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Do you think Deplorables have the intellectual capacity to see the irony ?

"They know more about the Trump campaign than anyone who ever worked there"

Blood Money...

Conor Lamb lays out his agenda

Michael Caputo: "The Senate & the House are net fishing" - "The special counsel is spearfishing."

Tornado Watch and Flood Warning. for KCMO.


Sen. Bill Larkin expected to announce retirement Thursday

Is the bad weather due to the Thugs in DM passing the fetal heartbeat bill?

This news story reminded me of a recipe, a real winner.

UH-Oh - From Kos:

Trump Tweets in Crayon

Deposed Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff: "I fear for Lula's life."

How Redskins Used Cheerleaders: Topless Photo Shoots and an Uneasy Night Out

Luckovich - MD From Trump U (Trump's Next Doctor)

DOJ won't give Congress memo about scope of Russia probe

Giuliani says decision on Trump-Mueller interview 'several weeks away'

Black Dignity --- Stands yet again....

Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation

"What should concern Mr. Trump's team is how the questions zero in on Mr. Trump's criminal liability

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein speaks on rule of law to commemorate 'Law Day.'

After a Shitty day, Little River Band in person sounds like the perfect solution

Make Trump chaos a midterm issue

Yosemite Sam quits the team of lawyers for Trump!

60 percent say Trump is usually dishonest

Paul Ryan Warns of Subpoenas, Gridlock With Democratic Majority

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Heavy Medication!

53 migrants from caravan allowed into US for asylum

Apologies for always posting things

Melania Trump's Parents Visit Immigration Office, But Want to Keep Citizenship Journey 'Private'


GOP Senator Contradicts Trump On Ronny Jackson Allegations

Thank you again, Rachel. The background/memories on the Ukraine is great!

Email: Top Rauner Aide Suggested Blaming Duckworth For Legionnaires' Deaths

Libertarians Flirt with Sex Slavery as "solution" to Incel Violence?

MSNBC producer says Giuliani just said this on Fox newz:

He's a 'Problem for the Whole Country': CA Gov. Swipes at Pence Over Border Comment

Ukraine, Seeking U.S. Missiles, Halted Cooperation With Mueller Investigation

it appears that the questions were leaked by donnie's team. if so, what questions did they scrub?

Analysis of Failure Modes in Kesterite Solar Cells.

Janelle Mone gets slammed for her 'family-unfriendly' performance on 'The Voice'

#RedForEd walkout: Thursday school closures

Trumps last link to sanity...

Robert Mueller Has the President Cornered - GQ

Shep Smith: There's a 'concerted effort' for Fox News guests to warn Trump against Mueller interview

Guys, seriously, Michelle Wolf is not Black, but the white tears about her WHCD speech are delicious

WH blocks media from ceremony after Teacher of the Year hands Trump letters from refugee students

Giuliani just told Fox that Trump reimbursed Cohen the $130,000 for the Stormy Daniels agreement

Dino Rossi to Speak at an Eastern Washington Secessionist Event

Kelly Finds Himself in a Familiar Place in the Trump White House: Eyeing the Exits

U.S. Transfers First Guantnamo Detainee Under Trump, Who Vowed to Fill It

One of My Students Tried to Sneak A Fox News Quote into His Paper

Michael Caputo says 'it's clear' Mueller investigators focused on Russia collusion

So remember when Guiliani gave a speech at the RNC and came off sounding like a drunken idiot?

Giuliani: Trump reimbursed Cohen for $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels

Guiliani....I Knew It, I Knew It, I Knew It

As an American citizen, you should be OUTRAGED

Flashback: On April 5th, Trump told reporters he had no knowledge of the Stormy Daniels payment.

Witch Hunt is an apt description

"It was funneled through a law firm" Rudy, tonight on trump paying Stormy's bribe

Please, pretty please, keep talking Rudy...

Paging Emmet Flood, paging Emmet Flood!! Just checkin to see how the first day of your new


Facebook ad on Rachel

Tomorrow tune in to FOX. Guilliani,new Trump lawyer, spills the complete bag of beans

Trump must be desperate

Just now on Lawrence. Ghouliani admitted on Hannity's

Guiliani says the Campaign wasn't involved -- BUT -- there's this

Most People Consume Plastic on a Daily Basis

Lawrence O'Donnell picked up a TELLING comment from the Giuliani interview...

Giuliani tells Hannity that Trump will get the Nobel and will then "tell them to shove it"

An update on my mom...

As Rudy incompetently/accidentally immolates Trump...

President Trump: America's S**ttiest Miss America Contestant: The Daily Show

Greyhound is reporting a reduction in available space beneath their VistaCruiser

Oh my gawd, Giuliani is a hoot! I hope Cheeto NEVER fires him!

NYT: Rosenstein and top F.B.I. officials say GOP pols using oversight privilege to share info w/WH

You've heard of Katy bar the door...well, Rod is doing the barring now..

Kick if you love Jill Wine Banks!

Republican Gaetz Gets Middle School Civics Lesson

Hannity gets Guliani to blow up Cohen's defense of Trump

Rudy Giuliani states that Trump was the Zodiac Killer

Breaking News - Giuliani fired

Michael Avenatti tweets responding to what Rudy Giuliani said tonight

Release of Americans held in North Korea 'imminent,' source says

Trump After Watching Hannity Interview Guiliani:

Rob Reiner: We're beyond a shitstorm. With Giuliani, Trump is nailing himself into his own coffin.

