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Archives: May 31, 2018

The day was July 25, 1990...

Leaked photo of Ambien clinical drug test - Roseanne was right

John Dean nails it...

Republicans, Trump Lies and Deceit National Dept Dangerous as GOP Leave Mess to others!

Should we reach out to Trump voters

Mike Luckovich: Tweetledum

What Happened to Jill Stein's Recount Millions?

Ah, little higher...right there...ahhh

Trump a 10? No, Say Puerto Rico's 4,600 Dead

Man arrested in hate-related stabbings of two gay men outside Denver nightclub

How about some more Obstruction for tonight's entertainment?

Last tweet : as usual, completely offset...

At what point can or should we divorce a creator from their works?

Officials slam impact of legalized pot on Colorado Springs area

Said no Republican...ever

Good news: WSJ teams up with Verified Voting to advocate for paper ballots, more secure elections

Prayers and Thoughts to Rep Dan Donovan : Trump endorsed him...

Incumbent Doug Lamborn skipping only debate in 5th Congressional District

58 Years Later, Alabama Apologizes for Expelling Black Students After Lunch Counter Sit-In.

Southwest Airlines agent in Denver asked for proof that woman's biracial son was hers, coach says

Rev. Al Sharpton: Roseanne tweet shows Trump normalizing racism

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 31 May 2018

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Video Killed the Radio Star!

Wouldn't be this, a great car sticker ?

Trump normalizes racism?

Sensitivity Training...

Why isn't media calling Puerto Rican deaths from huricane Maria 'Trump's Katrina'??

Jimmy Kimmel on Roseanne Barr......

Loves me some boney fishes - say something good about your favorite boney fish

California Senate passes bill to reinstate net neutrality rules

You can't deny him a certain genius. Trump has a rare consistency in always making wrong choice

Credit where credit's due

Wild herd of Trump cultists

Trump's voters consistency... Not too much...

How Trump's Election Shook Obama: 'What if We Were Wrong?'

This is why I spent $100 on Virginia Democrats last year.

Trump's rally in Nashville : offer him an abacus to learn how to count...

Pueblo rescue mission ceasing homeless services

Anyone have a link to how the California Senate votes by senator?

Uh-oh GOP: New polls show that the majority of young adults plan on voting this upcoming November

I'm just going to put this right here

Wypipo? Really? Is this really an issue for anyone?

Abbott's school safety plan includes few gun restrictions

Union: Strike would cost top Vegas casinos over $10M a day

True story about the Founder of Jet Propulsion Lab, Aleister Crowley, and L. Ron Hubbard

Question about the router reboot (yes, stupid question)

Governor to sign major transportation bill

Chris Hayes 50 children a day separated from parents at border May 6 to 19

Harvey Weinstein indicted on charges of rape, criminal sexual act

CSU says former professor who alleged retaliation after sexual harassment was already on thin ice

White House economic adviser: People don't care about Trump corruption

Our house tonight....

I Had A Funny Thought When Watching Avenatti On Lawrence Just Now.....

Retired Idaho doctor and Mormon temple president denies fraud in insemination lawsuit

Why is talking about race so divisive?

facebook notification question

Judge tells Alabama to release lethal injection information

Utah wants to put bighorn sheep in more southern Utah mountains, but woolgrowers fear they'll be the

U.S. to slap steel and aluminum tariffs on European Union

Texas district using billboards to poach Phoenix teachers

2fer wimps of the day: Mittens and John GOODMAN

Double Standard, Republicans?

Third former Daggett County jail inmate files lawsuit over abuse, torture

In case you were considering - don't roast your marshmallows over the erupting volcano

Facebook to build a massive data center in Eagle Mountain, gets a $150 million tax incentive

So . . . . Jeff Sessions . . . . ?

Roseanne is Cancelled! Here in the Real World, We Still Have Problems. (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Rep. Mike Kennedy portrays Mitt Romney as flip-flopper and carpetbagger

Recommendation for those interested in the Michael Cohen probe: Follow Adam Klasfeld on Twitter

Know anything about Tommy Robinson and the English Defense League? Rightwingwatch has post abt him

Nope, these days I'm a Michigan.

