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House Republican, without evidence, suggests new texts show misconduct of former FBI officials

Cuomo Campaign Shifts Blame for Inflammatory Flier about Cynthia Nixon to 'Constituency Representati

Chris Hayes is broadcasting out of Flint, tonight

Will the October poll numbers in the 2018 TX US Senate Race show Beto leading Cruz?

FL-GOV: Gillum leads by 4 points 47-43

Thousands protest climate change in San Francisco's 'Rise for Climate' march 09/08/18

In the dictionary for idiots....

The Bestia and Bavel Chefs on Feasting After the Yom Kippur Fast


Manafort in talks with prosecutors about possible plea, according to people familiar with the discus

Wishing Our Neighbors

Thousands of Prisoners Are Being Forced to Stay During Hurricane Florence

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, he should be impeached due to his multiple perjuries. If he is not

Some days I know the fire that burns in the heart of committed missionaries

Currently resting due to Dr.'s orders: Binge-watching "Liberty's Kids"

Urban wildfires bring lingering worries about what's in the ash and air - PBS, scary

102 Minutes That Changed America: 15th Anniversary Addition

Vote NO on amendment 5. It'll put funding for schools in jeopardy.

What kind of deranged person says a response was great when people had no power for months?

Trump Cancels Visit To Ireland After The Irish Make It Clear That He's Not Welcomenow in question..

My first attempt at posting a photo

TheDailyDon: ''But the reality is, he was ALWAYS a garbage human, right from the get-go.''

Trump Made It Clear to Virginia That Blue States Now Get Treated Like Puerto Rico

VERY interesting information on Susan Collins' husband, and Collins herself:

Tomi Lahren doesn't have anything useful to contribute. But when has that ever stopped her?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Monday Midterm Madness!

'Unbelievable': Bald eagle lands on firetruck's 9/11 flag display

Funky Meters (with Ian Neville) New Orleans Jazz Festival !

Oh great, I have to ship a box to NC tomorrow,

Adware Blocker: Popular Mac Ad-Blocker Has Been Sending Data to China

Its tremendously wet

The Meter Men 5/5/2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival HD !

Holy god. Jeff Merkley says 45 transferred 10 million from FEMA to ICE.

Turn on Rachel right fucking now - DHS $10M from FEMA budget to ICE

Puerto Rico Calamity Just Plain Criminal Negligence & Murder On Massive Scale.

WashPo: The GOP finds yet another way to suppress the vote

There are no Democrats from Arkansas in Congress. Clarke Tucker hopes to change that. By Dan Merica,

Where Are The Congressional Heaings On Puerto Rico Response/Death Toll Discrepancies.

***BREAKING***: Rick Santorum is *still* as smart as a glass of water.

Last night Coast to Coast's RW audience heard about CODE RED and RW election theft

Cook Political Report moves both New Hampshire districts in our direction

Chris Pappas wins Democratic House primary in New Hampshire

If M*A*S*H were written by Republicans . . .

Exclusive: U.S. Regulators Reject Wells Fargo's Plan To Repay Customers--Sources

Jerk publishes Windows Security Flaw on Twitter. Hackers quickly leverage it. MS caught off-guard.

Sen. Merkley on Rachel talking about FEMA money being used by ICE to build detentions centers.

I think the NRSC is thinking about pulling out of the WV senate race.

Beto O'Rourke's mom hits the campaign trail in Texas Senate race

Republican Voters Just As Complicit As Trump Enabling Lawless Administration.

'Shipwreck:' GOP grows fearful about losing Senate as candidates struggle, Trump support tumbles

Yeah, I'm a meanie...

The 5 Stupidest People On The Planet (Are All Donald Trump)

Future State - A podcast hosted by Richard A. Clarke

Need help with Android (Droid Turbo 2) messaging

Need help with Android (Droid 2) messaging

on this day of remembrance, he's still tweeting about his collusion with russia

fired... guy who pulled gun on 4 black college students to keep them off elevator

Say What You Will About Trump, You'd Have to be a MASSIVE Jagoff to Screw Up a 9/11 MemorialOH RIGHT

Jimmy Carter: To beat Trump, Dems cannot scare off moderates

So my 86 year old dad has decided to ride out Florence

Residents of New Mexico compound indicted on federal charges

Done with fake concern about hurricane, Trump's whining that "Special C" was appointed "unfairly"

Trump just said a hurricane response where 3,000 died is his measure of success

What accent/dialect does WOODWARD have, saying "rah-porting" (reporting)?!1

EFF Action Alert: Don't Give DHS and DOJ Free Rein to Shoot Down Private Drones

Trump tweets Russian propaganda from inside the White House

I went to Burning Man, ask me anything.

Amazon to sell full-size live Christmas trees

One to bookmark? Link to live radar and other track plots and webcam views of Hurricane Florence

Tweet of the Day

Democrats nominate Kelly to face New Hampshire Gov. Sununu

DT you are a fucking liar and the whole country knows it.

