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Dems will be asking questions too of Dr. Ford. While Dirtbad Grassley hides under his desk during

"Truth is, these are not very bright guys..."

Say it ain't so !! Michael Ketterer (AGT finalist &family man) arrested for domestic battery!!

"Thoughts and Prayers are not going to cut it"

moms gather in front of Christine Blasey Ford's home and chant support

Have you seen the Brennan Dossier?

If Rosenstein is fired:

Is that an OK sign? A white power symbol? Or just a right-wing troll?

Cruz, O'Rourke debate

Ford requests accepted by GOP:--and those denied.........

TheDailyDon: I sure hope @betoorourke makes mince meat out of that worm-lipped mealy-mouthed toad...

I will donate $5 to Jacky Rosen (NV-SEN) for every committee vote Kavanaugh receives.

Just watched the Beto-Servile Dog (Cruz) debate in Texas

Are DEMS overplaying Kavanaugh's sexual assault so close to the midterm?

Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke face off in first debate

Unlikeable and Unctuous Ted Cruz Lecturers Texas That MLK Would Side Against NFL Players Kneeling

Malcolm Nance: The entire NYT story smells like a Trump ambush.

A Republican POTUS who received 3 million fewer votes than his opponent and a REPUBLICAN Senate

Again, STFU, Susan Collins

Bharara: Jokes about wiring people up as common w/ prosecutors as knock-knock jokes in grade school

Physicist Kevin Drum questions if Schrdinger's Cat Is Alive!

HUD Secretary Ben Carson claims Kavanaugh allegations are part of a centuries old socialist plot

Schrodinger's Cat Is Alive! (One-Twelfth of the Time)

Susan Collins 'appalled' after Trump questions Kavanaugh accuser

Clinton would beat Trump in landslide in 2016 re-run, says Hill.TV poll

Officials prepare to relocate wolves to Isle Royale park

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Once is Enough!

By attacking Christine Blasey Ford, the president shows his true colors

Walk into my parlor: Greek spiders spin giant web over shore

LOL at Rachel's remark!

Kavanaugh ally did online searches for Christine Bailey Ford before she was revealed as accuser: rep

Probably lively and worth watching: Bill Maher and his guests on HBO at 10 pm---EST tonight

Give the girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world. article has some very good analysis of why the NYT story on Rosenstein is fishy

Jesus... On Cnn just now

so the senate will vote on kavanaugh on monday if Dr. Ford doesn't accept terms by 10pm est.

Eagle County's Hardscrabble Ranch draft plan includes something for everyone

Sarah Palin plans to leave Alaska

Half of Trump Voters Think Women's Harassment Claims 'Often Cause More Problems Than They Solve,' Po

Cramer: "Kavanaugh accusation 'absurd' because they were drunk "....

Trump hits McCain on Obamacare vote

Sister Sarah attempts to make herself relevant again

ACLU makes demands of Colorado State University after tour involving Native American students

3 infants, 2 adults stabbed at suspected birthing center: Officials

Is there a link of the Beto smashing CRUZ debate we can mass distribute? tia

Michele Bachmann: 'We Are Living In An Unparalleled Golden Time' Under Trump

Ecuador attempted to give Assange diplomat post in Russia: document

Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke face off in first debate

Rachel reading response from Dr. Ford's attys RE testifying. OMG. Accusing GOP of bullying...

Maddow: Response from Dr Ford Lawyer.....Deadline was 10 pm ET to respons to bully arbitrary

Federal judge orders Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to give deposition in 2020 census case

A Revelation

Obama tells voters in Philly the "stakes really are higher" this election

Professor Ford needs to hire Avenati and go on 60 Minutes and EVERY other show STAT!

Fort Collins police officer resigns after 'unnecessary use of force' in Target shoplifting arrest

If the senate is uninterested in Dr Fords story, the media should investigate.

CBS/60 Minutes can make big amends in one Sunday featuring Professor FORD - n/t

Get ready for a flood of new exoplanets: TESS has already spotted two

NY Times getting the Rosenstein Scoop

The Myths of Freedom and Democracy.

Latest Counter Offer In The Dr. Ford Negotiations - From Her Legal Counsel

Delta flight makes emergency landing after passenger headbutts flight attendant

Murkowksi: I won't vote on Kavanaugh until hearing from his accuser

Here is Dr. Ford's attorney's full response to Grassley demands that Rachel just read:

Japan's Hayabusa 2 mission lands on the surface of a distant asteroid

Ben Carson believes Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations are part of a centuries old Socialist plot

Five minutes to Wapner

Cruz looked like Nixon.

