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It just never fucking ends!

Mueller's former assistant says grammatical errors prove leaked questions came from Trump

Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier Might Be Unstable, and Scientists Are About to Find Out for Sure

Mueller raised possibility of presidential subpoena in meeting with Trump's legal team

Five Races Where Democrats Could Score Shocking Upsets (IA 4th)

Oh My! Breaking WP - Mueller raised possible subpoena with the Con's lawyers

Exclusive: Bornstein claims Trump dictated the glowing health letter!

MSNBC reporting Jay Sekulow compiled the list of 49 questions.

John Kerry's memoir : Every Day is Extra

WV-SEN: Blankenship defends 'Chinaperson' amid further attacks on McConnell

Trump administration officials inquiring whether Greitens scandal could impact top aide to VP

How's this for a Presidential scenario, as outlandish as it might be:

Still learning to cat.

Charlottesville: Jacob Goodwin found guilty of the August 12 beating of DeAndre Harris

PSA: Pronunciation of Rod Rosenstein's name

FCC's O'Rielly broke federal law at CPAC

4 Vie For GOP US Senate Nomination In Montana, And Yes, They're Just As Awful As You Might Suspect

Russian military spending falls, could affect operations: think-tank

World's Largest Ocean Dead Zone Is In The Gulf Of Oman; It's The Size Of Florida, Growing Fast

Nation's Top Teachers 'Verbally Spar' With Betsy DeVos In Private Meeting

Man who threw shoe at George W. Bush seeks parliament seat in Iraq

Introducing Trump's next V.A. nominee

Just 9 percent 'very surprised' by Trump's behavior in office: poll

Trump illegal seizure of medical documents from the doctor is also HIPAA violation.

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Heavy Medication!

Ok, let me get this straight about medical documents.

A Theory of the Leaks Surrounding Mueller's Questions for Trump

Jennifer Rubin: Dr. Ronny Jackson said last year that he didn't have access to DT's records

White House defends taking records from Trump's former doc

Bad Astronomy article with huge image of star birth

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 3, 2018 -- TCM Spotlight: Robert Osborne Birthday Tribute

Trump's Doctor Is Back In the News With a Wild Story to Tell

Rosenstein blasts GOP impeachment threat against him as extortion

Crimes Are No Longer Disqualifying for GOP Candidates

Rubio is definitely running for President as a compassionate conservative

Comcast is boosting internet speeds, but not for cord-cutters

FLIPPABLE: Theresa Meza for TX-HD105

MSNBC: Rachel just announced Mueller has threatened Trump with Subpoena (WashPo)

Am I being pushy asking for my taxes to be done by mid September? (it gets worse)

FLIPPABLE: Celina Montoya for TX-HD121

I am not aware of anything in the Constitution which says president can't be indicted or

Those of you who are crackerjack researchers...

#FacebookDatingService: "You liked Nickelback. Here are three women in your area who are deaf."

VA-10: Dem candidate films himself buying assault-style weapon without background check

The Artist Painting Trump's Most Incendiary Words

I have full confidence in congressional republicans.

Fernandez wins special election to replace disgraced former state Rep. Daisy Baez

Sparky does not look very healthy to me...

Charlottesville: Jury says ten years for Goodwin in DeAndre Harris assault case

Who is that guy who sets up leaks?

Amanda Knox: What I learned from meeting other women villainized by the media

Preet Bharara: "Back soon. Just dictating letter for my doctor..."

There is talk of developing a new line of makeup.

Is This Artichoke Kosher? Rome Defends a Classic Jewish Dish.

Great Trump W/GOP Help Running Country Like A Mafia Or Syndicate.

Why would Dr. Bornstein have records with pseudonyms for Trump?

Trump administration turns its back on the most vulnerable

What happens if there is a tie between Raptors and cabs in NBA playoffs?

We know Iran's nuclear secrets now. Let's make the most of them.

Interesting places to go :-)

Does anyone remember..............

I DO NOT see Trump going the distance on the Mueller thing.

Drug Users Take Over Corridors Of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station

Foux snooze news for the base...

Important news about tonight's State House victory in Florida

Support local newspapers if yours is independent -- subscribe

Well this explains why he likes the Big Con..

DT didn't want his doctor saying he took Propecia? Some side effects: impotence, genital shrinkage

I was was just watching Lawerence's show and..

Tough to explain waterboarding...but I have no doubt these MF will.

