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Hey Kavanaugh, Everything Trump Touches Turns to Shit

Rethinking What Gifted Education Means, and Whom It Should Serve

France's Macron admits system of torture during Algeria war

The Strange Case of George Pimpledopoulos' Plea Deal....

Shopping Tip:

Rush Limbaugh falsely claims Hurricane Florence is full of sharks

florence news live online as it happens from WECT channel 6 in Wilmington

It's Tea Time somewhere...

Lt. Gen. Honore to Trump: "Focus on the future damn storm...stay off the damn golf course"

We're looking for suggestions on where to donate in the wake of Florence...

You ever get or send an unsolicited dick pic?

Women seek bartending jobs in Cuba as tourism industry grows

Clay Cane & April Ryan aren't having any of that (Omarosa)

White House defends Trump's Puerto Rico tweets as battling 'false accusations'

My quick NY primary predictions

Sorry Chris Hayes

Why Oh Why Do They Have Reporters Out In The Storm Hanging Onto Trees For Dear Life

HuffPo Editor in Chief de-registered at her precinct

Kirsten Powers: Trump's Base Is in Fox News 'Alternative Universe' Where Puerto Rico Never Happened

"I'm going to protect my property"

If manafort's cutting a deal...?

George Washington University stands by Puerto Rican death toll study

Dayton and The America Left Behind, ProPublica, Now on PBS Frontline

Funny "Reporter in The Teeth Of The Gale" story.

NYS SEnt THe People In My Neighborhood To The Wrong Polling Address

Retired admiral resigned from Pentagon advisory committee after writing open letter to Trump

Congratulations to the Victims of Hurricane Maria, You've Been Upgraded to "Non-Existent"

Beetle: Volkswagen's iconic car comes to the end of the road

Jared Polis to feds: Constituents want Saturday's Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge opening delay

David Simon writer of the Wire tweets about Bothan Jean murder and 10.4 grams of pot

Kennedy quote about Jefferson updated

Don't feed the trolls

Bill Nye: 'Not in anybody's best interest to deny climate change'

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Monday Midterm Madness!

Malcome Nance retweets, with caution, re: MA fires (also, updated map)

The Center of a GRB Jet Missed Earth by 20 Degrees.

The Threat of Tribalism

Mom admits to stealing dying daughter's pain meds

MJ Hegar fires back at fellow Democrat Henry Cuellar for helping her GOP opponent fundraise

House panel advances key bill in new round of GOP tax cuts

Thousands of Homes in Hurricane Florence's Path Lack Flood Insurance


Why Stephen Miller's childhood rabbi singled him out in his Rosh Hashanah sermon

The Great Sphinx of Giza

Freeloading Refugee Children Taking Up Thousands Of Prison Cells Meant For Real Americans

Prediction: There will be no SC Justice Kavanaugh

House panel advances key bill in new round of GOP tax cuts

ICE wants extra $1 billion to fund deportations under Trump

Ten Years After the Crash, We've Learned Nothing

Medicaid rolls set to be slashed under Trump-approved work rules

Trump 2020. I liked this one.

"Anti-Trump" Conservative Michael Gerson thinks Kavanugh is a better person than Kamala Harris.

NY-GOV: Cuomo wins.

Cuomo skates past Nixon to win New York primary

With 25% of the votes counted, NY Times has already called it for Cuomo.

Three gays who changed the world (and for whom Sept was important)

Bannon says right must support 'RINOs'

How come no one posts The Beach Boys?

Report: Las Vegas professor shot himself in arm to protest Trump

Re: DiFi. Freepers are talking about a Georgetown Prep coverup of sexual abuse....

Paul Manafort Close To Plea Deal To Avoid Second Federal Trial

...And the Travelling WILLBURYS!

Julia Salazar declared winner.

Montana GOP candidate Matt Rosendale accused of coordinating with NRA on TV advertising

Cynthia Nixon's team blaming extremely high turnout for Cuomo's victory

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 16 - The Ritz Brothers

Stopped in a local McDonalds today for coffee, an employee was miffed I didn't use their new kiosk

Dianne Feinstein speaking on on gun control


TCM Schedule for Monday September 17 - Directed by Martin Scorsese

NY-SD18: DSA star Julia Salazar wins the Democratic primary.

