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2019 Freshmen US Senate Seniority List if 2018 is a Democratic tsunami/wave.

I noticed something in the ABC report on Aretha Franklin's funeral...

Texas says it won't fund education for children in shelters

Donald Trump cancels planned November visit to Australia

Trump calls North Carolina redistricting ruling 'unfair'

Since we won't be talking much about John McCain here after tomorrow

In lieu of an "economic anxiety"-just note that people hear & understand what the potus is saying...

Haberman: Most people close to WH think TRUMP leaked the off-the-record comments to Bloomberg.

'Ghost ship' runs aground on Myanmar coast

Texas teachers unions sue education agency over charter partnership law

Dirty Don has really put himself in a box.

Senate cancels postal service hearing; Trump's Amazon crusade delayed

Keith Ellison accused of "narcissistic abuse." This is just going too far!!!

Dallas man defrauded children's nutrition program out of $2.5 million, authorities say

Former GOP leader in Connecticut resigns from party: 'I blame President Trump'

Comparisons - on the day one is eulogized and the other is envious

St. Louis prosecutor says police asked for 'exclusion list' of officers

Friday Talking Points (498) -- Remembering John McCain, Good And Bad

How big is Missouri's Senate race? It's the top target of outside spending, nationwide

NYT Edit: Straining to Keep Faith With America - John McCain knew that we are better than Trump.

Tock Tick - Kurt Vonnegut from Slaughter House 5



Donald Trump and lying

Is pumping more sand onto NC beaches causing deadly currents?

Just have to say this ...

Republicans have sold out the USA...

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Remember Me!

Articles from my local newspaper (enemy of people & assault rifles)

Was this 'guilty'Patten ReTHUG one of the gang in Florida in 2000

Ron Howard: Trump Will Bankrupt the U.S. But Get Richer Himself

Lake Norman the world's largest man-made lake? That's what Trump says.

Celine Dion-Metallica (Smoosh-Up)

O'Rourke: Texas should lead the way on true criminal justice reform [Opinion]

Trump notifies Congress of trade deal with Mexico

Pinball Wizard/Folsom Prison Blues Schmoosh Up !

Can Dem candidates avoid representing themselves as a referendum on Rump this November?

Lesbians Harassed by Antigay Neighbors Paint House Rainbow

Rising Dem Star Andrew Gillum Takes Five-Point Lead In Florida Over Trump Clone Ron DeSantis



They are all fucking nuts...

Robocalls Tied to Neo-Nazi Group Target Gillum

A big brother doesn't let his disability stop him from helping his sister.


O'Rourke: Texas should lead the way on true criminal justice reform [Opinion]

Chuck Todd getting ripped apart on social media

Democrats accuse Republicans of leaking communications that could put confidential source at risk

Does Lawrence O'Donnell take EVERY Friday night off?

Manafort associate paid Trump inauguration $50,000 in Ukrainian cash

Lana Del Rey pulls out of Israeli festival after backlash

Hillary Clinton: Check for screening of "Active Measures"

Jimmy Fallon, Metallica & The Roots Sing "Enter Sandman" (Classroom Instruments)

Who Is America? Barney Frank Interview Reaction

Am I Evil?

State Democrats Reach Millions of Voters

Trump administration withholds 100K Kavanaugh pages

Who accounted for the high Florida primary turnout? This group may be part of the answer

Since it seems we're doing musical smoosh-ups... My two faves

The Hillary 12 vs. the Donald 7: meet the districts that may decide control of the Minnesota House

Kavanaugh won't commit to recusal from Trump, Mueller-related matters

If Trump is still Russia's puppet, are things like promoting violence coming from Trump or Putin?

Watching Ali on MSNBC

Pence Quotes Bible In Response to New Book

No wonder Donald Trump thinks he is irresistible to women ...

Watch This New Device Print Using Sound Waves

America's Lakes Are Losing Their Blue Hue as Waters Shift to Murky Greenish-Brown

How does a bill work?

