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Archives: September 19, 2018

GOP Senators want to have female staffers question Dr. Ford during hearing.

On CNN now with Anderson Cooper: Attorney for Dr. Ford.

US Election Fraud VI: Evidence for Election Fraud in Election Marchine 'Glitches' - Dale Tavris

This. Exactly This.

CNN: Ford's Attorney Says She Will Not Testify On Monday

Hillary Clinton will be on with Rachel Maddow tonight. 9:00 PM Eastern 6:00 PM Pacific Time

Honest, open question: What would the FBI be investigating re Kavanaugh?

Ford wants FBI investigation before testifying

Democrats represent the MAJORITY. They need to act like it!

We have a president who has been accused of rape 3 times.

Kavanaugh backers have got nothing

Since I got a canned response from Bill Cassidy regarding Kavanaugh, I asked him this question:

Ford wants FBI investigation before testifying

Lordy, there's a limerick about Trump's itty-bitty tower...

A second assault was scheduled for this coming Monday

OMMFingG! The guy who killed the Sac deputy yesterday almost killed me in 2002

David Brock on Chris Hayes

What I (woman, white, b 1940) remember about the Anita Hill hearing

Hugely Disrespectful - Grassley expects Blasey Ford to sit at SAME table as Kavanaugh

Tucker going after Sherrod Brown for Domestic Abuse tonite...

Kav: 2015, Video "What Happens At Geotn. Prep", 2014, Speech, Heavy Drinking Yale Law Sch.

Madoff Tipster Has Big Concerns About SEC's Whistleblower Proposal

The rescue of a man and his dog in pictures

The Wonky Donkey

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Monday Midterm Madness!

Linda Chavez's lying and spinning on Chris Hayes are disgusting.

All we ladies have names Senator Graham. And we vote.

Hillary Clinton on MSNBC NOW

Dr. Ford is correct. The FBI must do a background investigation before the hearings take place.

Note re Story Co attny, co where IaState golfer was murdered

Kavanaugh's accuser should unfortunately expect the Anita Hill treatment from Republicans

Florence was another 1,000-year rain event. Is this the new normal as the planet warms?

Fears of major flooding in Fayetteville as Florence moves north

Pennsylvania Elk

Jim Carrey Art "Republicans always look out for each other"

Willie Nelson on Fans Angry Over Beto Rally: 'We're Not Happy 'Til They're Not Happy'

Someone with the proper credentials needs to start a go fund me for doctor Ford and her family.

Russia blames Israel after its jet is downed off Syria

Behind your rising health care bills: Secret hospital deals that squelch competition

Hillary Clinton. Rachel Maddow show.

Blasey Ford's classmates send letter of support to Congress

SCOTUS orders disclosure of dark money donors

The shit has hit the fan

Cover Dr. Blasey's security costs.

Trump's Growing Legal Team Has a Problem: It's Operating Partly in the Dark

Maduro starts nationalizing cattle ranches and dairy farms. Wants beef spokesman arrested

Flooding causes a hog lagoon to breach; others are at capacity

Once Again, Republicans are Circumventing Due Process in the Kavanaugh Matter

The same standard should apply!

US-China trade war could soon pose a serious economic threat

Hillary Clinton is an incredibly strong, capable, and intelligent woman

Weird Infrared Signal Emanates Across Space, But What Created It?

Senate Passes The Music Modernization Act!

Who gets the tariff money collected? It is a tax with a different spelling.

Trump's Junk: Is It OK to Dick-Shame the President?

'Just not who we are': Montana tavern refuses Donald Trump, Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle

HMB Endeavour found: One of the greatest maritime mysteries of all time solved

Trump rolls back pollution rules for drilling on US lands

Jim Gensheimer, who has been friends w/ Christine Blasey Ford for 8 yrs, just gave me this statement

GOD WE MISSED OUt. Hillary would have been FANTASTIC

Re: Calling women "bitch"

Kavanaugh: What happens on the bus. Stays on the bus.

Melting Arctic Permafrost Releases Acid that Dissolves Rocks, Releases CO2

Now, WETA: HARPER LEE, PBS American Masters (2012)

This Experiment Will Shoot Ghostly Particles Through Earth, Answer Why We Exist

Curious about Kavanaugh's gambling addiction?

ABC News: More detail on Dossier

Rumours that Ivanka is pushing for Kavanaugh's ouster!

Ancient Three-Way Collision Formed British Mainland

"One of wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water"

Well, this seems kind of like a big deal.

Sooooo, basically Benedict Donald doesn't want Kavanaugh to lie to the FBI.

Melania's Nike commercial

Will Kananaugh get grief from strangers out in public?


I don't trust people who don't smoke weed.

Lying to the FBI is a Crime


So, when is Kavanaugh taking HIS polygraph exam? ------(crickets)------ nt

now we know why he doesn't use condoms. They won't fit

Tracey Ullman, New H.Wood Code of Conduct, Harvey Weinstein

US appeals court rules for bartenders, waiters in tip fight

Dr. Ford and her attorneys are giving men grief.

