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Tomorrow is Friday.

December 2016, Flynn's team was caught mishandling classified. Over the next three months

Trump to freeze fuel-efficiency requirements. Move likely to spur legal battle with states

What should Democrats do to win?

Trump tonight:

Prediction: We will win the House and Senate by overwhelming margins. Everyone will be surprised.

Arrested, Jailed and Charged With a Felony. For Voting.

Russian-backed 'troll' Twitter accounts targeted Maine politicians

Russian Pop Star "tRump" video.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 3 August 2018

Anyone watch the National Anthem tonight? NFL Pre-Season tonight

a sincere fyi about Rand Paul, Russia and the Louisville Courier-Journal web site

Manafort's bookkeeper testifies against him, alleging efforts to inflate income

Kansas' Kobach accused of running a lucrative national 'sham'

All hell is about to break loose...

Omarosa tells how President Trump's 'gibberish' exhibited a 'mental decline that could not be denied

CNN "Remains of fallen US service members leave S.Korea"

Rogue Melania finds the best vintage clips, lol. In your face, Evil Elf.

The Huckburglar!

Alleged Russian agent's infiltration of GOP circles anything but subtle

Jim Acosta appreciation thread.

Houston Chronicle-Lock up Trump officials in charge of Family separations

Youth Care Worker Charged With Molesting 8 Immigrant Boys At Arizona Shelter

This needs stopped

The plastic nosechinlipsassboobs girl speaks about how sad she is about families rent asunder

Michael Cohen reportedly secured a $10 million deal to advance a nuclear project

So, the language of Mexico is Spanish? Not quite

Zimbabwe election: Emmerson Mnangagwa wins election

Maria Butina story gets stranger

I had a snack of breaded, fried creamed corn today.

What is Q Anon??

People....please....if you read nothing else please read Tha Making of Donald Trump by

Our mentally ill @POTUS' approach to governing is Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

Cop's gun accidentally goes off at officer's funeral, 2 hurt

Bribery Trial Reveals Jeff Sessions' Role in Blocking EPA Action Targeting One of His Biggest Donor

Sarah "Sideway-eyes" Sanders

MI-GOV: Abdul deletes tweet, Now accuses Whitmer of LEGAL money laundering

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Q Who?

Massive police response breaks up protest blockade at ICE headquarters in Colorado

500 fathers in immigration detention are going on a hunger strike

US Security Chiefs Express Alarm About Election Meddling in presser today at WH briefing room

Playing the race card - Trump on criticizing Mexican immigrants: 'Peanuts' compared to the truth

Rasmussen Poll Accounts for Full 1 1/2% of Trump's Approval/Disapproval on Composite

Senate Democrats Strike Back And Force Vote To Kill Trump Junk Insurance Plans

Top Trump Donor Agreed to Pay Michael Cohen $10 Million for Nuclear Project Push

If Mueller is a witch hunter does that mean we can

NRA: we're going broke and may have to Shut Down NRATV

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 5 - Summer Under the Stars: Katharine Hepburn

What the "Rick Gates done it" defense means in the Manafort trial

Should Be Total Media Blackout Of Rallies. Just Sent NO Reporters From MSM.

I have an idea for a reality tv show that would restore democracy. Im looking for a connection.

TCM Schedule for Monday August 6 - Summer Under the Stars: Audrey Totter

2020 US Senate Election- the year of non white Democratic Nominees.

Will Hoge - Highway Wings

I Didn't Wiretap You,

Did anyone else see the intelligence heads press conference today? It was breaking news.

Democrats asking whether Trump golf club members got Air Force One tours as perk of membership

Are Nevada's small desert towns ready for Burning Man's population to hit 100,000?

recent Trump speech 76% lies, President Trump is not your run-of-the-mill liar

Not a hoax - Bill Maher back a month early - with Malcolm, Steve and Charles

New letter from 2 dozen attorneys general calls on U.S. to end anonymous shell companies.

Strangers give $90K to send gay valedictorian to college after parents reject him

Strangers give $90K to send gay valedictorian to college after parents reject him

"Our democracy itself is in the crosshairs" Intelligence heads press conference (8.2.2018)

Trump Jr. says the Democratic Party platform is similar to the Nazis' - CNN

This is what

Cortez Masto slams Wells Fargo for laying off hundreds in Reno, outsourcing jobs

Why do I get the impression that Trump is winning?

FYI Lots of live broadcast concerts from lollapalooza online if you can't make it to Chicago

Ivanka launches fall line of accessories.

