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Archives: September 10, 2018

Some thoughts on Alt-right Trolling.

Torrent of stormwater spills from Foxconn construction site after heavy weekend rains

Regarding Kavanaugh's debt and "gambling problems"

Cory Booker places staff in Iowa ahead of potential 2020 White House run

Trump to provide written answers under oath in Summer Zervos defamation lawsuit

Five Finger Death Punch-Blue on Black Cover

David Hogg: "When a teenager understands federal gun policy more the NRA...

U.S. President Trump Facing A 'Coup': Bannon

Les Moonves, Longtime CBS Chief, Steps Down

Agent Orange expected to declassify Carter Page and Bruce Ohr documents

Putin's Killer Spies Have Finally Gone Too Far

tRump is correct about Obama

A lot of today's "conservatives" aren't conservative, don't stand for anything really

huricane/trop storm olivia - here we go again...wind and rain and wind and rain...

How to refer to some groups.

Anyone watching Iran-Contra on MSNBC?

Let's be careful out there!

Hunter defense involving prosecutors at Clinton fundraiser likely a non-starter, experts say

Watch Florence grow and strengthen

Trump Reportedly Plans on Declassifying Bruce Ohr and Carter Page Documents

*All the President's Men Revisited, on MSNBC @ 10:00.

Nearly a third think he acted illegally in 2016

worth a second look...

Track of Hurricane Florence

Just when you thought the Nike ads were getting out of control, they come out with this.....

I despise Donald J. Trump

Dallas officer charged with manslaughter

Justice Clarence Thomas is speaking to the Federalist Society right now! (yesterday)

The bad seed

Lest we forget . . .

Colin Kaepernick praises anthem protesters as Trump renews NFL attacks

Take A Health & Wellbeing Break from the Trump Circus/Fiasco

7 Wounded Including 2 British Tourists In Paris Knife Attack: Sources

I was going to make up some shit and post stuff as true with no idea whether it was or not in

MSNBC is running the Watergate story again. About making the movie about it.

Operation "Muddy The Waters" continues....

The Oliver Wendell Holmes version of The Star-Spangled Banner WILL NOT be sung at a Trump Rally.

Former Cruz strategist Rick Tyler: "It's possible" that Beto O'Rourke could win... "it's a race"

Seriously, these gender reveal parties are, well...

Dallas police officer arrested in shooting death of Botham Shem Jean

Remember that scene in THE PRISONER where the big balloon would chase people?

The only music suitable for the orange asshole's rallies

Daniel Dale: Here's Trump's public schedule for tomorrow.

5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Classical Music

DNC Chair: "Democracy Is On The Ballot" In 2018 Midterms

Hi, it's me, from the future again!

Storm the size of North Carolina when it arrives

On Thursday, NYS holds its Primary for State-elected officials...

Big plot hole in Amazon's new Jack Ryan series...(spoilers of ep. 7 and 8)


Anyone remember Hurricane Fran? This is setting up to be worse....

Aaron Rogers

Trump once again misunderstands trade. (Ford)

THREE hurricanes prowling the Atlantic now!

Perry to visit Moscow: Russian media

from Jamie Raskin:

All the President's (con)Men

The 1948 Norman Timbs Special

O'Rourke campaign: "Impostor" responsible for texts about helping undocumented immigrants vote

Miss America 2019...

So what is going on with declassifying Page and Ohr docs??

Abramson's interview on his new book "Proof of Collusion".

Working conditions at Amazon: Still as bad as ever (NBC)

239 pounds?

Link to tonight's Florence detailed forecast from Eastern NC TV station

Falcon 9 liftoff

Dallas officer faces manslaughter charge in fatal shooting of neighbor

Orange County high school football game, students brought racial, Trump signs, chanted "USA"

Another winner by Subaru

Another winner by Subaru

Ladies, how would you feel if a man who is not your father or s/o called you "Baby girl"

The White House and GOP House leaders are pushing a second tax reform before the midterms.