Geez, I almost forgot

It's still time to dance

Sex outside of marriage will get you fired by the American Bible Society

Dawn of an ERA? State House passes Equal Rights Amendment -- 95 years later

Peru's Poor and Disabled Struggle in the Shadows

"Melania" Tweets!

Republican-Appointed Judges Give Black Defendants Longer Sentences, Study Finds

US-funded police linked to illegal executions in El Salvador

Family welcomes back dog lost in wilderness for months

US-funded police linked to illegal executions in El Salvador

State House passes Equal Rights Amendment -- 95 years later

Lawmakers concerned about Medicaid expansion ballot plan

NOFX Jokes About Tragic Las Vegas Shooting: 'At Least They Were Country Fans'

California Primary check in. Did you mail your ballots?

Fans Really Want 'Agent Carter' to Replace 'Roseanne' on ABC

A Reality TV Star with no knowledge of public policy had an Oval Office meeting today...

Cauliflower crust for pizza.

As a concerned citizen....

Whiny Donny has a point: HBO never fired Bill Maher for claiming that an

Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson fired over handling of sex abuse allegation

California will let Elon Musk sell 20,000 personal flamethrowers

The Daily Show: Even the Anti-PC Brigade Condemns Roseanne Barr

ACLU of Utah, Disability Law Center file suit over Davis County Jail standards

A compilation of...

Records quest for 800 Wyoming agencies drives open records review


Democrats hope to flip a seat as Teton County GOP tries to moderate

Actors' use of redface in Jackson Hole parade sparks public outcry

I have a question about Rudy Giuliani.

Hawley gets Missouri Right to Life endorsement in U.S. Senate race against McCaskill

Sen. Claire McCaskill dodges questions regarding Greitens' resignation

Solar is starting to replace the largest coal plant in the western U.S.

Tchaikovsky: "Symphony No.4 in F minor", LSO-Rozhdestvensky conducting/Glass: "Closing"/Svendsen:

What an Idiom: Rosendale exposed as embodiment of 'All Hat No Cattle'

Jews Get To Define Anti-Semitism Not Shaun King

Songs for the elderly

Another trumpian tweet in the line of the precedents... Why am I not astonished?

Separating Families. IT IS Exactly What The Nazis Did. . How Is This Policy Really Different?.

Letter of the day : "I" Impeach... Indict... Imprison... And...

A perfect depiction of Trump, by Paul Krugman in 2015

After snubbing TIF request, the Missoula County proposes a moratorium on new cryptocurrency mines

The real key to what happens to Trump rests on who made that call from a blocked number during

(UK) Isis supporter admits to Prince George school attack plot

Sen. Joe Manchin discusses relationship with Trump in Wheeling

A love affair with a "betrayal" twist?

Sid Miller posts fake Whoopi Goldberg image, calls for canceling 'View'

Been Watching Showtimes 'I'm Dying Up Here' And....

Poll: Cruz leads O'Rourke by 11 points in Texas U.S. Senate race.

Thursday TOONs - Inarticulootle Edition

Ogalalla Fading; TX Farmers Turning To Drip & Dryland But Drainage Still 6X Recharge

Sessions was seen leaving the White House yesterday?

John Goodman speaks after "Roseanne" cancellation, Barr's racist tweet

Illinois' Only Wild & Scenic River Rich In Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Thanks To Coal Plant Waste

In Britain, Austerity Is Changing Everything

In Warmer World, Rapid Intensifications Of Tropical Storms Will Gain Both Speed & Power

Ambien maker responds to Roseanne Barr: 'Racism is not a known side effect'

Pompeo Meets With Top North Korean Official In Hopes Of Reviving Singapore Summit

Trump reportedly poised to ban German luxury carmakers in the US

While Trump tossed paper towels, about 5000 people died

No Reaction - ZERO - From Any Republican About Puerto Rico Death Toll Report

Interest in forming an Emergency Preparedness Group

The Blindness of the Conservative Minded Republicans - is obvious in every area of America

Zinedine Zidane leaves Real Madrid after third Champions League title

Illinois ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment 36 years after deadline!

