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America has a massive truck driver shortage. Here's why few want an $80,000 job.

Authors of GOP tax law disperse to lobby firms

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 3 Cliburn. Join me!

My backyard garden

Is Donald Trump the Michael Scott of the United States Government?

Paging Donald Trump! This is an emergency!

An accurate summary of the Trump positions:

The real reason Republicans in Congress are helping with the Trump coverup

Memorial Day at Delaware Veteran's Cemetery

Rosary beads are being confiscated from undocumented immigrants and refugees.

Snopes: Did the U.S. Government Lose Track of 1,475 Migrant Children? Rating: True

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Respected Again!

On Memorial Day, Your President Encourages You to Throw All That's Decent About America on the Grill

Holy fucking shit. WYFF anchor and photojournalist dead after tree falls on SUV

NJ Weedman spent 400-plus days in jail. Turns out he was not guilty

trump gets cozy with Harvey Levin.

How Israel emerged as an issue in New Jersey's hottest congressional races

Jane Fonda at 80

Senators to Trump: It's do-or-die time on DACA

Argentine finance minister profited from dollar futures trading amid recent devaluation

It's mine , you can't have it -

When is CNN going to drop those stupid host ads with Erin Burnett

Still smarting from that 23-cent gas tax hike? It could go up again.

Why is Trump Obstructing Justice in Romney/ Sachs cases?

Argentine finance minister profited from dollar futures trading amid recent devaluation

Avenatti: "If necessary, we will file suit against them"

Let's try a rewrite...

This women's memorial honors millions of 'sisters in arms' - PBS NewsHour

A portable memorial to fallen soldiers blooms in Washington - PBS NewsHour

Showtime's 'The Fourth Estate' shows how the 'failing' New York Times succeeds in the Trump era

The Official Trump Store Memorial Day Sale

Be thou my vision

Ex-Trenton Mayor Tony Mack released from federal prison


Trump and Kacey Anthony have a lot in common sense

The 'Strongmen Era' Is Here. Here's What It Means for You - TIME

Snopes on "prison bus for babies"

Pete Coors, Trump supporter and manufacturer of beer often compared to mouse urine, got TRUMPED.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding

For New Jersey, "Democracy Dies in Darkness"

Interesting 100-year-old article about food rationing during WWI

Humans starts on AMC in early June.....

TMZ Goes MAGA: How Harvey Levin's Gossip Empire Became Trump's Best Friend

What one start-up did when it got called out for being too white

I'm working in Sunnyside WA this week. The place is Donald Trump's nightmare.

I want to take this time on this Memorial Day to say THANK YOU

I'm a black doctor. My neighbors called the cops on me for listening to Biggie.

well, we did it - watched Twin Peaks - the return episode 8. Wow...just wow.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets final

You have to read this thread

Why Pennsylvania's race for governor is so harsh so early

Spot the difference...

The Finals: Dubs in 5

Anyone else dreading the Trump-Kim June 12th summit as much as I am?

Warriors return to Finals as Rockets go ice cold in Game 7

The problem with the narrative about 1,500 children "lost" by US immigration authorities

Police: Flight instructors kidnapped Chinese student, tried to deport him

The Great Barrier Reef Has Escaped Death at Least 5 Times in The Past 30,000 Years

My name is JOKE...GI JOKE

Dwarf mongooses could reward friends later: study

The purported Liberal media coddles white addicts as it vilifies blacks

Every Progressive, Liberal, and Left Winger need this advice

Thinking beyond Trump: Why we need a federal jobs guarantee

Focus on Pruitt's Scandals Obscures Environmental Degradation Under Trump

Former NSA analyst claims US spy agencies have known Trump was 'a Russian agent' since 2016


Shore towns ban plastic bags, say they dirty beaches, hurt wildlife

Some public pensions funds could run dry in downturn

Eastern Orthodox: "Memory Eternal"/"Funeral Hymn in the 5th Tone", Fr. Apostolos Hill/

Russians tell gay World Cup fans: 'You'll be hunted down and stabbed'

