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Archives: September 26, 2018

"It's decorative Gourd Season motherfuckers!"

Is it former Senator, Kelly Ayotte, that is going to ask the question for the male Senators...?

Sarah Sanders won't offer assurances for future of Mueller probe if Rod Rosenstein goes

Our 48 yo niece lives in Indiana.

If Rosenstein leaves after November, he will be replaced by Koch-supported Noel Francisco

Anti Kavanaugh Demonstrations on Capitol Hill & Arrests, Sept. 24

Trump's mangled speech today is more proof that acute tertiary syphilis is no picnic

Boogie, Children...

Kavanaugh is a fait accompli

If Trump Fires Rosenstein While Dr.Ford Is Being Questioned By The Judiciary Committee.....

I think I know who the female sex crimes investigator will be

KANGAROO COURT is what the gop is holding on Thursday. There are no other words for it!

Milwaukee GOP group removes tweet mocking Justice Ginsburg

Christopher Reeve (Superman) and his wife Dana's foundation for spinal cord injuries

Can you imagine how indebted Kavanaugh will now be to the Republicans and Trump?

Qualcomm Accuses Apple of Stealing Secrets to Help Intel

Make a Difference Today. Help Someone Register to Vote

2018 US Senate Election- Democrats are going win.

What does G.O.P stand for?

Rep. Duncan Hunter praises Trump, goes off on DOJ 'corruption' and 'Islamist' opponent

Remember also, Bratt Kavanaugh is a pervert

The Post did a good look at what a non-entity Trump was at Wharton

Here's one of the best GOTV memes yet:

Have YOU called any senators yet?

Chris hayes just had a collection of speech excerpts from trump.

EF3 in Ottawa ON, CA - and another tornado warning now for Windsor area

Kavanaugh betting odds

Perhaps I have misunderstood the function of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Tucker Carlson: Sexual assault survivors not coming forward sooner makes them responsible for furthe

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Once is Enough!

What if the women are deflection from Kavanaugh's financial irregularities and Kennedy?

Forget the Courts for now. Focus on Congress and Senate

I hope that if trump places people in key positions so that he gets out of Mueller's investigation,

A Supreme Court Case Could Liberate Trump to Pardon His Associates (The Atlantic)

Fox News Edits Out the United Nations Laughing at Trump...

So Bill Nelson had some decent poll numbers today, and this is what the rag Politico decides to go

? to the lawyers and those who play them on the internet...

Wenatchee World Publisher Equates Sexual Assault to Blaming Someone for Lost Keys


The republicans want to ignore Deborah Ramirez

Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell emerges as GOP choice to question Kavanaugh and accuser at hearin

Will there be a Henry Fonda in the 12 Angry Republicans

Avenatti Says Democrats Won't Win by Shaming Trump Voters

Rachel Mitchell, who'll question Ford & Kavanaugh, played a role in this 2011 miscarriage of justice

Brett Kavanaugh is hard to believe

This is a major cluster F! Repubes suck and they are all in my family! I hardly

Rachel Mitchell, Republican Sex Crimes Bureau Chief to Prosecute Christine Ford Thursday

"Brett Kavanaugh is a sex predator" projected on US Courthouse

Dr. Ford must reject questions from Ms. Mitchell

Arby's bought Sonic?!1 My gourmet fantasies have come true!1

Chinese man living in Chicago arrested for allegedly spying on behalf of Chinese government

I think we are about to endure the Mother Of All Shitstorms

Tucker: Sexualassault survivors not coming forward sooner makes them responsible 4 further assaults

Trump Brags That He Got Much Bigger Laughs at U.N. Than Obama

Do You Know Cobol? If So, There Might Be a Job for You.

the republicans don't want to look like sexist jerks when they question ford.

Mark Judge: Party Guy & Kavanaugh Classmate Goes Silent

I love Gretchen Whitmer more and more every day.

LOL.. Use the Wu Tang to create your "RAP Name"(used by Donald Glover to create "Childish Gambino")

Bristol Palin must be hurting for money.


Is the Supreme Court the Next

Is Kavanaugh a masochist? I mean, why would he put himself thru this?

Will the members of the judiciary commitee even sit there, facing Dr. Ford?

Arby's parent company to buy burger chain Sonic in $2.3 billion deal

As I see it!

Meet the next DAG should Rosenstein depart

Grassley: Senators will have 5 MINUTES each to ask questions.

Will Rachel Mitchell be a Republican candidate for the AZ- US Senate seat in 2020?

If the Repug senate members on the committee are afraid to question Dr. Ford,

Meet Rachel Mitchell

Twitter isn't buying #FemaleAssistant.

Did Ted Cruz get chased out of resteraunt by protestors?

Kavanaugh accuser's attorney says GOP staff blew off scheduled call

Lawrence was picking fun at Chuck Grassley's tweet tonight.....

Does a Kavanaugh confirmation hurt or help the Republicans in November's election?

AZ-SEN: McSally allies mock Sinema family for being homeless with whopping $13 in account

Red-state Democrats refuse to come out against Kavanaugh

Someone wrote yesterday to watch Kavanaugh's wife's body language during the Faux news show.

Kavanaugh's confirmation is the GOP's final power play - It's their swine song nt

House GOP Refuses To Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act, Amid KAVA Push

5 minutes means ONE question each

Henry Mancini - Brian's Song

Sonic Youth - The Diamond Sea

Did Republicans Actually Say These Things About Rape? Yes, they did.

Tweet of the Day

So we have a criminal POTUS about to get a criminal SCOTUS judge appointed by a corrupt Senate.

Ramirez and her attorney should schedule a press conference for tomorrow at 5 pm eastern

Chinese national arrested as acting as an illegal foreign agent.

Trevor Noah - hysterical! Daily Show.

National Democrats are buying ads for OK-GOV and KS-GOV

Just volunteered for Lujan Grisham campaign (and others).

Voter ID law revived in major setback to Native American voters

Church and State

GOP Senate candidate says he supports pre-existing conditions while backing lawsuit to end them

OMG the Orange One is asking for prayer.

Georgetown Preparatory School Campus Tour, Tuition and Boarding - Entitlement Sold Here

The Daily Show: Kavanaugh Touts His Virginity to Refute Allegations of Sexual Assault

Sen. Tim Kaine's statement opposing Kavanaugh

TX-SD05: Texas Republican under investigation for sexual misconduct

Seth Meyers - Trump Defends Brett Kavanaugh, Sex Robots - Monologue - 9/24/18

The same young lady who pranked Carnival Cruz poses with Beto

Kavanaugh: Five major contradictions Trump's Supreme Court nominee made in unprecedented interview..

Seth Meyers: Guest Samantha Bee's Work as a Waitress Prepared Her for Donald Trump

Questioning Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh is the symptom of why we do not have a woman President

The bright side of the Kavanaugh nomination fight

They think Dr. Ford is a liar

Does the upper echelon of our society have a racket or what?

I Think It Will Be A Rigged Hearing To Trash Ford & Give Kravenaughty Soft Ball Questions.

