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Two points of view on Boeing's Iran deal

Don't open this if you've got liquid in your mouth...

Remember the olden days when you could stay informed by checking news once a day?

Holy Bebe Rebozo!

Man who says his cousins died in blast at Blankenship mine still votes for him

Question on Iran sanctions

Shouting match erupts on House floor over chaplain

Avenatti says he has a team in California that has been working on

More than 30,000 nursing home eviction notices to be sent in Louisiana Thursday

Fitbit Releases New Tracking Collar That Gets Tighter Every Second You Are Inactive

If these are true they cannot even be undone by a Presidential Pardon

Trump Vowed to Punish Companies That Moved Jobs Overseas. Is Congress Rewarding Them?

Risk to intelligence source who aided Russia investigation at center of latest showdown between Nune

The LOLcats will not be posted this weekend.

Nuu Kuu Luu Shuu! Nuu Kuu Luu Shuu! in 5... 4... nt

As Lava Flows in Hawaii, 'This Is Not the Time for Sightseeing,' Agency Warns

Mueller's team questions Russian oligarch about payments to Cohen

I'll go out on a limb. The GOP internal polls showing Blankenship winning were pure bulls--- !

*Breaking*--Reverend Harry Powell named Congressional Chaplain...

So, once again I hear and stupid comments from people who have no clue what is going on!

Devin Nunes, you absolute scum

You know that angry renter.....

Live update West Virginia primary

OH-GOV: Richard Cordray overwhelmingly wins the Democratic nomination. Bye Dennis

Our president is a mad man. Who will save us?

Twitter Video: "The entire country owes @NationalNurses a debt of gratitude ... ''

Ex-CIA chief John Brennan goes off on Trump's Iran moves: This is 'madness'

Blankenship is letting me down

Giuliani: Russia probe will drive Trump voters to polls in midterms

Are there any numbers from the elections today??

Did Russia influence tRump's decision to pull out of Iran deal?

Food stamp revamp sparks GOP fight over farm bill

Trump Officially Breaks Iran Nuclear Deal

Republicans sneak Obamacare sabotage into farm bill

Pence MUST go first then Ryan then dotus

Trump is *purposely* harming the United States

Richard Cordray Defeats Dennis Kucinich in Ohio Democratic Primary


Weird. Mike Pence's brother, Greg, kind of looks like Roger Stone

Alien World Is the 1st Cloudless Exoplanet Ever Discovered

West Virginia: Democrats Substantially Out-Voting Republicans in Total Votes in Senate Primaries

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Rudy, Rudy, Rudy....!

Our Date with Destiny

Uranium one deal

Mike Pence's brother wins Republican nomination for Indiana congressional seat

Any Roller Derby fans in the house? Flint has a fantastic team.

Watergate prosecutor: Cohen money 'could prove conspiracy' with Russia

Failing AT&T, Failing NYT, and Failing NBC News confirm Avenatti's Cohen claims. Fake! Call Rudy!

George HW Bush: Who are the Skull and Bones? The Yale secret society

Priest facing 64 years in prison for molesting boys ...

Ohio voters approved a ballot measure on Tuesday that changes the congressional mapmaking process.

Marshall - TPM - "Tonight's Staggering Revelations"

Rachel's opening segment is a barnburner.......

No doubt

Let's not "ignore the elephant". Much has been said about how Democrats should be FOR specific

Outstanding story about living with Depression and below

Not a good sign for Dems in Ohio primary

Indiana Senate race: Mike Braun wins GOP primary in huge upset over 2 sitting congressmen

Who will take down Trump?

OH-12: Danny O'Connor likely Democratic nominee for top-tier special election.

Passengers 'Lashing Out' At Scott Pruitt Justify First-Class Travel, New EPA Memo Says

Denver mayor's son freaks out on cop who pulled him over

So the two congress critters who gave up their seats to try to unseat Donnelly - are done.

Hey! AT&T, who were the other "several firms" you hired for "insights?" n/t

WaPo reporter: top secret intel source to the CIA and FBI is aiding SC's Russia investigation:

Was sorry I Moves to MN 18 years so glad I did.

Wanna bet that the ONLY thing Trump understands about...

2018 NC-9 US House Race- McCready-D vs Harris-R

We should encourage Blankenship to run as a third party

The real reason "Wypipo" keeps coming up.

Shep Smith (Fox News) Trump not 'pulling out' of Iran deal; Trump violated it

NBC News producer Michael Cappetta gets responses from both Novartis and AT&T:

Florida resident donates almost $60,000 Cdn to help Syrian family

More Marshall - TPM "Is this how Avenatti Found Out?"