If John Dowd was Trump's personal lawyer (not WH counsel),

Residents of Georgia: some models have Florence heading our way.

Sure hope there aren't any 45 voters in the carolinas who need his help...

FL-GOV: Democratic Governors Association (DGA) sends another $1 million to Andrew Gillum

Good Bet Will See A Very Different Response To Florence. Many Are Trump Base.

Author of 'How to Murder Your Husband' arrested for allegedly killing her husband

Bernie Sanders' son trounced in New Hampshire primary

Manafort discussing plea deal.

Secretary Whitman Said 9/11 Air Was Safe. Now Death Toll Of Responders To Surpass Attack.

XTC - Senses Working Overtime (VIDEO)

NYT Magazine article on Working Poor

In "Fear," Jared Kushner fuels suspicion about Trump's finances

Close all Russian counselates, the embassy in DC and deport all Russian nationals.

NYPD cop from Franklin Square resigns after her arrest

Ananna Pressley is being interviewed by Don Lemon right now...

The New Moon, Tonight...

NY-AG: New poll shows a close three-way race between Maloney, James and Teachout

17 year old student pilot lands her plane with a wheel missing

Barack/9-11/ and low I.Q. MAGA man

Donald Trump's divorce lawyer has sold tell-all book

NH-GOV: Number of women governor nominees hits new high after New Hampshire primary

'Fear: Trump In The White House' Explained, Bob Woodward's New Book

How Grief Affects Your Brain And What To Do About It (NBC News)

The Daily Show: Donald Trump Is Really Bad at 9/11

Democrats' surge helps shatter turnout record in Arizona's primary election

SenatorCollins officially has a challenger for 2020

"Disturbance 1: 50% chance of Cyclone formation in the next 48 hours"

What Would You See If You Fell Into Jupiter?

New Hampshire Democrats favored to flip State House. State Senate is a tossup

It's time.

Hillary Clinton to help Democrat Lauren Underwood/other women with New York City fundraiser

Seth Meyers - Obama Criticizes Trump, the Most Powerful Storm to Hit D.C. - Monologue - 9/10/18

Maria de Estrada Farfan - Conquistadora

They're obviously trying to knock Ruth Bader Ginsburg off the court,

That Trillion dollar taxcut......

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 13, 2018 -- AAFCA Presents: The Black Experience On Film

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 14, 2018 -- TCM Memorial Tribute - Neil Simon

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 15, 2018 -- What's On Tonight - Contagious!

A federal appeals court just gave both middle fingers to Roe v. Wade

Trump's rule: Everyone must play by the rules, except Trump

Heads up: don't miss david corn on lawrence o'donnell tonight

F'ing Hurricane (funny meme)

Repeat of today's Rachel Maddow on NOW 9:00 pacific.

Democrats To Win Back House This Fall By 78%, fivethirtyeight

Republicans for Beto

OMG Millions of water bottles sitting on runway in Puerto Rico for a year

"Go on, Texas. Vote Beto. Shock the world." Stephen King

Last-Minute Guide to Voting on Primary Day, September 13

TX-31: Democrat Henry Cuellar donates to Republican John Carter

Kanye Says He's Teaching At Chicago Art Institute; Nope, Says School

US Open Winner Naomi Osaka Speaks Out On Controversial Serena Williams Match TODAY

Maddow just starting to interview Bob Wardward, msnbc right now.

Aviation enthusiasts; Cool footage of the Airbus "Beluga" in flight.

What's it called ...

Colin Kaepernick just sold out his #IMWITHKAP jersey in hours

GOP Economy Is A Low Wage Economy For Most Equal To Global Economy.

The Most Contrarian College in America

Nike online sales soar, positive perception of Kaepernick is up too

The Most Contrarian College in America

John Bunn, Wrongfully Incarcerated for 17 Years, Says Learning to Read Saved Him

tiniest hands of all time....

Bernie Sanders' Son, Levi, Loses New Hampshire Congressional Primary

U.S. Is Said to Allow Sanctions on Foreigners Accused of Interfering in Elections.

Education Dept. Reopens Rutgers Case Charging Discrimination Against Jewish Students.

Just witnessed two little girls say some racist sh*t

Hurricane Florence: How to prepare for the "monster" storm

When I see Beto, the song comes into my head.....

Around the World, Markets are Falling.

Cincinnati Shooting Victims Released from Hospital.