Lawyer who helped top payday lenders prey on financially desperate is sentenced to 8 years in prison

Our Universe Is Not As Special As Previously Thought -- Scientists Make Shocking Discovery

How You Help Trump

White neighbor gets prison for harassing black family

The battlefields of WWI are fading into greenery

Edward Snowden: Russian collusion is too 'complicated' for Trump

New Zealand 'marine heatwave' brings tropical fish from 3,000km away

Abolition Hall backers won't let historic site get railroaded

France to make 'Spider-Man' immigrant a legal citizen for scaling building to save child


Czechs and Slovaks to mark 100-year anniversary of Pittsburgh Agreement

CEO of Bumble Bee Foods steps down following indictment

Former state AG Kane loses appeal of criminal conviction

*Memorial Day* Carter: "Elegy"/Gordon: "What Shall We Remember "-Lara Downes, piano/Copland:

Live, from the Devil's hot tub...

We're best friends like friends should be...

Decoding Alien Messages Could Be the Biggest Citizen-Science Project Ever

Last gasp for Pa. hog farm suit: 'We don't want to be hostages'

Is Trump's "Memorial Day" tweet obscene ? Disgusting ? Not so much regarding this... (sarcasm)

Orthodox Pentecost was this Sunday past: "Orthodox Pentecost"/"Pentecost-Troparion"/

A reminder of what General Smedley Butler had to say.

An openly gay man has just been nominated to run in Turkey's elections

WATCH: Trans woman harassed out of bathroom by California congressional candidate

Allentown Diocese mum on 800-page state grand jury report into sexual abuse

4 Ways US Government Climate Information Has Changed Since Trump Took Office

As JROTC member offers respect to POW-MIAs, a baseball fan does his part, too

Director Zack Snyder Says 'The Fountainhead' Is His Next Project

Delaware lawmakers eye bonuses for state workers, other spending

The forgotten slaves of Maryland

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan vetoes bills pushed by teachers union

Education: Democrats running for governor say it's the top issue for voters

Maryland gubernatorial candidate Valerie Ervin accuses Ben Jealous of costing her job

Valerie Ervin threatens to sue after Maryland election board declines to print new ballots

On the death of Bernard Lewis

Is there a thread for hobbies?

Model railroading enthusiasts?

John McCain....Patriot or not?

Don't you see the pattern?

Louisiana televangelist seeks donations for $54M private jet: report

Israeli military says 27 mortar shells fired from Gaza

Black woman, Jewish man clash over race, religion on subway train

Ted Cruz just used the most desperate tactic possible to trick voters into donating money

Stuff RT is not reporting on:

The hidden ways your gender affects your healthcare

Liege shooting: Two police and passer-by dead in Belgium

Maduro starts confiscating homes in Venezuela, giving them to supporters

Happy 30th Anniversary to Jane & Bernie - May 28

Tuesday TOONs - Cracker-Jack Performance Review Edition

Remember the "John McCain will be dead" comment from the White House?

Hostile Architecture: How Cities Are Designed To Control Your Behavior

The first cyberattack took place nearly 200 years ago in France

Inside the Trump Effort to Keep Black Voters From Polls

Thousands of Cubans evacuated due to floods from storm Alberto

It is business or unethical?

She was in labor. From her hospital bed, she officiated the wedding of a couple also having a baby.

Real Climate - If You Doubt The North Atlantic Conveyer (AMOC) Is Weakening, Read This

The Summer of Delegitimizing the 2018 Elections

Ever run into the "spitting image" of a family member ?

White Fragility Digest #13: 29 May 2018

Another judge rules against Trump

Japan slaughters more than 120 pregnant whales for 'research'

Hmm...this old good "Witch hunt !"... Let's put a thing or 2 in perspective


Today's Dotard Droppings: "Sorry, I've got to start focusing my energy on North Korea Nuclear"

Tell / Report / Repeat / Believe...

Haberman: "Where is Trump going to live post-presidency?"