Someone worried about too many leaks...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 3 May 2018

Stormy's Manager met with FBI re. Sex story

My BIL (on board with TX lottery) said that if you lined up coke bottles from Dallas

Who's the best pilot I ever saw?

So Guiliani's goal was to get things wrapped up.

PSA- Michael Avenatti will be on Stephen Colbert tonight.

Anyone catch Samantha Bee tonight

Vote here for Dumbass of the day

Tyson Foods backs Israeli startup to grow meat in the lab

Thank you, America

My take on Giuliani.

It should be against the law for the media to . . . . . . .

BREAKING: White House Press Office: "We have nothing to say about it"

and I still remember when tRump said "I could kill someone on 5th ave

Palestinian leader Abbas' comments on Holocaust condemned as anti-Semitic

Mrs. Betty Bowers .... Trust me on this: I have the Gift of Prophecy. Tomorrow . . .

Rudy warned Mueller to stay away from Ivanka

I'm really surprised Giuliani didn't finish by say ...

Bharara: "From a purely legal and PR competency perspective, Trump should fire Giuliani long before

Distract Opponent with a shiny object - Sack cartoon

It's tornado time!

Ken Olin: Watching Rudy Giuliani is like being slimed through the tv.

tRump should hire a Philadelphia lawyer,

Tweet: Did Trump and Cohen generate fake invoices to reimburse Cohen?

U.S. judge approves gun maker Remington's bankruptcy plan

Say bye to Cambridge Analytica and hello . Rebekah Mercer and her sister are directors of Emerdata....

Rudy Giuliani: Jared Kushner is Disposable

Oh, come on........KIM KARDASHIAN and JARED KUHNER????

I think there will be a late Friday leak about that $1.6 million abortion payout being Trump's

Is there a website that gives traffic trends?

Trump's response tweet to Giuliani outing him. Seriously Wtf.


Do you suppose there is a media blackout on this Oklahoma story?

Trump deserves a Nobel, but not the one for peace

From WaPo national political reporter Robert Costa, who just spoke with Giuliani:

Seth Abramson on con man Trump

Many smart people are saying Stormy Daniels deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, believe me

Trouble for State Rep. Carl Trujillo

Pennsylvania Special Elections Will Be on Election Day

Enough. Send this swamp monster packing. Scott Pruitt

Summer Zervos, Trump Accuser, Subpoenas 'The Apprentice' Recordings

Tweet of the Day

After Stunning Democratic Win, North Dakota Republicans suppress the Native American Vote w ID laws

March 5th, Cohen complained to friends that Trump had never paid him back...

Move along. Nothing to see here "I don't expect to be fired"

Please proceed, Mayor...

Giuliani: Trump Fired Comey For Not Saying He Wasn't Under Investigation

Santa Fe unveiled an embarrassing fraud review

On Late Nite Colbert

Tidbit from Guiliani, lost amid the Stormy payout news

Ad war heats up in race for New Mexico governor

Giuliana scrambles to clarify his earlier remarks. But I don't think this helps.

Seth Meyers - Mueller's Questions for Trump, Facebook's Dating App - Monologue - 5/1/18


Ross Douthat at the NYT tries to legitimize a conservative attack on women

And just two weeks ago Jim Jordan claimed that Trump has never lied a single time

Kenyan Clinic Rejects Trump Abortion Policy, Loses $2 Million In U.S. Aid

Seth Meyers - Trump's Doctor Speaks, Ty Cobb Is Out, Pence Praises Arpaio: A Closer Look

We should be out in the streets over healthcare now

Hawaii Approves Bill Banning Sunscreen Believed To Kill Coral Reefs

The Daily Show: Teachers Take to the Streets & Kanye West Says Slavery Was a Choice

David Corn on Giuliani, Hannity, 45 and oooooooooo, wait for it, the Deep State.

Trump's Mar-a-Lago pal stymies Veterans' Affairs project

In The New York Real Estate Market, Trump's Name May Be Losing Its Luster

WATCH: Giuliani tells Fox News Hannity that Trump personally repaid Cohen for Stormy Daniels payment

Chinese propaganda film celebrates Ivanka Trump fashion supplier that was accused of labor abuses

Giuliani's statement directly contradicted Cohen's public Feb. statement

So is this Fitzmas...(with apologies to John Lennon)

The real reason Mueller hasn't called Ivanka Trump

Giuliani called Jared "disposable" in Fox interview.

$130K NDA money to Stormy originated from bank in San Francisco

Open Letter to RKBA posters

tRump in 2016: Stamina. 2018: Hillary took questions for 11 hours, Trump can't handle more than 3

Betting pool on Guiliani

Mr. Mueller: I've Got a Mr. Michael Cohen on Line 1

Just let this sink in a sec. I'll wait.

The first question for Sarah Huckabee Sanders tomorrow ought to be

China Has Stopped Buying U.S. Soybeans, Bunge Says

Trump ... is setting the table to "Resign" !!!

Trump repaying the Stormy Daniels money doesn't mean there were no campaign finance violations

J.S. Bach: "Oboe d'Amore Concerto"/Brahms: "String Quartet No. 1, Op. 51 in C Minor (Romanze)"-

Santa Fe judge candidate, ex-cop found guilty of 'dishonesty' by state board

2 Christian sect leaders face more charges in New Mexico

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/2/18

So how is The Americans going to end? Best guesses with only 4 episodes left.