NY-14: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez meets with assault victims in Queens

Has anyone kept track

The Daily Show: Eli Saslow & Derek Black - From Racism to Redemption in "Rising Out of Hatred"

Alternate possible theory on Kavanaugh

GOP Capable Of Turning The Military On To US Citizens. We Have Not Seen What They Are Capable Of.

Seth Meyers - Brett Kavanaugh: Couple Things

A little encouragement from registering voters in Texas

Swamp Report: FEMA Chief Brock Long's Unauthorized Travel Cost Government $151,000

We need an answer to her question -

So I talked with 3 random Americans....

Donald Trump's worldview was laid bare at the UN and it should worry anyone who understands history

Tom Steyer To Spend Millions Backing Andrew Gillum In Florida

Messaging for Dems for Midterms: Do u really want to support a party that promotes sexual predators?

Please verify your voter registration.

Opeth - For Absent Friends/ Harlequin Forest

Trump voter gets emotional promising vote to Democrat (McGrath, KY-06)

Thursday Hearing Looks Like An Ambush To Me. You Cannot Trust These GOP Psychopaths.

Selfie Fixes


Found -advance footage of Grassley panel questioning Ford

Broken Bells-The High Road

Man Becomes First Person To Be Fined After Slapping A Woman's Bottom, Catcalling

"Can we kick off the #Kavanaugh hearing with a breathalyzer?"

From tragedy to farce: How world leaders learned to laugh at Trump

Kim Davis' opponent fends off attacks -- from primary rival

Quiz: Test your knowledge of evolution

U.S.: Stoppage of U.S., Korea exercises cause readiness loss

Cal. senator Joel Anderson(r) reprimanded for 'completely unacceptable' behavior toward lobbyist

Two hurt after driver, 91, slams into Santa Fe, NM, sandwich shop

Disasters declared for salmon fisheries along West Coast

Hmmmm, which GOP senator is this description of?

N.J. college security officer posed as girl online to get nude photos of boy

Name change in store for Dunkin' Donuts

State investigating 11 Bellingham Fire staffers who practiced on dead patient's body

Mexican Authorities Disarm Acapulco Police Amid Corruption Inquiry

Sen. Maria Cantwell, challenger Susan Hutchison at odds over when to debate

"Mormon women demand LDS senators halt Kavanaugh hearings so misconduct allegations

Gary Johnson supports raising Social Security's retirement age to 72.

***Boom. Breaking: Dr. Ford just sent 4 corroborating witness accounts/testimony to Senate Jud. Com*

Seattle-based Dope Magazine sold for $11M to High Times

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/25/18

Sonora flooding damaged more than 200 homes and some will be demolished, officials say

Pro-Life Group Hands Child Toy Fetus At LI Community Event

Pete Sessions, Colin Allred in dead heat for Dallas' 32nd District as Dallas mayor backs Allred

How the Koch brothers built the most powerful rightwing group you've never heard of

Trump is a laughing stock. But if we weren't laughing, we'd be crying

Ex-billionaire Sam Wyly's huge Colorado ranch sells for pennies on the dollar to N. Texas developer

Tropical Storm warnings up for Barbados and St Lucia

'South Park' takes on school shootings in 22nd season debut titled 'Dead Kids'

Brett Kavanaugh's 1982 calender from USA Today

Florida man throws bicycle, then other man off bridge

Ron DeSantis' wobbly campaign is running out of time to show he's ready for big leagues

A South Carolina town braces for Florence's last act: record flooding

Whatever happened to Tom Cotton?

(opinion) While economic growth continues we'll never kick our fossil fuels habit

Grace & Frankie is the greatest !!!!

The Russian Trolls are really pushing Kavenaugh on Twitter

For the first time, I 100% agree with Trump

Do you know why GOPrs say that the Kavanaugh revelations are a political hit-job by Democrats...

Former Chief Financial Officer of Bankrate Inc. Sentenced- Orchestrating a Complex (Fraud Scheme)

Trump is a laughing stock. But if we weren't laughing, we'd be crying

Hospital Chain Will Pay Over $260 Million to Resolve False Billing and Kickback Allegations

South Carolina still drowning.

GOP Plays Chicken With Brett Kavanaugh Nomination - The Last Word - MSNBC

The jetty at Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington NC (pic)

Steyer to Spend Millions Backing Gillum in Florida

Will the 6 Dem Men yield to the 4 Dem Women on the Committee.

Kavanaugh's Yale Classmates Remember Him as 'a Sloppy Drunk'

National Voter Registration Day - (Cool Video)

National Voter Registration Day - (Cool Video)

GOP Plan - Leave The Country Fatally Broken So Democrats Can't Fix. Then Obstruct Any Action.

Hilarious TED Talk - James Veitch & spam email

Wednesday TOONs - Unreality Jail-O KAValclade

Vern "New Yacht Tax Cut" Buchanan (R-FL) Shows His Deep Concern Re. Red Tides Blahblahblah

How Long Before Police Turn Their Guns On Anti GOP/Trump Protesters? They Are Not On Our Side.

Congratulations on making it to another Wednesday!

2014. 2018.

How about all the Dems yield their time

"Right to lifers" give young child fetus doll at fall festival

'People actually laughed at a president': At U.N. speech, Trump suffers the fate he always feared

TFW you think you're the "experienced sex-crimes prosecutor" hired as "investigative staff counsel"

Rudy Giuliani Photographed With White Nationalist Mayoral Candidate

Finally! Sunlight on why -45 pushing for speed on Kav!!

Hold Kavanaugh to his Own Standard for Bill Clinton, and Take Him Apart Piece by Painful Piece

The Fox News interview shows that Kavanaugh is receiving poor legal advice.

Good morning all you Wednesday morning dancers! Go cut y'alls rugs!

No Laughing Matter: U.N. Speech Shows Trump Thinks He's the Boss of Everyone - Spencer Ackerman

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford offers Senate four people who corroborate her assault claims

Kavanaugh's 'choir boy' image on Fox interview rankles former Yale classmates

Judge Asks If 'America First' Is Code for Racial Hostility

Democrats in the dark on eve of historic Kavanaugh hearing

Florence's Toxic Toll Can Be Laid Directly At The Feet Of NC GOP And NC GOP Voters

GOP ground game focuses on abortion to turn out base

WTF? EPA Puts Head Of Office Of Children's Health Protection On Administrative Leave - NYT

Feinstein: Kavanaugh misled about grand jury secrecy in Vince Foster probe

"I don't have to change my behavior to accommodate anybody."

Is it possible for the Democrats to sit people in the

Federal judge asks whether Trump's 'America First' agenda is being used to camouflage racial animus

Avenatti: I wasn't scammed

China Moving Rapidly Away From Coal Power . . . Oh, Wait: Study Shows 259 GW Of New Plants Underway

The world didn't just laugh at Trump yesterday; they laughed at us---

Democrats have leads in Rust Belt states that Trump won: Reuters poll

The Rundown: September 25, 2018

20% Of Damage From Florence's Storm Surge Directly Attributable To Sea Level Rise

Which one today?