Puerto Rico's grim prognosis: The island may never recover

Japan space rovers lowered to asteroid to collect data

Telling that after a week huddling with the abuser-in-chief, Kavanaugh came up empty

Lotsa stories about bad cops lately, but here's one for the book...

Friday Talking Points -- This Is Why Women Don't Report Sexual Assaults

The Kavanaugh accusations hits close to home today

Mexico's next president could be on a collision course with Trump over immigration

Grassley, ever the privileged white male, tries to force another female into submission. nt

Coal ash likely entering North Carolina river, environmentalists say

All ready to preside

Was "anonymous" op-ed foundation for the NYT piece?

Grassley threatens Monday? - 60 Minutes (can you hear me?) SUNDAY - *do* it!1

I admire Gretchen Whitmer even more after her Twitter #WhyIDidntReport tweet:

Judges signal they'll revive Sarah Palin defamation lawsuit

With US Bombs Killing Kids in Yemen, Sanders Tells Pompeo 'Human Lives Worth Far More Than Defense C

McDonald's gets a warning from New York's pension fund over chickens


Reagan's Daughter Patti Davis Reveals She Didn't Disclose Sex Assault For Decades

Pastor John Kilpatrick is Saving Trump from Witchcraft

Poll: Brett Kavanaugh faces unprecedented opposition to Supreme Court confirmation

"Not something we can ignore anymore": White supremacist, extremist activity on the rise across

Is there a stunt performance (special effects) Hall of Fame?

You know what to DU.

Thomas Roberts I waited over 20 years to report my sexual abuser

Again And Again, Accused Sexual Harassers Kept Their Jobs Under NBC News Chief Andy Lack

US Agency Endorses Plan to Block New Mining Near Yellowstone

Grassley's regional office fax and phone numbers:

Wanted: Wall Street mavens seeking state government salaries

Follow the money (Kavanaugh version)

Minn GOP state Rep. Jim Knoblach drops re-election bid after daughter accuses him of sex abuse

Trump says he'll rid Justice Dept. of 'lingering stench'

What the Republicans are doing to Dr.Ford

Bill Maher is roasting trump tonight but GOOD

Brazil court orders Twitter to hand over user data related to Bolsonaro attack

FEMA chief to reimburse government for personal use of federal vehicles

Scientists find immune cell with unexpected power to fight cancer

GOPer Paul Gosar's siblings are supporting his Dem opponent(David Brill) accusing brother of racism

Best political ad I've ever seen. Brill for Congress - Arizona...

Barbershop Owner Apologizes For Hanging Colin Kaepernick Doll From A Noose

This 2016 Rolling Stone article about Ted Cruz deserves reposting.

Mexican journalist Mario Gomez killed while leaving his home

Mexican journalist Mario Gomez killed while leaving his home

Grassley Announces Monday Vote on Kavanaugh After Rejecting Further Talks With Ford

Wyoming's largest newspaper comes to a crossroads

JOAN MANUEL SERRAT Las nanas de la cebolla, Miguel Hernndez

Savage US ad: 'Biggest wow moment ever seen'

ES&S voting systems in hundreds of jurisdictions had pcAnywhere remote control software installed

Will allowing Wyoming cities to tax themselves solve their looming funding woes?

Long-Lost Letter from Galileo Discovered

Wyoming lawmakers to talk corporate taxes ... again

Teens arrested in vandalism of Christmas decorations for child with brain cancer

"Wild, Wonderful" West Virginia's Decapitated Mountains and Deformed Fish

The Daily Show: Bert and Ernie's Sexuality & Trump's Toad Penis

Do you think Dr Ford with end up filling charges?

Update: Grassley grants extension on twitter

Friday Night Wine-Buzz.

Seth Meyers - One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Maria, Octopuses on MDMA - Monologue - 9/20/18

Billionaire Backer of Maria Butina Had Russian Security Ties

Clair de lune - Debussy (guitare) Interprete par Roxane, Paris 2016.

Kavanaugh is Guilty

whow. Grassley just granted the one day extention to dr. Ford. Per msnbc. 11ith Hour just

Grassley is done talking to 'That Woman'.

