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Roy Moore calls on GOP to 'take a stand' and support Kavanaugh

Cortez Masto says she won't support Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

Exclusive: With more immigrant children in detention, HHS cuts funds for other programs -- l

Why does Kavanaugh have to prep and "practice" his testimony if he is not hiding something?

The Repubs want a female lawyer to do the questioning of the victim? I know a good one.

That strange vaguely disgusting sound heard in DC today

FLIPPABLE: Aziz Ahmad for OH-HD07

This Enigmatic Blob Was One of Earth's Earliest Animals

CWA Sues Facebook for Gender Discrimination on Job Ads

Tiny Human Esophagus Grown in the Lab--Here's Why

CWA Sues Facebook for Gender Discrimination on Job Ads

What to Look For in Friday's First Debate Between Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke

CWA Sues Facebook for Gender Discrimination on Job Ads

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Election- Democrats will have a net gain of 3 seats each cycle.

A Visit to a Paris Market

PARADE PUPPIES: Chile's annual military parade took place on Wednesday, but it was adorable golden r

As the Far Right Gains in Germany, Merkel Weakens

Report: Make It Stop

Mark Cuban to Give Women's Groups $10 Million After Mavericks Sexual Harassment Probe

Union election for United Airlines catering workers has begun!

Tonight on Matthews Interruptus' hour, Howard Fineman, in the Tell Me Something I don't Know segment

Union election for United Airlines catering workers has begun!

Five minutes of babies laughing at dogs

The Onion - GOP Officials: Kavanaugh Shouldn't Be Held Accountable For Something He Did

When Mueller gets RUMP it will be

Word of the Week: Hypocrisy. When the veil is fully lifted what will Republicans do?

Play and Learning in Early Childhood

Men in my life

HHS to cut funds from Head Start, cancer research to pay for the detention of immigrant children

The Plot to Subvert an Election: Unraveling the Russia Story So Far

Gloria Borger on CNN reporting on Kavanaugh negotiations.

Anyone watch those horrible republican

They are already starting the spin stories

Are we going to take the Senate too?

... and everyone was very surprised.

CNN has a group of republican women justifying that if kavanaugh did do what was alledged, it is

Florida charter schools fail on innovation, close too often, rely on for-profit companies, report sa

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Once is Enough!

Good news from and for Michigan

Former Dallas Cowboys' Star Jay Novacek's Son Blake Struggles After Alleged Hazing at OU

Worst PhotoShop Job in History

News from 1951 - Forgotten News and Another Walk in the 1950s

Stench of Politics: Texas Congressional Candidate's Smelly Plan To Deter Sign Thieves

Election Day is Here

Just saw a Pro Kavanaugh ad on MSNBC

The GOP plan was to have Kavenaugh and Ford TOGETHER in the same hearing at the same time.

Jeff Sessions' ugly attack on BLM shows he's desperate to distract from evidence they're right

Sorry to be a downer here

Not The Onion: Roy Moore urges Republicans to ignore Kavanaugh's sexual assault allegation

Rubio gets mad at John Kerry for talking to Iran, forgets he signed Republicans' 2015 letter to Iran

I hate Maryland Rapists.

I think this tiny video of IQ45 might just give me nightmares after I stop laughing.

Brett Kavanaugh wins coveted Roy Moore endorsement

Please. It's "eleven Republican men," not "eleven white men" in the Judiciary Committee majority.

Border Wall Nearly Collapses During Testing, 13 Prototypes 'Breached' Along Mexican Border

Football question regarding Kaepernick:

Internal GOP Poll: 'We've Lost the Messaging Battle' on Tax Cuts

Contaminated Florence storm waters pose 'dire' threat, environmental group warns

Trump to Pay for Immigrant Detention by Diverting Millions From Cancer Research, Other Programs

Maybe someone with some legal knowledge or knowlege about the FBI can help.

Why 'boys will be boys' is an unscientific excuse for assault

Alibaba's Jack Ma abandons pledge to create 1 million US jobs

Tweety has been coughing a lot on his show this week.

USA Editorial: Christine Blasey Ford, America needs to hear you testify

Ford opens door to testifying next week

Former University of Houston Student Sues Frat, Says Hazing Nearly Killed Him

Sen Whitehouse said on CNN that Dems can look into opening an investigation

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 23 - Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding

Yale Law School dean expresses 'concern' over professor's Kavanaugh allegations made to students

Smoke and fire shoot out from the Popocatepetl volcano in Puebla. Mexico's National Center for Disas

STFU, Kellyanne

TCM Schedule for Monday September 24 - Directed by Martin Scorsese

Senate Democrats increase pressure for FBI investigation of Kavanaugh

Cohen questioned for hours in Mueller probe about Trump's dealings with Russia

The News is So Gross This Week OF COURSE We Got Sexy Handmaid Costumes. OF COURSE We Did.(Ferret/SC)

Trump's latest tariffs are about to hit you where it really hurts

Three Criminal Cartels Responsible for Most of Ivory Trafficking in Africa

In an ideal world...

