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Archives: May 26, 2018

FBI has obtained wiretaps of Russian Mobster and Trump JR will be crapping himself

'The Mediterranean diet is gone': region's children are fattest in Europe

Who was that woman GOP pundit on Chris Matthews show who said

Indiana middle schooler returns to class with 2 guns, shoots peer, teacher

NFL hypocrisy

Brazil president says striking truckers could be removed

Brazil president says striking truckers could be removed

James Clapper Russia Assessment Calls Donald Trump Legitimacy Into Question Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Guatemalan family demands justice in Border Patrol shooting

Chris Hayes is covering the shameful loss of 1500 immigrant

Simple solution to not being allowed to kneel in the Nfl

I wrote a letter to the Irish Times back in 1992...

GOP congressman made his staffers pick up laundry and dog droppings

Chris Hayes is discussing the kidnapping of children by the Con's ICE

Report: Virginia congressman(r)ordered staff to do personal chores

BREAKING *** Giuliani: White House wants briefing on classified meeting over Russia probe

Could the U.S. fight dual wars in North Korea and Iran? After diplomacy breaks down, questions loom.

Rosa Parks was not protesting the bus

It's National Wine Day....I'm having a small glass tonight..

Guatemala minister: Sheldon Adelson flew officials to Israel

Guatemala minister: Sheldon Adelson flew officials to Israel

The moon just now

Welch seeking re-election to seventh term in House

As Stormy Daniels pursues civil case against Trump, another adult-film star backs her story

UH OH. Trump was RIGHT, a photo has surfaced of Obama SPYING ON HIM.

Donald Trump says 'our ancestors tamed a continent' and 'we are not going to apologize for America'

Judge strikes down Legislature's ban on smoking medical marijuana

NorthStar makes new promises in Vermont Yankee sales deal

If anyone has experienced vertigo (and tried to deal with it,)

Judge strikes down Legislature's ban on smoking medical marijuana

Elder parents committing fraud and threatening, anyone been through this?

John McCain's shocking concession on the Iraq War: it was a "mistake"

Friday Talking Points (485) -- "If You Change Your Mind..."

Is not the confederate flag an insult to the American one? I mean much

The challenge to Catholicism's consistent ethic of economic life

Colombia re-arrests Pablo Escobar's hitman for extortion

U.S. judge declines to dismiss Manafort's false statement charges

Peru seeks extradition of ex-president in Odebrecht case

Peru seeks extradition of ex-president in Odebrecht case

Remember Lawrence screaming about Ryan being at center of Nunes scandal & media totally missing it?

The police refuse to name the Indiana student who shot two people today..Why?

Slate: The NFL has now sided with Donald Trump's campaign against black political power.

What the racist imperialist said at the Naval Academy 'Our Ancestors Tamed a Continent' and

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Respected Again!

Checking in With the Republicans Who Want Donald Trump to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize

Trevor Noah "End Of Days"

Man pleads guilty to raping 5 year old, gets house arrest

Argentines stage protest against decision to seek IMF help

Anyone else not believing what MSNBC is showing now about secret Iranian docs?

The GOP's "Pro-Life" Lie

Colombia: Ivan Duque, the mafia's puppet?

Trump made up Hispanic sounding names and attributed rapes and murders to them

Trump wants Homeland Security to change ... If You See Something, Say Something to

How Trump's nativist tweets overlap with anti-Muslim and anti-Latino hate crimes

I have been lurking here since January 20, 2001. Don't let the 19,000 something posts fool you.

GOP evangelical voters can be anti-abortion and Trump supporters.

Because It's Friday night and I feel like posting uplifting music

Colombia vows to indict companies accused of funding death squads

Colombia vows to indict companies accused of funding death squads

George Zimmerman to court: I have no job, no assets, and owe $2.5 million

A Cemetery my cousins knew about in Straubing, Lower Bavaria

Ted (My Pants Need Changing) Nugent demonstrates what "patriotism" means to real Americans

oops.. Not just ONE "spy" in the Trump campaign (photos)

USC president agrees to step down amid gynecologist scandal

Brazilian Taxpayers Will Suffer the Consequences of Cheaper Diesel for Truckers

Sarah has feelings

OMG- Breitbart Gravis Poll: Manchin Leads Morrisey by 13 in West Virginia Senate Race

C-Span video must be a treasure trove for Mueller?

The Dark Triad

I wonder?

