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Archives: September 25, 2018

Kavanaugh: Trump called to say 'he's standing by me'

Kav has his chastity belt at home.

How does Kavanaugh explain this to his 10 and 13 year old daughters?

Kids from war-torn southwest Colombia form 'world's best marching band'

Dump is dog whistling again

Fate of Rosenstein, Russia investigation unclear

Tesla's massive Powerpack battery in Australia cost $66 million and already made up to $17 million

Tweet of the Day (MI-GOV)

Press: Judge Kavanaugh must withdraw

Ancient Egyptian 'Magic Spell' Deciphered

"What happens to the Russia investigation if Rosenstein is ousted?"

Ugh! Just saw another pro-Kavanaugh ad on MSNBC during All In.

Owner of 3D-printed gun company free on bond after arrest on charges of paying minor for sex

Ronan Farrow Update: 2 Kavanaugh classmates withdrew from a statement his lawyers issued

Kavanaugh seems to have lied about underage drinking in his interview.

Why Brett Kavanaugh's 2nd Accuser Decided To Come Forward TODAY

Avenatti gets nasty tweet...guy who sent it gets suspended from his job:

This is something to watch

Trump team wildly underestimated the costs of tariffs

Fox reporter--Kavanaugh lacks the votes right now

My first encounter with a maga blowhard.

models predict new trop. storm/hurricane south of the islands this weekend...

Most people running for office know that opposition research is coming.

The group/$$$ behind the Kavanaugh ads.

Nice try Kavanaugh!

Avenatti will be on Rachel. It was in a little box in the corner of the screen.

As much as I hate clickbait, I am addicted to the Craig Ferguson bits.

Democrats to Avenatti: You're Not Helping in the Kavanaugh Fight

Kavanaugh debt

Cat meets Thing

"Our Republic Shudders and Teeters"

Fun fact regarding pirates and their eye patch

Why I'm never a character witness.

Trump Effect: Illinois GOP's Racist Holocaust denier candidate's vile racist flyers

How can tRumps numbers be going up???

I am also betting that millennials will surprise us in Midterm 2018

Ok, if Kavanaugh was a democratic judge?

Female US Senators after 2018.

No detective, I did not commit that murder.

I smell a rat

Alert: Avenatti on Rachel tonite!

He's coming back to Tennessee to campaign for marsha blackburn again....

What to watch for when Kavanaugh testifies this week

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Once is Enough!

When will Kavanaugh inform us that he hasn't been pissed on by Russians hookers?

Kavanaugh backer sexually demeaned by nominee in high school yearbook-and she just learned about it

Tomcat Licorice Tells Michelle Obama to 'Sit Down,' And She Really Don't Want Those Problems

Brett Kavanaugh Claims Past Virginity As Defense Against Sexual Assault Claims

We were both 12.

OMG, I'm dying! 😂😂😂

Rare Two-Headed Copperhead snake found in VA

Avenatti up on Rachel next! She just read his email about gang rape/ trains.

So if Rosenstein quits, Rump can pick whomever he wants who has already been cleared?

Avenatti's client to have an on-camera interview within 48 hours.

Every year on this day I think of what my mother gave my father for Christmas

Bye bye Brett

if you don't already have Rachel on, get MSNBC on right now

good and frightening read, slate "The Rosenstein Line"

Kavanaugh's roommate says he was frequently, incoherently drunk.

Luckovich: #MeToo #BooHoo

The following is a statement from James Roche, Brett Kavanaugh's freshman roommate at Yale:

Michael Avenatti to reveal the soon-to-be-widely-known fact that . . . . .

Orrin Hatch filing regarding crimes pardoned by President can't be tried in States???

Since 9/2025 to 7/2018, Walker has spent $934,000 on more than 950 taxpayer-funded flights."

This Minnesota district is one that could decide control of Congress - PBS NewsHoue

Who heard Avenatti on Rachel just now, the most watched show on cable? He just blew it all up.

Porsche Just Ditched Diesel

Good news: No Lower 48 grizzly hunt this year

Sen. Amy Klobachar coming up on Maddow after commercial.

Kavanaugh, "I have always treated women with respect."

And Bromwich throws McConnell' gloating

Never forget Smedly Butler

Domestic Abuse, Shown Blow by Blow, Shocks Brazil

Oh, that explains it.

IMO, We are under estimating the corporate effort to have a convention that

AZ-06: Democrat Anita Malik smacks Schweikert down in debate.

As ash trees succumb, conservationists rebuild a forest along the Mississippi River

KS-03: Sharice at the STONEWALL tomorrow night!!

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's Yale roommate says he believes second accuser


Kavanaugh's gambling, debt, abysmal record and lying under oath are enough to disqualify him.

Holy shit! John Heilman (MSNBC analyst) knew Mark Judge when he (Heilman) was a . . . .

Pierce: The Republicans Are at Their Battle Stations Now

baby escapes open door. internet judges and shames parents

Did Anthony Kennedy do all of this on purpose?

Kavanaugh yearbook page: "Renate Alumnus" refers to a girl 14 boys boasted they screwed

Former friend of Kavanaugh slams 'hurtful' insinuation about her in his yearbook

"He was an obnoxious, slovenly, disrespectful, thuggish drunk".

Temperature Dependence of Biochar Hardness, a Factor in Displacing Coal Based Coke in Steel Making.

Repubs at their highest favorable rating since 2011???? Really??

