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We are at a stage with trump now

I have two friends on F/B, both longtime childhood friends.

Who Is America: Erran Morad Liberal Training Sacha Baron Cohen (full version)

Funny flipside about Javanka showing up at the funeral...

2 ounces of your finest filet

Trump's tight lonely corner

I won an Emmy in 2015, but not for this. This is much better, but rough.

Trump family, foundation seek dismissal of 'self-dealing' lawsuit

Who was the young man next to John McCain's mother in the Cathedral?

Can someone educate me about Christian Ferry?

Who is/was the absolute worst Republican President

Amid crisis, San Francisco using data to track homeless

FDNY: vandal arrested for scrawling swastikas on firehouse

I just finished watching "Active Measures," just released details the corruption of Trump, etc.

Looks like Trump saw some of today's McCain highlights, between holes.

Judge orders man to forfeit home and pay child porn victims

John McCain's Funeral Was the Biggest Resistance Meeting Yet

Ohio police officer attacked by K9 partner, shoots dog

American Legion members...including some who voted for Trump..."hurt" by how Trump treated McCain

Yanno how da GOPee always has advice for Dems? Well I got sumpin' fer dem . . . .

No decision about jailing Chicago officer over interviews

I'm probably late to this rodeo: Caller caught Alex Jones with Trans Porn on his Cell Phone.

Chiquita Brands faces new death squad charges in Colombia

Chiquita Brands faces new death squad charges in Colombia

Oh Donnie Boy

"I might have to be buried in Russia..."

Colombia charges 13 former Chiquita executives over hundreds of murders

Ever had a parrot that just keeps repeating stuff and won't STFU?

Colombia charges 13 former Chiquita executives over hundreds of murders

After a lovely day of taxpayer-funded golf, Trump's firing off ranting 9 PM Steele dossier tweets.

Bernie was right, AOC was right, and rightwing think tank caught with pants down.

Somehow, I can imagine Spanky saying this.

Best. Sign. Ever.

Meghan McCain's husband slams Twitter for waiting hours to remove tweet threatening wife

Meghan McCain knocks Trump at John McCain's memorial service: 'America was always great'

Colorado man who wanted to kill coyotes poisons 5 bald eagles

Tonight's Trump tweet has a tell. Another shoe is going to drop.

Military uniforms at McCains funeral

Trump says Canada not needed in NAFTA deal, warns Congress not to interfere

AP Fact Check: Trump's week of fiction: trade, Google, polls

New Poll Shows Trump Tanking Among Surburban Women

Chuck Woolery is such an asshole

Drowning in dirty fracking water, Permian seeks $22 billion lifeline

Birds cam see magnetic fields

Birthday cards for Karson

Parkland student rips Rubio for complaint about Neil Armstrong movie: Where was this energy after sc

California lawmakers vote to delay school start times to students to get more sleep

China's decision to stop accepting some material is causing a shift in the U.S. waste industry.

Trump Allies Urge Counterattack After McCain Funeral

The all female anti-poaching unit protecting elephants

Lola vs. the Powerman - Kinks!

He said he wouldn't join his company's Bible study. After being let go, he's suing.

One little Syrian refugee didn't stop drawing. She gave me this message to show you

Hey, Rudy Giuliani!

Teacher Attacked Pupil Over Pledge Refusal

GOP Official Resigns After Using Racist Slur

Are you afraid of the dark?

Honest question for those who say we should only reach out to "the base"?

ACTIVE MEASURES Official Trailer Documentary (2018)

Corporations, interest groups spend fortunes on ballot measures

Momentum gathering around some kind of US military action in Venezuela?

Lurking Trump supporters

Vermont's Only Black Female Lawmaker Withdraws Re-Election Bid After Racist Attacks

California lawmakers vote to delay school start times to allow students to get more sleep

Trump blasts trade talks with Canada: We shouldn't have to buy our friends

Another Bowling Green massacre underway!!