Trump Boys Ransack Mueller's Office To Steal Answer Key To Questions For Their Dad

Kanye West under fire after saying slavery was a choice

Trump calls Kelly into the Oval Office and, in excited voice, tells him that he believes

3 Days in a Row, the GOTV People Have Been Registering Students at My College

I wonder Why?

Hope this book becomes a bestseller.

Ali Velshi , explains "No collusion " claims are ludicrous like him saying he's Brad Pitt.........

Clarke Gayford: New Zealand police deny PM's partner is under investigation

Next week is Primary Day in Indiana and West Virginia.

I am going to throw this out unto the discussion thread............

Mumford & Sons

Calling Dr. Bornstein ...

Mumford & Sons 2

Today.... Happy Spring at last..

What do you think about Rod Rosenstein's "some people opined" comment?

Mumford & Sons 3

Dr. Bornstein's medical notes that Trump doesn't want you to see

Mumford & Sons 4

White supremacist is guilty in Charlottesville parking garage beating of black man

Real Madrid through to the final

The Problem With Trump Dictating His Own Medical Assessment

Jimmy Kimmel: Jake Tapper on Sources & White House Correspondents Dinner

I'm laughing my ass off...

Three words that became hard to say... I, and Love, and You

Texas sues Trump administration to end 'Dreamers' program

NRA Convention Will Allow Guns, Except When Trump and Pence Speak

Seth Meyers - Michael Cohen's Law School, Bob Dylan's Whiskey - Monologue - 4/30/18

Anyone want to guest host the Spring photo contest?

Is the money laundering of Trump and others, including the Russians, being handled by SDNY or

With Tom Schedler's resignation, here's what's next for Secretary of State's Office

Prolly a repost but goddamn I love this tune!

Cursed Diamond

Scenes from 12 Monkeys 1995

Nenana Ice Classic 2018 came to an close today

FLIPPABLE: Joey Rodman for OK-HD64

Matt Gaetz gets a quick civics lesson!

Another Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

The Daily Show: Robert Mueller Gives Trump the World's Easiest Open Book Test

Southern University fires popular band director, he says he is disappointed with decision

Congressman Tied to Anti-Gay Groups Scheduled to Speak at 'Kill the Gays' Pastor's Conference

'We Will Win. I Will Run for Speaker': Nancy Pelosi Predicts Democratic Wave Will Retake the House

FLIPPABLE: Maggie Borski for PA-AD177

911 Call Reported Armed Burglar - Who Was Actually a Black Ex-Obama Staffer Moving Into New Home

Charlottesville white supremacist gets 5-20 years prison sentence,

Robert Mueller asks for 2 more months before Michael Flynn sentencing

FLIPPABLE: Jennifer O'Mara for PA-AD165

N.J. state workers say yes to new contract, raises after years of fighting Christie

Say something nice about trump...I'll start:

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 4, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Burt Lancaster

21 months in prison for man who hid over $1.5M from IRS

Hats off to Mineral Man. His "Paul Ryan nominates Osteen" post is trending at Snopes

CNN's Gloria Borger and Pamela Brown on AC 360: Trump believes he has discredited Mueller and case

These 24 N.J. gas stations stiffed workers out of $2M in wages, OT pay

Taxpayer legal tab for Christie's response to Bridgegate scandal exceeds $15M

Lawmakers want to raise age to buy rifles, shotguns in New Jersey

i live in OREGON newbie. where do i get seeds?

For anti-gay slur, Steve Lonegan should quit the race

The University of Texas does not treat masculinity as a "mental health issue"

A black former White House staffer was moving into a new apartment. Someone reported a burglary.

New Jersey Legislature preparing for legal sports betting

Black student sues neo-Nazi site founder over 'troll storm'

In the spirit of rugged individualism

"Pac man effect" keeps people from falling off flat earth

Today I am even more proud to be a Waukesha Dem, 5th CD Dem, and a WI Dem. We are on the right side

Massage therapy can improve your cat's quality of life

Songs With Epic Sax

Begala: Donald Trump is no 'idiot.' He's something worse

TX-07: Primary candidate directing contributions through husband's consulting business.

