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2018 US Senate Election Ranking

The Midnight Rider

Trump, the 25th Amendment, . . . . . and my father

Those in CO: Channel 9 (Denver local "NEXT" news program) discussing 4th victim reported to Gardner

So, How's the Federalist Society doing...

The Kav. abuse sounds an awful lot like the Cos. abuse. One is questionable but then the drip drip

Women's March Resisters: 12:00, noon, Nationwide event Thursday.

They weren't laughing at me. They were laughing with me," ...Trump responded

Beware GOP-generated anonymous Kavanaugh "allegations"

Far-right group behind pro-Kavanaugh ad blitz suddenly gets cold feet

Donald Trump should look in the mirror...

Brett Kavanaugh: Here are the women making accusations

John Kelly thought bubble:

"They don't know what to do with Donald's very large brain"

This could all be a Republican trick.

I'm reminded of what we Feminists used to call men who mistreated women this way.

Anyone who watched Trump today ...

Man in 'stand your ground' killing was turning away when shot

NBC will broadcast Ford-Kavanaugh hearing live...

Kavanaugh's gambling trip was on a boat out of Annapolis, and the reported rape

It has been a trying week for the decent people of our country

The 15 red flags you should look out for to tell if someone's a narcissist

Guys from AFP just came to do a survey.

DiFi staring down Murkowski

Democrats need to be careful with anonymous allegations.

Kavanaugh - do we really need ANY accusers?

Ted Cruz Is Using a Black Man's Death to Entice Voters

I wonder if Dr Blasey-Ford should refuse to answer any questions from their

Avenatti calls Trump a 'moron,' challenges him to debate over Kavanaugh sexual assault accusation

So The Cowards Are Going To Have 1 Person Ask All Their Questions?

Through the looking glass.

Trump says he may have to re-schedule meeting with Rosenstein...

Can these women sue Kavanaugh after he is on the Supreme court?

Trump predicts media outlets are 'all going to endorse me'

I am thinking about the parents of all those girls on the basketball team.

If this flaming-fubar-toxic-waste-dumpsterfire-avelanche doesn't give GOP cover to dump frump

Macron Says He'd Welcome U.K. Back to EU If Voters Change Their Minds

Judge denies plea proposals for teens in fatal rock-throwing case

I was molested -by a family member-when I was 11 or 12. I didn't say anything until my younger sis

Shots Fired ... Mushroom Dick Jr just took a direct hit on Twitter.

Flake: My office received call saying my family would be 'taken out' over Kavanaugh stance

Remember that Kavanaugh would have been SUPREMELY BLACKMAILABLE...

Michael Caputo has gone BONKERS on Anderson Cooper 360

As an aside...

Michael Caputo on CNN

A Very Cool Rumination on Vapor-Liquid Cubic Equations of State.

We need to be talking about Kavanaugh's current seat

Take that Trump!!! NO MSM is featuring your stupid press conference...

Freepers give Trump an A+ on his press conference

Countering Islamic Extremism With Radical Love

A reminder that Mitch McConnell said Al Franken was unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate

Michael Avenatti will be live on Chris Cuomo's show, first up at 9:00 Eastern.

Polygraph examiner who tested Christine Ford was just on AC 360.

MSM is not taking the Kavanaugh allegations seriously enough,

"I Am Terrified": Full Text of Christine Ford's Prepared Remarks Released

Reich Wing Argument such as it is

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Once is Enough!

Kavanaugh would have been toast if this happened 25 years later

Saudi Arabia Demands Canadian Apology to Resolve Diplomatic Spat


CO-06: Mike Coffman moves to Lean Democrat

Senate investigating fifth Brett Kavanaugh accuser who says woman was raped on a boat in Rhode Islan

Gillum continues to lead DeSantis! Spread the word!

NC-13: Ted Budd moves to Tossup

Was today's press conference an example of "sundowning"?

Iran's President Rouhani Says He Doesn't Want War With U.S.

Transcript of Trump's bizarre, rambling solo press conference on Kavanaugh, Rosenstein, and more

Rachel is reporting that the letter from the anonymous accuser (#4)

Remember. There's an election coming up...

Why has the MSM not told us/even mentioned who Mark Judge is?

#45's boffo stand-up set at the UN: "They we're laughing with me!"

PA-01: Brian Fitzpatrick moves to Tossup

Why Has the Mainstream Media Not Done Better, More Informative Reporting on the Gamble v. US Case

Did y'all hear Trump's confession yesterday?

Mom died last night

I don't believe a single word Kavanaugh says.

Thank You Dr. Christine Blasey Ford!

Trump's FCC votes to take $2 billion from cities and towns and give it to telecoms

TX-31: John Carter moves to Lean Republican

I believe every thing Christine Blasey Ford says in her opening statement

At this time, the Democrats would be wise to not mention the anonymous allegations.

So who else had their head explode today...

Kavanaugh Denies Two Additional Accusations To Senate Judiciary Committee

How many more women will come forward to accuse Kavanaugh?

CNN Jake Tapper said that Rosenstein is a distraction

Kavanaugh denies two additional accusations to Senate Judiciary Committee

Ellison calls for U.S. House investigation of himself

Just a reminder... when the gop says we aren't playing by the rules

What kind of investigation did the FBI conduct?

Avenatti on The Last Word at 10 PM Eastern.

November's election is still about racism

So, Kavanaugh is an alcoholic as well?

Interesting precision for a man who was purportedly a virgin into his mid-twenties.

Michael Caputo is a sexist pig

Trump told 8 lies at today's press conference.

I have time for religion every week.

Gillebrand is now on CNN/Cuomo saying the anonymous allegations...

It was a near miss

Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign denies he implied campaign rival is a radical Muslim

Why no talk about how deranged tRump was at today's presser?

I think some of these last few are fakes

Had a little break. Survivor is back on! Finally!

My Local Paper Now Says Sasse is Playing Cautious

How Don treated women at his presser today.

Donald Trump's Mind-Boggling Marathon Press Conference

George Washington on his way to Beach Week

Tim Scott could change his mind on backing Kavanaugh

Ya know who else denied wrongdoing very strongly and Trump believed him?

Avenatti on Lawrence O'Donnell now

"But she held onto the mic and asked her question."

I thought he was a virgin???


5-month-old drowns in bathtub while dad plays video games

I called Sen. Rubio's office yesterday about Kavanaugh. I'm a dad of a son and daughter.

I'm wondering if I should continue to post the nightly Mike Malloy Truthseeker

ABC chair resigns over Australian political interference claims

Having watched Trump's presser and witnessed his inability to assemble words into

Maybe just coincidences of the calendar but still...

First rule of Fight Club. Never talk about Fight Club.

Cover Up Bowl: Ohio State vs Penn State

VI Gov. Mapp: Teachers Must Show Good Faith Effort to Want to Work Before Negotiations Can Renew

Caputo gets Owned by Jeffrey Toobin!

Trump says he rejected a meeting with Canada that Canada says it never requested

Tomorrow's DAILY NEWS cover...

It would make sense right about now for the Pukkes to put forward some woman

Does it pass the Plaid Shirt Guy test?

Life just gets more Kafkaesque with each passing day.

Where Are They Now?

USVI to provide four years of free college tuition for all qualified high school graduates

Wayfair Ads: They're Jumping the Shark, now with 2 Different ones inferring cheating spouse.

Seriously considering Criminal Charges against Kavanaugh and Judge....Avenatti

"Hey, Young People! Don't vote!"

Texas Attorney General Defends Law Forcing Kids To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

A prediction for tomorrow

They rush through the nomination and complain that accusations come in at the last minute

Hero Of the Plague Years Remembered

If I was Ted Cruz, I'd be pissed.

Samantha Bee, Full Frontal, is on a roll tonight!

Saturday night Live is new this week. They have LOTS of material to choose from Wanna guess or mak

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 27, 2018 -- AAFCA Presents: The Black Experience On Film

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 28, 2018 -- What's On Tonight -- Arthur Kennedy

Funny how Gorsuch was never accused of sexual assault

So, 100 Somalis rioted this weekend at Valley Fair?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 29, 2018 -- What's On Tonight - Sisters in the Big Apple

Is It Just Me...

A person/entity began following me on Twitter, so I checked it out...

College Girlfriend of Kavanaugh Friend Says She's Willing to Talk to FBI About Explosive Allegation

Democrats Expand the House Map

What about Kavanaugh's personal debts?

7-year-old Malea Emma absolutely crushes the National Anthem before LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders

Trump Official Questioned If N-Word Was Racist

So why would trump nominate Kavanaugh in the 1st place?

Grace Jones - She's Lost Control.

Did fuckface accuse George Washington of rape today?

Interesting that Hillary will be campaigning with Gillum....

Avenatti: Third Kavanaugh accuser will prove credible against Kavanaugh, other 'privileged white guy

The Daily Show: America Gets a Lifetime Appointment to Brett Kavanaugh News

Anybody else?

It was a presidential press conference as it would be performed by a comedian.

New Evidence, New Accuser And New Doubts Threaten Kavanaugh On Eve Of hearing

Tomorrow night 9:30 PM Murphy Brown on CBS.

Official Womens' Theme Song for the GreedyGroper Old PutinPervert party...

Mr. Bill Browder posted some good news a bit ago about Rand Paul and SANCTIONS

Seth Meyers - World Leaders Laugh at Trump, Bill Cosby Sentenced to Prison - Monologue - 9/25/18

Grassley's office says it has received profane phone calls amid Kavanaugh fight

Chuck Grassley said there are two men that have come forward to claim

Seth Meyers - Trump Holds Crazy Press Conference to Defend Brett Kavanaugh: A Closer Look

About those false accusations.....

Opening Statements for tomorrow's Hearing

A. B. Stoddard just laid out the GOP calculus on going all the way with Kav & blew my mind

Bill Cosby learned..

Can we call them Nazis now?

3 renditions of Respighi's "Ancient Airs and Dances"/Borodin: "Symphony No. 3, A minor-I. & II. and

The Good Old Days

FBI must be aware of these allegations. Wonder what they are thinking?

In my fevered dreams I pray that God grant Trump self-awareness

Yeah, you wish. You know it's much smaller than that.

