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Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 8

Glamrock's British Invasion...Small Faces 9

Morons in charge

What a goddamned idiot.

This photo is not from 1939's right here in the US!

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles

'Newspicks' question.

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 2

Once more with feeling: Please enter the contest, "where we eat"

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 3

Students, poor won't back down from Ortega repression

Glamrock's British Invasion... the Beatles 4

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf fires back at Trump: 'I am not obstructing justice'

Man impersonated Illinois state employee, offered fake jobs: prosecutors

Goldwater would vomit if he saw today's GOP. What does that say about today's America?

Illinois mayors say don't balance state budget on the backs of their residents

Ageing Cuban plane linked to embargo by successive US administrations

Just imagine if President Obama had....

Schumer: GOP efforts to identify FBI informant 'close to crossing a legal line'

Texas Lt. Governor Blames Shooting on "Too Many School Doors" (very stupid statement)

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 5

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 6

BBC Twitter account trolls Trump over royal wedding crowd size

The NRA Hospital

The likelihood that Ivanka could had married into royalty.

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 7

Jim Carrey takes aim at Kent State grad who posed with AR-10

Since the latest Windows 10 upgrade posts on DU are shown as "not secure."

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 8

Tina Fey hosts SNL tonight. Nicki Minaj is the musical guest. N/T

TexasTowelie's Moldavian Invasion...

Okay, DU'ers, its time for a Quiz................................

Mueller Probe Expands to Israeli Entrepreneur

Picking Strategies, Picks, and Prices.

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 9

No wonder after trump won the election he hung out in trump tower instead of

On dearie dear.

How CNN and the AP rolled over to lies and bullying this week.

They say "covert multimillion-dollar online manipulation campaign" like it's a bad thing! SO fake.

Nicholson & Vukmir GOP WIS US Senate candidates want personhood law, no-exceptions abortion ban...

BBQ Becky @ royal wedding

'Clear Human Fingerprints' Found by NASA Study of Increasingly Dire Global Water Shortages

Chicago billionaire to buy Wrigley Building for $255 million

Pirro: Sessions single most dangerous person to the Trump agenda, and ultimately all Americans

Why didn't the trump disclose Stormy Daniels payment on 2016 financial forms?

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Beatles 10

Thank you, Meghan and Harry.

Cambridge University's animals help students de-stress

In quest to find affordable home, family lands in once-segregated St. Louis County neighborhood

The message of material: How the Obama Center gets built looms large

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Animals

House investigative committee grills Greitens' attorneys

Where is anonymous?

Clues suggest ISIS leader is still alive -- and busy with a chilling new mission

Megan Markle on Nick News (Nickelodeon) at age 12

Wife keeps yelling at me...

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Animals 2

Why millennials are drawn to socialism

Disturbing but excellent source for anyone trying to keep up

After f@#*+%g 57 tries, Stevie Wonder holds still....

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Animals 3

Katie Couric's show.......(a week ago)

A not so gentle reminder of the task ahead

In the spirit of the British wedding, some spotted dick!

Modern English - I Melt With You

If He Doesn't Bite His Lip At You, He's Not a Real One

As an Insurer Resists Paying for 'Avoidable' E.R. Visits, Patients and Doctors Push Back

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Who

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Who 2

Missouri women: coming soon to a ballot near you

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 22: Movie Series

Rep Ted Lieu sent a letter to FDA for more info on efforts to test glyphosate in food

Great tweet:

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 23: Movie Series

Heads up - Tina Fey hosting SNL tonight!

"The International Anthem for Global Environmental Awareness"

Vinehout commits to governor race; Mitchell gets endorsement

GOP congressman forces constituents to apply to his fake town halls

Another American is a member of royalty now

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Mighty Zeppelin

In harsh Saudi crackdown, famous feminists are branded as 'traitors'

We're Knights of the Round Table!

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Mighty Zeppelin 2

Overtime in Wisconsin prisons tops $42 million as state wrestles with worker shortage

GA-GOV: Cagle, Abrams leading in Georgia primaries for governor

Glamrock's British Invasion...The Mighty Zeppelin 3

Chris Christie compares Mueller investigation to 'Bridgegate' probe

The most embarrassing part of the day was being reminded by the world that ...

Northeast Portland has a problem with coyotes

OK...I watched it....

