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Archives: September 17, 2018

Look what I found on Facebook when I searched for Christine Blasey Ford

South Korea's Ambitious Summit Delegation to Pyongyang

This is why the 11th hour announcement was the way to do it, because they have no alternative

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones calls for delay in Kavanaugh vote

Collins: I don't know enough to make a judgement

DNC Chair Perez calls for an investigation of Ford's allegations

Trump sings Green Acres - gross, yes

Does anyone know if there is a way to BLOCK Trump's FEMA "emergency test" phone

'Rehobeth Police Dept Fan Club' on yearbook page of both Brett and Mark. Means what??

Bob Corker calls for a delay in Kavanaugh vote.

I Wonder What Life Is Like Now At Kavanaugh's.....

No matter what happens to Trump, one way or another

MoveOn: Plan to fight Kavanaugh

Burlington Town Hall Featuring Bernie Sanders Draws New American Crowd

Kavanaugh in 2014: What happens on the bus stays on the bus

Police rule out Novichok link to Salisbury diners becoming ill

2018: The Year Women Fought Back (Please add those I've missed)

was telling my a-political hubby about the president alerts. His mind immediately went to 1984

Half the planet should be set aside for wildlife - to save ourselves

Wilmington, NC Cut Off by Florence as Catastrophic Flooding Spreads Across North Carolina

Allegations throw Kavanaugh confirmation into turmoil

TV's Frank on Medicare for All vs. Unlimited Military Spending

Anyone here ever play at a gaming hall/parlor?

I am thinking that if Kavanaugh attempted rape in H.S. it was not the last time.

Republicans In Shock As Only 25% of Midterm Voters Support Trump

Young Magnetar Likely the Slowest Pulsar Ever Detected

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa Has a Really Weird Cold Spot

This is Joey's last day.....

It's all gonna feel very real when she's on air and we see and hear her, ourselves.

Kavanaugh's Accuser

Ig Nobel win for kidney stone removing roller-coaster

New Pentagon Memo Lays Out Action Plan to Space Force by 2020

Alleged 'looters' in Florence-ravaged North Carolina sought by police

David Frum: Delay the Kavanaugh Vote

GOP push to release House interviews in Russia investigation

Dem lawmaker from Kavanaugh accuser's district: "I'm proud of my constituent"

Hundreds are still trapped from Florence's flooding, and 'the worst is still yet to come'

Unexplained 'Security Issue' Keeps National Solar Observatory Facility Shuttered

Coast Guard employee removed from Florence duty over alleged "white power" gesture

Trump to Robert Mueller: 'It Wasn't Me' (w/ Shaggy)

Massachusetts police tweet lets slip scale of leftwing surveillance

Ted Cruz Sending Donation Mail Disguised as Summonses

"You can't blame spousal abuse after a disaster on anybody."

Call with Kavanaugh accuser in works before vote

Great question for Collins

We Have A Gross Over Supply Of GOP Scoundrels & Scalawags & Complete Pricks.

Incoming Mexican government rejects US offer to fund deportations

It is an insult to all men...

Incoming Mexican government rejects US offer to fund deportations

Tweet of the day! 9/16/18

Guatemala on knife-edge after president moves to end anti-corruption body

Elon Musk's Chicago Tunnel: A Breakthrough or a Pipe Dream?

A woman's daring escape from a Border Patrol agent helped reveal a 'serial killer,' police say

Susan Collins Is A Certifiable Air Head.

Another big GOP Donor now supporting Democrats

I think I caught the Smithsonian Channel/Egyptologists in a flaw about Tut - his walking canes

The two faces of Senator Collins

Kavanaugh should have already been disqualified for his extreme views and perjury.

John Kerry criticized for saying Trump has 'the insecurity of a teenage girl'

PLEASE PASS THIS TO ANYONE YOU CAN. Kavanaugh sounds like Trump.

Aliens sadly not to blame for closure of New Mexico solar observatory

Trump's Approval Rating Is Down. Mueller's Is Up. Is There A Connection?

You've done your time, now pay the bill

'Impeachment is hell': Manafort deal increases pressure on Trump

Once again, I just have to say ...

Bills' Vontae Davis shocks team, quits NFL at halftime vs. Chargers

Hidden Library: How Science Is Virtually Unwrapping the Charred Scrolls of Herculaneum

Draft of Presidential Text Alert

Love Willie!


re Kavanaugh: Don't forget the perjury!

Is there no way to block Traitor don's "alert" Thursday?