Imagine a news day - or week - with no trump. none - none of his tweets,

48th GOP Congresscritter abandons ship

Tweet from Claude Taylor:

Kremlin says Mueller's Russia investigation is pointless

Oh look - another Memorial Day sale.

anyone follow trump on twitter? why does his profile say..:

I can dream, can't I?

March for Stolen Children JUNE 14****being organized-....

The Twitter daily storm...

I got to be on a UK radio overnight talk show talking tomatoes with Paul Ross

The Giuliani of 1989 Would Try to Lock Up the Giuliani of 2018

Trump hits China with broad limits on tech investment, moves forward with $50 billion in tariffs ahe

Medieval church door in Gloucestershire believed to be the inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien's entrance

TMZ Staffers Claim Harvey Levin Worked to Discredit Trump's Sexual Assault Accusers in Bombshell...

Breitbart staffer recruited Sanders activist to get African Americans to support GOP or stay home

From the Pizzagate Basement to the House Floor: Meet the Conspiracy Caucus

The Trump campaign recruited a former Bernie surrogate to tell POC voters to vote Trump or stay home

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Summer of Malcontent Edition

Ross tries to reclaim 'killer' status with Trump in China trade talks

Inside the Pro-Trump Effort to Keep Black Voters From the Polls

Choose your path wisely.

The greatest negotiator in history. Just another ploy?

When Clinton Testified

Trump Takes Over Key Functions of White House

Roseanne Barr attacks former Obama adviser in racially-charged tweet

Trump moves forward with investment restrictions, tariffs against China

Washington fails low-income hurricane victims

Trump blasts critics over outdated Obama-era photo of detained immigrant kids

Roseanne Barr attacks former Obama adviser in racially-charged tweet

Trump says Wilbur Ross is 'past his prime': report

Fewer Republicans say moral leadership 'very important' for president: Gallup

Georgia family loses custody of son after giving him marijuana to treat seizures

Georgia family loses custody of son after giving him marijuana to treat seizures

Google employees killing owls.

'Completely False': Michael Avenatti Pushes Back at Accusations That He's Holding Up Cohen Probe

The Rundown: May 25, 2018

The Rundown: May 28, 2018

The Rundown: May 29, 2018

his latest tweet showcases the depths of his insanity

How in the world does @ABC & @Disney justify this?

Looks like Ole Ben' Frank' was right!

Trump: "The forgotten men & women WON, I'm President!"

The greatest negotiator in history. Just another ploy?

Bob Mueller's White Hot Summer

Supreme Court won't take up challenge to restrictive Arkansas abortion law

GREED! It hasn't gone away among the televangelists!

George Soros: Campaign for second Brexit referendum about to start

Irish Bishop Says Voting Yes Is a Sin!

How will Trump's tweets be viewed 50 years from now?

Trump Claims Mueller Team Will Try to Meddle in Midterm Elections

Harvard study estimates thousands died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria

Protesters, students seize university in demonstration against Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega

It seems to me that China views NK as it's "Tea Party". They support them directly

Harvard study estimates thousands died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria

EU proposes ban on plastic straws, cutlery- the EU committed to at the 2017 Our Ocean conference

Breitbart staffer recruited Sanders activist to get African Americans to support GOP or stay home

Mama Cat has had it with her kid - In the trash

Will they? Won't they?

Trump Probe Began With Russian Messages Intercepted By NSA - by Joe Conason

President Trump thinks Mueller's team is 'meddling' in midterm elections

Ojeda fundraisers in Beckley (June 21) and Huntington (June 23)

Will Trump finally pay a price for his abject cruelty?

Origins of an Epidemic: Purdue Pharma Knew Its Opioids Were Widely Abused

"We know he is disgusting, can't be trusted, and lies all the time, but...."

Starting next week, Primary seasons hits full blast...

Why we must keep the Oxford comma alive

hospital admitting privileges- the old boy's club's last bastion

Chuck Todd: 'It Galls Me' Bill Clinton Hasn't Apologized to Monica Lewinsky for 'Ruining Her Life'

Trump's list to do... That's not exactly what you expect from a POTUS .

Is it possible to be a Christian deist?