Lava flowing faster. Has consumed more homes today

Thankful today, as always, for

Trump's real estate firm snaps up mansion next to Mar-a-Lago by buying waterfront Palm Beach home f

SNL - Cold Open - Donald Trump, Robert Mueller

Analysts predict 'dog fight' between Rothfus(r) and Lamb(D) for 17th Congressional District(Pa.)

Trump Is a Symptom. Citizens United is the Problem.

Many of the guests at the wedding

Everyday Ways You Can Help Birds

R.I.P Stanley Falkow, Ph.D

Lost in the rubble of Milwaukee County church, a 'priceless and irreplaceable' pipe organ from 1879

SNL - Weekend Update on One-Year Anniversary of Robert Mueller Investigation

My favorite part of the wedding ....Sheku Kanneh-Mason

The EPA is keeping a troubling new study on drinking water under wraps. Here's what you need to know

Mueller Questions the Rump About the U.A.E (How I Imagine It Would Go)

Just Saying...

Johnny Manziel says he's heading to the CFL

reusing containers

SNL - Royal Wedding

🐦 Sunday May 20 - NBC's "Meet the Press" -- Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Black, Female and Running for Governor: Can She Win in the South?

John Lewis and Other Black Leaders Spurn Black Challenger in Boston

A lab nation i quote ohiogal


Texas Republican Unsure How Demanding His Children Marry White People Makes Him A Bigot

Massive Panhandle wildfire scorches 73K acres, contributes to severe thunderstorm

Cajun Navy leader arrested on contractor fraud charge

She raises an excellent point!

Thoughts and Prayers:

Jared Kushner's Harvard graduating class just publicly trashed him in 15-year anniversary

In life, do you think we first have experiences and based on those experiences we develop

Facts! Facts! They don't need no stinkin' facts

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tip Finger Edition

Notorious 'progressive' anti-Hillary conspiracy blogger has pivoted to pro-gun and 'Trump 2020'

Right-wing thought leader Jordan Peterson endorses "enforced monogamy"

Lyft Driver in Indianapolis Kicks Gay Couple Out of Car After They Kiss

Might one be more specific on this whole collusion thing????

You can keep your thoughts and prayers because you could fix this yourself, God tells America

His deals really are shit

Trump Voters Are Whining They Want "Respect" Because They're Terrified Of The Blue Wave

Meanwhile, at The Pearly Gates (toons and such)

This just took my breath away, and not in a good way.

It's not just you: Everything really is getting more expensive

The time has come...

Stephanie Ruhle cracks me up!

Denton County chief deputy constable accused of gambling with at least $300,000 of nonprofit funds

Instead of impeachment in the House and a partisan fight in the Senate....

new voter registration among young people in crucial states is accelerating

A SRV morning with my son

Twitter Photos and Facebook Video Link: Senator Sanders at Public School Rally in Montpelier 5/19

Dozens Hospitalized in NYC After Using Synthetic Marijuana

BTRTN: Trump's Bump: Context for His Modestly Improving Approval Rating

Accused killer's attorney: 'They did not see this coming at all'

BTRTN: Trump's Bump: Context for His Modestly Improving Approval Rating

All 34 of Chile's Catholic bishops resign in fallout from huge child sex abuse scandal

Sometimes suppressing darker urges really pays off

Santa Fe school shooting: Texas Gov., wife to attend service at church

I have mixed feelings about this -these bikers rode into cougar territory

MTV Suspends Catfish Production as Host Nev Schulman Is Investigated for Sexual Misconduct

South Korea, U.S. to work closely on summit after Pyongyang's about-face

Our government and media tells us that violence IS the answer

Meet the Press guest Roger Stone ..WTF?

Hey Don the Con - your latest tweet makes no sense

I Shall Be Released

Stone vows to run candidate against Pence if VP makes 2020 bid

Shhhh! Don't anybody tell Dan Patrick he needs a new toupee!

Trump on Mueller investigation: 'STOP!'

Will they ever again be seen as credible moral agents after the last two years?

Trump takes a break from welcoming Melanie home to rant about the really ridiculous Witch Hunt.

Incoming NRA president: 'Disease' is violence, not the 2nd Amendment

When Rep. Grothman voted to make birth control more expensive, he voted to make life harder for Wisc

"Active shooter training" should not be a part of any school protocol.