RNC asks court to keep recount plan for 2020 secret

Inside the GOP's rescue mission for Ted Cruz

Sigh. Kenner, LA bans city money being spent on Nike products for rec leagues.

Back to work...

Trump: Now Ford can build Focus in U.S.; Ford: That makes no sense

Pipeline dumps 8,000 gallons of jet fuel into Indiana river

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Felony Disenfranchisement

Michigan school districts battle widespread teacher shortages

Beto O'Rourke visits Aggieland

Uribe and Petro Spar over Paramilitaries in Northwestern Colombia

Miss Michigan creates splash with comment on state's water

The extraordinary criminal past of the Devon pilot who flew cocaine for Pablo Escobar

MSU receives $30M gift -- largest in school history from single donor

Voter data gathering reshapes Michigan politics, sparks privacy fears

U.S.A: Congressman Questions Response to Health Incidents in Cuba

Argentines seek soup kitchens, barter markets amid crisis

Argentines seek soup kitchens, barter markets amid crisis

Mike Collier, running against Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, eyes property tax loophole

A new glossary is needed, from minds such as ours.

Gun free UT signs face removal after University enforces signage policy

How black women are organizing to energize voters

Parking dispute pushes Houston art gallery owner to put up 'Gay Conversion Therapy' sign directed at

Jon Huntsman is most likely writer of the anonymous op-ed (based on themes, prose, tone & non-denial

I want to say something about Trump's fat ass.

Fred Rogers: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

At a Texas State town hall, college enthusiasm for O'Rourke was on display

Can anyone think of a single good quality trump has?

Timeline of suspected Russian plot to infiltrate NRA, GOP

I thanked the D.O.T doc for sleep study

GREAT we only have dads peanut butter

IU media school gets $6 million gift to start investigative reporting center

Mika Botham Jean was not an African-American man. He was an Afro- St Lucian

Comey defends decision in 2016 Clinton announcement at Sinai Forum in Michigan City

The guys are hinting at a personal day from eighth grade

South Bend landlord faces allegations of cheating renters

How black women are organizing to energize voters

Look!!! The new @Kaepernick7 ad on top of @Nike's store in San Francisco #justdoit "Believe in somet

Warsaw ghetto vandal to speak at Momentum's Corbyn festival

Bravo Miss Michigan

Gone get blowed away.

Join Blue Beginning as it sends the Democratic troops into the collar counties

Trump administration to take tough stance against International Criminal Court

Monday TOONs - Scaredy-Don Edition

A nod to Ohiogal post on September 6 first responder

Georgia school to bring back paddling

With lap dogs, neither the size of the dog, nor the size of the lap, is the most important factor.

Hopefully We Can Crack This Evil Egg & Cause Nervous Breakdown With Enough Pressure.

Trump Loses Independent Voters

Bolton to label International Criminal Court 'illegitimate': report

Tomorrow marks 17 years.

Everyone Asks if Anyone Has Ever Seen tRUMP Laugh, but...??

Trump calls Woodward book "assault against me," says he'll write his own book

Trump knocks Woodward book as 'total joke,' vows to write 'real book'

racism and sexism

"Deep Throat"

The Trump Administration Is Taking Aim at the International Criminal Court,

I watched Morning Joe because Manchin was scheduled to be interviewed and I

Trump: "I opened up our beautiful economic engine with Regulation and Tax Cuts."

Trump: "The White House is a "smooth running machine." The Dems are going crazy!"

The Cavalry Comes to Save Ted Cruz From Humiliation

Confirmation hearing highlights - by Tom Tomorrow

OxyContin creator being sued for 'significant role in causing opioid epidemic'

'Listen up, Mr. President: Tick, tock,' Warren tells Trump

Republican governor of Florida,Rick Scott

Lauren Underwood, R.N. goes up with first TV ad

Stunning article about Putin and Skripal

CIA Gets New Africa Drone Base for Expanded Strikes

Nancy Pelosi: As long as Trump is here, 'I'm here'

If Republicans loose big in November, who does Trump blame?

Trump's authority crisis deepens

"We have entered the black hole of social media."

