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Giuliani: Trump is 'committed to' regime change in Iran

*Singin' in the Rain on WETA @ 9:30 P.M.

Stupid Good Performance from Midnight Special - Ambrosia - You're the Biggest Part of Me

Giuliani on Jeanine Pirro tonight.

I think Rudy really messed things up.

CSU police release video, audio of alleged racial profiling incident on campus

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Congressman Bill Johnson says the first 15 months of the Trump

If there is a war in Iran, here is who will NOT be going

Marines Open Investigation into Active-Duty White Supremacist

NASA, ULA Launch Mission to Study How Mars Was Made

A person Treated like Trash, and a person working with the 'crew' on this route for the company

Teacher of the year reads the speech Trump banned

One West Virginia County Tried to Break Its Dependence on the Energy Industry. It Was Overruled.

Dance party on the subway on the first warm night in NYC

How Microsoft helped imprison a man for 'counterfeiting' software it gives away for free

A cyberattack knocked a Tennessee county's election website offline during voting

TeaBagger Group 'CNP' is the main force (outside Congress) trying to oust Rosenstein

We clearly need to hear this again...

Jared makes even more 'mistakes' in his federal ethics disclosure filing

Anthony Hopkins' tweet.

How can Trump lie so much and be 'authentic' at the same time? Here's one explanation

Facing extinction, the North Atlantic right whale cannot adapt. Can we?

Trump Administration rigged military panel on transgender ban

John McCain, in the news,

Rudy Giuliani appears on Jeanine Pirro's Fox News show tonight at 9pm,

Donald Glover hosts and musical guests Saturday Night Live tonight. N/T

Who Is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: May 5, 2018

Weren't three Americans suppose to be released by North Korea two days ago

Nasa launches InSight spacecraft to explore the insides of Mars

Oh dear, @Franklin_Graham.............

Trump floats 'closing up the country for a while' over border security

The truth about the Trump economy, explained - The Bush Boom II

"That's 98 electoral votes away from making the electoral college effectively irrelevant."

Colorado "red flag" gun bill passes Democratic-controlled House -- but with almost no GOP support

If McCain leaves the US Senate this month, there will be another 2018 US Senate Election in AZ.

Painter vs. Dershowitz: A Matter of Honor -

Tap water in some Denver homes contains elevated lead. Now Denver Water, CDPHE and others

WV-SEN: Blankenship surging on eve of West Virginia Senate primary

Black Jeopardy - SNL - from 2016 - Hilarious!!

Nearly 200 dead horses found on Navajo land in Arizona

McCain doesn't want Trump at funeral, friends tell White House

No matter what the polls say, we cannot "normalize" Donald Trump and his fascist ideas...

Guiliani keeps on giving

Blankenship surging on eve of West Virginia Senate primary

#Metoo - Writer Junot Diaz Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Why do so few users here not understand that single polls don't mean much?

Masters of their art...

Started Comey book on my monthly audible credit yesterday.

Judge rejects Mueller's request for delay in Russian troll farm case

Neo-Nazi Senate candidate kicked out of California GOP convention

The water war that will decide the fate of 1 in 8 Americans

I dropped by the Triumph shop yesterday (British Sports Cars)

Goose levels golfer, reasserting dominance over all humankind

Professor Lawrence Tribe was appalled by Alan D's "unhinged" attack on Richard Painter

Russia is trying to regain it's colony and China is trying to recover it's Siberia and DT45

Cockburn receives 5th District Democratic nomination

Alaska governor to enter Democratic primary in election bid

Fox commentator: Trump is "a guy who is callous, thin-skinned, ego-driven, and beautiful"

SNL is on live from Coast-to-Coast!

SNL hosted by Donald Glover AND childish gambino is the musical guest , who is his alter ego...5/5

Kate McKinnon does Rudy on SNL cold open

OMG SNL cold open is awesome

Now That's A Coup


Stormy Daniels?