RGJ poll: Heller-Rosen, Nevada governor races in dead heat. More on Question 3, brothels

Trump obstructs justice in real time on Twitter

OMG, Trump's face and hand don't match at all

'It Can Happen Even to Guys': Ohio State Wrestlers Detail Abuse, Saying #UsToo

U.S. Attorney: Las Vegas prisoner threatened to kill Reno judge, family

At one of these taxpayer funded hate rallies, can't someone do us all a favor and

Amazon Removes Products Featuring Nazi Symbols

Trump names the different parts of England: U.K. Britain, Great Britain, and United Kingdom.

CA-LG: Obama endorses Eleni Kounalakis

Ant Man Trap

It's called Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, instagram, and on and on ...


Lawrence O'Donell tonight. Recommend.

Trump Administration Says ACLU- Not Government- Should Find Deported Parents

Lawrence O'Donnell just ran down Ivana tRump's immigration...

I'm taking a break from the DU. I will lurk and read all your posts to get up to speed

UN experts condemn President Trump's media criticism

CSN&Y redid Teach Your Children, and it is one of the most beautiful things i've seen, please watch

COURTESY OF Think Progress' Aaron Rupar, here are 34 disturbing WTF moments from tonight's "rally."

Sheryl Crow 'Everyday is a Winding Road"

The media drives me crazy with the term "election meddling".

Trump blasts media amid chants of 'CNN sucks'

Given the Tremendous Division & Damage Rupert Murdoch Has Inflicted on the U.S.,

National Archives needs until Oct. 31 to review of Brett Kavanaugh's White House papers

Omarosa: Trump has shown signs of mental decline.

Fountains of Wayne "Stacy's Mom."

MI-GOV: Teamsters hit the sidewalks for Gretchen Whitmer

Ex-leader of SC Republican Party says he's Christ

An Alarming Percentage of Divorcees Say Student Loans Ended Their Marriage

Parts of Lynchburg evacuate over possible dam failure

Via MSNBC, stats on 2,551 children ages 5-17 originally identified as being separated from parents

Matchbox 20 "Unwell'

"a maggot, a cockroach and a crumb."

Tennessee women nearly ran the table in tonight's Democratic House primaries.

It is so obvious

And fuck you, Istanka Dump

A Russian coup

Toto reciprocates Weezer's cover of "Africa" with a cover of Weezer's "Hash Pipe"

Democrats widen voter registration advantage for 4th straight month

Shepard Smith Shoots Down 6 Hannity Lies

More Americans are living in their vehicles due to lack of affordable housing.

Yet another reason to doubt the Hurricane Maria death toll

Mars is so bright right now.

Tweet of the Day

March on the NRA Southern California August 4th, 2018

Why these five, Brian?

Death penalty declared inadmissable in the Catholic Catechism.

CBS News Report -Europe Cooking. Normal Green Areas Brown. Ireland No Longer Emerald.

Anybody here that still reads or posts at The Smirking Chimp, Firedoglake or BartCop?

Ex-Federal Prosecutor: Likely To See Trump Named 'Indicted Co-Conspirator' - The Last Word, MSNBC


What triggered that IC press conference today?

Why has Cohen et al been so quiet lately?

In case you missed this from Dan Rather,

A conspiracy hiding in plain sight

What is Jimmy Carter doing working on a book with Jerry Falwell Jr who equates Hitler with Clinton

"Not My President"

Bredesen, Blackburn win primaries in race for US Senate

The Daily Show: Andrea Mitchell - The Trump Era Is Uncharted Territory for the Press

The Daily Show: Trump Fights Obstruction with Obstruction

Rubio to introduce bill allowing parents to use Social Security benefits for paid leave

Seth Meyers - Walgreens' Premade Salads, National Girlfriends Day - Monologue - 8/1/18

Seth Meyers - Trump and Rudy Giuliani Panic Over the Russia Probe: A Closer Look

Enigma 'Return to Innocence.'

How long until a Trump supporter assualts a CNN Journalist?

Protester gives crowd "the bird" as she's marched out of rally, Trump talks crazy to baying crowd

Union files complaint against Southern Nevada housing authority

Two oboe concertos: Albinoni, Corelli/J.S. Bach: "Cello Suite No.4-Bourrees 1 & 2", Galbraith on

Forest Service plan would open Ruby Mountains to oil, gas drilling

Lawrence O'Donnell On Ivanka Trump's Absence On Border Children - The Last Word - MSNBC

The ugly history of 'Lgenpresse,' a Nazi slur shouted at a Trump rally

This idiot...

the only black man in the crowd gets placed behind trump

Michigan's absentee voting surges, but not in Detroit

Idaho Press Buys Boise Weekly As It Continues Its Push Into Ada County

Jury foreman in teacher rape case: 'We couldn't throw this guy's life away'

Contact ☎️Sen Grassley's Office. We need to see all info connected to Kavanaugh's Supreme Ct appo

Report faults University of Idaho over sex assault complaint

Thinking of you Mira

Worker Charged With Sexually Molesting Eight Children at Immigrant Shelter

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/2/18

Sheriff Ozzie on GOP chair who hosted white supremacist: Told ya.