Don Lemon interview: 'Plaid shirt guy' removed from Trump rally for facial expressions

People often ask me why I tweet dozens of times a day, 7 days a week against the President

Putin takes another swipe at protectionism, 'sanctions, bans and political bias'

Domeniconi: "Koyunbaba"-John Williams, guitar/Blauth: "Concertino for Oboe and Strings"/

The State Department Tried to Rebrand As 'Department of Swagger' and Boy Did It Backfire

US Nuclear Weapons Handouts Illegal

a fowl American

Florence gonna be a Category "Oh Shit"

Putin says two men accused by Britain for spy poisoning are just 'ordinary citizens'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - Obama Pauses - 9/11/18

President Donald Trump's 9/11 Lies And Behavior In Shanksville - The Last Word - MSNBC

Madison Lake Police Chief angrily rants about non-English speakers at Yellowstone

Stephen Colbert - Guest Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Space Force Is Not A Crazy Idea

President Donald Trump May Face New Test W/ Russia After NBC Report - The Last Word - MSNBC

St. Paul private colleges fret over $15 minimum wage for work-study students

State regulators postpone Enbridge meetings after protests erupt

Report: Paul Manafort In Talks For Possible Plea Deal - The Last Word - MSNBC


Just finished reading FEAR......

Elizabeth Smart kidnapper to be released from prison

Breaking: President Trump Admin Took Millions From FEMA For ICE Detentions - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

NH-GOV: Molly Kelly Wins in New Hampshire and Will Face Sununu for Governor's Seat

Laura Ingraham's Brother Goes to War Against Her

Plan for skyscraper-size wind turbines in Minnesota opposed in neighboring S.D.

He Led a Group of Disloyal New York Democrats. Will It Cost Him His Seat?

Education Dept. Reopens Rutgers Case Charging Discrimination Against Jewish Students

Letter from Africa: Zimbabwe's 'enemy of the people' returns home

Texas Tent Camp Housing Migrant Children Will Triple in Size

Morning JoeScum's huge numbers counting the dead in Puerto Rico showings

I 26 East from Columbia to Charleston closed for a week. Traffic RED.

As Elkhart, Ind., Goes, So Goes the Nation, and Elkhart Is Nervous

Major changes in Florence's track this morning

I'm not a mind reader, but just looking at the attitude...

Russia linked to 2014 wiretapping scandal in Poland

Japan apologises for captive dolphin show during Olympic sailing test run

Japan apologises for captive dolphin show during Olympic sailing test run

44,000 Catholic Women Demand Answers From Pope Francis Over Sex Abuse Crisis

Virginia Hurricane Evacuation Zone Lookup Tool

Fossil fuel dependence poses 'direct existential threat', warns UN chief

Reverend protests Nike's Kaepernick campaign during service

Dallas chief wants review of police tactics at protest

Brexit rebels in UK PM May's party discuss ousting her

Maui hunkers down for Tropical Storm Olivia nearing Hawaii

Florence could flood hog manure pits, coal ash dumps

U.S. senators urge Pompeo to press for release of Reuters journalists jailed in Myanmar

Another Wednesday, Another Reminder....

It's never too early to put on your dancing shoes and cut a rug...

Prisons chief: Supplier error got Nevada its execution drugs

Wednesday TOONs - The Horror Section

Chris Murphy (US Senate Candidate, CT): "I mean this seriously, not as a political dig."

Democrats Open Double-Digit Lead In Generic Ballot

Revealed In 'Fear': Pence Lied About Flynn

Brazilian court spares far-right candidate from racism trial

*Latest Forecast*

Brazilian court spares far-right candidate from racism trial

POLITICO/AARP poll: Brown leads Renacci in Ohio Senate race

Rachel: "Why dogs shouldn't drive cars"

Rachel Maddow: "ya don't let dogs drive cars". She was discussing with Lawrence O'Donnell trump's

I figgered it out! Trump and the repuglicon leaders are really trying to kill the party!

"A troubled region between Covfefe & Nambia"

I'm a former staunch Christian who now is agnostic.

Today's GOP

Man arrested in Saudi Arabia for having breakfast with woman

''In the Senate, the Expand Social Security Caucus will be chaired by Senators Sanders and Warren''

Man Arrested in Alleged Switchblade Attack on GOP Congressional Candidate in Bay Area

Massive Attack - Risingson

To Trump cultists in the Carolinas:

Study finds no link between transgender rights law and bathroom crimes

Sept 13 at 10AM - Announcement on the Fight to Expand Social Security

UPDATED: Trump Whines His Job on Hurricane Maria Is 'Unappreciated'

The Rundown: September 11, 2018

Harvey Awards Announce 2018's Hall of Fame Inductees

Thoughts and prayers thread for everybody un the path of Fllorence

Another anniversary that will live in infamy--heck of a job Timmy.

Hurricane Florence Will Be 'Storm of a Lifetime,' Warns National Weather Service

Trump-Repub Rick Santorum blames "the country of Puerto Rico" for the nearly 3,000 hurricane deaths

The Roots - Now or Never

***BREAKING *** Democrats jump out to 14 point lead generic ballot in A rated Quinnipiac poll *

Jeffrey Toobin Calls Racism: If 3,000 White People Died, Trump Wouldn't Call it 'Success'

The Alamo was great victory.