Curbelo Brags On Inert Climate Solutions Caucus, Promises Climate "Action" - If He Wins, Of Course

Emulating Columbine

Wage gaps. From twitter

Why won't republicans count the dead?

Why did John Berman replace Chris Cuomo on the CNN morning show (New Day)?

Please read this analysis of russian propaganda re Trump. Thank you.

IQ45 had another visitor at the WH yesterday?

New Memoir Reveals Obama's Thoughts After Trump Won Election: 'Maybe This Is What People Want'

Stephen Miller: Trump's Right-Hand Troll

Trump Starts Twitter Morning Off By (Mis)Quoting Rush Limbaugh on 'Russians Infiltrating a Campaign'

Trump to Disney CEO: 'Where is my apology?'

Michael Avenatti doubles down on the tapes:

Rudy Giuliani: Mueller Would Be 'Doing a Comey' If He Doesn't Finish by September

From now on I'm calling him "The Liar in Chief." I hope it sticks

"Reverse racism" claim at Taco Bell

Germaine Greer: 'Some Rape Is Just Bad Sex'

NY Daily News cover : The only Kim he could get...

Lithuania and Romania complicit in CIA torture - European court

Trump claims he did not fire Comey over Russia

Vote Yes to remove traffic signals!

Roseanne Could Be a Turning Point for Conservative Women

Tweet phrase "Working overtime"

The shocking truth about the Hurricane Maria death toll is our Trump nightmare made real

Never Mind the News Media: Politicians Test Direct-to-Voter Messaging

J. Turley is so far up Trump's butt he must be suffocating.

Here's why Trump won't do a day in jail

Saving Sessions: Inside the GOP effort to protect the AG

Two men, two very different outcomes.

We're Number (Thirty) One!

The Rundown: May 30, 2018

Federal judge rules #Trump's @HHS illegally ended funding for teen pregnancy prevention

Black and 'progressive' agendas don't always align

Roseanne Fired for Racist Rant, Blocks David Pakman & Calls Him "Bully"

Trump Brags About Classified Battle at Fundraiser

Call out his lies. He depends on them.

Well this sounds interesting! Avenatti's latest Tweet:

How Benefit public from Election Compagin

FEMA spent $75 million to dock a half-empty cruise ship off Puerto Rico for 4 months

Robert Mueller's obstruction of justice probe is bigger than we realized

Fourth Paterson cop arrested by FBI, this time over beating of suicidal hospital patient

Trump will pardon conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza who was convicted for campaign finance violatio


Trump To Pardon Dinesh D'Souza

Wait! So the Moron is giving DesDoucha or whatever the fuck

Duck fat fried potatoes!

The Donald Trump Song - a little light relief

Feelings - nothing more than feelings

trump is what a Charles Manson presidency would look like.

White America's racial resentment is the real impetus for welfare cuts, study says

Fair Fare: Favorite Carnival Eats and Treats? 🍔🥨🍗🌭🍟🍕🥙🌮🌯🍢🍡🍧🍨🍦🍩🍿🥤

Talks Between U.S. and North Korea 'Are in Good Hands,' Trump Says

Trump imposes steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union, Canada and Mexico

Oops new penalties on metals from Canada, Mexico and Europe

Trump reportedly said he wants to stop German luxury car imports in the US

Kathy Griffin: 'A tweet from Trump is an order to his millions of followers'

Mad skills. Great performance from Matthew Hasimoto

Perry is at the travel expense scam too. Spent 63,500 on upgrades for himself.

Trump to pardon Dinesh D'Souza

Jury Rules Sheriff Guilty Shooting Black Man - Awards 4 cents

Trump to pardon Dinesh D'Souza

It's Thursday, and that means more obstruction of justice from the WH.

BREAKING: Mexico answers US tariffs with its own

Our Revolution's Performance Art Political Theater

Trump slaps steel, aluminum tariffs on EU, Canada and Mexico

Flash flood watch in DC area from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Pennsylvania High School Students Under Fire for Playing N-Word Hangman

Great editorial on "Ag-Chemical Cabal" in Storm Lake Times

Trial attorneys would determine that President Trump would be an unreliable witness.

