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Archives: September 23, 2018

Jason Miller is a dirt bag who gets women not his wife pregnant.

Trump hits McCain for voting against Obamacare repeal just weeks after his death

Welcome to my favorite time of year!

Thieves caught hours after stealing GPS tracking devices from tech company

***AP Breaking: Rapist, Dr. Ford reach tentative deal on Thursday testimony**

Tentative Deal Reached for Kavanaugh Accuser to Testify on Thursday

Windrush generation members to be refused UK citizenship, government announces

MN Rep. Jim Knoblach ends campaign ahead of MPR abuse allegations story


State defends no-jail sentence in Anchorage assault case

I wrote to our Senators in Louisiana a week ago. Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy. RE Kavanaugh

Debunking 5 Viral Rumors About Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh's Accuser

Deputies: Man threatened to shoot helicopter flying overhead

Tribal members settle abuse cases against Mormon church

Bernie rally tonight

New Hampshire state lawmaker reveals sexual assault after Trump tweets about Kavanaugh accuser

GOP lawmaker's mother sides with him after siblings endorse opponent


NEW: Jason Miller out at CNN

The Eight I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts

Molly Ball's TIME cover on Kavanaugh

Where do I apply? 😍

Where do I apply? 😍

Kavanaugh is toast. So say I. Is it possible that the ratpublicans cannot put forward a SCOTUS

Kitteh unaware of the immense power in its paws

Privileged, Entitled Creep....

*Bourdain marathon on CNN now,

How is this any different than printing made up stories about Hillary?

Everyone Can Get Into National Parks for Free This Weekend

Political yard signs in a good ole boy HOA.

Pence calls Kavanaugh 'man of integrity,' predicts confirmation

Ted Cruz Attacks Beto O'Rourke for Denouncing Police Murder in a Black Church

Trump Galvanized a Movement of Women. Kavanaugh Is Testing It.

The hurricane isn't over yet

White House reportedly prepares order directing antitrust probe of tech companies amid accusations o

New rule would deny green cards to immigrants who used food stamps, public housing

MN GOP Legislator Knoblach Quits Race; Daughter Says He Molested Her

Thousands still in need of hot meals after Hurricane Florence

They Made It! Japan's Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu

Tweet of the Day

Senate Judiciary Committee contacts Ford's friend about party (CNN a few minutes ago)

I'd like to buy the world a Coke...

The real reason Mark Judge won't appear at the Senate hearing

Man's About To Return Shelter Dog When He Finds A Letter From The Previous Owner - false

Author of Trump binding spell releases new book: Magic for the Resistance

Judge Jeannine: Ford parents' foreclosure presided over by Kavanaugh's Ma...aha..Motive !!

Memo to Mitch McConnell

Some days

Pence Set to Become First Vice President to Address Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Conference

Watching Pretty in Pink. James Spader's Steff is probably based on Kavanaugh

Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover

Isley Brothers - Footsteps in the Dark

Sheet-Pan Suppers Without the Meat

Anyone know what this cryptic tweet is about?

D'Angelo- Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine

Seth Abramson: Rob Goldstone testified before Mueller for 9 hours. Mueller asked about Trump-

Patrice Rushen - Don't Blame Me

Another sexual deviant Republican enticing kids

Man accused of kidnapping woman and masturbating on her is given 'one pass,' won't go to prison

New Expert Lawyer Added To Christine Blasey Team

Vatican and China reach 'provisional' deal on appointment of bishops

FBI defends agents from Trump attacks.

Yale psychiatrist says Trump is getting worse: 'I suspect he is unable to tolerate reality'

Old Dominion beats #13 Virginia Tech

Friday, September 21, 2018 Open Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee from Yale Law Faculty

from twitter ::::: About Donald Trump

Football- "You're going to need a kicker"

Kicker doesn't know it's 4th down

Will thousands of new Medicaid enrollees inundate an already overloaded social services workforce?