Stephen Colbert - Guest Michael Avenatti Presents New Evidence Against Michael Cohen

Was this an effort by Cohen and his lawyer to deceive Judge Otero's court?

Witness list in UNM athletics embezzlement case has familiar names

FedEx and UPS burn less gas to deliver boxes

Ford's smart windows can help blind passengers take in the view

Biofuel group asks U.S. court to review EPA's refinery waivers

Very funny guys. We only rate dogs...

Unaffiliated voters are asking for more Democratic than GOP ballots in the Colorado primaries

Former Autonomy CFO Convicted Of Wire Fraud

At least 109 people killed in deadly dust storm; Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan badly affected


Trump to Sign Faith-Based Initiative Order Giving White Evangelicals More Power

If Rudy Giuliani were any more stupid or self-sabotaging...

Jackson Man Charged in Multi-Million Dollar Fruad Scheme Affecting Hundreds of Victims

Senators push to reopen state prison in final week of the session, bucking correctional reform ...

Certainly, Unquestionably, Assuredly, Positively, Absolutely Gonna Happen!

ACLU gets 'class action' status in ICE lawsuit against El Paso County sheriff

Two Men Plead Guilty To Multimillion-Dollar Telemarketing Scheme Targeting Small Business Owners

Infowars Host: 'Civil War Is Inevitable' If Liberals 'Continue To Exist'

$475K for not having an affair with frump. Where do I sign up for not having an affair with him?

Several Injuries Result In D.C. Lawyer Stampede Following Guillani Fox News Remarks

The Latest: Hospital treating 7 people injured in explosion

Rudy's remarks concerning Ivanka were deeply disturbing

He's up and tweeting and making it worse

Fingerprint left in Play-Doh leads to shoplifting suspect in Massachusetts

Someone (not Trump) is tweeting from Trump's account this morning about the payments


Trump tries to clean up the mess on Twitter from Rudy Giuliani's self-immolation on Hannity

Robert Costa (NBC): Giuliani says Trump thinks the interview went great

First police video of Las Vegas concert massacre released

Bucking global trends, Japan again embraces coal power

Which sounds more likely???

China installs cruise missiles on South China Sea outposts: CNBC

Avenatti on CBS This Morning at 8 AM EST.

Musk Rejects 'Boring' Analysts After Tesla Burns $1 Billion More

Two Colorado nurses jailed for stealing drugs had hopped from hospital to hospital, losing jobs for

GOP Split In Tennessee Risks a Senate Seat

This morning, Presidential Pornstar Payoffs clearly explained in 3 Trump tweets not written by Trump

CSU investigates after two Native American men are pulled off tour after nervous parent calls cops

Warren leads poll for 2020 nominee, Biden second

Rick Wilson: BREAKING From Trump's 'Doctors': Most Remarkable Physical Specimen of All Time!

Where do I sign up?

Trump actually paid someone for their services?

Ladies, have you signed your letter saying you never had an affair with Trump yet?

Trump defends payment to Stormy Daniels after Giuliani revelation

If I heard creepy Rudy correctly he said he did what Cohen did

Trump: Hey kid!

Guiliani says the country would be up in arms if Mueller goes after Ivanka

$3 gas coming to a station near you

NASA Completes early tests of mini nuclear fission Reactor which could Power human Settlements on Ma

They must have known that the Trump payment was going to come out

Trump repaying the Stormy Daniels money doesn't mean there were no campaign finance violations

NY bar rules prohibit what Cohen & Giuliani claim they have done with clients: give $$$ assistatance

What do you all suppose is going through Melania Trump's head right now?

Could the payments to Stormy Daniels actually be investments in porn film making?

toon--sarah sanders make up kit..

Art of the Week: Week of 5/2/18

Sean Spicer put on his TV this morning and ran out of his house to hide in the bushes out of habit

The Rundown: May 2, 2018

No tears for Ms. Smokey Eyes

Fugelsang on Guiliani:

Happy Birthday to the hardest working man in showbusiness, the Godfather of Soul...

Giuliani: Trump Fired Comey Because Comey Wouldn't Exonerate Him

Does trump pay Melania hush money?

Rudy G. is not a good lawyer after all!


June 29th: It's the Guns N' Roses "Appetite For Destruction" 73-track box set.

Colorado House passes PERA overhaul, sending it to a conference committee

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/2/2018 (

Avenatti: "Whoever the lawyer is that wrote this, that lawyer is also a moron"

Sanders & Biden Remain Front-runners - The Granite State Poll - University of NH

Sanders & Biden Remain Front-runners - The Granite State Poll - University of NH

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Cheat-o

Wow - Kellyanne's Husband - Suggests Cohen Broke The Law & So Did Potus

Giuliani: It's okay to go after Hillary for nothing, but Ivanka is off limits because she's a woman

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Republicans and Investigations

James Brown on Letterman 82

Mueller to the Con and ReTHUGs

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

When Giuliani mentioned 10/15/16-That was NOT last presidential debate-It was, however significant..

