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Archives: September 18, 2018

Roseanne: My character gets killed off 'The Conners' by opioid overdose

VP at largest U.S. Porsche dealer accused of stealing $2.5 million

'I support higher taxes': The billionaire behind the National Debt Clock has had it with Trump

Mueller's investigation could turn a profit, thanks to Manafort's assets

Now you know why

Kavanaugh is one of the finest people Trump knows

If Kavanaugh withdraws/gets defeated and Dems take back both the house and senate in November, then?

GOP Would Confirm Adolf Hitler Himself Even if Proof Of Holocaust They Are So Completely Evil.

Roseanne Blasts 'The Conners' Spinoff for the 'Cruel' Way Her Character Is Killed Off

NY Attorney General is trying to depose Commerce Sec'y Wilbur Ross

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to 60 seats.


GOP Ready To Raid Social Security & Medicare & Give Money To Their Rich Buddies.

The 1S-2P Lyman-α transition in antihydrogen has been observed.

David Corns perfect response to Ari Fleischer...

It must be nice to send your kid to an elite school to drink and act like an ass

Crooks & Liars Has a post about a possible new accuser against Kavanaugh. A legal clerk

Who Knows Where the Time Goes - Nina Simone

We need a Women's March right now!

Conservatives Suddenly Realize Juvenile Offenders Deserve Leniency

Rick Scott booed out of restaurant over Florida's red tide crisis

In a perfect world....

And yet, 52% of White Women voted for Traitor don. Still can't wrap my head around that.

I am blessed to have a wife, daughter and granddaughter, each of whom I love dearly. I was

Cartoon: Entry to Heaven

From the Governor

Sorry, GOP, You Lost Your SCOTUS Whining Rights When You Hijacked Obama's Court Pick

Ricketts rejects calls for resignation of State Auditor Charlie Janssen

Michael Steele: Reps are discussion tactics on how to withdraw Kavanaugh nomination.

Georgetown Prep tuition is $60k/year

I cannot attest to the truth of this one way or another, BUT....Kavanaugh, on occasion when signing

I remember when they let Jeffrey Dahmer go because . . .

Which Turtle is McConnell?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Monday Midterm Madness!

first 12 mins of the EMMYS was all political !!

Thread of support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Why a woman keeps sexual assault a secret.

Black-ish actress Jenifer Lewis dons Nike sweatshirt at Emmy Awards in support of Colin Kaepernick

Rachel Maddow Just Became The Most Watched Show On All Of Television

Narcissistic Sociopath Jr. accused Anderson Cooper of trying to make his father look bad

How come Liberal Democratic supreme Court nominees have never been accused of sexual misconduct?

U.S. slashes number of refugees to 30,000 for next year

University of Montana Buddhism professor accused of punching bouncer at Jason Isbell concert

If highly educated, professional women are treated like sluts or nuts,

Does anyone have a link to polling numbers?

Anita Hill was treated really badly by all those men including

Watching Rachel's show I really hate the Senators.

Tom Arnold told Mark Burnett that Ronan Farrow has copies of Trump's N-word Apprentice tapes

Ah, Watching Betty White. After all this time, she is starting to show her age

With the delay and a new hearing next Monday, Rachel Maddow having the most watched week,

My daughter was born a couple months before Anita Hill

So, here's the rumors as I get them from my friends on the Hill re: Kavanaugh

Police officer hailed a hero for staying calm while suspect yells the N word at least 50 times

Anybody watching the Emmys?!1 - I luerve awards shows, never watch the actual products

Hurricane rescue


Remember Russianpublicans had a pedo as Speaker of the House

Forida pushes some NC dams to the brink. Wall St Journal headline.

Emmy's in Memoriam - included John McCain

When the Kavanaugh nomination fails

At least Kavanaugh can't get sympathy crying in front of Congress

"If I were Colombian, I'd be dead by now": Oliver Stone

Redirecting the message against Trump and the Republicans.

Hmmm: Lisa Murkowski's Brother Went To Brett Kavanaugh's High School

Magpies have long memories, and human behavior towards them determines how they respond.

On the Emmy's... GO BLUE

Ready for the Kavanaugh Round-Up? Keep a Barf Bag Handy. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Duque criticized after appointing close friend as Colombia's industry watchdog

Wouldn't it have been nice not to have WASTED the filibuster on Gorsuch now?

Valencia Seafood Paella (Supreme) from a friend

Remember how teachers would say, "this will stay on your permanent record"?

Hurricane Florence is Trump's Katrina

Kavanaugh's alleged accomplish and/or "character witness" deleted creepy youtube girl channel

How have Hatch and Grassley been on the Judiciary committee since 1991???

Why are Senators Blumenthal & others saying Kavanaugh provided "misleading" testimony?

George HW Bush was the last Republican to be elected President with . . . . .

Cleaning House.