Seth Meyers: Guest Ken Burns Tells the Fascinating Story of the Mayo Clinic's Founding

Report: 3D printed gun advocate accused of paying minor for sex is arrested in Taiwan

My unsolicited advice to Dr Ford

Early Voting Begins as Midterms Season Enters Its Final Phase

What is it with Ted Cruz's Daughter

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's Siblings Endorse Rival in New Campaign Ads

Republican lawmaker ends re-election bid as daughter alleges childhood abuse (Minnesota)

Absentee ballot

Sen Whitehouse said the Dems will investigate the allegations

"No means yes. Yes means ...."

So ...Here's my version of a Kavanaugh story... I was 15...

About Schmidt - Ndugu's Letter

On Bill Maher someone drew parallel between Kavanaugh and Ellison

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/21/18

Now that GOPrs are rain-roading Kavanuagh through to a seat on Supreme Court

Plastic Pollution Is Now Spreading From Ocean Food Chains Into Land Animals, Thanks to This Insect

Guys, you have to see this incredible political ad

Cafe utilizing robot waiters remotely controlled by disabled to open in Tokyo

Mean And Angry Canadian Crabs Are Wreaking Havoc On Coastal Ecosystems

Off to the golf course!

Another Calif. serial rapist is identified through DNA and genealogy websites

How not to respond to natural disaster

Walter's next stop..The Met? La Scala?

Grassley grants Kavanaugh accuser extension on how to proceed on possible testimony

Walter's next stop..The Met? La Scala?

Tribe : Suspicious?

Ann Richards at 1988 DNC

*DELAWARE, New Law Says 'No Drilling Ever On Our Coastlines'

Life as a marijuana refugee

DELAWARE, New Law Says 'No Drilling Ever On Our Coastlines'

Wyoming educators, lawmakers remain at odds over school funding

This is what rape looks like. Movie CLIP - Josey's Painful Past (2005)

Most Americans have their heads up their asses.

But Nixon

Orthodox Christian: St. Moses the Black conference

Got an a couple of weeks..

Susan Collins 'appalled' by Trump's tweet about Christine Blasey Ford

Dickey Betts' surgery a 'success' in Sarasota

KS-03: Sharice Davids raised nearly $700,000 from small-dollar donors in August

Making Tariffs Corrupt Again

Canada Hosts First Meeting Of Women Foreign Ministers

Sergio Assad: "Les Tendres Plaintes" and "Le Follette"

Women for Kavanaugh bus tour fails miserably

Marc Regnier plays some Sergio Assad, one by Sor, one by Albeniz, one by Villa-Lobos

Lawrence: Republicans Have No Intention Of Fair Hearing For Ford - The Last Word - MSNBC

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/21/18

Montana Magazine Folding After Publishing Nearly 50 years

Stephen Colbert: Guest Hillary Clinton Never Had To Steal Things From Obama's Desk

Lawsuit: Longtime trainer at Eastern Montana HS groomed, sexually abused as many as 100 boys

Stephen Colbert: Guest Hillary Clinton Never Had To Steal Things From Obama's Desk

#WhyIDidntReport: Victims Answer President Donald Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

7.6 percent decline puts University of Montana enrollment at lowest in 25 years

update on the man with the kitten on his shoulder

Jewish editor jailed for not appearing in court on subpoena dated for Yom Kippur

Jewish editor jailed for not appearing in court on subpoena dated for Yom Kippur

Beware a ramble Sat and talked with my brother in a dream he passed away in 89

Beto-Cruz debate: O'Rourke's 'true to form' quip to Ted Cruz inspires Amazon t-shirt

Iran military parade attacked by gunmen in Ahvaz

Drop back to when Bush and Cheney ruled the day...

"there's a lingering stench and that's something we're going to get rid of"

NY Times Story May Give Donald Trump Excuse He Seeks To Fire Rod Rosenstein - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Texas company recalls 690 pounds of ready-to-eat beef jerky

Kavanaugh Has Exposed the Savage Amorality of America's Ruling Class

CNN to hold Rio Grande Valley town hall with Beto O'Rourke

What were your Saturday morning favorites?

Could Jeff Sessions "un-recuse" himself??

Chief Justice Roberts. Pervert to the left of me pervert to the right, stuck in the middle with you.

Bless your heart!

Maryland Police Chief Defies Trump, Says He Will Investigate Brett Kavanaugh's Alleged Sexual Assau

Dr. Ford Should Tell Garssley to Stick his Committee Up His Old White Ass, and Then Do TV

Wouldn't that be novel in the day of Trump?