I Did Not Sexually Assault On A Boat, I Did Not Sexually Assault With A Goat...

This Rosenstein-Kavanaugh Overdrive Concert Sucks. I Want to Go Home (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Lawrence just showed clips from the Kavanaugh Faux interview

Now, Brett Kavanaugh Claims To Be A Ken Doll In High School ...

According to CNN, polls say Republican Party has highest favorability number in seven years...

Kavanaugh's interview and his demeanor with his wife.


Ted Cruz was just chased out of a DC restaurant with chants of "We Believe Survivors!"

Does Anyone Know Anything About Jill Wine Banks Pin on Lawrence this Evening?

Trump: "False Acquisitions"

Trump on Mount Rushmore

Does this about sum it up re Kavirginaugh??

Release the Kraken, Michael Avenatti.

Are the current allegations the tip of the iceberg on Kavanaugh?

Meet an interesting - and worthy - Trump.

Terrible news for chocolate lovers!

David Cay Johnston thread on the "much bigger problem" Avenatti is revealing about our govt

OK, Brett Kavanaugh states he was 18 and it was legal to drink. Please help clarify something for me

MSNBC just played a clip today of McConnell, on the Senate floor. He looks different.

Is this rumor true?


"I Smell a Rat"

What if he makes it?

Amnesty International calls to halt Kavanaugh nomination

I grew up at the same time Kavenaugh did

Johnston: Rumors about this and other unsavory aspects of Kavanaugh have been around for decades.

Now, CNN Patti Davis on Assault, Trauma, Memory w Don Lemon.

Here's the new beast(s) limo

CNN's Don Lemon made me cry when he cried on TV just now.

Ted Cruz run out of DC restaurant by protesters shouting 'We believe survivors!'

Kavanaugh's Yearbook Page Is 'Horrible, Hurtful' to a Woman It Named

How many sex abuse victims of Catholic priests never spoke up about it?

NYT's Mike S. Schmidt: the Judith Miller of our time.

Just watched the Kavanaugh interview on Youtube.

Laurence Tribe: Kavanaugh "more Mr. Hyde than Dr. Jekyll, at least when sloshed."

The Daily Show: In the Foxhole

'I never had sexual relations with that woman'...

The Daily Show: Kavanaugh Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault Allegations With His 1982 Calendar

Letter from Kavanaugh's roommate at Yale:

Seth Meyers - Rod Rosenstein Chaos; Trump Attacks Kavanaugh's Accuser: A Closer Look

CO-SD24: Danielson volunteers do 1,000 calls in one night

It Is More Than About Kavanaugh's Twisted Sex Life. IT IS About His Twisted/Deranged Legal Views

Polling on Kavanaugh Confirmation - from Rachel Maddow's Monday night show

Some positive but very early news from Georgia voting

My Me Too Post

It's hard to believe the future of the United States comes down to one day.

Dallas police officer who killed innocent unarmed black man in his own home has been fired

Ducey, Garcia debate centers on education

Melba Liston - Insomnia

Watched the "Manifest". Looks intersting

Somebody here talked about making cannabutter in a soy milk maker.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas proposes Christian-based academic standards

Regina Carter - Kothbiro

boxing champ

Women Should Be Attacking McConnell, Grassely Et Al. They Are The Culprits.

GOP Wants To Push Social Security Eligibility Higher To 70. Likely Want To Raise Age On Medicare.

Kav may not remember assaulting girls BUT he memorialized them in his yearbook remarks.

James Cromwell wants you to buy this shirt

The DCCC is inexplicably letting Devin Nunes get re-elected, abandoning an amazing Dem candidate

Top Tier Democratic US Senate Recruits for 2020 and 2022.

FLIPPABLE: Saralyn Tabachnick for Juneau, Alaska Mayor (Oct. 2)

Thought you guys might like this tweet

Could Democrats win control of the Arizona Senate? The answer might surprise you

Third Kavanaugh accuser, a former US Mint employee, '100 percent credible,' Avenatti says

Ok, here I go.... I called my Senator's office, Cornyn.

As California condors struggle in the wild, more are released in northern Arizona

74-year-old man found alive 5 days after DC building fire

Wait, what? Mark Judge has been holed up in a Delaware beach house - (WaPo)

BUSTED: CNN's Republican Women For Kavanaugh Are Actually GOP Operatives

Michael Avenatti Says He's Representing Key Witness - The Last Word - MSNBC

Think about what to do next - then do something!

These under-the-radar candidates who could break out if conditions get much worse for Republicans

An Orthodox Christian is giving thanks, again, to the wonder working by St. Anthony of Padua.

Arizona congressman Paul Gosar blasts siblings who back political opponent

Pigs all the way down...

2 from Eric Coates: "Summer Days-At the Dance" and "Birdsong at Eventide"

Ludwig Lebrun: "Oboe 😉 Concerto No.2, G minor"

"False Accusations" confusing to Trump?

The Daily Show: Tracey Ullman - Skewering World Leaders in "Tracey Ullman's Show"

Lawrence O'Donnell : Brett Kavanaugh Can't Get Off Talking Points - The Last Word - MSNBC

Pagan Music Awards honor artists, public service

GOP Senators Determined To Jam Their You Know What Where. Women Should Be Furious.

Take a Five Minute Schadenfreude Break, and Watch Sally Yeats Humiliate Ted Cruz.