Tweet of the night:

Stormy Daniels SNL skit - video

Parkland Student Rips Trump Over NRA Speech: "He's A Professional Liar"

The Daily Show: Slavery Scenarios Infect U.S. Schools

The Daily Show: Thank Me Later - Gregory Watson's Fight for the 27th Amendment

Michael Che of SNL Weekend Update was reading the news. A photo

We Just Didn't Know

Michelle Wolf tops social media ranking of comedians after WHCA controversy

Off Duty Officer fires gun inside school

Trump angers France and Britain with his NRA speech

The National Fight for Paid Leave Has Moved to Statehouses


SNL - Cold Open - Michael Cohen Wiretap

A delightful interview with Margaret Atwood.

Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters) Plays 'Band on the Run' at the White House for BHO Fam & Sir Paul

A North American Climate Boundary Has Shifted 140 Miles East Due to Global Warming

Chopin: "Ballade No. 1", Tharaud on piano/Capillas: "In Horrore"/"Ballade on a Norwegian Folk Song"/

SNL - Weekend Update on Rudy Giuliani's Confessions

North Korea says denuclearization pledge not result of U.S.-led sanctions

I'm dyin' of laughter and total cuteness overload.

Jane Antonia Cornish: "Nocturne ll."/Einaudi: "Life"/ Yann Tiersen: "Porz Goret"/


Full SNL cold open for those in Canada who can't get other feeds.


(Jewish Group) The stench of anti-Semitism and racism mars Washington

(Jewish Group) There's More to Being Jewish Than Fighting Anti-Semitism

Trump's Lawyer Went to the Worst Law School in America.

Pics of lava advancing towards homes, Hawaii on Saturday

First, we KNOW Trump watches the failed rating, unfunny, should be cancelled SNL. Second, holy CRAP.

John McCain: Screw Dotard. I want this guy.

Proposed plan to fix the sinking SF Millennium Tower could exceed cost to build it.

Media reports ex-VW chief Martin Winterkorn could lose fortune over Dieselgate

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Last Chants Edition

Joel Osteen idea made into KCStar Letters to Editor.

Sunday's Doonesbury - Roland Strikes Again

RUDY: "I'm not an expert on the facts yet. I am an expert on the law."

Video shows off-duty officer pulling gun on man mistakenly suspected of stealing Mentos

Pruitt - Illustrated

It seemed like Trump totally bombed at the NRA - (CPAC TV Production Values)

Democrats: Don't Take the Bait on Impeachment (Adam Schiff)

Caught a mess of catfish?

Giuliani - Did he telegraph a pending or confidential SDNY indictment against Trump?

Anyone else checked out Quora? Seems to be a place for inane questions to be asked...

Hillary Clinton Could Never Have Gotten Away With the Sick Confidence Games of a Mediocre White Man

Why did MSNBC get rid of Alex Wagner?

Here we go. Dershowitz, Trump's mouthpiece, on Meet the Press

Nunes says he will hold Sessions in contempt of Congress over Russia investigation

US 'provocation' threatens peace, says North Korea

Trump Aides Reportedly Hired Spy Firm to Find 'Dirt' on Obama Officials Who Negotiated Iran Deal

Iran warns US will regret leaving nuclear pact

Cordray-Kucinich primary serves as Democrats' first Midwest test of 2018

Avenatti's quoting Sun Tzu on Twitter, and you KNOW the effer is using "Art of War" as his playbook.

[THREAD] According to this story, in May of last year, Team Trump asked an Israeli intel firm to dig

Rudy drops Trump in it again......More Women?

Billions on the line for businesses in Trump's Iran decision

Guiliani : Trump attorney not ruling out Trump taking the 5th Amendment in Russia Investigation

Giuliani on This Week this morning was just nuts

Voter eligibility battle heightens in New Hampshire

"Right-Wing Fringe Moves Center Stage"

1911- A Trip Through New York City

An Awesome America

Devin Nunes says he will hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress over Russia...

Giuliani talks about Trump taking the 5th, not complying with subpoena, and Trump's "other women"

Giuliani: Trump doesn't have to comply with subpoena from Mueller

Conway: White House does not have a credibility problem

i have a squeaky mouse toy lost in the house.

An Epic Takedown of Rudy Giuliani

EDITED. Need advice on a hot plate brands

Something tells me this dog's been punked before.

