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Archives: May 4, 2018

Whoops! Jared Kushner Made Even More Mistakes in His Federal Filings

If a "pretend" minister or justice of the peace officiates at your wedding, you're not married.

"It was the information we had at the time."

Belshazzar's Feast

DNA match sought to Zodiac Killer after break in other case

Kroger RECALL - 35,000 lbs of ground beef - bits of plastic

Fuck George Will

*Toensing on Chris Hayes show now.

Trump Deletes Nine Tweets While Attempting to Spell "Subpoena"

Victoria Teonsing. is one nasty piece of work.

Trump couldn't state why this woman won "Teacher Of The Year".

ERCOT hoping the wind blows this summer in Texas to prevent rolling power outages.

Why is Chris Hayes such a kiss ass

Giuliani says he'd defend Ivanka Trump with a lance if Mueller went after her.

Oklahoma passes adoption bill critics say is biased against gay couples

Number of caravan migrants allowed into US rises to 158

Indiana GOP Senate candidate now running anti-Mueller ad

Jill Stein warns against Senate Intel Committee trying to 'criminalize' people with Russian backgrou

What the hell is this??:

Chinese military lasers injure US military pilots in Africa

Pierce: Paul Ryan Just Got Trounced By a Priest

Pence: 'There's prayer on a regular basis in this White House'

Putting one and one together - remember when Trump slurred "God bless the United States"

Native American men removed from university tour after parent tells cops they made her 'nervous'

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Heavy Medication!

Ex-Wilmington Trust officials convicted of fraud, conspiracy

Pruitt's Coziness With Lobbyists Includes Secretly Buying a House With One

Hawaii Approves Bill Banning Sunscreen Believed To Kill Coral Reefs

What is an OLC opinion vs a Judiciary Opinion

Song to Woody

I see posts from time to time wondering about Avenatti's politics. Not to worry.

Giuliani said on Fox last night that Trump paid back the $130,000 Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels.

And the senator, while insisting he was not intoxicated, could not explain his nudity.

Economists are mystified by the economic purpose of Gov. Walker's election year bribe

Broken by lovelytheband

Dennis Miller Attacks Michelle Wolf...Finally

Union officials: D60 (Pueblo City Schools) teachers have a legal right to strike

Source: President Trump is Eric Reid's top target in collusion grievance vs. NFL

After Dropping Assault Rifles, Dick's Starts Lobbying for Gun Control

Obama... Out

Miami Democrats do the Pelosi squirm as House minority leader visits South Florida

I experimented today

With Defense Attorneys Like Giuliani, Who Needs Prosecutors? (Ferret/Shower Cap)

So no outrage from the right, that a sitting president paid off a porn star

Guess The Movie From The Plot Description Part 2

Russians demand flag fly at now-closed consulate in Seattle

Outstanding job by Rachel M and her panel of lawyers tonight.

Argentina's great reformer is losing believers with peso cratering

Argentina's great reformer is losing believers with peso cratering

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 6 - Marilyn Monroe

Repub canidate for governor lies on sanctuary cities........

The Right Stuff??????

What does a grand jury actually look like?

Utah lawmaker says lucrative severance deal for outgoing UTA chief is 'improper,' seeks to block it

TCM Schedule for Monday May 7 - Robert Donat

Influential outsiders have played a key role in Scott Pruitt's foreign travel

'I hope she can find happiness...": Sarah Huckabee Sanders fires back at Michelle Wolf

Dozens of quakes rattle Hawaii volcano, eruption possible

Maybe it was or will become a wiretap?

Racist trolls sabotaged a NASA competition to stop black teen girls from winning

Might Have Been Nice If Someone In the MSM Had Done This

Avenatti just confirmed on O'Donnell that the payoff to Daniels was

MO Govenor Impeachment

Blankenship goes after McConnell's 'China family' in new ad

If they ever make a movie about this administration, what will it be called?