Some asshat racist on my community's FB page said that Muller "embarrassed himself" today

MSNBC is calling the Ohio Democratic gubernatorial primary for Cordray.

David Corn: "Consider this..."

Don Blankenship losing in West Virginia GOP primary

Trump wants a war with Iran and I will not be able to support those troops.

James Paxton of the Mariners throws a no hitter against Toronto...

Deal maker my ass.

Exclusive: Mueller's team questions Russian oligarch about payments to Cohen

The Pretenders - My City Was Gone (Ohio)

MSNBC Lawrence ODonnell. NY Times Avenatti documents confirmed.

Early returns: Mark Harris leads incumbent U.S. Rep. Pittenger in NC primary BY JIM MORRILL Read mo

Former California GOP governor George Deukmejian dies at 89

Senate Intel panel releases updated election security findings, recommendations

Manchin wins WV Senate Democratic primary; Morrisey leads GOP race

SHITLER's stunt-of-the-day, daily rabbit-out-the-hat. To think, hated NIXON/RAYGUN/Shrub for decades

To those who are still upset that Eric Schneiderman had to resign...

I'm flying to Rome tomorrow...will the country be here when I get back?

Our Revolution Statement on the Ohio Gubernatorial Primary Results

Caption time.

My President responds to the latest Dotard idiocy

Fox News Frantically Looking For Fake News On Avanatti...

Twitter vid clip from Lawrence O'Donnell: Avenatti issues a direct challenge to Michael Cohen

Europe, Iran pledge to uphold pact without United States

An Orchestra Adopts a City, One Kid at Time.

Pompeo to return from North Korea with 3 US captives: South Korea

Basically if you are ever in a lawsuit facing avenatti

Might mean something or nothing (re: Avenatti)

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Why all the 'nones' who have given up on organized religion?

Why doesn't Trump wear a wedding ring ?

Central Casting sent us this "Swashbuckling Hero" kinda guy.

🚨Help #SaveNetNeutrality CALL your Senators early tomorrow May 9th, 2018.CALL 202-224-3121 Light U

Patrick Morrisey beats Don Blankenship to win West Virginia Senate GOP primary

BREAKING: Rep. Robert Pittenger (NC-9) concedes defeat

Greatest tweet, GIF of the decade:

Novartis, the drug company that paid $400K to Cohen, has been accused of bribery before,

Avenatti Exec. Summary has disappeared from Drop Box now.

The President of The United States is a front man for the Russian mafia.

Damn close to treason!

The five universal laws of human stupidity

Michael Avenatti comment to Don Lemon:

I just saw

I wonder how many people with the last name Trump have googled "non extradition countries".

Frank Figluizzi is downright giddy tonight

Voters Are Are So Expert At Making Screwed Up Votes Like Welfare Clients I Used To Work With.

Images of Avenatti's Executive Summary

Seth Meyers - Melania's "Be Best" Platform, Chipotle's Baby Shower - Monologue - 5/7/18

Bertrand Russell - Message to Future Generations

This is provocative

North Carolina Rep. Pittenger (R) loses primary

Why can't they immobilize Trump???

The Daily Show: Eric "Champion of Women" Schneiderman Falls to the Me Too Movement

Thanks to Spanky, we will get zero cooperation for years to come

Where is the money now?

The Atlantic: Avenatti attempting to connect dots between the Cohen and Russia investigations

Buzzing pleasantly on some Absolut vodka. Don't judge me; I'm on vacation...

Many Nursing Home Residents In LOUSYana Will Die. Will Be No Other Option.

Find this as disturbing as I do? Sorry about the redirects.

'Nazi Grandma on the Run to Avoid Jail' for Holocaust Denial Has Been Caught In Germany

I wonder what Emmett Flood is doing/thinking tonight?!?

2018 US House Election- What are Democrats chances in winning NC-9,OH-12,and WV-3?


My new very favorite doggo video:

IMAGINE what the history books

If a porn star had played a role in bringing down Nixon,

So if Israel goes to war against Iran for production of Nuclear weapons

Tiny Kittens litter sleeping: quivering feet; quivering tails; quivering tongues, ears, and heads:

Judge approves settlement mandating air conditioning at hot Texas prison


Democrats Got 54% of Vote in West Virginia Senate Primaries Despite Highly Publicized Repuke Race

Ted Lieu's take....

Way Down We Go Kaleo

What about cocaine???

Thomas Jefferson Overpaid! Mike Luckovich

Hey, all you *mature* hippies of yesteryear: who's one of the parent companies of Novartis?

Anybody else here happy that Kucinich got his ass kicked today?

