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Archives: September 11, 2018

Real-time House polling by Siena/NYT

When you buy vegtables think of these hardworking people.

Omarosa shares tape of Trump discussing deadly Niger ambush

CNN Poll: Trump approval dips, hits low among independents

I am at Conor O'Neill in Ann Arbor, Mi watching

Mother of All Rallies.

Jack Chalker

CBS, Fox see ratings gains in Week 1 of NFL season

Tribes: Trump illegally approved oil pipeline from Canada

U.S. judge declines to release accused Russian agent Butina pending trial

Trump Administration Wants to Make It Easier to Release Methane Into Air

When driving on a road with many potholes, don't pick your nose.

Hurricane Gloria

"I Still Feel Young," 102- Year- Old Twin Sisters Ann & Gussie Crumby of Ga. Celebrate Birthday.

Baltimore cops carried toy guns to plant on shot suspects. This is why we kneel.

Jim Carrey said something on Real Time that I have been thinking since day one

Ministry - Just One Fix (Official Music Video) trigger warning !

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Fall is coming.

Who is ready to SURF THAT BLUE wave in November, Say "AYE!"

Officer could face stiffer charge for killing unarmed neighbor

GOP candidate Stevan Pearce for governor ...

I cannot live stream Rachel Maddow tonight. I have watched on my laptop every weeknight for years.

U.S. Voters Believe Anonymous Trump Charges 2-1, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Voters A

Hurricane Florence could be a lot like Harvey. Here's why.

Noose, Looped Around Head Of Fake Chicken, Found Hanging In Office Of Black State Worker

Awwww, so sweet! He cares about his base

Conway gets busted lying about military pay, then lies about it again

2 new polls give Trump and Republicans nightmare signs for the midterms

The GOP Is Sweating Bullets Over Beto O'Rourke

Invasive Reptiles Are Taking Over Florida--and Devouring Its Birds Along the Way

These people don't have any reason. Seriously there is no help...

With CBS chief Les Moonves leaving, women are left to pick up the pieces

Grassley Moves To Set Up Committee Vote On Kavanaugh Nomination

If Trump lost 66 of PA's 67 counties

New CNN poll: 32% say they are proud to have Trump as president

Really wishing that Barnes & Noble had had a release party for Woodward's book

Trump faces buzzsaw in 'year of the woman'

I had not seen a full view of the Oval Office since trump crowned himself. Until this:

What happens when you give a liar a lie detector test?

'They dammed everything' - Bosnia's hydropower gone sour

Video: Fox News' Tucker Carlson echoes white nationalists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis

Can Trump resist the temptation to tweet about Woodward while Florence makes landfall?

Why Kavanaugh vote pre midterms? To pressure red state dem senators, MO, WV, etc

Murkowski pressured by Natives to vote 'no' on Kavanaugh

A feathered first sends giddy birders swarming to Twin Cities (roseate spoonbill in Minnesota)

Climate change may have originally been influenced by ancient farmers, says study

Greenhouse gas emissions on rice farms underestimated, study finds

Coastal erosion in the Arctic intensifies global warming

Time for the fall migration of all the coastal residents

Carbon removal is not enough to save climate

Ryan, McConnell called to praise CEOs after they left Trump councils because of Charlottesville rema

Ex-Illinois House leader Lang cleared of sexual harassment

Nike stock (NKE) banging on all-time high prices

Man With 18 Months to Live Gets 9 Years in Fraud Case

Rep. Mia Love's campaign admits to improperly raising primary election funds

Detroit food truck owner says she received online threats after refusing to serve cops

Kristof: By comparison with today's White House, Nixon's was a paragon of truth.

Payment to Nick Provenzano from Rep. Hultgren's office was for work before firing

US military defends policy that could boot service members with HIV

Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she won't run for Chicago mayor

The Ohio State Marching Band : Blues Brothers

FL-GOV: DeSantis Woos Latinos By Denouncing Socialism

Tropical wave headed to Gulf of Mexico has 60 percent chance of becoming named storm

Beto is in the House right now. So if Cruz manages to beat him, Beto will still

Serena Williams & Sexism in Sports - Between the Scenes The Daily Show

Twilight Zone

hat will fuckface do to make 9-11 a about him?