Bob Woodward reveals to Morning Joe how Trump throws tantrums when confronted with truth

I know this sounds crazy, thank you Trump

the outlook for the Triangle; opportunity to help

The locks on the Dallas Murder By Cop apartment

Trump administration diverted nearly $10 million from FEMA to ICE detention program, according to DH

Ken Starr: Giuliani's Wrong, The President Can Be Indicted

Federal Court Asked To Scrap Georgia's 27,000 Electronic Voting Machines

Poll: Midwest Abandons Trump, Fueling Democratic Advantage For Control Of Congress

There's Never Been a President This Unpopular With an Economy This Good

More Than 2,000 Puerto Ricans Applied For Funeral Assistance... FEMA Approved Just 75

CNN Poll: More approve of Mueller than of Trump

Trump Contemplates Life Under Subpoena

Twitter users, if you want to see your timeline in chronological order without...

Mountain goat airlift gets underway in Olympic Mountains

The Senate Is Now In Play

MEPs vote to pursue action against Hungary over Orbn crackdown

Harris Poll Announces 2018's Brands of the Year

George W. Bush "to fundraise for vulnerable GOP in districts where Trump wouldn't be welcome"

The Webcomics Weekly #1: Let's Get This Party Started (9/12/18)

'Ground-breaking' diabetes insulin drug trialled in Cardiff

Anybody going to host or attend a Midterm Watch Party on 11/6?

An attack upon the truth.

Trump Caught on Tape "Joking About Terrorist Ambush That Killed 4 US Soldiers"

White House Adviser: Trump Has IQ of Inbred Tanning Bed

New House Republican Tax Proposal Fails Fiscal Responsibility Test, While Favoring the Wealthiest

How Getting Killed By An Orca Is Like An NFL Punt Return

What Happens When the Next Financial Crisis Strikes?

Pope summons bishops for February abuse prevention summit


There's a reason they call them "roundabouts" and not "straight-throughs".

Ted Lieu: "Boring. I fell asleep reading this tweet."

Whining Trump Fails To Observe 9/11 Minute Of Silence

Eric Trump joins Fox & Friends to praise Trump for Florence response prior to it making landfall

Catholic priest charged with sexually assaulting a 7 or 8 years old girl

Trump: "Some people give me an A for Puerto Rico"...

Trump PROVES his READINESS for Florence by attacking the "totally incompetent Mayor of San Juan"

North Carolina didn't like science on sea levels ... so passed a law against it

Anatomy of a Trump rally: 68 percent of claims are false, misleading or lacking evidence

Spotted on 19 Street NW: "Winter Is Coming At The WH"

It gets worse. Trump @ 9/11 memorial park yesterday.

Skripal poisoning: Putin says suspects 'civilians, not criminals'

Right mounts campaign to make Jim Jordan the GOP leader

OK, I got "Fear" on my Nook last night and finished Chapter 1...

Nearly Half of San Antonio's Non-Elderly Population Loses if Texas Wins Its Anti-Obamacare Suit

Alan Dershowitz's Deep Ties To Trump's Biggest Donors

NRA spokesperson argues that black man should have killed cop in self-defense.

You're No Bob Mueller, Judge Starr - By Joe Conason

Ten years on from the financial crash, we need to get ready for another one

Proof that Trump is nuts..He is talking about his Puerto Rico hurricane response.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has a big, big sad over Google search results for "California GOP"

** Shocker from Paul Ryan's WI district** Bryce (Democrat ) 48% Stell (Republican) 43% *

Afghanistan attack: Nangarhar suicide blast toll soars

***BREAKING*** OH Senate - Brown (Democrat) 48% Renacci ( Trumpist) 31%

EU votes to punish Hungary over 'breaches' of core values

Pompeo bolsters Saudi military actions in Yemen

American public schools need help. To achieve change, we need to vote

Pope summons world's bishop presidents to Rome for meeting on clergy abuse

Trumpsts getting hammered in two more generic ballot polls-

Reject Brett Kavanaugh Civil Rights AFL-CIO Video

Reject Brett Kavanaugh Civil Rights AFL-CIO Video

Reject Brett Kavanaugh Civil Rights AFL-CIO Video

Reject Brett Kavanaugh Civil Rights AFL-CIO Video

Fear is an excellent title for Woodward's book, I'm about a quarter of the way through it ...

Supreme Court clears the way for Nebraskans to vote on Medicaid expansion

New Fuels Bring End of Oil Era Closer

How Florida's Puerto Rican Vote Is Changing Post-Hurricane Maria

** Another A rated poll with disastrous results for Dirty Don** Marist 38% Approve 54% Disapprove

We are pretty sure what Kavanaugh's answer will be regarding indicting RUMP

MALCOM NANCE is on stephanie miller's show bottom of 2nd hour

George W. Bush Raising Money to Maintain Trump Cover-up NY Mag

P.J. O'Rourke was on Stephanie Ruhle .