Hannity is "interviewing" Trump before Las Vegas rally.

When Murphy Brown returns there will be a #metoo episode too.

Conservative republican not worried about Kavanaugh rape accusation. Calls it a 'little hiccup'

Nobody is pointing out that if true, Cavanaugh committed kidnapping.

Bexar Democrats -- Some of Them Anyway -- Endorse Fire Union's Charter Amendments

Am I paranoid?

In view of GOP plans to hire "outside counsel" to question Dr. Ford, I think the monkeys

Florence sweeps deeper into North Carolina, and days of flooding lie ahead

I am convinced that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth

If Roe v Wade is overturned it will be more

Even if he is confirmed, Kavannaugh is going to be THE symbol of toxic masculinity,

Inside the Coordinated Attack on a North Texas Wind Farm

I do believe a blue wave is a'coming! With a bit of pink!

A doppleganger? Seriously? That's where they're going now? A doppleganger for Kavanaugh?

Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed Sunday afternoon. WE are all wearing Blue on Friday as he is laid

The battle for dominance in the Maine Legislature could come down to a handful of races

Google News headlines

They tell us we are free.

About a year from now we're all going to be watching Rachel Maddow

I'm really glad the weather is starting to cool off -

None of Blackburn's attack ads must be sticking

Kavanaugh was deeply in debt

I live in Eastern NC (I was spared for the most part by the hurricane)

Consider the irony: the "uber-masculine" Republican party; the party overwhelmingly

How afraid of flying is Blasey Ford?

Sheesh that Trump/Hannity inverview looks like a couple wrestling promoters before the fight. n/t

Why McDonald's Flopped In Vietnam

Our candidates across the country tell us why they are running

Is this Judge guy really going to change his story under oath?

Election could give women first-ever majority on N.M. Court of Appeals

Banner in the skies above Palo Alto today

I wish Professor Ford would skip the Senate and instead

Toothless Texas inmates denied dentures in state prison

Lopez Obrador moves ahead on refinery overhaul, threatening U.S. gasoline exports

Lopez Obrador moves ahead on refinery overhaul, threatening U.S. gasoline exports

Private firefighters and five-star hotels: how the rich sit out wildfires

Native American teens stopped on college tour urge changes

The North American Indian by Edward S Curtis - in pictures

Grand jury indicts Alaska man tied to girl's death

The Daily Show - Minorities Report: Stopping Racist 911 Calls

Who " the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human

Orrin Hatch's Deputy COS knew what was coming *Update Whelan likely worked w/ Kavanaugh on it

Seth Meyers - Trump Visits North Carolina, Batman's Penis - Monologue - 9/19/18

Santa Clara: Che's city but also Cuba's gay haven

A Day In The Life

Seth Meyers - The "Law and Order" President on Collusion and Kavanaugh: A Closer Look

Memo to All Media

"Why didn't somebody call the FBI 36 years ago?" says stupid Trump

Trump to NC resident with Yacht wrecked on his lawn: 'At least you got a nice boat out of the deal'

Watching Chris Cuomo on CNN rerun.....

In this age of #MeToo how does one go about telling a chick she's got a nice ass?

Lost four pounds in less than a month.

Avenatti to Ed Whelan: You better have concrete facts before you start accusing someone else of

2 from Handel: "Suite No. 7-Passacaille" [Cummings on harpsichord] and "Suite in G minor-

Former Cuomo Aide Joe Percoco Gets 6 years in Prison for Fraud, Corruption

It's not like this shit isn't obvious...

Artist Puts Prison Bars Over Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Ivanka Trump to help raise money for Senate Republicans

Name a schmaltzy (excessively sentimental) movie/film you like anyway

A humble suggestion...

deaf little girl learns that she will be big sister

MI-GOV: Michigan Attorney General to campaign with pedophile Ted Nugent

Democratic lawmakers launch PAC to elect more women to Congress

FL-GOV: Andrew Gillum's political committee just raised $1.75 million in one week

He really is even dumber than we thought

FL-HD47: Florida Republicans attack female Democratic candidate for using bad words

Senate Judiciary Dems call for FBI investigation into death threats faced by Dr. Blasey Ford

"The Noetic Prayer" (English Subtitles)/"The Noetic Prayer Began in Paradise"/"O God, My God, Why

The Army is trying to find criminal conduct among immigrant recruits, email shows

NC-13: The DCCC jump in to help Linda Coleman

Hayabusa-2: Japan's rovers ready for touchdown on asteroid

Listened to four other renditions tonite and felt this one shone!