Quebec Mosque Shooter Was Consumed by Refugees, Trump and Far Right

Conway responds to question about Trump lying by saying he's focused on North Korean hostages

Are taxcuts and economy most important issues for the average American?

Am I the only one who thinks Rudy and Kellyanne are preparing the base for more

Michigan police department adds new 'PoPo graphics' to vehicles


OK. I get it. Let's call Caucasians "pinkpipo," not "wypipo."

Sam Stein and David Corn on Trump's Mistress Slush Fund, Cohen, and the NDA

Cat Plays Whack A Mole Video - LOL!!!

The More Giuliani Scrubs, The Dirtier Trump Gets

Schiff: Trump will need to comply with a subpoena

R. Kelly and Bill Cosby are not being lynched

Trump's Coming War on Mueller

Rudy makes the Cohen / Trump relationship clear as mud on ABC's This Week

'I would like you to stop lying': CNN's Tapper confronts manic Kellyanne Conway over Trump lies...

JUST IN: Giuliani: Trump doesn't have to comply with a subpoena from Mueller

Stormy Daniels attorney blasts Giuliani's defense of $130,000 payment: 'This guy is all over the map

Job losses from automation or trade pacts? Will we learn from this?

Schiff: Trump would need to comply with Mueller subpoena

Maybe it wasn't hush money at all

Vets need prayers for young trooper at benning

Strong objection to cultural appropriation scares woman

Meet Justify! Winner of the 144th Kentucky Derby! 🌹🌹

"Did that interview just happen?" Avenatti asked. "I mean, I'm not being spoofed, right?"

If Trump is willing to contract a foreign intel operative to undermine architects of the Iran Deal..

IMO, article 4 of amendment 25 has a much higher chance than Mueller

"It's time for Rudy Giuliani to be put out to the pasture." -Michael Avenatti

May the Fourth baby hats

Did Giuliani just reveal something or is he rambling?

The Right Room

the world doesn't deserve this kid

Hey, Dallas, wanna go to brunch?

North Korea says peace talks not the result of US pressure

They may have created a problem with the Kentucky derby.

Flowers & Race

Simple truth about the skin we're in...

Yo!!!If you haven't voted in the OHIO Primary yet....tick tock

Investigators reveal what caused window to shatter on fatal Southwest Airlines flight (LUV)

Glare on Southwest highlights tense relationship between management, mechanics

What's the verdict on Issue 1?

Trump takes Propecia, A Hair-Loss Drug Associated With Mental Confusion, Impotence

Jonathan Turley: A porn star can take down a president

In Trump's position, lawyers are hired to smooth things over

Dershowitz: Trump team playing into Mueller's hands

Former Clinton press secretary says Sanders should give Trump an ultimatum: Don't lie again or...

Yes, It's Bad. Robocalls, and Their Scams, Are Surging.

Your Privacy Is Over

It's not your imagination - the robo calls are getting worse

MSNBC panel dissolves in laughter - and then destroys Giuliani's 'buffoonish' ABC interview

Trump Ethic Attorney's Wife Found In Backseat Of A Car Doing It With Inmate

Mark Knopfler Is Dead To Me

Upheaval at Pruitt's EPA as departures mount

Our blue eyed kitty

Democratic rivals Lupe Valdez and Andrew White to debate at UT

Why do people destroy their lives trying to protect someone like Trump?

Someone needs to give the ACLU twenty million dollars

1967 Walter Cronkite on Life in the 21st Century - AMAZING

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 6, 2018?

WP: King of debt spent hundreds of millions in cash

Local Democrats tell DCCC to butt out of the 13th Congressional primary

Try Everything... (I won't give up, no,I won't give in. till I reach the end, then i'll start again)

I just saw a video of a radio interview with Margaret Atwood

Lets look ahead, leading up to the November election.

Will a Raleigh Jury's $50M Verdict Against Murphy-Brown LLC Force Big Pork to Clean Up Its Act?

Rudy the Penguin, I don't know facts, let me get my lies straight.