Remember Back In The Bush Admin - The Setting Up Of An Office Of Disinformation......

Freepers showing their true colors over Roseanne...

Supreme Court limits warrantless vehicle searches near homes

Thank you Videohead for the Elvis C. yesterday

A very rare picture of Trump, in his true light

Where Is Ali Velshi?....

Another one bites the dust.

A Look Back at Rudy Giuliani and the Fraud That He Always Has Been

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Long Weekend

A New Film Investigates the Time America Banned an Entire Race.

Megyn Kelly: "Do you really want to deal with a mass of homeless people?"

James Clapper explains why he believes Putin is handling Trump like an 'asset'

Starbucks shuts 8,000 stores for anti-bias training

A CNN analysis is saying Trump is winning the demonization of Mueller

Megyn Kelly slams Starbucks for letting homeless non-customers use bathroom

CNN's contribution to fake news through their headlines - "Trump Winning Effort to Demonize Mueller"

Joyeux Coq au Vin! 😋

French Open.......

Avenatti: "the WSJ had the story in the closing days of the campaign..."

An open message to John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert:

"Believer: My Forty Years in Politics" by David Axelrod

The Full Flower Moon @ 10:20 a.m. was/is thoroughly hidden by clouds

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Charlottesville, Police in Connection to Aug 12th

Again in 2018, Democrats will have to run against republicans, the media and the russians.

Spoiler - French Open

Bite my shiny metal ...

Wanda Sykes: I will not be returning to @RoseanneOnABC.

Live on FB now--Pat Davis drops out to endorse

Roseanne Barr Apologizes for Obama Aide 'Joke,' Says She's 'Leaving' Twitter

EPA science advisors set to challenge Trump on auto emissions

I use this expensive flea treatment, Advantage, for my cat every month.

There is so much hatred in the world.

The Supreme Court just quietly handed a big victory to abortion opponents

Let's Talk about Trump's Sketchy $600 Million Kickback Scheme

Student seen walking to catch bus to graduation in viral photo given car by radio host

Watch LENOVO Purchases: If you buy a laptop, extended warranty and other options - Get Debited 4X

The "bug" - The People's car

Corruption, Duplicitousness, and Lying are Important Christian Values, Apparently.

Uh, if the Holocaust cookies didn't do it...

Biden endorses Soto over Grayson in Florida congressional primary

If ABC doesn't do something about Roseanne Barr, ABC IS Roseanne Barr.

Just found this chestnut

The president's son retweeted the Roseanne Barr Soros Nazi lie

McConnell's Plan for a Packed Summer Senate Agenda


Shutting down Facebook in PNG is a reality

Bayer wins U.S. approval for Monsanto deal

Study finds tht Puerto Rican Death Toll is 70 Times Greater than Reported.TPM: (over 4600)

Roseanne Barr hasn't evolved past her attack on Susan Rice in 2013

Delays and 'poison pills': team Trump runs out of road in NAFTA talks


Someone send Roseanne to Starbucks.

Christian nationalists have a new plan for advancing their legislative goals in state capitals

Cuba calls on US and Canada to investigate 'sonic attack' claims

Cuba calls on US and Canada to investigate 'sonic attack' claims

Nissan to cut North American output by 20% to shore up US profitability: Nikkei

Are atheists allowed to make judgements who does and doesn't count as a real Christian?

Guess we're not getting that Roseanne/Black-ish crossover this season.

Dow tanks by 450 points, led by JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley

NYT Columnist Charles Blow on Ms. Barr/ABC


ABC cancels Roseanne

'Roseanne' Canceled at ABC

Roseanne CANCELLED.....

ABC lowered the boom on Rosanne Barr!

So...if being a racist loudmouth jackass on Twitter can get your TV show cancelled...

Didn't Trump strut around and gloat about Roseanne's ratings?

Troop made benning osut and airborne school

What are the odds the Madman takes to Twitter today...