Colorado man who wanted to kill coyotes poisons 5 bald eagles

Trump to fill Texas stadium? That will take so

Tweet of the Day

Texas against Ted Cruz gofundme has the $$ to post this billboard when Trump campaigns for Cruz

Why obvious lies make great propaganda

IA-01: Blum doxed reporter after question about links to racist Facebook group

I wonder when McCain talked to Obama about the eulogy, if they discussed what he wanted?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 4: AAFCA Presents: The Black Experience on Film

'Noah's Ark under two minutes, Boston style'---video posted 9-1 at TheFriendlyAtheist at patheos

Yeee Hawww!! Putin Riding a Trump Ballon...

Question about today's honoring of John McCain:

SNL: 2002 Rerun with John McCain hosting.

Bummer for Hillary having to sit next to

Two polls confirm Trump's numbers are cratering! Blue Wave after all?

dude ... Pete Von Vleet is on SNL

McCain knew Trump was a Traitor...he handed the Steele Dossier to the FBI

FLIPPABLE: Beverly Powell for TX-SD10

As much as we despise Trump..

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime - worth a watch.

FLIPPABLE: Melanie Scheible for NV-SD09

Want me to sound like Julie London? - No I want you to sound like Dinah Washington.

Ten years later: Wounds run deep from 2008 crash

TX-SEN: After halting start, Beto O'Rourke feeling the love in border counties


Can the Dems in the Senate force the W House to release

Laura Ingraham suggests the government should take over Twitter and Facebook

After today, may the ghost of John McCain

Florida Democrats capture Orange County Mayor's Office ending 20 years of Republican rule.

Kansas high court rules grand jury must be convened to investigate Kris Kobach voter suppression

SNL - John McCain Monologue - Meet the Press - 10/19/02 Rebroadcast tonight

Wonder what's happening out in deep space tonight.

Racist robocall running in florida... "I is Andrew Gillum. We Negroes . . . done made mud huts.."

Richland jury hits Gov. McMaster's brother with $100K verdict in Palmetto Club case

This is on you! This IS you!

Now Mollie Tibbett's father asks: What would Mollie do?

SC governor candidates split over agency that excludes same-sex couples, non-Christians

Prison Slave Labor Hunger Strike Spreading Across The Nation

Active Measures: outstanding must see documentary

South Carolina pols agree -- Senate should stay out of Boeing union dispute

UGA Proposes Memorial Where Slaves Were Buried at Baldwin Hall

Lazy bum

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill arrests ex-deputy who wants to unseat him

Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice

Lucinda Williams - Cant Let Go

Squeeze - Black Coffee in Bed

Lone Justice - Sweet, Sweet Baby

Money issues are incredibly stressful and adversely affect quality of life.

The Outfield - Your Love

White House Cites Executive Privilege to Withhold 100,000 Pages of Kavanaugh Records

Who is the Democratic Party's version of John McCain?

Georgia doctor accused of bilking Medicare of $1.5 million

KFC wants babies named after Colonel Sanders

Comment Regarding Trump vs McCain, I think we might have a winner!!! .......

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) High Resolution Edition

If Only..

So long as Donald Trump continues to divide, this country will continue to be divided.

Stacey Abrams addresses an overflow crowd at Valdosta State University

John Kerry memoir: a timely afterward

If you like birds . . . some amazing photography!

The Secret Door

Political group to challenge Republicans running unopposed

USPS illegally gave confidential document to Paul Ryan's Super-PAC in deal to end investigation.

There is duty and honour - and then there is Trump...

Interesting contrast

Trump re-tweets VA GOP candidate saying Trump can "fix" federal worker pay issue, and he trusts him.

He made the trains run on time...

Christian and Conservative lack of compatibility is somewhat astounding

Recorded sex proposition leads to arrest of sheriff's deputy


The Members - Working Girl

Trump's late tweet honoring an American Hero?