Expert weighs in on Guliani's rambling hot mess of interviews

Will Trump Start A War Before November?

animal advocates bottle feed kittens found in alley. "aggressive feeding style" lead to research

A hotel clerk was caught on video calling a black customer a monkey. He's been fired

Disaster Porn, why?

Sometimes you're the fisherman, sometimes you're the fish

I Fear More & More Dreadful Days Ahead. We Will Have No Allies Eventually.

Trump is speedily pursuing a goal. Remove as many nonwhite immigrants as possible from US

Just curious if we ever got an answer to what happened to the inaugural funds

Former CIA Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Espionage and Retention of National Defense

My Crack Pie

I will walk, with my cane, 3000 miles from California, to attend President Avenatti's inauguration!

I find I'm a compatibilist.

Legend Airlines existed for 8 months. The $133M lawsuit over its Love Field demise lives on

Guess who was a Deputy Finance Chair for the national Republican party?

Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot (VIDEO)

Mitch McConnell Appears on Twitter in a Big Cloud Of Cocaine

Dallas GOP ordered to pay $51,600 after failed bid to kick Democrats off November ballot

Wilbur Ross was a partner of Viktor Vekselberg when he paid Michael Cohen

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/8/18

Another day, another low for Texas' lowest politician

Senate Intel: Russian hackers were able to "at a minimum, alter or delete voter registration data"

'Going for baroque' some. 😊 2 from Moeran: "Fantasy Quartet for Oboe & Strings", "Lonely Waters"/

Question about "Jesus died for our sins"

3 from Eric Coates: "Summer Days-Suite for Orchestra"/"Four Centuries-Suite for Orchestra"/

Excellent prospect to flip a Congressional seat in WV 3rd District!

Former Military Sealift Command Contractor Sentenced to 87 Months for Bribery and Fraud

The island of South Georgia declared rat-free after centuries of rodent devastation

'Fire him today': Viewers demand MSNBC drop Hugh Hewitt after unethical favors from Scott Pruitt

Pinata maker apologizes after facing backlash from community for hanging black dolls on his porch

It is wrong to save children that are on fire.

How a night of 'heavy drinking' helped spark the Trump/Russia probe

(Jewish Group) How Jewish Progressives Can Stand Up Against Left Anti-Semitism

How money allegedly flowed through Cohen's LLC

Salman Bhojani Got Elected to Euless City Council. What Now?

The realization of those red caps...

A.M. joke leading with the $4.4mill cohen slush fund.

Dallas Faces Massive Uphill Climb to Reduce Poverty

The Republican Party is well on its way to undoing every significant piece of legislation and

Best case Russia/Stormy scenario for Democrats

Trump accuser running for office in Ohio secures Dem nomination

City of Irving Orders Texas Musicians Museum to Vacate Building

I think it was nice of them to include the pitcher and umpire in their little double play.

if Obama did it, trump hates it

Sutherland Springs Community Breaks Ground On New Church

So, Nunes, Jordan and other right winged idiots still think that Trump did not colluded with Russia?

The Latest: German industry group: US Iran call is illegal

Buttering Trio & Friends - Love in Music (Live)

Former CIA Chief John Brennan: Trump's 'Madness Is A Danger To Our National Security'

Astros Host Chick-fil-A Faith and Family Night, But Not An LGBTQ Pride Event

Anna Wise - Go

what some call 'worry', I call a justified concern for the future.

Your Favorite Websites Are Rallying In A Last-ditch Effort To Save Net Neutrality

Daniel Caesar - Get You ft. Kali Uchis

Democrats Show Zero Tolerance; Republicans, Eh, Not So Much

Trump, Boehner, and Other 'Crimes Against Nature'

Trump Administration Orders Refugee Shelters to Direct Pregnant Teens to Anti-Abortion Clinics

Jordan Rakei performing "Eye to Eye" Live in KCRW

Trump wants to "take away credentials?" from "corrupt" media that offers "negative (Fake)" news

Mexico Deploys A Formidable Deportation Force Near Its Own Southern Border

This time around in the making of history, "they" won't come out so well !!!

Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room

What's with this CBS poll?

Maduro promises gasoline in exchange for votes in Amazonas

The Irish Times view on Trump and the Iran deal: diplomatic vandalism

BADBADNOTGOOD performs 'Lavender' on The Echo Chamber with Mike D

The Rundown: May 8, 2018

Bernie Sanders stumps for Ben Jealous in Maryland

Trump admits on Twitter that when he says "fake news" he means "negative news".

Trump Again Threatens Press After State TV Report

Trump: "With Nancy Pelosi wanting to end the big Tax Cuts and Raise Taxes, why wouldn't we win?"