U.S. Judge Declines To Release Russian Agent Butina Pending Trial

Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem

MI-GOV: Whitmer leads Schuette by comfortable edge in Michigan governor's race

Hurricane Florence undercuts Miami Beach convention bid

3 teens shot near Chatham Academy High School

The Daily Show: Obama Lights Up Donald Trump, Serena Williams & Sexism in Sports

I will be canvassing this weekend for the Democratic candidate for Congress. GOTV!!

Tropical storm warning added to O'ahu/Maui county. strong winds torrential rains

Devin Nunes. Unitemized contributions this cycle - $3.4 Million. Last cycle? $25k

DPRK Special Forces Units Observed at the 9.9 Parade

The Daily Show: Trump Tries To Sniff Out His Anonymous Critic & China Pledges Billions To Africa

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks Woodward, Demands Op-Ed Investigation: A Closer Look

Who saw that Butina defense lawyer bullshit on Rachel?

Aw damn....

Why are they still in his administration?

So, is Allen Weisselberg still going into the office after being given immunity to testify?

Bob Woodward Will Go Down In History...

Group Raises Nearly $1M For Susan Collins Nonexistent Opponent If She Votes To Confirm Brett Kavanau

Vox: The streaming era is ignoring classic movies. Twitter is helping keep them alive.

'You didn't get our message': key Trump aide Stephen Miller condemned by childhood rabbi

Yay! Woodward's book just got sent to my Kindle!

A sad cartoon commentary on the state of America

Watched about 15 min of Colbert with Woodward

KEY BALLOT MEASURE: Michigan Promote the Vote

GOP More Than Wrong About Health Care. They Have A Cruel And Sadistic.

When 4 Americans were killed in Niger during the Trump Administration, Republicans *literally* laugh

"Queen of the Night Staccatos - who did it best?"

*MAINERS Message For Senator Susan Collins, Kavanaugh SC Vote

Dems on the Judiciary Committee have the power to push the Kavanaugh vote back 1 week

Oakland Raiders's Marshawn Lynch sits during national anthem, then scores touchdown

Marshawn Lynch Can't Be Stopped on AMAZING TD! (However watch at the source)

The Tragedy of the Naked Emperor

Thank you, Hillary Clinton!

San Francisco School Board candidate withdraws after transgender comments.

Number of ways Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2018.

"wrong apartment" cop is changing story... blaming victim, said he didn't follow verbal commands

Trump planning second North Korea summit after Kim's 'very warm' letter

Senator Patrick Leahy, D-VT: "Untruthful testimony, under oath and on the record" (Kavanaugh)

Crackpot Carter Page Claims Kinship With "My Good Friend Ambassador Chris Stevens." WTF?

17 years in the blink of an eye - Only Time

Ron Reagan was on MSNBC again.

We are at war.

Pennsylvania Man Needed Just 6 Credits to Graduate - His College Kicked Him Out Because He's Gay

'Low IQ,' 'SPECTACULAR,' 'Dog': How Trump Tweets About African-Americans

Dirty rooms, check-in delays, managers changing the sheets: Downtown strike puts hotels in a bind

Stop helping Donald Trump spread his lies. Don't correct, don't rage, just turn away.

Sounds familiar?

John Williams: "Tuba Concerto-II."/Ned Rorem: "3 Barcarolles"/Robt. Ward: "Symphony No. 1-II."/

I can relate...

The Violence of Trump's Words How do we assess blame for the consequences of dehumanizing rhetoric?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump is Actually A LOT Like Abraham Lincoln

Jennifer Higdon: "Summer Shimmers", Susan Glaser on flute


I know it's not very respectful of remembering 9/11

Trump Golf Count* 144 - Cost to Taxpayer: About $77,000,000**

Could Texas Flip 9 House Seats Blue?