I love when kids come for a visit

Columbia High School student arrested for possession of a handgun at football game

Hillary Clinton Calls For FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Allegation: It's a 'Fair Request'

Wiley College orders 'Greek life' to cease after hazing incident

Beto O'Rourke made a reference to The Clash in his debate with Ted Cruz and everyone loved it

Beto-Cruz Debate Poll

For once, I agree with Donald Trump...

WATCH: Keith Ellison Gets Slammed With Questions About Abuse Allegations at Minnesota AG Debate

Michael Moore Rips Obama, Blames Him For Allowing Trump to Win Michigan in 2016

Court Docs Allege Ex-Trump Staffer Drugged Woman He Got Pregnant With 'Abortion Pill' [UPDATED]

O'Rourke Goes on the Attack

Texas agency dumps proposal to raise retired teachers' health premiums

Drone selfies. ⛲🚁

Just posted my latest show

Trump HUD Secretary Ben Carson claims Kavanaugh allegations part of a centuries old socialist plot

Photos: Pet Rescues in the Wake of Hurricane Florence

M*A*S*H star Loretta Swit will accompany Nebraska women on last 'Flight of Honor'

Trump Jr. insults conservative Missouri city to praise his dad; city leaders respond that he's lying

Weekend TOONs - (Republican) Party Like It's 1991!

White House Reportedly Told Rosenstein to Issue Stronger Denial of New York Times Story

Ivanka Trump Advised Her Father to 'Cut Bait' and Drop Brett Kavanaugh: Report

China cancels trade talks with U.S. as new Trump tariffs loom

Queen Jane Approximately

Trump: Time to Get Rid of 'Lingering Stench' at Justice Department

A Perfect Tweetstorm: Senate And FBI Must Probe Whelan Hoax - By Joe Conason

Christine Blasey Ford wanted to flee the U.S. to avoid Brett Kavanaugh. Now she may testify against

Nothing Normal About Allegations Against Teenager Kavanaugh - by Connie Schultz

Trump Administration Proposes Weakening Rules Governing Organ Transplant Centers

Beto leaving the debate

The Silence of the Lambs/GOP

Perpetuating a cycle of sexual violence and they don't care...

Just a guy, sitting in a Whataburger drive-thru

The Supreme Court was America's least damaged institution -- until now - By George F. Will

Republicans first said Christine Blasey Ford should be heard. Then they insulted and ignored her.

Her name is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Use it. - By Steven Petrow

I was sexually assaulted. Here's why I don't remember many of the details. - By Patti Davis

October Photo Contest Ideas for Theme?

I have a bad head cold and can taste nothing at all.

Channel 340 direct tv lynard skynard

Iran will defeat Trump just like it did Saddam, won't abandon missiles: Rouhani

Come CAPTION Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, from the great State of Deception!

Immigration crackdown makes women afraid to testify against abusers, experts warn

Not your usual prostitution bust

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Elephant 🐘 Appreciation Day! 🐘

Ben Carson claims Kavanaugh allegations are part of a 'centuries old socialist plot'

Contractors: Trump tariffs causing rise in rebuilding costs after hurricane

I will tell you what about rape...till all these folks have come out

#I Did Not Rape Her

I'm paying more for groceries, are you?

What is the legal threshold on the Dr. Ford allegations?

Sobering thought...

Whelan Nutbar Twitter Thread Preserved for Posterity


No doubt there are many experienced jurists who are qualified

GOP Consultant to Senate Judiciary Committee

Yale Law Students Cover School in Posters Protesting Support of Kavanaugh

What happened? When I went to bed, Grassley said the vote will be on Monday

Chile Pups

My uncle is blood type O and needs a kidney

Startlingly simple, brutal political ad

I have no doubt that Kavanaugh is one of the finest men

Dr. Ford, we applaud your courage and perseverance

FCC angers cities and towns with $2 billion giveaway to wireless carriers

Former top White House official revises statement to special counsel about Flynn's calls with Russi

Chumpy doesn't like uppity women who "talk."

Spokesman for GOP on Kavanaugh nomination resigns; has been accused of harassment in the past

Following their testimony before the Senate, both Dr ford and Mr Kavanaugh

Seriously thought you were crazy? Or was just kidding you were crazy?

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford moved 3,000 miles to reinvent her life. It wasn't far enough

Gov. Hogan rules out state police investigation of Kavanaugh allegations

The rape that did not happen.