Why are we not blaming Mitch McConnell for this and everything else this president does?

Charles Bradley - "Change for the World"

I am depressed about Trump's abrogation of the Iran deal. I have to turn off the radio whenever it

UPDATED: Haspel to pledge never to restart CIA's brutal interrogation program

Illuminati? Saboteurs? Global warming? Lusty iguanas? More electricity woes in Venezuela

Evangelicals are having their own #MeToo moment

Interesting statement from Novartis....

Mormons severing all ties with Boy Scouts, ending long bond

Elderberry Experiment: Update #7

3 Americans Are Released From North Korea Image

Are you happy or sad Richard Cordray (D) walloped Dennis Kucinich (FOX) in Ohio's primary ?

Rep. Jared Huffman D-CA Secular Caucus on C-Span Roght now

Trump speech 'silly and superficial', Iran's Supreme Leader says

Trump suggests pulling credentials from 'corrupt' media

'It's extremely insulting': Giuliani fires back at allegations of erratic behavior

Putting the Bud in 'Budget'

White House requests cuts to children's health insurance funding

By pulling out of the Iran deal, Donald Trump has ushered in the end of the American era

Comey casts doubt on judge who slammed Mueller probe

Do you think the trump will say "No collusion! No collusion!" today?

White House official admits Trump killed Iran deal so he could watch 'experts freaking out on CNN'

''Donald Trump's Corpse Will Be Worm Food While Our Country Still Stands Strong''

Do you think the Our Revolution stamp of approval is helpful or hurtful to Dem primary candidates *

Giuiliani goes unhinged on Joe Scarborough (responses are hiliarious especially the fourth one)

UA, ASU Libertarian Schools Are Growing Fat On Money From the Government They Despise (It's Much

Do you know if the NDRC really played a part in this???

A Bad Night for House Republicans

Democrats Get More Votes for Their Money

Spring, what's that??

The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans....

Does anyone ever get the feeling

Cohen's Attorney Not Taking Anymore Questions

OOPS: Trump Admits to Obstructing Justice AGAIN

Trump: I Got Rid of Obamacare; IRS: No You Didn't

Shouting Match Erupts Over House Chaplain

Even fences can't stop them.

A lot of "i's" were dotted yesterday.

Payments to Cohen have been "news" to us in recent days, but Mueller's been on it since LAST YEAR.

Oil soars as Trump dumps Iran nuclear deal, dollar dips

Did you know?... Actor Woody Harrelson was "pals" with Mike Pence in college? Oh my...

Representative Kelly Townsend Wants to Know What a Furry Is

U.S. Offered North Korea Trump Hotel and Casino as Incentive to Halt Nuke Program

Let's see how many Du'er truly support the Democratic Platform of Equality and etc....

Myanmar's (Burma) Killing Fields

Myanmar's (Burma) Killing Fields

Avenatti explains why 'suspicious' payments suggest GOP donor helped cover up abortion by Trump

The entire GOP is compromised


Jeffrey Toobin says Michael Cohen's 'sleazy business' opens up gold mine for investigators

The Teachers Won

How could the money from Cohen's LLC make its way into the Trump Organization....?

The political press is taking the exact wrong approach to covering the Trump White House

Is war with Iran coming next? Now that Trump has dumped the Iran deal, he may seek regime change

Haspel, Spies and Videotapes

Why AT&T's $200,000 payment to Michael Cohen is a bombshell

Connecticut Set to End "Dual Arrests" in Domestic Violence Cases

Do you think Michael Cohen is scared this morning?

Gina Haspel, war criminal, Senate hearing to head the CIA

Avenatti Calls on Michael Cohen to Release Bank Statements of Payments From Russian Oligarch

THIS STORY should get more attention...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Leader of no world

A war with Iran

Phoenix Neo-Nazi Will Face Trial in Attack on Interracial Couple

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Brzezinski: Trump may have pulled out of Iran deal to 'deflect' from scandals

Rachel Maddow: Newly Exposed Payments To Michael Cohen Add Depth To Stormy Daniels Case

Trump: Cordray a 'socialist' who 'should not do well' in Ohio election

My son to announce his candidacy today

What I'd like to see, now, is a record of disbursements FROM Cohen's

Oliver North: Trump should sanction anyone who does business with Iran

Women are dominating Democratic primaries

Michael Cohen wasn't a "fixer", he was the bagman delivering the money to

GOP group previews attacks in IN, WV and OH Senate

The Uninsured Rate Is Worsening After Years Of Obamacare's Gains

Pro trump candidates won in the republican Senate primaries. It would sure be nice to send them a

Scott Pruitt Used a Military Helicopter to Visit a Coal Mine

Mueller team questioned Novartis last year over Michael Cohen payments

Eric H. Holder, Jr. Statement On Election Results in Ohio "The redistricting reform passed today in

Jefferson Overpaid - Luckovich

John Bolton: 'I Wish We Could Reverse Obama Care as Decisively' as Iran Deal

Why Republicans wanted to do away with bank regulations? (SARS)

You know how you would watch a movie or a TV show with a wild and crazy plot....