Arizona's Gosar family asks voters NOT to re-elect their brother to Congress

"Innocent until proven guilty" has zero to do with it. The American People have "at will" hiring.

Committee contacts Ford's female friend about party; 'she has no recollection' of it, lawyer says

Imagine if

Sen.Mark Green (Tenn) wants to get rid of health care, and let god take care of you?

"Asshole Culture"

Dobie Gray - Drift Away

Ex-Trump staffer out at CNN amid "false and defamatory accusations"

Ford friend says she doesn't recall party where alleged assault occurred

Five years ago today Hillary appeared on cover of New York magazine, looking like a million bucks

Simply Put - Imagine This

IA-GOV: Democrat Fred Hubbell narrowly leads Republican Kim Reynolds

Kavanaugh Sweating Bullets After Betting Life Savings On Being Confirmed To Supreme Court

Barbara Comstock Mocks the "Resistance": Her Stupid New Slogan Should Say "NO Results and NO Resist-

Beto on POC health care plus more

Kissin and Levin play Schubert's "Fantasia for Four Hands"/

Even grudge the drudge admits right wingers are fubar....

Wash Post also is reporting that the other two party guests

Mistrial shit...This is afucking hostile takeover...

Faculty at Brett Kavanaugh's Alma Mater Are Demanding Screeching Halt to His Confirmation

profile in courage


Egypt Brings New Gas and Wind Plants on Line.

The remarkable thing is not the she doesn't remember, but that he does.

Dave Brat: Willing to Leave us High and Dry in a Hurricane

NAZI Stephen Miller wins again: Haley, other foes excluded from immigration meeting

Trump HUD Secretary Ben Carson claims Kavanaugh allegations are part of a centuries old socialist

Massive Attack - Safe From Harm

Chinese medical vessel docks in Venezuela

Shell and Exxon's secret 1980s climate change warnings

Sitting in on rehearsal today with the ladies son and father

Cue fireworks as 'lord of misrule' Donald Trump chairs UN security council

The lunar gateway: a shortcut to Mars?

Ryan Zinke to the oil and gas industry: "Our government should work for you"

both funny and sad. woman calls cops to claim man is running her over

tweet of the early morning

Get the Red Out

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hoomanz R Strange Edition

The White House is starting to leak that Kavanaugh is not doing that well in prep.

The boog attention span of zero

New meme for Trumpers pushing for Kavanaugh's immediate vote.

TheDailyDon: ''Kavanaugh ... Bud Light Lime. Or Mashed Potatoes and Rohypnol Zima''

Trump lawyer Giuliani says Iran's government will be overthrown

The Imperialist Whine

Spam callers are spoofing actual numbers

Did Pompeo let the cat out of the bag - Pompeo Prioritizes Arms Sales Over Civilian Lives in Yemen

Is religion fair to women?

When the ends justify the means...

A reminder to those men who can only see their own pain - #MeToo is not actually about you

ACCOMPLISHED OPPORTUNIST - Nikki Haley is Taking the Tea Party Global


At Least 47 Dogs Died After PetSmart Grooming.

Rational National: Ted Cruz Exaggerates Sister's Death To Score Debate Point

Trump and Mueller, a Game of Chicken

Bad News for Republicans In Minnesota

TX GOP Ad Suggests Hindus Should Vote Republican Because They Worship Elephants

Iran blames U.S. after attack on military parade

Well, it's stage three

Steve Bannon: Italian experiment 'will change global politics'

Windrush generation members to be refused UK citizenship, government announces

Decline of Global Extreme Poverty Continues but Has Slowed: World Bank

Rosenstein would not have been the only one talking about the 25th Amendment...

Spicer: Press have 'a personal animus' against Trump administration

There was a time when the NYTimes supported the 25th Amendment remedy.

Trump sees 'tremendous progress' on the Koreas where none exists - WaPo Editorial Board

Just Boys Being Boys...