Students Ditch Electing Homecoming Queen and Give an 'Excellence Award' Instead

Judge to consider suspending Idaho's abortion reporting law

Lawyer: Move trial from courthouse with Confederate monument

Purple Onion

New China tariff list creates risk of 'downward cycle' for US auto industry

No, New York doesn't plan to arm its teachers

Colombia can count on US in case of Venezuela attack: ambassador

Gold Prospectors In Northern Brazil Are Destroying Amazon Rivers

The do nothing spineless Dems?

Gold Prospectors In Northern Brazil Are Destroying Amazon Rivers

A Pulsating, Alien-Looking Sea Creature Has Been Found on a Beach in New Zealand

Terrifying 'Rafts' of Stinging Fire Ants Are Now Floating Around After Hurricane Florence

Uber driver sues Jameis Winston over alleged groping incident

The Daily Show: Jose Andres - "We Fed an Island" & Bringing Comfort and Nourishment to Puerto Rico

It's teamwork: how dolphins learn to work together for rewards

Robert Costa reported Republicans are paying close attention to public opinion re: Ford/Kavanaugh

Mosquitoes eating microplastics raise fears of pollution harming birds and bats

I'm 67. When I was 8, the 12 yr old brother...

Seth Meyers - A Low-Level Russian Official, Brett Kavanaugh's Attorney - Monologue - 9/17/18

Bob Seger announces farewell tour

Kavanaugh Accuser Forced Out Of Her Home Over Threats, Lawyers Say

"What Happens At Georgetown Prep Stays At Georgetown Prep" - Kavanaugh, 2015

Trump is gripped with uncertainty as Ivanka suggests cutting the Judge loose

California, New Mexico sue Trump administration over methane rules rollback

Hawaii senator has message for all men: 'Shut up and step up'

Mentioning Plano in the 1960's to a fellow DU'er got me looking for a pic

Saga of truck filled with bodies of homicide victims sparks scandal in Mexico

Saga of truck filled with bodies of homicide victims sparks scandal in Mexico

Los Angeles takes step toward banning sale of fur products

Fanny Mendelssohn - Notturno in G minor

Keith Boykin, CNN, tweet regarding Murkowski

Twittler just accused Dr. Ford of using a 'playbook'

Light in Babylon

Tweet of the Day

My primary physician shared this link for hurricane Florence relief donations

Huapango Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Mexico (Jose Pablo Moncayo) HD

"I should have fired Comey after I won the primaries"

There is a tRump mushroom penis t shirt if anyone is interested

Juventino Rosas - Sobre las Olas - Over the Waves

'Perfect storm' of cooperators against Trump

Hillary on Rachel tonight.

another after hours post. I'm with Kap too. I'm angry at that orange mofo too, E:

Gillibrand on Collins: 'I Don't Know How He Does It'

NY-27 GOP County Chairs Meet In Albany To Discuss Collins Situation

Vals Dios Nunca Muere (God Never Dies) - Orquesta Sinfonica del IPN, Mexico

TX SENATE RUNOFF: Flores pulls off upset over Gallego for District 19 seat

Now here's a GOTV one:

Where does the Merrimack Valley gas crisis stand now? Here's what we know.

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer (VIDEO)

It just doesn't seem right

Kavanaugh's accuser thought her life would be upended. She was right.

Dire Straits - So far away (VIDEO)

Indian Point Security Drills Will Include Weapons That Simulate Gunfire

Shakira - Ciega, Sordomuda (Video)

Will automakers bear outsize burden for tackling climate change?

What Goes Around Comes Around

We MUST take the House-provide a check on Trump, the GOP & their horrific vision for the SC

Politico: Manafort's plea deal says that if his convictions are wiped out for any reason....

Westchester Doctor, Wife Sentenced For Running $77M Black-Market Pill Mill

Dianne Feinstein:Fact Check-The FBI can investigate Dr. Blasey Ford's allegations....

Tweet of the night regarding Kavanaugh

Carrie Solages pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

GOP Could "Flash" Confirm Kavanaugh & We Can't Do Anything About It.

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Poll. Scott Walker trailing by 5 points against dem in WI Gov poll

"Rarely do Utah men and women feel so differently about an issue or person than we find - with Trump

China's Grip on Rare Earths May Have Proven Too Strong for Trump

Albany officials, advocates call for solar energy expansion

Please, select...

Poughkeepsie teacher resigns after backlash over syllabus some found offensive

Tucker and Avenatti trade blows in explosive interview Fox News

Chuck Grassley Responds To Brett Kavanaugh Accuser's Request For FBI Probe - The Last Word - MSNBC

The latest evidence that 1984 is upon us...

Someone please make Jill Wine-Banks a Toadie lapel pin.

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 50 to 52 seats.

Lawrence: Why President Donald Trump Is Terrified About Brett Kavanaugh - The Last Word - MSNBC

Blasey Ford facing online threats, 'doxing,' moves out of home

What Will Mitch McConnell Do On Brett Kavanaugh? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Seems like a lifetime ago we were told it was a fallacy to call Trump a wannabe fascist.