Police urge public to report insults that hurt feelings, but aren't crimes

On the Rachel Maddow Show

let the smearing of Botham Jean begin

Question re. the IDC Democrats in the NY State Senate.

How to find free airbnb if you are evacuating from Hurricane Florence

TIME: This Is What It's Like to Be a Teacher in America

Obama blasts GOP: They 'put up with crazy'

The America we knew.

So, uh, maybe progressives should find a way to get more popular with Democrats?

Red Don invited the Hispanic Caucus Chair to a Hispanic Heritage Month event and she said NYET

NY-AG: Leticia James wins Democratic primary

I know that hurricanes are horrible things, but to me, there's also a strange beauty to them...

What could Kavanaugh have done as a teen-ager that would matter today...?

"Elite" the insult, a word that now means its opposite

Is it just me, or does Beto O'Rourke look like RFK?

The next financial crisis will strike in 2020, says JPMorgan

Letitia James wins New York attorney general primary

Anderson Cooper: Trump has disrespected the dead & the living of Puerto Rico

Barack Obama Overflow

Mr. Trump: If you screw a hooker, get syphilis and die, you still died from screwing a hooker.

Nikki Haley's View of New York Is Priceless. Her Curtains? $52,701.

The Latest: NY senator who led splinter Dems loses to Biaggi

NY-LG: Kathy Hochul wins again

Documents List Property Seized From Botham Jean's Apartment

Volkswagen to kill the Beetle in 2019

Beijing's problems in the trade war with the US

The NY IDC, the **** that caucused with the Repugs, is getting its collective ass handed to it.

NC and SC power outages

State auditor spends 3-hour lunches in sports bar, World-Herald investigation finds

THe IDC Is Getting The Stuffing Kicked Out Of It

Trump tariffs put Missouri Senate candidate Hawley in a bind

The Daily Show: S**tstorm Donald Rages on Twitter While Hurricane Florence Hits the Carolinas

7 NY State Senate Incumbant Democrats lost their primaries

Seth Meyers - How to Murder Your Husband, National Day of Encouragement - Monologue - 9/12/18

The Tragic History Behind GODZILLA (ゴジラ)

(David Bowie Cover) Motrhead "Heroes" why was I treated like a monster at work today?

Seth Meyers - Trump Lies About Puerto Rico Death Toll as GOP Braces for Midterms: A Closer Look

spoiler alert , I can't believe this Cade 6 Destiny 2 SAD !

"Cynthia Nixon lost the day she compared Cuomo to Trump."

Ahead of 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters,' an Official Prequel Graphic Novel Will Be Released

Puerto Rico Death Toll Democratic Fake News & Fake Deaths?

Why Does the B2 Stealth Bomber Cost $2 Billion?

Seth Abramson on Manafort plea deal:

Again, why would ANYONE go on Tucker Carlson's show? Tonight's Avenatti interview, full video:

Sen. Schatz on Twitter

same as it ever was...

Angry over diversity in children's show, NRA TV depicts 'Thomas & Friends' in KKK hoods

GOP Senate candidate in Montana may have just been busted admitting to illegal collusion with NRA

Republicans launch fake "#metoo" group to attack Sherrod Brown

Stop Making Sense

Televangelist Warlock Pat Robertson Casts Spell on Hurricane Florence

Texas Republicans struggle to maintain supermajority

FLIPPABLE: Nathan Johnson for TX-SD16

FLIPPABLE: Rita Lucido for TX-SD17

Tweet of the Day

Exploring the Feasts of the Orthodox Christian Church: "Feastday of the Exaltation of the

CA-GOV: Ahead in the governor's race, Gavin Newsom begins bus tour to help other Democrats

Progressive Democrats Took A Bite Out Of New York's Machine

Progressive Democrats Took A Bite Out Of New York's Machine

Hotel workers authorize strike at San Francisco Marriott hotels

"I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Trump rallies..."

Orthodoxy: St. Anthony the Great/Byzantine Chant of Psalm 102 (103), Mt. Athos/

Holy sjit, Rick Perry's in Moscow - "NO SANCTIONS, NO SANCTIONS!!"