The NY times article regarding Mr Rosenstein

Re:Kavanaugh Maybe the "elite" are different.

To Republican Women Voters: Imagine Brett Kavanaugh

2018 VITGDM Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Inside Italy's Shadow Economy

Teaching consent -- start 'em young!

Somebody tried to spoof me. I was on vacation and got a call that purported to be from my credit

Maryland Police ready to investigate sexual assault if report filed

High Speed Charger

FedEx Ground CEO: Large-Scale Drone Delivery Not Practical

Look at this racist POS

Thousands of Russians protest Putin plan to raise pension ages


**Democratic pickup alert** KS 3 Sharice Davids (Democrat) 53% Kevin Yokel (Trumpist) 42%

"Nazi" veterinarian in Connecticut?

In Minnesota, the RNCC and other Republican groups

Thread on the "average voters" defending Kavanaugh on CNN who are actually Republican operatives


About Dr. Ford's trip to Washington...

Why I pretty much don't watch these shows...

James O'Keefe and Michael Moore have films out now.

Brits Warned Trump Against Releasing Carter Page Surveillance Docs

Kavanaugh is a Perv - Witness His Behavior During the Clinton/Lewinski Investigation

White House Drafts Order to Look Into Google, Facebook

Vatican, China make breakthrough deal on bishop appointments

Did PJ O'Rourke recommend segregation again on Maher last night?

CNN guest ties Kavanaugh pal's absurd doppelgnger smear of classmate to Orrin Hatch's office

How Do Flat-Earthers Explain the Equinox? We Investigated.

Every time Laura Ingraham appears on TV, I see her in a gray uniform with cap, cape

AM Joy legal analyst: GOP is counting on the white women who voted for Trump believing Kavanaugh...

NBC: Spokeman for GOP on Kavanaugh nomination resigns...

I underwent an extensive FBI investigation when I was 21 years old.

Project To Build Vietnam War Museum On National Mall Shuttered Amid Allegations Of Malfeasance

Cruz goes after Beto, makes him look awesome instead.

The most notable firings and resignations in the Trump administration

WashPo: Former top WH official revises statement about Flynn's calls with Kislyak.

GRASSLEY's top aide Garrett VENTRY gone for his own sexual harassment. CRC p.r. stooge

GOP operative says Kavanaugh should be confirmed even if his accuser's claims are true

New deadline for Dr. Ford from Grassley....2:30pm est... today.

Dayum! Cher, 72, (or 74) performing in New Zealand, September 21, 2018

During the election the Russian military attacked America.

Great tweet from Ted Cruz of all people, showing Beto in action at a rally:

Piano Concerto #1 Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Maybe Kavanaugh is JUST LIKE those Republican Senators

What Kompromat does GOP have on Kavanaugh?

Texas park employee fired for calling police, saying she'd been run over

If the Democrats win the house this is one of the first things I want them to do.

Anti gay activist accused of stalking and sending naked pics to male country singer

Things that make you go hmmmm...

Four Black female judges use their courtrooms to break the school-to-prison pipeline

Jason Miller (Trump sycophant) secretly gives pregnant girlfriend abortion drug

Q: What's driving the Republican response to Dr. Ford?

MN GOP state Rep. Jim Knoblach abruptly ended his re-election campaign Friday - Guess Why?


BOOM! For all concerned about a Kavanaugh investigation:

Isa Genzken's Monumental Steel Rose Rises in Zuccotti Park--Just in Time for the 10-Year Anniversary

Now Pompeo is attacking Kerry on CNN

Pence: 'The Way Some Democrats Have Conducted Themselves' During Kavanaugh Process Is a 'Disgrace'

Check out Texas DOT site that shows road closures and construction etc.

The Tariffs: I am hearing more and more warnings coming from US companies.

Mike Pence will become the first vice president to speak at anti-LGBTI conference

Beto's ride home from last night's debate --- how do you think Cruz's ride went?

Georges Bizet Carmen

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Ice Cream 🍦 Cone Day! 😋 What's Your Pleasure?

Why is the decision on Kavanaugh so difficult?

Maryland Police Chief Defies Trump, Says He Will Investigate

Kavanaugh, Beto and teenaged crimes.

Bill Maher New Rules: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Nice to see

The Republicans do NOT CARE about their place in history.