Julie Oliver - US House Candidate TX-25... someone to support

Would make sense that Trump's Supreme Court Pick would become a Felon after he's confirmed.

Oh look...a real President

Turning into a Respighi kinda night. Mischa, my heart throb...

Lindsey Graham just punched his ticket to hell....

Change in Arizona 2018 Senate Democratic Win

I Really Dread The Approach Of That Sick Hearing. Evil GOP Always Finds A Way To Fuck People.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Official Trailer (VIDEO)

State delegates call on Montgomery County police, prosecutor to investigate Kavanaugh allegations

California tightens rules for concealed weapons, bump stocks

seen at walmart

Judge sentences leader of New Mexico religious sect

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

Interesting things Kavanaugh doesn't say in his new statement.

Gofundme accounts for Blasey Ford total $381,000

Bolivia's President Evo Morales lectures Trump on U.S. foreign policy failures at a #UNSC meeting.

Kavanaugh Court House lit up like a Christmas tree....

Brazil court bars voters who didn't register fingerprints

Jim Carrey tweet

Stop in for a hug if you're hella triggered this week, I am peak triggered.

Here's a question for y'all.

WV-SEN: The DSCC is cutting back their ad buys on Manchin's behalf.

The Rhythm of Truth - Benjamin Sammer

The Rhythm of Truth - Benjamin Sammer

Hawley releases ad pro-coverage of pre-existing conditions while involved in lawsuit to end the ACA

So on Friday when Kavanaugh is voted onto the Supreme Court....

My Surprising Duet With Arthur Mitchell in Cold War Moscow by Allegra Kent

Tropical Storm Kirk Strenthens; USVI, Other Lesser Antilles Islands Urged To Monitor Storm's Path

Keep telling us that you support us Republicans

Who among us knew that George Washington was sort of rapey?

The transcript of the 81 minute press conference.

Poll Shows Gillum With 9- Point Lead Over DeSantis In Fla. Gubernatorial Race

GOP, You Have Proven Kavanaugh's Guilt ...

These get to me each and every time.

Crisis in Government as Teachers Continue to Protest; Mapp Administration Halts Negotiations

30 Brutal Memes Mocking Brett Kavanaugh

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/26/18

Stephen Colbert: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Explains Why The UN Laughed At Trump

Utilities that helped Puerto Rico fix power grid now face hefty tax bills

You don't need to know the name of the cow to eat a steak

Presidential Press Conference and the Massive Presidential Brain

Rep. Randy Davis claims prosecutor misconduct, seeks dismissal of charges

Trump doesn't think non-whites count as people

Walt Maddox has lost his mind

David Brock I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don't let him sit on

'This guy doesn't know anything': the inside story of Trump's shambolic transition team

Here's their new meme

The quest for tone

Joe Scum has this disgusting John Podhoretz

my tip for GrOPers this morning

Poll: 'Blue wave' may swamp Republican nominees for governor, U.S. Senate in Pa.

Fox thinks they have a win win

Democrats Expand the House Map

I couldn't sleep last night, so I cruised recipes

Funding The Immigration Crackdown At An 'Unsustainable Rate'

Ford Lost $1 Billion of Profit Thanks to Trump's Metal Tariffs: CEO

D. C. Forecast - s#*tstorm at 10am

Oh no fellas haircuts mom said it is time

Why does the msnbc charon chyron?

Looks Like Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed Whether We Like It Or Not.

Thursday TOONs - The Great State of Willfully Obtuse Edition

'Disaster': Trumpworld Starting to Sweat Over Brett Kavanaugh's Mounting Sexual Assault Allegations

Amazon, AT&T, Google push Congress to pass online privacy bill to preempt stronger California law

Anderson Cooper: Independent SenSanders calls Trump an ''unstable guy who lies a whole lot.''

A moment of Zen:

Video: Two Options for Trump and Kavanaugh

Trump becomes a punchline at the U.N.

Reef Scientists Told To Concentrate On Efforts To Make Oz Gov "Look Good", Bring In Corporate Money

"The Frat GOP"

Sasse R-NE taking cautious approach to sexual assault allegations against 'strong nominee' Kavanaugh

Photos: Senator Sanders and AdyBarkan

Third Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick: He Doesn't Belong on Supreme Court

"Late in the process"

Report: Widely Used Election Machines 'Vulnerable to Cyberattack'

A seal slaps a man in the face with an octopus. The best headline you'll see today. - "not secure"

Whoa! Jared after Trump's press conference

Two Men Told Senate Staffers They Had "The Encounter" With Christine Blasey Ford Not Brett Kavanaugh

Oh sweet Jesus at the diner with the moral majority

U.S. court upholds Louisiana restriction on abortion clinics

PBS Newshour: WATCH LIVE Link: Christine Blasey Ford testifies at Brett Kavanaugh hearing

80,000 Americans Died of the Flu Last Winter

Don't Lie To Me - Barbra's Streisand's new Trump dissing song

GOP may "now be releasing anonymous allegations in an effort to make all allegations

I'm getting a little frustrated that the only crime that captures attention is sexual crime

Killing BlackRock's Fossil Fuel Investments With Kindness

Where Things Stand on Kavanaugh

The Rundown: September 26, 2018

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 09/19/18

Art of The Week: Week of 9/26/18

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/26/2018

Norm Breyfogle Passes Away at 58

Australia Still Immobilized On Climate Policy, Even As Barrier Reef Dies And Midwinter Drought Burns

When does the Kavanaugh hearing start?

In A Pivotal Midterm Election Season, How Many Questions On Climate In Debates So Far? One.

Mika calls BS on Trump's damage control over UN speech: Everyone knows the world was laughing at him

Men that commit adultery and sex crimes are easy to blackmail and control

Steve Schmidt unleashes fury on GOP for pushing Kavanaugh: 'All of it washes sewage on the Supreme..

Vox annotates Kavanaugh's high school year book.

Kavanaugh Hearings Start 10 a.m., EST

'This guy doesn't know anything': the inside story of Trump's shambolic transition team

Last night husband dreamed a woman went to the MD police dept. & filed charges against Kav.

Kavanaugh's GOP defenders on the hot seat at hearing

New York library lends out ties, briefcases and handbags for job interviews

House Intel Committee tees up release of Russia probe transcripts

Julie Swetnick to be on Showtime Sunday night

Cartoon: Young Brett Kavanaugh: The Yale years

'Can you do this?': Russia probe conflicts rampant among Rosenstein replacements

Jair Bolsonaro leads Brazil's presidential race from hospital bed

Feinstein's "LBJ moment" with Murkowski

Poll: Feinstein maintains robust lead in California race

Mueller cooperator fears retribution from Russia

Is there any reason to believe this will end differently

Trump to UN: Why Don't Poor Countries Give Us Money?

The "Dumb Right" Fabricates the "#himtoo Movement"

Former senator John Warner crosses party lines to endorse Democrat Tim Kaine

Jim Jordan hopes Kavanaugh gets confirmed because he met him at a wedding and he's exceptional

This was a great interview!

Post a song by a band or artist that formed/started in the 21st Century

What kind of shit is this?? Two men claim they assaulted Dr Ford

Would Kavanaugh Ever Agree to Take a Polygraph?

Is there a more reliable Republican apologist than Podhoretz? He may smile as he

Looks likes Avanatti's client is being wholly ignored by GOP.

North Korea Nuclear Deal Could Take 'Years,' Trump Suggests

Nike Donates Millions to Republicans While Making Billions From Kaepernick Endorsement

In case anyone has forgotten.

Real Time Guests Tomorrow

"I never even played around with Barbie dolls." . . . . Please come CAPTION Brett Kavanaugh!!!

With World Watching, GOP Counsel Must Tread Carefully In Ford Questioning

Tennessee high school AD put on leave after saying girls 'pretty much ruin everything'

We need to prepare for all eventualities.

Dems Will Press Kavanaugh On His Drinking, Inconsistencies In Testimony

253m Euros still outstanding on Catholic Church abuse compensation promise

Vermont town's only black female lawmaker resigns after repeated racial threats

Anita Hill: Senate GOP handling of Kavanaugh accusations is 'a real mockery'

Can you name a policy that the GOP wants that doesn't lead to more people dying?

To my sisters reexperiencing horrors this week.....

Trump's America: Reckless, Alone and Ridiculed - By Susan E. Rice

Rachel Mitchell -Arizona's Maricopa County Attorney is the Interviewer

There were so many polls released yesterday. So many were good for us. Break the tension.

Kavanaugh Said to Be 'Hopping Mad'

Word for the day

I think 3 or 4 Republicans will rise to the occasion...

E.P.A. Places the Head of Its Office of Children's Health on Leave


MSNBC or CNN -Best to watch hearing on.

Amazon's Aggressive Anti-Union Tactics Revealed in Leaked 45-Minute Video

Terryville, CT, man accused of abusing pre-teen boy

Hold the phone. Who are the five or six democrats

Best move would have been if Avenatti and his client

Today is going to be a rough one for those who have been targeted with sexual assault and harassment

Cruz Won't Commit to Serving Out Senate Term

The Stakes Go Way Beyond Kavanaugh

Here are individual network plans: Times and hosts.....**SMALL HEARING ROOM CHOSEN BY GOP

Yesterday's press conference was almost as bad as Helsinki

Will Mitchell interrupt democrats if she thinks

My first question to both parties?

Tribalism fuels GOP embrace of Kavanaugh

Happy 193rd birthday, the steam locomotive.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, he will pull a Clarence Thomas, and his rulings will even be more extreme

Republicans did not have to follow Trump down the road to ruin...

Defending Kavanaugh, Trump laments #MeToo as 'very dangerous' for powerful men

Grassley's pathetic disinformation effort before Kavanaugh hearing is misogynists' last gasp

Bunch of live streams on YouTube of hearing

Nikki Haley defends Trump, says 'disgusting' media coverage makes United States look bad to world

The Webcomics Weekly #3: Every Little Thing They Do is Magic (9/25/18)

Napolitano and Pirro are to jurisprudence what Hannibal Lector was to

Photo: Protesters occupying every elevator in the Hart and Dirksen buildings ...