GRAPHIC: Real Live Isopod Hour Cut, Clean, Cook- Hiroyuki Terada - Master Sushi Chef

Lookey here, Rob Porter worked for Orrin Hatch.. real clubby those rapey gong-beating Republicans

Rachel Maddow interview with Hillary Clinton 9/18/18 - MSNBC

North Korea agrees to shut down missile test sites as leaders hail 'leap forward'

The Sportin' Life! Don' Jr's holdin' the fish, and Kimberly has her arm around the worm.

Georgia district is ordered to redo Republican primary election after voting errors

Beto O'Rourke Addresses the President's Tweets

Anyone surprised by Mika's silence while Joe and his Repug sycophants give Ford and Dems a kicking ?

Danske Bank boss resigns after $234 billion money laundering inquiry

Texas superintendent regrets disparaging Deshaun Watson on basis of being a black QB

3.4 million poultry, 5,500 hogs drowned in Florence flooding

TheDailyDon: ''However miserable you make us ... your cruelty arises from your greater misery. ''

Snakeheads Confirmed In Susquehanna Basin - In Potomac Watershed, May Have Reached Equilibrium

AFP - Microplastics May Be Entering The Food Chain Through Mosquito Larvae

NC - Through Noon 9/18, 4 Hog Waste Lagoons Collapsed, 9 Inundated, 13 Overflowing

Please, we are above making fun of Trump's penis.

Does the president have to authorize the FBI to re-investigate Kavanaugh?

How Long Will FL Red Tides Last? Uncertain, But Fall Holds No Promise Of Relief

I'm idly wondering if his pubic hair

Born: November 5, 1946, Winter Haven, FL Died: September 19, 1973, Joshua Tree, CA

"Market Of Last Resort" Guarantees All NC Residents Will Help Pay For Coastal Residents' Losses

Wednesday TOONs 1 - He Said He Said Edition

Wednesday TOONs 2 - Snag in the Plans Edition

That's one way to deal with hurricanes...Florida (again) at link

Wilmington NC Essentially An island Through Past Weekend; 5 Million Gallons Of Sewage Spilled

Danske CEO Resigns After $234 Billion Tied to Laundromat Scandal

A federal judge has struck down a law...

FBI, DOJ Plan Redactions Despite Trump's Document Order

FBI, DOJ Plan Redactions Despite Trump's Document Order

U.S. Loses Track of Another 1,500 Migrant Children, Investigators Find

Poll: Democratic women turbocharged to vote in midterms

Hillary Clinton: Trump will 'wholesale fire people' after midterm election

Grassley Rejects Blasey Ford's Request To Delay Senate Hearing For FBI Probe

Trump Touts North Korea's Proposal to Dismantle Missile Launch Facility: 'Very Exciting!'

Fake weed making people sick...

General Mattis Dismissive Of News Reports Of Tension With Trump

Paul Begala Says Kavanaugh 'Tormented' Vince Foster's Family: 'A Vicious, Cruel Abuse of Power'

Just a fun fact: Supreme Court justices can be removed from the bench by impeachment.

The Trump administration gives the world one more reason to lose faith in America - WaPo Edit. Board

Who among us hasn't lied to their therapist about a sexual assault


Battle Over Pre-Existing Conditions Imperils Republicans

Any Carpal Tunnel sufferers out there? Looking for advice...

Jeff the Flake

Trump: Supreme Court 'Is One Of The Main Reasons I Got Elected'

Grassley Rejects Blasey Ford's Request To Delay Senate Hearing For FBI Probe

Key GOPers Push 'Good Faith' Narrative After Ford Requests FBI Probe Before Hearing

Never Trumpers are still republicans and still see the world that way.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Tied up in knots (SCOTUS confirmation)

Trump Launches Into Tirade on Jeff Sessions

Why wasn't Vince Foster brought up during the hearing?

The Rundown: September 18, 2018

Dog wants to be part of the action:

Texas Republicans Win Upset in Special Election

Time for another pretty speech on the Senate floor by Flake . . .

GOP Seems to Get Kavanaugh Nomination Back on Track

Ex-prosecutor shreds GOP for insisting on Ford testimony while letting Trump avoid Mueller

critters at the salt lick, chipmunk, squirrel,morning dove, blue jay.

Each day, Trump and his staff of professional ass-kissers assault the minds and

I've become numb to it all - not normalized...but numb. And sadly expectant.

Great-grandmother kills 12-foot gator with one shot; she thinks it ate her miniature horse

Happy Wednesday, you lovely, lovely people!

Are you confident our Justice System can withstand the attacks from Donald Trump?