Mika torches Mitch McConnell over 'female assistant' remark: 'Incapable of being respectful to women

August 2018 Atmospheric CO2 Content 406.99 ppm; August 2017 405.07; August 2016 402.25

Mika: 'World Is Laughing' at Trump and America 'Has Become the Butt of a Big Joke'

"They don't care about us enough to hate us. We are simply a form of livestock."

Fox "News" edits out U.N. laughing its collective ass off at Trump's "greatest EVAH" claims

Another Florence-related death reported in Craven County

The Kinks - A Well Respected Man

Unbelievable: New ALEC President Literally Says "(We) Do Not Comment On Climate Change"

TheDailyDon: Day 613: In which a copper-toned klannish clown gets the reception he deserves.

From tragedy to farce: How world leaders learned to laugh at Trump

BTRTN: Sorry, Trump's Approval Rating is Not Declining; But Kavanaugh's is Dropping Like a Stone

Cartoon: the past is the past

Nikki Haley: The U.N. "loves to be with" Trump..."standing room only!" Media was "disrespectful!"

BTRTN: Sorry, Trump's Approval Rating is Not Declining; But Kavanaugh's is Dropping Like a Stone

When asked about the laughter at the UN Assembly, Trump said that he expected it

WOW!!!!! An "unnamed world leader" told Nikki Haley that impeaching Trump is a "bad idea." WOW!!!!

for trump, it is ALL about him - hubris, and ego...

The burden of proof and Kavanaugh

A new report estimates that more than 380,000 people have died in South Sudan's civil war

Kavanaugh Calendar: Apparently he didn't eat, sleep, shower, dress, or go to school in June.

ALEC Position On Global Warming (With Translation)

VIDEO: Ted Cruz Chased Out of Fancy Restaurant by Protesters

Insanity or Ignorance? Trump Urged Spain to "Build Wall" Across Sahara Desert

here where-Rachel Mitchell-justifies giving a slap on the wrist to a church man for #sexualabuse

Republicans are adopting Trump's tactics in Kavanaugh battle

Some thoughts and questions I'm having this morning re Avenatti and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

They say, "he doesn't deserve this," as if she does.

He knows how to deal with life's little obstacles.

Not one republican senator will ask a question of Dr. Ford. Supreme Cowards.

Democrats May Be Putting More Seats In Play

McConnell projects confidence but doesn't have the votes for Kavanaugh yet

Bredesen Says He Won't Back Schumer for Majority Leader

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Pancake 🥞 Day 🥞!😋

New Yorker October 10 issue: How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trump

Anonymous Writer Could Get Huge Book Deal

Just now at the U.N. trump calls kavanaugh 'a gem'

David Cay Johnston: FCC Gives Telecoms $3 Billion In Annual Corporate Welfare

Donald Trump has not changed - America has changed.

***NBC News poll: Ohio gubernatorial race tied, Brown leads big in Senate race***

Comic-Snips: Legion Flight Ring

Top 50 Graphic Novels: #45-41

In a Culture of Privilege and Alcohol at Yale, Her World Converged With Kavanaugh's

Christian school teacher charged with sex crimes against student

Scumbag Tucker Carlson to Rape Victims....."You're part of the problem."

Trump's attacks on Kavanaugh's second accuser show why the GOP hired a woman to question Ford

Iowa's Water Growing Steadily More Toxic; Since 1999, Nitrogen Content In Rivers Up Nearly 50%

Why US public transportation is so bad -- and why Americans don't care

Former Maine priest pleads guilty to sexual assault of boy

Trump: I would've pushed Kavanaugh confirmation 'a lot faster'

Acorn TV

Ramirez's Lawyer Said She Is Willing To Testify, Possibly Without FBI Probe

As Accusations Mount, Three More Yalies Retract Support From Kavanaugh

3 Yale Classmates Turn: INVESTIGATE HIM

Robert Mueller must be allowed to finish his investigation.

In Detailed Letters, Friends Recall Years-Ago Conversations With Blasey Ford About Alleged Attack

Judging from what I see in General Discussion this morning I think it would be a good time

Has anyone mention any other Kavanaughty's other calendars?

Rachel Mitchell cannot be hired without Sen. Feinstein?

The justices decided to hear the case one day after Kennedy announced his retirement

Deputy press secretary Raj Shah plans to leave White House after Kavanaugh confirmation hearings

Your Mission For Today....

Michigan Gov race: Yo, Schuette: You're running against Whitmer, not Granholm

If Fed Raises Rates, Signals Weaker Economy To Come Due To Trade Wars

tRump, is such a joke. The whole world is laughing at him and he still doesn't get it. n/t

We are not going to win over the older voters- *I meant Republican voters

I am so relating

MSNBC reporter visits small town voters: what they tell him should terrify the GOP

Brett Kavanaugh's calendar from 1982

Air Force squadron spends $56,000 on metal coffee cups

Fox & Friends try to control damage after Kilmeade rants in defense of Kavanaugh's teenage behavior

Four people to corroborate Kavanaugh accusations

No matter our positions in society or how respected we are in our own communities

What anal retentive person keeps a calendar from his high-school days??

Report: Global trade war would hurt US the most

Hands off Rod Rosenstein

Rachel Mitchell....experienced sex-crime prosecutor to interrogate Dr. Ford for republicans

Because they are cowards

Yeah, that's it!

House Rating Changes: Five More Races Move Towards Democrats

Trump is leading his first UN Security Council meeting at this moment.

Trump at UN now - Did the Chinese rep just yawn at Trump?

At the Security Council, the mushroom just accused China of hacking the 2018 elections

Majority of Americans oppose Kavanaugh nomination if Ford's allegation is true, poll says

Where is Avenatti's client? Did she change her mind? I would not blame her after way the other

McMaster confirms the Cohn-paper theft anecdote and calls it "appropriate" for him to have done.

Anyone examining RMitchell's work with sherrif Joe Arpaio? Why HER?

BREAKING - Deposition of Julie Swetnick (Kavanaugh's new accuser)

Remember "Hooked On Phonics?"

Avenatti strikes again

Here is Avenatti's client:

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Visits The U.N.

Avenatti tweet: Here is a picture of my client, Julie Swetnick.

Avenatti just delivered. It provides affadavit of woman he is

****BREAKING**** Avenatti Delivers (With affidavit of Julie Swetnick) Harrowing !!!

The Trumpanistas are getting more and more ridiculouser than ever

The monster is being fed at the UN. This ego stoking experience will embolden him

Avanetti made his twitter public again and has the 3rd woman.

Avenatti is showing the Democrats in congress how to fight the Republicans.

Mike Pence, Star Witness

IWC rejects Japan's commercial whaling bid!

When Tonedeafness Is Your Business Model...


At this very moment: All hell is breaking loose in newsrooms everywhere.

Kavanaugh calendar corroborates Avenatti accusations - "Beach Week"

Wise advice from Frank Schaeffer.