Primary results confirm 2018 is a terrible year to be a House Republican

Gina Haspel just LIED - she said that on the morning of 9/11 when she saw the FIRST plane....

So, how many little Laundromat LLCs did Cohen have set up?

Cohen Responds to Avenatti's Claims About Payments From Russian Oligarch: 'His Document is...

NK has nucular material, but cannot use them. Iran needs to rev up their nuke program.

Pelosi on Democratic candidates who oppose her: 'Just win, baby'

If he could do, he would do it. I'm surprised he hasn't already taken credit for it.

Minnesota Businessman Is 'Very, Very Sorry' For Hanging Up Black Piatas In A Way Resembling A Lynch

The LLC Money Laundering Shell Company Game

Pic Of The Moment: So Let's See...

Essential LLC

Jokes my brother sends me

Federal appeals court hears 2 pipeline cases

NBC investigation of Matt Lauer finds 'no evidence' that senior executives received complaints...

Democrats have an eye toward November as Cordray wins Democratic nomination in Ohio governor's race

Trump misspells OH's GOP nominee for Governor Mike DeWine in tweet

There is probably more than one LLC to handle the amount of money they

Is This How Avenatti Found Out?

Understanding the Iran/nuclear deal

"The problem with armored cars is you gotta pay off the guards." Please come CAPTION Michael Cohen!

Illinois police: Keep pot illegal -- or we'll kill the dog

When a congressperson asks a yes or no question...

Officer helps cat cross road.

I'm guessing Mueller needs to order another case of blank indictments.

She saved thousands to open a medical clinic in Nigeria. U.S. Customs took all of it at the airport.

Will the Dodge Barracuda ever go into production?

How Mick Mulvaney Has Made His Second Job the Most Impactful One

Swiss drug maker Novartis was questioned over ties to Trump attorney

BREAKING: Trump to reverse Obama-era killing of Osama bin Laden

What does an independent who caucuses with the Democrats mean?

Crazy by Alaina Stacey

McConnell Campaign Trolls Blankenship With 'Narcos' Cocaine Meme

Staying at an AirBnB while "Jamaican"... as it were.....

Just three months after Congress gave children's healthcare a 10-year lifeline, Trump reneges

Trump To Get $36M From Sale Of Largest Subsidized Affordable Housing Complex

Priest sentenced to 10 years probation for seducing woman

CDC Director Gets Pay Cut After Nearly Doubling Predecessor's Salary

Teen recorded students' sex act in school bathroom

Leslie Winkle is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee:

South Korea's KAI says paid firm of Trump's lawyer $150,000 for accounting advice

No bailout for subprime mortgage victims, said Martha McSally. Try personal responsibility instead.

Gina Haspel lacks a moral compass.

Russian Leverage Over Trump Is Not Just a Theory. It's Now Fact.

Historian: Trump's style of governance classifies as "sadopopulism".

In this blue dot/college town in Indiana - a women's sweep in the dem primaries

Never a dull day in the 'burbs. Update on community intrigue.

Here's the real cost of leaving the Iran deal.

Illegitimacy, Iraq, Iran, War and Peace Treaty

AF 1 or AF 2 has been buzzing my house all morning...

THE BIG STORY (not yet reported)

South Korea's KAI says paid firm of Trump's lawyer $150,000 for accounting advice

Interesting piece on HuffPost re: NRA membership

Question about star membership

This is in reference to the CIA hearing.

White Yale student reports black classmate to campus police ...

Take the Money and Run: Trump Tax Cuts Boost Earnings of ALEC Corp. Which Promptly Layoff Workers

Okay, my time to be pilloried -- "wypipo".

The media is complict...

Working the problem

New cat toy...oh boy!

What if Trump had lost?

Bad news: Students' survey highlights censorship of Christian college newspapers

Indiana primary election results.

Is it me, or does Andrea Mitchell seem fond of Trump?

Rainy day blues...

Why Trump Is Ripping Immigrant Children From Their Parents

In The Coal Counties Of Central Appalachia, Will Trump's Promises Come True?

Big Democratic Donors Form Alliance to Take Back House

When I made this prediction right after Trump was elected, it was a major understatement.

Would somebody please tell Trump...