Dear Texans: Beto O'Rourke Will Actually LOOK OUT For You! Ted Cruz Will Only EMBARRASS You.

testing 1, 2, 3

Ancient Mayan Clearcutting Still Impacts Carbon in Soil Today

That Ariana Grande video is all over the place and I've seen it a few times now...

Ancient Mayan Clearcutting Still Impacts Carbon in Soil Today

Pence is so disrespectful

Why I Quit The GOP - Trump is simply the worst president our country has had -- ever.

Sea-Star Murdering Robots Are Deployed in the Great Barrier Reef

Laurence Tribe: The DOJ information against Sam Patten opens up new facets of Mueller's probe...

Revealed: Late pop star Marc Bolan would sometimes bang a gong without getting it on, and vice versa

NYT columnist: 'More outright white nationalists than black people' in Trump administration

For The First Time, Biologists Track Cownose Rays To Florida And Back

"Superpower Glass" Helps Kids With Autism Understand Emotions

Friday Night White Russian-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Mueller is not under any obligation...

Historical question about Watergate, the FBI, the CIA, and Department of Justice.

McCain "the use of torture compromises that which most distinguishes us from our enemies..."

Shall we talk the funerals today???

I just finished watching Active Measures. Please watch it NOW!!!

The horror! Pence is hugging a woman not his wife

Dear Canadians: I sincerely hope you know that most Americans love and respect you,

Experts in Mexico confirm nearly 1,000-year-old Mayan text is real

I was watching the funeral for the Great Aretha Franklin

Experts in Mexico confirm nearly 1,000-year-old Mayan text is real

FLIPPABLE: Duke Nguyen for Orange County (CA) Sheriff

Guatemala: President Sabotages Fight for Justice

Here's a Principal who knows how to relate!

Dean Phillips, running for congress- CD3-Minnesota. Great Ad Video!

Papdapoulous defendant's sentencing memorandum released

Michigan State avoids Utah State upset with late TD in wild 38-31 win

MA-07: Pressley trying to be 1st Black woman from Mass. in Congress

Argerich plays and Sokolov plays: J.S. Bach's "English Suite No. 2"/ 2 from Saint-

Watch These Frustrated Squirrels Go Nuts! Deep Look

Fourth-grader dies minutes after posing for back-to-school photo

California lawyer posts extremely racist sh*t then surprised by backlash

Critically Endangered macaw afforded protection

From "House of Putin, House of Trump"

Critically Endangered macaw afforded protection

Joe Tilley 'asked for shaman' before falling to his death

Here's something that I want to know about the Alt Right and Qanon truthers.

NY Books: The Flynn Tapes: A New Tell

Trump/GOP Out To Destroy Federal Civil Service System/Turn It Back To Patronage Jobs.

Texas restaurant apologizes, fires employee accused of taunting customers with gay slur

I'm old Florida and I know what Monkey Up means.

Mickey Gilly "Room Full of Roses."

Brooks and Dunn "You're gonna miss me"

I just realized something horrifying... If Trump isn't impeached

Indiana Line

Melania Trump Humiliated By Donald Disses At Aretha Franklin's Funeral -- 'It Really Stings'

Finally! Barack Obama's Back!!!

If Trump Gets His Way Hillary Could Be In Jail. The Attack On DOJ & FBI Amounts To A Purge.

Donald vs Ted vs Donald

Trump asks judge to dismiss NY AG lawsuit over Trump Fdn., b/c AG Schneiderman criticized him

Court upholds Texas high schools' right to add Bible verses to cheer signs

Why so many people are coming to see Beto O'Rourke (WP)

President Donald Trump's Disapproval Soars, Robert Mueller Approval Solid - The Last Word - MSNBC

Task force finds meth in former Mexican cop's car

Arkansas governor's nephew leaves state Senate amid charges

The Daily Show: Rep. Jim Hines (D-CT 4th) - Why Gun Deaths Are a Uniquely American Problem

The Story That Set President Donald Trump Off Today - The Last Word - MSNBC

Different judge sought in Arkansas Medicaid lawsuit

The Daily Show: Adam Schiff - Investigating Russia's Role in the 2016 Election

The Trumps are going to jail being very bitter people.

