights defenders in Guatemala

Aji Amarillo, a Peruvian chili paste/update baked chicken

A gourmet chef was at the house tonight and cooked the following meal

Jimmy Carter pokes fun at tRump.....

Now we know what Trump will say when we learn what he's hiding

Should be paying for addiction rehab....

The Royal Wedding sure has brought out the curmudgeons in force.

Pence sleeps with the NRA...

Lawns Are an Ecological Disaster

Erik Prince has a LOT of explaining to do to the House Intelligence Committee.

Imagine if Flat Earthers were willing to sacrifice the lives of their and other's children...

Just Weird....

How Democratic Women Won (And Lost) The mixed lessons of Tuesday's primaries.............

Dems in Madison show little interest in fielding candidates

LOL: Conway vs. Conway

Why, oh why, did Trib parent pay Ferro $15 million?

It is not far fetched in the Big Con admin....

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

The Names and Faces of the Victims Killed at Santa Fe

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 19, 2018

What do you see? _______ (Forgive me)

Giuliani: Trump could prepare for a possible interview with Mueller while golfing

SIU president, Carbondale chancellor respond to explosive op-ed

Zinke, Wife Requested VIP National Park Tours For Friends And Acquaintances

Professional Left Podcast, with Driftglass and Blue Gal - Ep 441: Apologize!

Water line break at Rend Lake shuts off water to 60 southern Illinois communities

It's a Small World of Trump Lawyers By Josh Marshall

Jimmy Carter Makes 'Crowd Size' Jab At Trump Amid Liberty Commencement

LePage reveals he was hit by a car while cycling in November, credits helmet with saving his life

Trump's strategy for how to increase the number of red states in America

9 yr old: Why don't we just leave the flags at half-mast...

Call Them by Their Names - They must not get away with this bias

John Fugelsang for today's internet WIN

Every person in Illinois owes $11,000 for pensions, with no fix in sight

Trump tweet from 6/13/16 re: $$$, The Clintons & Saudi Arabia

Check out the Potomac River at White's Ferry:

Blaming the Victims of Israel's Gaza Massacre

This Liberal went to a Right Wing candidate forum and saw an alternate reality (VIDEO)

It Wasn't Just Russia That Tried to Help Trump

My Favorite Royal Wedding Pic:

How long before Donald Trump announces

The Surprising Popularity of 'Far Left' Policies

Texas Democrats Look to Single-Payer In House Races

gop nominates NRA lapdog for Va. 6th District

Trump-Republican Proposal Would Rescind Funds That Make Public Housing Safe for Residents

Seth Abramson: 'All of this happened in just 2 weeks"

When You Can't Turn Off the News

man punches service Great Dane because he "took up more space than [he] felt it deserved." on plane


Quote of the Day

Well, well, well...

Mitch McConnell Appoints Hate Group Leader-Tony Perkins- to Religious Freedom Commission

Remember the recent Rex Tillerson speech?

Does Watching TV Make Us Unhappy?

Trump Jr. Met With Emissary For Gulf Princes Offering Help With Campaign In 2016: Report

Meanwhile, in Italy...

School shootings didn't get bad until Obama...

Jim Carrey art posted today and May 15th.

This is my doggie and I'm going to love him,hug him and kiss him

Meghan Markle's father descended from royalty. Her mother from slaves.

Stonekettle Station has a good article up today.

How how is it going? nt

That look you give when...

Jim Carrey May 12th and 13th art

Something bothers me about this

Democrats are like crows.

Handy guide for identifying parasitic ticks

Missouri lawmakers vote to outlaw marriage at 15

Gee, I wonder why the orange shit stain wasn't at the royal wedding today. Must have been too

'You Raise Me Up' - So Hyang (Cover)

Guess the song from the lyrics.

Alleged Waffle House shooter's father, Jeff Reinking, sued in Tazewell County

Sad but True....

Florida man pleads guilty to trafficking firearms to Brazil

Bernie Sanders will meet Disney workers in Anaheim on June 2, ahead of proposed ballot measure

Everything changed, she said, after Trump took office: The New ICE Age: An Agency Unleashed

Justify wins the Preakness!

Germany Acts to Tame Facebook, Learning From Its Own History of Hate

Royal wedding reception food

Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces

Trump risks presidency using his power to pursue personal animus[

Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 2

Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 3

Liberace - Bumble Boogie

Just got out of Deadpool 2 and I only have one word

Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 4

Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 5

Hand-Me-Down Plane That Crashed Reflects a Cuban Air Industry in Crisis

Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 6

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots


Freight train derails on collapsed railway in Alexandria (Photos)

I think I'm moving in here for a while.


Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 7

Scientists reconstruct the face of 9,000-Year-Old 'Angry' girl who lived in Mesolithic era