Fox guest compares NFL protests to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor: "We're being assaulted by the left"

Trump administration threatens sanctions against International Criminal Court

Tribes: Trump Illegally Approved Oil Pipeline From Canada

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs renewable energy bill

Sonogram appears to show baby rooting for parents' rival team

Trump: "I don't believe in human (CIA) sources...These are people who have sold their souls"

SH Sanders: Yes, we are still building the wall.... (Joke)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue - 9/10/18

Stephen Colbert - Guest Bob Woodward: Never Lie To Protect A Source

*MAINERS Message For Senator Susan Collins, Kavanaugh SC Vote

*MAINERS Message For Senator Susan Collins, Kavanaugh SC Vote

Book Reveals New Dangers President Donald Trump Poses To Security - The Last Word - MSNBC

*MAINERS Message For Senator Susan Collins, Kavanaugh SC Vote

Hurricane hunter flies over Category 4 storm Florence

Michael Avenatti: It's Too Late For Donald Trump And Cohen To Surrender - The Last Word - MSNBC

Alcon picks Geneva over Texas for new HQ

Trump campaign cancels Friday rally in Mississippi due to hurricane

Louisiana mayor bans Nike products from parks and rec

McCabe (ex-FBI):"It's total bullshit....It's not true, and we want you to know that"(NYT story 2017)

The Rachel Maddow Show 9/10/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

U.S. appeals court says Missouri can enforce abortion laws

The Kavanaugh Hustle: E.J. Dionne, Wash Post

My Kindle book by Bob Woodward came through....

Fearful mother in ad attacking Sharice Davids is a Kansas GOP official

Send Collins and Murkowski 49 coathangers with GOP Senators names on them.

Meet the Texas lawyer arguing the Obamacare lawsuit while elected officials duck & cover

Kavanaugh: The Most Unpopular Supreme Court Nominee in Decades

Kentucky Democrats decry racist tweets by woman featured in GOP ad attacking McGrath

Virginia governor orders mandatory evacuation for part of state ahead of Hurricane Florence,

Does anyone else fear the Trump tax cuts and deregulation

Disney World union workers approve contract for $15 minimum wage by 2021

Jesus was born on 9/11

If they liked facts....

99 percent of Hurricane Matthew aid requested by NC denied by Trump administration

Feces-filled sewage flooded the streets. The city did nothing for 10 days, records show.

Donald Trump hunts the traitor within

Trump invents Obama quote in tweet boasting of economic performance

Construction company tried to hide that it cheated workers out of $111,000 in pay

Eight weeks out: Dems see narrow path to Senate majority

How come there aren't any battery operated generators?

Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

Lemire: How the president begins the most solemn day on the American calendar

Right now in New Zealand its September 11th...The world is watching in dismay....and they see it....

Zephyr Teachout (NY-AG) campaign ad: "Ultrasound"

Debate time: Bill Nelson, Rick Scott set to face off Oct. 2

Jeopardy fans, on a lighter note

Such a paradigm...

Hurricane Florence could be a lot like Harvey. Here's why.

How the president begins the most solemn day on the American calendar

Willie Geist on MSNBC brings up the 2,000 plus deaths after 9/11.

Tuesday TOONs - Remember ALL of it Edition

Scott Walker Blew His Dog Whistle On The Wrong Person

The water temperature as Florence approaches is

Deaf and disabled immigrant faces deportation after 34 years in the United States

The Rundown: September 10, 2018

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 09/05/18

Climate Change Drives Bigger, Wetter Storms -- Storms Like Florence

U.S. officials suspect Russia in mystery 'attacks' on diplomats in Cuba, China

Woodward: Dowd Told Trump He Couldn't Testify To Mueller, Calling Him 'Disabled'

Putting a known and proven liar on the Supreme Court! Is that how you want to be remembered

"(Trump) proceeded to lecture and insult (the Secretaries of Defense, State and Treasury) about how

Bryce targets Republican opponent as 'Lying Bryan Steil' in new TV ad

The Real Lesson of Sept. 11

A mayor in Louisiana bans his city's recreation facilities from buying or using Nike products

Project documents hidden history of LGBTQ life in the South

Exclusive: McConnell-aligned PAC unleashes $6.4 million ad blitz to protect Senate majority

Milwaukee shows off to attract Democratic convention

Can drumpf speak at the Shanksville Memorial without talking about himself? We

Two of the worst mornings of our lifetime

Fiery protests in Basra extinguish hope for Iraq's pro-U.S. prime minister

Never forget that on 9/11/01

Trump's FIRST instinct always: LIE, LIE, LIE

17 years ago, today, Trump bragged about how his building was now the tallest one...