Slate magazine: excellent analysis of how Kavanaugh could have been both guilty

The press conference from 'The Twilight Zone' - By Jennifer Rubin

*** Kavanaugh *** hearing thread

There are 11 elephants in this hearing room:

Man arrested for chasing after plane at Dublin Airport

I hope to High heaven that the Dems tie in Dr Ford's testimony with Kavanaugh's

While the republicans are weaponizing Kavanaugh to terrorize the women of America

"That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

The only Chrome meme I'll ever need:

No fairness here. Grassley is stacking the deck right from the get-go. A blatent disgrace!

No Rosenstein Meeting On Trump's Thursday Schedule

'See the pufferbillies all in a row' Anniversary of 1st steamlocamotive

Assley is already suggesting Dr. Ford is lying.

We've reached the point that a dose of sodium pentathol should be required....

The GOP is buying the House. Literally.

Christine Blasey Ford's Opening Statement For Senate Hearing

"This guy doesn't know anything!"

Fox News' CHRIS WALLACE says: "two of my daughters have told me stories that I have never heard befo

Today in America a sexual assault victim will be put on trial

Senator Assley gives gasbags a bad name.

Grassley is a moron...

Grassley is not exactly establishing an open, neutral atmosphere for this hearing.

DiFi is why experience matters. Her tone and

Kavanaugh will watch Ford's testimony from Mike Pence's office

Dixon-Ticonderoga pencils: hecho en Mexico (and China)?

Dr. Ford should not have to listen to this intro stuff!

Andrea Mitchell says McConnell is bluffing and doesn't have the votes to confirm Kavanaugh

**Kavanaugh hearing*** 2 - Dr. Ford's opening statement

Katie Couric reflects on 10th anniversary of infamous 'not ready for prime time' Sarah Palin intervi

Silent hugs to Dr. Ford thread. She is a hero.

Boo- Earth to get visit from death skull comet

Lindsey Graham LOLs as Fox & Friends host details Kavanaugh accuser's gang rape allegations

Trump Re-Election Headquarters May Be Based in Arlington

Kavanaugh is exponentially worse than Clarence Thomas.

They won't lay a glove on Dr. Ford.

HDMI, where have you been all my cyber-life?

"Fuck the law. I don't give a fuck about the law. I want my fucking money"

I have the privilege to call Anita Hill my friend


The conservative movement in one tweet

I think that we can add cowards to the list of things that we know of GOPrs

You know what's hilarious? Trump would not be eligible for any job in the Executive Branch

Then 'Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa' Now 'Ein Gespenst geht um in den USA'

Fucking Gasbag Grassley . . . . . shut your fucking piehole.

I think that this prosecutor believes her too.

People watching Ford's testimony are tearing up in the room

Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell grilling Dr. Ford -- aka one woman at the center while 11 GOP men watch

what other job interview process can feature credible accusations of multiple felonies and still

I know Kavanaugh is going to be big today but what about Rosenstein?

We could flood Dr. Ford with flowers........

how about a split screen? Mitchell and the Senator she is speaking for....

Trump officials ease offshore drilling safety rule

Huh- Talk about smoke and mirrors

Watching the hearing

This could be anyone's sister, anyone's daughter, anyone's mom

Dr. Ford, Epinephrine and norepinephrine

There Should Be No Sympathy For GOP Supporting Women Who Suffer As Result Of GOP Policies.

Grassley Interrupts Again To Ask How Question Alternating Process Will Work

"Two friends having a very good time with one another." Boom.

Will Ms. Mitchell be questioning kavanaugh....or will the cowardly senators?

She's STILL traumatized.

No Rosenstein Meeting On Trump's Thursday Schedule

Ford Delivers Emotional Account Of Assault: 'I Will Never Forget' Details Of That Night

Traveling companions

If Every GOP Senator Were On A Ship That Sunk The World Would Be A Better Place.

Misogyny at its finest

This hearing clearly demonstrates that nothing matters to the GOP

Who is nasty looking bearded asshole behind Durbin?

Kavanaugh hearing: Christine Blasey Ford gives Senate testimony about sexual assault allegation

Durbin pissed Grassley off

Johannes Brahms Symphony #2

Fox news flipping out over format

HDMI? Never "heard" of it until now

Though Chris Wallace can sometimes be rational on a state run tv network

I love Jeffrey Tooobin.

Does Kavanaugh have the complexion of an alcoholic to you?

Well, it seems like Grassley and the republicans BLEW IT BIG TIME.

I'm done NBC - get Megyn Kelly off the air now!

Grassley said, "We should have had an investigation"

I think I can safely say that we are NOT watching the Anita Hill hearing again.....

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Blame Democrats for Lack of Kavanaugh Investigation

Ford: one thing she cannot get of is the "uproarious laughter" from Kav and Judge during assault....

I think Kanvanaugh is angry because he got caught.

Are Republicans still trying to claim It was John Barronanaugh and David Dennisonanaugh ...

On Faux News- Chris Wallace at Fox gives it away at the break:

Prof. Ford's testimony is resonating with sexual assault and rape survivors...

Hillary Clinton to Hit the Campaign Trail for Florida Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum

Listening to Dr. Ford, I can put myself right in that

This is what Christine Blasey Ford is looking at as she describes her sexual assault.

What is it with these maps?

The Real Culprit for Trump and Kavanaugh: Asshole Culture

Do the republicans really think showing maps is going to undermine her?

Brilliant Dr Ford!

Graham dismisses two men who claim Ford may have mistaken Kavanaugh for them

Julian Assange replaced as Wikileaks editor-in-chief

Eric Reid Finally Signed By Carolina Panthers

The Reich is about stopping things and obstruction.

Cory Booker brings Ford coffee during Kavanaugh hearing

What the hell is wrong with Grassley losing his temper and yelling?

Is it too much for Grassley to express an indignation for the harassment

Jeez, Grassley is such an prickly asshole

"Disaster for Republicans" Trending on Twitter

I always thought Grassly's face was the one used for the depiction of the Grinch

Mitchell is giving the whole country a lesson in how to interview a person...

WOW, she flew in, REAL courage.

"the ideology of anxiety is factorial"

'A disaster for Republicans': Fox's Chris Wallace says GOP 'prosecutor' failed miserably at Dr. Ford

These are the 25 best-paying jobs in America in 2018

I almost don't dare say this out loud... is Mitchell taking a dive?

Grassley reaction when she said "thank you" was priceless

"Confronting Illiberalism: The role of Media, Civil Society and Universities"

This hearing is devastating. Sadly, while it may impact Americans - it won't impact the GOP.

Fox's Napolitano Says Christine Ford Comes Off With 'Great Credibility': 'At This Point, She is 100%

Before We Rejoice at What a Disaster This "5 Minutes a Pop" Thing Is for the GOP...

Person close to Trump says Trump is raging at how bad this has been for Republicans so far.

Do you remember Trump's intimidation tactic toward Hillary during the debates?

Do we know how long this will go on? When does he take his turn?

Dick Durbin blisters Kavanaugh and his GOP accomplices during Ford testimony

Another important factor is that the republicans did not even know what she looked

"I would have been happy to have hosted you"

Jeffrey Toobin slams GOP questioning of Ford over her assault claim: 'This is sickening to watch'

Loud protesters chanting on 1st street (crowd quadruples in size) // Warren greets protesters

The GOP Senators Are Utterly Afraid to Open their Mouths.

Steve Schmidt: ". . .total and complete political disaster. . ."

Trump Jr. just tweeted about Ford. He's as fucked up as his father.

Will the Mitchell prosecutor also ask questions during Kavanaugh's hearing?

Ex-US Attorney explains how Ford's science-based answers are destroying GOP efforts to undermine her

All Kavanaugh will do is deny, deny, deny.

Slightly old story about a little girl and her horse:

OMG: why was polygraph test at hotel?: I was in Baltimore attending my Grandmother's funeral

"God her voice is so annoying"

It seems to me that the lady prosecutor is asking questions of mostly trivial nature...

Ginsburg Voices Support for #MeToo on Eve of Kavanaugh Hearing

So when its kavanaugh's turn, what do you predict will happen and be his responses?

Trump furious that WH aides didn't have advance knowledge of how credible Ford would seem

Who is the man to Ford's left? nt

Dr Ford hugged his wife-Awwwwww moment....

Blumenthals words were so

Trump is 'raging' while watching Chrstine Blasey Ford because she 'seems credible': report

Photos of Abandoned Russia

Steve Schmidt nails it!

Hatch just called Ford an "attractive witness." Asked to elaborate what he meant, he said...

Before I hear from Kavanaugh and who thinks still he's innocent....

Wouldn't be great if FOrd was given a position as "temporary assistant" and able to

Trump and Rosenstein postpone meeting until next week to avoid intefering with Kavanaugh hearing...

Kavenaugh's Inner Thoughts During This Hearing Recess?

The plot of the GOP and Trump.

MSNBC said Kavanaugh is up soon

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Accuses Trump Of A Brett Kavanaugh Cover-Up

I am claustrophobic, and have issues on airplanes.

Measure to allow adoption agencies to ban gay & lesbian parents dies in the House

Brock Turners grow up to be Brett Kavanaughs who make the rules for Brock Turners.

. But you'd at least expect them to see politically how badly this is going for them and just end th

Every Congressional Republican is Thinking Right Now

How I experienced real trauma - watching the hearing brought this back to me from the past.

Dems.... Please, please, please question Kavanaugh about his love for polygraphs!!!

"It seemed like a good idea at the time....."

Grassley's office is currently being deluged with angry callers...

"She's pleasing....."

Trump wouldn't call for FBI investigation....he thinks they're out to get him.

McConnell will only bring the vote to the floor...if..he...has...the...votes.

Don't expect this hearing will change anything.

When will Americans stop lying to themselves (and the world) about America?

Hatch just now talking about Ford, "She's an attractive witness"

Please note: The Code of Conduct for United States Judges does not say, "Screw you.

Move over Giancarlo Stanton

Did Trump hire protestors "Pro-Kavanuagh"?

So, how does this end?

Lindsey Graham is sure making a Fool of himself on msnbc

I helped a friend register to vote today. I have been trying for years. The Kavanaugh hearings did

NEXT UP after the break -- KAMALA, MAZIE and CORY - THE A-TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey Graham - what a fucking asshole.