Has anyone seen or heard anything from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez regarding Cynthia Nixon....

It seems to me...

Pure Evil....

The FBI Needs to Investigate Kavanaugh's Alleged Attempted Rape

Reparation Emmys

This for 'someone' of 'rank' where we were in another thread and I dint get to

"every man certainly should be worried."

How a daring escape led to border patrol agent's arrest in serial killings

Robert Mueller: The Last Witch Hunter - Hunting Witches & Flipping Snitches

Subbing cast iron skillet for oven

Cruz Says O'Rourke Wants to Ban Barbecue

I just went out to dinner for my 30th Anniversary...

150 years ago, back in the early 1970s.....

I thought I saw/read something about most of those 65 women withdrawing their support?

In many states, a 17 year old who attempts to rape can be charged as an adult.


The Dallas Tweet Mobile out on the job !!

Hubby has the best Halloween costume:

i have no idea who this is, but interesting- ronan farrow-

Kavanaugh's memory is amazing. Not only can he remember everywhere he's been,

Suspect wanted in brutal bat attacks on homeless men in LA

Ever notice how the msm select the photos of newsy people to reflect how they poll?

The Daily Show: The National Toy Hall of Fame & The Trump Magic 8 Ball; Trevor's Favorite Toy

Ronan Farrow has the long-rumored Donald Trump tapes from The Apprentice: report

WAPO: 45's babysitters are working overtime to keep the fool from making things worse

Tom Arnold Files Police Report After Pre-Emmy Scuffle With Mark Burnett, Says Trump 'Apprentice' Ta

Seth Meyers - Manafort Flips on Trump; Kavanaugh Accused of Sexual Assault: A Closer Look

Sacramento Sheriff's deputy killed, another wounded

Remember the Clinton Inquisition (the first one)?

Happy Mexican Independence Day trump tower in Chicago!

Man charged in connection with Alaska girl's death

Julie Chen leaving 'The Talk' after husband Les Moonves exits CBS Article title

I think Kavanaugh will withdraw before next Monday.

Kavanaugh should withdraw: A Republican opinion on why.

I'm a Florida resident vacationing in Indiana and...

Veteran Florida prosecutor charged with theft from store

ICE agent in Oregon accused of sexual abuse of minor

Legal pot business owner sentenced for federal tax crimes

I recall many parties etc from my high school days... but I could not testify to my presence/absence

The 'But Kavanaugh Was in High School' Defense Is Gross

Betty White! 😍

The Daily Show: Umpires Threaten to Boycott Serena Williams & Tourists Tempt Fate with a Lion

Guatemala govt bars anti-graft chief, defying court ruling

I feel this one outstanding. More so than the version I just listened to on NPR.

Maddow re-running parts of Anita Hill testimony now-with Joe Biden..msnbc

Mueller asks court to schedule Flynn sentencing

Mr. Sincerity strikes again. 😂😂😂

10 Tossup US Senate Races in 2018-AZ,FL,IN,MO,MT,NV,ND,TN,TX,and WV.

According to Trump the Central Park five deserved the death penalty ... but Kavanaugh

The best part of the Emmys!

Federal mine safety official warned the Trump administration is putting miners in danger, violating

Kavanaugh's daughters and Professor Ford.

Well, this is weird...

The VW Beetle is dead. Again. Here are 5 other once-resurrected cars that suffered the same fate

Beautiful Beto

What is the Best Brat Pack movie? (Bonus Question: Who the Hell constitutes the Brat Pack?)

NCAA to consider rules change in wake of University of North Texas punt return

Women who experienced higher levels of trauma gave birth to significantly smaller male babies

For Deaf Astronomer John Goodricke, The Sky Was No Limit

Spose "Gee Willickers"

Presumed Palmview mayor arrested on DWI charges

Hulu "The First". Anyone else finding

Chemists Have Found a Strange Pattern Hidden in The Sequence of Prime Numbers

Senator Rubio is picking on owner of a restaurant

Jury awards $44M for Beaumont refinery death

Fishing spiders - nature's creepiest success story

Christine Blasey Ford feared an avalanche of attacks if she went public about Kavanaugh, friends say

A Classic School Experiment in India Has Gone Terribly Wrong, Injuring 59 People

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell: 'We would launch a weapon to defend the U.S.'

Honeybees take the strain for the colony's greater good

Ice volcano activity on Ceres never froze

Floating nuclear plant to be dismantled in Texas


Majority say sexual assault victims deserve to be given benefit of the doubt, says pollster

Mounce: Nazis are Bad!

The Latest: DOJ: It's not the FBI's job to judge allegations

The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History

How many more terms will Pat Leahy (D-VT) serve in the US Senate?

More than 430 other graduates of Holton-Arms, Christine Ford's school, had signed the letter

Results of the First Great Downtown Dallas Invitational Scooter Race

Drudge Report Dragged For Promoting Hit Piece On The Wrong 'Christine Ford'

Jet and Tabitha in the condo.