Kenyan Islamic leaders speak out against female genital mutilation

The news media needs to stop saying Russian billionaires with close ties to Putin. They are

If you're trying to figure out the money flow through Michael Cohen's account, I made a graphic.

We saw no photos or film on the released hostages. Hopefully they're not in comas like the last one.

Michael Cohen Put Up His Home As Collateral -- Now What Are The Chances He'll Flip On Trump?

Pay to play, it looks like some business leaders may be indicted down the road.

Civics Question: Can A President Unilaterally Withdraw Us From An International Agreement?

The Trump administration is making it easier to evade housing desegregation law,...

FYI resistors!! Resistancehole has joined the force!!

Putin and Republicans share a common purpose.

Prescription Problem

Officer of the deck during fatal Fitzgerald collision pleads guilty at court-martial

Bunny dog:

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Rudy, Defense Attorney At Law!

Trump Considering Pulling U.S. Out of Constitution

Aww, their feelings got hurt!

Trump makes it explicit: Negative coverage of him is fake coverage

Dems look to decide on midterm message

Novartis paid $1.2m to "The Fixer," had 1 meeting, then decided he was "unable to provide services"

Iranian Scientist Annoyed He Has To Go Back To Shitty Old Job Building Nuclear Weapons

Senate Dems move to force net neutrality vote

Sweet Deal

Now playing on Fox News: Nothing about the $500,000 payments to Michael Cohen

Trump Considering Pulling U.S. Out of Constitution (Borowitz)

UK insurance company terminates programs available through NRA

'Oh God, What Happened Last Night?' Says Groggy Mike Pence After Waking Up In Same Bed As Wife

ALL of the EMILY's List House women in OH, IN, and NC won their primary elections last night!

Trump: 'Everyone thinks' I deserve Nobel Peace Prize

George Zimmerman had some #$!@# things to say to a cop, court files show

Trump: "Everyone thinks" I deserve the Nobel Prize, "but I would never say it"

Trump says Iran will negotiate or 'something will happen'

Bernie Sanders has a new plan to raise wages: Save the unions

Michael Snyder Says That If Elected, He'll Be 'Ranting Like Alex Jones' On The House Floor

CIA nominee says 'tough lessons' learned from interrogation

Hunger as a leitmotiv of the Maduro government (

Gasoline prices -- what is it in your area?

Napolitano: Why Michael Cohen could be indicted

Workplace Democracy Act Introduction

Workplace Democracy Act Introduction

MSNBC Gives Hugh Hewitt 'Verbal Warning' for Personally Lobbying EPA

I hope N. Korea cancels talks w/ Trump and

Our Revolution candidate destroyed in most high profile race so far - Ohio Gov.

All 20 of @emilyslist endorsed candidates won their primaries last night.

WHCA Fires Back Over Latest Trump Press Threat: Would Be 'Unconscionable Assault' to 1st Amendment

The childlike strangeness of Melania's "Be Best" campaign

Chuck Grassley today 5/9/2018 is whining about the "blue slip" being implemented

Just checking, anyone have 'issues' with Allstate auto claims?

Free will and consciousness.

I can't seem to find a list of Our Revolution-endorsed candidates

Democrats Take Aim at the Gig Economy (re: Sanders Bill pro Union Bill)

Are we on to the war drum beat yet America?

"Y'know, ya'll talk about Russian oligarchs running the USA like it's a bad thing."

Kaine says US troops killed in Niger were on unauthorized mission

Facebook, Privacy, Algorithms

Avenetti in 2020?

AT&T likely paid $600,000 to Cohen LLC

Katie Turd pretending to ask the Mooch serious Q's

Death sucks

So how many LLC's and influencers like Cohen are out there?

The man who taught the Kremlin how to win the internet

ATT paid Cohen 600k not 200k, Novartis paid 1 million not 400k

Well, lookee here....Article ii covers bribery... for all, not just Trump.

First thing we do....

Sanders unveils plan to bolster labor unions

Novartis paid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen $1.2 million for advice on Obamacare - work he was unable

Novartis Paid Cohen $1.2 Million For Work It Says He Was 'Unable' To Do

AT&T payments to Trump lawyer more than reported: source

Road to San Andreas

Cohen promised Novartis access to Trump: report

Condoleezza Rice says breaking Iran nuclear deal "won't be the end of the world"

What Did AT&T And Novartis Get For The Money They Paid Trump's Lawyer?

Treasury inspector general launches probe into possible leak of Michael Cohen's banking records

So who thinks the Con will ask the three Americans

Conservative artist Jon McNaugton's paintings are getting progressively weirder and weirder.