'You will hear us today': McDonald's workers strike to protest sexual harassment

Dance, this Wednesday, as if your life depended on it

The essence of the Republican Party

Ted Cruz says Democratic opponent will ban Texas barbecue

Conservatives aren't afraid of Anita Hill redux: They know power matters more than truth

SIX MORE Witnesses Willing to Speak Out About Brett Kavanaugh

EVEN MORE Trump Tariffs Are Destroying Farmers

EXCLUSIVE: Trump says exposing 'corrupt' FBI probe could be 'crowning achievement' of presidency

Should this monster be seated on the SCOTUS (God forbid)

Trump Lied Again: The FBI Never Told Him or Anyone at the White House They Didn't Want to Investigat

Democrats fear Shalala campaign is in 'sleep mode' while challenger surges

Republicans are privately worried about Kavanaugh

September Morning Sky

Cuomo, Democrats targeting Trump in general election

It's quiet out there.....too quiet.

Trump's decisions of the last couple of days are reactions to the Manafort bombshell.

China-U.S. trade war gets real for gas

"The incident was spoken about for days afterwords in School. Kavanaugh should stop lying."

New Senate polling (UVA-Iposos-Reuters)

Game change: Dems use tax cut against GOP

North and South Korea want to co-host the 2032 Olympics

At election time the pukes all wear blue ties on T V, and have blue lawn signs.

Michael Jordan donates $2M for hurricane relief in North Carolina

Poll: Majority believes Woodward book and NY Times op-ed about Trump admin

This is our American Horror Story

From the standpoint of water, Trump is the worst president. Just ask any river, stream, lake, ocean.

Father arrested after son brought gun to elementary school and accidentally shot himself

GOP POTUS Could Outlaw All Other Parties. GOP Is A Monster Party.


Jack Black Rips 'Piece Of Sh*t' Trump In Walk Of Fame Ceremony, Then 'Retires'

Skewering SHITLER and Rand PAUL in my LttE - the only time I don't say "SHITLER"

Late Night Comedians Have a Field Day With Stormy's Description of Trump's Junk (video clips)

* Elizabeth Warren's Trumpist Opponent Is Taking It On The Chin * Warren 54% Diehl 24%

Joint venture: New Jersey bill could allow pot deliveries right to your door

WWII vet who starved to death in Korean War prison camp will be buried with wife in Nebraska

WWII vet who starved to death in Korean War prison camp will be buried with wife in Nebraska

Senate Republicans playing hardball with accuser in push to swiftly confirm Kavanaugh

Gay GOP group cheers Baker with invite; top Mass. labor group endorses Gonzalez

Timing of the Trump Tariffs/Taxes - has anybody noticed this?

Diocese of Brooklyn agrees to historic $27.5M settlement for church staffer's sexual abuse of 4 boys

America Is Quietly Expanding Its War in Tunisia

Tightening Texas race boosts Democrats' hopes of taking Senate: Reuters poll

Zombieland 2 Director Shares New Details, Confirms January Start Date

Ok steph-heads MALCOM NANCE coming up bottom of 2nd hour

Behind Your Rising Health-Care Bills: Secret Hospital Deals That Squelch Competition

By confirming Kavanaugh, the Senate will be de-legitimizing the Supreme Court.

Report Finds Judge Kavanaugh Ruled Against Public Interest in Almost All of His District Court Case

Navy officer found dead same day she's due in court for order of protection

NYT: If You See Disinformation Ahead of the Midterms, We Want to Hear From You

.......He can't.......You can't..........Obviously.....I mean...........Everyone knows....

Christine Blasey Ford's colleagues describe her as honest and rigorous

Can the FBI investigate this AFTER Kavanaugh has been elected to SCOTUS?

Hill.TV interview exclusive: Trump eviscerates Sessions: 'I don't have an attorney general'

Greatest economy ever in the history of the country

Why is there so little coverage of that Hillary Clinton interview?

"We have the greatest economy in the history of this country."

Trump says it is 'very hard for me to imagine anything happened' between Kavanaugh and his sexual...

Media: "Trump gave 'measured' responses yesterday." No - he was destroyed by Stormy's measuring.

Elizabeth Smart recalls her kidnapper Wanda Barzee's apology, questions her sincerity

He never misses an opportunity to bash our party

DCCC raised $15.6 million in August with average online gift of $20.

Woman who tweeted Kavanaugh incident talked about in school getting interview requests from media

Two-mental-health-patients-drown-in-hurricacane Florence flooding🕯️🕯️

Our president* wants more immigrants from Poland.

Arrr, maties, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day

Endangered Republican Falsely Claims He Hasn't Taken NRA Money Recently

Lying to the FBI is a crime

Trump lands in NC. Have they laid out rubble for a photo op?

GOP Draws Line In The Sand For Blasey Ford: Monday Hearing Or Bust

ABC: Dossier Was Stalled In NY FBI Office For Weeks After Russia Probe Launched

Just A Reminder: Brett Kavanaugh's Record On Church-State Separation Is Really, Really Bad

Trump: If Manafort Tells The Truth There Will Be 'No Problem'

Pic Of The Moment: Meet The Republican Members Of The Senate Judiciary Committee

Education News Rice University to Give Free Tuition to Middle-Class Undergraduates

Booksellers in DC say foreign embassies are the biggest bulk buyer of Woodward's "Fear."