World's first hydrogen train rolls out in Germany

Very Good Doggo Finds 3,000-Year-Old Buried Treasure While Out On Walk

Ancient Gold and Pearls Discovered on Danish Island

Mark Judge, Kavanaugh's high school classmate, details high school parties in past writings

Yet Another Self-Inflicted Wound

GOP Senators Will Savage The Witness & Confirm Anyway. GOP Says Fuck Women Period.

100,000-year-old archaeological sites found in Al-Kharj

Underwater Archeology Team Seeks New Clues to an Old Arctic Mystery

One debate set between Gillum and DeSantis in race for governor

Ron DeSantis Slammed Asylum Seekers While Speaking at Anti-Muslim Event

Joe Biden: When a woman alleges sexual assault, presume she is telling the truth

Miami Man Pleads Guilty to Sending $1 Million in Bribes to Ecuadorian Oil Officials

Bernie Sanders' plan to privatize his brand of democratic socialism

Toronto Star: Trump Russia: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Look

@tedcruz: if Beto wins, BBQ will be illegal! #BetoForTexas #BetoForAmerica

Andrew Janz just 6 points shy of Nunez

Pulse, Parkland families endorse Bill Nelson in Florida Senate race


Rick Scott booed out of restaurant over Florida's red tide crisis

House OH - 1 - Pureval (D) v. Chabot (R) Sept. 11-13, 500 Likely voters:

OK--even cuter: the actual video (not just the gif) of the hamster eating a carrot slice--with tiny

OK--even cuter: the actual video (not just the gif) of the hamster eating a carrot slice--with tiny

Two more of Christine's friends say she told them before he was the nominee.

Zvonimir Nagy: "Epigram Variations for Cello Quartet"/4 from The Seattle Symphony Orchestra:

Jimmy Carter Reflects On Camp David Accords - Morning Joe - MSNBC

The Perfect Christmas Gift for #MAGA Racists and Homophobes

Russia says Syria shot down one of its military planes, blames Israel - RIA

China says it will retaliate after Trump imposes fresh tariffs

Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Will Tell Her Story Publicly - The Last Word - MSNBC

Lawrence: What Is Standard Of Proof On Brett Kavanaugh Allegations? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Maine Governor LePage: black and Hispanic people are 'the enemy'

"One Sexual Predator on the SCOTUS is Enough" Sign on LA Freeway

No Vacancies on the Picket Line in Chicago

Very fine nazi???

How Will Germany's Left Face The Far-Right Threat?

Why Dianne Feinstein waited to take the Brett Kavanaugh allegations to the FBI

The President, the House Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Politicization of the DOJ

Kavanaugh nomination could be defeated in the US Senate Judiciary committee if all 10 Democrats and

Trump's tariffs will make recovery from Hurricane Florence more expensive

Has anyone survived Don the Con's seal,of approval?

It's like a walking, talking DSM-5 part 2

Fetch The Smelling Salts-- There Is Still Racism In Mississippi Politics

Trump humper colleague got canned yesterday...

The Rachel Maddow Show 9/17/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Good Background on Blasey Ford here:

Trump has boxed Rosenstein and Christopher Wray into a corner.

Kim Jong Un greets Moon at airport in Pyongyang

Wounded US soldier, injured military dog together in Texas

Brett Kavanaugh Gave a Speech About Binge Drinking in Law School (speech from 2014)

Wandering cat causes power outage in New Orleans

So a traumatic incident 30 plus years ago

New Mexico sues Google, Twitter for illegally collecting data on children

How to tell the difference...

U.S. official: Increase LNG exports to Europe to counter Russia

Does anyone know what would cause crippling bone pain

FEMA's 'Presidential Alert' test postponed as some Americans want to disconnect

If you don't want to know what Trump's dick looks like, don't click this.

Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke on migrant separations: 'This cannot be us'

Any other scrobblers here?

Hawaiian Commandments

The education of Bart O'Kavanaugh

Florence, before & after pic

Jamaica to ban single-use plastic bags, straws by 2019

FEMA's 'Presidential Alert' test postponed as some Americans want to disconnect

LOL, GOP now see themselves victimized by their own "fake News" propaganda

Russ Feingold: We Know Brett Kavanaugh Has Lied Already

Tuesday TOONs - Accommodating Playbook Edition

Trump's Penis Looks Like Toad From Mario Kart, Says Stormy Daniels

Team Trump: If We Ditch Kavanaugh, We're Signing Our Own 'Death Warrant'

1066, Hitler, the Corn Laws... Why are Brexiteers the basic bitches of history?