The Sad Reality of Our Society Today

BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee plans to subpoena McCabe memos

MI-GOV: Michigan Republicans accuse former rape victim of being soft on sex offenders

MA-03: Lori Trahan reaffirmed as 3rd District Democratic primary winner after recount

GOP well might be in for a surprise when they lose the house, senate and presidency fueled also by

My 25th Amendment rights are just as important as my 1st Amendment rights, 2nd Amendment rights

Doesn't Trump Think The New York Times Is Fake News?......

Popular Ads from 1936

Man Torches Truck & Home After Reading Reddit Post That Colin Kaepernick Now Sponsors Ford Trucks.

I saw an article by Alton Brown where...

Injured dog shows up and:

The biggest threat to the earth and its people

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Former Trump Aide Jason Miller Accused of Secretly Administering Abortion Pill

Batman's penis is in a comic book for the first time ever

Grassley adviser resigns after sexual harassment accusation

Hunger, not violence, fuels Guatemalan migration surge, U.S. says

Watch the Atlantic and Caribbean folks on the coast and those in the islands


One of these men is a pathetic, tragi-comically sad caricature of a human being...

Breaking Dr Christine Blasey Ford will testify n/t

Lole y Manuel - Dime

I'm surprised at how difficult it is for skeptics to release faith.

UPDATED: Kavanaugh accuser accepts Senate Judiciary Committee's request to testify

In the vernacular: "She's gonna fuck them up bad"

Death toll 209 as survivor found in capsized Tanzania ferry

Some flea and tick meds increase risk of seizures in pets, FDA warns

WebMd actually included these two vitamin/supplements for anxiety

Large Majority of Dallas Cowboys support Beto for Senator..

Do DUers know what else is happening on Monday?

Here's The Spin: The Republican Senators Are COWARDS!

Comcast outbids Fox in a $39 billion takeover of Sky

What about the dude they tried to blame the assault on Dr. Ford on? I'd think he'd be

House Hunters International:

Trump's media allies are warning him not to fire Rod Rosenstein after bombshell NYT report

100 Kegs or Bust: Kavanaugh friend, Mark Judge, has spent years writing about high school debauchery

FBI group defends agents amid Trump's attacks

A Closer Look At Christine Blasey Ford Who Moved 3,000 Miles For A New Life

New Hampshire state lawmaker reveals sexual assault after Trump tweets about Kavanaugh accuser

Polls missing hidden voters? Progressives better make that true.

Beto O'Rourke delivers for the ignored in debate against Ted Cruz

A couple of thoughts on the Ford accusation

Are you willing to perform all exit row functions in an emergency?

Republican woman on Kavanaugh allegations: 'what boy hasn't done this in high school?'

Anyone here from Northfield? Morristown? Faribault?

In praise of men who ask, "Are you sure?"

Breaking: Former DOJ Inspector Gen. Michael Bromwich has joined Ford's legal team OVER objections

Does anyone have access to Fold3? Need a look-up of possible WWII vet for memorial dedication.

A year after Hurriane Maria, it's clear a poor response led to more deaths than the hurricane itself

A Democratic Activist's Call to Logoff, Tune In, & Knock Doors (Less Facebook, More Canvassing)

The Wolfman

Drumpt's prediction of a November Red Wave

Tiger is -11. Phil is +10

Roscoe the cute little puppy

U.S. airlines score win as Congress drops 'reasonable fee' rules

I have a sincere question for the DU Community..

What's for Dinner, Sat. Sept. 22, 2018

The Kavanaugh nomination is another big step in the politicization of the Supreme Court

Kavanaugh becomes more disgusting by the minute as more of his past is revealed.

Kavanaugh's "boyish hijinks" Part II

UN report: 4 million Argentines facing serious food insecurity issue

Great Twitter Thread: lessons learned about the American plutocracy in the late 80s...

Canada's capital reeling after tornado hammers communities

Trump's at Bedminster...155th day at a Trump golf property and his 202nd day at a Trump property

Virginia spent $44M for preparedness- 3 shelters (housed 52 people) and 2 search and rescue teams.

'I am deeply sorry:' Onalaska ISD superintendent resigns after black quarterback comments

This is Why I volunteered for Beto...

Ford/Kavanaugh and GOTV

This is the fallacy, and disingenuous nature of Michael Moore's prognostications. If we lose in

My favorite Jerry Garcia moment


Did anyone think this guy was anything but a Bigly Creep...