SILENCE From MSM Regarding Accuser Avanatti Announced Today

Washington Post: Trump tells UN China is trying to interfere with U.S. midterms

Rare WWI and WWII photos - Some rather graphic

Go ahead, Hold that vote on Friday, fuckers:"No need for any FBI investiation"

55 minutes to Amy Klobuchar to question her. 55 minutes to Kamala Harris to question him

"The Nazis understand everything except humour." - Mary Berg

The Deplorables Really Had a Great Laugh Yesterday that 4Chan had Punked Avenatti

Why is MSNBC covering Melania Trump's speech at the UN

Trump accuses China of meddling in midterms at UN

New Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick details parties where she says girls were drugged and raped

Fox's Brian Kilmeade gets pounded on Twitter after he defends teen attempted rape

Avenatti just used 20 mins of the VIEW live...

MSNBC Just Announced Avenatti Accuser's Story

MSNBC just broke report on 3rd Kavanaugh victim to come forward (this woman represented by Avenatti)

The Concourse: Brett Kavanaugh Is A Man The Right Can Get Behind

Avenatti on the View

A collection of collective nouns - Interesting art and wording

It's official, we are the laughingstock of the world

Nikki Haley: Laughter at Trump at the United Nations was prompted by respect for his 'honesty'


House Speaker Ryan says Trump has promised to sign spending bill, averting a shutdown

Google & Tweet Her Name, Julie Swetnick

I don't care what any of you say -- AVENATTI IS A HERO

2 Corroborating Witnesses - Kavanaugh Involved In Attacks

Cook Political Report moves five House districts in our direction

What do fake moralists like Ben Sasse think about latest Kavanaugh allegations?

Once again

Love to See How the Media is Parsing-Did Kavanaugh Participate in the Gang Rapes or Just Watch?


MSNBC talking heads making big mistake in noting she was " present" during

Even if confirmed, Brett Kavanaugh is not off the hook.......

Trump Accuses China (Not Russia) Of Midterm Election Meddling In UN Remarks

Grassley's lawyers are reviewing the document

Trump Says US Embassy Jerusalem Move Was 'A Big Chip' Delivered To Israel

Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC and CBS are running with Avenatti bombshell

Jehovah's Witnesses decide world is ending, kidnap neighbours while naked

Three of Kavanaugh's victims have come forward, but will it be enough

what galls me is how republicans can't even allow a sliver of conditional doubt.

Just a thought...

Avenatti is NO DOUBT the person HRC needed in 2016 when 60% of her coverage was about emails!!!

CNN currently refusing to state the "gang rape" and drugging allegations...

Brave, Brave Julie Swetnick.

A nice little checklist that details the destruction of the Republican Party...

Judicial Crisis Network spokeswoman is a stuttering mess

Carrie Severino, right wing hack on MSNBC

"New Accuser Claims Gang Rape" - headline in red on Drudge

Mrs. Kavanaugh - Perhaps it's time to D-I-V-O-R-C-E

Illinois 12 is a toss up on Real clear politics now

Where the hell were these kids' parents?

So now we know why all the sudden attacks on Avenatti

Rare Tree Kangaroo Reappears After Vanishing for 90 Years

Can a sitting Supreme Court Judge be impeached?

And when was the last time a seal slapped you in the face with an octopus?

Republican Jesus:

Even if they push Kavanaugh's confirmation through, the GOP should be FURIOUS

You gotta believe Clarence Thomas

New Florida Governor Poll

Mexican military disarm entire police force in resort city of Acapulco 'corrupted by drug gangs'

How long before Kavanaugh withdraws from being a Supreme Court Nominee?

I attended a private university during the late 70s - early 80s

Andrea Mitchell argues that 3rd accuser didn't go to elite school,

Paxton takes a stand for Cy-Fair ISD in case of student who sat for Pledge of Allegiance

Re: Kavanaugh's calender

THEY PUBLISHED MY LETTER TODAY: I was a rape victim 4 sep times by 4 different men

With all that is happening right now with Kavanaugh and Drumpt I am reminded

I think the Kavanaugh nomination will be withdrawn.

Kasie Hunt just now reported on MSNBC that yesterday McConnell didn't have 50 votes

Paxton takes a stand for Cy-Fair ISD in case of student who sat for Pledge of Allegiance

Why the U.S. needs three more states.

I'm sorry, but WTF is the "Doctrine of Patriotism", again?

What Bill and Hillary are thinking right at this moment...

Mark Judge is going to have to "not remember" most of

What if they nominated Kavanaugh precisely BECAUSE they knew he's a swine?

Revealed: What Erik Prince and Moscow's Money Man Discussed in That Infamous Seychelles Meeting

I graduated from university in the early 80's.

"Virginia voter registration stats for 2018 so far: 172,116 new voter regs."

And this on the heels of Bill Cosby's sentancing whch dominated yesterday's news

Assley says "moving forward with hearing tomorrow"

Bernie Sanders: Kavanaugh accusers 'have risked their lives to come forward'

Hold Kavanaugh to His Own Standard for Bill Clinton

Wow. Texas voter registration shows 1.6 million new voters since the last midterm elections in 2014.

Guess which party was in the majority...

Crack in beam shuts down San Francisco's new $2B terminal

Kavanaugh accuser lines up evidence ahead of hearing

Democrats have 5 minutes each

Good news y'all: the House has passed a measure to recognize "the importance of lumberjack sports."

WH releases new statement from Judge Brett Kavanaugh on @MAvennati client:

Go Ahead Republicans - Install Someone on SCOTUS Who Could Be Blackmailed!

Deny, deny, deny......

Kavanaugh nomination: Judge says he is victim of 'character assassination' as third woman comes forw

GOP is already poised to lose 25 percent of its female elected officeholders in Midterms.

Reminder: Kavakaugh lied under oath

Chuck Schumer: "Judge Kavanaugh should withdraw from consideration."

At the hearing tomorrow

Party Scene: Quaaludes, Coke, Booze & Sex! 'Boyz Will Be Boyz? '1980s, 90s

A massive surge in 18-24 year old voters has been the driving force of our voter reg momentum

Fox news logic thus far

Rick Wilson is wrong. The GOP can never cleanse itself of Trumpism, even if he's gone. Here's why:

Bombshell from Seth Abramson:

David Corn called Mark Judge's attorney

But wait, how could Kavanaugh have been involved in gang rape

Their only issue is the economy.

The Twit tweets: Avenatti is a third rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations...

Boom, Red Don ... FOR THE FIRST TIME ... Goes after Basta Man ... lets get it on !!

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Bullish on Weed Street?

Avenatti explains the timing of explosive new Kavanaugh 'gang rape' allegations to MSNBC

Trump's GOP: Come for the racism ... Stay for the gang rapes

Julie Swetnick witnessed Brett Kavanuagh on line in a "train."

Cats rescued from fire - Denmark and Russia contrasts

I went to an all male college with a lot of dudes that went to private schools in Richmond VA...