Release of Americans held in North Korea 'imminent,' source says

Is It Getting Extreme In Here? 50" Of Rain In 24 Hours In Kauai; Massive Rains, Flooding Across ME

So Trump admits his willingness to pay off extortionists

Clinton Prosecutor: Trump Has "No Idea" What Mueller Has On Him

JAMES BROWN Hollywood Palace 1968

Worth noting: the tv ads promoting "Right to Try" are funded by Americans for Prosperity,

27 Additional Women Say They Were Harassed by Charlie Rose

Watch Trump's Co-Author Reveal The Secret To Trump's Cruelty

Alaska Sea Ice Extent Collapses; Bering Sea Not Just At Record Low - 1/2 Of Prior Record Low

Trumpass likes his own tweet

Wife: Cosby convicted by 'mob justice, not real justice'

Nate Berkus Has Perfect Response To Duggar Family Member's Homophobia

Giuliani Links Michael Cohen's Stormy Daniels Payoff to 2016 Election

James Brown -Soul Power & Get Involved -Live TV(1971)

Teacher of the year hands Donald Trump stack of letters from immigrant students

Koch-Backed Groups Are Selling Trump's Tax Cuts Door-to-Door Ahead of the Midterms

Last night I saw a concert

Trump and White House Counsel Don McGahn Have Been 'Barely on Speaking Terms'

Samantha Bee : Don't Be So Sure About That Blue Wave

Serious Question Re: Stormy

Luciano Pavarotti & James Brown - It's a man's world ᴴᴰ

Trump's Nobel Prize:

In One Hannity Interview, Giuliani Blew Up Trump's Arguments in 3 Legal Cases

Rudy, alias The Penguin, defends Trump by telling everyone Trump is guilty. Wtf?

Rudy Giuliani Backpedals, Tells Fox News Trump Reimbursed Money But 'Didn't Know' What It Was For

Stephanie Rhule

Judge Napolitano: Claim That Trump Didn't Know What Cohen Payment Was For is 'Unworthy of Belief'

Mueller Threatened Trump Subpoena to His Lawyers

Trump Bodyguard & Lawyer Raided Doctor's Office, Took Medical Files

on Wed, May 9th--we will officially file petition to force a vote on the resolution 4 #NetNeutrality


'Michael Cohen has flipped': GOP strategist says there's only one explanation for Rudy's confession

Why did Rudy break his story on Hannity last night?

Please recommend this thread if your favorite president doesn't have multiple NDAs with porn stars

Rudy Giuliani Calls on Jeff Sessions to 'Step in' And Shut Down Mueller Probe

Robert Mueller already has the answer to his 49 questions

Iran says will quit nuclear deal if US walks away

Dan Rather on Pence, Arpaio and Kanye

In another milieu Giuliani would have been one of the Mafiosi he put in jail.

Corker-Blackburn drama risks must-win Senate seat for GOP

John Dingell does good Twitter

Giuliani: What if Daniels allegations came out during 2016 election?

Finnish climate change group wants to troll Trump by carving his face into a glacier

If Cohen has flipped, what other revelations are we going to get from guiliani

Sarah "Multiple False Statements" Sanders plays the "ongoing litigation" card

Giuliani May Have Implicated Trump

Robert Costa (NBC) White House aides no longer in control of situation...

Trump's Fixers Move Into the Spotlight

Today is World Press Freedom Day

Trump is now hawking a book written by someone "very special"

Hillary Clinton: Being a Capitalist 'Probably' Hurt Me in Primary Because Many Dems Are Socialists

Broken: Giuliani Signs NDA - Pledges Never to Speak in Public Again

Sarah Sanders is now refusing to answer questions about why she lied about Stormy Daniels payout

Trump formally declaring war on the United States is not out of the question if ...

Mika cringes in horror after Rudy Giuliani goes back on Fox News and makes another mess

CNN's Camerota busts Trump for blaming Obama over North Korean hostages taken in 2017

55 Years Ago Today, Birmingham, Alabama:

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Suggests Stormy Daniels Payment Violated Campaign Finance Laws

white house says it can't comment due to ongoing criminal activity

Another question for wiser minds than my own...

Sauteed Kale with Raisins and Walnuts Recipe

Influential religious group tells followers only Christians have First Amendment rights

Pic Of The Moment: The Latest In The Stormy Daniels Scandal

This Just In: Trump Sues Former Physician Over Prescription

"None of you took Rudy seriously..."

Somebody should ask Rubio if he still thinks Trump is a con man /nt

Charlottesville: Day 2 of Alex Ramos assault trial

Such a stumble bum - that Trump is

The biggest bombshell in this Rudy Giuliani/Stormy Daniels reveal...

Article: Americans Are A Lonely Lot, And Young People Bear The Heaviest Burden

We now take you live to video footage of Emmet Flood's first day on the job.

GOP Senate candidate doctors picture of opponent, replaces Trump with Clinton

Condo board heads to court to get Trump name removed from building

Trump considers ex-congressman, now healthcare lobbyist, for veterans post. Top up the swamp!

Colorado governor's race: Kennedy endorsed by Salazar; Schroeder backs Polis

"Shared grievances/perspectives"???

Trump-associate reveals that Mueller already knows A LOT.

A quote from president John Adams that is valid at this moment in our history.

Michael Avenatti smacks whoever wrote Trump's post-Rudy tweets: 'That lawyer is also a moron'

the story donnie *wants* us to believe is that people can extort him with nothing but lies.