Leak reveals Julian Assange plan was to escape Britain and flee to Russia

Maldives' Chinese debt and political risk could lead to trouble in paradise

Report: Trump's Lawyers Don't Know Extent Of His Legal Exposure

This tiny Texas town passes anti-Beto resolution over national anthem comments

Yemen: U.S.-Made Bombs Linked to String of Civilian Deaths

South Africa's highest court legalises cannabis use

Why even moderate Democrats are moving left and changing what it means to be centrist

McDonald's Workers in 10 Cities Strike Over Sexual Harassment by Bosses

What has Manafort told Mueller?

Sen. Kamala Harris says she believes Brett Kavanaugh accuser, says she has "nothing to gain"

Trump-proof aspects of Manafort deal rankle lawyers

I wonder who is behind the Dotard's tariffs. Is he just making them up on the fly

The whitehouse's refusal to allow the FBI to investigate sexual assault allegations is a tacit

Internal RNC Poll: Complacent Trump Voters May Cost GOP Control of Congress

The Donald in Wonderland

If Trump were to ask Paul Simon what to do about Kavanaugh, I think he'd sing this:

McConnell works feverishly behind the scenes to save Kavanaugh

The Rundown: September 17, 2018

If you can, please help Dem. Scholten beat out creep Congressman Steve King of Iowa.

Global warming enables first container ship to do this

CAPTAIN MARVEL - first official trailer is here

TheDailyDon: ''If you still get confirmed, you'll be forcing yourself on ALL women. ''

Neil Gorsuch attended Georgetown Prep.

We all do it. In trying to figure out what is happening with our government, we apply

The Rude Pundit: Kavanaugh Is a Creep (And Ford Is Courageous)

Special Election: GOP determined to flip Democratic-friendly state Senate seat in overtime round

Robert Glasper - So Beautiful

Internal RNC Poll: Complacent Trump Voters May Cost GOP Control of Congress

The 'president' is truly out of his fucking mind...China!

ACTUAL Fake News: Reporter Caught Exaggerating Hurricane

DESPERATE: Ted Cruz Mailing Donation Requests Disguised as Legal Summonses

Could Karma be anymore of a bitch?!?!?!

'Tied to trees and raped': UN report details Rohingya horrors

Everything you need to know about Republican hypocrisy in one handy graphic

From 1999: Orrin Hatch's thoughts regarding a President obstructing justice, and what to do about it

Larry Coryell - Morning of the Carnival

"Boys will be Boys"

Textbook Trauma: The Emotions of Climate Change

Trump's rallies may have finally hit bottom.

1991 Anita Hill Cartoon - Quite Relevant Today

Rightwing thinktanks unveil radical plan for US-UK Brexit trade deal - NHS, deregulation

Right wing of the internet is buzzing that Ford's brother once worked for BakerHostetler...

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Cheeseburger 🍔 Day! 😋

No matter what people think of the tariffs, China does not pay those tariffs, American consumers d

Onalaska ISD superintendent apologizes for posting 'you can't count on a black quarterback'

Time to Kill the Zombie Argument: Another Study Shows Trump Won Because of Racial Anxieties -- Not Ec

Just as I'm absorbing the insane new tariffs, Professor Ford, and other such things...

China retaliates with tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. imports after Trump's latest move in trade war


What'll be my October surprise? . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Marked Safe

John Cornyn picks fight with Beto, gets battle with Houston police chief instead

Elderly Widow Says Imminent Eviction Violates HUD Policy

About that "I've known Brett Kavanaugh for 35 years" commercial.

Now this stunt makes a whole lot more sense.

Private Ganja use now legal in South Africa

"Yeah, you got it right."

"Oh, yes...they float, Georgie...they float...and when you're down here with me...YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!"

#GoDark10/3 on Twitler's "Emergency Alert System!

How to remove ethernet cable stuck in hp laptop

Grandma Allowed Cops to Search Her Garden for a Drug Dealer & Their K9 Mauled Her to Death

Most Probably the TWEET OF THE DAY!

That first step is always a doozy.

the real witch hunt is this morning

When the French lay their Frenchness on pretty thickly...

Deee-Lite - Grove Is In The Heart

Look at this face. Do I look like Ted Bundy?

in case you were wondering, here's the Toad character

Lending a paw like a good boy...

"Hey, Girl..."

Dallas Democrat Colin Allred unveils first television ad against incumbent GOP Rep. Pete Sessions

Oldie from Trump, 'I guarantee there's no problem..' :

Article: Leaked internal RNC polls show Trump supporters believe his 'red wave'

And we woke up to this...

The depths

If you block keywords "toad from mario kart" and "yeti pubes" now, without asking questions....

Mr. Nunes,

What percentage of dems runing this yr are either minority or women? Or both?

The Siberian Candidate...