Hired canvassers seek to persuade voters to take their name off Utah's medical marijuana ballot ...

"I'm not pulling a Giuliani"

Fox's Cavuto on pattern of false statements: 'Mr. President, that's your swamp'

Avenatti to Lawrence: Cohen stressed importance of settling NDA before election.

Charles Bronson is Mr. Majestyk

Yes We Can.

Alan Dershowitz Hired as Harvey Weinstein's Legal Advisor

Ogden courthouse bomb-threat suspect was also a drug dealer, police say

Track & Field Poop Mystery Solved After NJ Superintendent Caught

Amazon Doesn't Want to Pay Tax That Would Create Low Income Housing in Seattle

Trump Orders Pentagon to Consider Reducing U.S. Forces in South Korea

KC-area IHOP server prints N-word on receipt

Watch this adorable cat jump at horror movie 'Psycho'

Amazon Doesn't Want to Pay Tax That Would Create Low Income Housing in Seattle

i know i've been away for a while but i need some advice

OMG, June Bugs..

Is it tiime for a morphine drip and a hospice room for Ghouliani?

Federal/State Funds Must Help Fund Public Schools. Property Tax Cannot Carry More & More Burden.

My young Iowa Democrat friend just got featured in a huge NYT Magazine article!

Slate's Will Saletan: The picture that captures Trump's soul.

You Simply Have To Be So Mentally Twisted & Convoluted To Be A Republican.

Former Democratic state lawmaker Carl Duckworth dies after battle with cancer

Al Franken blasts Facebook, election meddling in first speech since resignation

Accused serial pooper ... is a school superintendent

Seth Meyers - Trump's Autocorrect, Kanye West's Tweets - Monologue - 5/2/18

Knox County election hit by cyber attack

Top 10 Ways Black People Keep Racism Alive, According to Wypipo

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Lied About Stormy Daniels: A Closer Look

May The Fourth Be With You!

Trump will sell out South Korea, Japan, and the US,

2/20 article: Giulani possibly involved in russia scandal

Celine Dion - Ashes (From Deadpool 2) - Great Song and Video

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts, county issues evacuations

The Daily Show: Trump Takes Credit for the North & South Korean Peace Summit

Generation X - Ready, Steady, Go (VIDEO)

The Daily Show: Rudy Giuliani Fuels Trump's Stormy Daniels Scandal

TIME - The FBI Is in Crisis and America Is Paying the Price - Irony

Pruitt reimbursed himself $65,000 from Oklahoma attorney general campaign

Kim Jong-Un's New Strategy: Explained

Former GOP leader and radio host suspended for homophobic rant

I'm horrified by this poll results so far. This is Dem town! Please give it some DU love.

Trump set to end protected status for another group tomorrow: Hondurans

WARNING: Horny Buffalo Society

CALIFORNIA DUers: Our primary ballots are coming soon and I need help

Pruitt reimbursed himself $65,000 from Oklahoma attorney general campaign & did other shady stuff

Not sure where to post this ... my mom just died.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Independent Over Democrat in Lt. Gov. Race For California

UK Lords Push for Trump to Address Parliament in July Visit

Interior Department protects bighorn sheep range in Wyoming

A timely message from the illustrious Special Counsel Robt. S. Mueller, III:

I said it appeared to me that Trump and Cohen was using their Legal Account as a slush fund and

State places moratorium on University of Wyoming dorm demolition, construction

The Last Slave Ship Survivor Gave an Interview in the 1930s. It Just Surfaced.

How the Kent State massacre changed music

The Swedish Academy has postponed its Nobel Prize for literature over sexual abuse allegations.

I am no leagal scholar, but the argument that the president's authority under the constitution

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/3/18

Trump is so broke...

President Obama weighs in....❤️

Scumbag Murphy (r pa) joins lobbying firm

Florida Man Arrested For Practicing Karate By Kicking Swans In The Head

If Trump reimbursed Cohen, when did he do so?