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could see explosive eruptions: U.S. agency

All that money being paid to Cohen. And for nothing? There's a name for that.

Ask Me Anything!

Negotiations over NAFTA are bogging down ahead of a major deadline

Lost In Space reboot, AKA Maureen Robinson's vindication

Scoop: John Bolton and his aides are considering eliminating the White House's top cybersecurity job

Borowitz BREAKING: Trump considering Pulling U.S. out of Constitution !!

EXCLUSIVE Special Counsel Mueller's Team Questioned Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

Senate Dems move to force net neutrality vote


Rebel U.S. House Republicans seek to force 'Dreamer' immigration vote

(Another) Russian Ambassador to Portugal Oleg Belous dies suddenly at age of 66 - foreign ministry

Firm That Paid Cohen Bought 'Alt-Right.Co'

Ok, I think it's time for this again. Michael Cohen/ Sopranos theme

EXCLUSIVE Trump's lawyer pitched himself as a fixer to Novartis and got paid $1.2 million

Michael Avenatti's banking summary for Michael Cohen

Vulnerable GOPers Split With House Leaders To Try To Force Vote On DACA

Trump causes international incident trying to protect carpets at one of his golf courses

Don't tell anyone, but this Obamacare rule just kicked in

Manchin becomes first Democrat to back Haspel

tRump got played like a fucking banjo...

I wonder why there haven't been crazy tweets

😈 Trump in 2020 VP Talks with Famous TV Actress

ESPN star Jemele Hill predicts Trump wants to use Colin Kaepernick as 'a chew toy for his base'

There's literally an ironic Trump tweet for everything...

What the Con told the world is that a document signed by the permanent members of the UN Security

CNN poll: Democrats' 2018 advantage is nearly gone

Update: Rescuing the cat named "Puppy"

Blacks more likely than others in U.S. to read the Bible regularly, see it as God's word

The Only Defendant Participating So Far In Mueller's Russian Troll Farm Case Pleaded Not Guilty

Oh, yeah... it's only Wednesday

Russian firm linked to 'Putin's chef' pleads not guilty in Mueller probe

Hmmmmm- 1.2 Million

Rudy giving Trump a run for his money in the "a comment for any occasion" competetion...

Get your Wednesday dance on

Ninja Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Fun With Fame.

White House Correspondents' Association rebukes Trump over tweet on press credentials

Sheep ain't got time for your mess...

"Our goal as a civilization should be full unemployment, not full employment."

Were there serial killers in prehistoric times?

That's A LIE! That's NOT True!': Richard Painter SLAMS Trump Blow·Hard for SMEARING Robert Mueller

There is something smelly about what is going on with N. Korea.

Why do people keep showering cash on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen?

Are Jupiter and Venus Messing With Earth's Climate?

This is my 7500th post. I am half way to 15K.


Cotton Road

McCain confirms he gave the Steele dossier to Jim Comey

Trump: 'Everyone thinks' I deserve Nobel Peace Prize

House Democrats obtain new documents from estate of GOP operative in Russia inquiry

We went on a cruise but I failed at great shots

Pay for Play in the Trump Era, To the Soundtrack to Goodfellas - By Josh Marshall

"Was that Captain Hook?"

Oh look--here's Giuliani on presidential subpoenas:

Quick laugh...

If the Prez is subpoenaed to testify, "he's gotta do it. He has no choice." - Rudy Giuliani, 1998

We can find out who usually only votes in presidential years

Pennsylvania State Legislator Is Forced to Work With Her Alleged Abuser, Another GOP Legislator

'Exactly what Christopher Steele dossier said': Ex-Watergate prosecutor follows the Michael Cohen $$

Michael Avenatti explains Cohen's influence peddling on CNN

Rescissions package could tie lawmakers' hands on funding bills

(Jewish Group) Germany must confront its new wave of anti-Semitism -- even if those behind it aren't

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #4-17: Wheel Of Corruption & The Prisoner Of Azkaban Edition

The Liar in Chief, speaking to Military Familes at the WH just told them their spouses just got

(Jewish Group) Crime rate in Germany at lowest level in 30 years, but antisemitism is on the rise

(Jewish Group) Exclusive: Pupils suffer antisemitic abuse for supporting Holocaust Educational Trust

States could help protect their most vulnerable by stopping unions from skimming money

Trump: 'Everyone thinks' I deserve Nobel Peace Prize

The Red Rectangle Nebula from Hubble (APOD)

Avenatti(on Nicole Wallace): Why isn't media reporting on refusal of Treasury Dept. to release 3

The big question about Trump that's sitting in plain sight, unanswered

An Early Start to Hurricane Season in the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic? Dr. Jeff Masters