Inquiry Hears London Fire Board Personnel Testify About Grenfell Fire

Journal Poll: Trump job approval at 38% in New Mexico

Why college students don't vote absentee? They don't know where to buy a postage stamp

Cancer Spreads from Organ Donor to 4 People in 'Extraordinary' Case

Inside job: Toddler passes out prizes from arcade game at Salem mall

Desert News: Orrin Hatch said he believes Brett Kavanaugh, calls accuser 'mistaken'

Exclusive: Iowa TVs already tuned to 2020 as early presidential ads sweep into the state

I say go ahead and let Donald Jr. mock people over social media for now.

It's not a bug, it's a feature...

Pic Of The Moment: Test Of Trump's Ability Top Send Emergency Alerts To Your Phone Postponed

Julie Chen leaving CBS' 'The Talk' after her CEO husband Leslie Moonves' firing

Man accused of rubbing produce on his butt at grocery store

Many Republican Office Holders Never Feel Shame


?!?Murkowski's dad was AK senator, voted for Thomas. Her brother went to Kav's school?!?

Sen. Warner about declassifying intelligence: "Be careful what you wish for."

They admit it: GOP will pay for tax cut scam with cuts to Social Security, Medicare, & more

The Three Big Lessons We Didn't Learn from the Economic Crisis

George Takei has great advice for us all today. 🤢🤮😱😱😱

Stormy Daniels describes a tender moment with Donald Trump

Kavanaugh accuser has not yet agreed to attend hearing

Federal judge denies motion to force Georgia to adopt paper ballots in midterm election

Puttin' on a show - Bringer of Fire

Schumer takes a page out of Woodward book

Nellie Ohr, who worked for the firm behind Trump-Russia dossier, to meet with House committees

Blue Wave? It can happen if we remember our narrative! Trump knows his.

Man who posed as cop, handcuffed two, gets probation

Hey- To all you DU'ers out there (make sure sound is on full)

Ellison accuser: Dems 'smeared, threatened, isolated' me

Please Support the War on Tots

Sen. Kamala Harris on sexual assault allegations and hearing

Ex-official who admitted taking bribes now working for state

State Education Head Taps "Dinosaurs Were On Noah's Ark" Man To Revise Evolution Curriculum

Stormy Daniels compared the dotard's wee member to Toad from Mario Kart!!

Chicago officer unjustified in killing black teen, prosecutor says

Because it worked SO well in 2016.....

Why Russians keep visiting Maria Butina in prison.

White House reviews incident involving Epoch Times photographer handing a folder to Trump

Poland wants permanent US forces stationed there

It's not the young folks' fault. If you don't understand things,

Laurence Tribe: "Why just almost"

White House reviews incident involving Epoch Times photographer handing a folder to Trump

David Brock: I knew Brett Kavanaugh . . . Don't let him sit on the Supreme Court

BREAKING: "Other Relevant Witnesses"

Facebook Accused of Allowing Bias Against Women in Job Ads

Facebook Accused of Allowing Bias Against Women in Job Ads

Dr. Ford has not yet confirmed that she will appear on Monday....

Over 100 cars torched at Brooklyn shopping plaza, injuring 28 -- cops arrest suspected arsonist

'you can't count on a black quarterback'

For anyone who doubted that Mueller's a Ninja, read how he Trump-proofed Manafort's plea deal.

Five Contractors Cited For Safety Violations In FIU Bridge Collapse

November 27, 1942 -- September 18, 1970

Regarding Kavanaugh the sexual assaulter and a memory of mine.

20 Habits of Frugal People

Cycling land speed record smashed on Bonneville Salt Flats

West Virginia man accused of huffing paint, beating mother with spatula

why did McConnell tell Trump "anyone but Kavanaugh"?

oh my god the New York Times mixed up Angela Bassett with Omarosa

Grassley keeps saying Dr. Ford has not agreed to attend the Senate hearing on Monday.

Right Wing apologist Bari Weiss does not think Kavanaugh should be disqualified for rape:

Rump's letter from 65 women

Get Mark Judge under oath

OK, Everything has just changed re Kavanaugh. Here's what Senator Collins just wrote"

How many here have had a close, or real, encounter with rape?

I don't respect cowardice

Rick Scott's do-it-yourself guide to rigging a Supreme Court

Kavanaugh Spokesperson - Oh so we've gone from not at the party to rough horseplay????

Blind cat brings comfort to cancer owner or visa/versa

Dumpster's meeting with Poland's leader

Former Sen. Nancy Kassebaum (R-KS) will support the Democratic candidate for Gov.

I want a venn diagram of people willing to argue "Give Kavanaugh a break, he was only 17" and

Whitehouse assigned the attack person

Champion college golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena stabbed to death on golf course, suspect charged

The White House and Grassley release another letter. 65 women attest never in Devil's Triangle w/Kav

How do you think the Reich would respond/act if...

FedEx CEO lashes out against tariffs and trade war

WILLIE! on Trump supporters taking issue with his support for Beto O'Rourke: "I don't care."