Six more US scientists selected for Macron's 'Make Our Planet Great Again' program

Giuliani's other big admission may be even worse for Trump


It's Giuliani Time! Rudy Ritualistically Suicides One Case To Try To Save Trump From Another

Fox News is a direct attack on Liberty itself and the people.

Giuliani On Kushner: 'Jared Is A Fine Man' But 'Men Are Disposable'

Names of two Russian women in pee tape have been leaked!

Giuliani Expert Says That Recently He's Been 'Behaving More Unhinged'

Dent: No Way Cohen Wrote $130K Check 'Out Of The Goodness Of His Heart'

Rudes in Twilight - By Josh Marshall

My Osteen House Chaplain Satire Makes Fox News in Houston

Giuliani: Stormy was paid off in order to protect the Trump campaign

K&R if you're NOT going to turn on Robert Mueller if he were to 'go after' Ivanka

Debate on red flag bill heats up late night in Colorado House

Giuliani: "Jared is a fine man. You KNOW that. Men are disposable. But Ivanka?"

Epic Trolling: Daniels lawyer offers to send gift basket to Fox News after Giuliani interview

3 American prisoners in North Korea being released

Howard Kurtz: Trump Considering Replacing John Kelly With Corey Lewandowski

"This isn't some game. You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States."

Industrial Revolutions Are Political Wrecking Balls.

The Bornstein & Jackson health reports on Trump...perhaps both written by DOCTOR JOHN BARRON???

I finally figured out who Ben Garrison's Donald Trump looks like.

Trump's Defense Will NOT Deter Robert Mueller.

DC Eagle cam: Welcome to the world, DC7 eaglet!

President Trump's super PAC falls well short of super

Europe Has No Clue How to Handle an American Bully

Somewhere Ty Cobb's mustache is doing an "I told you so" twirl.

Watch LIVE as President Trump attends the National Day of Prayer

Judge rules 'Trump Place' condo board can remove Trump name from building

Why the retainer argument makes no sense at all

Why aren't we talking more about the Ukraine prosecutor suddenly refusing to

WTF? 2018 Repuke Candidates Still Running Against Hillary Clinton.

Anyone else notice that the gas price rise ate up most of the tax cut?

I woke up this morning.....

Giuliani Says Trump 'Wouldn't Remember' Stormy Payout, Suggests More Hush Money Agreements May Exist

Remember the Alamo!

the Women-Assaulter-in-Chief is talking before 200 religious folks.....

Toobin On Giuliani's Stormy Daniels Comments: 'That's A Confession!'

GOP loses it's voice now that it's time to chant "Lock him up!'

Rudy Giuliani Calls Stormy Daniels' Lawyer An 'Ambulance Chaser'

Bryan Fischer: Jewish People & Other Non-Christians Don't Have First Amendment Rights

WTU poll shows definitively that John P. Wintergreen is on track to be our nominee on 2020

WH: Pruitt 'Would Acknowledge' He Could Use Taxpayer Dollars Better

Question for your religious republican't friends/family:

This speech on religion makes no sense.

Why don't Christians kill their children for cursing?

,,,,, "carrying a Cross draped with a Flag",,,,,,,

I'm planting a tomato in my flower garden today

Paul Krugman: Tax cut turning out to be a 'nothing burger'

Kyle Griffin's twitter reply to Trump's assertion about campaign funds and Stormy Daniels

Daniels lawyer offers to send gift basket to Fox News after Giuliani interview

Trump and Mueller are closing in on open war

Heading to the NRA convention in Dallas to see Trump, Pence? Leave these items at home

Did I hear correctly that now faith based organizations can get govt. funding?

Pierce: There's Another Side to Trump's New Stormy Daniels Defense: 'The Leach Effect'

Question for DU'ers: If Trump removes Sessions and replaces him with Rudy Guiliani...?

Dem lawmaker: Stormy Daniels revelation could result in 4 felony charges

Dow drops more than 300 points amid US-China trade worries

Great news, 1937. The Hindenburg left Frankfurt today for its first trip of the year to the US.

Trump started tweeting about Stormy Daniels and it's an unmitigated disaster

Judge rules New York condo board may remove 'Trump' name

Soybeans slip following report China has halted its US orders

Lance Wallnau Blows Back The 'Demonic' Cloud Of 'Witchcraft And Curses' That Is Attacking Trump

Could this be why Kanye is sucking up to Trump?

Pastafarianism: A Satirical Religious Movement On The Rise

Comey takes on Guiliani

Arizona teacher raises passed after strike shuts schools

From John Fugelsang

Avenatti nailed Giuliani: The only ambulance I've ever chased is the one you're driving right now

On National Day of Prayer Trump calls for prayer 'activities' in 'work, schools and homes'

"It was a murder-suicide".

Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance

Comey blasts Giuliani for comparing New York FBI to Nazi 'stormtroopers'

Photo of Alex Ramos with his buddies

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Documentary

Trump Admits To Authorizing Stormy Daniels Payoff, Denies Sexual Encounter

US has regressed to developing nation status, MIT economist warns

Top GOP Senate Candidate In California Admires Hitler

I will never be happy with the tax cut for corporations implemented by the repugs...

I believe Trump and friends have been reading The Idiot's Guide to Money Laundering

It Ain't Necessarily So...

There are a couple of Terrific Things Happening..

Post deleted!!!

Who's taking odds?