They won't stop! Now, a white supremacist group is making robocalls re: Tibbett's death.

Boom Boom/How Many More Times

Donald Trump Had A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week (Again) - MSNBC

Texas town is scrutinized over blocking Muslim cemetery plan

Papadopoulos says Sessions supported Putin campaign meeting, asks for most lenient sentence

Hundreds turn out for Beto O'Rourke's town hall in Navasota

Eight dead after Greyhound bus and truck crash head-on in New Mexico

My Back Pocket

Lula: Brazil's jailed ex-leader barred from presidential race by electoral court

Judge: No Twin Peaks shootout cases to be held in his court under DA Reyna

Robert Mueller Gets Another Guilty Plea Flip Following Foreign Money - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

All The Way To Nowhere

Prosecutor offered probation to Baylor fraternity president accused of sexual assault in 2016

World Keeps Moving On

Venezuela's #2 doubles down on stupid: There is no humanitarian crisis, nor exodus.

Panhandle corn farmers disappointed by trade aid

Import Tariffs Kill the Last Ford Focus for the US Market

Aretha Franklin's Funeral Kicked Off With a Tribute From Over 100 Pink Cadillacs

Judge blocks governor's effort to defund Planned Parenthood

FL-GOV: Andrew Gillum eyes possible running mates to join them in Florida governor's race

Guilty: Manafort Ally Helped Foreign Payment To Trump Inauguration - The Beat - MSNBC

Tomi Lahren: You Can't Impeach Trump Because He Won The Election

My car is a hedge-walker

Lawyers of "young George" beg judge for mercy and accuse Jeff Sessions of lying under oath.

Witnesses to their own execution?

I'm really looking forward to watching President Obama today!

Thousands of Vietnamese, including offspring of US troops, could be deported under tough Trump...

Kerry Won't Rule Out White House Bid

Dems vow rules overhaul to empower members if House flips

DeVos says she won't block schools from using federal money to buy guns

'Whoever wins South Carolina will be the Democratic nominee'

Frum to Potus: You don't lose because you lose your base - that's why it's called your "base."

Papadopoulos says Sessions & Trump okayed Kremlin connection, wife begs for pardon

Wouldn't be grand if on Labor day all americans who love their country send "resign" to trump's

"You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again..."

California lawmakers send strict 'net neutrality' laws to governor

Deuce retires.

New ABC/WaPo poll: 60% disapprove of Trump, 36% approve, 63% support Mueller probe

Des Moines Register Runs Don Jr. Article, Fact Checks Him Mid-Column

illinois GOP eating their own, wonderful to see

Is Trump headed for Phoenix today?:

Tweety is the anchor for the McCain funeral service coverage

another sterotype

A powerful moment: Nancy Pelosi escorts Congressman Sam Johnson of TX to casket of John McCain.

Today marks just 14 days left...

Jacksonville video game shooter (I refuse to use his name) had 26 police callouts to his home

Gladys Knight Clarifies Cancer Comment at Aretha Franklin Funeral

Trump hails unions, touts trade moves in Labor Day message

Trump admin withholds 100,000+ pages of Kavanaugh Bush WH records on "presidential privilege" basis

Donald Trump is graciously applauding John McCain's life on twitter this morning

ABC Unveils First Teaser For Roseanne Spinoff The Conners

For your review

What does it mean that "money was funneled" into Trump Inauguration from foreign sources?

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

Flooding &---** 1st snow of season falls in Pacific Northwest

More leaks discovered at troubled SC nuclear fuel factory; feds investigating

Donald Trump must hate all the paeans to McCain the way Old Scratch hates Easter Sunday.

Locked Up Abroad: Ernie Brace and John McCain

Maybe Trump will try to fire Mike Pence for attending an event that Trump isn't allowed to attend.

Beto could actually beat Cruz...