The Economist: Who's ahead in the mid-term race

Sears loses $424 million and will close another 100 stores

Question - was McCabe's pension denied because he turned over his memo

Hatch: Trump steel and aluminum tariffs are a 'tax hike'

Pan Pizza

Puerto Rico grid 'teetering' despite $3.8 billion repair job

Next week is the 74th anniversary of D-Day. Will Trump dishonor it by making it about himself?

Mexico answers Trump tariffs with new duties on US products

Pruitt: 'If We Really Care About Clean Air' We Should Export More American Coal

Ahead of November election, old voting machines stir concerns among U.S. officials

Lance Wallnau: 'I Fear More Liberals In America Than I Fear Putin In Russia'

When will the excuses stop for this administration? The tarriffs that will go in effect at midnight

Email snafu reveals White House outreach to Obama and Clinton alumni

Paul McGuire Says That Mockery Of Him Is 'Exactly What Adolf Hitler Did' To The Jews

#Metoo May Be In Trouble...A Call to Arms

Ask your doctor

Poll: Trump's tweets damage the nation

Everyday Racism Compounds Through A Thousand Cuts MSNBC

Sam Bee called Princess a CUNT...and I missed it...

You know the derogatory name calling is getting pretty pathetic!

The Rule of Law

Richard Wagner, master of the very long piece, was also master of the very short. This is it:

USGS warning: Do not roast marshmallows over volcano vents or Roseanne Barr

Elleng from Du community and my wife inspired me to practice dog law

It wasn't just the Lester Holt interview. Trump *also* told the Russians -- in the Oval Office --

The EU says it will retaliate for US steel, aluminum tariffs

What is he talking about ? Not that I ever expected any common sense or, to the least, any sense...

Trump team doesn't know what it wants from North Korea

Ol' Wilbur says tariffs are no big deal, tiny tiny tiny effect on economy. SO WHY DO THIS???

Johannes Brahms Symphony #4 in E Minor, Op. 98

Prosecutors hid mountains of evidence in trial of Trump inauguration protesters

Pic Of The Moment: Oh Look, Trump Is Lying Again

New Hints That Mueller's Manafort Probe Is Going Beyond Ukraine Charges

The TSA has a secret enemies list of people who've complained about screeners

Boehner: 'There is no Republican party. There's a Trump party'

So, to recap:

Life Hack: Cell phone car mount

Poll: Teens favor YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat over Facebook and Twitter

U.S. Must Stop China's 'Dream' Of Asian Dominance, Admiral Warns

Spain's government could fall by the weekend as Rajoy faces no confidence vote

Jerry Jones Testifies Trump "Persuaded" NFL to Write Anthem Rule for His Benefit. That's a Crime

Denmark bans wearing the burqa in public

Vermont governor signs bill to pay people $10K to move to state and work remotely

June Premieres and Returning Favorites

Police chase, crash in downtown D.C.

The Americans finale (spoilers in text)

SAVE THE RICH (Cover) Original by Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome (Parody Project)

Breaking:Trump says he's considering commuting sentence of Rod Blagojevich, pardoning Martha Stewart

Missing Migrant Children May 30, 2018 Act 1 Full Frontal on TBS

Hatch: Trump steel and aluminum tariffs are a 'tax hike on Americans'

Miguel Diaz Canel: There is no poverty in Cuba nor Venezuela

Rudy Giuliani: Chaos Demon May 30, 2018 Act 2 Full Frontal on TBS

Trump Pardoning Yet Another Convicted Felon From His Party

Hey, Trump!


John Boehner hit it out the park with this true statement, Three words, "It's too divided."

Trump considering clemency for Blagojevich, Stewart

Avenatti's letter to Cohen and Ryan demanding his client's attorney-client info.

Alex Jones Compares Himself To A Gorilla

CA-39 Needs A Hero May 30, 2018 Act 3 Full Frontal on TBS

LIVE: Feral caternity ward and kitten nursery - (live cam)

How 1960s Film Pirates Sold Movies Before the FBI Came Knocking

Remember the Age of Paper Ballots? It's Back

I bet with the tariffs being imposed....

"Take their kids away but

Dow sinks on Trump's steel, aluminum tariffs

Are Big Clinical Trials Relevant? Researchers Disagree

Translation: "Corrupt Mainstream Media" means "Lester Holt" and....