Nobel Prize for Literature delayed amid Swedish Academy 'sex assault' scandal

Trump inserts his ugliness in World Cup bid

Israeli diplomat in US booted from Uber for speaking Hebrew

Did Rudy Giuliani Admit President Trump Obstructed Justice In Firing Comey?

Missouri lawmakers to convene special session on potential Greitens impeachment

Missouri lawmakers to convene special session on potential Greitens impeachment

Jimmy Kimmel: Guest Senator Cory Booker Refuses to Hate Donald Trump

Michael Avenatti To Donald Trump: 'Bring It'

Attorney calls BS on Trump's latest payout claim: He had 'an extra-marital affair slush fund'

Detroit radio station hosts pull Kanye West's songs, saying they've had enough

Native American students have campus police called on them during tour for making parent 'nervous'

Find this NAZI

Be careful today - Stones may be falling from the sky

Facebook Wants To Let The Heritage Foundation Decide What's News

Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Price.

Trump reportedly wants to reduce number of US troops in South Korea

May the Fourth Be With You

Steve Deace: Congressional Freethought Caucus Members Want to "Kill God"


Fox's Cavuto on pattern of false statements: 'Mr. President, that's your swamp'

OhNoSheTwitnt - funny

Anyone here thinking that Trumpass monthly 35K

Monica Lewinsky perfectly shuts down Marco Rubio after he blames intern for bad press

Morning walk

Is "Watergate" built-in to the Constitution?

Rudy Giuliani insists Trump wasn't aware of Stormy Daniels reimbursement until recently

Trump tweets rant against NBC for correcting inaccurate report on Michael Cohen wiretap warrant

Behind the lobbyists that drew Trump to Vietnam

Jamie Allman sues KFTK owners for breach of contract

Why US and China have such different views about an American girl in a cheongsam

Jamie Allman sues KFTK owners for breach of contract

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Rudy Beanspiller

Friday Toon Roundup 2 - Our Crooked President

Industrial hemp gets the OK from Missouri lawmakers

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

The Real Reason Ford is Phasing Out its Sedans

1,100 economists warn that Trump is repeating one of the biggest mistakes of the Great Depression

The origin of Super Villains: Holiday

The Rundown: May 3, 2018

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 5/3/18

Something about Giuliani

Avenatti: There were communications the payment to Stormy Daniels had to be paid BEFORE '16 election

it seems guns (which aren't the problem we're told) and their responsible owners can't get in

Is Neil Cavuto on his way out at Fox for going off script?

Sitting here reading about all the crazy ass shit going on

Four Dead in Ohio

NYT Story - Fixed.

Rudy Giuliani, meet the NY State Rules of Professional Conduct

Huh? Michael Cohen says "Rudy Giuliani doesn't know what he's talking about"

Trumps Sexual Slush Pimp

Payroll employment increases by 164,000 in April; unemployment rate edges down to 3.9%

Gunman in DeAndre Harris Beating - Still Unidentified

Months after Parkland shooting, Trump to embrace NRA in rally-like speech

Yep, Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th...

NY bar rules prohibit what Cohen and Giuliani claim they have done with clients

When Trump doesn't complete his term through either impeachment, resignation or some other means...

Principal Uncertainty

Trump associate, rattled by Mueller interview, dishes about three 'frightening' hours of questioning

Now the WSJ is calling him out. Do you think he's smelling toast yet?

"Oh my goodness...I've been paying off a porn queen".

Luckovich draws Giuliani's "Hush Money!!!"

No Rebuttal...

Human wreckage...

I'm not John Maynard Keynes or Friedrich Hayek

Many photos of T sitting show him with his legs apart. Old man's pose or male sex statement?

China's huge celebrations of Karl Marx are not really about Marxism

Sputnik News pushes fake story accusing Israel of dropping nuclear bomb on Syria.

What happened in 2011 that would lead someone to threaten Stormy Daniels?

If we are in a "full employment" economy why isn't there more wage growth ?