Democratic Gov Candidate Plays Up Education, Rural Initiatives as Fall Approaches

given that sports

Man who blocked the camera of Protesters at Trump rally was a volunteer, married to Pence staffer..

hey trump! Here's your chance to get rid of Sessions!

President non grata.

Jared and IVanka are at the funeral? Really?

In mountains of Guatemala, searching for parents deported from U.S. without children

Ivanka and Jared just walked into The National Cathedral.

Russia Is Co-opting Angry Young Men

Watch Live: Funeral Service for Sen. John McCain

Ingraham suggests having the government take over Facebook and Twitter 'like public utilities'

trump has been 100% marginalized today.....

Wow...after 9 hour Aretha Franklin funeral, Hillary & Bill Clinton are at McCain's funeral

The maw of reality is opening up on trump - 538 disapproval/approval graph.

Hilton Head woman running for mayor explains 'admiring' Hitler comments: 'I'm not a Nazi'

and I'm sorry, but " * " still looks so completely clueless.....

The 10 recipes our readers loved most this summer (Washington Post)

Trump's Asia Summit Snub Fuels Doubts About U.S. Commitment

The processional as the family is walking into the Cathedral is "the Girl With The Flaxen Hair"

Well...class just made an appearance...Cindy McCain moves down the pew

OMG I just saw three American Presidents at the McCain funeral - Obama Dubya Clinton

This must be eating the Idiot alive!

As I am watching the funeral of senator John McCain through tear drops

McCain staged his death like the final act of Shakespeare's Richard III

WOW... Meghan is giving it to DT.... Very poised but emphatic: Updated with video

Whoee! Meghan scorched that orange asshole right out of the gate!

Why do they continue to put these people on TeeVee?

"With all due respect . . ." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

I predict that one day soon, this phrase will be an insult

P.A. Republican County Official Resigns After Calling NFL Players 'Baboons' on Facebook: Reports

P.A. Republican County Official Resigns After Calling NFL Players 'Baboons' on Facebook: Reports

The Comma!

The first Americans were the indigenous people

cheney and kissinger in the same room....

The Beto Song

Happy Birthday to Governor Ann Richards

"America doesn't need to be made great again because America was always great."

The America of John McCain does not need to be made great again

Ouch! Meghan just smacked dotard in the face!

America has no need to be made great again because America was always great

Poll by sinking poll, Trump inches toward impeachment

John McCain brilliantly orchestrated his funeral, but

"America doesn't need to be made great again. It was always great."


But none so unlikeable as he...

"The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again, because America was always great."

This funeral is about the America we like to think we are...

Pet Chickens problem. My daughter got into hobby chickens.

misguided loyalty to his master

Lieberman is falling flat after Meghan McCain.

Thread by @SethAbramson:

Top immigration official lost job over anti-Muslim posts on Facebook: report

BREAKING: 'Staffers pin president to ground. Screams, "I want fucking phone back!"' nt

Trump apparently couldn't handle a.m. TV

Midway through Meghan McCain's eulogy Donnie headed to golf

Is that Dick Cheney sitting next to Hillary?

Hillary looks great! I love her hair style!

Megan McCain . Eulogy full speech

It's not that I dislike Joe Lieberman which I mostly do but his eulogy is flat.

TV showed jarvanka while Lieberman talked about McCain's vote on ACA

Does Carpet Belong in a Church?

McCain memorial: 'The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again'

Manafort associate paid Trump inauguration $50,000 in Ukrainian cash

Kissinger to speak!

Not to be morbid, but if DT is hating this, George H. W Bush may not be far behind...

John Kelly is at the funeral.

Oh, god no! Effing Kissinger.

Amsterdam stabbing: Pair injured on Friday revealed as Americans

Dubya looks awfully comfortable

Has any President in history ever been snubbed in this manner?

Teacher sentenced for assaulting boy over Pledge of Allegiance

"The funeral of Fred Trump wasn't about Fred Trump"

Trumpy up bright and early tweeting on Mccain funeral day...