Trump Administration Unveils Its Plan to Relax Car Pollution Rules

Washington State Can Have a Single-Payer Health Care System by 2020. These Candidates Will Champion

Spokane GOP head resigns over white nationalist speaker

Democratic challenger hopes to repeat Ocasio-Cortez's success in Washington state

U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn of 'Pervasive' Russian Efforts to Disrupt 2018 Elections

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Election Prediction.

...And I Vote

I'm not sure what I am trying to say.

Amazon pays just $2.2M in tax in UK despite surge in profits

National Enquirer Boss David Pecker Tiptoes Away From His Pal Trump as Scandal Swirls...

I almost started smoking again yesterday.

There is sick man who thinks he is the president!

Trump Administration: ACLU Should Take Lead in Reuniting Migrant Families

Vitally important shopping question

Inslee mum on 2020 plans

Trump administration says ACLU should find hundreds of deported parents

Trump sends, deletes tweet urging Ohio voters to support candidate not in special election

Trump-administration caught a russian spy in US embassy in Moscow and simply let her go.

Live- Navy Graduation Pass-In-Review 9:40 EST

Are Trump rallies filled with Craigslist actors?

Los Angeles Educators Get Ready To Go All In

It cannot be 'real threats' and Russian Hoax

No, Mika, Family Separation policy is a crime, not just a low point or a national disgrace.

Friday TOONs - Yeah, that's about right Edition

QAnon explained (Vox). Holy smokes they've really lost it now.

One more Trump lie ..... new steel plants are opening in PA and all across America

Trump lying about being late for Queen Elizabeth!

Can someone think of an instance where an autocratic leader surrounded and supported

Health care industry on track for massive profits

Who is going to be the first newsperson to be injured, or worse..

We really need to win in Florida...

QAnon Klu Klux Klan undercover. eom

It needs to be said:

Republicans Scramble Trump To Ohio To Avert Special Election Loss

Is Trump Really That Bad?

Sign of the day

Stop Children, What's That Sound?

The Q

What is the status of sanctions against Russia that congress passed

I just have to say

Man who swiped shark says he's 'activist, not a criminal'

Michelle to LeBron

China says it will retaliate with tariffs on $60 billion in US goods

Pompeo: Kim Jong Un Is Breaking His Nuke Agreement With Trump

Top Democrats call for NH senator to resign after arrest for domestic violence

Report: Russia Allows in Thousands of North Korean Workers Despite U.N. Sanctions

Brookstone Files For Bankruptcy, Plans To Close Mall Stores

Officials in Virginia fear dam will collapse as heavy rain forces evacuations

Right-Wing Groups With Guns Plan to Impersonate and Infiltrate Antifa

Payroll employment increases by 157,000 in July; unemployment rate edges down to 3.9%

Poll Shows Plummeting Trust In Trump

Why are the MSM giving Trump and Putin a pass on admitted collusion?

Maryland Republican Gov. Hogan doesn't rule out 2020 presidential run

Rosenstein: 'I think informing the American people is an important part of deterrence'

Trump staffs up Mideast team for peace plan rollout

A new Documentary coming August 31st: Active Measures

"He's not well."

Morning Joe Says Sarah Sanders Trashing Media Shows She's 'Afraid' of Trump: 'It's a Stalinist...

OSHA Wants To Hide Information On Worker Injuries

In Latest Attempt to Harm Struggling Families, Trump Urges Lawmakers to Push One Million Americans

How Crime creates Never Ending Dictatorships

John Dean: 'I never feared for my country during Watergate -- I fear for our democracy now'

Trump supporters attempt to explain baffling QAnon conspiracy theories outside Pennsylvania rally

CNN's Phil Mudd hammers Trump administration officials for 'PR stunt' on Russian interference

CNN asks Trump supporters outside rally to explain 'QAnon' theory

Record Arctic heat drives reindeer into cool tunnels

THIS from

"Other countries said "WE DON'T WANT YOU to put defensive mishes...and our country!"