A Series Of Suspicious Money Transfers Followed The Trump Tower Meeting

Mayor Cruz @ work after Hurricane Maria

Presidents and the Intelligence Community...

"Hurricane will be 'tremendously big and tremendously wet ..." To me, this remark shouts dementia.

Photo's 10 years after the olympics in

"Get rid of the (expletive) braille. No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it!"

European Parliament backs copyright changes

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: US Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) goes Hollywood

Remember that sinking island full of Trump voters that he promised "ALL WILL BE WELL"???

Let's not forget that Donald Trump was at a **golf tournament** as people were dying in Puerto Rico

Fear - only a couple of chapters into the Audible book

A Priebus quote from "Fear" and a game

The Myth of the Strongman, from my newly published book.

The day Donald Trump's narcissism killed the USFL

Vaginal crossing guard Brett Kavanaugh just said AGAIN that birth control is abortion.

Poll: Midwest Abandons Trump, Fueling Democratic Advantage For Control Of Congress

From what I can see, the inland roads from the Carolina coast are all green...

You are the best, Malcom Nance!

A Series Of Suspicious Money Transfers Followed The Trump Tower Meeting

Trump, working HARD, watching Fox: Richard Burr "No Colllusion" and Florence might dip into Georgia

Surprisingly, the Senate Is Now in Play

Victoria's Secret model Devon Windsor Relates To Women Of Color, Because She's Blonde

6 Years Ago, North Carolina Chose To Ignore Rising Sea Levels. This Week It Braces For Disaster

Real Time with Bill Maher guests line-up;

Scalise: ACA repeal at top of agenda if GOP keeps the House

Water Bottles In Puerto Rico For Hurricane Maria Relief Were Reportedly Never Distributed

Author of "How to Murder Your Husband" arrested for allegedly killing her husband

GOP plan takes food stamps away from 2 million Americans in need

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Touts Puerto Rico Response While Boasting About Preparations For Florence

If you're not embarrassed, you are not an American.

Russia: Alleged Skripal-assassins too incompetent to possibly be assassins.

** Potential Democratic Pickup Alert NY 19 Delgado (Democrat) 45% Faso (Trumpist) 43%

Woman on NC coast tells MSNBC she's not evacuating her kids because there's 'strength in numbers'

Hurricane Florence: U-Haul offering 30 days free self-storage for those in path of Florence

Report: 3,677 sex abuse cases in German Catholic Church between 1946 and 2014

Trump officials denied 97 percent of Puerto Rico funeral aid requests

'There's Prayer on a Regular Basis in This White House': Mike Pence Reveals Faith Behind the Scenes

The Horrific Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Is About to Get a Lot Worse

So... not being a boat owner

We had 8 YEARS listening to y'all act like Jeremiah Wright/Bill Ayers were Obama's fucking groomsmen

Draining the 2020 GOP Presidential candidate swamp: Jamie Dimon thinks he can beat Trump

All Republicans need to answer "Do you think Woodward's reporting is subtantially accurate?"

"Get rid of the (expletive) braille. No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it."

He killed 4 tourists in a wreck. His punishment: traffic school, license suspension

Dr. Cat London is running for the US Senate, against Susan Collins.

Keep Media Talking About Puerto Rico

Whoa! Ken Cuccinelli spotted near Mueller's office:

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Tweets ' If He Thinks the Death of 3,000 People Is a Success God Help Us All

Whoa, Nelly

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules vote on Kavanaugh nomination

An 18-year-old forced his 5-year-old cousin to perform oral sex on him

The chyron on MSNBC just made a major mistake !!! NO THEY DID NOT !!! MY MISTAKE !!!!

Investigators focused on a series of suspicious mony transfers following Trump tower meeting.

If Trump is batty now , how batty will he be with a Dem House , a Dem Senate, a Dem House and Sen?

Quiz: How Witty Are You?

Lawd! South Carolina gonna get whacked if this holds.

'Monday Night Football' scores lowest ratings since 2006

Drug company CEO calls 400 percent price hike 'moral requirement'

Latest from the Trump Book Club List

Mr. Appropriate

Hog Farmers Scramble to Drain Waste Pools Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

Nearly 600 Russia-Linked Accounts Tweeted About the Health Law

National Day of Encouragement September 12

Eric Trump's ugly 'three extra shekels' attack on Bob Woodward draws accusations of anti-Semitism

Dead Man's Son Sues Cryonics Lab for Only Freezing Dad's Head

What do you say to a Trump supporter about their place in history?

Establishment Media Shy Away From Claims of Perjury by Kavanaugh

How to make eggs benedict for a group of people


Trump has announced his hurricane plans.

From Space, a warning tweet of epic proportions...