George Takei accuser walks back key details

US Border Patrol is out of control

It's unnerving to me

New Ipsos poll puts NDP in slim lead heading toward Ontario election

Obama Doesn't Owe This Country Shit

FBI Obtained Wiretaps of Russian Who Met with Trump Jr.

Donnie demands doj turn over list of all active wiretaps

How Makeshift Stereos Could Help an Endangered Warbler Find a New Home

Bacteria and viruses ejected from the ocean

Lack of paid sick leave increases poverty

Fast-Food Giant McDonald's Rejects Proposal To Ban Plastic Straws

Father, Son Plead Guilty To Fraud Involving Secretive Sect

If you see this man... HUG this man ❤️

Fischbach resigns from state Senate, is sworn in as lieutenant governor

Chang'e-4: Visiting the Far Side of the Moon

Giuliani: White House wants briefing on classified info

Trump administration has briefed Congress on tentative deal with China's ZTE

Polymer crystals hold key to record-breaking energy transport

No Real Time after all that is going on this week. man that sucks

Orphaned baby orangutans learn to climb, forage at Borneo's new forest school

I'm officially in remission

This Brilliant Interactive From NASA Lets You Virtually Explore Planets Far, Far Away

The US Military Has Released a Mysterious Report on 'Warp Drives'. Here's What Physicists Think Abou

Demanding the stand

Astronomers Just Zoomed Stunningly Close to The Event Horizon of Our Galaxy's Black Hole

'Trump's Son Should Be Concerned': FBI Obtained Wiretaps Of Putin Ally Who Met With Trump Jr.

Colombia's election could mark the start of a resurgent left

Colombia's Elections: Assassinations, presidential death squads, fraud and a fragile peace process u

USC President Agrees To Step Down Amid Gynecologist Scandal

What are the chanced of Stacey Abrams?

Mission Fields

Somebody please fire Steve Kornacki

Despite Opponents' Efforts, F-35s Still Scheduled for Burlington

Hoochie Coochie Man

Amy Walter: Intense dislike of Trump far outstrips intense support.

Palin's Son Seeks To Bar Media In Assault Proceedings

Venezuela's Maduro meets U.S. senator after election, sanctions

Is this conspiracy as complex as we think it is?

Bernie Sanders is more than a Vermont senator. Do Vermonters mind?

Anthropologists heading to DRC to ease Ebola vaccination

NYT's Nate Cohn: 'Unlikely' that California Democrats will be shut out of November elections

Chimpanzee calls differ according to context

Seth Meyers - Trump Cancels Meeting with Kim Jong-un, Asparagus Day - Monologue - 5/24/18

10 ancient pyramids around the world

Redlands Bicycle Classic

Is Rudy Guiliani breaking the law??

Today is National Missing Children's Day at ICE

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Obama Caves!

I'll take a knee....

FLIPPABLE: Padma Kuppa for MI-HD41

FLIPPABLE: Kristin Seale for PA-HD168

FLIPPABLE: Felicia French for AZ-HD06

Senior EPA officials collaborated with climate change denial group, emails show

Trump's and Bolton's Instincts Form a Toxic Combination

2.5 million Americans owe 100K plus in federal student loans, 101 owe more than a million

Andrea Mitchell had Brennan on her show today

After an $18m overhaul, one Steamship Authority boat reeked of sewage. Then things got worse

A real president already has what you covet IQ45....

Christie blocks release of correspondence with Kushner Companies

'Hair' is NBC's next live musical

Mark Finizza's tweet about Don the Con is spot on...

2 renditions of Grieg's "Two Nordic Melodies, Op.63" (piano and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra)/

Mueller Is Reportedly Examining An Israeli Firm's Fake News Presentation

Walsh Predicts Court Battle With Quincy Over Long Island Bridge

ICE separates asylum-seekers and their children. Now 1475 of 7000 can't be located.

Judge quits after suspension for courthouse affair

Gun-rights group opposes bill allowing removal of firearms from 'extreme risk' people

Senate approves $41.5B state budget for upcoming fiscal year

Northern: Train company 'should lose franchise', say mayors

Rachel Dolezal, who posed as a black woman, charged with welfare fraud

The Children aren't "missing". They and their families are in hiding.

Ex-Newport police union treasurer pleads guilty to wire fraud

Rhode Island Supreme Court upholds public-employee pension settlement

White House says NK meeting was all just a big misunderstanding

Hillary Clinton says she is afraid of losing her country

So who is going to convention

Rhode Island officials vow to enforce ban on driving with handheld phones

Even in Germany, we had an incident of someone unnecessarily calling in a danger that wasn't

What causes some items of clothing or towels to develop black spots?