Your daily Greenwald, "But plagiarism is okay when MY friends do it!" -edition

'Roseanne' Canceled by ABC After Roseanne Barr's 'Repugnant' Comments, Network President Says

Joy Reid: Trumpism gave Roseanne a 'broad sense of permission' to be racist

Do you agree or disagree with ABC"s decision to cancel Roseanne's show for her racist tweets?

To All You Rosanne Barr Apologists Who Pretend to Respect the National Anthem...

3-2-1... Time for a tweet from the trump.

Roseanne learned a very simple lesson: You don't want everyone to know something,.then,

Nobody is Trump

Belgium shooting: man kills passerby and two police officers in Lige

I destroyed a Roseanne DVD today...

1934. German football team refused to give Nazi salute before game. Banned for 12 months. familiar?

Body of missing man from Ellicott City flood, found in Patapsco River

Not Only Was Rosanne's Joke Offensive

Is it me, or is road rage on the rise?


Lesson today: representation matters

*ahem* This is the ABC president


Roseanne Barr just named WH Communications Director.

Phew! that was a breath of fresh air

Katy Tur questioning Roseanne's free speech? WTH? Cannot stand her and am

What would you think about a show about The Conners, that killed off Roseanne?

Buy or Sell -Trump will make a tweet defending Roseanne Barr

Thank you, ABC Network. You did the right thing.

If Roseanne were to continue without Barr, how would you eliminate her character?

Valerie Jarrett will be on the Everyday Racism Townhall on

LOL... Letters of Note: "I have chosen not to return to the show next season."

So Rosanne Barr gets dropped but drumph continues to be POTUS?

Saw a pig fly by my window.....WAPO changed its headline to "racist"


faster than the speed of a tweet....

America's Presidents, Ranked

Barr/Nugent 2024!

Scott Baio...IS...Charles, in the pro-Trump reboot of "Charles In Charge."

gop Candidate for Tenn. Gov. says porn "root cause" for school shootings

Still scraping by while the bankers celebrate

Cue: Dump dropping everything to tweet incessantly about

Chelsea Clinton to Roseanne: "Have a great day!"

And this is who fired Roseanne...oh, the sweet irony!

Remember Trump ranting about a WH source who "doesn't exist"...

The wind farm Donald Trump tried to block is now complete

The Haberman apologist on Twitter are pretty freakin' clueless. It's not "just a word."

Just in!

Yet another f*cking Roseanne post!

Bernie Sanders is sooooooo awesome. And he's considering running for president.

The Queen of Sitcom TV WILL RETURN this fall

Valerie Jarrett is a Muslim Ape?

Another Russian journalist shot and killed.

Roseanne cancelled!

Where are my hummingbirds??? Had them for a good week or so......

Roseanne's comments aren't any worse than what DUers say about Melania...

Retired admiral unloads on Trump for boasting about dead troops being 'very happy'

Richard Paul Evans' fake news about feminism

Updated : Russian journalist who was sharply critical of the Kremlin shot dead in Kiev apartment.


NASA photographer's camera melted during a SpaceX rocket launch & he's not sure whether it's insured

"The morgue?"

Dow sinks more than 500 points as Italy's political crisis triggers global sell-off

What to put in Rosanne's time slot

One thing I've noticed du'ers are really getting good at is chasing shiny objects.

Rep. Diane Black Cites Porn As 'Root Cause' Of School Shootings

Cancelling Roseanne IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

Schumer: "There were at least 75 contacts, including 22 meetings, thoughout the

Thus the conservative tears flow

It occurs to me that there is a Trinity of Irrelevancy here.

Ha! It's only been a short time, and I'm already seeing the terms "bastards" and

Cal basketball coach says Southwest asked for proof biracial son was hers

Chuck grew a set .....

Here's my conspiracy question for today

Megyns bathroom is on the right....

"This is white genocide!" LOL!

May Roseanne Barr turn out to be a doppelgnger of Donald Trump.

Late Memorial Day posting - And the Band Played Waltzing Mitalda

The argument will continue to be degraded...

MANHATTANHENGE is today and tomorrow

The Walking Dead - Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) to exit in season 9

Giuliani gives Mueller negotiations another shot

Barr should been condemned for this -

Is anyone watching Nicolle Wallace's show?