If that filthy fucking RACIST and TRAITOROUS and LYING piece of fascist

On a Hill in Alabama, the Lynched Haunt Us

A CIA analyst just verified that Giuliani is blinking out "Tell Mueller I want to cut a deal"

Dem: Giuliani leading the kind of people he used to prosecute

Bob Lynn: An unpretentious editor who inspired many reporters

Iran deal on the line as Trump nears deadline

Bob Lynn: An unpretentious editor who inspired many reporters

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

EPA clamps down on document requests linked to Pruitt

Washington State plans to convert biggest ferries to electric power

Michigan Democrats field candidates for every legislative state district

how do I get this thread to greatest page?

A New 'Guardian' Report Shows Just How Far Team Trump Would Go to Discredit the Iran Deal

Sarah Sanders sees hypocrisy from Dems on CIA nominee

Michelle Wolf's short interview before The Big Night

People need to give Rudy a LOT more credit.

Avenatti expects more hush payments to be revealed

Dem: Giuliani leading the kind of people he used to prosecute

MLB's Only Double No Hitter in History

Twitter Reacts to Giuliani's Stunning This Week Interview: 'He's Pulling a Nunberg'

One lucky person can get a free 30-day subscription to The Washington Post with my link:

Gina Haspel, nominee to head CIA, sought to withdraw over questions about her role in agency...

LA mayor, eyes on White House, hawks ties to Hawkeye state

Nikki Haley Breaks From Trump Legal Team on Whether Mueller Probe Should Be Shut Down: 'No,...

Tell family and friends that the issues in this primary election- May 8-

Why don't we hear discussion of the Labor Force Participation Rate any more ?

Great Article on Trump opening Bear Ears Monument..

Kellyanne Swipes at Giuliani About Stormy Payment: 'I Don't Know Why Anyone Would Say That'

Reince Priebus Won't Go to Bat For Trump on Stormy Daniels Payout: 'I'm Not Sure What the Truth is'

What's a wypipo? The problem with wypipo is

Trump meets with Rudy Giuliani at golf club following calamitous Sunday morning interview: report

Legislative leaders plot still more destructive power grabs


Drunken PandAmonium.

I'm a day late, but Happy 200th!

Will Mueller Subpoena Trump?

Let's discuss the "Trump economy".

Cecilienhof Castle / Potsdam - important history took place here. July 1945

at stadium swap meet today til one pm. come on down and say hi

'Mini-Trump' candidates battle it out in Republican primaries

Dog Plays Hide and Seek (must see)

Cher is heart broken because Trump lies constantly

Elon Musk's SpaceX is using a powerful rocket technology. NASA advisers say it could put lives at ri

Turkey says it will retaliate if U.S. halts weapons sales

Michael Flynn cancels Montana campaign appearance

UK watchdog orders Cambridge Analytica to hand over American's personal data

California to require solar panels on most new homes

Obama, Bush to give eulogies at McCain's eventual funeral: report

Help! I need a clothes iron. I bought a Eureka, and I hate the thing.

As Trump Prepares Plan to Lower Drug Prices, Big Pharma Girds for a Fight

For a little perspective, let this sink in:

DeVos considers reinstatement of for-profit accrediting body

A gun that looks like a cellphone isn't the only tone deaf thing on display at the NRA annual meetin

People pack up after an Airbnb stay, get police called on them-inc. helicopter-b/c they didn't wave

McCain doesn't want Trump at funeral, friends tell White House

How do I get rid of the Smilies I never wanted in posts I make...?

Get well soon wishes to my favotite catcher

Supposedly extinct kangaroo rat resurfaces after 30 years

Am I subject to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation law?

My right paw Boog the chocolate lab is 8 today

House Republicans set to hold Attorney General Sessions in Contempt of Congress over Russia

Hauntingly beautiful songs.......

2018 US House Election- How many US House seats Democrats will have after 2018?

...because you can't spell "Mothers Day" without T-R-U-M-P.

Barack Obama's 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner Speech

I heard someone say it this morning - the only reason for noun/verb/9/11 to be so visible

96-Year-Old Secretary Quietly Amasses Fortune, Then Donates $8.2 Million.