Republicans Don't Want to Know the Truth About Kavanaugh

Graham is losing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey Graham is a bloodsucking worm

Will Mitchell question Kavanaugh too?

We may need a General Discussion for Psychics group

Ford says she is 100 percent sure it was Kavanaugh..

I always knew Graham was a piece of shit

Media and many Dems keep saying, "I dont understand why republicans..." Here's why:

Trump Jr. questions Ford's 'selective fear of flying' after testimony

Remember the meeting between BLOTUS and Rosenstein, scheduled for today? Cancelled

Somebody get the iron skillet and grease,,,,

Senator Ben Sasse just went over to shake Dr. Ford's hand!!

SOMEBODY's unhappy.....

Top Republican Strategists On Kavanaugh Hearing: 'What A Mess'

He is Our President and we should support Him!

76-Year-Old CSPAN Caller Recalls 2nd Grade Sexual Assault: 'I Thought I Was Over It'

Steve Schmidt tweet....The GOP members are putting on a clinic for political cowardice.

Lindsey Graham to a rape victim...

MSNBC Brian Williams just said

Far-Right Twitter Mocks Blasey Ford For 'Fake Crying,' 'Lying' About Her Story

Trump addresses Kurdish journalist as "Mr Kurd"

Lindsey Graham: a woman just shouted to him as he got on an elevator that she was raped, he said

The Supreme Court is now voters' top midterm issue

Where's that Safeway Dr. Ford is talking about? I bet some citizen sleuths could get ahold of

This song keeps going through my head today.

Blasey Ford's Shining Moment; Grassley's Catastrophe - By Josh Marshall

Dear GOPenis: The timing of the facts becoming public HAS NO BEARING ON THEM BEING FACTS

Lindsey Graham warns Democrats: "If this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees"

***Kavanaugh thread 3*** post break

Another great Steve Schmidt Tweet

Amazon training videos coach Whole Foods staff on how to discourage unions

Chris Cuomo Brilliantly ENDS Trump's BRAGGING Speech Make The Entire UN Bursts Into Laughter

"Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter. The uproarious laughter..."

Other than outright crying on TV What good avenues does Kavanaugh have during his questioning?

I think this is a "Who you gonna believe---Kavanaugh or your lyin' eyes?" moment. nt

NBC: Brett Kavanaugh will "come in a little hotter" during testimony...

Multiple Gabe Sherman updates on Trump/Trumpster reactions:

As another observation

Round Two beginning with Sen Hirono.....

Defending Kavanaugh, Trump Laments #MeToo As 'Very Dangerous' For Powerful Men

F'ing GO MAZIE !!!!

So when KAVANAUGH is up, the introduction will be: "Let us now proceed to the perjury."

Kavanaugh accuser Blasey Ford describes attack

If you have friends that think there's no difference between the two parties

Sen Mazie Hirono (D) Hawaii is kicking ass. nt

As a male victim, this hearing has been nothing shitty

Reminder whenever someone dare say 'but they're both the same...'

How can republicans can so much contempt for the women in their lives?

WTF!! does her paying for any of this have to do with the issue?

Feinstein On Grassley Interruptions: 'You Get To Expect Those Things Here'

It's just unfathomable to me, the hubris of these people. That they are charging ahead, not

CocaCola must be loving this.

Jr. Pokes Fun At Blasey Ford's 'Selective Fear Of Flying'

What a f***ing mess!

A woman just told Lindsey Graham she was raped.

"must see TV..."

"if Dr. Ford did her civic duty by testifying then you do

Really they were asking Dr. Ford about her responsibility

Manu Raju ‏Just asked Flake if he thinks Mark Judge should testify ...

A bit about Rachel Mitchell

Whenever I see Grassley, I can't help but think of the video for the song "Nobody Speak"...

ms mitchell appears to have run out of questions of any substance

I can just imagine and without being there, I think "apoplectic" would be an apropos description!

Senator Feinstein's office suggested an attorney for Dr. Ford?

'Let Me Put An End To This Mystery': Blasey Ford's Lawyer Cut Off Polygraph Questions

I hate what is being done to Dr. Ford right now.

The One Question I'd Ask Kavanaugh and Ford...

Dynamic of the prosecutor asking republicans' questions is their party prosecuting

Blasey Ford: Kavanaugh was having fun at my expense

It seems a lot of the questions don't have any bearing on the accusation.

Grassley needs to be put out to pasture

KAMALA IS UP NOW!!! That is all.

In his memoir, "Wasted," Judge writes about working at the Safeway market in 1982.

Graham Warns Dems Of 'New Standard': 'You Better Watch Out For Your Nominees'

however bad the optics of having a "female assistant" interrogate dr. ford may be, just remember

This hearing has been a complete disaster for republicans mainly because

It's pretty clear that Republicans see Kavanaugh as the victim and Dr. Ford the rapist

I must say I am more impressed with Senator Harris each time I hear her.

Think Mitchell has a bomb to drop?

It's clear that the GOP had no idea that an accuser could be this credible.

Re: Kavanaugh

A Lavender Wave

Funny thing if you ask me about dates of personal events

I wish I could reach into my television and give Dr. Ford a hug

Senate GOP Makes Late-Hour Mention of Possible OTHER ATTACKERS OF FORD, Angering Dems.

As we wait for Rapey Brett to take his turn on the stand...

Couple listening to the #KavanaughHearings on the uptown 1 train @wnyc

I just could not watch today's hearing as I just couldn't take it...

Shit, Cruz didn't get a chance to have Mitchell ask questions for him.

How long does Delores Umbridge get?

Lindsey speaking now...he's really upset that they knew about this in august....not the assault

Two pics from the Dr. Ford hearing.

poll rate Dr. Ford's testimony

Today's motto which the GOP never gets: Truth has a liberal bias.

Whining about DiFi and the letter is all the republicans have.

So the main Complaint of the Prosecutor was they didn't have a FBI interview

lindsey graham is having another meltdown! -says he feels ambused. ha ha.

lindsey...we dont owe kav any services or favors

Cornyn: "I found no reason to find her not credible".

Graham is damn near hysterical on MSNBC now.

Rachael Miller trying to say the reason for this 5 minute questioning is Fords fault

Remembering Anita Hill

Damn right it's a delay cause NOBODY wants to rush a perv onto the Supreme Court!

Graham says it's all about delaying the if they've never done that.....

Chris Wallace on Christine Blasey Ford Testimony: 'This Is a Disaster for Republicans'

Graham just inadvertently admitted they don't want an investigation because....

Wow Lindsey Graham is becoming a bigger asshole by the minute

I didn't watch the testimony. I listened to it on CBS Radio.

This would have never got the attention it deserved if Senator Feinstein hadn't proceeded the way

HBO to drop its boxing coverage at the end of 2018

Lindsey is so pissed because he knows they have lost.

Last gasps, folks

How about the possibility Kavanaugh withdraws and refuses to come out for the hearing?

Who are these dumb ass callers on C-SPAN?

If Lindsey Graham is not careful

One question i hope to Kavanaugh is this

Trump has no heart and will stand by Kavanaugh no matter what!

I lost my hand in an industrial accident. Walked into my wife cheating on me. Saw my dog die.

I hope kavanaugh loses his temper


Kamala Harris has a doppelganger?

A bizarre news conference

WTF is the matter with Graham? Does he understand he's on camera?

I think the odds our that the republicans will still get Kavanaugh on the SC, but regardless what

What Is The Price Of Your Soul....

Well, today's hearing was a welcome break from other things.

@LindseyGrahamSC never mind who paid for the polygraph. More interested in who paid for Graham

Dr. Ford said something that hasn't been picked up on.

Info. On Unsuccessful Nominations To The Supreme Court of the US:

Is anybody else besides me expecting trump to fire Rosenstein today?

Maybe dumb question here but

Mitchell, if she's going to use the same approach to question Kavanaugh...

Katy Tur just said that republican senators are going to question

It's almost that time ... when Kavanaugh throws a Hail Mary and goes full Jimmy Swaggart.

Shout out to Dr. Ford's lawyers

"Republican senators had one hand tied behind their

Oregon legislative employee files federal lawsuit seeking equal pay

"ski" has a sexual reference?

On Getting Home from Parties When Your Friends Already Left...

Should there be term limits for SCOTUS?

The detail that Ford remembers the most was the two men laughing at her, while

In honor of Christine Blasey Ford....a true patriot!

Don Trump Jr criticizes Dr. Ford - gets body slammed in response

LINDSAY GRAHAM is horrible. here is what he said to a rape victim

Steve Schmidt knows Republicans.

Relax and watch a dog get a bath:

During Dr Fords testimony

Rachel Mitchell should resign or be fired

Colombia's chief prosecutor hiding foreign assets from tax collectors: report

Dr. Ford just pushed 11 octogenarians into a room, yanked their masks and exposed their lying asses

I heard a new insult aimed at me today. "Ableist"

Kavanaugh looks like he knows he's in trouble.

Heah come da Judge!

Make Orwell Fiction Again

Kavanaugh's tone is off, from the start

grassley trying to give kav cover from the beginning

Mark McKinney of "Superstore"! That's who! It was killing me.

He is already yelling and angry.

BK is springing a new, angry statement on Dr. Ford --not the one he released yesterday.

He's playing to his audience of one....

Been perusing some rightwing sites and they are not convinced...

Starting off with Trumps suggestions, bad move.

Brock Turners grow up to be Brett Kavanaughs

Man who lost hand in sausage-making ordeal cut off own arm

Hey Brett.....cry me a freaking river!!!!

So I'm waiting in a little restaurant in town

Angry. Unhinged. Not credible. nt


Brett the MEAN DRUNK is on display.

I admit I didn't watch Kavanagh's earlier hearings on TV.

Cornyn on Ford: 'No reason to find her not credible'

You mad bro?

Why is he YELLING at us ?!?!?!

Does anyone really want a person with his attitude as a Supreme Court Justice?

There's an angry white guy screaming on my TV

Wow, fake outrage + fake weepiness equals bad look

Little Brett sounds bitter

I just gave to Andrew Janz again. Not looking for praise, just mentioning it

Mrs Kavanaugh's look says it all.