Durbin calls for Kavanaugh vote to be postponed & FBI to investigate

Tax Change Helps Executives Afford Pricier Planes

Trump Voters Don't Believe Democrats Can Win House

Voters not politicians

What Cave Art Means

A lifetime appointment

I just reread the 65-women letter and realized why they could get it out so quickly:

Hillary Clinton: American democracy is in crisis.

Will this be the beginning of the Great Inland Migration?

Meme of the night.....

For iPhone Users...How To Block Trump's Dopey Alerts..

Murkowski: Judiciary Committee might have to consider delaying Kavanaugh vote.

Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope indicted on 7 more counts of malfeasance

Who here hasn't ever belonged to a club like Kavanaugh's "TNC Club"?

Jeff Flake opposes quick vote on Kavanaugh

I swear by Lady Bast...

Soon Yi Previn breaks 25 years of silence to eviserate her adopted mother

Palo Alto University is getting hit with bad reviews

The Power of Prayer

Daily Mail publishes picture of Christine Blasey Ford

Judge to decide if police officer's trial stays in Chicago

Wyoming county pulls funds as bank alters fossil fuel stance

Corporate intimidation

Show this video to every young Basketball player.

NM-GOV: Lujan Grisham has solid lead over Pearce, 50% to 43%

Thank you, Anthony Bourdain, for helping me find an ancestral name

Michael Moore on The View - A terrorist attack would be great for Trump

Mormon fighting to end youth interviews ousted from faith

Zoltan Kocsis - Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 2 - live 1984

Guatemala court backs UN ant-graft chief against president

Poll: Oklahomans don't like Trump as much as they used to

Guatemala court orders UN anti-graft chief be readmitted

Kavanaugh does not remember whether he received inappropriate emails from now-disgraced judge

UPDATE: Check out this tweet from Tom Arnold

AGs asks for Trump's communications with foreign oficials about Trump's DC hotel.

Israeli lawmaker to PM: Dismiss US envoy over aide scandal

Edmondson talks tax issues with Oklahoma municipal leaders

North Korea #1....USA #2

Mexican president elect introduces civilian head of security

ICE Officer In Oregon Arrested On Multiple Sodomy Charges

GOP nominee for Oklahoma Senate flipped between parties during campaign

Berta Cceres murder trial to be monitored by international lawyers

Keith Jarrett: "Elegy for Violin and String Orchestra", The Fairfield Orchestra/Alissa Firsova:

Berta Cceres murder trial to be monitored by international lawyers

Spectacular ice age wolf pup and caribou dug up in Canada

Young Narwhal Adopted By Totally Chill Beluga Whale Pod

Capitol restoration: Original copper roof needs to be replaced


Early voting starts Friday across Minnesota

Revolting Instagram posted by Donald Trump Jr. re. Kavanaugh Letter and sexual assault victims....

Cuban Residents in Italy Prepare Meeting

Archaeologists discover ancient sphinx in Egypt

Grab em by the pussy...

Spain Fails LGBTI Victims Of Fascist Dictator Franco Regime

NASA launches ice laser satellite atop retiring US booster

Kansas woman told birth certificate wasn't enough to prove citizenship for passport

Early voting starts Thursday in Wyoming

A conversation I could imagine.

Sentencing for Oklahoma ex-senator for child sex trafficking

Her 3,000-Year-Old Bones Showed Unusual Signs of Wear. It Turns Out, She Was a Master Ceramicist

Fossil of new dinosaur species found in Southwestern China

Trump derangement syndrome

Landmark Violence Against Women Act may expire while Congress tends to other business

Donald Trump, Jr. ridicules Kavanaugh's accuser

Freddie Oversteegen, Dutch Resistance Fighter Who Killed Nazis Through Seduction, Dies At 92

Love this poster for the new Supergirl season

My sons guitar teacher she is awesome a ramble 4 cups coffee so far

I met a keeper other day a former infantry vet

Oklahoma oil company owner guilty of fraud, money laundering

We say the boog is a stalker

North Korea's Trump-Era Strategy: Keep Making A-Bombs, but Quietly

Bacone College budget still balanced despite enrollment a third below expectations

Broken Arrow businesswoman pleads to stealing millions from former employer; agrees to forfeit yacht

Republican Trump booster used Craigslist ads, obscene photos and fake names for child sex traffickic

Wichita cop drove up to 100 mph in town, without lights and sirens, before injury crash

Mom can drop us off at the bus stop dad your car smells

NFL player retires at halftime. - Buffalo Bills

Chris McDaniel was a rising GOP star. Now he's fighting for political survival.

watching Morning Joe re Kavanaugh

The double-standard should not be surprising

We put a hand over our heart, Nike puts thumb in our eye

Monday TOONs, with Ted Cruz the Dancing Ooze

Murkowski, Collins called out for hypocrisy on Al Franken--while they still consider Brett Kavanaugh

Brian McClendon plans to increase voter turnout in Kansas as secretary of state

Republicans "intend to play hard ball" with Brett Kavanaugh accuser, her lawyer says

HILLARY CLINTON: "I hoped that my fears for our future were overblown. They were not."