Kissinger is a war criminal who needlessly prolonged the war and McCain's captivity.

Trump quotes RW talk host Dan Bongino: "This is the scandal here - a police state"

In the middle of McCain's funeral service, trump is tweeting about NAFTA!

Bagpipes . . . .

Reports: Bears expected to acquire Khalil Mack from Raiders

Trump's Friday Night Document Massacre

UGH, let me know when war monger * has stopped spewing!

Fox news can play this charade only so long

W got a couple of good gut punches in too.

Obama to the podium...

President speaks...


We miss you terribly Mister President.

Obama - What a breath of fresh air.

This McCain photo from today

Obama is all but naming the names of

(Analysis of NC) It's the turnout, stupid

Homeopathic products test positive for urinary tract and antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Authors I like who recently died--DickFrancis, DianaWynneJones, BMichaels/EPeters,DorothyDunnet

Viva Obama!

Thanks Obama.

A rebuke to the politics of division and hate.

So what's next?

In death, McCain has done a final great service to the country

Dammit! I was listening to that!

I believe the final speaker will be the Senator's son Jack. He will give John's final words as

Trump wants "How Great Thou Art" sung at his funeral, also.

W and dear Michelle.....they do have chemistry and a little thing going on...

Transcript of Meghan McCain's Eulogy

Donald Trump at golf club as John McCain family honors late senator at National Cathedral

Lindsay On Podium

Wow... that was it? Lindsey didn't get much time, no eulogy, only a 10 second reading

US-Canada trade talks miss deadline

Besides OBAMA & Shrub, McCAIN missed *really* zinging SHITLER: Shoulda had Hillary speaking!1

Thanks, media, for shoring up Trump's base

Surprise score for George W. Bush

Trump furiously tweeting during the McCain memorial.

Calls for protests and cancellation of Irish visit

After listening to President Obama, now Trumpsters can you see what a reaL PRESIDENT

Renee Fleming!

Renee Fleming - wow!

His funeral problem

"Oh Danny Boy".

Danny Boy was so

Oh my. Cindy McCain weeping and putting her head on her son's shoulder.

Fans panic, stadium cleared after gunshot rumor at Dutch Fork-Irmo football game

How sad is it when two funerals are diversions from the Trumphead

American democracy vs. ignorance

"...and confirm thy soul with self-control"

Did you see John's Mother proudly singing "America"

His summer from hell

Letting Vegetables Speak for Themselves

No funeral for a public figure has affected me like this since JFK in 1963.

TV's Frank on Trump's Eventual Funeral

"Young George" Papadopoulos Wants "Mercy and Compassion"

Great recessional - Holst's "I Vow To Thee My Country"

John McCain's Celebration of Life, a legacy of uniting all that is right and good in us.

Henry Kissinger and Cindy McCain

And John said, smiling,

Western countries urge calm after deadly Tripoli clashes

I wonder why President Carter isn't there?

Does anybody know if Javanka were actually invited, or did they just show up?

My Top Three Moments

Is this the first time CNN didn't patter all over a solumn event? nt

Brazilian court bars Lula from presidential election

They played Jupiter from Holst's 'The Planets' at McCain's funeral

I hate first games of college football

Inquiring minds what to know what was going on here...

President Barack Obama's tribute to Senator John McCain -- FULL VIDEO

Renee Fleming's Performance at John McCain's Funeral

Report: Lakers, Luol Deng finalizing buyout as part of waive-and-stretch provision

Carving up the bird - Early Thanksgiving post

Trump said many bad things about McCain, ....

Mini-Tiger (size not there, but spirit is)

Arrives at golf course as funeral underway

Happy National Gyro 🥙 Day!

San Diego area rescue operations...

"Wake up Donnie..."

DOJ Lawyer: Steele Said Russian Intelligence Believed It Had Tяump 'Over A Barrel'

This was my favorite eulogy of Senator McCain

My local weather: Tonight there will be a 35% chance of a marvelous night for a moondance

-- There is no doubt Trump was impeached today at McCain's services.