Mueller likely knows how this all ends (Wired)

HMMM. Part 1: Rudy sits down with Stephanopoulos. Part 2: Trump summons Rudy to golf course.

*SPOILER ALERT* Avengers "Infinity War" joke *SPOILER ALERT*

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 6, 2018

Report: Facebook Really Is Connecting People, Specifically ISIS

Democratic edge is holding

Definition: Perjury Trap

CNN host flinches as GOP strategist Rick Wilson brutally attacks Kellyanne Conway's habit of lying

riding to save his kingdom

What happens if...

For those who missed it (or just don't wanna watch it), Rudy on This Week, Cliffs Notes version.

Will Mueller Probe Go Dark for Midterm Elections?

Highway sniper who shot 2 idolized Nikolas Cruz, sheriff says

Empathy has to flow both ways

How do you think Sarah Palin is reacting to the news she's in McCain's regret column?

Party of grifters

Mother of Waffle House shooting victim, DeEbony Groves, receives her daughter's college diploma

South Carolina Democrats kill Senate GOP's abortion ban with days-long filibuster

Tinder Fire in Arizona has destroyed 33 homes and is still burning

Editorial: McCrory campaign should face trial for false voter fraud claims

Mueller has all the Trump campaign texts and docs.

When Trump is sent to Mars, he's going to get his own special admission stamp...

For ANYONE still pissed off about Comey's actions a week before the election, don't read this.

Titanium Carbide Nanolayers Investigated for Lithium Ion Batteries.

Actress Sara Gilbert Named CIA Director

This is an incredibly important art/social statement! Childish Gambino's new video.

Catholic Nun Explains Pro-Life In A Way That Will Stun Many (Especially Republican Lawmakers)

Religious RW founder Seminary Head Revokes PhD Student's Job and Tuition Money After Critical Tweet

WV-SEN: Blankenship's opponents threaten to report him to his parole officer

Don Blankenship won't rule out third party bid in West Virginia senate race

California to become first U.S. state mandating solar on new homes

Sunday sweet Sunday with nothing to do but look for the last time

British schools are removing analog clocks from classrooms because kids can't read them

Avengers "Infinity Wars" EASTER EGG - Arrested Development connection.

Riders on the Storm: The Disaster Trumpists Have Created

Quit saying "white people"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 May 2018

Swedish group, "The Refreshments"

California GOP Worries About Getting Shut Out

Childish Gambino - This is America (Official Video) WARNING: Graphic

Michelle Obama Explains Why People Shouldn't Look To Her To Run For Office

Having "The Chat"

Pelosi Seeks Ethics Investigation of Crdenas Over Child Sex Abuse Allegation

Pence's oddly accommodating sense of morality

Blunt: Trump following campaign promises 'more important' than misstatements

Deleting Internet "People Finder Sites" Info., Worth It?

Giuliani calls Avenatti an "ambulance chaser", his response?

'That's a FELONY, you CAN'T Do That': Avenatti Explains HOW Giuliani BOMBSHELL is TROUBLE for Trump

Racist ex-con poised to win Republican bid for West Virginia senate seat

I've reached the age where the VA sends me exciting literature

King Tut's Tomb Has No Secrets Left


I have a question for the Judge that questioned Mueller"s motives.

Why did the chicken cross the ocean?

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #5

U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Already Closed or Closing

60 Minutes is covering Big Pharma

WV-SEN: Internal Poll Shows Blankenship Ahead In West Virginia

The Invisible Whiteness of Being: Whiteness, White Supremacy, White Privilege, and Racism.

Mother signs organ donation papers for brain dead son. A day later, he wakes up.

University of Florida is forced to apologize after black and minority grads were SHOVED off stage

Cannabis lounges

J.S. Bach: "Orchestral Suite No.1" (Mov. 1/7) & "Orchestral Suite No.2 (I.)"

Southern Baptist women ask for seminary president Paige Patterson to be fired for remarks

So, in the upcoming Trump movie on Lifetime...

Too obscure? Or Kinded spirit?

The 2 leaders of the fundamentalist takeover of the SoBaptConvention in big trouble

At this point would a Donald Trump-Roseanne Barr sex tape surprise you?