Here's What I Said Here On DU The Day Roseanne's Ratings Came In On The 1st Show.....

You people are unbearable. I am done!

Just FYI, the Madman is scheduled to do a campaign goat rodeo tonight in Nashville.

Ivanka Trump Just Rubbing Her Non-Interned Baby In Refugees' Jailed Faces

Does Anybody Know What Prompted Roseanne's Tweet About Jarrett In The First Place?.....

Alex Jones says half of all rape claims are fake...

GAO: White House Is Stonewalling Our Inquiries

OMG -- switched to Faux News during commercial

What are we willing to tolerate in this the Era of Trump????????

Shenanigans as VA Senate committee member tries to sabatoge Medicaid expansion.

Hallelujah - Send money so Jesse Can get his jet

Which do you believe is most important?

National Guard sergeant's body found in Patapsco River near Ellicott City

Prominent Russian Journalist Who Criticized Kremlin Shot Dead in Kiev

trump is in my hometown tonight, nashville....raising money for marsha blackburn

Mexican campaigns awash with dirty money, pre-election report finds

White House in Panic Mode After TV Star with Racist Twitter Feed Loses Job

Traveling down a Kansas highway earlier, came up on a horrible accident.

Skeleton unearthed of man crushed by huge rock in Vesuvius eruption

Anyone know of a phone app that tells you if there is a big mess on your local interstate?

Keep digging...won't go away forever...

I've (belatedly) concluded that bullies are insecure people

Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

You know you've made it in life when the Onion writes an actual #fakenews article about you--Nunes

Catholic School Rejected Its Gay Valedictorian's Speech. So He Gave It With a Bullhorn.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens to make statement in the Governor's Office at 5:15 ET.

T-Mobile Hires Corey Lewandowski to Help Sell Merger to Trump

What, that he is shutting down Missouri....

Students use bullhorn after church nixes graduation speeches

Takes one to know one....

USGS says DO NOT roast your marshmallows over volcano vents. This is dangerous.

Compiling a list - right wing celebrity implodes, and basically pisses away a career...

Stone is toast....

Missouri Gov. Greitens expected to resign today amid sexual misconduct scandal (Fox Noise)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Roseanne Barr has racist form against Obama's female advisers

Elizabeth Warren Battles Meghan McCain on Missing Migrant Children: This is 'On Donald Trump's Head'

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 29, 2018

Roseanne Barr.

Another Mueller sentencing...

Anti Wealth....

WATCH: Gov. Scott, Sen. Leahy and Sen. Sanders discuss government support for dairy farmers.

Missouri Gov. Greitens Expected To Resign, Ending Career Once Aimed At Presidency

Giuliani says Trump won't sit for Mueller interview unless all FBI source documents can be reviewed

Firefighter rescues dog trapped on roof, gets wet kiss

Obfuscater in Chief....

Conservation groups' pact will help save Atlantic salmon

Here's the game Kellyanne Conway and the Trump team are playing on 'collusion'

Twitter Video: You want to talk about what it means to be anti-wealth?

You know where they *really* sell porn at grocery stores?

And another one bites the dust....

Fourth federal judge blocks Trump's cuts to teen pregnancy prevention

Valerie Jarrett issues first response to Roseanne Barr's racist tweets about her

David Corn: "There is accountability for the star of the No. 1 television show. There is not..."

Governor Eric Greitens announces resignation, effective Friday

Will The Roseanne Show Go The Way Of Last Man Standing And Tim Allen?....

Worth every penny of 50 grand....

The heat has defeated my Ghost Peppers!

How the Ultra Far Right Defended Roseanne:

The Latest: Germany: Rejected asylum-seeker sets self ablaze

Goodbye Eric

Melania/Melanie is not missing or hiding in NYC...

Protesters arrested ahead of tRump's visit to Nashville

Must be Twofer Tuesday

INDIVISIBLE just announced their plan to flip

Trump "rally" in Tennessee tonight. Will he blow a dog whistle over the Barr cancellation?