Conway Insists the 'Whole Reason' Kavanaugh Accuser is Getting Hearing is 'Because of Republicans'

Danziger: You Get Up With Fleas

OPEC, Russia rebuff Trump's call for immediate boost to oil output


Sick to your stomach? Me Too!

Cleveland pitchers set MLB strikeout record

Woman claims signature was forged on Shaun Brown petition; she's suing for $2.4M

The Ultimate Insult: Trump sends Ben Carson to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria anniversary

Mark Shields - Why Booming Economy Won't Save GOP In Midterms

Not JUST a candlestick...

Bill Geist looks back on the journey of a lifetime

The Domain: ***Registration Date:2017-02-08

'Somebody's gouging us': Virginia lawmakers question $60M price tag for storm response

Trump's New Hat

Why did Trump change his mind about "de-classifying" the FISA documents??

Does America Need A Reformation?

****BREAKING**** Democrats jump out to twelve point lead in A- rated WSJ-NBC poll

Pompeo sees 'long ways to go' to get North Korea's Kim to fully denuclearize

(Fox) Poll: Opposition to Kavanaugh confirmation rises

Poll: Dems up 12 points ahead of midterms

Hey you pussy-grabbing Gang of Predators

Kavanaugh had no reservations in the questions for Bill Clinton

Kavanaugh Was Supposed to Be a Midterm Boon for G.O.P. Not Anymore.

How Many of the Republican Male Senators Would Be Incels

Watched Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope" last night

"I'm the fairest man I know." . . . Please come CAPTION Grandpa Grassley, Chr., Judiciary Comm.

White Supremacy equals Thoughts And Prayers

Four charged in plot to kidnap, rape and kill a child

1,600 Men for Anita Hill & Christine Blasey Ford

Question: If Kavanaugh withdrew on 9/24, could Amy Barrett be confirmed before the midterms?

Kicker missing as Wake Forest lines up for field goal

Week's events should draw epiphanies from those insisting the sky would fall if Dr. Ford missed Mon

There isn't a single company that would consider nominating Kavanaugh for their board of directors

J.D. Scholten needs our help to defeat Steve King

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Great American Pot Pie 🥧 Day! What's Your Pleasure? 🥧

Thank you, Christine.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Looking for the Brexit

Dying alone in Japan: the industry devoted to disposing of what's left behind

I just worked at it and found the air drumming on the O'Rourke video at about 23 minutes. nt

Donny Boy - Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Reading Woodward's Book WTF

In defence of Michael Moore...

New rule would deny green cards to immigrants who use food stamps or public housing

Baker Mayfield to be named starter of Cleveland Browns

HeHe Hunt the Moron Wizard

And For Dessert, Being That It's National Key Lime Pie Day!

Who selected and vetted Trump's cabinet picks? The Russian Mafia?

David Cay Johnston tweet nails Senate GOP - & he wants us to call their offices

What happened with polygraphing the White House staff to find the op-ed writer?

Aide Who Helped Guide Strategy for Kavanaugh Quits After Sexual Harassment Allegation Revealed

Kavanaugh's financials

Not just females

Bill Cosby to be sentenced Monday

I made 2 old guys uncomfortable

Minnesota legislator quits race after daughter says he molested her

Now we've done it - Pissed off Canadian crabs invading U.S. waters

The Higher You Build That Wall....

Computer prediction in 1973 - End of society/civilization - and on track

I made 2 old guys uncomfortable

Coversation overhead at the pharmacy

Cody Wilson, 3D printed-gun designer, booked in Harris County Jail with bond set at $150,000

Jake Tapper's Cartoon of Melania Catching Trump Reading Stormy Daniels' Book

Phil Bredesen has a new ad interviewing TN Republicans

The Democratic Ideas Of Compromise Like Chamberlain Compromising With Hitler.

Stafford County's dispute with Muslim organization heats up amid DOJ investigation

Suddenly, Vulnerable House Republicans No Longer Bash Obamacare on Their Websites

GOP Now Openly/Brazenly Running On Racism, Bigotry & Misogyny To Win.