Jose Garces investors sue to oust him from 3 restaurants


Parents, students protest Camden school district to demand adequate funding for books and supplies

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/1/18

Justice 'demands' a trial in Penn State frat hazing death, AG Shapiro says

Candidate forum nixed after House incumbent says he can't make dates

My cat is break dancing on my bed for lack of a better description. He just

Arizona's lawmakers move to pass raises for striking teachers

Beyond Bernie - Searching for Vermont's Political Identity - COMING MAY 9th - Vermont PBS

Beyond Bernie - Searching for Vermont's Political Identity - COMING MAY 9th - Vermont PBS

Former Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski's appeal just regurgitates the same arguments

Jimmy Kimmel: Guest Senator Elizabeth Warren on Health Care & Minimum Wage

recent Jim Carrey art

47 overdoses, 7 deaths reported in Delaware's latest spike

PETA calls on Slaughter Beach to change 'negative' name

From Facebook

Video: Bernie Sanders at the VFW - St. Albans Senior Town Meeting April 14, 2018

Trump Lawyers Said to Lack Security Clearance Amid Mueller Talks

Dog sitting while daughter's in London

AutoDesk Sketchbook is now FREE!

Fatal encounters: 97 deaths point to pattern of border agent violence across America

Bill to outlaw underage marriage divides Delaware Legislature

House OKs bump stock ban, again

Awesome cat toy. I got my little Silver, five year old, ten pound female, this Petstages

State to spray Potomac River for black flies

Sum total of this week's news: This is going to take a long time, and by then, 45 will already be ou

Top Maryland court to hear arguments about striking ex-Sen. Nathaniel Oaks from ballot

Have you seen the @trumpgoogles Instagram account?

Baltimore poised to pay $9M to man who spent 20 years in prison on wrongful murder conviction

Shout-out to Jurors

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories roil DC city government

A Christian pastor just broke the internet with a scathing open letter to Huckabee Sanders and Trump

Trump Is Sowing the Seeds of His Own Demise

Border Agents Search Duffel Bag, Find Tiger

Claire Foy to 'receive 200,000 in back pay' after The Crown gender pay gap controversy

High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University

Gymnast sues Karolyis, other groups over team doctor's abuse

The Rundown: May 1, 2018

Marvel, DC & Image Comics Out This Week: 05/02/2018

This Month in Comics: April 2018

The 6 Senate seats Democrats could maybe, possibly win from Republicans

How Puerto Rico's Debt Created A Perfect Storm Before The Storm

House approved a fetal heartbeat abortion ban after adding some exceptions for rape, incest

Schlitterbahn park sells for $20M at foreclosure auction

Most likely bottom line scenario on Russia/Trump campaign.

Iowa lawmakers approve the most restrictive US abortion law

So I talked to my Fox-watching, Trump-loving sister yesterday.

Indict This Sandwich: American Boloney

More Pearl Clutching - "Have they no sense of decorum?!

WIRED: Robert Mueller Likely Knows How This All Ends

I've tried five times to put one member on Ignore

New documents contradict Trump administration's rationale for transgender military ban

Sam Harris Podcast #125 - What is Christianity?

Pretty accurate tweet, I think

Senate candidate promised to vote against GOP more than 20% of the time. She rarely ever did.

Pence in Arizona hails Arpaio as 'champion' of 'rule of law'

How did it come to this?

Police fire rubber bullets, tear gas at peaceful May Day protesters in Puerto Rico

Boulder City Council moves step closer to banning assault weapons

"Craven", SEE: Mike Pence, praising Arpaio. nt

Subpoena question

Donald Trump dictated note saying he was 'astonishingly' healthy, doctor says

Sarah Sanders clumsily dodges difficult question about Trump, Cohen and the Fifth amendment

Charlottesville: Trial of Alex Ramos for assault of DeAndre Harris begins at 9:30

Sarah Sanders clumsily dodges difficult question about Trump, Cohen and the Fifth amendment

Hoping for that blue wave...

My 15 y/o grandson is studying colonialism in Africa.

Georgia governor candidate aims gun at teen in campaign ad. 'Get over it,' he tells critics.


Gollum Trump is upset over Bornstein "raid" coverage.

Stop threatening a subpoena, do it.

Electrical Storms: Frightful or Delightful?

Trump trade adviser: All countries exempted from steel tariffs will face quotas

Netanyahu's former Mossad Director: "This is no smoking gun. The gun smoked many years ago."

Did Michelle Wolf Say Anything That Wasn't True?

Robert Mueller's Questions for Donald Trump Released

What women in politics are up against...

Georgia govenor candidate's gun ad draws fire

"Mueller is not doing a book report"

I hope Trump takes it to the Supreme Court.

"I'm runnin' fer Georgia gov'ner!" . . . . Please come CAPTION Brian Kemp!!!