"43 people shot in Chicago since Monday, one explanation is the weather"

Unemployment rate for January 2017 was 4.8%

'Was He Supposed To Do That?': White House Scrambles as Rudy Giuliani 'Pulls a Trump'

Trump Attacks 'Fake News' NBC Over Cohen Wiretap Story

Sean Hannity complains that his interview with Giuliani gets too much media-coverage.

Kansas bill allowing religious adoption groups to refuse LGBT couples will become law

Top Trump Ally Predicts Iran Deal Will Hold Up, for Now

An Alt-Right protestor made a complete fool of himself by trying and failing to rip up a sign...

Kander for president? Why the heck not?

MSNBC's Deutsch: Michael Cohen Told Me Giuliani 'Doesn't Know What He's Talking About'

Rep. Tony Cardenas denies lawsuit's allegations of child sex abuse in 2007

Lonely? No worries, just rent a relative.

New Revelations Suggest a President Losing Control of His Narrative

Trump Lawyers Don't Have Security Clearances

It's Time for EPA Director Scott Pruitt to Resign

Trump Really Wants to Meet with Putin

The people of America will decide what kind of government they want.

Rudy Giuliani, the Mob-Buster, Now Sounds Like a Mob Mouthpiece

What 3 words should you say if Rudy Giuliani is your lawyer?

Trump set to benefit as Qatar buys $6.5m apartment in New York tower

"In for a penny, in for a trillion bucks!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Why Democrats Have a Shot at Taking the Senate

Rudy says Trump exclaimed "Oh my goodness, I guess that's what it was for" re: payment

Spy Magazine conducted an experiment...Trump responded

Michael Cohen Says Rudy Giuliani 'Doesn't Know What He's Talking About'

Democrats target union workers who regret Trump vote

GOP Ad Targets Affairs of Newsom, Villaraigosa

Re: The Cohen phone call news. Am I missing something here?

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Our soldiers in the Middle East

"Because Her Emails": Stormy Daniels and Rosanne Barr get into Twitter fight over anal scenes

Entrenched financial disparities have made it hard for African-Americans to achieve equality.

MSNBC: Donald and Rudy are in constant contact.

Why Democrats Have a Shot at Taking the Senate

Rudy, you're doing great for Trump...Can you start helping Pence, too? nt

John McCain acknowledges the end is near.

" all fairness Bob Mueller worked for Obama for eight years...'

I just finished watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix.

May 4th

Trump gives new excuse for not talking to Mueller probe (MSNBC moments ago)

Poll: Trump support among union members has fallen 15 points

Trump (moments ago) on Rudy: "He started yesterday. He'll get his facts straight."

Trump just now to press pool on Giuliani: "He started yesterday. He will get his facts straight."

Trump just strolled out to Marine 1 and the blades weren't turning yet. Is that new?

"All the investigators are Democrats." Another tRump LIE that is never challenged by the WHPC

Four Dead in Ohio-post every year

Just drove a large hand-made sign into the heartland

Dumbey Dumbety Dumb Dumbs

Manafort to appear in Virginia court in bid to have fraud charges dismissed

How legal is it to pay a woman to stay quiet after you had sex with her?

Trump says Rudy Giuliani botched the Stormy Daniels reveal: 'He started a day ago - he'll get his...

Just ate two cannabis caramels. 10g apiece.

Chris Cuomo crushes Trump apologist for comparing Trump's porn star affair to same-sex marriage

Trumpass rolls (notice proper use of roll) under the bus

Giuliani is the Lawyer Trump Deserves - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

The death of Older Ice - Ice thinning in the Artic

Finally, some good news for a change...

UT-SEN: Romney takes a stand

Early? A tropical 'disturbance' is moving toward Florida, and forecasters are watching it

Suggested palate cleanser after the Madman talks to his Russian funded buddies in Dallas today:

potus "crap"

.@BernieSanders is back on TV in Iowa.