Year-long Investigation Of Rhode Island Motorcyle Gangs Results In 49 Arrests

KC-area teen banned from graduation for Craigslist prank loses in court, won't walk

Largest Rhode Island State Employee Union Ratifies Three-Year Contract

Sleeping with a six year old a shot in the groin 0400

EPA has spent more than $3.5 million on Pruitt's security in first year in office

Line-item veto draws praise, criticism at Rhode Island legislative hearing

Hey Rudy! Mueller's investigation is "a waste of $20 million of the taxpayers' money?" Check THIS.

Raimondo pulls Medicaid co-pays proposal from Rhode Island state budget

Trumpco and RNC openly soliciting foreign funds?

Congressional Medal of Honor

Pete Souza proves Obama was spying!

Groups File Legal Challenge To GREAT LAKES Water Diversion Plan For Foxconn Facility

Florida's ban on smokable medical marijuana ruled unconstitutional

David Simon creator of The Wire tweets about immigration and ICE

"I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as a gift"

I am not really a basketball fan

1 Year After Assault On Reporter, Gianforte Office Calls Public Meetings "A Security Risk"

It's Only May And The Rio Grande Is About To Run Dry; Runoff At 1/6 Of Historic Averages

Rising Seas Begin To Erase Costa Rica's "Little Jamaica" On Nation's Caribbean Coast

Oh whatever shall i do?

Colorado River @ Grand Junction Runoff Peaks 3 Weeks Early @ 8,500 cfs; Historic Avg. 13,600 cfs

Holidays have meanings. "Happy Memorial Day" is this holiday's antithesis.

An east coast Rising Sun to mirror CalPeggy's west coast Nearly Gone

3rd Driest Year For Western US Ski Resorts; Industry Responding W. More Snowmaking, More PR

Flint MI Representative's Staff Not Allowed To Attend EPA's Water Pollution Conference

Kim Jong-un and South Korean Leader Meet in Bid to Salvage U.S. Talks

2 Tropical Storms In Arabian Sea Are The Farthest West In Meteorological Records

GOP Lawmakers: Trump Still Deserves the Nobel Even After Summit Collapse

Irish anti-abortion campaign concedes it has lost referendum

Trump Defends ZTE Deal: Schumer, Obama Let Them 'Flourish With No Security Checks'

MSNBC is absolutely NOT "Fox Lite."

World Moving Back In Time - To 12 Million Years Ago, When Oceans Were 10C Warmer, Zero Polar Ice

CNN's Toobin takes Dershowitz to school after he compares 'Spygate' to FBI's MLK surveillance

Woman Killed By Border Patrol Identified As Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales, 20

Jesse Watters: Spygate Fuels Suspicion That The Russian Probe is an Obama Deep State 'Political Coup

I am going to church tomorrow.

Prince - Raspberry Beret

Trump tweets cops have a 'right to legally protest' - 1 day after telling kneeling black athletes..

Scientists find opioids in Puget Sound mussels

Homeland Security announces 15,000 additional seasonal visas for companies at risk of failure

Pain at the pump.

Homeland Security announces 15,000 additional seasonal visas for companies at risk of failure

Time is the friend of propagandists

Rudy saying one thing and SHS saying another.

Americana Past and Present

Sesame Street Creators Sue Melissa McCarthy's New Movie Over 'Violent, Copulating' Puppets

I am wondering why

North and South Korean leaders hold surprise meeting.

We remember and honor the service men and women who have fallen, fought and are still in harms way.

Has any prominent Deplorable, i.e. GOP legislator confirmed Trump's spy theory ?

Austin Texas uses a different approach to the parking in handicap spaces problem.

Two Realities

Was a German Football Club Banned After Failing to Give a Nazi Salute?

Stand for the Anthem? How about no concession sales during the Anthem?

The Grand Distraction

Trump-Russia et al

5/22 Drought Monitor: Most Of AZ/NM In Level 3 Or 4 Drought; D4 Growing In 4 Corners, Towards Phx

The Shop That Spawned 78 Trump Tattoos

PBS has confirmed that some of these children have been released to HUMAN TRAFFICKERS by the US gov.