Trump administration rushes to lease federal lands

Racist Serena Williams cartoon 'nothing to do with race,' paper says

Can we PLEASE STOP pretending that Susan Collins is going to do ANYTHING that requires

Putting Serena Williams into perspective ...

Trump: Impeaching Me Would Turn America Into "Third-World Country"

Trump SCOTUS Pick Committed Perjury...Many Times

For rational people, no further discussion is necessary or warranted. Trump has to go, PERIOD.

German security chief called to explain claims about far-right videos

The only Living Boy In New York

"Originalism" Could Find Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid Et Al Unconstitutional.

Who attacked us anyway - Afghanistan? Saudi? Neither? Both?

Victim advocate groups praise Wisconsin Department of Justice on rape kit testing, Democrats say it

trump's solemn tweet on 9/11......17 years since September 11th!

Firing up his suporters....on his way to a 911 event....

The Daily Show: Masterpiece Tweeter

The 2018 9/11 Memorial Film Festival

All these years I thought Eddie Rickenbacker served in World War II.

Trump Tweets About 'No Collusion' Before Mentioning 9/11 on 9/11

what the racists

Nation's Mourning... Trump's Ecstatic

Why Robots Are Producing More of What You Eat

"Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance"


Brazil candidate Jair Bolsonaro to undergo 'major surgery'

Lucky dog scares off leopard

Arrrrggghhh!!! Stupid floater. Arrrggghhhh!!!

He even lies about the weather.

Serena Williams: Cartoonist denies US Open depiction is racist

Trump administration orders closure of PLO office in Washington

Scott Walker and Tony Evers blame each for lack of progress on black students' performance

mike luckovich ‏ My drawing when the towers fell

Ohio's Most Flippable State House Districts

Saudi man arrested for having breakfast with woman

Pacific island chain asks Trump to declare emergency as typhoon strikes

Pacific island chain asks Trump to declare emergency as typhoon strikes

National Representation & Local Representation

BTRTN: The Op-Ed Goal? Revealing the Flaw in the 25th Amendment

BTRTN: The Op-Ed Goal? Revealing the Flaw in the 25th Amendment


Dallas grand jury to examine police officer's fatal shooting of neighbor

National Park Officials Scrubbed Climate Change From Key Report

Far-Right Party Makes Gains In Sunday's Election In Sweden

First two U.S. troops from North Korean remains identified

Did what I could... to no avail.

Lindsey Graham suggested that Trump have N.K. leader Kim Jong Un assassinated

Has the world forgotten McEnroe?

Yellowstone hit by global warming, increased visitation: report

Why is trump speaking today? He lied about 9-11 repeatedly?

September 11: George W Bush Legitimization Day.

Why Isn't the Media Making a Bigger Deal About Kavanaugh's Repeated Lying Under Oath?

Voter backlash to Trump, bathroom law has put conservative N.C. legislature in play.

The Falling Man

The guy at my door wanted a small donation for a new community pool, so I gave him a

Voter backlash to Trump, bathroom law has put conservative N.C. legislature in play.

Voter backlash to Trump, bathroom law has put conservative N.C. legislature in play.

Adam Clymer, Political Reporter, Editor and Pollster, Dies at 81

Since so many AA

Obama adds another 500 jobs to Kentucky!

Russia's scramble for influence in Africa catches western officials off-guard

Everyone in Texas needs to see this.

Senate Forecast Moves Towards Democrats

Never forget Operation Desert Badger.

US-backed force attacks last IS pocket in eastern Syria

Pic Of The Moment: The President's First Thoughts On The Morning Of This Solemn Anniversary

Expect a barrage of negative messaging & ads

Donnie getting ready for solemn Patriot Day speechifying

Someone ruined a football game last night

trump is sedated and speaking s-l-o-w-l-y

Trump is on the teleprompters

Georgia school reinstates paddling to punish students

Legal woes at teen prison have cost Wisconsin $20.6 million and counting

Trump's reaction to Robert Mueller's appointment: "FEAR"

Boxing legend serious about running for president

I may not even read it, but I ordered "FEAR" last night.