BREAKING In order for Trump to divert attention to admission of multiple hush money payments

"I'm routinely tricked into paying women six-figures for no apparent reason."

In Venezuela, inflation quadruples to 18,000 percent in two months, with no end in sight

Al needs to get back into the fray...

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Suggests Stormy Daniels Payment Violated Campaign Finance Laws

BRB... I am going out to search for some 'extreme cut out' jeans.

***** BREAKING**** Cohen was wiretapped

"This is a car being driven by Trump and Rudy and the rest are all locked in their seats"

Breaking - Wiretap onCohen weeks before FBI raid - Update per NBC - Phones monitored - no wiretap

On this National Day of Prayer, Betty Bowers reminds us of the Trump Ten Commandments

Avenatti: Cohen reimbursement may involve money laundering

This Story is Huge..

NBC Article: Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones

Poll: Which did you like better - Infrastructure Week, or today's National Day of Prayer

Massacre the next move on the distraction checkerboard...

On CNN, former prosecutor Solomon Wisenberg compares Giuliani's legal strategy to a murder-suicide

Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones

Cohen's phone was tapped before raid

So, what's on tap for tonight

The Big Con will say this is unlawful....and add it to the reasons for massacre...

Preacher On Hartmann Says END ALL GOVT HELP Turn All Health Care & Domestic To Churches.

On this National Day of Prayer, let us remember Jefferson's prayer, shared with Madison.

NBC reporter at Day of Prayer in Rose Garden asks Trump why he changed his Stormy story

The Religions Rights Counts On Trump/GOP To Deliver The Country To Them. And -----

Democratic Midterm Momentum Has 'Stalled,' Top Party Pollster Warns

GOP Wants Someone Like Falwell For House Chaplain. Someone Who Is Radical Christian ----

Richard Painter: Fiscal conservatives need to take the single payer argument seriously.

Fox News Alert

Put on the popcorn: White House Daily Briefing Airing LIVE Thursday, May 03 2:00pm EDT on

It's a beautiful, gorgeous day in DC today..

From the "Even a Stopped Clock" Dept:

It's not up to Trump whether to talk to Mueller

Post your prediction: Which list will be longer, Rachel's names or Mueller's charges?

Mueller focusing sharply on links between Roger Stone & former campaign official Rick Gates


Remittances to family in Venezuela to be funneled through Chavismo skim.

Laugh at this and you will burn in hell!

Kasey Hunt is so wrong for this most important debate -

All The Measures That Trump's Lawyers Take To Defend Him Make Him.....

Rosenstein defiant as impeachment talk rises

@CathyMyersWI to @Ironstache: I'm your primary opponent. Stop trying to debate men that you aren't

Rejuvenating antique printer - Toner dump?

I need some help

...Mueller focusing sharply on links between Trump confidant Roger Stone and...Rick Gates...

"This is not politics. This is law enforcement." Avenatti just now, re Michael Cohen wiretap,

Best Advice For Anyone That Has Anything To Do With Trump Is....

SUPERCUT of Smokey Eye on Daniels: Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie...

Yes... yes, yes, whatever you want Kim...

Exclusive: Massive military base buildup suggests the U.S. shadow war in Somalia is only getting b

Guiliani calls Comey "a sensitive little baby" for reacting to his "storm troopers" remark

Do you think Trump just soiled his pants?

This day is just too good! I poured the coffee out and now I'm having a highball.

Today is #WorldPressFreedomDay

I feel pity for Alabama...

Geraldo Rivera's Son Accused of Biting a Woman and Choking Her Until She Nearly Lost Consciousness

'We're not suckers': Giuliani says he won't let Mueller 'trap' Trump into perjury

White Bird- It's A Beautiful Day

I've just dipped in now and then today, but I get the sense this thing is about to explode

Trump, Giuliani strategizing leaves White House in the dark

Today's press briefing should be a bit tenuous?

Giuliani says Sessions should 'close' Mueller probe, as DOJ locks down 'scope memo'

"they signify proof of an ongoing crime" is my favorite part of this.

Trump: Americans are saying 'merry Christmas' thanks to me

Dershowitz doesn't know what evidence the Feds had.

I present to you, Macbeth and King Duncan.

"Trump claimed PBO tapped him cause it was done on his watch. That means Trump just tapped himself"

No, the country will not turn on Mueller when he goes after the other criminals like

Mueller Reportedly Considering Appropriate Thank-You Gift for Giuliani

MSNBC should stop wasting their time with Dershowitz

White House preps 27-page talking point defense for controversial CIA nominee

How is this even legal?

Rudy's "storied" career

So what is Smokey Eyes 3 Names going to spin today?

"This is a car being driven by Trump and Rudy and the rest are all locked in their seats."

Buffett's mortgage companies found to cater to white clients

Samantha Bee explains Sarah Huckabee..............she is a LIAR

BWAHAHA! Acosta to SHS: "Were you lying to us at the time, or were you just in the dark?"

I came upon this entry on google while looking for something else. 🤔

"I refer you back too" & "I give you the best answer"?

The NK release of three Americans, and its announcement by giuliani who had nothing to do with it,

Oscars: Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski expelled from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The White House Press Corps is being mean to Sarah!


Sarah has to be the most uninformed press secretary ever?