Headless body in fish tank leaves neighbors fearing worst for San Francisco eccentric

Georgia man gets prison for threatening US senators

Republicans have betrayed our country.

Emory law professor accused of using racial slur in lecture

Maybe it has already been mentioned but...

Does this count as a "when pictures say more than words moment"?

Ethnicity not a factor in Elizabeth Warren's rise in law

Gulf of Mexico DUers - please pay attention- update now Tropical Storm Gordon

Neighborhood charges fee to drive through their street

No self-respecting member of Congress should fear Democrats' investigative requests - WaPo Editorial

"You, Trump, are no John McCain."

Tom Perez is on RevAl now. n/t

Mollie Tibbetts' father slams Donald Trump Jr

Fox's Jeanine Pirro: Trump was 'framed'

2 pics from yesterday...

Parkland survivor raises thousands to place billboard of Trump's anti-Cruz tweet in Texas

Obama readies fall campaign push, but some Dems say no thanks

Confederate monument vandalized in Sylvania

DeSantis Slams Gillum as Far-Left Candidate

Not That Anybody's Necessarily Going To Care, But After 45,000+ Posts . . .

Dutch police still questioning Amsterdam stabbing suspect

Ethnicity Not a Factor in Hiring or Promotions of Liz Warren---Boston Globe

Turkey calls US 'wild wolves', vows to abandon dollar in trade

To kansaas fire fighters union...YOUR SUCKERS!!

So what does trump know that he needs to hide 100,000 pages of kavanaugh records???

The Retrumplicans WILL end the Mueller probe... they have to

Tariffs are hurting farmers, but Trump's $45 "Make Our Farmers Great Again! Hat" should help.

Happy National Grits For Breakfast Day!

Germany's Heiko Maas: 'Get up off the sofa and speak up' against far right

Port Wentworth insurer asks to deny coverage in 'upskirt' case

Stress relief

Palin & Brazille: Bridging the Political Divide (not the Onion)

US, Russia block formal talks on whether to ban 'killer robots'

Things I learned watching YouTube videos.

CNN Key Races: 11 House seats move toward Democrats, 3 in direction of Republicans

Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers

Ana Navarro: When I die.....

Mike Huckabee: When Trump 'Talks about Journalists Being Enemy of the People, They Are'

Trump Supporter Part 2

Brooklyn Center Arby's sign rewritten into racist message

Gillum responds to racist robocalls: I want to make sure we don't 'weaponize race'

So Lets See If Any Senate Repugs Will Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Were.....

A boundary feud colors a ruby-red county's view of Kemp

For the record, none of these folks represent or speak for all African Americans..

I am CONSISTENTLY the smartest person in the room.

Alyssa Milano: It's weird that Trump, with 54M followers, rarely gets over 20K retweets

Diesel - Sausalito Summernight

Breakfast at the campground

C-SPAN video: Senator John McCain National Cathedral Memorial Service (3 hr 17 min)

Graham, Lieberman praise Meghan McCain eulogy that included swipes at Trump

Andrew Gillum on MSNBC now

Truck carrying Axe body spray explodes in Texas

Trump: "My Administration has already produced like no other, and everyone sees it!"

Gillum: Florida would tax corporations, join other states to pay for Medicare for all

Graham: Mueller Probe Isn't Illegal, But DOJ and FBI 'Were In The Tank For Clinton'

Biting political analysis of the McCain funeral from Jeet Heer:

Steel made everybody LOL on AMJoy!

Presidential obstruction of justice: The case of Donald J. Trump

Make America Grim Again. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

We should have been demanding a new election since 2016 when

Trump's Red Phone - no speaker phone button

GOP Unacceptable in Every Way

This Just In: trump to lie in state at the Kremlin when his time comes, Putin to crow, Er eulogize.

The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground (NYT)

What happened to last Friday's Huge news from Mueller, as breathlessly predicted by Chuck Todd,

Chris Christie belongs in prison. Using Pension money this way, Bastard.