Rachel Maddow's words may make it to the Smithsonian

deranged demagogue arriving in PA for 9/11 memorial (because cheering is good, yes??)

New couch new furniture new nickname for boog load star

***SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST--Preliminary Thread 3***

***SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST--Preliminary Thread 2***

***SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST--Preliminary Thread 1***

Randy Rainbow: All About His Base

Story of my life

VIDEO: Cell tower battery thefts

FDA considering ban on flavored e-cigarettes

Is Slate a right wing site? There is an article that heard about on the Michael Signorelli show.

I don't trust Brock Long the head of FEMA.

Office powerball

***Summer Prelims posted in GD***

The Herald Sun reprinted its political cartoonist's drawing of Serena Williams on its front page...

Hard-partying Donald Trump Jr. was dubbed "Diaper Don" in college.

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (Eddie Hazel)

I've been thinking about Bob Woodward and his book 'Fear'.

TV ads in Nebraska Senate race: Fischer taking no "bull"; Raybould on the attack

When MSNBC or Fox News airs in public places, how do people react?

Adult dog urinates in the house.

Former Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka to Raise Cash for County Republican Women's Club

The Repubs rolled the dice on Donald Trump.

Grim 10th anniversary: the 2008 Chatsworth train collision

When Heaven and Earth collide - Zeus vs. Hades

Ted Lieu introduces "E. Scott Pruitt Accountability for Government Officials Act"

Trump is such a child. I have proof!

'Designing Women' Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War: Not All Harassment Is Sexual

He would have turned 87 today -- George Jones

New York Is One Of The Bluest States In The Country. Its Voting Laws Are Horrendous.

Ann Coulter is still at it...

Federal Court Asked To Scrap Georgia's 27,000 Electronic Voting Machines

"I Used To Love A Gynecologist [CC]" Sandy and Richard Riccardi-- DEFINITELY NSFW!!!!!!!

'Shipwreck': GOP grows fearful about losing Senate as candidates struggle, Trump support tumbles

would it be too much work for the media to actually talk about who politicians are

The Trump administration wants to tax protests.

Wave heights to 83 ft were measured early this morning

Other anniversaries: Neil Peart, Rush drummer, born, 1952; premiere of The Monkees TV show, 1966

New Dancing with the Stars contestants announced......

Beautiful Portrait of Senator Tammy Duckworth by Annie Liebovitz


Chicago hotel strike enters sixth day, as workers demand year-round health insurance

Regulations: how I think we should talk about them.

Bernie Sanders is doing exactly what he should be doing. Let's all do it

My wife said I was immature, so I told her to

Trump just signed a measure to punish foreigners for interfering in US elections

Dallas cop case--family, lawyers preempted usual attack on black male victim's character

Was looking at Florence updates and stumbled upon this meeting in Fayetteville, NC (skip to 1:12:30)

Education Dept. Reopens Rutgers Case Charging Discrimination Against Jewish Students

Republicans are in so much trouble, George W. Bush is trying to help

Americans overwhelmingly want Trump to testify in Russia probe

Making the Teapot Dome scandal relevant again! trump can learn from Harding's disaster

Making the Teapot Dome scandal relevant again! trump can learn from Harding's disaster

Katie Hopkins confronted in the street by furious man: 'Get out of Wales, nobody wants you here'

WTF! Why is Trump Such a Weirdo About Dogs? The Closer with Keith Olbermann GQ

Cannabis dispensary worker uses bong to fight off bandits wielding bear spray

Mother Nature hates you Don the Con

Drug use is driving me CRAZY!! (Yes, I am in the right Forum)

Trump OKs sanctions for foreigners who meddle in elections

Folks in the path of Florence - protect yourself! This is no time to go without a raincoat!!

An executive order too late?

Archaeologists Have Found the World's Oldest Known Drawing in a South African Cave

Argentine Supreme Court Chief Justice resigns, replaced with pro-Macri junior member

My post disappeared from "General Discussion" but

Need advice from DUers.

When in Rome! ✌🏻

Doctors hate Medicare's proposed billing changes

Pope Francis summons bishops to Vatican for summit on preventing sex abuse

Denying Justice to Campus Sexual Assault Survivors Saves Colleges Money

Denying Justice to Campus Sexual Assault Survivors Saves Colleges Money

Denying Justice to Campus Sexual Assault Survivors Saves Colleges Money

Denying Justice to Campus Sexual Assault Survivors Saves Colleges Money

Middle-class income rose above $61,000 for the first time last year, U.S. Census Bureau say

That Time When Brett Kavanaugh Tried To Screw Over 9/11 Families

3:10 p.m. Two donkeys were wandering around at a Whitefish campground.

NPR--What advice do you have for our listeners? Godzilla--When in Rome----Eat Rome!!!