Happier days at Eastern Illinois University

North Korea is still making nukes, and the Trump admin is taking a harder line

Letting the naltrexone roll for booze

The Rundown: September 7, 2018

Brendan Kelly up with 4th TV ad

Shhhh! Dem leaders don't want to say 'impeach.' Bill Clinton's case explains why.

High stakes as 2-month sprint to Election Day begins

Governor declares 2018 harvest emergency

'Scott Walker fatigue' haunts Republicans

What's going on?? (Banks and loans)

Russia protests: More than 1,000 detained, monitoring group says

Candidates that spend the most seem the more successful..

Could this conceivably be medically significant?

GOP attacks Obama, but doesn't defend Trump

On The Sidelines Of Democracy: Exploring Why So Many Americans Don't Vote

Ann Telnaes's delightful live-sketching of the Brett M. Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

How Michigan Became the Epicenter of the Modernist Experiment

In Chicago Shelters, Immigrant Kids Mull Escape -- Or Suicide

What do you think should happen with families at the border?

Conway Caught Lying (Twice!) About Military Pay Increase

Steve Schmidt warns 'kooks' will doom GOP in November: 'They have a lot of nutball candidates'

Back in the 50's when I was in grade school

Steve Bannon's big comeback: Fuel the European right and protect Trump -- against Republicans

Yes there is Major Hurricane Florence but were I in the GOM

Even this ultra-conservative judge rejects Trump's argument on DACA - WaPo Editorial Board

Someone told me I was below average.

Rep. Mia Love's campaign admits to improperly raising primary election funds

The Kavanaugh hustle

Happy National TV Dinner Day! 😋📺

Isn't Bob Woodward a republican?

54 years after her Supremes hit single, Diana Ross learns that her love went to Scranton

this should

The E.P.A.'s Review of Mercury Rules Could Remake Its Methods for Valuing Human Life and Health

Cartoon: Is Brett Kavanaugh A Serial Abortionist???

Hurricane Florence landfall estimated at 2 AM Friday

DeSantis Spoke at Racially-Charged Conferences

UT-04: Rep. Mia Love's campaign admits to improperly raising primary election funds

Does anyone else think that the anonymous NY Times article about Dump was written collectively

Joe Manchin (WV-SEN) campaign ad: "Dead Wrong"

Senate Republicans are doing all they can to destroy the legitimacy of the Supreme Court

I only asked one question

Mary Carillo on MSNBC: Serena was wrong, umpire was right

Trump 'almost sent tweet that North Korea would have seen as warning of attack'

Bob Woodward explains how Trump's detachment from reality has threatened national security

The longer I live and the more I see and hear,

MSNBC analysts: Woodward's book confirms Trump is unfit, but GOP won't do anything

Ordered my absentee ballot today

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 (World Suicide Prevention Day)

Pic Of The Moment: How Dare You Suggest That Ron DeSantis Is A Racist!

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

CNN Trump surrogate: If Obama wants to know why Trump won 'all he has to do is look in the mirror'

China Vows Retaliation If Trump Escalates Tariff Battle

Trump Admin Will Shutter Palestine Liberation Office In D.C.

Final recommendations for 600-seat Commons seat boundaries

Feinstein: Kavanaugh Thinks Trump Is An 'Oligarch' Who Can't Be Investigated

Under Trump, the jobs boom has finally reached blue-collar workers. Will it last?

The op-ed writer is just saying what Jared has seen himself as doing from day 1

For those in the hurricane Florence zones here is a nice wind/precip map

Michael Avenatti's Grand Plans: Would Base Presidential Campaign In St. Louis

What is the process for adding more justices to the SCOTUS?

So Much for the Sex Temptress Russian Spy? Prosecutors Admit to Major Screw-Up

Trump: "The Economy is soooo good." "Bob Woodward is a liar who is like a Dem operative."

We see how easy it is for this country to attack black women

NYT Editorial Board: Andrew Cuomo Owes Cynthia Nixon an Apology

Syria's Assad has approved use of chlorine gas in Idlib: report

"Shouldn't you be on your way to work by now?"