BUSINESS Trump's tariffs will cost Texas oil and gas jobs - Media Forgot about Keystone Follies

The polls haven't moved for many, many weeks

Democrats' Midterm Advantage Is Nearly Gone

This is the website the Russian-linked company that paid Michael Cohen $500K didn't want you to see

I am gobsmacked

A black Yale grad student took a nap in her dorm's common room, and a white woman called the cops

Republicans Move to Force DACA Vote In Defiance of Ryan

Health Care Tops Economy as Biggest Issue

Background Briefing on President Trump's Decision To Withdraw From the JCPOA

Big Democratic Donors Form Alliance to Take Back House

Rick Perry suggests using 'national security' to override opposition to pipelines

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 May 2018

'Spiritualist' charged with sexual assault

What is it like to be you?

Novartis kept paying Cohen, so not to "anger" Trump..

Sheldon Adelson Meeting

University official allegedly didn't like the music in a coffee shop, forced firing of barista

Nothing catchy or snarky or particularly profound, but maybe this is worth your time.

Senate Intel: Russia waged unprededented campaign against US voting systems

DNC eyes convention cities, debates, rule changes

'Hey liberals better get your guns if you try to impeach': This pro-Trump sign outside Washington

This is for a friend...

Underwent Bladder Prolapse Surgery On Monday......

SHS: Cohen's "alleged" Pay-For-Play activity "has nothing to do with the White House"

RW editorial re Iran deal gets blistered by readers

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: An extra order of FDA

Trump is expected to veto farm bill unless it imposes tough work requirements

I find it interesting that Murdoch's stable of whores decided to publish this now that

Rep. David Sawyer D, Tacoma accused of abusive behavior

Donald Trump Jr. Posted His 3-Year-Old Daughter on Instagram Without a Shirt. WTF Is Wrong With Him?

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 9, 2018

The Anti-Immigration Party

Radio Execs Pressured Hosts to Cover Trump Positively

"Any tree you shake in the Trump forest..

Democrats Consider 8 Cities for 2020 Convention

Mike Luckovich: tip jar of the iceberg

Homophobic imagery in a DU comment

Two dozen moms walk out on DHS secretary's testimony in protest of plan separating migrant families

Company that paid Trump lawyer $500,000 also bought up a host of white nationalist website names

Tell the Trump voters that since the doofus pulled out of the Iran nuclear psct

Oliver North: @realDonaldTrump Should Sanction Iran and Anybody Who Does Business With Them

Anyone thinks Trump realizes that he will be greeting those people

Why did Columbus Nova register websites aimed at young white supremacists?

SO much for the witchhunt - Dutch lawyer off to prison

So about this miraculous turn around in North Korea....(sniff, sniff)

IDF: Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel; Iron Dome intercepts some

Trump seems confused about military pay

Hippies are gonna make us kill all our dogs!!!

IDF: Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel; Iron Dome intercepts some

Cool pillow?? anybody got one? Any recommendations?

Maybe Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear pact is all part of his super secret push

Durham Sheriff Mike Andrews TROUNCED in election after posting "Amen" to a Racist Facebook Comment

ICYMI: In today's remarks to Military spouses, Trump LIED about "first pay raise in 10 years"

MSM Will Find Way To Blame Democrats For All The Safety Net Cuts.

Bolton pushing to eliminate White House cyber job

WaPo: Intel source tied to Mueller investigation caught up in DOJ, Nunes clash

Richard Preston sentencing will be on August 21 for firearm discharge at August 12 demonstrations

Ohio voters approve ballot initiative designed to limit gerrymandering

What's the meaning of Jill Wine-Banks' lightning bolt pin?

Nunes, Gowdy to get classified briefing on Mueller documents

Putin will be Russia's leader for life.

🐦 May 14 at 7PM - Town Hall - Breaking the Deal, Aftermath of Trump's Decision

UHaul won't rent me a trailer because ...

Twitter Video: How we can save net neutrality ...

World War 3

Iranian forces in Syria just fired rockets at Israeli targets in Golan Heights, according to Israel'

2018 US Senate Election rating.

Hostages informed Trump is President-Request Return to North Korea

Trump White House quietly cancels NASA research verifying greenhouse gas cuts

A Fitbit Charge 2 question

Racoon recon.

Angus King will against Gina Haspel

2018 US House Election in NC-9 and WV-3 should be in the Tossup category Likely Republican.

Saudi Arabia set to pursue nuclear weapons if Iran restarts program

Dems urge Trump to drop nominee who represented Russian bank

Coal Collapsing Faster Under Trump; Wind, Solar, Gas All Benefit