Yet Another Great Cover!

Trump intervenes in FBI headquarters project

Stumbling Bolton Cites Putin's Version Of Helsinki Summit Talk

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Malcom nance on stephanie miller's show

Comment without posted!

Private prison GEO group donates over $700,000--is profiting off of Trump's immigration policies.

Attackers target Shiite mosque in Afghanistan, killing at least 25

His Latest Lie: 'Russia Is Very Unhappy Trump Won'

China loses status as world's second-largest stock market amid trade war with US

Remember Trump's Tweet Saying He Was Pulling Out Of The G7 Summit Agreement? US Officials Ignored It

The NRA May Have To Shut Down NRATV Because They Can't Get Insurance

New York Post Front Page Trumpets Rift Between Trump and Ivanka: 'Papa Don't Preach'

Happy National "Grab Some Nuts" Day! 🤪 Keep It Clean! 😏

Who is the Q continuum?

Marco Rubio yesterday introduced a bill to ROB SOCIAL SECURITY to pay for family leave...

Please support Bredesen/Abrams vs the vile Blackburn/Kemp

My 70th birthday is coming up soon.

US trade deficit widens by $46.3 billion in June

Former CIA Director Hayden Mocks 'Accomplished Scholar' Don Jr. For Comparing DNC to Nazi Platform

September 20, 2013: Trump gives President Obama advice on how to handle government shutdowns.

Weekend plans? The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai just showed up on Prime.

There's a virus in Trumpland

Media, Save Thyself

Q is real ... he was James Bond's helper who got him "deadly toys"

If we shouldn't eat at night, why is there a

Words to the wise....

"When I think of poor kids-caged so far from factories where they belong, it just breaks my heart"

From Colberts The Late Show. Morning giggle

683 Chipotle patrons say they became ill after eating at Ohio restaurant

Michael Avenatti to be on The View this morning, 11 AM Eastern:

Official's decision to kneel during pledge divides her small town

Fmr Bush Ethics Lawyer Richard Painter Questions Trump's Mental Stability After Incriminating Tweet

Who do you think organized yesterday's meeting between the Intelligence Chiefs?

TSA admits 'Quiet Skies' surveillance snared zero threats

I'm telling this MAGA story second hand

Fearing Trump's Slipperiness, Associates Created Evidence Against Him

Whoopi Goldberg On 'The View': The 'War On Christmas' Is 'B.S.'

My father has received two letters at home in the last several days due to his anti-Trump LTTE

First Sign of the Apocalypse

Private world of Franklin D. Roosevelt unveiled in newly found film footage

Trump Fury Over Mueller 'Conflicts' Dates to Oval Office Meeting

An excellent idea for all media

Republicans have more seats in the highly vulnerable category than they had at this point in 2006

Goats on the Run. 🐐::UPDATE::

Trump says US Steel opening mills. Not so.

Malcom Nance in studio with Stephanie Miller on Free Speech TV.

Rob Reiner: Every 4 yrs, when we vote for President, we're told it's the most important election...

Gaslight theater, starring Lou Barletta.

143-mph 'fire tornado' that left a path of destruction in Redding is an ominous sign

Any new indictments this morning?

A quiet revolution has taken place in the field of doing "research" and " information"

Congressman spreads disinformation to defend Republicans' move to block election security funding

Ivanka tЯump Distraught After Learning Detained Migrant Children Completely Without Sewing Machines

Shep Smith fact-checks Hannity on Russia

Triggered: Anti-Immigration Trumpist Angrily Cuts Interview

Deficit EXPLODES to $1 Trillion

New analysis shows GOP should be terrified of midterms -- & they could get wiped out worse than 2006

Meanwhile in an alternate universe:

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Says US Steel Opening Mills. Not So.

WTF? Trump administration says ACLU should find hundreds of deported parents

Ex-FBI agent explains how Trump's suspicious behavior with Russia has continued since the summit

just a little humor from Trevor Noah

TX-SEN: Cook Politcal moves Cruz to 'LEAN REPUBLICAN'

Is this Q Anon thing based on/related to the Q of Biblical Scholarship?

File this under "How Stupid Does A Person Have To Be?"

Counterpunch: Trump's Farm Bailout: a $12 Billion PR Stunt

Mother love bone Chloe dancer crown of thorns

Possible dam collapse near Lynchburg Va.

'I just stopped missles from being lauched every 2 seconds in Korea'

Hatch claims Republicans didn't block Democratic Supreme Court nominees

Ex-leader of SC Republican Party says he's Christ and God told him to kill mom's dog, police say

Thank you, Loungers, for helping me get through another week. I love you all.