The Intercept staff lose their shit after Zephyr Teachout loses NY Attorney General primary

family feared deportation if they went to hurricane shelter

Allegations Against Supreme Court Nominee A Challenge To Senate - The Last Word - MSNBC

super harsh visa/citizen application rule took effect this week. a mistake can lead to deportation

Supreme Court Nominee Accusations Put Senate GOP In Spotlight - The Last Word - MSNBC

Once-independent Grassley lets America down with blind deference to Kavanaugh, Trump.

Secret Service to buy Harley-Davidson, despite Trump's support of boycotts

Caption time

Sports are unpredictable

GOP House member presses wrong button and Sununu veto is overridden with no votes to spare

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/13/18

Manchester fined $131K by EPA, will spend $6M to reduce mercury pollution from sewage incinerator

Stephen Colbert: 'The Circus' Hosts Describe Crazy Interview With Steve Bannon

Major Damage Reported: 180,000+ Lose Power, 150 Await Rescue as Florence Slams North Carolina

Democratic primary candidates line up behind election winners

Vanity Fair: "Ivanka Trump is even worried about impeachment"

Fugue on "Donald Trump is a Wanker"

Ford Issues Recall on 2018 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX

Gas fires - has anyone heard how fire fighters were able..

Thread for Woodward stuff we haven't heard before.

Congress sends Trump energy spending bill that includes healthy boost for science

GM recalls 1M pickup trucks, SUVs over steering defect

The Rachel Maddow Show 9/14/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Woodburn Returns To Concord, Says Voters Will Decide If He Stays

Voodoo doll and cannibalism studies triumph at Ig Nobels

What the hell is wrong with these people?

54 days then paybacks start january 2019

UVM hospital management says latest offer is its last, calls for a union vote

Must Read - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: what sports have taught me about race in America

Are Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore

Vermont Yankee fuel move wins final NRC approval

I had cataract surgery yesterday. UPDATED

Medicaid rolls set to be slashed under Trump-approved work rules

Hallquist pitches plan to fund free college tuition with prison population cuts

Hurricane Florence

The Daily Don: 'I realized that he talked about numbers whenever he was unsure of what to say or do'

Do you think Cuomo can win in 2024 if he runs for potus?

GOP House Candidate Rejected Medicaid Expansion So People Would Find God

'It Looked Like Armageddon': 1 Dead After Gas Explosions, Fires

Friday TOONs - Extreme Levels of Precipitation Edition


Patrick Leahy: Brett Kavanaugh misled the Senate under oath. I cannot support his nomination.

The NRA put 'Thomas the Tank Engine' in white KKK hood to protest new diverse cast

'It totally belittled the moment': Many look back in dismay at Trump's tossing of paper towels in PR

Cynthia Nixon's campaign is not happy that so many voters turned out to vote.

Sand Bags (Trump Version)

Sergei Skripal: Kremlin Rejects Britain's Attempts to Grill Poisoning Suspects

Report: Canadian Pot Smokers Risk Ban From U.S.

Avenatti in NYT op-ed makes case for indicting Trump

In case you were wondering ... Nike stock closed at all-time high yesterday: $83.47.

Trump Obsessed With Avoiding His Own 'Katrina Moment'

Puerto Rico's representative in Congress, a Trump supporter, rejects president's death-toll claim

FBI Director Says Midterm Elections Will Be Fair

White House Aides Just Ignore Trump Tweets

Trump takes another shot at John Kerry for meetings with Iranian officials

Trump takes another shot at John Kerry for meetings with Iranian officials

N. Korea says U.S. 'smear campaign' over hacking undercuts Trump-Kim accord

FBI refuses to investigate secret letter allegations about Kavanaugh forwarded by Democratic Senator

A question about Manafort

I was an Election Inspector (Poll Worker) at the NY Primary! Ask me anything.

Trump Puerto Rico Conspiracy Tweets Provoked By Watching CNN Critic

Reject Brett Kavanaugh Civil Rights AFL-CIO Video

Trump Unveils Plan To Rebrand NAFTA While Still Complaining About Canada

Bribing our politicians to help us

TIME's new cover: This is what it's like to be a teacher in America

September 13, 2018

John Heilemann: Trump's 'The First Puerto Rican Truther'; Even Sandy Hook Truthers Are Like,...

The origin of Super Villains: Fisherman

Trump Biographer David Cay Johnston: President Doesn't See Non-Whites as People

Thousands of people's loved ones died waiting for help in Puerto Rico.