Bombshell book claims Putin is directly feeding Trump's delusions of a 'deep state fighting...

Fans of Ranked Voting See an Opportunity in Massachusetts

"One of the wettest we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water"

Eric Holder: FBI should do routine, normal inquiry concerning new Kavanaugh allegations

2 Patients Die in Sheriff's Van Submerged by Florence's Floodwaters

Anti Abortion freaks harassing college kids on the way to class yesterday...timing??

Austin man behind 3D-printed gun company charged with child sex assault

Opposition to Kavanaugh grows, support at historic low: Reuters/Ipsos poll

EU says McDonald's, Luxembourg tax deal not illegal

'The Apprentice' book excerpt: At CIA's 'Russia House,' growing alarm about '16 election interferenc

EU says McDonald's, Luxembourg tax deal not illegal

Is Brett Kavanaugh a Sexual Predator?

Trump calls FBI a cancer in the country

Every Woman in America Is Watching

Ravi Shankar ft Philip Glass - Ragas In Minor Scale

Booker: It would be 'irresponsible' not to consider running for president

I don't think what ills Trump can be chalked up to Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia....

Best books (so far) of the 21st Century

The worst is yet to come for Kavanaugh's accuser. Take it from this sexual assault attorney.

Anita Hill Calls For FBI to Investigate New Kavanaugh Allegations: It's the 'Right Move'

Do DC lawmakers pay attention to public opinion?

Prepare to Be Disappointed on Election Night

Trump's Bastard Children

Shreveport mayoral candidate denies he endorsed Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

The Scary Thing Is, This Is Not Hyperbole...

Eric Holder: Trump releasing docs on Russia probe is 'dangerous abuse of power'

Damn Liberals and Dems- What have they ever done for us?

Need a little help please

'Trumpwashing': the danger of turning the Republican resistance into liberal heroes

Trump crime empire

A More Perfect Union

Thanks Trump! Nintendo Pulls 125 Million Copies of Mario Kart Games for ESRB Re-Labeling

Hurricane Florence: 2 Patients Chained in Van Drown While Being Transported by Cops

A label for trump's government: The Smash and Grab Administration.

Thank you Republicans for reminding Texas women once again

Now that Trump has been Installed in the Presidency, What's Next on Putin's Agenda?

Facebook is letting job advertisers target only men

Trump in New Bern, North Carolina....

GOP can't sweep Kavanaugh bombshell under the rug

Why does it look like Trump is handing out food to white people in North Carolina?

Wreck of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour 'discovered' off US coast

Texas stores looted of BBQ sauce, briskets

Graphic on NC river flooding in real time

So Mark Judge, Friend Of Kavanaugh, Condones The Beauty Of Unbridled Male Passion Aka...

Repost from LBN: Republicans lying about Kavanaugh recs and endorsements

Pelosi: Republicans' 2019 agenda a 'nightmare' for working families, seniors


I am a horse. I know horseplay. That's not what this is.

The View Cracks Up Over Stormy Daniels Comparing Trump's Penis to Nintendo's Toad: 'You Can't Make T

Dr. Ford told her therapist in 2012


Melania didn't go to North Carolina with Trump because of a "scheduling conflict"

PBS: Frontline will be re-running "Weinstein" in the coming week or two. Check local schedules.

"Calm down, Poopsie, I've got his." . . . .Please come CAPTION Vladimir Putin

some words of encouragement

some words of encouragement

Pres asks @DukeEnergy official about Lake Norman area of NC. "I love that area. I can't tell you why

Republicans are complaining that Democrats are delaying kavanaugh vote...that's rich.

Proposed bill would eliminate PACER fees

Arthur Mitchell, black dancer who became Jackie Robinson of ballet, dies at 84

CNN pundits offer alternative facts about Kavanaugh victim, and get slapped into next week

mental health patients drown while shackled in back of sheriff's van in south carolina

First 'Likely Voter' Quinnipiac Poll show Ted Cruz up 9 on Beto O'Rourke

Active shooter report Madison Wi

some videos of Arthur Mitchell--founder, Dance Theater Harlem

Active shooter report in Madison

Active shooter reported at business in Madison suburb

DOJ Issues Statement On Kavanaugh Background Check

No evidence of fraud in Dover, Judge says

Trump says "hard to imagine" Kavanaugh sexual assault

Dementia/Alzheimer's does NOT make you an asshole

Junk health insurance is the new weapon being used to kill Obamacare (VIDEO)

The Fences Between Us

Are the trolls on DU attacking the Kavanaugh thing?

Progressives must change the narrative: Americans pay taxes to corporations

A Year After Maria, Puerto Rican Kidney Patients Fear Death

Christie''s new book gets little buzz among GOP legislators

Has anyone seen this letter from another potential witness?

Criminal cases in the October 2018 term: A law professor's dream

Florence Death Toll Rises To 37 During Trump's North Carolina Visit

Quess who this person is. No cheating.