Loose Ends - Hangin' On A String (Contemplating)

Anybody know how to email Jim Acosta/CNN?

Thoughtful as a sh*t-slinging Yahoo. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

tRump now claims he was early and QUEEN was late for their meeting.

From Nixon and Reagan

The apprentice sorcerer

Why is it that CNN is the main target of

Invasion of big, voracious lizards threatens U.S. South

Stop covering the briefings...

We're Going To Win So Much You'll Be Sick Of Winning......

Local (Sidney, Ohio) farmer calls it like he sees it.

Once a favorite, Rep. Diane Black loses the Tennessee governor's primary race

The Dear Leader offers advice on handling the Dear Leader.

'Completely unhinged and getting worse': MSNBC's Mika says Trump's latest rally shows his 'mental

New York Couple Married 78 Years Die 2 Days Apart

Remember Trump's Tweet Saying He Was Pulling Out Of The G7 Summit Agreement? US Officials Ignored It

Man threatens Wendy's landscaper with gun after grass gets on car, police say

I'm a rich Democratic lawyer. Here's why I wrote a fawning op-ed about Trump's SCOTUS nominee.

I'll tell you, I think they are crazy...

Police Report: Ex-GOP Official Calls Himself Second Christ, Sacrifices Dog

Rosenstein: 'In Case You Haven't Noticed,' My Decisions Don't 'Please' Everyone

No tyrant in history had the power to destroy the entire world

Taking Notes From Papadopolous: Butina Bragged She Was A Spy When Drunk

Sanders Highlights Victories for Vermont in Senate-Passed Spending Bill

question about the political orientation of prosecutors on mueller's team

MI:GOV: El-Sayed supporters engage in same activity he accuses Whitmer of doing

Old Farts Blow Over Cutting The Cheese Line

Cook Report moves Cruz-O'Rourke Senate race to 'leaning Republican'

Irony of Big Oil intimidating petition signature gatherers.

Colbert Rips Ivanka's Fake Empathy at Family Separations

Manafort Tax Preparer Testifies On Denials About Foreign Bank Accounts

Velshi & Ruhle fact check 6 biggest deceptions from Trump's latest rally

Ex-leader of SC Republican Party says he's Christ and God told him to kill mom's dog, police say

AP: Las Vagas Shiriff says they can find no motive for Oct 1 shooting,,,,,,,,,

This is Qanon

Sam Greenfield (WEVD, WWRL, WVNJ) also has an opinion re Ivanka

It's a busy news day in Boise.....

The NRA Says It's in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be 'Unable to Exist'

Couple thinks they found Prohibition-era booze

Something I noticed about Antifa

National March on the NRA set for Saturday just outside Washington, DC:

Manafort's Courtroom Sketch As a-ha's 'Take On Me'

Police: Suspect in death of President George H.W. Bush's former cardiologist is found dead

NASA unveils the astronauts who will relaunch human space flights from U.S. soil

National Weather Service Says Tornado Touched Down in Queens as Wild Weather Threatens Again Friday

Was a Man Sentenced to Death for Being Gay?

Teach-in On White Supremacy: A Regional Townhall

Almond Breeze milk recalled for possible real milk contamination

DOJ Says the ACLU Should Locate the Deported Parents of Children They Separated & Detained at the Bo

Bryan Fischer: God Won't Stop School Shootings Because Of Abortion

James Thompson who is running against US House member and Koch puppet Ron Estes in Kansas...

Japanese MP calls LGBT community 'unproductive'

Japanese MP calls LGBT community 'unproductive'

'Insidious': Emails show Trump WH lied about US poverty levels to discredit critical UN report

White House says Trump's resolve is firm on China trade

Ex-leader of state's GOP says he killed dog on God's command

This factory fired two Mexicans and the rest of them decided to leave with em

Revealed: Ice teams up with Nicaragua even as US decries Ortega's crackdown

Revealed: Ice teams up with Nicaragua even as US decries Ortega's crackdown

The Dangerous Situation with Trump is Simple:

Uproar after Italian minister wants to end anti-racism law

The NRA Says It's in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be 'Unable to Exist'

WHY do they allow these fucks to lie on TV???

'Manhattan Madam' met with Mueller's team

First year of Nevada marijuana sales exceeds expectations

AT&T Overpaid Some Pensioners. Now It Wants the Money Back

Advisory: Red Flag Warning 11:00AM Friday until 11:00PM Saturday (North S.F. Bay)

Are we all just singing to the choir?