Amazon has biggest day ever on kids' Halloween costumes!

Dr. Ford's yearbook and social media accounts wiped out?

Anita Hill NY Times Op Ed- how to get the Kavanaugh hearings right

The Kavanaugh hearing: There is a logistical fight going on.

Passed on from a friend (w/o comment)

June 2017: The Eric Trump Foundation changed its name to Curetivity and Eric's stepped down...

Will the next FL Governor be someone who holds record for most stolen from

Two words I can't handle in the same sentence

Judiciary democrats calling for allowance of more witnesses at hearing.

Mark Judge, Kavanaugh's buddy, is a pig. Questioned Obama's masculinity

I was once a 17-year-old boy.

Emergency alert system: why the president?

Beto O'Rourke on the Killing of Botham Jean

Any thoughts on removing the back of my HP laptop regarding this ...

Senate Democrats: Kavanaugh's classmate must testify

Are people afraid of DNA tests, in general?

OK, we could all use a good laugh right about now. Here's one from my favorite Tweeter.

Sean Penn Says Spirit of #MeToo Movement Is to 'Divide Men and Women'

Trump: FBI Won't Investigate Kavanaugh Allegation Because It's 'Not Their Thing'

Missoula distiller's Bonneville speed record proves short-lived

Tea Pain says what all sane Americans fervently wish for today.

Typical trump

Hirono: Dems could keep SCOTUS seat vacant for two years

Debunked: Kavanaugh Accuser Seeking Revenge For Parents' Foreclosure

Michelle Obama: When I was younger, thinking about going to college... #BetterMakeRoom

Bob Woodward's 'Fear' sells 1.1 million copies in its first week, a record for publisher

Be on the watch for Judicial Crisis Network and those affiliated with them.

The maddening cycle of Whataboutism and allegations of sexual misconduct in partisan politics

The absurd truth is that Collins is the only one that matters re: Kavanaugh

Wilbur Ross: Trump's new China tariffs will increase prices but 'nobody is going to actually notice'

With all that's going on, I'm reminded of this song.

The date of the incident?

Senate passes massive defense and health spending bill, tries to delay border wall fight to after...

My Theory On Why The Emmy's Ratings Were Down.....

A former sex-crimes prosecutor analyzed Ford's allegations against Kavanaugh. Here's her take.

Albert Einstein teaching at Lincoln, the United State's first Historical Black University, 1946.

Sesame Street Writer: Bert and Ernie Are a 'Loving Couple'

*The Democratic Party is on track to regain control of the Senate, according to a pair of new polls*

Trump has inspired me to run for office.

Day care owner accused of tying kids to car seats for hours

Trump Boasts About 'Great Job' on Hurricane Florence, Says Dems Will Soon Tell 'Total Lie'...

Is Trump right that China is paying billions in tariffs?

Where were the parents???

Sen. Kamala Harris on CBS This Morning, discussing Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations ...

I just watched John Podhoretz talking about calling people guilty when there are just allegations

Blood-Spatter Expert in Joe Bryan Case Says "My Conclusions Were Wrong"

Blood-Spatter Expert in Joe Bryan Case Says "My Conclusions Were Wrong"

California teen finds purse with $10,000 inside, turns it in to police

Fired FBI official McCabe writes book on Trump, terrorism: publisher

Woodward's 'Fear' Becomes A Million-Seller Within First Week Of Release

Rough Horse Play

Don don't look happy...Polish guy wants more US soldiers....

45 is holding a live news conference with Polish president

The Tea Party was all about voter anger

Democrats Decry 'Sham' Kavanaugh Hearing After GOP Refuses Additional Witnesses

Taibbi: Bernie Sanders' Anti-Amazon Bill Is an Indictment of the Media, Too

Kavanaugh in 2015:"What happens at Georgetown prep, stays at Georgetown prep..."

Collins wants accuser's lawyer to question Kavanaugh

Sometimes we forget how blessed we are compared to others around the world.

September 17, 1862: "America's Bloodiest Day"

Randy Bryce's brother campaigns against him....(WI-1)

Poland's President Duda sucking up to Dolt a L'orange.

Kavanaugh Backer Says Sexual Assault Allegation Could Have Been Just "Rough Horseplay"

Nice presser with the Polish President . . . . . YOU FUCKING ORANGE ANAL CYST

New poll.....Evers leading wanker by 5 points.

I'll bet Kav's friend tries to take the fall

Poll: Cruz up 9 in Texas Senate race

Friday, September 21st is National POW /MIA Recognition Day. How will trump honor them?

What are the "best" sections of Fear?

Democratic News Conference on Kavanaugh hearings

So this huge Republican donor says of a choice between Trump and Sanders (GOOD STUFF!)