Here's How the Government Managed to Lose Track of 1,500 Migrant Children

He's blaming Democrats for children being separated

Democrats Prepare Assault on Trump Over Rising Gas Prices

Defense expert lists 6 Trump errors in 2 minutes of his Navy speech

Michael Avenatti calls for investigation into Rudy Giuliani's personal and business finances

South Dakota Wants City Dwellers, Native Americans To Work For Medicaid

South Dakota Wants City Dwellers, Native Americans To Work For Medicaid

Senator, Trump say Utah man released from Venezuela jail

How about a guessing game for early Sat. A.M.

Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs caused massive global warming

If You Go to a Religious Memorial Day Service, Remember My Father's Words

Wikileaks' Assange reportedly offers to show Schiff 'there was no collusion'

Weekend TOONs 1 - Lie-va flow

Weekend TOONs 2 - Putinball

Gift shop says North Koreans have tried to order commemorative US summit coin

An unlikely outcome of Starbucks: Kindred spirits and a social media campaign

Border Patrol slightly changes account of undocumented woman's fatal shooting

Weekend TOONs 3 - Memorial Day and the rest

REO Speedwagon - Someone Tonight

To the extent reality still has meaning, no law requires separating immigrant children from parents

AM Joy? Isn't "Trumps Bear" a violation of the Flag Code? Dissing the Flag vs kneeling?

Key US allies 'perplexed' as Trump treats friends like enemies

If there's ONE thing BETTER than Nunes running for re-election, it's Ivanka STUMPING for him.

McConnell sees Ohio in play as confidence about midterms grows

What happens if Kim Jong Un wins Nobel Peace Prize but Donald Trump does not??

Elizabeth Warren is quietly working to defang Trump's 'Pocahontas' slur as 2020 looms

(Republican Governor Kay) Ivey sending Alabama National Guard troops to Mexican border

1911 - A Trip Through New York City Amazing restoration!

So what explains the panic over a Tropical Storm in Mississippi

Trump blames Democrats for separating migrant families at the border

Kitten demands work stoppage --

Please come CAPTION Fox & Friends' Pete Hegseth!!!!

Trump says he's 'not familiar' with Weinstein case

Prime Minister, Abortion Rights Groups Claim Win In Ireland

Avenatti asks a poignant question of the media.

Life's rich pageantry ---

Harvard professor: NFL ban on protests is illegal

Why an AT&T antitrust victory could spark a battle for most of Rupert Murdoch's empire

Take the test. It's freaking long !!!

WATCH: GOP candidate running against Sen Warren sweats out CNN demand he condemn Pocahontas slur

Anyone who didn't see Richard Engel On Assignment, needs to get a hold of a copy. This nation is in

White House team going to Singapore as scheduled despite Trump calling off U.S.-N. Korea summit...

This isn't a warning sign. It's a crisis.

In the thick steak and single malt world of Peter King, kneeling NFL players equals Nazi salute.

Journey - Lights

Steve Schmidt: Trump's 'Spygate' Conspiracy "Most Intense Disinformation Campaign This Country Has E

Melissa Etheridge - Bring Me Some Water

Ireland Votes to Legalize Abortion in Blow to Catholic Conservatism

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet

Journal poll: Martinez, Haaland, Sedillo Lopez in tight race

Couple denied motel room after clerk says Puerto Rican driver's license is not U.S. ID

Check out this hilarious anti Rorbacher ad starring Jason Alexander. It's brilliant!

Trump: "ZERO disagreement in Trump administration over NK, and if there was, it wouldn't matter."

Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son, RFK Jr., doesn't believe Sirhan acted alone (WAPO)

Boston - More than a feeling

Vintage denim: 125-year-old Levis sell for nearly $100K

Wow; for anyone who has ever had to deal with

A long drive last night served as a depressing reminder about the state of our media.

Podcast: David Fahrenthold and the Mysterious Loan Trump Made to Himself

Complaints From Dissatisfied Customers

Oklahoma shooting suspect killed by bystanders had gun license, police say

The World's Tiniest City Park Just Got a Little More Official

Invitations offer wealthy Chinese access to President Trump at fundraiser

Lemony Chicken Wings, Soaring Above the Rest

Trump - American Traitor

Una Mullally: Referendum shows us there is no Middle Ireland, just Ireland

Jailed US citizen in Venezuela freed after two years. End is near for Chavismo?

Ireland votes to repeal abortion ban in historic referendum

ACLU to Lying Potus: No law requires this -- separating parents & children is your admin's choice

"Every reporter on the call knows who this official was, and this official exists."