Part of Mesa's hated colonnade to come tumbling down

U.S. judge orders federal protection restored to Yellowstone grizzlies

Federal judge dismisses GM ignition switch case

Kavanaugh Case Shows We Still Blame Women, For The Sins Of Men

Investigation Finds Texas Let Gas Company 'Off The Hook' For Deadly Explosions

I've been hoping for a long time to get a photograph of . . .

How Asian-American Voters Could Decide The Olson-Kulkarni Contest

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/24/18

Tomi Lahren tells Michelle Obama to 'sit down'

Tonight's exchange with a friend.

Michael Avenatti: Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Client May Pursue Criminal Case - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Ken Paxton is fighting to kill Obamacare. Can a Democrat win on a campaign to stop him?

Why A 'Hollowing Out' Of Democracy Could Happen If Brazil Elects Jair Bolsonaro

False Acquisitions

My scenario for the Kavanugh vote.

"Chaste kiss"? I've heard about enough of this bullshit.

Trump declares WAR ON CHOCOLATE (8 seconds)

GOP Senators Push for Kavanaugh Vote on Friday

Prep School Judge

Republican Operative: "What 17 year old hasn't done this?" - Kavanaugh accusations

LePage's secretive wind energy commission appears near collapse

Democrats to Michael Avenatti: You're Not Helping in the Kavanaugh Fight

Engineering graduate from UT, A&M donates $20 million to both schools

Before he speaks at the UN today, remember this

Black Student Alliance at University of New Mexico condemns sorority for racial remarks

Detroit Police Officer Fired After He Boasts Of Busting 'These Zoo Animals'

Smokey eyes is on Good Morning America now

Trump has mastered the playbook for undermining democratic institutions

Ted Cruz Heckled Out of D.C. Restaurant: 'We Believe Survivors!'

Trump Says His Accomplishments Are Great. The Public Isn't Buying It.

Bloomberg-founded gun control group launches ads to flip 15 GOP House districts

Tuesday TOONs - Sea of Rancidity Edition

Stormy Daniels' Suit Against Trump Could Be Tossed Over 'Chilling Effect'

General Michael Hayden Responds to George Papadopoulos

More Sexual Misconduct Accusations Made Against Brett Kavanaugh - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

China Denies U.S. Navy Ship's Request to Dock in Hong Kong

Ken Starr: Trump's Defense Team Should Be 'Very Concerned'

Trump arrives at U.N. struggling to sell his foreign policy record

He said, She said...


White House, GOP point to Democratic 'resistance' behind Kavanaugh 'smear'

Far-right sites falsely link Christine Blasey Ford to a so-called "abortion pill"

Stephen King responds to Kavanaugh/Fox Interview: "2 words for you honey: Merrick Garland"

Inside Democratic prep for the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing

RUDE PUNDIT: The Pathetic Incredulity of Republicans: Benghazi and Kavanaugh

The 2019 Congress could shatter diversity records

Trump: Despite 'requests,' no plans to meet 'absolutely lovely' Iranian president

Yale Law School professor who wrote early, fulsome endorsement of Kavanaugh, is having 2nd thoughts

Beto O'Rourke's latest fundraising goal: bring in another $5 million this week

Mia Love tells Fox News that Democrats target her because 'I am a black female Republican' and they


Romney and Wilson split on Utah's medical marijuana initiative, Medicaid expansion and the future of

Kavanaugh said he didn't assault women in high school not during high school.?

The Rundown: September 24, 2018

Kavanaugh's description of his young celebate life doesn't jibe with his yearbook description.

I Beg You: Never, ever use "Begs the Question"

Democrats believe Ramirez but stiff-arm Avenatti

White House open to public testimony from second Kavanaugh accuser, Sanders says

Stephanopoulos confronts S. Sanders with evidence Trump sides with accused rapists, she changes...

Kavanaugh: Caption This Image

Border walls are life-threatening and 'waste of tax dollars', report says

Hey Floyd, I was going to get a job at an Orange Juice Factory,

Airports all over the world are sinking

Rob Goldstone on The Email He Sent Don, Jr.

Iranian official to Trump: Want lower oil prices? Keep quiet and stop tweeting

Watch MSNBC's Morning Joe torch Trump attorney Jay Sekulow for requesting a Mueller 'timeout'

China says U.S. putting 'knife to its neck', hard to proceed on trade

Poll: Which one of Kavanaugh's cover stories about Dr. Ford's sexual assault is the worst?

Andy Borowitz: Kavanaugh Tells Fox News He Has No Penis

McConnell Warns GOPers To Make Up Their Minds, Wants Kavanaugh Vote Next Week

Meet this Las Vegas ambulance company's therapy dog

A's are in the playoffs

Swedish prime minister ousted after losing confidence vote

Avenatti, minutes ago: We'll reveal client's name only when she's ready & security measures adequate

For Bill Cosby And Chief Accuser, A Day Of Reckoning Arrives

Get rid of the job for life and all this bs would go away.

Trump: "We're making a huge mistake and we need to hurry up and make it while we still can."

69 Confirmed Dead So Far In DRC Ebola Outbreak; Approximately 150 Cases So Far

For weeks we heard where are the other accusers in regard to Kavanaugh so now we have one

Ever incorporate a noise within your bedroom into a dream?

BTRTN: Hey, Republicans... Doing the Right Thing on Kavanaugh is Also the Shrewd Thing

BTRTN: Hey, Republicans... Doing the Right Thing on Kavanaugh is Also the Shrewd Thing

What Kav and his boys did to Renate Schroeder was a shame

Kavanaugh IMPLODES, More Sex Assault Allegations, Gang Rape, Oh My!