Giuliani and the White House fear Congress more than criminal charges.

Charles P. Pierce: The Michael Cohen Bust Has Changed the Whole Game

Nobel Prize in Literature postponed after sexual misconduct scandal

.@BernieSanders is back on TV in Iowa.

Religious Right Cheers Trump Push For Federal Agencies To Fund Religious Groups

Disgusting - I Just Can't Stand This Con....

Ex-CIA director's advice: Do not serve this president

Trump's Lawyer Went to the Worst Law School in America

Bear mauls four dogs in Hoonah, gets killed

Making that guitar sound like a female gospel singer

Behind Erik Prince's China venture

Trump: "I would love to speak. I would love to. Nobody wants to speak more than me ... But..."

Trump says he'd 'override' lawyers and sit with Mueller if treated fairly

'Scam PACs' rake in millions under guise of charity

Great tweet on Trump and his "reversal" on the Stormy Daniels payout

Trump: White House has picked date, location for North Korea talks

They're trying to frame Cohen...Rudy was the setup man

We a new BLS number,,,,,,

Trump says he is not considering troop drawdown in South Korea

Panel stunned by Trump's crazed walkback of Rudy Giuliani's Stormy story

NC lawmakers planning to vote on a constitutional amendment that could block 300k eligible voters

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani: A pair of aging New York goons plot their last big heist

Lawrence: Rudy Giuliani Just Plays A Lawyer On TV

In honor of the day, meet Chewie:

Damn dog!

Ex-Obama official: 'The president is an idiot' surrounded by 'the dumbest of the dumb'

Suppose you had to give Donald Trump a job. What job would you give him?

Abbas Apologizes to 'Jewish People' for Offensive Comments, Condemning Holocaust and anti-Semitism

"Question 47: Mr. President, what is your favorite color?"

Sen. Don Coram: "if we have enough suicides we can save cost of education" (trigger warning)

"There's Something Off About Rudy Giuliani These Days"

Arizona Lawmakers Pass Teacher Raises But Budget Falls Short of Teacher Demands

Tina Fey on 2008 Election: "...That election was so civilized, comparatively."

Judge Grills Mueller Team On Relevance Of Manafort Case To Russia Probe

What do you say to someone who recommended a movie you ended up disliking?

Trump: A Group Of 'Angry Democrats' Is Running Mueller's 'Witch Hunt'

Trump walks back Giuliani: 'He'll get his facts straight'

David Hogg: Attainable goal: Every high school in America has a voter registration drive on or bef

Alabama Sheriff Caught In Web Of Criminal Probes Asks For 'Prayers'

trump said 'rudy will get his facts straight' he means 'rudy will get our lies straight'

As you head to the NRA Meeting, there is THIS for potus to consider (he won't)

China, U.S. reach agreements on some economic and trade issues

When being on the treadmill MEANT being on a treadmill

Pirates 'massacre' Guyana fishermen off Suriname coast

May the 4th be with you!

Fox News anchor eviscerates Trump -'That's your stink Mr. President, that's your swamp'

McGahn expected to exit (Hill)

Cool VR doodle: How Georges Mlis' films are still influencing cinema, more than 100 years later

Trump Legal Spokesman, Alan Dershowitz is Assisting in the Defense of a New Client

Politico:. Michael Cohen graduated from the worst law school in America.

LOL! One day on the job and Trump already threw Giuliani under the bus

Has Sarah Sanders Lost Credibility? - The View

What are the chances Trump will fire Sessions, Rosenstein and/or Ghouliani while in Texas?

May is Asian Pacific Heritage month. Many tributes and events...

Big day here. Had to save a long time...

What to Cook This Weekend

52 years ago

Is the Trump-Fox News-Wall Street Journal Unholy Alliance Starting to Crack Under the Prez's Lies?

Favorite TV mistakes/bloopers

Judge challenges Mueller's actions in Manafort case

"Melania sings about Saturday in San Francisco!" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Windy day in Mid-Michigan, today!