Luckovich:" Puerto Rico Mortuary Industry Booming!"


So Whiny Donny is mad at Sessions' recusal

Desert road trip! Our journey to the Palm Springs Visitor Center.

You Can Soon Own a HAL 9000 Replica That Uses Amazon Alexa to Control Your Home, Dave

An Economic Time bomb is Ticking. And its set to go off on the Democrat watch

The largest federal employee union sues Trump administration over time restrictions on union...


#Metoo May Be In Trouble...A Call to Arms

'Yellowstone' Starring Kevin Costner.......

Controversial Dinesh D'Souza tweets resurface after Trump announces pardon

Does Presidential pardoning power extend to civil suits?

The White House Schedule:

These families thought they'd never see their lost dogs again -- until now ❤️

Banana republic....

Is this asshole going to empty out every republican from prison?


Seeking legal advice from the experts...

Exclusive: Trump says may need to meet North Korea's Kim more than once

How many times has Trump said "We'll see what happens"? This is a leader?

Have another drink John....the repukes have long been lost to extremism...

Trump Inauguration Charges Dismissed Because Prosecutors Withheld Evidence

Qualifying Modifiers Are Very Important - But Get Ignored Too Often

Coincidence, I think not : Saudi Arabia to exclude German firms from government tenders

Dare we call it genocide?

LGBTQ People Suffered Traumatic Treatments at St. Elizabeths Hospital for the Mentally Ill

The Best of the Last! 📺

LGBTQ People Suffered Traumatic Treatments at St. Elizabeths Hospital for the Mentally Ill

Just a reminder that we once had a president who didn't freak out at criticism,

Ivanka trump is going to see Devin Nunes and have a festival..............question?

Eddie Claude: "White People have lost their damn minds"

Did they go after Reagan for "collusion" when he freed the Iran hostages?

Who Wrote The Melania Tweet? And Why?

When you've lost an apologist as committed as Brit Hume...

D'Souza, the Pardon Power and the Question of Norms - By Josh Marshall

A caller to the Rush Limbaugh asked why they didn't warn Trump of possible Russian interference...

Our Babe Ruth baseball game last night is an example of what's wrong...(a rant)

Dow drops 200 points on Trump's tariffs

Workers bulldoze emergency escape route through Hawaii lava field as flows threaten roads

God and Trump: Liberty University is making a film called "The Trump Prophesy"

FBI to America: Reboot Your Routers, Right Now

Some right-wing Christian folks say:

US-funded police linked to executions in El Salvador

Sitting in a Starbuck's waiting for my car to be fixed.

Russian journalist: pig's blood, make-up artist helped fake his death

If I were a Russian agent, and if I had the power, I'd start trade wars everywhere . . . .

The new NRA president is a deep-state thug

A few cartoons from Europe and elsewhere

Imagine the level of booing if Roseanne sang the national anthem at the Yankees game Giuliani attend

Trump ahead of visit with Texas shooting survivors: 'We are going to have a little fun'

Here's how Scott Walker is surfing the blue wave to re-election 🌊🌊🌊 #FlipItBlue #BlueWave2018 #

I was watching "Weekend at Bernie's" and thought of

Hillary Clinton: Trump admin's response to Puerto Rico 'an American tragedy'


"The Americans" TV series is over.

From the woman who should have been President.....

Samantha Bee apologizes for Ivanka Trump slur: "I crossed a line"

Trump reportedly said he wants to stop German luxury car imports in the US

Canada announces retaliatory tariffs on $16.6 billion of American goods. - full list attached.

A previously unthinkable US and EU trade war has begun

Iowa's largest property tax cut in history fails to deliver, Register investigation finds

The Radical Preacher of Palo Alto

Here is candidate Trump demanding President Obama sign a pledge not to pardon political allies

Hot Ocean, Hurricanes, Houston, and Harvey

North Dakota, tribes fail to reach settlement over voter ID

Throwing our allies under the bus while embracing the autocrats around the world.

Has anyone read the book "The Handmaids Tale? I got it on clearance. Planning on taking it on vaca

Ted Cruz got D'Souza the pardon?