Vietnam's President Tran Dai Quang dies at age 61

Nissan Recalling 215,000 Cars and SUVs for Fire Risk, Warns Owners to Park Them Outdoors

US hits China with sanctions for buying Russian fighter jets and missiles

'No accident' Brett Kavanaugh's female law clerks 'looked like models', Yale professor told students

Build walls on seafloor to stop glaciers melting, scientists say

Trump administration poses new threat to birds in allowing 'incidental' killings

What if 2009-2010 is how the economy really "should" be?

What was the most-stolen car last year?

Morans in their natural habitat

Amazing shape-shifting marine creature caught on camera

Demilitarization of the West Sea between North and South Korea

New artsy shopping center The Churchill provides students new options

'These are the stories of our lives': Prep school alumni hear echoes in assault claim

Orange County GOP endorses racist, anti-Semitic school board candidate

Kavanaugh accuser's offer to testify puts key Republicans in a bind

PBS Newshour: When disaster strikes, chef Jose Andres brings hot food and hope

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/20/18

GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski Just Got Even More Pressure To Vote Against Brett Kavanaugh

Brexit : Theresa May's Brexit Chequers plans "will not work" says Tusk. Major blow up.

Conway to Cuomo in fiery debate: I'll walk awayd

Slutty "Handmaid's Tale" Halloween-costumes are now on sale.

'Evil': Worst Fears Realized as ICE Arrests Dozens of Family or Guardians Attempting to Retrieve Chi

I'm running for POTUS in 2020.

Close encounters of the gubernatorial kind

GOP Fails To Explain Excluding FBI From Brett Kavanaugh Investigation - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Algorithms and Ethics

Trump administration poses new threat to birds in allowing 'incidental' killings

Making Medicaid Work

Brett's touching "I didn't do it" perp letter to Chuck. He categorically denies it! Wow!

Hackers Steal $59 Million In Cryptocurrency From Japanese Exchange

What's been wrong with our country (Doonesbury)

Donald Trump's supporters begin walking out on his idiotic rally speech [Nevada]

Albuquerque Journal Poll: New Mexico voters back legal marijuana

TheDailyDon: ''Mushroom? ... More like a Tremendous Baby Thumb. ''

Candidates for governor condemn University of New Mexico's cutting sports

No jail time for man who pleaded guilty in strangling assault

Lawsuit: New Mexico soccer team raped player, abused others

Possible tweet of the day

Republicans, Power and Rape Culture...

One can but dream

Today is the last full day of summer 🌎

Friday TOONs - Hangover Edition

John Coltrane - Equinox

Trump: The Media Will Endorse Me in 2020--or Go Bankrupt

They Oversaw Sex-Crime Cases, Now They'll Grill Kavanaugh

Bill Maher gives $2 million to House and Senate Democratic super PACs

Officials in overdrive to keep Trump from attacking Kavanaugh accuser

Sunspot Observatory workers talk about evacuation, going back to work

'Senator, You're Mistaken' - new ad running on the Brett Kavanaugh appointment

If your guilty and you know it tweet some more.

Internal GOP Poll: Pelosi Beats Trump in a Head-to-Head Matchup

Bredesen vs Blackburn debate watch parties

Eyewitness to the Desolation of 'Black Wall Street'

The GOP's growing identity crisis

Why Trump May Shut Down the Government

Poll: Only 5% of Minnesota Democrats Say They Believe Keith Ellison's Accuser

Donny Deutsch Sees Kavanaugh Hearings As 'Metaphor' for GOP: Party of 'Ignorant, White Men'

GOP excuse, a doppleganger? Perhaps to Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge & Patrick Smyth a dopplebanger!

Officials in overdrive to keep Trump from attacking Kavanaugh accuser

Elizabeth Warren for president? New survey shows Mass. voters don't love that idea

I'm surely not the first person

Would anyone here like to go out for a drink with me?

Did any network cover trump on Las Vegas last night?

Will two redistricting ballot measures this year put an end to one of Colorado's longest-running


Republicans: Kavanaugh's Sex Assault Too Long Ago to Matter

Trump Released Sensitive Info Because Hannity Told Him To

South's leader urges US to declare an end to 1950-53 Korean War

In 1992, Cory Booker admitted to groping a high school classmate and issued a call...

George Soros, Tom Steyer enter Colorado governor's race to help Democrat Jared Polis

Sort of missed this - Georgetown Prep is an ALL BOYS school

The Rundown: September 20, 2018

The origin of Superheroes: Hellboy

Artist/Creator Bio: Jerry Siegel

Ya gotta like this

Tea Party guy didn't buy minority complaints about justice system, but now that he's been in jail...