(Video) Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick made one thing clear on This Week today about gun violence

Texas school had a shooting plan, armed officers and practice. And still 10 people died.

Trump: "They broke into homes & offices early in the morning, but were afraid to take the Server?"

Trump lobs bizarre tweet claiming 'not-as-crooked-as-Hillary' New York Times vindicated him in .....

McCaskill Defends Vote Against Gina Haspel, Says Reasons Are Classified

Trump Should Get Details on Informant Before Mueller Interview, Giuliani Says

Scotland will consider independence vote after Brexit clarity, says Sturgeon

Texas school had a shooting plan, armed officers and practice. And still 10 people died.


Roger Stone accuses special counsel office of leaks and terrorizing people...on MTP

Updates from fraud election in Venezuela

Vote them out!

Obama's education secretary: Let's boycott school until gun laws change

White privilege

Symptoms of Lupus

The royal wedding's teenage cello player skipped U.S. debut to play in the ceremony

I didn't know Jesus was married!

Cinderella - Shelter Me

Exclusive Parody Interview with President Donald J. Trump

"No one would be surprised if President Trump himself hadn't personally funded multiple abortions"

Attorney-Client Privilege Review In Cohen Raid Is On Track

"I'll flog them with tweets until they c*m!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

fer fuck's sake Gary

10k. Thank you Skinner.

2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than service members

In Summer's Heat, Lighter Cocktails Keep You on Your Feet

The Memo: Will Mueller play hardball with Trump?

Above NYC - Filmed in 12K (resolution)

So I asked Peter Nicholas directly

Trump: Why didn't DNC hand over hacked server to FBI?

How's about some Van Morrison for breakfast?

Tax law supporters rally for Republicans in tough races

How's about some Van Morrison for breakfast 2?

A security plan that works in a large public school system...(no shootings)

We Now Have the Weekly American School Shooting/Massacre

How's about some Van Morrison for breakfast 3?

Texas Lt. Gov. Won't Commit To Law Requiring Safe Storage Of Guns

Frank Zappa explains the "liberal media bias" trick

SATIRE: FaceMed Social Network FAQ - Medical Care for the Internet Age

Morondo Warning: You have the right to remain silent and orange

List of DEMANDS for ALL Political Candidates running in 2018

Everything seems horribly familiar

Girl who was harassed by gunman among the victims of Texas shooting

Giuliani: Trump could be 'walking into a trap' with Mueller interview

Introducing Kilauea's Newest Celebrity, Lava Rooster (10:00 AM CDT 5/20)

"We are owned and operated by a bunch of really bad people."

Do you think older people can change their ways?

2 arrested in shooting outside Georgia graduation

WI @GOP State Convention passed a resolution to abolish same day (Election Day) voter Registration

Student says he targeted kids he didn't like

UPDATED: Warner: There are 'credible components' to report that foreign govts offered to aid...

I was just thinking

Why the NRA is so politically aggressive

Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like this'

What a weird dog.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn above the Pyramids of Giza. So Cool!

Europeans Invoke 'Blocking Statute' To Preserve Iran Deal

How's about some Van Morrison for breakfast 4?

I'm looking for a particular post apocalyptic book

I'm Dying

Kansas cops bust a man for having tree pollen on his car

For those not interested in the wedding. Michael Rapaport sums up your feelings.

U.S. Suspending New Tariffs While Negotiating Trade With China, Mnuchin Says

Burn! Via BBC, Royal Wedding Humiliates Trump Again

Since it's Sunday - I'll show you a church

Hey, elected representatives of ALL stripes, persuasions and ideologies, if you are currently

Which campaign was it when offered help from foreign govt immediately

Fahrenheit 451 on HBO

Tax law supporters rally for Republicans in tough races

So if Disney buys Fox studios will R rated superhero movies be a thing of the past

Oliver North blames ADHD drug Ritalin for mass shooting & admits: 'I'm certainly not a doctor'

So is Trump the spy or is he the the undercover agent for Putin?

HBO's Fahrenheit 451

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: guns "are a part of who we are as a nation."

Tax cut sparks record-setting $178 billion buyback boom

Safe sex ?