Velshi and Ruhle - thank goodness

I wonder what Jeff Flake has to say:

Case Histories

After Trump's tweet about him, Avenatti responds with brutal takedown.

He's done right? This has to be it.

"Keep your mind above your belt buckle."

What will happen with Kavanaugh's nomination?

In honor of his fellow Arizonan, I'm halfway expecting that Jeff Flake pulls a John McCain

1st Step - No seat on SC for Kavanaugh, 2nd Step -

It's 4th down, 4th quarter, the GOP is behind by 5, 65 yards from the end zone with 30 seconds left

I thought tRump was against gangbangers

On calling Senators. I called both my ah, esteemed Senators this

Trump to Take Over Defense of Kavanaugh

In your view, how are the Democrats doing on this Kavanaugh thing?

"What happens at Georgetown Prep STAYS at Georgetown Prep."

If Brett Kavanaugh is REALLY the wholesome, noble "choir boy" he says he is,

Avenatti responds to POTUS

Collins says she's taking gang rape allegations 'very seriously'

Back on Earth...reality sinks in

Kudos to Dr. Rachel Maddow for her sensitivity.

***Breaking*** SenJeffMerkley just filed a federal injunction to stop the Kavanaugh Vote.

FLAKE Whataboutism.

Why do some people manage to get and stay clean and sober and others don't?

All 10 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are calling on Trump to withdraw the Kavanaugh

I just got this email from my alumni association:

Jeff Flake is a blithering idiot

All 10 Senate Judiciary Democrats to Trump - withdraw Kavanaugh or reopen FBI investigation

Today's 5 PM EDT presidential press conference will be interesting if it is not cancelled.

WWII Bombs Had Rippling Effect on the Edge of Space

Sen. Graham is a scum bag!

Sometimes a brawl is what you need

Kavanaugh's 'Choir Boy' Image on Fox News Rankles Former Yale Classmates

The Twit tweets: China is actually placing propaganda ads in the Des Moines Register and other paper

Judicial Crisis Network On Kavanaugh Allegations: 'We Have To Look Into This Further'

The Republicans want a dictator

Imagine someone going through life thinking there would be no consequences for his own actions...

We can't waste Avenattis talents - let's make him DNC Chair.

Hey To Those Attacking Avenatti Around Here...

Can I get a retweet?

***WOW*** A RATED QUINNIPIAC POLL-Gillium 54% DeTrumpis 45%

Tell me, again

Can we just have the Kavanaughty pictures please?!

Flake starts out speech on Senate floor equalizing Kavanaugh and his accusers

Cecile Richards: I Testified Before Congress--Here's What I Want Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to Know

How many more women...

Avenatti for the win--drops the gloves on Trump:

maybe we can knock off the bastard brooks even walker want him out

If the accusations are a 'CON' as the 'president' says, there is the simplest of solutions.

Hey Kav!...Is this character assassination or character suicide?

Can you feel it? Its coming...

The Female Face of Men's Misogyny

Find a SOLIDARITY SPEAKOUT event near you for Thursday 9-27-18 to support Dr Christine Blasey Ford

The Female Face of Men's Misogyny

Fed hikes by a quarter-point

The Female Face of Men's Misogyny

Fed lifts interest rates, no longer says policy is 'accommodative'

Brett Kavanaugh: third woman accuses Supreme Court nominee of sexual misconduct

Didn't allegations like this bring down a sitting US senator last year?

Trump is bloviating about the kavanaugh hearings from the UN again.

Federal Reserve increases interest rates, defying Trump as it backs off stimulus efforts

For those who imbibe

Court nominee Kavanaugh calls recent allegations 'last minute smears'

Avenatti; At least Putin is a fan...

Gretchen Whitmer's sister releases "attack ad" 🤣

BLOTUS is attacking Avenatti live on air now! He's just short of yelling!

1600 men signed a full-page NYT ad today in support of Christine Blasey Ford

Merkley to seek injunction to stop Kavanaugh vote

John Flannery: Avenatti should get a medal

Chuck Grassley leaves door open to postpone Brett Kavanaugh vote

Human rights and aid groups alarmed by Trump's U.N. address

White House incompetent...

Will Tourism Ruin the Rainbow Mountain of Peru?

Fed likely to raise rates, possibly end stimulus era

Trump gets foreign policy lashing at U.N. meeting


New MA-GOV poll (WBUR): Baker (R) +44

Pelosi gains ground in bid to become speaker

Dearest Lindsey:

President Clueless speaks...

Trump is holding a Press Conference at 5pm est. today. The Circus will be in town.

KNaughty's Lawyer to Join Katy Tur on MSNBC coming next !!!

One of the panel on Live With Katy Tur actually just named the club Kav was a member of...

Republicans start to pull plug on members

Judge Kavenaugh, I only have one question for you

Nice warm trip at taxpayers expense...

Flake to visit New Hampshire amid 2020 speculation

The defense today is "I don't know who she is."

I wonder if BK has a sealed juvenile record. At the hearing, someone should ask him.

Are all three women lying....Pin Drop

I know what you did that summer

Top Dem compares Kavanaugh to disgraced Hollywood producer Weinstein

I'm not a fan of Avenatti...

Avenatti hits back at Trump, calls him 'habitual liar and complete narcissist'

Trump blasts China for placing 'propaganda' insert in Iowa newspaper

*Potential Democratic Pickup Alert * PA 7 Wild (Democrat ) 50% Northstein (Trumpist) 42%

Trump administration probes complaint that Yale discriminates against Asian-Americans

Katy Tur much better interview than Blitzer

Mud is slung while 8th District candidates try to keep clean

I wonder what kind of music Kavanaugh liked in high school?

Judge's ex girlfriend says he is lying:

Institutional Corruption....The Big Con

NEW: Dr. Ford's lawyers have just released her polygraph report.

Bill Cosby convicted for sexual assault

Oh Lawrence, you are funny

Pressed to pick between a food tax we fear or power we value

Warren Buffett: More Winning....

Kavanaugh Sobering Up After 35-Year Bender Shocked To Find Out He's Supreme Court Nominee

Do Republicans Have the Votes to Confirm Kavanaugh?

Randy Rainbow song parody "A Very Stable Genius"

Phone lines at Grassley offices too busy to answer

Avenatti is winning the media war...I have no idea what happened at UN today..

** Kavarapist and Trump tanking in new poll **

Dan Rather on FB today!

Hatch on new Kavanaugh accusations: 'I don't think we should put up with it'

KAVANAUGH! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody ("Camelot")

Black Female Lawmaker in Vermont Resigns After Racial Harassment.

With all that's happened, what are the odds the broadcast networks carry the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing?

New Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh Involve Drugs and Gang Rape

I Have an Idea: Let's Ban All Elephants from the Washington DC Circus.

Hatch on new Kavanaugh accusations: 'I don't think we should put up with it'

"Blacks for Trump" Founder Banned From Bankruptcy Court for Abusing System

"Oh Donny Boy" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

"We hired a female assistant"

After Outcry, Virginia Reverses Tampon Ban for Visitors to Prisons.