Maine retains its distinction as nation's oldest state, new Census data show

Morning Joe talks to Trump voters -- and finds they'd be willing to abandon him for GOP challenger

Satan gave man love. Was it worth the hate?

Just watched Haley Barbour on MSNBC

Happy National Hoagie Day! 😋🥖

Good lord! Is anyone listening to this fast talking hate monger on Morning Joe?

Who is this racist pos on Morning Joe? The fast talking dark hair guy

Jane Doe at center of 'The Predator' sex offender case speaks out

Old Man justice were have you gone

Profiles in Crazy, III . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

I know Ken Starr wants to sell books but he makes me sick

Trump never mentions Avenatti.

That's one small vote for Beto......

What John Kerry had meetings with Iranian Leaders?

UPDATE: Manafort plans to plead guilty to second set of charges

BREAKING: Spec. Counsel's Office files superseding information against Manafort, means plea expected

Another "coffee boy" of Trump's campaign pleads guilty!

CNN reporter in New Bern NC showing responders setting up for water rescues.

MI-GOV: Cook Political moves race to LEAN DEONCRAT

State Dept spent more than $52K on Nikki Haley's apartment curtains (while making budget cuts)

U.S. probes Danske Bank over money laundering allegations involving Russia

GA-GOV: Cook Political moves race to TOSSUP

Manafort Superceding Criminal Information filed by Mueller and here courtesy of @BuzzFeedNews

Trump Admin Will PAY MEXICO Millions for Deportation Help

47% of Americans Say Trump Should Be Removed from Office

If not for the Hurricane, this would be the major news story of the day.

Make sure you moan out loud so that everyone else can hear you...

Trump and Friends Cash In: Including Wilbur Poss, Rick Perry, Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn & more....

Check out the water vapor view of the east coast and Atlantic

She was going to ride out storm with 7 dogs then strangers rented a van

Koch network pumps $1.3 million into Wisconsin to boost Walker

Teacher, Firefighter, Police and Other Retirement Funds Flow Into Sanctioned Russian Companies

Pharma chief defends 400% drug price rise as a 'moral requirement'

Cuomo Beats Nixon, almost 2 to 1.


A running list of Donald Trump's conspiracy theories

If there is any degree of cooperation in the Manafort deal, will we see a tweet?

Re: Hurricanes/Evacuation -- can we attempt to avoid blaming the victims?

Who is calling for a "kinder and gentler" Democratic Party??

Wild horses lean on instinct to survive Hurricane Florence in North Carolina

OMG Dirty Manafort

Not everyone was happy about yesterday's record primary turnout

A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Aggravating my MAGA sister in law sister

Did trump threaten to fire the head of the FBI if they investigate the Kavanaugh letter?

I get that Cynthia Nixon is upset, but hey.....

Appreciation for the Cajun Navy!

Trump prepares pardons paperwork...

Jennifer Rubin: Count 1 conspiracy covers the time period he was on the Trump campaign.

So Long, Love Bug. Volkswagen Beetle Hits The End Of The Road.

My Name Is John Daker

If Democrats hadn't voted Yay for Clarence Thomas, he wouldn't be a S.Ct. Justice.

PODESTA & MERCURY KNEW:non-profit they were representing was front for MANAFORT's pro-Russian client

12 easy weeknight recipes for fall

Ken Delanian on MSNBC suggested Manafort may be cooperating.

Now, Will Cynthia Nixon Strongly Endorse Cuomo?

Colombia, Peru, Ecuador seek aid to cope with Venezuelan migrants

The Retail Apocalypse Continues: L Brands to Close All Henri Bendel Stores

Steve Biko remembered 41 years after his death

Super Typhoon Mangkhut is hurtling toward 37 million people in Asia with winds of 180 mph

A Modest Purposal - No more children

Gee whiz, I wonder who it was Manafort conspired with against the United States?

Report: Manafort Tried to Get 'Obama Jews' to Advance Support For His Ukrainian Client

Tax Change Helps Executives Afford Pricier Planes

Woman accuses Kavanaugh of attempted rape while in high school

Woman Alleges Brett Kavanaugh Attempted To Rape Her In High School

Exclusive: Venezuela signs oil deals similar to ones rolled back under Chavez - document

Hugh Hewitt: Bob Woodward Will Release Tapes for Anyone Who Gives Him Permission

TX is officially starting to turn blue....we are now GRAY! YAY

U.S. health secretary backs proposed FDA crackdown on e-cigarettes: CNBC

We'll see shortly, but I think Manafort will cooperate

(Ronan) Farrow gets more details on the Kavanaugh letter

So..Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape a woman?