Rapey Brett is going the righteous indignation route

Angry drunk?

Silence on Wall Street. Tears in a retirement home. The country watches, transfixed, as Ford tells h

Wow! He is yelling! Already! Not very calm for a nominee!

Fox News contributor calls Dr. Christine Blasey Ford a slut -- tells her to 'stop opening her legs'

I think Donald Trump wrote his speech...

Kavanaugh so far

Kavanaugh (Live Feed Animated Gif)

He's an angry abuser, isn't he?

Geez ... Evil Kav ! Judge is going full stream against Dems! wow independent judiciary !

Why won't Dr. Fords

Ten Ways In Which Obama Was Better Than Trump

Jury: Jehovah's Witnesses must pay $34M to abuse survivor

Omigod! Kavanaugh claims that no one read his speech, but some of the

I think I tuned in to the "Kavanaugh for the hearing impaired" channel

Oh my god, he said this about the dems losing 2016, roflmao

Are you listening to this asshole? "I welcomed any investigation"

Excuse me sir, you could breath into this little gadget here.

My Trump-loving sister weighs in on Kavanaugh: "OMG PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! THIS WHOLE THING IS CARP !!!!"

Blasey Ford's gofundme shoots through the roof in last few hours! total now more than half a million

I don't get the meme of "last minute" attacks or smears, etc.

DEM Question: You look mad bro, you wanna have an FBI investigation now?

In a show of contrition, Catholic dioceses begin long road of healing

Yeah, this angry, red-faced, shouting Kavanaugh is just what the situation called for....LOL!

Kavanaugh is actually making the case himself as to why he is not qualified.

Senator Graham is complaining that he felt ambushed by the allegations against Kavanaugh

Hahahaha He got word from Trump that Trump wants him to fight back

At first I thought it was a bad idea that Dr.Ford was testifying first, but now it's apparent that..

54% of Republicans are scum. 48% of White Evangelical Christians are scum.

poor Mrs Kavanaugh's face is amazing. Seems to be fighting off tears


His wife! Looking on with pity. Sad. So sad. Boo hoo...

Well well well...the Dems have their work cut out...let the questions begin.

This self important angry victim shtick is not working for Kavanaugh, its confirming his creepiness

Some asshole is screaming on my TV.

Today's Republican talking point, as hammered by Mitchell, Kavanaugh and Graham:

Avenatti on Kavanaugh - "Listen to the people that have known me..."

He's crying on tv.

He's crying now!

His daughters prayed for 'the woman', he cried. sniff sniff

Did he almost drop the F bomb?

Scion of privilege Kavanaugh horrified he's being treated as a commoner

Well, he said it

Religious women push lawmakers to investigate Kavanaugh, suspend confirmation

He blamed the Clintons for the charges!


OMG! He just said Ford is too stupid to recognize that it was some look alike doppelganger

Here's a thing:

Nice recovery, dood...


OMG! Cave-in-augh is going the "I flunked drama class" boo hoo rant.

He is not coming off very well.

Will any GOPer have the guts to point to Kav's behavior at this hearing

There's something psychotic about Kavanaugh.

Names of wannabe god....

THIS is Trump's America - Let's Change It.

He doesn't understand that everything he has accomplish after the rape attempt

THEY FILED a complaint against K the Crybaby

Make no mistake this act will play with some independents. Unless the Dems can knock him

I CALLED IT FIRST !!! All he has left is crying on TV !!!

Was that a tear in his beer?

Brett is Bonkers.

Not much of a stretch to imagine this guy as a belligerent drunk.

He thinks he's fighting back, but he looks more like an obnoxious douche...

This is a narcissistic collapse. No matter what he did, this should sink him.

He wants to cry? Unleash Senator Harris....

Why doesn't he have his wedding ring on?

Kavanaugh invoking the "testimony" of his "witnesses" about his innocence means

He's crying, so I have to post this.

Now he's crying about calendars...

Kavanaugh can complain about himself and his family, he cannot complain

Another guy with a controlling father

And that, fellow Americans, is Brett Kavanaugh's JUDICIAL TEMPERAMENT!

I think he cries everytime he tells a lie that involves his family

Somebody needs an ass whoopin'.

Donald is already pissed with him.

Second bout of crying... this guy is nuts and shouldn't be sitting as a judge.

***KavanUgh hearing 4*** HIStory

Ford recounts 'laughter' in alleged Kavanaugh sexual attack

Trump will like Kav's yelling, blaming the Clintons, and conspiracy theories... but crying?

Someone please ring the gong. It's over.

Here he goes and still no tears from his fake crying, bad job.

Calendars always make me cry too.

The self pity is really sickening.

Liberty U bussed students to DC to demonstrate for Kav

Ted Lieu: If Brett Kavanaugh can be this angry on national TV...

Kavanaugh: What's the deal with the contorted/twisted face and sniffing loudly?

We still believe Anita Hill: Lessons of the backlash

I missed it, what did he say about the Clinton's

Watching Kav's tearful opening statement---who raped who? nt

Kavanaugh's Rapid Mood Swings From Rage to Tears Make Him Look Very Unstable

He's going through every weekend in his calendar now.

Crybaby Kavenaugh...

I think Bratt Kavanaugh took this scene a little too seriously

Umbrage on steroids (Kavanaugh, who else)

Gay penguins 'kidnap' chick from straight parents at Denmark zoo

I can't wait until Kamala has a go at him!

He's not stable. n/t

Where can I buy my "Republican Judge Tears" mug?

Trevor Noah is going to be a don't miss today.

GOP gov: No vote on Kavanaugh without 'independent investigation'

Enough with this gawd-damned calendar fetish

this is starting to be comical

This is getting painful

Tweet of the Day

Going to church is like brushing my teeth. Automatic still is.

Blow your nose, already! Ain't ya got no sleeve?!

Beers beers beers

What is wifey thinking?

Crying, sniffing, drinking, ?

He's drinking out of an empty glass. And he snuffs like trump does.

OMG cry me a river

Welp, say goodbye to my testicles.

Cave-in-augh tops Boo Hoo Boehner for the "Crocodile Tears" award!

Can we get a shot of...

Maybe cause I don't have any sisters and Im a only child....really?

I bet Trump will hate that Kavanaugh keeps crying. Shitler will think it's weak.

He had this fabulous rich boy life, and no one

Trump Avoided Trudeau More Than Once at UN, Official Says

Trump will not like his performance

I'd like to dedicate this next song to Brett Kavanaugh.

Maybe this moment is not the time to say "I fully embrace drinking beer"

On Fox News, Ford Testimony Seen as 'Disaster' for GOP

He's gonna need a pee break...

I like beer, I have always liked beer...I still like beer...sniff ..sniff...

He is blaming his HS yearbook editors.

Is this what a mental breakdown looks like?

Wait, did he just throw his high school yearbook staff under the bus?

Third bout of bawling. And a fourth episode of sobbing as I type...

What is with the tongue action?

Boo fucking hoo!

I just noticed that actress & Me Too advocate Alyssa Milano is seated over Kav's shoulder

Do we need to wait until the end of the hearing to ask: which hurt Kavanaugh's chances more

Chuck Grassley's heavy-handed stewardship of a very delicate hearing

QUESTION: How do we know it's water that KNaw keeps drinking? His crying is getting worse

K-man is in the OVERKILL ZONE

He's crying more about calendars and yearbooks than he did about his daughter...

So let me get this straight..the accused is the one crying, not the victim?

I've failed a lot in my life.

OMIGOD! This is pathetic. After Dr. Ford, this?

His complexion is weird. nt

Good God, he's starting to remind me of that other fraud, Jimmy Swaggart

The definition of pathetic has just been redefined.

He should have testified first. He's not doing very well going second and

OMG this is ridiculous - certainly over rehearsed

If he drinks enough water he will need a potty break.

Someone cut to a commercial!

He's throwing out a lot of names

if a woman gave a performance like this she would be written off as hysterical&emotionally unstable

Out of sympathy, Democrats should not question him...

Brett graduated from beer and moved to Cocaine

I hate to disparage Eddie Haskell - but geez end this Eddie Haskell!

Tmi tmi tmi

Sniff, (tongue to left cheek). What the heck is that?

Who would want this sniveling piece of work on the Supreme Court?

"They could be vilified if they defended me, think about that."

Chris Wallace: My daughters disclosed incidents from their youth after Kavanaugh allegations

This is painful to watch

Total fucking meltdown!

Good grief, this guy is coming apart on live TV.

Do all Samsung flat screens smell like wet bullshit? n/t

The committee has a letter from 65 women that knew him?

What a cartoon show. If only that water were beer. This guy doesn't have the temperament for SCOTUS.

well of the two, i think that dr. ford is far more qualified and would make an excellent justice.

The Kavanaugh Incident - When will he start rolling the marbles

Is the same guy who told the 17 yr old pregnant immigrant she had to live with the

Someone get that man a 6 pack !

There is only one thing that will prevent a committee vote on Kavanaugh tomorrow

That is all we need, a mentally unstable President AND Supreme Court Justice.


Can't watch but I'm listening and...

If he starts talking about his wife's cloth coat I'm gonna puke chunks

Al Franken, I hope you are watching this. There was no justice for you

Wake me up when he gets to Betsy Ross

At times he sounds like he is drunk.

Why is he getting so much more time than they gave her?

I see someone who has never had to answer for his actions in his life.

He's not on the ballot, but Inslee is campaigning like it


This is what is wrong with Kavanaugh's performance.

So I see the new season of SNL premieres this Saturday

Kavanaugh just lied that "Renate Alumni" in his yearbook meant "friendship."

This guy needs to be sedated and

Kav: I'm in a car with a husband who'd rather not listen

Mr. Kavenaugh's bubble of privilege has been burst.

Guess what you clueless fuck.

Kavanaugh's glowing memories of his youth

The power of Christine Blasey Ford's voice - By Jennifer Rubin

Rick Wilson's book title says it all. . .

Damn!! I wish I could see the expressions on the faces of the Republicans

Kavanaugh: So many women clerks! So many! The most ever!

He is showing his colors of how partisan he is, yelling about Dems.

I don't know if this is funny, sad or terrifying

Who did a better job of testifying to a committee? Brett or Hillary??