I'm thinking Trump wishes he were Putin right now...

Can anyone remember anything like our current politics?

Why isn't Kavenaugh the one calling for a thorough investigation?

Lindsey Graham is a disgusting creature

Democrats Demand Kavanaugh Withdraw After Third Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Emails suggest Republicans gerrymandered Michigan to weaken 'Dem garbage'

Lawmakers demand Pompeo take a stand on 'genocide' in Myanmar

Everyone At U.N. Watching Trump Speak Can't Believe They Used To Consider U.S. A Superpower

Feinstein and Murkowski ... "this is just between us"

Judiciary Committee Reviews New Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Kavanaugh

Who should be fired at NPR?

The Single Best Thing to Cook With Chicken Breasts

In 1990, WaPo wrote an article re: Georgetown Prep and the problem of unsupervised parties

Kavanaugh Lawyer Blames New Accuser Julie Swetnick for Not Reporting Alleged Gang Rapes

Republican Women Lose Faith in Kavanaugh -- and Trump -- After Week of Accusations

Avenatti Hits Back At Trump, Calls Him 'Habitual Liar and Complete Narcissist'

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

Florida Invalidates More Absentee Ballots From Black, Young Voters

Area Headmasters warn parents of student parties (1990)

Avenatti and his client should appear on MSNBC today. Maybe with Rachel.

Montgomery Co (MD) Gen Assembly's ltr to Police Chief/State Atty demanding Kavanaugh investigation

Aides saying this could be the end of the line for Kavanaugh.

What's in the woodwork...

The five nation grand bargain...!

Sean Hannity is talking really really fast

In my opinion, if Kavanaugh has drinking problem?

Avenatti 2020?

Avenatti Breath of Fresh Air

I Would Directly Attack Grassley, Hatch, McConnell & Brand Them As Racist, Misogynist & Bigoted.

Yale classmates of kavanaugh are disputing his 'choir boy' image....

Did Avenatti just rattle the Republicans' nerves

I've been hearing from a number of quarters that Trump is "on the attack", but...

Daily Beast: What Erik Prince and Moscow's money man discussed in the Seychelles meeting.

I dont understand Republican thinking.

It is called passive aggressive behavior....

MSNBC reporting on Trump's allegation that China is trying to influence the November elections

''Trump and Judge Kavanaugh have two options.''

All 10 Dems on the Judiciary Cmte send Trump a letter: "Withdraw this nomination"

So, it's not fair to "the process" or to Kavanaugh to delay his confirmation vote for a week or so

7 Holton alums recently shared their experiences of sexual assault with Vanity Fair

Maybe means nothing but Dow has dropped off sharply in last few hours.

"We didn't call it rape" - a woman's account of her HS years, published 2 days ago in "Slate"

"He's a high quality person. Hopefully he'll be there for a long time. He's a young man."

'He is not Cosby ' keep digging Lindsey

Trump says GOP smearing assault victim shows how 'respectful' they are

Odd how the concern trolls are out in force telling everyone as many reasons as they can

a Trump supporter on MSNBC told her daughters that men groping women is "no big deal"

I just received a text "this is your president..

Avenatti to trump, grassley and graham

Imagine for one second, Obama's man Holder was up for SC and this crap came out about HIM....

This is what he know for sure about Mr. Kavanaugh..

Avenatti: Are you three privileged white men calling my client a liar!

Just a thought, but if you're gonna have a woman question the women...

They Weren't Laughing At tRump At The UN


In Vietnam When The VC/NVA Went Low We Responded. The GOP Is At War With US. We Need To Respond.

Kavanaugh is a liar. This is provable. Why not emphasize that?

Devin Nunes thinks Trump is part of a conspiracy -- against Trump

Lindsey Graham latest defense of Brett Kavanaugh is that "he's not Bill Cosby."

Michael Avenatti won in suit against Trump in the mid 2000s.

Taking a break from work for a quick observation.

Long overdue Gunney....

Democratic Senators Need To Quit Verbal Hitting W/Glove. Use Verbal Baseball Bat.

Nancy pelosi took impeachment "off the table" can we trust her with the impeachment of trump

Party Over Gender

Who wrote trumps UNGA speech yesterday? thanks in advance

Trump endorses separate Palestinian state as goal of Mideast peace talks

Trump: Japan's PM so pure that he can't be accused of rape, like Kavanaugh.

Yes Republicans, this is what a sane President would say...

Assume we win the Senate. Do we have the political capital to stop Trump's next nominee for 2 years?

GOP congressman: Sexual assault shouldn't keep you off Supreme Court


Is this the GOP's new bar for a Supreme Court nominee?

What magic number of Kavanaugh accusers are needed?

GOP Say Will Confirm Kavanaugh No Matter What. It Is Fuck You America.

Betsy Woodruff: Erik Prince in the Seychelles details

It May Come Down to Pence

Meanwhile, in other Senate Committee on the Judiciary news:

Westboro Church plans to disrupt my high school alma mater's homecoming. Nobody knows why


"We're borrowing money from China to pay our farmers to not sell their crops to China" (bailout)

Bolivia's president read Trump a history of U.S. foreign policy failures. Trump says "Thank you"

WATCH: Trump supporter tells her daughters boys groping girls is 'no big deal'

The first few weeks of my diet have been spent

Jim Jefferies - Why Do Republicans Keep Supporting Kavanaugh?

Trump: GOP could have pushed Kavamaugh through two-and-a-half weeks ago

If Only Our Senators Spoke Like Mr. Avenatti

GOP senator warns female investigator may 'go catwoman' on Christine Blasey Ford

Trump Court Nominee Kavanaugh Denies Accusation Of Third Woman


Mark Judge's girlfriend is prepared to speak to FBI

Mom who lost 2 sons in 1 day to opioids: Give kids a life-saving exit strategy

Universal Health Care

Judicial Crisis Network not standing firm by Kavanaugh...

Brett had what one could only be called an unhealthy obsession with the Clintons, especially Hillary

Trump to hold solo news conference

Pierce: You Can Expect to Hear the Phrase 'There's No Definitive Proof' a Lot Over the Next Few Day

Historian Identifies Subject of Van Gogh's "Gardener"

Bizarre Grassley tweet: "experienced fed agents on detail from ATF+ICE" are investigating

Every time MSNBC's very calm, quiet Chuck Rosenberg starts speaking

There Were 1 Billion Monarch Butterflies. Now There Are 93 Million.

Skripal poisoning suspect identified as decorated Russian GRU colonel: investigative group

Funny isn't the GOP is wailing about ruining Kavanaugh's life...

Barbara Comstock needs to be voted out.

Trump presser coming up -Chances he uses the W word or B Word ?