Here come da Judge!

Keeping the Kosher Law in New Orleans - Well, sort of trying to ---

Republicans already knew about Kavanaugh rape accusation

Thought for the day. Manafort, "Conspiracy against the United States."

Al Franken was forced out of the Senate

The Gift

Trump doesn't see people who aren't white as people

Poor, poor Trump. All this news has knocked him off the front page.

Russian Pussy Riot activist hospitalized in grave condition; poisoning suspected

U.S. Attack on I.C.C. Is Seen as Bolstering World's Despots

**BREAKING** Rasmussen Poll (R) Andrew Gillium 48% Ron De Trumpis 42%

Prosecutor says Manafort is cooperating with special counsel investigation !!!

There is going to be some sort of cooperation agreement with Manafort (CNN reporter in court room):

Hurricane example of what we're fighting: just watched a good 'ole boy interviewed

MSNBC reporting that Manafort cooperating!

This is why they take a knee

I just heard on the Stephanie Miller show that Manafort has signed a cooperation deal .....

Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort pleads guilty to conspiracy charges

Democratic strategist calls delay to renew Violence Against Women's Act 'abhorrent'

Six of eight IDC members defeated in New York State primaries

Manafort's plea deal includes cooperation agreement with Mueller

Sarah Sanders: Manafort cooperation agreement has nothing to do with the President


Manafort was in charge of the RNC convention where the top leaders of the

***We need music- Manafort Reaches COOPERATION Agreement, pleads guilty on two counts ***


Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina, with plenty of destruction and suffering ahead

What Will Trump Do Now in Order to Distract from the Manafort Plea Deal?

Voter Suppression in New York State Democratic Primary?

How peculiar that the following letter was ready to be released today...

Kavanaugh Denies Sexual-Misconduct Claim, Keeps White House Support

When Cons whine about the Special Counsel costs

Attorney general Sessions vows to fight nationwide court injunctions

Lawbreakers should not be judges. Period!

I am thrilled and terrified, all at the same time, about the Manafort cooperation agreement

Does Trump have financial ties in Russia?...

Giuliani statement on Manafort cooperation: "The President did nothing wrong."

Right-Wing Pastor Jim Garlow Stepping Down From The Pulpit To Focus On Government

87% of Venezuelans live in poverty. 61% EXTREME poverty. AIDS deaths tripled. No water, electricity

Trump is having a really bad day!

More info on what Manafort cooperation deal will include:

Letitia James wins primary for New York attorney general

Manafort will testify, hand over documents freely and give interviews and briefings to Mueller.

Household incomes in the District rise dramatically in 2017

Train firm keeps 10% of cash from lost wallets

****SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest FINALS****

Dan Rather sums up this morning's news:

****SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest Finals posted in GD****

Florence Overrides Friday News Dump

Florence to test administration

Carlos Ramos returns to umpire's chair after Serena Williams row as statistics back him up

Trump is FUCKED

Manafort to help Mueller inquiry in plea deal

Manafort faces 10 years in jail, 6 years of supervised released, on top of forfeiture.

Republicans have allowed trump to stay on to long.

Bob Marley - Crazy Baldhead (Live)

Manafort: "I Do"

Marcy Wheeler: The Mueller-Manafort deal is pardon proof.

Well,,,,,, I wonder if that one hold-out juror in VA,,,,,

Julia Salazar overcomes controversy to notch another victory for democratic socialists

Any DUers at Camp Lejeune?

Rick Joyner again, now he calls Florence a "blessing."

And, Roger Stone releases statement on Manafort cooperation agreement:

San Francisco statue that some call racist is removed

Just curious, but has Trump made any comment/offered his concern for those in the path of Florence?

Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain

Acting ICE Director attends annual media event of anti-immigrant hate group

Nikki Haley spends $52,701 tax money on curtains for her NYC apt.

CNN reports that Manafort's cooperation includes matters including the 2016 Russian interference.

Evangelicals, growing force in Brazil, to impact elections

Manafort expressed concern for his family's safety

Why Does Allah Allow Human Suffering? For What Purpose?