Kavanaugh says he's victim of 'revenge on behalf of the Clintons'

interesting - he claims he wrote his statement himself with no help LAST NIGHT

How long does this sniveling asshole get to talk?

FFS, does he need a break to go blow his nose in private? n/t


Republican Attorney General Marshall once again flouts campaign finance laws

All the women he has around him, is consistent with womanizing.

Winners and losers in the automation revolution

Is it possible he will keep slamming Dems and then at the end, withdraw?

I kept thinking that Mrs.Kavanaugh reminded me of someone. Then it hit me:

when will this evil stable genius stop ?


Those law clerks he hired better be careful around Kavanaugh.

But you were never assaulted by a sloppy, angry drunk!

Just was able to tune into Kavanawful's opening statement. It's the Checkers speech all over again!!

Having female friends and collegaues and coaching girls sport teams doesnt mean you cant, wont or

Hillary was accused of murdering the 4 Benghazi victims, not once did she cry during testimony.

My takeaway on Kavanaugh

His attack on Democrats makes him ill fit to be a nonpartisan SCOTUS justice. nt

I'm starting to feel like somebody told him over the recess he doesn't have the votes

Keep drinking Kavanaugh. And sniffing.

Where We Are

A bully and a baby

Wake me up when he starts spinning ball bearings and opining over strawberries

Kavanaugh's sense of entitlement is off the charts

Seriously-- this is the sort of thing OTHER people are supposed to be saying about him...

How many new accusers come out tomorrow?

What questions would you ask Kavanaugh ?

About the calendar he keeps crying about...something interesting...

Kavanaugh accuser gives gripping testimony before Senate committee

I'm not watching but from what I'm reading, Kavanaughty doesn't hold up well under pressure

Why Senate Republicans won't ferret out the truth about Brett Kavanaugh's past

Looking forward

His crying and weeping is gonna piss off trump.

The COWARDS Are Having Their Surrogate Question Kavanaugh TOO


I'm listening on NPR

WH Staff source on Kavanaugh's performance...

Mitchell questions him to?

Trump: "...when I see a man cry I view it as a weakness. I don't like seeing men cry."

This kind of thinking is what were up against

Gr assley should end this pity party speech pronto.

I NEVER want to hear the sad line that women are too emotional for ANYTHING, EVER!

Americans are not going to forget this day. Especially women.

one question from the minority leader.....and he's UNHINGED

Senator Richard Shelby calls Ford 'credible'

Ohhhh...he might fold under questioning. n/t

Judge GangRape getting all angry again as DiFi questions him.

I can't watch. To those watching, do you think he is going to be confirmed or not?

He's jumping out of his chair! Holy shit!

Kav is trumping out...

cspan2 just cut it off

He mentions that his female friends were athletes. But he strikes me as the type of jock

Has ANY Supreme Court nominee EVER shown such loss of demeanor?

Netanyahu accuses Iran of having secret atomic warehouse

Kavanaugh is losing it.

I think that he likes beer


If he is behaving like this to a question by Dianne Feinstein,

What happened in Rosenstein mtg today?

Kavanaugh: Interrupting. Shouting. He's a JUVENILE!!

He Has Not The Dispoition...

Thou dost protest too much...

His acting really sucks!

Republicans Won't Give A Straight Answer On Why Mark Judge Won't Testify

Don't defense lawyers prep their clients

Man, those beer questions brought out another level of lost & flustered.

"It's unfair that I wasn't allowed to come?"

He just did it AGAIN...I like beer, I have always liked beer...

"So, whatever..." Mitchell's questioning is more damning that that of the Dems

Quick question: Did Kavanaugh drink beer and does he still drink beer? n/t

Someone needs to bring up that alcohol age in Maryland was 21 not 18.

I drank beer! We drank beer! So, whatever!!

Will Kavanaugh have to pay back the $200,000 they gave him if he doesn't get confirmed?

Peach Pecan Turnover Recipe

Does anyone think that this clown show is a precursor to Cave-in-augh's withdrawal

Not a single tear when Judge GangRape talks about Dr Ford's assault!

Ford testimony adds to pressure on Kavanaugh

Holy Shit!!! - "Have you ever ground or rubbed your genitals against Dr Ford?"


Fox News Contributor Calls Kavanaugh Accusers 'Skanks', Says Ford Should 'Stop Opening Her Legs'

Lying apparently makes you very, very thirsty.

Hallowed Ground.

Trump'll be happy he fought back, but sickened he went sniveling baby.

If one took a drink every time he said "beer" or even "I like beer"

Can someone give Kavanaugh a beer?

Brian Williams: "Hard to sum up what we just witnessed"

Just saw a tweet from Maggie Haberman (NYT) that the White House is loving his performance

UPDATE: Requesting healing thoughts for my mom

Normal person versus objectively unhinged lunatic

Whats with sniffing ? Evil Kav and dotard both

And to think the "Bust" crowd wanted to teabag Feinstein out of office



His gambit failed. The Dems didn't commit suicide en masse. I was damn close though!

Kavanaugh Accuses Dems of 'Political Hit': It's 'Revenge on Behalf of the Clintons'

Notice the game he played about an FBI investigation

Kavanaugh blasts Democrats for seeking to 'destroy my good name'

Breaking News Elon Musk Is Sued by Securities and Exchange Commission: Docket

Could you imagine this guy tanked up with a lot of beers under his belt. This is sounding more like

The laddie doth protest too much, methinks nt

I see a job at walmart in his future,

The Nose Knows

His partisanship is out in the open. He clearly attacks the "left",the Clintons and Democrats

Did you notice....

Kavanaugh needs Dr. Ford to recommend someone to help him.

Cargill CEO Sees Risk to U.S. Farmers as China Shuns Soybeans

Trump Jr weighs in: More GOP need to act like Kavanaugh ("I love his tone")

Tweet of the Moment

Is Kavanaugh weepy because of alcohol like Boehner used to be?

What did he say about the Clintons? I missed that.

Just remember how he treated the 17-year-old immigrant's request for an abortion.

Brett Kavanaugh does NOT have the temperament to be a SC judge.

Forget the sniffing---did anyone see a tear? I did not. nt

How many times will he sniff?

Judge K's Answers

Nicole Wallace is on now calling him Brett like she has known him forever.

Kav doesn't like women questioning him, even Rachel Mitchell.

His audience of one likes his performance

My guess is Kavanaugh is crying because if he doesn't

What transpires after today, confirmation or rejection, is going to have huge repercussions.

"Dr. Christine Blasey Ford should be on the Supreme Court and Brett Kavanaugh should be in therapy."

Trump "is riveted" to the TV and saying "This is why I nominated him" according to sources.

By Party-Line Vote, New Britain Decides To Scrap Paul Manafort Sr. Drive; Mayor Plans To Veto

Anybody know how long it was until Dr. Ford got a break?

Kavanaugh's SCOTUS attire!

"Judicial temperament" --

If you can...make Kavanaugh a joke to people everywhere....

Lindsey Graham's Hypocrisy on Sexual Assault Victims, Unveiled

Good link to Michael Avenatti email thread

Missing NC six-year-old's body may have been found

Clarence Thomas SC Hearing, Response to Anita Hill, 'A High Tech Lynching'

You know what I can't get over?

Blackout Brett sure likes to interrupt Democratic Senators.

The Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft to Testify before House Civil Justice Sub-Committee Thursday at 11:30

He is saying it is not right to make fun of someone who has an

He's fucked! He just refused to answer a simple yes or no question. nt

***NOTE***: KNaw's plan is to now filibuster every pointed dem question rarely answering yes or no

Blackout Brett is going to hog the time of all Democratic Senators so he doesn't have to answer.

I am not watching the talking heads

Imagine if Kav went into any business with that performance in the job interview.

"We've got a filibuster, but not a single answer."

By the time this is over, this will be Kavanaugh.

Kavenaugh is using a ploy I have seen too many times before.

So, Judge Kavanaugh, if someone was in the dock in your courtroom and asked a simple...

Kavanaugh: His temper tantrums and yelling and interrupting do not help him at ALL! (GOOD!)


Ya know whose 5 minutes i'm waiting for?

Dems need to do a full on media blitz this evening.

Well, Red Don loves his nominee again

Avenatti is gonna clobber him tonite !!

Response to noose on University of South Alabama campus drawing criticism


He 's a detestable, lying, arrogant prick aka

Never send a man to do a woman's job...

Remember the Nazi guy at Charlottesville...

Now Judge GangRape is doing the Trump "arms-crossed in defiance" thing.

A matter of perspective...

Way to go Dick Durbin!

Kavanaugh is the angry drunk version Kellyanne Conway

When does Kavanaugh scream, "Damn right, I ordered the Code Red"?

If Trump is This Estatic With Kavanaugh's Performance


You do know they are watching this all over the world.

Sen Durbin just asked Kav to suspend this hearing and ask FbI to do Investigation. Grassley said

Durbin really pissed off Grassley again

Including beer...

Durbin got him by the balls, and Kavanaugh passed the buck to the rethugs. Way to go Durbin!!

Durbin!!! Durbin!!!! Nt

Grassly "We're not suspending this hearing"

Grassley is being a dick in not allowing fro an FBI investigation.

The FBI provides FACTS! FACTS! Time to stop this earworm that the FBI

Ex-White House ethics chief: Kavanaugh testimony a 'taste' of his aggression while drunk


Way to go Durbin ! completely destroy this Evil stable genius !

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 28 September 2018

I don't think he wants an FBI investigation.

Dick Durbin For The Win!

Pre-Emptive Fuck you, Graham

Dems want briefing on Trump claims of Chinese election meddling

Notice the only time Cav smiled was when Durbin was shut down about

Thanks to everyone taking the time to fill us in

Senator Durbin just stuck it to Kavanaugh

Sen. Durbin is kicking. his. ass.

Lindsey Graham meltdown.

Is Graham in tears?!

Graham is trying to win an Oscar now.

Wow. 5 walks in one night for Christian Yelich. He went 0 for 0.

Lindsey Graham is off the rails.

trump must be cheering lindsey graham right now...where are the marshalls?

Gawd damn, Lindsey...