High School Vice Principal

Called Grassley's DC office 2X, DM, Davenport and CR and get no answer

Mueller spotted at Georgetown Apple store

The Republicans' Big Hire for the Kavanaugh Hearing Is Fooling No One

Zimbabwe's president offered Trump land for a golf course with a view of wildlife

Trump Has Hit Avenatti With A Horrible Slur

Feds Accuse Pension Manager of Pocketing Millions from Disabled-Services Nonprofit

Kavanaugh; Another disqualification...

Southwest chicken salad ritz crackers on side

There is a Happy Story now in the a way it is Good News. Yes..

The guy behind Orrin the terrible is the puppet master holding his body up....

Trump administration appeals ruling striking down anti-union orders

I don't know brain and heart

"Can't believe this needs to be said but please don't let Pres Pussy Grab appoint Justice Gang Rape"


Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-13: Wheel Of Corruption & The Half Blood Prince Edition

Trump press conference running thread...

This ain't a rally dipshit

Brooklyn man busted for racially fueled assaults on three white men in three days

(Jewish Group) Self-Proclaimed 'Hebrew Hammer' Josh Rosen To Start As QB For Cardinals

Julie Swetnick's 10 most explosive accusations:

Trump could drink a 55 gal drum of truth serum...

Gay activist Zak Kostopoulos lynched to death in Greece

Rudy Giuliani Photographed With White Nationalist Mayoral Candidate

I'm so tired of this asshole.

Now is not the to time to "go wobbly"; not the time for hedging bets or keeping

(Jewish Group) Adelaide man not guilty of encouraging others to kill Jews

Recap of the absurd....

Oh he's going to blow this thing up bigly. "They laugh like hell."

Senate panel to interview Kavanaugh over new allegations

hey trump, republicans wouldn't approve Obama's judges, you fucking idiot.

he called Avenadi's witness ....."That beauty"

Kavanaugh accuser's polygraph results conclude her account is 'not indicative of deception'

RMitchell is prosecutor. Isn't she supposed to try to break down perp, NOT victim?

I despise him.

Here is Christine Blasey Ford's written testimony for tomorrow

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 26, 2018

"Why is it you always seem to side with the accused, rather than the accuser?" - Jim Acosta

Trump: US Steel is opening "a minimum of 8 plants." (FACT CHECK: NO NEW PLANTS announced. NONE)

Trump just said he'd "rather have a republican" accused child molester than a Democrat

Of course...his mom a prosecutor in Montgomery county...

Trump On Kavanaugh Allegations: 'These Are False Accusations In Certain Cases'

Texas state senator accused of sexting grad student, sending penis pic

I can't wait to watch this POS go down in flames!

Panicked Spox For Group Backing Kavanaugh Struggles To Maintain Support

I'm meeting with a bunch of countries tomorrow

Is someone giving him direction through an earpiece perhaps?

Ok, I give!

Biggest asshole in modern times.

President Obama might just well have been a million years ago.

Trump 'went off' on French President Emmanuel Macron in New York meeting

Already seeing memes about the THIRD accuser on Facebook

WAPO: Mark Judge's Ex-Girlfriend Is Willing to Testify

BULLSHIT!!! JUST SHUT UP! Fuck him. Fuck him. Fuck him...

Mark Judges gf prepared to speak to the FBI about group sex episodes.

This press conference is the biggest Con job of

Can he be sued for lying about the women who have declared Trump assualted them?

Ted Cruz is what's wrong with Texas politics


Ask Mr. Pillsbury. Chinese PM respects Trumps large, very large

"The President of China has very very much respect for my very very large brain..."

Police arrest suspect in alleged anti-gay attack in Brooklyn

Reaction To Trump Speech


Has Trump finally slipped his last cog? I'm watching his presser and he is making Sarah Palin sound


Funniest, most-deranged tRump impersonation EVER on TV RIGHT NOW!

Check in here if you are trying not to say something that would get you a Secret Service visit

This might be what we have been waiting for.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I am guessing there is a reason why Trump doesn't have very many news conferences?

Can't they just say he has no business as president?

Can you imagine what the comediennes will do with this insane presser?!

who the fuck thought we were going to war?

Make it stop! Make it stop!

He thinks he stopped WWIII

Text of opening statement from Dr. Ford for Thursday's hearing,

...because upholding the control over women's bodies is the key...

Can DUers who are sympathetic to those who just could not watch him, summarize?

Any minute now he's going to get this going

Avenatti: HOW DARE YOU ?!!

Man with terminal cancer holds yard sales for funeral costs


Did Trump seriously blame the backup on federal judge appointments on Obama being lazy?

Vegetarian elephant bird weighing almost a tonne named world's largest

Reminder: Trump's doing the press conference b/c he thinks it will HELP

Cook Political Report Moves Texas Senate race to Toss Up

Mrs. Betty Bowers' tips on how to spot a low life with no morals.

Cook Political Report Moves Texas Senate race to Toss Up

He just said he "had 52% of women."

Trump said he won women with 52%, but he lost 54-41

I cannot wait for Lawrence O'D's show tonight

DC restaurant: We've received death threats after Cruz, wife forced out by protesters

Twilight Zone...Bully in Chief...

Dr. Ford's fellow alumnae from Hoton-Arms school sign letter supporting her.

KURD are really really great fighters ... but no answer ... wtf

Shit house rats want a rebuttal. n/t

Is this Trump's revenge for being laughed at?

I really think Trumpy just implied that the Kav accusations are legit

I'd hate to be a fact checker for this presser

Watching this F'ing maniac is downright scary!

Stephen King describes Dotard's jaw-dropping press conference perfectly.

He's enjoying this so much. Nobody ever talks to him at home

Bat shit insane crazy. Press conference still going on....


Is anyone playing the drinking game during this lie fest?

He said Obama was going to nuke the Korean Peninsula...

He Keeps Interupting The Questioner And Won't Let Them......

Both the same? No real difference between them?

What about the strawberries?

Texas Attorney General Defends Law Forcing Kids To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

Obama derangement syndrome....he'll never be one-tenth the Man Obama is.

Does anybody know who Mr. Pilsbury is?

Listening to NYT "The Daily" - about the Thomas Hill hearing. My wife and I are so angry, nauseous

Good lord, listening to POTUS presser is making me

FUCK! I can't listen to the moron any more.

Jim Acosta asks Trump to call on a female reporter after calling on only men; Trump doesn't get why

America if you are listening...

Is This For Real?

The biggest lie!

the proverbial train wreck - can't stop watching

The cherry tree thingy....Fake news

He actually just said that people were not laughing at him but with him.

Chelsea Handler FTW !!

Your Fortunate if you did not watch it?

Trump Says He's Open to Keeping Rosenstein at Justice Dept.

Feinstein accuses Kavanaugh of violating grand jury secrecy laws...

There oughta be a law

This is the second time during trumps newsy that he is bringing up a story about how no

SPLC: Top 10 moments from the 2018 Values Voter Summit

So I was listening to this train wreck in my car...

Please make it stop !! n/t

Trump smears George Washington!:

After this debacle, they will all think of the 25th Amendment!

I feel like I'm in the common room

LOL! Sign Language


Will the Anonymous writer step forward!?