What's killing Sears? Its own retirees, the CEO says

The latest pic of 45


*My Dear Children* Documentary, Eastern Europe Pogroms 1917-1921, WHUT

Ten years ago Saturday, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

A running list of his conspiracy theories

Finally, an attendee of the Russian Trump Tower meeting is now co-operating with the Mueller

Manafort's New Posture

Rob Reiner: Check mate. Game set match. The fat lady is singing. The party's over.

Reg. Manafort. Just a little reminder Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly:

There is a Democratic candidate running

Trump has gotta be scared now:

*My Dear Children* Documentary, Eastern Europe Pogroms 1917-1921, WHUT

I hate Donald Fucking Trump. He's a goddamned MONSTER.

Brilliant essay on preventing abortion from a Mormon mother of six

Why does the fact that Bret Kavanaugh lying to congress not matter?

To quote Leadbelly, "There's a man goin' round takin' names". His name is Mueller. nt

NY primary analysis shows a lot of work ahead for the DSA

'Spectacular' mummified ice age wolf pup, caribou calf found at Yukon mine sites

Who in the WH (or judiciary) knew about Kavanaugh rape claims, and when did they learn about them?

Bill Daley to run for Chicago Mayor

Just wondering....

The very existence of Manafort's plea deal means he's already given Mueller significant dirt

Amid all the tRump clusterfucks going on, the lessons of the Great Recession aren't being given

AP Poll: Voters open to candidates who aren't very religious

I hope the next Democratic President gives Mueller the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, PLACE YOUR BETS

Dalai Lama: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

Virtually the entire G.O.P. is now trapped in a tightening vice

Trump and Breitbart Fall in Love Again

Ompong. Is the sound you make when you realize a category 5 justice storm is bearing down on you!

Jill Wine Bank's pin today--LOL. She'll be on Nicole Wallace AND Lawrence O'Donnell's shows today

Should Ken Starr be appointed to investiage the sexual miconduct allegations...

Know any funny but relatively unknown comedians?

Hurricanes have failed to spur flood insurance reform bill (SFGate/Bloomberg)

Get your Manafort plea agreement here

The moment America becomes a full-on dictatorship.

Show me a state with world class universities or colleges, and I will show you a blue state

At SF event, Harrison Ford begs voters to 'stop electing leaders who don't believe in science'

There's a humble little village in Yucatan named...

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 14, 2018

Forget Trump for a minute, realize w/ the Manafort flip Mueller is going after the Russians & Putin

As Florence Threatens 'Catastrophic' Destruction, A Reminder That North Carolina Passed Law

The full 17 page Manafort cooperation deal has been posted (he agrees to cooperate on ALL matters

Cognitive dissonance is the new "normal".

Trump Demands to Know Who Put "Entering Crazytown" Sign on Oval Office Door

Movies You Liked With Endings You Hated?

Poor Paul! One day ago, he was the Great Manafort. Now, he's a scummy flipper.

Mueller is undefeated.

I bet the Orange cheeto is hog tied and his phone taken away.

New Memoir Explores ADHD and The Black Family

Nicknames of Donald Trump & Brett Kavanaugh

Heresy at Freeperville (re Manafort):

Prominent academic dies during live TV show

Workers have a constitutional right to form a union and negotiate for better wages and conditions

Remind us again?

Best TV comedies that aren't really funny...

South Korean president to fly to North Korea for 1st time to continue nuclear talks

Looters beware

Florida police lieutenant arrested, accused of molesting little girl

Gather 'round little ladies while a Republican man tells you what you want. (HINT: It's a man)

From BVU. ( Black Victims Unit)

MSNBC: Kusher and Manafort were primary players in hiring Cambridge Analytica.

Botttom Line: If Manafort had little to offer Mueller he would not have gotten this deal

OH NO! my voicemail says, "I'll be taken under custody unless I call..."

Texas lawyers-Opportunity to volunteer for voter protection

What type of "Joint Defense Agreement" did Trump lawyers have with Manafort lawyers??