Trump: "Why didn't accuser call the FBI?" CNN

U.S. Navy Commences Oil Removal from Capsized German Cruiser 'Prinz Eugen' in South Pacific

Holy shit! The dog in this pic is tripping balls!

Kidnapped her, strangled her, threatened to kill her, masturbated on her. But won't get jail-time.

Something To Ponder.

PERA's latest fix is stronger than the last one, but longer-living retirees, future downturns could

On any day, Kellyanne Conway is always the worst person in the world.

Lingering memories

FOX & Friends is now pushing fabricated defamation theory to save Kavanaugh's skin.

Massive chunk of ice breaks from Greenland glacier

NYT columnist Charles Blow defends Christine Blasey Ford with his own story

Ann Coulter

Ira McKnight

Cook Political Report moves Texas Senate race to 'toss-up'

"I have more brains in my little pinkie than you have in your big toe!" CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Impressive comeback by Baker Mayfield

Smart girl. Very smart

3 Key Senate Races Move Towards Democrats

what is this about?

California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom compares Trump to Pennywise, a terrifying clown

Poland used to be okay with Trump. Then, he posted a photo.

Top 50 Graphic Novels: #50-46

Happy International Day Of Peas!

The moronic 'president' says kavanaugh is "under assault by radical left wing politicians"

Well, here we go folks. Trump is tweeting about Dr. Ford.

Ed Whelan Apologizes For Naming Kavanaugh Classmate As Blasey Ford's Alleged Attacker

He just tweeted: If she didn't go to the police right after the incident, then it must not be true.

Trump finished arranging his hair, tweet storm in progress

Hell freezes over !

That 'loving parents' tweet by Don the Con will make this worse

Trump claims Kavanaugh is "under assault," casts doubt on Ford

Caracal Kitten

Happy 71st 🎂 Stephen!

Kavanaugh is the 'reward' to rethugs

Trump goading Dr. Ford to file a Criminal Sexual Assault Complaint.

Dear government, pay me for my losses. Inside Amendment 74, a ballot measure that has Colorado's

Donny Deutsch says Michael Cohen is out for revenge against Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr.

How much information is Mueller getting from Manafort and Cohen?

Ed Whelan Apologizes For Naming Kavanaugh Classmate As Blasey Ford's Alleged Attacker

Ex-GOP voters flay Trump on CNN while declaring they will 'vote down the line against Republicans...

Please Mr Mueller - it's Friday

Kellyanne Conway snaps when host confronts her about calling Christine Ford a pawn of Democrats

Rick Santorum claims Blasey-Ford is 'complicit' in Democratic plot against Kavanaugh

Is there a similarity between FDR's "fireside chats" and Donald Trump's "tweets"?

Suge Knight Cops A Plea, Gets 28 Years

Aides were hoping Trump could keep his fucking mouth shut about Ford until Monday. OOOOOPS!

TX-SEN: Cook Political Report moves the race to Tossup

US changes course to allow Russian surveillance flyover

N.M. -- Inside the numbers: Bad news for GOP?

Gooey 'alien' jellyfish found on beach in New Zealand

Lifetime ......

ICE is arresting the sponsors of undocumented children

Revealed: Russia's secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK

"I tremble for my country..."

Right Wing Noise Machine wrongfully attacks Kavanaugh classmate

"Women for Kavanaugh" bus tour is all-white and 53% male.

MN: Early voting begins today

Paul Krugman perfectly summarizes modern day conservatives

Our memories are imperfect, but that doesn't mean "the past is unknowable."

No surprises

Governor Addressing Shortage Of Truck Drivers

Since Trump lacks any impulse control whatsoever, it was only a matter of time

Russia's 2016 Twitter Campaign Was Strongly Pro-Gun, With Echoes Of The NRA

"Kavanaugh delay is a democratic conspiracy"

I was a rape victim 4 separate times by 4 different men.

Watch the republican attempt to jam Prof. Ford into hearing Monday fall apart

Revealed: Russia's secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK

Pierce: Ed Whelan's Batshit Theory Has Been Kicking Around in Right-Wing Circles for a While Now

Women Involved At All Levels Of Kavanaugh Scandal Receiving Threats

Hillary's Onward Together Pac: 4 Women who will make history

Democrats Say Justice Department Stonewalling Kavanaugh Files

Red Sox wrap up AL East crown with win over Yankees

Big-Money Donors Spending Big Money to Elect Senate Democrats

He could not resist trolling assault victims

Holton-Arms alumna Julie Jakopic, class of 1978, supports Christine Blasey Ford

GOP And WH Point Fingers As Challenging Midterm Elections Loom

Chilean police pups on parade.

The dumb ass couldn't do it.