Michael Cohen Makes $7 Million Flipping Apartments While Crying Broke On GoFundMe

Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers (NYT)

There was a subtle Shakespearean quality to today's memorial service

But Wait, There's More

AZ-SD28: Introducing State Senate nominee Christine Marsh

Grassroots Candidate Tweet of the Day

"Above all, John detested the abuse of power. He could not abide bigots and swaggering despots."

Former McCain aides praise memorial service as 'America's rebuke' to the 'meanness & cruelty' ...

Shocking: Trump playing golf today!

Trump's base already busy attacking Meghan McCain

Some thoughts growing from the funeral of an American hero.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Trump's tight, lonely corner

I learned, today, what Meghan McCain and I have in common

The movie "First Man," about Neil Armstrong...

Trump's Funeral

U.S. companies blast Trump China tariff costs

82nd airborne is here we may have to cook a slab of lab the boog

I have taken to calling him by his legal name: Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Howard Dean explains how the GOP could finally turn on the president

John McCain's funeral was not only honoring McCain

President Barack Obama eulogy at Senator John McCain's memorial service (VIDEO)

Lessons of the Heart?

Trump's Base of Deplorables Haz an Angry!

Steve Schmidt......REPUDIATE or VALIDATE this Administration in November...

It would be wonderful if Aretha's celebration of life were available on line somewhere

Trump again threatens to leave Canada out of new NAFTA deal

'We are hungry to win': Democratic leaders can't wait for November

Somebody help my poor memory

What's with Bishop Charles Ellis groping Ariana during the funeral service?

HuffPo: Why Bernie Sanders And Tucker Carlson Agree On Food Stamps They have a common enemy: Amazon.

Spanky early this morning.

MA-03: Massachusetts Democrats Strain to Stand Out in Rare Open-Seat Race

Update on my Navage experience


Just a thought after

George W. Bush sneaking a piece of candy to Michelle Obama at McCain funeral goes viral

So that's what an actual presidential President sounds like?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked for tweet honoring the late John McCain

I probably have breast cancer (again)

Ana Navarro on hypocrisy of White House Staffers attending McCain funeral services

NYT- Bruce Ohr was part of a secret FBI investigation into

Can we be honest about McCain for a minute? If it weren't for Trump...

Long ago and far away . . .

1 horsepower vs 18 manpower.

Who Is America? How To Be Liberal And Defeat ANTIFA Reaction

They are even trying to throw doubt on plea agreements

First ever trials on the effects of microdosing LSD set to begin

Daniel Dale: I'd said I wasn't going to say anything about my source for the quotes Trump made...

Meghan McCain scorches Trump at Senator John McCain's memorial service (VIDEO)

(Jewish Group) 74th Anniversary Of Liquidation Of Lodz Ghetto Commemorated In Poland

Daniel Dale just tweeted that Bloomberg journalists were NOT his source for OTR comments

'Jewtropolis': antisemitic hack hits map used by Snapchat and Citi Bike

Presidential & VP RSVPs for tRumphole's funeral

Agents Tried to Flip Russian Oligarchs. The Fallout Spread to Trump.

The FBI & Justice Dept tried to flip Oleg Deripaska. Christopher Steele and Bruce Ohr were involved.

Democrats nearly match Republicans in Florida primary turnout

Bought a new storm door

TX doctor's posts re: race/gender

Just when you think pro-Trump memes can't get any dumber...

What is this piece of music?

Ken Cuccinelli attacks Meghan McCain on Twitter:

A one stop treasury of zingers at SHITLER from two funerals

Here's our donation list for September. What are yours??

NYT reporter: Lindsey Graham invited Ivanka & Jared to funeral, cleared it with Cindy McCain

Seth Abramson on Pappadopoulos sentencing

Concern over endangered orcas blows up approval of Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada

He nodded at suggestion of Putin meeting

Renee Fleming performs 'Danny Boy' at McCain funeral -- video

Chicago Tribune Wins Most Accurate Headline of the Week

The funeral I can't get out of my mind this week

Fight for tax returns heating up

Asia Summit Snub Fuels Doubts About US Commitment

I wonder what went through Ivanka's head today as her father was implicitly roasted.