Stream Live TV coverage from Wilmington station

The Irresistible Allure of Pork and Fennel

Basketball Coach Accused of Molesting 8 Children at Santa Clarita Valley Schools, CA

"Not doing better than their fathers:" Men's earnings have fallen since 1970's, Census says

Tweet of the Day

Hurricane Florence: First 2 deaths reported as 'powerful, slow and relentless' storm pummels North C

I for one think that math should just

65 Women Send Pro-Kavanaugh Support Letter to Senate

Should this Manafort plea deal have any effect on the Kavanaugh confirmation to the Court?

There is thrashing, objects being thrown and terror there right now

Breaking Big on PBS while be highlighting Carmen Yulin Cruz (San Juan mayor)

Who is running the show in Venezuela? 4.19 million barrels of oil sent to Cuba... at no cost.

The size of a pea

Pitchers duel

Will Rachel Maddow be on her show tonight?

Anyone watched Dimension 404? What's you take? No spoilers please!


It seems the FBI now owns an apartment in Trump Tower.

When an initial premise has no supporting evidence,

Would Anybody Mind if Trump Got on Air Force One and...

Trump supporter too poor to evacuate.

Avenatti to 2020 Dems: Stop ducking Fox News

No one is taking a bullet for Don the Con

Something to remind our MAGA friends of:

I Give Trump an A+

38M misuse of public funds at UCF.

Avenatti: like him or loathe him, he's got a point....

Lindsey Graham "regrets" McCain didn't have more time to get to know Traitor don

A death in my family

Tucker Carlson - The New King of Slime


When Jared flips

Leading a mob is all fun and games...

Charles P. Pierce: It's Not Just the President* Who Ought to Be Sweating Today

Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum

Jealous pup demands ear meds, too.

Cajun Navy races to the Carolinas; citizen rescuers pull people from rising waters

The Perfect Circle of False Logic

Jealous pup demands ear meds, too.

Vanity Fair: Cohen is talking to Mueller.

Trump wants $200 billion in China tariffs despite talks, sources say

Witness Protection Program for Manafort's Family?

Hurricane Florence kills 4, including infant, in NC, officials say

State Auditor Janssen apologizes, says he will make changes in 'personal and professional life'

Woodward's book "Fear"

'Gina is Great': Trump endorses book declaring him possibly the 'most sound-minded' president ever

Murkowski, Collins if you're listening: Kavanaugh is a lifelong pervert, sexual violator of women

If SHITLER can be "president" why can't Oscar DE LA HOYA?!1

Bogus Nike coupon featuring Colin Kaepernick offers discount to 'people of color'

Lawyer for Dallas man shot in home by police slams attempt to 'smear' victim

Cohen is talking to Mueller too

Paul Manafort's Flip Is A Disaster For Mike Pence

WashPo: Mueller may have eliminated one of Trump's biggest complaints (its costs).

I know it's Palmer, but this one's actually got some journalistic meat on it.

The Circus is Back!!!

LeBron pokes fun at haters after Nike stock closes at all-time high

We know how this script goes...

Will An Orange Jumpsuit

Everyone keeps talking about SCOTUS reversing Roe but...

The White House Unified On Old Issues -- And Then Started New Fights

End all federal protection of wolves -- Rep. Newhouse

State Voter Registration Deadlines -- Handy Chart

A big court win for Ferguson, AGs, against Sec. DeVos

Trumpian in the wild calling a female office the n-word, over & over again.

There are no shy Trump voters, says pollster

Viola Davis Wishes She Had Never Been In 'The Help'

No pardons for Manafort.

FEMA to test Presidential Alert system..

It's amazing

Join Team Blue

Public lands, parks fund again faces termination

Global oil production hits a new record, led by US and OPEC

READ: Mueller files superseding criminal information against Manafort

As the US is hammered by a climate-change-pumped hurricane, we just keep pumping out carbon

As pressure over Kavanaugh mounts, Collins sees 'bribery' attempt


On days like this, it really hits home what a toll Trump has taken on my psyche.

Women candidates set nationwide records

Former Virginia Gov. McAuliffe to visit Iowa, fueling 2020 speculation

Trump COST of Tariffs -Takes Money from FEMA and Coast Guard Give to ICE & Farmers

Question about fasting on Yom Kippur

Green group backs Gillum in Florida governor race

Can drumpz pardon KKKavanaugh, I'm beginning to think KKKavanugh committed,

Would Manafort know if the vote tally was tampered with?