Dems win key race in swing Florida district

Robert Mueller and Co. are playing hardball

South Korea says US troops will stay despite possible peace treaty

The Republican Party Is Exposing Its Own Policy-Making Screw-Ups

Trump Tweets About Negotiations With North Korea 'Over Nuclear War'

Idiot stole his medical records because they reveal he's bald as an egg.

He would have turned 89 today -- Link Wray, born on this day in 1929

Russia gained 3 crucial advantages over the Trump campaign during Don Jr meeting: ex-CIA director

Holy shit. Trump's lawyers don't even have the security clearance to discuss Mueller interview.

Ruined selfie


Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation

Fatal encounters: 97 deaths point to pattern of border agent violence across America

Dems win key race in swing Florida district

Have you read the book; "Stupid White Men", by Michael Moore?

"They are thanking him for being mean to immigrants & making it safe for them to be openly racist."

Your weekly Wednesday reminder...

Trump's game of leaks: Is he playing the New York Times the same way the Russians did?

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Candidate Demonstrates "Responsible Gun Ownership"

Exclusive: Facebook commits to civil rights audit, political bias review

Ohio Seeks To Impose New Medicaid Work Requirements, Tempting Lawsuits

Ohio Seeks To Impose New Medicaid Work Requirements, Tempting Lawsuits

In midterm elections, Republicans are running against ... Hillary Clinton. Still.

Triggered Trump on Mueller warpath

The NY Post actually wrote a fair and well-researched article on Congressional couch crashers

Time to get your Hump Day dance on!

7 states sue to end DACA protection for "Dreamers"

Pentagon Bans Sale of Chinese Phones on U.S. Military Bases

Top Interior Official Resigned Amid Claims Of Intimidating Behavior

Kathy Griffin on Late Night with Seth Myers (May 1, 2018)

I have a question about the custom on DU of writing "K&R" or "kicked and recommended"

Hater owned by extremely well-constructed sign (Twitter Video)

LMAO-Patriot Prayer Bozo Defeated by ANTIFA Sign-Video

Pence in Arizona hails Arpaio as 'champion' of 'rule of law'

Rubio walks back criticism of GOP tax law

'Disgraceful': Trump super PAC unloads on Tester in new ad

Trump Quotes Favorite Attorney's Radio Hit To Rail Against Mueller Questions

Environmental group to carve Donald Trump's face into the side of Arctic iceberg

My "WTF?" of the day, drunk driver edition...

Trump Whisperers. How foreign leaders sweet-talk Trump

Seth Abramson says "lace up America"!

Every so often I hear "the Democrats were the party of slavery and Jim Crow..."

A border tribe, and the wall that will divide it

Adam Schiff Kicks Sarah Sander's Ash

Kansas Republicans Turn On Kris Kobach, Top GOP Vote Suppressor

Boy Scouts are dropping the word 'boy' from the name of flagship program

Twitler threatens to *get involved*:

United Airlines bans dozens of dog and cat breeds from cargo hold under new pet travel policy

When will Trump admin start investigating UFO and Area 51 'coverups'?

Trump's lies are to cover up other, bigger lies:

Pittsburgh joins lawsuit challenging citizenship question on U.S. Census

Mueller interested in 2016 convention episode dismissed by House GOP

WSJ: Aluminum giant Rusal set to escape blacklist

Fox News: Feminists are the reason chivalry is dead.

Trump's legal team prepares for showdown with Mueller

Richard Burton sings "Camelot"

New scrutiny of potential Manafort links with Russia

Most Say White House Is Running Chaotically

Students Walk Out Of Class To *SUPPORT* The 2nd Amendment

Have I missed any news or info on twogunsid who used to post in Sports?

Beto O'Rourke wants to debate Ted Cruz 6 times, including twice in Spanish

More fake sympathy. More whitwash for the hateful racists to cover their motives...

Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation

Trump Threatens to 'Get Involved' With the DOJ: 'At Some Point I Will Have No Choice'

Starbucks drops Jewish group from bias training

Isakson: CNN Report Validates Some Claims against Ronny Jackson

Shirley Bassey - "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" (Duet w/ Robert Goulet) (1982 Live)

HHS official who shared conspiracy theories and said 'forefathers would have hung' Obama is back at

Pamela Anderson Defends Julian Assange: He's 'Hated Because of the Clinton Monopoly on the Media'

U.S. adds 204,000 private-sector jobs in April, ADP report shows

Pelosi Says She Plans to Stay in Leadership

WATCH: Morning Joe panel blisters Mike Pence for endorsing disgraced sheriff Joe Arpaio

Boo hoo

Panel roasts GOP for fielding multiple convicted criminal candidates

WV GOP candidate tells Fox he's right 'on all issues that matter' - starting with 'Hillary & Barack'

Scott Pruitt wanted EPA to open a new office w/ soundproof secure phone booth in his hometown Tulsa

Infowars Host: 'Civil War Is Inevitable' If Liberals 'Continue To Exist'

"American Family Association" radio talk show host shows his religious hatred again...