Pennsylvania Elk

Dr. Ford is now willing to come forward to the Senate Judiciary Committee, per her attorney

Kavanaugh accuser, Dr. Ford, is going to testify

Two dozen GOP lawmakers endorse Democrat Kelly for governor

Let's see if got this right, Kavanaugh assaulted a girl in high school and that means:

'They treat us like mules': Nashville construction workers cry for site safety

Kav doesn't seem like he'd be super quiet on SCOTUS like Thomas seems to have been

The Central Park 5-who were innocent-were 14, 14, 15, 15 & 16 when Trump called for their execution

Hope this isn't too opaque: condescending bullshit is condescending bullshit

Senators Roberts, Moran: Enough with trade war damage to Kansas farm economy

Malcolm Nance: Watch out America. Trump is on a Tweet Jihad. 3 before 7am. He's going to come undo

Kavanaugh accuser willing to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee, lawyer says

Has Trump tweeted anything in support of Juan David Ortiz,

How many current Republican senators voted to impeach or remove Clinton?

Thank you Diane Feinstein

Nebraska State Auditor Janssen apologizes, promises changes in 'personal and professional life'

Please Lord, let Dr Ford have kept a diary at that time....nt

High court upholds $109 million judgment against ConAgra for North Carolina factory explosion

Ok, here's a strange request, from me...

The power of a named accuser: Kavanaugh's future now hangs in the balance

'I do not know this woman': Trump allies rally to Kavanaugh's defense

When you've got nothing and you're bluffing and then the bluff is called.

Conway on Kavanaugh accuser: 'This woman should not be insulted and she should not be ignored'

New leak shows Julian Assange sought Russian visa in 2010

Mueller's crack team to monitor Trump's early morning twitter feed:

Trump Tax Law Has Led to Repatriation of Just 3% of the Cash He Promised It Would

Do we need Diogenes and his lamp to find an honest judge? With all the thousands of...

Noah's Ark except it's a school bus: Truck driver rescues 64 dogs and cats from floods of Hurricane

Kellyanne is just Rudy with boobs and better makeup. nt

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Camp David Accords

Kavanaugh's nomination needs to be withdrawn today

Noah's Ark except it's a school bus: Truck driver rescues 64 dogs and cats from floods of Hurricane

Many Americans are extremely concerned that a very creepy porn President ...

Russia: Missile that shot down flight MH17 was Ukrainian

Trump Believes There Is a 'Conspiracy' to Torpedo the Kavanaugh Nomination

Why God is Laughing at Kavanaugh


Oldest US nuclear plant is shutting down on Monday

Kellyanne Conway: Kavanaugh Accuser Should Not Be Ignored and Insulted; 'She Should Be Heard'

Donny Deutsch: Male Senators Grilling 'Attempted Rape' Victim is 'Lose-Lose' Situation for GOP


"What Have YOU Been Smoking?"

Rabbits for sale.

"I didn't even know what sex was until I was 21." . . .Please come CAPTION Brett Kavanaugh!!!

Coke, Aurora in talks to make cannabis-infused drinks: BNN Bloomberg

Disgusting: The only name coming up in the Kavanaugh discussion is Al Franken.

We have some very good people in America /The USGC rescues some doggies

Happy National Apple Dumpling Day!

The Case for Delaying the Kavanaugh Vote

The White House lawyers response to the queston of Should the committee delay the vote?

The power of a named accuser: Kavanaugh's future now hangs in the balance

The Rundown: September 14, 2018

2018 Ignatz Awards Winners Announced

The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout.

Like Mitch McConnell said...

I'm so glad that Christine Ford has a doctorate

Nebraska senators struggle to fund schools and cut taxes

Ricketts, Krist point fingers as final governor debate collapses

Collins and Murkowski know in their hearts that the accuser's story is entirely credible.

American Democracy Is in Crisis - By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Soft-Shell Crab 🦀: Glorious 😋 or Ghastly 🤢?

Republicans are ready to play hardball with Kavanaugh's victim.

"Beautiful clean coal"

Trump Is Making American Diplomacy White Again......

I hope I am proven wrong on this

Speaking of Football, Browns Sign New Kicker! 🏈

I wonder how many of the male Republican Senators on the Judicial Committee

Typhoon Mangkhut: landslide buries dozens in miners' bunkhouse

Time Magazine acquired by Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and wife Lynne Benioff

Has anyone seen Fahrenheit 11/9 yet?


Ron DeSantis veers into the absurd in bid to raise fear and doubt on Andrew Gillum

Found a new barber she is progressive

Here's why the allegation against Kavanaugh is credible: He's smeared and attacked women before

Judge Napolitano on if Kavanaugh's nomination is in jeopardy

"Donald Trump Jr looks like ..."

'The House Is Probably Lost': GOP Frets Blue Wave Could Decimate Party

Pakistani prime minister to grant citizenship to 1.5 million Afghan refugees

Question to KAVANAUGH: 2 people under oath contradict each other - which one is the perjurer?

Kavanaugh Accuser Willing To Testify If Asked

Feinstein Says There's More That Senators Don't Know About Kavanaugh

Vital supplies scarce for Wilmington residents isolated by Florence floodwaters

Pot Sellers Put Seniors On The Canna-Bus

Where's Kavanaugh's polygraph?

WH To Attack Kavanaugh Accuser's Credibility By Questioning Why She Didn't Tell Anyone At The Time

TPM: the Dollar Challenged, and the day the American imperium ends

Well, if Trump can get away with assaulting women....

Kavanaugh urged tough, explicit questions for Clinton in Lewinsky investigation

Donnelly Calls For Pushing Back Kavanaugh Vote

Borowitz: Americans Want Alert System Enabling Mueller to Text Them When This Emergency Is Over

Kavanaugh says he's willing to testify on woman's allegation

What if we recruit liberals in populous states to move to low population red states?

Let's not Forget the Questions Creepy Kavanaugh Came Up with During Bill Clinton's Investigation

Police called on black UMass employee walking to work

Megyn Kelly makes case against Kavanaugh's accuser:

So I see that Morning Joe contributor Donny Deutsch just said (among other things)

So the republicans are going to play "hardball" with a woman who is accusing Kavanaugh of sexual

Grassley's mouthpiece Taylor Foy "disturbed" by "uncorroborated Kavanaugh allegations"

Don't forget that other sexual assaulter already on the bench...

From the archives: Kavanaugh questions for Bill Clinton

Squirrels copy "Rat King" Legend - A twisted tail

i have a feeling that the insulting circus that was the clarence thomas confirmation hearing will be

Donald Trump Jr. coming to Maine to support GOP

Ronan Farrow supposedly has the Apprentice backstage tapes, some sources say

Only two of the 65 women who vouched for Kavanaugh stand by him after accuser comes forward

Kavanaugh is at the WH

Local Catholic Church insert in Sunday Paper: ROE V WADE ON THE BRINK? Shame on them.

Powerful essay - worth reading


Pic Of The Moment: How The Kavanaugh Nomination Happened

"I will not 'work together' to..."

Forensics shows President Trump wrote meme which his son, Fredo Jr., then posted on-line.

''How Amazon got to be so powerful, and what it means for our economy''

This is a fine kettle of fish. A sexual assaulter in the white house, one on the supreme court,

As Injuries Continue, Doctors Renew Call For Ban On Infant Walkers

Is this Brett Kavanaugh's COSBY MOMENT?

Browns introduce new logo!

T H I S .

If Kavanaugh goes down, who do they have on deck to replace him?

Kavanaugh loses support of 63 out of 65 women who vouched for him.

One of those "OH, too sweet" moments in life

Meet the Senator Trying to End U.S. Support For the War in Yemen.

Woodward's 'FEAR': On Dowd's seeming breach of attorney-client privilege/ethics (or is it?)

Economist who predicted 2008 recession warns of recession incoming for 2020.

My Turn: Sanders - We're going to expand Social Security, not cut it

I wonder how many more women were assaulted by Kavanaugh?

Once again: Juanita Broaddrick is a vile hypocrite, partisan hack and almost certainly a total liar.

Yes, it's Tom ARNOLD, yes not a *seemly* DU discussion: He & Mark BURNETT got physical in public.

Sanders Statement on Sexual Assault Allegation Against Kavanaugh

Terrifying videos from a "Super Typhoon" ravaging Hong Kong

I believe, Sen. Flake is hedging his bets for a presidential run in 2020.

CARTOON - Trump Responds To Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations

Who is REDACTED? Dr. Ford knows, and so does Senator Feinstein.

Ezra Klein: The allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are about the present, not just the past

"The Innocents" on Netflix (BIG SPOILERS)

John Dingell suffered a heart attack last night...

I'm home sick today

Preamble of the Constitution of the United States

Lots of positive polling today...

I hate Nike products

How will Trump respond to the disaster in the Carolinas?

Study: people tend to cluster into four distinct personality "types"

Texas board votes to eliminate Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history curriculum

Venezuela Raises Minimum Wage 3,000% and Lots of Workers Get Fired

It is time to end the job for life in the courts.

Don't compare Al Franken to Kavanaugh

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) publishes policy statement in support of trans kids

Keep digging that hole fools

I'm good with this

"It won't matter thirty years from now."

Military service doesn't give politicians like Duncan Hunter license to break the law

Alumnae of Kavanaugh accuser's high school express support for her

**NEW A RATED SRSS POLL** TN SEN Bredesen (Democrat) 50% Heartburn (Trumpist )45%

**NEW A RATED SRSS POLL** AZ SEN Sinema (Democrat) 50% McSally (Trumpist )43%

Former Rep. John Dingell Suffers Heart Attack

I no longer think there are any "tapes" of Donald Trump being a pervert.

Do you pronounce "bury" to rhyme with "merry" or

Establishment Clause

Collins, under indictment, to remain on congressional ballot as Dems cheer

Collins, under indictment, to remain on congressional ballot

**Another poll with Trump taking it on the chin** Gallup 38% Up 56% Down

Under Trump, refugee admissions are falling way short -- except for Europeans

Plants are putting on their Autumn best

Indiana Senator Donnelly calls for delay in Kavanaugh vote.

Going to Hawaii? - Make a trip to Fur seasons Cat Sanctuary

Hugh Hewitt

CNN poll: Dem Senate candidate leads 50-45 in Tennessee, 50-43 in Arizona.

The Collapse of the American Empire-Chris Hedges

Trump Targets Petrified Forest, along Navajo Nation Border, for Fracking

CNN - AZ. & TN polls

Going Out To All RWNJ Hypocrites Number One September 17, 1968!

There's No Stopping Toronto's 'Uber-Raccoon'

Kavanaugh Lawyering Up

Sen. Warren sponsered Bill to end - Too Big to Jail - but it died

I don't want Trump to text me that there's an emergency.

It's up to the Republicans.

Quite Possibly Your New Favorite Pasta

Cuba's New President Backs Same-Sex Marriage

separated at birth: Kavanaugh, Dave Thomas

Two years after Nicole Lovell's death, trial of accused accessory to the murder begins Monday

Gowdy asks FEMA administrator for travel information

There are 51 republican seantors...Corker and Flake, want the vote postponed ..

I use to love drinking Tang

An article is being spread around the internet accusing Ford's students of hating her,

FEMA postpones scheduled Presidential Alert test due to Hurricane Florence

This is a big mea culpa

POSTPONED: Presidential Alert test headed for your cell phone isn't happening this week after all

Alpha male protects the herd!

Matt Drude of Right Wing Media SMEARS the wrong Christine Ford.............

CEO of Victoria's Secret parent L Brands quits the Republican Party after Obama visit

Susan Collins: Both Kavanaugh and Ford should testify under oath.

Kavanaugh Can End All This By.....

Many Kavanaugh supporters don't believe him.

House nixes drug prices in TV ads

Virginia Hume, daughter of Brit, was one of the 65. But she seems to have had second thoughts.

I was contacted by a company about revamping its overly religious website.

It doesn't matter how long ago the assault happened

Senate Democrats Are Suing The National Archives To Get Brett Kavanaugh's Records

Kavanaugh Withdraw!

Don't get me wrong. I love all the optimistic polls and all

Christine Blasey Ford's high school classmates go on record supporting her

Clinton: Hard to ignore 'racial subtext of virtually everything Trump says'

Rumor being tweeted that Kavanaugh may have misbehaved during a clerkship.

Brett Kavanaugh Cannot Hide From These Sexual Assault Allegations

Milbank: The election will be all about Trump, worrying GOP

I used to love drinking,

I'm Sure Glad That The Repugs Are Not Making This Kavanaugh Thing.....

FEMA delays presidential alert test amid Florence response

Allegations inject uncertainty into Kavanaugh nomination

Pierce: You Can't Walk Back a Categorical Denial

Coca-Cola is eyeing the cannabis market

Hillary Clinton: "American Democracy is in Crisis"

Kavanaugh allegations lead to White House scramble

A thoughtful commentary on the "Presidential Alert" squabble...

Trump Jr. mocks sex assault allegations against Kavanaugh

'There is no access to Wilmington' as Florence flooding overwhelms North Carolina

Is Scott Dworkin a member of DU? If anyone knows.... thanks

Democrat Bredesen leads GOP's Blackburn by 5 points in Tennessee Senate race

It's always nice to have friends...

GOP Rep. Chris Collins Will Remain on the Ballot After Insider Trading Charges

Paraphrasing "Breaking Bad" re: the Presidential SMS Alerts

Bill Nelson finally starts unleashing on Rick Scott

He says he specifically wasn't at that party but can't remember if he spoke to lawyers from a specif

Squirrel King: Five creatures tied together by their own tails discovered in Wisconsin

MSNBC breaking: Kavanaugh was not AT the party !!

F*ck Orin Hatch

Kavanaugh's new claim, according to MSNBC: "I was not at that party."

Breaking -Kavanaugh says he was not at the party

Realdonaldtrump emergency tweet: everyone get under your desk....

Do we know how Kavanaugh's buddy identified himself as the second...

Neil Gorsuch is also a Georgetown Prep alumnus.

Senate Republicans Seek To Delay Kavanaugh Vote Until Accuser Properly Smeared....

Constitution Day contribution

Kavanaugh is actually using "alternative" facts to cover his issues!

Twin sons, different moms

IF Trump gets the power to use an emergency channel

"One of the finest people I've ever known"...Trump about Kavanaugh...

The mean streets of Bethesda, part two

Really - How Long Has Trump Known Kavanaugh?.....

Which party and when?

Has Justice Kennedy said anything? Didn't he resign suggesting Kavanagh?

Lindsey is so kompromat...

Hollywood figures start PAC to aid Democrats chances in 6 key states.

So how did the bear get in the van in the first place...

The best response to Trump's Puerto Rico comments comes from @petridishes

Kavanaugh Accuser willing to testify.

Kavanaugh. This is just the beginning...

Re Kavanaugh: Some Former Classmates And I Just Went Through Putting On A 50yr Class Reunion......

There are 24 deaths so far linked to Florence

Signed September 17, 1787...The US Constitution Is

Fun Facts...

DC Rumor: Ronan Farrow has backstage tapes from the show Apprentice, starring Shitler

They are desperate. Someone paid money for this tweet

It's 3:30 pm Trump hasn't tweeted anything about Kavanaugh tells me something

These guys are really crazy...

Who was the guy

All these people worrying

Trump comments on Kavanaugh, says should 'hear everybody out' and 'go through the process'

GOP trash is now the majority....

Ohio Lingo Quiz

Elon Musk sued for libel by British Thai cave rescuer

GOP, the greatest defenders

McConnell speaking on Senate floor...

Ronan just retweeted this tweet from July amid rumors that he has another story coming out shortly.

The NDP did a FOIA/FIPPA request on public consultation for Ford's Bill5

Fucking Sen Yertle - "Why wait until the 11th hour to bring this up?"

Susan Collins about to speak, per CNN

Little delay.....January 2019

What if Kavanaugh's not lying? Now, hear me out.

McConnell: Not fair....LMAO

And a mentally challenged friend to aid and abet the crime of sexual assault.

Susan Collins didn't ask for Al Franken and his accusers to testify.

Kavanaugh: Derailed off the fast track? Here's hoping so.

In 2016 41% of women voted for Trump. WHY? There was no ambiguity that Trump was a sexist, racist,

Kavanaugh: Sexual assaulter, degenerate gambler, liar...perfect right winger for the SC..

White House sources: FBI is being blocked from vetting Kavanaugh sexual assault claims because Trump

tonald drump said kavanUGH is a very special person?

NEW: Other people willing to come forward

I used to be a stockbroker. Brokers have a "U4" Cops need a U4.

"A MAJOR terrorist plot is scheduled in the next week!"

it's one thing to know about kavanaugh. it's another thing to know the white house knew all this

Brett Kavanaugh Gave a Speech About Binge Drinking in Law School

Kansas woman told birth certificate wasn't enough to prove citizenship for passport

I hope this is true...

Kavanaugh to Sen. Hatch .. rough quote

If we haven't learned from Anita Hill...We are so screwed

Susan Collins on MSNBC RIGHT NOW. n/t

This whole process is getting creepier...

What is the deal with Susan Collins's speech pattern?

Russian, US Religious Right Conference, 'Invasion of Radical Liberalism'; 'Family Rights'

Sexual misconduct: Ok when you are a bible thumping repuke...

Republicans may do the right thing on Kavanaugh--not because it's the right thing to do . . . .

Did Orin Hatch really say this?

Not a peep out of the RW institutes on the Kavanaugh sexual assault.

Republicans allowing for anything less than a full under oath hearing will be a mistake.

A shirt I ordered in 2014 will arrive next week....

Yayy!!!! Rosen in Nevada is now in a tie.

Today's men's "Question of the Day"!

JUST IN: Mueller says FLYNN is ready for sentencing.

And another one bites the dust....

Trump adviser eyes entitlement cuts to plug U.S. budget gaps

Hatch: Even if Kavanaugh committed rape 'it would be hard for senators not to consider who he is tod

Standard answer when serial rapists are asked if they did it ...

Trump will attempt to distract from the Kavanaugh sexual assualt accusations with an Emmys based

Did I just hear popodopolous

Kavanaugh will speak to Senate Judiciary Committee staffers at 5:30 p.m.

Probe of FEMA Chief Brock Long Referred to Prosecutors

Meanwhile, Lyin Ted broke the law...

New Jersey Priest Abuse Hotline Gets So Many Calls That People Can't Get Through

Trump says Kavanaugh may be delayed

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 17, 2018

Official White House Kavanaugh defense..'.every man should be worried '

@NWS_BaltWash has issued a tornado watch for the region.

@NWS_BaltWash has issued a tornado watch for the region.

@NWS_BaltWash has issued a tornado watch for the region.

Gallup: Trump Aprroval 18 Points Underwater in Polling's Gold Standard

3 women, one old guy, two sexual predators and 3 religious nut cases

FBI is being blocked from vetting Kavanaugh sexual assault claims because Trump won't order it

Tribe: McConnell must be thinking about this now.

with all the shit surrounding dotard, if he cries wolf, will anyone believe him?

I just want to say Jeffrey Dahmer never

The wild horses out on the island are ok. yea!

The will to survive....Everything that lives, including plants...

Of course I know right from wrong, wrong is the

May I suggest that "Trump Derangement Syndrome" be applied to the deplorables?

Women voters of America

When work pressure gets to your head.......

So here's the thing with the Kavanaugh accusation.

422 vs 49 days...

Theory about delay in releasing the Kavanaugh letter.

High school attended by Kavanaugh's accuser comes out in support of her.

Kavanaugh meets Karma...

Very dangerous for Kavanaugh to testify under oath

McConnell on Senate floor: Kavanaugh allegation is the result of a conspiracy hatched by Democrats

Distraction - Too much SC heat? Release unclassified information...

Trump orders declassification of Carter Page FISA application

The Department of Swaggers...

Now there is a new one! Got a call from "Apple"

Trump declassifying Carter Page FISA, FBI Reports w/ Ohr & text messages including **Comey's**

what is "trumpcare"?

McConnell: "Dems waited until the 11th hour". Isn't that the sort of tactic McTurtle has been using

And another one....

So why The FUCK is a SCOTUS nominee having a conference call with only GOP Senate staffers?!?

An uncomfortable number of people here missing the point of #metoo and people like Al Franken

Because this is cute enough to knock you out:

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows what movie it's from without using Goiogle..Part Xlll

Adorable gif:

I am seeing Americans tweet blatant examples of Russian propaganda about Prof Ford,

Mueller asks court to schedule Flynn sentencing

The Penguin Joke

Cocaine to cannabis...

Horses and Cows Rescued from Illegal Florida Slaughterhouse

Trump orders Russia probe documents to be declassified.

Photo: Mick Jagger ‏At Sun Studios Memphis

Cat knocks out power to much of New Orleans after getting into Entergy substation

MSNBC just announced there will be a public hearing

Trump to declassify controversial text messages, documents related to Russia probe

Lemurs Rub Toxic Bugs on Their Butts and 4 Other Fascinating Lemur Facts

Robert Taylor - sailor-d.1879

Hearing Set for Monday to Hear Kavanaugh and His Accuser

Lemme see'fIgotthis straight: Mitch McConnell, who held a SCOTUS seat open

Fuck you Orrin Hatch

Be the first one on your block to try this new condiment

The worst is yet to come.

SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!! (Trump Declassifies Carter Page FISA Warrant, and Strzok/Page/Ohr Texts)

So why isn't the FBI investigating Dr. Ford's accusations?

Obstruction of justice...

Trump Stands by Kavanaugh: "One of the Finest People"

Former Oklahoma senator sentenced to prison for child sex trafficking

4 days....+ 90

Public hearing with Kavanaugh and accuser Professor Ford will be take place Monday

Remember when I think it was Cheney told Sen. Leahy to go Fuck himself on senate floor and outrage

I Am Horrified That Brett Kavanaugh Used Girls From My School as a Prop

I am a little confused

Add Kavanaugh to the list of the hypocrites who worked to impeach Clinton

The blame game...damned if you do, damned if you don't....

As a man who hears the term "Year of the Woman" every few election cycles, I have one thing to say.

Man accused of threatening Trump is being sought in Ohio

Amber Guyger has 'vacated' apartment at complex where she killed Botham Jean, management says

Listen to my song demos - wrote em and sing 'em!

I sat down with my friend @SarahKSilverman to explain what democratic socialism means to me ...

On toxic masculinity

Near Richmond, VA - 1 dead after tornado destroys Chesterfield building near Hull Street

UPDATED: Trump administration slaps tariffs on roughly $200 billion more in Chinese goods

Well now THAT makes sense Tea Pain!

Tshirts with definitions of the word LIBERAL now available

***ALERT***: Winger Rumor !! Kavanaugh's Mother RULED IN FAVOR OF FORDS PARENTS !!

Orrin Hatch: Even if Kavanaugh committed rape 'it would be hard for senators not to consider who

Air Force: Space Force would cost $13 billion over 5 years

Jim Carey slams Kavanaugh

Berta Caceres murder trial delayed after judges accused of abusing authority

Berta Caceres murder trial delayed after judges accused of abusing authority

Trump administration to slash refugee cap

Trump to declassify Page surveillance application, Comey memos on Russia probe.

UPS to hire 100,000 for holiday season, up 5 percent from last year

Basset hound helps toddler raid the fridge

US border agent Juan David Ortiz 'confesses to murders'

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Right-wingers screw it up royally, again...

Luckovich-Is Kavanaugh's halo a toilet seat?

Christine Blasey Ford's Accusation Against Kavanaugh Isn't an Eleventh-Hour Attack

What does WWG1GWA mean? It's all over the QAnon tweets.

Trump adviser eyes entitlement cuts to plug U.S. budget gaps

Brett Kavanaugh Gave a Speech About Binge Drinking in Law School

Rick Scott campaign stop besieged by red tide protesters

Question about Fear, the Woodward book about Trump and a scene with Melania.

This is where the Senators stand on Kavanaugh.

Trump finally reacts to the Manafort deal.

Aside From The Sexual Assault, What About His Drinking Habits?

Coca-Cola: We're 'closely watching' the market for drinks infused with cannabis extract

Shut the fuck up, Susan Collins

The Wind Cries Mary

Schiff: Trump's declassifying is clear abuse of power.

THIS is why some courageous NFL players are kneeling during National Anthem

Mitch McConnell makes me really, really want to believe in Hell

Lyin Ted....desperation...

Powerful and germane

Pierce: History Will Remember Mitch McConnell as One of the Very Worst

About girls and women not telling after they're attacked

Has anyone asked Clarence Thomas his opinion

When you've taken a news break for several hours, what do you hope to hear

I teach my 1Ls on Day 2 of law school that "I want my lawyer" is the most important phrase in law.

Honoring the Mother of Modern Symmetry Mathematics, Emmy Noether.

Schnucks buying 19 Shop 'n Save stores in 'generational transaction,' with plans to rebrand them as

Don Jr mocks Kavavaugh's victim in Instagram post.

How Democrats will regain control of the US Senate in 2018?

I'd like to ask all repuke men, if your OWN daughter was assaulted and almost raped

Koch Brothers Furious Kavanaugh Never Disclosed That Nation Might Care About Sexual Abuse

You take the gray skies out of my way. You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day

Sen. Susan Collins: If Brett Kavanaugh lied, 'that would be disqualifying'

Collins should recuse herself from SC vote since her husband is likely linked to Russia

Name something that tRump and kavanaugh have in common?

Simpsons Predicts National Anthem Fiasco

The Progressive Hippocratic Oath: On Not Working With Trump To Do Harm

So...odds Kavanaugh pulls his name before next Monday?

Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump in New Essay: 'Our Democracy Is in Crisis'

Kavanaugh at the WH for almost 9 hours:

Just wrote my senators, Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy, regarding Kavanaugh.

By the numbers: Florence's devastating blow to the Carolinas