Why the Catholic Church can't move on from the sex abuse crisis

I think the Op-Ed writer is

For First Time as President, Trump to Answer Questions Under Oath

** A Rated Sienna Poll** Cuomo 63% Nixon 22 %

crowd funding for Collins opponent, should she vote to confirm

If an enemy wants to infiltrate, spy, disrupt, corrupt, launder money in America.

YOU SHALL NOT PASS ! - NOW, that's a mean stare and 100% intimidation

UPDATED: Hurricane Florence rapidly intensifies to Category 4, evacuation orders begin in N.C.

This is better than burning your Nikes to hurt the company's feelings


The horrific irony

#throwshadethenvote. Pete Souza/ twitter update. 1.30 p.

* Potential Democratic Pickup * IA 1 Finkenauer (Democrat) 43% Blum (All Russia People's Party) 38%

All your points are moot...

The online Colorado Sun launches today (from most of Denver Post fired journos/editors)

The online Colorado Sun launches today (from most of Denver Post fired journos/editors)

* Potential Democratic Pickup * IA GOV Hubbell (Democrat) 36% Reynolds (Trumpist) 31%

Crack Pipe Vending Machines found in Suffolk County, NY...

It's Mother

Over turning Roe will mean that women will die and not receive the healthcare that they need

LIE LIE LIE - a Parody Don Caron (from "The Boxer"- Simon and Garfunel)

On The Sidelines Of Democracy: Exploring Why So Many Americans Don't Vote

"THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND" (Parody) Don Caron

Nike On-Line Sales Jumped 31% After Company Unveiled Kaepernick Campaign

Jon Voight is just another racist POS. Anyone who supports this racist, sexist, bigot, is

Across U.S., polling stations are slowly disappearing

Court thwarts Doug Ford's attempt to reduce Toronto city council

Video: Undercover Author Explains Amazon's Lingo

Sept 13: Ohio Rally for Rich Cordray (OH-Gov) and Betty Sutton (OH-LtG) with President Obama

Can we get Trumpers to start hating on the other components of the Dow?

CNN sucks almost as bad as fox

"STAND BY YOUR MAN (Donald Trump)" - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Andrew Gillum's opponent just resigned his seat in Congress

DeSantis (FL) resigns from Congress to focus on Governor's Race

Florida GOP nominee for governor Ron DeSantis resigns from Congress

Analyst predicts iPhone price would rise 20 percent if Apple shifted manufacturing to US: report

Indian Catholic nuns protest against bishop accused of rape

Princeton, Williams Top 2019 Best Colleges Rankings

DeSantis steps down from Congress to focus on governor's race

If "Anonymous" is correct

Billie Jean King: Serena is still treated differently than male athletes

USPS issues John Lennon stamp:

It's like this.

"Serious Business - 12:25 AM"

Fact-checking Trump's claim RE: GDP growth & the jobless rate...

Primary Day tomorrow. GOTV. n/t

about that "booming economy"

Koch network announces new super PAC ahead of midterms

She made the discovery, but a man got the Nobel.

President Trump and the fantasy of a race war against white people

New El Nino weather event likely this winter says WMO

Holy Shit it moved from cat1 to Cat4 in 24 hours

This would have been his 110th birthday: Raymond Scott

A decade after the financial crisis, many Americans are still struggling to recover

Opportunity Cost

Schuette's latest attack ad uses images from Whitmer's sexual assault story

Democratic Poll Shows Neck-and-Neck Race for DeSantis' Florida Seat

What Donnie, you fell asleep during Pres. Obama's speech?

Good People Don't Defend A Bad Man

Apologetics Are Not Apologies. They Are Excuses.

MAGA Folks are Absolutely Crushing Some In-N-Out Burgers

Amanpour's new show starts tonight.

Courtesy of the Republicans, the ACA individual mandate vanished....

France and Havana in the 1950s

Remembering Hurricane Fran (1996), concerned about Florence - our Raleigh experience

Decision to shoot Botham Jean was a crime

My grandmother's name was Florence.