Childhood friend being treated for pancreatic cancer. Vietnam era Marine combat vet.

A bee and a sunflower

McCain was the GOP nominee for president! Surely....

Saudi-UAE coalition admits Yemen school bus bombing 'unjustified'

Stephen Biegun tutored Palin on foreign policy; now leading Trump's push to denuclearize

Jill is raising rubles again

GOP Lawmaker Tweets Out Reporter's Number After Questioning on Membership in Racist Facebook Group

It has now been revealed what the Vanka half of Jarvanka was doing at McCain's funeral.

US Senators up for re-election in 2020 who is likely to retire and their likely successor.

Tweet of the day


The Deplorables are upset about the so called politicization of John McCain's funeral.

Watching From the Earth To the Moon and just realized how depressed I feel over U no hoo

Trump Supporters Rip John McCain's Funeral Service Over Trump Criticisms: 'PATHETIC'

I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned

Withholding 100,000 pages of Kavanaugh's White House records

Symphony #9 "From the New World" Antonn Dvork

Lindsay Graham invited Jarvanka.

Deplorables are saying Senator McCain asked Barack Obama to eulogize him to spite Trump.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 1, 2018

Pierce: John McCain's Funeral Was a Council of War--Just as He Meant It to Be

IMO, DT45 is suffering from the same problem as Nader..Misery.

rode in the Tour de Fat with my grandson today

VA-10: National Republicans Consider Cutting Off "Impossible to Salvage" Barbara Comstock

Have you been following the Capuano vs Pressley primary?

Tech-Support Scams Prompt Google to Act (Important, really)

KS-03: Yoder complaining that national Republicans aren't help enough against Sharice

The rule for visiting Trump's grave

Seth Abramson: Sessions may be cooperating with Mueller.

Jill Stein is tweeting as frantically as DT is about the Russia investigation being a "distraction"

I guess when you've got "LOLcat" kind of money, you can afford your own bodyguard.

Double Concerto Johannes Brahms

CA-45: Sweating out a close race, GOP Rep. Mimi Walters ties wildfires to climate change

Racist Laura Ingraham.....Ron DeSantis owed apology for being a racist.....

While driving through Akron, Ohio, today

if Blue Wave happens, what is the first thing Dems should do?

Kavanaugh Cases: Sided With Big Business 76%, Against Public Interest 87%, Public Citizen Reports

Hats Off To (Roy) Harper

Lovebird getting ready for big date.

Beto is winning the Texas yard sign battle and local Republicans are not happy

Certain diabetes drugs must warn of deadly flesh-eating genital infection, FDA says

Do you think the response to McCain would have been as great if he'd died during Obama's presidency?

John McCain's Funeral Was the Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet

Some things just transcend, especially when we find ourselves in the position we are in.

Flake tweets photo of Obama, Bush, Clinton at McCain's funeral: 'Decency wins'

Did Ivanka & Jared walk to the McCain service?

Clergy abuse survivors push for federal investigation into Catholic Church (article)

Former Vatican official says Pope knew about meeting with Kim Davis

A suggestion for dealing with Trump cultists...

John McCain hosting SNL tonight

Netflix streaming issues

The problem with "veiled" insults at Trump

Question for people who can stand to watch Faux noise

Don't do this to your kids...

Call for protests during Donald Trump's visit to Ireland

car burglar

How the Queen of England Paid Tribute to the Queen of Soul

" A fascist, a bigot, and a perv walk into into a bar...

Piano Concerto #5 "Emperor" Ludwig van Beethoven

John Kerry won't rule out a 2020 White House run..

US House Committee chairs if Democrats regain control of the US House this year.

Tennessee hospital faces lawsuit after doctor allegedly left surgical needle inside patient who died

Now we're talking college football...Notre Dame vs Michigan.....

2020 AZ US Senate Special Election