Earliest known drawing found on rock in South African cave

For first time since 2010, America's progress on health insurance stalls

Look at all the men in charge of the news in 2016

the sign language "spokespeople" for all the

Italian court rules against Trump-linked Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud

UPDATE ON: Computer problem. Any help appreciated.

Board overseeing D.C. liquor licenses just turned away effort to get the Trump hotel license revoked

From 2016 - Trump apparently was at a 7-Eleven when the towers fell.

Diabetes in dogs.

Personally, I would never buy steak from a man who likes his "very well done

UPDATED: Minutes' chief Jeff Fager leaves CBS amid harassment accusations

Investigators looking at suspicious money transfers after Trump Tower meeting, election: report

OMG. I just saw a woman being interviewed on CNN who is staying put with her 6 dogs

BREAKING: Trump orders US Air Force to drop one million

Southern Rock

Tax Change Helps Executives Afford Pricier Planes

TV Programs you like, but have to take a periodic break from? -May Contain Spoilers-

Rep. Chris Smith Brought Up Orphanages After Same-Sex Parenting Question

Trump was asked about how he thinks about trying to bridge country's divisions. His answer:

War criminal George W. Bush to hit fundraising circuit for GOP candidates

Stormy Daniels announces new tell-all book: 'Full Disclosure'

Charles Pierce asks Trump: Puerto Rico is an "inaccessible island"? Are you Vasco da Gama?

Manafort seeking plea deal with special counsel that would avoid cooperation ahead of second trial

Another day in New York State politics...

Hawley, McCaskill issue tax returns, Hawley wants more

Time for female leadership at CBS.

Time to DU this

Trump is attending a fundraiser at the Trump hotel in DC tonight that costs $100,000 per person.

Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado

Andrew Gillum leads Ron DeSantis in new Florida Chamber poll

Trump pardons: will the base accept them, if they occur ?

Trump endorses "Just do it" campaign

Forget Neighborhood Watch...

I had some concerns about foreign interference in the upcoming mid-term elections,

** Bad News For The Party Of Dirty Donny** Midterm Seat Loss Averages 37 for Unpopular Presidents

I love this mobile billboard for Beto

Forget Neighborhood Watch...

Mobile Billboard for Beto

Forget Neighborhood Watch...

At 9:05 AM Yesterday, My Son's Middle School Had A Moment Of Silence For 9/11

I have been calling Murkowski about SCOTUS

Have an issue that drives me crazy.

Poll: Midwest Abandons Trump, Fueling Democratic Advantage For Control Of Congress

Bob McEwen Joins Intercessors For America's Spiritual Battle For 2018 Midterms

Poll: Stabenow leads James by double digits in Michigan's U.S. Senate race

Pierce: Hurricane Florence Could Be That Much Worse Because of What's Waiting for It on Land

The Democratic establishment roars back

This does not make any sense

Russian National Who Operated Kelihos Botnet Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Conspiracy, Computer Crime and

Poll: Whitmer leads Schuette by comfortable edge in Michigan governor's race

The New York Times is live-blogging its poll of ME-2

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Pruitt, Former E.P.A. Chief, in Talks for Next Job: Coal Consultant

If Florence does serious damage to Camp Lejeune

Bellevue landlord to pay $76,516 to military members charged​ fees for breaking lease when deployed

Pruitt faced mounting financial pressures as EPA chief, new documents show

But I thought we were exclusive.

538 model gives Democrats 34.3% chance of regaining senate

CNN's Gloria Borger explains how Trump's Mueller attacks have totally backfired

Question for Texans: How did Cruz become such

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 12, 2018

'Not far enough left'? McCaskill takes moderate approach in Senate race with Hawley

Bogota's former police chief arrested over illegal wiretaps

Number of Americans who trust Trump over the media hits a record low

Bob Woodward's 'Fear' is the fastest selling book since 'Go Set a Watchman

Made some hummus! Damn tasty and cost less that a buck!

Pierce: Susan Collins Is Just Getting a Taste of What Citizens United Has Done to Our Politics

The recovery threw the middle-class dream under a Benz

McConnell-linked group targets Democrats in five red states

Who controls the Senate if it is 50-50?

A Series Of Suspicious Money Transfers Followed The Trump Tower Meeting

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-11: Pumped Up Fists Edition

It's still powerful storm but it's has downgraded to a CAT3!


Is my senator Chris Murphy looking for higher office? I am seeing him on the political

What kind of chicanery will we be facing in November?

Microsoft tests 'warning' Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox

Apple Touts Its Largest Screens, Cheaper Models in iPhone Revamp

If only MrScorpio were here to translate.

Dem super PACs launch $21 million digital ad buy in top Senate races

Four named storms active in the Atlantic, another may form in the Gulf

Devin Nunes is more determined than ever to hurt national security

From biking past the presidential motorcade and getting fired to running for office.

Colombia's congress agrees to drastic salary reduction

A new meme is emerging re: The Senate...