"She's forty one and her daddy still calls her baby!" Number One September 10, 1973

Mormon Mountain Meadows Massacre--11 Sept 1857

Can't read HuffPost comments for 3 days now. ???

White House again changes phone policy amid heightened paranoia

critters at salt lick (live) (this is a PA game commission project)

It is unbelievable that something like this could be published in this day and age.

I would like to offer endorsements to two candidates ... @JumaaneWilliams and @ZephyrTeachout

Important accountability reporting going on here on both sides of the Fla. ballot

another 9/11--1973 Chilean coup d'tat (and death of democratically elected Salvador Allende)

Avenatti: Just filed response to Cohen and Trump legal shenanigans.

Rashida Tlaib Plans to Be Part of a New Era in the House

The sycophancy in the White House is just sick.

Chief Inspector Murphy takes a break between solving cases

University of Virginia, William & Mary again rank high in top college rankings

Simple but effective

With Florence gaining strength as it moves towards the East Coast, now is the time to prepare.

Omarosa Releases Tape of Sarah Huckabee Sanders Agreeing With Trump's 'Lies'

Pierce: "Meanwhile, hurricanes are lined up like the Rockettes. Let's check in on the president*.

Wedding anniversary present ideas?

WHO addresses global suicide prevention, after noting 800,000 in 2016

Donald Trump's swipe at Ben Jealous hands Democrat a chance to link Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to pre

You can check out anytime you like...

New Omarosa tape shows Trump making light of terrorists killing US troops in Niger

New Omarosa tape shows Trump joking about terrorists killing US troops in Niger

American Psycho?

Lying Ted....

I am going to called five republican senators and asked them if they support the perjury

I had a dream last night that I was working for the Trump administration.

Really? Couldn't tell...

Matt Schlapp is ignorant and is a Trump apologist!

Tomorrow marks the 45th anniversary of the murder of Chilean democracy

America needs to realize that it's not all that...

Trump Launches Aggressive Poverty Disinformation Campaign

Expired eggs come alive!

Ted Cruz is going to lose,


Bwaaaaaah. M$NBComcast is not showing the

NYT runs an "Op-ed" far more important than anything "Anonymous"could ever tell us (suppression)

As New York and London mayors, we call on all cities to divest from fossil fuels

Trump approval rating at 38/54 in new Quinnipiac Poll:

How "The Caine Mutiny" and the paranoid Capt. Queeg influenced the 25th Amendment's drafters

The Republican Approach to Voter Fraud: Lie

.@WhiteHouseCEA is filibustering, giving Trump credit for every bit of good economic news

Go ahead, Tell me again how I'm the hysterical one misinterpreting this hand 👌 sign as racist..

Olivia Munn says 'Predator' cast shunned her after she blew whistle on sex offender

Strokes of genius!

isaac Chotiner's Take on Woodward's Book

Did I just hear this grinning fool on MSNBC admit to cooking the books

Businesses increasingly are showing support to LGBTQ communities, not just attract them as customers

Perhaps giving Boudicca carte blanche to the fresh catnip wasn't such a good idea

Oh, Sarah, we've missed you! Not.

Aw shucks Trump supporters, you lose:

Photos of Hurricane Florence, from the DailyMail

Texas Company Dumped 8,000 Gallons of Jet Fuel Into an Indiana River

Ugh! She lying again!

The Long, Long History of the Seal of the Confessional

(Jewish Group) World Jewish Population on Eve of New Year - 14.7 Million

"Duely elected president"?

Sarah - Do You Really Think People In The WH Would Own Up To Their Conversations With....

Kavanaugh needs to be disbarred and removed from the bench

Scientists say 'Neuroweapons' were behind Cuba attacks

I've changed my mind, and I WON'T vote for Cynthia Nixon...