I've been hanging out in a Flat-Earther-forum for a while. Let me tell you how these people think:

White House ignores exec. order requiring count of civilian casualties in counterterrorism strikes

Why can't I see the search button on my I phone?

'You're f*cking insane': Internet scorches 'traitor' Trump over new bonkers tweet threatening...

Anyone know what brand of pen Rachel Maddow flashes?

Conservatives go crazy over Boy Scouts name change now that girls will be included

PART FOUR: Assessing Russian propogandist Konstantin Rykov's pro-Trump "confession"

This dedication goes out to "Scott," who wants to open a new office in his hometown of Tulsa:

Try a little kindness

TV Ratings: 'Roseanne' Sheds 23 Percent, Loses Tuesday to 'NCIS'

GOP lawmaker withdraws from 'Kill the Gays' pastor's conference after NCRM inquiry

THIS kid for President, the second she comes of age.

Cultural insensitivity?

PART FIVE (CONCLUSION): Assessing Russian propogandist Konstantin Rykov's pro-Trump "confession"

House: Democrats Risk Disaster in California's Top Two Primaries

House: Democrats Risk Disaster in California's Top Two Primaries

Ty Cobb is out, Emmet Flood is in.

Police just arrested 57 white supremacists in huge criminal bust

May 4 - Sen. Sanders, DA Krasner, hold Criminal Justice Roundtable

MSNBC - Ty Cobb retires from Trump legal team

***BREAKING*** Ty Cobb out. Emmett Flood in

May 4 at 2:30 ET - Sen. Sanders, DA Krasner, hold Criminal Justice Roundtable

Islamic State Hits Libya's Election Headquarters, Killing 14

Look what they've done to my country. (An analogy)

Robert Goulet - Old Songs Medley (from an appearance at the Sahara in LV)

Indivisible backs Rohrabacher challenger as progressives vie to unseat old Democratic kingmakers

Black Gun Owner Will Give Birth in Prison After Trying to Protect 2-Year-Old Daughter from Assailant

Trump to Add Clinton Impeachment Lawyer Emmet Flood to Replace Ty Cobb

Down 19-0 in the bottom of the 9th, "Manager" Orange Dotard pulls Ty Cobb.

Former Virginia GOP Senate candidate Ivan Raiklin sues over ballot access denial

Prof Stephen Hawking's multiverse finale

Ok folks, so batting for Ty Cobb

Why are there so many duplicate posts here?

CNN investigation: 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse (in only20 cities out of 630)

Campaign 2020 - "Poll: Warren, Biden top picks among New Hampshire Dems"

CNN investigation:103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse (in only 20 cities out of 630

CNN investigation:103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse (in only 20 cities out of 530

White House claims it called Waffle House hero to bring him to D.C -- but he says they have not

Pence Headlines Event for PAC...It's a "Statistical Observation" That Black People Are Lazy

Firing a person investigating you for obstruction of justice is just more obstruction.

Borowitz is loving the Endless Comedy Christmas (Trump can't spell subpoena)

Goldman Sachs fined $110 million for unsafe forex trading

Ex-Obama Dr: Bornstein Has 'Disgraced Himself,' Should Be Investigated

Apple Says It Will Buy Back $100 Billion in Stock

Tom Price Backpedals: O'Care Mandate Repeal 'Exactly The Right Thing To Do'

Military cargo plane crashes near Savannah, Georgia

Kris Kobach will pay his contempt order with Kansas taxpayers' money

We all get that

Why worry about Robert S. Mueller or DT45 when it is only 1 state needed

Wolf sets special US House election on general election day

President's Public Schedule for today:

FCC Commissioner violated the Hatch Act by advocating for the re-election of President Trump at CPAC

Call Uber? agree to private arbitration for any issues, including rape and assault

Invasive northern pike threaten Washington salmon future

Call Uber? submit to private arbitration for any issues, including assault and rape

Mustache guy out, impeachment lawyer in

I worry for TraitorTrump...