Frankie Boyle's New World Order Series 2

My trip to Aquitaine, Dordogne, Midi Pyrenees, Roussillon, Provence, Marseille.

Why does Hugh Hewitt have a show on MSNBC? Alert. This morning he was interviewing Sen John Cornyn

I was folding towels

Scam artist who ripped off Bernie Sanders supporters convicted on federal fraud charges

Track Palin seeks to bar media in assault proceedings

NFL: White Owners vs. Black Players

When we get the Senate back it's time to up the ante:

Portion of Court Transcript of ACLU atty on separated children by ICE

Watch the weird new solutions to the baffling three-body problem

Superfluous women. "Britain after the First World War had about

I found an EXCELLENT rebuttal word for the "taking a knee" controversy.

Born on this day in 1946, Spider from Mars Mick Ronson

DU is like the Hotel can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

The oblivious patriots...

Protesters hold 'die-in' at grocery store

Pollution Worsens Around Shell Oil Spills in Nigeria

My sweetie just gave me a bottle of Diamond Reserve Tabasco Sauce

Trump is suggesting the summit is back on and will be held at the original date

My sweetie just gave me a bottle of Diamond Reserve Tabasco Sauce.

Born on this day in 1940, Levon Helm

Analysis: Trump's war of attrition against Mueller bears fruit among Republicans

I'd love to hear Paul Ryan explain this.

Military report reveals more strange details on 'UFO' sighting

Congress sounds bipartisan alarm as Trump deals on ZTE

Pro-hunting Trump officials take ax to wildlife protections

All the elements are in place, a great battle is heading towards all of us.

Retired English teacher corrects letter from Trump and sends it back to White House

Mueller's Doomsday Strategy

A low-profile Sen. Cantwell tops Hutchison in poll

For CEOs, $11.7 million a year is just middle of the pack

Trump's fanbase clings to his myth like religious supplicants

Avenatti" This is about to become highly relevant"

NHC issuing advisories for the Atlantic on Subtropical Storm Alberto

Seth Abramson Tweet today:

Murican protects McD's food from Middle Eastern students

Mueller looking into Israeli election meddling

Curious about pensions and health care if a government official is convicted of a felony.

Democrats Go All-Out to Avoid Disaster in California

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now...Letterman

Kim Jong Un - The Unauthorized Biography

A Special Memorial Day Dedication

You know we are in trouble when the American people forget this simple truth.

Ireland Votes to Legalize Abortion in Blow to Catholic Conservatism

Palin's son seeks to bar media in assault proceedings

2 week period, over 600 kids separated from parents - saw live on MSNBC but over now.

Please help me with this imponderable.

Meet 18 Candidates Leading the Historic Rise of Black Women Running for Office in Alabama

I grew up in the 60s,70s. I liked America when rebellion was an American value.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - RBG movie - On a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 100


White guys who were home-schooled by Christian conservatives keep killing people

Four Immigrants who were Real American Heroes

Declassified US cables link Uribe to Colombia drug cartels

Declassified US cables link Uribe to Colombia drug cartels

I've never seen so much rain over so much of

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 26, 2018

Smithville teacher accused of stealing up to $30,000 from cheerleaders

How about we require the NRA to build their headquarters with no entrances or exits? #NeverAgain

Texas veteran jailed over bombs with postcard promising 'another Austin'

The International Red Cross has reunited families for decades

Peruvian scientists use DNA to trace origins of Inca emperors

Road hazard! Man finds gun stuck in his bumper

Peruvian scientists use DNA to trace origins of Inca emperors

Work finally starts on Texas' first big lake in 30 years, and it has a new name

Separating children from their parents for no reason except to do it

Leftward lurch if Lupe Valdez, Beto O'Rourke win? It'd be unusual for Texas

I heart the label "Don the Con" on MSNBC today. I *LOVE* it. I think we should all start saying it

Let 'Em In

Texas AG Ken Paxton seeks emergency stay to block motor voter law fixes

Find the spy in Trump's staff.

Avenatti says he will be on AMJoy tomorrow am.

trump's sustained attacks on American rights - seeping into American psyche

MSNBC is yukking it up today..about dead serious issues.....that is normalizing this pig..

Border Patrol beat, sexually assaulted, and denied medical care to immigrant children, ACLU says

Found a really effective D22 anti Nunes site.

Tammy Duckworth posted this picture on twitter. It is the best post I've seen in several days.