Trump: Kavanaugh 'is not a man that deserves this'


How Trump Manipulates The Media

Breaking: Supreme Court Rejects Stay in Crossroads Campaign Disclosure Case

Best Political Ad Ever! MN-03. BIGFOOT!

Trump says FBI should not probe allegations against Kavanaugh

Why PayPal's crackdown on ASMR creators should worry you

Mazie Hirono to the men of this country: "Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change"

Rep. Barbara Lee: ‏ This is what structural racism looks like.

Noah's Ark except it's a school bus: Truck driver rescues 64 dogs and cats from floods of Hurricane

Kavanaugh Too

Trump accuses Republican Ron DeSantis of disloyalty for telling truth about Puerto Rico Deaths

Where Trump's new China tariffs will hit consumers

Rubio asks DOJ to determine if Kerry violated federal laws meeting with Iranian officials

Are intel officials trying to slow Trump order to declassify Russia probe documents?

Rubio condemns social media star Salt Bae after chef mingles with Venezuela's Maduro

China slaps tariffs on $60B of US goods in retaliation to Don the Con's

New Allegation: A Fraudulent Letter was used to claim minority students supported Judge Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh allegations set stage for Anita Hill sequel

Seattle's SR99 Tunnel opening pushed to early 2019, viaduct to close 3 weeks ahead in early Jan.

Trump is not the President of the United States of America, he is only

Sen. Patty Murray believes, stands by, praises 'bravery' of Kavanaugh accuser

Lovick to Sax: Take down website or we may wind up in court

Poland is pushing the EU into crisis

The evidence for climate change is all around us

Takei: Stormy Daniels just gave me my Halloween costume-I'm going as a sexy mushroom from Mario Kart

King County OKs Safeco Field deal that guts tourism promo funding

SpicyFiles: Kavanaugh claimed debt because of home repair, but no permits for such work exist.

Renee Fleming - Casta Diva ( Bellini)

Poll: Kaine leads GOP challenger by 19 points in Va. Senate race

Betsy DeVos Loses Lawsuit On Student Loan Forgiveness

Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh's history on worker issues.

"What happens at Georgetown prep, stays at Georgetown prep. That's been a good thing for all of us..

If there is one thing I don't understand..

Can someone please

Trump rails on top Florida ally over Hurricane Maria flap...

Anderson Cooper Shreds 'Idiotic' Don Jr. Over Phony Florence Photo

Wilbur Ross says consumers won't notice price increases, leaves CNBC hosts speechless

Rachel is having Hillary on tonight!

Oh noes! There is trouble in hell! White House furious with Desantis over "stunning betrayal"

The Kavanaugh vote has officially been canceled

Speaking of Burgers 🍔, What is Your Perfect Combo?

Kavanaugh's downfall, once impossible, now seems very possible

She was twelve and I'll never forget her.

Is Christine Ford backing down?

Senate Republicans Seek To Delay Kavanaugh Vote Until Accuser Properly Smeared

Trump Lashes Out at DeSantis for Being Disloyal

My favorite photograph

Graham knocks South Korea over summit with North Korea

We need more than a "he said she said"

What would the punishment have been had Kavanaugh been prosecuted for attempted rape?

What a hoot! All of the RWNJs on my FB "People You May Know" have been jettisoned by my FBFs

Blumenthal: Kavanaugh nomination should be withdrawn

As Florence threatens chemical plants, Trump administration moves to weaken protections

'Don't let this be the end': Good Samaritan behind Lions Gate notes shares her story

Venezuelans starve as Maduro fills his pie-hole with rib eyes and cigars

The answer to the "How will you pay for Single Payer healthcare?" question

Who Knows Where the Time Goes -- Fairport Convention

Dear MSNBC: TRUMP STILL POTUS is not breaking news.

Wayne Co. Commissioner proposes 'Bullet Bill' to limit sale of bullets

Al Gore: 'This experiment with Trumpism is not going well'

I just got this in the mail. Gorgeous! I highly recommend one for yourself.

Grave Robbers, Nazi Collaborators and Official Apathy: How Ukraine Is Erasing the Holocaust

(Jewish Group) Grave Robbers, Nazi Collaborators, Official Apathy: Ukraine Is Erasing the Holocaust

Why wouldn't Kavanaugh want FBI to make a determination of the charges before the hearing? (Update)

BRETT KAVANAUGH: What happens at Georgetown Prep STAYS at Georgetown Prep.

Experts say federal investigators now have 'the perfect storm of cooperators' against Trump

Trump Feels Bad for Brett Kavanaugh; Won't Say Christine Blasey Ford's Name

The problem with "I'm entitled to my opinion" is that, all too often, it's used to shelter beliefs

NPR: Master trolling

John Dingell: Rumors of my demise may have only been slightly exaggerated...

More obstruction

Who is Clarke?