Video: Dog gets fake ear medicine. LOL!

Colombia's football federation demands watchdog stay quiet over illegal ticket sales

Reality is much more pleasantly objective than racist RWNJ cartoons...

Beware of the idiot in the middle.

Slaughter of Colombia's social leaders continues unabated

Debra Messing Reignites Her Political Feud With Susan Sarandon

So I'm watching NOAA buoy 41002, off the Carolina coast...

Someone just told me about this group

Rice University, September 12, 1962.

Heading to the storm

Trump Signs Order to Punish Election Interference

Nearly 600 Russian troll accounts tweeted about ObamaCare: report

The Incoming Junior Senator Of TX Will Be On Colbert Tonight

"Burn Scar"

Pity the poor Weather Channel newsie.

Brad Pitt built dozens of homes in New Orleans after Katrina. Now they're falling apart...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 13 September 2018

Pussy Riot's Pyotr Verzilov in a critical condition in hospital, family & friends suspect poisoned

Trump said to ask Puerto Rico's governor about the 'unsung success' there. Then the governor rebuked

Fifteen Tears Ago Today, We Lost a Legend -- Johnny Cash

Cory Booker explains the reasoning behind his 'bring it' dare at Supreme Court hearing

Name that Duck

Norm Macdonald Compounds Problems With Down Syndrome Comment

A little hope for better days ahead

Jamie Dimon just said what lots and lots of CEOs think about Donald Trump

Back to the Future writer Bob Gale says, the character Biff was based on Trump.

Trump Administration Rushes To Lease Federal Lands

Apparently, the Guinness Book of World Records gets a few submissions that aren't "award-worthy."

One found dead in UMN fraternity house

Angry Baby Trump Tour seems to be exploding in USA

Pruitt owed lawyers up to $300K for work last year

How a stolen bike and a little (a lot) of compassion made a difference

St. Cloud apartment fire displaces 68; repairs months away

Reddit has banned its largest community focused on the fringe conspiracy theory Qanon

Nation Says Goodbye To Carolinas After Trump Says Disaster Response Will Be As Successful As Puerto

New NPR/Marist poll: 50% of men approve of the job Trump is doing, women 28%.

Hurricane tip for pets

Matryoshka Doll

NJ-04: Chris Smith Says Orphanages Better Than Gay Adoption

For the true classical music afficionados here on DU:

Idiot says he's receiving accolades for Florence preparations

Bill Nye explains the danger of Florence's storm surge & precipitation

*** AZ SENATE POLL*** Sinema (Democrat )48% McSally (Trumpist) 44%

Republican attack ads roil Minnesota congressional campaign

Too Bizarre: Suspense Author Charged With Murder of Chef Husband

The Labor Department is investigating the visa program Mar-a-Lago uses to hire foreign workers

GOP Senate pouring resources into saving least-liked member of its caucus: Ted Cruz

Japan opposition leader says its PM is too close to Trump

Doctor to the stars is disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy

Michelle Obama's book tour to include stadium events

Women Are Making Waves In the #MeToo Midterms

'We've waited a long time for this:' Iowa Supreme Court to decide fate of Dakota Access pipeline

I have been hurt directly by Chinese tarrifs

Salvadoran ex-President Saca gets 10 years for corruption

Salvadoran ex-President Saca gets 10 years for corruption

These beds swallow the occupant(s) when they detect an earthquake.

In Hurricane Florence's Path: Giant Toxic Coal Ash Piles

Latest desparate email from the @MIGOP attempts to freak people out about @gretchenwhitmer by...

Des Moines firefighters accused of misconduct allowed to retire with disability pensions despite

Arkansas scraps Medicaid coverage for thousands of individuals

If you are getting chastised for a mistake you made, NEVER apologize.

US financial adviser guilty in Ecuador bribery scheme

****MO Senate Poll**** McAskill (Democrat) 44% Hawley (Trumpist) 41%

man was locked in his cadillac in the garage for 14 hours.. know where your manual door release is

FYI, If you get a chance

Privatized Medicaid savings again in dispute with DHS chart showing fast-rising costs

Will we see record of five named storms in Atlantic at the same time?

She Famously Flipped Off Trump's Motorcade. Now She's Running For Office

Dozens of toxic coal ash piles - some 100 feet high - are in the path of Hurricane Florence.

Younger people, here is some more advice for you.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Poking or provoking? (Russia)

'There are no good choices': Paul Manafort faces a risky gamble ahead of his second trial

so why do so many miilions of latinx vote trump/repub? why vote for a group that wants you

Dems seek hearing on law protecting Mueller

Iowa college campuses respond to bias- and hate-related incidents

Trump praised for his handling of Hurricane Florence !

Senator Tammy Duckworth on the Attack that Took Her Legs--and Having a Baby at 50

Oatmeal and chicken salad

Donnie Pumped up fists explained - thought he was going to a party