Watergate attorney says Trump will 'undoubtedly be impeached'

Today we remember the nearly 3,000 lives lost on 9/11 and many brave people who risked their lives

Minnesota says Enbridge lacks insurance coverage for pipeline that will end in Superior

I swear Trump sounds like someone gave him a xanax bolus.

Just a coincidence?

Why did Don Jr. do that interview

Trump built his empire on bullying and bluster. It can't save him now

Mayor of DC declares State of Emergency

Cat/dog fight club - Cat goes for the legs


Chicken-shit-Trump cancels controversial planned visit to Ireland

Hundreds of rare gold coins discovered beneath Italian theater

There are no adults in that room


If Trump is mentally ill, is it acceptable to mock him?

President* Trump Speaks About 9/11

Russia joins forces with China in largest war games since Soviet era

I love waking up to this song...

Another photo that proves no good comes from putting "9/11" and "Trump" in the same sentence.

Blue Wave about to wash away the GOP in Michigan

On 9/11, a tiny Canadian town opened its runways and heart to 7,000 stranded travelers

SHOWING great CLASS this morning, as usual ...

Papadopoulos Suggests British Conspiracy Targeted Trump Campaign

Anastasia Injushina: J.S. Bach Keyboard Concerto in E major, BWV 1053

Trump preparing for Hurricane Florence

Some rat bastard pulled the fire alarm

$1,509,178,553,050.30 more debt since Jan 20, 2017. tЯump eliminating our debt

NBC News reporter heaps praise on Trump's 9/11 speech because he didn't talk about himself

Today, I honor my son.

A beautiful moment

Merrick Garland asked to probe perjury allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

newsflash for republicans: if you agree to get rid of donnie, pence becomes president.

IN THIS INSANE era of Trump...I love crazy songs...

Omarosa suggests tape of Trump using racial slur will come out before elections

Fight to Retake Last ISIS Territory in Syria Begins

Compare and Contrast

"Everyone who helped clear the rubble...and I was there, and I helped s little bit..."

The Onion Does it Again!!

When 9/11 happened, I could not imagine a worse person being President at that time than Bush

" The man doth protest too much, methinks" ("no collusion")

Collins Won't Be Swayed By 'Bribe' To Vote Against Kavanaugh

Two deaths, 54 other cases of severe bleeding tied to fake weed in Illinois

RE Florence: We in trouble.

Two deaths, 54 other cases of severe bleeding tied to fake weed in Illinois

On this 9-11 please remember that 9-11 would never have happened w/out bush v Gore.

Alec Baldwin sounds like sedated Trump.

Trump: a study in class and decorum

It's nice to be working...

"Light smattering of applause" (and ONE loud clapper) for Trump's 9/11 speech in PA

Kansas Board Rejects Liberal Activist's Challenge To Kobach's Bid For Governor

Update on US Military Wife Alejandra Juarez Deportation to Mexico (from

It's like a walking, talking DSM-5

**NV Squeaker ** Rosen (Democrat) 42% Heller (Trump's Poodle) 41%

**NV Squeaker ** Sisolak (Democrat) 37% Laxalt (Trump's Poodle) 35%

Hurricane Checklist

Masterpiece Tweeter: Trump's "9/11 Haters and Losers" - The Daily Show

Donald Trump's visit to Ireland in November cancelled

Trump Lied About 9/11 Donations, Took $150K From Recovery Program

We can all relax now. Pat Robertson 'is ordering hurricane to change its path"

Democrats need to be campaigning on the tax cuts.

Call them!

tЯump has charged taxpayers $300,000 for golf cart rentals at his resorts


I met a guy whose last name is Shakespeare today.

I read this story every 9/11. You'll never forget it. Rick Rescorla, the man who ran back inside.

I'm not college educated & don't do public speeches, but....

For those who saw trump's 911 speech...

"The Man Who Knew" -- John P. O'Neill

My friend thinks he's oh so cool cause when he enters a room the women all smile at him! Well, when

Democrats See Houston and Milwaukee as Finalists for Convention

Olivia Munn Opens Up About 'The Predator' Controversy

Martin Espada's heartbreaking 9/11 poem. Alabanza!