AFL-CIO chief: Trump has done more to hurt workers than help them

I keep getting the feeling that when all the smoke clears, we'll find that trump and accomplices

"There's no statute or specific provision of the Constitution that specifically authorizes

On MSNBC this morning

No wonder there's a teacher shortage in FL

Of the three McCain speeches I watched this morning, the most moving for me was Biden's.

Egypt says village found in Nile Delta predated pharaohs

Look out Gulf Coast...could be some action this week. 80% chance

Question on Trumps approval rating

Victims of a lie.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #2

Back to school yet? Here it starts the day after Labor Day.

Russia Announces Plans To Take Over American Politics Now That Their Enemy John McCain Is Gone

13 hurt and 2 missing after boats collide on Colorado River

October 9th is voter registration deadline for Nov 6 election

Twitter thread on Carter Page and FISA

Iris DeMint

Hmm- That's interesting - Female Monkeys don't trust Male Monkeys

TYT: LEAKED: Trump's Intervention (plus, Trump's very tender emotional state)

Deep State Meeting Reminder

The Irish love our President:

John Prine

Georgia Democrats prepare a 'one-two' gender punch for November

'My Way'--Los Lonely Boys

David Hogg raises thousands to place billboard of Trump's anti-Cruz tweet in Texas

Labor Day Weekend TOONS - Report Card Edition

I live in Texas and work for the State of Texas

The Last Thing Mom Asked

Guy Clark

China Is Treating Islam Like a Mental Illness

What Is Labor Day About? 10 Historical Facts About Celebration Of American Movement

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band, et al,

Lindsey Graham Doesn't Deny Brett Kavanaugh Could Spur Roe V. Wade Reversal


Think the MAGAs will ever come to this level of awareness? I'm guessing not.

Trump Trolls American Workers with *LABOR DAY MESSAGE

Had To Cry Today

Well Allright

Michael Avenatti: I am excited to announce that I will be leading a large resistance rally in Texas

The shine is officially off Trump's turd

Republican Sen. John Moorlach of Costa Mesa, CA, did not have sexual intent ?

made beef jerky 1st time ever

"Just stuff him in a trash can and call it a day"

The 'Trump Slump': With a Friend in the White House, Gun Sales Sag

Grand Jury Must Be Convened to Investigate Kris Kobach, Court Rules

Here's what each and every Trump voter has in common:

NYT 9/1 Agents Tried To Flip Russian Oligarchs. The Fallout Spread To Trump

Can we please learn how to frame a debate

20 Brutal Memes Mocking Trump's Response to McCain's Death

Monroe County, GA, Deputy Allegedly Told Woman He'd Get Charges Dropped for Sex (LISTEN)

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 2, 2018?

OK. I have a question. Who are trump's golfing buddies when he plays?

Does anyone know the answer?

We knew about Trump clear back in 1943. This short video, well worth watching,

Trump's Irish visit: 'There should be no welcome for this man'

Beto O'Rourke's Path To Victory Runs Along The Border

The Russian FOX Attacks Cosby Actor For Working At Trader Joe's

Neil Armstrong's Sons Fire Back: 'First Man' Isn't "Anti-American"

Krugman - Return of the Blood Libel

Let me tell you about Mama Freeman . . .

Let me tell you about Mama Freeman . . .

Wife of Former N.R.A. President Tapped Accused Russian Agent in Pursuit of Jet Fuel Payday

Africa's leaders race to China summit to talk cooperation

"I think there are a handful of Democrats who will vote for Kavanaugh, maybe more," Graham added.

Kavanaugh Hearing 9/4: Dems Not to Discuss Confidential Info; John Dean, Condi Rice, more Testify

A Plum Tart That Keeps Its Charms Hidden

Ted Lieu offers "#SundayMorning Thoughts" on the best way to implement Trump's call to MAGA.