NBC: First time in history of poll that a US Supreme Court nominee has more opposition than support

9/21. gratitude

ABC News documentary leads to HIPAA violation fines against Boston hospitals

Republicans leap to Kavanaugh's defense, but drag their feet on Violence Against Women Act

Anybody else miss Letterman, Stewart, & Olbermann?

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 1 in 5 women were sexually assaulted

Big Sports Plans In Hazelwood

Time for the daily comment

Had to become a star member and the deletion of Facebook.

"Women For Kavanaugh"

Who tweeted what?

Tesla Loses Supply Management Chief as Exodus Worsens

Bristol, CT, woman left children alone for most of weekend

A Bit Of A Feelgood Story

I have an honest question...What is it with some men?

He's tone deaf and clueless

Trump slows release of Russia investigation documents

Crosspost From GD - A Cool Story

REPUBLICANS: who can be sure about what happened 36 years ago? ALSO REPUBLICANS:

Theresa May says the UK and EU are at an 'impasse' on Brexit -- sterling slides to a low on the news

McConnell Tells Conservatives To 'Keep The Faith' On Kavanaugh Confirmation

Lawerence O'Donnell: "That means the "undecided" Republican senators are lying."

Pres. Pennywise - Well, make that Pres. Pennydum

America Has a Rape Problem-Time for Men to Step Up & Teach Respect for Females

Well, yes, this is a good question. Translate Trump.

Celebrating Mister Rogers

If ReTHUGS deny Dr Christine Blasey Ford a hearing

Rossiter, PA, Sportsman's Club hosts 2nd annual Kid's Day

One wonders how much fear of violence influences senator's votes.

Franklin Graham: Attempted rape not a crime. Kavanaugh "respected" his victim by not finishing.

Do You Remember?

Donald Trump's global insignificance is about to be exposed

Brett Kavanaugh: No More Nineties Reboots, Please September 19, 2018 Act 1 Full Frontal on

Trump Tower Meeting Planners Moved Millions, Mueller Now Investigating

THIS is how the nation could lose its national parks. Led by woman I ran against (with DU Love) 2016

Nunes just gave us happy news....

Trump backs down from releasing classified information, after dissent by Allies..

Walmart reportedly warns Trump's trade war will hit regular Americans hard

Anti-LGBTQ Groups Sue Louisiana Governor to Stop Drag Queen Story Hour

FEMA Stopped Paying for Hotels for Displaced Puerto Ricans. Now Some Are Homeless.

Top drone: Reaper scores drone kill in air-to-air missile test

I didn't know this about Steve Schmidt

Pet rescue


Today's Google Doodle made me flat out sob--Honoring Mr. Rogers

Trump appears to walk back his order to release Russia investigation documents

Mexico's president-elect grounded for hours on commercial flight after he refuses to use luxury jet

Mexico's president-elect grounded for hours on commercial flight after he refuses to use luxury jet

McConnell just said he has the votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

New Twist in the Kavanaugh saga raises unpleasant questions.

Why Is Trump Tacitly Supporting Corruption in Guatemala?

Why Is Trump Tacitly Supporting Corruption in Guatemala?

Yale law dean: Reports professor groomed female clerks for Kavanaugh enormously disturbing.

Yale Law dean: Reports that professor groomed female clerks for Kavanaugh 'of enormous concern'

Baggage Claim Becky calls security on black woman reporting damaged luggage.

Trump Admin Defunds HIV/AIDS Research Again to Detain More Immigrants

NFL star Ben Roethlisberger "terrified" porn star Stormy Daniels

Rainy day activity.

Judge rules banned gay film may be screened in Kenya

Rescue Beaver Still Loves Building Dams

Is America mentally ill ?

The Blue Marble.

Mueller investigation money moved after Trump tower meeting.

A respectable gop or nominee would have quit by now.

Remember the gops outrage and claims of interference when President Obama said this..

Facebook stops sending staff to help political campaigns

Dr. Ford must appear on 60 minutes this weekend!

What It's Like To Work At A Suicide Crisis Hotline

Andrea Mitchell just said "there are threats from BOTH SIDES" being flung in the Kavanaugh mess

Virginia State Police spent $3.1 million on Aug. 11-12 anniversary demonstrations

He's desperately trying to distract

Dr. Ford will be talking to FBI today about death threats toward her.

NYT: Kavanaugh accuser talking to FBI today about death threats.

Noam Chomsky Visits Brazil's Former President Lula in Prison

Pic Of The Moment: The Company You Keep

UN expert: Argentina should avoid dismantling family farming

Death of labor rights in Venezuela. No Constitutionally protected collective bargaining

Catholic boys school writes off sex abuse as "history"

Open Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee from Yale Law Faculty

Get ready for a brand new HOUSE FIRE SHOW today!

My most recent Reich-Wing email; one of "those" we all get from the Reich.