Lindsey's hail fucking Mary! The vapors, the vapors! nt

Now Lindsay is losing it.... again.

Damn. Now Graham is crying.

The disgusting vile puke is opening his mouth.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 27, 2018


Reserve Lindsey a room next to Kavanaugh in the looney bin...

NC police find body they believe to be missing 6-year-old boy

Oh, Lindsey, STFU.

Hey Lindsey!

Oh, my poor, dear sweet Lindsey.

Kavanaugh Insists He's Never Blacked Out From Drinking. Mark Judge Wrote Otherwise.

Lindsay's audition for Atty Gen!

Kavanaugh & the GOP are afraid what the FBI would uncover.

is Graham on this committee does this go against his time allotted

Time for Lindsey Graham to suffer major consequences.

Has anyone been following the media coverage of the hearing?

Many of these GOP mouths are also tangled in a web of illegalities that are

So, was Lindsay's performance aimed at persuading some Republican whose vote is in doubt?

Hey Lindsey, Imagine if the democrats didn't even give him a hearing???

Lindsey Graham's hemmhroid just popped

We DO See Through The Charade Lindsey

Why is Lindsay Graham allowed to speak now? They should stick to their format

Sen Whitehouse asking Judge GangRape abt "ralph" in year book.

Why, for the love of God, are we hearing a discussion of his vomit?


I'm a studly jock you libs back off

One thing that Rapey Brett is good at is ACTING guilty...

He doesn't want the FBI to investigate him.

"Devils triangle" drinking game

Kavanaugh just admitted he has a problem with beer.

Graham is such a loser

Now he is talking about vomiting...he has a weak stomach and farting from beer...

Judge GangRape says "boofing" is flatulence. It was referenced in his calendar.

Daniel Dale is live-tweeting, fyi:

Imagine if Dr. Ford got this angry and sarcastic and back talking?

Women have gone through worse!

Such great temperament...Wow

What happened to the 'Prosecutor'? Did she leave?

We have a new format

What happened to Rachel Mitchell?

wouldn't most judges that have been accused of these sort of crimes (re-Kavenaugh)

After listening to Graham's blistering tirade in the hearing, one can only conclude

Boom, just like this!

Looks like the pugs have dumped Mitchell

Maybe Lindsey Graham was the conduit for the 200,000K payoff

Just what GOP needs, angry old white guy yelling and shouting.

Just woke up in NZ

Are you willing to call for an FBI investigation? SQUIRREL!!!! nt

Klobachar just asked Kav for him to ask Trump to re-open the FBI investigation.

With this guy on the Supreme Court, what could possibly go wrong?

He is refusing to have the FBI come in and talk to the witnesses.

Silencing victims, silencing the #metoo movement...

Bart O'Kavanaugh displays his judicial temperament.

Kavanaugh sure likes interrupting the women Senators.

Man linked to relatives' deaths wants aunt out as executor

Oh he is pissed! That's explains the sniffing!

Rogue Yearbook Staff Defense or Twinkee Defense? Who did it better?


48% of White Evangelicals Would Support Kavanaugh Even If He Assaulted Dr. Ford

So, he's clearly has an alcohol problem,

Prosecutor files charge in police shooting of black man

Dick Durbin turned into a Giant Today!

Why doesn't DiFi ask them if they have abandoned the female prosecutor?

got CNN on Now

Avenatti realllly wants a chat with Mark Judge

Oh how they love to quote Democrats.....

2 words for Kavanaugh: abusive alcoholic

BREAKING: GOP Judiciary Committee text...

OMG! His exchange with Sen Klobuchar should go viral!! His nasty answer, dismissive and

Suit challenges drilling on public land in Colorado, Utah

As an attorney, Mitchell did something she knows you never do.

He asked Whitehouse what HE drinks, and he just asked Klobachaer if SHE has a drinking problem...

The meaning of "boofed"... *WARNING* Graphic and gross


The brilliant legal mind of Kavanaugh

Cokie Roberts is a hack. Thinks it is okay for Kavanaugh to be belligerent, etc.

Where did Rachel Mitchell go?

Graham Standing

Attack, Attack and Attack, "I did nothing"...attack the process, What Trump would do.

Christine Blasey Ford Is a Class Traitor

BREAKING NEWS: Rachel Miller's face to be placed on milk cartons nationwide.

Good observation on MSNBC ---

"piece by painful piece"

He sure remembers high school

It's 5:16. I'm listening now. Are they done or on a break?

Kavanaugh reminds me of those kind of guys who parents NEVER checked him when he did wrong,

Does anyone know who the guy w/grey beard is...a couple rows behind Brett?

I am very proud of the democrats on The Judiciary Committee.

What's the endgame here?

How the next Dem Senator should address Kavanaugh:

Can't take anymore of this repube daisy chain! I'm gonna go eat some

We need a national effort to get to Murkowski, Collins, Sasse

Graham is so full of shit!

Did anyone else catch during Lindsey's diatribe that he referenced

How can the rethugs change the rules in the

"My family has been destroyed by this, senator, destroyed! You're interviewing me, you're doing it!"

Excessive water drinking?

Cynthia Aksne on MSNBC- Graham was auditioning for Atty. General

Graham was auditioning for the Attorney General position


Do we have any lip readers amongst our members ? A commentary of the side conversations

I was working so I could only occasionally peek at DU

Lindsey Graham is one sick fuck! He is claiming Kavanaugh is as much a victim as Dr.Ford.

Kavanaugh out crying in his beer?

We are NOT asking for conclusions from the FBI... we are asking for FACTS (in the form of a REPORT)

The one thing tRump and Kavanaugh have in common

Amy Klobachar just asked for an FBI background check.

Pierce: The Republicans Abandoned Their Obligations to the Constitution and to the American People

So the 'men' are back....when did they deliver the spines?....I've been watching?

Hatch patting himself on the back for their "fair" treatment of Dr. Ford.

Pic Of The Moment: Well...

Women weep over Ford's testimony

Orbit Hatch is a complete jerk

Yelling and screaming does not impress me..

I just got a phone survey on Kavanaugh!

The memes will write themselves

What happened to the 5 minute limit?

I'm starting to think women will kick ass in November....

Meanwhile, over at fux 'news', the headlines are

So I guess the repugs pulled the plug on Rachel Mitchell for not getting the con job done?

Does Kavanaugh impress you as intelligent?

HEY GOP: What's next? Holding your breath & stomping your feet?!#!

I like beer

Bad luck for Orrin Hatch

Old peckerheads just couldn't keep their penis flags in their pockets.

Cool as a cucumber vs. shouting and crying

She was only for the LADY questions....

Could Grassley be more myopic and one dimensional?

Oh joy, "Devil's Triangle" is trending at #2!

We should put Kavanaugh's wife in protective custody so that he doesn't hurt her

It's like Neidermeyer joined Delta House...

the word is "ashamed". I've felt ashamed for our country for nearly two years, and at times like

The Heritage Society's Daily Signal had to know

Mike Lee should be selling old, used cars.

One certain takeaway today: it irritates the repugs to have such a bright light shone on them.

3rd Time for the Biden Quote

They're sure milking some Biden comment about FBI reports for all it's worth. n/t

Not one repug senator

Did Clarence Thomas scream and throw tantrums?

I loathe Clarence Thomas for a dozen different reasons,

Mitchell get paid up front or does she walk home with half pay?

Rs are acting like Dr. Blasey Ford never showed up today

Will Sen. Harris get a chance to question him?

Phil Breseden - Gung-ho or Holding Your Nose?

From near tears to smirking

Why are the Republicans so concerned

Mr. Sasse is on the verge of tears, lol.

Please ask how 65 women were available to write a letter of support

Sooooo....looks like Sasse is a YES. n/t

Current confirmation betting odds

Well Sasse was just as fair as his reputation claimed

This I know. The GOP will do anything to win. Witness before you this sham of political

This piece of shit has no respect for Democratic

Has Senator Harris questioner either Ford or Kav?nt

Current mood, GOP style

If Dems take the House - Kavanaugh hearings are going to be brutal


Why do the repubs keep bringing up

Anyone else noticed how self satisfied Kav looked when he thought he had turned the tables on

This morning on Stephanie Miller a "conservative" caller called to defend Kavie

Kavanaugh is Rolo Tomasi.

Kavanaugh will be confirmed. No question.

Someone from US House of Representatives just edited the Wikipedia entry for 'Devils Triangle".

Has anyone noticed that there seems to be some sort of correlation between whether someone believes

The damage done to the judiciary by politicizing SCOTUS is the GOAL, not an unfortunate byproduct

Senator Crapo. Still makes me chuckle....

He, Kavanaugh, says that he has never as done anything to women, but acts guilty!

Who or what would you compare Brett Kavavnugh to?

This man does not have the temperament to

He filibusters with the dems. Answers quick with repubs. Nobody cares about the

Do you think there are experts analyzing Kavanaugh's facial expressions?

Once again, he's a lying sack of shit! Fenway Park is NOT "3 hours" from Yale University!

How to play that famous drinking game, Devil's Triangle

The repubs will vote on this prick before sunday...........

Beer break! Get Kavie a cold one

Compare, Contrast and Weep

Dare to compare: Hillary vs. Brett

Trump needs to Dump this dude! Ivanka wants to dump him. He should listen to her.

Is it Friday yet? Jesus! I need a drink...

And He Has A Calendar...

Who told Kavanaugh to be snarky, smug and rude!

Nobody's mentioned this to my knowledge:

Judicial Temperment


Not watching but I see Republicans have the leading headlines

Talking out both sides of his mouth

Well, he's dropped the choirboy facade. Now he's an avenging angel, he thinks.

As I've said before ...

He was a loser in high school, college and now.

Trump liked what he saw from Kav today. Kav will not withdraw. McConnell will force a vote.

"SQUEE" is trending at #8!!:

Source: The only way to earn respect in Trumpworld is to brawl, and he's brawling

From here until the end, the Dems need to get him to blow up!

Kavanaugh's exchange with Klobuchar was emblematic

So is Avenatti's client going to file charges? I've heard nothing all day.

Early in the Hearing I commented ..

. A con artist uses all techniques available...emotional outbursts, crying, disrespect..