Call Uber? agree to private arbitration for any issues, including assault and rape.

Invasive northern pike threaten Washington salmon future

Two black men arrested at Starbucks settle with Philadelphia for $1 each

Texas teenager arrested for allegedly plotting mass shooting at mall: U.S. authorities

De Niro tells White House Correspondents' Association to "strap on your balls"

Trump administration sued over family-planning program shift

Fossil footprints 'unique in the world' show a human chasing a giant sloth (WaPo)

Brother of suspected Parkland shooter held for violating probation: media

Weird Weather Forecast

The oldest footprints in North America are right where native historians said they should be (WaPo)

Trump claims immunity, asks court to toss foreign payments suit

Palestinian 'fire kites' spark huge blaze in Israeli fields along Gaza border

Help with an iPhone application, please?

Everyone knows Dave,,,

Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z

Reports of Sexual Assault in the Military Rise by 10 Percent, Pentagon Finds

Support for same-sex marriage grows sharply in U.S., survey finds

Believe the truth in my tears!

Reports of Sexual Assault in the Military Rise by 10 Percent, Pentagon Finds

Reports of Sexual Assault in the Military Rise by 10 Percent, Pentagon Finds

Pelosi reiterates call to protect Mueller after latest Trump tweet

Before Hendrix there was The Leaves!

Trump claims 'absolute immunity'- asks court to toss foreign payments suit

DOJ denies House Freedom Caucus request to review Mueller's directive: report Black men arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks reach agreement with city

A dubious anniversary for the Federal Election Commission

Reproductive Rights are Still Human Rights--Even if the Trump Administration Won't Say So

GOP faces midterm disaster as Mueller, Rosenstein, Cohen bombshells explode

188 days

WaPo reporter Robert Costa re: Giuliani

Mitch McConnell, You're responsible for what happens from here on.

Scientists discover hundreds of footprints left at the dawn of modern humanity {old news!} (WaPo)

Is Trump Worried About That Potential Mueller Subpoena? Well...

Reproductive Rights are Still Human Rights--Even if the Trump Administration Won't Say So

Reproductive Rights are Still Human Rights--Even if the Trump Administration Won't Say So

Indiana Boy Scout leader in response to those upset about Scouts name change: "Get over it."

Seattle sees a largely peaceful May Day march

18 House Republicans nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Al Franken speaks out for first time since resignation

Cambridge Analytica Just Shut Down All Its U.S. Offices

Venezuela inflation quadruples in two months to nearly 18,000%

Fox analyst won't sugarcoat Cobb departure: Trump 'finally recognizes how serious' Mueller probe is

So, two doctors walk into a church.....

So the Intercept's latest Dem smear job turned out to be BS again?

Economists invoke great depression in warning to Trump on trade

Judy Garland & Ethel Merman - Garland/Merman medley (The Judy Garland Show)

Any Karate Kid fans?

Did Trump Link Arms Sales to Ukraine with Cutting Off Mueller? - By Josh Marshall

Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation

Dogs roam free in beautiful 'Land of Strays,' where more than 1,000 abandoned pups enjoy paradise

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Prize ignoramus

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Hypocrites

@SethAbramson: How damn transparent can these people be?? (Trump & Deripaska)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

GOP House candidate: Transgender people have 'an issue with mental illness'

1963 - Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Ethel Merman - The Judy Garland Show

Enough games from this friggin' moron!

700,000-Year-Old Stone Tools Point to Mysterious Human Relative (NatGeo)

Those ancient artifacts that were illegally smuggled to Hobby Lobby are headed home to Iraq

Calling Roto-Rooter


Isle of Man votes to decriminalize abortion, aligning with British mainland

BREAKING NEWS: Emmet Flood set to retire from Trump representation next Monday.

Gov. Scott Walker's feelings are hurt, here's why that doesn't matter

Taking industrial hemp farming nationwide

Hitler Would Have Won W/GOP In White House. Hartmann Reading Anti FDR/ War Speeches.

Jim Jeffries Show Calls Out The Subculture Known As "Incels"

Redskins Cheerleaders Describe a Trip to Costa Rica That Crossed a Line.

EXCLUSIVE: Top Interior Official Resigned Amid Claims Of Intimidating Behavior

The final scene of "Sophie's Choice" with its haunting theme...