Mike Luckovich: Statue of Captivity

California to require solar photovoltaic systems on all new homes after 2020

Trudeau: Trump tariffs 'are an affront' to Canadian soldiers who 'fought and died' alongside America

Canada Announces Retaliatory Tariffs Against US

water buffalos!!!

Dick Tuck, political operative who pranked Nixon, dies at 94

Trump taking sledge hammer to 75 years of trade...

A perfect 2019

Does this even sound like Melania?


I finally got high!

Tom Arnold Thinks Roseanne Wanted Her Show To Get Cancelled

When future historians write about the fall of American Democracy

It's a Dog Eat Dog World

Michael Moore's take on Sam Bee, same as mine...

Massive solar project planned near wind farm in coastal Maine

Spoiler -

Using pardons to send signals to co-conspirators as part of a coverup may well be impeachable..

I think "wypipo" is a terrific term

Ben Sasse (R-NE): "Make America Great Again" shouldn't mean "Make America 1929 Again."

Why did the trump lie about Russia in his tweet today?

Make Ramadan be About the Quran and Generosity of Spirit

HAL: "This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it."

Samantha Bee apologizes for vulgar remark about Ivanka Trump: 'I crossed a line'

I was hemming some jeans last night and lost a needle.


Sign ripped from Jersey Shore during Hurricane Sandy washes up 4K miles away

Trump goes on a pardon spree

Scott Pruitt spews BS on Sinclair "must run" piece

Nate Cohn: Republicans at risk of lockout in CA-49

Former Arizona lawmaker, ousted for sexual harassment, files to run again

Goldman Sachs vice president charged with insider trading


Cattle trucks, "dog kennels" now OK'd for public transport in ChavismoLand

Montana Democrats sense a chance to capture US House seat

Canada to U.S.: Explain that $30 billion farm spending war chest

It happened again. This time in the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay

MSNBC host Joy Reid faces new questions about her old blog

The Navy's Brand New Aircraft Carrier Has (Yet Another) Major Problem

Been out gardening all day, peeking in here off and on. 2 things...

George Takei helps explain our President's actions with his reasoning on Trade Tariffs

U.S. EPA grants refiners biofuel credits to remedy Obama-era waiver denials

BREAKING NEWS: NBC news anchor Lester Holt complains about severe burning in his ears today.

might be a bit cool tonight for early June

moment neighbor pulls gun on neighbor and fires warning shot

Pope promises 'never again' to sex abuse in Chile, re-opens investigation

Some do this...some do that...

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are vile, vicious, disgusting racist thieving rat fucks.

Pope promises 'never again' to sex abuse in Chile, re-opens investigation

White House once touted FBI informant's support for Trump's trade agenda

# BBQ Becky cos(tume) play.

UPDATED: Boeing workers vote for 'micro-union' at South Carolina plant

Josh Marshall sums up the last couple of days succinctly

Ukraine's Ploy to Save a Russian Journalist by Faking His Death Is Already Backfiring

Al Franken: Happy birthday to Joe, my oldest grandson, who turned five yesterday...

Trumps Deal with Russia Obsession Trade is getting Dangerous USA will Loose WWIII No Allies left

Italy's Populist Parties Win Approval to Form Government

Sally Fields response to Ivanka/Bee

Boehner: 'I Think Trump Promised Melania That He Would Not Win'

Dump's efforts to force Sessions to un-recuse are worse than previously known

NPR has audio of Michael Cohen in 2015 making threats against Tim Mak (NPR reporter)

Tea Pain for the Twitter win today

Play the Sarah Sanders press conference backwards and you'll hear "Melanie is dead!"

MSNBC highlights the "surge in candidates running on an explicitly white nationalist message" in '18

Republican logic

Michael Steele just called Congressional GOPers "numbnuts"!

Jim Bakker went to jail to "stop him from electing Pat Robertson to the presidency..."

I'm a veteran, and if you think I served so that football players...

Keep the faith, everyone! 🇺🇸

A Tampa Bay lawyer tweets 'never trust a Muslim.' Now he wants to be a judge.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 31, 2018

Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent's Stealth Takeover of America

Appeals court temporarily blocks online voter registration for Texas drivers

Is the Trump EPA Muddying Records of Dirty Water in Flint to End Clean Up Early?