Ranks of Notorious Hate Group Include Active-Duty Military

We should be out in the streets over healthcare now

Don't think I've ever seen Sarah Slanders looking more like she wanted to run away.

(Jewish Group) Anti-Defamation League hosts Walk Against Hate at Springs Preserve

"Bribes are not Deductible"

The US, France and Great Britain Helped Make a Mess of the Middle East

Trump adviser: Americans need to 'absorb a little bit of pain'

Alan is a civil libertarian who is full of shit.te.


White supremacist is top challenger to longtime Jewish senator

Roy Moore Says He Might Run For Alabama Governor

He clearly doesn't trust his own WH.

Giuliani: I Don't Believe That Michael Cohen Was Wiretapped

Anyone else notice an uptick in SHS's accent when she's pressed?

Sarah Slanders said Trump "doesn't have to have a justification" to fire Comey.

Leesburg mayor defends police's decision to not disclose white nationalist's arrest

Dershowitz argument....massacre impending...

Republican Senate Candidate Praises Hitler and Sparks Condemnation from California GOP

Trump's Lack of Familiarity with Government Is Showing

(Jewish Group) White supremacist is top challenger to longtime Jewish senator

Jared is disposable, Ivanka is a red line

Of course not and you know exactly why you will not...

CNBC: Mueller focusing on links between Roger Stone and Rick Gates

Giuliani calls for Sessions to 'step in' on Cohen investigation

Neither Don McGahn nor Emmet Flood knew Trump had reimbursed Cohen until Giuliani admitted it

(Jewish Group)Republican Senate Candidate Praises Hitler and Sparks Condemnation from California GOP

Lindenhurst High School student and MARCH FOR OUR LIVES organizer running for School Board

Next Chief of Staff...another yes man..

Giuliani: I Don't Believe That Michael Cohen Was Wiretapped

Saturday Night is a little over two days away

so truly awesome to hear ghouliani fiercely defending civil liberties

@ 1:11:30 mark...Jim Acosta vs. Sarah Sanders. Who ya got?

W the effing F? "Trump has spoken with Lewandowski about replacing chief of staff Kelly"

What are the odds the Cohen wiretap showed he planned to destroy evidence & Trump told him to do so?

California Primary is June 5. Received my sample ballot a couple of days ago and my concerns

And so it begins. Spring in the desert.

Kevin Smith on Colbert

I bet Michelle Wolf is feeling pretty good today

Alan Dershowitz just lied 4 times on MSNBC, and I can prove it

Mystery pooper at N.J. high school's track turned out to be superintendent, cops say

Urgent Notice to All White House Staffers: Sauve Qui Peut!

Official White House statement regarding Cohen wiretap:

Anyone remember "Laugh In" from the late 1960s? Well...

Aww, Trump wanted to save his marriage.ROFL!!

Pruitt's press team trid to plant a damaging story about Zinke's teak to "take heat off Pruitt"

The stable genius thought he was smarter than a porn star.

Tomorrow on Netflix: New David Letterman episode with guest BUDDY GUY.

A Pruitt Aide's Attack on Zinke Angers the White House

One thing I don't expect, comparing now to Watergate,

This is great. Ya know how Trump has a real phobia of being eaten by sharks?

Mike Luckovich: Talkative

GOP Rep. Charlie Dent wants hearings on Stormy Daniels: 'We'd be waving a bloody shirt' if Obama did

I have a burning question

Martin Carthy and a horse race.

I'll be honest, I don't know what this means and I'm not familiar with the source.

Mueller filed at least 70 blank subpoena requests with Virginia court

BREAKING: Special Counsel Mueller on Thursday filed a request for 70 blank subpoenas in the Virginia

Giuliani says Sessions should 'close' Mueller probe

Hysteria over Jade Helm exercise in Texas was fueled by Russians, former CIA director says

A Cartoon....................

House Chaplain just rescinded his resignation

The Real Crime

Michael Hayden reveals Jade Helm was Russian Disinformation Campaign

House chaplain rescinds resignation after furor over his ouster by Ryan

Does Rudy have a security clearance?

'We live as second-class citizens': what it's like to face border agents every day

Mueller Seeks 70 Blank Subpoenas in Manafort Case

Ugh. Another reported shooting at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville.

Stormy Daniels already had a defamation claim against Trump. Now she has a splendid case.

Border patrol violence: US paid $60m to cover claims against the agency

Swan Lake: Russian Dance Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Is the Trump legal strategy to outfox itself?

Fatal encounters: 97 deaths point to pattern of border agent violence across America

Democrats are finally doing politics the way Republicans do

House chaplain rescinds reignation!

Treason is pretty simply defined as to our government.

Dem congressman: Force gun owners to get rid of assault weapons

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 3, 2018

Alex Ramos guilty of malicious wounding

I'm with Scott Dworkin: Any Member of Congress against passing a bill to #ProtectMueller...

The legal process required for wiretap shows how Michael Cohen is in deep trouble: ex-fed prosecutor

Remember When?

Ex-Volkswagen C.E.O. Charged With Fraud Over Diesel Emissions.

Arizona teachers end strike after governor signs funding bill

I'm with Scott Dworkin: @..Ryan @SenateMajLdr- You two are a couple of pathetic spineless jellyfish

Bernie Sanders says there is an alternative to brutal austerity in Puerto Rico

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 5, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Western Justice

Bernie Sanders says there is an alternative to brutal austerity in Puerto Rico

Avenatii drops another bombshell shoe

Emmett Flood and Rudy Giuliani. Don't they seem like the ultimate odd couple?