Grassley reads the letters that support this asshole BUT

Introducing More Stuff That Will Get Ignored, Into The Record

VIDEO: athletic director. girls pretty much ruin everything... look at to adam and eve. suspended

I have never hit anyone.

Computer in House offices attempted to edit Wikipedia entry for 'Devil's Triangle' to match what Kav

Second major candidate. Garland was first.

Here's my biggest fear. The result of this hearing will be voters so

Thom Tillis can also suck a bag of...

So, the issue isn't that he did the deed, it is when they first heard about it.

Did I just hear the GOP has cooperated with the Dems on all investigations?

Avenatti: Julie Swetnick is demanding to be heard by the committee.

Thom Tillis is one irony challenged motherfucker.

Seems like all Republicans are becoming Trump clones.

God bless Senator Booker.

Cory Booker did a superb job.

Ugh! Green eggs and ham is up!

Oh fuck, its Cruz.

Creepy Cruz!

Corey Booker was amazing

Corey Booker - Finally, keeping the Kav on point.

Cruz, Beto is gonna hand you your ass.

is it still going on?

Oh, gawd... Cruz

North American Cryptids - Some rather frightening

Dems should just come out and say the Repubs

this is it....

Thank you DU peeps for being here during this long day. It's good to not feel

For anyone who watches Southern Charm, Thom Tillis looks like T-Rav

So did any of the Republicans actually cede their time to Mitchell or was that extra add on time

Chris Hayes:Pretty clear Graham's explosion was tactically a way of cutting off their own prosecutor

Has Harris questioned Kavanaugh yet

So cruz, you gotta question?

I just love this shirt

Does anyone know where Cruz is eating dinner out tonight?

Weasle to weasle (Cruz to Kavanaugh)

To the nations of the world: Not only is our President one to be laughed at, he is to be reviled.

FINALLY Feinstein setting the record straight.

Chait: Why Brett Kavanaugh's Hearings Convinced Me That He's Guilty

Diane F. Explaining Why She Kept It Confidential

Howard Dean Weighs in

Feinstein just iced the GOP talking point it was "timed poorly"; Ford requested confidentiality.

* Potential Pick Up Alert * AZ 2 Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat) 48% Lea Marquez Peterson (Trumpist) 40 %

watching the republicans take sexual assault and replace it with procedure

Kavanaugh Was Cool As A Cucumber

48% of white evangelicals would support Kavanaugh

A thing of beauty on a dark day

I can't watch this trainwreck anymore.

GET IT GIRL !! FUCK ALL THE DUMB SHIT !! Pin his ass down !!!

I want to see a Booker/Harris or Harris/Booker ticket in 2020.

I will take that as a no and will move on.

5 minutes is not long enough time!

But, but the calendar!


Thurs. afternoon cat dump

Has anyone compared the Kavanaugh/Judge yearbook entries to other students' entries?

@KamalaHarris is asking #noKavanaugh if he is willing to ask the @WhiteHouse to reopen his @FBI inve

Flake about to Flake?

I can't stand listening to Kavanugh

Here is the deal Mr. Kavanaughty boy!

So how many beers do we think Kav is gonna have tonite? He loves beer, remember....


Do you believe in God?

Guilty or not, this guy doesn't have the temperament to be on the SC.

How many times did the Republicans say to Dr. Ford they were sorry for what her family is going thro

In a sane country, Kavie would be toast

Would it not be wonderful that after today (or tomorrow),

I hope Avenatti is on prime time with his client

Over-explaining one's answers to simple questions is a big sign of lying

What I Find Telling ...

Kavanaugh will swear to God but not the FBI.

The Holy GOP!

Hillary during questioning for 11 hours versus Kavanaugh after a woman has the audacity to ques him

"I was checked out by the FBI five times, and they cleared me!"...10 minutes later:

Well IMO.....He seems hung over now !

God? Really? Seriously? God? WTF?

FOX just read Trump's tweet

To any and all who have been sexually assaulted, molested, you are not alone

Someone is going to get drunk tonight!

I don't think Kennedy believes him

The moment every GOP senator will vote yes for the rapist

In Summary...

Dilanian: Kavanaugh not wanting FBI investigation "single most salient piece of evidence"

Why didn't Kennedy ask Dr. Ford to swear to God!

I had to unlock the nurse's office for our transgender student to use the bathroom

Ugh. Anyone else feel like they need a shower

trump tweets his praise....

Joyce Vance: If there's any doubt about Judge Kavanaugh's fitness, he should not be confirmed.

Jesus Christ what a cluster fuck Grassley ran

"One of the groups that is opposing you has PURCHASED A URL for the next judge they are opposing!!!!

Luckovich-Trump and Kavanaugh practicing

Maya Wiley fangirling here.

Without witness allowed to testify!

Kavanaugh Refuses to Answer If He Supports FBI Investigation

I hope Steve Schmidt is right about this one...

Let This Be A Lesson To Anyone Who Has Been Abused

This debacle today was the real con job provided by the GOP and Trump!

The Republican party is clearly and the unashamedly the enemy of American women.

IMHO: Kavanaugh's "We owe her no ill will" was guilty crying. That. Was. Guilt.

Anti-Kavanaugh Ad Targeted at Men in AZ, AK, ME, and IA Asks "Did You Do This In High School?"

Feinstein's staff did not leak the letter to The Intercept - DC bureau chief of The Intercept

Lindsey's blowup was orchestrated....

The Repugs have the numbers.

I heard Kavanaugh said that the Clintons were out to get him?

This strategy for Brett Kavanaugh came straight from the White House.

Outside of the principal accusation, he lied blatantly at least four times by my count

I thought that was Ayssa Milano in the audience

Likely the most politically partisan nominee ever

Reality check - what will happen after today

God help anyone who's ever come to Kavanaugh's court nt

"women are too emotional for politics"

Kavanaugh & Lindsey Graham were "hysterical" today.

People Kept Calling C-SPAN To Share Their Own Sexual Assault Stories During The Hearing..

Trump has chimed in on Kavanaugh Hearing..

Leland Keister's Statement

Finally Kamala Harris has nailed it..

If Susan Collins (Maine senator) approves him now, she's a gangster, too.

Kavanaugh admits he didn't even watch Blasey Ford's testimony

When do you think Fox is going to claim it was Ford that was

Key moderate Senators meeting now in private

Did someone say some hours ago BK watched Ford's testimony? And did Kamala Harris ask him

Look closely at all the women in this picture.

Philip Bump, WaPo, points out why Kavanaugh's July 1 calendar entry fits Ford's description

#1-I don't like guns, #2 I'm not a Redneck , #3 I gotta get this

So we saw what a cold sober Bret Kavanaugh is like. Pretty much an angry white privileged ass.

Dan Rather's take on Lindsey Graham

And oh by the way, he's a lock to be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade

The letter wasn't leaked. Her identity came from the one guy that could guess who the anonymous

I guess we should be glad he didn't roll on the floor or pull Kamala's hair....

It's Clear Kavanaugh Assaulted Dr.Ford. It's Also Clear Republicans Don't Care

Kavanaugh nods 'yes' when asked about Yale sexual assault before denying it

Brett Kavanaugh just got remarkably angry -- and political -- for a Supreme Court nominee

"Ruthie Hang on" In appreciation of Ruth Ginsburg! Very well done video!!!

Kavanaugh talked about beer because he is really a hard liquor drunk.

Faux News: Kavanaugh Kept His Composure

Bonus Tweet of the Day

'Unions Are Lying, Cheating Rats': Leaked Video Reveals Amazon's Belligerent Anti-Worker Tactics

Dont forget that Russians didn't just hack the Democrats. They hacked the RNC too

Christine Blasey Ford Testimony Rivets the Nation and Worries the White House

During the 2006 and 2008 US Senate Election cycle Democrats gained a total of 14 seats,

Don't scream.

Tears of a bully

Lindsay Graham, what happened to you?

Kavanaugh doesn't have the temperament to sit on the SC.

Florence death toll increases; 1,500 still in NC shelters

Sen. Dick Durbin Masterfully Traps Brett Kavanaugh On FBI Investigation

Whatever BLACKMAIL the Russians have on Lindsey Graham..

WAPO: Kav clearly too partisan and biased and emotional to be scotus: Even if innocent


Mortgage rates hit a 7-year high as easy-money era ends

Kavanaugh Impressed By Hazing Rituals Before They Let You Join Supreme Court

Money Raised For Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Soars After Thursday Testimony

Brett Kavanaugh?

Lesson Learned: Perps, prepare your calendars!

On a lighter note Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler

Cartoon: it's what's for dinner

Apparently fitness for the Supreme Court is based on how good a show you can put on

Dem lawmaker blasts Kavanaugh's 'angry' tone in hearing

Quivering Quartet: "No one decided on Kav.."..

WSJ reports Kavanaugh watched Ford's testimony, contradicting his testimony that he did not

If Kavanugh is not guilty why did he evade the question of taking a lie detector test if he was not

If anyone has clips of Booker's and Harris' questions to Kavanaugh...

Mark Judge's book validates Christine Ford's timeline of the alleged Kavanaugh assault

Who's ready to take to the streets?!?!

I said I liked the CNN coverage this morning.

I don't believe him

What will you never forget?

I listened to Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. I believe Dr. Ford.

I did not watch any testimony today because I was at work

Well done video!!! A VERY STABLE GENIUS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Photo: At a great meeting w/ @SenSanders on #Israel's Jewish nation-state law

What an innocent nominee for SCOTUS would say....

I'm Laser Haas, knocking on Romney's door, to ask - Toys R Us - WTF

Brett Kavanaugh says he's a target of a 'revenge' plot 'on behalf of the Clintons'

Tom Tomorrow: "I'M NOT ANGRY!! - YOU'RE ANGRY!!"

BBC World New on my local PBS channel has not played any

Woman who identifies herself as a rape survivor confronts Lindsey Graham

Something to consider that I have not heard from anyone yet.

Kavanaugh Claims He Never Committed Sexual Assault As It Will Be Defined After Future Supreme Court

Kavanaugh calls confirmation process a 'national disgrace'

Barbara Boxer was interviewed I think on Melber after the hearing was over and she had

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, these hearings have justified, nay, mandated the Democrats eventually