LOL, LeBron

TX Lt. Gov. Patrick loses it at Jake Tapper:'I didn't come on to go through the entire penal code'

How Trump changed everything for The Onion

Dad of Parkland victim burns down Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for 'the most idiotic comments ever'

Trump says, stop the witch hunt. I say , Fuck you, stop lying and step down.

Remember Jared and Ivanka's server they stashed away?

Houston police chief: We need people to start using the ballot box to take action on gun control

Just boycott school

Doors on schools that only open outward with a buzz in system for visitors would go a long way

I can't wait for Roger Stone to be indicted. That will be a great day.

How Often Do You Vote?

Just a question...and I know this will never happen...

25 Foreign Travel Warnings for Visiting the U.S.

NYDN COVER: "They do royal weddings - We do schoolkids' funerals

Did Sam Nunberg

US cancels training with South Korea over NK threats

My latest

I have put all the Trump voters I know on notice.

I can remember prior to Diana's death, she was dating an Egyptian

"On hold!"

Trump knows he needs a win when it comes to North Korea.

Bernie Sanders: 'Unspeakable' for students to face gun violence in school - Meet The Press

My Ignore doesn't work anymore and neither does my Trash Threads

MTP Full Interview: Bernie Sanders: 'Unspeakable' for students to face gun violence in school

Conway: Hannity provides information that people can't find anywhere else

trumper in training

Top Intel Dem slams Trump claim about FBI informant

Warner: Why doesn't Trump understand it's illegal for other countries to interfere in US elections?

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 20, 2018?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Touts Need To Arm Teachers

America's Third World: Border Colonias in Texas Struggle to Attain Services

Trump's Cancellation of USA/SK exercises tells us something.

The look of disappointment, betrayal and loss of faith in a dog's eyes

Warner: 'Reasonable restraints' possible without 'dramatically interfering' with Second Amendment

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex depart Windsor Castle

As tensions with Trump deepen, Europe wonders if America is lost for good

Asia Argento brings it at Cannes (Weinstein and sexual abuse in the industry)

The Twit tweets: I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice

13 Amazing Foreign Words We Desperately Need In English

Access to guns is the unacknowledged problem .....


Hillary Clinton to be honored at Harvard for 'transformative impact'

Hillary Clinton to be honored at Harvard for 'transformative impact'

A little further down the tyrant rabbit hole....

Confiscate all guns,

It's bad enough

Dump is extra "buggy" today

White Fragility Digest #7: 20 May 2018

Next on my reading list....

The Absolute Worst Idea in Energy I've Seen, and I've Seen Some Bad Ones.

Hillary Clinton to receive prestigious Harvard medal

elder Care help?

Remember, Trump isnt sure if he wants to KILL your sister or just jail her.

Wish I were there. It's past lunch time. Another place where we want to eat.

Any DUers following the national elections in Barbados on Thursday May 24?

Is Minnesota ungovernable?

Could I ask a dumb question? What is the deal with Hillary's e-mails?

Trump says he will ask Justice Department to look into campaign surveillance

We need progressives to get involved


What's the difference between Republicon lying and Trump lying?

Deadpool marketing.

Car at a local super market with AWESOME bumper stickers

A glimpse of sanity from China....

Donald Trump said 11 false things in just 5 tweets Sunday morning

The most important question is what did America give away..?

16 years ago we adopted Luka

Own an expensive assault rifle? Sell it or no food stamps or Medicaid .

Sanders Slams US Inequality as Report Finds Nearly Half of Americans Can't Afford Basic Necessities

This could be the week Trump fires Session or Rosenstein

Brian Krassenstein: This all happened in 36 minutes 06/09/16

Situations CAN change people's perspective on religion you know

Reinventing yourself.

first lava related injury. lava splatters on man's leg

Post a line of poetry that is appropriate for our current Commander-in-Chief

May 20, 2018: The day Captain Queeg "hereby demanded" a can, some sand, and a scoop.

Scott Dworkin: Tump WH bracing for indictments of Americans for conspiring against US & fraud...

The most troubling thing is that Trump's continuous Russian ravings seem to be resonating

Am I missing something? This FBI informant....


Twitter user Kellen Cox has the best words, the best response to today's Trump tweet-arrhea

Oliver North: Ritalin and Video Games to Blame for Santa Fe Shootings

Canada will fund 60% of Lac-Megantic rail bypass project

Just wondering ---

George Conway just retweeted this:

Meditating, praying, chanting my mantra.....