Duke Energy says dam breached at plant in N Carolina; coal ash may be flowing into Cape Fear River

CNN reports counter offer by GOP in Kavanaugh hearing

Rethug's likely interrogator of Dr. Ford

Thank you, Republicans again for reminding me why I am not a Republican

The declining quality of life in America

In the '80s, boys' prep schools like Kavanaugh's could be bastions of misogyny

"He is a fine, fine person"

Supporting LGBTQ Youth As They Head Back to School

Sen Sheldon Whitehouse on Trump tweet: Here we go. Couldn't help himself. [and Chuck Schumer]....

Question re ordering online with a credit card

I know people hate Bill Kristol but this was funny....

Live Video, Live Blog: VA-10 Debate Between Jennifer Wexton (D) and Barbara Comstock (R)

Black cowboys: Creole trail rides showcase unique culture

DEADHEADS: Your favorite song/album?

'Stop this disaster': Brazilian women mobilise against 'misogynist' far-right Bolsonaro

'Stop this disaster': Brazilian women mobilise against 'misogynist' far-right Bolsonaro

TITLE IX Policy Changes - article from ASU -

REVEALED: Former Trump lawyer John Dowd tried to funnel White House cash to Paul Manafort

Chavista thugs (colectivos) threaten journalists covering teacher protest

Trump: "Let her testify, or not, and TAKE THE VOTE!"

Breaking: GOP Counteroffer to Kavanaugh Accuser

Dr. Ford to meet with FBI in San Francisco

U.S. 'very close' to proceeding with Mexico-only trade deal: Trump adviser

Engine plant in Mike Pence's hometown takes $200 million hit because of Trump trade war

Judiciary Cmte. Republican senator tells @NBCNews that a counter-offer has been made to Dr. Ford

Mr. Vice President, here is why you are one big phony

Andrea Mitchell to Pompeo on Trump's Ford Tweet: Is That the 'American Value' We Should Be Teaching

Judge dubs Manchester Airport drop-off fees 'absolute disgrace' during road rage row sentencing

Trump brothers & sisters, here again he is not working for you

Not Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid:

Defense of Kavanaugh turns to theory of evil look-alike before collapsing under ridicule

In case you missed Franklin Graham's two cents,

Susan Collins says she's "appalled" by Trump's tweet criticizing Christine Blasey Ford

What is the difference between the National Zoo and the White House?

Famed mathematician claims proof of 160-year-old Riemann hypothesis

The whiff of sandalwood makes the human head sprout more hair

Senate GOP makes counteroffer to Kavanaugh accuser with Friday deadline

WSJ: John Dowd tried to divert funds to pay legal fees for Manafort, Gates.

'Treating protest as terrorism': US plans crackdown on Keystone XL activists

'Trump won't back down': U.S. president plans to make trade war unbearable for China and bigger...

Divers are attempting to regrow Great Barrier Reef with electricity

The whiff of sandalwood makes the human head sprout more hair (New Scientist)

Cuba's President meets US senator amid tense bilateral relations

People in Maine are mobilizing with the aim to vote Collins out of office

Dr Ford's sister-in-law is on M$NBComcast right now

McConnells republicans selling out country...

'Our lives are in danger': mother with autistic son faces US deportation

'Our lives are in danger': mother with autistic son faces US deportation

Donald Trump's Clown Insult Of Gavin Newsom Backfires

White Girls

Rosenstein Suggested He Secretly Record Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

Cook Political Report moves Texas Senate race to 'toss-up'

NYT: Rosenstein discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to oust Trump after Comey was fired.

Don't try this at home...

"if you smoke them, you go bughouse loco"

Well....are we ready to protest?

Kavanaugh's Mother Worked In a Maryland State's Attorney's Office When He Allegedly Assaulted Blasey

Remember when Republicans tried to say Sotomayor wasn't qualified because she brought empathy

So, no committee hearing Monday...maybe Wednesday...maybe Thursday...maybe never?

New Michael Moore movie, both parties the same or to blame, etc...

Merrick Garland

Cargill recalls 66 tons of ground beef after deadly E coli O26 outbreak

Florida student accused of trying to steal airliner dragged off plane

I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate About

"Pigshit lagoons" by the Rude Pundit

Reshuffling shows and hosts on MSNBC?

Imagine: Previously Unseen Footage Of John Lennon And George Harrison.

Two nice ladies just knocked on my door.

This Is a Real Plane and It's Called the BelugaXL

There is nothing "Pro-Life" about the Republican Party

"Pro-Life"? Really"

Forget who the author of the anonymous NYT letter is.

NJ sheriff facing calls to resign over racist remarks caught on tape

APNewsBreak: Dam breach at Duke plant; coal ash could spill

What's left in your garden between summer and fall?