***Trump's approval rating just sank in 8 polls***

If this former homophobe could change so can a racist Trumpist

Right Wisconsin racist comments about Milwaukee Public School

Woodward P. 69...Trump, after being told about the Steele dossier...

BLS report: Job openings hit a new high of 6.9 million; hires and separations little changed in July

Trump lies become truths if we do not refute them at every turn

Trump "absolutely and totally prepared" for Florence, "chance it's going to be very bad though"

Reunited and it feels so good.

The Republican theft of "Reality"

Understanding Trump vs. Bruce Ohr: Think Russia's top crime boss, Semion Mogilevich

Ohio Democratic Party vote by mail drive...

Eric and Don Jr. leave candy bar and $5 in basket to trap anonymous op-ed writer

Criticizing Trump in a book is just unfair.

Citizens Union drops endorsement of Julia Salazar, citing 'not correct'

'Stunning But Not Surprising': Trump Administration Slammed for Secret Meetings About Venezuela Coup

This morning I had a life altering experience, I

President Trump criticized for fist pump as nation pays tribute to 9/11 victims on 17th anniversary

Remembering the September 11th terrorist attacks

What a goddamned embarrassment.

What invisible thing (or things) is Trump carrying in this picure?

Brazil's Lula da Silva to bow out of election; poll rattles markets

The GOP tax cuts aren't popular, so Republicans want to do more of them

Facebook censored ThinkProgress because the Weekly Standard told them to censor us

Federal deficit soars 32 percent to $895B

Attorneys question officer's account of neighbor's shooting

Trump cancels Thursday's rally in Cape Girardeau as Hurricane Florence approaches

2 worst mornings of the 21st century

GOP lawmaker outed as a leader of a white supremacist hate group

GOP lawmaker outed as a leader of a white supremacist hate group

Trump claims he helped clear rubble and search for survivors on 9/11:

Serena Williams & the Silencing of Women

Collins calls crowdfunding to get her to oppose Kavanaugh a 'bribe'

Wherever Aaron Brown is, I want to thank him for getting me through 9/11

How is it that we have become a nation so lax in our vigilance for our democracy?

Obama Lights Up Donald Trump The Daily Show


On 9/11, tRump bragged that now his building was the tallest in NYC

May not be a hurricane yet, but Isaac is headed our way . :(

This s why he's NOT invited to funerals...

Scared Stacy Abrams might win: Petition for paper ballots in Georgia denied by state board

He didn't just clear the rubble, you don't understand,

Man hurled racial slurs, caused thousands in damage to Nashville Greyhound station

I thought democracy in Chile was safe

Woman held rapist at bay after biting his genitals: Westwego Police (suburb of New Orleans)

Trump clears the bar in 9/11 speech

The WORST songs you've ever heard

Open in case you need to laugh at conservatives:

A guy at Target wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat and a MAGA t-shirt was buying a 65 inch TV, so I said

Where were Clinton, Trump during 9/11 attacks?

Alex Jones: 'The Minute You Don't Stand Up For Me' They'll 'Take The President Out'

Unpopular GOP Incumbents Are Struggling in Iowa -- And That's a Bad Sign for Trump's Republican Party

Can Americans Locate Asian Countries? ASIAN BOSS

Citizens Union drops endorsement of Julia Salazar, citing 'not correct' information about her academ

Can Americans Locate Asian Countries? ASIAN BOSS

Shane at Walmart is a card!

Giant Eagle Employee Accused Of Eating $9,200 Worth Of Deli Meat

Shanksville shuttle buses on message

Sen. Joe Manchin Shoots GOP Obamacare Lawsuit In New Re-Election Ad

Why don't people realize how unsafe it is to ride a bike without a helmet?

I, Lucius Malfoy, have regularly considered leaving the death eaters.

Will Collins and Murkowski vote for Kavanaugh?

President Obama: We will always remember everyone we lost on 9/11

Symphony #5 Ludwig van Beethoven

All polling shows Trump's approval rating dropping. Eight high-quality polls

This is so true.

Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They're Not.

An 8 year old (no insult intended to them) would just fucking know better:

Eastern Orthodox prayers for inclement weather and a prayer on this Day of Remembering.

Democrats Ramp Up Attacks On Kavanaugh's Honesty After Hearings

I was going to get my copy of "Fear" today but decided not to....

Authorities respond to possible active shooter at Kaiser Permanente in Downey

NY Tax investigators to meet with Cohen's attorney, at odds with federal prosecutors' request

The most explosive reporting in Bob Woodward's new book on the Trump White House

People of North and South Carolina, heed the warning of your President.

Witness reveals apparent last words of man shot dead by cop, lawyer says

Cynthia Nixon (NY-GOV) campaign ad: "Better Democrats"

Idiot is on my TV stlll praising himself over the hurricane in PR

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 11, 2018

Trump Wanted to up Tax Rate to 44%, Says Woodward Book

Trump just called Puerto Rico 'AN INCREDIBLE, UNSUNG SUCCESS'

Public opinion poll time

New York tax investigators to meet with Cohen's attorney, at odds with federal prosecutors' request

Donald Trump Jr. says his father can't trust everyone around him after the anonymous op-ed

Trump got A+ for Houston and A+ for Florida and

Metro's soaring pension costs threaten future service, federal report says

The most plausible story regarding the neighborhood killer cop

Redistricting reformers turn to ballot initiatives

Shitler "is convinced Rob Porter sold him out to Bob Woodward."

More Dems come out in public opposition to Kavanaugh

Andrew Zimmern's Nonstop Road (and Food) Show

Trump's long history of lying about 9/11 and exploiting it for personal gain

Sweet Melissa

THANK YOU BERNIE SANDERS for speaking the blatant truth when so many won't

Turning 65 today, that adorable little Tommy Shaw, from Styx

Kerry: Trump administration 'pursuing a policy of regime change' in Iran

Crowdfunding campaign pushing for Collins to vote against Kavanaugh passes $1M

Seventeen years ago I was in Fairfield, CT when the planes hit

Just saw first David Young approved negative ad on Directv

Eyman lawsuit contempt fines doubled to $1,000 a day

GOP Lawmaker Outed As A Leader Of A White Supremacist Hate Group

Despite Trump tweet, Ford says it won't make hatchback in US

As Florence looms, Trump says response was 'incredibly successful' last year in Puerto Rico,...

Secure funding for light rail that voters approved

Intolerance in action: Group: Officials destroying crosses, burning Bibles in China

Just called my Senator, Susan Collins, and told her staffer

9/11 reflections

Don't let 'Crazytown' distract you from these failures

Orthodox St. Herman of Alaska: reposed 13 December/story about him and his relics/a sermon and hymns

Mark Zuckerberg developed algorithm to beat teenage girl at Scrabble

Ireland's Aran Islands, Hiding in Plain Sight

Potential link between a Dallas cop and the innocent man she gunned down in his own apartment

I met my first Nazi, Holocaust denier, yesterday.

Trump on Hurricane Florence: 'It's Tremendously Big and Tremendously Wet'

Back to back, belly to belly....🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

This statement will not age well.....

The Soul of America, by Jon Meacham

Trump criticized for behavior on 9/11- "bizarre fist-pumps, and Tweet about FBI and Hillary

Who wore it better?

Slidell (LA) teacher 'no longer an employee' after racially-charged social media post

Forgiveness- The Story of an American Mosque Walking the Walk

Kavanaugh's Answers About the Obergefell Same-Sex Marriage Case and Discrimination Are Disturbing

Amber Guyger, when the National Review is calling you out, you're probably in deep shit.

Appeals Court Tosses Lawsuit Arguing Trump Incited Violence at Rally

The WURST song you've ever heard?

"Just a teacher"

Trump reflects on "incredibly successful" response to Puerto Rico as Florence approaches Carolinas

CNN Claims A Hurricane Is Approaching, But CNN Is Fake News!

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) accuses black students of supporting 'George Wallace's segregation'

A third grader trying to bluff his way through a homework assignment he didn't do...

Castro says Dems will restart Russia probe if they win back the House

St.Lucian Prime Minister address Dallas Media on tragic death of Botham Shem Jean..