Jim Carey's latest piece . . . "Hippocratic Oaf"

"Padre, you just got to stay out of politics." Paul Ryan to Father Patrick Conroy

Happy anniversary, sort of: the first commercial flight of the de Havilland Comet, 1952

Cambridge Analytica has already re-branded itself

Most people, even in politics, are too decent to lie as he did. but he benefited from the health lie

Huge Dinosaur Footprints Discovered on Scottish Coast (NatGeo)

Analytica Cambridge Analytica closing down after Facebook row

Giuliani, who failed to shut down Mueller, dictates terms of Trump interview. RUDY! On FIRE! MAGA!

Gun looks just like a Samsung Galaxy 7 & it's legal. What could possibly go wrong?!?

The Guy Who Threw His Shoes At George W. Bush Is Running For Office In Iraq

Best May Day Thing (2018)

South Florida paper runs gun show ad below stories of mass shootings

Redskins Cheerleaders Describe a Trip to Costa Rica That Crossed a Line

Really now, who DOESN'T like a good bargain?

Giuliani vows Trump interview will be '2-3 hours max' after failing to shut down Mueller...

Mike Luckovich: Time for a reshoot.

Here's 4 reasons why Donald Trump faking a doctor's note actually matters

Trump's Pentagon Opens Up Guantanamo Bay to New Prisoners

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #2

Alt-Right Cheers Kanye West's 'Slavery Is a Choice' TMZ Rant

Republican Senate Candidate Says He'll End Mueller Probe If Elected

I seem to write poetry only as I'm falling in love. Here are a few from the latest muse.

Update on Jim Bakker

Welcome To Your Very Distant Cousin The 1st Microbe 3 Billions + Years Back. -------

Cobb Reportedly Resigned Because He Was 'Uncomfortable' With Trump's 'Mudslinging' Mueller Tweets

Houston started an adopt-a-drain program to help drainage. Adopt a drain and name it anything.

White House adviser pitching Trump on a Kanye summit

Trump: "NEW BOOK - A MUST READ! By the brilliant Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett."

Summer Zervos, Trump Accuser, Subpoenas 'The Apprentice' Recordings

Let's not let this get lost in the deluge of "breaking news": the Democratic Party has offered to

Ty Cobb says he's sure Mueller didn't leak his questions

Fox News Panel Mocks March Trump Tweet Hitting NY Times For 'False Story' on Legal Team Shakeup

Pierce: Marco Rubio's Spine Remained Intact for a Grand Total of Two Days

Gas prices hit 3 year high

Facebook 'bias' study will be run by right-wing corporate lobbyist, exclude all liberals

DU Fundraiser Idea: Open a book on Emmett Flood's tenure

The Guardian: Cambridge Analytica's blueprint for a Trump victory

#BREAKING: Passengers are being evaluated for injuries after A crash

We know his supporters love him. They adore him. They worship him. But...

How Non-Black People Can Talk About Kanye While Staying in their Lane

West Virginia Candidate Distorts Reality In New Ad

(Jewish Group) EU condemns 'unacceptable' Abbas comments on Holocaust

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories roil DC city government

Beto O'Rourke wants to debate Ted Cruz 6 times, including twice in Spanish

Don McGahn considering resigning now too.

PLEASE STOP WINNING! Summer Zervos, Trump Accuser, Subpoenas "The Apprentice" Recordings

If Trump asked you to be part of his legal team,

West Virginia Senate candidate distorts reality in campaign ad

Memo: Pruitt landlord's husband sought EPA work for client

Plano teen arrested in ISIS-inspired plot to commit mass shooting at Frisco's Stonebriar mall

What You Need To Know About A Mueller Subpoena, Trump And The Russia Imbroglio

GOP Senate Hopefuls in House Nominate Trump For Nobel Peace Prize

Per press reports, the new lawyer, Flood, is now the "calming, cool presence the White House needs"

US Government has misplaced 1500 immigrant kids and can't find them. Oopsie.

Donal Trump is an enemy of the state

Greitens lied about charity donor list and misused it, allegations in report say

"A lie put on backwards is the truth, right?" . . . Please come CAPTION Paul Ryan!!!

Poor Peoples' Campaign ---training to participate (Rev. Dr. William Barber's organization)

Jay Sekulow Wrote Those Questions? He Really Is The Dumbest Lawyer In America

Ex your quit date. 5-2-2047.

Bigotry stopped Americans from intervening before the Holocaust. Not much has changed

Rick Wilson's limerick about Cobb......