George Carlin: Pro Life, Abortion, And The Sanctity Of Life

Dems to GOP Kavanaugh Facebook Jokers: Get Sexual Harassment Training

Wells Fargo plans to slash thousands of jobs

And right after McConnell "plows right on through" to put Kavanagh on the Supreme Court,

Man Volunteers And Naps With Cats At A Shelter Every Day

Happy 25th anniversary, "In Utero."

Something smells fishy about this Rosenstein "story".

Republicans may finally have to face the truth of their deceit and rotten political corruption

A column about rape from one of the most conservative

Reminder: There is no democratic legitimacy to anything that is happening right now.

I don't think the democrats have their heads in the game

Cohen givin it up to Rugged Robert Mueller!!

Michael Cohen visits NY courthouse a month after guilty plea

So sick of this....The Republicans are dirty as hell but they fight dirty and win

Isaac Asimov's alternative to fundamentalist dogma

American Research Group Poll: RV--Trump Minus 24%

A 3-day-old and 2 other infants were stabbed at a New York day care center

Born, 115 years ago today, Preston Tucker

Michael Moore's "11/9"

WaPo: McCabe memos say Rosenstein considered secretly recording Trump

Serious Question: Just What Would You Do If You Were a Dem Senator?

I fear the latest so-called scandal re Rosenstein means he'll be fired.

Donwald Trump Must Love Shithole Countries...

Mueller needs to bring more indictments now, before Trump and his goons get away with anything else!

Sometimes my wife wakes up grumpy, other times she

If ROSENSTEIN is fired PROTESTS in 900+ cities...RESIST!

New Grass? Nah. Mountain Music is still the description I would use

What's for Dinner, Fri, Sept. 21, 2018

According to Washington Post, comments were sarcastic

We may move to Taft CA. Can anyone tell me about the town?

Delay Vote to Let Kavanaugh Accuser to Testify, Susan Collins Says

China is building a digital dictatorship

Why is "abbreviation"

"We don't mind if a man tries to rape you"

Don Jr. seems to think there's substance to the Rosenstein story...

PayPal Cuts Off Infowars, Joining Other Tech Giants

When Hieronymus Bosch's Demon Bird rides the subway

Trump's Hollywood star put behind bars

Message to Republicans...Vaginas brought you into the world and they will vote you out

University gives librarian 10-day notice to leave U.S.

"Strange Cars" (Please Help!)

Today is World Alzheimer's Day

Pierce: So Why Did Trump Get Cold Feet About Declassifying Those Russia Probe Documents?

Doomsday Preppers Will Descend on Denver for Self-Reliance Expo

It's time for Robert Mueller to subpoena Donald J Trump.

BREAKING: NRCC bails on PA-17 (Lamb-Rothfus)

I can't help but think, Trump knows way more than he acts!

"MAGA Maggie" Haberman sure is getting defensive about her colleague's Rosenstein story.

3-D printer gun creator arrested for sexual assault in Taiwan

Obama coming up in about 30 minutes from Philly

GOP lawmaker's siblings endorse Dem opponent: 'Difficult to see my brother as anything but a racist'

Russians considered plan to smuggle Julian Assange out of embassy in UK: report

San Diego:Rally Sunday, We Support Dr. Ford

Ole Miss donor shares pics of 2 black women as evidence of decline in real estate value & enrollment

Please, students, take that 'impractical' humanities course. We will all benefit.

Seriously think about it would Rosenstein really be stupid enough to think he could

Trump delays release of Russia probe documents

Boys will be boys? As Kavanaugh debate rages, teens are saying some adults still don't get it

Knoblach (R-MN) drops state re-election bid: adult daughter accused him of inappropriate behavior

9/21/18 !!!

Military report: Young women on bases, sailors on ships at greatest risk for sexual assault

Another Roger Stone associate (Corsi) meets with Mueller grand jury

Feds accuse Walmart of pregnancy discrimination in lawsuit

PayPal ends business dealings with Alex Jones's Infowars

GOP, White House start playing midterm blame game

Man, you stay away from tv news for one day, come home and more breaking news!

The National Review weighs in: "The Charges against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored"

Indicted lawmaker angers GOP with decision to run for reelection

🐦 Sept 24 - UVM Rally for Climate Action with Senator Sanders


Fox's Ingraham calls for Trump to fire Rosenstein

Look how F-ING bad it has to be

Finally! A feeling that the Republicans have lost control of something!

49 members of the Yale Law School faculty release an open letter.

re: Rosenstein-----we are being played.

Dems look to Gillum, Abrams for pathway to victory in tough states

PR firm helped Whelan stoke half-baked Kavanaugh alibi

Trump Asks Why Kavanaugh Accuser Didn't Just Immediately Request Hush Money

My day today, I GOT A JOB!