NRA Leader (Sandy Froman) Once Worked for Professor Who Claimed Blacks Were Genetically Inferior

Christopher Nolan returns Kubrick sci-fi masterpiece '2001: A Space Odyssey' to its original glory

Earth's atmosphere just crossed another troubling climate change threshold: 411.24 ppm

Remember Jade Helm hysteria? Well I don't want to shock y'all, but...

CNN's Phil Mudd rips Giuliani: 'The most deadly thing in America is getting between him & a' mike

Arrest of Golden State Killer suspect could unlock other cold case mysteries

why is it always harder for us to win? politics is bigotry writ large

Anyone else think Giuliani is sabotaging Trump??

There is nothing in my reading of Article II or I of the Constitution

High housing costs are driving out lower-income Californians, reports say

Trump signs order to protect religious freedom, establishes new White House faith initiative

2016 Newsweek reminder of Trump's history dealing with lawsuits & investigations

Michael Avenatti lays out 'domino sequence' from Cohen wiretap to Trump's downfall

MSNBC correction: Feds have been MONITORING, not listening in on, Cohen's calls.

Another brave young hero saves the day!

Is this Britain's most influential far-right activist?


Ghoulinii is Recreating Martin Mull's Genius Character in HBO's Veep!!!

NBC News Corrects Story, Says Michael Cohen Wasn't Wiretapped

Did Thanos Kill you too?!

Daily Beast: NBC now saying Cohen's phone calls monitored only, via pen register, NOT listened to

Get yo shit!

Happy Mothers Day!!

On The Hugh Hewitt Show, Mitch McConnell says he is "making a generational change in our country" by

Scott Pruitt's top communications official is leaving the EPA

Hey Rudy , George Washington called and he wants his big

After Sarah Sanders lie-tastic performance today the line forms here to apologize to Michelle Wolf

neighbor he's never met comes to his door with small plate, asks for food

House Leaders Have Enough Signatures to Call Special Session on Greitens' Woes

Europe's Epic Fail on Handling a Bully

GOP Family Values

NBC just revised/corrected their original story on Cohen being wiretapped

Mueller Zeroes In on Roger Stone

Top GOP Senate Candidate In California Admires Hitler

Media Ignores Two Black Men Lynched in Oklahoma by White Men

Crab crisis: Anti-immigrant hysteria costs Hoopers Island jobs.

40 X , when is this suspicious?

Updated: Jury Finds Ramos Guilty of Malicious Wounding

Holy crap Ryan's chief of staff told Father Conroy that he was being fired because he was Catholic

BREAKING ... Ryan reversing his decision. Chaplain is staying.

Step outside the box..Speaker does not have to be a member of Congress...

Ryan says Chaplain can remain..

Ryan backs down on House chaplain resignation

Jake Tapper: Trump should have paid the hush money to RUDY

Sinclair preps to challenge Fox News

Robby Mook absolutely nailed it on CNN this afternoon.

Twitter tells 330 million users to change their passwords

Trump may think he is smarter than Mueller and his team. I don't think so.

'He can't just lie his way out of every single box'

Bug exposed Twitter passwords

Gila Watershed Partnership is Hiring a Biological Science Technician

Ryan backs down on House chaplain resignation

I like to put night crawlers in my garden.

Everybody is talking about campaign finance violations, but

Never forget this about Jeff Sessions

Conservatives launch ad campaign to boost Trump's judges

Taste of Chicago Tickets for the concerts and the new Taste Oasis lounge go on sale Friday, May 4

Menendez questions opponent's ethics

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 May 2018

Mr. Bojangles

Dick's Sporting Goods turns it up a notch, hiring lobbyist to push for gun control

With apologies to Floyd R. Turbo, Remember when?

Paul Ryan Reverses Course, Accepts House Chaplain Rescinding Resignation

Ivanka Trump deserves to be held accountable for any laws she has broken and any criminal activity

Unleashed Rudy Reveals Chaotic Approach Of Trump's New Legal Team

My neighbor just asked how to pass a pee test tomorrow.

Trump supporters will excuse and praise anything Trump does.

Oscars Academy expels Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski

Could scammers be getting hacked?

Trump's Appointees Pledged Not to Lobby After They Leave. Now They're Lobbying.

If Obama and "funnel" were in the same sentence, Rs would have lost their minds...

The consent of the governed.

"And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their world.."

Ken Delanian: Not a wiretap but a 'pen register'

Did NBC get played by the FBI (NY) on the wiretap matter?

NY Mag: Before stopping cooperation with Mueller, Ukraine hired GOP lobbying firm.

Charlie Crockett -Oh So Shaky & I Am Not Afraid

NBC Shows The Difference Between Responsible Journalism And Fake News With Cohen Correction

Putin is reverse-gaming Trump!

Trump's Stormy Daniels tweets show how easy he is to blackmail

Aw crap.....another faux noise channel???

Don't You Feel My Leg

Cats and dogs living together...mass hysteria!

Dozens of top VA staffers leave. Just 'minor personnel issues,' the Trump administration insists.

BREAKING: NBC News Issues Major Correction, Cohen Was Not Wiretapped

We can be gratified

Gee, where is the NRA on this case?