"Lab tests astonishingly excellent-Stamina extraordinary-Urine sample delicious-Best I've ever taste

That "smoky-eye" joke was in such poor taste. Just horrible.

Hilarious headline

U.S. returns smuggled Hobby Lobby artifacts to Iraq

EPA designates areas non-compliant with 2015 ozone standards

U.S. Transfers First Detainee Out of Gitmo Under Trump, Who Vowed to Fill Its Cells

Ty Cobb Leaving Shows That Trump Has the True Mierdas Touch

Palestinian president says Jewish behavior caused the Holocaust, sparking condemnation

A Republican Plan Could Worsen Rural America's Food Crisis

Crash blossom: A headline that is ambiguous because of its wording or punctuation

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-16: My Beautiful Dark Twisted MAGA Fantasy Edition

I recall many years ago, there were 'Chat Rooms'

At least 5 people killed after US Air National Guard WC-130 military plane crashes in Georgia

Leaked: President Trump's Planned Speech to Mexico in Spanish for Cinco De Mayo:

This is not normal.

Felix Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night's Dream: Overture

anybody have their Iphone battery replaced?

17 shopping days 'til Pentecost

Retweeted Dan Rather

In our actual daily lives, most of us have no problem applying good old-fashioned common

Making Open Racism Open Hatred Legal & Normal What Trump & Base All About.

Paul Manafort asks judge to investigate leaks after Mueller questions revealed

Jonathan Chait:Did Trump bribe Ukraine to stop cooperating with Mueller?

Question about homeowning. I'm thinking of buying a house.

Trump Nominated for 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

First death reported from E. coli-contaminated romaine lettuce

Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate questions Democratic veterans

As Trump threatens DOJ, many experts say he would lose a Supreme Court subpoena showdown

Shep Smith on Giuliani's demands for Mueller: "That's not the way this works"

Nicolle Wallace: Trump "goes through lawyers faster than he goes through wives"

Ex-Trump aide who cursed Senate Intel probe meets with Mueller team

Oh my, it gets worse: Kanye West Tweets Fake Harriet Tubman Quote After Saying Slavery Was 'A Choice

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 2, 2018

Legislature overturns LePage veto on recreational marijuana bill

Summer Zervous just subpoenaed MGM, owners of 'The Apprentice'

My pick for the Kentucky Derby:

'Culture Shock Within Their Own Country': Saudis Come To Grips With Swift Changes

17 patriotic Republicans nominate Trump for Nobel prize, three months after the deadline. UNFAIR!!!

Spanish Basque separatist group ETA dissolves after 54 years

Cartoon: "Mueller asks his first question"

How do you think it will end for Trump?

I tell you something

Indexes Reverse Lower After Fed Statement; Apple Holds Strong, PayPal Dives

Will Emmet Flood help trump?

Blake Farenthold tells Gov. Abbott he won't pay for special election to replace him

I am totally expecting Der Twitler to end up with a public defender at his eventual trial

Ari Melber today

I understand what tRump is all about now.

Sean Hannity wants to conduct the interview of Trump for Mueller's team

Laurence Tribe:

America, what have we come to?

I drove past a sports car today that had a very prominent

"Rosenstein stronger in public this week

Are Driver License cameras designed to capture your picture

Something nice to visualize

May 68: 50 ans apres, quel heritage?

First draft of Trump Doctor letter leaked!

Walter Johnson-Good news and Bad news

Republicans get to cheat on elections for another year in Wisconsin

New poll shows Warren leading NH Dem primary field

Important Tucson Area Event TOMORROW

Something fun for PDX fans before Portlandia...

What do DUers think about this?David Goodall: doctors threaten 104-year-old scientist's bid to end


Ryan on November: "I don't think we're going to lose control"

CDC can't mention global warming, even with increases in diseases because of it:

Wise words from a comic book

Incels? What. The. Actual.

Now that you're here, let me talk to you about our lord and savior, Satan...

From Wonkette:

Keeping track....Go Team Mueller! 🇺🇸

February 1st was the deadline....and this is leadership

"Cambridge Analytica Pretending To Go Away" - Wonkette

Nothing and I mean NOTHING makes sense in this administration...

Any Word On Dennis Miller's Snappy Comeback?(Update)

The POTUS threatens a constitutional crisis...absolute bonkers

Alternate Reality...I am convinced

Donald Trump Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize By House Republicans

Nobody is above the law and that means you, f...Ing idiot.

239 lbs?

If it wasn't pathetic....I would be crying laughing..