The Politics of Dr. Ford

Removal of the Ammonium Cation From Waste Water Using Ion Selective Battery Electrodes.

Add "washing fish off interstate" to the list of things firefighters do

For sale cheap: 36-page Manafort evidence list compiled for his Sept. 24 DC trial

Here's McConnell in 2016 bragging about preventing Pres Obama from filling Justice Scalia's seat

Great article on John Kerry and foreign policy - very long but includes a great list

India launches healthcare plan to cover 500 million people

Don't get ahead of ourselves with Dr. Ford's testimony

Mother Nature's Rape - Activist SCOTUS Will be an accomplice

Hundreds mark Maria anniversary with rally near resort

It's Political Correctness Gone Mad, Gone Mad I Tell Ya!

President Porta Potty: Because he is so full of shit.

Future POTUS?

Florida man gets 20 years for cigarette theft


Cruz says Kerry colludes. Kerry says Cruz deceives

Former Florida House Candidate On Kavanaugh Accusation: 'What Boy Hasn't Done This?'

Last Night, a Jeopardy Question Involved the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Being A White Student At A 99% Black School In A Segregated Town In America

Racist, offensive behavior 'rife' in Hampton Roads Homeland Security office, EEOC rules

I just pooped!

The party of men: Kavanaugh fight risks worsening the Trump GOP's gender problem

I must say...(funny meme)

Anyone know where I can find some political yard signs on line or anywhere?

Sen. Patty Murray: How Senate handles Kavanaugh accusation a 'test' for GOP

Fox News Poll: Record number of voters oppose Kavanaugh nomination

Our patriarchal society

Chuseok 추석; 秋夕

Where are Trump and his kids going to live when he is thrown out of the White house?

Russia, China embrace uneasily, aim for 'desirable world order'

A Belated Celebration of the Fall Equinox

Reasonable doubt.

AC (Asshole Culture) - by David Rothkopf

Polls say Blue Wave! coming. Fight like we are behind! Why we need a tsunami.

It is my right to hold this turd in my hand!

A woman writes about her teen years near Kavanaugh's prep school - a must read.

Forget About The Polls They Can Lead To Complacency. Remember Hillary Had It In the Bag.

Breaking- Open Hearing 10.00am Thursday 27th

New Documentary Shows Another Side to Montgomery Clift

The Republican women on CNN

Who's Your Daddy?

"Unadoptable" shelter cats get second chance at life by chasing mice

With the Rethugs, apparently, about to use a female interrogator of Dr. Ford we can now

The republicans on The Judiciary Committee are going to look like fools.

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 23, 2018?

Are our older posts available somewhere?

Orange Human Rights Violator

The Emperor's New Clothes will be revealed on Thursday!!

"Mixed up" is the latest right wing meme or descriptor for their enemies

Photos/personal social media of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford have been scrubbed from the internet other

Has anyone asked Georgetown Prep for a statement?

Marijuana use continues to grow among baby boomers

Ivanka at Wal-Mart - Rich posting for sarcasm

Will The Dem Senators On The Committee Have An Opportunity To Ask....

Sen. Maize Hirono Rocks Kavanaugh By Telling Him That Sexual Assault Investigation Is Coming

Republicans oppose Freedom/Democracy/America

How Jewish Comic Book Artists Led the Fight to Break the Silence on the Holocaust

This just in: Josh Allen has ups!

Who in the 60s didnt read Rod McKuens 'Stanford Street and Other Sorrows'?...

A Minn. state senator (Scott Newman): "Even if true, teenagers! Frankly, I don't believe her...."

Graham: Ford's testimony won't change my vote

Senate candidates Kaine and Stewart speak at Liberty University forum

A cautionary note about Doctor Ford...

*NOW MSNBC, Thurs., Blasey Ford to Testify 10 am,

Do this now!

Russia state tv: Trump being "bullied"; Fox News clips; "Party of Trump"

It's my opinion that the GOP wants this Kavanaugh accusation of a sex scandal.

RE: Kavanaugh confirmation. Don't get distracted.

ACLU Know Your Rights Workshop, Sept. 27

Has anyone investigated possibility some mega-churches might be money-laundering?

WAPO" Kavanaugh's Senate hearing isn't a trial. The standard isn't 'reasonable doubt.'

Dan Rather: "The march for justice and equality will, and does, continue"

Federal court delivers victory for North Carolina farmworkers

Tweet of the Day

Kavanaugh and Rove

Has CNN acknowledged a mistake in presenting Republican...

Should Donald Trump be a candidate for the 25th Amendment?

House of Cards , UK

Governor calls for legislative special session to fund Hurricane Florence recovery

If you don't have to be a sitting rep to be speaker, and if we Blue Wave the house...

Good news today:11 y/o detained by ICE for 6 months reunited with his mom who was here legally

FCC Hiding Evidence Of Suspected Russian Role In Ending Net Neutrality: Lawsuit

At Hearings, Kav Laughed Off Question RE 'Getting into Trouble' in HS; Implicated Friends

My first question to Kavanaugh..

Surely the Guinness folks will be present at next Thursday's hearing.

No matter how I read this sign, I still have questions.

House With a Clock in Its Walls tops box office as Fahrenheit 11/9 fizzles

What is the best

Beware of the latest projection

Finding Mr Right

Will Dr. Ford be allowed to have her lawyer present?

Is Franklin Graham going to Hell?

I know that I am not the only one who has noticed simultaneous defenses of Kavanaugh.

**Potential Democratic Pickup Alert** PA 7 Wild (Democrat) 48% Nothstein (Trumpist) 42%

Jason Miller, former Trump aid accused of administering abortion pill walks off CNN

Help needed to email a video.

Preventing sexual violence starts with what we teach our boys

Marcy Wheeler: On KT McFarland's Belated Unforgetting of the Truth

Meme of the day....

Route 66 theme - Nelson Riddle - this song's too cool for school!!

WALMART Sued: Alleged Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers

Why I'd Be Kicked Out of the Scooby Gang

If ignorance is bliss, then

USA Today: From BernieSanders: Donald Trump is shredding the safety net ...

Trump draining the swamp (Doonesbury)

Kavanaugh has calendars from summer 1982 that he plans to give the Senate that don't show a party...

Facts About AMERICA That Make NO SENSE to Anyone Else

Fukuyama is Wrong About "Identity Politics"

"The nation that unlocks the power of authentic pluralism will dominate the 21st century"

AP: Trump polled staff on board Air Force One over whether to fire Rosenstein

Duke Energy says coal ash isn't contaminating Cape Fear River; state awaits more tests

Need one more Fold3 look-up. I promise this is the last one!

'Things are getting worse': economic collapse looms again in Zimbabwe

Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached for lying to senate

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump and GOP want to cut Social Security. We should expand it instead.

Countless dead fish on I-40 create 'horrible' stench as Florence floods recede

Anyone else want more in the Title line than click-bait? "Do This Now!"

Okay, This Made Me Laugh

Sandy Rios: Marriage Equality Is A 'Fist Of Defiance' In God's Face

Russian state TV goes into overdrive defending Trump's tiny mushroom diсk.

US Election Fraud VII: Voter Suppression - Dale Tavris

Aww--poor James Woods twitter account locked:

MN Lawmaker (R) quits campaign over daughter's abuse allegations

Jennifer Rubin distills the Cruz/O'Rourke dynamic down to it's essence.

John Kerry talks to Crooked Media (Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor)

James McMurtry on dead fish on I-40 in NC

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 23, 2018

Anne Russ Federman, the Last of Russ's Culinary Daughters, Dies at 97.

For Brett -

Cannabis anxiety?

Have Amistead on..the fate of the prisoners is now in the hands of the Court...7 of them slaveowners

Captain Queeg asking the crew what he should do about the missing strawberries

Corporate welfare for farmers

Desperately Seeking my Birth Father

Do you think Don the Con is watching all these white people running behind Tiger Woods

I want that Kavanaugh calendar sent to a lab

Kavanaugh Just Provided Compelling Evidence He Received Sexually Explicit Emails From Alex Kozinski

Mark your calendars. Frontline, 10/2/18. Trump's Showdown.

I honestly think that if Kavanaugh (and every one else at the party that night)

Desperately Seeking my Birth Father (Morgantown Area, 1978-79)

Kavanaugh to Give Senate Calendars From 1982 to Back Up Denial

Mexico: Genocide Case Against Former President 'To Be Reopened'

Dominican Republic earthquake: Whole island SHAKING as 5.2-magnitude quake STRIKES TERRIFIED locals

Don Bacon stands behind GOP tax overhaul; Kara Eastman says its a giveaway to the wealthy

German coalition avoids split with solution to spymaster crisis

Partisanship is a hell of a drug.

Trump points finger at Sessions for Rosenstein controversy

Between Drought and Floods, Cuba Seeks to Improve Water Management

Between Drought and Floods, Cuba Seeks to Improve Water Management

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spanks Dinesh (asshole) D'Souza

Fifteen youths jailed for witchcraft murders

And another one...

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 24 September 2018

**Insiders claim Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer are set to report a new twist in Brett Kavanaugh..." *

The GOP in a nutshell

Be willing to risk a broken heart.

Greek Farmer Stumbles Onto 3,400-Year-Old Tomb Hidden Below His Olive Grove

3D gun distributor Cody Wilson deported from Taiwan to the US-child sex assault charge

I wonder how many people are being 'triggered' by hearing about sexual assault in the news.

We get Kavanaughty's teenage calendar but not his writings/emails from Bush admin?

The only thing I have from when I was 17 is a Bob Dylan album my brother bought me for my birthday.

Sen. Graham wants to appoint a special consel to investigate the "coup" against Trump!

Mark Judge: GOP Refuses To Call On Alleged Witness for Clear Reasons,*UPDATE

Latest polling shows a lot of Republicans won't show up because Trump has said a red wave is coming

I am Christine Blasey Ford

Kavanaugh to hand over calendars from 1982 that don't show party of alleged incident

So This Is A Cool Picture

Could McConnell push through a new nominee in December?

Denver Post Neo Nazi RW Rag Deserves To Go Out Of Business Like Rocky Mountain News.

May you stay forever young...

Cardinal Innovations agrees to pay $748K to settle federal wage dispute with employees

Chasing the Murderers of Ayotzinapa's Forty-Three

Senator Graham Seems To Be Giving Trump A Blow Job. A Coup Investigation? What A Creep.

How Dutch stormwater management could have mitigated damage from Hurricane Florence

It Is Going To Be Impossible To Go Through All The GOP Shit Ads Without Losing It.

OK, here's my calendar from 1958. I was 17.

Michael Avenatti just tweeted this:

***Victim Number Two ? *** - New Tweet From Michael Avenatti

Avenatti just tweeted he's representing another Kavanaugh victim AND Ronan Farrow about to publish

Tuesday's Kavanaugh Defense. "Look, we've tried everything so far, except for this. . ."

Porn site says web traffic from Charleston and Wilmington went down during Hurricane Florence,

M. Steele on msnbc just said he & all of DC know GOP will fire Rosenstein et all after election

Robert Chambers, the "preppie killer": where is he now?

Want To See Trump/Family & Key Republicans Utterly & Personally Totally Destroyed.

Jane Mayer tweet. Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct,

New Yorker: 2nd Woman accuses Kavanaugh

Is that a bomb I hear dropping?

Senate Democrats Investigate a New Sexual-Misconduct Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh

Here's the Ronan Farrow / Jane Mayer article about a new Kavanaugh accusation