'I Work 3 Jobs And Donate Blood Plasma to Pay the Bills.'This Is What It's Like to Be a Teacher

Trump fundraiser at Trump Hotel charges $100k per person

Cohen and Manafort have flipped for a very, very, very simple reason:

3 Debates Scheduled between Beto O'Rourke and Ted Cruz

Has anyone heard if the wild horses out on the island

Just for fun, I'm sharing my favorite tRump nickname: Spanky McBonespurs

I just finished Bob Woodward's book

the women who lost her job for flipping off Trump is running for office as a Democrat

So whats the next step for Mueller

September 14th #NeverAgain: International Day of Memory of Victims of Fascism

How come yesterday on DU it was "Manafort pleads guilty - no cooperation?"

How's that working out?

IMF suspends release of $3 billion tranche of $50 billion Argentina bailout

IMF suspends release of $3 billion tranche of $50 billion Argentina bailout

Manfort: A Complete Fold

The Moon today, about 1/3 full:

I'm taking one for the team

In the wake of Manafort's plea deal, Michael Cohen now in talks with Team Mueller

Beto looking cool on a skateboard.

As trump tries to downplay Paul Manafort's involvement, let's not forget:

Who plays Bob Mueller in the movie?

Two of these young men are my (step) grandsons. They are now US Marines.

Chewy is opening a Pharmacy.

So dramatic! Dude from the weather channel bracing for his life, as 2 dudes just stroll past.

Is Morning Joe Confederate week finally over?

Pennsylvania Elk

Celtics Jabari Bird choked girlfriend 12 times during assault

I'm just imagining, THE DAY, Mueller releases his first report...

Who's gonna compile all the potus pro-manifort tweets, for contrast with what's coming in the mornin

'-there are no white people in heaven' Last line in a poem by Jose Olivarez

So, does Manafort have the goods on everyone connected to Trump?

Poverty rate rising among America's youngest children, particularly infants of color

Where is Sarah? Where is Sarah? There she is. There she is. Hiding in the office, hiding in

Spay before or after first heat?

So Dramatic!

I wonder?

Kitty: "How dare you!":

RUDY! MY man! How's that "active cooperative defense agreement" workin' for you? nt

Maine teacher who won $1 million to be sentenced for shoplifting

I hope that Ronan Farrow is in the running for Time's Person of the Year.

It's very clear someone else is managing The Dotard's tweets today... so far.

Manafort Plea Agreement Requires Him "to participate in undercover activities" at Govt's instruction

Ali Wong on Vows and Racism


I sure glad there is "Man Named Mueller" who is doing the work he was assigned to do!

Interesting discussion about Manafort's personal safety

Who's ready for Happy Hour? "The Manafort"

FEMA To Test 'Presidential Alert' System Next Week

Congress Subpoena's DHS official amid accusations of punishing whistleblowers

Here's your Christopher Walken!

Whoa! It just keeps getting worse for Trump ala Ari Melber:

This is literally beyond my comprehension

A very simple rule: SAFETY FIRST

Yum... got the salmon roasting...

From Sergei Rachmaninoff: What is music?

Life under a narcissistic sociopath

An update on the whereabouts of the "Get a Brain, Morans" guy....

Is Jared...

Tom Arnold said he got sent a trump tape yesterday

Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons developing new gay TV comedy

Did I get it right that Manafold's lawyer said "safety of his family was always his main concern?"

Why does the media say, "This is a blow to Trump"?

Pierce: I Believe Brett Kavanaugh Doesn't Belong on the Supreme Court as Strongly as I Believe He'll

There is never just fucking 1 incident...

Trans woman shot dead in Florida is 20th trans person to be killed this year in US

Fake news:

Did hiring scabs contribute to explosions in Massachusetts?

All the Ways Paul Manafort's Guilty Plea Will Hurt Donald Trump

Breaking - A large vehicle with a CNN crew along with rescuers has overturned in North Carolina

Manafort obviously lying about Russia denial: Old video

Takeaways on Puerto Rico's death toll

And than...there is this....

trump ignores manafort, still tweeting about death toll in Puerto Rico

West Coast Cities Skirt Federal Judge's Ruling Against Criminalizing Homeless Camps

Things-that-don't-work News

When we gain full control of Congress

I Missed: Who Was That Twit On Hardball?

Kornacki: Get these Dump shills off your shows.

Designing Women' Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War

How properly dance to "Get Lucky"