"Living Off The Wall" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

"A Rally!" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Top Venezuelan bank Banesco's chairman slams state takeover, arrests

Robert Mueller's team just had a really rough day in court

My state of the art warm laundry detector.

Pence's Doc resigns abruptly...maybe he couldn't locate his heart, eh?

Conservative blog slams Evangelicals and Trump apologists better than many Liberals have

Star Wars Is Becoming a Religion, and May 4 Is Its Spring Festival

Pence Doctor Resigns After Jackson Debacle

Really! 60% of us can't stop the crazy?

Pence's doctor resigns

The Trump & Rudy Show

Twitter go sideways?

Scumbag Tim Murphy (r) joins Pittsburgh lobbying firm

"Democracy's Failing Today (PARODY on "Not Getting Married Today")" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Judge Ellis was just joshing

Greitens impeachment will begin 4 days after he goes on trial

Fox panel on Stormy & Trump: "This is not going well"

New Kilauea eruption triggers structure fires as hundreds evacuate area

Conway: I never heard of Daniels payment during 2016 election

Rudy tells WA Post Reporter re: Trump "He says he loves me."

Exclusive: Nunes demands Justice Department records. Then he doesn't read them.

Trump team demands China slash U.S. trade surplus by $200 billion, cut tariffs

Has any reporter ever answered Trump's lies, by calling them lies, to his face?

Tommy Vietor ,co host of Pod Save America, tweets on Rudy and the Con

If you want peace in your life, train your dog to love its crate

Giuliani Corrects Comments On Daniels Hush Money And Comey Firing

Today is May 4, 2018, on May 4, 1970 human beings were murdered at Kent State, Ohio

How Many DUers Actually Remember the Kent State Killings?

Tweet of the Day

"Rudy, you' not helping."

BWAHA a little trump toady in KS got BUSTED today facing 30 years in prison. This is AWESOME

Donald Trump's Pursuit of an Oval Office Meeting with Vladimir Putin

A Lawyer Who Helped an Exoneree Blow Through $750,000 Is Under Investigation

Ideal Election Campaign

College isn't right for everyone. Learning a trade can lead to a well-paying, satisfying career.

Well well, Diamond and Silk are there...

Star Wars wants you to roar like Chewbacca for charity (this is an official Star Wars holiday event!

Vanity Fair reporter predicts Trump will turn on Kushner:

Trump just now: "Your 2nd Amendment rights are under siege..."

Neil CAVUTO!1 No illusion here he's into the LIGHT, but *wow wow wow*!1 "It's YOUR stink!1"

Funding education is about keeping America competitive

Pierce: Mitt Romney Is a Human American, Just Like You

A new Clinton wave is coming this spring

Mueller emerges as villain in Republican campaigns

50th Anniv. "Catonsville Nine" 1968 Landmark Vietnam Protest: Events, Amy Goodman May 5

Giuliana Needs to Get Up to Speed on the Facts

Blah, Blah,Blah!

I'm kind of dumb, but I think I might have a great idea for Trump to use as a strategy.

what's with donnie's loud whiny high-pitched indignation?

Ummm...the Madman is commenting on a hearing and judge's questions in the Manafort case.

Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Tells Trump He Stinks In Fiery Takedown

Pence's doctor resigns after reports of concerns about Jackson's conduct

WATCH: NRA crowd boos Ted Cruz after Trump gives him his 'full endorsement'

"Trump has delivered more than he has promised"

Trump just pulled funding for Syrian "White Helmets" rescue group

More Americans are going without health insurance

Trump administration to send 57,000 Hondurans in the US home

'Were you lying?' Sanders faces new credibility questions

Don Lemon: 'It's My Obligation as a Journalist' to Call Trump 'Racist'

Want to Escape a Criminal Past? Move to Alaska (Like I Did)

New Don Blankenship Campaign Ad Touts Jobs Created In Wake Of Upper Big Branch Mining Disaster

Amanda Knox: 'We Can't Slut-Shame' Stormy Daniels 'Because the President is a Slut Himself'

FDR wanted Jews spread thin and kept out of US

Report: Trump and Giuliani planned Stormy Daniels revelation without consulting White House staff


Stormy Daniels lawyer on Trump and Giuliani: 'How stupid do they think all of us are?'