I usually keep a light tone, not this time. My tears run down by themselves

This was an eye-opener for me that explains so much about the oligarchical takeover of the US

So what is the sitting fascist thinking here...

"Virtually everything the Orange Asshole in the Oval is doing can be undone. Remember that."

I've come to believe that Trump's lies are intentional. And this is scarier.

I'm surprised that trump isn't selling pardons out of the white house.

NY AG very worried Rump pardons can protect him in NY

Samantha Bee's Sea-Wards

I'm looking through social media posts trending on Lester Holt and I find it absolutely fascinating.

Melania prepped for return to public life!

Chuck Todd calling Trump "A liar?

I'm on Facebook all the time..

If you ever needed encouragement to include more fruit in your diet

Should the presidential pardon be limited or changed in any way?

Let's not overlook the monstrous common thread in all Trump's pardons.

I love finding a old Classic Rock song that seems new to me.......

Canon shutters 80-year history of film cameras

Trump Threatens to Take Away Your Beemer

Trump Is Weaponizing Pardons

D'Souza was prosecuted by Preet Bhara. Martha Stewart by James Comey... hmmmm

Post a line from a TV show and see if anyone can guess what show it's from without using Google


Paige Patterson completely fired. No emeritus status, no residence, no ongoing compensation

Very insightful analysis from Rebecca Traister re: Roseanne/Samantha brouhaha

Feinstein plans bill to halt separation of families at the border

Do not buy it! If you buy it don't eat it! Heed my warning or suffer a life of depraved addiction!

MS-13 is Republicans' new Willie Horton

I usually keep a light tone, not this time 2

I found a root beer that really is GOOD!

Two lnsults...

'Black Lives Don't Matter,' Lawyer Says After Jury Awards Family $4 in Police Killing

WHOA..Martha and Blago were both on the Apprentice...

In Boost for Efforts to Gain a Union Voice with CWA, GDIT Workers Win Settlement

In Boost for Efforts to Gain a Union Voice with CWA, GDIT Workers Win Settlement

In Boost for Efforts to Gain a Union Voice with CWA, GDIT Workers Win Settlement

Very disappointed in Warner

Wonkette-Jill Stein Robbed You Suckers Blind

The only response to the Con's lies re Comey's firing and Russia

Things that should not need to be said...

When Stephen Colbert apologizes for calling DT "a cockholster for Putin"

Why Trump Pardoned Dinesh D'Souza--and May Pardon Martha Stewart

Sam Bee can apologize for the c**t part, but the "feckless" charge stands.

Well, evidence is there for anybody with 2 brain cells...

He'll Be Voting This November

The Ghoul pukes again...geesh, this guy is so ugly...

Voting made easy in Ontario.

Hey Trump fans! You're offended by what Samantha Bee said?

Nugent and Barr both used that word...must be only can be used by repukes...

on the last day of May....

Chelsea Clinton resurfaces Trump meeting with Ted Nugent, who once called Hillary C-word

Obstruction 1010....

National Donut Day Friday June 1st

Three things from President Truman that every American should be reminded of every day under Trump

Candidate booking for organization-opinions please

GOP and rumpers have aligned with PUTIN and RUSSIA against America and Americans

2018 CO Governors Elections and 2020 Colorado US Senate Election- Democratic candidates.

White House Wants Samantha Bee's Show Cancelled

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 June 2018

Leaders of RW takeover of SBC gone - Pressler charged with pederasty, Paige fired for rape coverup

In a now-deleted tweet from 2016, Roseanne used a certain word the White House is deeply upset about

The book of the year... sarcasm !

Video: Bernie Sanders: These exploited truck drivers are living an "American nightmare."

So you want to reach out? Start with this guy.

fuck Ted Cruz

My roommate's cat hates me.

Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a 'feckless c***'


Interesting lecture.

Chelsea Clinton called out Trump on inviting Ted Nugent who called Hillary "c**t " to WH

Can someone please seriously tell me why trump is starting trade wars with our allies?


Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern: Performative Pardons