Ellison grilled about abuse allegations at Minnesota AG debate

When your own family says you are a creep....WOW

I'm a Doctor for Teenagers. Attempted Rape Is Not a Normal Part of Teen Behavior.

ND-SEN: Cramer - Kavanaugh accusation 'absurd' because they were drunk

Trump jr lashes out over PETA designed Halloween costume

Does this avoid indictments....changing your story?

GOO don't want optics of 11 white men questioning sexual assault accuser

China and Vatican agree to landmark deal on bishop appointments

"There's Nothing You Can Do to Prevent Them from Voting Against You..."

Touch & Go - Straight To Number One

I think that we all know why GOPrs love to be racist, sexist, hypocritical assholes...

94-Year-Old Nazi Suspect Facing Trial In Juvenile Court

We are in up to our necks in uncharted territory...

Paul Gosar Responds to His Six Siblings Endorsing His Opponent: 'Stalin Would Be Proud'

We're going to be LIVE! in St. Johnsbury for a rally with Senator @BernieSanders ...

Popular Vintage Ads from 1936 - Part Two

First women-only foreign minister conference held in Canada

Hagen Das how could you?!? Chocolaty Chips?!?

School head resigns over comment about black quarterbacks

School head resigns over comment about black quarterbacks

Tarrifs against Canadian products includes newsprint. He wants to finish off the small publishers.

Joe Biden Set to Hold Beverly Hills Fundraiser Hosted By Jeffrey Katzenberg

Republicans cast opioid bill as their health care achievement

How a real man (and a real president) interacts with his female coworkers:

Gerrymander: Jewelry For The Modern District

2016 Trump State Democratic US Senators pre 2018 and post 2018.

Dr. Ford Is Outplaying These Republican Senators. Eventually They May Realize That.

Appreciation Thread: *Dickey Betts* The Allman Bros. Band

Homemade ad edit inspires: Tesla - Spec Ad

Schwab: For Trump's base it's personal -- finance, that is

Joe Biden questioning Anitia Hill.

People Are Out to Undermine President Trump

I'm canceling my subscription to the New York Times

Energy development will likely land sage grouse on the Endangered Species list

Trump's baby blimp arrives in Florida for Mar-a-Lago protest

Dershowitz: Trump's lawyers could force Rosenstein to recuse himself from Mueller probe

Trump Administration Aims to Sharply Restrict New Green Cards for Those on Public Aid

Could Kavanaugh furor spark another 'year of the woman'?

Doug Jones Weighs in on McConnell's Sanctimonious Tweet

Anti-Kavanaugh TV Ads, WV, AZ, NV: 'GOP Senators Haven't Changed'

Cat Video Fest 2018 😹🐱‍👤🐱‍👓🐱‍🏍🐱‍👓🐱‍🚀🐱‍🐉🐱‍

Dr Christine Blasey Ford is a very accomplished lady

'Incredibly frustrated': Inside the GOP effort to save Kavanaugh amid assault allegation

'Incredibly frustrated': Inside the GOP effort to save Kavanaugh amid assault allegation President

Died at 26 because he could not afford his insulin

Puerto Ricans plan payback for Trump in U.S. midterms

Nike's deal with Kaepernick adds almost $6 billion to company's market value

They grow 'em big and dumb out in Nebraska...

My "WTF?" of the day, this one is really bad.

Michael Moore's claim was actually correct

Hundreds of thousands without power in Ottawa after tornado hits

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125

Kavanugh refused to answer White House questions about drinking and sex

CNN shilling for the GOP

Might have been asked about before

The Sky is Falling by Steve Azar

Hillary Clinton Tells Colbert 'I Never Had To Steal A Treaty' Off Obama's Desk

Tired Of Election Politics. So Many Assholes & Pricks Continue To Get Elected.

Putin: Reduce Use Of Dollar In Trade

Bloomberg: Brett Kavanaugh Is Cursed Either Way

There are really nasty attack ads from the Republican campaign committee

Jason "No Chin" Miller wants to clear something up about being booted from CNN..

These are the eight Pennsylvania State Senate races you should be paying attention to right now

WH about to dump Kavanaugh?

When a car stands on the crosswalk

Democrat running for seat gets opponent's siblings in his ad

Cheer up DUers, People Don't Actually Find You as Annoying as You Think

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Groped By Abraham Lincoln." Stay Classy, GOP.

Is this like the 1960s?

World leaders gather at UN under threat from unilateralism