Tweet of the day

Key witness tells senators he won't testify at Kavanaugh hearing

Who the f'ck is this dipshit RW woman on MTP. And why is Chucky giving her air time ? n/t

Kavanaugh's ex-classmate tells senators he won't testify

Dear Christine Blasey Ford.........................I have your back, even though you don't me

Senators Blumenthal, Jones, and Leahy: What did McGahn know about sexual assault allegations...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 18, 2018

Christine Blasey Ford's Timing Isn't Suspect

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Republicans better not plan to let Kavanaugh sit behind Ford when she testifies at the hearing

"Don't let Trump anywhere near emergency alerts" - CNN

Any of y'all use Hum service with Verizon? What's your opinion about it? Nt

McConnell tamps down any talk of Kavanaugh withdrawal

Nintendo corporate gets excited their #Toad and #MarioKart brands are trending !!

I wrote my Senator, Bill Cassidy, from Louisiana regarding Kavanaugh. Here is his response to me.

"The Same People"

Fascinating history of for profit prisons

If Kkkavanaugh is withdrawn/denied confirmation how long until the next appointee?

I'm so excited! Help is coming to NC tomorrow!

Senate panel formally postpones Kavanaugh vote

Please watch this ad for Dean Phillips MN-03. BIGFOOT is a Democrat!

Emmylou Harris headlines fundraiser Sept.27

We Know Brett Kavanaugh Has Lied Already

Was Jesus a Catholic, a Protestant, Both or Neither?

When Prophets Come Alive

The citizens of Hawaii are so fortunate for this fine representation....

Resin figure of the Comrade in Chief.

Two people went "both sides do it" on me today

When any country allows capitalists to essentially monetize the health of its people:

For those who need a little pick-me-up: Doctor treats his patients with dancing

Sade - Soldier Of Love

'So it's all made in China?' 'Apart from Donald... that's a Russian knockoff'.

God. He's going to end up tweeting a dick pic, isn't he?

Did anyone think this scuzball would fess up....

Brooklyn Diocese Pays $27.5 Million to Settle 4 Sex Abuse Cases

Man oh Man! I think Trump is blowing it with the Storm..

Trump Lashes Out at DeSantis for Being Disloyal

Worse than reported...

100 monarch butterflies and counting added to hurting population

These billboards made me boiling mad!

Which 2018 US Senate Election will end up in a recount?

Dave Wasserman tweets that four House seats are slipping away from Republicans

A Tale of Two Mugs

Kavanaugh Spokesperson Now Calls It "Rough Horse Play"

What do you mean by never released interview Ari

Luckovich-Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are only puppets

Yet another "tweet of the day"

Retired public employees fucked over again.

And he will cover my tracks very well....

What The Wall Street Journal gets dead wrong about Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh

On the Line: Republican Men

NYT 9/14/18 Trump, Mr. Manafort "refused to 'break' -- make up stories in order to get a 'deal.'"

Want to Defend Democracy? Start with your public library.

Brett Kavanaugh has a pattern of implausible claims about sexual misconduct...

My God.. This is pitiful and so sad.

How The Grateful Dead Changed Live Music Forever

Now they are offering Ford a closed hearing

Ted Lieu nails it...

'toon -- My exercise program

Seen on internet. Big GOP sign--O is woman's face with hand over her mouth!!!

Of course the Big Con wants another Anita Hill jury headed by Orrin the terrible...

'toon -- There's no place like home

With Two Sentences - Supreme Court Lifts Veil On 2018's Secret Megadonors

Breaking per msnbc--Feinstien says Kavanaugh Accuser id "credible"


Trump to visit Carolinas on Wednesday

Trump can't use FEMA's wireless alerts to send personal messages -- it's illegal

Waiting for Pence to verify...

Comparing 2018 US Senate Election with the 2006 US Senate Election.

The True Grit of Four American Presidents

Tweety says Dr. Ford has gone into hiding

Dr Blasey has been indulated with vulgar email and messages and death threaths -is in hiding....

Inflation in Venezuela to approach 5,000,000% by the end of the year

Elizabeth Warren on Kavanaugh's prep school antics

Maine restaurant gets lobsters high before cooking them

I love this ad-"Enough is enough." Our new ad

Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) and Kavanaugh exchange on high school

Is This Real?

NYT: Kav Accuser Forced Into Hiding Due To Death Threats; Dems. Demand Mark Judge Testify

Pennsylvania Elk

As potential Trump rally looms, ACLU seeks injunction on Phoenix police

What do people think about primaries conducted less than 60 days before the general?

"The worst thing about going through a hurricane would be

Intercept Report Reveals Senate Ignored Federal Court Employees Willing to Testify Against Kavanaug

I wonder if alcohol consumption has increased since November 2016 in the US.

Democrats - Party of Values. Excellent TV ad

Does anyone have some good news today?

I don't know about the rest of you but death threats suggest desperation, guilt

A bad poll for Texas mid-terms