With 'Spygate,' Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust

Tom Arnold, you have some serious questions to aswer....

I just can't do it! It had been years since I'd visited "that site which shall not be named".

What did Rosanne Barr say?

Shep Smith (Fox) Dismantles recent SHitler/Fox News Narrative ie: Mueller "meddling"

NY Times looking to hire FOIA researcher with database skills for DC bureau


Amber's Minute of Fury: Roseanne, Racist White People

Has Trump said anything about Roseanne?

The deplorables wanted Kathy Griffin destroyed for her photo shoot about Trump

Judge Shoots Down Manafort Request For Unredacted Mueller Warrant Docs

Shamed Missouri governor is stepping down!

Study Links Intolerance with Support for Authoritarianism

Breaking : Greitens resigns

CIA report says North Korea won't denuclearize, but might open a burger joint

Cohen warrant case hearing tomorrow and Avenatti agenda

U.S. Geological Survey warns: Don't roast marshmallows over volcano

The FBI warning Trump received, ignored, and apparently forgot about

NRA supported gun control when Black Panthers had the weapons.

If I would ever get another chocolate lab

Trump's abandonment of Paris climate deal to cost U.S. economy trillions, new study reveals

The cancelling of Roseanne WAS about free speech.

What Does An Ivanka Trump Coffin Look Like?

Charges filed against former agents of Brazil dictatorship

CNN breaking: Freidman's plea deal got "sweetened" after the Cohen raid.

HYPOCRISY to a degree unparalleled in human history....

On Ari Melber just now Nick Ackerman just said he thinks

The Naughty Nun (NSFW?)

The far-right in Colombia

Bloomberg: Manafort loses fight with Mueller over 2 search warrants.

The Latest: Judge Sides With Mueller Team in Manafort Case

Trump Goal Making Racism Politically Correct.

The end must truly be at hand...

Mr. Trump can effectively clear up the whole "collusion" mess with ONE action..

Bill Maher speaks to Roseanne during his show.

Lock him up--look what the Republican Gov from Missouri was up to:

On 'White Fear Being Weaponized' And How To Respond

Roseanne Show Being Top Rated Shows How Sick We Really Are In US.

Department of Homeland Security moves to finally rescind the International Entrepreneur Rule

Gritens vs. Trump

Truckers' Strike Continues despite Agreement; Government Believes in 'Political Infiltration'

Judge Shuts Down Manafort's Unredacted Warrants Demand to Protect 'Confidential Sources'

Today demonstrates how blind and deaf Roseanne Barr truly is.

Embattled Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Resigns!!!!

Trump administration will fingerprint child migrants' parents

Update: The White House sinkhole has been patched and filled in.

So, at what do my fellow DUers put the odds of TRUMP tweeting in support of Roseanne in, say,

Court filing in Michael Cohen case reveals 292,006 items from the raid have been reviewed

Roseanne Reruns Dropped by Hulu, CMT, and More Networks

mcdonalds in pyongyang

Roseanne Barr for President?

Another update on bird nest - with photos.

Breaking Bloomberg: Cohen prosecutors to get seized phone data Wednesday

The Onion: ABC Criticized For Unrealistic Portrayal Of Racists Actually Facing Consequences

The Economy Is Booming -- Just Not For You

Roseanne Has Shown the World She's Selfish & Self-Destructive

1 + million more pieces of evidence on Cohen tomorrow....WOW

ABC Canceled 'Roseanne.' What Will They Do About Their Alt-Right 'Bachelorette' Contestant?

David Frum: The Measure of Trump's Devotion

Not sure Roseanne's fans will see the irony

4 GOP seats that could control senate

New filing: Feds to get 1,025,363 more items of evidence on Michael Cohen tomorrow.

haha, No one is ever going to hire you again

Grandpa Mason was introduced to Ramona, Rula & Chloe's Kittens yesterday

Just how stupid do the North Koreans think Donald Trump is? Well the CIA says . . .

Red-Sauce Italian Cooking Finds a Future at Don Angie.