The Last Recorded Song of an Extinct Bird (Kauaʻi ʻōʻō Bird )

"Respect The Flag" for Trump Humpers (oldish article but suddenly relevant)

NASA - "What We Are Witnessing Is Major Hydrologic Change"; 14 Years Of Data Show Growing Extremes

"Black athletes who silently protest racism are disrespecting our flag & should be deported"

F--- the NFL. I just dumped my whole sports package from my cable subscription. Feels great,

Nunes feeling the heat back home, raising record $$ Challenger awash with $$ from across the country

Self-styled fitness expert 'Dr. Dave' convicted for bilking insurers with millions in bogus claims

"We Can't See A Future" - Plaintiffs From 8 Nations Sue EU For Climate Inaction, Not For Money

Tiny Kansas Town Rebooted Its Struggling Hospital into jewel by serving refugees

Why Your Health Insurer Doesn't Care About Your Big Bills

"Immigration Emergency Response Team": all places of worship should do something like this.

Judge denies motion to toss lying charges against Manafort

Our cat speaks Spanish

With primary behind her, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher's bid against U.S. Rep. John Culberson emerging as

New problems, old fears ahead of Colombia's presidential election

Jim Carrey tears in to dems

Astronaut Alan Bean, fourth person to walk on the moon, dies aged 86

Ex-Panama president's jail letter blames U.S. for extradition

Avenatti: There is a reason the Columbus Nova story keeps changing...

Obama never drew crowds like this !

Democrats Go All-Out to Avoid Disaster in California

Ex-Panama president's jail letter blames U.S. for extradition

I want a Just Society. Thank God for Black Lives Matter, cell phone videos and #TakeAKnee

Trump Falsely Says Times Made Up Source in Report on Korea Summit Meeting

The US is ripping immigrants' families apart. That's torture

Reading the Mueller Tea Leaves During a Confusing Week

Some of the very fine people from the other side decorated 200 tombstones with swastikas

Once Again Trolls Are Attacking Democrats...

Over 200 Headstones Spray-Painted With Swastikas At Illinois Cemetery

Ivanka Trump now has full security clearance, too

Thoughts on the passing of Apollo astronaut Alan Bean

As we remember the fallen on Memorial day, we should take our hats off also

How a Wave of New Voters Could Take Out Scott Walker in 2018

Belmont 2018 odds: Expert updates early morning line....

Trump tweets deliberate misinformation (blaming dems for taking kids from parents) & gets 61K likes

Mike Pence warns North Korea "Don't test Trump!"

Trump Has A Saturday Afternoon Meltdown And Falsely Claims Mueller Probe Is Rigged By Democrats

"Republican Values" and the president of the UnlesS....

National Anthem Revised (for a White America under the Rump)

Mr. L's Lyric Challenge III

Michael Cohen: inside the strange world of Trump's fixer

Retired English teacher corrects letter from Trump and sends it back to White House

Honduras: UN Demands 'Impartial' Investigation Into 'Military Murder' of Three Indigenous Men


A tweet worth reading on the NFL player protest.

Trump wants to know when the "13 Angry Democrats (& those who worked for President O)" will fess up

This. So much this.

Things I used to enjoy, that Traitor don has ruined for me

The Audacity of Hope

TV Alert:AXE Files just started on CNN...Sally Yates

Remember the reuters generic poll showing the Dems down 6. They're now up 7

"Memorial Day was once a time to feel the actual price of war" by Ken Briggs May25, 2018 NPR

This goes back a way. but....It feels like the argument about burning the flag..

Ireland Votes to End Abortion Ban in Rebuke to Catholic Church

Is there a SAP+voice recognition+International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day Gungan Translator APPs

Best concert you ever saw?

Are we witnessing the extinction of bees ?

America's First Ramadan Break-Fast Was Hosted by Thomas Jefferson

Trump is putting all these social reactionaries on the court

I stopped saying the Pledge in 3rd Grade.

White neighbor gets prison for harassing black family

I spent a very long day, today, in the ER and Cardiac unit.

Question: Why won't Putin give Assange

Randy Somebody just told Ari Melbur that Julian Assange is willing to talk

Come picket Trump and Marsha Blackburn Tuesday May 29 (Nashville) #ByeByeBlackburn

Trump: Why didn't the FBI WARN me?

Memorial Day fireworks need to be discontinued.

Siding stains and finishes

Stevens Johnson Syndrome..PLEASE READ..