NV-GOV: Laxalt flees questions about endorsement from accused rapist

He is an American businessman, Win at Any Cost....

Holy Shit .... I just watched 3 minutes* of Fox News w/Roger Kimball of the New Criterion

-Rudy says-: "Mueller's office told him they plan to complete investigation of Trump by Sept. 1"

AMC's "Hell On Wheels." Yay or Nay? Binge watching it on Netflix

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 21 May 2018

Mueller probing Israeli businessman connected to UAE

Mueller Plans to Wrap Up Obstruction Inquiry Into Trump by Sept. 1, Giuliani Says

It was president Obama

House Dems ask Mnuchin whether he or any Trump official directed the Treasury

David Hogg, MY MAN!


Joan Walsh: "When our young people show they've studied history it is so beautiful!"

Cuban 737 crash: The voice recorder has been found

Comey associate: Rosenstein and FBI director will quit if Trump goes through with DOJ investigation

Breaking News: Guiliani's Bat-Shit Crazy

UN Watch

Hide and Seek...

CNN's Paul Callan: Trump's demand for DOJ to probe itself looks like obstruction of justice

Ex-evangelist rips 'moron' Christians for thinking Trump's Jerusalem embassy will hasten the...

What was the FBI supposed to do??

Joe and Mika on SNL...Hilarious!

And he was Sober...!

Today's numbers is 11 & 5!

Rudy's logic is that HRC got screwed in the 11th hour by Comey and "You don't want another repeat"

possible resource in paying for therapy

What are the average Americans going to do with their $20 a week increase from the phony tax deal?

SPLC helps LGBT student assert her right to wear prom tuxedo

I do not find much to laugh about these days...

Why don't Democratic lawmakers hold a press briefing/conference each week to hold Trump to account?

Roger Stone 'prepared' for Mueller indictment

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 20, 2018

IA-GOV: Poll Shows Hubbell leads Dems in primary bid for governor

Something big is coming this week

No, Rudy Giuliani doesn't have a clue when investigators will end Trump probe

Intelligence Committee Democrats: Trump Jr.'s reported meeting with Arab representative could be cri

Atheist Experience call in show on live from 4:30 to 6 PM Central time

Mueller probing Israeli businessman connected to UAE

Okay, so per Robert Costa, WaPo, NBCNews and msnbc, DAG Rosenstein has released statement:


Did you all see Hillary with the russian hat at the Yale commencement speech?

"If we ban guns they will just find another way."

Hillary Trolls Dotard at Yale Today

Louis Mensch. 1 year ago today...

Will it work for me?

Al Sharpton: White Supremacy On Its 'Last Breath' After Royal Wedding

Did anyone see Deadpool 2 yet? If not, don't open this thread.

Oh my. Some of those shot in Santa Fe may have been shot in crossfire by police!!

trumps word salad for this morning has gotten over 35, 0000- 45,000 retreets in a few short hours.

Rudy Giuliani is as a big a liar as his trumpass.

What if there is no "Blue Wave?"

HBO: The Royal Wedding, 'Cord & Tish' Comedy, Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon

Herbal medicines can be lethal, pathologist warns

NPR news stinks

Even if Trump got impeached by the U.S. House...

Celebration - Dirty Heads

People are getting it wrong-they pulled the fire alarm in last 2. One door isn't going to fix that

Twin Peaks cases unravel as 3rd anniversary arrives

Driving while black with tree vegetation on windshield. Cops come up...

Driving while black with tree vegetation on windshield. Cops come up...

Kroger's e-commerce deal seen as warning shot in food battle

Controversial topic here I am about to start, but I want the discussion open...

'Circus Act' Rudy DESTROYED in New Attack by Michael Avenatti AM Joy

What type of desperate fear would cause such irrational behavior?

Hillary's speech at Yale Law School graduation -

2020 US Senate Election- Top tier Democratic Nominees for each seat.

The Reality within Issues of "Disproportionate Wealth in America"

Father of Mine - Everclear

If at first you don't succeed, pass it on to someone else?

Southern Methodist University pulls online cultural survey

Siblings assaulted in unprovoked attack feared to be anti-Semitic

New data shows people actually increased their Facebook usage after the Cambridge Analytica scandal