Swedish police say several officers fired on disabled man

AP PHOTOS: A glimpse into life in Cuba's 2 Guantanamos

Why Doesn't The Media Just Stop Covering Him?

San Diego's Scripps Pier records highest ocean temperature in its 102-year history

CNN: Roger Stone very likely to be indicted.

San Diego's Scripps Pier records highest ocean temperature in its 102-year history

Anyone catch Avenatti on "The View" this morning?

At Trump's hotel in New York, revenue went up this spring - thanks to big-spending Saudis

National Archives rebuffs Dems request for Kavanaugh documents

CNN: Manhattan Madam has met with Mueller:

Trump will likely be an unindicted co-conspirator.

Iraq War Combat Vet's Wife Rips Into Trump As She's Deported After Begging Him For Help

It's clear to every thinking person that Trump's in Putin's pocket.

Massive herd of goats randomly shows up in Idaho suburb

Defense attorney: Paul Manafort would not have left evidence 'around' if he was trying to break law

welder gets fired for posting video of wildcat strike in Indianapolis

Best Tweet On The Malignant Mango's Miserable Legacy...

Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Self-Defense and Self-Empowerment for Women Workers

Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Self-Defense and Self-Empowerment for Women Workers

Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Self-Defense and Self-Empowerment for Women Workers

The Latest: Brother of Vegas shooter says he was tax cheater

Barack and Michelle back on the scene to promote "greater empathy and understanding between peoples"

Feds weigh plan that includes feeding thin endangered orca

Why is Dolt45 getting a total pass on Mexico paying for the "Wall"

Quota raised for subsistence hunting of Chukchi polar bears

What I enjoy is that brief

NRA says money problems may render it unable to exist.

I wonder if the "Manhattan Madam" banged Trump too

Quota raised for subsistence hunting of Chukchi polar bears

How to go door-to-door

Guatemala ex-candidate asks forgiveness in Oderbrecht case

6 Year Old Sexually Abused in Immigration Detention Told to Stay Away from Assailant

"Orangey has no brain"

Kevin Swanson: 'God Is Burning Down California' As Punishment For Legitimizing Homosexuality

6 Year Old Sexually Abused in Immigration Detention Told to Stay Away from Assailant

Charles Bukowski: The Slavery of the 9 to 5

6 Year Old Sexually Abused in Immigration Detention Told to Stay Away from Assailant

Whatever you do, don't eat the apricots out of a C-ration can...

Brazil's top court wrestles with abortion during hearings

Senate Democrats to end boycott, plan to meet with Kavanaugh later this month

Day of the Journalist: Colombia's journalists need more protection

An atheist philosopher leaves the door open to religion's power

The FBI thoughtfully publishes.....

What the early church thought about God's gender

Who ya gonna believe about Russia, a demented asshole, or all his personally chosen cabinet members?

Is there a reason why youtube videos will not play on my mac now?

Breaking Big: How Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Became a Warrior for Women

Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Says Proof Of Trump's Guilt Is Staring Us Right In The Face

Child Marriage Isn't Just Happening "Over There"

Child Marriage Isn't Just Happening "Over There"

Child Marriage Isn't Just Happening "Over There"

Hibiscus Macro

'We Need Healthcare Champions, Not Puppets': Documents Expose Big Pharma's Scheme......

Inside Bannon's next campaign: Keep the House to save Trump

Classy Tweet from Abdul El-Sayed. Democratic unity - should be a goal of all.

Apple & 1 trillion $

Avenatti: case against Cohen returned to State Court:

As election nears and feds warn of cyber threats, Wisconsin election-security posts sit vacant

If you use the "Laugh/Cry" emoji, I have but a simple request.

'Insidious': Emails Show Trump White House Lied About US Poverty Levels to Discredit Critical UN Rep

Who thinks Sarah Sanders is an enemy of the people?!?

Kathy Griffin is coming to Phoenix Nov. 4th

HIV-positive shelter worker sexually abused 8 immigrant boys, authorities say

FRIDAY jokes for old ladies

Portland fears planned rightwing rally could be 'another Charlottesville'

It's not that they believe everything Trump says

'Fire tornado' reached 143 mph as it caused path of destruction in scorched California

California wildfires prompt deficit debate in Congress

"Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is!!" (sign seen this morning.

Roger Stone associate 'Manhattan Madam' met with Mueller's team: report

Gary Tuchman of CNN was interviewing people outside trump's rally last night...

New kids on the block: 118 hungry goats descend on Boise neighborhood

US goes ahead with tax on Canadian newsprint

Lemon Bars, With Blueberries in a Supporting Role

President Trump denies he was late to meet Queen Elizabeth.