Republican Senator Accidentally Tweets Text to Brett Kavanaugh?

Shouldn't the yearbook have been enough?

So we just have to convince one of these Republicans?

Reddit's Largest Pro-Trump Subreddit Appears To Have Been Targeted By Russian Propaganda For Years

For the sake of discussion, is it safe to say the very first background check of Kavanaugh

ICYMI-Questions that@MichaelAvenatti sent to @ChuckGrassley @GOP to ask #NoKavanaugh....

To paraphrase "Billy" from Bil Keane's "Family Circus",

For those who say tRump lacks empathy

If he is telling the truth he'd welcome anFBI investigation

Ya know, the Catholic Church has some good ideas at times...

Hypothetical question: if you had lethal information about Kavanaugh...

Citizen Trump sells Barack Obama's record...

When Trump nominates judges, he's not nominating the best.

The hubris of this SCOTUS nominee is very corrosive to the institution he wants to serve

To Political Cartoonists: Have Kavanaugh Flash the Statue of Liberty

GOP Plan To Rule For 50 Years Through SCOTUS, Federal Courts Is What It Is All About.

FL-17: Dem Candidate April Freeman has died

Hatch slams Democrats for 'character assassination' of Kavanaugh

Conservative women uneasy with Kavanaugh in wake of sexual assault claims

GOP Believes It Cannot Be Touched Because Of Election Fraud & Rigging. Will Seat Kavanaugh.

America traded one recession for a far more serious one

Avanatti seemed a bit strident on Rachel last night. His afternoon hearing

Florida Democratic Congressional Candidate April Freeman Dies Unexpectedly-age 54, heart attack

This is all about lying in front of Congress, and standing up for the truth.

Will Avenatti allege that Kavanaugh "grabbed" a woman's waist?

Who wore it better?

The arrogance of Mitch McConnell and the Republicans...

"There's a song in my pants.". . . . Please come CAPTION Brett Kavanaugh!!!

Question about tweets from Middle East

Congressman Kevin Cramer, You Have Daughters/Grandaughters - Have You No Shame?

Kavanaugh's robotic repetition of his "I just want a fair process" talking

New AZ-Sen poll (Marist): Sinema +3

Happy National Lobster Day! Make Mine Butter Poached!😋

Pope: Sex abuse scandals driving Catholics away from church


Centrist Democrat Aguilar jumps into leadership race

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Frequent fliers

The 40-year old virgin

With little fanfare, union-backed group spends big on Senate, congressional races

Murkowski re: background check

Happy 73rd birthday {September 26}, Bryan Ferry.

Statement from Kavanaugh's college room mate

O'Rourke defends Cruz after protesters heckle senator at restaurant

Kavanaugh's memory of himself in high school is very different than his portrayal in the yearbook

Nevada U.S. Senate candidates schedule debate

Nevada's newest state park opens near Yerington

Confirming SCOTUS Justices: Unanswered Questions Should Mean Voting NO!

Re Kavirginaugh, JoeScar has spoken

This is insidious. Judiciary committee judging Kavanaugh is a nest of republican misogynists

Trump lies about Iran wanting to meet with him.....imagine that?

I can understand why an assault victim would retain Avenatti now

Something weird is going on with Avenatti's Twitter account.


You can distinguish between an alligator and a crocodile by paying

Mika and Joe were acting fishy today

trump speech to the UN....starts out 'humbly' congratulating himself on the world scene

More Americans Now Telecommute Than Take Public Transportation to Work

And let the lies begin!

U.N. laughs at trumps brag

Texas prisons often deny dentures to inmates with no teeth

From JULY 1: BTRTN: How the GOP Vision of Conservative Supreme Court Dominance Could Fall Apart

From JULY 1: BTRTN: How the GOP Vision of Conservative Supreme Court Dominance Could Fall Apart

They're All Renate Alumni Now!


What an embarrassment he is

Michael Avenatti destroys 'Trump sycophant' Alan Dershowitz: 'What happened to you?'

Geez, he is sniffing so hard he almost took out the next guy's tie....

I hope the M$M doesn't whitewash the fact "our" president beclowned himself at the U N

Hey Floyd, I downloaded a Thesaurus App for my phone and it was blank.

Trump laughed at at the UN when he says his admin has accomplished more than any admin in history

Calls to the National Sexual Assault Hotline Spiked Last Weekend While More Kavanaugh News Broke

How boring is this speech by Trump?

Watch: Trump boasts of his accomplishments -- and the entire UN bursts into laughter

India court rules lesbian couple can live together

Trump orders opec to lower oil prices

Is Trump extra orange today?

Another Yale Classmate Rebuts Kavanaugh: was he lying then, or last night on Fox?

GOP lawmaker declines to resign, won't serve another term

Heh. Avenatti to Dershowitz: "Those mar-a-lago invites and cookies must be amazing."

Bee death: Scientists Warn Common Weed Killer Glyphosate Is Killing Honey Bees

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

Now he's whining because other countries don't give foreign aid to the US

Ignoring for a moment *what* he says, he is a TERRIBLE speaker.

Trump greeted with laughter while touting his administration's accomplishments at UN

Judge Kavan-R...

I don't recall an American president being laughed at during a United Nations speech...Ever.

Where to move to avoid Climate Change woes

Dr. Ford should refuse to answer

UN Laughs After Trump Claims His Admin Has Done More Than 'Almost Any' Other

They're not laughing WITH you!

It's NOT Kavanaugh It's KRAVENAUGH. BRATT KRAVENAUGH. Change the name.

Who's Renate? How Trump era's gravity field pulls little-known people into the national narrative.

Bryan Fischer Wages 'Major League Spiritual Warfare' Against the 'Demons of Hell' Attacking Kavanau

Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon says US healthcare system is 'morally wrong'

Their parents said it would never work out - it did -

Trump's new limo cost $1.5M and comes with a fridge full of his blood type

while I'm glad the UN laughed at the orange asshole...

The entire UN is laughing in Trump's face, even Tomi whatever the fuck her name is just tweeted ...

Did you know that today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay?

Mormon women call on senators to postpone Kavanaugh confirmation

EU and Iran agree on new payment system to skirt US sanctions

Fox news website "Trump gets a laugh at U.N."

No, that's not your cousin on her violin. That's a myth.

Alabama Marine killed in Vietnam helicopter crash to be buried at Arlington

U.S.-China Trade War Draws Rebuke From World Leaders at UN Event

Who the hell has a treasurer for their drinking parties in high school?

Scarborough says he'll vote for anyone who can beat Trump...

Liberals like to mock Trump's lack of accomplishments but, even liberals have to admit

NY Times columnist Bret Stephens calls Ted Cruz 'a serpent covered in Vaseline'

I think they are going to confirm him no matter what

Trump praises Kim Jong Un's 'courage' in UN address

Canada Unveils Plan to Bolster WTO in Face of U.S. Protectionism

Kavanaugh broke the law by drinking at 18. The MD drinking age had been raised to 21.

Our furnace is on for the 1st time this Fall.

Sasquatch enthusiasts meet for Pocatello Bigfoot Conference

Michael Avenatti has had to make his Twitter account private due to all the bot attacks,.

Trump: We will only give foreign aid to "those who respect us and frankly our friends"

At United Nations, Trump rejects constraints imposed by other nations, says U.S. will act to counter

FCC To Give Telecom Companies $3 Billion-A-Year For 5G Phone Rollout

Lunar Progression -

Pic Of The Moment: Virgin On The Ridiculous

Stone tried to quiet Credico by offering to pay legal fees.

There is a distinct possibility that the majority of Americans just want to slap Brett Kavanaugh's

"the weaponization of unsubstantiated smears"... mitch mcconnell...3 days before the hearing

11 Days After Florence, South Carolinians Are Bracing For The Worst

Is it just me?

Idaho has only 2 independent psychiatric hospitals. Now 1 is headed for bankruptcy.

Ecuador tried to get Assange out of embassy by making him diplomat to Russia

Cosby is declared a 'sexually violent predator'

Butternut squash question

Republicans can do anything they want at this moment

No one recalls ever seeing the United Nation General Assembly laughing out loud at the President.

Trump attacks second Kavanaugh accuser, saying she 'has nothing,' admits she was drunk

McConnell Brother-in-Law Gets Pension Agency Nomination Hearing

ANOTHER ARTICLE-- World leaders stumble upon a potent response to Trump's claims: Laughter

Maduro: We must increase taxation to "astronomical" levels

Trump just called Victim Number Two, Deborah Ramirez, a Drunk

BBC News (World) headline

Trump unloads on Brett Kavanaugh accuser: 'She admits she was drunk'

TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition--Memphis GOTV launch party Oct. 3

What is Kavanaugh afraid of?

Dave Brat trailing in reelection bid

Climate Change Made Florence a Monster--but Media Failed to Tell That Story

Trump's UN speech today was so bad I kept waiting for him to yell out: "Live From New York, it's Sat

A bold sharpening of the Progressive narrative and counter-narrative a must

Days Without Being a Global Embarrassment: Zero

Ipsos poll: Trump Says His Accomplishments Are Great. The Public Isn't Buying It.

Not right that Senator Cruz and his wife Heidi were surrounded and forced to leave a restaurant

Lisa Murkowski Delivers Message: Take Kavanaugh Accusations Seriously.

Euphoria now? A crash "worse than the Great Depression," may be imminent

I'm surprised the defenses of sexual assault by the GOP haven't been stronger

I love Wanda Sykes. She never minces words.

Question: Can Flake Take Down Kavanaugh in Committee?

Why it matters whether Rosenstein resigns or is fired. See the 1998 Federal Vacancies Reform Act:

I can't be the only person feeling deeply uncomfortable with Michael Avenatti

Would a mentally stable person be attacking Kavanaugh's victims at the UN?

Tracey Ullman: Theresa May Readies For Halloween

#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke: 'Jesus Was The First Activist That I Knew'

I just went to Whitmer's website to see what kind of campaign swag she has.

I missed the verse in the Bible that states raping passed out women is okay as long as you ...

Virginia prisons to restrict which menstrual products visitors can use.

Cody Wilson resigns from 3-D printed gun company after sexual assault charge

Reasons to still get your medical cannabis approval

My "WTF?" of the day, who runs this school edition...

Stop thinking about "You-Know-Who #1, #2, #3, #4" --- all of them --- for a minute and enjoy.

Prediction: Ds take back the House and Senate, tRump announces he can work with them better than Rs

There's a gator under your canoe. Quick! What would you do?

Video of Trump at U.N.: "Democrats are playing a con game. C.O.N. They're winking at each other!"

The Latest: GOP hires female attorney for Kavanaugh hearing

Quinnipac Nelson 53 Scott 46

Now that Donald Trump has been laughed at by the UN....

"OMG! You guys are home!!!"

There truly is a tweet for every occasion.

"OMG! You guys are home!!"

So, Donwald got some laughs at the UN, eh?

Schnucks to fill 1,000 jobs as a result of Shop 'n Save purchase

Vermont Democratic Party Officially Endorses Democratic Candidates

Other countries are laughing at us

*Why Russia Is Wooing South Africa's White Farmers, Washington Post

Recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

He is quoting Limpballs now

Michael Avenatti Has a Strategy - It Could Work, So I'm Not "Concerned"

Kavanaugh Sided with SeaWorld After Trainer Was Drowned By Whale

Republican Tax Scam: The Sequel

MURKOWSKI:"We are now in a place where it's not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified...

The emperor is fully clothed by Fox

Not horrible - what the Con and ReTHUGs did and continue to do

A laughing stock to the entire World

If Kavenaugh has a calendar from 1982...

Exlusive: Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon says US healthcare system is 'morally wrong'

False argument: if Kav isn't confirmed, they'll just confirm someone who is even more right wing

Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk (Brett Kavanaugh)

When I click on 'twitter Michael Avenatti" I get that it's protected and I am "pending".

I think my birthday suit is

Trump: "I understand college very well."

Yes, My Fuhrer - I will pledge to you -

No, Donald

Even Shrub wasn't openly laughed at by the General Assembly

Chump is the laughing stock of the world.

And Then The General Assembly Laughed - Did He Tell a Joke?

**Breaking** 3-10 years for Cosby

"We need a President who isn't a laughing stock to the entire World," DJT

"Banned Together--A Censorship Cafe", Sunday Sept. 30, 6 pm (Nashville)

Anyone else catch that revelation how our President* misunderstood how tariffs work ?!!

Les Miserables for Dogs: Do You Hear the Beagle Howl? (Starring Oliver)

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 25, 2018

Remember Then?

Bye Bye Bill

Judge overules Trump as Yellowstone grizzly bears offered protection from trophy hunts

Marcy Wheeler analyzes the language Kavanaugh used in Fox interview

Corn nails it

Why do statute of limitations exist for rape and sexual assault?

Wait a damn minute.....

daycares want to deal with the mom, not the dad

BPC and National Voter Registration Day

Insurance company denied the PET scan

Kangaroo on the loose in South Florida

Argentine Central Bank president resigns; second in three months

Argentine Central Bank president resigns; second in three months

Trump Attacks OPEC Again, Demanding Cash for Military Protection

Hey Mitch, ask Cosby...

N.Dakota GOP Senate nominee: I'm not sure trying to rape someone should disqualify you from SCOTUS

Presidents steered America through reconstruction, WWI, WWII, cold war, The Depression

Target credit card

Everywhere you look, more Russian involvement....

Padma Lakshmi: I Was Raped at 16 and I Kept Silent

Bill Cosby gets a 3 to 10 years sentence!

Bill Cosby just got 3 - 10 years in prison and no bail

Avenatti Punked by a 4Chan User and why he went Private?

Pregnancy Crisis Center

I am very suspicious of Brett Kavanaugh

CNN's Christiane Amanpour slams Trump's "confused" speech point by point

Senators told to expect to be in town this weekend for Kavanaugh

Bill Cosby sent to state prison for sexual assault

I didn't report

Why Republicans should fire Mitch McConnell from his present job?

Pregnancy Crisis Center (crosspost)

Fox News clip abruptly cuts off Trump's UN speech just before world leaders start laughing at him

This is NOT Democracy....per's a process...

Good News For Cosby!

Scoop: Rand Paul to introduce amendment to lift U.S. sanctions on Russian lawmakers tomorrow

The most telling thing to me RE: Avenatti...

I bet trump really hates Kavanaugh.

Fox News Is The Biggest Threat To The Country. They Are With The Russians On Everything.

"Old age in the big house"

Discours de Churchill aux Francais (Oct. 1940)

Perfect...Cosby tied to Kavanaugh...

Esperanza Spalding with Geri Allen & Terri Lyne Carrington - Unconditional Love

Ted Cruz Spotted On Flight Looking At Photo Of Senate Rival Beto O'Rourke

I got drunk at a Catholic school party too!

the 'president' retweets ru$h limbaugh

Mel Watt Accuser Might Testify Before House Panel

I Think GOP Feels Safe Because Trump Supposedly Got 53% Of Female Vote.

This Bizarre Taxi of the Future Was Supposed to Fit So Many People

Cartoon Depicting Kavanaugh's Accuser Demanding Roses, M&Ms For Her Testimony Draws Outrage, Apology

Dan Rather on "Kavanaugh's infomercial on Fox News"

Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh and the Power of a Woman

Today in sexual predators: Black guy headed to prison, white guy headed to the SCOTUS

The Big Con....

Without regard to political party, what percentage of Congress

Trump to hold press conference on Wednesday

Should a Supreme Court Justice get off an humiliating women?

Some good news for the bears out there. I'm very glad about it.

Luckovich on Cosby and the GOP

Listening to report of today's sentencing of Bill Cosby.

Fundraising: Ted Cruz Introduces Scent for Men

11 WORMs hide behind a woman

What Teenagers Think About the Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh

To all you women who have waited for Justice....

128 Arrested After Anti-Kavanaugh Protest On Capitol Hill

David Fahrenthold: A great thread on a really, really worrisome climate story.

Man paralysed from waist down makes history by walking again using mind-controlled implant to power

Brett Kavanaugh's Body Language Says It All, According To An Expert

Speaking of Frank Gorshin

Dr. Ford should not answer any questions from the GOP lawyer.

John Fugelsang....

Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know

Don't laugh...

'Shocking' sexual abuse of children by German clergy detailed in report

At the U.N., Trump abdicates U.S. leadership

Pence is first VP to speak at anti-gay group's Values Voter Summit

You are the joke...

Must be fun at dinner in the Kavanaugh home

Kavanaugh's fate rests with Sen. Collins

'How'd you find me?': Mark Judge has been holed up in a beach house in Delaware

I really have no idea why GOPrs can't conceive of the fact that rape is a bad thing...

7-year-old Malea Emma absolutely crushes the National Anthem before LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders

Why Were 128 Women Arrested For Peacefully Demonstrating? Why Do You Now Need Permission?

Afghan 'mullah' faces stoning death over sex tapes scandal

Bolton to warn Iranian regime of 'hell to pay'

Lawyer: Firing of officer who killed neighbor is premature

It's harder than I thought it would be...

The GOP's Least-Worst Option Is If Kavanaugh Withdraws -- And Soon

Judge blocks hunt, restores protection of Greater Yellowstone grizzly bears

NYT - Padma Lakshmi "I was raped at 16 and I kept Silent"

Irony? Coincidence? Portend for the future?

Remember this name, Noel Francisco...may end Mueller investigation and prevent it from ever going

GOP 18th Century Plan To Make Women Property Of Men To Choose Their Fate.

Respect for Kavanaugh, Ford requires FBI's help


Somewhere, near a television . . .

Trump: Boasting line in UN speech was 'meant to get some laughter'

Anyone noticed aluminum foil cost more?

Cosby publicist: Cosby, Kavanaugh both victims of a 'sex war'

Woman punched by cop during New Jersey beach arrest indicted for assault of a police officer

Shooter in Florida 'stand your ground' killing of Markeis McGlockton released on bond

09/26 Mike Luckovich: Hey, hey, hey...

Texas coal plant to shut down by 2020

Election security bill won't pass ahead of midterms, says key Republican

Pierce: Michael Avenatti Is a Relentless Self-Promoter, But He Hasn't Been Wrong Yet

OMG-Cosby's Publicist: Cosby & Kavanaugh are victims of "a sex war...going on in Washington today"

Trump is doing the Helsinki Shuffle once again after his trainwreck at the UN today.

Sexually Abused By A Priest As A Teen, Pa. Lawmaker Fights For Reform

They don't want to anger their base

(Jewish Group) Jewish cemetery turned into soccer field in Poland

Humanity for Hillary

McConnell: I Believe We Have The Votes To Confirm Kavanaugh

Neil Young Rips Trump at Farm Aid, Plays Blistering 'Powderfinger'

Looking for a glue product...

Portuguese 400 year old shipwreck found off Cascais

Trump boasts of America's might, draws headshakes at UN

Voters want more solar energy, poll shows

Aunt Flo Visits the Prison, But She Can't Wear a Tampon! [UPDATED: Brian Moran Backs Down]

So,assuming Kavanaugh gets confirmed, but Avenatti's client pursues criminal charges in Maryland

GOP, the party of pedophiles. Just makes sense they would want a rapist on SCOTUS. n/t

***Second poll ( A rated Marist poll ) today with Nelson in the lead 48-45 ***

Senate eyes Kavanaugh vote next week

WWII code breaker buried in Nebraska with UK military honors

****A RATED MARIST POLL - Gillium 48% DeTrumpis 43%****


If Extra Dimensions Do Exist, They Must Be Really, Really Small

Green Energy Ohio's weekend tour will be up-close look at solar, energy efficiency 9/28-9/30

Sorry racist protesters, but Nike quarterly revenue beat estimates

Bill Cosby's publicist: Cosby and Kavanaugh are victims of "a sex war" going on in Washington

Kavanaugh Confirmatiom: A Hard Lesson for Us to Learn

Do you have sex claims to defend, but no female to ask those sensitive questions? Never fear!

Kavanaugh's fate rests with Sen. Collins

Iran's President: Trump Admin's Sanctions Are 'Economic Terrorism'

Cubs Somehow Tweeted Out Actual Porn in 2012 and Just Now Deleted it

Looking of those picture of Dumpster at the UN

DHS IG: Doctors Who Examined Immigrants Weren't Properly Vetted

Hey Donnie: They're laughing at you, not with you

Female ASSISTANT?!?!?!?

Germany's surging far-right party is trying to attract an unlikely group of voters: Jews

Circle closed - it WAS the Aliens 😆

Trump says he meant to make world leaders laugh...

Does anyone know if the Rethugs hiring outside

Maybe the Dems should bring in Avenatti for the hearing.

Mushroomhead - We Are the Truth

Cosby's spokesperson compared Cosby to Brett Kavanaugh and Jesus.

when not praising himself, Trump is retweeting others praising Trump

Trump always beautifies himself for international events. Turn down the tan knob down a notch!

Here is my theory on Kav and his high school / college days

Are you a fan of Canadian popular music artists (maybe you don't know you are)

Best graphic ever on the causes of rape.

NTSB faults Air Canada pilots for last year's near disaster

Republican voters: Ignorant? Insane? Hate filled?

Climate Week NYC: Watch General Wes Clark assess the strategic impact of climate change.

Alaska judge targeted after giving no jail time for assault

tRump voters are like mushrooms,

Florence crippled electricity and coal -- solar and wind were back the next day

Pope defends China deal on bishops, says he will have final say on names

Amnesty International calls for postponing Kavanaugh vote -- human rights violation

So...who has Gorsuch's GP yearbook?!

Robert Reich: Why I'm Betting on Millennials This November

Schumer: McConnell owes Kavanaugh accuser an apology

Creator Of 3D-Printed Gun Resigns From His Company After Sexual Assault Arrest

Every time the Rs say "Why didn't she come out in July?" I want to scream...July was 2 months ago

I PRAY that Dr. Ford will NOT answer any questions from NON committee members.

New Zealand PM brings baby to UN

Proposed California initiative seeks to end high speed rail

Is a New Russian Meddling Tactic Hiding in Plain Sight?

Confirmation vote will take place Friday morning per Ari Melber.

Window "emblem" distributed by the Americanization Society of Grand Rapids, 1919.

Cornell Food Researcher (who we've heard about his studies) Under Fraud Review, Resigns.

The latest Kavanaugh talking point: "No presumption of innocence"

BREAKING: Grassley announces Vote Friday 9:30AM....

What would happen if at this point, before Thursday, Dr.Ford files a lawsuit against

NBC Marist Nelson 48 Scott 45

(Jewish Group) Germany's surging far-right party is trying to attract an unlikely group of voters...

Deborah Ramirez's attorney says Judiciary Cmte has "refused to meet all scheduled appointments"

How did Network newscasts cover Traitor don getting laughed at during UN speech?

A shout-out to Margaret & Helen

Gowdy: Declassified documents unlikely to change anyone's mind on Russia investigation

Mitch and the GOP want to plow Kavanaugh through

Watch: North Carolina YMCA calls police on Muslim woman because of her swimsuit

Was Kav being coached fron the side at Fox interview? Discussed at blog of nomoremisterniceguy

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 26 September 2018

I think these antiquated republican men have ripped their drawers already.

I really hope I'm wrong, but I'm always suspicious

"And, why?"

2018 US Senate Election- 10 most vulnerable US Senate Races in 2018.

Remember When The Whole World Laughed At Idiotic, Illiterate, Egocentric Obama During A UN Assembly?

Courtesy of JuanitaJean Bret Stephens a semi Republican on Ted Cruz

South Carolina DUers - how's the flooding and your electricity situation?

Rosario Marin, US Treasurer 2001-03, was raped as a child. She believes Dr Ford

Time to play the Where Are You From game

So, is this female assistant gonna question Kavanaugh??

FCC Hiding Evidence Of Suspected Russian Role In Ending Net Neutrality: Lawsuit

I just saw a Capitol One commercial using Prince music.

Did you know it was Kavanaugh that came up with the question about the cigar...?

Anyone Who Votes GOP Moving Forward Is An Indecent Vile Human Being. Hate Them All.

Now Grassley says "Well, maybe not Friday at 9:30am"

Three Gates to Transformation

So, guess why gop is suddenly interested in double jeopardy

Stephen King: Republican men taking "chickenshit behavior" to a whole new level.

Trump's worldview was laid bare at the UN -- and it should worry anyone who understands history

Trump: Venezuelan socialist president easily toppled

Smith vs. Smith: Two Democrats Clash in 9th Congressional District Forum

George Takei on our President's World Leadership at UN

Trump's UN Handshake With Trudeau Suggests Lingering Resentment

I'm an American who moved to Canada --here's why I'll never move back

Mastodon - The Motherlode

The Party of Rape strikes again!

New story on CBS: "Michael Avenatti denies he got pranked by 4Chan"

Drug prices climb despite Trump promise, investigation finds

It's Official: Safeco Field Will Get $135 Million in Taxpayer Funds

GOP lawmaker: Second Kavanaugh accuser refusing to talk to Congress

Excuse my ignorance, but is the Q&A session going to be televised?

What was your best Halloween Costume?

"You may now smoke with the bride"

NYT Opinion piece: Padma Lakshmi: I Was Raped at 16 and I Kept Silent

Big Oil warns of backlash as it makes vow on climate change

It more and more looks like the women who have brought allegations of sexual abuse and assault

I think it's fair to call the existence of supposed calendars a fucking lie.

Alabama Revisits Ten Commandments, Hoping for Help from Kavanaugh

Roundup weed-killer and other forms of glyphosate might be behind honey-bee deaths,

Why Do People NOT UNDERSTAND Kravenaugh Committed A Felony Assault On A Child.

Trump Is Literally the Laughingstock of the World

Florida ranks as one of the worst states for teachers.

"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and rape somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."

World's. Worst. Wingman.

They came to him to settle with the IRS, but this disbarred Tri-City lawyer stole their money

I live in Blackburn's deep red district and I just had a Bredesen

First IHOP, now this bullshit.

LOL: GOP hires female attorney to question Kavanaugh accuser

AJR, an alt-rock group, currently have a big hit with their political song,"Burn the House Down"

Dem lawmaker trolls Trump over reception of UN speech - Pass it on.