Pierce: The New York Times' Rosenstein Story Is Just a Game of Telephone

Minnesota state Rep. Jim Knoblach drops re-election bid, citing MPR News investigation

Reagan's daughter defends Kavanaugh accuser: I was sexually assaulted and 'don't remember' details

Bailout checks begin arriving for farmers, as Trump's trade war escalates

GOP House campaign arm cancels remaining ad reservation in Pittsburgh

Book Review: Stormy Daniels's memoir: Funny, vulgar, brash and believable

Top Colorado Races Get Ratings Changes

Vote here right fugging now

Just Beautiful

I just renewed my driver's license, and it was (almost) a pleasure...

Minnesota state Rep. Jim Knoblach drops re-election bid, citing MPR News investigation

Just in case you missed this article about Kent Sorenson...

Kavanaugh Bears the Burden of Proof

This just in - Redskins owner Dan Snyder is a cheap a-hole

Dow ends the day in record territory.

NJ Sheriff M. Saudino resigns over secretly recorded comments about "the blacks" & a Sikh's turban

NYT sues FCC, says it hid evidence of Russia meddling in net neutrality repeal

Hoagie Chain Taylor Gourmet Will Close All of Its Stores

I can't be the only one who believes that the leak ...


The Crowmentum is Real in CO-6

Rosenstein denies he proposed secretly taping Trump

I'm wondering if the dems couldn't impeach Kavanaugh after they take power.

Alaska man pleads guilty to assaulting woman and gets a 'pass'

What does it mean to be asked to be a DU jurist?

Remember to keep a watchful eye on the Caribbean and the Atlantic -looks lively again

I got my book today!! Fear! Cannot wait to read it! Yay me!

"It is unclear to what extent [Ed] Whelan was coordinating w/ members of the Senate Judiciary Comm

Beto and Cruz debate on now! Link:

Adam Goldman somehow knows Rosenstein"s tone from 3rd hand source

#WhyIDidntReport Takes Off On Twitter

Watch the First O'Rourke/Cruz debate tonight @ 6PM CST!

Dog enjoying yoga

there's really no way rosenstein -- or any lawyer -- seriously discussed invoking the 25th amendment

Kaepernick and Chappelle to be honored by Harvard

QUESTION: where has Auntie Maxine been? Did those fuckers send her underground?

Did the NYTimes reporters get "played"?

Raise your hand if you know 75 women.

Given tRump is a serial liar at pathological levels, why not advocate for the 25th Amendment?

That young student pilot

WAPO OP ED: The Kavanaugh doppelganger theory shows how far the right has descended into madness

Hitler v Lennin: Peru mayoral election is a historical showdown

Let's Shock the World (email from Team Scholten)

Pale Male Republicans Are Locked And Loaded

Yet another irony alert!

Is trump in Little Rock AR tonight?

Why women don't come forward, in one tweet:

Vision impaired? Huge computer monitor.

Before and after

Freezing your credit is now free in all states under a new law

I think Kavanaugh is making a mistake.

Have you frozen your credit yet? It's now FREE by law!

2018 US Senate Election- Democratic Wave vs Republican Wave.

Mitch McConnell's long-lost ancestors located:

Trump Break - Forgotten News from 1951 Part 2 & More of Life in the 1950s

Revealing excerpt from Rob Goldstone interview on Today.

So just heard all over it's 10 pm deadline tonight

What Is Trump's Opinion Of The New York Times?....

Feds investigating obscene threats against Kavanaugh's wife. Is Dr. Ford & her family getting

If Mona Lisa had Facebook......😂

Poor Chris Matthews. Ragweed getting us all! Coughing, sneezing...that's me!

Saw President Obama in Philly Tonight!!

President Obama's motorcade just went past my window!

My day today - it actually just got better ❤️

I think OSC will have to move up their timeline exponentially now

It's all boxes, man.

Republicans on Senate panel send letter to potential Kavanaugh party attendee

6 Things I Love the Most About the Quran (And Why I Choose to be a Muslim)

Hello? 911? A kid is beating Ted Cruz to death on my TV screen. Please send help.

Samantha Guerry, Dr. Ford's friend was just on Hardball.

'My OpEd today for the Washington Post - International law protects not only noncombatants,

The struggle for a new American Gospel

Trump rally (yup im a glutton for horror)

Very interesting...and suspect.

Even before her name was made public, Ed Whelan was seeking information about Christine Ford

Grassley Threatens Kavanaugh Vote on Monday

"Who represents Texas best?"

Mueller needs to wrap it up, looks like.

ABC: Another Stone associate meets with grand jury.

Photo: Stowe Dance Academy TRIP with Bernie Sanders

Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker