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Chris Hayes has finally taken off the gloves

Summer dinner ideas?


Did Michael Cohen share any of that $400K he received from the Ukraine president?

Betsy DeVos Stirs Uproar By Saying Schools Can Call ICE On Undocumented Kids

A graphic to remember now

Another story from Milwaukee, one of the most racist, segregated cities.

Heard on the radio this morning. They were talking about the

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 24, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month Marlene Dietrich

Is it possible a women an African American women could

"I feel like we all glossed over the fact that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES..."

DU and FANDOM? Anyone else get a FANDOM email?

Lucy McBath also won last night in Georgia 6th for a runoff with another Dem...

Black actresses claim they were arrested for taking too long to use a restaurant bathroom

Democrats will get a briefing from WH on Mueller but only days after Nunes

Mom takes 5-y-o in for ADHD screening, bad and wrong test says he was given cocaine, mom jailed

I love watching my state's pro football team, but I'm almost certainly going to boycott them

Is it possible that Mueller is watching this meeting tommorrow?

If NFL owners are against free speech, maybe its time to boycott football.

Richard Painter nails it again!

Still likely to be a mostly rain event but North Atlantic,Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico folks

Mueller's investigators questioned Kushner about potential Russian collusion, obstruction

IMO, Cohen is in deep shit.

GA Democrats must regain control of the GA State House and State Senate this year, Here is why.

Pensey's for humanity.....

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Brain Damage!

Anyone here seen the movie Come Sunday about Carlton Pearson, a noted black Charismatic preacher?

In trumps America money is free speech but not protest. How is this what the NFL is doing

I just can't believe there isn't enough yet...

Sen. Flake gave quite a speech at Harvard. Rachel talking about it now. nt

Comedy Wildlife Photo Winners

tRump speaks about migrant children: "They look so innocent. They're not innocent."

Human rag n' bone man

Rachel seems very impressed

Bipartisan U.S. election probe briefing expected in June: White House

Are any of you getting tons of calls from a 202-860-**** number?

Free Parking May 23 2018 -- The willing and unwilling

RAchel talking Clapper, stolen election again tonight; said HIllary would have won if they hadn't.

I hope RUMPS fight with China

I was strolling thru the woods today, in this very merry month of May....

Eastern Manitoba First Nations evacuated as huge fire approaches

I Demand a drop in gas prices!

Just had a thought re tomorrow's meeting

The Ballad of Ryan Zinke

Perhaps the epitome of racism and hypocrisy.....

Adam Schiff on Rachel: Gang of 8 will be at meeting tomorrow.

You know how with Trump everything is projection, and every accusation is a confession?

I wonder if Trump will call the "FIXER" Cohen to have the "TAXI KING" Freedman to......

Don't get distracted

To each their own, but one thing is a near certainty.

Jared Kushner Gets Security Clearance, Ending Swirl of Questions Over Delay

Interesting; NBC's coverage of Trump's trumped-up "Spygate" "scandal"

#metoo springfield. an email from my rep, kelly cassidy.

George Takei on being compelled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Pelosi on LIVE CNN Town Hall, said impeachment isn't on the agenda

Lawyer Apologizes After Video Proves Trooper Did Not Commit Rape

I'm impressed with Cynthia Nixon after watching her on All In.

Update on Gang of 8 meeting tomorrow.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott open to more steps to keep guns from the mentally ill

The NFL is so stupid

Our problem: our Dem constituencies DON'T VOTE. & my circle includes 3 categories::

Say hello to the NFL's newest ref!

J. E. T. S.

Amplify the power of peaches with honey-glazed dessert

The words "corruption", "criminal", "unethical", "amoral", "lying/lies", and "treasonous" are

Maker of candy hearts and Necco Wafers is up for grabs

Trump's Modus Operandi is to

Prominent Baptist leader removed as head of Texas seminary

Lawsuits seek removal of Arkansas Ten Commandments display

Beware Big Wind (sarcasm)

I truly despise these fuckers

83% of wild mammals gone - Cost of human civilization

Call leads to discovery of 86 immigrants in semi truck

Caps to the Stanley Cup finals!

Rachel said that Clapper essentially said (last night)

Ex-Millard South counselor says she was forced to resign because she's gay

This Is America - Childish Gambino

Highly Vulnerable Democratic held US House Seats in 2018.

Nation's Rich And Powerful Wondering When Rest Of Americans Will Just Give Up

Avenatti: "considerable amount of fireworks in the coming weeks"

For anyone in need of a dose of Happy Song

California's West Hollywood declares 'Stormy Daniels Day'

'Colombia's leftist candidate using Satanic rituals to lure voters'

They have framed the narrative people.

Why two different meetings??

Trump officials weigh 25 pct tax on imported cars

Texas cut Medicaid again

Trump Desperately Wants You to Believe 'Spygate' Is Real

Sanders group reverses, ditches aide who made anti-immigrant comments

Brad Pitt Threatened To Kill Harvey Weinstein, Says Gwyneth Paltrow

My Question about Our First Lady and her health; Why were those pictured with her were wearing...

Mueller fights media access to secret court filings

Wouldn't it be great if at the DOJ meeting tomorrow...

Midterms are in Putin's crosshairs, ex-spy chief says

CEO of American investment firm believed Michael Cohen could bring in GOP donors for deals: report

What Moses Farrow FAILS to dispute in allegations against his sister Dylan

Parkland victims sue, calling gun maker and seller complicit in massacre

Mexican Mafia busted for running crime in LA County jails

U.S. Is Now Europe's Biggest Challenge, EU Leader Says

NAACP slams NFL for gag rule on national anthem

Border Patrol agent fatally shoots female migrant, official says

Truck dumps 40,000 pounds of chicken feathers on highway

Chris Long issues scorching statement ripping NFL anthem rule


My mom died a month ago. It happened so suddenly

Offensive joke

The Mighty Boosh!!!

Seth Meyers - Trump's Twitter Ghostwriters, Scratch-and-Sniff Postage Stamps - Monologue - 5/22/18

Stephen Colbert: 'It's down with a pillow over the constitution's face'

Jets acting owner: I'll pay fines if my players don't stand for national anthem

What was the first dirty joke you ever heard?

John Schindler: Regarding Kushner's security clearance.

Fux and Friends will have the moron as a guest tomorrow morning.

Seth Meyers - Trump's "Spygate" Claims; Michael Cohen's "Taxi King" Partner: A Closer Look

How many times in our American History have we as a people felt this way?

An Immigration Debate Distinct From Economic Realities

The Crispy Leftovers as the Main Course

Full video: Stormy Daniels Receives Key To West Hollywood

The Daily Show: Hawaii's Slow-Moving Natural Disaster & Google Home's Etiquette Lesson

The Mystery of the $70 Hoodie That's All Over Facebook

Tough call


Do you have any good luck stories about the 2018 tax cuts?

If trump isn't a legitimate president per Clapper, it stands to reason that he CAN be indicted.

R.I.P David Weinlick

It took Trump lees than a day to show supporter for Tomi Lahren who had water thrown on her arm

Scott Dworkin tirade, going off on Ryan and Nunes in the past two hours

Mueller filing: their ongoing criminal investigation consists of multiple lines

Longmont approves $3M deal to end oil and gas surface drilling in city

Shut up, investors told, as Argentina unleashes crisis crackdown

Midterms are in Putin's crosshairs, ex-spy chief says

right wing radio understood the plan... "spy gate", "spy gate" now just like "bengazi" a few years

Calhoun Port Authority to discuss Advocate's lawsuit, Blake Farenthold's job

Victoria man sentenced to 270 years for sharing pornographic images

Russia's 1st sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in the Arctic

North Korea Issues New Threat on Trump Meeting, Calling Pence Remarks 'Ignorant and Stupid'

Gay Kentucky man loses bid to challenge Rowan County clerk Kim Davis

I am getting a kitteh!

House bill would pay back airports close to resorts frequented by Trump

Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

another vanity post of my artwork

Bullies tag gay Riverton teen's car, then she finds a hero

"We'd Spend Hours Each Week Unpacking & Throwing the Food Away" donated from Amazon

Democrats join Koch group to revamp veterans programs


Trump's NC judicial nominee has ties to 'racist organizations,' Democrats warn

Has Fox News Deleted Comments Function?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/23/18

Pence proves he can't even deliver a win in Texas (his endorsements LOST in PA & VA also)...

Trump versus Rwanda in trade battle over used clothes

The new NFL anthem policy may as well call black players sons of bitches (Les Carpenter: Guardian)

The most unrealistic part in this video are the women.

Charges possible for woman who falsely accused DPS trooper of sex assault, DA says

Rosetta illuminates origins of sunrise jets on comet 67P

On the NFL

Don't you love how on the same day we hear Kushner spent six hours


It's official: GOP sabotage to blame for double-digit Health INsurance premium increases

MH17 downed by Russian military missile system, say investigators

Blankenship Wants Revenge Against Trumpanzee And Cocaine Mitch

ENJOY?? More lies? More bullshit?? More denial???

Curious cat on van identified

Deutsche Bank to cut more than 7,000 jobs

Paul Ryan, a Weasel He Is

135 Year Ago Today; Brooklyn Bridge Is Opened

Royal Wedding...a bad lip reading.

North Korea Warns of 'Nuclear Showdown' if Summit Canceled

How much info will Rosenstein give to Nunes and the Gang of Eight?

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

ABC Cancels 'The Chew' After Seven Seasons

"You have to stand proudly for the national anthem...Maybe you shouldn't be in the country."

Why are there going to be 2 briefings?

Brian Kilmeade can hardly contain his joy when Trump says NK Summit will be "great if it happens"

White Fragility Digest #11: 24 May 2018

"Whether the US will meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at nuclear-to-nuclear showdown..."

NWS: 70% chance of a tropical storm developing in Caribbean this weekend...

Stephen King on why Trump blocked him on Twitter, plus "Creepy Mike Pence"

Court Denies IN Superfund Listing; "The EPA Has To Work Pretty Hard To Lose These Cases"

Trump warns NFL protesters that citizenship is conditional: 'Maybe you shouldn't be in the country'

PA State Agency Admits: Maybe Letting Fracking Companies Dump Wastewater On Roads Not A Good Idea

Merrick Pet Care Voluntarily Recalls Limited Amount of Good Buddy and Backcountry Treats Containing

Ramadan Fasting Plus 111F Temperatures: 65 Dead So Far In Karachi Heatwave

Thursday TOONs - Bad Moon Edition

North Korea slams 'ignorant and stupid' Pence, renews summit threat

Trump Almost Always Folds


The Rundown: May 23, 2018

North Korea declares its nuclear test site closed after a 'huge explosion'

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/23/2018 (

Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Slams Steve Mnuchin as 'Neville Chamberlain'

UPDATED: Trump: NFL Stars 'Shouldn't Be in the Country' if They Don't Stand for National Anthem

He's Insane: Trump claims Democrats are 'sticking up for MS-13'

Growing Warm Pool In N. Atlantic Confirms Ocean Conveyer Slowdown; Up To 8C Over Normal Temps

Michael Avenatti Is the 1990s-Style Celebrity Lawyer of the Trump Age

Scott Dominates Airwaves In Florida Senate Race

Seething over Russia probe, Trump tears into 'spygate'

Why is Gowdy being briefed??

DPW: Press Release: Foxconn may break promises to Wisconsin before they even break ground

House GOP holds last-ditch immigration talks as showdown looms

Trump: 'There'll be no approvals from me' on House immigration moves without border wall, tougher...

AAS Study Projects 4C Global Temperature Increase By As Early As 2064, As Late As 2095

NFL Forces Patriotism, Disrespects Flag

George Conway's Tweets Raise West Wing Eyebrows

Do you think your average Deplorable can explain

UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi at CNN Town Hall: If Only Democrats Impeach Trump, 'It Will Divide The Country'

Dotard Droppings, 05/24/18: "Large dollars were paid to the Spy. SPYGATE - a terrible thing!"

Republicans lack empathy

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Slams Clinton: Being 'Out of Touch' Was 'Only Reason She Lost'

NEWS Woman says she delivered own baby in cell after jailers accused her of faking labor

Adam Schiff: "It's not spy-gate, only lie-gate"

Cartoon - Neal Gorsuch Rules Against Workers In Forced Arbitration SCOTUS Case

Chump said if you don't stand for the Anthem you should leave the country

Robert Mueller, You're Starting to Scare Me - (NYTimes Opinion)

Dem lawmaker hammers 'paranoid president' Trump's farcical attacks on FBI 'spying'

House republicans make big announcement, funniest comment from right-wingers...

Trump Again Claims Democrats Are Defending 'Stone Cold Killers' MS-13

Voters thrown under the bus by Maduro. Maduro thrown under the bus by Aporrea

"Trump's iPhone" is WAY WORSE Than "Hillary's Emails"

Giuliani Wants Trump To Interview With Mueller: 'It Makes My Client Happy'

Michael Cohen's Partner Has Flipped, Now Cooperating with Investigators

Devin Nunes Lashes Out At Local Reporter: 'Your Paper Is A Joke'

If Cohen's partner has "flipped" then what happens next?

Trump's VA Strips Protection From Workers' Contract

Thailand arrests senior monks to clean up Buddhism

Poll-The winner in the end

House Dems want to hire Parkland students for the summer

Thailand arrests senior monks to clean up Buddhism

Barking @ the moon fucking crazy "SPYGATE - a terrible thing"

Activists project messages on Education Dept. headquarters: 'Betsy DeVos, how do you sleep at night

Stop Talking about 'Norms' - By Josh Marshall

Let's assume that there were a spy in Trump's campaign...

Tom Steyer should run some ads contrasting Trump and Mueller and touting the success

Happy 80th 🎂 Tommy!

A Democratic Republic Or A Kleptocracy Of Klowns? - by Gene Lyons

Happy 77th 🎂 Bob!

Happy 74th 🎂 Patti!

What about Kim Jong-un's horrific human rights violations?

Maddow gave a very important history lesson last night.

In on the skim. Chavismo tries to corner the market on las remesas

Deep State Conspiracy? Mike Pompeo Doesn't Believe It

Twitter Photos and Video Clips: Bernie Sanders speaking at the USW rally on Capitol Hill 5/23

A mere morsel in the maw of Satan. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!

Service Members Guarding U.S. Nuclear Missiles Part Of LSD Drug Ring

When a foreign entity approaches a campaign in the USA

A Border Patrol Agent Shot And Killed A Migrant Woman In Texas

NFL execs admit pressure from Trump a factor on anthem policy

Hearing Set on White Nationalists' Motions to Dismiss Suit

Andrew Freborg on the right to kneel

It's the same car wreck everyday...

Trump: 'Great' people at FBI 'starting to speak out against Comey, McCabe'

China scolds U.S. for withdrawing invite to naval drills

Flickr bought by SmugMug as Yahoo breakup begins

Trump's NFL victory lap: "The people pushed this forward. We have very smart people."

Charles Barkley on Get Up atm...

Flickr bought by SmugMug as Yahoo breakup begins

House Democrats look to hire Parkland students to work on gun violence issues

I have a new name for the Trump voters.

trump just cancelled Kim Jong Un meeting. per m$nbc.

Trump tells Kim in letter that he is pulling out.

***BREAKING***President Trump cancels planned summit with North Korea. Where's muh Nobel ?

George Zimmerman tells court he's $2.5 million in debt, has no income

Why Trump's discussion on "kneeing during anthem" is ..just another "con job"

UPDATED: Trump cancels summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Stacey Abrams, Democrats' newest Southern hope, looks to Virginia, Alabama for path to victory in GA

Those summit coins just shot up in value.

"You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful..."

Georgia State, Leading U.S. in Black Graduates, Is Engine of Social Mobility

The UnSummit - let's call it that. What a sad letter.

Great timing!

Dotard's cancellation - Stephanie Miller show

BLOTUS is in a frightening rage right now. He's under pressure from all directions.

Laid Off Harley Davidson Worker Still Supports Trump & GOP. Suffer Grandly Idiot.

Trump planned to run on his diplomatic prowess in the mid terms

Nooobelllll! Goodddddbyeeee!

You would never hear a woman argue about the size of her nuclear bombing capability

If the media is going to report trump's tweets, they have a duty to also report if they are not

Looks like the first tropical storm of the Atlantic season is spinning up off the Yucatan

Pickled Herring: Yummy 😋 or Yucky 🤢?


His 1st strum..."I made music!"...he's 3...🎸

So...He Needed A Distraction From Today's Ill Considered Meeting

Democrats propose funding teacher pay raises by canceling tax cuts for the wealthy

Fascist President Threatens to Deport Americans Refusing Forcible Demands of Patriotism

Crooks On Tape: Rugged Mike Pompeo's dramatic and stirring reading of Trump's letter to Kim

It's time to finally face the facts and admit that Dennis Rodman would have made a better President

Trump is so poor.

And with that, the Trump Summit officially went the way of Trump Steaks and the Trump Shuttle.

America ....... A ship in the ocean.

Mueller: "Now, about that interview"

Nate Boulton Bows Out (IA-GOV)

Apple And Volkswagen Will Make Self-Driving Shuttles For Apple Employees

Trump the deal maker. LOL. A loser. n/t

Donald "You can't fire me I quit" Trump gets played by Kim

Trump cancels summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Patton Oswalt's theory on the origins of Heath Ledger's "Joker" in "Dark Knight" will blow your mind

Nobel Peace Prize Committee unanimously agrees to award Trump with participation trophy

SURPRISE! South Korea had no advance notice of Trump's Summit cancellation

Paul Ryan says America needs Catholicism weeks after failed chaplain ousting

David Corn: "Dear You..."

That was one Hell of love letter that Trump wrote to Kim?

no peace talks because of "anger and hostility"? rofl! how pathetic!

"The president was practicing his end zone dance and we weren't even at the 50 yard line."

Anyone want a Summit Coin? How about a Trump teason token coin?

Is this the biggest diplomatic debacle in the history of the republic ?

You can bet that Bolton had something to do with the cancellation of the NK talks?

On this day in 1941, the Bismarck sank the Hood.

How can a scientist believe in God?

Let's give Nobel Participation Ribbons to all Republicans

The media needs to stop grading Trump on a curve

Clam and winter melon soup recipe

Warning! In about a months time Trump has destroyed all diplomacy with Iran, North Korea.

FDA has approved the HIV prevention pill for gay and bi teens

FDA has approved the HIV prevention pill for gay and bi teens

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper On Distrust Of Intelligence Agencies


Cracked Me Up: South Korea reacts to Pres Trump's letter to North Korea:

Spend a few minutes enjoying the simple things life offers - a puppy and a doorstop

Now I don't know what to do

the dumpster projecting again "the president blamed NK's tremendous anger and open hostility"

Trump thought he was being awarded the

New commemorative coin released...

Dorothy - Flawless (From Capitol Studios)

If you think this is a debacle, the next DT45 move will be put the census in the bathtub.

So, no repercussions for Russia shooting down a civilian aircraft?

Ok! What will he do next to embarrass the U.S. once again and with a year & 1/2?

Whoopi just shut M. McCain up !!!

Mismatched socks?

OMG. This is why we can't have nice things.

SAGE Turns 40

Just saw on Twitter

Pic Of The Moment: U.S. Issues New Commemorative Coin Paying Tribute To Trump's Diplomatic Skills

Does anyone think it's just a coincidence that Trump sent the letter to Kim Jong Un...

Can we laugh in their faces this morning?

My five year old grandson wants Obama to be "pwesident" again...

"The real problem for Trump ain't black folks kneeling..."

Preliminary Report Released for Crash Involving Pedestrian, Uber Technologies, Inc., Test Vehicle

Somewhere there is a shepherd cooking goat guts on a stick over a flaming turd for his lunch

Nick Kristof: 10 Modest Steps to Cut Gun Violence

A tweet abour anxiety

President Trump Is a Very Political Animal

Trump's pulling out of this summit suddenly is a mistake. Why?

Submissions Thread for the May Contest will close at 4:00pm Pacific Time

Shut up, investors told, as Argentina unleashes crisis crackdown

Kurt Eichenwald nails the North Korea fiasco #ArtOfTheDoof.

Today's dedication goes out to Donny.

"This is RICO 101"

Man the lifeboats!

Jimmy Carter: Trump Has a Shot At a Nobel Prize

Schiff will now attend BOTH briefings, including the Nunes/Gowdy/Ryan briefing at noon,

Report: Eight women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior

Why would North Korea denuclearize

Turkmens warned over presidential toilet paper - Police are inspecting toilets

Kelly Will Now Attend Both DOJ Briefings On FBI Informant

Mueller Filing: Probe Is Ongoing With 'Multiple Lines Of Non-Public Inquiry'

MT Dem Wants Gianforte Probed Over Whether He Lied About Reporter Attack

Wow, this was just reported on MSNBC.

Dying grandpa with valid visa deported because...

Michelle Obama Revealed The Cover Of Her Memoir

Spanky is looking EXTRA orange today. Must be covering his shame.

Looks like trump had himself freshly sprayed for the conference he is doing

New NFL Policy Requires All Players To Honor Patriotic Spirit Of Subservience That American Flag Rep

A Throwback - Big Rock Candy Mountain

NFL owners have joined together and unanimously condemned players who

Threatens Use of Nukes While Canceling Summit

HHS scrubs breast Cancer information from Government website.

Did you guys know how progressive Penzey's Spices is?

Seems a new commemorative coin has been released.

A Response to Uncle Tom's Cabin -

Head Of ICE Scolds House Dem: Don't Call Us Anti-Immigrant For Enforcing Laws Passed By Congress

Ireland must remove the shackles from its women (vote on abortion ban 25 may)

The Paris Accord, the trade policies, the Russia probe, the Iran deal and many more, now.....

Ireland must remove the shackles from its women (vote on abortion ban 25 may)

After you get past the LOLS Kim really is a bad guy.

Ireland must remove the shackles from its women (vote on abortion ban 25 may)

Dem Rep. Dings Trump Over Summit Collapse: When You Govern Like a 'Reality Show... Things Fall Apart'

No....America is not the greatest country in the world

South Korea blindsided by Trump -- and struggling 'to make sense' of his letter

Why the #MeToo Miss USA pageant worked so well: Claiming pageants and women's empowerment are incomp

South Korea blindsided by Trump -- and struggling 'to make sense' of his letter

Why the #MeToo Miss USA pageant worked so well: Claiming pageants and women's empowerment are incomp

Why the #MeToo Miss USA pageant worked so well: Claiming pageants and women's empowerment are incomp

Trump threatens war against North Korea - and says South Korea and Japan will pay for it

Alt-right candidate running against Elizabeth Warren for Senate is selling racist pins...

You don't get to call humans animals

Food and hospitality workers at Las Vegas casinos vote to strike

Trump Jeopardizes Reporters By Canceling Summit While They Are In N. Korea

I can see it now

Amnesty accuses Nigerian troops of raping women rescued from Boko Haram

Amnesty accuses Nigerian troops of raping women rescued from Boko Haram

Puerto Rican students at New York University ask to stay another semester

Parkland student David Hogg calls for 'die-in' protest at Publix supermarkets

John, we hardly knew ye!

'A classic example of his incompetence': Korea expert explains how Trump botched Kim nuke talks

I hate diverting my attention from the Nazi's, but what RU watching that is funny?

Pierce: You Can't Break Up With Me, Trump Tells Kim Jong-un, I Broke Up With You!

Dave Daubenmire: The Deep State Will Carry Out 'False Flag' Attacks With 'MK Ultra Shooters'

Let's distill this

Meghan McCain on NFL protests: "I'm still talking! I'm still talking, I'm still speaking"

How royal history is changing the future ("The Crown" and gender and pay equity)

Europe fears trade dispute escalation as US weighs auto tariffs

Sanders Statement on Cancelling of North Korea Summit

Hillary on Swing Left....

US says Europeans did nothing to counter Iran missiles

Mueller Filing: Probe Is Ongoing With 'Multiple Lines Of Non-Public Inquiry'

Please recommend this thread if your favorite president never got played by Kim Jong-un

New Hampshire Just Created a "Death Benefit" for Teachers "Killed in the Line of Duty"

Abortion rights group launches $5M campaign to help Dems take back the House

David Corn's on a roll today. Plus, he got a LMAO reply. WITCH SUMMIT!

Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment

George Zimmerman tells court he's $2.5M in debt, needs a public defender

Second top official resigns from Bernie Sanders group

Pompeo says he hopes U.S. can resume talks with North Korea

Trump's VA Strips Protection From Workers' Contract

War is the best deflection for Mueller investigation...

Growing Edible Forests as a Community

Woman says her Amazon device recorded private conversation, sent it out to random contact

The NFL Panders to Trump

NFL players kneeling: have we forgotten?

Hurricane Season Forecast....

Hey Trump the combover isn't working anymore

All NFL tickets should include in purchase the requirement to stand during the anthem

UPDATE: Boxer Jack Johnson is posthumously pardoned by President Trump

Democrats balk at plan to allow Kamenetz votes to count for Valerie Ervin in Maryland primary

'How's that Nobel Prize working out for ya?' Internet mocks Trump's 'break up letter' to Kim Jong Un

So how long until the republicans who were in the meeting

I watched Tom Garrett's live presser on Facebook.

How royal history is changing the future (entertainment, gender equity, pay equity)

Josh Marshall nails it "It's not good to have a President who is this emotionally needy or one that

How royal history is changing the future ("The Crown", and gender and pay equity)

House GOP sets three FBI interviews in Clinton probe

Pompeo: Bolton citing "Libya model" to Kim Jong Un wasn't a death threat

Pop Quiz

NFL shoves protests during anthem behind closed doors

Make No Law, Episode One: Fighting Words

PR campaigns to millennials won't change the fact that coal's future is dead

Meanwhile! Bill, George W. and Barrack.........,

Steve Sack

Dem calls for hearing on alleged wireless data disclosures

Senate Dems' campaign chief 'welcomes' midterm support from Clintons

EPA admits proposal to gut rule regulating chemical facilities will disproportionately affect....

I will support the NFL anthem policy

I got the kitteh. Her name is Butterbean.

What To Make Of President Trump's Letter to Kim Jong-un - By Josh Marshall

This what a letter from a real president looks like...

Trump Calls Cancelled N. Korea Summit 'A Tremendous Setback'

Ireland's abortion debate has already succeeded in shifting my position

Ireland's abortion debate has already succeeded in shifting my position

Trump on collision course with Congress on ZTE

Senate GOP sounds alarm over Trump's floated auto tariffs

Ireland's abortion debate has already succeeded in shifting my position

Centrists on cusp of forcing immigration votes as petition grows

Second top official resigns from Our Revolution

Ronan Farrow: All I'm going to say about efforts to deflect from my sister's allegations:

Security troops on US nuclear missile base took LSD

Paul Ryan's political purgatory

Good point, David Hogg!

Jim Jeffries Show: Emotional Support Animals

Everything about Trump's dealings with North Korea has been impulsive, disjointed and bizarre.

the racism of the star-spangled banner

Emmitt Flood, Trumps lawyer, was in the classified briefing.

The Anthem Policy: Another Signature Moment for Roger Goodell and the Blundering NFL

Best yet: WITCH SUMMIT nt

What Rod Rosenstein Has to Do if the DOJ Meeting Doesn't Satisfy Trump

Trump on NK: "Many things can happen and a great opportunity lies ahead potentially"

Senate approves new sexual harassment policy for Congress

Republicans announce they're going after Hillary, Comey, Lynch, and DOJ and FBI for "crimes"

I hope the DOJ told Nunes and the repukes EVERYTHING!

The Emperor has no clothes

This fake image suggests how absurd Trump's squawking about the DOJ is:

Fox & Friends loses it after journalist who called out Trump's racism wins award

David Frum: Fifteen unanswered law questions surrounding the President.

TOO PRONE TO FAIL. We Are Truly Living Through the Amateur Hour Presidency

Dear Kim Jong Un

Dedicated to Kim from Donnie

My guess is these "meetings " end up like the memos

Paul McGuire: Trump Is Under Spiritual Attack From Luciferian Advanced Beings Who Control The World

Get it straight: Trump did not "cancel the meeting" with NK.

My hunch is tRump pulled out of the meeting w/Kim because he was totally unprepared and would

Louise Mensch still insists Trump is already indicted.

Robert DeNiro says he is banning Trump from his restaurants

Trump's letter to NK sounds like a breakup letter of a 13 year old. msnbc just read the letter

"The Lonely Dotard" Sandy and Richard Riccardi-- on idiot and kim

Does this mean Trump isn't getting the Nobel Peace Prize?

Wish me luck Teb driving school

Why is Trumps Lawyer Emmet Flood at these meetings with DOJ?

U.S. effort to stabilize Afghanistan a $5 billion failure, says watchdog

Honor the Flag with Patriotic Slime

DeVos comments on undocumented schoolchildren strike a nerve with Democrats

Congo: Children branded as 'witches'

Poor kid's got to stand on the stage with that pig...

(Jewish Group) ADL Decries Anti-Semitic Robocall

Trump keeps handing out military awards in major photo ops as his way of identifying with military.

I can't watch "Bone Spurs" giving away Medals of Honor.

Houston Texans cheerleaders berated, body-shamed by bosses who underpaid them, lawsuit says

Spooked Republicans Scramble to Tie Trump's Hands on China Trade Talks

Rudy: Today's briefing will inform trump's legal defense.

America looks inward, China looking to outer space

What actor should do the dramatic reading of Trump's break up letter

America looks inward, China looking to outer space

...and in other non-N.K., non-NFL news, Trump signs bill easing U.S. bank rules into law

Harley Rouda (CA-48) "debate" campaign video (with Jason Alexander)

Dog's best friend:

Report: NFL Ran Survey Asking if Any Team Should Hire Colin Kaepernick

Powerful and Continuing Nationalism

Report: Hundreds of Russian Syria Deaths Remain 'a Mystery' After February U.S. Clash

DNI Clapper says Russia swung the election. Understand that. It was rigged. They flipped votes.

A bannana republic for the orange skin twit!

RIP...The Summit...


I had a hummingbird visitation every morning during the flowering of my lilac bush but she

Once in a while the Daily Mail gets it right - pics of Michelle

Why Is Robert Mueller Interested in a Private Intelligence Firm Called 'PSY Group'?

Good one from Tea Pain

Bad-ass jamming

Our representatives should be shooting flames out there eyeballs...that is.the ones left with balls

Trump slams due process: 'We're the only country that has judges'

Rape victim wins $1 billion verdict in civil suit against security company

Update: Maker of Sweethearts candy message hearts, Necco Wafers sold for $18.83 million

Trump's White House Lawyer Spotted At DOJ Informant Briefings For Lawmakers

Harvey Weinstein expected to be arrested tomorrow.

Harvey Weinstein, Accused of Sex Assault, Facing Arrest in New York

Trump impulsively blows up the North Korea summit - By the Washington Post Editorial Board

Has Papadopoulos been sentenced?

Trump Treason Coin on sale...

We Are Truly Living Through the Amateur Hour Presidency

Paramilitaries displace 700 in west Colombia

Avenatti: "Some very powerful people have determined that me and my client..."

I was in a bad mood, this cheered me up!

What we learned today from the classified briefings?

The More Trump gets Backed into Corner.

Fiscal Adjustment in Brazil May Lead to 20 Thousand Child Deaths by 2030

They are bragging about how openly corrupt this all is and that they are getting away with it

Man's burnt marijuana ashes started the fire that destroyed his father's Summit home, complaint says

Obesity Linked to 12 Types of Cancer in New Report

Noam Chomsky on Donald Trump and the "Me First" Doctrine

Trump's ability to bullshit reminds me of John C. Reilly's character from Step Brothers.

Sarah explains why Emmet Flood..not a gov't employee, no security clearance...attended "Spygate" mtg

It's called the kleptocratic shuffle...not to be confused with the Con shuffle...

Will our country fall to the brainwashing?

It's the House of Representatives' duty to impeach a president that has committed crimes

R.I.P. Glenn Snoddy, inventor of "fuzz" guitar tone

Anybody out there use the moviepass app?

The First to Be Arrested in The PSBD Scheme, Ex-Governor Surrenders to the Police

Democrats propose funding teacher pay raises by canceling tax cuts for the wealthy

"How did Trump handle it?" Expert: "Goat rodeo". "Can you expand?" "Total goat rodeo"

Me....Feeling Sorry...for Cohen

ESPN - "Steve Kerr rips NFL's new national anthem policy"

Senate GOP sounds alarm over Trump's floated auto tariffs

Flood and Kelly Spoke before the meetings - GOP and Dems were aghast...

Ironic that this combined Supreme Court case restricts rights of workers to join in class action

Simple Faith or Rigorous Examination of Evidence?

WSJ confirms that Roger Stone requested damaging Clinton material From Wikileaks

'It's a f---ing circus': Experts are floored that White House officials attended highly classified..

Stormy Daniels: I Want to Depose Trump and Giuliani

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 24, 2018

Trump's company wouldn't say what his new $107K business was, until after we tracked it down

False Burglary charges make it really difficult on people who have been burgled

What flight? .... Trumps response

America's president has learned a humiliating lesson in diplomacy

Austin settles suit by black woman thrown down by officer

Forced patriotism

18 Dumbass Congress Critters who nominated Trump for the Nobel

Schiff/Pelosi : Nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence of spying

Lupe Valdez, the Democratic nominee for Texas governor, owes $12,000 in property taxes

The "no politics on the job argument"

"No evidence to support allegation that FBI / intelligence agency placed a 'spy' in Trump campaign"

Adam Schiff Says There Is No Evidence To Support Trump's 'Spy Gate' Claims

EXCLUSIVE. Michael Cohen's Book on the 'Trump Revolution' Gets Scrapped Amid Legal Woes

North Korea 'Stood Up' U.S. Team During Summit Prep, White House Official Says

Jurors Award Rape Victim $1 Billion in Damages

In Performance at The White House - Bob Dylan

So...NK calling no-talent ass clown Mike Pence a no-talent ass clown was what cost Trump the Nobel.

Should I regret starting this thread ?

MSNBC's Toad is full throated

Yesterday, Trump invented a quote. Today, it's a fact.


An Amazon Echo Recorded a Family's Private Conversation and Sent It to Some Random Person

Biden: Republicans show 'phony populism,' 'fake nationalism'

Assange promises Rohrbacher proof Russians not behind Hillary email hack!

Wisconsin frack sand sludge spill reaches Mississippi River

Trump, the NFL and 18 U.S. Code 227

Dems after briefing: 'No evidence' spy placed in Trump campaign

Gang of Eight Bars the Door to Trump WH Lawyer's Attendance

In these four Texas counties, no one voted in the Democratic primary runoffs

Hey, Donald...

Call for investigation into killing of 3 by Honduran troops

Mike Luckovich: 4 dimensional chess

Putin defends North Korea over canceled summit

MSNBC analyst goes off on Trump enablers

Schiff : Flood's presence at the outset of meetings today was completely inappropriate and improper

GOP congressional staffer calls Trump lawyer at FBI meeting 'the craziest sh*t I have ever heard'

God KNOWS that they are nothing but "CHINOS"!!!

The weasel was conned by the fox?

Condemned Ohio man blames killing on 'homosexual panic'

Your Daily Greenwald, "Defense of the Assange" Edition:

Did the name of the FBI "spy" at the tRump Tower meeting really

Story of an abandoned kitten

'It's a f---ing circus': Experts are floored that White House officials attended highly classified b

Story of an abandoned kitten

Ex-Gov. John Rowland Scheduled To Be Released From Federal Custody

I am so frustrated.

Bernie Sanders: Why Democrats Can't Win Midterms 2018 Without Him (or with him) - Newsweek

Chris Meloni tweets about the sinkhole at the WH

On today's episode of "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me....": One of these things is not like the others

Prosecutor lied about key evidence in Trump inauguration protester trial, judge rules

Avenatti on both Ari Melber and Wolf Blitzer tonight.

Treason or Collusion...?

CNN's Don Lemon: Trump trying to 'save his presidency' by lying about FBI informant

For days like this

No Chris, he is just keeping one step ahead of the law....

Standing on the balls of teeny tiny balls

More M$M bullshit

German news comments on cancelling U.S.-N.K. summit

Don't be surprised if Trump orders (demands) that the comparative coin be valued at $100,000.

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 25, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Memorial Day Marathon

Avenatti will nail the Cons Ass to the wall before Mueller...

Gary Busey, Meatloaf and a third one - Trump diplomacy - Steve Schmidt

We simply have to make the sticker "ABOVE the LAW" and paste on every picture on the Internet..on

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 26, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Memorial Day Marathon

Paulsen joins effort to force House vote on Dreamers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 May 2018

Can Flood Be Disbarred Over This

Leak it all now. All bets are off. Anyone in that meeting who has a mind to ought to leak it all.

Democrats joined teabaggers to sink farm bill?

Trump's legal team discussed January interview with Mueller

Avenatti coming up on The Beat with Ari Melber

Was today's summit cancellation actually a cover for Emmet Flood crashing the DOJ meetings?

All is (not) lost

Sad comment earlier on Nicole Wallace

WSJ smoking gun: Stone asked Assange for hacked Clinton emails during campaign.

Post a line from a movie and see if anyone knows what movie it's from without using Google

Next Stop, Summer: A Day Aboard a Mister Softee Truck

Ah said stand up. Boy.

Trump Opens Door For U.S. Gun Industry To Sell More Firearms Abroad

Next Stop, Summer: A Day Aboard a Mister Softee Truck

Today's new bloom - the Vinca

White House Lawyer Crashes FBI Meeting on Trump-Russia Investigation & *** Rudy comment

Which GA US Congressional District does Stacey Abrams live in?

My brother might adopt my Weim puppy's brother and name him Duppy.

About an hour ago my mom died.

I just cracked up watching a Youtube video. I want to share it.

N.F.L. Adds First Amendment to List of Banned Substances

Director of federal prisons resigns after clashes with Kushner, Sessions: report

If And How The US Will Or Can Survive Is An Open Question.

Journalist Ale's analysis of WSJ report on the leaked Stone emails here.

It Is A Wonder That Trump Did Not Say Progressives & Democrats Should Be Deported.

Trump breaks down peoples' ability to resist, as he did this week with Rosenstein and the NFL

Emergency redesign of commemorative coin - first look

FBI Prosecutor: "We're in Venezuela." No We're Not. Because Trump IS NO HUGO CHAVEZ.

He's being played like fiddle

Sen. Bob Corker Shreds Trump Administration for Floating More Tariffs




TOO PRONE TO FAIL We Are Truly Living Through the Amateur Hour Presidency

Driver launches racist rant against Asian motorist.

Tanning Bed or Spray Tan???

President Trump Is a Better Dealbreaker Than Dealmaker

Prelims closed

What happens when Mueller issues his report and it is scathing ?

The original draft from Trump to Kim Jong Un today:

Scott Pruitt Twice Introduced Anti-Abortion Bills Giving Men 'Property Rights' Over Fetuses

How Or Why Did Trump Win In Nov 2016? If.....

North Korea continues to make Trump look like an idiot, playing him like a fiddle.

Help me... why are all MSNBC hosts wearing buttons today?

I hope Kim moves ahead with his agreement with S.Korea without Trump being involved.

Tweety is pissed at trump tonight.

I gave up on listening to Chuck Todd and his MTP a long time ago. So today, the TV is on MSNBC and

Begala owns Paul Ryan:

trump is threatening war with North Korea on television and congress is as silent as the grave

White House Gift Shop Server crashed due to overwhelming demand for Trump-Kim Coin

My wife and I are heading into town

What a freak show...

If we take the House we must have a

Two thoughts/suggestions re: NFL rule about standing for national anthem---

Anybody have twitter ?

Have Nunes and Gowdy made their little visit to brown nose Trump?

Trump Lawyer Paid by Ukraine to Arrange Talks with Trump

Judge Rules Trump Regularly Violating 1st Amendment

Fed up of Twitch chat? New streaming service Caffeine helps you ignore it