Idea for midterms: Democrats should straight-up steal republican branding.

How the grotesque online culture wars fuel populism

Fact Checker Analysis: Has the Trump administration repealed 22 regulations for each new one?

Sorry to Bother You. Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Just how corrupt is this admin...

Wholesome Genie Makes Wishes Come True, But He Does It With A Twist

Mayan mystery solved...

'The Politics of Hate'

'Insidious': Emails Show White House Lied, About US Poverty Levels, To Discredit Critical UN Report

Ignoring Trumps warnings, Russian troops have been moving a disputed boundary deeper into Georgia,

(Jewish Group) Marching for immigration

Who the hell is this Sarah Jeong?

(Jewish Group) Blaze Bernstein was killed because he was gay, prosecutors say

I Was A Trump Troll:

(Jewish Group) Jeremy Corbyn Purports To Defend Minorities. What About Jews?

Happy 92nd birthday, Anthony Dominick Benedetto.

Brazil's Largest Arms Trafficker Sentenced to 12.8 Years in U.S.

If you don't already love @JasonKander, this little ditty should help you out. 🔥

professional goats casually takeover a Boise neighborhood, going house to house eating everything

Brazen stupidity...

Thank God for taped archives...

Personally, I don't believe polls....

This Is How Much Dark Matter Passes Through Your Body Every Second

Didn't Trump say the trade deficit fell?

I know we wish and believe it should be worse but Trump is at 41.5 at 538

Why does M$Greedia play clips of Don the Con calling them fake

20 years of hate explode ...

Coast Guard icebreaker funding reallocated to US-Mexico border wall

What about the tariffs?

When people are snarling and threatening people who want to provide them heathcare

Brexit: Putin's dream fulfilled

Trump blindsided staff with promise to halt elephant trophy imports

Ignatius: Is latest Trump, Kim sweet talk sweet nothings?

Cops called on 10 yr old selling cookies to buy school clothes.

Accountant Cindy Laporta at Manafort's trial a bit ago:

Died, on this day in 2006, Arthur Lee

Poll: Majority disapproves of Trump, GOP's handling of deficit

2 Florida Cops Plead Guilty To Framing Innocent Black Teen For Burglaries


I have an idiot as my Congressman here in York, PA too!

How a twitter argument begins and how it ends

Trump's Inaccurate Claims About Highways, Immigration and Beyonc From a Pennsylvania Rally

Richard Cordray (OH-GOV) campaign ad: "Jobs"

Towns see economic boon from more private ICE lockups

CBS local in San Francisco is streaming Nia Wilson's funeral

Why the UPS 2018 contract sucks!

It's not just Finland

Can U Touch This?

UPS Teamsters Take On Two-Tier

I am Gov. O'Malleys biggest fan..but I have a new fav for 2020 for President..

How Georgia's Race For Governor Will Be Won

Colorized pixs from the past

Under Trump's watch, the U.S. is on track for the highest trade deficit in 10 years

FBI releases heavily redacted documents on Christopher Steele

Trump administration reverses rule that banned pesticide use in wildlife refuges

Twitter Celebrates the 128 Grandson Rescued in Argentina

cop punches naked mentally unstable women in hospital like a prize fighter.. suspended.

Chile becomes first Latin America country to ban commercial use of plastic bags

That's low.

Maria Butina says she was 'middleman' between Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Manafort trial day 4: Accountant concedes possible wrongdoing, Manafort's double life

70 years ago, a Navajo veteran helped earn Native Americans the right to vote in New Mexico

Georgetown gives full ride to gay high school valedictorian kicked out by his parents

What The Press Pool Should Say to Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Democrats delight in Koch-Trump feud

Aide behind Melania's #BeBest campaign leaves after 7 months

Banks are preparing for house prices to fall by a third after Brexit

GOP congressional nominee in Illinois is a Sandy Hook and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist

Any thoughts on "Follow the Money" on MTP Daily?

'I Hope You Get Raped and Killed': MSNBC's Katy Tur Details the Vicious Threats She Receives Because

Voter commission member says White House voter fraud statements were false

"My body, not your crime scene!"

Did Butina Cause a Leadership Shake-up at the NRA?

Member of Trump's former voter fraud commission publishes trove of records: ZERO EVIDENCE of fraud

Where is the best place to find out....