Debunking a rw talking point re: the FBI

Pennsylvania lawmaker introduces bill to ban teachers from discussing politics or government in clas

599 Women Who Attended Blasey Ford's High School Sign Letter Of Support

En banc 5th Cir.: prosecutors not required to reveal exculpatory evidence to defendants before plead

The Latest: Prosecutor: Man helped kill pregnant Fargo woman

Bernie Boost: Sanders Giving Plenty of Help to Vermont Democrats

📺DEBUT: 'WKRP In Cincinnati' premiered 40 years ago, September 18, 1978, on CBS

Cody Wilson, Owner Of 3D-Printed Gun Company, Has Been Charged With Having Sex With An Underage Girl

Good news: Survey shows more pastors preach about abuse in #MeToo age

Cristina King says she will not be doing "anymore" interviews -- which implies she has done some.

from the new york times no less

The Women's March Song "A Million Strong"

The Women's March Song "A Million Strong"

Chief Inspector Murphy inspects his leg for bugs

This ad for Dean Phillips (US House candidate, MN-3) is hilarious:

"Sufferin' Till Suffrage" School of Rock

In nick of time, deputy saves dog leashed to moving truck

Pootey is feeding Donnie's delusions of 'deep state'

"Sufferin' Till Suffrage" School of Rock

Yo. Senator Danforth.

I'm taking stupid pleasure


Dr. Ford's therapist should be asked to testify before the Senate.

Good news: Survey Finds Pope Francis' Popularity Plunging After Most Recent Abuse Scandals

Pardon my language, speaking of the Kavanaugh issue, and Trump's response, but...

🐦 Sept 22 at 9:30AM - Stowe Rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders and Marina Meerburg

Spain reveals Trump proposed a wall in the Sahara Desert to deal with Europe's 'migrant problem'

"he said/she said"

"Break the Chain" One Billion Rising flash mob

Parscale meet Mueller....

"Break the Chain" One Billion Rising flash mob

Willow Creek names NAE head, 3 others to oversee Hybels investigation

Trump Tells Hurricane Victim Have a Good Time

"We"? No, MEN say this....

President Trump tells storm victims to 'have a good time'

Are we too dependent on our political parties?

Does erik paulson really exist?

Merkley Hires Staff In Iowa and New Hampshire

LMAO....regulate regulating PT Barnum..

Opinion: Think Trump's war on the rule of law is bad now? Just you wait.

Stormy has given a whole new meaning to

Republicans don't need a hearing to 'determine the truth' behind Prof. Ford's accusations

Can the Right Wing Pundits Stop with the Founding Fathers were Infalliable?

Just wondering: If the Kavanaugh hearing takes place on next Monday

One important characteristic of many stupid people is that they do not know it.

To make you smile, cute kitty videos 🐱‍🐉🐱‍💻🐱‍🏍🐱‍👤🐱‍👓🐱‍🚀

Gateway Pundit expose: Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford seen at 2017 Los Angeles March for Science

Poll: Gillum leads DeSantis by 6 points in Florida governor race

This exchange, via pool (Trump surveying hurricane destruction):

One Billion Rising "Why?" Production Video 2014

One Billion Rising "Why?" Production Video 2014

Submitted for the shudders, I'm leaving it here

I'd love to see "Lt. Columbo" question Kavanaugh

Trump 'toon

Bush reaffirms support for Kavanaugh

🐦 Sept 22 at 5PM - St. Johnsbury Candidates Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders

Is tRump going to stop supporting Kavanaugh?

Dentistry in Mexico?

"Kennedy charity to spend millions bailing out women, minors from NYC jails"

I ask My fellow DUers??

Long term consequences of surviving a teen sexual assault are well-known

Utter pukeworthy hypocrisy. Prez Sleezebag acting like our moral

Brett Kavanaugh's Awful Character Witness

The Post, Streep & Hanks

NEW Poll: Support For #Kavanaugh Is Crashing & Burning To Historically Low Levels-ONLY 31%!!

Video: Why Amazon Relies on a Temp Workforce

Around my back yard today

Another Day, Another Poll: Ipsos - Beto O'Rourke leads Ted Cruz by 2%

Up next CNN: Woman on bike who flipped off Trump!

Trees reflected in lily pond

Jim Jefferies Show: Nike's Kaepernick Ad Isn't About Taking A Stand

Maryland Law on Sexual Assault. From what I have read there is no Statute of Limitations.

What would happen, if between now and Monday, Trump is incriminated in some crime or scandal?

DU photo pros - can you grab Christine Blasey's 1983 school photo?

After 27 years in prison, a man who loves golf walked free today.

"Throw it Away" Natalie Douglas 4 Women at Birdland Jazz Club Sept 2014

Beto is leading!!!

Laurence Tribe: The FBI clearly has jurisdiction, without any referral from the WH, ....


2 detainees drown in Horry County Sheriff's Office van during transport in Florence flood

Trump, in NC, says 'a lot of money' coming to state for Florence recovery

In Secret Calls, Putin Cultivated Trump's Anger at the "Deep State"

As Florence floodwater recedes, residents wade back to ruined homes

Remember Kent Hovind? The creationist who went to jail for cheating on taxes?