California high school cancels varsity football after 2 games ... outscored 102-0

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning (VIDEO)

I think this sums up trump*'s true reaction to the funeral snub

Marine commander sacked over LGBT slur

Just discovered "the Last Ship" on Hulu, and apparently this has been going on for 5+ years now

Pepper spray discharges during flight to Hawaii, 15 treated

What this first lady has endured for the nation

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Suspended 1 Game for Making Contact with Umpire

Did I Hear That Lindsey Graham Didn't Invite Jarvanka To McCain's Funeral?.....

Secret cash aided politicians who rewrote Wisconsin law to block claims of lead-poisoned children


Trump's Twitter Page Is The Best Source of Memes. LMFAO

W and Michelle

State by State Voter Registration Deadlines

Washington State Fair - Puyallup

We've got a real winner here in Wisconsin...

Mollie Tibbetts' father says leave our daughter out of your immigration debate

Extreme heat is killing America's farm workers


Trump's Rougher Edge Complicates Trip by Pompeo and Mattis to India

Yemen school bus airstrike is 'apparent war crime' says rights group

Klobuchar: It's a problem when GOP won't work with Dems because they're 'afraid of pissing off Trum

Avenatti to hold 'resistance rally' in Texas the same night as Trump's campaign rally for Cruz

The failure of Republicans in Congress to provide a check on this felonious presidency

Beto O'Rourke Faces New Political Perils As Launch of Fall Campaign Begins

Kerry rips political 'so-called leaders' operating in 'fact-less world'

If a Democratic president had won and there was Russian influence, we would have investigated

Invest91L - 90% chance of TS in 5 days. Forecast cone near Houston

Rest in peace, Lindsey Graham

If the White House is hiding disqualifying information on Kavanaugh then we will have two

Assuming every Trump state Democratic US Senator running in 2018 wins re-election,

Craigslist: Actors needed for Trump rally in Phoenix

Issues for Brett Kavanaugh: the president who chose him and the Supreme Court he would change

Kavanaugh Lifetime Appointment: The Full Story & What's At Stake, Wash Post

Durbin: White House is saying 'American people have no right to know'

Just in--Dimwit Don is apparently human

Celebrating Labor Day

Dem senator: Confidential documents would 'strongly bolster' argument against Kavanaugh's nomination

Christie rips media for focus on supposed rebuke of Trump instead of McCain's life

What's the difference between Donald Trump and an ape with a dog-like face?

Palin and Brazile together .....

'Drag Queen Story Hour' sparks protests in rural, Southern towns

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a peacock?

Scenes From an American Tragedy: The Texas Border Crisis

As temperatures rise, so do insects' appetites for corn, rice and wheat

Protester at church yells 'Shame on You!' as Cardinal Wuerl addresses sex abuse scandal

BOOM! A Film About The SONICS

Remember when Trump was going to make American infrastructure great again?

Happy Labor Day weekend from this union household.

Trump refers to 9/11 as "a tiny period of time with a bullhorn"

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows what movie it's from without using Google..Part Xl

Two very polite cats here....

It's a record bull market, but most workers aren't invited to the party.

WATCH: People line the streets outside the U.S. Naval Academy to pay last respects to John McCain ah

High school student generates electricity using biodegradable resources

Now That The Missing Man Formation Has Flown Over Annapolis, The Air Is Still and Calm

The strength of gravity has been measured to new precision

I think we should criticize Cindy McCain for being so inconsiderate...

Coolest t-shirt ever? And Beto needs help!

Election Day is coming - you can do more than you think you can

Climate scientists list the cities that will be the best

Next Sat hundreds of Climate Change protests in US

Any other fans of dark, dutched cocoa finding a major

The Latest: Guatemala military surrounds HQ of UN commission

30 vintage advertisements that will make you squirm

'Don't Use Mollie' To Push Racism, Says Dad Who Points To 'Heartless' Donald Trump Jr.

The next city over from where I live is a graveyard with 1200 union brothers buried

Woof, We thought it was.....