*** Breaking Brand New Poll*** IPSOS Generic Ballot- Democrats 45 % (All Russia People's Front) 35%

Judge rejects Trump's ACLU nonsense. "100%" responsibility for separated families

Kids These Days: Unruly Goats Graze Hell Across Suburban Boise

Federal judge says Trump must fully restore DACA

Revenue at Trump's New York hotel boosted by visit from Saudi prince: report

**August Photography Contest** Submission Thread - SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED

What's Your Cleaning Music?

Judge says Trump team '100 percent' responsible for finding deported immigrant parents

**August Photography Contest** Comment Thread

Smithfield Foods Ordered To Pay $473.5M For Pig Stench

Carl Bernstein: 'What We Are Watching in the Trump Presidency Is Worse Than Watergate'

A federal judge has ruled that the Trump admin must full restore the DACA program.

Donald Trump Gets Brutal Geography Lesson After Great Britain Gaffe

It's always open season on black people by the police in America.

Video: Louisiana Cops Strangle Black Man to Death for Asking to See Arrest Warrant

FBI releases 71 pages of Steele dossier, heavily redacted.

Bipartisanshio alive and well protecting critical infrastructure

WATCH: Video shows Louisiana cops pulling man off tractor and choking him to death while serving exp

Fox "News" editor: We should stop having reporters at Trump rallies

21st Century Lynching

Campaign Site for GOP Lawmaker Touts Fake Award from Sacha Baron Cohen

Fun with eggs

Ari has both Ted Lieu and Stephanie Miller on now n/t

WaPost: Under Trump's watch, the U.S. is on track for the highest trade deficit in 10 years

Melania's policy director leaves the White House

Parkland kid Emma announces NRA HQ march

This is what I thought of when I saw the 'Q' signs at the trump rally.

Takes more than two brain cells...

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 3, 2018

The Big Con is fighting for his very personal life...

Recommend an audible book,please

Judge grants BuzzFeed's motion to compel testimony from Comey & others re: Trump Dossier

Yep, they're that stupid....

This Unlikely Pair Was Found Huddling Together After They Survived a California Wildfire

Pure evil...

Give them the 12 billion Wall money...

Worse than Watergate...

Biblical - Dust storm slams into Phoenix, Arizona

Swiss police urge owners to put dogs in shoes during heatwave

Ex-mayor to be Brazil presidential candidate if Lula is barred: source

Update on the Yellowstone fool.

Close Panda Express on Sundays...

12-year-old 'genius' enters Mexican university

Who would have thought....

Age test

NYT: *Hotels Grapple with Racial Bias Like Major Brands Uber, Starbucks, Airbnb

Here's My Take on 2016 Election and Why We Will Have A Blue Wave in 2018

MSNBC Programming Note

In case you wondered what Paul Manafort's 15k ostrich skin jacket looks like

Watch QAnon Followers Try to Explain Their Absolutely Bonkers, Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory

Question for CA Red Districts:

August 2-13, Bedminster: Taxpayer-funded vacation all he ever wanted. Vacation, had to get away.

I just realized, Putin's gift for meddling in the elections was a Great White Elephant nt

Parkland School Shooting Report Must Be Released To Public, Judge Rules

Cute animals eating watermelon

Baking Day

I keep hearing that CNN has a liberal bias. Well, you know why?

KS-03: Kansas City Star endorses Sharice Davids for Congress

Manafort accountant testifies she helped falsify tax records

March of Dimes Pulls Millions in Funding From Unsuspecting Scientists, Blames Budget Problems

Obama's birthday tomorrow

A perfect recreation of that scene from Lady and the Tramp

Tropical forest canopies get hotter than expected, putting wildlife at risk

OMG Quislings Anonymous started DU to concentrate the smartest Democrats in one place!!!

Tropical forest canopies get hotter than expected, putting wildlife at risk

While We Worry About Honeybees, Other Pollinators Are Disappearing

How I Got Sucked Into the Alternative Universe of QAnon

A Top Medical University in Japan Has Been Lowering Women's Test Scores For Years: Reports

Hmm, seems legit...

Commercial Spaceships Are Like 'Driving an iPhone,' New Astronaut Says

8 Science-Backed Tips to Keep Your Feet From Burning on Hot Sand

A Mysterious, Powerful Force Is Flinging Radio Waves at Us from Deep Space

Trump associate socialized with alleged Russian agent Maria Butina in final weeks of 2016 campaign

Each tropical tree species specializes in getting the nutrients it needs

Angolan War Criminal Called In As Character Witness To Manafort Fraud Trial

Q has been found.

A mountain of evidence points in one direction: Russia sought to sway the 2016 US election

The EPA's twisted logic argues against environmentally friendly cars