Federal Bureau of ???????????

Texas superintendent 'totally regrets' racist Facebook comment on black NFL quarterbacks

Anoushka Shankar - Boat to Nowhere

Warren attacks Kavanaugh for once saying, 'What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep


GOP pushes to move forward with Kavanaugh confirmation if his accuser won't testify

I think I am falling in love...

Is it not the FBI's job to investigate Death Threats?

?!? 'she said no and he respected it and walked away' Franklin Graham on Pat Robertson's show?!?7

Credible verification ...

Congressional leaders are certainly setting a good example for us

More than 60K sign petition calling on Senate to delay Kavanaugh vote

Accuser's schoolmate says she recalls hearing of alleged Kavanaugh incident

The allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are not simply a 'he said, she said' situation

trump ....'we want to give her tremendous amounts of time'...

2019 Pooping Dog Calendar

Athlete Banned From All-you-can-eat Restaurant After Downing 100 Plates of Sushi

Re: Dr. Ford: Susan Collins doesn't understand why the hearings shouldn't go forward.

Can we match the GOP misinformation machine?

Sec. Kerry on U.S. waging a trade war with China -- "Disastrous"

There have Got to be others...

Mark Taylor: Christine Blasey Ford 'Had Better Repent' For Attacking 'God's Anointed,' Brett Kavanau

CBS in talks for miniseries based on Comey book

Remember that explicit nude painting of Trump and his teeny weenie? NSFW

Trump May Have a Negative Net Worth and Was Likely Never a Billionaire

What, no RSVP??

Question about unlocked cell phones. Figured this is as good a forum as any to ask.......

CNN: Senior voters tilting decisively towards Democratic congressional candidates

Democrats can make a deal with McConnell and Republicans.

Re: Hurricane...'one of the wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water'....don trump

Why do you think Rachel is ruling prime time?

Haven't y'all ever heard of dry hurricanes?

Brooklyn Diocese Is Part of $27.5 Million Settlement in 4 Sex Abuse Cases

Ted Cruz says Democrats will 'ban barbecue' in Texas if elected

Charlie Pierce: Trump thought he could fire Comey after he won the primaries.

The governor of South Carolina is blowing Trump on national television.

Trump: My health and stability will help GOP beat Democrats' conflicting messages this November

Devastating WaPo opinion piece about the aftermath of a rape...

Prisoner freed after Golf Digest investigation uncovers flaws in trial

Why dont the US Senate Republican a$$hole$ like McConnell,Gra$$ley,and Hatch schedule

Man freed after nearly 27 years in jail for '91 killing; another man admits guilt

Laurence Tribe: The FBI could do this

Would it have been better for Kavanaugh's accuser not to have come forward if she won't attend

Mark Cuban to donate $10 million following probe into harassment in Mavericks organization

Astronomers just discovered Spock's home planet, Vulcan

Opposition to Kavanaugh grows, support at historic low: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Just A Reminder: Brett Kavanaugh's Record On Church-State Separation Is Really, Really Bad

Grassley Says Monday Hearing Not Likely Without Kavanaugh Accuser

Shooting reported at Pennsylvania judge's office

Pierce: How Will the Image of 11 Entitled White Men Propping Up a 12th Play in November?

Collins says 'it's not fair' for Kavanaugh accuser not to testify

Amazon Will Consider Opening Up to 3,000 Cashierless Stores by 2021

On the anniversary of the 1881 death of POTUS James Garfield, a few relevant quotes

Arthur Mitchell Is Dead at 84; Showed the Way for Black Dancers.

Quick thinking, good fortune saves man mauled by grizzlies in Wyoming's Beartooth Mountains

Quick thinking, good fortune saves man mauled by grizzlies in Wyoming's Beartooth Mountains

There are two kinds of lip service:

Trump suggested Spain build a wall in the Sahara: report

Trump is always bragging about setting records. I wonder how he feels about this one.

Finally broke down and called Grass man's office about Kavanaugh

Remember Then?

I don't even own anything 4K yet...

Trump says "he doesn't have an Attorney General"?

*It's A Man's World* James Brown.

Two Netflix Trump Bio-pics. Let me save you the time.

UPDATE: Univ students harassed by anti abortion freaks yesterday on the way to class...

Since 2000, Democrats gained class 1 US Senate seats during the 2000,2006,2012,and 2018 cycle.

Chuck, I dare you. Eleven Aging Republican Men showing sympathy for an accused rapist while

New Castle County (DE) GOP chairman resigns, blasts party and U.S. Senate candidate Rob Arlett

Four mountain lions surprised the home owner walking around in terrace

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-12: Rave Un 2 The Debt Fantastic Edition

Yea Right Susan Collins...

School Superintendent Comes Out Under Threat From Christian Group

Maybe Dr. Ford should just go on television and tell her story directly to the American people.

Susan Collins whines about 'ugly voicemails' from constituents as she continues to back Kavanaugh

Only the BEST people...

Christine Blasey Ford's colleagues describe her as honest and rigorous

Will Chief Justice Roberts be the swing vote on the Supreme Court?

If you vote by mail in Florida, it's 10 times more likely that ballot won't count

Beto O'Rourke leads Ted Cruz by 2 among likely voters in U.S. Senate race, new poll finds

Kitteh loves TV

Jack Ma rows back on pledge to create one million US jobs

Yep. Trump, Mario Kart, Toad, Yeti, Stormy Daniels.

Please call up Congress and demand that they subpoena Mark Judge.

So now the republicans say "it's not fair that she doesn't testify Monday ". FAIR? When on Gods

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Miller's show 9/18

Ranch Nation

Interstate 40 in N. Carolina. No it's not a river. 31 seconds.

General Hayden says Rosenstein and Wray should resign if forced to de-classify top secret info.

The longer I live alone

Trump can't use FEMA's wireless alerts to send personal messages -- it's illegal

Cody Wilson, 3-D Printed Gun Advocate, Charged With Child Sexual Abuse.

WashPo Op-ed: Kavanaugh accuser deserves a fair criminal investigation.

Tera Melos - Melodies 3 & 4

Pompeo Cracks down on Improper Use of Commas at the State Department: CNN (yes,this is real)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 20 September 2018

Pete Souza (WH photographer for President Obama) is absolutely brutal in most recent Instagram post

Whoopsie! Duke Energy spilled.

Are Republicans/Trump patriots?


Just curious: when was the last time Susan Collins voted with the Democrats ?

Older voters turning away from the GOP in droves

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 19, 2018

If Democrats are to lose a US Senate seat in 2018, It will be ND(Heitkamp-D)

Drumpt's Contribution to SCOTUS-Potentially 2 Rs-not Republicans

Dear Ms. Ford, Please call this number to file a criminal complaint

WATCH: Roy Moore urges GOP to vote with their 'conscience' and support Brett Kavanaugh

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise - Once Upon A Time

Not your typical pussycat September 18th, 2018 by Sandy Beck

Sessions claims the ACLU will lead to 'more shootings and death'

***Boom: Reuters poll: O'Rourke takes lead over Cruz in TX Sen as Dem senate hopes rise!**

About all the vintage children's artwork my mom saved...

Latest Reuters polls in Florida


Lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser says GOP plan to move ahead with hearing is 'not a fair or good faith..

I sure hope there is a huge blue wave this November

The way teenaged boys talk about girls.

Trump Lies That FBI Can't Investigate Allegation: Anita Hill Investigation Took 3 Days

House destroyed in explosion on Collegeview Road (Rochester)

I just called the Registrar of Voters

It was really hard to work today

Don Caballero - Lucky Father Brown

Where sexual assault finds a home

Merrick Garland and Kavanaugh are currently on the same DC Court,

Proudlib's State of the Union in easy to follow picture format

Texas Democrats need a big turnout to win. Polls suggest they won't get it.

Hugin calls for Democrats to disown Menendez ahead of convention

Cover Up? *2nd KAV Party Witness, 'PJ' Patrick Smyth, Refuses To Testify

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

Not to brag, but I had a little female companionship while working outside today

Does anyone care what Megyn Kelly thinks?

I think she's gonna testify

Got home late

"Shut Up, Senator Susan Collins" Thread.

Kindasleazy Rice called it!

Texas is likely to have 2 Democratic US Senators after 2020.

** Potential Democratic Pickup Alert** IA 1 Finkenauer (Democrat ) 52% Blum (Trumpist) 38%

Knee Play 3 (live) - Philip Glass, "Einstein on the Beach"

"But he's being ugly to us!!" (Aka why it's futile to argue with a child)

Fired if you did not report for work during the storm?

Self delete nt

Josh Marshall's take on the right dishonarable Senator from Iowa

Lawmakers, coalition fight to block sale of Plum Island

Seven football players try to STOP a rape.

Darrell Issa joining the Trump Administration

Tweety choking to death live on tv.

the election starts in 2 days!! Early voting begins in Minnesota and other states on Friday

Autopsy: Man shot 9 times by campus police in Oregon

Claire McCaskill says she's voting 'no' on Brett Kavanaugh

'He is vulnerable': Trump feels angry, unprotected amid mounting crises

The Frankenstein Papers Kindle Edition

My son, (a prosecutor in Brooklyn) has this to say about Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh on Facebook today..

The Frankenstein Papers Kindle Edition

Cook Political Report moves 4 House districts in our direction and 2 toward Republicans

Former Chicago police commander linked to torture dead at 70

EEOC: Offensive behavior 'rife' in Homeland Security office

watch best political ad in years

GOP robopoll thinks Dem governor candidate

Interesting charts from LifeWay Research

Hey senate republicans, is this how you would treat your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece,

Kavanaugh not endorsing the FBI investigation request means he's probably guilty.

FDA recall for asthma med

NY-27: Collins to Remain on Ballot, Race Moves to Lean Republican

Colombia continues to break records for cocaine production, report says