US military to cancel $300m in Pakistan aid over terror groups

Is humor allowed in religion?

The Latest: Guatemalans to protest end of anti-graft body

Rights group: Strike on bus in Yemen is 'apparent war crime'

Jessica Anne BOND deletes her MANAFORT surname. No such hope for Ivanka.

Vatican begins push-back against ex-ambassador over Davis

The right is stifling Dem's messages and trying to define US as the haters. Recycle yard signs!

Party sticks to Lula as its chief after court ban

Party sticks to Lula as its chief after court ban

Archbishop Chaput calls on pope to cancel conference on youth

Just watched "Active Measures" on Hulu.

Ancient Amazonian Funeral Urns Found in Brazil: Archaelogists

Ancient Amazonian Funeral Urns Found in Brazil: Archaelogists

The wearisome double standard

Who is the republican party's version of Barack Obama?

Trump's meeting with North Korea was 'failed summit' that was 'all about show': Leon Panetta

Panama's first indigenous beauty queen opens doors, breaks social barriers

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 2, 2018

Storm's coming

Brexit could sway Scottish voters toward independence from UK: poll

Forbes: Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050 Unless There Are Changes

Here. I have a feeling some of you can use these.



Meanwhile at the US Open - spoiler

Yes Minister: The Need To know

how many of us didn't heed there calling and now we made Walmart.

Republicans covering for Hillary...who knew?

What causes the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) to hide the problem of pedophile priests?

Rodrigo Duterte, Who Likened Himself to Hitler, Welcomed in Israel for Arms Deals

Former senate challenger and angry dude on Twitter endorses third-party candidate in close race.

Grateful Dead - Hell In A Bucket (Official Music Video)

Argentina: Milagro Sala Taken to Court Despite Doctors' Order

Solidarity Forever, For The Union Makes Us Strong---Happy Labor Day

Eternal Father, Strong to Save (The Navy Hymn)

There is power in a union. And the 1% know that.

My mail has been bringing good news and bad news in regards to legislative races

Video has surfaced of unidentified man removed from John McCain's funeral.

Saudi coalition spokesman denies war crimes in Yemen following report by Human Rights Watch

Democrats Blast Move To Withhold Some Kavanaugh Records

Documenting The Demise Of Quelccaya: The World's Largest Tropical Ice Cap

Documenting The Demise Of Quelccaya: The World's Largest Tropical Ice Cap

Amazon Hired People to Defend It From Criticism on Twitter

Manafort's daughter files paperwork to change last name

US Southern Command Begins Joint Military Exercises in Colombia

2018 FL Gubernatorial Debate- Gillum should offer DeSantis a BANANA.

Six reasons why Mexico should not sign a shady agreement with the US

Honduras: Assailants Wearing Police Uniforms Kill 2 Students

McCain flyover today. Now that's what you call thrust!

Republican Utopia (from Reddit)

Oh fun, Omarosa "taped nearly every conversation she had while working in the White House"

Hebrides Overture Felix Mendelssohn

Chuck Todd - Please go fuck yourself!

Florida's new Puerto Rican residents poised to have a big impact on midterm elections

Which way is the nfl headed?

'Irate' mob of 80 men stops Sydney paramedics giving lifesaving treatment

Cat Tai Chi, humans take notes

John McCain's Parting Gift to His Nation

AFL-CIO president: 'Hard to see' new NAFTA deal without Canada

Avenatti to hold 'resistance rally' in Texas the same night as Trump's campaign rally for Cruz

It's Not Just Robert Mueller. President Donald Trump Faces Six Separate Investigations And Lawsuits.

What do you say?

Seahawks owner Paul Allen gives $100,000 to help Republicans keep control of U.S. House

Female doctors should be paid less because they 'do not work as hard,' male doctor says


Constitutional Amendments

Barbara Michaels Smoke and Mirrors and Jayne Ann Krentz Flash--2 books about election campaigns

Best MAGA meaning?

Man charged with firing gun at 'ghost'