Trump thanks Kanye for improving his numbers with black voters


Trump administration will end protections for 50,000 Hondurans living in U.S. since 1999

50th Anniv. "Catonsville Nine" Landmark 1968 Vietnam Protest: This Wkend Events, Amy Goodman, More

CNN: Nunes didn't read document that prompted Russia investigation

50th Anniv. "Catonsville Nine" Landmark 1968 Vietnam Protest: This Wkend Events, Amy Goodman, More

House Republicans Prepare to Endorse Trump's Military Parade

From Surplus To Deficit: Branstad And Reynolds' Sad Legacy

Now-Worthless Theranos Investments Reportedly Cost Walton Family, Betsy DeVos Hundreds of Millions

Iowa governor to sign 6-week abortion ban

Obama endorses Feinstein amid challenge from left

Trump Appoints Incredible Hulk, Athletes, and Dr. Oz to Sports Panel

Democratic Candidates Debate in Race for Montana US House

Ex-Obama adviser: Trump administration stuck with 'the dumbest of the dumb'

The Time For 'Incel' Explainers Was Years Ago

Clean-up on aisle 911 - Rudy emails his correction.

AZ 2 Democratic Candidate Forum - Unmitigated Disaster

A top Dem is using Giuliani's statements to call for a congressional investigation...

Kitty-cat rehab can help your pet recover from injuries

Robert Mueller describes tRump's brain matter size

Barack Obama endorses Dianne Feinstein for Senate

File Under You Can't Make This Sh!t Up!

Attorney General Defends Commissioner Mitchell Plea Deal After Sheriff Calls it 'Embarrassing'

Before you freak out on the judge's questions in Manafort case in VA...

Trump's Strategy Part 2: Jury Tampering

Months after Parkland shooting, Trump embraces NRA in campaign-like speech

Murphy signed the SALT Work around a few hours ago (property tax deduction)

Mike Luckovich: 5 hours late

Fox News Host Hammers Trump: That's Your Swamp (Cavuto).

Trump's Lawyer Went to the Worst Law School in America

Nearly 70K NJ voteres registered as D -Since Trump Elected

"Deep State" by tRump

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 4, 2018

MSNBC or CNN needs to run the Mueller vs Trump comparisons

Senate Banking Chair Mike Crapo Set Up Campaign Shop in Scott Pruitt's Lobbyist Pad

NY judge's ruling could set precedent for Stamford's Trump Parc

I'm having trouble distinguishing the legal strategy from Trump's obstruction

Opposing Obamacare a Losing Strategy for GOP: Poll

A federal judge in Manafort's case just made a bizarre comment about Mueller that left experts baffl

**Breaking** Conviction of Michael Skakel, Kennedy cousin,in 1975 killing has been vacated.

Pruitt Reimbursed Himself $65K from Campaign Funds

Wyoming high school students involved in hazing incident suspended, facing expulsion

Alex Jones: Trump Is Fighting A Computer Program That Has Decided To Kill Humans

Shep Smith dismantles Trump's 'shifting explanation' on Daniels payment: 'Space under the bus...

CNN describes Manafort Judge as "Losing his temper"

Montana's tax collections beat forecasts after budget cuts

NRA crowd cheers wildly as Trump mocks John Kerry for breaking his leg in unhinged speech


When Republicans Are Honest About Their Policies NYT Edit.

Montana State University faculty members vote down Koch-funded research center

Web Of Deceit

Montana's contribution limits upheld in court ruling

Lawrence O'Donnell on Ghouliani marrying his cousin then getting annulment.