Did he basically come out and say he's going to nuke NK

I am becoming increasingly convinced, by things like today, that

We have surpassed Mencken. We have surpassed the Marx Brothers. We have surpassed Monty Python...

No Questions About Putin & Russia.....

One more thing to add to Mueller obstructions list....Fire Rod...

Anyone else think Rosenstein was just ahead of his time?

King Solomon of Saudi Arabia

Trump derangement syndrome

Trump Says He 'Could Be Persuaded' By Kavanaugh Hearing Thursday


I am so sad tonight.

Are we watching history being made right now! I hope to God that this will bring this

After this press conference, anyone thinking of invoking the 25th Amendment??

"Soybeans are going up"

Republican Scott Wagner....Losing money in the stock market...???

READ: Christine Blasey Ford's Opening Statement For Senate Hearing

It's like a bad movie, "Idiocracy, Live and Uncut!"

After this performance, I have a wardrobe tip for the mushroom handlers.

What does this moment say to young men

now he's schooling us on how to end a rock show. don't do an encore.

Trump now making clear he thinks women are liars.

Pence....the hate group lover....

It's over! nt

After that press conference I don't see how anyone feels safe with Red Don with the button

It is finally over!

Oh Boy! Trumps going to be in my hometown of Wheeling WV this coming Saturday.

Trump Claims Women Are 'Incensed' By Treatment Of Kavanaugh

I'm Totally Exhausted From Listening To Him.....

That last question was a softball of an opportunity to show moral leadership...

This isn't a press conference.

Well, that was quite a reality show


Donald Trump's China tariffs will cost Ford $1 billion, CEO Jim Hackett says

By not answering the question his message to teen boys were

Trump called the Democrats Evil.

The President Of Our Rape Culture

About impeachment...

O M G. That was the most painful presidential news conference. Ever

Shocker! Trump lies about South Korea trade deal and autos.

Just like the 1930s

Lisa Bloom On Free Speech TV. "Bite Them In The Midterms" Quote Of The Day.

Bottom Line:

Jake Tapper Panel RIPS Trump For Holding a News Conference About Kavanaugh's Scandal

Republicans stunned to learn voters understand exactly what their tax cut did

My question for Kavanaughty: how many abortions have you caused?


After watching the Orange Anus on his news conference; what a sick fuck he is. Although that

What time is the hearing on tomorrow?

OMG. A FOURTH woman has come forward. But this happened in 1998.

*Trump Leaves Open Possibility of Withdrawing Kavanaugh Nomination, 80 Min. Presser

Beyond Belief: INBOX: Juanita Broaddrick will be on the Hill tomorrow.

BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Commitee probing new allegation of physical assault against Kavanaugh

What was all that about 4 women getting paid? I don't for a minute...

Avenatti is on Ari by phone n/t

Will Not/Cannot Watch Hearing. Will Be Just Too Furious. Feel For Dr. Ford.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5: II

Who is Mr Pillsbury? Updated

Love Avenatti Quote:

Senate probing new allegation of misconduct against Kavanaugh

Did Jared say shit? After presser?

I Am Ok With Partisan Political Warfare. It Is A Just War Against The GOP & Its Allies.

Avenatti just said they're seriously considering filing CRIMINAL charges against Judge'Kavanaugh.

Kasey Hunt: new anonymous allegation against Kavanaugh being considered by Senators.

Trump Tells Woman Reporter to 'Sit Down' Before She Asks Her Question

Yup, now there's a I bet there will be 5th, 6th, 7th.....


Time for Kavanaugh to withdraw his name from consideration.

*****Victim # 4 ? *****

Judiciary needs to set up a Kavanaugh sexual misconduct hotline to handle the volume of calls!

A new accusation that a drunken Kav slammed a woman against a wall

Can you smell that burning?

Anita Hill, The Most Outrageous Questions Senators Asked In 1991


New name for Brett:

Is it time to start talking 25th Amendment again??


In retrospect, and assuming he's replaced by a Dem, I think Franken's resignation

New allegation against Kavanaugh.

Luckovich-Trump has united the world in laughter


It's "Bad Conceptual Theatre" time!

If Kavenaugh was black he not only would have not even made it to college

A good time to recall the words of the immortal Helen Reddy....

"Kavanaugh one of the highest quality people I've ever met." Trump

Stephen King's tweet, Part Deux 😂

I Want To See GOP Political Blood Gushing In The Streets Now & In November.

Pro-tip: you can sort GD by start time...

IMF increases Argentina bailout package to $57 billion

IMF increases Argentina bailout package to $57 billion

Read this: Wow! First 2 accusations really didn't resonate with Susan Collins

"Press conference" or whatever that was, link via YouTube:

IMF increases Argentina bailout package to $57 billion

First Republican calls for FBI to investigate Kavanaugh

This new allegation sounds fishy to me

Trump called out Bill Clinton for the accusations durning his presidency...

I wonder if Mrs. Kavanaugh is looking for an out yet.

In 1998 when 4th assault occurred, Kavanaugh was a Ken Starr operative.

I have never intentionally or unintentionally sexually assaulted a woman.

Kavenaugh Poll Time

What do you make of Senator Flake's comments?

If Kavanaugh is confirmed I'll be heading to Washington

Trump slams Canada over NAFTA, says rejected Trudeau meeting

Mars orbiter spots silent, dust-covered Opportunity rover as dust storm clears

John Kelly looks humiliated at press conference, obviously embarrassed by the mess

They're going to endorse me

Artist Projects "Brett Kavanaugh Is a Sexual Predator" Onto DC Courthouse

Tsk, tsk Mr. President. You made a bad choice in Kavanaugh. Another bad decision

Dr. Ford appreciation thread

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 27 September 2018

Who Is Lalo On 'Better Call Saul'? This Character Referenced In 'Breaking Bad' Is Going To Cause Maj

Beyonce, the latest female singer to be accused of Witchcraft: an analysis

** I kid you not ** A fifth victim ?

The pattern has been established now with Kavanaugh.

Jill Wine Banks now on Hardball.

Number five.

Trump's bizarre, rambling solo press conference on Kavanaugh...

Didn't Bill Cosby put Quaalude's into the drinks of

I Know It's A Busy News Day But...

For the Glory of Bast, for the Glory of the Sun, the Red Dot will be killed.

What If GOP Push Through Anyway? Once They Put Him On The Court It Is Done.

Jill-Wine-Banks had on brooch.......................tonight on the tweety show........TIMES UP

Matt Schlapp????

If Any Of His Actions Qualify As Crimes...

Ode to Kavanaugh

A most excellent tweet from Stephen King!!!

Go Neera!

Well it's he said, she said

If Kava Goes They Have A Long List Of Other RW Nutcase Assholes To Choose From.

It would just take two GOP Senators

Truth. Repost @dlnodots "...he was just a boy. Must we ruin his whole life?" #stopkavanaugh

Interactive heat map

Neera Tanden kicking Republican ass on Hardball

Brett Kavanaugh is a mean and belligerent drunk.