I suspect drumph is planning some stunt before Nov

Annual must-read: Lt. Lucky Penney, the heroic F-16 pilot who was ready to give her life on 9/11

"Baboquivary Sunset"

Amazon has patented a system that would put workers in a cage, on top of a robot

***NOT THE ONION*** SHS: "The president thinks no one is above the law" ***NOT THE ONION***

WBZ: Massachusetts orders recount of MA-3 ballots

Tanzania's President Magufuli calls for end to birth control

Wondering about Putin's intentions this election

Big Deep Discounts on rooms on "Turtle" Beach this weekend... bring ur own ,,

Why do people stock up on milk before a hurricane?

The Blue Wave . . . . .

Estimated 1 million people ordered to evacuate South Carolina coast

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 10, 2018

Don't ever forget that he's

Pollsters: GOP views on Trump almost immune to negative coverage

Here's What Happened to the 99 Immigrant Children Separated From Their Parents and Sent to Chicago

Judge Unseals Contempt Order For Roger Stone Aide Resisting Mueller Grand Jury Testimony

Exxon appeals Massachusetts climate case to Supreme Court

Manchin Shoots Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit With Gun In New Ad


*BREAKING* Trump approval falls six points to 36% in new CNN poll, hits new low among independents

Unable to live up to the codes of conduct at U.S. military academies, Trump would be drummed out.

Who Will Replace Chris Collins, the Indicted Congressman, on the Ballot? Perhaps No One

Woodward... says he's never seen anything like the Trump administration

*BREAKING* Another disastrous poll for Dirty Don - A rated Quinn Poll 38% Approval 54% disapproval

Why don't they just water board everybody on the white house staff,

Trump's Sad, Ego-Salve Press Briefing - By Josh Marshall

Accuracy of gas station pumps getting checked less and less

Jared Golden (ME-2) campaign ad: "Bullseye"

Hurricane Scale, Cat 1 - 5

Ads showing candidates shooting guns need to be banned.

Cruz gets help from Senate GOP in face of serious challenge from O'Rourke

Trump is right. Obama is good for sleep.

Federal appeals court rules in favor of Missouri abortion restrictions

"I respect and admire Serena beyond measure"

Trump asks Mueller to ferret out anonymous.

Perhaps The WH Should Administer Truth Detector Tests.....

Trump Claims Credit for the Economy. Not So Fast, Says Obama.

Are you in the American middle class? Find out with our income calculator

J.K. Rowling Slams 'Racist' Serena Williams Newspaper Cartoon

A quick rundown of the top five election 2018 races in Colorado

Obama tells voters to step up or 'things can get worse'

President Trump and aides caught on tape laughing about Niger terrorist ambush

Good and bad polling news.

Kavanaugh Sided With Trump Casino in 2012 to Thwart Union Drive

Widening deficit puts Trump's trade fallacies on full display

Synchronized startling.

Moonves to remain as unpaid adviser at CBS

Thoughts on Elizabeth George's "the punishment she deserves" No spoilers I think.

How to tell if there's any water in the cup, if you're really short.

The Democrat Who Could Lead Trump's Impeachment--Or Stand in Its Way

I just found a forty year old Hohner harmonica I haven't "played" in thirty plus years. God knows

Millions of taxpayers could wind up owing for 2018

Will Stupid fall for it again? Kim Jong Un sends letter to Trump seeking second summit, WH says

GoFundMe couple allegedly spent homeless man's money on shoe collection, pricey vacations: report

Logical Fallacies, Robot Version

White House planning second Trump-Kim summit

Columbus Dispatch: For state auditor: Zack Space offers integrity, leadership

In history books, Trump will be seen as a catalyst for the decline of America.

Romney hits GOP for increasing deficits

Documents Reveal Maria Butina Has Offered to Betray Her Lover (a GOP Operative)

For the people who hate FB because it's full of pictures of smiling people,

CNN Poll: Trump approval down 6 points in a month, hits low among independents

Settled Harm - Luckovich

Should Mueller indict Donald J Trump?

Years investigating Benghazi

Pick A Death

Aide to Penn. Gov. Candidate Sends Anti-Trans Caitlyn Jenner Meme

It just gets so tiresome

Deadly fire exposes wealthy man's secret underground tunnels

Palestinians slam U.S. 'vicious blackmail' as their Washington office is shuttered

At LGBTQ Journalists Convention, Emcee Calls Attendees 'Things,' 'Its'

Who doesn't need help applying sunscreen?