Is Rudy still on schedule to end the Mueller investigation in a couple of weeks??

Viktor Vekselberg, Russian Billionaire, Was Questioned by Mueller's Investigators

Connecticut court reverses conviction of Michael Skakel

White House takes feud with Tester to Montana airwaves

Argentina's Macri appoints loyalist to head media regulator

Argentina's Macri appoints loyalist to head media regulator

Trump administration ends protected status for 60,000 Hondurans

Weekend Events Kick Off 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Catonsville Nine Protest

Fugelsang: This week Trump hired a guy named Flood to stop leaks.

What Happens to the Evidence if Trump Goes on a Firing Spree?


Poplar woman pleads guilty to embezzling from school district

UVA updates policy regarding time, place and manner of speech

Pruitt had travel wish list and asked staff to find 'official' reasons to go: report

Judge: Neo-Nazi publisher could be liable for 'troll storm'

Bonus Quote of the Day

Why Democrats Have a Shot at Taking the Senate

Have the people at FOX News begun to see the truth?

One of my favorite YouTubers is sick.

Iowa Governor sets her state back to Ancient Egyptian mentality by signing Fetal Heartbeat Bill.

I understand Trump went after Kerry today. Is that right?

What Checks and Balances Can Stop Donald Trump from Ending the Iran Peace Deal

Sure, it's cute now, but wait 'til he figures out bra straps.

California now world's 5th largest economy, surpassing UK

48 Years ago today: Kent State

"Life of Brian" interviews

Viktor Vekselberg, Russian Billionaire, Was Questioned by Mueller's Investigators

Wypipo Held a Protest for White Teacher Who Slapped, Kicked and Pulled Locs of Sleeping Student

Behold the Great Rudy Giuliani Apology Tour

This Little Boy Has Saved HUNDREDS Of Shelter Dogs

Beware of the Dog

Fourth fissure has opened up in Hawaii. Sulfer dioxide levels are extremely

2018 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 51.

Arrogant Camille Cosby compares huz's guilty verdict to Emmett Till....

Chechnyan Swans - survival - and maybe she'll be a mother for Mother's day

Call on Manafort Trial Judge to Recuse Himself

Why do community colleges need so many vice presidents?

My fellow DU'ers, don't you think it bad manners to reach directly over someone

More sands through the hourglass of the days of our lives

The complicity of the local media.

Amid Calls For Resignation, Rosenberg Steps Down And Expresses 'Regret' And 'Sorrow'

crack on top of laptop

...And then

Man tries to take selfie with wounded bear, it does not go well.

Is this recent heat wave bumming anyone else out?

Use iPhone and have to log in every time. I push stay logged in button but doesn't work.suggestions?

New poll has Heller and Rosen neck-and-neck, as voters give high marks to ACA, low marks to Trump

Well, found out who was turning off CNN in the work kitchen.

There is the truth, there are lies!

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Happy Friday

ACLU, immigrant rights groups fight to access ICE documents relating to detention of pregnant women

Rest in Peace Tony Kinman, Rank and File

Muslims disapprove of country's direction but are proud to call themselves Americans

Rudy Giuliani's big reality-show reveal: The "billionaire" in the White House is broke

Reality check on the Manafort judge...thing...panic...what have you.

How American Christians can break free from 'slaveholder religion'

Background on Vekselberg, the oligarch who was detained by the FBI at the airport

From hell to atonement, musician Audrey Assad has been quietly evolving

Picking up pup on Monday! My last pup, no doubt.

A Long Island Record Shop Selling Neo-Nazi Merch Gets Das Boot

Why is Trump surrounded by cocky, unqualified and kooky men?

Sarah H. Sanders isn't wearing the smoky makeup

Oh, you said 'yoga' ?

crack on top of laptop, how concerned should I be?

I have two dell got stuff spilled into the keyboard

Kerry quietly seeking to salvage Iran deal he helped craft

Jeopardy regulars -spoiler