The President gives storm warnings; "It's tremendously big and wet."

A Zebroid is what they call a half zebra half donkey. My kid thinks it should be called a Zonkey

Patton Oswalt Tweet on Trump Flight 93 memorial fist pumps

Schumer blasts Trump's 'offensive,' 'blatantly false' Puerto Rico remark

Woodward's grim portrait of Trump's WH gets a vote of confidence -- via two non-denial denials

No, you don't fart rainbows

Can a distinction be made between "voted for" and "elected by" please?

Trump demanded small-donors pay back his $10 million investment in campaign: Woodward

Black Panther is now available on Netflix

Irish government says President Trump has canceled trip to Dublin this fall

On Sept. 11 anniversary, Trump launches fresh attacks on FBI and Justice Department with dubious...

Ted Lieu: Which of the two books I am currently reading do you think will be the most shocking?

Hurricane Maria: the forgotten scandal

Woodward P. 226...A senior official once summarized a Trump meeting:

White Guy Pulls Gun on Black Students Waiting for Friend

Let's SEE if you can read Mike Pence's mind as he attentively sits at the feet of his master.

Deficits don't count now?

MacRumors Buying Guide (current product cycles)


"This is why he's not invited to funerals..."

About that 'Toon' of Serena by Mark Knight.

Trump warns that Florence is "tremendously big and tremendously wet." #AlertTheMedia #WaterStillWet

U.S. expects to hit $1 trillion deficit earlier than planned (by the end of this fiscal year) #MAGA

What slime: McConnell basically to keep senate in session until Election Day

Donald Trump Jr. says he's not afraid of going to jail in Russia investigation

According to the GOP, there is a difference between good deficits and bad deficits.

🔥Boom 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 🚨Koch REQUIRED to Reveal Donors🚨

Woodward Says 'Key' Trump Official Told Him Book Is '1000- Percent Correct'

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows what show it's from without using google..Part Xll

Kaepernick's 'I'm with Kap' jerseys sell out in less than a day

Not the shittiest thing #fatnixon has done. But still..

So far Woodward's book is just old news

Florida Town Comes to Aid of Trans Woman Targeted by Vandals

"Tremendously big and tremendously wet"...

The most and least educated U.S. religious groups

The Twilight Zone

Florence is going to stall on North Carolina coast and move in to South Carolina.

Rookie weather channel guy flubs hurricane name

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 12 September 2018

ISPOS Generic Ballot D + 10

(Bernie) Sanders: We must fight 'corruption' and 'authoritarianism' that give rise to terrorism

U.S. budget deficit widens to fifth-highest ever, CBO reports

Can I make a vanity post ?

One person reported dead in shooting outside Las Vegas high school

Liberals should stop attacking Bernie Sanders for targeting Jeff Bezos and Amazon. He's on the right

It's over

Dog bad dream

US-China trade war could cause a bear market, stress test shows

I Think Repug Voters Need To Be Told That The Repugs Have Given Up On The Midterms.....

Report: Pharma exec says he had 'moral requirement' to raise drug price 400%

Man accused of drinking, driving while on probation dodges jail time

Hurricane Florence Is a Warning of What's to Come

Sen. Durbin on Kavanaugh

I think Trump's comments are going to come back and haunt him.

The Bestia and Bavel Chefs on Feasting After the Yom Kippur Fast

Alyssa Milano - 'Now This' PSA on Brett Kavanaugh.

Rush Limbaugh says that the hurricane Florence is being politicized by liberals to promote false

Toto and Weezer are to blame for all of this.

AP: More than 5.4 million people on US East Coast under hurricane warnings or watches

What if Jeff Sessions decides to quit?

Any chance the hurricane or its flooding will hit the White House?

@wendydavis on why she believes Dem. challenger Beto O'Rourke will beat Cruz in Senate election

Leaked EPA Methane Rule Rollback Would Have Resounding Implications

Good news for the people of North Carolina!

NH-01: Chris Pappas has a wide lead over the field with 6% reporting

Jean-Paul Sartre is sitting at a French cafe, revising his draft of Being and Nothingness.