U.S. Weighs Sanctions Against Chinese Officials Over Muslim Detention Camps

Another great one on Prime! 📺

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows what movie it's from without using Goiogle..Part Xll

I Do Not See How We Stop Kavanaugh From Being Confirmed Even Though He Is A Scoundrel.

09/11 Mike Luckovich: Settled Harm

The GOP Is On The Road To Nullify All The Progressive Progress Made In The Last 120 Years.

Exposed: Undercover Reporter at Amazon Warehouse Found Abusive Conditions & No Bathroom Breaks

We all KNEW this shit was coming... Predictable as the sunrise:

So the White House basically admits it could have been anyone in the administration

Keep your guard up. With less than 60 days left before the mid-term elections,

What great minds think of the Devil

The pundits are all looking for a message in the North Korea military parade this weekend:

BWAHAHA! "Dearest Dotard, Can I C U again?" Kim asks Trump for another meeting in new letter

Omarosa: Clinton was 'robbed' of the 2016 election, I was a 'co-conspirator'

Pierce: The Republican Candidate for Florida Governor Goes to Some Interesting Parties

Weed! What weed?

Collins Could Remain on Ballot

Collins Could Remain on Ballot

Trump's promoters have no good answer for his economic falsehoods

Tape - Trump wandering into a White House meeting and babbling a conspiracy theory

Julie Chen skips 'The Talk' premiere after husband Leslie Moonves resigns from CBS

Nicely done CNN

I'M glad Obama went after a supposed strength

Bills still weighing QB decision after Nathan Peterman's woeful outing vs. Ravens

Not real but LMAO - Nike releases "already burned so you don't have to"

Chart: The U.S. opioid crisis is holding back certain states

Paint a line under water and see if you can find it without goggles

The Sooner The Koch Brothers Die Off The Better. Too Bad Did Not Happen Yesterday.

Spot the difference: One is "arguing a strike. One is "having a meltdown."

RealClear Politics House, Senate, Governor forecast analysis:

A super majority of voters believe Trump's a liar who doesn't care about them

Omarosa gives names in Pence's office, who may have written the letter. Trump must be fit to be tied

Pat Robertson Establishes A 'Shield of Protection' Against Hurricane Florence

Dead rat found in food (video included!) - abortion offered

Women's Tennis Associations Stand Behind Serena Williams Following Debacle With Umpire

9th annual Oakland, CA, Pride parade and festival biggest yet

9/11 remastered. Some not seen before

Will Happer, a Climate Science Denier, Joins the White House.

Just got a call from the RNC!

Trump Administration Wants to Make It Easier to Release Methane Into Air

First Stephen, now Alex Trebek. WTF?

Russians "from embassy" outside Butina's hearing. Why?

READ: Bills Seek to Save the Lives Of Native Women

Butina will remain in detention pending trial.

Maryland Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

Ha Ha - Did Trump's family get caught wearing Nike?

I just learned that Apple's Chinese partner, Foxconn, is building a new plant in Wisconsin.

Man buys Slim Jims for his dog, lottery ticket, wins $10M

MAGA, MAGA, MAGA! Hey, Trump fans: HUGE Trump rally scheduled for

Trump caught cracking joke about terrorists while discussing Niger ambush where four U.S. died

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Georgia's Governor Race - Very exciting!!!

Trump 'toon lie detector

I was just beginning to realize how much I'm beginning to hate Pence when I saw this

Serious hurricane question to piss off Don the Con

BREAKING NEWS: Second Anonymous Op-Ed by Senior WH Official Published

"Why aren't you home on leave, Morales?"

Not This

Bombs Away: Trump Has the I.Q. of an Inbred Tanning Bed, Says a Liberated Gary Cohn

'The House Is Already Lost'

Trump's top economist says he can't explain Trump's false tweet on the economy

New York gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon's bagel order is horrifying

Remember the Arcade game Tapper? The history of Tapper